lavender dragonfly 08-22-2009 03:12 PM

I am loosing my mind…..but here is some of my newborn stash up for grabs!!!
……..updated pics to come tomorrow morning.

Ok…deep breath….I am going to learn how to knit! :yay:

I bought some MM yarn at the last coop and I promised myself I would part with some of my stash. I have a lot of wool, so there may be more coming, depending on how the knitting goes!:giggle:

First up…
Mint Chocolate Chip
Knit by Myla of P.J. Bottoms on Uruguay 3 ply Merino, bulky merino. Very think and would be great for fall/winter and overnights. There is an awesome thick icord…in the second pic it just hadn’t been added yet:thumbsup:
Inseam 7.5
Waist 16
Rise 17
Thigh 10

58ppd, brand new

Cake, Cake and more Cake!
WSK Cake on Rodeo BFL, knit by DWK
3-6 month AA tee by Cake.
This set is in wonderful condition. The mama I bought it from said her LO only wore it a couple of times, and she was the original owner.
W 14-18
R 16
H 17
I 7.5

Pumpkin Sleepsack with matching hat, pending!
This is absolutely ADORABLE! It is so soft and cuddley! The sleepsack is made from soft wool and kool aid dyed. There are two buttons on each strap. It has a ribbed pattern on the body that really makes it look like a little pumpkin. I will include a drawstring so that you can thread through the ribbing at the bottom and cinch tight. The sleepsack measures 14 1/2 inches from chest to bottom, another 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches with the straps, and is 14 inches around unstretched, 20 stretched. Matching hat with cute little pumpkin stem that measures 14 inches unstretched. Never worn, brand new condition. The mama I bought this set from was extremely generous and gave me an amazing deal. I am passing this deal onto the next mama :hugs:
25ppd, brand new

Newborn Paddestole Set
3 ply, 100% purewool merino dyed and knit by Leidy of WSK on her Paddestole.

The Kimono (which has a hand carved wooden button to close it) is the SMSS pattern (one-time tester price, with permission) and the booties are the Curly Purly pattern (which Leidy gifted to me :wub:).

This set includes the: Kimono, longies, two hats (a newborn and a small) nb booties, and 4oz of the butter yellow merino and about 2 oz of the Paddestole colorway to make an addition pair of longies. The idea was to be able to interchange the longies without having to change out the entire set. :wub:

She did an absoluetly amazing job on this and I will have a really, really hard time letting it go. She knit the booties for me as a gift, so I will include those at no cost.:goodvibes: Thank you Leidy for letting me use your pics. This set will also include a green newborn Luxe fitted to complete the set.

Here’s what the yarn looked like before she knit it :wub:

165ppd, set is brand new, luxe diaper is in good used condition

I ship on Mondays. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to pm me. Thanks for looking…even if it is just to :drool::giggle2:

Knutsonfam 08-22-2009 06:45 PM

Re: I am loosing my mind…..but here is some of my newborn stash up for grabs!!!
So nice of Myla to let you use her photos! (…69084033%40N00) She is such a wonderful WAHM, and I’m sure she appreciated being asked before you posted. So many people don’t you know. :nono: In fact, one of my first purchases, the seller used the knitter’s stock photos, and then the longies arrived at my house. Well, they didn’t look at all like the photos anymore 😥 I’m sure that isn’t the case here though! :goodvibes:
lovemyryley 08-22-2009 07:19 PM

Re: I am loosing my mind…..but here is some of my newborn stash up for grabs!!!

Originally Posted by lavender dragonfly (Post 8192451)
Hi Kim :wave:

You are totally right! Myla did an awesome job on them and it will be hard to part with them:goodvibes: You do make a good point…I will send her a pm, and double check with her and make sure it is alright. If not, I will take new pics tomorrow. Thank you for bringing that to my attention.:hugs: They are brand new and in perfect condition.:thumbsup:

Just jumping in here but it’s actually bad selling etiquette to use a previous owners pictures. You should really take all your own pics, otherwise people don’t know exactly what they are getting. If you aren’t using your own pictures you really need to disclose that the pictures were taken before you bought the items. That goes for all pics you use. It’s common courtesy to ask anyone before using their pictures but especially when selling.
makoa’s mommy 08-22-2009 07:34 PM

Re: I am loosing my mind…..but here is some of my newborn stash up for grabs!!!
Seems like this isn’t the 1st time you have been asked to take your own pictures.
Oh NO!!! Hurry, sue her for copyright infringement! The pot and the kettles discuss FSOT etiquette.
  1. JustPeachy says:

    And just who exactly is the pot in this case?

  2. lollerskating says:

    Why are people talking on FSOt anyway? That’s not “proper ettiquet” either.

  3. JustPeachy says:

    Its not cool to steal pictures like LD does. Shes fucking nutty and shes been told many times before to take her own damned pictures or ask first.

  4. amessymama says:

    lavender housefly is a freakin’ loon.

  5. Messy says:

    Ok, I am glad that it is not just me that gets creeped out by lavender housefly’s posts. There is something completely off about her that genuinely would keep me from b/s/t-in with her because I would fear giving her my address… Her knowing where someone’s newborn baby is really bothers me.

  6. Another says:

    #1- I’m confused, too.
    #5- Your last statement confuses me even more.

    ***How do I get a new name? I created this one quite a while ago & I had no idea what I was doing when I created it. I’d like a different, more me, but don’t want to cause a headache for the owners 🙂

  7. Another says:

    Why am I stuck in moderation??

  8. Laura says:

    dude, cut her a little slack she just lost a baby.

    I know it’s not cool to steal pics but right now is SHITTY timing for everyone to lay into her.

  9. BffMama says:

    Is she the one that has all kinds of diapers but no children?

  10. amessymama says:

    Yep. Didn’t know she just lost a baby, though. Sorry.

    She is acting no different now than how she always does. She was a loon before too.

    And dude can’t her DH take pics for her? Maybe he can do an anthology of her wool.

  11. žába says:

    Anthology of her wool!….LMAO 😀

  12. Megan says:

    Even if she’s always been a little off, bringing her to the drama blog after she just lost the baby she tried so hard to conceive is pretty low. It’s right in her siggie. I know I wouldn’t have been up to taking pics of stuff for FSOT just a few weeks after my m/c’s. I would have just wanted the baby reminders out of my house.

