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What kind of feedback should I leave?

Here’s the situation and I’m trying to be as elusive as possible as to not out the seller!

I ordered items from a WAHM in early July and the transaction was flawless, shipping was quick, etc. I want to order more.

I ordered items from same WAHM on July 26, paid 27th and asked that these be shipped ASAP. In the mean time was told by another WAHM/friend that she had been getting jerked for almost 2 weeks by the same seller – seller told her, her FIL had fallen seriously ill (right before I contacted her to place an order) and it was delaying her shipping. Seller didn’t know that I talked to the other WAHM.

I never heard from the seller and no shipping was printed so I PMed seller after a few days – seller told me her FIL had died and it delayed shipping. I told her I needed the items ASAP so she could just give me a refund and not worry about shipping. Seller said no, the items would be mailed the next day. I waited a few days, still no PM or items.

I PM the seller asking if the items were sent on the day they were supposed to be, she says yes and will look for the DC. I never hear back from her and items still haven’t arrived so I PM her asking for either a DC or a refund. I also PM a mod as I have the feeling I might be getting scammed.

Seller PMs me that night saying they weren’t sent on the day she said they were, that they were just shipped that day (2 days later). Offers a $5 refund or to send a free item. I PM her telling her I am angry that I was lied to, and that this has put my customs at a standstill and some are now late. She says she didn’t lie, that someone else was supposed to send my package that day but didn’t. Seller also tells the Mod who PMs her, that she has been talking to me right along, when she hasn’t. I’ve had to PM her and wait for responses the entire week.

I get the items 2 days later, and half my order is missing. I PM seller, don’t hear from her for 12 hours. She PMs back and says she will ship the missing stuff. I tell her no, as I obviously don’t trust her at this point, and I want a refund for what I was missing and the shipping for those missing components. They were for a specific custom and I ended up having to use something else on the special custom because I couldn’t wait any longer to send it. She says okay, but I have to wait another day for the refund. She says she is sorry a million times but I really don’t feel like she cares at all, how badly she messed up this transaction!

Assuming I get the refund – is negative feedback warranted? I feel like it is but I’ve been really stressed for the past week about this transaction so I don’t want to make an emotional decision – I take FB really seriously! She has no negatives as of right now.

I feel like she lied, didn’t communicate when there were problems (unless I PMed first), tried (poorly) to cover it up, put me in a potentially bad situation with my customers (luckily all have been understanding), and then didn’t even take care to make sure my order was complete when she sent it, even after she messed up the shipping! I highly doubt I will even get the $5 refund she offered, too… I’ll be shocked if I do. Also, all of this could have been avoided if she had just LMK that she was having family problems when I ordered and specified that I needed these snaps ASAP. But she didn’t mention it at all.

Also, she didn’t bother to PM me to let me know of any shipping delays, but had plenty of time to bump her WAHM posts on DS.

SO – should I leave negative FB? Or, what kind of feedback should I leave?

I have never left negative before, ever!!


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Re: What kind of feedback should I leave?

honestly i am not a push over i would leave neg. this has caused you problems. you were lied too, ignored and then half your order not sent when she had the time to double and triple check it.

she didn’t refund the first time you asked but stated it would go out the next day then it didn’t.

she ignored you while bumping threads for more business while having problems with the orders she has now.

lied to a mod

caused you stress.

this has been a negative for you all around and you should leave negative. and even if you get your refund you should leave negative. because this isn’t how you do business.

and she didn’t promptly refund you but told you to wait a day. this makes me worried. sorry but it does.

leave negative yes she had a family issues but it’s her job to know when she needs to step back. it’s her job to do her job we may all be moms here but some are also business people.

question i always ask with feed back if i could rate walmart or target with feedback what would i give them. a business is a business i look at fsot different but wahm is a business.

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Re: What kind of feedback should I leave?

Originally Posted by madebymommy
Yes, I got nervous and had to order from a different place just in case… a $25 transaction cost me $40 at the end of it

Thanks for your input, this is why I posted this – I am just so torn.

Then you are out money because of the transaction. That is NOT a positive, nor are you happy about it, therefore it is negative.


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Re: What kind of feedback should I leave?

no i don’t agree just because she posted a “story” doesn’t give her the right to not do her job as a business woman and cost others money.

mama you give the feedback that she earned! it’s not your fault that she ignored you and didn’t bother letting you know what was going on! don’t let guilt get you because of a “story”

Charise Goddess loving mama to Alen 8 Ricky 3 and Autumn Lily 8 months. Loving wife to Jon of five years. National Domestic Violence Hotline for Abused Women 1-800-799-SAFE(7233)

Then as a response we get: http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=806814

Can you say SYMPATHY POST? Or a delay for the money to clear/to get more orders before running?

