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Newbie Questions!


Ok I just joined this site and I have heard that this site is drama and opinionated towards others. (not in a good way) I want to find out if this is true. If it is, it isn’t the site for me to be on. I hate drama and people that tell you that any way you parent is wrong. Basically the “I am better than you are people”. If it isn’t, please let me know so I don’t deleate this account and not come back. Sorry for my spelling. I admit, I don’t spell to good.

What a way to introduce yourself to a group…

You spell just fine, but you don’t write “to good”.

  1. ladylili says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say troll!

  2. DSDM2 says:

    I would agree.

  3. werd says:

    LMAO!! Best intro EVER!!!

  4. smurfmeat says:

    Seeing as how her entire intro is about drama I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say she actually enjoys drama.

  5. JustPeachy says:


  6. melmelly says:

    Geesh! What was she thinking? The least she could have done was to at least have mentioned that a blog *cough*this one*cough* is completely dedicated to the drama from there.

    And I think she was wanting to stir some up as well.

    This is all out on a limb, like everyone else. 🙂

  7. insomniac says:

    gotta go with troll.

    has anyone responded to her?

  8. DSDM2 says:

    You know, people have, and she is responding on the thread herself… but she says she is a Texas native… but it really doesn’t seem like English is native for her.

    Almost like she is… oh I don’t know… someone coming back…

  9. DSDM2 says:

    I do not have proof of that ladies, just reading her posts, and since there aren’t many, it isn’t hard to do.

  10. eeek says:

    That post glows with awesomeness. Who might you think she is? 😉

  11. me says:


  12. insomniac says:

    so who do you all suspect?

    I am too afraid to go there to read all her posts. DS killed my last computer. Haven’t went back since.

  13. amessymama says:

    Ahhh, Jonasmommy or whateverthefreak your name was. How we’ve missed you so.

  14. DSDM2 says:

    ding ding ding, that is my guess.

  15. pippen says:


  16. TaraC says:

    Wasn’t her name Natasha?

  17. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    oh the lover-ly natashaN

  18. Flippin out says:

    barf. she must have a super pathetic life.

  19. Roxyrocks says:

    Natasha really needs to get a hobby….there are tons of message boards out there she needs to let her hard on for DS go.

    I pretty much lurk on DS lately and do co-ops but I haven’t seen I Smile Because of Them where did she go wasn’t she a super active member and it was like she disappeared, did she get banned?

  20. DSDM2 says:

    She hasn’t posted since June, but has been online as recently as this week.

  21. Roxyrocks says:

    Thanks 🙂 I was just curious I don’t really know her I just remember seeing her name on EVER thread and when I saw the old Crazy Natasha thread it got me thinking

  22. try me, i'm new! says:

    i believe i saw i smile b/c of them over on gymbofriends. maybe she’s moved on.

  23. chrissyb says:

    Ok, don’t know if anyone has checked out posts by *Anonymous* on DS? I am going to cut and paste a couple here. Either really bored person, or trying desperatly to start something. Or has multiple personality, multiple lifes. Anyway, here are 2 of her threads, and there are several more with differant stories. Laugh away

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    Really need some advice


    I don’t even know where to begin. I’m a single mom and have been pretty much all along, though I was with ds’s father up until about a year ago. He wasn’t a horrible person, but had a problem with cheating. Since then, my choices in men have just gone down hill to the point that I’m *almost* regretting breaking up with him.

    I met someone in May. Everything seemed great. Then my dad broke the news to me (my dad’s a cop) that he wasn’t the person I thought he was. He had a history of stealing money from women (I say had because it’s been a few years, at least since he got caught). I stupidly have “borrowed” him about $400. My dad suspected he had a child, which it turns out is also true. He didn’t have a valid driver’s license but claims to be working on that. Lots of other lies too – about his job, claims he just bought a house but I’ve never seen it, whenever we’re supposed to get together he seems to get sick (he has asthma which I DO believe). Most people IRL don’t know that I continue to talk to this guy. I haven’t been talking to him as much lately because the things my dad said are starting to show through. I’ve been trying to pick fights to get him to end things with me, but it’s not working. I know, really mature…

    Despite still talking to this guy I met in May, I went out with a girlfriend on Friday night and brought a guy home from the club with me. I quickly started getting signs from him that he was bad news and started looking into his background. Well, he makes the guy I met in May look like a saint according to the stuff I’ve found about him. He has a history of domestic abuse and restraining orders that he’s violated. I looked him up on and there are MANY comments about him. Apparently he has up to 7 kids, has stolen lots of money from women, history of abuse, lies about his job, STD’s. I’m just sick over it. I met his son on Sunday (and he met mine). He knows where I live.

    The only good news is that my two roommates are men who will protect me and my dad lives close. But I need to figure out how to get rid of this guy. Do I tell my dad? My roommates? Do I just stop answering his calls? I’ve never been in a situation of potential physical abuse and don’t want to be in that situation.

    I need to get rid of both of these guys, get tested for STD’s and then take a(nother) break from dating. All things I plan to do.


    And another

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    another anon relationship post


    I am a mother of four children pretty close together.. the first three are with my ex, the second one was a result of a date rape situation while I was broke up with “bob” when I found out I was pregnant, bob knew the baby wasn’t his, he cannot have kids. but offered me the world and said we would be happy. we are now ANYTHING but. my baby is 4 months old, is having troubles with his health and our family is falling apart. Bob is emotionally abusive and sometimes have came close to being physically abusive ( punching a door by my head) I have started going to church and we have decided MULTIPLE times to call it quits, but this time its really happening. I know in my heart its no good for me to be with this man.. hes demented.. talking about charles manson, joking about crude things, joking about prostitutes. I also found out he invited a MAN from craigslist to have sex with him while I was out of town at my parents. I come from a long line of neglect and abandonment, and it hurts that I feel like I failed at another relationship, because of course, he says this is all my fault.. that I just cant and wont ever be happy. he wants a part of the babys life, I just want him GONE. he did sign the certificate.. said if I didn’t let him he was going to leave and stupid me allowed it. I did talk to a lawyer who said he can get his name off with DNA. he wants and thinks he deserves me to give him full custody! I dont want him anywhere around. he is packing his things and has rented a storage unit, says he will sleep in it ( trying to make me feel bad for him) I know there is going to be a lot of turmoil and I know he is going to try an bring me down and make me feel guilty and like I screwed everything up. I just need support. please. don’t judge. I have a counselor, and I go once a week. I just don’t have many friends in which to confide in…

    And then there is one saying how wonderful her husband is, and she is a terrible person, and on and on and on…….

  24. .bin. says:

    DS made the anon. account for posters to remain anon. but it’s not really because the DS mods have to give you the password and you only get to use it for like 24 hours or something?

    I certainly wouldn’t feel my secrets were safe with DS mods knowing who I was, they’re sketchier than the posters.

  25. chrissyb says:

    Oh, ok, I see. Thats dumb. Very dumb.

  26. memyselfandi says:

    27…I believe it is Blue Skye on Crunchy Congo…well, she may not be anymore, b/c she is not listed on there now….so no fb can be left. But if you look through past items on CC you’ll see the dresses.

  27. Me, Myself, and I says:

    My guess is Blue Skye Designs on Crunchy Congo. Looks like her store is gone:

  28. Me, Myself, and I says:

    Hey! You stole my name! LOL!

  29. memyselfandi says:

    haha…I’ve had this one for a long time. weird that we both postetd around the same time.

  30. amessymama says:

    28 & 29-That’s just downright creepy. 🙂

    As soon as I saw that thread (#27) I just assumed it was from connersmama. Maybe it’s an alter ego.

  31. Foo-man-choo says:

    No it’s Skye B.

    As familiar as she is with the blog, I am surprised she would send that out ……

  32. Foo-man-choo says:

    32 – I meant to say that it wasn’t connorsmama’s alter ego, that it was Skye B, (but it came out wrong…….)

  33. DSDM2 says:

    Well, she is welcome to come here and try to explain the issue. DS took down the thread, my guess is b/c of the shared emails. There is no doubt though, that she was a bitch and sent out crap.

  34. DSDM2 says:

    28 &29, looks like you have both had that name for over a year, lol.

    If either of you want to change it, you may. Just let me know.

  35. JustPeachy says:

    I don’t see what you guys are talking about? Which ones are the crappy dresses in question?

  36. Kimbella says:

    This one has some issues at the waist. Just a little crooked!

  37. me says:

    Since it poofed, what is the complaint?

  38. žába says:

    LOL what wasn’t the complaint. They were sewn all crazy, one had a weird seam going up the back, and not in the middle way off to one side. Since she ran out of fabric she couldn’t do a hem, so she did a rolled edge stitch, which looked really messy. There were threads hanging here and there. Worst of all the fabric appeared to be sewn with the right side facing in.

    This all would have been bad enough on it’s own, but the seller when nuttso when the buyer questioned the quality.

  39. me says:

    Someone sent that to a paying customer?
    How much was it?

  40. laughingmama says:

    I seem to recall Skye going nuts over another transaction in the past. I can’t remember if she was the buyer or the seller though.

  41. me says:

    Something about yarn and Alaska shipping taking a while because she sent parcel post I believe.

  42. žába says:

    “Someone sent that to a paying customer?
    How much was it?”

    I want to say the buy paid around $25 per dress. But Skye lost 1/2 of the first order in the mail and made an extra dress to make up for it, so all in all I guess around $50 or so for 3 dresses.

  43. žába says:

    43 – what kind of experienced seller would send a package parcel post to Alaska? Anyone with a clue would know that’s a bad bad idea.

  44. me says:

    44-Holy crap!

  45. kitty1163 says:

    Who was the buyer? Any c&p of all of the emails since the link doesn’t work?

  46. Laura says:

    Can someone please do a little digging into the post Jessi4JC posted T&F?

    Today she has made posts referring to “her” children but I’m almost positive she doesn’t have any. Does anyone know for sure?

  47. DSDM2 says:

    48.) She sells a lot of used clothes and used items… I would assume she does.

    Peach- The sleeves on the dress in the photo for the item that was purchased had WONKY seam stitching, and there are loose threads in more than one of her photos. I can go back and look again, but that is what I remembered from last night.

  48. Foo-man-choo says:

    35 – ITA. It was a train wreck.

    We can’t C&P now that the thread is deleted, but the dress was bad. Really bad. The print had been sewn wrong side out, the serger and coverstitch threads had not even been trimmed off; they were just hanging there. (Like, inches of hanging, not just a stray thread here and there.) The seams were not matched, the hems had been left unfinished before they were coverstitched, and on and on. It was really, really, really, really bad. Even my 6 year old said it was bad……

    Anyway, the buyer pretty much posted all of the e-mails, and if she posted them without doctoring them, all I can say is w.o.w.z.a.

    When the buyer called the inside-out fabric to Skye’s attention, Skye blasted her with both barrels and made a snarky comment that the buyer must think that she was some kind of “fabric guru” then she said something along the lines of “I am a WAHM and I have a store so I know what I’m talking about and you don’t”

    The worst part of Skye hurling the insults was that the photos **clearly** showed the dress had been sewn on the wrong side of the fabric. It is not difficult with the Rainbow Shine knit to tell the RS from the WS. I have no idea how she did not notice it?????

  49. Laura says:

    I’m almost 100% positive she DOES NOT have kids yet has quite a few threads that refer to her children that she’s adopted from Kazekstan. She also refers to her neices and nephews sometimes. She has told me that she doesn’t have chidlren that’s why I confused. Until recently she would only refer to her neice and nephew but now has started saying her kids.

    I’m don’t personally care if the girl has kids are not but I’m just trying to prove a pattern of dishonesty. She’s calling out a WAHM but she isn’t being truthful.

    Her myspace says she doesn’t have kids.

  50. The OTHER Megan says:

    48- from everything I can see, she does not, however she is constantly buying diapers, wool, childrens’ clothes, etc. She frequently refers to herself as, “A mama of girls,” and also comments on, “her boy,” but every other site she is a member of (her blog, her myspace, etc) show she has no children, merely that she works with children, has ‘god children,’ etc.
    Speaking of train wrecks… :where’s the eye-twitching emoticon when you need it?!: =X

  51. Foo-man-choo says:

    51 – Are you saying she made up the scenario in T&F?

  52. The OTHER Megan says:

    53- let’s go with greatly embellished…

  53. Laura says:

    It’s not completely made up but it’s not TRUTH. I’ll let the WAHM tell the story but she’s not being honest.

    I can just tell you my experience with her. She somehow knew my sister (long story) She noticed on my sisters facebook that she had a neice named Mercy. She asked her if I cloth diapered. Sister said yes and then she contacted me on DS. She said she wanted to make some WAHM wares as a “gift” for Mercy. She’s asked about sizing and colors. She also said that her nephews had outgrown alot of stuff she had been collecting and wanted to know if I wanted to borrow it. I said sure….never heard from her again.

  54. The OTHER Megan says:

    The WAHM is getting everything well organized. 😉 DSDM2, what’s your policy on PMs? There are PMs proving jessi4jc lies compulsively, cannot keep her stories straight even to Admin, and screwed me -er- “the WAHM” over in a big way. 😉

  55. DSDM2 says:

    Post what you want, my opinion is that once sent, it belongs to the recipient. Same as the mail.

  56. The OTHER Megan says:

    Understood… and so the typing begins….

  57. The OTHER Megan says:

    Since March, jessi4jc has been messaging me about some custom knitting. My son was born in October and had health issues, so my WAHM business was pretty much put on hold until mid-summer. Jessi posted on 9/26 that she needed some knitting repaired, and asked for SPAM. I told her I could fix it, and she asked if my customs list was also open now. I told her since my son’s winter woolies stash was nearly complete, that yes, I was taking other projects now. Within twenty minutes (as the time stamps on my PMs show), it was decided that the next day I would pick up yarn at my LYS for the two pair of longies she requested.
    The next evening(9/27), I sent her photos of the yarn I purchased, asked for her approval and requested payment. She said the blue for the one pair was a touch too dark, asked if I could find something lighter, and also included a photo of the t-shirt she wanted it to match. She also stated that the price was great, and that she had just emailed her friend who would be paying for the order (the mother of the children for whom the longies were intended), and told her how much money to send her. Once again, this is plain as day in the PMs. I told her no problem with the color, my bad, I’d check other stores because I had purchased the lightest blue there was at the one particular store.
    On 9/28, the yarn I found was dead-on with the photo she sent, so I told her which color I had bought (by stock number), directed her to the website to see the color.
    9/29- No response, though she was active online and posting.
    9/30- She wasn’t online at all.
    10/1- She was online, posting, and still not responding, so I tried PMing again. Her inbox was full, and I had no email by which to reach her, so I PMed Sally (Sweet_Fantasy_Fox), because she was online then, and because I knew that Admin could PM regardless of a full inbox. I just briefly explained the situation (that I was in the process of a custom order, had purchased yarn, and couldn’t get a hold of jessi4JC, because her inbox was full). Sally quickly accommodated me, and PMed Jessi, while sending me a BCC of the message she sent.
    10/2- Again, she was online and posting, but no response.
    10/3- More of the same, so I PMed Sally again, asking if she had heard back from Jessi, because I had not. This is what Sally sent back to me:

    ” Originally Posted by Sweet_Fantasy_Fox
    She didn’t contact you? Ok so she pmd em the other day and was very upset that you came to me for help, from the way she wrote, she was looking for a reason to back out, I suggested she contact you because I gave her options and she kept on with how she was unhappy or whatever with how things came down, pretty much acting as if it was your fault. Finally I told her to contact you with what she told me so you knew and could drop her. I guess she didn’t do that. I say drop her, seems thats what she wanted the whole time, i got weird vibes off her replies, she was very rude but tried to pass the blame on everything as though you are just impatient.

    You should contact her and TELL her your dropping her and won’t be doing future work with her again for this way she has done you. So even though she wanted to be dropped. as far as fb, i can talk to the other admin about this and see what they say. I won’t be online much this weekend, today is our light the night walk for my daughter and I am finishing up some last minute things for my team. I will get back to you around monday. I am also sending a copy of this Pm to my co-admin so they are aware if this “buyer”.”

    Okay, so say what you will about Admin/Mods- and I’ve done my fair share of complaining about their censorship, but I think Sally’s dead-on about jessi4jc.
    Anyway, I PMed Jessi back with this:

    It’s now been a week since I’ve heard from you, and you’ve been online many times posting and reading PMs.
    I tried contacting you several days ago when I hadn’t heard from you in regards to the colors or payment, but your PM box was full. Since Admin can PM a person regardless of whether their box is full or not, I asked Sally to PM you. She did so asking you to contact me or her, and I still have not heard from you.
    Because of this, I will not be going forward with the custom knitting you had asked me to do. I simply cannot go through with an order when my emails/PMs are being ignored, nor have you responded, telling me your money was ready to send (as you said you were getting it from your BFF). I am disappointed to have to do this, because you have been requesting my services for quite some time, but without communication or payment, I cannot go forward, and I am hesitant to do any transactions with some one who ignores my private messages.”

    To which she quickly responded with:

    ” Originally Posted by jessi4jc
    Well, as I already let your admin know, your choice to contact her after a short time was already a deal breaker for me. I was *offline* for 36 hours because my grandmother fell and broke her arm and you went running to admin.

    The second yarn that you sent the pic of was also too dark. It was my intention to check my own local yarn shop. But you couldn’t even allow time for that before you went full off the deep end. Further, you were DISHONEST with admin. You told her that I had won a custom slot and my name had come up but that I now refused to pay. You and I both know that that is not true. I made no commitment to you whatsoever. I simply asked if you could match shirts. You were unable to do so and I have every right to move forward in whatever way I choose.

    I have been a good customer of yours for a long time, but I certainly won’t be one in the future because I feel that you have handled this very poorly. I will find someone else to do my knitting…preferably someone without control issues.

    Have a nice day.”

