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2 large mutts left! Perfect elastic and snaps


I have 5 or 6 but I am not taking pics unless there is interest in them. Feel free to pm me for pics or tell of your interest here in this thread!
They are good used condition, great elastic and snaps, no stains, rips or tears. I got them used and used them very little.AVAILABLE


Marna- Busy mama to 5
New to DS but old cloth diaper pro!

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Re: Any interest is Large Boyish Mutts for $8


I have pictures available by email.

Marna- Busy mama to 5
New to DS but old cloth diaper pro!

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Re: Any interest is Large Boyish Mutts for $8


http://s646.photobucket.com/albums/u…ction=organizePictures available here also


Marna- Busy mama to 5
New to DS but old cloth diaper pro!

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Re: Any interest is Large Boyish Mutts for $8


pictures added..I figured out how to post them..pics of inners available also by request.

Marna- Busy mama to 5
New to DS but old cloth diaper pro!

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Re: Any interest is Large Boyish Mutts for $8


only the bee is left!

Marna- Busy mama to 5
New to DS but old cloth diaper pro!

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Re: 1 large mutt left!


The bees and the zoo print are left.

Marna- Busy mama to 5
New to DS but old cloth diaper pro!

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Re: 1 large mutt left!


Morning bumpity!

Marna- Busy mama to 5
New to DS but old cloth diaper pro!

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Re: 2 large mutts left! Perfect elastic and snaps


Still two great diapers left ready for a new home!

Marna- Busy mama to 5
New to DS but old cloth diaper pro!

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Re: 2 large mutts left! Perfect elastic and snaps


Two lovely squishy dipes available!

Marna- Busy mama to 5
New to DS but old cloth diaper pro!

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Re: 2 large mutts left! Perfect elastic and snaps


how much are they?

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Re: 2 large mutts left! Perfect elastic and snaps


Originally Posted by anya80 View Post
how much are they?

$8 each!

Marna- Busy mama to 5
New to DS but old cloth diaper pro!

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Re: 2 large mutts left! Perfect elastic and snaps


MODS This is It’s A Snap/ Granny’s Woolies again. Her PB photos http://s646.photobucket.com/albums/u…oVelourHeaven/ match her online store: http://hyenacart.com/ItsaSnap/Please do something about this user. She came back on HC under an alternative IP/IP hider as well.




Dready mama to 3 delightful boys and wife to one mostly delightful DH
The midwife considers the miracle of childbirth as normal, and leaves it alone unless there’s trouble. The obstetrician normally sees childbirth as trouble. If he



Even the photo info is the same on the sheets and on the diapers, which means it is her taking both photos, no way she “borrowed” them b/c she liked them. (IE: What Camera and her information behind the type of settings on the camera.


File Name: DSC06010.jpg

File Size: 29 kb – 320 x 240

Camera Make: SONY

Camera Model: DCR-TRV840

Date/Time: : : : :

Resolution: 320 x 240

Flash Used: No

Focal Length: 3.3mm

Exposure Time: 0.017 s (1/60)

Aperture: f/1.6

Exposure: program (auto)



File Name: DSC06189.jpg

File Size: 81 kb – 1024 x 768

Camera Make: SONY

Camera Model: DCR-TRV840

Date/Time: : : : :

Resolution: 1024 x 768

Flash Used: No

Focal Length: 3.3mm

Exposure Time: 0.0020 s (1/500)

Aperture: f/14.0

Exposure: program (auto)

  1. justanotherlurker says:

    And she is spamming her hyenacart on other threads —


    Re: I really want a Tickety Bu bamboo blanket… anyone??
    You can also get them at It’s A Snap on Hyena Cart. I saw them on there the other day.

  2. Messy says:

    DS is confused by people who use IP blockers. They totally rely on the IP matching or they just can’t figure it out @@ I just went through this not too long ago with a mod who just couldn’t seem to grasp it…

  3. Kimbella says:

    I feel so famous! 🙂 Thanks for starting a new thread!

  4. DSDM2 says:

    http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=767684 hmmm… getting balls-y I think a new store from Snap is about to open.

  5. Kimbella says:

    She probably wants to get away from the IAS name in hopes of tricking people from buying from her.

  6. naturalmamadot says:

    I was hoping she was too stupid to google how to get around IP checkers and such haha

    I can imagine her line of thinking “Well no one has to MEET me, no one has to SEE me, I will just start an imaginary family, story, business, be sooo successful and no one will have to know its really me!”

  7. Lolanae says:

    I’m wondering – did she just come back to unload diapers from a kid that is PL’d/PL’ing?

    Also has CDN checked to make sure she didn’t slink back in there?

  8. žába says:

    I don’t get it. If she wanted to hide her IP, come back and sell some diapers, why didn’t she just keep her head down and be quiet. If she had just kept a low profile for a while she probably would have gotten away with it. Pimping ISA’s HC was just asking for trouble. What a dumb ass.

  9. žába says:

    hey where’s my monster? I have a blank box 😦

  10. naturalmamadot says:

    No shit #9 she COULD of, there is no reason she should of ever gotten caught except she is a DUMB ASS! Really, who the hell thinks being sneaky means blatantly whoring your blocked store name around?

    I am still going through her posts on HC though to see where she was being a bitch as ppl have said, if thats true too then she might be the dumbest banned wahm Ive seen yet lol. Way to lay low dude.

  11. Lolanae says:

    I see it. You have a pink blob with lobster claws. lol

  12. A Different Sarah says:

    Someone should contact the person who left her (Pickingitup) feedback (JRoo122) to see if it was IAS/Teresa who sent her the diaper.

  13. BffMama says:

    Holy Moly…what a nucking fut that one is!!!!

  14. moxy says:

    I wonder why HC hasn’t banned her latest identity yet.
    Check out this thread: http://hyenacart.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=120077

  15. jmama says:

    So is she Marnas Mayhem on HC???

  16. jmama says:

    nm! I can see that it is her!! What a nutjob!!!

  17. eeek says:

    This was the thread that made me look into her, it’s a unique quality of bitch…it’s in the WAHP forum so I’ll C&P-


    I know I have read some threads where folks were wondering why things were sitting and I was wondering too but also threads where WAHM’s were questioning other WAHM’s motives…and maybe that’s why some are sitting? I will only purchase from WAHM’s who don’t post to controverisal threads. I think others are similar in their buying practices. We all need to be concious of our customers sensibilities.

    ALL I could think was WTF? Really, WTF. It was too much to be coincidence. And it was posted on a thread that reply was completely inappropriate for.

  18. eeek says:

    To make that clearer the paragraph right under the link was her post.

    & she’s banned now. Wonder if her store goes too this time?

  19. jmama says:

    She participated in the sock for yarn swap on HC, too 😦 I wonder if her partners ever got their socks?!?!

  20. diudiaole says:

    #20 — she actually makes really nice socks. The rest of this is just crazy! lol

  21. insomniac says:

    The crazy knows no bounds.

    It really is a little frightening if you think about it. She has some serious mental issues I think. I cannot imagine spending the time doing what she did.

    Freaky Jeeky man.

  22. eeek says:

    Yeah, I will say if it wasn’t in her store I would totally have bought her socks! And very possibly other things, her problem was never her stuff. It was her.

    & as others have said, she could have even come back & NOT posted a bunch of mean stuff & no one would have noticed her. It was her compulsion to say kind of nasty, ridiculous stuff that made her stand out, for a second time now.

  23. Lolanae says:

    Her trying to come back to all these boards is a little freaky. This is atleast the third user ID on DS and HC.

  24. žába says:

    LD is bummed she missed out on some more wool for her stash for her nonexistent baby
    What the hell does she do with this stuff? Buy it, look at it, then sell it again?

  25. The Other Megan says:

    OMGosh, LD is seriously obsessed with Meg. It’s seriously creepy! It’s like she knows each pair that Meg has, and is stalking her for her wool. Did you see the boo-hoo crying faces she lined about about missing Meg’s TFK longies? SERIOUSLY?! I’m a bit creeped-out for Meg’s sake!