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An explaination and an Apology

I know many of you have ordered from me recently and have been disappointed to say the least at my customer service and my response time in replying to PMs and getting things. I have offered an explaination to many of you, but have been to embarassed to tell the whole truth so here it is.

In May my DH and I seperated we stayed in the same house, but there was no relationship between the two of us. To be honest there hadn’t been for a very long time. I had had enough of being the only supporter in our family and he constantly using me. He couldn’t be bothered to remove his butt from the recliner. I had had 5 years of trying like heck to make this marriage work, but it just wouldn’t. On our son’s birthday he signed up for mobile dating on our phones like $50 worth of it. That was a blow that I was not ready for. Even though we were done it just hurt that he would do that.
I gave him another chance in June which lasted about 24 hours when I found more evidence of him cheating. I was just done, but that is DS daddy and I couldn’t just kick him out on the street with no where to go. He was taking $ from me to give to his parents so that he could pretend he was a big shot, mean while I am struggling to make the bills and take care of our son. I was paying DSD child support and paying for everything. He was blowing and going like it was no thing. I would work 12 to 14 hours a day on the business and then do all the household stuff. I would wait until DS went to sleep at night and then start to work and I would work all night long sleep 1-2 hours get up clean and cook and handle bills and play with DS and do it again. All I heard was complaints. I didn’t know what else to do. Someone had to pay the bills.
Finally on July 17 I moved out. I came in that morning and went to reply to a PM on here on his computer. When I opened it up I found some messages between him and his exwife and him and a friend from college that sealed the deal for me. He was doing them and had been even when we were together. I gave him my house with the bills all paid up and I moved in with a friend 1.5hours away. I just couldn’t take anymore.
On July 20 I got a call from him saying that his father had colapsed and they thought it was a stroke. This was especially scary for us because he had had a stroke in Sept. 07. His dad had health issues, but nothing that was life threatening. This kind of repaired the civil part of us and we came together as friends for support during this difficult time. On the 28th his father died. The funeral was last friday.
I had tried to be there the whole time and be supportive, but I could feel the inner drama and hate that his family had for me. The family that just a few weeks earlier had called me their daughter/ sister. The family that told me that they hated H exW and wished that I could have DSD all the time. Now hated me with such a passion that they probably would have spit on my face given the opportunity. They didn’t believe that their angel boy would or could do such things.
I tried to take DSD and DS to say goodbye to their paw paw at the funeral home but I was told not to. I was told to stay home and take care of our son. I was called by DSD who calls me mama and has always been a real daughter in my heart. She begged me to take her there she didn’t want her mother to be a part. She wanted her “mommy” and she wanted to tell her paw paw goodbye and hug her daddy. But I was told no. Right before the funeral I was called by H asking me if I could get DS ready for the funeral and everything. I assumed that I would be taking him. He asked me if his EXWIFE could pick up our 3 year old son and bring him 1.5 hours to a funeral. DS has NEVER been away from me except to my parents for a few hours here and there. This was to be at least a full day event. We have never agreed with her parenting choices or ways that she does things. Why in the world, how in the world could this happen? I was crushed. I don’t understand. Like seriously anyone but her. I just told him that DS would not be attending and that I was sorry. I was happy to bring DS and wait outside so that if he needed me I could be with him but I wouldn’t attend the services if that was what he wanted. I got a click in my ear as he had hung up. I later discovered that he had taken every dime from my business account to supposedly pay for the funeral… he was a veteran it was paid for… I have no idea what happened to my $ I have no freaking clue what happened to the life that I knew just 3 weeks ago.
I understand that during this time many of you have ordered and I have been late getting your orders out. I have been the slowest person ever. It’s like I just wake up and go through the motions. I have so much good going on in my life right now, but there was so much negative and drama that I couldn’t see straight. All I knew was that I didn’t have a “real” job so I had to keep bumping and keep orders coming in. I had to make sure that I had income. I had to count snaps, I had to get orders out, I had to take care of DS, deal with the loss of my FIL that I loved dearly without saying goodbye, the loss of my marriage which wasn’t happy anyway but still a loss, the cheating, the lying, the stealing, all at once. I just shut down I guess. I don’t have a clue what happened to me. I just couldn’t function.
I am so so so sorry to those who have been affected by my breakdown. I am sorry to those who have had ill effects as a result of this. It is all my fault and I understand that. I just felt like I owed you all an explaination rather than bad CS and just saying live with it. Thanks if you read this far. I am back on track now and orders have been shipped. I just pray that my reputation and feedback aren’t ruined because I messed up.

