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There is no excuse for creating multiple usernames to avoid having negatives in your feedback. Annasmommy2/Us4&AngelCorey has 5 negatives on her Spots Feedback. Now there is another username, Mccurrygaill where a buyer has given negative feedback, even if it’s complete BS, and it’s the same person.

ETA by DSDM2: The KARMA here has NOTHING to do with the loss of a child or anything like that. It has to do with the Scammer getting scammed. She used the term Karma in her posts which is why we did. The link to the Topix board was there to link the multiple names she uses.

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Buyer said my diapers are unusable (spots transaction)

I’m afraid she’s going to leave neg feedback! She bought 2 fuzzibunz from me and she just has all kinds of issues with them. One she said the elastic is completely shot, you can even see in the picture how tight it is . The other she said is dingy and the fleece looks really used and the diaper is unusable.Now I listed these diapers in very good condition with no issues. That is really all I wrote I didn’t go into detail, I had pictures. But they are certainly very usuable. The frog diaper I got brand new and only used a couple of times.

She wants her money back or she is going through pp or spots she says.

ETA: She paid $6.00 ppd for each so she got a wonderful deal on diapers that were in very good used condition.

Pay attention to who the seller is. Mccurrygaill
Now, google annasmommy2, her photobucket account. And this HC feedback shows up:
5 negatives for Us4&AngelCorey? So she has 2 HC accounts?
Oooh, looks like there was an ebay seller with the same annasmommy2 name with some issues.
Could it be her? According to a Topix forum, it is.
checked the ebay id annasmommy2
which by the way is her id at gymborebel ,sure enough takes people money ,never sends item.I counted 9x’s she ripped someone off and 8 nuetrals for shipping 1 month later .
She uses the same name on a Gymbo forum.
Could it be……….. karma?
  1. Rika says:

    The Topix story about her son is so sad, but the thread brought out all kinds of crazy.

  2. adensmama says:

    Wait so….her son gets killed by a dresser falling on him, she doesn’t go in the ambulence but posts on a forum while he goes to the hospital by himself? Am I really reading this right????

    That story is beyond tragic, I don’t even know what I would do with myself if I lost one of my kids like that.

  3. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    Ok, so I am totally confused too- by the whole story about the child being killed….
    I have had to call the ambulance a few times for my daughter- and they NEVER let her go alone to the hospital. If I had other children with me I followed them, and if I was alone with her I rode in the ambulance.
    I am not saying that it wasn’t a horrible accident- but to use it in order to get more attention for yourself if HORRIBLE….

    About the diapers- I have had people throw a fit about condition of diapers- and then turn around and sell them using pretty much the same description I did to sell them… it is just people who want something for nothing.
    It is ironic that she decided to let everyone know how she is getting “screwed” this time though….

  4. StacEy says:

    somebody, please color me a picture. I’m so confused. Is it like this?

    mccurrygaill=annasmommy=Us4&AngelCorey and apparently this person lost a son in a tragic accident and used this tragedy for personal gain?

  5. BffMama says:

    HOLY SHIT! This is bananas. SRSLY bananas.

  6. BffMama says:

    Reading comments on the Topix site and this chick has lost another baby, too? Due to drugs? TF?

  7. BffMama says:

    Oh geese (LOL) there is her criminal record linked in the comments of that article. Mamas a little criminal, too.

  8. BffMama says:

    A summary from a commenter on the Topix link (FWIW):

    I am going to try and be brief, Gail belongs to Janie and Jack Place and Gymbofriends, both of which are online message boards. The two groups spread the word online and brought in donations of over $12000. JJP wanted to raise more money and set a new goal of $15000 to raise for the Halpin family. Gail then posted on GF that she needed another $1000 for Corey’s headstone and wanted to know why the donations have slowed down. She never mentioned at this time that most of the funeral costs were paid for by the funeral home and family member(s).
    The other gray area is that Gail is selling Corey’s clothing which has upset some people.
    Gail posted on JJP soon after Corey’s death that she thought he died. She stayed at the house until her husband arrived home to go to the hospital.
    I am sure others will have more information for you too or direct you to links.

  9. naturalmamadot says:

    WOW. Crazy the turns a story can take, that is so sad! Who the hell goes “hey why did the donations slow down ya greedy bastards!” *shakes head*

  10. erin says:

    I left her negative feedback on spots. She sold me the items with the name annasmommy2 but then she deleted the listings (before she mailed them) and then changed her HC name to Us4&angelcorey. I guess changing her spots name did not get rid of her feedback. I didn’t know that you could just make up a new spots name to sell under once you get negatives.

  11. Nicole says:


  12. Nicole says:

    Is the dresser accident true?

  13. BffMama says:

    12. Yes, the article linked ‘Topix’ is from the newspaper report. But there was apparently an uproar on the JJB board bc she actually posted that she thought he was gone before she even called an ambulance.