  26. naturalmamadot says:

    I still want to know who her “model” is, like a niece or nephew she was babysitting? A doll that she uses in place of a child (I know ppl that do this, and even though its not for me, I dont think its a bad thing, it makes them feel better and isnt hurting anyone) …I am just too nosy for my own good lol

  27. mmspirit7 says:

    can you cp the ld post for me please

  28. JustPeachy says:

    I just missed the most amazing longies EVER…
    They were on spots.
    They were beautfiul.
    They were perfect.
    They were knit by Morwenna.
    They were scrappies.
    They were all marr haven.

    Ok…my pouting session is over So who got them, and can I have dibs!?!
    Amanda, ttc our first bye, bye baby m/c 8.1.09
    DO YOU HAVE AN ANTHOLOGIE FOR YOUR LO? http://www.theanthologie.com
    IVDSO: Meg’s MM MH scrappies with purple trim; 4oz EB yarn, NB NRSS, NB ABB

  29. mmspirit7 says:

    wow…i don’t think she has been on cdn in awhile..i know she has some mint chocolate longies for sale.

    she’s crazy

  30. mmspirit7 says:

    and thank you

  31. naturalmamadot says:

    At first, I thought ppl were overreacting about them being afraid for mothers of newborns. I know a few ppl having a really hard time TTCing and it is not my place to tell them how much baby stuff they can hoard, I have no idea how I would react to losing so many of my babies. (and yea ttcing after multiple miscarriages is a debate on its own).

    However, LD strikes me as a little off. I am not gonna say she is plotting to take someones newborn or anything but I do hope she is in therapy or counseling during this time in her life and I do hope she has a healthy baby one day with her sanity (mostly) intact.

  32. JustPeachy says:

    I hope so too Dot but I think she has already passed that point. I understand hoarding stuff for future babies but its beyond ridiculous at this point.

  33. Messy says:

    She really creeps me out… It isn’t that she is hoarding for a furture baby, a lot of us do that. It is that she is stalking for blood it seems. That woman is crazy wonky and has some mental issues already ie stalking and her emotional unstability. JMO of course 😉

  34. naturalmamadot says:

    yea, I dont think she is a “normal” case of future baby hoarding, she does seem a little TOO upset those longies got bought up, I mean its not like her baby wont have any because of that or something lmao

  35. Erin says:

    I think, for her own sanity, LD needs to get off Ds and HC, find a different hobby until she’s pg and 30wks along. THEN, she can start collecting items for baby. *shakes head.

  36. screenname says:

    Did anyone see Magpiedpiper’s post on LD’s thread?

    Magpiedpiper’s Avatar
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    Re: I just missed the most amazing longies EVER…
    Originally Posted by lavender dragonfly View Post
    It’s not up on spots anymore

    Someone had to have gotten them. I just feel sick
    about missing them 😦

    I’m sure whoever bought them will love them as much as an inanimate object should be loved, and will be thrilled to put them to good use on their child.

  37. moxy says:

    LOL Magpied makes good posts.

  38. naturalmamadot says:

    lmao ❤ magpied

  39. Messy says:

    I ❤ Magpied! She is hawt when she gets honest! 😉

  40. ~*~Momma~*~ says:


  41. JustPeachy says:

    ❤ her too!

  42. eeek says:

    I feel bad for LD. I think she’s loony, and I wouldn’t give her my address, but on the current info I think she’s mostly sad. I think somewhere in her mind she’s equated getting the perfect several-thousand-dollar wool stash with getting a baby, like if she ever achieves perfection in wool somehow the baby will come. Field of dreams in a much more pitiful way.

    I definitely agree it’d be way more healthy for her to step away from the boards.

  43. monkey says:


    I agree. That or she keeps her hopes up by purchasing items for “the baby”. I know when I was pregnant with DS having those things in the house made feel like it was real and happening and everything would be okay. It may sound stupid but that’s how I felt. I do feel for her. But I agree, she sounds like she needs to step away from the boards for a bit.

  44. amessymama says:

    How rude!!


    I love knittin as much as breathin

    Join Date: Oct 2008
    Location: Central Arkansas
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    My Mood:


    Do people charge so much for shipping and if they are going to charge over a flat rate why not just offer the flat rate?

    The mama is shipping from Canada and she’s charging $7 to ship. I thought everyone knew it was expensive to ship from CA. Apparently not. Then someone points this out to amberbamber. Her response? “I just shipped something to CA and it only cost me $4”. Um to and from are very different things. She’s a dim bulb.

  45. bored says:

    I just made a ::::giggle::::: response to magpied’s post, and now both our posts have been deleted….figures

  46. amessymama says:

    46-Actually, I thought your giggle and rofl post was a little over the top.
    Magpied’s statement was just a true statement, so I don’t know why it was deleted. I feel like saying something like that to everyone who gets bent out of shape and depressed because someone got something they wanted. It’s not like magpied was actually referring to her loss or lack of infant.

  47. amessymama says:

    46 again-I also wanted to say that as a WAHM you may want to be a little more careful. When I read that and saw that you are a WAHM who’s target is so many people in the EF forum, I was wondering WTH you were thinking.

    I’m not trying to be mean, it’s just something I thought you may want to know.

  48. Roxyrock says:

    I sincerely feel sorry for LD(I don’t know her back story but have seen a some of her post’s) she seem’s very sad and lonely. From someone that had IF issues there is a part of my heart that really breaks for her 😦

    I think she buys wool & dipes because it is something she can control and getting pregnant is something she cant. I know when we were TTCing and going through IF treatments I found myself doing the same thing buying stuff for a baby that wasn’t there because it in some sense gave me hope. To most people it sounds silly but to a lot of people that are having a really hard time it is a way to cope.

    When it comes to her being upset about not getting a pair of longies I think her post is as cRaZy as some of the people who do have kids post…..people need to get over their attachment to CD/Wool

  49. Thud says:

    WHat HC was she talking about ? (re. #45)

  50. amessymama says:

    It was a spot’s listing.

  51. magpiedpiper says:

    It’s totally lame that they deleted my post. Any personal feeling about LD aside, I think anyone who would say they felt physically ill about not being able to purchase a pair of longies needs a reality check. I said nothing malicious, and nothing that I wouldn’t have said to anyone else who reacted like that about “missing out” on a pair of freaking pants.

  52. žába says:

    I can not believe they deleted your post. You said nothing wrong, inflammatory or rude. WTF? Someone is getting way to generous with the censorship, stupid Lee and his minions.

  53. Funneh says:

    OT, but has anyone else had a 22-month-old with a concussion? 😦 When can I expect her to be acting totally normal again? This lethargy shit is terrifying me, but we’ve been to the hospital for CT scans already and I’m about finished blowing up LeBonheur’s phone, haw.

  54. žába says:

    54 -Yikes, thankfully no. Hope everything is back to normal soon.

  55. Incognizable says:

    Did anyone on CDN notice that “myfourmonkeys” is suddenly on every.single. thread on CDN?

    Wasn’t she the mama that allegedly ripped and sabotaged the snail collab shorties a few months ago and went MIA from DS when it hit the fan?

    Looks she has a few negatives on DS…hmmm


  56. mdmr says:

    I knew Nicole (my4monkeys) was an ass-kisser and crazy as a loon. I also found her very shady! I guess the theiving psycho showed herself for what she truly is. She even ripped off sweet Cheryl! I hope she gets called out on CDN before she rips anyone else off!

  57. Lolanae says:

    Is that the package that Cheryl said was lost and stuff?

  58. Incognizable says:

    Someone should tell Cheryl that Nicole is on CDN, maybe she can get some answers on CDN…

  59. JustPeachy says:

    Who the heck is Cheryl?

  60. mdmr says:

    Ckck on DS, Peachy. Super sweet mama.

  61. Incognizable says:

    @61. Ckck posts here too right?

  62. JustPeachy says:

    Oh her ya she is sweet. Ugh man that woman has absolutely no class whatsoever.

  63. mdmr says:

    62- I have only seen her here once (on the LD thread). She was ckck3. I think she reads here though.

