AND IT IS MONTHS LATER!!! Just so everyone who thinks the viruses are lies can see for them selves..

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Virus attack AGAIN – 5th time!!!


This is the 5th time I’ve been attacked while on Thankfully my virus software caught it this time. I’ve had to wipe my hard drive twice already = lost everything!! Why does this keep happening?!?! Is anyone working on this??


My computer popped up with a message stating my computer had been attacked by a virus – then the diaperswapper website went to this odd website and it kept telling me to download this file to prevent all data from being lost – when I clicked OK my McAfee said if I clicked ok my computer could be infected…. So I didn’t click it…… I was on my email and the family roots site – the same thing happened the other day and I just had DS open…..

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Re: Virus attack AGAIN – 5th time!!!


I had the same thing pop up, amongst other things early yesterday morning.


I have a firewall, mcafee virus protection and a spyware program and I didn’t click on ANYTHING and still got it. Oh, and I have a pop-up blocker, too.

My partner (she is an IT geek ) ended up working on it for more than 6 hours last night.

I had 6 viruses and 2 trojans (originating from here, according to the source code).

I am getting rid of McAfee, b/c obviously it didn’t do it’s job (switching to AVG).

Tiffany. Partner to Amy. Mommy to Makenna (07/07).


For sale: Sticky Peas fitted and Dunk-n-Fluff fitteds. and Knit/OBV prefolds.

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Re: Virus attack AGAIN – 5th time!!!


Originally Posted by 2bluesandapink
I sent this PM to a moderator….
I just wanted to tell you that I was browsing DS last night on the feedback and transaction board and my virus software started going off and saying there was a trojan horse and did I want to abort. So I did and then tried to get into it again and it did it again, I attempted to get back in to DS 5 times and each time my computer started going crazy. I tried 5 other tabs I had open at the time and all worked fine.


I’ve had this computer for 2 years and have never, ever had the virus software issue a warning until last night.

I am really worried about being on here now.

Do you know if there is a problem?


The game is deny-deny-deny. When the major outbreak happened before, I wasted A LOT of time taking screen shots every time something showed up, only to be told I was, essentially, just a “mom”, not very computer literate, and it was an issue with whatever else I was doing on the web, NOT DS. Pardon me, but my husband is a computer forensics master, who has assisted me in dealing with the viruses from DS. I am well-informed, and know EXACTLY where the worms, Trojans and Malware are coming from.
I have been a member of DS in good standing for more than two years now. I’m not some vindictive housewife who hates DS.
FTR, Sally, I really do appreciate your persistence in posting and dealing with this. It’s not the mods I have an issue with in this situation. It’s the recurring virus issue that SHOULD NOT exist, but for the love of money made in advertising here.

And it goes on and on for 9 pages so far. No announcement from Admin other than “we aren’t finding an issues, our site is clean” BS.

  1. The OTHER Megan says:

    Of course. Because we’re vindictive, idiot women who neglect our children in order to sabotage DS. :rolling eyes:
    I’m over the crap there. Money is the root of all evil. Lee bought the board to make money. So he added the massive ads. Just so happens, he picked an e-herpes-infested ad network. It likely makes the most money for him, which is why he refuses to switch.

  2. DSDM2 says:

    Is DS down?

  3. Lolanae says:

    This is one reason I use adBlock plus on FF and kapersky virus. I’m only a site supporter for the bigger inbox. lol.

  4. thewhiteninja says:

    DS had been lagging for me for the last few days and it is so annoying. I visit tons of sites each day and it is the only one with this issue so I know it is not my computer. I’m running on a Mac using FireFox BTW if that makes any difference.