    I know, it’s getting old, but I responded with:

    I contacted Sally after not hearing from you when you were online for 3 full days. That was three additional days ago. As I stated in my previous PM, the only reason I contacted her at all was because your PM box was full. I had no other way to reach you, and I knew Admin can send messages regardless of the box being full. I figured you had no idea your box was full, and I had no way of letting you know, so I explained the situation to Sally, and asked her to contact you.
    For the record, I was BCC on the initial message she sent to you, so I know exactly what she said to you. There were no lies, no mention of winning a custom slot, and no mention of refusing to pay. I told her you were the top name on my customs list, I bought some yarn for you, but hadn’t heard back from you, nor did I have any way of reaching you because of the full PM box.
    If the second yarn was too dark, you should have PMed me to tell me, instead of ignoring my PM. That’s fine that you wanted to check your LYS- it would’ve been so much easier for everyone involved, but the proper conduct would have been to tell me that, not ignoring me until you had a chance to shop.
    I didn’t realize that you had made no commitment to me whatsoever, and you were so flippant about this. In fact, I had requested payment and had measurements, etc. In every instance of custom orders I have ever been involved in, we had a transaction pending. If you were choosing to move on and not go through with the transaction, it was up to you to tell me that. Other people are waiting to have their orders filled, while you were ignoring my PMs so you could go shopping. That is handling a situation poorly and not communicating properly, not me contacting an Admin so I could reach you when your PM box was full.
    Be forewarned that appropriate feedback will be left so that others are not dealt the same as I was in this instance. Communication, communication, communication. As a WAHM, you should know the importance of it, but it seems that you do not practice it. Sally was very surprised when I PMed her, saying I hadn’t heard from you, because she explicitly told you to contact me, and at least tell me you didn’t want to go forward with the transaction.”

    To which she responded with:

    “Feel free to leave negative feedback just because you are bitter if you feel the need, but please know that if you do this I will leave my own negative feedback as well. I did not contact you because I did not want to get in a pissing match with you. Like this. I chose not to contact after you contacted the mod because I had already informed her of my intentions and if you were BCC on the PMs then you already knew my intentions to not continue contact with you. So all of this back and forth today is just drama and BS.

    You could have emailed me, which is what every other WAHM/member does on this board when my PM message box is full. I’m sorry that you can’t understand that people have family emergencies and other things that come up. Especially since you blew me off for MONTHS when I was asking about this custom slot. Pardon for not realizing that your time was so much more precious than mine.

    Please move on and do not contact me again.”

    Then she posted this thread on DS:

    I’m so sick of this ridiculous, immature crap. I will not correspond further with her. She clearly lies, I caught her in multiple lies, and all she could say was, basically, ‘well, if you had the BCC’s then you know what was said.’ Yes, and I know she’s a liar. I know for a fact that if several of the people responding to her thread on DS knew who the WAHM in question was, they would think twice, because they are customers, friends, and know I am a member in good-standing, who wears my big-girl panties when need be. I am, above all, honest to a fault.

    That is all. I can send DSDM2 screenshots or whatever of all the PMs for verification, if need be.

  58. Laura says:

    Thank you Megan for posting the ENTIRE story. I’m sure those who have come to her defense would feel differently if they knew the whole story.

  59. Cubanita says:

    ooo this needs a thread of its own WITH ur screen shots so the truth be shown!

  60. žába says:

    wow…she really made it seem different in her T&F post, glad to hear your side of it.

  61. monkey says:


    Sorry you’re having to deal with this crap. I think the messages make it pretty clear who’s in the wrong here.

  62. amessymama says:

    I knew it!! My scam-dar wasn’t faulty, it was just taking the place of my loon-dar. She may not be actually scamming but she sure is a freakin’ loon!! Kinda creepy too.

    59-Sorry you had to deal with her. Blech.

  63. diudiaole says:

    I think she behaved shadily for sure, but I personally wouldn’t have PM’d a mod so soon, even with your reasoning — some people like to take their own sweet time.

  64. turkey lurkey says:

    Diu — I would have. Jessi4CraZ was at the top of the custom list, WAHM thought she had the correct yarn, she had the measurements, she was ready to knit, but waiting on payment. Crazy lady was holding up her entire customs list. Especially when WAHM saw that the crazy lady was online and just not responding to PMs.

  65. The OTHER Megan says:

    66- Precisely my reasoning.

  66. Foo-man-choo says:

    I agree it was eye-opening to see the other side of the story, but I still don’t see where you should be allowed to leave her feedback. You never exchanged $$ and the yarn you purchased can be returned. If purchasing the yarn was an issue for you, then maybe you should have asked for a deposit before you went shopping.

    IMO, the message you sent her was good through the first paragraph and shoud have ended there. Yes, she’s a loon, yes, don’t do business with her again, but she wasn’t scamming you, she just decided not to work with you for whatever reason. IMO you are both overreacting. I

    I think pm’ing Sally to see if she could get her to respond was good, but, when she told Sally she wanted to be dropped, and then when Sally told you to drop her, then you should have done just that. Return the yarn and just moved to the next person on the list.

    BTW, did admin ever respond to say that you could leave her feedback?

  67. eeek says:

    I also kind of think it was kind of fast, in general, to go to a mod, it makes it seem like you’re accusing her early on. Customers kind of get to be 20% crazy without a businessperson being able to protest it, if you KWIM? Not that they should be, but trying to sell stuff myself it’s something I’ve had to suck up.

    Yet, her response shows me that it didn’t really matter, I very much think that chic is all wrong & was going to be awful that day or in a week. So, maybe you know more than I do about her.

  68. Foo-man-choo says:

    Ok, so Laura, are you the WAHM’s sister?

  69. Laura says:

    No, I’m not the WAHM’s sister. I only know her from DS and CDN.

  70. Foo-man-choo says:

    Ok I see, in post 55 you were posting the WAHM’s words, not your own.

    69 – ITA. Customers have license to be a little nutty. WAHM’s have license to say “yes” or “no” to the nutty ones. I feel like the WAHM here was more or less saying “I’m telling on you because you didn’t end up using my services”

    Lesson learned. Get a deposit before you do a stitch of work, then you have a leg to stand on.

  71. The OTHER Megan says:

    68- The yarn cannot be returned. I did not get a deposit, because jessi4jc had been in contact with me multiple times over the course of the year, so I just put a little faith in human kind on this one, thinking she was persistent and a small-time WAHM herself, so I figured I could trust her. Wrong choice, obviously.

    Sally never told me she wanted to be dropped, until I sought her out several days after the initial contact with her, when I still hadn’t heard anything and Jessi had been online and posting actively.

    Truly, my intention in contacting Sally was not to tattle or accuse Jessi of anything. It was purely, 100% to get some help contacting Jessi, because her box was full and I didn’t have her email address. I figured she had read my message, then forgot to respond. I am definitely guilty of that myself! When I tried to reach her again a couple days later and her box was full, that’s when I went to Sally, just needing help getting through to Jessi. What other option did I have? Seriously? She was at the top of my list, I had yarn and measurements, and was just waiting on the go-ahead and payment from Jessi.

    No, Admin has not responded to let me know if I can leave feedback. She said sometime today, because she had family obligations this weekend.

    Honestly, I would never, for any reason, just skip a person on my list without being sure they knew they were being dropped.

    No, I am no relation to Laura, I’ve never met her IRL, nor do we have any kind of relationship other than fellow moms and CDing boards. When she saw whom it was I was having trouble with, she quickly came to my defense, because she knows Jessi IRL (in a roundabout way), and knows she’s all sorts of interesting.

  72. diudiaole says:

    #66 — Well, I am not a knitter so maybe they do customs a little differently. If someone doesn’t pay me or backs out before paying(which happens frequently) I don’t freak out or hold up customs, I just keep making other things. If they start PMing again and send payment, I just pick up where we left off.

    I might send one friendly PM asking, depending on how far we got, but that would definitely be it for me.

  73. Foo-man-choo says:

    I agree wth Diu. You can work on more than one custom at a time.

    I think that The WAHM is also being dramatic by telling the buyer that she will leave her negative feedback, since she doesn’t even know yet if she is allowed to leave **any** feedback.

    Also, Megan why did you say you could not contact the buyer via e-mail because you did not have her e-mail address, but then later said that your “e-mails and pms” were being ignored? Just curious.

  74. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    Whoa! Sorry #59! Just like #66 said, I think you handled yourself the right way. Seems like the customer is a nutjob.

  75. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    I don’t see why negative fdbk can’t be left. You purchased the yarn FOR HER! At HER request!

  76. The OTHER Megan says:

    I never sent any emails. I don’t have her email address. The only way she would have received any emails from me would have been the PM auto-notices from DS. I apologize if that caused any confusion. Jessi also states in her thread on DS that I didn’t email her, but she thinks I should have been able to, as other people do…. but I didn’t have her address. I apologize for confusion on that.

  77. The OTHER Megan says:

    “I don’t see why negative fdbk can’t be left. You purchased the yarn FOR HER! At HER request!”

    77- Yes, that is why I asked Sally if I could leave feedback because while no money changed hands between Jessi and I, money DID change hands between my LYSs and I at Jessi’s request.

  78. Foo-man-choo says:

    78: Ok Gotcha:)

    FWIW, I do think what happened to you sucks. I also think it would be a good reflection on your CS to just let it go and be the bigger person, so to speak. Let the customer be a nut job, everyone reads this blog and will know that anyway, lol!

  79. Laura says:

    Aside from the really screwed up transaction, am I the only one that is bothered by her lies about having children? Some of her post say she has no kids…some say she’s adopted girls….some say she has boys. That’s really odd to me.

    Lavender girl was ripped apart because of her wool hoarding and not having any children. This girls stash puts them all to shame AND she’s lying about having kids.

  80. Foo-man-choo says:

    79 – I think you might be right, I remember a thread Cowmommy posted in saying something along those lines, but I don’t remember the final verdict on that situation. I can see your point that if she asked yarn to be purchased, then $$ did exchange hands so to speak. I apologize, Megan, and retract my earlier statement that it wasn’t really a “transaction”

    That said, I still think you should let it go, though, since you did not go by the book, either. I think you should refine your policy and never do work until you get a deposit, no matter how well you know your customer.

    You seem honest and willing to communicate. I really do hope it gets worked out for you, and I would in no way think that her words would damage your customs list 🙂

  81. Foo-man-choo says:

    81 – I don’t care anymore than I care about the old ladies who carry fake babies to the grocery store. I am not going to shred someone because she wants kids and can’t have them. I could car less what Lavender Girl hoarded, and frankly I don’t see why anyone else cares, either. Who am I to say what a person can and can’t collect? Unless it’s human body parts, or child porn, I have no right to intrude…..

    If people were mad a L for stealing their photos or stalking them, that’s different, but who cares if someone comes to DS to buy diapers and wool and doesn’t have kids yet?

  82. Laura says:

    collecting wool for a baby you may have one day is one thing but lying and saying you have kids when you don’t is…..weird.

    FTR, I’d be a little weirded out by an old lady carrying around a baby doll like it was real too.

  83. MotherMoonPads says:

    Why is this mama being called a scammer?

  84. Foo-man-choo says:

    Being weired out and shredding some are two different things. I am weirded out by DH’s aunt who asks people if they would like to see a picture of her babies, then shows the unsuspecting viewer a photo of them…. in their twin coffin. As weirded out as I am, I will not shred her, nor would I stand idly by as someone else shredded her.

    and yes, it is weird, but your post (81) makes it appear that your judgement is more linked to her stash putting other stashes to shame.

  85. Laura says:

    I don’t care at all about her stash but was using it as reference. Everyone was up in arms over Lavender Girl but she never made up fictitious children. Jessie can have as big a stash as she wants but just be HONEST about if she has kids. The girl is unstable at best.

  86. žába says:

    I don’t get it, does she have kids or not? Now she is saying that they live in Memphis. Step kids maybe…fosters? I have heard her talking about her nieces and nephews before, it that who she is still talking about?

  87. Laura says:

    .88 she’s being very vauge and skirting the question. Whatever. Now people are jumping on me for asking her about it. I don’t have anything personal against the girl. I just can’t stand the LYING.

  88. myra says:

    Also, why did she lie about how she got the custom spot?

  89. žába says:

    …and now the thread is gone. What was finally said to get it pulled?

  90. Laura says:

    91….I’d sure like to know. I swear if they give me a strike for questioning someones character when LYING I will go crazy on their tails.

  91. werd says:

    WOW. I have worked with Megan twice now and she is a phenomenal knitter/WAHM… she knit two pairs of longies for my DS due soon, and made little hats to match and is just an awesome WAHM to work with. Megan I am SO sorry you had to deal with her.

    I don’t understand why some of you are questioning Megan’s actions – she just wanted to get in contact with the “buyer” and did everything she could, to do so. The BUYER avoided her completely and admitted to it – how is that okay?! Megan bought yarn and was waiting for some information and the buyer was completely content to just blow her off and never respond – that is never okay when you are entering into a transaction. A simple “hey, I’m gonna have to back out for X reasons” would have sufficed. I’m a WAHM, I’ve had people back out on me before – it stinks, but its worse to sit and wonder and be ignored.

    If the buyer is saying “ohhhh I had a family emergency”, meanwhile she was online and obviously reading PMs and just didn’t feel like responding – THAT is grounds, coupled with Megan having to buy the yarn and then being completely blown off, AND the buyer flat out lying about what was said in the PM from the mod, for neg feedback IMO. As a WAHM, I’d want to know if she acted that way. SHE is the one who flew off the deep end in PMs, not Megan. I think Megan was very professional about the whole thing.

    You know, people always complain about scammers and how people are allowed to get away with crap like that – then you read the other side, and you still think negative feedback isn’t justified?! Would YOU want to be the WAHM in that transaction? I sure wouldn’t and I hope they let Megan leave appropriate feedback.

  92. moxy says:

    93 well said

  93. Foo-man-choo says:

    Werd, I wouldn’t want to be the WAHM that it happened to, but I still don’t think that it would be a good business decision to leave negative feedback. JMO, though.

    Customers flake, they waffle, they change their minds, and they run out of money. I didn’t say that Megan wasn’t a great knitter, I didn’t say she was out of line in contacting her customer, but I don’t see where the buyer was trying to scam her. She was just being hard to deal with, and ended up being very rude. Businesses deal with rude customers *all the time*, but as a business operator, I would never leave a public negative comment about a former or current customer of mine, UNLESS they tried to scam me or my company. Even if they said they were unhappy wth my work, I still would find it a better play to keep my mouth shut and ignore the negative press, and instead promote the 99.9% of good press. Maybe one of Megans customers can post a rave for her in EF.

  94. werd says:

    I never said the buyer was scamming – I don’t think she was, either. But I hate how buyers are never supposed to be held accountable for their actions. What this buyer did was just plain wrong… its one thing to act all interested and then never message back – this buyer had the WAHM buy materials and was communicating for quite some time, only to make up lies to hide the fact that she was too chicken to contact the WAHM.

    I also hate this idea that WAHM’s have no recourse and aren’t supposed to ever complain when something like this happens. If anything, maybe if more WAHM’s had a way to report buyers like this, it would stop other shady buyers from doing the same thing.

    Like I said… its one thing to PM a WAHM for a custom or something, and then never respond again or back out before the transaction goes too far. But to have the WAHM buy materials for their approval, have continuous communication and then just up and ignore the WAHM when pretty much everything is set except payment, is wrong. WAHMs have a right to be treated fairly, too. And you know that if Megan skipped over the buyer instead of contacting a mod, etc – that buyer would have raked her over the coals on DS and anywhere else about it.

  95. Foo-man-choo says:

    Werd, I agree with you up to this point; Megan has a policy of taking a deposit to start work. She didn’t do that here. She should have stuck to her business plan and taken a deposit, then kept said deposit when the customer backed out. **That** is how WAHM’s hold customers accountable. **That** is her recourse. She voided her recourse when she didn’t take a deposit first.

    When you deviate from your business plan, it goes haywire. That’s **why there is a plan**, lol

  96. Foo-man-choo says:

    FWIW, Megan I don’t think you’re being mean. I’m just offering another POV:)

  97. Foo-man-choo says:

    I thought of this; I have a client who designs graphics and logos. Before I started their books, they had loads of open invoices for business cards, etc for people who had started a new sales job and needed cards, started working at a new salon and needed cards, started their own business and needed cards, etc. For various reasons, the people never picked up the cards, and never paid for them. I convinced them to increase the prices on their cards by 10%, then charge a 75% non-refundable deposit to print them. Guess what? They still have loads of cards people have never picked up, the only difference is that they haven’t lost a dime on them. They also have not alienated those buyers as potential future customers. Problem solved 🙂

  98. me says:

    Well, who was in the Crunchy Congo and isn’t anymore?

    How does she not know who Karen is? Why would you put someones name in quotes? Weird.

  99. Sharpie says:

    Also Megan, ITA with your position on this. Why is it that buyers can get totally pissy with not hearing from a WAHM after a few days but a WAHM is supposed to just sit back and wait around for her customer to contact her at her latest convenience? She didn’t go running to a mod because she was calling her out but rather just trying to keep in communication. When I’m in a transaction with someone I don’t doddle around because I’m not interested in waiting mine or the WAHM’s time.

  100. Kimbella says:

    Wasn’t Skye part of the Crunchy Congo? Hmm…..

  101. Foo-man-choo says:

    100 and 101 – That is Skye B. of Blue Skye Designs

  102. Sharpie says:

    Would that have been JBASKC? Her name is still on the side bar but her “shop” isn’t there.

  103. Sharpie says:

    Oh ok (sorry JBASKC mama for thinking it was you)

  104. Foo-man-choo says:

    106 -The OP of that thread also posted FB on HC, but it is still in moderation

  105. Foo-man-choo says:

    The Blue Skye stuff is what was being discussed here a few posts up. It was….not good.

  106. me says:

    It didn’t click that it was the same congo!

  107. noisybean says:

    So what are the harassing emails she is speaking of?

  108. Trojane says:

    Skye seems to go overboard easily. She wasn’t necessarily in the wrong when she was last talked about here, but I remember thinking she was a teensy bit hyperemotional.