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  1. Just Peachy says:

    Thanks DSDM!

  2. werd says:

    my very own blog entry. I’m honored!

  3. Messy says:

    I hope that people do not give this scammer sympathy sales. I have the icky feeling that she is riding this for all it’s worth ($$$) and then will disappear into the cyber night.

  4. Munklettes says:

    Good wahms just go bad sometimes. I have a bad feeling about this one 😦

  5. riffrafflittleman says:

    I have to agree with Messy and Munklettes. The story just screams BS to me. So sorry you had to go through this Werd. Do not let the sheeples at DS make you feel bad about this transaction at all!!!

  6. DSDM2 says:

    #4. A LOT of good wahms go bad.

    Making a mistake is one thing, but airing dirty laundry for sympathy/money is another.

  7. Taterbug says:

    “I just pray that my reputation and feedback aren’t ruined because I messed up.”

    ??? She didn’t just mess up. She lied. More than once, and to more than one person. She was paid for product that she didn’t send out. She stole. She was given more than one opportunity to refund the buyers which would have resulted in a no harm/no foul, but she didn’t take it. She didn’t communicate until forced to. I can’t help but wonder if she’s just hoping to get some pity buyers who she will then screw over too.

    If she were truly sorry, we wouldn’t be hearing her sob story/excuse (very unprofessional), or her “hopes” about her feedback. We’d be hearing how she screwed up, how she is going to fix it, and how sorry she is that her personal issues hurt other WAHM’s businesses. Her concern (at least publicly) should be making right, and keeping in contact with customers and mods until she is certain that everything has been made right. If she would do/have done that, she wouldn’t have to worry about her feedback or her reputation.

  8. werd says:

    4 I just don’t get it. She was so stellar to work with last time 😦

  9. magpiedpiper says:

    Her story just has way too many icky details. I think that’s what makes it so weird. That much detail was TOTALLY unnecessary.

    O/T but do you think some DS mod actually did change negative feedback as this OP states? Wouldn’t surprise me.

    It does surprise me that she hasn’t gotten more negs though. I think her Mothergoose Designs stuff often looks poorly done.

  10. DSDM2 says:

    3 negatives and you are banned. She got a friend to change the FB for her.

  11. Messy says:

    terrismez is the one who is saying feedback she left was changed. Shortcake2386 shows ZERO neg feedbacks. So, she had more than just one neg changed?

  12. werd says:

    dude – my T&F thread is missing

  13. werd says:

    but her “apology” is still up – SHE outed herself on HER thread! WTF?!

  14. naturalmamadot says:

    I really hope she doesnt run and take everyones money. Taking money from other moms is not going to help anything 😦

  15. amessymama says:

    I think she knew all along that her outing would get your thread deleted!

  16. diudiaole says:

    So if werd leaves a negative she is still in the clear to fuck over whoever she wants, unless a third person negs her?

  17. naturalmamadot says:

    It looks like it, at this point I wonder if they would ban her anyways because “shes going through such a hard time” and all…I would not put it past the mods to feel bad for her and let it slide, blaming it on big meanies with no heart *eyeroll*

  18. Kimbella says:

    I think that Terrismez and Shortcake are sisters.

  19. diudiaole says:

    so for the mama out $112 — what recourse does *she* have??

  20. amessymama says:

    18- Really? Why?

  21. Kimbella says:

    Oops, nevermind! Shortcake is sisters with someone else!

  22. Kimbella says:

    I didn’t realize that Shortcake was the person Terrismez was trying to neg.

    Shortcake has a sister on DS who has run to her defense in the past when someone was complaining about Shortcakes shoddy work. (The green velour men’s boxers with white thread and horrible sewing.)

  23. Funneh says:

    Slightly OT, but is magpiedpiper on here? I have read three threads in the past twenty minutes where she’s posted and I think I have a girl crush.

    This entire situation just sucks. You’re either a coldheartlessbitch/mob catalyst or potentially responsible for farking over future customers by keeping your mouths shut and your feedback to a Disney-approved-happy-ending. I don’t envy you, d00bs :/

  24. Kimbella says:

    munchkinflame13 is Shortcake’s sister.

    I was way off!

  25. Just Peachy says:

    They deleted her apology thread didn’t they?

  26. Just Peachy says:

    Nm I see they didnt.

