The thread is gone, but this troll was nuts. Great story line for Jerry Springer!

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Mod mamas please delete this totally out of control thread

In the most Polite since I can possibly come up with this morning, WTH is going on in here! First off I can honestly say I didn’t ask for flames about my life or my choices and definitely didn’t ask for anyone to make negative comments about my relationship. WTF no one on here actually knows the whole story start to finish and now taking bits and pieces of it some of you have decided to make some opinions and comments that are unnecessary. I am aware that people have different opinions and I am human to, I often see post in here that I completely disagree with the way people are running their lives but I wouldn’t post hurtful or judgemental messages about it. I think it is an absolute shame that I wrote a post in a rare cute girly moment to brag about the man I love and ALMOST NO ONE HAD ANYTHING TO SAY ABOUT IT, that is of course until things that aren’t related to the op came up and negative things could be said. I also wanted to add that I made it to about page 4 or so before I stopped reading the replies, I refuse to continue to get more and more upset over it!
Also it kinda really hurts my feelings that my BF did come to check out DS because I told him how great it was and he gets to be welcomed with things like this!

I just have to brag that my boyfriend is awesome. lol He is hooked on DS he started lurking a few days ago and signed up Also we have been dicussing when we would TTC (for those of you who don’t know his ex wife has twins due any day and hoping to god nothing changes he will get full custody) So I told him a few days ago that we wouldn’t be ttc until he saved up the money for a midwive and a home birth (tricare will hopefully cover part of it and maybe in a few years when we are ready they will be less stingy about it then they have in the past) anyways he of course looked at me like I am a nutso. and was like mmmhmmmm w/e I will change your mind blah blah blah. WELL last night he sat down and watch The Business of Being Born with me!!! He is now completely on board with the plan. I never really knew there were guys like him out there I thought other women made it up when they said all the great things their SO’s did for them. Anyways he is at work being ran like a dog (like most military guys are) and i was just thinking how very awesome he is and had to share lol

~Toni~ Second year college student Mamma to my 4 year old DS Jaimz

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The “boyfriend”:

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Re: best bf ever he’s such a weirdo lol

[quote=toni520;7879568] I just have to brag that my boyfriend is awesome. lol He is hooked on DS he started lurking a few days ago and signed up Also we have been dicussing when we would TTC (for those of you who don’t know his ex wife has twins due any day and hoping to god nothing changes he will get full custody) So I told him a few days ago that we wouldn’t be ttc until he saved up the money for a midwive and a home birth (tricare will hopefully cover part of it and maybe in a few years when we are ready they will be less stingy about it then they have in the past) anyways he of course looked at me like I am a nutso. and was like mmmhmmmm w/e I will change your mind blah blah blah. WELL last night he sat down and watch The Business of Being Born with me!!! He is now completely on board with the plan. I never really knew there were guys like him out there I thought other women made it up when they said all the great things their SO’s did for them. Anyways he is at work being ran like a dog (like most military guys are) and i was just thinking how very awesome he is and had to share lol[/QUOTE

thats me she talks about lol “BOOM BOOM BOOM RAINING HELL ON THE ENEMY” “BOOM ARTILLERY” ran into the ground is an understatement ran through mud and hell of rain to bring the support needed to bring the troops home its only training but when i go there again hell will be brought upon them and we all will come home to drink the beer we oh so want!!!!!!v

Cracking the case:

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Re: best bf ever he’s such a weirdo lol


Originally Posted by Father_twin_gonzo

thats me she talks about lol “BOOM BOOM BOOM RAINING HELL ON THE ENEMY” “BOOM ARTILLERY” ran into the ground is an understatement ran through mud and hell of rain to bring the support needed to bring the troops home its only training but when i go there again hell will be brought upon them and we all will come home to drink the beer we oh so want!!!!!!v

Ummm… Are you sure you want to reproduce with this guy??? WTF???
So glad he came to play on the board.

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Re: best bf ever he’s such a weirdo lol

its also fishy that she said in her first post that they watched “the business of being born” together a few nights ago, and then a few posts down she makes a comment about waiting till he gets back to the states to decide about his brother…ummm, okay so is he here or there?

it would be interesting to see if they really are the same person though. Don’t you get banned for having 2 user names?

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Re: best bf ever he’s such a weirdo lol


Originally Posted by sbbeana

Hey I found the thread you were talking about and just read it. Now I’m confused more than ever.

Holy bat boogers! I had no idea there was a preface to the story! I was just going on what I was reading here!
Honestly, DS mods are going to have to do something… She is in Germany, her boyfriend is overseas, she is state side thinking of joining the army, she is living with the boyfriend overseas, she is living in the US waiting for the boyfriend to get back, the boyfriend has 3.6754 kids in uteros scattered all over the world, the husband is making babies with the roomate’s boyfriend #2 (don’t ask don’t tell), the best friend is snorting shrooms, and the mailman is getting screwed into paying childsupport! Yeah, real fair!

~*~Cassie~*~Cloth Diaper Addicted Mama to DS already 3 yrs old !!!
Wife to my soul mate and Mommy to 8!
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And apparently there was a follow up thread, emailed by a drama follower:

Here’s her first post on that thread:

Pretty much hurt and devestated
I am sitting here first thing this morning crying and upset. I really am torn about what to do. I have always loved coming to diaper swappers even tho by the time I found it DS was already potty trained. Now I finally am going to be able to buy fluff again but everytime I look at Diaper swappers right now I feel hurt. I have been a member in this forum for years now. I often times haven’t posted anything about my life for fear that people would say nasty things to me. Now I wrote a completely innocent post and had some people say some very nasty things to and about me. So I feel very torn about what to do. 1. I could leave ds and not deallwith it 2. I could attempt to ignore it all or 3. I can sit here and write out the entire story so that maybe a few mammas on here would read it and maybe not judge me as much, but also risk getting flamed twice. It just really sucks that i feel i have to defend my entire life.

So instead of running I am going to try to explain some of the questions that I saw come up and turn into nasty comments. From the top shall we. I am 22 years old and have a 4 year old son. I am currently in college working on my associates in criminal justice. i finish it in about 4 months. I got married at 17 and I was married for 5 years to an abusive man. It isn’t something i like to talk about or share with other people but my husband was physically, verbally, emotionally and sexually abusive. I decided it was time to be done with that and I would be completely divorced right now except he doesn’t want a divorce and is fighting me on everything.

I am dating someone else, and yes my soon to be ex husband knows about it. (before i go any further i also want to make it clear that i am aware that people have opinions on moving on before the paperwork is done i know some people dont agree. i understand but would like to ask u to refrain from flaming me over it). As for my bf yes he is also waiting on his divorce to be finished. He got back from iraq in Nov. got married in Dec and was working on his divorce by feb. It was a big mistake and both parties agree. His paperwork would be complete right now but because she told him that she has miscarried his twins and was no longer pregnant all the paperwork was done for a simple uncontested divorce with no kids, so everything has to be done again because there are children in the picture now. I honestly never believed in love at first sight until i might him. but yes i am in love with him and no things are not ideal because of the timing but i wouldnt ask any other momma to walk away from tru love because of bad timing and i wont do it either.

In may I found out I was pregnant and my bf and i were excited. once again bad timing we knew that but a baby is a blessing. (yes i had been ttc with my ex for awhile with no luck but i went back on the bc because he got physically violent with my son and i told him i couldnt have any more kids with him because i didnt want to see his violence turn on my kids. i didnt want to have to leave with 2 small children.) On the Forth of July we found out from a friend of my bf that his ex was indeed still pregnant. That night i started cramping and bleeding (also a very hard thing for me to talk about) so over the past few weeks the focus has been directed towards the twins a boy and a girl.(Trystan Michael and Tryniti Marie) officially due on the 31st of next month but expected to be 2-4 weeks early. As of right now the mother has not told anyone in her family she is still pregnant and most of her friends dnt know either. bf is doing everything he can to rush the divorce being finished ASAP so that she can sign over all rights at birth and hopefully we wont have to worry about her changing her mind, but yes i am terrified of that idea even tho she has displayed that she wants nothing to do with the kids and yes even said she would drop them off at a fire station if he didnt pick them up from the hospital.

I realize it is a very drama situation and kinda sounds crazy(I even agree with some other posters that it sounds like a soap opera) but i think i will go with what my dad said about it “it isnt drama toni it isnt a mess this is just the kinda stuff that happens in Life”

My other post if anyone didnt manage to read it did mention that bf and i were talking about when we would ttc. not that we are going to now. i am not foolish trying to concieve now would put us taking care of more kids then i could handle even with a great support system that i have with my family and more then we can afford. maybe we are just odd but i thought talking about the future and things like when would it be good to try for kids is something most couples discuss i am sorry if it confused people into thinking we are rushing back into something we cant handle we arent. We know $$ is tight and that is why i said that (in several years it is gonna take to save the money for it) we could talk about ttc when we had the money for a home birth.

Also it really upsets me that someone would say that bf is not an honorable military man. he works very hard and has deployed to iraq for a 15 months tour and he is a good soldier. Yes he is a little nuts for getting on ds and posting crazy artillery sayings but really just an attempt to get me to smile at him being a nerd. It worked Another thing that got to me is that some mammas seem unaccepting of the fact that i plan to join the military. Someone asked why and the answer is because that is what i have always wanted to do. I have lost over 100 pounds training with just that in mind. I did say i am looking at the reserves now because for the time being bf is AD and with the kids being so young dual military would be very hard (but yes possible and for the mama that asked yes i can go AD with a dual military waiver once bf and i get married and yes we would have a family care plan and yes i have family that would help. let me add here that i am an army brat and my family is willing to help under the circumstance that i deploy or am training etc. we dont believe in letting anyone else raise our kids just for the sake of it, this would only be on the chance that bf and i deploy at the same time.) Also Bf may not stay in the army forever. Right now he is in college to trying to make sure that when his enlistment is up he has options.
so now that this seems to have turned into a novel I think i am done for the time being.

Oh well I would also like to add that we dnt sit at the computer all day checking DS although sometimes it is very very tempting to do just that. and that we didnt stop writing last night because I am a crazy middle aged man making stuff up. We closed ds to work on our homework after i saw that things were getting all heated up for no reason on that thread we finished homework late at night (we are in a very different timezone them most other mammas) and although bf wanted to read more post i asked that we just go to bed and look at it in the morning so i wouldnt be upset before bed.

I dont know if anyone is going to read this whole thing if you did thank you i appreciate it. I hope it cleared a little up for some of the moms who were upset by what i can only assume was misunderstanding and then well the mob effect. And really in advance i recieved pretty much enough flames on the other post to know how most mamma feel about anything to do with my life and i would really rather not have this post backfire and turn into the same thing so please No flames

  1. tweedle*deedee says:

    Ummm… WOW!

  2. adensmama says:

    Ahhh Toni. We all know you’re a troll.

    Did anyone ever inform her about this blog?

  3. ReallyNow says:

    So did Toni get banned or what?

  4. Messy says:

    She is 22. Married at 17 for 5 years and has been with this guy how many years? Can her BOOM BOOM DUMBASS BEER boyfriend do some math for this gem?
    Someone, email her to come here… C’mon, all troll like talk, any talk, all talk…

  5. Another... says:

    I was thinking that, too Messy!!

  6. werd says:

    god… my brain can’t even read that long-ass run-on sentence! Blah!


  7. NewfieMomma says:

    What’s with the “possibly related posts” on the bottom of the Toni posts??? Is that new or am I just noticing it!?

  8. DSDM2 says:

    Hmm. That is new. Off to look at the settings.

  9. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    what a schmuck… LMAO!

  10. Roxanna says:

    I really hope this is a joke because if it isn’t I am beginning to not have very much faith in the military……


  11. Booyah says:

    Sorry, I don’t speak Trollese. Can someone please translate for me?

    I did catch a whiff of “his ex-wife is due with twins any day and I hope he gets full custody.” Uhh, WHAT?? Going from that to “yay, we watched TBOBB and now he wants a homebirth!” was the best part (at least out of what I could decipher)!

  12. Booyah says:

    Oh Gawd, I just tried to read some more. Trystan and Tryniti. if that doesn’t scream “bored 14 year old making shit up” then I’ll eat my hat. Don’t they always pick the cutesy spellings for their fake babies??

  13. CJ says:

    Her son’s name is Jaimz? Really?

  14. CJ says:

    Is this reply feature new or was I just overlooking it before?

  15. Cheesewhiz says:

    Wow, that thread has seriously entertained me for days. Sad.

  16. DSDM2 says:

    fixed it (the reply thing)

  17. Mommyof4Es says:

    #12 – Younique spelling of names drives me nuts as well. To answer your question, though, she’s serious.
    My sons name is usually pronounced all wrong to and even his father (my ex husband) spells it wrong but i wouldnt change it
    pronounced like james
    ~Toni~ Second year college student Mamma to my 4 year old DS Jaimz

  18. .bin. says:

    I’m all for unique names, a friend just named her son Tafari, and I love it, but I HATE ridiculous spellings of regular names, like JAMES.

    unrelated but I just got my first strike for apparently disrespecting the mods by saying that I am shocked they left up posts wishing infertility on someone. fucking idiots.

  19. CJ says:

    My son’s name is James. We have never had a single person who could not spell or pronounce his name. Maybe she should take it as a hint that something is wrong if her son’s father can’t even spell the kid’s name. That must be a great confidence booster for the boy when a birthday card comes from dear old Dad and the name is wrong.

    I love unique names too. But stupid spellings of traditional names are just, um, stupid!

  20. myra says:

    #17 What the hell??

  21. CJ says:

    .bin. That is not right. They have power issues over there.

  22. Aj says:

    The pro-life/pro-choice thread has gotten out of control, I don’t have the energy to c & p…it’s ridiculous.

    Why would a person wish infertility on another??? I don’t care the circumstances or your personal beliefs. You just don’t go there.

  23. adensmama says:

    That thread is TOTALLY out of control, I can’t believe it hasn’t gone away yet…there are like 30 posts!!!

  24. .bin. says:

    Honestly, I’d even be ok with the strike IF the persons post had been deleted and he/she given some sort of discipline. But to leave blatant hate up and strike me? what.the.fuck?

  25. adensmama says:

    I meant pages…doh

  26. Kelolsen says:

    CJ I agree – I’m not a fan of traditional names spelled all funky. At the school I used to teach at there was an Yrwhyn. Yeah, his name was pronounced “Irwin”. Buy a vowel? LOL and they weren’t Welsh at all haha.

  27. hrm's mom says:

    As someone who suffers infertility I am upset someone would say something like that to someone. I personally would not wish that on my worse enemy.

    I use to work at a daycare with the cutest twins, there names were Derrik and Terrik I always wondered how Terrik would feel about his name when he grow up. It kind of always seemed like he got the made up name KWIM.

  28. Hexe says:

    I guess you get a strike when the mods don’t agree with your opinion. As long as you are on the same side you can say whatever you want, hurtful and rude.

  29. thewhiteninja says:

    27- DING! DING! DING!

  30. Hexe says:

    # 23 what did you get a strike for?

  31. myra says:

    Wow. What a hateful person.

  32. .bin. says:

    I wrote that “I was surprised that a hate-filled post was not deleted even though there was a mod posting on the specific thread so they were aware of it” I was ‘disrespecting’ the moderators and DS in general.

    but strangely enough, the hate filled posts are still there! lovely.

  33. DSDM2 says:

    It looks like others are questioning it without being handed strikes… I wonder why you were singled out? There are 3-4 other posters that said something. Have people reported the post?

  34. adensmama says:

    Hey did anyone notice that Taylormomof2 posted another one of her model pics on the “let me see you with your clothes on” thread?

    I’m wondering if she has any REAL pictures of her. I still think it’s tacky.

  35. Hexe says:

    I reported the post. But as I said, it depends what side the mod is on and not if the post is rude or not. It seems to be o.k to make rude comments when the mods agree with you. I think the mods are very immature on DS, like the one who posted that she is entitled to her opinion and I think that she was stiring the pot and wanted to create drama, so that she has a reason to ban people afterwards. Don’t give power to stupid people.

  36. me says:

    How old are Taylor’s kids?Her site says one and four but I don’t know when it was updated. Those pics are from 07.

  37. Messy says:

    .bin, NO WAY??? You got a strike for that???!!! That is fucked up in 200 ways.
    You are one person that even if I disagree with what you are saying, I can almost agree with you! You are that polite! Ugh!!!
    That thread still being there is shocking anyhow… I had to go back and apologize. I got all bent out of shape about something that I was reading wrong. Yeah. Talk about oops.

  38. JustPeachy says:

    Of course she doesn’t have real photos. God forbid anyone see her without the 50 pounds of makeup and airbrushing.

  39. .bin. says:

    ha! somehow I missed that that was you! I like your posts too messy. Disagreeing is way more fun than agreeing usually anyhow.

  40. diudiaole says:

    Ok I started reading the abortion thread even though I said I would stay away this time

  41. Messy says:

    #39 Please ignore all my posts in that thread LOL!

  42. diudiaole says:

    #40 will do 😀 I think I am done though, I don’t have time to read all 50 pages 😛

  43. myra says:

    What’s the point? Has anyone ever changed their view on abortion because of one of these? Just seems like one more self-righteous pissing contest.

  44. Erin says:

    #42, I couldn’t agree more. One of the reasons I never comment in those threads.

  45. CJ says:

    #42 I don’t think that anyone has ever changed their mind b/c of one of those threads but there was a post on CDN the other day that I found quite interesting. The poster was saying that while she is still pro-choice that she now can see the side of pro-lifers. That they aren’t trying to take away the rights of women but instead trying to protect what they see as a baby, a human life just as any other that has been born already. I really enjoyed reading her post, it was so nice to see someone open up their mind and see the other side of such a heated ongoing debate. I was thoroughly impressed.

  46. myra says:

    #44 From what I can see on the DS debates, respectful disagreement flies out the window, and then it’s just who can yell and shock the loudest. Or who can reiterate their unwavering abomination of abortion for millionth time.

  47. kukukachoo says:

    you think if ds ever confirms toni is a troll that they’ll remove our strikes?

  48. Not Me At All says:

    # 17 I am just waiting for a strike for that one too.

    #46 Not a chance

  49. Spangle says:

    I don’t know this chick but I think I kinda hate her. What an idiot. My DH just got back from Iraq less than a week ago and her bf’s stupid ass comments are almost offensive. What an idiot. Did he score a 7 on the ASVAB or what???

    And who the hell is she to bitch about Tricare when she doesn’t even HAVE Tricare?! Stealing a pregnant woman’s soldier doesn’t entitle you to anything, hag.

  50. Spangle says:

    I hate my monster too. Old intestinal weiner lady.

    Man I sound bitter today.

  51. Spangle says:

    Damn, sorry about jacking up my own name

  52. screenname says:

    I’m sure she’s still getting Tricare because she’s still married, just as her boyfriend is still married.

  53. Lolanae says:

    I think she’s still married to a soldier, and her BF is also a soldier. Hence the Tricare talk?

  54. CJ says:

    #44. You are right. Another reason why I stay away from DS.

  55. monkey says:

    Oops. I posted this in an old thread, I’ll repost.

    Just dropping in to say hi!

    I’m finally back from summer camp. It was long, hot and tiring. But DS and I survived and my students had a blast.

    Also, if you shoot small children with paint balls they will cry.

    I tried to explain this to my boss, but he insisted it would be a “fun” activity for the kids.

  56. DSDM2 says:

    No, not yet… anyone have a clue?

  57. thewitch says:

    I thought her dh was a security guard? (scratches head).

  58. amessymama says:

    57-I don’t know what her DH does. Are you thinking of Miles’ DH?

    Did you notice the avatar of one of the posters on that thread.

    It says:

    “breast vs. formula
    while you’re whining about what someone’s baby is eating,
    there are hungry, homeless, children you’re satisfied with donating canned goods to once a year”

    Does anyone know what the freak that is supposed to mean? Do people that think breast is best and are vocal about it, only donate canned good once a year? How are those things relative?

  59. memyselfandi says:

    IDK 58…but I think it’s safe to say she formula feeds, and has issues with doing so, guilt maybe?

  60. monkey says:


    I see the point the mama is trying to make with the canned goods comment, although it’s obviously a blanket statement and not true about a lot of lactivist mamas. Some “breast is best” mamas can be really overbearing and nasty about it (not all obviously, a couple of really nice lactivist mamas helped me when I was having trouble nursing and supported me when I finally had to switch to formula). So I could see where she thinks she’s making a point, even if it is “fuzzy” at best.

  61. me says:

    I think she doesn’t want to be bitched at for forumla feeding and is telling people if they are so worried abut what a baby is eating then help the kids who don’t have any food because at least hers is eating.

  62. Just Peachy says:

    Still makes no sense to me.

  63. monkey says:


    Exactly. It’s specious argument, but I can see the point she’s trying to make.

  64. kukukachoo says:

    that argument sucks. i mean, hello, of course i am happy to give canned food to someone else’s hungry child but you better believe that if i could feed all the hungry chidren of the world with my big ole boobies, then i’d say line em up! since that’s not happening today, i’ll do 2ND BEST and donate some cans.

  65. Me, Myself, and I says: wtf? who is the wahm defending non-communication? That is another addition to the Do NOT buy sell trade list.

  66. ladylili says:

    #65 – I know right! I can’t even believe her responses. Why do some WAHM’s insist on killing their customer base?

  67. DSDM2 says:

    I like her “boo hoo DSers are mean” speech she gives. Why go there if you don’t like the answers. I think the other ladies are correct. COMMUNICATE.

  68. diudiaole says:

    #65– I thought she was just saying she wanted to hear the other side before judging is all. Half of those T&F posts are exaggerated bull shit. I had a tester open one on me because she was pissed I changed my pattern, later when she told me she was upset about it(I had no idea she had opened a wwyd thread on me) I remade everything she didn’t like(even though that makes her half useless to me as a ‘tester’ now) pushing me nearly a week behind and gave her extras and a discount code.

    Her OP in T&F had lies mixed in and those posters chiming in telling her to lambast me and leave negatives etc. were basing their very strong opinions on those lies. So I now take all those T&F posts w/a grain of salt – how do you know the OP isn’t striking first to fuck over the other person by swaying the masses?

    /end rant

  69. thewitch says:

    #58 Could be Miles. They both bug the crud out of me and have made my ignore list.

    #65 Whoa. ITA, I can’t understand why if someone has the balls to come in and own up to being the other party involved why she can’t say her piece too. It’s so stupid.

  70. DSDM2 says:

    The WAHM can start a thread of her own, or have a friend start it if she wants to put her side out there.

  71. volbaby07 says:

    Her friend just gave her away in the T&F thread. It’s DS UN Shanna
    who has Sweet Slings (

  72. mmspirit7 says:

    i have a wet bag from there and while it took a little bit and well i didn’t even know when it shipped i was happy with what i got and the time wasn’t that long as i had a matching diaper stacker hanging thing made too.

    wish i would have known when it shipped but got it in like 2 weeks not bad at all. i don’t know

  73. amessymama says:

    61-It would have made a lot more sense if she had just said what you said.

  74. Juliankenziesmama AKA dramammama8180 (edited by DSDM2) says:

    #57 no my DH is a police officer.
    no worries I don’t like you much either 🙂

  75. A Different Sarah says:

    This one’s getting fun…. started by Miles:

  76. A Different Sarah says:

    LOLz: From the thread I just linked:

    FSOT Moderator

    Join Date: Apr 2006
    Posts: 7,470
    Ratings: 330
    Feedback: 100%
    My Mood:

    Re: Im appalled
    Miles, PLEASE do not continue to respond to a few of these post (I think you will know which ones) until the MOD’s get some things sorted out. It is becoming very clear that you and your threads/post look to be targeted.

    I thought I had noticed a pattern emerging and I do want some investigating done. We to look into why it seems you keep having to defend yourself against other members on here. I am not sure what is going on exactly? All I know, is that post that are unkind toward Miles are being reported and I or another Mod will need to check into this issue.

    I know it will be hard not to keep replying

    I would begin to process this thread now but I have to go be with my MIL at the hospital.She has made the choice to come home to die and we are all going to be with her today and hopefully respect her wishes while letting her know how very much she is loved and wanted here on earth.

    Quick warning to everyone.

    I do not have time this second to go through issuing warnings to the posters that need them on this thread.I WILL BE DOING SO ASAP. Women on here KNOW BETTER than to carry on like this here.

    I dislike issuing warnings/strikes. I do not find it fun or get any kind of thrill out of it.

    Please,if you posted with the intent to cause hurt or simply to disagree with Miles on everything she writes, go back and edit your post.

  77. Kimbella says:

    77: If she’s been living in that hotel room for free (b/c insurance is paying for it) for the last month or two, she probably does have the money to spend on a fancy purse.

    I do agree with someone else in that thread that Coach’s quality seems to have gone down over the last few years.

  78. Just Peachy says:

    Maybe they should just ban Miles instead of handing out strikes. Shes a total drama whore and a stupid ass to boot.

  79. Kimbella says:

    I really want to respond to Miles’ belief that “And yes anything with acid is usually the worst when it comes to allergies.”

    FALSE! The top 8 food allergens cause ~90% of reactions. Nothing acidic is in that group. (Dairy, soy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, fish, shellfish are the top 8, with sesame trying to break into that group.)

    I don’t want to get dinged for bashing her though…..

  80. Just Peachy says:

    She haz the stupidz.

  81. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    #78- You say Coach has lost their quality in their product… What brand do you think has the best quality now? I am wanting to get a purse that is going to last.
    And FYI- Our insurance has already paid out- we paid off our debt and bought a house (that is being remodeled to an extent- making it handicapped accessible). We are paying for our hotel room- but my husband makes enough money now that it isn’t a problem.

  82. Messy says:

    Peachy~ Yeah, I wonder why they don’t ban Miles to save the rest of us the pain of reading her crap. She is one of those people that just sucks but can’t see why @@ Dumb bitch.

    TyandCheyommy~ I have no clue about coaches as I get mine at Walmart… However, since things are good for you *now, don’t forget how good it would feel to go pay forward some of those wishes that other people granted for you. Don’t forget to repay karma. I am glad things are going better for you!

    Kimbella~ You are so right. Miles is just a raging moron with no clue, but with a little follower that pumps her ego and keeps her going :::puke:::

  83. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    I am trying to help out when I can- I did a Just Free Lotto the other day- and have repaid the wonderful man that helped us out with the feeding pump issues.
    I really want to help others out- but it is so hard to tell if they are just scaming or are really in need.

  84. Messy says:

    #84 Yup 😦 It is sad. I wish there was a way to know for certain other than simply donating locally… Even then, people take advantage. I guess all you can do is pay forward what you can and know that you have given off good karma and then it will just keep coming back to ya 😀 Now, if the people are scammers, that is their bad karma to deal with IMO.

  85. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    Even the local craigslist is full of them… I have been cleaning out our storage unit (trying to decide what really needs to go back to Nebraska with me) and thought I would donate it to someone asking for help… And yet I get people showing up to pick up free stuff looking like they just walked out of a magazine.
    I have bought my clothes from a thrift store all my life- and it is really hard for me to even spend money on myself… which is why buying a new purse is a HUGE thing…

    I have to admit- it feels really damn good to be out of debt!! Especailly since now my husband full paycheck comes to us instead of being divided a million ways to pay off debt!!

  86. Kimbella says:

    Hmm, LV purses are nice. I’ve never actually purchased one one, only coveted. 🙂 The are more expensive and can be hard to find in person though. I think the only place around here that carries them is Saks, and I live in a fairly large city.

    My older leather Coach purses still look almost new after I wash and treat them with leather conditioner. The newer cloth one I have started looking fuzzy/pily quickly, and then a seam started coming apart. So, maybe it’s a cloth issue and not an overall quality issue? But, I have two D&B purses that are cloth and they don’t look pily.

    Right now I’m loving my Vera backpack purse. Much more mom friendly. :0)

    Congrats on paying off your debt!

  87. magpiedpiper says:

    #74 I’m glad you finally owned up to reading on here.