  64. Shabbychic says:

    Ho Hum.

  65. žába says:

    Drama is a little slow lately, huh? Maybe the scammers are taking a vacation.

  66. Incognizable says:

    Lol, or using different usernames like IAS!!

  67. žába says:

    I wonder how many other names she has? Like Marnas Mayhem is her bitchy side and pickingitup is her wannabe WAHM side….how many other personalities does she have that no one has caught on to yet.

  68. CDNation says:

    We;re watching my4monkeys.

    We’re looking into IAS. Hopefully she’s not with us.

  69. dirtyj says:

    I hope she is feeling better today.

  70. amessymama says:

    I have a question.

    If you notice someone asking for a WAHM recommendation in a thread, and someone recommends a particular WAHM and said WAHM is generally considered extremely untalented. Yet people still recommend her!!! :confused:

    Is it wrong to PM the mama and warn her about that WAHM?

  71. riffrafflittleman says:

    71 in those cases, i assume the recommender is a friend or something. i might send something to the op letting them know

  72. magpiedpiper says:

    So someone recommended Connorsmama?

  73. ~*~Momma~*~ says:


  74. Kimbella says:

    I saw another one of her uneven-legged longie sets on Spots the other day.

  75. amessymama says:


  76. amessymama says:

    I guess I’ll consider it a public service. 🙂

  77. magpiedpiper says:

    HAHA! I was just being facetious but I was right! That is awesome. Well, not awesome, and I hope you let the OP know to steer clear, but still…

  78. jmama says:

    LOL in fact Snatch in disguise recommended CMC for something…have to go look for the thread

  79. eeek says:

    Yeah, I saw that! You have to have ulterior motives to recommend CMC, her stuff is beyond ridiculous & just never gets better even though she keeps making it.

    Maybe she’s making an artistic statement about conformity in the diapering world, clinging to those even length legs and finished seams is just teaching your baby to goose-step.

  80. Lolanae says:

    Umm…Why is Knits on Earth banned at DS?

  81. Laura says:

    82. I was wondering the same thing. I see she said something in the Meg rave thread that got deleted. It’s not showing up in the actual thread but it shows up if you look through her posts. Something else must have been deleted as well because it doesn’t make sense.

  82. Aj says:

    The Meg rave isn’t gone, but I don’t know why knits on earth got banned.

  83. Laura says:

    one of Knits to Earths comments is gone from the thread

  84. Aj says:

    Oops, misread your comment Laura.

  85. JustPeachy says:

    What did she say?

  86. Who Me? says:

    Jen, her post just simply said meg was banned…no more no less and then poof post gone, and Knits on Earth was banned….

    sounds like someone is power tripping

  87. StickFigureSushi says:

    Yep, more power tripping mods. Knits on Earth didn’t say anything more than revealing a simple fact – that Meg was banned. She didn’t expound on the why or how or anything, just stated that one simple fact.

  88. Lolanae says:

    Sounds like someone didn’t want DS dirty laundry aired. That’s definitely power tripping.

    Is Knits on Earth on CDN?

  89. amessymama says:

    91-I don’t think so. She’ll probably show up now, though.

    Does she post here ever?

  90. JustPeachy says:

    Well shit am I gonna get banned for saying Meg got banned? Not like I really care but thats BS

  91. myra says:

    That’s crazy. She’s a great knitter and didn’t deserve that.

  92. StickFigureSushi says:

    I think it’s total BS because I’ve seen many times where someone asks “Where is so-and-so?” and someone else responds “so-and-so is banned” and links to the wall of shame. There is nothing wrong with answering another poster’s question. She wasn’t bashing DS or saying anything negative about Meg or doing anything that broke the rules. The rules say NOTHING about not being able to say that someone was banned. IMO that didn’t even deserve a strike, let alone a ban.

    I heard it was because the mod who acted on it thinks she’s part of some super exclusive knitters group or something. Sounds like pettiness and jealousy to me. The mod pounced on a chance to be petty, even if it meant grasping at straws. I don’t think I can roll my eyes any harder if I tried.

  93. knits on earth says:

    someone let me know y’all were wondering…

    I wasn’t banned for mentioning that meg was banned. just got my wrist slapped. not even a strike.

    I was banned for disrespecting a mod. we exchanged a handful of what I thought were reasonable PMs and then she told me to take my drama and go back to another board.

    I responded with :rofl: emoticon guy

    and am now banned for 3 months.

    I have never been involved in any drama on ds. I have never had a bad transaction on ds. I have been an active member for almost 3 years. I have one previous strike, from march of 2007 (which is now expired) for a signature violation (too many lines).

    and I was banned for one questionable incident of “disrespect” via PM.

    I’m pretty shocked and kind of confused since I don’t know the mods on ds at all, and don’t know who knows who or is friends with who, I really keep my nose out of it. Or did until now anyhow. I’m learning now there is apparently a lot of behind the scenes politic-ing going on in the world of cloth diaper message boards!

  94. adensmama says:

    That ban is freaking BS. But I’m really not surprised at all!

    Did the Duggars thread finally get too out of hand? There is a post saying that it has been temporarily removed for moderator review. I’m guessing they have to read through the 30+ pages of it. There were definitely some interesting things said!!

  95. Lolanae says:

    The Duggar thread got ugly? How? Large family comments?

    Knits on Earth – That’s BS on why they banned you. Someone bumped another rave of your’s asking why you were banned. Off topic: Your knits are cute. =)

  96. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    I’m so sick and tired of power tripping mods on ds. It’s fucking ridiculous!

  97. The Other Megan says:

    Wow, how pathetic. DS sinks lower and lower all the time. I hate to see so many sweet mamas completely trusting and embroiled in the pathetic mess.

  98. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    98 I saw some of the posts in the beginning and people were bashing large families. But I stopped reading because so many posts were so damn repetitive.

  99. The Other Megan says:

    KOE- Which mod was it? I’ve had one power-tripping on me for the past month, though no strikes yet. just constant hand-slapping. I wonder if it’s the same one.

  100. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    Knits on Earth I wonder what politic-ing you are referring to? Care to share? =]

  101. Incognizable says:

    Yes do share which mod banned you.

    Plus, I’m a little weary of a certain active DS mod who is now on CDN, I’ve already read two posts of hers where she refers to her being a mod on DS :twitch:

  102. Kate says:

    There’s a DS mod on CDN?! Spying???

  103. amessymama says:


  104. Kate says:

    Okay figured it out.
    Incognizable I believe you are right.

  105. naturalmamadot says:


  106. Incognizable says:


  107. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    not to be rude, but WHO exactly would these fit:


    ok, maybe that was a little rude…

  108. DSDM2 says:

    I wouldn’t assume that she is spying. Sometimes it is nice to be able to be yourself somewhere and not to be a mod…

  109. myra says:

    Obviously, she’s not trying to hide it…also she’s a great WAHM.

  110. Incognizable says:

    Yeah, I’m not saying or assuming she’s spying, just makes me weary thats all.

  111. jmama says:

    110 maybe they are supposed to come up to the armpits?!?! :ROFL:

  112. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    oh, never though of that, kinda like an upside-down onsie? 😉

  113. Aj says:

    Meg, are you here? I want to hear the drama surrounding RSK? Do you care to share?

  114. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    #116m what RSK drama?

  115. Aj says:

    I saw it on another blog, but apparently the scrappy pants Keitha just sold on her HC were made with Meg’s leftover scraps and done without Meg’s permission.

    I’m just wondering if this is true, and what the whole story is.

  116. Shabbychic says:

    I’m here. The story is pretty simple. At least my side. Last year, I had Keitha knit 3 pairs of pants for me. One was Turtle Cove, One was an Elliebelly custom dye on Australian Merino and another pair were Selah Homecoming on Honey Bulky that “to my knowledge” was a colorway dyes only for the congo I bought it on. I sent her all the yarn. She did mail back a very small amount of scraps for 2 of them. The scrappys were listed and all three of the colorways are in the pants. Could she someohow have the colorways from someplace else? I guess starnger things have happened. Would be a major coincidence, but ok. I have addressed it with her privately. She has told me that she doesnt think the yarn belongs to me but she has so much yarn. She wouldnt intentionally steal from anyone. So, thats the story. Shrug.