  109. diudiaole says:

    Skye was totally wrong in that thread — I stated it then and I state it now. She never apologized or tried to do anything to make things right. The buyer turned out to be insane, but that didn’t justify skye’s shitty CS.

  110. downy20 says:

    Foo it really bothers me that you are blaming the WAHM for not getting a deposit. It is people like Jessi that RUIN it for the rest of us. I hate custom slots that require a deposit. I am not a scammer and I am not a wishy washy flake. But I have to pay a deposit because of dumbasses like Jessi that change their mind like they change their clothes. I prefer to pay in one transaction after my item is complete. Ahh…life would be great in a world full of honest people.

    Jessi was on my Do Not BST list already. I don’t know why but I am glad that she is. What a loser!! How hard is it to pony up and say, hey I changed my mind or whatever and offer to pay for the yarn. It sounds to me like she is full of bull shit excuses. I hate people that ignore PMs. If you don’t want someone to get a mod involved than answer your damn PMs. So sorry Megan!!

  111. DSDM2 says:

    FTR, Skye has multiple UNs on here right now, and must post under her name IF she decides to come here to post.

    Megan, I am so sorry, I think that she was out of line completely, but lesson learned for you too, that you need the yarn deposit up front… now… what does the yarn look like? Wanna sell it 😉

  112. downy20 says:

    “Hopelessly infertile and divorced with no prospects and I totally have a NB stash. LOL.”

    What does she need a NB stash for? I know, to each their own, but wow. NB stuff is so cute but I think I will wait for the second line.

  113. downy20 says:

    I have the urge to put many people from that thread on my ignore list because I fear that some of them are unstable. Is buying diapers for a not yet conceived child popular? Maybe I am living under a rock.

  114. monkey says:


    I can’t decide how I feel about it. Yes, part of me thinks it’s a little odd (because I personally didn’t buy anything before being pregnant) but when it’s a woman who’s suffering from fertility problems I feel so sad for her that I can sort of see where she’s coming from. I was fortunate enough to conceive my first cycle off birth control, but if I hadn’t been who knows how it would have effected me.

  115. Foo-man-choo says:

    Downy20 – Question: Why is that unfair that you should pay a deposit to a WAHM before she starts working for you? FWIW, I would be very wary of people who do NOT want to pay a deposit. You pay a deposit when you go to Home Depot and special order a door, why would you balk at paying a deposit for someone to CUSTOM make you an item? I have no idea. I do feel uncomfortable with WAHM’s who want the full price up front before they even start, I think that is a 100% risk for the buyer, which I feel is unfair. Good business sense says, “Don’t pay in full until the job is completed” (Who here would pay a contractor in full before he finished remodeling your bathroom?????) But, if it is an established WAHM with a good rep, I have overlooked this policy of mine and paid in full (many times)

    FTR, if you re-read my post(s), you will see that I did not solely blame Megan, I blamed them both.

    And yes, life would be great if everyone was honest, but since they’re not……better to act like we don’t live in fairy princess land.

  116. Foo-man-choo says:

    116 – Have you been on DS long? That is a common practice there as far as I see. I can readily think of several members who came there pre-pregnancy and I have b/s/t with a few who had not yet conceived their first child.

    I am just curious why some of you care so much about what other people buy? Why is is that some people can get away with buying loads of newborn stuff for a baby they don’t have yet, but that others get ripped? I never saw Kristin get ripped, yet she was b/s/t’ing diapers long before she had babies. Interesting.

  117. TaraC says:

    I was coming to post about her “Hopelessly infertile and divorced with no prospects and I totally have a NB stash. LOL.” post but I see someone beat me to it.

    And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with buying before you conceive, I have been and we aren’t TTCing for a few months. Makes it more affordable if I can buy a few dipes here and there instead of a whole stash once I find out I’m prego.

  118. myra says:

    116 – It struck me as odd, too, when I first realized people did that. I come from a background in which people are very superstitious about buying anything before a baby is born.

    119 – People care because people are nosy. You care that others care. It’s an endless cycle.

  119. boredmama says:

    well, I guess that answers the does Jessi4jc having kids question…

  120. magpiedpiper says:

    119 – I think it is because it truly depends on the person and how they act otherwise. Some of them seem truly a little unstable based on their actions aside from buying diapers for a baby (ie Jessi lying about her circumstances continually as though deluding herself and others) or because of the WAY they go about buying diapers (ie LD keeping pics of other people’s babies, stalking Meg, freaking out if she isn’t first in line for a particular piece of wool etc).

    Other people fly under the radar because they don’t give off an icky, uneasy feeling that makes people question whether they should b/s/t and therefore give them their address and access to their children.

  121. Foo-man-choo says:

    Wait, LD stalked Meg? as in stalked her FSOT posts? Or as in “hide behind the proverbial bushes” stalked?

  122. melmelly says:

    124-It was few posts back about LD stalking Meg’s fsot’s, IRC. I know there was a link to her photobucket account back in March or April with her “wish list” of stuff. I think some of Meg’s stuff was on there.

  123. try me, i'm new! says:

    116 – I totally bought a big chunkc of #2’s dipes before we ttc’d. #1 was still in dipes and I had discovered what we liked after a lot of trial and error, we were def. planning to ttc in the coming months, and I was in a stable marriage and financial situation. so yeah, we were gonna have another baby in a little over a year, if all went according to plan, and when I saw dipes I knew I wanted for a good price, I bought them. nothing weird or creepy. and know what? it DID all go according to plan and #2 is now in those dipes and I was able to build a honkingly huge stash of exactly what I wanted and knew would work and did it very cheaply.

    now, LD and this jessie character are both weird and the way they go about acquiring their stashes is creepy, unnerving, and off-putting. major difference there between creepers being creepy and some mom picking up a few pieces here and there to save her budget, or even as a way to deal with infertility.

  124. downy20 says:

    I didn’t say that I wouldn’t pay a deposit or even that I balk. I am just saying that without dishonest people, WAHM’s probably wouldn’t even feel the need to ask for a deposit. Honestly, I must give off a responsible vibe because I don’t think I have ever paid a deposit for a custom. The WAHM’s that ask for full payment before starting really freak me out.

    I have been on DS for years. I am just now realizing how widespread the buying before conceiving epidemic is. I guess I can see if you are getting good deals. But for me personally, I never put the cart in front of the horse. I couldn’t care less what people are buying. I would never call them out but I do wonder. I thought the Kristin thing was really weird because she had so many diapers and then starting selling everything when she found out she was pregnant. But again, I wouldn’t think of butting in or questioning her.

  125. laughingmama says:

    #127 Wahms ask for full payment before starting because it’s a custom item which quite often is of no use to them if the person never comes back for it. Even with a deposit, who would want to put hours of work into an item only to have the customer disappear? Now all they have for all their hard work is a piddly deposit and an item which may not even sell in their store. I’ve seen way too many customers flake out on wahms which is why wahms are starting to protect themselves.

  126. diudiaole says:

    hmmm… I have been charging the full amount up front just to avoid confusion, double fees and having to hunt people down for more money.

    What would a fair deposit be? The cost of the materials alone? What happens if they do not pay the balance?

  127. downy20 says:

    128 – Yes, I know why they do it. It doesn’t mean I like it. But like I said, I pay it without question because i know exactly why WAHMs feel it is necessary.

    129 – My first choice would be to pay in full upon completion but my second choice is definitely full payment up front. I really hate paying a deposit because it always seems like the item is done so quickly that I owe more money within the next day or two.

  128. downy20 says:

    I have never CDer a NB so can someone help me out. On that thread about buying before TTC, someone said they are buying a little at a time so they don’t have to buy it all at once. I am not understanding that at all. I didn’t buy anything for a baby before I had one. Nine months was plenty enough time to get everything else. Is nine months not enough time to get enough cloth diapers? Seriously…40 weeks doesn’t give you enough time? You could get 40 diapers if you bought one a week. Actually way more, if you bought a dozen prefolds one or two weeks during that time.

    But again, to each their own. I would not say one thing to any of them but I am going to think to myself that they are weird.

  129. Myra says:

    #127- since you mentioned her…and I’m sure I’ll be flamed for saying this, but I wondered if it was because she realized it would be very difficult to CD four newborns. The extra laundry, showing the people helping if they had never used them, etc. If I wasn’t afraid of getting the e-herpes, I’d look on DS to see if she really was cding like she planned.

  130. Foo-man-choo says:

    Downy20 – My guess is you have dealt with only a few WAHM’s if you are not even asked for a deposit. That is rare and probably has more to do with their lack of experience than your “vibe of responsibility”.

    Seriously, WAHM’s that ask for $$ up front freak you out, moms who buy diapers before getting preganant freak you seem to freak out easily; maybe it’s time to see a therapist. And if it such an inconvenience for you to pay twice, then you can always pay up front instead. I don’t know a WAHM who would complain about that.

    Diu: keep charging the full amount up front; It’s not going to make a difference. I just said it was a little against my reasoning the first time I paid 100% up front, since it does leave a buyer with **all** of the risk, so to speak, if there was a problem. Thankfully, I have only dealt with reputable WAHM’s and never had an issue with them not following through to correct something. Your CS is, IMO, above and beyond, so I would not worry about it ever being an issue 🙂

  131. monkey says:


    I wouldn’t buy from a WAHM who asked for the full amount up front. I am more than willing to pay half, but not all before my item is finished. The way I figure it is if we each have half both buyer and seller are invested in the transaction.

  132. diudiaole says:

    #133 — thank you 🙂

    #134 — I have had a few people ask if they can pay half now and then half later on larger orders and I always say yes to that — it works sort of a like a layaway plan for them and takes a little pressure off me too as I work to get everything done.

    As a general rule, however, I think taking a deposit on everything would be very confusing, more expensive and more stressful — especially since I get a lot of small orders and special requests.

  133. Foo-man-choo says:

    134 – I prefer to pay half for the same reasons you do, but if you want customs with Dunk N Fluff, Patchwork Pixie, and IIRC, BSRB, as well as nearly any YYMN slot out there; you are going to pay 100% up front. NOT bashing them in any way, as they all did **excellent** work for me 🙂 It was against my ingrained business practice, but I did it anyway since they are such reputable WAHM’s. SP’s only asked for 50% up front, but I am pretty sure I went ahead and paid her all of it. Overall, I recognize it as common practice in the online diaper world and I adopted a “When in Rome” Policy.

    On occasion, though, a WAHM (Stinky Couture) with this practice has totally left her customer(s) hanging. Sometimes with hundreds of dollars at stake. Of course, she is the odd one, instead of the norm. But it does represent the risk involved.

  134. Foo-man-choo says:

    I think on small orders, 100% would not be unreasonable. I think in general, a seller would stand to lose more $$ on a smaller order.

  135. werd says:

    wow – I’m a WAHM and I thought it was pretty much standard practice for the buyer to pay up front for their custom. My customs only take a few days and I constantly update status and stuff and send pictures of the finished product… maybe I should consider a deposit?

    I don’t like doing deposits either, I’d rather just pay it all while I have it but that’s just me… I wonder if more people are leery about paying up front, than I thought?

  136. DSDM2 says:

    Part of the issue from a WAHM point is that if you take more than 7 days to ship, they can file on you and PP can make you pay it back. There is some little fine print about it.

    i have always found materials down, and knitting cost(sewing/whatever) when done acceptable.

  137. Foo-man-choo says:

    DSDM2 – I did not know that.

    So for example; Say that Werd and I make a deal; She say 3 week turnaround. I pay Werd 100% ; then if she is not done and shipped within 7 days, I can file on her and she would have to refund me?

  138. diudiaole says:

    #138 — after this discussion, I may come up with a policy about taking half up front if the order is over a certain amount. When I first started, I took a $10 deposit for a few orders and I was left hanging for awhile(like until their next payday I assume) even after the order was finished.

    I don’t like doing collections, and it sucked for me because I was counting on the money from the order and I was left just holding their items until they finally e-mailed me.

    And it isn’t like a buyer would lose their $10 either since paypal is going to side with them if they file. As a buyer I would rather pay the full amount up front and be protected by paypal, bank or cc policies than have to pay a portion of that as a non refundable retainer.

  139. Foo-man-choo says:

    Werd-you know I would *totally* never rip you off, lol.

  140. Foo-man-choo says:

    “I don’t like doing collections, and it sucked for me because I was counting on the money from the order and I was left just holding their items until they finally e-mailed me.”

    That is the main reason I decided to go with the flow and pay the WAHM’s up front when they asked for the full amount.

  141. diudiaole says:

    Scam or weirdness alert?

    I asked for her paypal addy weeks ago(9/14 I believe)… I did not hear from her for about two weeks at which point she asked me to e-mail her if I still wanted it. I e-mailed her saying I still wanted it! No response to me ever!

    Today she bumped her thread, lowered her price(I was willing to pay her asking price) and is now accepting only cash or money order?? hmmmmmm

  142. Foo-man-choo says:

    Why wouldn’t she respond to you? That is weird. And no way I would pay with a MO or cash since there is no protection.

  143. Foo-man-choo says:

    How ironic that this thread showed up in T&F during our discussion….

    At least it’s easy to find out who the WAHM is….

  144. Foo-man-choo says:

    My bad, not exactly the same since the buyer paid only a portion up front. She didn’t pay the balance until her order was complete.

  145. diudiaole says:

    I should add to my #144 post that I had to e-mail her through DS — if she had given me an e-mail I would have sent pp.

  146. diudiaole says:

    #148 —

    I just checked out her wahm thread… I am amazed at how low her prices are, she can’t be making more than a few dollars per hour.

    It is insane how many wahm’s ‘go bad’!! Perhaps a business ethics online course should be required before a new HC store is activated or DS wahm thread etc.

  147. downy20 says:

    “Seriously, WAHM’s that ask for $$ up front freak you out, moms who buy diapers before getting preganant freak you seem to freak out easily; maybe it’s time to see a therapist.”

    Foo – why the personal attack? I was just sharing my opinion. What made you take it so personally? Wow…

  148. Foo-man-choo says:

    148 – click her HC link. You’ll see it’s closed. Is there anyway to tell how long ago it was closed?

  149. Foo-man-choo says:

    any way

  150. žába says:

    IDK, I waited forever for 1 diaper from her a while back…I thought I was going to have to file on her and finally it showed up almost 6 weeks later. I was kind of irritated that she kept bumping up her thread and adding a BYGO sale and not making my 1 diaper that I picked from her in stock fabric. And her communication was almost nonexistent 😦 I do really like the diaper and wish that she had been a little more on top of her game, because I would have bought more from her…now I doubt it.

  151. DSDM2 says:

    Ok, this is interesting… she obviously doesn’t post much and is just there to sell… but she did bother to post on Snap’s WAHM thread:

  152. MotherMoonPads says:

    Werd, I don’t do deposits either. Everything I sell is shipped within 10 days of payment, so I don’t see the need for it.

  153. laughingmama says:

    Paying in full up front for customs is a pretty common practice, not just in the cd’ing world. Every single custom you see on Etsy is a “pay in full up front” type of transaction.

  154. Foo-man-choo says:

    158 -Hmmm, I have had customs on Etsy that were not pay in full up front…..

  155. laughingmama says:

    159 That’s interesting. Every one that I’ve ever purchased and all the one’s I’ve looked at are a pay up front type of custom. Even with customs where I’ve contacted the seller instead of purchasing a listing. They’ve always made a disignated listing for me to “purchase” my custom.

  156. diudiaole says:

    #157 — that is ridiculous!

    FTR, if I were her customer, I’d be pretty pissed about her working on customs for Coach bags when she won’t even respond to e-mails and it has been weeks since I paid!

  157. diudiaole says:

    her HC going inactive simply means she has let payment lapse 2 months which is really no big deal. She has no feedback on there though which is strange to me.

  158. Foo-man-choo says:

    160 – You know, though, I was a repeat customer for at least one of those, so that may by why. Then one did not have her materials in stock and made my custom listing after she was done with my order. Another made one item I paid for up front and I paid for the other after it was completed, so I guess it’s all about convos. Really, though you’re right. I would say that 99% of Etsy is pay up front .

  159. monkey says:


    The thing is, if it’s a WAHM I’ve worked with before I would probably pay 100%… but if it’s someone I personally have not worked with (no matter how good their reputation) I would probably pass on it. I understand the risk involved for both parties. That’s why I think half is the best solution. It helps keep both parties honest and invested.

  160. Foo-man-choo says:

    Here’s a crazy Etsy custom story. I purchased an instock item for my dog, but it was a little too big, so the seller made me another one (which she listed for me when she was done), and then while it was on the way to me in the mail, she decided the strap she put on the one she remade was too wide, shipped me another one, and refunded my $$ on the second one. I now had 3 of the same thing, and I had only paid for one. I sent back her refund, and I would totally shop with her again, lol

  161. Sharpie says:

    Foo who was that? I love supporting mamas with excellent cs like that!

  162. Messy says:

    #165 Yeah, link us Foo!

  163. Messy says:

    Damn… I killed this thread!!!

  164. mmspirit7 says:

    Messy i don’t think yo did. but did you know about the unwritten but well known rule you are not alloweed to post screen shots of feedback from spots

  165. Messy says:

    Ummm… No, I had no idea. A lot of people are breaking the rules then because it is a pretty common occurrance.

  166. mmspirit7 says:

    yeah that’s what i was thinking.

  167. newhere says:

    I wonder what the harm is in posting screen shots of spots FB…I don’t get it.

  168. Incognizable says:

    charise…please elaborate..

  169. mmspirit7 says:

    it’s in fluffy chat on cdn….someone post a screen shot of fb on spots and shabby asked for it to be taken down

    so i asked what was the rule about it nikki went looking and came back with it was a unwritten well known rule that you don’t do it

    that’s about as much info as i have.

    shabby said in that thread it was common sense not to do it

  170. newhere says:

    whats the harm?

  171. riffrafflittleman says:

    Um, isn’t feedback public information anyway? I mean if you are going to shop with someone, chances are you look at their feedback. I guess I’m confused

  172. knittingfool says:

    If it’s so well known, how come nobody knows about it? And if it’s unwritten, then it is not a rule, IMO. Unless, of course, Shabby says so.