  88. Kimbella says:

    Oh, and before I sound spoiled, I just want to clarify that most of those purses I bought while I was single, childless, and working right out of college. Also, they were bought on clearance, or in the case of the D&B purses, at TJMaxx/Marshalls.

  89. magpiedpiper says:

    TyandCheysMommy – are you actually open to a purse off of etsy? Because if you are and want to tell us what you like, I totally want to volunteer to browse around there as your personal shopper. I giant pink sparkly heart Etsy but can’t afford to buy stuff there often. lol

  90. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    I would love for someone to show me purses off of Esty… I just don’t have the time (my computer is slow as Christmas) to sit and browse…
    I want something decent size- but not as big as a dipaer bag. I love bright colors (but my husband says nothing “hippy”)… strong enough to withstand me constantly throwing on the floorboard of my vehicle… and a longer strap to hang on the stroller would be awesome- or small enough to fit in the basket…
    Wow I think I am both picky and yet not picky….

  91. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    Oh and I would love to stay under $200… but for the right purse I will go up to $350.

  92. Kimbella says:

    Messy, do you deal with FAs too? DS1 has milk, almond, sesame, and flax seed allergies. For a while we thought he was also allergic to eggs (it was the flax in the margarine I was using to cook the eggs that was causing his reactions). We are also avoiding all tree nuts, peanuts, and fish.

    I hate food allergies, but I also hate when people have incorrect ideas of what they actually are. Or they think that they know about reactions from watching the movie “Hitch”.

  93. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    Kim- how did you find out about all the food allergies? I have quite a few food allergies but I found out becuase I had really bad reactions to them when I was little. I don’t want to put my children through that- but I also really don’t want to take them to have the prick tests done at the doctors- because I know from experience that it hurts too.

  94. Bloggitybloggity says:


    I was curious about that too. I could really care less what she wants to spend her DH’s money on… but hopefully she won’t be hitting up Wish Upon A Hero for anything else since she clearly has her financial situation under control.

  95. Bloggitybloggity says:


    Well that’s good to hear. If you have a firm handle on your situation and aren’t having to worry about providing for your children, then by all means spoil yourself with a nice purse.

    I couldn’t do it, but I’m not really a “purse” person.

  96. Bloggitybloggity says:


    You mean to tell me that “Hitch” is not a medically accurate source of information on shellfish allergies????


  97. Messy says:

    Magpie posted these and OMgosh, if I could love a purse, these would be IT!

  98. thewitch says:

    #74 I’ll try not to cry too much tonight. LOL

  99. magpiedpiper says:

    Omg I had so much fun! I loved those ones.

    Messy, crap, I keep forgetting to pm you back. I will go do that now!

  100. Kimbella says:

    94: I suspected DS had a milk allergy when he broke out in hives after his first taste of YoBaby yogurt around 9 – 10 months old. Looking back, it explained so much – he was always an incredibly fussy baby. I guess that my breastmilk was contaminated with dairy that I was consuming. I ended up doing an elimination diet for 5+ months.

    We finally had him tested at 16 mos. The allergist did a blood draw. That was torture for DS. Apparently, he has really tiny veins like me.

    At his SPT last fall, he tested positive for almonds as well as milk. The SPT was not nearly as bad as the blood test. The allergist’s office had a tiny tv and kid-friendly videos, so DS got to sit and watch them while we waited for the results.

    His sesame and flax allergies are a different type that do not show up with testing*. They are not deadly like DS’s milk and almond allergies. They simply give him nasty diarrhea and tummy upset.

    Just because you have/had food allergies does not mean that your kids will. Neither my DS nor I have food allergies. However, we do both have seasonal and environmental allergies. It is the atopy that is inherited, not the allergies themselves. I know a mom who has arthritis (the atopy). Both of her daughters have food allergies.

    *There are 2 types of food allergies, IgE-mediated and non-IgE-mediated. The IgE ones are the ones that will show up on skin prick tests (SPT) and blood tests (CAPRAST or RAST I can’t remember what they stands for). The IgE ones are also the deadly ones that can cause anaphylactic reactions, as well as hives, itching, swelling, etc. The non-IgE ones cause intestinal issues. I would rather have 100s of non-IgE allergies than even one IgE allergy.

  101. Kimbella says:

    The movie “Step Monster”, at least I think that’s what it was called, was even worse! One character purposely gave the other food she was allergic to!

  102. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    So I am going to buy 2 of the purses-
    Hubby told me to wait till first thing in the morning- because he didn’t want to get out of bed to look at them and tell me if they are “hippy”…
    Thanks for your help!

  103. Messy says:

    Can anyone tell me how I can change the title of Milesofbiles’ thread from “Im appauled” to “Im abitch”??? I will leave the spelling and grammar errors intact even! She is just a dense bitch that it just boggles my mind that she can coordinate breathing and typing all at the same time!

  104. Messy says:

    ***appalled. GAH! He stupidz are contageous!

  105. werd says:

    homegirl is going APESHIT over ads on DS!!

  106. werd says:

    that was me commenting on the quality of Coach – they suck now. They fall apart quickly and every 16 year old skank with a fake orangey tan and a poof carries one nowadays! Now, Coach circa 2002 and earlier was good quality!

    I loves me some Vera Bradley- I second the backpack – I have the back sack and I LOVE it!

  107. Just Peachy says:

    I so want a LV bag. All I have ever owned of LV is a wallet LOL.

  108. monkey says:


    Good for her.

  109. Kimbella says:

    I went to a purse party several years ago where they were selling faux LV stuff. Even a fake wallet was around $50! A girlfriend of mine bought one and it tore up right away. I’m glad I didn’t buy anything, especially since I now know that selling that stuff is probably illegal.

  110. magpiedpiper says:

    Shanna outed herself

    Stocking at Avant-Garde on Monday
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    Re: Fellow WAHM won’t return my PMs and hasn’t shipped yet

    Here are the emails start to finish. I meant to post these earlier but haven’t been on all day.

    > I’m curious as to why you are ignoring me. I’ve sent you 2 PMs, but
    > you’ve chosen to ignore them. I’d like my custom order.
    > Lacey

    Her reply:

    Wow! That’s a pretty hasty assumption! I clearly posted in my
    thread and also in a personal pm to you that I would be offline for a long weekend in the mountains (no cell or internet access). You can clearly see in the diaperswappers activity info under my profile that I had not logged onto DS from Thursday afternoon (when I pm’d you) until today. I wouldn’t call that ignoring your pms by any stretch of the imagination! I had 5 pms and 1600 emails to scan through before sitting down to reply to anyone.

    If you are not happy with the wait time on a custom, I will happily
    send you 1 yd of the apples and pears fabric back. The current wait time listed in the post is 1-2 weeks and I received your fabric last week.

    Please let me know what you would like me to do.

    Thanks for finally getting back to me. I’m sorry you got 1600 emails, you must get a TON of spam. I still don’t understand why you couldn’t PM me back yesterday or today. I checked your thread yesterday and saw you were online and then again today and you happened to be online. If you only got 5 PMs and 2 of them were from me, then why couldn’t you just PM me back?

    I’m 99% sure that when I placed my order your DS thread said you were 1 week out, not 1-2. I wouldn’t have gotten my hopes up about getting it before I went on vacation if it had said 1-2 weeks, but I could be mistaken. Also, this is what you PMd me:
    “It’ll probably get sewn in the fresh Montana mountain air as we’re going camping this weekend.” Didn’t say anything about a long weekend. Again, I would have understood if you would have just communicated. I’m a WAHM too and like to have family time, but I make it a priority to communicate w/ my customers if I’m running late w/ customs, etc.

    I would like my refund and my fabric back ASAP so I can place a custom order elsewhere.

    Her reply:
    Actually they’re mostly fabric coop messages.

    In the future, you may want to consider letting the wahm know if you have a deadline or shipping timeline you are trying to keep to.

    I will issue your refund and ship the fabric tomorrow and it should arrive Saturday, assuming you’re not in California. Understand this is a new, unwashed piece of fabric, as your pre-washed had already been cut. I happen to have quite a few yards of this print onhand.

    Sorry it didn’t work out. Best of Luck.

    I got my fabric back today, so that’s good.

    eta: I now know that I should have mentioned my deadline in my order, but when I read her thread it said 1 week out, so I didn’t worry about it.

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    I thought this thread had pretty much been hashed out but since it hasn’t come up I thought I would share some helpful info w/ the DS mama’s that may not be familiar with the Firefox browser as it relates to DS. When you open up the browser it will ask you if you’d like to restore the previous session, meaning load up all the webpages you had open when you closed the last session. Whether those were pages you viewed yesterday or last week. Secondly, firefox allows you to have multiple homepages in different tabs which in many of our households may well include DS, hc, etc. etc. Everytime you open the browser those pages will load up automatically. But what that also means is that when the DH goes online to surf Ebay motors or kiddos want to go to PBSkids, it’s going to load up the homepage tabs.

    The DS profiles are handy to see if someone’s been online, but it won’t show if they were online for 2 seconds or 2 hours. It just shows that a DS page was loaded. It would be more telling if the wahm in question had posts during the time in question, but otherwise there’s zero basis to assume she was online chatting or returning other pms and ignoring OP. It is entirely possible that she was telling the truth that she was not on DS the night before.

    This is handy information to know as many DS Mamas switched to firefox browsers during the bouts of DS virus issues a while back.

    Lastly, are you sure those are the emails in their entirety?


    Hmmm, if the whole family went camping and there was no internet service, then how was her Dh or one of her kids getting on the internet and inadvertently loading DS?

  111. Kimbella says:

    Plus, I thought the OP was saying that the little dot under the seller’s profile was green, showing that she was online, not that her itrader had said she’d been online.

  112. StacEy says:

    as I read that thread all I think is, that’s a whole lot of drama over just about nothing. She had a couple days without communication. Wahm had the fabric for less than a week. She is getting a full refund and her fabric back. Why are buyers running to T&F after a couple of days? Seems like a major overreaction on the part of the buyer.

  113. diudiaole says:

    #112 — she may have her homepage set to DS or “restore previous pages” icon may have come up. Lots of people have a neighbor or teenager come over to feed dogs, cats etc when they are away. I used to make $ during the summer doing that when I was a kid — and if they had a computer or a nintendo etc, I used it!

    Or she may have had in and out service on a smart phone… or she could be a filthy lying bitch right? But way to be hella presumptuous and announce to the world that said wahm is a liar. WTF.

    At any rate stalking the green light icon is just ridiculous in this case. And who even knows if that is true or not — did anyone else see her little mocking green light of I-don’t-wanna-make-yer-wetbag-bitch this weekend? :eyesroll:

    And when the wahm became aware of the drama, she got her refund and her fabric back right away — wahm was communicative, polite etc. I think the OP deserves a negative for being a lying dramarific bitch. I would never want to b/s/t with her.

  114. Foo-man-choo says:

    Smidgerooski is a whiny brat. She the crazy who posted the insane rant about people not posting introductions when they come to DS, and she also just started a thread accusing Inspired by Finn of ripping people off on shipping. I’m surprised it didn’t get deleted.


  115. StacEy says:

    116: that thread is terrible, especially the last post. Can you imagine what she’s like in real life?

  116. Foo-man-choo says:

    I know! How much complaining do you think the other members of that house hear all day?

    She and her eyebrows annoy me.

  117. diudiaole says:

    #118 LMAO!

  118. Messy says:

    Yeah, she is a real bitch. She has “ItsASnatch syndrome” where she feels the need to bash other WAHMs in an effort to say “I am a WAHM and I would neeevvveeer do such a thing!” Which is basically saying, “add me to your do not b/s/t list ‘cuz I am a PITA with no tact!”

  119. theinvisible says:

    Don’t you mean “eyebrow” singular? If left alone they would definitely meet in the middle.

  120. magpiedpiper says:

    She may be whiny and may have jumped the gun for sure, especially since she didn’t specify needing it by a certain time. But I think that Shanna’s response made her seem shady – as if she wasn’t the wahm and was just throwing in her two cents. Seriously – just let the emails speak for themselves. I think she came across just fine in them, and she was polite and issued a refund and mailed fabric even though she had already started. She didn’t have to do that! But her response on the thread made me roll my eyes.

  121. magpiedpiper says:

    Man…is Smidge’s dh really named Mavis? Or is that a nickname? Either way, dang. That sucks for him.

  122. Foo-man-choo says:


    122 – What irritated me about the e-mails was when Lacey said she had been ignored for two days when she hadn’t. Her e-mails show that she talked with the WAHM on the second day, which IMO is very reasonable. I don’t know either of them, but it seemed very unfair to Shanna for her “friend” to post a T&F about her and makes Lacey look like a backstabber.

  123. Foo-man-choo says:

    123 – LOL!! At first I though they were a same sex couple, then I re-read the siggy.

    IDK, maybe his parents are named Mildred and Roland?

  124. Just Peachy says:

    Dude WTFever. We need some better drama because that shit is just bleh.

  125. StacEy says:

    ok, I had to throw my 2 cents in, that thread was just irritating me. Anybody checked up on Toni lately? I need entertainment. Nap time is so wonderfully quiet and boring.

  126. mmspirit7 says:

    ok i admit i am bitchy and pissy.

    but the op pissed me off here

    it’s just fucking hair great way to focus on looks alone. and to callsomeones family beliefs stupid because you don’t agree is hurtful…

    did i say i was bitchy

  127. me says:

    Okay, I have FireFox, AdBlock Plus and something else that I don’t remember the name of and I still see ads all the time. I have to block each specifically and a lot of them don’t have the option. Why do I keep seeing people say that they don’t have any?

  128. žába says:

    blaaah, I can not believe there are so many pages of responses on the “wha wha they cut the babies hair” thread. That is some pretty weak drama, there has got to be something better than that. Though Miles did chime in so it could get dramarific yet.

  129. monkey says:


    I agree. It’s like, “Yeah, it was pointless, but c’mon… it’s hair… it WILL grow back.” And half of the responses are, “Oh I’m heartbroken for that baby.” “She looks forlorn.”

    She looks well fed, clean and clothes… save the heartbreak for babies who are abused, neglected and hungry… not babies who are having a bad hair month.

  130. mmspirit7 says:

    131 that thread pissed me off it’s fucking hair great way to focus on superficial shit.

    but isn’t that ds is all fack and how you look not what you are

  131. nu says:

    The hair…
    What about the mama who shaved her head because she is going through chemo….that is something to be sad about…

    What about children who lose hair because of cancer…that is something to be sad about…

    Knowing that the child is healthy and part of the culture…Not something to be sad about….

    Hum….maybe I should post that….I’ll probably get my second strike…in a week!

  132. mmspirit7 says:

    i’ll post it for you!

  133. mmspirit7 says:

    holy long rant greatful they are helping

  134. Aj says:

    #135, what’s a laundry “mate” ? Just wondering… 🙂

  135. monkey says:


    I’ll never forget shaving my mom’s head for her after her second round of chemo. We both cried and cried. And then we made jokes and called her “Cue Ball” (she started it).

    But you’re exactly right. THAT’S something to be sad about.

  136. mmspirit7 says:

    lol i saw that too i didn’t get through it all to be honest

  137. žába says:

    138 – I think that’s why all her responses where *hugs* no one could get through all that. They just dropped her a hug 1/2 way though and moved on.

  138. rainbow says:

    Ants in a package of Goodmamas?

    Can’t wait to see what GM customer service has to say about this one.

  139. mmspirit7 says:


  140. mmspirit7 says:

    ok why didn’t my comment go through it was just wow?

  141. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    Ok, I have ordered a few diapers from GM.. and when they show up the packages are totally sealed- with tape- and the diaper is in an bag… But I can’t see why there would be ants in the package unless the person stored the shipping bags in the garage or something.
    I guess in my opinion- sure she should say something, but as long as the diaper is ok, she shouldn’t get anything free from it…

  142. me says:

    Iss that going to get pulled for bashing? I mean it has the name of the company and something bad..

  143. Messy says:

    Someone email smidgerooski a link over here. That chick needs to realize what a total bitch she is being about other WAHMs! It is crazy for smidgerunibrowski to bash other WAHMs and basically say she would not do XYZ. Yeah. WTF ever.

  144. Messy says:

    Charise, don’t you make jewelry? I hope… LOL

  145. diudiaole says:

    I don’t believe the ants story, call me a skeptic. I call buyer’s remorse… looking for a discount etc.

  146. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    Maybe I am wrong- but why would there be ant eggs in the bag? As only the queen ant lays eggs- and it is very unlikely that with so few ants one of those were the queen…

  147. diudiaole says:

    yeah and ants don’t go off by themselves like that.. they are blind and follow the scent trail of other worker ants as they seek food. Eggs? BS. Some other kind of larvae *might* have been more within the scope of reality…. these idiots think they are safe posting pure BS all through that forum. Like that chick that smeared shit on those $2ppd diapers b/c she didn’t like the condition.

  148. me says:

    well if the bags were kept where ants live and they were at the bottom of a stack of them and the ants got in there it is a possibility.
    Not a definite but possible.

  149. diudiaole says:

    Like in dirt or near food?

  150. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    I agree they could have been there- but she didn’t say anything about the diaper being hurt- so why not just email GM tell them of the ants and get over it?
    I think people expect a refund or a discount at the drop of a pin…

  151. Messy says:

    ANOTHER MILESOFBILE BIZARRO POST>>> If the doc tells you your dd is dirty, perhaps it is a hint. Ya think?

    Registered Users

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    My Mood: Re: MRSA vent.


    My youngest is a carrier for staph, the dr said that she is one where no matter what it will come out. At first I was told that the it was because she was dirty(which no way she is) how its this horrible thing. I talked to my dr said that its not that big of deal, thankfully we found natural ways to get rid of it when she gets it.

  152. diudiaole says:

    yikes that is horrible re: Mile’s dd 😐

  153. Messy says:

    Yup. The issue here is the definition of “clean” and “dirty”. Obviously Milesofbile has her own definition of these words… I feel sorry for her kids. And she is bringing another baby into that house :::sigh:::

  154. A Different Sarah says:

    In fairness to Miles, it appears, if I’m translating her correctly (and a big LOL there) that she was told *by someone other than her doctor* that her daughter was dirty and that staph is a “horrible thing,” and *then* she talked to her doctor, who told her it wasn’t “that big of a deal.”

    I think that’s what she meant. Maybe?

  155. Messy says:

    #155 I would assume that who ever diagnosed her dd as a carrier would have given her the explantion that it was due to her child being dirty. Then her own doctor said being a carrier wasn’t that big of a deal. Either way, I would never ever post that someone felt the need to tell me my child was having health problems due to being dirty. We have all seen pics of the filth that little girl lives in, so it is not a big leap.

  156. diudiaole says:

    Back to the ants… I saw the OP had expressed remorse for making the GM purchase on this thread:

    That cinches it for me.

  157. mmspirit7 says:

    messy yes i do make jewelry i am working on a custom now

  158. me says:

    158- Where is the remorse?
    It looks like she was saying “Uh-oh, I just bough five and they may be screwed up before they even arrive!”
    Not “OMG, these things suck and I don’t want them!”

  159. DSDM2 says:

    ITA Me, That is what I am thinking. I don’t see remorse, just worry.

  160. mmspirit7 says:

    umm haven’t we heard this story before

  161. mmspirit7 says:

    i want to say we heard it from the wahm and she’s a known scamer?

  162. Aj says:

    It’s Angie or Amanda…something like that.

    On another note, this description had me rotfl:

  163. DSDM2 says:

    My guess is Angie from BBB / Rayne Catchers or something like that.

  164. mmspirit7 says:

    umm wow those are bad

  165. mmspirit7 says:

    thats who i thought too.

  166. Just Peachy says:

    It is Angie. Poor Cassie.

  167. screenname says:

    Her again? If you actually take the packages to the post office then they do deliver them. But if you leave them in your sewing room without postage, then not so much.

  168. screenname says:

    137 – Hugs. I’ve been there. 😦

  169. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    Wow- my post about the purse is heating up a bit… I guess I shouldn’t buy a new purse and just hand out the money… who wants some???

  170. diudiaole says:

    hmmm I guess saying “uh oh I just bought some of those” and the crying smiling etc and then two days later her package from GM was filled with ants and ant eggs seems just a teensy bit fishy to me. And now she is waiting to “see what they are going to do about it” whatever.

  171. diudiaole says:

    LOL #171 — you know you wanna buy some of my diapers w/that $

  172. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    Oh but I don’t know if they take diapers at the food bank… and I am not sure any of the “locals” from craigslist who are in “desperate need” would know what to do with them…

    But then again- my kids could “need” some more diapers hehe.

  173. tntdynomite says:

    #173 are you selling newborn smalls??

  174. BffMama says:

    Happy Bday Peachy.

  175. Erin says:

    Poor Cassie. I hope she did refund the “gift” and called PP about that. I guess Angie really never did learn a damn thing.

  176. eeek says:

    I also think the ant colony in a polymailer is a weird (impossible?) thing. It’s just not how ants work, y’know? If she said there was a big creepy spider & webs, eewwwwwwwww. Little moths & cocoons flying out of your wool-filled bag? My nightmare. Ants laying eggs though? Hmmm?

    And WTF, is Angie selling on HC again? I thought that was over. That is just all bad, EVERY SINGLE TIME.

  177. werd says:

    Angie will NEVER learn, because its always everyone else’s fault. She’s the victim… over and over and over and over and over and over again.


  178. diudiaole says:

    #175 – Since you asked 😉 I am trying to work on stocking my HC, but I have been doing some customs too, here is my latest:

    I also do OS front closing and I have a newborn size that fits about 5 to 20 lbs.

  179. werd says:

    oh for fucks sake – really?! No one should buy designer purses or anything high-end or ever treat themselves, EVER! Instead you should take every extra penny you have and buy food for the homeless!

    But OMGZ she is so amazing, she uses only used flats and drives a 12 year old van!! We should all bow down!

    What a martyr… you know she blows her money on sex toys and blow. What the fuck ever!!

  180. werd says:

    180 omg love the diapers! I love that tattoo print!

  181. diudiaole says:

    #181 LMAO

    My weakness is nice jeans… well ‘nice’ to me = $60-$70. Now that I am not working outside the home I can’t afford them.. but they are worth every penny.

  182. diudiaole says:

    #182 I heart that print… my HC name is tat2boutique

  183. Just Peachy says:

    Diu love your diapers. On more than one occasion I have been tempted because I love the look but Im at the point now where I HAVE to go for how absorbent over how cute they look :(. DD can pee thru even sposies!
    As for Crystal she will never ever change. She needs to grow a pair.
    Angie is an asshat and somehow I knew this would happen again.
    TyandChey you can throw some money my way LOL. For real though if you are well off enough and everything is paid up and you have the extra money, I say go for it. Everyone deserves a little something extra every now and again. I treat myself to a little yarny goodness once a month because it makes me happy.
    And thank you BFFmama. It was the best bday I had in a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time 🙂

  184. magpiedpiper says:

    I wonder when/if Angie will show up to lament how none of it is her fault. I feel so sorry for her. I can’t imagine why her PO is so awful to her. They are just giant meanies doing this to sweet lil Angie.

  185. diudiaole says:

    #186 — one of my three year olds pees through a sposie at night and while I have usually used pockets on him(so I can just stuff the heck out of it and not worry) I have been testing my fitteds on him w/very good results(better than the sposie).

    I am still tweaking things and am working on a night-time diaper… but let me know if you’d ever like to talk about doing a trade… I could use some shorties for my 5 month old ds 😉

  186. screenname says:

    Her post office is only about 20-30 minutes from where I am. I swear the next package I mail I’m going out there. Just to see if they’ll really steal it or if, oh I don’t know, maybe they’ll MAIL it.

  187. žába says:

    If she is really having problems with her PO why would she not go to a different PO?

  188. diudiaole says:

    #190 — she used to live in a different city/town and had identical problems with that ‘evil’ PO too.

  189. Just Peachy says:

    Diu pm me on CDN (Sakura) or email me at angel_eyed_temptress at

  190. eeek says:

    Crystal has issues. I’ve quite honestly tried to help her in the past, as kindly as possible, but since I wouldn’t just say “everyone’s so MEAN to you, poor baby, you are so so right (((HUGZ)))” I was considered to be a bitch. And I’ve seen a lot of people I respect try the same; it’s always about her whiny post #93 on some topic & someone will just be unable to keep from actually ANSWERING her “why does everyone HATE me”.

    There are lots of reasons why everyone hates her. Spam, spam, spam, whine, whine, rip people off and whine about how people don’t worship you for theft, stomp off and say you’re leaving and we all get so happy and then you come back just to whine some more. She’s not very old, but way more young than her age. I did feel bad for her for a while, because she seemed like she just didn’t GET it. Then I figured out that her lifestyle is deliberate self-indulgent narcissistic lies, even to herself. Believing your own lies/fantasy world Crystal, it’s called psychosis.

  191. eeek says:

    & where is Angie selling? Anyone know? People should be warned…..

  192. amessymama says:

    The Angie thing isn’t recent. I believe this was from when the Pink Cookie Congo had just opened.

  193. amessymama says:

    And then closed 5 minutes later. Just enough time for someone to get ripped off. By the Post Office.

  194. eeek says:

    Ahhh. OK. I really thought we had squashed that insanity, it really disturbed me to think she was back, AGAIN. Seeing her ridiculousness dragged out forever, well that’s just her MO, we could hear the same story from someone else in a month I suppose. It’s NEW bad transactions that worry me, if you already sent her the money a while ago good luck with that & I’m sorry.

  195. diudiaole says:

    wow it doesn’t freaking end.

  196. diudiaole says:

    PM’d you Peachy

  197. Just Peachy says:

    Well on one hand the seller did obviously take it to the PO and Im sure that it probably happened in transit. I dont know how bulky they are but depending on how she stacked them maybe she could’ve fit all 6 of them in that mailer?

  198. Just Peachy says:

    And I must point out the shipping price. For it to be 8.89 she had to have had at least 2lbs worth of stuff in there so obviously there was more than 3 diapers.

  199. thewitch says:

    That thing had to be ready to blow up. LOL This is getting ugly, wonder how long before it goes poof?

  200. Just Peachy says:

    And insurance is the responsibility of the buyer as its been said many times before. If the package arrives then the seller is off the hook. The only time it would matter to the seller is if the package did NOT arrive.

  201. Just Peachy says:

    Well actually I may be backpedaling but I think it should fall on both parties. Rereading what I wrote really its beneficial to both parties to have insurance in place just in case. And if you split the cost of it then its really not that much more.

  202. me says:

    I don’t think the situation with Angie is new. I remember the crayon thing from a few months ago-that is what supposedly happened to the testers she had issues shipping out. Could this still be from there?

  203. diudiaole says:

    Hmmm that seller has bad history on ebay for items arriving damaged according to some of the posts(I didn’t check it out myself).

    To fit 6 of those in an 11X8 poly-mailer? I can *barely* get 5 of my fitteds in a 12X10, but I also wrap each diaper individually and tape the package well.

  204. Another... says:

    In regards to #135s link- do people REALLY sell their houses for “over $100,000” less than their original asking price?!?! And on the grounds that it’s because they “like them”? That sounds way odd.

  205. amessymama says:

    209-Sure, why not? Who needs the extra $100,000 anyway? 😉

  206. Another... says:

    210- well sheesh! Why didn’t anyone tell me that sooner!?!?

  207. eeek says:

    Look at 198, she’s still selling….

    Angie pisses me off to no end. She’s not the brightest bulb but she does well if she’s just chatting & forum-hopping. People like her. However, she either has very serious problems getting info processed or she’s an evil total bitch. I’m leaning towards actually unable to understand, I’ve worked with a number of people who lived in group homes due to MR/MI who had a much greater grasp of reality than Angie seems to. She needs help, like a social worker & some “staff”.

    And, she needs to get the hell over the idea her horrifyingly badly sewn SHIT is ever going to make anyone happy, even if they’re part of the small % that actually gets their stuff from her. I feel sad looking at her stuff, I mean, she MADE that, after years of sewing, and it looks like THAT.