  117. Aj says:

    Oh…the *other* blog made it sound like a huge dramariffic encounter. We’ve really had a drought lately!

  118. Shabbychic says:

    Yeah, I’m not sure how really dramariffic this is. In the scheme of drama it doesnt rate that high. I mean, its annoying, but I am sure some much more dramariffic issues will be coming down the pike sooner than later 😉

  119. knits on earth says:

    102 and 103: I don’t really want to share who it was or what people are saying about the politics, it’s just more drama and, while I do enjoy to see the drama now and then I’d rather keep myself out of it going forward. I just wanted to put the reason of the ban out there. was I disrespectful? a little I guess. was the mod disrespectful to me? I think so. did it warrant banning? abso-fucking-lutely not. The whole thing is so absurd.

  120. JustPeachy says:

    Wouldnt surprise me if she did steal em Meg. She copied another wahm’s pattern recently.

  121. adensmama says:

    KOE your rave threads are all over the place LOL! I love your knits 🙂

  122. adensmama says:

    Oh and about the Duggars thread, some people were saying REALLY rude stuff and they didn’t have their facts straight at all. People kept saying how they could only afford to have that big of a family because of the TLC show, which is NOT true they were debt free long before the show and they had investments. Someone described it as “worse than a dog in a puppy mill” which pissed a lot of people off.

    Then there was the mama who said that she didn’t want her daughters to go to college because the debt might hinder their ability to be a SAHM when they had kids….people got pretty pissed at that. I know her though and she’s super sweet and it’s not like she would discourage her DDs from going to college.
    Anyways then people started getting all huffy about their “carbon footprint” and all that, and it became this weird “tree huggers against Christians” war, it was crazy. The whole thread was amusing.

  123. my4monkeys says:

    Keitha also stated that the yarns used in the scrappies were premium HC yarns when in fact all but Megs were PW and other non-premium yarns. She then changed her listing and lowered the price after getting called out on it. 😦

  124. laughingmama says:

    #123 She’s ripped off quite a few designs from various wahms.

  125. ckck3 says:

    Thanks to anyone who was mentioning Nicole on CDN. I’m over it though, she can keep my money. It was never really about the money anyways, I just felt betrayed as she was a friend.

    Kristen, sorry about the craptastic banning…. OT, am I still on your list for a couple nb knit gowns? I find out the sex of the baby at the end of the month, whoohoo!

    Meg, yup, Keitha did it purposely, guaranteed. Out of all of the shady people I have met/seen, she is by far the worst. She steals patterns, copies others. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and had a custom done up, some ice cream longies that were really cute. Asked for w 18 r 18 i 10 t 12 h 21, the same as every other custom. I FINALLY got them and they were w 16 r 16 i 9 t 10 h 18. I emailed her explaining how beautiful they were, but they were too small, could we redo them in the size I asked for. I sent her pics of the measuring tape along them to show that was the size they were. Oh, they must have shrunk otw. I paid for shipping back to her. She emails me and says that they were the measurements I had asked for, I must be wrong. Are you freakin’ serious?! I’ve only had like 50 customs done, I think I know how to measure by now. So she sells them on her HC saying that the customer made a mistake in measuring. lol. Total B. I will never work with her again.

    Sorry for the Book. lol. I guess I was holding that in.

  126. ckck3 says:

    125. I agree that carbon footprint thread got a little weird. I’m religious, but thank God, not so much that it makes me crazy.

  127. my4monkeys says:

    Well hey there Cheryl, funny how you address me here but blocked me from FB and didn’t return any of my emails! Nice to talk to you again! 🙂

  128. my4monkeys says:

    ha! I didn’t even see I was talked about on here! Funny. Say what you want, I have pictures of the snail collab, I would NEVER ruin woolies, ever. Aimee stole from me, she has the shorties and my money, end. of. story. As for Chery who never got her package, whatev, the same exact thing happened to her as a seller and she NEVER paid back that buyer. 2 sides people, 2 sides. As for “disapearing from DS” that place is insane and I did not disapear, just stopped going! 🙂 Carry on!

  129. eeek says:

    #125- I have to admit, even if the mama was nice, I’d have a real problem with someone suggesting their DD shouldn’t go to college because it might interfere with their being a SAHM. If she was my friend I’d try to get her to see how limiting your child’s options is, really, just sad. In the nicest way of putting it.

    And the Duggars-

    I don’t care how much money they have, they don’t have extra parents to give those kids the attention every little person deserves. I think big families can be cool, but a baby every 18 months until there’s 19 (or more) is enough to make the logistics of the whole thing just impossible, the kids have to make appointments to hang out with their parents. And my biggest problem with the whole thing is that they seem to be inspiring other people to try to have huge piles of kids. Making children into reality TV is bringing out some very strange stuff, and I don’t think any of it’s good for the kids.

  130. knits on earth says:

    cheryl just email me through the congo…for sure you’re on my list

  131. zosiasmama says:

    Anyone know what chrisnsteph1022 UN is at CDN?

  132. riffrafflittleman says:

    131 it’s juststeph I think

  133. Taterbut says:

    I think she’s “juststeph” on CDN.

  134. CDNation says:

    #125, would you be willing to join CDN so we can get the story from you too? You are welcome to leave her feedback there about this.

    I’ll be working on a time line soon. So if you want to pm me there that would be great. I’m MOM over there.

  135. Taterbug says:

    DSDM-133 is me, I can’t spell my UN today!

  136. Myra says:

    129- It’s also not right for them to make the older kids responsible for the younger one with the whole buddy system, and no one would stand for forcing children to become parents under any other set of circumstances.

  137. ckck3 says:

    kristen, how much yarn do I need for a gown so I can start looking?

  138. CDNation says:

    And FTR, if you have a bad or good transaction with someone anywhere, and they are a member of our board. You are welcome to leave appropriate feedback for them. Yes, even if it didn’t happen on our board.

  139. Messy says:

    See, this is why I will never buy on DS again. Period. I barely even go there anymore. The situations over there are prime breeding ground for scammers. They have the safety net of the “no outing” and “no WAHM bashing” rules to hide behind. This is where people who would normally not scam someone tend to feel comfortable *just this once* and then it is *twice* and grows from there.
    It is easier for a WAHM with those rules to hide behind to allow herself to get too far under and fall apart.
    The accountability on CDN not only protects buyers, it helps WAHMs understand that they cannot do things that they would not want everyone to know about.

  140. Laura says:

    Cheryl, come to CDN…you’ll love it. You should have sold me those icecream longies that were to small for O. Keitha may be a B**** to work with but I LOVE them. Did she redo them for you?

  141. knits on earth says:

    lol, cheryl. email me. knitsonearth@gmail.com

    6 ounces colourway, 2 ounces trim. or 6.5-7 ounce sof whatever if you want it all colourway/or all solid

  142. adensmama says:

    #129 I totally understand what you’re saying about the college thing. I have known her for a little while now, our DS’ are the same age and we were in a DDC together on another board. I just don’t think she said what she wanted to say in the right way. She LOVES being a mom and she wants that for any daughters she might have, but I know that there is no way she would discourage them from going to college if that’s what they wanted, kwim?

  143. monkey says:


    I agree. I have no problem with large families (although 18 or 19 does seem unreasonable and unfair to the kids). The issue I have is the exploitation of making your kids grow up on tv. Child actors are one thing (although that can be a whole other ball of wax) forcing your children to GROW up in the public eye like that is wrong. Those kids are going to have one freaky life because of it.

  144. diudiaole says:

    Keitha of Rockstar Knits(I think it is called that lol)?? I have drooled over her work for so long! How disappointing to hear she may have shady tendencies. 😦

  145. ckck3 says:

    Nicole, are you freakin’ kidding me???!!!!!! Why did i block you from FB???!! Umm, because I didn’t want you anywhere near any of my pics or info after you freakin’ stabbed me in the back. Um, you emailed me? Really and what did you say? I sure didn’t get any emails? I remember you telling me that you would pay me on a certain day because I won a CHARITY auction and really needed the money. Did you? No. I gave you every opportunity to pay me half Nicole and you know that.