  173. Incognizable says:

    holy shit…people on CDN are really moody lately…dramaz everywhere…

  174. knittingfool says:

    Nothing like a good drama to help waste an afternoon. I wonder if I have any popcorn?

  175. mmspirit7 says:

    I don’t get it none of the answer given are good enough for me. with the feedback thing

  176. monkey says:

    Um… I’ve seen Spots FB linked on here dozens of times and no one has ever mentioned this unknown rule.

  177. Incognizable says:

    You won’t get a good answer, cause there isn’t one. If feedback were meant to be private then they should put it in a super duper private place, where your average Jane can’t access it.

    Great system they got over there on spots..that’s why so many shadies just make up a new email address and keep selling after they get a lot of negatives under another email addy.

  178. magpiedpiper says:

    Charise, the only real answer is that it wasn’t a rule until Meg decided that she wanted it to be one so that she could use it to threaten the OP in the WWYD thread.

  179. mmspirit7 says:

    183 that’s what i thought…it really is.

  180. DSDM2 says:

    We don’t care if it is posted.

  181. Messy says:

    Ahhh, Meg was mad at the OP and taking the side of the seller. So, in an attempt to control the situation further, she decided it was a Spots TOS rule to not post feeback shots? So, as a HC mod, she can enforce her own unwritten, and rather arbitrary, rules to turn a discussion from the original or to try to keep someone from defending themselves. I see.

    You do realize, this makes Meg a mod on here and on CDN as well. She can do what DS cannot do; she can threaten and punish people for what they post here and on CDN (in accordance with rules she makes up on and case by case with no real reasoning involved other than to administer retribution for trumping her in a discussion). Niiice.

  182. knittingfool says:

    Doesn’t she have staff for that?

  183. Messy says:

    Doesn’t who have staff? Yeah, CDN is fully loaded and they do great without Meg as a staffer. Same goes for over here. I have never seen them in need of Meg-tervention. I hope she is doing Meg-terventions all over the web! Save all those who might accidentally look upon a Spots Feedback shot! For shame! The indignity of it all :::dramazforMegagain:::

  184. knittingfool says:


  185. monkey says:

    I have to say, it’s up to the mods/admin on CDN to decide what is acceptable to post on their site. If THEY say not to post FB screenshots I will respect it. It’s their board. But they are not required to adhere to the “rules” (made up or not) of other boards. I think the CDN mods/admin do a pretty awesome job making those decisions on their own. I totally respect and like the no posting pms or email rules. Those are private messages and should remain private. But FB is public.

  186. laughingmama says:

    I don’t get why Meg would have any say over what screenshots are posted on what boards. So is she the “spots feedback screenshot police” now? Hey Meg, I’ve posted a screenshot of some spots feedback somewhere on the internet. Better get to work! 😉

  187. Messy says:

    No, Meg has decided that she will determine what can and cannot be posted as far as FB screen shots from Spots. If you are a bad girl and don’t follow her made up rules, she will punish you on HC. At one point I thought I could respect Meg, that point has passed. She gets all wacked out of shape and becomes a control freak when she is in the middle of things that have nothing to do with her. Perhaps it is a psychiatric problem that causes her to need dramaz and control… Hmmm…

  188. knittingfool says:

    Why would “spots” need mods? Nothing is being discussed there, so nothing needs moderating. Any issues are reported to HC support which is Trista or Karen herself. And aren’t mods supposed to be active members? Shabby hardly ever posts there. The no drama or snarkyness rule probably doesn’t suit her.

  189. riffrafflittleman says:

    Messy, I was trying to give her(meg) a chance, thinking maybe she wasn’t as dramariffic as it seems. Turns out she’s all that and more. I’m tired of the “there’s more to the story” bs she likes to spout and her nosing ending up in everyone else’s business. I’m thinking she must have some major esteem issues the way she acts online

  190. Messy says:

    #194 Yup. I get so sick of the “there is more to the story” shit too. She wants everyone to BEG her for info. I cringe when people do because you know that makes her preen and smile and love it. It feeds her faulty ego. She noses into things that have nothing to do with her just so she can get attention. Sad. Pathetic. And so Megish.

  191. Incognizable says:

    Well, Nikki told Meg to take action against OP on HC if she needed to. It’s clearly a conflict of interest and makes Meg a shady mod if she chooses to punish the OP on HC for posting the feedback on another board. Especially since it’s a well known “unwritten rule” and all.

    I see a drama common denominator on CDN. Maybe it’s time CDN removes that common denominator. Just saying.

  192. Messy says:

    #196 It is hard for them to just ban people for causing drama. However, if she punishes people with unwritten rules from other sites, then perhaps she should no longer have access to the sites that cause her such work! I would never ever tell Sam how to run the board, and I do not expect Meg to be banned, but I do wish Meg would stop her attention whoring BS on CDN. Nobody over there needs it and we damn sure don’t want it. She could just go whore herself out doing Meg-terventions on HC. Or better yet! Start her own board where she can attention whore all day long!

  193. DSDM2 says:

    OK, as far as HERE: PMs, emails, feedback, etc are PERMITTED.

    When you send something to someone, it is no longer yours. That includes mail, PMs, email, and feedback.

    If you don’t want it out there, don’t put it in writing.

    (That is how it works legally too.)

  194. Messy says:

    Meg threatened to “take action” against someone on HC for posting her FB shot on CDN. So, nothing keeps Meg from doing the same here. It is all up to Meg, the ruler of the interwebz! All bow…

  195. riffrafflittleman says:

    I don’t envy CDN …they try to keep the board drama free, but since Meg joined it’s been one big drama after another. That could be entirely coincidental, but I doubt it 🙂 Still curious what type of “action” she is planning on taking for posting PUBLIC feedback in a public forum

  196. DSDM2 says:

    Someone needs to report her. She has 2 banned names there already.

  197. knittingfool says:

    “Someone needs to report her. She has 2 banned names there already.”

    Gasp! You mean “take action”?

  198. Messy says:

    #200 Totally not touching that with a 10 ft poll. Not happening. Not clicking. NopeNopeNope.

  199. magpiedpiper says:

    Messy, don’t worry. It has nothing to do with her kid. It’s that she sold the same thing to two people, told Buyer 2 sorry, then said oh no wait, you can buy it, then decided to sell it to Buyer 1 after Buyer 2 sent money.

  200. Messy says:

    Ahhh… I will pass anyhow LOL

  201. Messy says:

    Charise, I just found your thread on CDN about all of this. Sorry I missed it earlier… But it is a crock of shit that Meg cooked up and is trying to feed everyone.

  202. magpiedpiper says:

    What’s interesting is that I checked Meg’s profile to see if she had been on yet since she hadn’t responded again, saw that she was viewing the thread, and waited since I figured she would clarify. Nope, she didn’t. Probably since she doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

  203. Messy says:

    I am sure she will come back with an attention whoring act of explanation. Does she not see how pathetic she is? All the money in the world does not make up for a broken ego and an overinflated sense of self. I am sure her real life is a bowl of cherries… @@

  204. Messy says:

    I won’t shop on Spots anymore. Period. If Meg is a mod, then someone needs their head examined for putting her in that position.
    I asked on CDN: what would have happened if a DS mod came and said this shit? I mean, it is not in the written rules on DS, so it might be an unwritten rule…

  205. CDNation says:

    DSDM who has 2 banned names where?

    Sorry for all the drama lately ladies.

  206. CDNation says:

    As for the feedback being removed from that thread yesterday. The reasoning was two fold. 1. because of what Meg said, though the deciding factor was that the OP asked us to remove it just in case.

    There was no reason to potentially get her into trouble there when she was dealing with crap on our site too.

  207. me says:

    211- She was saying that Us4&AngelCorey has two banned names on Spot’s Corner yet was complained about again.

  208. mmspirit7 says:

    i didn’t know you removed the feedback. but tried to get meg to answer there wasn’t happy with what was stated that’s why i posted my own thread asking. Looking for someone else had and answer.

    messy thanks.

    i am thinking though i played into megs hand with posting that thread and she waiting for the right post to jump in on.

  209. Shabbychic says:

    Messy, my life is a bowl of cherries. Really. It’s nothing but fantastic, save for maybe being a tad unorganized, but other than that, its near perfect. Thanks.

  210. Shabbychic says:

    I just went back and read. Wow Messy, you are on a Meg kick again, aren’t you. Come on. I am so boring, why dont you talk about someone who is actually interesting. Nothing to see here. Oh yeah, other than a near perfect life.

  211. monkey says:

    “Nothing is perfect. Life is messy. Relationships are complex. Outcomes are uncertain. People are irrational.”
    Hugh Mackay

  212. monkey says:

    Meg, since you didn’t answer on CDN could you please explain to me WHY you’re not supposed to post screenshots of FB? Also, is linking okay?

    I am honestly curious. I just really can’t think of a reason for this unwritten rule and it’s driving me nuts.

  213. monkey says:

    And I’m really not trying to be bitchy or snarky. I really want to know the why and wherefore. I can’t help it. I am inquisitive.

  214. mmspirit7 says:


    I feel the same i just want to know. I mean if i missed this one rule of spots what others am i missing of spots or hc. that’s what i am thinking and i don’t understand this unwritten rule

  215. monkey says:


    Exactly. I honestly try to follow the TOS and etiquette of the various sites I visit. But I like to understand the reasons for it and what the rules are… I don’t like the fact of there being rules I don’t know about that I could potentially get in trouble for unwittingly breaking.

    That was one of the reasons I left DS. The rules were so arbitrary and illogical.

  216. CDNation says:

    this was just posted on HC, by HCSupport, so Karen maybe?

    “I haven’t seen the original thread, but I’m not seeing any issues with taking / posting screenshots of feedback pages…

    ‘Course, I don’t know why you would go to that trouble rather than just sending a link, but…”

  217. monkey says:


    I mean I totally agree that it is easier (and more difficult to tamper with) if you just link.

    That’s interesting. Thanks for posting CDN.

  218. Messy says:

    #212 For that, we are all grateful. I mean, if we don’t know the rules somewhere (or some nutcase is making them up as she is going along) and we ask you to help us by removing something that potentially could get us in trouble, it is very much appreciated!!!
    Also, I bowed out of the thread about it because a mod seems very worn out from the dramaz and I don’t want to make her time on CDN miserable. I just hate that someone can come along and use her “authority” to dictate our posts on CDN. That pisses me off. She wanted a power move and that was the best she could do, and that is pathetic and attention whoring IMO.

  219. monkey says:


    I know. I feel so bad for the mods the last couple of days. You know they need a stiff drink every time they log off!

  220. mmspirit7 says:

    so it’s not a rule?

    ok cool not sure how i feel about a mod stating it was a rule and threatening taking action though.

    probably won’t shop spots

  221. CDNation says:

    Messy I can understand that.

    I should go find it and put it back up.

  222. mmspirit7 says:

    i posted in the thread….i really didn’t start it for drama or wanting to keep drama going i really wanted an answer. i am glad we have one but it’s different from the one nikki was given yesterday and that bothers me as well

  223. Messy says:

    Well, Meg’s life might be a bowl of cherries, but that does not stop her from being an attention whoring trouble maker. Ya know, if her life is so perfect honestly, then this online trouble making attention whoring is even more pathetic. It is sad honestly… I could not imagine having her be in my real life. She has to suck the life out of everyone around her.
    Now, add to all of that, Meg is a liar and went on a power trip on CDN. She wanted power over there, and lied to get it. Nifty. But sounds like something she (or any other Jerry Springer guest) would do.

  224. Nicole says:

    I was told that it’s an unwritten rule and “judgment” should be used. I’m not sure what the hell all this even means. Honestly I don’t care. I don’t shop on Spots.

    Seems that if Spots can write their rules or back their mods when they enforce them then they have no business making any rules whatsoever.

    Just my 2¢

  225. Nicole says:

    can’t write their rules*

  226. Messy says:

    They didn’t and don’t. Meg made it up to get the upper hand in a discussion. She is a liar.

  227. monkey says:


    I think the response from HCSupport pretty much proves that this not a rule and they aren’t backing their mod. But I totally agree with everything you said. And I do appreciate you’re looking into it. I do use spots and I don’t want to step on toes if it’s really something they look out for.

  228. monkey says:

    At least the response from HC Support read that way to me.

  229. Messy says:

    CDN rocks. Period. It is too bad that everywhere but here and CDN has banned Meg’s sorry cherry ass.

  230. Nicole says:

    What a mess. Really. There’s always two sides to every story.

    It seems this is all out and open now. It would be lovely of Karen to come here or to CDN and clear out the air completely. I’m still a little confused. It’s a rule–it’s not a rule–it’s unwritten–it’s a judgment call….Hell IDK…

  231. mmspirit7 says:

    well nikki what you were told and this other post still bother me i shoped spots for like half my stash.

    I will stick to fsot on cdn but many times they don’t have what i am looking for. but this is stupid.

    I have my feelings on meg and things i have seen from her and have tried very hard to keep them to myself but man this shit is dumb.

    I get standing up for your friends but to lie to do so makes you look bad.

  232. monkey says:


    Yeah. I’m still a little confused as well because of the conflicting answers. It’s always something right?

    Let’s talk about Johnny Depp. We can all agree on that… right?

    (Just so you know if you disagree with my on Johnny Depp I will start teh madz dramaz like youz has neber seenz!)

  233. mmspirit7 says:

    236 that’s what i am confused and until i know what the truth is i just won’t shop there. it also makes me wonder about shoping HC all together because they are the same site and could have more unwritten rules judgement calls and what not

  234. monkey says:’


  235. Messy says:

    Johnny Depp? Did he buy Meg’s diapers? LOL

  236. mmspirit7 says:

    honestly i don’t see it as drama meg won’t comment on it she could here but not the thread she couldn’t give answers so mods and admin of cdn who kicked ass did it for us being pissed about being lied to from someone of power from another site well i don’t see that as drama but maybe a post in gbu maybe.

    she did it to herself and she cost that site money and the sellers there money i am sure they will love that in this time when everyone is hard up for cash

  237. Messy says:

    Oh, and I am trying so hard not to say things in that thread. Ok, that was a Meg-lie…

  238. monkey says:

    mm, believe me… if I post on that thread it’s going to be drama. Putting on big girl panties.

    #241… Messy, yer killing me 🙂

  239. mmspirit7 says:

    244 i under i do. there are things i have seen and want to say that would cause drama i am trying not to cause it. I really didn’t want that post to be drama i just want answers.

    Pisses me off meg can post here but not on the thread.

    and cdn nation…will you post what you copied here to the thread or can we cp it. because i didn’t see it in it and i think others that don’t read the blog should know about it.

  240. CDNation says:

    Done #245.

    And I wish I knew who was who over there.

  241. Messy says:

    #244 Get over there and contribute!!! If someone doesn’t do something, I will have to go clean the house, including the kitty litter box and nobody wants to make me do that now do they??? At least then Meg can pity my life for realz LOL!
    #245 Oh, Megypoo posted on the thread… She sypathizes for my life. Wahhh. Yeah, I have it rough ROFL!

  242. Messy says:

    #246 I just cannot tell you who I am on CDN. It is a huge secret. Trust me, some day it will come out in the wash…

    Gads! ROFLMAO!

  243. CDNation says:

    *snort* Messy, you I know.

  244. mmspirit7 says:

    cdnation I am charise820…

  245. mmspirit7 says:

    i missed her drama posts nice she can’t answer or stay on topic

  246. CDNation says:

    LMAO, #250. Thanks.

  247. monkey says:


    I’m MommylovesStarWars. I swore I wasn’t going to respond. I don’t want drama on the site… but this really bothers me. It bothers me on the same level that it bothers Charise. And it bothers me because I don’t like one CDN member being allowed to threaten another member with a made up rule. I want some truth here. I want the bull shit to stop, because I think that inevitably when the bullshit stops the drama will stop.

  248. monkey says:

    I assume that was what you were asking CDN? Who we are on CDN? I wasn’t quite sure.

  249. CDNation says:

    Yep it was #254.

    No ones out of hand on that thread. Yet. It seems that it’s time to get some stuff aired over there. Let the festering stop and be happy again.

  250. Messy says:

    Ok, someone rep’ed me a dime, so I will stop pissing with Meg to see if she answers. ROFLMAO!

  251. monkey says:


    Yep. Sometimes you gotta let the pus out (ew! gross analogy!).

    I just want meg to use the bluntness she is so proud of and give us the straight up answer. It’s time to but on the BGP’s and own up to it.

    I’m not a meg hater at all. CDN is the first time I’ve ever really paid attention to her. My biggest issue is that she claims to be blunt and forthright but she has trouble owning up to it when she does something like this.

  252. monkey says:


    I was actually going to offer to paypal you a dime for the same reason!

    You know I love you, but I want some answers and I want them now. I have had it with bullshit, no matter who it’s from.

  253. mmspirit7 says:

    messy rep’d you something don’t know if you will agree just had to share with soemone

  254. Nicole says:

    I really need to know the honest truth here. I don’t like to be lied to.

  255. monkey says:

    I am just disgusted by this whole thing.

  256. Messy says:

    My fear is Karen seeing people not wanting to shop Spots due to Meg lying. So, she will in some way choose to back Meg and then I am done with HC, Spots, and any other endeavor either of them are involved in.

  257. monkey says:


    I follow my father’s rule, If you tell me the truth I might get mad, but I’ll get over it. If you lie to me and refuse to come clean it’s gonna get ugly.

  258. monkey says:

    Messy, there’s no going back. They already posted it in the HC forums for the world to see.

  259. Messy says:

    Could be mm. I read the rep and I dunno as I don’t look over there to see who is giving what, but if it is a pattern, then I bet it repeats.

  260. monkey says:

    Are you two keeping secrets from me?


  261. mmspirit7 says:

    i have seen it twice so to call it a pattern might be much but it is fishy to me. and if she does again well then i know for a fact.

  262. CDNation says:

    265 267

    is there something I need to know?