  13. JustPeachy says:

    You know what normally I’d agree with you two but its not like anyone is making fun of her loss. Sorry but she is a loon no matter what her situation is and people don’t feel comfortable with the shit she has pulled in the past.

  14. JustPeachy says:

    And you would think her post would be a bit more somber if that in fact was the case Megan but it sounds like she is just learning to knit so she has no use for it. Thats not even all her nb stuff so I sincerely doubt that it was just wanting it out.

  15. Messy says:

    Yeah, she is not selling the wool because she had a m/c, she is selling *some of it* because she is learning to knit herself and is working on funding her new yarn love.
    Sorry, but she is still a tad creepy… She does some very strange things and honestly, she has been told about using/stealing other peoples’ photos before.

  16. Just Plain Me says:

    I don’t think having a m/c is any reason to go stealing pictures, especially from the WAHM who made the items. I know Myla and I don’t think she’d appreciate it. If you are able to post on a forum and post things FSOT then you are able to take pictures. Period.

  17. Laura says:

    I’m not sayin’ she’s not a tad off or that she’s selling her wool because she’s grieving. I just don’t think we should be kickin’ her while she’d down. That’s all.

  18. DSDM2 says:

    Another, your old name has … after it, so the name change threw you into moderation. If you want to change names, fine by me, just let everyone know in the comment.

  19. Messy says:

    #17 Oh ok! I see… Is it ok if I was kicking her *before she was down and just wish to continue kicking her? I didn’t get the memo about what was proper kicking etiquette. 😀 ROFL

  20. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    I have TEH DUM. Why is it “the pot and the kettles”?

  21. FruitLoop says:

    Has anyone seen this:
    I don’t know if I’ve just been looking at FailBlog too long, but that third picture just seemed really wrong…

  22. amessymama says:

    21-lol I see it. That entire outfit is a fail anyway. My goodness please tell me she doesn’t have plans to become a wahm. That looks like the stuff I used to make for my dolls when I was nine. MInus the labial formation. 🙂

  23. melmelly says:

    That third pic is wrong. Poor kid. 😦

  24. mmspirit7 says:

    21 cp?

  25. bored says:

    holy crap! that third pic is soooo wrong. but then again, so is that whole outfit. what is up with that hat?!

  26. werd says:

    I’d love to buy some of her wool, but she just really, really, REALLY creeps me out. And me being hugely pregnant right now… I just don’t even want to finish that thought. I get massively BAD vibes about her… Maybe its pregnancy paranoia but she has ALWAYS creeped me out.

  27. FruitLoop says:

    Whew – I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw it. It reminded me of that purse fail I saw the other day.

  28. JustPeachy says:

    I dont think Id buy from her either Jackie. I noticed a pattern with her where she acts like she is all friends with these wahms who knit her stuff up. Note that she is like Oh Leidy gifted this to me. She pulled the same shit about Andrea at DWK a few months ago.

  29. hrm's mom says:

    21 OMG I just laughed so hard I was sure I was going to pee my pants. I had to call DH in to see and he said “oh, she had a little sewing problem, didn’t she” I totally needed that one. Thank you so much!!

    Honestly I think the hat is off too.

    On the other issue, I have suffered infertility but I think the whole hoarding of wool issue is a little on the crazy side. I did buy things at yards sales before I was pregnant but honestly they were like .25 each adding up to maybe 100.00 worth of stuff this lady has that in one outfit. I guess if she can buy it than whatever but she really should take her own pictures. Plus I suffered my 2nd miscarriage at 8 weeks and I was in no shape to be on the internet selling stuff after it happened. But I guess we all grieve differently.

  30. makoa's mommy says:

    I have dealt with LD personally, regarding a pair of longies, and I quote her, ” my model is sleeping right now, so could you help me with how to measure wool properly” *where is the head scratching emoticon when you need it??? I didn’t even know how to reply to that.
    As for her recent ‘loss of her pregnancy’ I find it ironic that until she got called out about her photos-it was not a) in her signature b)she went look for a support group.
    Oh and as for her sadness last night, she contacted me regarding a pair of longies that would fit a 1.5 year old…

  31. new here says:

    WTF? Pots and kettles? So you think that the people who posted to that thread steal others’ photos??

  32. stacEy says:

    oh my word. That is the saddest little outfit I have seen in a while. No wonder the poor kid is crying. Complete with sewn in camel toe. How awful.

  33. Megan says:

    Eh, I know it’s poor etiquette, I’m just saying that there’s really no reason to shit all over her when she’s going through this. Whether she makes people uncomfortable or not, she’s still grieving a loss and deserves a little humanity.

  34. lollerskating says:

    I might not be right, but maybe their talking about how they keep posting in her FSOT thread? They talk about posting dos and don’ts and then they do a don’t themselves.

    OMG that lady says as soon as she finishes the neckline she’ll be making stuff for all little ones. Will her HC be called Camel Toe?

  35. BetterKnownAsMommy says:

    (Formerly known as “Another….”)

    Thank you, DSDM2!

    I’m still waiting on elaboration on the pot meet kettle! What am I missing?

  36. JustPeachy says:

    I guess having a miscarriage means that you can do whatever the fuck you want right? Great maybe Ill go ape shit on everyone and blame it on that.
    Now if this was a one time thing, I’d let it go but she does this all t he time.

  37. JustPeachy says:

    And another thing I must ask is why do people feel the need to advertise their losses in their siggy almost as if they are proud of them?

  38. new here says:

    Jen, I think they just like to acknowledge their LOs…at least that’s why I always put my little guy in mine.

  39. amessymama says:

    Has anyone here read the “banning peanuts in school” thread @ DS? Those always get heated, of course. Some kids die when they get around peanuts and apparently some die if they can’t go 7 hours w/o it.

    Anyway, this chicks response is beyond asinine. I just had to share this heaping pile of intelligence with you all.
    Originally Posted by mom2~3offspring
    I think its just stuiped. yes I said stuiped. kids loooove pb&j.. I think it the parents job to teach there kid there allergi. I will send my kid with a PB&J, what are they gonna do make her starve , they will have one flamming p’d off mama in there offfice.
    So my kids lactos. ok BAN the milk ban the dairy, dont wanna risk it.
    my kids allergic to apple big allerie to apple. better ban those as well.
    Its not right to just ban penuts. like i said its stuiped!

    an no my kids not lactos and can eat apples just showing my point.