    And the other buyer???!! Umm, I sure hope you’re not talking about Lisa? That was a trade. She received my end of the trade and decided she didn’t want to trade after all. I told her keep them listed until I received her end of the trade, she decided she didn’t want to wait for me to receive them so she mailed them back. Sorry her trade never made it to me. I offered to cover half of the longies NUMEROUS times, thank you very much, even though SHE WAS THE SENDER, NOT ME. She didn’t accept any payment from me, I guess I was suppose to keep trying to force it on her. Also, she got those longies sent back to her thank you. She was out nothing.

    I think if Lisa has a prob, she should take it up with me. It’s really none of your business and you obviously don’t know the story.

    Don’t try to make me out to be a scammer Nicole. I would give someone the shirt off my back if I thought it would help them. You on the other hand, chose to be one when you full out lied to me. I’m done with you and all of this crap to be honest. I don’t like bad feelings, I refuse to carry them with me. I’m sure you sleep wonderfully at night with all of your justifications.

  146. ckck3 says:

    oh, and btw Nicole… Aimee tried to give your money back, she couldn’t because your account was frozen. When I claimed with PP, they sided with me and froze the account. I didn’t get my money, you didn’t get yours. What goes around comes around I guess.

  147. JustPeachy says:

    I knew there had to be more to it Cheryl so t hank you for sharing that.

  148. Not Me At All says:

    I got my hand slapped in the Duggar thread, apparently it’s okay to call environmentalists “silly dirt worshipers” but it is NOT okay to call someone a selfish elitist who says “I nearly went off on some lady at the mall that was preaching about how I should conserve water just because SOME people don’t have any water, I should have asked her why she was not conserving calories because she was FAT”

    She was also mad that her kids had learned the slogan “reduce, reuse, recycle” and that her son was trying to get her to conserve water. It’s also okay to say (to the conservationists) “That just makes me want to go run the sink a while”

  149. Not Me At All says:

    oh yeah LOL apparently our little conversation was “affecting others and the board” LMAO!

  150. my4monkeys says:

    You know what Cheryl, I could go rounds with you but you’re just not worth it.
    The money for me with Aimee was never the issue either, it’s the martyr she’s making her self out to be after the owl pocket drama and the snail shorties.

  151. Not Me At All says:

    The Duggar thread is back but locked, pretty much everything I had to say has been edited out but Asher’s Momma is still allowed to call environmentalists silly and say we make her want to run around turning on all the taps and lights. :sigh:

  152. myra says:

    Wow. Asher’s Momma is a special kind of stupid.

  153. ckck3 says:

    You know what Nicole, I’ll take that and leave it. I’m not going to fight because honestly there is no fight. The is truth there and you can’t argue with that.

    It’s honestly never too late to do the right thing. I don’t care if you EVER give me the money, but an aknowledgement and apology would be really nice. HA! I’m expecting you to do that right?

    Please ask Lisa to address me if she has issues with a trade we had half a year ago. I can’t see her having any, but if she did, I would love to know it.

  154. Me. Myself, and I says:

    Does anyone have some GN/Boyish scraps they would be willing to surrender FFS?

    I’m trying to make a few things for our little guy for this winter, and I just can’t spring on yarn ATM… I wanted to make him some pants and sweaters and hats before the cold/flu season comes to help keep him warm… (For those that don’t know, he is Failure to thrive and is a little thing.)

  155. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    #157 – i dont have wool scraos, but i have tons of fleece if you want i will ffs you a FRB full

  156. Me. Myself, and I says:

    Thank you 158, but I can’t sew, lol. Not sure how much good they would do me. I’m just getting into knitting and am doing fairly well at it, I figure I could make him some clothes to help.

  157. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    no problem 🙂 Sorry I couldn;t be of more help!

  158. ckck3 says:

    Sorry I dragged Lisa’s name into this. She has nothing to do with anything. I’d really like to know who this person that I scammed was though…

  159. Kimbella says:

    MM&I: I have a couple of skeins of cheapo Patons wool you can have if you want. I can ship it out on Tuesday. Just let me know.

  160. piratebaby says:

    MM&I, I have some yarn I can send you. I have 2 balls of green wool, my mom gave it to me and it’s just not the right color for my baby. It’s a dark kinda khaki green. lmk if you want it and I can send it out next wkend.

  161. Me. Myself, and I says:

    Oh please to both of you! Just let me know how much to send you for shipping!

  162. Me. Myself, and I says:

    lilhuckers@gmail.com is my email.Thanks so much mamas, it really means a lot.

  163. me says:

    Meg, if you bought it, it was YOUR yarn. That is BS.

    Do these look felted to anyone else or is it the color/pic?

  164. mdmr says:

    Nicole you are a shady piece of trash! There is no way in hell Cheryl is at fault here. You can’t dig your way out of this one. And I noticed TWO negs on DS? What’s your excuse for the other one? Is that “their fault” too? Did they delete your scumbag butt from FB too?

  165. Taterbug says:

    166-I think it could be either way. The pic doesn’t look quite in focus, so they could be felted, or it could just be she used the wrong camera setting to take the pic.

  166. eeek says:

    166- I *think* it looks like it’s just a crappy camera pic with low resolution. Yet, I wouldn’t want to buy them without knowing more.

  167. Incognizable says:

    #166 the waist seems a bit big for a NB listing. So maybe.

  168. danuv says:

    #166 Galenas is a VERY soft yarn (but scrumptious). It pills and felts easily but those don’t look felted just slightly fuzzy.

  169. werd says:



    I am so sick of the self-righteous assholes on DS… the woman posted asking for suggestions and instead gets criticized and judged… big fucking surprise.

    I could see if she was on DS asking for handouts, constantly posting about not having enough money and out buying fucking GMs or something – but she isn’t. I have SO been in the situation where even $15 was just too much at one time … I’m sure lots of us have and this poor woman is just trying to figure out what to do.

    Bean3 – I hope you read here. YOU = BIG FUCKING TWAT. Take your psychoanalysis of the world today and shove it up your miserable ass!

  170. diudiaole says:

    That kind of crap is posted all over DS… I never knew there were so many ‘christians’ that think people on government assistance should be sterilized and drug tested each month and generally shamed and tormented for being taxpayer leeches etc etc till I started reading/posting on cloth diapering forums lol

  171. tntdynomite says:

    #172 Am I a sucker if I am going to send her money if she will let me? I read her post I didn’t bother with the rest. I never FF but, I hate the thought of anyone not having food especially a baby. I am by no means rich but, I can spare some $ for this. I like to think some one would do the same for me.

  172. DSDM2 says:

    174, I would not. I would let her ask her church for $$. If she is in that much need, she should ask for it from an organization set up to help her. I think sending money is kind of asking for trouble.

    What you could do is sign up for formula checks and mail them to her each month. That way she gets coupons and help with it.

  173. tntdynomite says:

    Hmm I never thought of the coupon thing. That is a good idea. Thank you 🙂

  174. werd says:

    I agree DSDM2

  175. JustPeachy says:

    You dont have to be broke to be on WIC.

  176. me says:

    WHy do people say that wool hasn’t been washed when they have been worn and put them up for sale?
    Some say they will wash if you want. WTF?
    Yes, I’d like to buy your wool, your kids piss included because it sounds like fun to wash?

  177. Messy says:

    #179 You don’t know how many times I have skipped past what looked like a great deal for just that reason!

    The mom on DS with the formula problem… I feel for her BTDT. However, I can totally see the mamas points who told her that maybe she needs to revamp her budgeting and perhaps cut out the horse back riding.
    My kids have all been in karate for years. Right now they are not. It is more important to pay the REAL essentials at this moment.
    Her saying that this was all her kid does and all that, negates the fact that she is paying for horse back riding lessons when her son is looking at going without formula. Yeah, I can see how some would take issue with that.