  14. Nicole says:

    That’s just terrible. I have no words…And that’s a rare occurrence….

  15. diudiaole says:

    When did this happen?? I’m in a transaction right now with US4&AngelCorey

  16. diudiaole says:

    The story just makes me feel sick… that is just so horribly tragic

  17. thewhiteninja says:


  18. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    Ok, so she went to help her son- calls the ambulance, and then gets online to post before the ambulance gets there…. and why didn’t the police check into that?? Seriously- the times I had to call the ambulance I was sitting there with my daughter very upset that the ambulance was taking so long- and even one time doing cpr on her (one of the worst feelings ever)…. never did I think- Oh I better update someone online….

  19. screenname says:

    13 – WTF?

  20. BffMama says:

    This was in 2008, April I think.

  21. Messy says:

    I can’t find where she tells what happened… There are 1200+ posts in topix.

  22. BffMama says:

    You click at the top where it says to read the full article. Or actually just google Gail Halpin and you’ll find a lot.

  23. Messy says:

    Right, I read the article. But people are saying she was online posting while waiting for the ambulance… I can’t read the JJP nor gymboree boards. But I am trying to find her timeline and what she was posting.

  24. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    Well she obviously wasn’t posting in the “article topix” right after it happened- because the news wouldn’t have known about it…
    I am not sure where they are saying she was posting…. I was more saying that if she did that was messed up…

  25. Messy says:

    Starting at about post #292 they do say that she was online and posted at 7:44 that Corey had died. The obit had his time of death as 8:10. She found him and got on the message board to post about it before the ambulance got there; then she did not even accompany him on the ambulance 😦
    I have always felt so sorry for her…
    Also, is this saying that Us4&AngelCorey is the same person as McCurryGale who sold the dipes on DS under Weslie83?

  26. Messy says:

    She sold his clothing 3 days after the funeral 😦

  27. BffMama says:

    Sorry, Messy….for pointing you in the direction you already knew to go. lol. I suck at this.

    I can’t get that poor baby off my mind. I feel ill about it.

  28. BffMama says:

    Dude, as a parent who has lost a child…no one in any kind of hell would I EVER, EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR let go of a single thing like that.

    But I know we all grieve differently, so I would have a little easier time accepting it if it wasn’t THREE DAYS AFTER HE WAS LAID TO REST!!!!!!!

  29. BffMama says:


  30. Messy says:

    ❤ BFF!!! No, it is me. I am totally confused. I can't read the posts on JJP nor gymboree and it seems that she made a lot of incriminating statements BEFORE her baby died. It is making me sick…
    I still am trying to put together who she is with Wesley83 (who is McCurryGail on spots, right?) and all that… I hate being confused!

  31. BffMama says:

    Mccurrygaill is Us4&AngelCorey and annasmommy2 who originally sold the diapers to Weslie (on DS, but not Weslie on the Spots Transaction). Then Weslie resold after complaining about them.

  32. Messy says:

    Ok, so Weslie has no part in *this story. She is just the dumb greedy bitch.

  33. Messy says:

    I ❤ BFF!!! No, it is me. I am totally confused. I can't read the posts on JJP nor gymboree and it seems that she made a lot of incriminating statements BEFORE her baby died. It is making me sick…
    I still am trying to put together who she is with Wesley83 (who is McCurryGail on spots, right?) and all that… I hate being confused!

  34. BffMama says:

    She only plays the role of the chick who bought the diapers on the cheap, bitched about them being shitty quality and then re-sold them as EUC and made a profit.

  35. BffMama says:

    otherwise known as the dumb greedy bitch.

  36. Messy says:

    Ahhh… Ok. So, this thread is all specifically to enlighten us to the questions surrounding the death of the baby? I am not missing something else? Confusion pisses me off LOL!

  37. BffMama says:

    This thread is to enlighten us about:

    Us4 posted a T&F upset that the mama she sold 2 diapers to (weslie) was complaining that the diapers weren’t as described and she (Us4) knew they were and was asking opinions. The buyer (weslie) wanted her money back. Us4 didn’t do it and then the weslie chick went on to sell the diapers for a profit and said they were in EUC (which they were all along, apparently, but she just lied about that part).

    Cut to this post…letting us know that Us4 was so concerned about her neg feedback, but look at her previous history with scamming people. So was it karma that she got screwed over a bit?

    The baby dying really has nothing to do with any of the DS stuff, per se. Just showing her character and she isn’t who many people thought she was.

  38. BffMama says:

    Sorry for posting so much on this topic, dramamamas and everyone else. I dunno why, but this just really bothered me more than anything I’ve read in a long, long time. I guess I needed to get my feelings on the subject out and now I should prolly try to sleep.