  208. žába says:

    Yeah a $100,000 off for being a nice person, I want that deal too. Where do I sign up? I can only see that happening if the house where overpriced by more than $100,000. And knowing the housing market around there it could be.

  209. werd says:

    omg an 11×8 polymailer for 6 BG AIO’s?! That is what I use to ship my mama cloth in!! They are not big at all, no wonder the thing busted open!!!

  210. diudiaole says:

    212: Yeah, I mentioned awhile back it sounds like adult ADHD… which can totally be overcome, but one has to keep things organized and make rules etc… but as far as her stuff:

    I know no one is 100% perfect and seconds or throw-aways happen to the best, but she has been making these for several years and this is her *model* pic?! It really looks unattractive imo.

  211. diudiaole says:

    or maybe it is just the style? I have never used a diaper where the elastic looked like that.

  212. amessymama says:

    Gah! I can’t stand when people have nothing to say in a thread except, “This thread needs to be deleted per the ‘no outing rule”.

    They may as well be saying, “Oooh, I’m telling a mod on you. You outed someone!!”

    Pisses me off!!

  213. diudiaole says:

    Werd I just sent you a PM through DS

  214. Foo-man-choo says:

    Actually, the house price thing is rare, I admit. But DH and I got our first house for $70K under market because the people liked my family and I had been working for them for about 6 years. We remodeled it, sold it for full market value, built another, sold it for full market value, and now we own several properties and have no mortgage. I no longer work there, but I will pink sparkly heart them forever.

  215. amessymama says:

    219-That is very cool!!

    But the OP has not even met the house seller yet. Everyone just says that he’ll like them.

  216. werd says:

    LOL diu I didn’t think you knew who I was! Pmed you back.. I dunno, but I PMed her so we shall see…

  217. werd says:

    I don’t understand how, after all the shit Angie has pulled, she is STILL allowed to sell on HC and apparently Etsy?!?!

  218. .bin. says:
    While MIL does sound a bit nutso at first, after reading Carries red quote post, she does sound like a selfish bitch. They probably make a good pair.

  219. mmspirit7 says:

    who the hell is on the internet with a tornado?

    i am texas i don’t

  220. mmspirit7 says:

    did you notice they are both on?

  221. Erin says:

    #223- I don’t know. Carrie’s 1st post sounded very sincere, just really asking what to do. I do think the MIL is being a snarky bitch and not being professional AT ALL. There’s nothing wrong with seeing houses before your’s is sold. Nothing. The MIL seems like she really can’t be bothered to help them at all and brings up stupid shit from the past to lamblast Carrie. I hope Carrie learns a valuable lesson from this- never, ever “borrow” (gifted or not) money from family and never have your MIL as your realtor.

    I do hope Carrie shows the post to her DH. I think he needs to know exactly how his mother feels about his wife.

  222. .bin. says:

    Yeah I was a bit harsh with the wording here, the MIL has some huge issues too, I agree.

  223. nu says:

    So the MIL joined just to post that? That is nutso!

    I learned awhile ago (when dh was working for my dad)–never mix business with family!

  224. ~*~Momma~*~ says:


  225. amessymama says:

    I think they need to do an IP check. I’ve always gotten a psycho vibe when it came to Carrie.

    The way she goes freakin’ crazy if someone bumps their FSOT thread more times in a day than you should. And how she’s had things for sale forever and bumps every single day. She never lowers the price. She never changes the description. Like, she had a pouch sling that says, “I just got this last week….” But the thread has been bumped for well over a year. I don’t know, she just seems weird to me.

  226. me says:

    230- MIL says it is where it gets on automatically when they get online anyway.

    Umm.. that is definitely another :O though!

  227. StacEy says:

    that is just nuts!

  228. .bin. says:

    230: that’s exactly what I was thinking as well.

  229. sheepthrills says:

    #224…I was online in a tornado a month or so ago. My DS and I were on the other side of the state visiting friends for a week, and there was a tornado warning as I was trying to get him to bed. We all went to the basement and my friend was having major issues getting her TV up and running so we could keep an eye on the weather, so I got online with my laptop to watch the radar.

    But I certainly didn’t go to DS to talk about it, or buy diapers. 😛

  230. eeek says:

    OK, I’d say there’s nothing wrong with looking, but at some point people start to think realtor’s time is FREE because it is, to them, as buyers. MIL was going to give them her whole commission- thousands of dollars- when this started. Maybe she knows their old trailer isn’t going to sell and she doesn’t want to spend 5-10 hours a week for the next year driving someone around to look at houses they can’t buy. Real estate people, especially older ones with a lot of experience, frequently have a good sense about this stuff.

    Everyone who’s saying “that’s what FAMILY does”, well I guess my family helps out a lot, but they’d say no if I was just wasting bunches of their time for my own amusement. This IMO is someone who’s being very self-indulgent & wants to dream about pretty houses she’s not going to be able to buy. Go to open houses like the rest of us, don’t expect someone who’s actually being/been nice to you to humor your whims. & she might have problems finding another realtor who would take her on either, even if she’s willing to give up the thousands of dollars her MIL was going to GIVE her from her sales commission. Even in a horrible economy, no one wants a client who’s just going to take masses of time with very little to no possible return.

    If it IS MIL & not just The Faces of Carrie, maybe she was just stunningly hurt.

  231. Just Peachy says:

    235 I agree. If my MIL tried to help me out and saw I was bitching about her online, I doubt she would try to defend herself but she probably would call me on it. I think maybe she was just so flabbergasted that after she offered her services essentially free, that Carrie is bitching about it.

  232. diudiaole says:

    And Carrie sounds like the DIL from hell.

  233. magpiedpiper says:

    Even if Carrie IS the DIL from hell, and even if the MIL was hurt by her opinion that MIL is not doing her job correctly, throwing a list of things she has done for her DIL in her face like that on the internet after cyber stalking her is so not cool. That’s what makes me think that the offer of giving them her commission money from a sale is a power play for her to add to the list, you know?

    And we are about to sell our house. Of course we aren’t out looking and getting our hearts set on anything, but we’ve been looking online and scouting out some houses just to narrow down what we want and have a good idea about what is out there. Because with a kid and four pets (including two giant dogs), we will need to find a place fast. So I absolutely understand wanting to be educated and have maybe a handful of places in mind in case any of them are around once it sells. I think that is perfectly reasonable.

  234. mmspirit7 says:

    what now it’s the sil?

  235. amessymama says:

    Does this mean she suspects something?

    Re: Realtor/MIL vent–Realtors welcome to give insight!
    Hey OP~ Might want to list all user names that have logged on at your house,MIL’s house and SIL’s house. You can pm them to a mod if you wish as well. I am sure one will be assigned to track all this.I can put you in touch with her if you like.

    IP address issues/multiple names per one IP etc are taken pretty seriously here.

  236. monkey says:


    OMG. If they are all her that is a level of crazy I don’t even want to think about.

  237. naturalmamadot says:

    So could my brother or sister (or a roomate etc) have an account at DS also, would they have to announce it or tell a mod? I dont see how they could/would deny that but how would they verify it lol

  238. me says:

    242 recently (well to me) it has been decided that you can’t.

  239. Erin says:

    #240- if it’s all Carrie, I take everything I said back. WOW!

  240. memyselfandi says:

    how the hell would her mother in law know she posted on ds?

  241. werd says:

    Diudiaole got your PM and PMed you back…

    Ladies, I think Diu and I may have some WAHM drama a-brewing… ugh!

  242. Just Peachy says:

    Fill us in 😀 We need some good drama rofl.

  243. naturalmamadot says:

    fo sho

  244. Grogwench says:

    I’m ready for some new drama. Please c&p though. I just lost a computer due to the ESTD’s.

  245. chrissyb says:

    #245 OP, (carrie is it?) said she “forgot” her SIL was on DS as well. SIL told MIL and so on. Forgot my ass is what I say. I say carrie is passive aggressive, she posted knowing SIL would fill in MIL and she wanted MIL to do what she wanted. The whole thing sounds fishy. I don’t blame the MIL for posting, I think she is right to call out the passive aggressive whiner. My guess (if this whole thing is even real) is that MIL has some piece of info that makes it unrealistic for carrie to be looking for a house at this point.

    The latest is carrie posted that they have decided not to sell as it is puting too much stress on thier marriage. So according to her the sale was final waiting to sign papers to close, but this drama has made them decide to cancel the sale of thier house. HMMM thats a little fishy to me. You are able to sell your house in this market and back out at the last minute because your MIL calls you out as being a demanding, whining, ungrateful bi*ch. Yeah right, ok.

  246. Messy says:

    Werd and Diu are leaving me out 😥 I needz dramaz!!!

  247. amessymama says:

    This cracked me up:


    I’m really sorry I keep posting and posting. I’m all alone at home and really don’t have anyone else to bounce my ideas off of. Thanks for all your help!

    I guess she forgot about her other personalities. She needs to remember that they are available 24/7.

    If I’m wrong about this and it ends up being real, I might feel bad later.

    Oh, werd & Diu, can you hurry up with the WAHM drama? 🙂

  248. amessymama says:

    This cracked me up:
    I’m really sorry I keep posting and posting. I’m all alone at home and really don’t have anyone else to bounce my ideas off of. Thanks for all your help!

    Apparently she forgot about her other personalities. They’re always happy to hear what she has to say.

    If this ends up being for real, I might feel bad later.

  249. Bloggitybloggity says:

    😥 :laugh:

  250. Bloggitybloggity says:


  251. Bloggitybloggity says:

    Okay. Sorry. Just testing the smilies, lol.

  252. Bloggitybloggity says:

    Totally bored ——–>>>

  253. amessymama says:


  254. amessymama says:


  255. amessymama says:


  256. amessymama says:


  257. amessymama says:

    Now, I’ve got five in a row.

  258. Bloggitybloggity says:


  259. Bloggitybloggity says:

    Or should I say: 😆

  260. Messy says:


  261. Bloggitybloggity says:


  262. Bloggitybloggity says:

    Damn. 0/3

  263. Bloggitybloggity says:

    😡 ???

  264. Bloggitybloggity says:

    Ohhh yay! Got one.


  265. Bloggitybloggity says:

    Missed another one 😛

    Hows about: :-* 8) O:) 3:)

  266. Bloggitybloggity says:


    😆 😡 😥 8)

    Maybe… 😮

  267. Bloggitybloggity says:

    I guess that’s the cock-sucking smiley. LMAO!

  268. Messy says:


  269. Messy says:

    Aha! I got one!

  270. monkey says:

    Bored ladies? 😮

  271. žába says:

    So I log on looking for some good drama…and this is what I get? Smiley Wars. Come on people where is the drama?

  272. werd says:

    LMAO! Well, it looks like it *might* be resolved so I don’t want to bash the WAHM. BUT if Diu and I don’t get our shit, you will all be the first to know about it!!

  273. nu says:

    WERD: are u in Buffalo? I read (I think it was you) that your husband is on a Buffalo Bills board.

    I’m from Buffalo (well born/raised)!!

    We’re in NC now–but atleast we can catch more games on TV than when we lived in FL!

    I think they are going to have great year!!!!!!

  274. diudiaole says:

    Yes Werd I am hoping we both get our shit on Saturday lol

  275. amessymama says:

    So did you guys actually buy something specifically for the drama? Or did you buy it and then realize there might be drama?

    Curious minds wanna know.

  276. diudiaole says:

    #281 — I bought something from a ds mama(she also has a website) and 10 days later when it still hadn’t shipped(this is an instock item that she states ships daily) and I hadn’t heard anything — I checked her feedback and saw that werd had recently left her +++ about fast shipping…

    So I PM’d werd with my issue and then turns out she had already placed a repeat order, but hers hadn’t shipped yet either.

    So we hear from the seller that there was a death in the family and she had little internet access etc… but she had been bumping her business threads this whole time etc… who knows… if we get our shit as promised(no pp lable, she states she went to the PO) then I am cool because bad things happen and she has all positive feedback and has been in business over a year.

  277. amessymama says:

    Oh OK. I thought that you guys were way hard core, drama mamas. Even willing to lose money for the drama. 🙂

    I hope you both get your stuff!

  278. diudiaole says:

    #283 —

    ahh no we didn’t order from Angie LOL Her paypal acct is frozen anyway so anyone that orders from her is probably going to hear that excuse

  279. Just Peachy says:

    I KNOW WHO IT IS! Ain’t ya’ll jealous? rofl
    Diu and werd I hope you get your stuff soon. Thats absolutely ridiculous that she is taking that long to ship stuff with no notification. If she has time to be on DS she has time to print labels and ship stuff from home.

  280. pippen says:

    just curious, but is the elastic on these as stated? is it just me, or does the right side look shot about 2 inches?

  281. Just Peachy says:

    It does.

  282. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    um, yeah

  283. thewitch says:

    Wait, she had one of those on auction ffs last summer.

  284. pippen says:

    i don’t see how it can be called EEEUC?

  285. werd says:

    LMAO no, I’m not that hardcore!! I just want my shit so I can mail out some packages!!!

    Nu, not in Buffalo. We live in utica, its like 2 1/2 hours east of Buff. My DH is a HARDCORE Bills fan! He just ordered the Baby Bills backer package for our son, due in October, LOL!! He’s not a big fan of TO but he’s hoping he will bring them back out of their slump!

  286. werd says:

    And yeah regarding the WAHM… I’m still kinda suspicious. She told me her FIL died one day, and told Diu he died the day before. She told Diu that she was delayed in shipping because he had collapsed that week… but I ordered after she told Diu that, and she never mentioned anything about a sick FIL or there being a delay. When I ordered, I told her I needed the items asap for customs that I was working on… then didn’t hear from her for like 3 days. Last time I ordered, she printed shipping that night and I had them in my hand in 2 days! So I had to PM her twice to ask for either a refund or her to ship.

    I feel bad, I don’t like being bitchy like that, especially if her FIL really did die! But really, if he was sick and they had to leave to take care of him, she really shouldn’t have taken my order or at least told me there might be a delay when I told her I needed them shipped ASAP like last time.

    I dunno… we shall see. I hope they come tomorrow, she was lovely to work with before!

  287. ladylili says:

    #293 – How could she possibly still be in business? Who in their right mind would buy from her?

  288. monkey says:


    Here’s something I wonder… why are knitted socks so expensive? I mean, I’ve bought new shorties for less than she’s charging for those socks!

    But I never see hand knitted socks for less than about $18. Are they really hard to knit? I mean, I have no problem paying what a product and a WAHM’s time are worth (and I think most WAHMs don’t ask enough) but are socks hard to knit?

    Just curious.

  289. žába says:

    295 – I am glad I am not the only one who thought that was an awful lot for socks. I don’t knit and I have never bought hand knit socks so I wasn’t sure if that was a normal price and I was just being cheap.

  290. diudiaole says:

    I know IAS is a total bitch and all, but maybe she has learned to stfu and treat her customers better. Those socks look absolutely wonderful I’ll bet they are worth every penny. :drool:

    Peachy — will PM you again soon…sorry it takes me so long to reply lol I try to cram sewing in whenever the baby sleeps between fixing snacks or picking up after the other two etc etc

  291. nini02 says:

    Thought some here might find that interesting, lol.

  292. diudiaole says:

    P – you’ve got mail! 😛

  293. eeek says:

    Most socks can definitely be comparable to longies in time spent. Remember thin yarn & tiny stitches vs. chunkier yarn with much fewer stitches per inch, and there’s just more to screw with. I dislike IAS with a passion, but I think $28 is cheap- especially when that’s probably at least $15 in yarn….

  294. Just Peachy says:

    Diu you crack me up lol.
    That is pretty cheap for socks. Generally socks are done on DPNs which are not easy to knit with. Plus I find knitting a smaller circumference item much much more difficult then say knitting a pair of shorties.

  295. me says:

    286- You can see where the lastin is sewn but there is no stretch left at the bottom right of the pic.

    Socks aren’t that hard to a lot of people*, but they take a pretty darn long time to knit.

    *notice I didn’t say to most. They are hard to me because of the heel, LOL so don’t think I am bashing anyone who can’t do them easily!

  296. Just Peachy says:

    They are hard to me because of dpns. Its why I only make hats for my own family because knitting on DPNs is sort of crap shoot with me LOL.

  297. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    Quick question- is CDN a good place to join just for FSOT? Or is it pretty much the same stuff as on DS?

  298. Just Peachy says:

    Alot of the CDN members dont post on DS anymore so I guess its not the same although it is much smaller then DS FSOT.

  299. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    How is the wool section on CDN… that is what I am looking for, but would prefer not to buy new or custom….

  300. naturalmamadot says:

    I think they are different, I post both places because I NEED to destash lmao but if I was casually selling and buying I would most likely only post on CDN

  301. Madre says:

    The lighting in the shots make the socks look like shit IMO. The close up shows how pretty the colorway really is. Too bad IAS made them.

  302. Madre says:

    Oh and I call BS on the chick posting on CDN

  303. diudiaole says:

    yeah I was thinking maybe it was Miles, but the grammar is too good… maybe it is that Brandi chick again lol

  304. me says:

    On her myspace page she refers to a cloth diaper forum and that they were rude to her because of her financial situation and that she was going to sue someone and that karma would get them. I didn’t know which forum it was until I googled “Magan Miles” and the post here about her financial situation with a link to the drama blog I think it is called, and then also a link to a post she made in DS. I am a pretty good google sleuth

    Uhh..I just tried it. That wasn’t exactly what she searched unless she spent a while doing it. I went back at least 6 pages. Odd!

  305. Just Peachy says:

    So Im not the only one who smelled a troll right off the bat?

  306. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    Why the heck would you post an introduction like that? It seems more like jumping up and down for attention to me.
    I have no idea who it really is- but it was really corny to me.

  307. Just Peachy says:

    I smell a troll. If I’m wrong please spank me but something doesn’t sound right to me. Google search came up with nothing linking to this forum as far as when I searched Magan Miles. Nothing about the drama blog came up either and neither did anything on DS.
    When I typed in Magan Miles clothdiapernation only two links came up so I fail to see how you got here via a simple google search.

  308. S says:

    OT but can I still be creeped out by Lavender Butterfly now that she is no longer TTC but 6 weeks in

  309. chrissyb says:

    peachy- try magic loop for socks. Once you get the hang of it it is oh so easy. Try magic loop on a hat first to get the hang of it. Once you have done magic loop, dpns will be thrown out the window. and you can do 2 at once with magic loop. as in 2 socks, 2 legs of longies etc. I think there is a good video on I swear once you get the hang of it it is a breeze.

    And handknit socks for $28 is well worth the price. I didn’t look at the listing, but handpainted sock yarn alone goes for around 20. And once you wear handknit socks you are done for. I have worn holes in 2 pairs so far. Nothing like a nice pair of handknit wool socks on a cold day. makes me wish for cold weather. And really, they are not too hard to knit once you get the hang of it, but are time comsuming.

  310. magpiedpiper says:

    I feel much more appreciative of the hand knit socks and mocs MIL has made me and dd. They are comfy but I had no idea so much work!

  311. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    Anyone else get really annoyed by this post (Would you order a paternity test?)

    I don’t know why it drives me so nutts- but seriously- if your husband doesn’t think you cheated on him, but doesn’t think the kid is his…. does he think you got pregnant from a toilet seat?? My husband thinks she is just trying to get everyone to say that the baby looks like him, so that she doesn’t have to do an paternity test and admit to sleeping around….
    I don’t know what to think- on one hand it sounds like it upsets her, but on the other… I guess I don’t see what good it will do to ask everyone on the internet- instead of just telling hubby- the baby is yours, and if you are not grown up enough to accept that then maybe you aren’t really ready to be a father.

    Ok that is my “drama” for the day…

  312. screenname says:

    I personally don’t think newborns look like much of anybody. They just look like babies to me. But if she has the extra $500 to blow on an unnecessary test, then why not?

  313. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    My DS looks just like my little brother- but to be honest- all the guys in my family look alike… people get 2 of my older brothers confused all the time (and they are 9 years apart)…

    Oh and you can do one of the drug store types now that are about $200 after all the fees… but still… why waste the money if you know the child is his??

  314. amessymama says:

    317-I’ve been avoiding that thread. Just by the title I could tell it was a drama whore post.

    My sis’s DS looked exactly like his dad when he was born. So much so that when his dad saw him, he exclaimed (in front of everyone in the room), “Now I know he’s mine!” Asshole. He knows he’s his, but has nothing to do with him. We prefer it that way, actually.

  315. Bloggitybloggity says:

    The paternity thread is infuriating.

    The intro thread on CDN is strange. It struck me as odd that someone would introduce themselves like that… and her explanation didn’t make much sense. The only thing I got when I googled Miles’ whole name was Myspace.

  316. Just Peachy says:

    She said it was yahoo search engine and not google.
    As far as the paternity test goes thats just stupid. My girls looked nothing like me when they were born and to this day my oldest and youngest still look nothing like me. Its a fact of life that when having babies there is no guarantee that one parents features are going to be prominent and especially not when they are newborns.

  317. Bloggitybloggity says:

    Yeah. I just saw that. She also used the kids names (which I’ve never bothered to learn.) Troll-ness unfounded.

  318. Just Peachy says:

    IDK about that. Its weird to me because why the hell would you search her full name plus her kids names just because you banned her on another board?

  319. monkey says:

    Thanks for explaining about the socks mamas. I really had always wondered if they were expensive because of the difficulty.

    My DS looked like Wilfred Brimley when he was born. Then the next day he looked EXACTLY like his father. His mom sent me newborn photos of DH… they could have been twins.

  320. try me, i'm new! says:

    I think she prob. searched b/c they figured out she was signing them up for porn spam and she wanted to see if she could find anything else out about her. If someone was sending nasty porn to me, I’d google everything i knew about them.

  321. diudiaole says:

    I must have missed the chapter of Miles signing people up for porn sites… I wouldn’t think she would be able to figure all that out lol

  322. naturalmamadot says:

    I googled miles cloth diaper drama, because thats what I WOULD google in that situation among other things. If she was causing drama or trouble, I would google those things along with her name and cloth diaper etc etc.

  323. sheepthrills says:

    315-I have never tried magic loop myself, but love to knit socks on 2 circulars. Makes it sooo much easier. I’ve tried DPNs a couple of times and tore the needles out after less than an inch cause it drove me batshit. I’d never knit a sock again if I was only allowed DPNs.
    I knit a lot of stuff to sell, but I would never sell socks out of sock yarn. Of course I like to make them with quite a long cuff too, but one pair, knitting say 2 hours solid a day, takes a month. It would be impossible to get compensated for my time for that. So I only knit them for people I love. Of course, keep in mind that my feet are size 11, and DH wears a men’s 12…I suppose size 7 socks are a little bit quicker. LOL

  324. an AK mama says:

    DPNs are tools of the devil! They are not allowed in my house!

    I was sooooo happy when I figured out how to magic loop. 😀

  325. diudiaole says:

    Hmmm…. ok it is official I need a pair knitted socks, ladies size 9 please. I will trade some TDF fitted diapers in exchange. 😀

  326. tntdynomite says:

    I am trying to make my first pair of longies on a pair of DPN’s. Let’s just say I haven’t worked on them for 2 weeks! I tried to do magic loop but I think the cable is too long. I don’t know what I did wrong but it got all screwed up 🙂 oh well I will just buy them 🙂

  327. Just Peachy says:

    I used dpns for the legs of my very first pair of shorties. Needless to say that was the last time I used those dpns. In the year and a h alf I have been knitting I have used dpns maybe 3 times tops?

  328. diudiaole says:

    acronym translation for the knitting impaired?

    DPN = Damned Pointy Needles, dish pan needles, dumb puny needles… delicious pork noodles.. mmm chinese food

  329. diudiaole says:

    Werd — no package today, you? 😦 No DC# yet either. Monday will be 2 weeks.

  330. werd says:

    No effing package here either! NOT IMPRESSED. That’s like my status of the week.

  331. werd says:

    You definitely should have gotten yours today, IF she sent it Priority and actually sent it that day. I don’t know if mine was going FC or Priority… but even so, last time I had it in my hands in 2 days. I’m LIVID.

  332. werd says:

    hey you all are knitters… suggest a good pattern for making longies, that my 80 year old knitaholic grandma would understand. She prefers to knit it the round but can knit other ways. I don’t mind paying!

  333. diudiaole says:

    You know if I had a family member collapse from a stroke that I needed to care for I would get all my shit sent out if possible and definitely stop taking more orders…. I most certainly wouldn’t be bumping my business threads. wtf… I’m just pissed b/c it is now officially delaying a custom and makes me look like I don’t have my shit together, kwim?

  334. diudiaole says:

    And sorry for you too, werd I know this is going to delay some of your orders now too.

    What kind of fb do you think you’ll leave?

  335. diudiaole says:

    Unless she gives me that DC# and I see she mailed it priority on the day she told me, I don’t see how this can end positively. She’d have to like…hmm…double my order and express that shit and apologize for lying — that would make it neutral.

    Of course if I leave neg she’ll start a crying thread about how insensitive and heartless people are when her FIL died. ugh.

  336. Just Peachy says:

    Double Pointed needles.
    And boo on no package. I’d file with paypal if you already havent.

  337. Just Peachy says:

    Werd google aubrey doodlepants. Its the one I first started using and is very easy to follow.

  338. diudiaole says:

    #342 —

    I’m still well within the 45 days and she has so far responded to messages within 2 days or so.

    Really, I just want my product. I have have three shipments of the same product on the way to me…. from china that I ordered June 12th, from this lady in question that I ordered June 20th and now from another website that I just placed on Thursday. I am hopeful that at least one of my three shipments will arrive on Monday.

    Werd, I am curious — do you recall the date you placed your first order with her?

  339. diudiaole says:

    oh BTW this is Oh Snap USA… I don’t feel bad about outing her now. buyer beware. sigh.

  340. diudiaole says:

    username: ‘thenanny’ on DS.

  341. diudiaole says:

    I just pm’d her:

    I was hoping I’d get the package today so I could finish some of these customs I have sitting here over the weekend. I would like the DC# at any rate when you get a chance, I know sometimes priority can take an extra day too etc.

    I have never left anything but positive feedback so far on this site… I have had a few so-so transactions where I just opted not to leave feedback at all, but I am torn what to do about this.

    I understand you had no control over your late FIL falling ill and his unfortunate death and how that could mess everything up. Yet, I saw that you had bumped your business threads a few times after I had placed my order and that makes me wonder why you did not e-mail or pm to note the delay. I would have been very understanding and simply placed a quickie order for snaps on another site while waiting on the ones I ordered from you.

    Now I look like a bad wahm who doesn’t have her ducks in a row to *my* customers. This has hurt my reputation and my business. I am so very disappointed.

    I really don’t see how this could turn into anything resembling a positive transaction for me, but I am open to suggestions.

  342. magpiedpiper says:

    Why has she still not put anything on her site or DS about shipping delays either? Especially when she is/was running a sale and it looks like more people were buying from her because of it.

  343. diudiaole says:

    If she doesn’t respond to me today, I will post in her thread. This whole thing has been ridiculous.

  344. Darlene says:

    I see this thread getting ugly quick…..

    It’s just asking for mama to mama drama.

  345. me says:

    How the heck do you do two legs or two socks at one time without them being either open on the side facing each other or connected if only using one circ?
    How do you not use DPns if you are doing the crotch of pants?
    This is all making me think!
    I just found it easier to do them that way!

    The other stuff, when “I ordered from Chia” was mentioned, I knew what it was lol!
    I’d be pissed though!

  346. Just Peachy says:

    I only use dpns when I kitchener but really all they do is hold the stitches. I can use my circs to hold the stitches if I really want to.

  347. werd says:

    I initially contacted her this past Sunday. I contacted her again on Monday and paid monday morning and then added to my order and paid Monday afternoon. After that, didn’t hear a word out of her until I PMed her on Wednesday (I think). But supposedly her FIL had collapsed the week previously and she never said a word of it to me when I placed my order, and I was sure to mention that I needed the snaps ASAP. THAT is what irritates me… if there was going to be a delay, I would have gone elsewhere but then came back to her at a later time.