  27. werd says:

    I just fail to understand why my thread had to be deleted?! I still posted in hers… how weird.

    and…. *GASP*…. still no refund

  28. Just Peachy says:

    Of course not werd and that really sucks. Hypocrites much Lee Dodd?

  29. screenname says:

    You wanna see something funny? Check out page 9 of terrismez’s feedback. As the Drama Turns, eh?


  30. Just Peachy says:

    talking about emma’smommy08?

  31. Messy says:

    #31 I think she is talking about OhShit’s feedback… It is under thenanny.

  32. altaem says:

    I didn’t know I could change the number of posts I viewed at a time, so here I am with 10 posts per page looking at the feedback going “nothing even remotely interesting here.” Then I figured it out. 🙂

  33. theinvisible says:

    The Nanny is either the most pathetic doormat of a female I have ever seen in my life or she is a liar. Neither scenario inspires me to buy from her. Ever. Nice work DS, deleting Werd’s thread but leaving that masterpiece of pity mongering up for the world to see. I would expect no less.

  34. bored says:

    werd….she is NOT going to refund you. she has NO money. she has to wait till someone else orders from her so she can refund people..then the cycle repeats itself.

  35. diudiaole says:

    Interesting how she gave her business thread a bump before airing the dirty laundry, no?

  36. DSDM2 says:

    Interesting? BS is more like it.

  37. chrissyb says:

    Maybe I should order some snaps, so they never get here and I can neg feedback her, lol.

    I feel for a mama in a rough spot, but it doesn’t make it ok for her to not keep up her end of the bargain and send you what you paid for. Really, there is no excuse to not send an order that is paid for. Well, maybe if she had died, that would have been a valid excuse. Thats about it.

  38. argh says:

    Yeah I’m the one out $112. I bought from her on ebay. I filed w/ PP this morning. I sent her a msg letting her know that if it’s an issue of snap colors not being available I don’t care AT ALL. I want a snap press or I want a refund. If she can’t do it now she can let me know when she can and I will be patient and understand. I told her I’m just waiting for honest communication. And she hasn’t responded. So…. ?

  39. DSDM2 says:

    Leave FB, escalate the claim. Chances are she will blame DH and you will never see a dime.

  40. chrissyb says:

    39 maybe you should post on that thread. How you spend your hard earned money and now you are out $112, no snap press, no comunication on how to make it right. If she outed herseld no one else can get in trouble, right?

  41. argh says:

    I hate this.

  42. chrissyb says:

    It amazes me people can get away with this shit! I would love to buy more from wahms, but geesh, how do you know? I don’t have money to throw around on a “maybe i will get it, maybe i wont” sort of deal. ugh.

  43. diudiaole says:

    #43 — she has a website… http://www.ohsnapusa.com so unless you only buy from big name stores, you don’t know if a site is run by a one woman(or man) show…

    I purchased the bulk of my order through her website, argh purchased on ebay.

  44. kitty1163 says:

    Note to self: Stay away from any company or wahm with Snap in the title

  45. bearista says:

    #46 lol seriously…no Snaps for me!

  46. magpiedpiper says:

    Funneh, you’re making me blush. lol

  47. DSDM2 says:


    Please don’t make this into an argument thread. The comments no matter how harsh they are, are well deserved. I didn’t honestly set out to hurt or lie to anyone I have tried to tell everyone what I was going through to an extent. Usually I just chalked it up to FIL because I really didn’t want to share everything. I don’t even want to acknowledge it to myself KWIM.

    I am not taking $ from customer A to ship out customer B. I never said that. Also all of my orders have been shipped out at this point. So if anyone is waiting it will only be a couple of days. Everything went priority today except for a Canadian Pkg which was just ordered earlier this week anyway and it went FC.

    I did not post this to get sympathy or to drum up business, I did it because I owed my customers an honest explaination and an apology. I have no justification in what I have done. It is completey and totally my fault.

    No one is ruining my business. I did that to myself when I chose personal life over business.

    Also any who have requested refunds have been refunded fairly.

  48. DSDM2 says:

    Is that true? Did you all get refunds?

  49. adensmama says:

    I had a bad transaction with Terrismez, but I didn’t leave neg. feedback. I was new-ish to DS at the time.

    She sold me 3 goodmamas, supposedly shipped through paypal. She said that her husband had lost his job and she needed to raise money so she was selling them off cheaply

    Well the paypal info only said “shipping info received” and never updated to actually prove that it was shipped. After like 2 weeks I think, I asked her what was going on and she told me that she HAD sent them out. She said that the mail person was not her regular mail-dude that day, so maybe that was why. I waited a little bit longer, still no diapers. I didn’t have that much money at the time, and I was super pregnant and needed the freaking diapers.