  5. Sharpie says:

    You know I’m starting to agree with Lee that some of these women are just stupid. Why the hell are people continuously going to a site that they know is full of viruses? You’ve lost your hard-drive twice but yet you still keep going back, WTF is wrong with you? We’ve all know for a very long time that it was infected and from Lee’s response we know that he wasn’t going to be fixing anything so why even go to DS. If these mamas DHs were downloading viruses on porn sites you’d best believe that they’d be telling their DH’s not to go back there but yet they can’t stay away from a fucking diapering site. I’ve really just lost all sympathy for anyone who gets viruses from DS, you know the risks and if you choose to go there and get a virus tough fucking shit.

  6. Booyah says:

    Sharpie took the words right out of my mouth. I got infected once, shame on Lee. I got it again, shame on me. Haven’t been back since. I did a :facepalm: when I read that this mama has gotten it FIVE TIMES. Helloooooo! STOP GOING THERE! Are your diapers really worth losing your entire hard drive? I guess so. Sheesh.

  7. DSDM2 says:

    We risk it just for the benefit of you wonderful ladies 😉 But I have had issues and have beefed up my protection to a point where I feel safe visiting there.

  8. drearina says:

    I uninstalled NoScripts for about half a day trying to get a different website to work. DS tried to eat my computer. I didn’t realize how malicious the website was because I have my security set so high.
    They really need to get it fixed. Yikes.

  9. Just Peachy says:

    Thats why I don’t go on there no more. Last time I went I had to end up reformatting my computer because of the bullshit and I have awesome virus protection and a kick ass firewall. I learned it can get around that via your router just an FYI.

  10. eeek says:

    I do, very much, believe DS infects computers, I’ve seen it.

    That virus thing she’s running, though, is malware itself.

    Just google virusdoctor .

  11. eeek says:

    Unless she just got that from DS?

  12. DSDM2 says:

    I think it is the virus from DS popping up, and she is showing it trying to install. At least, that was the issue in the past with it.

  13. argh says:

    So what’s the consensus here on Sweetpea Boutique?

  14. downy20 says:

    I wish someone could tell me why some have no issues and others are getting infected over and over. I find it very confusing.

  15. argh says:

    I bought “1 yard NEW” GHMILY/bunny hops fabric on spots recently. As soon as I got the package I knew it wasn’t a full yard because it was too small/light. So when I measured it it was about 27″x58″. So basically it was 3/4 of a yard. And it had obviously been cut, and it’s not a straight cut at all. So I contacted the seller, asked how she planned to make it right, etc. She got back to me and told me she was so sorry, that she had no idea it wasn’t a full yard. That she had bought it from someone else on spots and resold it basically right away. I wasn’t sure whether to believe her so I asked her to show me her order confirmation or receipt or whatever. She forwarded it to me and I thought the original seller’s name looked familiar. Turns out it was Maggie of sweetpea. Anyway, she said Maggie is claiming that she got it like that from “a coop she orders from all the time”, which I’m assuming is Nature’s Fabrics. Whatever. It’s about a 7″ strip cut off. Just the right size to embellish some PFs and sew some rectangles on some crappy Gerber shirts.

    So does anyone want to argue that it was the Covered Caboose lady that shorted the fabric, or am I right in thinking the missing part of my fabric is now being sold as a $21.00 embellished PF & shirt set?

  16. argh says:

    And FTR- the mama that sold it to me apologized and offered a full or partial refund depending on what I wanted and said she realized it was her fault for not really looking at it and seeing that it had been cut. I honestly don’t care about the money, though. I’m just pissed on principle. I’m just thinking someone who cuts up some fabric and resells it as a full yard assuming no one will know better is pretty douchey, KWIM?

  17. heresy says:

    ~I venture gingerly onto DS armed to the teeth with ad blockers and no script plus whatever protection DHs firewall has to offer and have never had a problem. All that caution is getting to be not worth it though.

    ~There were actually no less than 3 coops that offered GHMILY and I find that the ones I’ve ordered from are a bit generous even with yardage unless you end up with the bolt end or something.
    Was it washed? If it were a little short then shrank in the wash I still don’t know if that would add up to a whole 7″

  18. theinvisible says:

    I got it twice. If I MUST go there now to look at a trainwreck I don’t sign in. Apparently, the bad stuff is reserved just for members…

  19. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    maggie is a very sweet mama, i doubt she would short anyone purposely, did the person who purchased from her ask for a partial refund?