  178. diudiaole says:

    Well, Messy, she did mention later in the thread that she just paid $130 for a dr appt for her son, so I was thinking that is why she is so short this month. And I don’t think she was considering not feeding her son… I mean who would?

  179. diudiaole says:

    yeah I don’t understand how it is acceptable to ship out dirty diapering items… or anything dirty for that matter, either!! lol

  180. Messy says:

    Oh, I don’t think she would let him go hungry. Not at all. However, she asked for advice… She also said that the WIC wouldn’t last her all next month, etc. So, it is possibly an ongoing issue that she will have to face (esp with the cut backs).
    I am not bashing her, but I can honestly see some people’s points when they tell her that she can make other choices.

  181. werd says:

    I thought that at first, but she splits the cost with the Bio mom of the kid and she only pays like $5 a month… that is nothing so I can see why she would want to keep her kid in, especially for that price.

    It REALLY just irritated me when that Bean douche nozzle went on her little tirade about society – seriously?! The lady was asking for some advice… I’d rather she be able to ask for advice and get some good answers, than go to walmart and try to steal the formula or something. But its like any time anyone asks for a little advice, they get shit on by half of the responses, instead of getting the info they need to help them out. I hate how people jump to conclusions without getting the facts… is cutting $5 a month for riding lessons, REALLY going to make the difference? No.

    And yeah Peachy, for a family of 4 in NY, you can make $40k and still get WIC. That is a LOT of money for this area.

  182. Messy says:

    Yeah, I thought the whole society tirade was a little much for someone just asking for advice. She wasn’t asking for handouts.

  183. monkey says:


    There’s not way it’s only $5 a month. It might be $5 a week, but even if she is splitting the cost and getting a discounted rate it’s not $5 a month. She said the cost of the horseback riding lessons would by one can of formula a month.

    I have no issue with WIC and I understand living hand to mouth, but if your income is that tight you quit the riding lessons for a few months and pack that money away in a savings account so you at least have SOMETHING for when issues like this come up. You sell the Christmas gifts and put that money in the bank for a rainy day and buy much cheaper presents.

    I know it sucks to not be able to give your kids everything they want, but sometimes you do what you have do. Even having $150 in your savings account gives you something to fall back on for those months when things come up. And it sounds like she’s expecting to be short next month as well.

    I think WIC is a great program and it sounds like this mama needs to get foodstamps at least for a few months to help her get some savings together. And that’s okay. I have no issue with WIC or foodstamps. I think someone should suggest she join a credit union and get some free financial counseling/budgeting help.

  184. monkey says:

    I just saw that she’s selling her game consoles. Hopefully that will give her some cash to put into savings. If that’s the case then yeah, spring the $20 a month for horseback riding lessons. I’m just saying that if it’s at all possible you need to always have something in savings… even if it’s just a little.

  185. Meghan says:

    It seems like in these “look at what the poor person is wasting her money on” convos, 90 percent of the time there are circumstances explaining the inconsistencies. I’m sure there’s more to it than starving one kid for horseback riding lessons.
    Lame drama. I want to see some ridiculous wahm-wear, not critique people’s budget priorities behind their backs. It’s not like it’s even coming from a genuine place of concern- it’s just creepy.

  186. monkey says:


    I would agree with you… but the thing is, if you’re someone who uses DS and you post about things like that it’s gonna happen. People are going to call you on stuff like paying for non-necessity items.

    I agree though… let’s see some shoddy WAHM wear. Way more interested and you don’t have to feel bad for the person at the center of the drama (and I do feel for that mama).

  187. diudiaole says:

    I want to see some more drool-worthy wahm ware… I always feel bummed out and embarrassed for the maker when I see the crappy stuff!! LOL

  188. me says:

    186- she said a family member does the lessons, so it very well could be 5 bucks a month for their part I’d think…

  189. juliankenziesmama says:

    werd….she is paying $5 for each lesson. So if the kid is going one time per week than that is $20 a month.
    If she gets the checks/coupons as suggested she can get the Alimentum for $15 a can instead of $25 a can.
    I have BTDT as well and yeah $5 a week isn’t really a whole lot but if you put that away just in case then that type of situation can possibly be avoided again.
    Because I have totally been in the same situation I was close to sending her a couple cans but then all the info about horseback riding, game consoles etc came out. She said they were a one family income (and she referred to her DH working) but in her siggy she points out that she made $400 in July buy selling Avon that supports her kids hobbies.

    Its great that people want to help but just do some digging around first and see their responses when pushed a little (this is in general not specifically about the poster). A couple weeks ago I saw a post about someone that couldn’t afford formula. A mama offered to send 6 bottles FFS and the poster said thanks but that she couldn’t afford it. Because we got help when we needed it and I know how it feels not to be able to get formula I offered to pay the shipping for her.
    Well anyway a couple days later I see that she is getting some uber expensive longies made up, buying yarn, posting pics of her new wool, looking at buying some GM’s etc…… I felt like I got kicked in the face.
    That same week I sent a mama some PP in order to buy her baby a cake for his first birthday because she said they couldn’t afford anything for his b-day. A couple days later she posts her budget and there is $1,000 a month unaccounted for…..yes ONE THOUSAND a month.
    I now wait a little bit and think with my head not my heart.

  190. Meghan says:

    I’d be okay with anything at this point that doesn’t involve budgets and ASSumptions, lol!

  191. ladylili says:

    this is from a few days ago, but it makes me very leery about buying from this person.

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    Re: How about a new fsot rule?

    “I’d be happy to take a MO… (which the buyer would have to pay for… and a stamp) My items stay ‘for sale’ until the payment is received… so if someone wants to send PP before your MO gets here… oh well, guess who I’m selling to…
    There are so many people that are interested and never send PP, imagine waiting on them to send a MO… yeh right.”

    WTH? If someone send her a MO she won’t mark the item as pending, so if someone wants to buy it the next day with PP she will sell it to them? What about the person who just sent her the MO? That seems so wrong to me.

  192. nu says:

    Regarding the mother who doesn’t have money for formula:

    I guess what got me was the fact that she said she wouldn’t go on food stamps. Also, that she ass umed that people looked down on her for getting WIC. You do whatever you have to do to get food in the mouths of your children. She said something that her family already gave her crap about it. Then let the uptight relatives pay for food and formula.

    She said she wouldn’t ask her church…um…..hello!!! Again…I’d ask, in fact we did at one time. We had no money until the end of the month…and limited food. We got gift cards for the local store.

    Maybe I have no pride….but I would do what I have to do for my kids.

    During my recent lay off I was able to get food stamps (for one month); WIC and unemployment. I had to do it…to survive the dry time.

    I *think* I would still qualify for WIC, since we didn’t raises at work this year. I’m just grateful I have a job!!!

    Social Services are set up to help families in need!

  193. JustPeachy says:

    Exactly me. When Mena was first born I got all kinds of assistance. I was on WIC, Medicaid, and the local church gave us tons of formula for her. I was so grateful because at the time I was living with my mom and trying to cover everything on a waitress’s tips (which weren’t shit).

  194. tntdynomite says:

    I tried to send her money and she refused. She thanked me but, said she didn’t post the thread for $$. She was very sweet.

  195. eeek says:

    There is *absolutely* nothing wrong with using WIC or food stamps. Those programs are there to help families stay out of crisis. Ignoring them because of pride or family bullying, when that negatively impacts your children’s welfare, is ridiculous.

    I was kinda staying out of this one, until she said she wouldn’t use food stamps. That’s as lame as someone I heard lately who refused to apply for medical assistance (it’s WELFARE), but said they would have to declare bankruptcy for their child’s medical bills. Hello, one way the hospital that treated you gets paid, the other way only a bankruptcy attorney makes any money and everyone else who uses that hospital pays extra for your lack of payment. Also using a little medical assistance doesn’t destroy your credit, it lets you move on in your life without too much trauma. That’s why they set those programs up, so a rough patch doesn’t permanently mess up someone’s life (hopefully).