  39. monkey says:

    I wish I hadn’t clicked on this… the baby dying thing has really, really bummed me out.

  40. momofdivas says:

    The name she uses “Annasmommy2” freaks me out,I have a DD named Anna and I’ve used the name “Annasmommy” on several boards. I promise that I am not this person.
    I also post as kattayanna_mom on DS and CDN.

  41. insomniac says:

    seriously one of the most fucked up things I have read.
    how hOW HOW can a mama get online to post as her baby lays dying???
    How can she then not ride with him to the hospital but return to posting???
    Then sell his clothes within days of the funeral?? and bitch about not getting enough donations after getting over 15000.00 dollars?!?

    This turns my stomach to no end.

    I am trying very hard to not unleash some insane judgmental queen bitch on her.

    Biting my tongue and fingers and will just say no way karma is done with her ass.

  42. try me, i'm new! says:

    do you think the mods on ds would care at all about this? i mean, it;s just vile, and thinking about her trying to fit in on the board is nauseating.

  43. lisa says:

    She’s also the one who threw a huge temper tantrum when she thought she didn’t get into the HC MM co-op. It was really a bit much. She went crying to DS and complained all over on there, too.

  44. adensmama says:

    OOOOOOOMG. This story is even worse than I thought it was….who the F posts on a message board that their child is dead while waiting for the ambulence? What is wrong with her???

  45. Nicole says:


    I’d say someone who had no business having kids in the 1st place. I swear, some people just should not breed.

    IMO, she’s a disgusting excuse of a mother and I hope this woman isn’t having more babies.

  46. Messy says:

    This story kept me awake last night 😦 I am going back to read more in Topix, as there are some pretty incriminating accusations being made that sound rather logical.
    I know DS wouldn’t care (#43) But I know, without a doubt, that CDN would and does care if she is over there.

  47. Lurker says:

    Ok, I seriously need to pray and meditate and cry now. All at once. Ugh.

  48. Nicole says:

    Yea, She would stick out like a sore thumb on CDN and would be caught onto with in days….Her kind don’t sit well over there.

  49. me says:

    A lot of people deal with grief by getting rid of the person’s stuff very soon so that isn’t some big thing to be shocked over. Lots also regret it later unfortunately.

    The rest is very sad.

  50. diudiaole says:

    Someone asked if she had more kids — she has a little boy the same age as mine, 5 months old. I’m pretty sure that is him in her avatar on DS. I am working on a custom diaper order for him now. This story just depresses me…. I don’t know about the rest, but I cannot imagine losing a child like that.

  51. Messy says:

    Ok, questions:
    #1 She had another child die due to her drug use?
    #2 She uses the s/n annasmommy2, but according to this, she does not have a child named anna: (I went to the page and did a search for “halpin” and it went straight to their family.)

  52. argh says:

    Do not bring the son’s death into this. It has nothing to do with diapers whatsoever. It is tragic and horrible and trying to tie some $6 Fuzzi Buns to the loss of a child just blows my mind. I know her IRL and she is a wonderful person with 3 beautiful healthy children that she is a wonderful mama to. This post literally makes me sick to my stomach. 😦

  53. argh says:

    And what exactly is the lesson in karma the title refers to? Like if you have several user names (whatever the reasons may be) you deserve to suffer the loss of a child? WTF?!

  54. diudiaole says:

    I’d be up for ‘archiving’ this one as well… I couldn’t stop thinking about it last night.

  55. Messy says:

    Argh, I am sorry for your upset over this… However, it is strange that she left her baby’s body to go post on the internet message board while waiting for the ambulance, don’t you think? Then asking for more money was a bizarre turn of events… She has done a few things that are just completely strange if the death of her child was by accident.
    Also, did you know her other child that died due to “drug use”?

  56. argh says:

    I don’t know the details of the first child except that she was young and she is not the person now that she was when she had him. 😦

  57. argh says:

    52- I’ve met Anna.

  58. Messy says:

    But she is the same person. She was scamming people for money with proof as late as a few weeks before Corey died. She has done some very strange things. While it is distastefull to call motives into question, especially those of a mother who has lost her child, it is sadder even still to see the events that unfolded both right before and after Corey’s death.

  59. Messy says:

    Ummm. Wow. The more information I find, the sadder I feel for the little boy.
    Disclaimer: I have lost a child. A son as a matter of fact, so I know the pain involved. I have also had a child suffer an in-home accident (separate incident, 18 years later, different child) that we thought killed him and I can tell you, my mind was a million miles away from my computer. My brain malfunctioned and I picked him and carried him outside to the ambulance (which, since we live in a small town, got her within about 2-3 minutes but felt like the longest eternity of my entire life). So, I have BTDT, in two separate situations, and I carry the deepest pain in my heart over both, even though the accident proved to not leave my child any lasting damage. There are things a mother feels… And there are things a grieving mother doesn’t do.