    So then I PMed her after she told me her FIL died, and told her that I wouldn’t be worried, except that I need these snaps ASAP and she said she’d “try” to get them in the mail the next day. I pmed back saying that if she wasn’t going to be able to get them in the mail the next day, I’d like a refund so I could get them elsewhere for the time being… then she said she would DEFINITELY get them in the mail the next day. I didn’t hear from her, so I PMed her and asked if they were indeed sent, and she said they were. Haven’t heard since.

    Thing is, she has no idea that Diu and I have compared stories and talked. SO I’m really starting to question exactly what is going on here. She’s able to go online and bump her threads repeatedly during this entire time, but can’t print out a shipping label and schedule a pickup?

    And why even take my order in the first place?!?! If they aren’t here Monday, I’m filing and ordering somewhere else.

  348. diudiaole says:

    yeah werd it sucks, I will also file if I don’t mine Monday 😦

    I am wondering if she is unable to print our lables because there are other irate customers that have already filed? Hmmm…

    I was curious though on that transaction where you had the snaps in two days — what date did you order them?

  349. diudiaole says:

    *receive mine Monday, that is…

  350. werd says:

    It wasn’t that long ago! Lemme look…

    Oh I also noticed it was weird, the payment I sent last time, she had me send to a different PP email… it was in her husbands name, too.

    It was July 8th, it was a Wednesday night, she printed the label that night, and I got them in the mail on Friday evening!

  351. diudiaole says:

    oh shit… yes i thought it weird that she was using her husbands name and not a business name… maybe that paypal is frozen? wtf

  352. werd says:

    I dunno… I sent this latest payment to oh_snap_usa@whatever

  353. diudiaole says:

    well… she is online now, maybe she will respond… I posted on her thread

  354. diudiaole says:

    I sent mine to: and I checked out through her website

  355. žába says:

    Looks like MIL is back and stirring up more drama.

  356. Just Peachy says:

    I have to say I don’t feel sorry for Carrie. Shes the dumb ass who posted it on a public forum all her information. Would I be upset if my MIL posted after I bitched about her? Probably but you know what it’d be my own damn fault. Carrie sounds like an ungrateful brat and the MIL is just a bit nutty.

  357. Messy says:

    OMgosh. Who does the MIL cloth diaper? And doesn’t DS frown upon telling us to go post elsewhere? ROFL… If I get another strike becuase of her, I will be mad, after I LMAO!

  358. diudiaole says:

    Hey Werd — I just read your post on the carrie vs MIL thread… I went to a school for dog grooming several years ago… I never did get into the biz though.

  359. werd says:

    oh yeah? My dad went to school for it and when I’m not pregnant, I’m apprenticing under him!

  360. diudiaole says:

    Too cool! My teacher did not do rottweilers and a few other breeds though. One attacked her during grooming, maimed her face and throat and almost hit an artery. I think that scared me a bit. She made very good money w/it and also did dog and cat boarding.

  361. werd says:

    Hey Diu – where did you order snaps from? I’m thinking I might better place an order just in case… I hate that shipping is first class and $5 though 😦

  362. werd says:

    Yeah my dad is known in the area as the guy to take aggressive/hard to groom dogs too. It’s super fun (NOT). He recently got his hand messed up by a big male chow!

  363. diudiaole says:

    Yes — I sent them a message stating that $5 will cover priority and if they would please ship it priority…so we’ll see. I also mentioned getting screwed over by ohsnapusa so maybe they will do it to woo me as customer.

  364. diudiaole says:

    Did you ever get your DC# werd? Maybe she is ignoring me b/c she doesn’t feel she can do anything to make me happy at this point.

  365. madeira says:

    I ❤ Serena! Whenever I order snaps from her they come in about a week, all the way from China!!!

  366. chrissyb says:

    Magic loop – doing two at a time is the only way to go! I hate uneven socks or legs etc. I think I learned two at a time at For those who want to try socks This pattern is great, and because you use double stranded worsted weight yarn they are super quick and the big needles make learning magic loop a snap. They are also super comfy, good christmas gift! I have managed to learn to knit longies entirely on circulers, including the gusset and kitchner, lol.

    Carrie- I posted on that thread a couple of times. I think MIL was right to call her out. I don’t vent anywhere online about anyway for that exact reason. Not only did she vent on a public forum, but she vented on a forum her SIL reads, can you say dumbass??? I think carrie got what she deserved, and as you all like to say around here, she needs to put on her big girl panties and get on with it.

  367. werd says:

    nope, no DC# from her!

  368. magpiedpiper says:

    Has she just not responded at all to you? I saw she was on DS last night so if she hasn’t then I guess she’s ignoring. That’s not cool at all.

  369. werd says:

    I just PMed her to ask for DC# but Diu PMed her yesterday like afternoon and I think she was on after that and didn’t PM Diu back.

  370. diudiaole says:

    Not to mention she promised she would get us the DC# no later than Saturday for packages that she allegedly mailed at the PO on Thursday.

    Maybe she reads this blog. ::shrug::

  371. Madre says:

    339- check out sheepy time knits or wonderpants

  372. eeek says:

    Did anyone else notice that MIL uses every single forum acronym correctly but states she’s never been on a forum before? It took me much more than one post to figure out stuff like that, if she were a real non-figmentary human she would have just written stuff like husband out, instead of saying DH. And all the other ones she uses.

    That in itself has changed my mind on this, I think Carrie might be full of extra-crazy.

  373. naturalmamadot says:

    I havent looked over her posts, but if she does use a ton of acronyms that is odd, unless its really her SIL typing with her MIL both against the DIL lol

  374. werd says:

    She PMed me back, said that she can only get online at Burger King because they are at her MIL’s house and that she didn’t have the DC# with her. I dunno what to think anymore. I leave the DC# slips in my wallet if I have to go to the PO. I just hope my snaps come tomorrow!

  375. diudiaole says:

    Well, here is the e-mail I just got from her, werd:

    I am sorry and I completely understand your frustration. I would be upset too. I have been going through the motions and I don’t even know why I bumped the thread like that. I can tell you that if you choose you can research that David Mathews in Tulsa Oklahoma did pass away. His funeral was this past friday. My name is Shellie Mathews and my husbands name is David S Mathews. I am not usually like this. I will refund your money now. I really don’t know what to say other than I am sorry.
    Also the address that you sent me in PP is apparently a bad address as I got the package back yesterday saying no such address. I don’t know what else I can do here. I sent your package priority mail. I included extras in it. I have done all that I can do given my circumstances. This is not normal business practices for me. I know it is no excuse. But when you are running a one woman show and family life comes up it has to take priority. Not that it helps you out at all.


    I have not yet been refunded.. we’ll see if she refunds tonight.

    I only have one address on file in paypal and I do many transactions per week — bad PP address is bullshit… and if you mailed out a package on a Thursday even if the address was ‘bad’ — would you receive the return just two days later??!

  376. magpiedpiper says:

    I think you should call her on the address thing, diu. That’s inexcusable to lie like that. Yes, life happens, as do deaths, but how you handle it is what matters. And she’s handled your situations very poorly it seems to me.

    Also, WHY has she not posted anything about family issues on her site or on her DS thread?

  377. werd says:

    oh fuck, Diu. I’m so not getting my snaps tomorrow, am I 😦

    This is seriously causing me to lose effing sleep… and I’m 7 months pregnant so I need all the sleep I can get. GAH!

    And I love how apparently the package came back (in 2 DAYS?!) and she didn’t even PM you to tell you? Ugh. I am so worried!

  378. diudiaole says:

    She hasn’t refunded me.

  379. diudiaole says:

    383 – I highly doubt she has even shipped. We can’t be the only two.

  380. diudiaole says:

    I don’t get why we are being lied to and strung along…

  381. cdc3030 says:

    If you need some snaps super quick, I would be happy to send them to you, I have a bunch of colors…..

  382. diudiaole says:

    #388 — pm me w/prices, I need snaps:

  383. diudiaole says:

    so, supposedly she is ‘reshipping’ from the PO today and will e-mail me DC#.

  384. diudiaole says:

    I seriously just want to throw up. I wanted to track my package from and then i just saw a label has not been printed. The unfairness of this is just nauseating.

    I have been informing my waiting customer this whole time on the story and thought I had double covered my bases by ordering from last week.

    Is it the same lady running both sites or what?!

  385. diudiaole says:

    Ok…. Judy from e-mailed me within an hour — she gave me the tracking info(it did ship the next day! yay!) and it looks like it should be here when the mail carrier arrives today.

    She says they don’t ship through paypal… I could kiss her feet right now, the whole ohsnapusa nightmare has been ridiculously stressful.

    Werd — what colors of snaps do you need? I am going to the PO this afternoon and I can send you a small package.

  386. me says:

    kamsnaps is pretty terrible at giving shipping information, IMO, but their shipping is FAST!

    Oh, and what do you think of this? Am I really in the wrong wanting a refund?

  387. diudiaole says:


    Have I bought from her? After I left her feedback I noticed I was missing a piece then later I found sticky stuff on another piece of fabric.

    It was knit print fabric though and I just cut off and threw away the one sticky part. I didn’t mention anything though since I ordered a bunch and had already left feedback. It was a really cheap deal.

    To me though it looks like you actually got 58 inches of obv w/some tails and remnants attached… and the dirtiness should have been disclosed for sure, sticky crap is not going to be easy to wash out.

    Did she disclose anything? Were you charged for a full 3 yards?

  388. me says:

    Her DS name is jessamaca and her HC is Busy Bottoms (which doesn’t appear to be open anymore).

    I don’t know your DS name, sorry #394.

    She offered to refund me $4.45.

  389. diudiaole says:

    yeah same seller. I remember her obv listing too, but she erased it.

  390. diudiaole says:

    Hmm… maybe offer to try washing it… and *if* it comes clean then take the partial refund as long as it would be worth the price.

  391. riffrafflittleman says:

    395 – She is on CDN I think she is closing shop to “focus on family” I can’t believe she sent you that, I’d be embarrassed to do that to someone 😦 I would definitely want a refund for that

  392. me says:

    $30 for 3 yards, OBV. Listing is erased, but there was no disclosure of it being filthy.

    “okay here are your options. send it back for a refund minus shipping. keep it for a refund of the 16 inches you claim is missing. thats it. thats your only options.”

  393. diudiaole says:

    jeezus and she is being an asshole about it too wtf… yeah that isn’t worth it and you shouldn’t have to be losing out on money b/c of her failure to disclose information about her product.

  394. me says:

    Can I leave feedback for her on CDN as well?

  395. mmspirit7 says:

    well she’s posting her side on cdn as well. in the good and bad. wow.

  396. mmspirit7 says:

    me are you on cdn? if so we can get both sides on there and if she’s a scamer she will be called out on cdn and not hidden.

  397. diudiaole says:

    See when I ordered from her she disclosed that my fabric had diaper cuts out of it.

    I thought it was strange how it was all crammed into the polymailer though. Like balled up and all wrinkled. But she shipped really fast and I washed it all.

  398. me says:

    Yep. I am KeepYourBabyclose on CDN. Can I post PMs from DS on there?

    Oh, and just for the record, yes I threatened to leave negative feedback and file a chargeback. I’m tired of being scammed.

  399. mmspirit7 says:

    i don’t know if you can post them with out hers but you can comment on her thread and the one i started with the link to your ds thread.

  400. diudiaole says:

    Tami is selling obv for $8.50 plus exact shipping right now if that helps.

    that really sucks ass you keep getting screwed 😦

  401. magpiedpiper says:

    Busy Bottoms already posted about it on CDN – go give your take and pics there.

  402. me says:

    I don’t have permission to access that page?

  403. me says:

    I don’t have permission to access either one.

  404. mmspirit7 says:

    you need to post whore it up to get in.

  405. mmspirit7 says:

    you need to go and join good bad and ugly on cdn under your user cp

  406. me says:
    I posted this in general.

    How many posts do I need to get in? What section is it?

  407. magpiedpiper says:

    No, she has over 100 posts so she’s fine. Just go to your User CP and request access to that forum.

  408. me says:

    #413, how do I do that?

  409. me says:

    I just applied. Hopefully a mod will be by soon.

  410. mmspirit7 says:

    user cp and click on the groups link and ask to join.

  411. mmspirit7 says:

    i hope so too i am waiting for someone else to comment on your thread what is the logic of not paying to have it shiped back to her

  412. madeira says:

    393. um, wow! I’d be pissed if I received that fabric! definitely a full refund!

  413. werd says:

    NO FUCKING SNAPS IN THE MAIL TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m LIVID.

  414. nu says:

    Me—so sorry this is happening
    As far as BB goes—WHY would you go and delete the contents of your post unless there is something to hide???? Isn’t that FSOT 101? I’m not a WAHM, but I would think I’d want to cover myself if I’m selling stuff! I do it for an $8 diaper.

    I wouldn’t order from BB knowing how she handled this.

    BTW the craftsmanship of my Moon pads from Me is great!!!!! This hasn’t turned me off as a customer!

  415. diudiaole says:

    421 — I got my kamsnaps package… expensive for so few snaps, but it will get the job done!!

    What colors and how many sets do you need? I am going to the PO in a couple of hours — I know I have like 20 sets or so of Navy and I have some grays.. I just didn’t have the colors I needed to match girly diapers

  416. werd says:

    I’m contacting other snap people. I just PMed the lady from oh snap usa and if she doesn’t give me a DC by tonight, I’m filing.

    All I really need right now is white sockets… that is the one thing I am out of! Maybe I will contact kamsnaps too, I have a little bit of paypal. I am so pissed its unreal.

  417. A Different Sarah says:

    WTF, yo? Are “public apologies” like this really necessary?

    Remind me never to join the night owl thread. Seriously.

  418. diudiaole says:

    werd — do they have to all be white and how many do you need? I can put a little baggie of sockets in a regular envelope and mail it today at the PO

  419. Melissa says:

    OMG did you see this? The quality is incredible and the price far better than any on HC or etsy!
    She is really upping the ante as far as quality and prices.

  420. Melissa says:

    I contacted OH Snap about this blog and she has not responded?

  421. me says:

    My thread disappeared?

  422. an AK mama says:

    WTF? A thread just disappeared on CDN? Did it get moved or something?

  423. werd says:

    DIU – what’s your email addy? I’m ordering from and you are my referrer, I think they have a rewards program.

  424. naturalmamadot says:

    427 BusyBottoms post says in moderation but I cant find your post anywhere

  425. an AK mama says:

    Ah ok, I real melody’s announcement. Makes sense.

  426. me says:

    Whoops. Here I thought CDN was the place to go. My mistake, I accept full consequences for it.

  427. amessymama says:

    When I saw that you posted the PMs, I was a little worried. I hope they don’t ban you for it.

    So did she refund you? Including shipping?

  428. me says:

    She didn’t refund me, she sent me a payment telling me “heres your fuckin money”.

    I’m still debating whether or not to keep it, or to refund it and ask for a legitimate refund (instead of a payment), since she can technically turn around and file a chargeback on it since it was sent as a payment.

  429. mmspirit7 says:

    i would refuse the payment and tell her you want a refund and yes she does know how to do it because she refunded me shipping when i ordered diapers from her and there was a problem but she was fine to work with then

  430. diudiaole says:

    a PM is no more private than an e-mail. CDN heads are fucking stupid if that is what this is about.

  431. Kimbella says:

    Definitely refund her, and ask her to send it as a refund as opposed to a payment. If she doesn’t want to do that, just do a chargeback on your CC.

    Don’t stoop to her level and cuss at her though when you refund, just simply say, “For both of our protection, this needs to be sent as a refund on the original transaction.” Even send her the transaction # if you think she might need help finding it.

    With the way she’s acting, I can totally see her filing a claim or doing a chargeback on the payment she sent you.

  432. werd says:

    Good Lord, I had no idea what melody’s post was about because I was having snap drama. But wow. I didn’t read either thread, but if she is talking to you that way, that’s terrible. I bought from her once and had a great transaction, I cannot believe how she is talking to you!

    I would refund the payment and ask for a proper refund… you shouldn’t have to pay fees on a refund and yeah, if she is going to be immature like this, I can see her filing a claim against YOU.

    Sad sad sad, what is up with WAHM’s this week?!?!

  433. diudiaole says:

    the mod ass kissing on CDN is ::puke:: their rule makes no sense… they are clinging to the “private” in PM as if it were a catholic priest betraying the sinner’s trust if one should post it…

    they are e-mails.

    So much for no sunshine, bunnies and rainbows

  434. magpiedpiper says:

    Diu, I can see their point though. They do have a procedure for how they have always done call-outs and this one did not follow that.

    What I can’t believe is that a WAHM really thought it was acceptable to call a customer a “dumb bitch” to other customers regardless of the situation. That’s just appalling CS.

  435. naturalmamadot says:

    I was just thinking that 439…the *loveshowerloveshowerloveshower* is making me throw up in my mouth. Normally I agree with CDN rules but those pms changed many a mind and most likely saved many a mom from dealing with BB.
    If they handled that situation privately I could of been fucked over next week among countless others. I dont want to be subjected to anyone like that and shouldnt have to be. Last time someone asked about it to I do believe they were told they could paraphrase…so whats the difference “she called me a ho bag” or dumb wahm: you are a ho bag. I dont see a dif

  436. cdc3030 says:

    Yeah, the people all posting “good job mods! ” Is a bit odd. I didnt see the thread, but lotta brown nosing going on…..

  437. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    WOW- so I was just browsing the FSOT- and someone on there is selling a ring for $2000…. how many cloth diapering moms have that much money sitting around for a ring……

  438. diudiaole says:

    It wouldn’t irritate me quite so much(though their rule would still be just as illogical), but remember when their website was new and they spammed the shit out of it here… no ducks and bunnies etc…

  439. amessymama says:

    434-Wow. What a sweetheart. Blech.

    Do not accept her payment as-is. She needs to send it as a refund. At this point I have zero trust in this WAHM.

  440. amessymama says:

    Those :loveshower: posts to mods have always irritated me. This particular one irritates me a lot more, though.

  441. magpiedpiper says:

    446- I appreciated that something was posted about where the threads went and their reasoning why at least. Because when they went *poof* I was thinking “WTH, this isn’t DS! Where did they go?” So…good to know.

  442. me says:

    I get that rules are rules, and I broke them (unintentionally). I’m pretty darned surprised they didn’t ban me (believe me though, it was not my intention to break the rules).

    I just refunded her payment. I’m just not risking a chargeback AND the $10 fee PP charges.

    I can’t believe that I was accused of taking cuts from the fabric. How freaking stupid would I have to be to do that and then publicly post how upset I was at being sent fabric not as described?

  443. me says:

    Did you find someone to send you some snaps? Otherwise I have a few I could send to you today (you’re looking for white caps, right?)

  444. diudiaole says:

    Oh no! I expressed an assertive opinion! Lynch me!! LMAO

  445. werd says:

    I can understand the rule… in this situation particularly, although I didn’t see either thread, I think posting the PMs must have helped the OP’s case.

    But the general rule is to prevent people from posting private stuff about other members, in case there is an argument, etc… and I can understand that. I’ve shared some shit with members and I wouldn’t want them to be able to post it publicly if we get in a dumb spat or something.

    And even though it was possibly warranted/helpful in this situation, because it falls under the rule, it has to be followed so that other people can’t say “oh, well you let THEM do it, but I can’t?!?!”.

  446. amessymama says:

    451-Yeah that’s how i feel. I keep trying to post something similar in that thread, but I’m not finding the words in my sleep deprived brain.

    If she hadn’t posted the PMs, would we have know how truly bitchtastic Busy Bottoms was? Well, I guess we would have found out here.

    Hey, Diu, are negative repping you yet? :rollseyes:

  447. Just Peachy says:

    So glad my transaction with her is done. I got her as my swap partner and while she was nice through out it she sort of irked me in the beginning.

  448. amessymama says:

    She is one of those WAHMs that I just couldn’t buy from. I have no idea why. She just gave me kind of a bad vibe. I can’t explain it really.

  449. werd says:

    452… its not worth posting. You will just be adding fuel to the fire. I posted that she was the other one who got scammed by thenanny and that she was having a bad day, and it got glossed right over.

    When the threads get like this, I just back out, its not worth trying to reason 😦

  450. mmspirit7 says:

    i was thinking about this and sorry but i am sick and there for slow but if both threads started each were pulled because of pms can’t an agruement be made that since they both provided pms they gave premison for them to be shared.

    oh bb diapers i loved the first ones i got after i sent them back to be closed because they were mailed to me unfinished. the seconds ones set i got from her well the fabric is hard and icky and well just not made the same.

  451. mmspirit7 says:

    holy typos batman sorry.

    hey should you posted that you also got nasty fabric from her and not what you thought you were getting.

  452. CDNation says:

    Actually if she had handled it behind the scenes I have no doubt that i would have posted a call out thread to BB asking her is she did indeed respond in such a way etc. It would have been brought to the members. We still don’t hide stuff from you.

  453. dirtyj says:

    Busy Bottoms is going through a lot right now. I feel bad for her but Unfortunately she has a nasty habit of letting the bitch out when she is not happy. Its not the first time I have seen it happen.

    What I am confused by, why is not okay to call her out. If me had put it in the right spot and without the pms, it would have been okay, right?

  454. werd says:

    From what I understand, both posted PMs but you can’t really assume that there was permission on either end. One may have posted Pms and pissed the other off so she said “OH YEAH, well” and posted the other’s PMs.

    I’m sure its being dealt with fairly behind the scenes, or is at least in the works… I’m not a mod kissass but they have helped me with issues and are good ladies.

  455. Just Peachy says:

    I understand she is going through alot but that doesn’t excuse her from sending out fabric like that and then instead of saying well how can I make this right she pulled the bitch card.

  456. ladylili says:

    Does this chick not realize how much she is shooting herself in the foot on this one?

  457. amessymama says:

    Would BB’s original thread still be up if the other side hadn’t been posted?

  458. CDNation says:

    We have asked for all call out threads to be started by admin, that way we have all the facts first. And it’s not a she said thing, we have both sides. Instead of being blindsided by it all. Does that make any sense?

  459. CDNation says:

    #463 — yes it most likely would still be up.

  460. dirtyj says:

    Yes Peach you are totally right. I wasnt trying to excuse her behavior. and I would have been hella pissed to receive that fabric. not okay. She shouldnt have sent it out to begin with without disclosing those issues

  461. zosiasmama says:

    me…CDN is a great place to get help with this kind of stuff. But we have a section called Hash It Out. That is where we put two people with a transaction conflict. It is a much better way to do it. That way the whole board is not throwing in their opinions without knowing both sides first.

    I guaranteee that after it was all hashed out that Sam would have posted some kind of warning to be careful B/S/T’ing with BB.

    diudiaole…I guess I just don’t get why you are all up in arms? We do out best to help people out since DS won’t. But there is a way to do it. me was not banned, she was not hand slapped, she did not know. No big deal. But how it was done is against the rules, so the thread was removed. To us PM’s do mean private. To you there aren’t, meh. Doesn’t really matter since it is Sam’s board and not yours.

  462. ladylili says:

    What’s the deal with the CDN labels under everyone’s names? “Peeping, not posting”?

  463. Nicole says:

    # 439 threeboys,

    Take your opinions and shove them where the sun don’t shine, you know, where you poor rainbows and bunnies from.

    You’re daring attempt to make a jab at CDN And their rules is weak at best. You look like a fool.

    I understand that you’ve been burned on a transaction, but guess what sweet cheeks, that has nothing to do with the rules on CDN. So, all in all, you need to learn to take your anger and frustrations out on the proper people. Bringing it to another board only makes you look ignorant.

    No one certainly said you had to agree with the rules of the board. Perhaps you should start your own board with your own rules, since you seem to know the best way to run a board and all….

  464. Nicole says:

    that’s supposed to be poop not poor

  465. CDNation says:

    peeping not posting is the lurker groups user titles. They log in but don’t post for 45 days then they can only access the first 3 sections of the board. Just another way to keep our members safe from prying eyes.

  466. ladylili says:

    Ok this whole thing about PM’s being private is crap. When is everyone going to learn that NOTHING on the internet is private. NOTHING. You can label things “private” all you want. That in no way stops people from gaining access to ALL of your information.

  467. me says:

    Is busy bottoms original thread still up? i never had access to it.

  468. Jale says:

    I can vouch for zosiasmama– They take it serious if PMs are posted. 😦

  469. ladylili says:

    #471 – ah I get it.

    I love being given stupid labels because I’m not active in a forum. Um, high school much?

  470. Nicole says:


    Regardless of what other internet boards do or say as far as their rules go, CDN makes their rules clear about sharing PMs. IT’S BANABLE. Don’t like it, don’t agree to the rules and find another board to join. PLAN AND SIMPLE. IT’S NOT THAT HARD TO UNDERSTAND.

  471. me says:

    Where do I find this “hash it out” section?

  472. Nicole says:


    I know a lot of boards who have lurker groups/rules. Most will actually prune you out completely. We have forums on CDN that are more private and all lurkers do not have access to those forums. Again, don’t like the rules? Deal or wheel.

  473. Nicole says:


    has it out is private.

  474. CDNation says:

    #475– yep and we like it that way.

  475. CDNation says:

    To quote one of the admin there.

    “The reason that PM’s are private on this board is because we said they would be. Not because of the fact that they are named “Private Messages”, but because we made that rule and made that promise to our members. So many people have come here from a board that can not trust the people who run it. People who use their PM’s against them. Having set the standard that PM’s are private on this board, we are sticking to it.

  476. zosiasmama says:

    me…you don’t… you ask admin to open a thread there for you and whomever the other party is then that section will be opened up to you.

    That reminds me that I should add that to the things about our board thread.

  477. zosiasmama says:

    jale…was that a good vouch or a bad one?

  478. theinvisible says:

    LOL do not bother to post a dissenting view on CDN, DS or any other board for women unless you are prepared to hang in the wind all alone. No one is going to put themselves in the minority by publicly agreeing with the one person who speaks up. I’ve seen it over and over. It’s just the way it is. boohoo. As for this issue….their board, their rules, their choice.

  479. Just Peachy says:

    Very true 484 and duly noted after my post. I hate the mob mentality that occurs on most sites and I posted to that affect on CDN. Whether or not I agree with diu is not an issue but I do take issue to the fact that all the other little hangers on are egging it on. Let the admins deal with it and keep your little one word posts to yourself.

  480. Nicole says:


    I have to agree with the whole agreeing with the lone sheep thing, I’ve seen that happen time and again. But really, this is just lame. So you don’t like the rules of a board, don’t go there.

    And DS, well, I know several hundreds of people who don’t like DS, they all kinda herd together.

  481. Nicole says:


    I don’t have any one word posts going on. And if the Admin thought it was an issue for only them to speak of then it would have been kept private and Mels thread would not have been posted. I can post my opinion just as you are.

  482. Megan says:

    475- Oh grow up. We are a close-knit group of mamas, some closer than others, and many boards include some more personal information, pictures of our families, etc, and things that we feel comfortable having other active members read, but not people who simply join to get the goods on the anti-DS, and other sinister motivations. If you’d like to actually read posts, respond, and be a part of the community, then do so. If all you want is to be a busy-body, then get over it. I appreciate the fact that the board is run by women who appreciate us as moms and fellow women, not some business venture.
    As to the removal of the thread, I get that, and I’m not farting rainbows here. Yes, call outs happen, and things are dealt with. The difference is that they’re investigated and presented by Admin, where no emotion is involved, rather than the people involved.
    As for the sharing of PMs, I get that, too. They said no sharing, and they won’t read them, either. It’s a standard, and like it or not, it’s the rules to protect and respect everyone.

  483. Kitty says:

    I’ve seen that mob mentality happen here as well… but no one gets their panties in a bunch when they are ganging up on someone that can’t adaquately defend themselves

  484. Just Peachy says:

    And I try not to be a party to it. Most of the time my fury comes out when someone has wronged me personally. Otherwise I just ignore it.

  485. cdc3030 says:

    I dont like the lurker rule thing. I dont always have time to post on all the boards…I guess I will add inane smileys on schedule to keep active. Maybe no activity, including PM’s for 3 months or something, but 45 days is just a busy month.