  196. Myra says:

    I thought she said she didn’t ask her church because she thought there were people who needed it more, not because of pride. As far as her desire to stay off of food stamps, that’s her business. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Like one poster pointed out, I read it like she needed a short term fix for the problem, such as sales, asking the ped’s office or coupons. Then the comments about managing her money started…I don’t blame her for getting a little defensive. I don’t think she’s neglecting or starving her kids and trying to find ways to fill the gaps without assistance is a good thing.

  197. werd says:

    194 I saw that – that is QUITE the attitude she has about Paypal!! I think she made a lot of DO NOT B/S/T lists that day.

    As far as the formula lady… its her business whether she wants to go on foodstamps or whatever. I think she merely had a rough month/two weeks/whatever, and was asking for ideas on how/where to get formula this ONE time. She didn’t say “Here look at my budget, my kid is always starving as my other kid goes riding every week”… if that were the case, then YES everyone can have a free-for-all about her spending. She JUST asked for ideas. She even turned down offers of money – I really don’t think she is this neglectful parent that some are making her out to be in the thread! That was all I was saying.

  198. Meghan says:

    200- Exactly. She wasn’t asking for money. She didn’t feel like it was dire enough for church or chronic enough for food stamps. She was actually asking for suggestions without any secret plan to scam DS. It’s totally fine to not send cash to random strangers- it’s smart. It’s LAME to sit back and critique with half an idea of what’s really going on.

  199. eeek says:

    Ah, see, I guess I thought it was LAME to say you can’t buy your child the food that he most definitely needs, then say you’re too proud to use resources which are there for exactly that purpose.

  200. chrissyb says:

    On the formula thing, I don’t think she was saying she was not going to feed her kid, she was looking on advice on how to afford it. Geesh, people need to chill out. She never said “i can’t feed him” she asked for advice on how to decrease the cost of getting extra formula. I have never been in a position where $15 would sink my month, but I think I respect this woman for saying “hey I need to feed my kid, but don’t want to default on my bills, how can I do it?” instead of pulling out the nearest credit card and charging it. She was looking for advice, and got some good stuff, like use swagbucks, call formula companies etc. I completly get her not wanting to use a church etc, because although she is in a tough spot, she is not in an impossible spot like some are. We could easily have qualified for wic and saved a crapload of money on formula, but I chose not to. It has nothing to do with pride. It has to do with knowing that I can afford to pay myself, and any money saved would have just been play money, and other people need that assistance more than me. People can be so crappy about stuff like this. I refuse to offer stuff up free or buy online auctions to benefit people anymore. I donated $100 to a mama on a charity drive on DS at one point, then a couple months later saw that mama buying up craploads of yarn on the coops that I myself passed on cause I gave my extra cash to her. Then shipped some stuff that I was planning on selling free to a mama (i paid shipping) only to then see her posting her HC diapers and wool, that again I would have loved but didn’t buy cause the money isn’t around. Those are the people who should be called out, IMO.

  201. nu says:

    #202–that’s my point…the services are not meant for a family to live off for YEARS! It is there to help out for a short time. Not having enough formula is in my opinion, needing some extra help.

  202. me says:

    194-Damn, so the MO sending person would just be SOL and have wasted 2 bucks?

  203. nu says:

    #205; that sucks, huh for the MO person…..I would mark the transaction pending; or not take a MO.

  204. Thud says:

    well, isn’t a MO just like cash? So the seller is holding your cash and you have no product?

  205. me says:

    Yep and you can’t get the money back without paying the company 15 bucks for Money Gram. You’d be way SOL!

    I’d be waaaay pissed.

  206. Mmspirit7 says:

    Ugh I think i priced my fitteds to high to sell and I know you ladies will be honest with me.

    so here is the link.


    I paid 20ppd for them they have been worn maybe once and i just washed them before listing to make sure they were clean from storage i got them last summer.

    I want to be fair with my price but also be able to trade or fund thing i need for dd. this is why i have held off to long

  207. naturalmamadot says:

    Yea, same here charise, I have a brand new mutt that I am kicking myself SO hard for buying lol, its never gonna sell for over like 10 bucks lol. I would probably lower a little but you have to decide how low you are willing to go when youd rather just keep it. I understand needing the money though, I want to get DS xmas stuff a few at a time the next few months, but I think its just gonna have to be credit card purchases lol no one can afford much :/

  208. Mmspirit7 says:

    thanks…i might lower it a bit don’t know i just listed it.

    i figured after fees and shipping i was only making like maybe 12 bucks.

    oh and if mutts worked i would be buying them

  209. naturalmamadot says:

    Yea, I know after pp and shipping, I havent been making much if anything. Last diaper I sold I made 2 bucks after everything was said and done. I was blown away, might as well be throwing these in the trash instead of spending my time and money into nice pics and detailed listings lol.

    These last few weeks, I have been understanding why ppl just throw stuff on the dirty floor, take a crappy dark unfocused pic and list it with no description, they probably make more than I do haha

  210. Mmspirit7 says:

    haha i know my pica might not be great but they are better then some on spots. i could list it there just i don’t know then i will be out for the spots listing fee i would rather just trad them

  211. naturalmamadot says:

    lol I wasnt commenting on your picture directly, just the ones I see around that they seem to pic the dirtiest spot in their house then take dark unfocused unclear pictures lol. I have been considering spots when I finally get all the outgrown clothes pictured.

  212. žába says:

    IDK, maybe that is the cleanest spot in their house, LOL. Maybe the out of focus-ness is a blessing, if you saw how dirty it was in detail you might never buy anything from them.

    Ok, I’m just not being very nice. My floor is not always swept to perfection, and I am sure I have taken a couple of less than stellar pics for FSOT.

  213. JustPeachy says:

    I have too but I try to take pics in an area that is pretty much spotless nowadays. Every lil bit counts when selling.

  214. žába says:

    No kidding Peach. I have sold a couple of things lately and with PP fees and postage it has hardly been worth the time it takes to photo, list, respond, package and ship. I guess every little but counts. My problem is that once I start listing in FSOT, I start looking at other things in FSOT and spending, which has been waaaay more than I am making selling lately.

  215. JustPeachy says:

    See I’ve been good lately staying off the cd boards which has curbed my temptation to buy anything. Plus I have some stuff coming in trades which is how i get most everything nowadays.

  216. monkey says:


    I can’t make anything, but I swear I wish I could trade proofreading for fluffies. I’m totally amazed by the skill of WAHM’s but it kills me when the descriptions are poorly written and misspelled. I feel like this work of art this woman made deserves a better, more fitting and grammatically correct description.

    I mean sure, I may not always write properly or punctuate on here or on the message boards, but for something like that I’m very careful.

    I can’t help it. It’s the whole “being an English teacher” thing.

  217. Kelolsen says:

    I don’t understand the whole carbon footprint vs kids thing. I mean, sure.. the Duggars have contributed tons of sposies to a landfill. however, in a sense, the best way to help the population problem/carbon footprint is to have NO k ids. the next best is one- you still reduce in a way. the next best is 2- then you are only replacing yourselves. In a sense, anything over 2 kids can be argued is too much, so while 19 is alot, if you are talking “green-ness” then you need to stop at two!

    (not that I care… I’m just sayin…)

  218. Lolanae says:

    Anyone see the yarn drama in the knitfits co-op thread?

  219. amessymama says:

    Let’s look at it in shoe sizes.

    If your shoes size is an 8, only having 2 kids makes your footprint an 8. If you have 3 or 4, maybe your footprint would be 8.5-9. A little bigger, but not much. If you have 19-20 kids, well then your footprint will be gi-freakin-normous. Probably bigger than Shaq’s.

    Then, of course, those kids will start mini cities as soon as they get married. So it just gets bigger and bigger.

    There’s a show on the green channel, that helps families figure out their carbon footprint and then helps them reduce it (I forget what it’s called, Wasted, maybe). I would love for them to do a show on a Duggarish type family. Just for the interest factor, I don’t really care what these people do.

    My personal belief is that the entity that allows those people to inhabit the earth, will certainly not allow them destroy it. No matter how hard they try.

  220. me says:

    221: :jawdrop:
    I almost can’t believe that!