  263. mmspirit7 says:

    nothing that breaks rules something i think i see happening and i am not sure so i kept it to myself till i shared with messy. if it is what i think it is i will let you know but until i am sure i think it would be a mute point. I hope you can understand.

  264. CDNation says:

    THat’s fine 269.

  265. monkey says:

    moot point

    Sorry. English teacher.

    It’s a compulsion.

  266. mmspirit7 says:

    lol sorry thanks.

  267. monkey says:

    Damn. I know Mom’s on it… but I need closure. I need to go to bed!

  268. mmspirit7 says:

    i read the thread on hc they don’t seem to understand why people are upset.

  269. monkey says:


    Don’t be sorry. It really is a compulsion. My son is going to hate me one day when I’m all like, “Is that a dangling participle?”

  270. Messy says:

    Link to the HC thread mm?

  271. monkey says:

    #274 can you link the thread? I’d like to see it.

  272. monkey says:


    That’s thank you in Korean.

  273. mmspirit7 says:


  274. knittingfool says:

    Meg is not a mod and it is not a rule. She lied. It was a pathetic attempt to bully someone. I hope HC bans her sorry ass for causing them so much trouble.

  275. monkey says:

    I think the reason the HC’ers are so laidback about it is that most of them don’t realize it was a Spots mod who made up this rule to support her point in an argument and give her some power.

  276. monkey says:


    Not a mod? Really? Well, that just makes the pot even nastier.

  277. Messy says:

    #281 WHOA!!! Meg is NOT a mod??? Seriously??? What levels of the depths of hell will Meg not stoop to?

  278. Messy says:

    #283 Get outta my brain!!!
    Oh, I need to PM you in a bit. I have a kid addicted to asking if I have more info from you ROFL!

  279. knittingfool says:

    Boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

  280. monkey says:

    If she’s not a mod then all is right in my Spots world again. My issue was that if a mod was making up rules to suit her I was worried about how any issues I had on Spots might be handled.

  281. Messy says:

    How did you find out that Meg is not a mod?

  282. DSDM2 says:

    Meg is a Mod on Spots, not on HC Forums.

  283. monkey says:


    It’s totally discombobulated me.

    Has anyone added this tidbit to the thread? I think a lot of the folks who were worried about using Spots would be over it in a snap if they heard this fact.

  284. Messy says:

    #287 Yeah that.

  285. mmspirit7 says:

    wait she’s not a mod? wow think that needs to be shared with mom on cdn. then hmm…i wonder

  286. knittingfool says:

    Each forum has a list of mods at the top. Spots is not a forum and there is no list.

  287. monkey says:


    Well damn it. Back to square one.

    Someone should give Karen the link here so that she can understand WHY people are upset about this issue.

  288. mmspirit7 says:

    wait so is she a mod or not?

  289. DSDM2 says:

    *I believe* that she is a Mod on Spots, but not on the HC forums.

  290. monkey says:

    My head hurts.

  291. knittingfool says:

    If you have a question or issue about something on Spots, you email HC Support and you hear back from Karen, Trista or Becky. All three of them have replied to the thread. If Meg is the Spots “mod”, why hasn’t she answered the question posed. Surely that is her job?

  292. Messy says:

    Can someone look up her HC profile and see if Spots mod is listed?

  293. mmspirit7 says:

    298 because she is avoiding answer any questions at all

  294. Nicole says:

    I feel like I’ve been shit on.

  295. knittingfool says:

    300 Wouldn’t HC Support have referred the thread to her to deal with IF she was the mod?

  296. monkey says:


    I’m so sorry Nicole. It really pisses me off that you have to deal with this bullshit. I think you are amazing and awesome in every way. ❤

  297. CDNation says:

    Ok Meg is a mod on Spots.

    Becky just posted to the thread on CDN with the user name test account

    Karen has been forwared all info, and she has access to log in with the test account too.

  298. mmspirit7 says:

    Nikki you did your job above and beyond sorry you feel that way

    302 i don’t know it’s meg. why isn’t she answering the question in the thread on cdn instead of trying to insult messy what didn’t she answer it here when she was because she fucking like the drama. and i am pissed i let her get what she wanted with that thread but had to ask the question

  299. Madre says:

    People on HC are saying Meg is a not a mod either.

  300. Messy says:

    #305 MM, to be honest, I started throwing around the insults first. It does not explain why she felt the need to respond to those and totally skip the rest of the discussion and quesitons aimed at her, but it is what I did… People that piss with CDN irritate me!!!

  301. mmspirit7 says:

    it wasn’t karen it was becky…and that’s mom’s test account she only gave them the info not someone else.

  302. mmspirit7 says:

    messy get your ass here i called it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  303. Madre says:

    I’m tardy to the party

  304. monkey says:

    Charise- I swear by Thor the God of Thunder that I am going to mess you up if you don’t let me in on whatever it is you know.

  305. mmspirit7 says:

    i will rep ya

  306. monkey says:


    I’ll add it to my epic poem.

  307. mmspirit7 says:

    ok rep’d yeah now you and messy are in on what i think.

  308. monkey says:

    I’m checking it out. It would match up with certain behaviors in other places.

  309. riffrafflittleman says:

    wow, I go to bed and all hell breaks out. I still find it interesting Meg posted and still never addressed the feedback thing. To me, it feels like she is taking advantage of Mom and the rest of CDN’s fairness. She constantly posts crap, then plays innocent, shocked, and butthurt when people call her out on it. And if anyone says anything bad about her, it’s because they must have a miserable life or whatever. I would so love to be the proud holder of the ban button on CDN lol.

  310. mmspirit7 says:

    LOL isn’t it i have told sam yet really i don’t think it’s something she should worry about just something i noticed

  311. riffrafflittleman says:

    #312 LMAO!! I hope whatever this secret is comes out soon!!! My curiosity level is creeping up quickly

  312. monkey says:

    Yep. Certainly looks like it to me.

  313. mmspirit7 says:

    Should i share with the rest of the class

  314. riffrafflittleman says:

    please, pretty please, with cherries and whipped cream on top?!!?

  315. mmspirit7 says:

    LOL it’s just ffs and drama are tied together with the same poster like trying to buy forgiveness or something

  316. mmspirit7 says:

    322 i will rep you the info can’t remember you cnd name though

  317. riffrafflittleman says:

    LOL I can only think of one person that does FFS and drama, but I don’t know if’t just cause I haven’t had my coffee yet 🙂

  318. riffrafflittleman says:

    ohh I’m moosemountainmom….

  319. DSDM2 says:

    fark, I have to run but I want to know. YIM me please!!!!

  320. monkey says:

    I don’t know why this bothers me so much. I’ve never had anything against Meg and I would be just as pissed if anyone had done it. It just really bothers me. I love CDN. I just want the mamas to deal fairly and honestly with each other.

  321. Messy says:

    Monkey, now that I know she can get HC info, I am thinking I might be done on HC too 😦 That is so sad. But I hate liars. I think Meg is unstable. Her access to personal information is a concern.

  322. Madre says:

    i wanna know

  323. mmspirit7 says:

    pm sent moosemom

  324. monkey says:

    I wish for the love of all that is holy that she would just respond to SOMEONE who is not messy. Only replying to Messy is just such a slap in the face of everyone else. We just want an answer. Where is this “bluntness” and “telling it like it is” that Meg is so famous for.

    If she’s not going to answer the questions she should stop replying entirely.

  325. Messy says:

    In the interest of getting Meg to answer, I will stop replying in that thread 🙂

  326. mmspirit7 says:

    hey messy you should ask for one of the winter jackets ffs on cdn LOL

  327. Nicole says:

    I wish that Karen would post. I know that several people have contacted her about this and there’s still no response. I contacted her YESTERDAY morning about this and my inbox has yet to see her there.

    She seems to be the only one, at this point, that can clear the air about this whole unwritten rule business.

  328. mmspirit7 says:

    and that worries me is she trying to find a way to make it out that meg didn’t lie and cover megs ass while make it were she isn’t wrong for having an unwritten rule. i know she has a life and all but come on this is her business i am sure she’s gotten the messages by now

  329. Nicole says:

    I take that back. I do have an email response from Trista.

  330. monkey says:


    Agreed. I’m glad that Meg finally got up enough backbone to state that she was not going to respond to the questions being put to her.

  331. Messy says:

    I had to reply one more time.
    She is turning this from the lie about the unwritten rule to being about whether she is a mod or not. They are two separate issues. She is wanting a pass based on the apparent conclusion that she *is* a mod on Spots. But the lie she told stands.
    Oh, and the BS about my life being hard, yeah, it is oh so miserable @@ LOL! I won’t even reply to that because I think most would be fortunate to be in my shoes. I wouldn’t change a thing about my life… Ok, I would have a bigger stash of diapers, but that is about it… Oh wait, I would have a maid to clean up after the cat. 😀

  332. Messy says:

    #336 This has been my fear all along. See above post where I mentioned the fear that somehow Karen would figure out a way to back Meg on this crap. HC is losing appeal for me now 😦

  333. Nicole says:

    Hi Nikki,
    I responded to the other ticket, but i will this one too just in case. Spots
    feedback is public information, and there is no issue with taking & posting
    screenshots of it.

    Thank you,

  334. monkey says:


    I have to say, you always seem really happy with your life to me Messy. You seem like you love your kids and your life. The only thing life-related I’ve ever seen you upset about was that hotel bullshit. And I don’t blame you one bit for that.

  335. Messy says:

    I’m sorry Nicole.

  336. monkey says:


    Wow. 😦

  337. Messy says:

    #342 I have to say, I am honestly happy. We do not struggle like some people and I think I have great kids. I love being with them… I mean there just isn’t anything I would do differently (other than that pesky cat-maid thing). I guess the only thing that might bother me is if I am giving off a vibe somewhere that I am unhappy in my life (which would not be true). But knowing Meg is a liar, I realize it is just something else she is making up to get somewhere in a conversation…

  338. monkey says:

    I was really hoping this would somehow work it’s self out.

  339. monkey says:


    Well, I for one don’t get that vibe. I love your siggy pic of your kids. Everyone looks so happy.

  340. Messy says:

    #347 Thank you! I think the kids are happy too! Meg just needs something to say, so she makes up stuff to fill in her blanks.
    I hate that Nikki got in the middle of this 😦 I wish she wasn’t being hurt in all of it.

  341. mmspirit7 says:

    nikki you are doing a great job. meg is caught in drama and a lie and will now and is trying to buy forgivness so later she can later she can talk about how kind she is

  342. monkey says:

    All right. I gotta go to bed. Jem is gonna be up in like 4.5 hours and I’ll have to rock the mommy. Hugs ladies.

  343. mmspirit7 says:

    yeah seems the drama died i need to get the chili going

  344. monkey says:

    I hope there’s an answer from Karen when I wake up. I need some closure so I can be done with this whole thing. It’s exhausting.

  345. magpiedpiper says:

    So I’m guessing that the FFS/drama connection you are referring to is that Meg has a history of being dramariffic, then offering FFS (or in the winter jackets case just a penny), so that then people owe her? Like buying loyalty basically?

  346. mmspirit7 says:

    lol yeap everytime she’s in drama she offers ffs like trying to buy friendship

  347. eeek says:

    OK, Shabby. I have tried to defend you as a non-drama whore in the past. I really thought you were moving on & going with the BGP on CDN.

    This was a bitchy little powertrip with no power. You overreacted, then kept on pushing the point, now it’s past the place where you can just walk away. You need to get over it, admit you went kind of off the deep end & take your whippin’ over there.

    There ARE no unwritten rules. There was just you flipping out & then acting like flipping out was what you were supposed to do because everyone noticed. That’s pretty clear now, on every board involved.

    Please consider this an invitation to moving on. Step back for a bit & consider how this can play out. Letting the drama be endless just because you don’t want to admit you were wrong is only going to make it worse in the end.

  348. Shabbychic says:

    I sent out about 25 FFS packages on CDN last week, lol. I believe last week was drama free. I did upstairs, now down. I have sent packages all over the country of my kids stuff for the past month. I think that perhaps you need to step off.

  349. eeek says:

    I don’t care how much stuff you give away. You don’t have to buy anyone’s friendship or respect. How about this- I actually have always liked you, even though I have never asked you for anything & will, I’m sure, never meet you. We will most likely have no incidence of ANY contact besides this place.

    I just thought you were a pretty cool person who had a good streak of honesty that some chose to call bitchy. That would, however, mean that you need to be honest about yourself, too.

    I’m just hoping I was right.

  350. Messy says:

    Meg can backpeddle like a pro. Me thinks she has done this a few times before…

  351. Messy says:

    Karen confirmed… MEG LIED.

    Ok, she said Meg might have confused their policies about feedback with another site like ebay @@ Really?
    No, Meg is a liar and lied to get a power trip.

  352. laughingmama says:

    So, Meg lied. Big surprise there. Am I the only one who suspects Meg lies about a lot of things in her life? I’m thinking her life isn’t as perfect or the bowl of cherries that she makes it out to be. Why else would she act the way she does? I almost feel sorry for her…almost. I see Karen has taken her spots helper privileges away.

  353. werd says:

    jeebus… I was going to come out of hiding and go back to cdn today to see how everyone is doing. but I think I’ll stay hiding.

    Messy ❤ I miss you and BFF!

  354. Messy says:

    #360 I think she lies a lot too. It is sad. Her bowl of cherries must be one big ass PIT. I don’t feel sorry for her… I think that her life is one big drama after the other and she seeks approval from people online. Too bad she is such an asshat.

  355. Messy says:

    WERD!!! I ❤ you! It is pretty entertaining on over on CDN. Meg can't backpeddle her shit there.

  356. mmspirit7 says:

    i am fucking pissed. I owned my words and i am the one that caused drama meg you could have kept you fucking comments here but nope had to run to cdn where you knew some would see now fault in what do you.

    that’s a coward.

  357. mmspirit7 says:

    werd miss ya

  358. werd says:

    miss you too Charise!

    Hey I got my c/s date, spread the word – Xander will be making his appearance on October 27th at the latest! I’m having a ton of contractions though so I wouldn’t be surprised if I go sooner… we shall see!

  359. mmspirit7 says:

    cool would you like that posted on cdn i can if you want if not i will keep it to myself. How is fall out there you know you are little ways from my home town and i miss it terribly

  360. eeek says:

    Damn, that is a hunk of stinky bitchwad being thrown about on CDN & it just smears around more as it’s kept alive. Stepping away from that particular drama……..

    Now, onto other issues- I think Sunny was banned because she told someone to post stuff at Shabby, because Sunny has been asked not to? Am I right?
    Now I have no idea about toastercoaster, who knows the drama? Is there a post somewhere showing what I’m just not seeing? Or a bunch of posts, lol…. I try to keep up but my GOD the drama flows fast these days. I always hate it when I see banned people & I don’t understand really why.

  361. CDNation says:

    Hey Jackie,

    Yeah today is not the best day to return.

  362. eeek says:

    Hey Werd! I hope everything’s going good & you’re not too bored. Get a lot of sleep & charge up your batteries for the inevitable newborn madness, if you can! I hope it goes quickly for you.

  363. Messy says:

    Meg just said she got ALL MY PERSONAL INFO OFF HC/SPOTS before being demoted. What an asstard.

  364. riffrafflittleman says:

    WHAT MESSY?!?! That’s CRAP. Why the hell does she need your information?????

  365. Incognizable says:

    There are those that give(donations/volunteer/FFS) and expect nothing in return. They do it from the goodness of their heart, because their heart is in the right place. They do not mention their great deeds in random “woe is me” posts, they don’t use it as an excuse to defend their character… they just keep quiet about it.

    Then there are those that feel the need to shout, no, no scream publically that they FFS X amount of packages and donate to so many charities and they are saints IRL in an effort to boost thier public interwebz image and “buy” loyalty and credibility.


  366. Messy says:

    Beats me. I am pretty sure I have used a cc with some of the WAHMs. She is a nutcase. If it weren’t for the fact that I know she is an unstable psychobitch, I wouldn’t even care.

  367. mmspirit7 says:

    does anyone else find it funny how she had a mama going to take it and now she’s pulling not going to do it i don’t know if it was truly about helping others she would have just kept it up and not made a big deal about not following through with her ffs.

    I own what i said was a bitch thing but i said it here or in private she took it there.

  368. not me at all says:

    Why are people kissing Megs ass in her FFS thread after she decided to be a bitch?

  369. Messy says:

    Eh, I am feeling bad for the mods/admin on CDN, so I have to walk away. I wish I could continue telling Meg what I think of her and her shit, but they feel responsible for the dramaz. So, even though I am not upset over anything, I have to walk away from the Meg-a-thon.
    She really is a sack of dog shit though. Just so she knows, every time she posts, I will be thinking of what a lying POS she is. She can take my information and shove it up her cherry ass for all I care.

  370. try me, i'm new! says:

    #307 – the HC thread is gone now.

  371. mmspirit7 says:

    I feel bad to and I don’t want to add to flames i agree with messy.

    the hc thread is still there just edited

  372. eeek says:

    HC freely edits all kinds of bitch off their boards. They are anti- drama & pro-shopping & they admit it.

    OK, now I HAVE to know why greyelizabeth06 is banned?

  373. mmspirit7 says:

    banned from where hc or cdn?

  374. eeek says:


    almost no one is ever banned from HC, lol, they’ll just delete stupid crap forever while rolling their eyes unless you act vile to the mods or multiple account.

  375. Messy says:

    I didn’t know Elizabeth was banned… Hmmm…

  376. eeek says:

    OK, just saw the thread. While I don’t understand it doesn’t matter, lol. I just didn’t see anything bad & when people start disappearing it freaks me out!

  377. zosiasmama says:

    greyelizabeth06 asked for a temp 3 hour ban.

    Jackie, I am so excited to hear about Zander!! How exciting. I am so happy for you. But yeah Mom is right today is notthe day. I came back today after no net for 10 days….what a farking day to return. Dam drama loving ho’s.

    I will keep you in my thoughts and hope for a speedy recovery and a good sleeper!