  20. :) says:

    Yeah, several co-ops were running the GHIMLY and one of the ones running it shorted me on some CV one time by about 5″. If it was cut a little short & then shrunk in the wash that could explain it.

  21. argh says:

    Yeah, I feel bad for jumping to conclusions about Maggie like that. 😦 I just cannot understand how this fabric is cut. It only has one selvage edge, and all of the other sides were cut. So if this was bought from a coop I’d say stay away from that coop because it was run by someone who clearly does not know how to cut or measure fabric.

  22. :) says:

    One selvage end is weird, tho

  23. ladylili says:

    Is CDN being super slow for anyone else? I can barely get a page to load.

  24. ladylili says:

    okay, nm. It’s working again.

  25. mmspirit7 says:

    werd you here how’s you and the baby doing?

  26. werd says:

    26 I’m here. We are hanging in there… got my 36 week appointment tomorrow morning! Still having contractions almost every night and I really hope they will schedule my c/s tomorrow – I have 2 or 3 weeks to go!

  27. mmspirit7 says:

    wow great to here. let us know when the little one is here.

  28. eeek says:

    Those snaps look bad. She just put them straight onto one layer of PUL, and snaps need at least 2 layers, preferably one of them a woven. Someone whose business is snaps should know how to reinforce them.

    I hope you’re doing well werd! Those last few weeks suck so much but it’ll go fast. Good luck with your appt!

  29. werd says:

    Yeah Danielle or Megan will update! I am just so miserable right now, I don’t want to subject anyone at CDN to it. But I feel really bad for my DH, lol! I’ve been awful to him… luckily he is smart enough to keep his mouth shut!!

  30. eeek says:

    Snap converter’s prices depress me. I get the feeling she’s making in the realm of $2/hr, snaps aren’t fast & she’s only making pennies per.

    Not that she should be doing a shoddy job, she sets her prices herself & has agreed to do the work.

  31. magpiedpiper says:

    Interesting that according to her profile that’s the last thread she was viewing too.

  32. thewhiteninja says:

    heathersott also makes you pay with cash or check or money order. You also pre-pay for return shipping and she tends to use a cheaper method and pocketing the difference (for example you pay for a FRB and she returns it using priority (which costs about $3.00 cheaper in this instance when the weight was checked)

  33. Annonymous Please says:

    Who wants to be the one to tell her?

  34. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    I have tried, she doesn’t care, not the first, second, third, etc…I’ve seen things like that there.

  35. DSDM2 says:

    One of you girls needs to let her know… or let DS know…

  36. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    i did, she ignored me

  37. Kimbella says:

    PP has great customer service, but I have never been impressed with the quality. I had to send back two diapers for serging and snap issues.

    Another diaper I bought off of DS had twisted elastic in one of the leg openings. Two more diapers I bought from DS have the outer fabric sewn crookedly. They are both stripey patterns, and it is obvious that they are crooked because of the way the stripes and snaps on the back don’t line up (think of GM’s issues). A PidPod shirt I bought from DS also had issues with the stripes being crooked and seams coming undone. I think I ended up fixing 3 separate spots on the seams.

    Look at this shirt: for an example of what I’m talking about. There have been a lot of other striped shirts on the site that look even worse – like something from Connersmama. 🙂

    For the 2 dipes I had issues with that I bought from PP, Robin was great about replacing them (even though neither of the replacement diapers were “perfect” either). Maybe those were some her daughters did?

  38. laughingmama says:

    I haven’t been too impressed with Piddle Poddles quality either. I have one diaper from them that shrunk funny because the fabrics weren’t prewashed. Then it kept on shrinking down to the size of a medium. Not so good for a one-size diaper.