  221. Erin says:

    221 & 223- link? We need new drama!

  222. Trojane says:

    221 – That is a major mess! I thought they were overreacting for a moment, but the pictures are very blah compared to the seller’s pictures. It looks like she’s trying to make the trims right. How is she going to dye them to match if she couldn’t get them to match the colorways as she was dyeing them.

  223. naturalmamadot says:

    link and C/P for those that dont go to DS???? TIA

  224. me says:

    225- And what are they going to match?
    What they are supposed to be or what they are?


    The last post there is the first where the colorway questions started.

  225. Trojane says:

    I must have lagged. I fixed the . to a ? on the last sentence.

    Link: http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=757462 Starting at about post #320

  226. amessymama says:

    That yarn is messed up!! Some, if not all, of the trims are blotchy and different colors.

  227. Incognizable says:

    Holy shit that yarn fiasco sucks! If I recall the base price on each skein before co-op discount was not cheap! I remember cause I passed…luckily.

  228. Lolanae says:

    It is a lot to C&P.

    Cliff notes:

    People ordered based on pictures. It took awhile to get the yarn. Most of the colorways are SUPER muted. Some have extra colors in them. Some are missing colors. The dyer basically said tough luck that colors vary from yarn types/monitors. It really looks like the dyer was trying to stretch her dye farther than it could go.

    Some people are also missing yardage of their yarn. Up to to 1/2 an once. The trim skiens seem to be the worst about being short. The trims were also not even. (Not slight variations, we’re talking two different colors.) She seems to be making the trims right, but nothing on the colorways.

    Two of my friends got four skeins of one colorway. None of them look alike.

  229. naturalmamadot says:

    damn, too bad I couldnt see pics

  230. Messy says:

    Ok, so one time that I was all pity party about not getting to get in on a co-op of yumminess. Now I should just move on to the “party” that I couldn’t afford it afterall!!! Crazy!!! Horrible too.

  231. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    #219 – I’m willing to trade fluff for listing writing

  232. me says:

    i wish I could do the trading fluff for fixing spelling too. It is really bad in some. A few yeasrs ago, it was common to get a discount code but I rarely get a thank you! I even got yelled at once for “critiquing her store”

  233. JustPeachy says:

    Wait 24.95 for 3.8oz of bfl which will probably not even make a nb pair of longies? Fer real?

  234. Messy says:

    Who is the dyer for the co-op???

  235. JustPeachy says:

    Lame! Some were shorted yarn bust most had crappy trim skeins that didn’t match or the colorways looked nothing like they do on her site. So glad I saw that because I probably would have bought from her somewhere down the road.

  236. Messy says:

    Knitfit is who on DS?
    And did she dye the yarn or is there a different dyer…??? And who is that?

  237. JustPeachy says:

    She dyed the yarn but im not sure who she is on DS.

  238. me says:

    Oh great, I say all that and have typos. I’ll go hide in my corner now!

    I don’t know if she is on DS.
    I’m pretty sure she is the dyer. If not then it isn’t showing that she has help that I can see.

  239. Incognizable says:

    Yep she is on DS. I cannot recall her u/n name! I remember her having a link to her store in her siggy and not too many posts.

    I KNOW it’s not the hosts fault, but I wonder if the host noticed anything wrong with the dyeing job when she received the order?

    I think I would, especially if I was packing trims that didn’t match the colourways or skeins with same names that look completely different.

  240. me says:

    In that link, the Etsy one says “Uh-Oh! Store not found!” or something like that.

  241. try me, i'm new! says:

    #245, wtf is up w/ that yarn? That can’t be normal. are we going for “aesthetic of defect” here? “professionally dyed”??

  242. laughingmama says:

    Holy shit! That is one awful dye job.

  243. naturalmamadot says:

    hahhaaha I was THINKING that it looked weird, but as Ive admitted before I dont know shit about knitting or yarn.

  244. naturalmamadot says:

    I thought it kinda looked like she colored it with a marker that was running out of ink haha

  245. jmama says:

    You have got to be kidding me??? That is some of the shittiest looking yarn that I have ever seen! Blech!

  246. amessymama says:

    She’s only had an etsy since Jan 21. She only has 15 reviews from buyers. Not a whole lot of experience to be doing a huge co-op.

    Did anyone even check her out first?

    Another person who thinks wahming must be a quick and easy buck. Yarn + all the Rit dye you can buy at wal-mart = colorway.

  247. žába says:

    249 – LOL that is exactly what I thought when I saw it.

  248. monkey says:


    Shoot me an email. potblackettle@gmail.com and we’ll totally work something out. 🙂

  249. insomniac says:

    ack! that yarn is awful!
    laughably awful.

    but damn she has 100% pos feedback. How on earth does that happen?

  250. try me, i'm new! says:

    b/c people have no freaking clue what quality is, yo.

  251. eeek says:

    Someone who bought only one skein, & who saw what they were buying before they got it might have thought it was OK, because then you can’t see she couldn’t match anything. Some yarn is dyed to be kind of spotty, I did that once with some I did for myself & it turned out really cool. You have to actually be able to do it on purpose, though, it takes planning. It’s not just letting THAT be how it turns out when you randomly throw dye onto yarn.

    I also have a feeling she got in way the hell over her head. Mass production is much harder than people think when they start WAHM-ing. This crap happens even with good experienced dyers, remember when WWBN went down the tubes? People in co-ops who sounded just like this, asking why the hell their skeins didn’t match, & by the way they were also felted.

    Some people can move up- like HBK, I think she’s doing well with wholesaling yarn to places like yarn harlot & she does big shows. I think it requires more than just a casual mentality, though, if you want to dye a pound a week then just have an HC.

  252. ladylili says:

    because there are always 2 sides to every story (not really dramarific but fun)….


    ” mom_2_carson’s Avatar
    Registered Users

    Join Date: Oct 2006
    Location: Milwaukee WI
    Posts: 853
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    Feedback: 100%
    My Mood:

    Who’s responsible for paying return shipping?
    I bought 3 diapers on DS from a mama last week. Asked before the purchase if they were knit or woven fabric outers and was told they were knit. They show up and all 3 are woven These woven diapers don’t have as much of a size range as their knit counterpart and I would not have purchased them knowing what I do now. Needless to say I want to return them to the seller.

    Conversation goes something like this:

    Me: I don’t necessarily care for woven outers, that’s why I asked about the fabric before the purchase. Woven outers have a shorter rise and won’t last until PLing. I think I’d like to return these.

    Her: Alrighty!

    Me: What do you think is fair?

    Her: (no response for 2 days)

    Me: I’d like to finish this transaction, whatever that might mean, but I’m waiting to hear back from you.

    Her: Fine. We’re both out $10 for shipping though.

    I guess the way I see it is I asked the questions before purchasing because it was important to me and I shouldn’t be out any money (even return shipping) because the seller really wasn’t sure what she was selling.

    So, my question is, who pays return shipping? And do I get the full refund of what I paid or what I paid less the shipping costs to me?”

    ” amybabya’s Avatar
    Registered Users

    Join Date: Apr 2008
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    Re: Who’s responsible for paying return shipping?
    Actually mama, if you are going to quote me, you better be accurate. You are completely out of line and I was out of town for the holiday weekend. I told you I had no idea what the difference but I THOUGHT they were sold to me as “knit woven” which I see now is completely wrong but I didn’t know AND I told you I didn’t know.
    Please don’t spread lies about me.”

  253. Lolanae says:

    That reply is already deleted. Fast…wow.

  254. žába says:

    Well, lets start the countdown to that thread going poof. I have a hard time believing that someone with over 2,000 post doesn’t know the difference between knit and woven fabric diapers. Actually I have a hard time believing anyone over the age of 12 doesn’t know the difference between knit and and not knit, does she not wear clothes?

  255. žába says:

    258 That was faster than I thought!

  256. Lolanae says:

    I know when I was a CD’ing noob, it took me only buying two woven diapers to learn the difference. It’s not “that” hard to tell. One stretches a LOT, the other one barely does.

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