  378. CDNation says:

    Liz needed to get off the drama fest and get something done. She asked to be banned.

    She wanted 3 hours, the shortest I could do is 1 day. I have to remember to let her out.

  379. MatildasMum says:

    It was just a matter of time.

  380. Incognizable says:

    didnt shabby say that once her LO PL she would be leaving all CD sites…. I really hopes she proves shes not a liar…

  381. mmspirit7 says:

    ok i said sorry to meg for my comment and she back. I am going to leave it at that and have dinner with the family

  382. monkey says:


    Messy, was this posted on CDN? DId the mods admin see it? Because that’s her threatening another member again. If she said that shit on CDN it’s time to break out the dancing Ban bar.

  383. monkey says:

    I haven’t had the courage to read the CDN thread yet. I just don’t want to see the ugliness and the poor mods/admin having to deal with it.

    And I’m really upset about Meg telling Messy she got her info. Like I find that far more worrisome than anything else that happened.

  384. Messy says:

    Eh, after I talked to Karen about it, I don’t even care. If it makes Meggypoo feel better to have my info, then who am I to stand in the way of her comforting her poor self?

  385. monkey says:


    Thing is yeah, maybe her having your email address and IP isn’t a huge deal, but making yet ANOTHER threat against a member (and that’s what it was no matter how she tries to spin it) is giving me the wiggins. I think it shows her complete disregard for anyone who is not herself and the depths she is willing to sink to to win/garner attention. I really find it very, very, very creepy and I think it needs to be seriously dealt with.

  386. monkey says:

    I just don’t get why she needs to do this crap. She has healthy, beautiful children, she apparently has enough money and she really does have a lot of photography skills (before I became a teacher one of my degrees was in Media Arts and I worked in television, I can recognize talent). What void is crap like this filling in her life?

    At first I just thought it was a misunderstanding, and then I felt pity for her and wondered what need caused her to do this stuff… but after the “I’ve got your info *insert evil laugh*” it’s moved into the realm of bat shit bug fucking crazy.

  387. diudiaole says:

    #394 ‘bug fucking crazy’ LMAO

  388. monkey says:


    It’s the most accurate description.

  389. Messy says:

    Meg is a bug fucking crazy compulsive liar. Who knows what else she lies about.
    I see her saying it was a misunderstanding. Oh yeah. Right.
    What other forum did she MOD for that she is confusing the rules about screenshots and feedback? Seriously? What forum even has rules about that crap that is public information? Oh wait, it is all in Meg’s bug fucking crazy head. She really sucks ass and it is sad to watch someone so screwed up continue to flop on the ground begging for attention.

  390. Messy says:

    BTW Monkey… I am PISSED AT YOU!!! Yeah, you!!!

    I think I just spent my entire pp tree on some wooden cut outs! ROFLMAO! I couldn’t NOT get any… Mushroom houses, trees, knights, dragons, oh my! Why did you share such an awesome web site??? I could have used that money to buy yarn or something ROFL!!!
    (I am super excited about this project though!!!)

  391. me says:

    She keeps yelling that she didn’t lie.

  392. monkey says:

    I really can’t respond to that thread anymore. I didn’t want to respond this last time, I hate contributing to the drama but I had to say what I needed to say. I’m debating whether to PM Mom or not. I don’t want to make her deal with it anymore or pester her, but this really really really bothers me in a way that nothing on CDN ever has before.

  393. Messy says:

    #399 All liars swear they don’t. Usually really loudly LOL
    #400 Monkey, don’t let it get to you. She is not worth it. I think she lives by the motto of “love me, hate me, either way you are thinking about ME”. Sad really.

  394. Messy says:

    I am desperately wanting to reply to that thread now. But Sam asked us to stop, so I am honoring that. I suppose with that, since Meg is ignoring it, she will get the last word that her ego so desperately needs… I think I will just stop reading that thread. She never really gets any better.

  395. Sharpie says:

    What wooden cut outs?? Linkey please!!

  396. monkey says:

    I can’t believe her response, “Maybe you would do something different with someone’s personal information and you are projecting that on to me?”

    Yeah. I definitely seem like the one with questionable ethics here.

  397. Shabbychic says:

    Messy, go to sleep or something. Maybe a shower. Stop with the cursing. My god. You win the award of person I have most riled up. Messy, I do not exist in your life. Think about it. I am just another boring person on the other side of a keyboard. I have my life, you have yours and I am pretty sure our paths will never cross. Stranger things have happened I am sure, but I would be almost certain. I think at this point you are wasting your time and energy on me, and I really dont matter. Release yourself already, it cant be healthy.

  398. Nicole says:

    Not saying this as a mod or to be snarky in anyway, more to help the ease of the situation. But CDN does have comprehensive ignore and you can ignore Meg and her threads.

    Like i said I’m not TELLING y’all to do that.

  399. eeek says:

    Yeah, monkey. I was very willing to go with “she got all worked up & overreacted” but at some point that no longer flies & you’re just a big old bitch. I like for people to work shit out like grown ups & move on, but there’s no longer any real need in my mind to work this out. It wasn’t only Meg who was bitchy- but she went WAY WAY over the top bitchy. Why the THREATS, even if they were obviously hollow?

  400. monkey says:


    Nicole. It’s gotten beyond that point. It’s not like I’m following Meg around being shitty. I’m upset by/responding to that one thread. I feel like this issue has not been dealt with fully and I feel like Meg has now threatened two members. I don’t know. I’m just unhappy with the situation. And I don’t think it’s my fault so I don’t think I should be the one who has to avoid her. Besides, I have no issue with her other threads. The only issues I’ve ever had were this and the BCD thread. And the BCD thread was done and I totally go over it. This I think is still pertinent to the board. But if it’s considered done I’ll let it be.

  401. magpiedpiper says:

    I agree. I don’t think ignoring is the proper response in this situation.

  402. monkey says:

    Oh, and I did respond to her clothing thread but it wasn’t to be shitty. I’m frowning because I had to get up while DH slept late (stupid DH! 🙂 and I really am wearing a night gown covered in turtles.

  403. Nicole says:

    well..i was just trying to help. idk what else to say or do. it’s all out of my hands now.

    good luck to you all and i hope this is over with soon.

  404. monkey says:

    Sorry Nikki, like I said I’m just overly upset about this… 🙂

  405. magpiedpiper says:

    I appreciate you trying to help, Nikki. Really. And I did iggy her earlier actually. I’m just saying I wish the general response wasn’t to ignore her, but I guess if anything was going to be done about her it would have been done already. So I guess you are right, actually. Not much to do now but ignore.

  406. monkey says:


    Agreed. If this is where it stands then ignoring it is probably the only option right now.

    It kills me to say this… but I think I might have to take a CDN break for a while. This has just really upset and disgusted me.

  407. magpiedpiper says:

    Also, the fact that she started a call-out thread about me when she was TOLD not to, didn’t even bother trying to pm me about it, didn’t address it here where it was said, and was WRONG about it to boot and all she got were basically some head shakes and “hey, you should have pm’d instead” responses…that sucks.

  408. magpiedpiper says:

    Hit enter too soon – holding a squirmy kid.

    I was going to say that it sucks because anyone who just reads the first part of that thread and bails because they don’t want drama is going to have the impression that I was being really awful to Meg. I don’t think that’s okay.

  409. insomniac says:

    I love how messy is the pathetic one Meg, but you are the one who fucking LIED about your position, LIED about a made up rule, LIED that violating this made up rule was a punishable offense, and used some bullshit pretend threat about having others information to bully her.

    Yeah, nothing pathetic about all that.

    but but but but wait…you give free shit away, you MUST be nice.

    Fuck that. The Pharisees stood on the corners to show off their devotion for the world to see too, look how far that got them. REAL charity is quiet and humble.

    There has NEVER been anything quiet nor humble about you.

    I am really in awe CDN is not banning you for this shit. It has been nothing but drama after drama, from the moment you stepped foot there.

    Sunny banned because it made people not want to go there when you make just as many people not want to either. And then in one big swoop you even accomplish making people not want to go to HC too. DAMN you beat Sunny on that one!

  410. insomniac says:

    #415 I agree, I may need a CDN break as well. I cannot stand to see what she is allowed to do and say to other people and it go ignored.


  411. Shabbychic says:

    No one seems to be able to answer the what threat question. I already stated in the thread that if I had your wallet, I wouldnt even know what to do with it other than give it back. There really isnt anything threatening about me. Dont put so much stock in me. And things are hopping away at the forums. Business as usual. I know it may be hard to believe, but there are many many people who use HC for their purchases that do not participate on any forums. The CD world does not center around these forums. It is a very microscopic view if you think such. There is a whole big wide CD world out there. Again, I really am no one. You can ignore me. I am not going anywhere, but you can ignore me. If you dont want to, that is not at all my issue.

  412. monkey says:


    It was a threat it was a, “You didn’t want me to have this and I do *evil laugh*”. You threatened the mama in the transaction thread and you threatened Messy.

    This is just sick Meg. I used to think you had gotten a bad rap, but this is just disgusting. You back pedal, you evade, you obfuscate. It just really saddens me.

    The threat is implied in the “I had the power to do this thing you didn’t want.” Granted, I thought Messy was too hard on you and to aggressive (sorry Messy, I’m generally a lover not a fighter) but your little comment about getting her information was really just straight up creepy and weird. And uncalled for.

  413. mmspirit7 says:


    i am sorry i didn’t post earlier into that thread so people who read only the first page could see the truth but i was pming with mom to figure out the right course for me to take

  414. monkey says:

    This bothers me Meg because I live in a foreign country. I know very few mamas here because most of the community I’m part of are younger than I am. Don’t get me wrong, I adore where I live and my friends, but I love CDN because I can come on and talk about mommy things. You have tainted that for me. You have lied, you have been manipulative and then you have tried to make yourself the victim.

    And I know you’re going to give your spiel about “blah blah blah you’re the one letting me be such a big deal” but the crap you’ve been spewing has permeated the board.

  415. Messy says:

    #407 Seriously Nicole? SERIOUSLY??? I QUIT POSTING ON THAT THREAD WHEN SAM ASKED. Meg did not. Try telling your friend to ignore ME. She is the one with the HUGE problems.
    I cannot believe, after I quit posting in that thread, that you would come HERE and tell me to ignore her over there! WTF? I AM IGNORING HER. Put her on ignore? Not happening. I like watching a good train wreck the same as the next person.

  416. insomniac says:

    Does it really matter if the threat was unfounded? it the the FACT that you even made it.
    That is like someone pointing a toy gun at someone then getting all butthurt for no one knowing it was just a toy.
    Do I think you would or could do anything with her info? No not really…so why say it? Why go there and for that moment pretend it was a big deal that you had her info?

    Also, as someone who was asked to help with spots you should be ashamed you put HC and Karen though this. Karen puts her trust in people when she asks them to help with certain areas. You violated that trust and your authority granted by that trust with all this shit.
    Yes, it was “just” CDN and “just” people from there that read that thread and got a bad taste in their mouths about HC and Spots.
    Well I, unlike you, have a very high stake in HC reputation and I consider every single potential or current customer there important enough to worry that something that someone who is talking out her ass says, could turn them away.

    I would like to think you would step back and think about all that. That you would consider how much you hurt Karen by betraying the trust she put in you. I would like to think you would realize how much you hurt Nikki by the shit you pulled and making her feel like she was taken advantage of by you.
    I would like to think you would realize how wrong it was of you to use and abuse your authority and that the things you said in both the CDN threads involving this.
    I would LIKE to think all these things, but by now I know better to think that you would ever step the hell off your high horse long enough to consider or care that your actions or words effect or hurt others.

  417. monkey says:

    Messy, I don’t think that was specifically directed at you. I think it was sort of to all of us in an attempt to kill the drama.

  418. monkey says:

    I am a total idiot. Can someone tell me how to ignore a user on CDN?

  419. Messy says:

    So, Meg, if it is so inconsequential, why did you go get my info before your demotion anyhow? Oh, yeah, ‘cuz you suck.
    FWIW, I have not posted in any of Meg’s other attention whoring dramarific threads today 🙂 Go ME!

  420. Messy says:

    #426 Seriously then, I stand by it on my part and respectfully request that any other suggestions of “ignoring” be given to Meg. I don’t want them.
    I control myself enough that when asked, I stopped feeding the dramaz in that thread. I control myself enough that when asked, I know not to post a thread calling someone out. I control myself enough to know that Meg is a psycho liar with a drive for attention that is out of control and spinning down the runway.

  421. Messy says:

    Insomniac… I freaking ❤ you! You rock!!!

  422. magpiedpiper says:

    Charise, no apology necessary to me. Meg was the one who started that thread AFTER admin/mods TOLD HER NOT TO. She is the only one to blame for it.

    And Messy, that is exactly what I said on that thread. Meg says it is no big deal that she has the info, and she doesn’t know why people would even care. But the fact of the matter is that she knew that you DID care, no matter the reason, and so she purposely abused her power and looked up your info so that she could taunt you about it. That is crazy.

  423. Messy says:

    I want to post in that thread but Sam wanted us to stop, and I have to respect that. Besides it is not like bantering with Meg is going to make her an honest person.

  424. Shabbychic says:

    Nikki and I are fine, as are Karen and I. As am I. Messy, go cool off. Like I said. I am not worth it.

  425. mmspirit7 says:

    431 i know i didn’t start the thread or anything…seems few know that though…i have thought about them editing the title so you don’t get hurt by it later but i don’t know what it should say to recommend to change it to.

    monkey mom is good about pms if you need to voice something and not sure you should post it

  426. magpiedpiper says:

    Messy, you apparently really intrigue Meg since you are the only one she ever responds to. LOL
    Unless she thinks you questioned her FFSing practices, in which case she will make a call-out thread after admin/mods tell her not to do so.

  427. monkey says:


    I already pm’d mom. I know she’s awesome and willing to listen. I just hated to add anything else to her plate.

  428. Messy says:

    #404 I gotta give a big ole “HELL YEAH!!!” to that link she is sharing. Monkey should get some kind of a kudos for finding such great people! I have been convoing with them about a custom order and they are AWESOME!!! I am so impressed! They are amazing!!!

  429. insomniac says:

    And that is what it comes down to…you’re fine so fuck everyone else.

    Hmm, I guess I can ask Karen directly. I doubt she is actually “fine” that you caused this much trouble for her business for your own selfish purposes. Yeah Meg, your not the only one who knows those involved. There is no one at HC “fine” with what you did. Forgiving, yes, Karen is a very forgiving person.
    “Fine” with someone she entrusted doing what you have done…not so much.

  430. monkey says:

    Yay! I’m glad it’s working for you Messy. I love to link good sellers. And I especially love affordable natural toys!

  431. monkey says:

    They really were great to work with Messy. I’m buying more as soon as the money I wired to the U.S. goes into my account.

  432. magpiedpiper says:

    Yeah, I think if she is “fine” with all that went down then she would not have revoked Meg’s “helper” privileges.

  433. magpiedpiper says:

    Also, I loved those wooden toys too! If I had pp, and well, if my daughter wasn’t only 9 months old, I would totally get some! As it is I bookmarked them for later.

  434. Messy says:

    She told me about making a barn for someone custom and that they could do that again. I am totally loving them! I have to get the small stuff first to start the project and then I will get more, I am sure. I am addicted to them now LOL!

  435. monkey says:

    Ok. I didn’t know about the barn.

    I really want to get DS a toy barn. I’m going to message them about it.

  436. monkey says:

    LOL, they’re going to be like, “Why are we suddenly inandated with orders?!?!?!”

  437. Shabbychic says:

    Go ahead and ask her. Really. I am sure she will tell you exactly how she feels about me being as you appear to be such fabulous friends. I asked for my itty bitty helper position to be revoked. More times than one. You all just do not get it. I do not matter. I highly doubt that I could cause people not to go shop at HC. And if I have, well they are missing out on some good shopping. More for me.

  438. Messy says:

    Monkey, I told her that you were the one spreading the great info about them LOL!!! I had to! She is sooo nice and I just loved how great she was to work with!
    When she lists the large barn for you, please let me know so I can go look! One of my others needs a barn!!! Also, she said her farm animals are just the right size for the barn! How great is that???

  439. magpiedpiper says:

    Are you guys going to paint your toys or leave them plain? If so, what paint do you use out of curiosity? I would assume it would need to be non-toxic, right?

  440. Messy says:

    I am going to paint them with craft paints. I am taking the cut outs and putting hinges on the bottoms. Then I will put them on a board that I will prepaint in whatever theme (forest floor, dino rock, garden, etc). That way, they can stand up to play with them and move their people and toys around on, then lay them flat to store so they don’t get broken 🙂 I am so excited!!!

  441. monkey says:

    Messy, I need to find out the dimensions of the barn to see if I’ll be able to get it home from U.S. They have a great selection of animals in the assorted set.

    Magpied, I think I’m going to dye some (still working on how to do it) and seal them with beeswax and some I’m going to leave plain. I think it’s nice to have a mix.

  442. magpiedpiper says:

    That is a fantastic idea! Like a story board but better.

  443. monkey says:

    Messy, I have got to see pics of these boards when you finish them. They sound freaking awesome. I’m not real handy, but if it was simply I could probably do it. I want to make DS a little city to go with his car mats. I like it because it’s something DH, DS and I could all play with together.

  444. Messy says:

    I call them playscapes LOL! But yeah, a 3D story board. Dh is making a doll house in the motiff of a castle. So, I am thinking this will all soon take over the boys’ bedroom LOL!

  445. Messy says:

    I will post tons of pics!!! Just don’t make fun of my “interesting” ideas LOL!!!

  446. magpiedpiper says:

    Playscapes! I’ve heard that before. I knew story board wasn’t right. lol

    I look forward to pictures from both of you. I’m still trying to convince myself that by Christmas dd might be old enough to do more than just chew on them. haha

  447. Messy says:

    Tomorrow night I am making an assortment of miniature fruits and veggies for his “people”. I making all the accessories out of polymer clay.

  448. monkey says:

    Melissa and Doug have some really cute king/queen/prince/knight dolls.