    So I filed a paypal claim, and PMd her saying that I would cancel it if I ever did get the dipes. She had actually PMd me right before I sent it, saying that she felt really bad about it and offering to give me $35 (like, half of what I paid). Then when she found out I filed a claim she got upset and gave me the guilt trip, but I was just trying to protect myself since I had no way of knowing if she ever sent them or not!!

    I did actually get my money back, paypal ruled in my favor and I got about half of it, and then several months later the rest magically showed up in my account (I was shocked).

    So….take it for what it’s worth I guess. She might have actually sent them, idk. But I have bought and sold hundreds of time since then and never had a package go missing.

  50. Sharpie says:

    “I did not post this to get sympathy or to drum up business, I did it because I owed my customers an honest explaination and an apology.”

    Ummm.. so why not just send your customers what you wrote in the first post instead of making a big “poor me” thread?

    I’m so sick of “my life sucks right now but I can’t actually do everyone including myself a favor and just close down my shop until things get better because that’s just to fucking reasonable. Instead now everyone I deal with gets to get screwed up the backside just like me after all misery loves company.”

    Gag. Me.

  51. tntdynomite says:

    Hey Werd, Do you feel you were “refunded fairly” What a C U Next Tuesday 🙂

  52. screenname says:

    38 – Actually, my very first cloth diaper purchase was almost 4 years ago from the granitesmith store on ebay. Right after I purchased, the owner died. Shipping was delayed for a week, but I got all my diapers. And there was seller initiated communication. So, as morbid as this sounds, death doesn’t have to be an excuse either.

  53. screenname says:

    52 – Seriously! If she had kept in communication and explained things to her customers, it would have gotten around here. The only reason to put such a personal issue into a thread on a large public internet board is to draw attention to it.

  54. me says:

    I put these in the wrong post!


    I feel bad for Shortcake right now but I think she is nuts. I got less than remotely professional stuff from her too.
    It shocked me the other day when I saw her store in a congo.

    Terri I have had nothing but great dealings with so I can’t comment much on that.

    The snap woman- i really don’t have any more words because I am in such disbelief.

  55. ladylili says:

    Ok, can we just go over something in her apology?

    She said that “I later discovered that he had taken every dime from my business account to supposedly pay for the funeral…”

    This could only happen one of two ways. She had a debit card attached to the account and the DH got it and used it. If his name wans’t on it then he has just committed a crime. Or, he had to go into HER business account and do a withdrawal, which at the very least takes 3 days to process. She was obvisouly online this entire time. So how did she not know that there was money missing from her account until account was empty?

    Something just doesn’t click here. And didn’t she have someone send pp to her dh’s paypal account? Why would you do that if you are separated and are not on good terms?

    I guess I just don’t by the story.

  56. adensmama says:

    #57 it seemed really fishy to me too. All the weird stuff about her not being allowed to go to the funeral or take the kid(s?) to the funeral….it was all just bizarre. It seemed like she was making shit up as an excuse. But hey, I guess crazier things have turned out to be true.

  57. chrissyb says:

    ugh, (#39) did u get your refund?

  58. Messy says:

    Well, apparently the thread is *now deleted. Werd, did you get your money yet?
    WTF is the deal with ds protecting scamming WAHMs? Why would they delete a thread that the owner herself opened and started just because a lot of the responses did not give her hugs and rainbow shits? I am sure if it was a big’ole love fest, DS would have left it there as proof that the board is always just one big happy hug :::puke:::

  59. Messy says:

    N/M Apparently clicking on links is difficult for me today 😛

  60. mmspirit7 says:

    no messy i think it’s gone now

  61. diudiaole says:


  62. Messy says:

    Nope, still there. I just posted in it 😀

  63. Messy says:

    Eh, hit refresh and it was all gone… BLECH! DS sucks bald donkey balls.

  64. Messy says:

    OMg! I just got a smackdown in PM over this thread!!! WTF???

  65. mmspirit7 says:

    i just got my first warning i want hatful in my oh snaps posts whatever

  66. mmspirit7 says:

    wow that messed i got my first warning for my post being hateful in the oh snaps thread they were reported.

  67. Messy says:

    PaperPrincess sent me this… So, we are only allowed to post if it is hugs and sugar coated BS? No opinions allowed on DS; be sure to keep ’em to yourself or get smacked.