  40. stacEy says:

    or maybe she announced the pregnancy and now wants people to know she lost the baby. Kind of like wanting friends in your real life to know so they don’t ask you about the pregnancy and whatnot.

  41. me says:

    A lot of times, it is acknowledging that that was a real little one to the mama. I mean if you lost a 4yo, would you still acknowledge that you had a child who died? Same thing, just less time of the baby being alive first.

    Uhh….as far as I know, people don’t die from milk vapors in the air. Ugh.

  42. diudiaole says:

    #40 that’s ridiculous! LOL

    She is comparing it to being lactose intolerant so she obviously has no clue. If there is an allergic kid in the school then yes I think it should be banned.

  43. Roxyrock says:

    Can someone give me the background on LD? Is she just crazy from TTCing(like a lot of women…myself included) get or is she crazy? Is it just that she buys tons of stuff or what?

  44. Roxyrock says:

    Oh and the Halloween outfit I saw on DS and that was the 1st thing I thought was camel toe and I felt bad afterward b/c it was a little girl hopefully it just needs to be pulled down

  45. Sharpie says:

    Seriously #40 should not be talking about what goes down in grade school but rather be attending it herself. My word, I’m literally shaking my head right now.

  46. Erin says:

    OMG, those pants. ROTFLOL

    At my DD’s school, they do it by classroom. If there is a kid who’s allergic, then the teachers ask people to be respectful and not pack snacks/lunches that have what the kid is allergic to. Not really that big a deal IMO.

    Also… stuiped. Geez, I’ve been spelling it wrong this whole time!

    as for LD… whatever. A m/c is no reason to not take photos of your own. Stop making excuses for her.

  47. žába says:

    Oh No, camallama it selling some of her wheelchair blanket crap to fund a serger. Now she can sell effed up serged crap. I love how she puts “as a note.. i would like to see this go to someone who WILL use it” on the description for the shitty recycled sweater soaker with moth holes in it.

  48. žába says:

    forgot the link
    just in case anyone wants to buy something lol

  49. amessymama says:

    47-OMG! I cannot believe that crap. Her posting originally said she had 5 fitted, now there are 2. That means people are actually buying them. I am astounded. Absolutely astounded.

    $40 for old, used, cut up, POS, blankets and her moms old sweater. But that’s a bargain because she was asking $70!!!

  50. amessymama says:

    I just can’t get over this camallama crap. Look at how she describes this beauty of a soaker:
    green wool cover made from my mothers skirt.. double layer.. black stitching is to close some holes. size M. ONLY USED ONCE, WASHED AND LANOLIZED.. READY FOR USE! $8 7 ppd.

    as a note.. i would like to see this go to someone who WILL use it.

    I wouldn’t even use it to clean my toilet (although it looks like she did). So I guess I can’t buy it. Darn.

  51. insomniac says:

    Holy lord that outfit is TERRIBLE! Why oh why do people encourage sewing like that! ACK!
    Poor baby is smarter than the posters encouraging her mommy,ROTFL!

    I cannot even get past the insane spelling of that peanut poster to be offended by the ignorance on the topic.
    Is she a real person or an lolcat 😛

    the FSOT chick should have gotten permission to use the pics. No matter what her life situation, she cannot go around stealing pics. I do feel bad for anyone who looses but if she did this before that loss then this really has nothing to do with that.

    And OT but Peachy damnit I miss you. When are you coming back to CDN?

  52. moxy says:

    46 Don’t forget the lovely tube sock soakers.

  53. DSDM2 says:

    Ugh, that peanut thread is bad. Another mom posted this morning/last night that if they are going to ban peanuts, that they need to ban HFCS and things she doesn’t like/is sensitive to.

    How hard is it to understand that it isn’t a sensitivity? That’s stupied … LOL.

    #44.) It isn’t that she is crazy about TTC, it is that she has more of a stash for a non-existent child than the majority of us do for 2-3 children. She is off… like “I’m going to sell you this and come take your baby” off.

    As for that “outfit”, the camel toe is awful! Poor baby!

  54. me says:

    54-I want to go say “Will your kid die if they touch something that someone who has touches peanuts has touched first or breathe in particles from peanuts in the air?
    Then STFU!”

  55. JustPeachy says:

    Exactly DSDM2
    And ftr I want to clarify what I meant. I don’t mean the ladies like the two of you who responded, who have a thing like mom to x kids and an angel. Im speaking of those who have multiple m/c in there siggy with dates and go into incredible detail. To me ya acknowledging it is fine and a way to gain closure for some, but it just looks weird to me ya know?

  56. Messy says:

    I like camallama. She seems sooo amazingly sweet and she had been getting so much better at sewing! But the tube sock doublers spiraled me back to granny’s wheelchair blanket soakers… Confirmed by mama’s skirt holey moley soaker. ACK! She was getting better… I guess she might get over this horrible backslide :::shrug:::

  57. Messy says:

    DSDM2, that is EXACTLY what I was trying to say… It makes me nervous that she just miscarried and is selling NEWBORN stuff (not all of it) to people with new babies that she will now have their address. It creeps me out. Seriously.

  58. Kimbella says:

    42: Actually, milk vapors in the air (like where milk is being frothed) can cause reactions in milk allergic people. I don’t know if anyone has ever died from it.

    My DS1 is so allergic to dairy, that if he touches it at all, he breaks out in hives. It sucks!

  59. The Other Megan says:

    *DSDM/2, I noticed there’s another person posting as Megan, as I have been for the last year or so, so I am just changing up my name a little bit, k? 😉

    As for Dragonfly- Yeah, um, take your own pictures, and don’t act like a simple email to your ‘buddy’ the WAHM will clear things up. However slightly, these are USED items, and will NOT look like the stock photos.