  449. mmspirit7 says:

    i have to draw out plans for dds castle bed and i think i will draw out plans for a dollar house to i have a friend who will make them.

  450. Trojane says:

    Those wooden cutouts are really cute, Monkey. Your prices are nice, too.

  451. Thud says:

    Bizarre, infuriating and fascinating.
    And possibly sociopathic.
    You know who I mean.

  452. monkey says:

    #461 LOL, I didn’t make them! I would cut my thumbs off! I just found the store and passed it on.

  453. werd says:

    Just got back from some time in L&D… I had contractions alllllll evening and they were 5 mins at the bad part. We get to L&D, they hook me up… and everything stops!! 😦 It is going to be a long 2 1/2 weeks!!

    And eek and hugs to my CDN peeps!

  454. Trojane says:

    463.. I *just* caught up! I don’t think I refreshed before replying. This thread sploded. Thanks for sharing. lol

  455. monkey says:


    Glad it slowed down for you werd! I can’t wait to see pics of your little one!

  456. Meghan says:

    Wait, so someone said, “I’m a mod, take that off or face the repercussions” but they weren’t a mod and it wasn’t actually a rule? How did they think that was going to hold up with all the google fu going on around here. Who was this now? Is she here? Super pathetic! How incredibly ridiculous! I just don’t even comprehend the stupid that would take to a: pull that stunt and b: defend it endlessly. At that point you’ve internet failed and you may want to focus some energy on “real life” and see if there’s anything to salvage. Talk about power issues.

  457. disturbed says:

    It’s disturbing that Meg has influence on CDN mods like Nikki and over Karen on HC. Really makes a person think twice about whether any board is partial if they can be influenced like this.

  458. zosiasmama says:

    Hey ladies, I know a lot of people are feeling hurt right now and the crap Meg has pulled was immature and unnacceptable. But please don’t go saying that CDN is crap because we haven’t banned her yet. Please keep in mind that at this point in time we have an unbelievable amount of crap that we are talking about. Seriously you can not even imagine. And in it all we still have our lives and need to sleep. I just ask you all to be a bit patient. All people who have behaved poorly are being talked about right now. So please just bear with us and give us a little bit of time to muddle through this crappy drama fest. Ugh. What a day to come back.

  459. MatildasMum says:

    I was under the impression that no one was banned from CDN unless they asked to be.

  460. monkey says:

    Sorry Danni. We know you guys are trying. And I apologize for my part in the drama. I just realize was hurt and shocked. I’m actually right this instant putting a couple of threads on ignore so I won’t be tempted to post.

    I’m glad you’re all moved and back! We’ve missed you!

  461. monkey says:

    And they are ignored.

  462. BetterKnownAsMommy says:

    Snipped from #422″I already stated in the thread that if I had your wallet, I wouldnt even know what to do with it other than give it back.”

    And you also flat out lied about a rule & your position. I don’t know about anyone else, but when someone lies I’m not inclined to believe much that comes out of it afterwards.

    Just sayin’….

  463. Nicole says:


    I’m sorry, I did not mean for that to come out the way it did. What I should have said was for ALL to ignore the situation, Meg included.

    That was my mistake and I’m sorry for that. I really wasn’t directing that at any one person. I should have been more specific with my intentions there. My intentions were to just stop it all.

    My apologies.

  464. eeek says:

    zosiasmama- I don’t think people are saying CDN is crap. A LOT of kind of crappy stuff happened there yesterday, but it’s not your fault, mods aren’t gods who can see into the hearts of posters, y’know? We understand you need to work stuff out.

    I hope for her own sake Meg decides to take a step back, calm down & figure out why she went so FAR over the line of decent behavior. The stuff she said was beyond just angry and in the moment, it was kind of awful. If she can get so enraged at a board that she is willing to act like that- in a situation SHE created- maybe she needs to step away from the board for a while. It can’t be good for her to feel like that, and most definitely no one else wants to read it.

  465. mmspirit7 says:

    should i be worried if i am going to get in trouble over there. after all the spots thread was one i made and then the comment i made here that meg posted a call out on cdn about (lets not talk people were busy bitching at me about the comment and not the drama meg caused with the call out)

    So now i really wonder if i am one of the ones being talked about.

  466. toaster says:

    370 – eek,

    Apparently I have been banned for plotting with sunny to cause drama and slandering CDN all over the net. Well that’s what the banned thread says yet Sam won’t tell me what I said or to who, or even where, and she’s pulling this I don’t want to talk to you crap.

    I never knew meg before cdn, but I got lumped in with “meg haters” in one of the threads. She has shown on cdn WHY she has a bad reputation, because she starts shit and spews drama. She’s not banned yet and I really don’t see her being banned. While some posters only get enough rope to hang themselves with Meg seems to have an endless rope.

  467. Messy says:

    Danni and Nikki~ Stop apologizing!!! QUIT!!!
    The situation with Meg is one of my own making, honestly. I don’t care for her tactics and her lack of ethics, so I throw out what I want to say without using self-edit. In essence, I knew Meg was a mod (or at least said she was) and with that comes access to things that are confidential. So, she went and got my info. I don’t even care. She just showed her “nuts” again…
    She had to have something to trump me and take the attention off her lie, and that was it. Better me and my info than someone else.

  468. Shabbychic says:

    Hi Amy. I knew you would pop in to say hi. Cassie, I dont have your info. I “could”, but I dont. You had trouble reading my Bwhahahaha, although others understood the sarcasm. If you dont believe me, and think I am lying, you are free to contact me. I have shown anyone who asked, that I did indeed have access to IP and e-mail info. As of this morning, I have not checked my access and dont care to, as I am no longer in that position. I was, as Karen stated. I am no longer.

  469. Incognizable says:

    Messy, what thread was Meg talking about when she said that no one cared about you, as seen in your “other thread”??

    Or better yet…Meg care to explain here, not on CDN, which of Messy’s threads you are referring to???

  470. mmspirit7 says:

    it would be nice to know what other thread was talking about.

  471. Shabbychic says:

    Nope. Figure it out. If you dont like the drama, step away. I am not going to continue to perpetuate this. It’s what you all want. No more Meg drama. So ok, dont keep it rolling.

  472. mmspirit7 says:

    meg i don’t by for one moment you don’t like drama if you didn’t you would have kept the ffs comment here were it was talked about instead of a stupid call out on cdn you live on drama fact is there is no thread where people don’t care about cassy. you just wanted to try and make someone feel lower. heck your just like the bullies i tell my children to watch out for

  473. Shabbychic says:

    Like I said, dont keep it going. Why? Because you like the drama? I already said I am no longer going to address it. I can keep repeating that though.

  474. Messy says:

    I have no idea what other thread Meg is talking about. She is a few slices of bread shy of a PB&J sandwich. Besides that, Meg likes to say things to get people to beg her for information. 99.99% of the time, there is no other info (or thread as this case obviously is) and the other .01% is what she makes up and gets her minions to post for her. Sad way to live begging for attention.

  475. Shabbychic says:

    lol. look harder.

  476. diudiaole says:

    I think we all need a weekend at the spa…

    Sorry about the hospital, werd — but you’re almost there!! 🙂 I can’t wait to see all the pics of your new baby.

    I just had this great cup of New Orleans coffee and chicory(with heavy cream and a dash of agave nectar)… I am sooo mellow right now.

    Messy… the 3d storyboard sounds awesome! My boys(just turned 4!) would destroy it, ripping the pieces from the hinges… but in a few years I’ll bet they would love it 🙂

  477. Incognizable says:

    My bad, I forgot you don’t “like” drama.

    Tone in post: :hardcoresarcasm:

  478. Messy says:! Meg is right! There is a thread I started that nobody responded to. What will become of me that nobody had a pressure cooker recipe to share??? OMgosh! I am broken and defeated over this… Wahhh! No recipes? How could you all do that to me?

    Ok, and I forgot I started that thread, but I found one I wanted to use so it was all good ROFLMAO! Poor Meggy must not have any recipes of her own… Or common sense… Or ethics… you get the idea

  479. Shabbychic says:

    nope, not that one. lol.

  480. Shabbychic says:

    Cassie, you should maybe stop. You seem to becoming a bit unglued.

  481. Messy says:

    Whatever. Meg, seriously, nobody is going to beg you for nonexistant information anyhow.
    Guys, she is here, doing this to still get attention when she can’t get her high from the message board. She has more issues than tv guide, and they are just as generic week after week.

  482. Messy says:

    Monkey, did you ask the seller to put up a listing for the large barn? If you have not, do you mind if I ask her to? I don’t t know that I would want it or that it would work out in projects, but I am sooo curious as to what it looks like. I do like their castle and I wonder if it is like that… Hinges might make it all buildable and stackable. I dunno. Hmmm…

  483. Messy says:

    I am totally addicted to their site now LOL!!!

  484. mmspirit7 says:

    damn i am in a pissy mood

  485. Messy says:

    mm, go etsy-ing! I am loving looking at some of the stuff on there… Someone posted the link to a HUGE and adorable troll doll on CDN. It is an amazing work of art! All the stuff in her shop is freaking cool!!!
    Here in a minute I have to go back to knitting this hoodie I am working on. I keep jacking with my pattern, trying to get it right… So, it helps to look at other people’s “win” stuff that turns out good LOL!!!

  486. mmspirit7 says:

    yeah i might do that. but i don’t know. maybe time to draw out my plans. or work on something for the kids.

  487. Messy says:

    Are you sharing your drawings?
    :::totally nosy wanna look:::

  488. mmspirit7 says:

    messy you on rav.

  489. Messy says:

    Yup 🙂

  490. mmspirit7 says:

    yep charise820 on rav

  491. mmspirit7 says:

    and yes i will start them later. it’s just going to be plans but i think it will look great once done

  492. riffrafflittleman says:

    boob what are you trying to figure out with that link?

  493. DSDM2 says:

    Come on ladies, you aren’t in middleschool. Get over whatever the fuck is going on.

    I have the flu, I just checked in, and to be honest I just approved a shit load of comments on this without checking IPs.

  494. magpiedpiper says:

    Dude, let’s all just ignore Meg and her lies and seriously stop responding to her. She says she has Messy’s info, then she says she doesn’t. Either way, one of those is a lie. She is just a liar and trying to get the attention back on her.

    I love CDN, but I do seriously hope that some action is taken against Meg. She started more drama than Sunny did (IMO), and Sunny was banned.

    Pretty sure it will piss her off more to be ignored than to have people respond to her. LOL

  495. Shabbychic says:

    Yes, please, ignore me. You have Boob now.

  496. diudiaole says:

    DSDM2 — get better soon, the flu sucks!! 😦

  497. MajKitab says:

    the whole “messy’s info” things is kind of dumb. shabby was clearly being sarcastic with that remark but instead it was turned into supposedly being some real threat..
    and i just don’t see how misunderstanding someone’s tone on an internet post makes them a liar.

  498. mmspirit7 says:

    maybe boob thought that was the thread meg was talking about or is boob. either way i am iggy meg. and may not be on much i am pissy today

  499. DSDM2 says: WTF, look at the background in this… if she can’t upkeep her yard, geeze, what will the inside of her house look like???

  500. mmspirit7 says:

    I don’t see what you see i guess…i see a toy and a fence going up nothing big in my eyes

  501. Lurker says:

    DSDM2, I actually ordered a diaper from her etsy site and it was awesome and c/s was great!! She included a free sandwich bag and I received the dipe 2 days later. I agree that the yard doesn’t look that bad, just looks like a new fence is going up.

  502. Messy says:

    Ok, Boob. I see the link. What is it that you want to know that is not in that thread? Apparently Meg feels nobody cared? How freaking wrong she was!!! Much went on (and is still going on) off the board. Not to mention there is so much help and support there that Meg should be ashamed of herself for insinuating such a thing and trying to use my disabled son to make some sort of cryptic message laced in stupidity. Meg never gets any brighter 😦 I guess all the money and cherries in the world can never replace those lost brain cells.

  503. Messy says:

    DSDM2, I don’t see the problem either. We just moved our privacy fence last week and for several days it was all over the place and everywhere it shouldn’t be LOL! But that looks like an extra piece of fencing and not really too important. I know that my backyard looked like hell, but my house was still relatively clean. Now the etsy chick with kid and the saggy filthy sposie, that was nasty!

  504. mmspirit7 says:

    messy i so want to make this hat to bad i can’t rock hats

  505. Messy says:

    That hat is cute! *I* do not wear hats but in the right color dd would. I am getting ready to start the fish hats for the boys for Christmas after I finish her purse. It is the crochet swirling bag, super fast and real easy!

  506. mmspirit7 says:

    sounds cute the purse. i wish i knitted better so i could make a fish hat for my kids.

  507. Messy says:

    Let me knit one to make sure I can LOL then we can talk trade if’n ya want! I think they are so cute! I am going to make one kid a red/white/blue one, another one a camo colored brown/green/yellowish or something and then I have to come up with a theme for the other two… Can’t have matching fish hats ya know :twitchlikemyeyeisbroken:

  508. Messy says:
    Bag pattern.
    DD’s is being done in black, red, white, and hot pink. It think it looks super tacky. She will love it LOL!

  509. mmspirit7 says:

    yeah not the colors i would choose but as long as she’s happy.

  510. DSDM2 says:

    You guys know what, I was looking at it as falling down, lol.

    But still, taking photos like that? Come on people, hang a sheet of poster-board or something.

  511. DSDM2 says:

    People here in my parts ain’t puttin up no fences. They just fall on down here. 😉

    But really, I thought of it as deteriorating b/c in the county, more often than not (here) they aren’t keeping the yards nice, and you know the houses are bad when the house contents are spreading to the yard.

    My bad ladies.

  512. Messy says:

    DSDM2, that happens around here too. It is so sad to watch someone’s property deteriorate like that 😦 That is why we bought the house nextdoor. I won’t have a pit next to me 🙂

  513. mmspirit7 says:

    i can understand that and may have thought the same if the wood wasn’t new.

    i have to say my yard looks like crap it’s been raining tons and i have supper high weds. the neighbor i paid to do it moved and i haven’t found someone else (we don’t own a lawnmower)

  514. Messy says:

    Wanna see the neighbor from hell?
    Yes, all those pics are from ONE house. We found rooms in the house later that we didn’t even know were in there when we bought it!!!

  515. Lurker says:

    We’re putting in a new fence right now, too. And she lives not far from me. Its been awesome weather here-sunny and cool, perfect for fence building!

  516. monkey says:


    I just have to say… thanks for the laugh. I needed it this morning!

  517. max says:

    I’m sorry I’m a day late and a dollar short to the Meg discussion but I need to say something.

    This is all petty. Seriously. If you can’t read tone in the interwebz, don’t assume you know what it means. For pete’s sake it isn’t second grade. Ask. If Meg meant to offend, scare, terrorize, obtain secrets, gain secret access to the cool kids club, ask her, she’ll tell you.

    She may be snarky, she may be bitchy but she calls it like it is. You want something sugar coated? Go buy yourself a package of M&Ms.

    I’ve known Meg quite a long time. Hell I’ve even confronted her. But lie? Haven’t seen it. Threaten? Where and with what? Tone ladies.

    Who cares if she said she was mod? Really??

    Alright this must be said. Meg gives stuff away. LOTS of stuff. She does not do it to gain. How dare anyone question motives. Honestly that’s the shittiest thing I’ve ever seen. How dare you? Someone wants to do something out of the goodness of their heart and you think it’s ill intentioned. Shame on you. And *you* had to run and tell your friends. Nice. You’re someone I want to hang out with. (tone:sarcasm)

    Here’s an idea for those that thinks drama surrounds Meg. If you don’t perpetuate it, it will go away. I’ve come to the conclusion Meg doesn’t bring drama. People tend to bring it to her.

    And with that I’m out. Meg is a dear friend.

    Find some new shiny toy to play with. This shit is old. Or better yet go clean your house.

    *you=general statement in all of the above*

  518. sheepthrills says:

    Messy–oh dear. OH DEAR.

    Please tell me there are no children there?

  519. monkey says:

    Wow Messy, that is a nightmare. I can’t believe it.

  520. knittingfool says:

    531- Wipe your nose, there is still a little poop on it.

  521. mmspirit7 says:

    531…hey yeah i agree there is a little brown left one your nose

  522. Incognizable says:

    531..speaking of cleaning… maybe it’s time you go clean your nose…just saying.

  523. magpiedpiper says:

    531 – Really? How can you say in one post that Meg doesn’t lie, but then say who really cares if she said she was a mod? Who cares if she made up a rule and pretended she could take action against someone when she actually couldn’t?

    Uh, because those are LIES.

  524. riffrafflittleman says:

    531 we get it…Meg gives away a lot of stuff (so do many other mom’s without talking about it whenever they are called out). I just didn’t know that being generous with your stuff gave you the right to be the utmost bitch to people. Apparently, I was wrong. I noticed many of Meg’s defenders…were people who had gotten stuff from her in the past, but that could be a coincidence. When people truly give from the heart, they don’t feel the need to keep “score” so they can later use it to show how wonderful they are.

  525. Incognizable says:

    @ 538…exactly my sentiment….

  526. max says:

    Meh. I don’t have shit on my nose ladies. I have no reason to suck up to Meg. Nice thought though. I’m not one to be bought into friendships. Either I like you or don’t. If I do I will defend said friend. Simple really.

    And Mod is a mod is a mod. Who gives? I saw no where did she threaten. I’d be more than happy to recant a previous statement if you could show it to me.

    538 She’s never sent me anything willy nilly. Wait I take that back when my daughter was in a body cast her daughter sent my daughter some hair bows to cheer her up… But that was something from a friend to a sick little girl. Not to gain anything. So in this instance that is not a case in point. Thanks though.

  527. riffrafflittleman says:

    hmm, I never said you personally received anything from her. I said MANY (not all) had. In fact many of her defenders clearly stated, Meg sent me xyz out of the goodness of her heart so clearly she is not a bitch and her motives should not be questioned. I stand by my statement that when someone gives from the heart, they do not need to declare so publicly.