    Oh Snap Apology thread


    Hi there~

    I’m sorry to have to contact you for this but we have noticed your post(s) being reported for being excessively rude(or causing drama, or both). I know that tone is hard to achieve on the internet, but rude posts are unacceptable and against DS rules. If you can’t answer someone’s post nicely then please don’t reply at all. At this time I have to give you a warning for rude posts in the Oh Snap apology thread since DS has developed a Zero tolerance policy for this. If you read the rules, they specifically state that rude and hateful posts are offenses that are worthy of strikes and/or being banned from the site. Again this is NOT a strike.

    We ask that you kindly to start reading your posts a little more before hitting the submit button and make sure that the post isn’t rude, hateful, belittling, causing drama etc. If you have an ongoing issue with a certain member, you have the option to click on their profile and choose to put the person on ignore. And/Or contact the Admin/Mod Team if you feel there needs to be some mediation between you and another member.

    The entire thread has been removed as well since its presence alone has been causing drama.

    Thanks in advance for your understanding in this matter.


  68. mmspirit7 says:

    i find it funny my slaping was from the co op swap mod.

    wonder did oh snaps ever do a co op on ds

  69. mmspirit7 says:

    that’s a cp of mine too

  70. Messy says:

    So, I didn’t even get my own, pesonally written, well thought out smack? I got CC of a generic smack??? Yeah. A Scamming WAHM is allowed to keep scamming and doesn’t have to answer questions because they are not written in rainbow ink and worded to make her feel touchy-feely-warm-inside??? Yeah. Nice.

  71. mmspirit7 says:

    yeah i knew people didn’t like mine but i wonder did the mama that quoted mine and just answered it with a smilie got one too?

    i think it’s wrong i do. i told the mod i was a big girl and would take and now knew not to speak the truth

  72. diudiaole says:

    Didn’t Oh Snap just do a Panda Tushie’s co-op… and the stretch was in the rise instead of the width? Not that that would have been her fault at all, but sucks.

  73. mmspirit7 says:

    i don’t know but i looked at oh snaps feedback and saw lots for co ops so it was just me thinking out load on a computer. i honestly don’t care. i go to ds for drama and some fsot if i can’t find what i want on cdn or spots but even then i am worried about shopping there.

  74. Just Peachy says:

    I got the same notice. Needless to say I sort of let PaperPrincess have it. I was rude? Ummmmmmmmm she fucking ignored her customers and there were shit loads of ppl kissing her ass. Do your fucking job and don’t worry about someones feelings but worry about who’s getting ripped off.

  75. magpiedpiper says:

    I feel like I said the same things you guys did, yet no super special personal warning for me. Sad face.

    So argh, did you get DC or a refund? Have we found out if refunds actually were properly given?

  76. werd says:

    I have a refund pending right now. I thought it should be for $8 but she is only refunding me $6. Sorry I haven’t updated, I literally just slept for 15 hours after not being able to sleep at all the night before!

  77. diudiaole says:

    Well at least you got some sleep! Glad you are at least getting the $6… I am guessing shipping would have been the same whether you ordered one snap or 500 so that might be the extra $2 you figured?

  78. werd says:


    Yeah I thought my snaps were $5 and the card was $2 and then I figured about $1 to ship but she said snaps were $4 and card was $2 and shipping was flat rate. Whatever. Refund is still pending but I really hope this is all over now!

  79. naturalmamadot says:

    lmao jen, whatd you say to her?

  80. Just Peachy says:

    Just told her maybe they should’ve deleted both threads instead of leaving that train wreck up. She agreed that they both should’ve been deleted rather then just werd’s thread.

  81. werd says:

    And I love how they deleted the thread so now thenanny can keep ripping people off and jerking them around. I bet that even if she gets a third negative, they will just change it or let her stay because of her story. I really feel sorry for anyone in the future who does business with her, it really was super unpleasant and she was unprofessional all around (especially when I was the bad guy and getting nasty PMs) and I hope no one has to deal with that!

  82. mmspirit7 says:

    i wonder if i got the hand slap because someone reported mine. i was like the first or second person to not post hugs and people were shocked and thought it was mean.

  83. Just Peachy says:

    I think most of the posts that weren’t ducks and bunnies got reported. Someone needs a pair of BGPs apparently.