    Peanuts, anyone? My daughter was born allergic to soy and peanuts, and even if she TOUCHED something with either product in it, she’d get purple splotches where the contact occurred(thank GOD she outgrew those allergies!)
    When I was teaching (pre-kids), we had several kids who had severe peanut allergies, and had special rules throughout the school regarding the use of peanuts and tree nuts. Luckily, we were able to put all the kids with nut allergies in classrooms together, so nuts were only banned altogether in those specific rooms, but there were signs and strict rules throughout the center regarding the use and handling of peanuts and tree nuts. People who don’t have kids with ALLERGIES should zip it. Until you’ve dealt with the severity and really understand it, you just don’t know.

  60. Lolanae says:

    Ohh I need to find that allergy thread. Thankfully, my daughter so far has avoided food allergies. I do have two friends that have kids majorly allergic to eggs and PB. It was definitely a lesson in just how quick and how little it takes to put an allergic kid in the hospital.

  61. DSDM2 says:

    Make sure to read the whole thread before posting because there are some total idiots posting in the thread that are just clueless.

  62. Messy says:

    Ok, looking again at Camallama’s “tube sock diaper”, I am tempted to ask her if the tube socks double as weiner warmers… Just tuck ’em in and keep ’em warm!!!

  63. The Other Megan says:

    LMFBO, Messy! I’m tempted to ask her if they’re used socks. There’s no way I’m putting parts of a sock that some one else has worn for who-knows-how-long, and gotten their foot nastiness on, in my baby’s crotch. I’m sorry. Call me ignorant on this one, but it grosses me out. Let my baby boy’s weiner freeze first!! 😛

  64. JustPeachy says:

    I wanna see the tube sock diapers!

  65. Me, Myself, and I says:

    I have nothing against UC, I think that everyone needs to make their decisions, but this mama shouldn’t be UC if she can’t answer the questions she asked…

    I feel bad saying it, but really, it is true.

  66. The Other Megan says:

    66- Agreed. She’s due in 8 weeks, and hasn’t researched until now- I think it’s safe to say she’s NOT a good candidate for a UC.

  67. Trojane says:

    What’s up with the kettles and pot comment?

  68. DSDM2 says:

    68, not sure, I didn’t post this one.

  69. DSDM2 says:

    #66, ITA, not a good candidate for UC.

  70. Trojane says:

    I wonder why the UC woman was strapped for 13 hours and stuck for two days? Usually, there are medical reasons for staying. I’m not sure how it is handled with a newborn, but you can leave AMA.

  71. DSDM2 says:

    Ask her. I’m sure she isn’t happy with the current response from people.

  72. Molly says:

    Someone really ought to post this story in the peanut allergy thread on DS. The mama is River’s Mum on mothering. She has posted this link in allergy threads before.

  73. stacEy says:

    you know, mom2~3offspring is killing me. Here’s her post in the allergy thread:

    I think its just stuiped. yes I said stuiped. kids loooove pb&j.. I think it the parents job to teach there kid there allergi. I will send my kid with a PB&J, what are they gonna do make her starve , they will have one flamming p’d off mama in there offfice.
    So my kids lactos. ok BAN the milk ban the dairy, dont wanna risk it.
    my kids allergic to apple big allerie to apple. better ban those as well.
    Its not right to just ban penuts. like i said its stuiped!

    an no my kids not lactos and can eat apples just showing my point.

  74. NewfieMomma says:

    #74 I couldn’t help but reply to that. Such ignorance!!

  75. stacEy says:

    somebody told her to go ahead and make another PB sandwich for herself and go to school with her kid…at least for spelling class. HAHAHAHA!

  76. amessymama says:

    76-That was me! 🙂 I couldn’t resist.

  77. JustPeachy says:

    omg someone told her that lol./

  78. JustPeachy says:

    IDK how I feel about that allergy thread. Mena will pretty much only eat peanut butter for lunch so while I get having a ban on it, it seems like most mamas are like well fuck what your kids want and blah blah blah. My child has every right to eat too.

  79. JustPeachy says:

    But then I wont go out of my way to send my child to a peanut free school.

  80. Ladies, I’m having computer issues. I just got a new phone with a data plan, but the internet still bites. To clarify:

    Pot= OP
    Kettles = hecklers.

    FSOT etiquette includes not posting on someone’s thread in FSOT. Its like hand slapping for bad spelling and “grammer.”

  81. myladylili says:

    The peanut post makes me want a pb&j sandwich.

    Anyway, I completely get banning them. I just think that there is so much focus on peanuts and other nuts and people tend to forget about other allergies.

    My friends daughter is allergic to citric acid (like hives, can’t breath allergic). The girl goes to a small private school. Well a kid brought a bunch of oranges to school and everyone was peeling and eating them. If it had been one kid with an orange it wouldn’t have been that much of a problem. But it was multiple kids eating them all at once. It caused a serious problem for her.

    Now (IMO) the entire school should have gotten a letter about that sort of severe allergy and made sure that no one brought anything citrus to the school. But they didn’t and the girl got very sick. However, you won’t catch any of those kids bringing peanuts into the school. KWIM?

  82. ladylili says:

    crap, I just used the wrong name. Sorry… I couldn’t remember what I usually posted as.

  83. monkey says:


    But the problem then becomes that there are so MANY allergies… it gets to the point where the kids can only bring bologna sandwiches on gluten free bread without mayonaise (because of egg allergies) and rice cakes.

    It’s a really tough situation. Obviously you need to keep the kids with peanut allergies safe, but for some families peanut butter is an affordable, reasonably healthy lunch food.

    I was allergic to wheat as a child (outgrew it). The solution was I ate separately. It sucked, so I sympathize with the allergic kids. But as the parent of an underweight toddler who will NOT eat any sort of meat peanut butter is a good option for my son for a protein.

  84. screenname says:

    UC wannabe mama wants to know: “Why the negativity?” Maybe because it’s people like you that makes the rest of the nation think that homebirth is unsafe.

    As for Lavender Dragonfly, does anyone remember a while ago when someone checked her photobucket and found tons of pictures that she stole? There was something like a “I want this stuff” folder just filled with pictures she stole from EF. I remember that there were pictures of other people’s kids in there, too. While I am very sorry that she is having such a difficult time having a baby, this isn’t new to her. She should know that she needs to take her own pictures.