  60. argh says:

    I’m just saying please be careful in your assumptions. I know I can’t personally say how I would behave if I lost a child as I cannot imagine the horror and tragedy of something like that. It may be exciting to try to unearth drama and discuss suspicions and pass judgement but she is a mama who has suffered beyond what anyone deserves so I don’t see what benefit dragging this stuff up can bring about. Especially over some $6 Fuzzi Buns.

  61. theinvisible says:

    I’m pretty sure the karma title refers to her previous negatives. It’s not in any way insinuating that her karma was to lose her child. And you’re right. It has nothing to do with diapers.

  62. naturalmamadot says:

    so being young or stupid or whatever is an excuse for that? okay then good to know, I guess me having a kid at 17 I should be able to get away with contributing to a death because hell, Im young.

  63. Messy says:

    That said, no matter what the situation was, Gail needs help. She needs a lot of help and not in the form of donations. She obviously has an internet addiction that is playing a huge part in the accusations and aftermath of her angel’s passing.

  64. Lolanae says:

    I know Gail, and it does sicken me to see Corey’s death brought into this mess. I don’t know the details of her transactions on other boards. The Karma message in the title, and the talk of Corey’s death makes me sick.

    There was drama over the diapers and other usernames. Could we leave her son’s death out of it? Like someone else says, people grieve in different ways. I know if something happened to DD, I’d probably snap mental very easily.

  65. Messy says:

    Argh, do you not wonder yourself? In your deepest recesses of your mind, do you not ponder the reality of her decisions? That is all I am doing. I don’t know her, true. But she is “alive” all over the internet, posting in a frenzie and spending with a passion. All along she was still under court orders to pay monies to the courts. But she was scamming people on ebay and other places… It makes no sense, unless it is true that she went from drug addict (who lost her child to that lifestyle) to internet addict (who lost another child, perhaps due to that lifestyle).

  66. dirtyj says:

    I wish I hadnt read this.

  67. Messy says:

    OH WAIT! No, I in NO WAY AT ALL even considered the title “karma” as to mean retribution resulting in the loss of her son. I didn’t even consider the title when I started reading all the links about her activities!!!
    In NO WAY am I implying that karma over scamming explained the loss of her son! I didn’t even put those two ideas together until you brought it up. So, no, my curiosity is just that, regarding her life choices.

  68. Messy says:

    #67 Me too 😥 It kept me awake last night and was my first thought this morning. Things like this eat at me…

  69. Gail says:

    Hi. Yes the dresser fell on my son, the police were there and made me go downstairs with my other children, I had no one to talk to, I was in shock and I quickly wrote what happened in the prayers section, I didn’t know what else to do I’m actually shaking right now writing this.

    It is very sad, I don’t frequent this blog but I knew I was being talked about and I just want to clear the air about what happened with my son. If I heard an ambulance was at someones house with thier child in it and the parent was online I too would think that was strange. You must understand I was freaking out, of course I was, I think the paramedics wanted me away from him so they could work on him, the police told me to go downstairs. Everything was spinning, it was a tragic experience as you can imagine. I never thought I would pull my dead sons body out from anywhere and having to carry him through my house not able to even see the phone to call 911 was heartbreaking, I finally found it and could not even dial those three little numbers correctly, I think I tried 3 times all the while holding my dead child and screaming “no Corey, no, he’s dead he’s dead”. I know some things are hard to understand when you hear them second party, but all I can do is hope that my words can help. That little boy was such a whole part of my life and I still can’t believe that what happened is real, he was a sweet little thing whom in my eyes did no wrong and to have him ripped from me so suddenly tore my heart out and it will never be whole again.

    I’m sorry that a bad transaction on spots had to turn into a discussion about my son.

  70. argh says:

    I ponder the reality of a lot of people’s decisions, unfortunately. The internet is a freaky place with a lot of sketchy people. I tend to go with my gut and my gut told me the snap lady might screw me over and I think she has. Gail’s past was a total mindfuck for me when I first met her, but after spending time with her I can tell you she would never hurt her children. Any talk of profiting from death I just won’t touch. 😦

  71. Gail says:

    I just read up a few posts, what is the court order to pay thing about?

  72. theinvisible says:

    I think that’s what it comes down to for me also. I don’t know her but I refuse to get into a conversation about the loss of a child, the circumstances surrounding it or the placement of blame. That kind of stuff can echo a far distance past the computer screen.

  73. Rika says:

    I didn’t equate karma = loss of son either. I thought the Topix thread was only provided as proof that she has a history of being scammy, but it’s kinda hard to click the page title due to what it is, kwim?

    In any case, no matter how sweet she may be irl, she seems to have quite an online history of slow and no shipping – with only a handful of folks saying they received refunds – as well as some sketchy “fund raising”.