  84. Messy says:

    I cannot open the thread associated with “a lesson in karma” mainly because of my own nosiness in looking at a situation that has always made me feel inner fear and horror. It is because of Corey’s story that all of our dressers are lag bolted to the walls. In looking at what happened many months ago, I did realize other dangers, like tv’s that could be pulled down, etc. There is a lot to learn.
    I feel terrible for Gail and even worse after I read all the things questioning her.
    ***I was wrong in my assumptions of what she should have/could have/would have done. I did something terribly dangerous when my baby was hurt that I knew knew KNEW better than to do! I have no idea why she did the things she did, just as I have no idea why I did what I did.
    However, I was BRUTALLY WRONG AND VICIOUS in looking into the gossip surrounding her son’s death. Gossip is just that… Worthy of nothing. For that, I am very very sorry. Please accept my sincere apology and C&P it over to the other thread. I do not want to open it as it takes my brain to places I just can’t go.

  85. werd says:

    I c/p it for you Messy!

  86. Messy says:

    TY Werd. I have been haunted by the whole thing all night and all day. I do not deal with death well… I appreciate it. I have no idea what turns that thread took after I bowed out, and I don’t want to know, but I needed to apologize. I was so wrong 😦

  87. Messy says:

    Does anyone need the link to Serena’s snap group on yahoo? I have had awesome luck with her, and she has so many happy customers in the group! So let me know if you need more info! It is notionsupply on yahoo 🙂
    Oh, I thought her prices were super low too!

  88. Trojane says:

    That thread just made a lot of people feel bad. I hope it gets buried quickly.

    This blog is my knitting activity. I rarely get around to posting but here I sit with a big sleeping/teething/clingy baby and one free hand.

  89. Messy says:

    #90 Yup. I said things that I was pondering, yet were not things I would say to someone IRL. I can be a cold bitch but usually do not say anything online that I would not say IRL. Then I was mortified if while I was realizing what a dumb bitch I was for reading the gossip, if Gail herself read that thread. Yeah. I don’t even want to go there…
    Human nature is a funny thing. We all do things differently for different reason, and her reasons are totally none of my business, just as reading gossip about such a terrible accident was also none of my business.
    But I want to not talk about it. I wanted to apologize and make sure that it went over there but I don’t have the balls to keep reading it myself. Go figure.

  90. werd says:

    Messy, here is Gail’s response:

    “messys post has me in tears, it takes a lot to say something like that, and admit that you were wrong in what you did. it is so true that you are not thinking clearly or as you normaly would. I look back on some things I said and did and then all of a sudden I’m like ok yeah I can see why others were questioning it.

    This thread had me ill when I first read through but I’m also kindof having a weight lifted off of me because I’m getting things off my chest that I have wanted to say for so long.

    People always had so many questions, but they wouldn’t give me the opportunity to answer, or if I tried my words were twisted into something I didn’t mean.

    One thing I always wanted to discuss was why I got onto gf asking for more donations. In my shocked stupor I was talking on the phone to the lady who had been doing the fundraising. She was telling me all about how donations had slowed down. She wanted me to get on gf and say something about it, that is what I did, I’m sure I didn’t do it in the right way but I swear it wasn’t in an attempt for my own personal gain. And everyone kept saying that they called the funeral home and that we didn’t have to pay anything. That is not true! The funeral home covered a lot, but not everything, we still had to pay for a casket, the vault, the headstone, all of this was a lot and we have the checks to prove it. Not to mention the 2,000 we had to pay to 2 different ambulance companies. Not all the money was given directly to me. For months after Corey died I was not in my right state of might, you just can’t understand. I don’t even remember who came to the funeral. Jim will say something to me about someone being there and saying something to me and I’m just like what are you talking about. I’m rambling now, I just hate this.”

  91. mmspirit7 says:

    what thread are you talking about messy?

  92. DSDM2 says:

    Messy, we weren’t planning on the death being part of it at all. Just that the Scammer became the Scammee

  93. Gail says:

    Well then why don’t you start a new thread with just the supposed scamming aspects an nothing about my son. I mean what do you think is going to happen when you post something like that.

  94. screenname says:

    Messy, I would appreciate the link to the group. I did a search on yahoo groups but I can’t find it. You can post it here or email it to backlitleo at yahoo dot com.

  95. chrissyb says:

    I got the generic warning letter as well. I am actually really disappointed. My post was not, in my opinion, rude at all. I said several times I felt bad for OP, but also for all of those who were out money due to her, and that she needed to take responsibility for what was done. Bummer, I can’t believe that is not allowed, what the heck. And anyone who doesn’t read this blog or cdn will never know, and she will have the chance to do it all over again. Depresing.