  486. Nicole says:

    The lurker status is there for god reason and a lot of the members of the board agreed that something needed to be implemented. If you happen to fall into lurker status it’s not that hard to get out of. Just ask and you will be let out. It’s not like the board members are mad at your for not posting. It’s more of a privacy thing. Like I said before there’s forums that don’t need to be accessed by just anyone, and many of us feel like if you aren’t a current active member of the board then you shouldn’t have access to those forums.

    Of course, all “you”s are general.

  487. VampGabrielsLover says:

    #439: I do kinda agree. I never really got into the whole buttkissing the mods thing… never was the teacher’s pet type, either, but I tend to stay pretty much to myself unless someone asks for an opinion, or I can get by with just posting :hugs: or something…

  488. Booyah says:

    Oh give me a break with the “boo hoo mob mentality is sooo unfair” bullshit. If you are too much of a chickenshit to be comfortable standing alone, then don’t bother posting your ever-so-controversial opinion in the first place.

    It goes both ways. Many a time one side of an argument has been the minority. In another thread the other side will be the minority. Then in the next thread everyone is over it and making out. BFD.

    If you are so fucking scared to be in the minority then I guess your opinion isn’t worth the plastic keys you type it on. It’s just the goddamn internet. Quit crying.

  489. theinvisible says:

    Ummm. Who’s crying?

  490. Just Peachy says:

    Dunno maybe she meant me? I sure as hell don’t lose sleep over this internet stuff. I got enough shit drama wise IRL lol.

  491. Booyah says:

    You and Peachy, it looks like.

  492. Booyah says:

    Meh, whatevs. I still say that if you are too scared to “hang in the wind” then your opinion is not worth much. Speak up if it matters and fuck the mob. Otherwise STFU.

  493. theinvisible says:

    Right. Maybe go back and read what we wrote? I’m really not at all sure what you are talking about or how it actually applies.
    I didn’t say it was a bad thing or exclusive to CDN…ummm, that the admin was wrong…or anything else worth the wrath of the faithful. Maybe you didn’t realize that my “boohoo” was sarcastic and not really me crying right here in front of my computer because no one stood up for dui (who seems to be taking it quite well). Yeah, just not quite sure what inspired that tirade.

  494. theinvisible says:

    Ok. Posted at the same time. Pretty much agree.

  495. Booyah says:

    Sorry. I am just getting annoyed with what seems to be a neverending parade of whiny-asses who are dogging CDN because it is not going to cater to whatever stupid little desire they have. Guess you got caught in the crossfire.

    Seriously though, if people want a board with absolutely no rules where they can run rampant like rabid wolves, I hear AOL is the place. Me, I prefer hanging out somewhere where the members and admins actually give a shit about each other. 🙂

  496. Nicole says:

    A-FREAKING-MEN BOOYAH! I just love ya girl!

  497. eeek says:

    475- why the psycho bitch attitude? Self-justified much?

    Oh, let’s definitely change the rules so twunts like you get access to all forums, everywhere, no matter what the owners want, because I can tell I SO want to hang out with you everywhere I go. And yes, no one can say anything is private, but anyone who has a website can say “you can’t post PMs on the forum”. Unless now you’re writing the laws for the internet?

  498. diudiaole says:

    Nicole – – bite me.

    No one was crying. Don’t like *my* opinion, you can eat shit too, sweetheart.

    I have my opinion, I stated it. BFD. End of story.

  499. CDNation says:

    Oh and #475 if you dont’ want to see titles, we have skins that make them go away. Feel free to use one.

  500. theinvisible says:

    That wasn’t going to go any farther anyway because I am your CDN secret admirer, Booyah.
    Your’s too Nicole. If not for you I wouldn’t be over there right now. Where’s that damn :loveshower: smiley?
    I really do like CDN and feel like they truly try their best to be fair with the small number of rules they do have.

  501. Booyah says:

    Now I feel bad because I don’t remember who you are, invisible. :blush: But I guess if I did you would not be my secret admirer. 😉

  502. theinvisible says:

    No one knows cause I’m………….
    (conjure Molly Shannon doing the Superstar thing)
    Ok, anyway, yeah, super secret crush thing.

  503. Booyah says:

    ROFL. I think you just gave yourself away. On purpose.

  504. Messy says:

    WTF? I deal with some IRL sits today and come back to all hell broke loose here???

  505. riffrafflittleman says:

    I am glad the rules are consistent that PM’s are only allowed to be shared in the “official” call-out threads after mods approve them. I’d hate to see sharing of PM’s become a regular occurrence if people get into it and get pissy with each other. However, I wish the thread would have remained (even if the pm’s were edited out) for the simple fact that Busy’s reaction is what sealed the deal for me. To be honest, I didn’t even read the pm’s. I saw the pictures, the buyers point and then the sellers response to the thread itself. I am glad ME didn’t get banned and grateful to her for showing me another WAHM I would not want to do business with.

  506. Nicole says:

    Dui–Sorry, I’d bite, but you’re not my type, I don’t like whinny little brats.

    Invisible–If I knew who you were on CDN I would probably pink sparkly heart you too!

  507. CDNation says:

    #510 the thread will prob come back minus the pm’s. It will be dealt with soon enough.

  508. Messy says:

    #512 and THAT is why I ❤ CDN! See, the info will be back just with the private message copies missing… If there is important info (or very character defining) in the PMs, will a mod post that what is being said is accurate sans the PM copy?

  509. diudiaole says:


    Did you get your DC# werd? I did, so we’ll see 😉

  510. werd says:

    no, she never Pmed me back after I PMed her at around 1:30!

  511. Nicole says:


    It doesn’t matter, someone will still find something to piss and moan about. Life goes on. If I bitched as much as some of these women do I’d have someone commit me to the nut house. I’d rather enjoy my rainbows and bunnies, after all.


  512. Nicole says:


    I want to take a minute to tell you something.

    I really am sorry that you got taken or what ever the scam issue may be. And I truly hope that it gets resolved and you can move past the mess of it all.

    That said, I still don’t agree with your attacks on CDN. But I really do wish you the best with your transaction, no one deserves to be taken.

  513. CDNation says:

    513 — you know everything that needs to be there for all parties to be seen in the right light will be there.

  514. riffrafflittleman says:

    thanks #510 🙂 I knew I loved CDN for a reason 🙂

  515. Messy says:

    #516 I do not think that is a fair assessment of this situation. You have mamas posting because they are getting fucked over by WAHMs left and right. Honestly, they are sick and tired of it. There is no recourse on DS, there is no way to show people how these “business women” really act (ie sending messages with refunds that say “here’s your fucking money” etc). There is no accountability… These women that are posting here, especially now, are in the process of being screwed over by a WAHM and they are all for being able to throw the information out there so nobody else gets fucked. I applaud them for that!
    Perhaps as it started, having DS as a frame of reference for “post removals” and “hide the facts” and “playing protect the scammers”, these mamas felt like the real situation would never be brought to the forefront? When they see that it is not like on DS, and the information is still put out there, they will sing a different tune… Well, unless the pissing contest in the announcements section carries on into other threads/discussions.

  516. diudiaole says:

    Really, Nicole, there is no need… I don’t think what I posted had anything to do with me getting scammed on a completely different site. I was just pretty upset about a helpful thread going poof for a reason that was in my opinion, ridiculous… obviously I am in the minority there and dangling my ‘big troll balls’ out there offended.

  517. Nicole says:

    520, I do agree with you there. It is possible. It’s so hard to trust that any board wont just brush it all under the rug like DS does. But CDN does not do that, I can assure you of that. If a scamming situation is brought to their (admin) attention then I trust 100% with out a doubt that they will take care of it and they WILL post it for the whole board to see. It’s not a hush hush thing at all. If the facts are there, they will let them be known.

  518. Messy says:

    Really, I am not wanting to resurrect the “announcement” thread on CDN but… WTF? More mamas than Werd and Peach SHOULD HAVE MENTIONED THAT DIU IS NOT A TROLL!!! That was wrong wrong wrong. Whether you agree with what she says or not, everyone here knew she is NOT A TROLL! Granted it took me a bit to realize Diu was the one, I am sure everyone else caught on before me… GAH!

  519. insomniac says:

    For the record. I am not ‘the invisible’. I keep getting asked this over at CDN now. Not me. I would own it if I said it.

  520. Nicole says:

    Diu, I didn’t call you a troll at all. Others did, but that wasn’t me. My major issue with your posts was 1st the way you came off, rude and snarky as all get out and 2. it’s a rule that CDN has had in place since the board was started, but you quickly went into assumption mode and didn’t stop to think that maybe the admin were only trying to protect anyone from getting hurt. The admin didn’t know any details at all. No one came to them and said XYZ has happened what should I do, can you all help me.

    Had the issue been presented to them they would have taken care of it, and they would have presented any possible scamming info to the board. I can assure you.

    The admin at CDN are nothing like those of DS. They don’t pussyfoot around the truth and brush it all under the carpet. It’s dealt with properly and effectively.

  521. Nicole says:

    BTW, I’m cracking up at “big ol troll balls”

  522. Booyah says:

    Nicole is right. Scammers have been called out and banned in the past. It is not like DS at all. They just want to do it according to their own designated rules and not just let everyone go nuts with all sorts of unconfirmed possibly conflicting information.

  523. theinvisible says:

    Oh, crap. Is there someone on CDN with Molly Shannon as their avi? Sorry. Really, I’ve been at CDN for a while now. I am just like I am here, there. I just don’t think it’s any fun at this point to out myself because no one would care even a little bit. I am not well known.

  524. Nicole says:

    Booyah, I love it when you call me Nicole, that’s hot!!

  525. Nicole says:

    invisible, I’m drying to know who you are! I haven’t the slightest clue. I thought you were TNB, but you’re not. SPILL IT WOMAN!

  526. insomniac says:

    The whole reason I came to CDN was the forthrightness of the admin and mods. I love it. I understand it needs to happen in a certain way though…it only makes sense. It would be mass chaos if everyone just :slapfight: all the time. (love that smilie over there btw,lol).
    Is it really asking that much to have organized slapfights? LMAO!

  527. Nicole says:

    LMAO organized slapfights!! HA!

  528. insomniac says:

    invisible…yeah I do and everyone was sure they had you figured out 😉
    or me figured out..
    or whatever 😛

  529. insomniac says:

    LOL…I was so confused by your rep message nicole…I really had no freaking idea what the hell you were talking about. Then 2 more came in and I was like..okay WTF is going on at the Dramablog. Had to come read and catch up.

  530. Nicole says:

    LMAO 535, sorry

  531. Just Peachy says:

    Speaking of trolls did we ever get any confirmation that the CDN troll was in fact Miles?

  532. cdc3030 says:

    532 — giggle! Def more pantyliner than peanut!

  533. Nicole says:


    I don’t think thats the case.

  534. Taterbug says:

    #523, I’m sure plenty of people who post here know that Diu isn’t a troll. But they don’t/didn’t necessarily know that she is ThreeBoys on CDN. I didn’t until someone else pointed it out.

  535. kitty1163 says:

    WHy is everyone so touchy about the boards? Obviously they provide benefits of all kinds. And w/o them there would be no dramablog. No naptime/late night reading for me the bored housewife.

    Carry on

  536. chrissyb says:

    Where exactly is the board on cdn that calls out wahms? I am newer to CDN, so maybe I just can’t access it yet? Is it one of the group memberships needing 100 posts to view? That might take me awhile to accomplish, lol.

  537. theinvisible says:


  538. Nicole says:


    they’re stickies in the bulletin board forum.

  539. Just Peachy says:

    Its the Bulletin board and they dont just call out wahms. Its scammers in general.
    I heard they didn’t consider bb a scammer since the other party got her items? I thought the general consensus of a scammer was someone who doesn’t live up to their end of the transaction?

  540. ladylili says:

    488 – defensive much? Got you BGP in a twist about a passing comment. I’m not very active over on CDN because I simply do not have time to be. If that means I get some weird label under the screen name then fine. I joined over there a fews months ago because I had heard about how much better it was then DS. I am in no way a “busy-body”. I barely have time to be on here. This is the most I have posted on here, ever. I just don’t have time. I think I have logged on to CDN a total of like 6 times. I try looking around at the forums but for some reason it overwhelms me. So I log off and move on. Then again, I felt that way about DS at first too. I guess I have just let my anxiety get the best of me. If that makes me a lurker, then so be it.

    491 – Exactly. I was on vacation for 3 weeks. A week of that was spent driving.

    504 I didn’t know about the skins. I’ll try that.

    Oh, and how long has Miles avatar been the positive preg test? Does that frighten anyone else but me?

  541. me says:

    I have received $30 as a refund of my original payment from her.

  542. Just Peachy says:

    #546 you missed that drama? I think its been like a week or two? And yes I am very afraid and a tad sorry for that poor baby.

  543. Nicole says:


    Miles avi has been like that for a couple weeks I believe. She’s a real treat isn’t she??

    I wish that you would give CDN a chance. I know you say you’re busy and all. But I think, given the chance, you would like CDN a lot better then DS. Almost everyone does. I mean, we’re a great community. 🙂

  544. Nicole says:

    Peach, don’t forget the other two kids she already has. I feel sorry for all of them. It’s like she doesn’t get it.

  545. bored says:

    Is anyone else annoyed by the massive amount of butt kissing Nicole does to the admin on CDN? maybe its just me…but seriously i get sick just reading her comments on here..

  546. naturalmamadot says:

    lolol @ the “I sat on a pad” shorties

    and yea, if they are going to honestly put in what BB said to her, then okay I will go back on my bitching but those PMs REALLY show who she is, even more than her responses on the thread (although those were quite lovely as well).

    Someone else basically told me that they would take all the PMs out and not disclose anything she said or how she acted etc in those pms then put the thread back up. I still think the thread going poof was uncalled for, they could of taken the PMs out for the time being and saved the text somewhere then rephrased it or whatever they are going to do. By the time the thread is back up it will be old news and this will get swept under the rug. I hope it doesnt turn out like that but its just how I see things going *shrugs* at the end of the day I just want to see BB held accountable for her actions.

    ~in a hurry sry for the typing 😀

  547. Nicole says:


    I almost care what you think. Nah, not even close to caring.

  548. amessymama says:

    Well, me could always post them on here is she felt the need. 😉

  549. monkey says:


    Huh? If I had seen whatever it was I would have told them Diu was not a troll.

  550. Just Peachy says:

    So true Nicole. I feel badly for all her kids. No one deserves to be born to parents who seem to care more about popping out babies then paying the bills.

  551. Nicole says:

    Peach, you and I are agreeing on something? I think hell just froze over. LOL!!!

    No seriously, I’d love to try one more time for a boy, but I know that the money just isn’t there and it would be selfish of me to put my kids though that, just to satisfy myself.

  552. Just Peachy says:

    And I agree with you on that too. Shit I am all about babies lately and pretty much the only thing stopping me is our financial insecurity (well and relationship issues too). I have 3 girls too so I would love love LOVE to have a lil boy (frankly Im ready to puke with all the pink and dresses and dolls crap LOL).
    Could we do it financially? Probably. We didn’t think we could with Saedra but somehow we managed. However it would be at the expense of my children’s needs and wants and thats a price thats a bit too steep right now.

  553. Nicole says:

    I think about that and the fact that I would run the risk of having another child with medical needs like DD3. Financially she puts us in a bind, I couldn’t imagine having two like her, we wouldn’t make it without assistance. And even then we probably wouldn’t even qualify for anything.

  554. werd says:

    Well, the domestic dispute next door has cooled down, so I PMed a mod on DS about thenanny and my snap order. I’m sick of this – I told her she had until tonight to provide me either a refund or a DC# and its almost 10pm and I have neither. What a day!

  555. diudiaole says:

    I have all boys, anyone wanna trade?

    j/k but the cutest fluff is pink, frilly etc… working on a TDF girly custom right now.

  556. werd says:

    PS: did you see the thread on DS where Miles told her mom that she was pregnant, and mom was upset?

  557. Megan says:

    Werd- Domestic dispute? I missed something. Is it in regards to your WWYD? On my way to investigate. 😉

  558. werd says:

    ohhh yes, check out the thread. I’ve been typing a play-by-play, its super speshul 😦

  559. diudiaole says:

    werd, I originally ordered mostly sockets and caps… I am thinking maybe that was a PITA for her… so in my last e-mail I told her I didn’t care about my original order and just to stuff a bag full of mixed sets of whatever she has already packaged! Then I got the DC#. So I maybe that was the trigger?

    I am curious about what will be in my package though…

  560. Megan says:

    Reading now… so glad the boy wasn’t actually hit. Still reading….

  561. BffMama says:

    So I’m currently in a transaction with BB and I missed all the posts.

  562. werd says:

    diu, I PMed Sweet Fantasy Fox and told her the WHOLE situation, including yours so don’t be surprised if you get a PM!

    My order was this:

    200 white sockets
    100 complete sets, turquoise
    100 complete sets, grape
    100 complete sets, white
    1 snap color card

    not too complicated!

    should I file on PP or is it too early?!

  563. werd says:

    ohhhh no BFF – BACK THE FUCK OUT, STAT!

  564. werd says:

    omg, the cops just left with the mom, but left the kids with the dad!!! I cannot believe it!

  565. Nicole says:

    poor babies….

  566. Taterbug says:

    #567 if money hasn’t changed hands, I’d probably back out on principle. If it has, you’ll probably be fine unless the item arrives not as described. In which case she’ll accuse you of trying to scam her, offer a refund minus the cost of shipping, and call you a bitch. Hopefully, the edited-to-remove-Pms thread will be back up soon.

  567. diudiaole says:

    Well if you file now then it will freeze her account and she probably won’t refund you until they force her to — like 10 days from when you file the claim(2.5-3 weeks total)…

    I would wait since she isn’t ignoring you… remember my transaction w/first gear on hc? The most infuriating part was being ignored.

  568. Megan says:

    Awful. Just awful. But then again, I guess if the father seemed like the more stable parent just from this brief encounter with the police, perhaps they feel the kids are in good hands at this point. Hopefully CPS open a full investigation NOW.

  569. me says:

    BFFmama, I could never recommend anyone do business with her after the way she treated me, and the names that she called me.

    I bought 3 yards of OBV from her. This is what I got.

    She called me a scammer, accused me of cutting/using the fabric prior to taking the pictures, called me a bitch, and even swore at me in my Paypal refund.

    It was not professional at all.

  570. Nicole says:

    There’s really no acceptable excuse for the way you were treated, ME.

    But I just wonder what in the world she must be going through to pop off like that. I’ve never had any transactions with BB, but I wouldn’t expect her to be like that at all. I know she’s got a lot going on in her life. I would assume it’s the stress of IRL things getting to her.

    either way, it’s still not acceptable at all.

  571. me says:

    There’s got to be something major going on, which makes me feel sad. I can’t imagine what she must be going through to freak out like this.

  572. Just Peachy says:

    Gee I wonder why Miles’ mother is upset.

  573. Megan says:

    577- Are you in BCD? She posted a thread on 7/20 about some serious life changes going on. If there’s more to it, I have missed it, but that’s the only thing I’ve seen.

  574. werd says:

    578 yeah I know… of course she isn’t thrilled, given their history over the past year!

  575. me says:

    I don’t know what BCD is?

  576. mmspirit7 says:

    ok i just have to say this once. i am sick of all the twilight shit out there seems every congo is doing a twilgiht stocking. it’s not even kid stuff. just hate i haven’t found stuff i like for dd. i buy things that are ok or work just so i have them but don’t spend as much as would.

    there that little rant over. couldn’t post about that on ds many mama’s would hate me LOL not that i care much anyways

  577. Madre says:

    behind closed doors

  578. hillybean says:

    Hmm…does this thread seem a little scammy to anyone else? It gives me a bad feeling.

  579. StacEy says:

    588: I don’t get a scam vibe at all.

  580. žába says:

    I guess every one has to start selling somewhere. I wouldn’t buy from someone without feedback anywhere, but I didn’t really get a spammy vibe from her. More of a clueless vibe.

  581. trolltastic says:

    Can someone please tell me what in the fuck is wrong with Cinderella08, and why in craps sake she always wants to trade pieces of shit with everyone? GO AWAY.

  582. Just Peachy says:

    ? linky?

  583. AshleyB says:

    #588, I’m not getting a scam vibe either…though she would have a MUCH easier time selling on Craigslist.

  584. werd says:

    well, after PMing a mod and her PMing thenanny, I got a DC. SHE DIDN’T EVEN SEND MY SNAPS UNTIL TODAY!

    She lied to me, and continued the lie until I finally had a mod step in. And then she LIED to the mod and told her that she had been communicating with me right along… no, she’s actually been avoiding me and lying when she had to.

    I am very pissed… I ended up having to order more snaps from another site just to ensure I had SOMETHING come in the mail. Now I’m out the $25 I paid her, because she FINALLY shipped the snaps that I no longer need, after lying to me, and I had to pay an additional 15 for more snaps BECAUSE she lied to me.

    I am so disgusted right now… how can someone treat a paying customer this way and think that its okay!?!?!?!

  585. trolltastic says:

    592 if you are asking me, I don’t have one. Just every flipping time I post in something for sale she is asking me to trade for a tutu, or for shitty clothing or something.

  586. me says:

    #588, post is gone for me?

  587. argh says:

    Oh geez I tried to buy a snap press the other day and it hadn’t shipped and I had poor communication from the seller so I contacted her and got a weird reply back and she signed it Shellie. I double checked the name in PP and the money went to a David Matthews. Am I screwed? What should I do?

  588. eeek says:

    I’ve ordered snaps from the the notion supply group for years with no problem, she’s super fast & cheap. & I bought a snap press from her, 4 years ago, and it got here from China in a week or so (not that everything will, always, but it’s not as slow as you’d think). My last snap order was in the second group, I like the matte snaps and Serena doesn’t carry those. The second group was also quick & cheap, I had no problems at all.

    Serena’s also an incredibly cool person, she’s devoted herself to working with very sick/terminally ill Chinese orphans. She’s very patient & kind, the few times in these years I’ve seen her get mad it was SO DESERVED and I loved watching narcissistic bitches shrink back since they know they were treating her like an unpaid servant.

  589. diudiaole says:

    597 –
    Yes Shellie is “thenanny” on ds and her business is “Oh Snap USA”… I don’t think you’re *totally* screwed(my payments also went to her dh’s account)… but be prepared to wait.

    I ordered snaps on the 20th of June and she didn’t ship until yesterday… this was after stringing me along and telling me one package had been returned to her etc.

    I researched it though and her FIL did die and that has just messed up her whole business.

    I don’t know WTF she doesn’t just post about the tragedy and close shop for a week or so till she gets her stuff together… you’d think that would be a lot less stressful than making shit up and dealing with irate customers.

    Sorry, werd… it sucks… at least we are *finally* getting what we paid for though.

  590. mmspirit7 says:

    did cdn bring that thread back with out the pms or was it talk?

  591. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    Odd question- what is your remedy for a headache (maybe someone has something I haven’t tried)….
    And would you put your kids in daycare 1or 2 days a week (I am a SAHM) because you have been sick and can’t seem to get better?

  592. mmspirit7 says:

    head ache i use advil or a nap and daycare for me no i wouldn’t do it if i was near family i would have them watch the kids but don’t have them here.

    if it’s what you need then do it.

  593. diudiaole says:

    For tension headaches try firmly pinching the point on your hand between your forefinger and thumb — at the base where both finger bones branch off. If it doesn’t hurt you’re not pinching hard enough.

    If you can afford it, a professional massage is worth every penny!

  594. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    Unfortunately I have no family within 20 hours of us… My husband isok with me puting the kids in daycare for 8-10 hours a week- So I may have to take him up on that…. I hate to do it- but I just can’t get rid of these headaches- and the doctors are trying to figure them out- but no luck yet.

  595. magpiedpiper says:

    Are they “normal” headaches or migraines? Because migraines suck and I think it really varies by the individual what works. For me what works for mild ones is some caffeine, excedrin migraine, and a nap in a cold, dark room. Usually. For the bad ones that are still there when I wake up I have to take a heavy duty prescription.

  596. Nicole says:

    I went through physical therapy when I was pregnant for my migraines and it really did help. I refused the pain meds they wanted me to take for them because I was scared for the baby and I didn’t want to become dependent on them. I still get migraines now, but I can normally control them with the tips I learned with the FT. I take excedrin migraine too.

    They certainly can be debilitating and it’s frustrating to have them and not know why you have them. Sometimes there’s no reason at all.

  597. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    I went in for a CT scan yesterday and they found “abnormalities” as they put it- so I have to go back this afternoon for an CT with contrast..
    Hopefully that will help them figure out something…
    I have had this headache for 3 weeks straight, and nothing has helped yet….

  598. diudiaole says:

    Q for the WAHMs on here…

    I finished and mailed out a custom over a week ago. It took fewer than 2 weeks to complete, it was a set of 5 diapers. This set:

    Well, I didn’t hear from her until yesterday and she says she had been on a week long cruise but will let me know how she likes the dipes when she gets a chance to open the package.

    I get another PM yesterday asking what address I sent them to… and I responded with her paypal tracking info and stated I shipped through paypal. She did not mention a thing about taking a cruise or any alternate address.

    Then…. I just received this from her:

    “i am out of town, thats why its sitting at the p.o. i wont be back in tx until monday. i thought you might have sent it here like some other mums did, to my mums. i’ll let you know when i get it from the p.o. next week when i go back home.”

    Ok, I am sitting on my hands here… how do I respond to this? “Like some other mums did” — well, don’t you think she probably let those other mums know?? How the hell would I have known to send it anywhere else than the ONE address I was provided?

  599. Taterbug says:

    #608, I’d just tell her that you’d appreciate her letting you know how she likes them once she gets home. And that in future, you’d be happy to send to a different address if one is provided. Maybe she bought so much stuff before she left that she doesn’t remember who she gave her mom’s address to, and who she didn’t?

  600. žába says:

    well yeah 608 don’t you know you are supposed to have a directory of every address every customer *might* what some thing sent too. And of course you should automatically know which address she would like to use while she is on her fab cruise. Why would she even sent you that message? What a kook.

  601. diudiaole says:

    #609 — thanks, that makes sense. I needed a clear headed opinion. 😉

  602. diudiaole says:

    #610 — well, it really did feel like a stab, each one of those diapers took 3-4 hours of work not including the time I spent dying the fabric… but then Taterbug suggested that she may not remember if she had a purchased a lot the past couple of weeks, which makes sense.

    Even if she is upset with me, I just have to remember that it isn’t my fault and I definitely don’t want to risk negative reviews or feedback by responding in kind… tiptoes and eggshells, kwim?

  603. diudiaole says:

    My response:


    Ok, I see now. I’d love to know how they work out for your ds once you get home. In the future, if you order from me again, I would be happy to ship to another address if one is provided.

    thanks again,


    TY Taterbug! lol

  604. žába says:

    Diu I promise not to leave your diaper sitting at the post office if you make me some pretties 🙂

  605. diudiaole says:

    Thank-you… now I wonder how many I would have to sell before I could afford a cruise 😮 :lol

    If I were single/no kids I think would get a job on a cruise ship…

  606. Just Peachy says:

    LOL thats a lot of diapers.

  607. Munklettes says:

    Diu, wow, those diapers are gorgeous!

  608. VampGabrielsLover says:

    For migraines, if they are mild enough, caffeine (like Mt. Dew or in a pinch coffee) helps, if they aren’t, I generally have to go take a hot shower and put the shower head at the massage setting and run HOT water over the back of my neck. That usually seems to do it, for me.

    #613, perfect response.

  609. VampGabrielsLover says:

    Ok, here’s a question: I sold a cover this morning, something that’s been sitting in my store since before V-Day. Back then I was having a Free Shipping sale, because I wanted to sell before CPSIA took effect. When the stay went into effect, I ended the sale, and I thought I went through and added shipping back in to everything that was there, but I just noticed on the item that sold, that I didn’t.