  74. Just Peachy says:

    Im going to play devils advocate as well and say that shock can make people do really stupid stuff. Perhaps that is what it was with the whole thing surrounding her sons death and the aftermath.
    As far as the scamming ya karma right there. You scam people karma is gonna come right back at ya.

  75. Nicole says:

    This is a no win situation.

  76. Messy says:

    I have always felt sorry for Gail; I knew her pain had to be unfathomable. What I am reading it making me sick. It won’t change anything or bring her son back, so I am done reading about it and posting about it… Maybe some day I can stop thinking about it.
    See ya’ll in other threads!

  77. DSDM2 says:

    I added an edit to the OP.

    We are NOT saying anything about the death, just that the names were linked on the discussions there. Karma in this case has NOTHING to do with the loss of a child, just that the scammer got scammed.

    C&P from BFFMama: (who hit the nail on the head):
    “This thread is to enlighten us about:

    Us4 posted a T&F upset that the mama she sold 2 diapers to (weslie) was complaining that the diapers weren’t as described and she (Us4) knew they were and was asking opinions. The buyer (weslie) wanted her money back. Us4 didn’t do it and then the weslie chick went on to sell the diapers for a profit and said they were in EUC (which they were all along, apparently, but she just lied about that part).

    Cut to this post…letting us know that Us4 was so concerned about her neg feedback, but look at her previous history with scamming people. So was it karma that she got screwed over a bit?

    The baby dying really has nothing to do with any of the DS stuff, per se. Just showing her character and she isn’t who many people thought she was.”

  78. Gail says:

    I posted a few posts up not sure if it was seen.

    The money that was raised I did not raise it. The girls at j&j place called me the day after he died to tell me thay had raised 3,000. I knew nothing of them even doing any fundraising until this point. When I got home I had a pm saying they had raised 3,500. I then pm’d back and said ok well you can stop raising any more funds. They then pm’d me back and said we want to keep raising for whatever you need, whatever it is if you guys need to go out for every meal you can etc etc etc….this pm I gave to the detective and that was one of the reasons they never opened and investigation.

  79. Gail says:

    ty and chey’s mom, I’m guessing when they took your dd in the ambulance she was alive right?

    I think the reason they didn’t want me to go outside or anything was because of the fact that he was already gone, so I suppose they do things differently when a child dies, probably they want to make sure that the child actually dies in a way they were told or something, that is probably why they didn’t let me go out to the ambulance, IDK. And there is no way I could have driven in the state I was in anyway.

    I know things can sound so strange when you hear them, but you were not there, you can not know, and I don’t want anyone to ever know what it is like.

  80. diudiaole says:

    Gail I am sooooo sorry. I am in tears reading your post…. I just can’t imagine… can’t even imagine.

  81. Gail says:

    Thank you diudiaole.

    Another thing that was so hard for me was on gymbofriends people were allowed to say all these things about me and question things I did but as soon as I would open a thread trying to explain my actions it would be shut down.

    Honestly I just stopped worrying about it after a while because I knew what happened that night and it didn’t matter what anyone else thought about it. I lost my son that’s the big picture. I was in shock for the longest time, in a haze, I can barely remember his funeral I was so out of it, I didn’t know half of what I did from day to day.

  82. amessymama says:

    Gail, I am so sorry!!

  83. diudiaole says:

    … I’ve seen it before some years ago on another site a mother got into a car wreck and if I recall correctly everyone else died — her 3 kids and her dh.

    She came to grief/loss looking for support and she pretty much just had her face rubbed in it.

    Just makes me feel ill. 😦

  84. Gail says:

    How sad, to have your whole family taken at once.

  85. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    Gail- I am so sorry that you had to go through the loss of your son. I understand being in shock.
    My daughter is still alive yes- the time I had to give her CPR until the ambulance got there- she had drowned on her aspirations- and me giving her CPR was the only thing that saved her. If we didn’t have the apnea monitor on her at the time I would have never known….
    I guess I was just curious to hear the story from you yourself- as there are so many people out there that really do look to benefit from horrible things (I know personally a couple that had fund raisers galore for their sick daughter, when EVERYTHING including their housing and meals was already paid for). So I guess I kind of see the worst in people until they prove otherwise.
    I am so sorry about your son.
    Also- I know that changing what you did in the past isn’t possible, but showing that you have changed is all you can do.

  86. Grogwench says:

    dui- I worked ER on the 4th of July one year. We had reports of a similar accident. The mom and youngest daughter was coming in Code 3. There were 3 DOS….dad, oldest son and middle daughter. The mom had minor injuries. The youngest dd survived long enough to be transferred to a major hospital. SHe was declaired brain dead and was taken off life support. It was one of the hardest situations I’ve ever been in (professionally) to take the dd in for the mom to say goodbye before flying off. My bf was an EMT and worked the scene. We both were very impacted by the event. I still can’t imagine her pain. A whole family gone in 30 seconds. Wow…

  87. Gail says:

    Yeah ok that is probably why then and how scary for you to have to do that, and how wonderful it is you were able to save her life by doing that.