    Gail, sorry about your baby, sorry all the crap you got. I don’t think anyoneone knows what they will do in a situation like that, and you do the best you can. On a more on topic note, do you admit all the SN’s are yours? Why? I never quite understand the mindset and thought behing scammerish stuff. Boggles me is all.

  96. Gail says:

    I think they are all mine, I didn’t read through all the posts. I originally went by annasmommy2. And my problem is that I have trouble getting my items out. I always have the best intentions when listing and think in my mind ok I’m going to get these out as soon as I get payment. And then time goes by and goes by and before you know it so much time has gone by. This is a bad fault of mine I know, but I never list things with the intent of someone not getting their items, never. And I have always refunded so everyone has either gotten a product or a refund.

  97. chrissyb says:

    Do you use paypal? they make shipping rediculously easy. Otherwise, maybe its time to stop listing on fsot. Really its not fair to all the people that are buying from you. Getting what you bought a month late, or not at all, sucks even if you got a refund. And why not just own up to it instead of selling under differant names?

  98. Gail says:

    Yeah, I do use paypal and yeah it does suck for others, I know myself I don’t like waiting too long but I’m pretty patient about it.

    I sold a lot on spots under annasmommy2 and the one negative I got because of the shipping. The other 2 are from the same user and I didn’t understand it because she paid for a huge amount of clothes I had listed, I shipped right away, and then a couple of weeks later I received 2 more payments from her. I didn’t know why or what they were for so I wrote back to her and told her I was refunding her, which I did right away. Idk what that was all about. If you look on gymbofriends I have over 300 fb I believe and 1 of those is a negative, which I’m not saying is ok but I’m just saying that if I was such a terrible fsot or bst’r then why am I still on the site buying and selling.

  99. DSDM2 says:

    She has 5 negatives on Spots and switched names to sell on another name (ALL FROM THIS YEAR, and just from the last few months). She technically should be banned from spots.

    And she has 16 negatives and neutrals (and a number of positives citing problems) on ebay.

    Those are terrible FSOT stats.

  100. BffMama says:

    Okay, ladies. Anyone on YIM right now (10:25 EST, Saturday)? Or can you be?

  101. DSDM2 says:

    Give me a min. I will be.

  102. BffMama says:

    Okay, all better.

  103. Gail says:

    And good for you dsdm2 that you can hide behind your little veil since we or most of us don’t know who you are. Did you feel so bad about your own drama that you had to create this board to talk about others?

    I mean come on people it’s DIAPERS!

    Do you realize if we talked to anyone else about a drama blog about a diaper board they would think it is crazy? And good for them because it is crazy, that is why when I first heard about this board I never frequented it.

  104. Gail says:

    Ok I just went to spots and my annasmommy2 is my us4&angelcorey account, right? That’s what got me confused because I have only ever created a spots account 2 times.

  105. werd says:

    and my refund is still pending. Is this some sort of “I have no money but I’m trying to placate you as long as possible” tactic?!

  106. DSDM2 says:

    werd, it might be that there are no funds/back up account for the refund.

  107. werd says:

    sweet. what a twat.

    I’ve never had to get a refund via filing with PP – any refunds I’ve had were like “hey, I need to refund you for xyz” and it was an immediate refund.

  108. diudiaole says:

    werd — I have had pending refunds take over a week… I don’t know why it works that way.

  109. Just Peachy says:

    If she didn’t have the money in her paypal account it will be pending. If they have money in their account usually it goes thru right away.

  110. adensmama says:

    I had someone refund me once and she didn’t have money in her actual paypal account, so she had to do the transfer from checking thing (when your checking is linked to your pp)

    I remember it did take almost a week, and I was worried but apparently it just takes a long ass time. So you should still get the refund. I think if there was no money she just wouldn’t be refunding you at all.

  111. werd says:

    ugh. I really need that money for shipping! Still pending.

  112. Messy says:

    Embarrassing but I will mention that when I first started buying CDs, I used paypal. I had no idea in the world that the e-checks took f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to clear 😦 Finally someone on ebay mentioned to me that she really would have prefered to be paid in a timely manner… But it was the e-check clearing. I have learned LOL!

  113. Megan says:

    Messy, I learned the same exact lesson on DS FSOT when I first started CDing over two years ago. Oops!

  114. Messy says:

    #117 Glad I am not the only one! I just ASSumed that since it was “funded” out of my checking that it was instant… Yeah. Not so much LOL!

  115. diudiaole says:


    Re-post on this thread — people are STILL ORDERING from oh snap!

  116. orly? says:

    How crazy

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