    I was counting on that money for a trip we are taking, and was wondering, would it be out of line to message the buyer and ask for a little extra to cover shipping (like I can ship that cover for $2, with DC) if I explain the situation, or am I out of luck, and just eat the money?

  610. diudiaole says:

    #617 — thank-you, I am pretty happy with them. 🙂 I should be finished tonight or tomorrow morning w/a girly side-snapping custom like that, and I can’t wait to take pics!

  611. Just Peachy says:

    Excedrin Migraine works wonders. So does the CVS brand migraine meds. I get them 4-5 times a month and the only thing that helps is the excedrin migraine meds. Typical pain relievers cant even touch them.

  612. diudiaole says:

    #619 — I would explain the situation, that your cart did not add shipping on so it would be $X.XX to ship if they would still like the cover.

    Unless of course the listing actually still stated ‘free shipping’ then I would eat the cost.

  613. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    #619 – i would eat the cost myself

  614. StacEy says:

    601: For bad tension headache I take 800mg of Motrin. For a migraine I take Excedrin Migraine or if I’m out I drink a cup of strong coffee and some extra strength Tylenol. I also drink a bunch of water when I get a headache or migraine. I would put my kids in daycare for a couple days!

  615. Just Peachy says:

    I agree with daycare. You are no good to your kids if you aren’t 100%. Hope you figure out whats going on and that its something that is easily remedied.

  616. diudiaole says:

    One more thought on the shipping issue, as a buyer I have had carts overcharge by a lot and I really appreciate being refunded for the excess… also as a buyer I wouldn’t expect free shipping unless that were stated in the listing.

    Can you link?

  617. diudiaole says:

    TyChey – I’d be worried about daycare since your dc have special needs… my kids literally fade away in daycare. 😦 It is just way too stressful for them. Maybe an in-home daycare/nanny with very few kids would be ok.

    If I have to put my kids in daycare again, I would go the in-home route.

  618. werd says:

    God Peachy, you get them that often and you aren’t on anything prescription-strength?

    I have what are called cluster headaches – they are migraine’s bitchy, psychotic mother in law. They suck, I’m on Imitrex for them (when I’m not pregnant). I actually had one this morning so I’m thinking another cluster has began… all I can do is drink a Mt. Dew and take some Tylenol 😦

  619. werd says:

    oh and 619 (lol makes me think of wrestling) – I would eat the cost. She probably got the cover because of the free shipping… I know when I see free shipping, that does it for me and I buy. She may end up backing out of the transaction if you ask for the extra for shipping, and then instead of being out the shipping, you are out the entire cost, and still have the item sitting!

  620. VampGabrielsLover says:

    #627 – I will check, Near as I can remember, I never said ‘Free Shipping’ in the listing. It’s an etsy cart, so if you don’t program a shipping amount, it doesn’t charge one. Here’s the listing:

    It says sale, where I marked the price down from $9 to $8 for the sale, but it doesn’t say anything about free shipping

  621. BffMama says:

    Werd, what you’ve had lately is called cluster FUCKS from all the jacked up shiot going on in your life (crazy CPS neighbors, crazy young pregnant neighbor, ScammySnaps, etc).

    I feel for ya (and when you have that baby and get all healed, I’m gonna be feeling ON ya!) DOH!

  622. BffMama says:

    There is a post about BB now on CDN (just now starting to read it) in the bulletin board section related to the stuff from yesterday.

  623. Just Peachy says:

    I know werd but I don’t have a PCP right now. I tried to get into the internal medicine clinic a few weeks ago but they are backed up by about 2 months with appts. I would go to the family clinic but my last doctor got a bit too touchy feely with me and I refuse to return to his care. Plus I just feel an internal medicine doctor will actually listen to my concerns rather then invalidate them. So here I am stuck popping excedrin Migraines til my appt date.

  624. try me, i'm new! says:

    #619 – I’d eat the cost. Not the customer’s fault shipping was not added. As a buyer, I’d be pissed if I got that email.

  625. werd says:

    ooh I’m shopping your covers

  626. VampGabrielsLover says:

    Ok, ladies, that’s what I thought…. off to make sure all the rest are set.

  627. VampGabrielsLover says:

    #635 – I don’t have much boyish stuff listed, but I do have some in the works for when I get home…

  628. mmspirit7 says:

    why all the excuses for bb? i have seen other wahms go through tough shit and not let it affect it that way. and yeah i know her life sucks btdt but man.

  629. werd says:


    Yes, I have those too. Seriously I should write for Lifetime Movie Network.

  630. BffMama says:

    I don’t think it excuses her behavior, I’m just saying maybe give her some time to work some crap out before expecting her to come back and react to this in a more clear, level headed way.

    I think we’ve all btdt but we don’t know what the state of her emotional health is or her support system and that can make all the difference in the world. I don’t think this should be swept under any rug, but just something to think about.

  631. BffMama says:

    And I, for one, don’t want to ever think about being the cause of someone’s emotional nosedive into some dark place bc of my words on a message board…I’ll just wait it out and see what happens.

  632. magpiedpiper says:

    But if her emotions are that unstable, then she should not have been selling in the first place.

  633. werd says:

    I’ll admit… I’m kinda not impressed that there’s all this sympathy for BB going off, but everyone was all up in arms about Diu and her outburst… she has shit going on too and was stressed but everyone was so quick to judge her as a troll and didn’t have a shred of sympathy for her. Not fair!

  634. werd says:

    Aww Peachy I’m sorry. Want me to mail you some Imitrex? LOL

  635. theinvisible says:

    That is how it goes. Lots of people know BB but not so much Diu.

  636. BffMama says:

    Diu’s thing was about how she thought the board should be okay with posting PMs, right?

  637. CDNation says:

    I don’t have any sympthy for BB. What she did was wrong. Shouldn’t have been handled the way it was. And I said so.

  638. theinvisible says:

    She just said it was a stupid rule. Nothing to be crucified over (or called a troll for).

  639. werd says:

    Yeah, she went off and I don’t agree that they should be allowed to post Pm’s, but just the way everyone got on her and called her a troll etc… rubbed me the wrong way.

  640. CDNation says:

    And it wasn’t so much what Diu said on the board, it was the way it was said. I have no issues what so ever with people not agreeing with me or the way the board is run. But to me it seemed like she came out of the gate swinging and was looking for a fight, if I’m wrong and that’s just the way she is, then I apologize.

  641. VampGabrielsLover says:

    :applauds: BFF @640. Exactly. I’m not trying to excuse her behavior, nothing excuses cursing out a customer, but I agree that it is uncharacteristic of her.

    Werd, I was one of the ones who stayed out of the thing with DIU yesterday, mostly because I really didn’t have anything to add.

  642. BffMama says:

    I don’t really know either of them more than the other (Dui and BB), but I would feel the exact same way if Dui had been posting about all her stuff going on just as BB did. I guess when it comes to someone’s emotional state, I am maybe more sensitive bc of what I’ve experienced with my family/friends.

  643. werd says:

    I agree with you too Sam… she should have sent money for shipping, and THEN refunded when she got the OBV back. Its standard practice for returns. That probably just pissed her off even more.

  644. werd says:

    That is SO not how she is normally… truly, she was having a rotten time dealing with the WAHM from hell and just exploded. Like I said, same crap as what happened to BB. Unfortunately we are all human and sometimes shit from personal life spills over into “internet life”… no, its not right how either of them acted, but it does happen.

    Maybe it is because no one really knows Diu but know BB so that makes a difference. I am just surprised at how everyone jumped on Diu yesterday and today is making concessions for BB when they both just went off because they were stressed.

  645. werd says:

    I am really hormonal/stressed/explosive especially right now but I have learned to really try hard to curb my explosions online. It’s hard but I’ve learned some hard lessons and there are sometimes where I am just DYING to respond, but I have to step away and literally NEVER go back to that thread or read that post that set me off. It’s really hard, especially when I strongly disagree and want that last say, but its not worth upsetting everyone.

  646. BffMama says:

    I keep singing: May I have your attention, please…will the real Slim Shady please stand up, I repeat…

    Everytime I see Melody’s post that says: Your attention please.

  647. werd says:

    LOL that popped into my head when I read the title of melody’s thread

  648. theinvisible says:

    mmmmmmmmmm. eminem.
    huh? what?

  649. werd says:

    sooo how about I accidentally slept through my OB appt today! Oops. My toddler alarm clock didn’t wake me.

  650. VampGabrielsLover says:

    Dude… must we make me think of hawt blonde rappers? *wipes drool from chin*

    Werd, I believe you when you say that you know DIU and this isn’t how she normally behaves. I don’t know her from Adam’s Cat, but I believe you.

  651. me says:

    Heck, *I* agree with Sam. If I were in BB’s position, I would NOT have refunded first, nor did I expect that.

    I did, however, ask for return shipping first. She made the decision on her own to refund me in full, before receiving the fabric back.

    For those of you concerned with Oh snap USA’s PP account being in her husband’s name, mine is too. 🙂 I don’t think that should be a red flag.

    I just printed the label, and will be dropping the fabric off before my first midwife appointment tonight 🙂

  652. werd says:

    LOL Adam’s cat!

    As far as Oh Snap… it wasn’t that it was in her husband’s name, its that she has two PP accounts and we were wondering if maybe one got frozen because of a bad transaction (because we are both involved in horrid transactions).

    After the dodging, lies and runaround I’ve dealt with this week, I can tell you that I will never do business with her again, and I caution anyone who is considering buying from her. It hasn’t been pleasant at all!

  653. VampGabrielsLover says:

    I stick with buying from Wendi at, haven’t had any issues other than the shipping to my old address thing.

    And with the sole exception of the glow in the dark star snaps, I haven’t bought snaps from anyone else.

  654. Munklettes says:

    werd – perhaps we need a call out tread for her as well on CDN?

  655. ladylili says:

    I got my first warning on DS today. The sad part it was something I posted like a week ago.

    Coop/Swap Moderator
    Faith isn’t about getting through life’s storms, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain

    Join Date: Oct 2006
    Posts: 3,286
    Ratings: 283
    Feedback: 100%
    My Mood:

    Hi There~

    You are being issued a warning for your disrespect to the Team in a transaction and feedback discussion thread where you said “Mods are gods here. They can pretty much do whatever, and make whatever decisions.” We take disrespect to our team very seriously and this offense is worthy of being banned form the site. Please refer to the rules, which clearly state: “Bashing the site staff or DS as an entity (you can share you opinion in a respectful way, but “DS stinks” or using smiles/faces to express your discontent) will NOT be tolerated. Concerns about the rules, or the manner in which the site is run should be addressed in ask the pros or in a PM to Lee or Juan M.”

    Thank you for your understanding.

    And why is a coop/swap moderator giving me the warning?

  656. žába says:

    oooh you are going to get it now…they are going to on your ass for everything now. You know they read over here, and retaliate in the most petty ways. They can’t come out and say you are getting a strike/banned for posting on the drama board, but they will find any tiny thing and stick it to you.

  657. werd says:

    664 – no, it wasn’t on CDN, it was on DS and she doesn’t post on CDN as far as I know!

  658. zosiasmama says:

    DS is an “entity” now? Buwahahahaha

  659. ladylili says:

    666 – as far as I’m concerned I was sharing my opinion in a respectful way. I actually wrote back and told them that. Their just pissed because they know what I said is right.

    The mod was probably reading the thread and took it upon herself to issue me my warning.

  660. Just Peachy says:

    Ummmmmmmmmmm why are my posts not going thru?

  661. werd says:

    wow, I really fail to see how that was “disrespectful” dude its not like you were all DS MODS ARE TWATS. Wow. If anything, they just proved your point for you 😦

    I swear, aside from Sweet_Fantasy_Fox and Harmoni (they are truly impartial and helpful and not on a power trip), the rest of the mods are all ridiculous!

  662. diudiaole says:

    Hmmm I don’t quite get how I am being compared to BB who accepted money for one thing and in return sent trash to a customer, then cursed her out publicly for wanting a full refund.

    I had forgotten, but in light of all this I remember CDN posting on this blog(last February I think) about how they would ban or strike or ? someone if a PM from CDN were to be posted here. That really turned me off and is partly why I haven’t posted much and why I had ‘internet police’ stuck in my head… so, I guess I had beef.

    FWIW, I was just confused, not upset, until I read the explanation thread followed by love showers and ‘we ❤ you for your censorship' posts and the buyer from the thread in ? apologizing etc. So instead of just bitching about it here, I decided to post in the thread.

    My posts were very mild compared to what plenty of us post on this blog imo… and I figured if we don't shit ducks and bunnies over there, then I can state I think a rule is stupid and why. Obviously I assumed incorrectly lol.

  663. me says:

    As far as Oh Snap… it wasn’t that it was in her husband’s name, its that she has two PP accounts and we were wondering if maybe one got frozen because of a bad transaction (because we are both involved in horrid transactions).
    I’m fairly certain that when one PP account is frozen, all accounts associated with that address (physical, street address) are also frozen.

  664. diudiaole says:

    my comments aren’t going through either

  665. Just Peachy says:

    Ok so Im not losing it then? Whats up with that?

  666. diudiaole says:

    I don’t know peachy, my post was a few paragraphs long but there were no links… hmmmm… maybe we stated a keyword that is now being censored

  667. diudiaole says:

    I’ll try breaking it up:

    Hmmm I don’t quite get how I am being compared to BB who accepted money for one thing and in return sent trash to a customer, then cursed her out publicly for wanting a full refund.

  668. diudiaole says:

    I had forgotten, but in light of all this I remember CDN posting on this blog(last February I think) about how they would ban or strike or ? someone if a PM from CDN were to be posted here. That really turned me off and is partly why I haven’t posted much and why I had ‘internet police’ stuck in my head… so, I guess I had beef.

  669. diudiaole says:

    FWIW, I was just confused, not upset, until I read the explanation thread followed by love showers and ‘we ❤ you for your censorship' posts and the buyer from the thread in ? apologizing etc. So instead of just bitching about it here, I decided to post in the thread.

  670. diudiaole says:

    My posts were very mild compared to what plenty of us post on this blog imo… and I figured if we don’t shit ducks and bunnies over there, then I can state I think a rule is stupid and why. Obviously I assumed incorrectly lol.

  671. diudiaole says:

    ok the second to last paragraph didn’t post… there must be a keystroke or word in there that is not ok

  672. Just Peachy says:


  673. diudiaole says:

    What is JBITDSRAS?

  674. magpiedpiper says:

    I want to feel sorry for her-

    but frankly it’s probably her own fault for not listening to everyone’s advice initially that she was dealing with a SCAMMER and to file and escalate immediately.

  675. theinvisible says:

    Truly. That’s great you’re so nice. Unfortunately it cost you $70 to show everyone on DS just how nice.

  676. werd says:

    well, that was pretty stupid of her!

  677. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    683- Wow that freaking sucks… I agree she should have filed a claim… I guess I am still kind of confused- why would you ask someone to ship stuff “about an hour away”… I guess in my opinion- for that much money, on criagslist, where you know scammers congrigate (sp)… meet them halfway- to make sure you get what you are paying for….

  678. Just Peachy says:

    I almost got scammed once. I say almost because after 3 weeks with no product (it was coming from canada but I have never had a package from CA take longer then a week or two) and excuses up the ass, I filed. Luckily I did because several other mamas got scammed by the same seller however they were not as lucky as I was to get their items/money back.

  679. theinvisible says:

    If you are still thinking about daycare, you should see if UCP has any in your area. The ones here are great for kids with CP and typical kids.

  680. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    Thanks for that suggestion! I hadn’t thought about that! We have also put a few “ads” up at a chuch that we have been going to- about maybe someone coming here to watch the kids. I totally agree with being worried about sending the kids to daycare… There is a special needs daycare here- but it is really really expensive (for both kids it would be $30 an hour)…. so that is kind of my last resort.

  681. ladylili says:

    671 – That is what I felt like replying back to her but didn’t.

    Don’t people usually consider it a good thing when someone calls them a god?

  682. nu says:

    TyChey—hope you find something—maybe for your son atleast—-get’s him out and stuff.

    How much longer are you going to be at the extended place? I don’t know how you do it (I guess you have to at this point)–we were in one for about two weeks—that was a year ago.

  683. Aj says:

    So who has the dirt on the SP’s coop that went bad?

  684. Just Peachy says:

    What about it?

  685. diudiaole says:

    #693 –what info do you have? This is the first I’ve heard

  686. Aj says:

    Just wondering what happened, I heard people haven’t received their orders; and those who did had bad snaps and other cosmetic issues…

  687. diudiaole says:

    bad snaps? I think the only snaps on them are the soakers, right?

  688. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    We will be here till the first week in September. I have gotten a few calls from ladies from the church- so I may have someone come here to watch them both!!
    As odd as it sounds- it really isn’t as horrible in this hotel as I thought- becuase it does make you really second think everything you buy- because you have to figure out where you are going to put it!!
    Though it will be nice to have a bedroom again and not sharing with both my kids hehe.

  689. Aj says:

    They make sized fitteds with snaps also.

  690. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    I asked on DS but thought some of yall might know- I found an pair of snap pliers and snaps on ebay- and was thinking about getting them… I guess my question is more- is a snap press a better investment, or are pliers good? I am only going to be making my kids things, nothing to sell… so they won’t get that much use…. What do you think?

  691. diudiaole says:

    ahhh ok I wasn’t aware…

    Do you have a link to the coop thread?

  692. diudiaole says:

    tychey — if you won’t be making anything to sell just get the pliers

  693. cdc3030 says:

    Tyandchey….unless it is a snap plier that uses KAM type snaps, it will be kinda chincy. The snap presses have great resell, so I think it is a better bet.

  694. Aj says:

    No, apparently it was a selective/secretive coop on another board (not ds), just wondering if anyone has the inside scoop.

  695. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    It is a KAM snap pliers…

  696. diudiaole says:

    I was assuming you meant the size 20 polyresin snap pliers you can get for $30 ppd w/snaps through Serena’s coop — I think you can resale them for what you paid on DS easy

    Or you could use velcro if you don’t mind that and skip pliers and snaps altogether

  697. diudiaole says:

    ‘resale’ should be ‘resell’ doh!

  698. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    I have been using velcro- but my DS is getting ready to really potty train- and I want to make him some side snap trainers…
    My husband says it is ok to buy the pliers… I am just wondering if they would hold up.

    I actually found them on ebay… but I found a site that has the same one with the snaps- for $30, but not as many snaps as the ebay auction….

  699. diudiaole says:

    Maybe someone will speak up… I’m curious now

  700. diudiaole says:

    The ebay auction is more expensive I’m pretty sure– you can add more snaps cheaply through the co-op. The pliers hold up just fine, I think she guarantees them anyway… a press is large and heavy.

  701. diudiaole says:

    found this on SP coop:

  702. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    Well I guess i will look through the coop- do they have free shipping?
    I think 200 snaps would proabably get me through with some left- I am not needing a ton of snaps- just enough to finish up these trainers- and maybe make a few things for my daughter.

    Oh and plastic snaps- would they work well on clothes for kids? I have been making my DD some clothes (as I am tired of having really bulky dresses in her wheelchair)….

  703. Aj says:


  704. cdc3030 says:

    plastic snaps are great on clothes. Take care where you put the snaps if the caps are not sandwiched between fabric, they can leave marks on the skin if they are sat on, leaned back on, etc.

  705. diudiaole says:

    tychey — yes, airlift shipping is included in the price… usually takes about 2-2.5 weeks

  706. diudiaole says:

    I don’t think the fabric marker is a huge deal since it comes off… sounds like she got in over her head

  707. BffMama says:

    713. Holy crap (or poop in this case)! Dui, I never knew that site existed. Is anyone else from here over there?

    The one post I clicked on was a lot of bitching about Shabby Chic in the comments.

  708. BffMama says:

    Err, sorry Diu…not DUI.

  709. diudiaole says:

    BFF — I see several I recognize from here over there

  710. Just Peachy says:

    My computer can’t handle knock offs apparently cus the page won’t load LOL.

  711. kitty1163 says:

    722: i can’t load either. or you allz are crashing the server

  712. BffMama says:

    Heh, on their FB page (I just posted this on CDN), it says their server is down. This was like a few mins ago.

  713. Just Peachy says:

    Oh good! I was just about to reboot and if it didnt work after that I was gonna go nuts. I wanna know whats up.
    FWIW I really like Claudia but I think she just got in over her head with co-ops and stuff. She seems like the kind of person who is so nice she just wants to make everyone happy. She has been nothing but a peach to me and I don’t get why people get all uppity about her co-ops. For one generally in demand diaper makers don’t DO co-ops so she is sort of doing them a favor.

  714. BffMama says:

    While we are waiting, I thought you’d enjoy a pretty picture.

  715. kitty1163 says:

    what did the poop on cloth say while it was up?

  716. diudiaole says:

    #726 — that’s disgusting but funny LOL

  717. Just Peachy says:

    Oh ewwwwwwww cmon now have some respect LOL

  718. Just Peachy says:

    Oh cmon POC get your server back up and running! Im freaking B-O-R-E-D

  719. werd says:

    I got my snap pliers and a 200 sets of snaps from ebay – is it $35 shipped from KAMsnaps? That is where I got mine and I get them in 2 days via Priority!

    They were absolutely worth it – I use mine to apply snaps to mama cloth that I sell/trade and they work great, you just have to be sure to line them up well and squeeze hard, I’ve had 2 snaps come undone when they got to the buyer!

  720. BffMama says:

    It’s up.

  721. Just Peachy says:

    HA! I knew it was no good. Fucking trash Claudia when you act like asshats hmmmmmmmm? Real fucking nice.

  722. BffMama says:

    Is Claudia of SP?

  723. Just Peachy says:

    Yup. Also known as smcje on here I believe. We all heard the horror stories about the co-op participants a while back what with the dropping of orders last minute and not paying on time and all that. Do I think its ok that they have waited this long? No but its karma IMO.

  724. zosiasmama says:

    diudiaole…those letters in siggys are a funny was at poking fun of DS and the big uproar about a year and a half ago when someone put random letters in her siggy. All the sheeples were freaking out because they didn’t know what they meant and it must be some kind of super secret club to make them feel left out…boo-farking-hoo.

    It came up one day in a bout of CDN silliness, kind of like the fuzzy leg mama’s club or the new DIAB fan club…my new personal favorite.

  725. seriously... says:

    Hey, does DS now have a red WOT rating? I rated them a red a while ago due to a virus thingie that launched itself on my computer. It’s showing red now in google searches on my computer.

  726. Tuppylover says:

    How screwed up is this…I put out an in search of post looking for a wet bag. A woman (who owns a boutique) tells me she is clearnacing hers out for $10 shipped. I ask for her pp address and nothing. I figure maybe she wants me to check out her site and order them that way. I did that and couldn’t find them on her site for $10. So, I pm her again and nothing again. So I pmed her today and told her forget about it since I bought one for full price somewhere else. WTF!? I would NEVER EVER order from her store in my life!

  727. diudiaole says:

    #739 — maybe something came up? That’s weird though… when you asked for her pp address did you post on your thread or PM — b/c she might not have subscribed.

  728. diudiaole says:

    I just sewed my finger. Seriously. ouch. lol.

  729. JustPeachy says:

    I don’t know why I continue to torture myself by heading to DS but no more. Im sick of reformatting my computer every 2 weeks.

  730. naturalmamadot says:

    OMG thats always a fear of mine! Are you okay?

  731. JustPeachy says:

    Im in moderation again?

  732. JustPeachy says:

    Ugh man the POC blog sucks balls! But for some reason I keep hoping some responds to my posts cus Im bored

  733. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    How do you sew your finger?? I have been scared of doing it to- but maybe I have fat fingers- cause no matter how careless I am I still haven’t sewed my finger. I hope it gets better soon!

    So I get to go meet some new doctors- I hope they are cute! Mcdreamy would be fine with me hehe.
    But honestly as long as they figure out how to help my headaches- I don’t much care what they look like…..

  734. naturalmamadot says:

    Yea my migraine doc (neurologist) was old, creepy and flirty but I didnt care at the time lmfao all I wanted was to be able to live a normal life, I was having them at least 5 days a week. Luckily they went away with pregnancy and havent returned *knocks on wood*

  735. cdc3030 says:

    Ok, I have been reading CDN and threads here on Birdof1985, and I still cannot figure out what in the hell she did that was so scammerish. I see the paypal fiasco, but it looks like everyone got that cleared up in the end, and didnt look like her fault. There were some free things given to her for some family member, which she then sold or traded….because her family decided not to use them. I must be missing something because on the CDN thread, there are a bunch of pissed mamas.

    Anyone have the 100 words or less story on what she actually did?

    (suffering data overload)

  736. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    Well I get to see a Neurologist and an oncologist… I hate sitting and waiting for them to call me for the appointments…. I would rather just be told- call them and get the soonest appointmet….

  737. JustPeachy says:

    Its not so much that anymore but rather that she is a douchebag. I’d elaborate but the thread is in one of the forums with a post count requirement

  738. JustPeachy says:

    You will probably be waiting awhile. We waited like 6 months to get Kaylen into a freaking neurologist which is absolute shit. As it is now its going on 4 months since we first made the appt to get Saedra into the strabismus clinic for a possible lazy eye.

  739. diudiaole says:

    I think it is ok, but they say to watch puncture wounds I know. I went through my nail… I am surprised it didn’t break the needle. I firs started sewing when I was really young and this was the first time this happened.

    I guess I should never operate a table saw.

  740. werd says:

    DIU – did you get your order from Oh Snap USA?! Was it right?! I’m OF COURSE missing HALF OF MY ORDER!!!!!

  741. JustPeachy says:


  742. diudiaole says:

    Werd that is so effed! I have to walk down to my mailbox — I will check it here in a few and let you know!

  743. Tuppylover says:

    I pmed her. She read them and everything!

  744. JustPeachy says:

    Pmed ohsnap? Did you get scammed too Tuppy?

  745. werd says:

    Yes… missing almost $10 of stuff. Snaps, and a KAM snap color card!!!

  746. werd says:

    I just PMed her and Sally – she was the mod I PMed initially about the sitch.

  747. werd says:

    PS I’ve sewn my finger too – HURTS SO BAD. Mine took forever to heal too!

  748. diudiaole says:

    Ok.. it appears I received all my stuff plus some extras… sooo sorry werd 😦 What is missing?

  749. JustPeachy says:

    This is why if you have shit going on you shouldn’t keep taking orders. We’ve all seen it too many times where a family member dies or someone gets divorced and then CS just falls by the wayside.

  750. JustPeachy says:

    Maybe your extras are what werd is missing LOL.

  751. magpiedpiper says:

    I am going to join the gazillion people who complain about this, but WHY can’t sellers take 2 minutes to leave feedback? I have two people on spots who won’t. The one I know probably won’t because she left DS and CDing and was selling off the rest of her stash. Plus she said in her listing that she would be shipping one day only, 5 days from the day I bought it. Fine, but then she waited 5 MORE days after I had to prompt her to do so, and I said as such in FB.

    But this other seller, I paid promptly, she shipped quickly and the diapers were good so I left FB right away. But I’ve messaged her through Spots AND DS and she is just ignoring me. GAH! Give me my freaking feedback!

  752. Aj says:


  753. magpiedpiper says:

    Whoops, forgive my rant, I just checked and she FINALLY did after me asking her probably 4x to do so.

  754. JustPeachy says:

    I check everynow and again if ppl left me fb before i do them.
    I wish HC had notifications for when people left fb.

  755. magpiedpiper says:

    Aj – no. Think more like wool and cameras, and I don’t mean Meg. lol

  756. Aj says:

    I know, I sold 10 items last month, and purchased 2 or 3, and out of 13 transactions I got fb for 1.

  757. naturalmamadot says:

    765…whats the question about her lol

  758. JustPeachy says:


  759. diudiaole says:

    I’ve purchased 4-5 things on spots and still have 0 feedback… after I have over 20 or so it doesn’t bug me too much anymore… but jeez I’d like to have some fb record.

  760. werd says:

    I’m missing a KAM snap color card and a set of 100 turquoise snaps – I ordered the turquoise snaps to match the print fabric and turquoise OCV I made a custom order with.