  528. Nicole says:

    I would just like to state that MY friendship with Meg has nothing to do with her sending me anything at all. I talked with Meg many times way before she sent me anything. Please don’t think that I am a “Meg defender” because of her kindness to me. That’s simply not how I roll.

  529. Nicole says:

    To add, my statements about her sending me things were to clarify that she wasn’t sending ME things to “buy” me. Meg and I had one drama issue. The 1st time she sent me something was a WHILE after our issue.

    I wont be commenting on this situation anymore. It’s okay that you guys don’t like Meg or her tactics. I’m fine with that. I have no issue with any of you at all. I just felt the need to clarify what my thoughts where and what my statements about the ‘gifting’ I have received from Meg meant.

  530. Messy says:

    Max, if you prefer to associate with those who lie and throw charity in the faces of the receivers, then have at it! Meg is obvioulsy your dream come true…

    Personally, I noticed Meg disappearing after I put on some PreparationH. Just sayin’…

  531. eeek says:

    Did you read the long, stupid post? That was where she went over the edge, and I stopped having any desire to try to defend her because of things like “tone”. I find it very difficult to believe that anyone could defend that, if they actually read it.

    Being an extreme nasty bitch is being an extreme nasty bitch. No one can take the stuff she said as anything else. If you didn’t think the things she said went way over the limit of how decent human beings interact, good riddance to you (since you already say you don’t want to hang with us).

    & FTR, I never thought she actually had messy’s info, I just thought she was being provocative & kind of vile. That’s enough, honestly.

    I wish the FFS stuff would be completely removed from this drama, as it has nothing to do with it. I don’t care when she gave or gives away, I liked her posts & thought she was pretty cool. Then I saw her spend a day going batshit crazy, which devolved into nasty I was really surprised by. That’s all I need to know.

  532. Nicole says:

    I don’t think anyone was impressed with Megs actions or anyone elses that day. As a matter of fact I believe that I stated I was “disgusted” by the actions of a bunch of “grown ass women”.

    Okay, I know, I said no more. Now I’m done. I just don’t feel like discussing this any further will better the outcome for anyone. It is what it is. No one will be forced to like anyone.

  533. eeek says:

    Nicole, I was aiming that at Max, don’t feel like I was trying to draw you back in.

  534. Nicole says:

    Thanks, eek. I just wanted to be sure. I, in no way, want anything I’ve said to be misunderstood or taken for something it’s not.

    eek, I forget who you are. LOL Shows how much I hang in this neck of the woods.

  535. mmspirit7 says:

    nicole i argee with eek ut many in shabby’s call out were and are like eek was talking about

    and by her call out i mean the one she posted

  536. Nicole says:


    I’m really tired and all, your post confuses me. LOL

  537. mmspirit7 says:

    lol don’t know what i was trying to say other than i agree with eek and saw much of what she was talking about in the thread meg had started

  538. Nicole says:

    LOL It’s all good. I get it now.


  539. Shabbychic says:

    I have a question eek. If I went over the line and was nasty, which I do not defend or make excuses for, other than I have a hot head and it gets the best of me, then why is it then ok fr everyone else to step over the line of human decency? Why model yourselves after me? Look at Cassie. Go back up and read. Sure, I baited her. I am so tired of her mouth, but thats no excuse. Then, she hauls off and attacks my life, my intelligence and whatever the hell else. That’s ok? I could make lots of judgments on the way I personally see Cassie conduct herself and the presentation of her life that she has set forward. She may think all kinds of things about me, some of which are very true, but perhaps everyone here needs to take a good long look in the mirror, because honestly, the way the majority of you have conducted yourselves is no better than I. So while I hear you all loud and clear, what makes your shortcomings here any better than mine? Myself and all of you have behaved in a less than stellar manner. However, you all seem to have a different code of ethics than the one you hold me to.

  540. amessymama says:

    I have to agree, people on both side went overboard. None of this had to happen. I like drama, why else would I be here. But most of the crap I was reading was petty and annoying as hell. That’s why I haven’t even responded to it until now.

    I’m a believer in gentle discipline and I most certainly am not a violent person, but I felt like slapping the crap out of a few people.

    I for one don’t think Meg was giving things away to buy people. That’s sounds too stupid to even type out. But I do believe she enjoys the drama.

    Don’t we all?


  541. monkey says:

    Meg, if you would have just answered the questions on the thread this could have been avoided. You pride yourself on honesty but you refused to just step up and say either, “I was mistaken and this is why I apologize” or “I exaggerated because I was defending my friend” or even “I lied because I was angry my friend was being accused of something”. Had any of these things happened I would have said thank you, I appreciate your honesty and been totally done with the whole thing. But because you evaded and evaded and finally just said, “I’m not going to answer” I felt like you were perpetuating the lie. Leaving out any issue with threatening messy, you DID threaten the mama in the transaction thread. You implied that you could “do” something to her on Spots for violating this made up rule.

    And if you look at my replies to the thread they are all pretty reasonable and mainly focused around “answer the question”. (If you weren’t aware I’m MommyLovesStarWars) And you know what, I can be honest and I can woman up and say that I should not have said anything about the FFS stuff. Whatever your motivations for doing FFS, it is a good thing that helps other mamas out. I cannot speak for anyone else’s actions or reactions. My issue is the lie (or misunderstanding or exaggeration or whatever it was) and the drama surrounding it. And the fact that it was used to bully another poster in removing a piece of information that proved she did not consider her transaction with you to be bad or a big deal.

    The only reason I responded was I wanted a chance (without dragging it on to the board) to tell you exactly why I personally was upset by this and to express my own apology for my part in the FFS thing. I think the difference in my shortcomings from yours is that a) I have owned up to mine and b) I did not lie (exaggerate) in order to bully someone or deceive the board. I can handle blunt, I can handle passionate, I can even handle being lied to as long as the person in question can own up that they made a mistake.

    If you remember the in the other thread where I remonstrated against your actions (the Hot Button thing) as soon as you said, “Perhaps I could have worded it differently (or something to that effect)” I dropped it and left. I still had a lot respect for you after that thread.

    And I wanted to add, and I mean this in all honesty, I’m sorry about your shingles. My aunt has them and it’s terrible for her. I didn’t want to respond to your thread on CDN because I was afraid any response I read could be misread.

  542. monkey says:

    That should be “wrote” not “read” at the end there. It’s very early here.

  543. monkey says:

    Meg I had not seen your apology on CDN before I wrote this… thank you for that.

  544. Shabbychic says:

    I understand what you are saying. I cannot continue to say that I did not lie. I was a Spots mod, helper, whatever you want to call it. I at no point in time said I was a Forum moderator. That was spun and not by me. I have also already said that I did not lie in regards to what I thought was a rule. I did think it was a rule and was privy to conversations making me believe such. Clearly in the future, I will consider a rule a written, not a spoken word. I have proven that I had access to information in the position I was in. As I said before I, right this second do not even know if I still have access. As for your shortcomings, versus mine, I think it is pointless to try to express why they are different, better or worse. We all have them. The difference for me here, is when my shortcomings do come into light, Cassie continues to use her mouth and tear my life which she knows nothing about to shreds. If you want to insult my behavior, fine, but my whole life, come on. I appreciate you outlining what bothered you and I can see why and I am sorry I perpetuated a misunderstanding, however, since it had been brought to Karen, I decided to let her respond instead of continuing to go in circles.

    But, I will say this and I said it before. I am tired of Cassie’s mouth. She comes here when she doesnt like someone or something and hauls off with her dirty mouth insulting their life, their intelligence and whatever else. She’s done it to me and many others. And Cassie, I am sure that their is an “anti shabby” crew alive and kicking, but there is a thriving “anti messy” one as well. You seem pretty sharp on a lot of your observations, but why not use that sharpness to your advantage, because all you always look like in the end is an unglued nut job grasping at any straw to try and insult.

  545. insomniac says:

    540. It is hard to talk out your ass while sitting down?

    it matters that she said she was a mod because she made up a rule and threatened to “take action” over that made up rule.

    which equals LIE.
    She never had any authority to take any action and there was never any rule. (this is in the FIRST thread, where this all started, not the subsequent thread where she just baited and argued nonsensical shit)

    Then when called to the plate about that lie in the second thread pertaining to all this, she absolutely refused to own up to it, drug others and hc through the mud to the point HC admin and mods had to come over and clear up all the shit she had lied about.

    But no, everyone just done lost their minds about being upset about that. {sarcasm pouring not dripping}

    And with that, I also just saw she posted an apology at CDN.
    I personally think one needs posted at HC as well.

    I hope the apology is sincere, although she still takes no ownership of the actual facts, but whatever. I guess we will see what occurs in the future. Hopefully, the never ending Meg drama is over and done with.

  546. insomniac says:

    And Cassie, I am sure that their is an “anti shabby” crew alive and kicking, but there is a thriving “anti messy” one as well.


    See this….why?
    what anti-shabby crew?
    why insinuate you are making an anti-messy crew??

    This is the stupid back and forth shit that just keeps the drama train a rolling.

    I mean seriously, an apology only works is you just STFU afterward and let things DIE. I have had to do it before, I know!

  547. Incognizable says:

    Quote: Never ruin an apology with an excuse. ~Kimberly Johnson

  548. Messy says:

    ROFLMAO! Meg, obviously I have hit a (few) sore spot(s) for you. Whatever. Do I feel bad? Nah, not really.
    As far as an anti-shabby briggade, I have no idea in the world. I don’t play in the sandbox. I have to literally LMAO at the idea of an anti-messy crew. That is funny! If you (or who ever I am sure you will blame it on) want to take time to make up a club, then have at it.
    I think you are a liar. I think you dress up your life to use it to make other people feel bad. I did not understand how that could happen, as it does not bother me since I already knew you were a liar, but it apparently hurts a lot of people. They want to believe you. And therein lies the whole problem.
    My issue with you is your need to control everyone around you. You threatened a mama on CDN when you wanted to trump her in that discussion. PATHETIC! You threw around power you didn’t have with a rule that didn’t exist.
    Ever wonder why you have so many issues on you hang out on? Is it really everyone else chasing you with *their drama? Nah. Look again.
    Say what you wish about me, as I honestly could not care less. But I always make sure I am honest and if I have said things that turned out to be less than true in the end, I come back and explain it with an apology. Don’t like the truth? Obviously you have no regard for it… So, feel free to filter me. I have no use for you. Period.
    With that, don’t expect another reply from me, Meg. You have had way more attention than any one person should need.

  549. eeek says:

    This was not a one sided bitchfest.

    I think Cassie also went too far. She kept poking when no more poking was needed. I must also note you, Meg, were the one who made the whole thing personal- FIRST- which made Cassie come back in your face as you had slammed her LIFE. The point at which people’s lives are attacked, instead of their actions, is the point I step away ’cause it’s not ever going to be fun. I think Cassie got too involved with pushing the hyena cart thing, when that wasn’t the issue, the issue was that she was pissed at you. Cassie was also able to pull back & calm down, though, when you weren’t able to let go.

    I think it was ugly all around. I only posted once on there and it was a “please calm down” kind of thing- I don’t get into that kind of ridiculous, I just chat about it when it happens. I get stupidly worked up enough just with drama as a spectator sport, like I need to immerse myself the way you guys do.

    To summarize my ramblings here- I think there were a bunch of WAY-TOO-EMOTIONAL people out there. I think you took it to a surprisingly high level of bitch, past the rest. And yes, as the peak of the bitch sine curve that day, you stand out. To quote-

    -Cassie. Do you not get it. NO ONE CARES about you, your info or anything else. I thought that was pretty clear in one of your recent threads.
    -Cassie, I already have your information. Bwhahahahahaahaha. And like I said. I dont care. And neither does anyone else.

    Yes, those lines made her mad enough to about stutter. And they made a number of other rational people on there say WHAT? I didn’t expect that of you. That’s when it went past decent discussion to just mean.

    You were also the provocateur of the issue, to be honest. Charise may have posted that thread, but the other thread disturbed her. When things could have calmed down, you could have walked, had a cocktail (or whatever, you know), & gotten your head together— but you chose to spin faster in fury, to start other threads, to just blow up- you know how it went. This wasn’t an issue that needed to explode. It could have been answered and buried.

    I’ll admit, part of why I’m commenting on this is because I’ve defended you in the past. I didn’t do that because we were friends, I did that because I thought people were being overly harsh towards you. I felt kind of strange about having done that after watching you rip into someone like you did Saturday, even someone who was quite wiling to engage with you. That’s my issue though, I don’t know, maybe I should just shut up about the whole thing.

    I appreciate that you apologized, I do. I really hope you can figure out when you just need to shut the computer OFF, though, before it gets to that point.

    And I’m most definitely not a messy hater, or a shabby hater. I only hate the haters, it’s kind of my lifestyle, lol…. I wish everyone would just calm the fuck down & get the fuck along. We’re here to expose and laugh at scammers, that’s the drama blog I love……..

  550. Shabbychic says:

    I haven’t made anything or intend to and didnt insinuate such. Just because something exists, doesnt mean I made it. Cassie, like I said, I dont want or need to go around in circles with you. You seem intent on discussing my life in every comment you make. There you go again, calling names. As for I hang out on, I am not sure you would know that, but ok. I tried to discuss this without insults and you just flung them back. I am not sore at all, actually, not this time. Not from you. I have seen you do it too many times to too many people to let it hit a sore spot.

  551. Messy says:

    Eeek, You I will respond to 🙂
    I agree, I did poke too much. I get pissy and tend to say what I want to, without using self-censor. As people PM’ed and emailed me about the whole thing, I totally told every.single.person that it was a mess of my own making (if Meg had my info and her little vendetta thing going on). I own it. I fed it. If she has my info, that is on her. I felt so bad for everyone else that felt bad in the whole thing because honestly, I was not as upset as a lot of people were. If I say it, I own it, and that includes repercussions of what I have said and things that happen thereafter.
    I specifically asked that nobody on CDN worry about the situation with my info and Meg. Period. The only intervention I wanted/needed was if ***I*** needed to be disciplined or whatever for my name calling and poking 🙂 I was embarassed that something happened that made people feel they needed to intercede on my behalf, when I asked for it.

  552. magpiedpiper says:

    Meg started insulting the OP on that thread – her intelligence and sanity – before anyone ever said anything about Meg. If Meg is so upset that Cassie insulted her life (even though Meg got personal first with the whole no one cares about you thing) the fact is that she was the one being mean and personally insulting to Baliezer in that thread first such as –
    “I am feeling like your loaf of bread might be short a few slices at this point.”
    “For real Brandy? What are you smoking?”

    But I guess that’s okay to her.

    I guess it’s nice that Meg finally apologized on CDN. I have her iggied though so no idea where it is anyway. Hopefully it’s sincere. You can let me know if she apologized for that BS callout thread about me that she was told not to start. Which, frankly, I can’t believe admin/mofd TOLD her not to do it (especially when she was WRONG) and when she did it anyway just shook their heads about it. WTH

  553. Shabbychic says:

    Maggie, I am not upset. I was simply pointing out I am not the only one with shortcomings.And there you go again Cassie. My “little” vendetta. You just cannot turn your mouth around. You constantly have to pepper it with stabs. I think all that has been said has been said. And no, Maggie, I did not apologize to you, I see no need. Since you have ignored me there, go forward here.

  554. riffrafflittleman says:

    Wait, you called out the wrong person, caused her grief and yet you don’t feel the need to apologize to her? good to know

  555. Shabbychic says:

    Oooh, yeah, for calling out the wrong person, yes, of course. I did apologize, in the thread. Post number 29. Not for what I had to say though.

  556. dirtyj says:

    Meg started with the personal insults with Cassie early on. I dont blame Cassie one bit. I may not have handled it the same, but meg, you were way out of line. Then, people pushed the issue and you intensified it. Why you took it out on her is beyond me. If I had to guess I would say you were frustrated and lashed out. You apologized which is cool.

    I believe you used your “power” lol in the original thread to intimidate, whether or not you believed it to be true. Normally I would laugh at it and move on, but it snowballed into much uglier things that did bother me. As you can see in the couple of posts I made.

    I am over the Shabby drama. Based on our brief one on one interaction I still think you are a nice person overall. Internet fills the voids sometimes. Been there, done that.

    One thing that I have noticed ( surely I havent read all your posts on DS or CDN?) is that you tend to only post in topics that are about you. Either they start off being about you, or you make it about you. That seems to happen often. I would like to see more of you being you in non-shabby threads. It might make it easier for people to get to know you with a little more random posting.

    My second request is….if you have a furnace, list it cheap or FFS so I can enter and get warm.

    so freaking cold

    LOL I told DH our furnace was shot last year and he did not listen. He did actually, but his dad was like, I can fix it… Now I have to go furnace shopping. grrrrr

  557. Shabbychic says:

    Well, thanks. Not sure who exactly you are, but thanks. I just want to say that in my life and many who found their way “here” there is a void of all things cloth diaper and cloth diaper related. So, I went and found it where I could. And other things I could have lived without though, lol. As I believe happened to a lot of us. Couldn’t look away. Life is never so spicy here IRL. I wont lie, the drama has been fun from time to time. And not fun as well. Time to move on…..

  558. Thud says:

    There is one flaw in the ‘we all have shortcomings why are mine worse?’ and the ‘I am no one, move on’ excuses.

    Meg~ you were in a position of power, no matter how small and flimsy and you used that to intimidate and push others about. And therein lies the ‘why’ it matters.

    I have been thinking~ if this were just a slapfest betweeen two mamas on the board it would be dramrific but not with the shock factor of someone using their position to throw their weight around.
    That is where you screwed up.

    You abused a trust ~ Karen, HC, Spots shoppers… to make you own point and serve your personal vendetta.

    And in my experience if one is always the center of drama, one needs to look to themselves~ drama doesn’t just ‘find’ the same target over and over, the target needs and feeds it.

  559. BetterKnownAsMommy says:

    “It is hard to talk out your ass while sitting down?”

    Funniest saying EVER!!! hahahahahaha

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