  88. Laura says:

    I love some good drama just like the rest of you girls BUT someone’s kid is dead. Why the hell even bring that up here? It has NOTHING to do with the transaction. The scammer getting scammed…I get that but the child has nothing to do with any of this. You girls are brutal.

  89. diudiaole says:

    #87 — that sounds like exactly the same story… I do recall one child was in critical condition before passing 😦

  90. Nicole says:

    😦 I just can’t imagine….

  91. subpariq says:

    You know, it is really crappy to say what someone should or shouldn’t have done after suffering the loss of a child. I’m sure this poor woman was in shock and when one is in shock, odd behavior is to be expected. No mother, whether she scams diapers or not, deserves this type of unfounded speculation due to behavior after the loss of a child. It makes me sad to see other mothers saying such thoughtless things about a tragedy. Diaper scamming is and should be a seperate issue and in discussion of diaper scamming, her son’s death should be left out of it.

  92. Gail says:

    BFF mama I most certainly did not post on any thread before I called an ambulance! I was downstairs folding clothes, I heard my oldest son say mama corey is stuck, I went up expecting maybe his leg to be in between his crib slats or something instead I found something else that you know and I grabbed him and held him and ran for the phone and called 911 performed cpr until someone got there, lay on the floor beside him crying, was told to go downstairs with the children, that is where the computer was, I was pacing back and fourth downstairs not knowing what to do, I got on J&J place and posted in the prayer section. I most certainly did not post before I even called an ambulance and whoever said that obviously doesn’t know what they are talking about.

  93. Gail says:

    Messy, they may have said his time of death to be 8:10, they don’t pronounce them until they get to the hospital and at the time I posted in the prayer section they were in my kitchen with him so yeah I guess he wouldn’t have been pronounced dead yet.

  94. Gail says:

    BFF mama I was selling clothes he hadn’t worn that I had bought for him to wear that summer, I still have plenty of clothes he had worn. I just wanted the unworn clothes out I couldn’t stand looking at them.

  95. Gail says:

    AGAIN I did not get on the computer for one second while waiting for the ambulance. I was with my son the ENTIRE time! I wasn’t thinking about anything else. I can’t believe people keep saying the same thing over and over and over they pronounce death at the hospital, at least they did with him.

    As someone else noted why didn’t the police look into that, because the police know I got on the computer when they told me to go downstairs and not a second before. Don’t you think there would have been a huge investigation if it would have been any different. I mean if you will take a second to calm down and really think about it.

  96. DSDM2 says:

    This has gone OT. We were linking the two screen names. Someone needs to report the new SN to the Old one on HC.

  97. subpariq says:

    Gail you don’t have to justify yourself or your actions to a bunch of ruthless and vicious people. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  98. Gail says:

    thank you subpar, it does hurt to read these things though

  99. Since I’m the one that posted this, let me just clarify that this in NO WAY has anything to do with her son’s death. I would never be so cold and callous as to claim being scammed over $6 diapers is karma for her son’s death.

    “Oooh, looks like there was an ebay seller with the same annasmommy2 name with some issues.
    Could it be her? According to a Topix forum, it is.”

    Specifically when you click the Topix link, the first post you should see is this:

    “checked the ebay id annasmommy2
    which by the way is her id at gymborebel ,sure enough takes people money ,never sends item.I counted 9x’s she ripped someone off and 8 nuetrals for shipping 1 month later . ”

    So it has nothing to do with her son’s death and since we don’t have all the information regarding it, nor do we need it in regards to the negative feedback, & multiple usernames.

  100. Gail says:

    I do have an issue with slow shipping, I do, but if someone doesn’t or hasn’t gotten their item I have always refunded them.

    I didn’t know if this thread was about scamming or about the things I did after my sons death.

  101. adensmama says:

    Just from what I had heard it sounded like you were on the message board instead of being with your son, or going with him in the ambulence. I didn’t even think that the paramedics wouldn’t have wanted you there or made you wait in another part of the house while you were with him….
    You can imagine it does sound very strange and messed up when you hear it from second hand information, but now hearing your story I believe you.

    I am so sorry about your son, losing one of my children is one of my worst fears…I have nightmares about it on a regular basis. I don’t even know how I could go on if that happened.

  102. Gail says:

    adensmama, yes when you hear the one side yes it sounds strange, that is why I try not to judge because unless you are there you can’t know. There were about 10 officers in my house along with the paramedics, and a detective, I do believe it was the detective that told me to wait downstairs, I don’t remember it being him but when I talked with him later he told me he was the one that told me to go down there.