    Seriously, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER or take some time off.

  761. Thud says:

    Sewing your finger ?
    Try needlefelting.
    I go through and through regularly.
    And they have barbs.

    I hope your finger heals quickly!

  762. kitty1163 says:

    Aha! Now I know who Thud is!


  763. memyselfandi says:

    anyone know who bought and is reselling for big profit, seems a few people who replied know…but I can’t figure it out.

  764. ladylili says:

    747 – I used to have chronic migraines (I was actually on a daily med for them). My migraines went away during my pregnancy as well. Oddly enough, my body was working as normal as it possible could while pregnant.

    TyandChey – I’ve been seeing a neurologists for 8 years for my migraines and narcolepsy. When I first started getting the migraines they did every test possible on me. I had countless CAT scans and MRI’s. I hated it. I just wanted them to tell me why I was getting them. They never were able to pinpoint it though. They had put me on Topamax (it’s an anti-seizure med that helps migraines). It worked really well but made my face and hands tingly.

  765. Aj says:

    I think she sold ME covers for around $1.67/piece, and whoever bought them (Avasmom I think) is selling them for $5/cover plus shipping.

  766. Aj says:

    Here’s the original thread:

    Here’s the culprit:

    Here’s the new fsot thread:

    I *think* this is what they’re talking about

  767. diudiaole says:

    That is the nature of buying and selling — if you sell things dirt cheap someone may purchase them in hopes of making a profit. I don’t think that is shady at all. That is called business.

    I’d understand more the outrage if the person had fed you a sob story just to get you to lower the price out of pity etc… but shit, otherwise suck it up.

  768. cdc3030 says:

    I think the problem is that she is saying they just didnt work for her….instead of, bought them and am reselling them days later.

  769. diudiaole says:

    hmm… maybe they didn’t work? Regardless, I wouldn’t feel the need to include a disclaimer **Note I bought these covers cheap with intentions to make a profit Buwahahaha**

    JMO lol

  770. diudiaole says:

    Peachy — I shipped out the yarn today… PMing you the DC#

  771. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    I didn’t see a single thing in that post that was super expensive for what it was… I usually sell everything super cheap- just because I don’t have the patience to sit around and wait till it sells. My opinion- if it is used, then the price should be less than half what you paid for it new… and that is usually how I buy things too.
    I could care less if people listed a diaper they bought from me for $2 for over $30…. if they can sell it for that much- more power to you!

  772. cdc3030 says:

    I think alot of mama’s think they are helping other mama’s CD by selling things cheap….making a 300% profit on charity is annoying.

    We are only talking a few bucks in this case, but I have seen many complain of the same thing. Maybe a bit of sellers remorse for not having asked more themselves.

  773. amessymama says:

    Those covers look like crap, though. And she is trying to sell some of the prints for $8 and $12 each. Plus actual shipping.

  774. amessymama says:

    Actually, I read that wrong. Those were for multiples.

  775. diudiaole says:

    Any of you have dd’s in diapers?? This shameless plug is for you:

    I have no girls, but this was sooo fun to make… other than the finger mishap lol

  776. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    diudiaole- where can I get some? I SO love those… wish I could sew that well.

  777. riffrafflittleman says:

    ACK Diu, I so need to have a baby!! I love that butterfly one especially!

  778. JustPeachy says:

    Shit diu my heart stopped. Those look fantastic. I get paid soon so when I do you wanna sit there and add a couple of your sidesnaps on for me? Pwetty pwease with chewwies on top LOL.

  779. diudiaole says:

    peachy – If you want I can change your snappiable to a large side-snap.. otherwise let me know through PM what you have in mind…I am about to curb customs here in hopes to actually stock my HC one day lol

  780. mmspirit7 says:

    dh and i loved them maybe when we have funds again.

  781. JustPeachy says:

    Ok im gonna pm you 🙂

  782. JustPeachy says:

    Charise are those your dipes?

  783. mmspirit7 says:

    oh no i wish sorry i should say we love the look dh loves side snap diapers and we haven’t found many that we like. i know we will give diu a try

  784. žába says:

    Diu – I can’t wait for your HC store to open. Though, I am so bad at stalking it may be a while before I actually get on. At least I can drool over them until then 😀

  785. diudiaole says:

    #797 — I will let everyone know when I stock — I know I am going to be doing some FFS lottos so I’m going to spam the heck out of it so everyone gets a chance… cause I honestly don’t see me being able to kick out more than maybe 6-7 of these things per week.

  786. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    so pretty

  787. naturalmamadot says:

    I am so pissed I didnt know about your diapers before DS pled lmao I would of wanted like 25 haha

  788. magpiedpiper says:

    Diu I loooove your dipes and I just so happen to have a 7 month old little girl with funny measurements who needs side snaps because she can un-velcro her covers through her clothes. lol

  789. diudiaole says:

    #801 — OMG… flea bites are just awful, worse than mosquitos. The poor little girl! At least put some tights on her and spray the carpet!!

  790. werd says:

    Diu 😦 my little man NEEDS a diaper from you – NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDS!!!

    LOOK at this face! I think he’s pouting because he wants a fitted!!

  791. diudiaole says:

    That is so cute werd!! Oh and I responded to your ISO for elliot scraps.

    I love making teeny tiny dipes so I will see what I can come up with! 😛

  792. diudiaole says:

    #802 —

    Wow at 7 months? I have been using wool soakers on my 5 month old and so far so good! 🙂

  793. diudiaole says:

    hmmm… been awhile since we’ve had a new drama thread, no?

  794. JustPeachy says:

    See we never got to the unvelcroing stage because front snapping/velcroing dipes irritated dds ginormous thighs. She had like 13 inch thighs at like 10 months which was the biggest thing on her.

  795. JustPeachy says:

    It has. I hope the DSDMs are ok.

  796. naturalmamadot says:

    I hope they are too :/

    About miles….of course were not surprised lmao shes prolly had fleas for like a year and just now noticed or is making the whole thing up because she determined she was not receiving enough attention. I wouldnt put it past her, she sure as hell has teh crazy.

  797. JustPeachy says:

    Miles always has one thing or another going on. Me personally I think she is just a drama whore. Either that or she just loves sharing far too much of her life. Either way blech.

  798. diudiaole says:

    808 — that’s hilarious! Those are some thunder thighs! My ‘big’ three year old has 14 inch thighs. I’ll bet it was super cute, I love baby rolls.

  799. JustPeachy says:

    13 Months - Size Regular
    This is the shot I sent into ZB and its the most accurate representation of her chunky thighs.

  800. diudiaole says:

    she’s so cute — kinda reminds me of my ‘new’ baby(can you believe he is 5 months?!).. his thighs are the chubbiest thing on him too.

  801. JustPeachy says:

    I know! Seems like just yesterday you were saying you were in labor. They grow so quickly 😦

  802. diudiaole says:

    I need to take more pics of him! Here is one from last month, so he was 4 months old here, you can see the thighs:

  803. JustPeachy says:

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! He is just precious and so is his big bro :wub:

  804. diudiaole says:

    Thanks 🙂

  805. werd says:

    OMG he is 5 months now?! He is so big and cute! God it seems like you just had him!

    I can’t believe I only have 2 1/2 months left! Still so much to do…

  806. mmspirit7 says:

    aww cute babe

  807. magpiedpiper says:

    Yes, my 7 month old has 11.5 inch thighs and thinks it is great fun to grab the velcro tab and pull.

    Your babies are so adorable, ladies. I love baby chub.

  808. amessymama says:

    All the diaper drama blog mama’s babies are sooo cute!!

    Say that 10 times, fast.

  809. JustPeachy says:


  810. BffMama says:

    Miles, you are such a dumbass. Srsly. You said (and I’m speaking directly to YOU, Miles, bc I know you read here) in your first post: ‘My poor DD#2 has got bites all over her, I used up the Hertz flea stuff I had on hand, which worked last time. This time its not working’

    Then a few posts later (post 10), you try to act like you have never had fleas before when you said: ‘We have never had issues with fleas and that is what is p!$$ing me off that her dog had them.’

    Which is it?
    Which is it?

  811. BffMama says:

    Haha, excuse the echo (echo) in my post there. Sorry (sorry).

  812. diudiaole says:

    I thought the echo was a nice touch. 😀

    But how can you let your kid get all bit up like that?! I am pissed about my older two having mosquito bites after an afternoon with the grandparents!

    Did you all read that story about the 3 month old dying from blood loss due to rat bites? Or the other little baby that had her toes eaten off by rats??!

    That is what this shit reminds me of. 😦

  813. Funneh says:

    Fret not, all – my girls will be the Amazonian lady-chirrens towering above everyone else and guarding Mount Chub-Rub if ever a fellow thunder-thighed little one is in need of some SOOPER-SRS double-teaming backup.

  814. BffMama says:

    I generally keep my big melon headed yapper shut about shit and randomly do my drive by stupid comments instead, but this has me all fired up (I mean, as fired up as I will allow myself to be by something online).

    SHE IS SO FULL OF SHIT! Did you read all the things she said she’d done to her house? I want pics then because Miles, you sweet honey bunches of oats, I call bullshit on your ass.

  815. diudiaole says:

    that is so freakin cute! Are you ‘O Hai Thar’ from CDN?

  816. JustPeachy says:

    Tooooooooooooo cute Funneh!

  817. BffMama says:

    That picture made me smile…adorable.

  818. Funneh says:

    I am, Diu 😉 And thanks Peachy – they keep me busy, what with outgrowing every farking thing in the existence of thigh-wear, HAW.

  819. diudiaole says:

    your inbox is full, werd

  820. werd says:

    Yeah I just cleaned it out!

  821. BffMama says:

    Diu, you look young. And I remember when you were in labor with your babe…we were in the midst of a thread about Tiffalooney.

  822. diudiaole says:

    That labor lasted 53 hours and ended in surgery… then I was on my own trying to heal w/a newborn and two three year olds! ack! I think it aged me 10 years! lol I’m 27

  823. werd says:

    Ahhh… Loony Tifoony… the good old (drama) days!

  824. BffMama says:

    Werd, you were all sweet-like in your Miles post reply. She is gonna use Hartz anyway.

  825. riffrafflittleman says:

    I remember Werd’s bfp and Diu’s baby…I can’t believe it’s been that long ago!!

    question for all of ya. how do you do what you do when there are others doing the same thing? do you ever feel like you are taking their business?

  826. diudiaole says:

    #839 — like making diapers? Unless you’re stealing someone’s design I don’t see how you could be seen as taking ‘their’ business.

    Like the chick that made the knock-off crankies for cheaper — that was taking business imo.

    Diapers are depreciating goods anyway, so there is always going to be a demand.

  827. mmspirit7 says:

    diu i am 27 too. i can’t sleep tonight i need some great drama

  828. riffrafflittleman says:

    Oh good gosh no I don’t make diapers (can’t sew straight, nor can I knit or crochet) What I do is more umm…generic I guess? I do digital designing. But I do it because it’s fun and something I really enjoy and if I can make some $$ even better. But I see others doing it and I don’t want to take money from them if they need it. But I do really enjoy it and can sometimes use the distraction.

    Sorry didn’t mean to use so many but’s my mind is kind of random some times 🙂

  829. diudiaole says:

    #841 —

    I can’t believe anyone would try to market a product like that… that and those strangle cord necklaces… wtf are people thinking?

  830. werd says:

    LOL BFF I know… I’m a WAHM now so I have to curb the bitchery.

    She is soooo going to use the Hartz. And her house will become a flea circus!

  831. werd says:

    OH PS: thenanny just PMed me back and said she’d mail my missing stuff tomorrow. Uhm, no. I want a refund… I can’t trust you to send my shit correctly the first time, after I paid you, I highly doubt I’m going to see round 2!

  832. werd says:

    843- I don’t feel bad, I price my stuff fairly and I need the money (and happen to enjoy it) and there is nothing wrong with a little healthy competition!

  833. žába says:

    841 – Holy Crap that looks like the worst idea ever. WTF was she thinking? And those pictures, it looks like she is hanging her baby by the neck on the wall or something.

  834. riffrafflittleman says:

    Werd, I’d want a refund as well. and 848 I thought the baby looked like it was hanging as well. That is a horrible product, it even made dh go WTF when he saw it!!

  835. werd says:

    I have NO idea what kind of feedback to leave her. I know it won’t be positive… neutral or negative. I’m really super torn because neg feedback is so damaging… but I just can’t get over her lack of communication, as I’m watching her bump her WAHM thread!! That really got to me! I hate how I had to PM her to get any sort of info regarding my order/shipping too. Ugh. So torn. Does she really deserve a negative?!?!

  836. riffrafflittleman says:

    I think a negative is deserved. First she was bumping threads and ignoring you. You didn’t get your completed order, and you had to instigate any sort of communication. Has she gotten back to you about a refund? You are not being spiteful by leaving it, you are being honest. A neutral doesn’t affect their percentage (if I recall correctly) and generally if someone has a 100% feedback, I never check to see what’s written. If I see less than perfect, I will check to see what the problem was. If I saw feedback like your issues, then I would think harder about doing business, and if I went through with it, would take more precautions. But it wouldn’t stop me completely.

  837. Kelolsen says:

    Bird of 1985 got on my radar when she told a c ustomer to “LEAVE ME ALONE” in big caps on DS b/c hte customer coul’dt get her to answer her back in PMs so she confronted her on the the board. Then there was some fiasco w/ all of this money she owed people for bad transactions and it took a while to pay people back.

    Now I think she’s trash b/c she goes on and on about how she can’t afford the $100 to file for custody of her kid back (I guess ex has the child) but then she’ll go on about her new dildo and goodmamas and spotted box (2 of t hem). so basically, she chooses orgasms with a fake dick over saving money to get her child back. That’s why I think she sucks.

  838. Kelolsen says:

    onand that was in response to #678 who asked about Bird.

  839. magpiedpiper says:

    841 – I assume you saw the corresponding crazy DS thread about the Binky Buddy too?

  840. magpiedpiper says:

    And Funneh, oh my gosh your Amazonian babies are adorable! lol

  841. diudiaole says:

    Yeah werd… I don’t know what to leave her for fb… 3 negs = banned right? Not that she doesn’t deserve it for not having her shit together though.

    She actually strung me along a week longer than you… but in the end I actually got my stuff and some of yours is still missing.

    For someone with almost two hundred good feedback, I don’t get why she would do this to herself… regardless of family tragedy — why not stop taking orders??!

  842. Funneh says:

    Werd, I’d go ahead and leave the negative, TBH :/ And generally when I’ve had a transaction that warrants less than positive feedback, I just don’t leave any at all, so this is coming from a chronic chickenshit rater 😉

    Any one of those things I could have ignored, but all of them put together ending in the climax of half your order missing anyway = comethefuckonlady.

  843. Funneh says:

    Diu, maybe if Werd leaves negative you could leave a neutral with an explanation right behind it so anybody seeking out the negative would see yours right there with a similar story as well? That is, if you REALLY don’t want to double-neg her but do want others to see what’s going on/went on around this time. (I think Werd had a slight worse go of it end-result-wise, if you’re wondering why I’m trying to stick her with leaving the neg in this situation ;).)

    IDK, that’s my HOLD-HANDS-AND-DRINK-COKES-TOGETHER-CHIRRENS-OF-GAWD cooperative solution, lulz.

  844. mmspirit7 says:

    werd leave negative people on ds are push overs and like to shit rainbows.

  845. argh says:

    I’m still waiting on that snap lady to ship my press or contact me to admit that she sucks. I actually ordered from her through ebay though and their rules for sellers are strict enough that I hope I’m ok. But I mean she’s gotta have the crappiest communication of any seller I’ve ever dealt with. She blows.

  846. madeira says:

    Anybody else report that “binky buddy”? I’m pretty anti-binkie to begin with but that was plain SCARY!

  847. JustPeachy says:

    #843 nothing wrong with a little healthy competition. I used to belong to a board of all knitters and I thought it was pretty cool the camaraderie between all of us. We’d compare and get help with knitting issues and so on and so forth.

  848. thewhiteninja says:

    they pulled the binky buddy thread.

  849. eeek says:

    Funneh- OMG, what a sweet pair, such awesome hair! Somehow you just get the sense of them being a force to deal with.

    etsy product is also yanked, what was it?

  850. JustPeachy says:

    A baby strangler pretty much
    It was this strap of fabric meant to be attached to a crib or something to hold baby’s pacifier in their mouth.

  851. thewhiteninja says:

    and as usual people were defending the stunned-ness of it

  852. JustPeachy says:

    Shit CDN is down 😦

  853. JustPeachy says:

    And back up lol

  854. Funneh says:

    866, they certainly are 😉 That picture is from our vacation to my mom’s house on the Coast last month. They were preparing to take on the “MINEMINEMINE NEMO!” birds armed only with their swimsuits and a box of Goldfish as bait. It was about as disastrous as it sounds 😀

  855. eeek says:

    I feel for you, I also have 2 boys that have that glow of “the world is MINE!” coming from their pores. Hey, confidence is good… I’m just trying to blast empathy in there with their plans to rule, lol….

  856. cdc3030 says:

    Kelolsen — thanks, I am in a transaction with her, and hope it works out OK. (of course, didnt check fb before I sold. Not big $$ though, so no biggie if it goes bad)

    I would sell everything I own to keep my child with me. I would sell everything YOU own to keep my kid with me.

    I would promise to never have an orgasm again to keep my kid with me.

    People are puzzling.

  857. werd says:

    Diu I think she deserves a negative even more from you, than me! She strung you along for 2 weeks!!

    Part of me is just so mad, another part feels bad for potentially ruining her business, and then another part thinks she shouldn’t BE in business… ugh.

    I still haven’t gotten a refund either.

  858. naturalmamadot says:

    873…I totally missed something lmao

  859. diudiaole says:

    Hmmm if you leave a neg DS do you have to contact a mod first so no one shits a brick?

  860. werd says:

    I would. I contacted Sweet_Fantasy_Fox and told her about your situation too, and told her your UN there so she already knows about the situation.

    I think we should both leave negatives. The more I think about this, the more I stew. I posted it on the T&F section of DS and people were saying “if you aren’t out anything, leave neutral” but then I thought about it, and I AM out the $15 I had to pay for snaps from in case she didn’t send them. And I didn’t need them, or to spend that extra money.

    So I think I’m going to leave a negative – the whole situation was a wreck!

  861. diudiaole says:

    So the worst she can do is leave us neutrals that say we are impatient and insensitive right? lol

  862. diudiaole says:

    oh I didn’t know you posted in T&F… off to check that out

  863. diudiaole says:

    She sent about $6-$7 worth of extras in my stuff, I think I’d feel like a heel leaving neg. I like the idea of her getting one negative and a neutral… you first 😀 hehe

  864. diudiaole says:

    ok, you are the pg one here — if you do neut i will do neg

  865. cdc3030 says:

    Ok, OT here (as if anything is ON topic)…

    Any of you wahms done spotted box….and gotten any sales from it? I have only done it once, but noone used my coupon code, so I am thinking no sales. Anyone else had sales come from it??

  866. werd says:

    no way, if she leaves me anything other than positive, I’m contacting a mod. I did NOTHING wrong in this situation and I’ll be damned if she is going to mess up my perfect feedback. NOT HAPPENING.

  867. werd says:

    … stilllllllll waiting for a refund………………………………..

  868. diudiaole says:

    Yeah but even when someone retaliates w/a neg they get banned and it gets changed to neutral… never positive that I know of.

    I really think she doesn’t want to refund, werd. Maybe she is having money problems? The whole thing is so weird.

  869. dirtyj says:

    882 no. I have yet to do it

  870. werd says:

    Nah, I really think that if she tries to retaliate, it will be taken care of. I’m not worried.

    Yeah, I have this feeling I will not be getting a refund…

  871. eeek says:

    OK, does anyone else think the obscenities thread on CDN got too mob-mean? I think it was mainly because the second newbie stayed there & poked at people. The OP, though- yeah, she kind of was a bit obnoxious, but when she came back a few hours later and not only had everyone decided she was a twunt they had dug up every damn detail of her life to a stalkerish degree she IMO tried to be reasonably good natured about it. And people are still being just, well, mean.

    Not pooping rainbows doesn’t mean you need to pounce. I kept reading that thread and thinking “this is what DS has done to us, we treat everyone like scammers”.

  872. BffMama says:

    I don’t care what the chick on CDN is into (as long as it’s not children) in her personal life. But if you’re gonna call someone a cunt, come right out and say it and don’t pussyfoot (ha) around it. Then I figured all bets were off.

  873. Just Peachy says:

    Wait what? I missed something too!

  874. eeek says:

    Yeah, I think since she’d already been called that, she was just trying to jump into the cunts & cocks party, but as a newbie she didn’t know it’d be OK to let it fly. What would you think if you joined a new board, maybe bumbled around a little, and then came back a few hours later and bunches of people had dissected your whole life etc.? And there was like 30+ pages of it, lol? I think it was rather brave to post again, at all.

    I don’t know, I just don’t like attacking people who haven’t scammed anyone or been nasty bitches. Just being dumb or lame, it’s what the ignore button is for….

  875. Just Peachy says:

    Eh stupidity seems to get everyones hackles up there. It really bugged me that she was all like OMG CURSE WORDS… MY EYEZZZZZZZZZZZZ.
    Theres a lot of shit on there said that bugs me but I let it slide. I ignore it. Same with DS. Most of the shit that bugged me I learned to ignore.

  876. eeek says:

    yeah, Peachy, just look, lol, it’s the reason 26 people are in board questions right now!

  877. diudiaole says:

    I think it’s funny. Like an initiation ritual and/or clusterfuck. 😀 I don’t think anyone posting is actually angry.

  878. Just Peachy says:

    I do think some where upset at the cunt reference. That was a little uncalled for as was googling the OP which I don’t think Nikki was referring to her when she mentioned google being her friend.

  879. diudiaole says:

    But c-u next tuesday? I just thought that was odd/creepy.

    Hey now we spend a lot of time googling people here too, no?

  880. Just Peachy says:

    Ah shit they did google her!

  881. BffMama says:

    I can honestly say she’s the first see you next tuesday I’ve google searched from CDN.

  882. Just Peachy says:

    Ya we do but mostly for info.
    That was a bit uncalled for although we have been known to google other members when we are on troll patrol. So I can sort of see why someone did google her to make sure she wasn’t a troll of sorts.

  883. BffMama says:

    She wants to start up a cloth diapering business. What better way then calling someone a cunt?

  884. Just Peachy says:

    I know right! I would never buy from somebody I knew via a cd board that was a troll. Ick no.

  885. BffMama says:


    o noez…I’ve been reading this crap so much today I can’t figure this grammar thing out.

  886. diudiaole says:

    #900 — do you think that part was real? LOL Why would she spam her business in one post and then say ‘bye cunts’ in the next? lol

  887. Just Peachy says:

    The stupidz is cuntagious rofl j/k

  888. mmspirit7 says:


    listen if people are listing things for sale and don’t have feed back and only like 5 posts and no links to their feedback. yes i am going to google the name and see what i can find. it’s to protect my ass and money. if it’s stalkish to do oh well last i checked that is what google was for.

  889. BffMama says:

    I rly think this chick isn’t operating with a full deck. She is another Miles in my opinion.

  890. Just Peachy says:

    #905 I completely get that but they stuff they pulled up on her was on like the 2nd page of her google search. Im not saying its crazy and Im not saying its not either. I guess it depends on this situation and in this situation I can see it being plausible although I dont get why one would throw that in her face about hte hedonism site.

  891. cheesewhiz says:

    Just had to pen a lil’ ditty about how much big troll balls turn me on. drool.

  892. Just Peachy says:

    Dude Im sending yours and dius ass my dry cleaning bill if I end pissing myself LOL

  893. riffrafflittleman says:

    906, I think that is why they did google her at first. The spelling errors and the oh no ya’ll are dirty birds on here caused them to think it was Miles. I do think at times the thread got out of hand….but that’s the nature of the board sometimes

  894. Just Peachy says:

    Oh wait that was meowzilla shit IM getting confused over here LOL

  895. Just Peachy says:

    I haz the dumbz that is all

  896. eeek says:

    OK, I have to question whether she was a troll. She posted an obnoxious question, maybe she was kidding, maybe she meant to say “damn, bitches, you all swear a lot” and it came out all wrong. Maybe she thought she could joke around there. Or maybe she’s a stupid lame twunt, I don’t care, she hasn’t stolen or hurt anyone. If she does, I’m all in on ripping her a new one. But that’s not what happened, & yes I did read the whole thing.

    She didn’t just leave though, she came back & tried to deal with the 75 pages of comments- about her, by people who don’t know her but have tracked down lots & lots of details on her life, because she posted a few word question on a forum- when it appears she was only around for the first few pages of this thread before it went nuclear. I think it’s weird she didn’t just leave, when she came back to her whole life in a thread, but maybe she thought CDN seemed worthwhile. And yes, when she went out it was in a blaze of screw yous, but it didn’t seem to matter what she said, so that’s what she was left with.

    Yes, of course, google someone who you might have dealings with, or who you think is a scammer. I spent part of today googling around looking for anything on that myrnas mayhem who’s posting bitchtastic crap on HC, I think she seems like IAS and my inquiring mind wants to know.

    The CDN thread was, quite honestly, weird though. I love a good scammer roasting, it’s why I come here. That was more like a mob stoning, bad all around.

  897. Just Peachy says:

    Eh 99% chance that she was actually a troll. 32 posts total most of which are spamming herself then one post that screams troll.

  898. Munklettes says:

    Oh, the sweet, sweet irony of Miles posting in this thread

  899. riffrafflittleman says:

    Can someone refresh me on the crystal referred to in post 916?

  900. Just Peachy says:

    Shes the crank knock off mama who is always whining.

  901. Just Peachy says:

    Crankies I meant.
    Is it wrong I wanna post only if you promise not to bitch and moan all the time?

  902. naturalmamadot says:

    915 LMFAO I love that post by her, now if she would only take her OWN advice eh? She has got to be MUCH dumber than I thought she was if she doesn’t realize she is speaking about herself there. I think that’s one of my biggest pet peeves “oh I hate when someone does blank” but they are the ones doing it lol.

  903. Just Peachy says:

    Miles just needs to fade into oblivion and rethink what she says before she posts because shes just digging the hole deeper each time.

  904. Just Peachy says:

    Bad grammar makes me die inside 😦

  905. riffrafflittleman says:

    ahhh thanks Peachy! I remember now. Didn’t she also do other licensed characters? I think I need a new name, I don’t like being associated with someone so scamtastic she is identified by her first name!! lol

  906. Aj says:

    Well that, and the fact that she’s already confused how to teach her kid to read–have you really thought this whole homeschooling thing through lady?

  907. Just Peachy says:

    She did spongebob and elmo too. Shes a copyright infringement whore.

  908. Just Peachy says:

    Oh but don’t ya know hsing is the in thing to do? I swear some people get on the boat just because its trendy rather then think it through.
    I debated HSing for a bit. But then I realized I would be doing my children a disservice seeing as how I suck at pretty much every subject aside from math.

  909. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    I thought about homeschooling my kids- then I remembered how much I hated school and want to put my kids through that torture too hehe….

    Honestly- to me homeschooling is only for certain people…. you don’t have to be brilliant to do it- but you have to WANT to teach your child, and have to have the patience to teach them…
    Which is why- my kids are going to public school.

  910. Foo-man-choo says:

    I think some people just look at homeschooling as a way to keep their kids with them.

    I have a friend who homeschools, and her kids are not dumb (they’re really smart), but they never do school….like ever. I am constantly in amazement at how I have so much work to do with Sadie’s HS, but they can run around all day. You need to have a plan, a solid cirriculum, and a real schedule to do it. And none of these “40 pages of math” workbooks either.