  85. FruitLoop says:

    That wool cover is pretty sad. I’d be embarrassed to FFS that thing.
    As for the stuipid post – do people really spell that badly? Or is the age of texting that no one knows how to really spell anymore? It’s sad…

  86. DSDM2 says:

    I don’t think homebirth is unsafe at all, I have had HBs… nor do I think UC is unsafe (I may do it on my next one)… however, I do think that #66 is right. I mean if you don’t know what to do with the cord, etc, then you are not educated enough to know what to do in the next few weeks before having the child. UC needs to be planned.

  87. DSDM2 says:

    I just reread #85, and think I misinterpreted. You meant SHE is the reason, right? That I agree with. It is those emergency transfers / deaths that cause the issues.

  88. me says:

    85- I hope that was directed at the uninformed mama and not all UCers.

  89. hrm's mom says:

    just something I heard or read once that made me think about the whole Peanut issue:

    BTW my nephew has an allergy to peanuts, like the frosting on his 1st b-day cake made him break out in hives because it was made with Almond frosting.

  90. diudiaole says:

    Late to the game, messy… but I really think camallama has improved — this appears to be her own kid’s older stash she is selling… so some of the first things she did I’d imagine.

    And that soaker…wow. Why her mom’s old holey skirt? Why not go to goodwill and purchase an EUC wool sweater for cheap if you are going to recycle??! good night! lol

  91. screenname says:

    Oh, sorry if I wasn’t clear. I was talking just about her, certainly not UCers who take the time out of their lives to research their options and make a clear decision. I’m a strong supporter of out-of-hospital birth options. It’s people like her, that can’t even be bothered to check out a Gaskin or Shanley book from the library instead of asking random internet people important birth questions, that make the rest of us look uneducated.

  92. heresy says:

    Ok so where did the OP get those longies? On spots or the FSOT? I dont *think* she purchased them direct from Myla because there is this on the PJ Bottoms blog…modeled and …lemmie get this straight ’cause I’m a bit late to the party here… the OP has NO kids yet?

    So unless Myla did a custom for her, has she been stalking that set since it was originally sold on HC ? And she calls it brand new?


  93. DSDM2 says:

    Post 31 intrigues me:
    “makoa’s mommy Says:
    August 24, 2009 at 12:02 am e

    I have dealt with LD personally, regarding a pair of longies, and I quote her, ” my model is sleeping right now, so could you help me with how to measure wool properly” *where is the head scratching emoticon when you need it??? I didn’t even know how to reply to that.
    As for her recent ‘loss of her pregnancy’ I find it ironic that until she got called out about her photos-it was not a) in her signature b)she went look for a support group.
    Oh and as for her sadness last night, she contacted me regarding a pair of longies that would fit a 1.5 year old…”

  94. JustPeachy says:

    Me too and I knew that about her. It came out the last time we called LD on her craziness.
    I think she is weirdo troll who has taken it to a whole other level and thats what weirds me out.

  95. Me, Myself, and I says:

    Oh the peanut thread is PISSING ME OFF NOW. I’m about to end up with a strike.

  96. BLAH. says: another example of a WAHM who can’t sew.Or thinks that a machine means she can.

  97. žába says:

    Holy crap, what the hell is that green shiny thing she is calling a diaper. That is so effing ugly, and would that even work on a diaper? I will give her props on the wide variety of ugly she has going on there.

  98. werd says:

    reading the Peanut thread literally gave me an intense craving for PB&J, isn’t that terrible?! I just sat here and at TWO effing PB&J sandwiches reading it. I’m going to hell fo sho.

  99. bugabear says:

    If you all haven’t opened the “Eww what is this” thread in OT, and you don’t want to toss your cookies, DO NOT OPEN IT. I was thinking it was maybe a bug someone wanted identified, but no, it’s her DH’s hairy leg and a giant, oozing boil on it. Close ups!

    Gah. I can’t believe what some people will post pictures of online.

  100. žába says:

    oh gross, I don’t even want to see that…thanks for NOT including a link, I might have clicked it and tossed my coffee this morning.

  101. makoa's mommy says:

    Post #94-exactly. Until someone in real life can confirm her identity, I will remain a skeptic…
    I am not a mean, cold person. Just someone who finds it odd that her husband is a PROFESSIONAL photographer, yet she doesn’t know how to take her own pics, and how important copyright infringement issues are?????
    I had another ‘run-in’ with her and had to have a DS mod involved-my resolution was to put her own address as the return addy through Paypal so she wouldn’t have my info 🙂

  102. ckck3 says:

    Ok, so just curious here. You guys think it is wrong to use a knitters pic that YOU paid for? I get customs done all the time and spend a mini fortune. I guess I figure I’m also paying for the pic of my custom that she sends me. Obviously when I go to sell, if they look different than in the pic, I’ll take my own. I usually use the knitters pic because my items are always like new. I think anyone who is bashing Amanda should give her a break. She’s not so bad and I’ve given her my address to ship some longies… I’m still here, so is my baby.

  103. ckck3 says:

    oh, and yes they ban peanut butter. duh. no question. Deaths = peanuts.

  104. ckck3 says:

    i mean they should ban peanut butter and products from schools. lol

  105. magpiedpiper says:

    I think her past issues (stealing pics of people’s kids, hoarding wool for nonexistant children, stalking wool and the people who sell it) would make me leery too. She is obviously a little off at the very least, and while if her m/c did happen I feel awful for her having been through that myself…but I think the issue is that “if”. Who is to say she didn’t make up the whole pregnancy so she could maybe fit in a little more around ds, you know?

  106. adensmama says:

    #100 a prime example of that would be the mushroom-diaper pail picture…anyone remember that??? I lost my appetite for a WEEK!

    And LD is freakin crazy. I never respond to any of her posts or threads because as several other people have said…she might just be crazy enough to be a bonafide lifetime movie style baby stealer. And no way in heck would I ever b/s/t with her.

    Also none of that has anything to do with the fact that she just had a m/c./

  107. pippen says:

    #103…yes, I think it’s wrong to use a knitters pic. You bought the wool, not the copyright for the picture of said wool. Sorry, take your own pics.

  108. amessymama says:

    103-That makes sense. It’s your pic of your custom. But I think she uses pics when she bought them off of fsot. Not her custom.

    As far as using the original pic to sell something used. I won’t buy it. I made that mistake once. Your item may look exactly the same as new, but why should we have to take your word for it. It’s not obvious to everybody to only take pics if it looks used. I certainly have no reason to distrust you, but I also have no reason to trust you. Heck, I don’t even know who you really are. 🙂 What’s wrong with just taking a quick pic anyway?