    It is hard to go on but I do because I have other children that need me.

  103. mnmama says:

    Please keep people’s kids out of this discussion!!

    Talk about the scammer behavior, not her kids.

  104. werd says:

    I really don’t think DSDM’s were implying that the death of Gail’s son was “karma” – I never got that impression when reading and I think those of us that post frequently here can definitely never see them being like that. They were merely bringing her questionable past selling to light, and I think it is a valid concern as far as B/S/T on DS or wherever. Although clearly in this instance, she did nothing wrong and the seller was actually the scam artist!

    I can’t imagine losing a child and Gail, I am so sorry for your loss and sorry that it got dragged out on this thread 😦

  105. :) says:

    Hugs Gail.

    I’m so sorry you’ve had to come here and relive that horrible tragedy in your life.

  106. naturalmamadot says:

    ugh ppl are so dense OBVIOUSLY no one was saying $6 diaper drama was karma for her sons death! The past scamming/negative transactions would be what THIS transaction would be karma for. DUH. Honestly ppl you cant be that stupid, sounds like you are just trying to find something to guilt trip the OPs/commenters for.

    As for Gails side of the story, I think its a tragedy, I believe it was an accident, I think that she opened herself up to criticism when she got on the computer but its not going to change anything so Im going to focus on her negative transactions and multiple usernames.

  107. Grogwench says:

    dui… Texas?

  108. subpariq says:

    I don’t think the drama mamas were saying it was karma. I’m referring to the fact that her son’s death was even brought up in this discussion. I don’t feel like going to look for it, and maybe I misread, but talking about her as though she is at fault for her son’s death, saying she shouldn’t have children, and questioning her behavior after her son was killed…reprehensible. IMO, saying the things that have been said on this thread are a thousand times worse than scamming a $6 diaper or whatever. And I’m not talking about anything the bloggers have said.

  109. Lolanae says:

    My post was more directed at the first couple of comments questioning her character around the time of Corey’s death based on second hand information. Those were the posts that made me sick to my stomach more than the karma thing.

    Also questioning if she even had a daughter named Anna, ect.

    It seemed the first few comments were more concered over the time after Corey’s death than the multiple screennames.

  110. Trojane says:

    If her child was dead, she wouldn’t need to accompany him. I’ve lost a child, too, and they do not have you ride in the ambulance if the child has already passed away.

    I wanted the world to know what happened to me afterward. I didn’t hop on a computer to tell anybody immediately, I just let the phone calls branch out. I didn’t want to be the one to tell anybody, but I wanted everybody to know what I was going through. I can see why she posted. Time is very different when you’re going through that. So is judgment.. there’s no way she would have cared what anyone thought at the time.

    Oops.. read further down and saw most of what I said had been addressed.

  111. BffMama says:

    In my posts, I was simply reacting in a ‘stream of consciousness’ way…posting my thoughts as I was reading some of the comments on one of the links. In my little ‘summary’ post (38), I even stated the death of Gail’s child has nothing to do with the transaction in question or the karma part of it.

    Like Messy, I am walking away from this thread because it is haunting me (to my very core).

  112. BffMama says:

    And I don’t think there’s a single thing wrong with how I reacted and the things I said on this thread, btw. It’s what I was thinking and I’m certainly entitled to my feelings and the expression of them.

    (Sorry, this got cut out)

  113. Trojane says:

    The rootsweb link and the article both mention a daughter named Annagale.

  114. werd says:

    From Messy:

    “I cannot open the thread associated with “a lesson in karma” mainly because of my own nosiness in looking at a situation that has always made me feel inner fear and horror. It is because of Corey’s story that all of our dressers are lag bolted to the walls. In looking at what happened many months ago, I did realize other dangers, like tv’s that could be pulled down, etc. There is a lot to learn.
    I feel terrible for Gail and even worse after I read all the things questioning her.
    ***I was wrong in my assumptions of what she should have/could have/would have done. I did something terribly dangerous when my baby was hurt that I knew knew KNEW better than to do! I have no idea why she did the things she did, just as I have no idea why I did what I did.
    However, I was BRUTALLY WRONG AND VICIOUS in looking into the gossip surrounding her son’s death. Gossip is just that… Worthy of nothing. For that, I am very very sorry. Please accept my sincere apology and C&P it over to the other thread. I do not want to open it as it takes my brain to places I just can’t go.

  115. Gail says:

    messys post has me in tears, it takes a lot to say something like that, and admit that you were wrong in what you did. it is so true that you are not thinking clearly or as you normaly would. I look back on some things I said and did and then all of a sudden I’m like ok yeah I can see why others were questioning it.

    This thread had me ill when I first read through but I’m also kindof having a weight lifted off of me because I’m getting things off my chest that I have wanted to say for so long.