    And, what’s up with the pricing for those Brobee longies? If I want to buy a large with a matching shirt it’ll cost me $175? That’s insane! How does she think she’ll get that when other great wahms who have been selling for years can’t even sell their stuff for half that?

  39. Kimbella says:

    Oh! I forgot about the shrinking! One of the toddler size I have has shrunk to the size of a new OS. The OS diapers I have are all shrinking at different rates. 😦 The soakers are getting all warped too. I wish I would have known beforehand so I could have quilted them to try to keep them from warping.

  40. piratebaby says:

    Interesting to read all this about Piddle Poddles. I just got my first few PPs and so far I’m loving them. I got hooked on gm’s (very cheap used ones!) and dh is using them more than sposies now because it’s just as easy to snap one on as it is to fasten a sposie. It seems that my Piddle Poddles are more absorbent than the GMs. I honestly forget which is which since they are so similar, but it seems like he can go longer in a PP than a GM. We go coverless so he gets changed pretty often and the GMs get much wetter on the outside much sooner. I dunno, maybe I just need to strip my gm’s or something.

  41. eeek says:

    Trashier than Stealer Crys.

    Somehow, I always look at that rip-off fake copyrighted stuff, and think WHO would want that piece of crap? It reminds me of all the church raffle/homemade JUNK that is sadly what people think of when they think “homemade”, along with toilet paper roll covers, y’know? Way to be a lame stereotype.

  42. Kimbella says:

    Am I a stalker?????

    So, I bought some longies back in May from Spots. They arrived and weren’t the color shown in the listing and had several knitting errors even though they were listed as “flawless” in the listing. I think I posted pics of the color discrepancies and short row errors on here before. The mama also took a while to return emails (over 5 days at one point) and took almost 48 hours from the time she signed for them to refund me.

    SHE had her DS name on the listing, so I looked on there to she if she had been on. Several hours after the time that she had signed for the returned longies, she listed A LOT of diapers on DS. Yet, I still didn’t have a refund.

    I put all of that in my Spots feedback. (I left her a negative because she didn’t reimburse me for return shipping, even though SHE had listed the longies incorrectly.) She sent me an email (I’ll post it here if I’m allowed) after I left her feedback the first time saying how the FB I left was “uncalled for” and “totally screwed up”. Even though SHE was the one who misrepresented the longies and took 7 days to ship and 5 days to email me.

    Our FB on Spots ended up being deleted because it got too long and confusing. HC mods told me I could leave FB again but to keep it consice. I was going to let it go, but I happened to see those longies listed today while browsing Spots. They were listed with more acurate colored pics and pics of the messy short-rows.

    So, I left FB again.

    I just got an email from the seller saying to quit stalking her online!!!!! (I’ll post that email here too, if allowed.) Oh, and that she has my name and address and will contact the authorities for harrassing her through her feedback profile.

    WTH????? Now I AM PISSED! I am NOT stalking her. I do want everyone to know now what a crappy seller she is though!

  43. magpiedpiper says:

    Wasn’t hard to find the listing.

    And it seems she was hoping you would just not leave feedback again. I don’t see as how you leaving appropriate feedback for a transaction is being stalkerish. Spots isn’t exactly private…

  44. DSDM2 says:

    You are not stalking, and are welcome to post the emails.

  45. Kimbella says:

    45: Nope, but it’s her other longies listing.

  46. Kimbella says:

    Shoot! I meant to add that I will post the emails tomorrow morning. DH just got home, so we are getting ready to eat and then get the kiddos to bed.

    Oh, and if someone knows of a place where I can post the photos and not have the seller get my account banned, let me know!

    I posted photos and screen shots of our emails (I marked over both of our email addresses, last names, etc) and she got my photobucket account deleted.

  47. thewhiteninja says:

    I actually love Piddle Poddles but we are pretty much only using AIOs and pockets for right now.

  48. magpiedpiper says:

    Whoops, I copied the wrong one down when I clicked back from her feedback. Still. weird that she would think you were stalking her.