  109. ckck3 says:

    I have to agree *some* of the pics she’s using, maybe she shouldn’t be I guess… but, if she’s using the previous posters pic, what does it matter? It’s in the exact same condition, she hasn’t used it. Sorry, not to argue, I just don’t understand. lol. HOWEVER, using a pic of someone else’s child without permission is wrong.

    I personally haven’t had a prob selling any of my things on fsot/spots using a knitters pic, however I like to think I have a good rep and I have 500 ratings under my belt. lol. I guess if I was selling crap and showing a new pic, someone would know it by now. lol.

    Sometimes you just don’t have time to take a pic with a crappy camera that won’t do what you paid good money for justice. If there is a pic of YOUR item that was given to you, why shouldn’t you use it if it’s in the same condition as shown?

    IDK. Honestly, pics are deceiving. Even if you take your own, it can still show up perfect and really be crap. You always take a chance buying used.

  110. magpiedpiper says:

    So the crazy “my kids and Iive in a locked shed and my husband took over my account” troll from DS who had the cops called to her house tried her crap over at cdn. Hilarious and yet sad.

  111. riffrafflittleman says:

    she did #111? Damn, I need to be more observant. Did she get called out?

  112. žába says:

    111- OMG! are you serious. I bet that went over like a ton of bricks. link?

  113. magpiedpiper says:

    It’s in Hot Buttons over there. It’s actually pretty stellar. Supposedly, the account belonged to her “friend” who is the DS chick, but she gave it to her to use for the last three weeks and they live three buildings apart but have the same wireless, etc etc and then she left for “walmart” when her DSTrollFriend got back from “a death in the family” and immediately logged out and tried to create two different usernames, which Mom awesomely called her on. LOL

  114. Trojane says:

    A seller’s own photo for FSOT is placing confidence in the buyer’s mind. I wouldn’t buy from someone with no pics and I wouldn’t buy from someone who used pics of an item that wasn’t theirs at the time the photo was taken.

    *A general you.

  115. Trojane says:

    Forget the general you part, I revised before posting.

  116. Messy says:

    What are the cdn screen names she is using?

  117. JustPeachy says:

    And to boot they were in fact used and not brand new as she had stated previously.

  118. magpiedpiper says:

    Angel, then Mom approved MendyRendy to see if she has anything to say for herself.

  119. Messy says:

    OMg. Too funny!!!

  120. ckck3 says:

    118- I saw that, totally WRONG. I know who the baby is that is shown on Myla’s blog. She def owned them before Amanda. I wonder why she would say they were new…

  121. Not Me At All says:

    I agree about the using others pics but I wish everyone would lay off the “she does not even have kids” thing. As someone who spent over 2 years TTC and actually had someone ask if I “was one of those crazy ladies with no kids who just likes to buy baby stuff” (because I was buying a sling) I must say there is NOTHING wrong with buying baby stuff in preparation for the time that you will have your own. Sometimes that is all that kept me sane.

  122. werd says:

    123 I do feel sorry for her, but seriously, she undercuts moms who have newborns, to get the diapers that she wants… and then they sit at her place… and then she relists them for sale a month or two later. That is just wrong, she is taking things away from babies who really need/will use them. It’s been an ongoing pattern with her. Heck I bought stuff while I was still TTC but I would NEVER undercut a mama with a newborn on her lap, no way!

  123. melmelly says:

    123 – I think it is more of a “she doesn’t have kids *AND* she has more stuff than any newborn/0-3/3-6/etc. aged baby could use” kind of thing. It is hoarding, with a pinch of insanity…and I use insanity lightly because of whatever crazy stories she comes up with – like her “model is napping”, etc.

  124. melmelly says:

    And what werd said in 124.

  125. Not Me At All says:

    Werd and Mel, I admit I don’t know her behavior patterns and I agree that while I was still TTC I did not deliberately take something from a Mama with a NW or baby n the way. It does sound like she may have a bit of a collecting problem. And how hard is it to take your own pics, I mean REALLY?

    I am just still a bit sensitive to the “she doesn’t even have a child” thing.

  126. JustPeachy says:

    Its not that she doesnt have a child. Hell I dont have a nb or anything like that and if I saw a deal I would snag it for future babies. However Im not hoarding tons of shit (cept for the stuff that Saedra has outgrown that I can’t part with) for a baby I have not conceived yet. Plus the whole her model is sleeping thing weirds me out. Its almost as if she cannot keep her stories straight.
    On top of that she acts like she is BFF with these wahms and no offense to anyone, but that is just flat out irritating. I should say her own self importance is irritating almost as if she is trying to take Meg’s place.

  127. Shabbychic says:


  128. The Other Megan says:

    LOL, the second SHabby’s mentioned, she pops from the woodwork. 😉
    Meg, I’m pretty sure Peach means LD’s trying to replace you in that drool-worthy wool stash that every one stalks and calls dibs on. I’m quite sure I remember LD herself actually posting about how she was stalking your posts for your wool. 😛

  129. amessymama says:

    110-I guess I would buy from a select few people that had original pics. I’d have to draw the line at less than 500 positive FBs, though. 😉

  130. Messy says:

    Oh. I thought Peach was saying that LD was trying to replace Meg in her being overly irritatingly self important.

  131. amessymama says:

    Oh and I’m not so sure her wool is unused by her. Doesn’t she have pets?

  132. Shabbychic says:

    Oh, I’m not popping out, I’m always here.

  133. JustPeachy says:

    Thats pretty much it Megan. Its just sad and a bit pathetic. At least with Meg she didn’t try so hard, whereas LD is trying so hard she is showing her crazy.

  134. stacEy says:

    Shabby is irreplaceable ladies.

  135. stacEy says:

    Messy…I used to think you were pretty funny, but lately you just come off bitchy.

  136. Messy says:

    #137 Gee, since I have had very little time here and avoided most of a hotter convo, I will take bitchy. I’m not here to rub your tummy and make you giggle @@
    Now, where were you? Oh yeah! Sucking up to Meg… Pick up where you left off 😀

  137. Shabbychic says:

    Hmmmm….if StacEy is who I think she is Messy, ya might want to do a bit of research, because last I recall, she WAS NOT sucking up to moi. But for now, we are good stace 😉

  138. Messy says:

    #139 Believe it or not, I do not research to see who is who over here. I figure if people want others to know, they will let it be known; otherwise they can keep everyone in the dark and say what they want without any repercussion.