    People always had so many questions, but they wouldn’t give me the opportunity to answer, or if I tried my words were twisted into something I didn’t mean.

    One thing I always wanted to discuss was why I got onto gf asking for more donations. In my shocked stupor I was talking on the phone to the lady who had been doing the fundraising. She was telling me all about how donations had slowed down. She wanted me to get on gf and say something about it, that is what I did, I’m sure I didn’t do it in the right way but I swear it wasn’t in an attempt for my own personal gain. And everyone kept saying that they called the funeral home and that we didn’t have to pay anything. That is not true! The funeral home covered a lot, but not everything, we still had to pay for a casket, the vault, the headstone, all of this was a lot and we have the checks to prove it. Not to mention the 2,000 we had to pay to 2 different ambulance companies. Not all the money was given directly to me. For months after Corey died I was not in my right state of might, you just can’t understand. I don’t even remember who came to the funeral. Jim will say something to me about someone being there and saying something to me and I’m just like what are you talking about. I’m rambling now, I just hate this.

  116. Gail says:

    Trojane I’m so sorry about your child.

  117. Trojane says:

    Gail, I’m sorry, too. I’ve grieved for your son a couple times.

  118. Thud says:

    Can this go away?

    The diapers thing is so not related to the death of this woman’s child and as the two have now been linked I think it is best to disappear.

    No one can question this, no one was there. Accidents happen. Decisions get made. Life and death switch places in a heartbeat.

    And given that in this place the mama was the one scammed and not scamming, no matter her history of such, this is just a cruel exercise.

  119. bored says:

    yes this def. needs to go away. the diapers have nothing to do with her son and whatever actions she may or may not have done. who are we to say what should or shouldn’t happen in an emergency?! you never know till you are in that situation. and for some of you to sit there and judge her like that is ridiculous. who cares if she got on the computer while her son was being worked on. people do strange things in a tragic moment. lay off already and focus on the DIAPER SCAM. geez..

  120. subpariq says:

    I think you should leave it up to Gail whether or not it goes away. And I think if she wants it gone, the option of having the entire thing gone should be given. Don’t usually think censoring is a good thing but I think this mama is owed that courtesy after some of the things that have been said about her. On the other hand, she may want the thread to stay so that people can read her side etc.

  121. Grogwench says:

    I think everything about the scamming should stay and the references to her son should be removed. Focus on the drama of her scamming and not her son. That way we’re not covering up scammy activities and are keeping the focus where it should be…scamming.

  122. DSDM2 says:

    The thread will NOT disappear. The option is for the comments regarding the son to be put in moderation and not posted. (We will save them all for IP references and such, but not have them posted.)

    The death of her son has no bearing on her negative feedback.

    She has 5 negatives on Spots and switched names to sell on another name (ALL FROM THIS YEAR, and the last few months). She technically should be banned from spots.

    And she has 16 negatives and neutrals (and a number of positives citing problems) on ebay.


  123. Trojane says:

    Honestly, it was hard to focus on any of the feedback issues through all the other stuff brought up.

  124. naturalmamadot says:

    k just letting you know, I am able to vote multiple times, found out by accident I just thought it didnt register my first vote but no I bumped the votes every time

  125. naturalmamadot says:

    I think that this entry should be left alone, even if its archived or something and a new one should focus on her transaction issues

  126. Gail says:

    The only 2 usernames I have ever used on spots are annasmommy2 and mccurrygaill, I never went by us4&angelcorey on spots.

    I have 3 negatives on spots not 5, and I explained those 3 and what happened with them.

  127. Gail says:

    and 2 of the negatives were from the same user. And if everyone that I have ever sold to actually ever left fb I would have a lot more positives it’s just that a lot choose not to leave fb at all for some reason.

    I have 100% positive on ds and out of 335 fb’s on gf only 1 negative.

    I would appreciate if all the things regarding my son were removed as it doesn’t have anything at all to do with this matter.

  128. DSDM2 says:


    You DID GO BY us4&angelcorey on spots.

  129. Gail says:

    well dang I guess I did 😦 I thought all those were under annasmommy2, can you believe after all the selling I did on spots I just now figured out the feedback feature?

  130. Gail says:

    I didn’t purposely lie but I guess that’s what happens when you go by multiple user names. Now I have to go see what those negatives are.

  131. Gail says:

    I’m not saying that my slow shipping is good, I know it’s not but at least I never took anybody’s money I always eventually shipped or refunded.

    And I am sorry for my slow shipping practices, I really am.

    But the cool thing is I don’t have to apologize to anyone here about it.

    I wasn’t even upset that everyone over here was talking about me and my transactions, I was terribly hurt about all the other stuff that didn’t have anything to do with it.

    So go ahead, have at it with your drama blog.