  911. riffrafflittleman says:

    See I take homeschooling very serious. (I almost have my planner for the year filled out lol) Homeschooling came at us very quickly, thankfully during the pre-k years so while I didn’t have a complete plan it wasn’t like it was officially time for school. I spent (and still do) months researching different curriculum and methods and all of that type of stuff. You are right that it is not for everyone, but there are still people who are doing it because it is in the best interest of the child and not because it is the “cool” thing to do.

    k, off my little soapbox 🙂

  912. Thud says:

    Ah Crystal.
    How many usernames did she come here under? First bashingthe board, then sucking up.
    Yep, she is the one who starts drama every time she stocks.
    She couldn’t see why people thought her ‘red monster face pants’ would be taken for Elmo, but the name of her photo was ‘Elmo_back’.
    And that was just the most recent. LMAO

  913. Foo-man-choo says:

    We use the K-12 cirriculum. It is amazing. Really, really outstanding IMO. Even though we school at home, Sadie has a teacher, I have parent teacher conferences, we have portfolios to turn in, standardized tests to take, hours to log in daily, etc. Her school is accredited and funded by the state, so very regulated.

  914. Aj says:

    I don’t have anything against hsing, more power to you if that’s your thing. I hold educators to a very high standard, period. So, if you want to school your children, then don’t make stupid grammatical errors–it’s really annoying.

  915. TyAndCheyMommy says:

    I get to go in tomorrow morning to have my head biopsied…. fun stuff…. Maybe they will hit something and make me brilliant….

    I have a lot of respect for people that are able to homeschool their children… and maybe down the road I may think of it agian (as my kids are only 2 and 3)… but right now they drive me so up a wall I am not sure I could deal with them for all hours of the day when they get older.
    Maybe that makes me a horrible mom…

  916. riffrafflittleman says:

    I admit there are times I make completely bone headed grammatical and spelling errors. I am so not perfect, but I am getting better. Being a student again is definitely helping me in that area lol.

    So back to Crystal, basically she is a idea thief? Or has she also scammed others? Just curious how she’s going to do on CDN since people are hopefully not going to blow sunshine up her butt about “her” designs.

  917. Just Peachy says:

    934 Thats a big part of the reason I don’t HS. They are handful as it is when its just me so I felt it was in their best interests not to be taught by me.

  918. Foo-man-choo says:

    933 – I agree. Some reasons I homeschool……

    I knew a public school teacher who referred to her crotch as her “crouch”. She was serious, not making a joke.

    In 3rd grade I was accused of plagarizing a report on Jack Nicklaus-the Golden Bear (I had no idea who he was, I just picked a random book out of the school Library) because as my teacher said IN FRONT OF THE CLASS, “A child your age could not possibly have the vocabulary used in that report.” :Rollseyes:

    I saw a girl show her boobs to the bus driver. (I was in 6th grade.)

    Ummmm, yeah, my kids would be better off learning from me, LOL!!

  919. Foo-man-choo says:

    I totally forgot that once the crotch/crouch teacher referred to poverty as “proverty” and gave me a lecture about how she went to school for x number of years when I asked her if she meant to say poverty. I was in 4th grade. I just thought proverty was a word I did not know yet until I heard her define it.

    I eventually just decided to say it wrong around her, but to secretly think she was an idiot. Looking back, it is a wonder I became a functional adult with such a redneck education, lol!

  920. diudiaole says:

    Oh Snap updated a little:

    None of my kids are school age yet, but I would like to homeschool at least for the first few years.

  921. Foo-man-choo says:

    The apology was nice. Did she ever get Werd her missing things?

  922. diudiaole says:

    Foo-man-choo — too funny! Reminds me of my 6th grade teacher when we were stationed in Alabama. I lost a classroom science contest because I answered a question pronouncing correctly the reptile “Gila monster”(Hee-la)… she maintained that it was pronounced ‘gill-uh’ monster.

    I was so enraged. I will never forget that. And I got a bad ‘tally’ on the board for talking back b/c I insisted that I was right. lol

  923. diudiaole says:

    AFAIK Werd is still awaiting a refund for the missing items.

  924. monkey says:

    I believe in my father’s method of education: “Here’s a book. Go to town.” I learned more from reading books, going to the library and wandering around with my dad than I ever did in school… and I was in a talented and gifted magnet program.

  925. diudiaole says:

    Did we have the same teacher, Foo? I remember her reading out loud to the class… she paused before pronouncing the word “massacre” as “mask-er-ray” …

    In jr high I was regularly called out for “trying to play stump the teacher”… I remember wondering why… why the waste of time to learn jack shit?

    I made straight A’s all through school..skipped 2 grades to take my GED and start college.. graduated w/my first AA at 17.

    Now my kids may be completely different from me and totally heart school… and if that is the case, great! But b/c of the hell I endured, I want to at least give them the option to school at home.

  926. kitty1163 says:

    Am I the only one who didn’t know what cu Next Tuesday meant?


  927. amessymama says:

    kitty-That’s a new one for me too. It sounds very 5th grade to me.

    Foo- I don’t know what concerns me more. Your teacher referring to her crotch as her “crouch” or the fact that she was referring to her crotch at all!

  928. magpiedpiper says:

    Man, that seriously sucks if it’s true, but you know all she had to do was uodate saying she had personal issues going on, was so sorry, etc. She didn’t HAVE to give details. But basically it sounds like she needed money so she kept taking orders to fund shipping the next order and so on. That’s not okay.

    You ladies have to leave honest feedback still.

  929. monkey says:


    Wow. I really do feel bad for her, doesn’t excuse what Werd and Diu had to go through, but at least she is trying to apologize. I do have to give her that.

  930. magpiedpiper says:

    So the description on this made me laugh. Classic connorsmama! Get it while it’s hot!

  931. Meghan says:

    Wow. I have to say, if I had to go through all that I might have a breakdown too. It’s like the floor fell out from beneath her.

  932. diudiaole says:

    Way to air dirty laundry though… I had a suspicion there was more to the story… divorce or needing $

    I do feel bad for her, but I don’t need to know who her dh is ‘doing’… just not professional imo.

    If she had been honest with me I would have just made another order sooner and let her take her time. It was the being jerked around and told my stuff was in the mail that really pissed me off.

  933. diudiaole says:

    This explains why she lowered her sample pack prices… and they are all shoved in a bag together with random amounts of each color rather than sets of 20 in little baggies as I expected.

    My last message to her was telling her to just shove some snaps in a bag and ship them out so I might have been the only one who got mine sampler packs like that.

    I don’t really care though, I think I have enough to tide me over until my large order from China gets here… been almost 4 weeks waiting for that so far.

  934. werd says:

    nice apology… I still have not received my refund so things are not back on track. I just PMed her (again).

  935. diudiaole says:

    Well it sounds like she used your $ to ship someone else’s stuff… so good luck waiting for someone else to purchase something for her so she has $ to send you. Sucks! She should have been honest w/us from the get go.

  936. werd says:

    Yeah… that’s the thing. And DAMMIT I gave her so many opportunities to get out of the transaction and in the end, I’m still fucked.

    I do feel sorry for her – but that doesn’t excuse how I am being treated. She needs to temporarily close up shop, take some time off and deal with her problems.

  937. diudiaole says:

    It sounds like she has no $ to do so… time to get a job… I had to when I got divorced. It was hard putting my 18 month olds in daycare, but I had to keep a roof over our head and pay the bills!! ‘Doing what you have to do” does not mean deceiving or scamming others. 😦

  938. werd says:

    Ugh and now I look like the bad guy. I am going to cry I swear to god.

  939. Messy says:

    Sooo… #916 would it be *wrong* for me to go to CDN and ask Crystal on her thread asking for de-lurking, if she would mind giving us a list of the names she will be using to post under on CDN as well as the names she will use strictly to “pump herself up” and rave on herself with?
    It would be bad manners I suppose :p

  940. Messy says:

    (((Werd))) I have no idea what is going on… Have had limited puter time while we were on vacation, but don’t cry!
    ~I will get caught up!!!

  941. monkey says:

    Werd, you do NOT look like the bad guy. Her personal problems are not your fault and you should not feel bad for needing items you paid for. It really does suck for her, but that doesn’t excuse shady business practices.

  942. werd says:

    now that she posted that thread, I’ve gotten a bunch of PMs from people regarding my T&F post telling me to “have a heart” and not leave her neg feedback.

    WTF?! I didn’t do anything wrong! I made an order!! That STILL hasn’t been made right – and I’m the one who is heartless?!?!

    She ignored me, lied to me, jerked me around etc – and now the whole story comes out or whatever, but I don’t read minds! All I know is I ordered something I needed and I had to harass her at every step to get it to me – and then half of it was missing when it came! And she still hasn’t made it right – and even if I do get a refund, I’m still out the money because I had to make an ADDITIONAL order because she wouldn’t refund me when I asked for one initially.


  943. riffrafflittleman says:

    Werd, you are so not the bad guy. You gave her opportunities. Call me cynical, but I am having a hard time buying her story. Sorry, maybe I’ve seen too many sob stories lately. If it is true, then I feel really bad for her. But you gave her the chance to do right and she didn’t. And now the whole world knows her sob story before you and Diu could post your feedback…seems awfully coincidental to me

  944. diudiaole says:

    Yeah, but we are going to look like heels for leaving truthful feedback.. if werd and I both neg her she might get banned. She admitted she lied and screwed us… so it is fitting.

  945. DSDM2 says:

    I still think negative is warranted in the situation. I hate to say it, but she didn’t communicate, and really screwed with both of you. How easy will it be for her to do it again and to just walk away with the money next time? AND how many sob stories like this have we heard? I mean, how do we know it isn’t just a story?

  946. mmspirit7 says:

    about oh snaps and the i am sorry thread i am sorry she’s going through crap but everyone is. i am sick of this well life blah blah blah. my business in on hold do to life. so blah blah blah yourself.

    i think she saw werd post about what kind of feedback to leave and she was covering her back. and instead of people seeing her as a business person now it’s aww poor her look at those mean customers for not understanding they should feel sorry for her and give pos. feedback.

    a simple. i am sorry but life got in the way and i messed up and i am working on making it right and blah blah would have been much better than that crap i couldn’t get through reading i admit

  947. diudiaole says:

    I am tempted to just neg her now and get it the fuck over with.

  948. me says:

    964- Reading through all that, it is exactly what I was thinking. You guys are going to look like shit for leaving bad feedback for the poor hurting mama.
    The only thing is that it is kinda odd that she just NOW says all that after the past few days of you guys bugging her for your stuff that you paid for.
    I can see not closing if he took all of the money out but not sending is more of an issue than taking new orders obviously.

  949. mmspirit7 says:

    leave honest and truthful feedback. i truly think it’s a story post to cover her ass.

  950. mmspirit7 says:

    werd did you post about this on cdn yet and let them know what’s up i think the story is bs personally.

  951. mmspirit7 says:

    i have to say good for you! you know now you are going to get pms saying you are beng mean but she did it to herself.

  952. diudiaole says:

    I struck first werd, there will be no pg lady bashing while I’m around…. hopefully you get your refund.. maybe the neg will make her hurry up

  953. mmspirit7 says:

    hey i will stick up for werd if need be.

  954. werd says:

    I still have not received a refund – she saw my PM and signed off. I’m filing with Paypal and contacting a mod.

  955. werd says:

    Diu, you didn’t need to do that for me! You should have left her whatever feedback you felt appropriate for your transaction.

    Charise, thanks for defending me but I don’t want you to get banned.

    I am just so over all of this stuff 😦

  956. mmspirit7 says:

    werd i am sorry

  957. mmspirit7 says:

    i hate that green smilie on ds…and i thought that was a no no.

    and jackie i have no problem getting spanked by ds really i don’t i don’t fsot there really it’s just the drama i love. you shouldn’t be treated bad for wanting to be honest

  958. werd says:

    I also responded to that thread. I cannot believe this. I also talked to a mod, who pointed her thread out to me and basically said that she said she has no money and don’t expect a refund.

    And she’s right, I don’t expect it. But that doesn’t make it right!!

  959. Foo-man-choo says:

    Wait for it………….. Wait for it……OK, now the murder is mentioned (again).

  960. tiredmama says:

    werd you didn’t do anything wrong. I am sorry she is having marital problems but that isn’t the customers fault. Her posts says they have been having a lot of problems for a long time. She is in the wrong and her poor me post in Off Topic was out of line and trying to get people to not leave appropriate feedback.

  961. magpiedpiper says:

    Seriously, why does Nattybat have to tell her murder story every time someone else spills THEIR sob story. She is piggybacking for hugs. ugh

    And don’t let people dissuade you from leaving HONEST feedback!

  962. Munklettes says:

    Thank you, Diu! I love honest feedback 🙂

  963. Munklettes says:

    Werd – Do not feel bad. Negative feedback is warranted.

  964. Foo-man-choo says:

    Diu- your feedback was honest and not mean. I think you were very fair.

    Werd – I totally get what you say about being wronged and then being made to feel guilty. I would not fault you for leaving negative or neutral. Leave whatever you think is appropriate.

  965. eeek says:

    Doesn’t she kind of have to know her business is pretty much over? I wouldn’t worry about leaving neg feedback, she’ll have to work through it if she wants to sell again, that’s just how it works.

    That was a horrifying story, but am I the only one who would have told DH to hit the road long before? And WHY would you give someone money and LET THEM HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR BUSINESS ACCOUNT when he’s an obvious dick? Yes, he’s your kid’s dad. That gives him visiting rights, a say in parenting decisions, that sort of thing, but letting an idiot ruin/run your life is just being a martyr for no reason. She gave him the house, when she has the kid & he has no money? He’ll just get foreclosed upon & it’s probably in her name.

    I do feel bad for her, and I hope she can realize that she has no obligation to let anyone step on her even if they have some past relationship. Watching people enable users really disturbs me, I have to admit. I kind of think that everything that happened was her choice when you get down to it, because doing nothing when someone steals from you & uses you for years is definitely a choice, and she’s going to have to deal with the repercussions of what she’s allowed to happen, on DS & in her life. I wish I knew her IRL so I could try to get her to see her options instead of just taking what this guy is telling her to do.

  966. werd says:

    Nice, apparently I’m “crucifying” her now. I’m such an awful person for telling the truth – what the FUCK ever.

  967. diudiaole says:

    You know werd I was seriously considering just leaving a neutral and calling it a day till she posted that shit publicly announcing she fucked us over. We look like chumps. So at least now her feedback is not perfect so if others leave neutrals they will probably be seen.

    Don’t let it stress you out too much. I had to call CPS for suspected child rape last February because no one in the actual family would — I went into labor the next day.

  968. :) says:

    I have to say that I haven’t read any of the DS posts, I’m too afraid of the herpes to go there, but I think I have the gist of the situation from reading here.

    A word of warning to the WAHMs leaving negs….the day will come when everything falls down on you too, maybe not this bad but shit happens. Your kid gets sick, your computer crashes, your car breaks down, and your post office catches on fire. Your customers will think you’re being shady and scammerish but really you’re just dealing with a lot of crap that’s beyond your control. Will you deserve a negative?

    I think a little understanding is nice and your lack of it sort of reflects badly upon you and your biz, IMO.

    Ok, now you can flame me.

  969. diudiaole says:

    Hmmm… someone on that oh snap sympathy thread is asking for a custom… me thinks — no! lol

  970. diudiaole says:

    the nattybatsmom bugs me in general… I don’t use the ignore feature… but I only ever read a sentence or two of her posts. Maybe her name being all in caps irritates me.

  971. werd says:

    Yeah I feel like GARBAGE today. I got like… 4 hours of sleep? I have to go to my parents to visit/do laundry/ work for my dad today. I feel sorry for them because I am a raving BITCH right now.

    Oh and thenanny PMed me and said I’ll have to wait until she can get to a real computer for a refund… and she’s not trying to get something for nothing blah blah blah whatever she said. I’ll believe it when I see it. Excuse me all to hell for being skeptical after you publicly announce that you have no money and are basically taking money from Peter to ship to Paul. Ugh.

  972. magpiedpiper says:

    Amazing how she was able to post on DS and pm you from a fake computer. I guess her fake computer doesn’t allow her access to, huh?

  973. werd says:

    she says she’s on her phone and can’t access paypal from it

  974. mmspirit7 says:

    well i can get on pp from my phone but not ds pp has a cell program too.

    just to let you know my cell is a cheapy and not a blackberry or iphone.

    she’s full of it what happened to wifi from bk?

  975. werd says:

    I have no clue. I’m sick of wading through the bullshit!

  976. mmspirit7 says:

    i would be too. she’s just lying on top of lying i don’t even believe her story to be honest

  977. argh says:

    What I don’t understand about the snap lady is how I paid her $112 well after she claims her DH cleaned out her account and all these issues were happening, yet she didn’t have money to ship anyone $15 worth of snaps?! WTF!

  978. magpiedpiper says:

    So she typed that entire LONG post on DS on her phone, huh? She must have some strong, nimble fingers.

  979. diudiaole says:

    Ok so she hasn’t had access to a computer for three days? What the fuck ever.

  980. diudiaole says:

    #997 — that went to a bill. She is paying rent and bills on this money.

  981. argh says:

    Wouldn’t her chances of continuing to have money to pay the bills be better if she used a small percentage of the money she’s getting from sales to actually friggin pay for postage and not ruining whatever trust people had in her?

  982. diudiaole says:

    1001– I am thinking she might not have ordered snaps in awhile either… as my sampler packs were a strange mix of random amounts of colors(which I don’t mind actually I can use lots of green and brown lol, but I think some people would be pissed). Who knows if she even has any snap presses left in stock?

  983. argh says:

    Well I’m screwed then. 😦

  984. diudiaole says:

    Contact a DS mod — file through paypal — do what you have to do now! Unfortunately it looks like a lot of people may be getting screwed for not speaking up sooner.

    She needs to either ship the shit — or get a job so she can pay everyone back!!

  985. diudiaole says:

    ok earthmamatobe(not sure what your UN here is) — how have we trashed and/or crucified Shellie? We didn’t even out who she was until we were outright lied to! Do tell!

  986. amessymama says:

    1005-Yes. I would like to know that too. She reads hear, yet she overlooked the post where you guys are agonizing over what feedback to leave. I fail to see where she was trashed.

    Also, earthmamtobe, do you know her personally? Her story is real?

  987. amessymama says:

    When people add all kinds of “facts” and useless info to their stories, I get suspicious.

  988. diudiaole says:

    Good post, messy 🙂 I ❤ you

  989. Messy says:

    I had to go post on that thread… Someone mentioned the blog on there :::sigh::: Now it will probably get deleted @@ Gee, the exact reason this blog exists!
    The OP is garnering sympathy and looks like she is getting it. How does anyone know how many people she has/is screwing over?
    I agree the thing with the dh had gone on for a long time. She knew how he was and if she allowed him access to her business funds, then perhaps she needs to close up shop and get a job where common sense is not a factor.

  990. altaem says:

    I don’t get the “don’t crucify her for one mistake comments.”

    Her CS for diu really sucked, but she did get her whole order – eventually. And she actually is stealing from werd (incomplete order + no refund = stealing, IMO).

    It’s really not okay to point out publicly when someone is STEALING from other people? It doesn’t matter what your situation is, stealing is not okay.

    And, I agree, she WAY over-shared.

  991. altaem says:

    * “don’t crucify her for one mistake” comments.


  992. Messy says:

    I totally pink sparkly heart everyone over here!!! Ok, except perhaps the 50 faces (or names as it comes on here) of stagnantCrystal. ROFL!
    I get super pissed when people want to cry for sympathy for shit that they caused to happen to start with.
    So, those who have businesses, how *exactly* would it look for you to tell your customers that you are waiting for a snap order from a WAHM gone nuts, then you turn around and leave that person pos feedback or none at all? Werd and Diu would look like LIARS, not OhShit! She would come out smelling like roses :::puke::: Another WAHM who thinks her OhShit doesn’t stink.

  993. amessymama says:

    It looks like some of you saw this already. But if you didn’t you have to read about this.

    No one should EVER b/s/t with leslie83 on spots and DS. I hope she dares to show her scammy, bitchtastic face over at CDN.

  994. diudiaole says:

    Weslie83 — what a POS! 😡

  995. Rika says:

    Here’s the link to her FSOT post where she resells the “unusable” diapers that are now in usable and very good condition because, “now my DH doesn’t want to use used diaps, he wants me to buy all new. What’s a girl to do?!?! So I’ve personally never used these diapers.”

  996. Messy says:

    Leslie83? It is not showing that screen name on DS. I can’t find it 😦

  997. diudiaole says:

    It’s Weslie83

  998. Messy says:

    wesley28! OMgosh! I would be sooo pissed! Can the seller leave her neg on HC? With screen shots of this sale? What a royal bitch.

  999. amessymama says:

    Sorry, I put the wrong name.

  1000. Messy says:

    LOL, I retyped it with the wrong number! Ugh, she just sucks no matter what name she uses!

  1001. amessymama says:

    Dang, I hope there isn’t an actual leslie83 in the fsot world. I may have made things very bad for her.

  1002. diudiaole says:

    Werd — I would say don’t leave her fb until you get the refund or your order, or else I’m afraid your chances of getting anything else might be slim to none.

  1003. BffMama says:

    Weslie83 sucks major ass! She has a total of 11 posts on DS.

    I am just shaking my head on this one.

  1004. kitty1163 says:

    Yeah the Fuzzifiasco has me on fire too. I hate that the mama was strongarmed into a poss refund over TWELVE EFFING DOLLARS. Now she has nasty fb to deal with. I hate the whole thing.

    It sucks. And now I need my breathing exercises again, mama’s gettin’ all riled up.

  1005. Rika says:

    And like 10 of her posts are whored out of the intro section.

  1006. werd says:

    999 – I never really thought about that. How the heck did she type out that big long post from her phone?!

    I really just don’t even expect a refund. If I get one, great… but I’m doubting that.

    And I ABSOLUTELY resent the comment that we were bashing her here. That is SO not the case… we were comparing stories and trying to figure out what to do. Heck, we wouldn’t even share her name until she jerked Diu around so much. All I ever said here were truths!

  1007. DSDM2 says:

    She bumped 10 intro posts yesterday so that she would be able to post photos.

  1008. werd says:

    PS: still no refund. She also hasn’t responded on my Paypal claim thingy.

  1009. diudiaole says:

    You know, it seems to me oh snap’s whole thread here:

    … was just bait. I think she is down to the bottom of the barrel on products with no intention of ordering more. Hell, even if she ordered today it is going to take 1-3 months for a shipment from China.

    The excuses were to drag the theft out as long as possible so she could fuck as many of us over as possible. ‘DS mama specials’ my ass crack.

    I’ll bet you didn’t receive your snap color card or turquoise snaps, werd… b/c she simply doesn’t have them!

    Way to screw over mama’s and babies. Who is she to think her life is more important than any of ours?

  1010. Messy says:

    DSDM2 doesn’t OhShit deserve her very own new thread on here?
    It’s getting deep…

  1011. Messy says:

    Diu & Werd, I keep trying to add reality to OhShit’s thread 😦 I am sorry.

  1012. Just Peachy says:

    I couldnt resist posting in the ohsnap thread.

  1013. Just Peachy says:

    Um ya Im getting sick of scrolling for new posts LOL. Ok well actually Im just lazy LOL.

  1014. Messy says:

    Peachy, see argh in #1004, she is being fucked over too…

  1015. Just Peachy says:

    Ugh this just makes me sick. It makes me even sicker that people are ok with it. But if she wasn’t a wahm I bet ppl would be like I dont give a fuck but because she has children we should feel sympathy for her. Ya I’ll feel something for a scamalicious bitch who ripped off two of my fave mamas (dont know who you are argh or I’d add ya to the list ;)).

  1016. diudiaole says:

    And the worst part is you know she is going to be getting some sympathy sales from this — blech!

  1017. Just Peachy says:

    Hopefully people aren’t stupid enough to fall for that shit. If they are well then they deserve what they get for being dumb asses.

  1018. DSDM2 says:

    Snap has a thread. It is short, I’m working and couldn’t spend a lot of time on it.

  1019. werd says:

    I’m wondering if I should leave my neg feedback to deter people from sympathy-buying. I’m so tempted to post on her WAHM page – no, things are NOT caught up because here I it, waiting for my refund!!!

    I just can’t believe how some people think its perfectly acceptable to treat customers this way because you are having life problems. Its not. I just keep thinking about, if it happened to me, how I would handle things… it would be VERY different!

  1020. monkey says:


    I sympathize for her. I really, really do. And odds are if she had posted her story WITHOUT screwing mamas I would have sent her $5.

    But the fact is, things happen in life and that doesn’t make essentially stealing ok. Werd needed the snaps for a project she was working on to make my money for her own family. The Nanny has basically kept Werd’s money without giving her anything in return.

    Back when I was in University I was mugged. Two guys held my friend and I up on a corner. They got $50 off me (and since I was a university student that was a lot of money). They were caught, we went to court. It came out that the two guys had come from a bad home life, been abused and all kinds of stuff. They had just been evicted from their apartment. They still went to jail for stealing my money. Should they have been allowed to just keep it and get off scot-free because they were going through a rough patch? Now obviously thenanny is not out mugging people, but she is keeping money that isn’t hers by not sending what people paid for. If she had been up front about these issues with werd and Diu she might have been able to a) avoid the negatives and b) not have to air her dirty laundry publicly.

    If she had pm’d these mamas about these issues earlier and privately I feel certain something could have been worked out. To post publicly, rather than just talk to the mamas involved smacks of trying to garner sympathy to me.

  1021. Jale says:

    zosiasmama– it was good. I can say that you all do take it seriously when private stuff comes out. I cant imagine what happens after someone gets a warning and still does it. I learned from my “hand slapping” to never do it again. 😉

  1022. me says:

    What kind of feedback do ya’ll think BB deserves? I still don’t have a return shipping refund. She got the fabric back already.

  1023. DSDM2 says:


  1024. me says:

    I’m just afraid if I leave a negative, I’ll be the unsympathetic bitch, kwim?

  1025. DSDM2 says:

    You aren’t. Leave open and honest FB.

  1026. diudiaole says:

    me — how is there *any* question on that one? She wasn’t at all pleasant, ever. She personally insulted you publicly and privately… and you’re out money.

    I wonder if that is why she was selling on DS – she never thought her crap would bleed back over to CDN.

  1027. me says:

    I feel bad for Shortcake right now but I think she is nuts. I got less than remotely professional stuff from her too.
    It shocked me the other day when I saw her store in a congo.

  1028. me says:

    Terri I have had nothing but great dealings with so I can’t comment much on that.

    The snap woman- i really don’t have any more words because I am in such disbelief.

  1029. monkey says:


    I agree about Terri. I’ve always gotten great service and great products from her.

  1030. me says:

    Goodness gracious. She sent the return shipping refund very shortly after I left the neg, and then of course I got the nasty PM saying I was lying in my feedback and needed to change it.

    I’m ignoring her from now on.

    Is Kamsnaps still safe to order from? I need to restock my snaps.

  1031. diudiaole says:

    me — Judy from Kamsnaps is awesome… I got a notice about a vacation or something for them coming up though — I am sure it would state it on the site if there will be any delay.

    They don’t ship through paypal though so don’t worry when you don’t get the shipping notice.

  1032. Messy says:

    Serena’s group on yahoo is awesome! It is notionsupply. She mails from China but I got my stuff in less than a week! Everyone loves her!

  1033. diudiaole says:

    I’m waiting on a big snap shipment from China and it has been about a month and still no stuff. Not Serena’s group, but I think it is b/c I ordered so much… the heavier packages take longer.

  1034. me says:

    I’ve ordered from Kamsnaps before, so I know how their shipping works 🙂 Thanks for the heads up though!

    I’m hopefully getting some new OBV in the mail this week so I can start working on my itty bitty fluff again 🙂

  1035. diudiaole says:

    me — do you know what you’re having yet?

  1036. Taterbug says:

    1052-I just ordered from Kamsnaps on 8-5 after reading about Werd’s issues, and my stuff arrived on 8-8. Not bad considering I live in BFE.

  1037. me says:

    No. I’m not even 2 months yet, lol. I’ll be 8 weeks tomorrow. 🙂

    I’m just overeager, I guess. I’m feeling awfully anxious about this baby-not sure how I’m going to do everything, and want to have everything ready to go way before I’m due so I can relax in my final months.

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