  139. stacEy says:

    Messy: Apparently if I have an opinion about Meg that isn’t shared by you I have my nose crammed in her ass? That’s interesting. Thanks for letting me know!

  140. Messy says:

    #141 You are welcome.

  141. stacEy says:

    so Messy, since I’ve got your attention dear, please offer me your overly bitchy and self serving opinion on this. I am sick and tired of watching people take stabs at Meg. Its old, its mean, its done. If that makes me an ass kiss, I’ll gladly put on some cherry chapstick and pucker up real good for you Megs.

  142. Messy says:

    I did not realize that Meg was unable to stand up for herself… Seems that she is one who can handle what is said since she dishes it so well. Thank goodness she was able to unleash her protector to ward off all the comments made based on Meg’s prolific history in posting. So, think hard about *where you will need to put the chapstick.
    Carry on pitbull savior!

  143. Shabbychic says:

    Huh? I’m here. I didnt think I needed to stand up for myself Messy. Did I miss something I need to defend. But, StacEy, cherry chapstick kisses to you my love. Thanks for being a fan.

  144. stacEy says:

    oh Messy, please tell me where you put your chapstick when you line up to take stabs at Meg! I think I can guess ::wink::

  145. taintastic says:

  146. Messy says:

    Since I take oh so many stabs at Meg, you can keep my chapstick. I see that you need it way more than I do. Now, lube at and keep going… Eventually you are bound to say something funny and get a few headpats. You can do it!

  147. stacEy says:

    ah Messy, you think I want to be you? That’s cute. Don’t worry, if I needed validation from some anonymous internet dwellers I’ll call my therapist. Smooch!

  148. JustPeachy says:

    Now ladies, lets get back to picking on asshats instead of each other ❤

  149. žába says:

    Wowza! stacEy and messy take a chill pill, are you 2 seriously fighting over meg.

  150. žába says:

    Ok to lighten things up, I thought this thread was a little strange when I started reading it
    Then I saw that chickadee & me was going to whip up one of her fab creation. Now there is a perfect match. Cat longies, shit just sent her the ones with tiny skinny legs, they should fit great and she has them in stock.

  151. stacEy says:

    I suppose I don’t take too kindly to being told to lube up my asshole 🙂 Don’t let anybody say Messy isn’t classy!

  152. JustPeachy says:

    I think her stuff is pretty actually although her “longies” style is weird. I never got why people do recycled longies that way. They just look silly.

  153. stacEy says:

    153: they don’t look so bad when they’re on.

  154. Thud says:

    For the person upthread re. the photos~ no, you don’t own or have the tright to the photos. Period.

  155. žába says:

    Peach – the ones she has in her avatar are cute, but most of the rest of them not so much. She gets it right every so often but too many times it just looks sloppy. And her longies, IDK maybe they would look better on.

  156. monkey says:


    Jesus… some shit is just too Jerry Springer for me.

  157. eeek says:

    #74- OMG. That’s amazing. 13-year-old texting speak she’s trying to use to communicate with the grown up world.

    & I KNEW that angel chic was off, I read that thread yesterday & she just seemed like a big old troll.

  158. melmelly says:

    156-Gee, I never heard of possibly getting an infection when miscarrying a twin. With all the research I did when I was spotting with my last pregnancy – which turned out to be twins, with a ‘vanishing twin’, I never once came across anything about an infection.

    Interesting what stuff is learned 3.5yrs after the fact. *cough*Ya right.*cough*

  159. insomniac says:

    did anyone see this or has this already been talked about somewhere here:

    teresa…it’s s snap…
    guess she since she was kicked off of every other forum she decided to make her own??lol!

  160. žába says:

    Oh good grief, is megan the other moderator, Miles? That is going to be one big scammy whinapalooza.

  161. JustPeachy says:

    Awwwwwww she is lurking here cus now its shut down

  162. me says:

    161 You can indeed get an infection after losing a twin. It is raare if early but if later then it isn’tas hard for it to happen.

    ***********don’t read if sensitive to death***************
    If the babies are bigger, then if not born soon after death, when they start to decompose then it can pose a risk of infection because of what happens when bodies decompose.
    That is entirely possible. It is a risk when you only have one as well but not as bad because there isnt another/arent’t more baby/babies to possibly cause issues with.


    I’m not exactly sure where the “She’s back!” part came from though.

  163. eeek says:

    #162- now she’s a WAH advisor. ‘Cause she’s my WAH role model, for sure.

  164. diudiaole says:

    You know, I am still scratching my head about IAS… from what I see and hear she sews and knits expertly — she could have really made bank on DS and CDN just by letting her work speak for itself. She didn’t have to bash anyone to start making and selling OBV sheets. I doubt any one of us would have noticed her habit of ripping off ideas if she hadn’t publicized it. I just don’t understand the crazy!

  165. Lolanae says:

    The she’s back part refers her old drama. She has a post here: Trollin’ Toni, I think.

  166. JustPeachy says:

    It wasn’t just that Diu. She did end up ripping some people off in essence before she got called out on CDN.

  167. eeek says:

    Yeah, IAS was determined to shoot herself in the foot.

    Before she was banned on hyena cart forums she had a lot of posts removed and was warned over & over that she needed to stop bashing other WAHMs. & they just roll their eyes & delete at all kinds of bitchy over there, she had to really push it to be banned.

    The stuff that made me really, really dislike her, like her story of encouraging her tween-age son to disrupt the polls telling people that Obama kills babies (& how she was pissed that he was stopped by poll workers, because it’s ILLEGAL to do that in a polling place), well, posting all that moronic crap didn’t break any rules but it made her look like a twunt.

    & I agree if she had just shut up she might have done fine. She just seems unable to shut the hell up even when it’s by far in her best interest. Common, these days, lol… I have to say I disliked her so immensely by the time the rest of the world jumped on the bandwagon it was just such a relief to see the back of her.

  168. JustPeachy says:

    Same here but I have my own personal experience with her to thank for that.