  49. Incognizable says:

    @44. Did you email her back?? I would email her and tell her that mod so and so informed you that you could leave her feedback for the transaction. what a jerk.

  50. me says:

    PP made sure to say it isn’t a licensed item. That helps how?

    The Spots stuff is crappy!

  51. insomniac says:

    How does she think that Brobee is not a licensed image I wonder?
    Or is she just saying that HERS is not licensed….if so….duh.
    That is kinda the point and problem.

  52. Thud says:

    She is saying hers isn’t licensed, I think?
    What a ripoff.

  53. bored says:

    who is the person(s) behind the poop on cloth blog??

  54. Kimbella says:

    52: No, I did not email her back, and I have no intention of doing so. I did however, forward her email to the mod who told me I could leave FB again.

    Here is google’s cache of the original FB I left. I can see why it was deleted! After she lied about replying to my emails withing 24 hours, I was mad, and I wanted to prove that she was a liar to anyone who read her FB. I have zero tolerance for liars. So, I took screen shots of all our emails back and forth and put them in Photobucket. Then I linked all of the PB screenshot pics to my follow-up FB. It really does look messy!

    Also, the only things I did that I can even remotely think of as being “stalkerish” were to look to see when she had been on DS (remember, SHE posted her DS name in the Spots listing). And, I googled her name and “spots” or “hyenacart”. I can’t remember which, and it’s not coming up now. *scratches head?* By that google search, I found that she was a non-paying bidder because someone actually had a Spots listing titled “2 old style Goodmamas lot *RELIST DUE TO NON-PAYMENT BY SELLER’S NAME”. Why that person didn’t leave her a negative, I don’t know.

  55. Kimbella says:

    DSDM2 you should have some emails from me.

  56. grace_n_josie says:

    Wow. I had my comp. eaten by DS also! I ended up having to reformat my computer and lost all of my YDD’s pictures! I haven’t been back to DS since.

  57. melmelly says:

    56. I don’t think anyone really knows, but there are some contributors that are known. Sometimes I think one of Suzanne’s “friends” is behind it, or former friend.

    Some of their styles of writing is a little out there. I feel like I am back in college reading a persuasive essay in a boring journal.

  58. DSDM2 says:

    Kimbella, I’m not really sure you want me to post all of that.

    After reading it, I really don’t see the seller 100% at fault with the longies, and think you jumped the gun/messed up too.

    You might just want to let sleeping dogs lie :2cents:

  59. Kimbella says:

    Fine by me – thanks for your input! *thumbsup*

  60. me says:

    54,55-Yes, she is saying that hers isn’t an official Nickelodeon licensed item. How that makes a difference when making it anyway when obviously she knows she isn’t supposed to, I don’t know.

  61. insomniac says:

    63. I agree, that makes zero sense to me either. Does she not realize that is the problem…she has no license to recreate that image and sell it?
    Someone said she has been told but just says to hell with it though, right?

    You know it is one thing to do something similar to this and not know…truly not know anything is wrong.
    It is one thing to do something that may be borderline and you just have to make a judgment call based on the best you understand the cp issues and your actually TRYING to do the right thing.

    …it is something SO in another league to do something SO VERY blatant and obviously a cp offense AND know AND just not give a shit your breaking the law and openly say you will continue to do so.

    Kind of leaves me in awe a little. And not in a good way.

  62. DSDM2 says:

    She changed the name. It no longer carries the Nickelodeon name with it.

  63. knittingfool says:

    But hey, it’s their “original” knitting pattern. I really can’t see any difference from 50 other wanna-be DS knitters. The gusset area looks a bit weird. And what’s with the sudden shift from sewing diapers to sewing absolutely everything imaginable? Their store looks cluttered and flea marketish. And yes, the $175 Brobee set made me shake my head, too. Especially the shirt. That is a complete copy.

  64. Kimbella says:

    I think the selling everything imaginable is to try to find a new niche in the market.