  169. diudiaole says:

    Yikes I didn’t hear about the Obama thing. I do remember her publicly smearing someone for trying to cancel her unpaper towel of the month club(which is not really the greatest idea anyway lol).

    What did she do to you, peachy?

  170. JustPeachy says:

    Oh this happened last year but I was hard up for dipes and she had a dream eze for about 10 bucks. The dipe got here and the elastic was shot to hell and there were holes everywhere. No I dont expect perfect condition diapers but I had asked if the elastics were good and I didnt want dipes with binding holes on em because well it generally means the diaper isn’t going to remain intact much longer. None of the stuff was visible in her pictures either.

  171. kgibbler says:

    Quick Question…
    Is it bad etiquette to use a WAHM’s pictures when you are raving her item’s on EF? I never even though of that before.

  172. pippen says:

    I think it’s safe to say “don’t use anyone else’s pics without permission.” If you’re raving for a WAHM, post a link to their page.

  173. monkey says:


    Or ask the WAHM for permission to use them. I had a diaper I wanted to rave so I sent the WAHM a nice email and asked if I could use her pic to show everyone how awesome her diaper was… she said of course and thanked me for asking.

  174. monkey says:

    I also posted a link to her site so she would benefit from the rave.

  175. me says:

    168- Yes but that post was from July. More specifically, I should have said “I don’t get the back part of this since it is an old post” I guess.

  176. It's A Snap AKA BanHammer/ says:

    #167 Teresa of It’s A Snap does EXCELLENT work…if you will note her feedback you will see that the only negative feedbacks were from customers who truly flaked ( was a known scammer on the bad hyenas, Jennifer Alexander and Kelly of A Squeaky Foot regularly scams HC’ers with her FFS lottos that are so overpriced on shipping).

    As far at the WAHM bashing goes, what you really need to look at is the WAHM’s she had to deal with and did they deserve the feedback they received. Bonnie of Holden’s Landing certainly deserved it. She was an A#1 Bitch about the situation that SHE herself created. Teresa is FAR better at customer service and her sheets rock my world without the shitty attitude at Holden’s Landing or K and F Shops. Do remember that Bonnie is a moderator on Hyena Cart…you don’t think that had ANYThING to do with Teresa’s banning? Come on now! Her banning followed rather quickly after she left negative feedback for Bonnie on the forums. It is easy to keep the ass pats going when you ban anyone who dissents isn’t it?

    And the photo Teresa posted of her GRANDSON on Hyena Cart was in a shirt Nikki of Tadpoles and Butterflies..oh bow down to Nikki and the .22 he just learned to shoot during the height of the nastiness of last years presidential election. Sure there was an anti Obama message there…but the message was that you can’t have our guns (after Obama made a derogatory statement about bible toting, gun carrying folks..remember that?) So…please don’t believe everything you “hear” or read on this blog. GO read for yourself what was said and why. More dissent that the HC’ers didn’t like because they were all so far up Obama’s ass they needed to wipe themselves.

    And Peach….you know Teresa sent you all the pictures of that diaper you bought for $8 shipping included. It showed all the holes, the soakers the elastic and binding. She also told you that she bought these used and didn’t know of they were seconds or first quality. You got a cheap diaper with disclosed flaws and you chose not to leave her feedback til 6 months later when you jumped on the bandwagon of bashing her. That is not cool and it is deceitful as well. Shame on you for that.

    I know Teresa personally in real life and she has never been anything but forthright and straight forward with me on personal matters and business matters.

  177. It's A Snap AKA BanHammer/ says:

    And that my comment is in moderation does not surprise me. Teresa said it would do no good to say anything on this blog but I felt I should anyway.

  178. Newherebutwow (AKA teacup, idontgetit, It’s A Snap, Newherebutwow, MilkMaid) says:

    Peach… really need to get over yourself..everyone knows the diaper was $8 and you saw all the pics before you bought it and bought it. Then said nothing til more than 5 months after your transaction with Teresa. What is your personality disorder?

  179. tootrue says:

    It’s good to ask the WAHM but I don’t really mind if someone uses my pictures when posting a rave. Raves benefit the WAHM and usually their picture shows the item in the best light. Using it on fsot is an entirely different matter….

  180. DSDM2 says:

    Just approved quite a few posts ladies. Just letting you know to go scan for them.

  181. DSDM2 says:

    misfitmom, ALL posts are held in moderation until the poster has an approved post. It has nothing to do with Snap.

    Make sure you read ALL the threads on here about her. There are more than one.

  182. JustPeachy says:

    Ummmmmmmmmm I wish I had the pics saved because no nothing was showing in the pics or I wouldnt have bought the damn diaper.
    Get over myself? I would never sell a diaper in the condition that the diaper was sent to me. In fact it got chucked because I dont think there was any way to save the damn thing.

  183. JustPeachy says:

    What reason would I have to lie about it? I had pretty good transactions with her prior to the damn diaper. Im not entitled to being pissed that I was lied to? I don’t care if the damn diaper was 8 or 80 bucks, the fact of the matter is shit was not disclosed to me prior to arriving to me so of course I was going to be pissed off. I hate wasting money on shit I cant use be it a large or small amount of money.

  184. monkey says:


    Aside from the bashing she has repeatedly ripped off other mamas. Even down to using similar names.

    I’m sure her work is very good. I’ve never heard any complaints about the quality of her goods, just about her ethics.

  185. diudiaole says:

    Hmmm, well I guess it could be that Teresa is just not the greatest at public relations and protecting her reputation and business. Starting the thread in T&F about the OBV sheets was a bit much… I really think if she was that upset she should have left a neutral and been done with it instead of turning it into such a huge deal.

  186. eeek says:

    OK, now this is funny, since it’s been confirmed IAS has multiple IPs. I’d bet real money on who #179 is, lol… maybe even #181?

  187. Thud says:

    misfit mom~ isn’t that one of the mulitple forums that are always spamming HC users to join? Maybe I am mistaken… but it makes me think the defender is Meghan who is also involved int he Great Retreat board IAS is now a mod on.

  188. insomniac says:

    #189 ….I fully agree.

  189. diudiaole says:

    Ok I take back what I said in #188 — the multiple user IDs defending her old user ID is just crazy.

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