    It seemed like it used to be only GMs and PPs if someone wanted an OBV OS diaper. Now the market is flooded with them, AND those new brands offer T&T or hidden snaps or other “bigger and better” options OR a lower price. PP has to have lost sales of it’s OS diapers because of those other diapers.

    Why PP hasn’t offered a OS diaper with T&T and/or hidden snaps is beyond me. They could at least include their belly band snap cover with all their diapers instead of asking buyers to pay an extra $5. Or even offer a snappless fitted. That would probably draw in some of the market who love snappiable/pinable diapers.

  65. jmama says:

    I just looked at Piddle Poddles and her monkeys are a rip-off of the ones here:

    Hers look really wonky, though!

    Those longies are ri-cock-u-lous!! They don’t even look like she blocked them and I’m sorry, but cascade 220 yarn…$125…WOW!

  66. werd says:

    68 that monkey pattern is actually one from etsy that you can buy and then sell the dolls you make… PP lady probably bought the pattern like the lady GUG did.

  67. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    oh no, no more wonky, oddly shaped crap:

  68. knittingfool says:

    #70: Don’t worry. There will ten more to take her place. Just as soon as they go get their first pair of needles from Wal-Mart, they will be opening up their Hyenacarts.

  69. jmama says:

    Thanks, Werd, I didn’t realize that!

  70. ~*~Momma~*~ says:


  71. Jacky says:

    #74, the top ones are definaetly the knock-offs. Some I got off ebay are those exact colors and I confirmed they were fakes.

  72. kimbella says:

    Don’t the old style have pointed wings and the new style have squared-off wings? She is saying they are all the old style.

    How can you tell that they are fakes? More colors than what FB offered?

  73. Jacky says:

    The fakes I got were apple green and this purply color. I got them about two years ago, I think and shortly after it was discovered they were fake. The owner of FB contacted ebay and sure enough, they were fake. They were the wrong colors. FB never had those colors. In the picture in the listing, the top ones are mostly fakes, but I don’t think the bottom ones are. There are some new style square ones in the pic and I believe all the fakes were old style pointy tabs. I will say that my fakes are a bit better quality than real FB. At least the fleece is thicker.

  74. memyselfandi says:

    anyone know who knit the longies Sarahlee is upset about?

  75. kukukachoo says:

    this thread explains how to tell if they are fakes and hers match. she may not know- i’m gonna pm her.

  76. noisybean says:

    Am I out of line to expect payment immediately after someone buys something on spots? If you couldn’t pay right away, wouldn’t you ask the seller if it was alright, not just assume its acceptable to pay at a later date?

  77. TaraC says:

    Hmm, looking at SarahLee’s posts now, here on a rave for Kristen of Knits on Earth she says she’s always glad to be on her list . . .

  78. JustPeachy says:

    I really doubt its Kristen. I have seen her work and its pretty damn near perfect from what I have seen.

  79. laughingmama says:

    #80 Definitely not out of line to expect immediate payment. In my opinion, if you don’t have the money NOW, don’t hit “buy it NOW”.

  80. incognizable says:

    Cut and paste drama from DS pretty please? I can’t risk e-herpes on my ‘puter.

  81. TaraC says:

    No I don’t think it’s Kristen either, the mama that started that thread is a friend of mine and loves her work, says it is always flawless. Don’t see any other indication of who it could be though . . .

  82. Lolanae says:

    SaraLee did say it was a well known knitter.

  83. Gahhhh says:

    The last I heard from Sarah yesterday was that she was working things out with the knitter, so I don’t think she would want her outed at this point. And no, it’s not Kristen.

  84. noisybean says:

    #84. Thanks. I thought maybe I was being unreasonable, just for a moment.

  85. kukukachoo says:

    77. Looks like they either all sold or they decided not to sell them and marked them as sold…we’ll never know…..
    I still can’t believe there are fake dipes out there- bizarre!

  86. me says:

    90-I know. Knock off freaking diapers! Who would have ever thought that would happen? LOL

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