I mean, come on, if people tell you what you are doing is STEALING, and you are still doing it, of course people are not going to buy much from you! (BTW, there is another thread in WAHM where she is bashing us here for being too mean). (Insert eye roll) It couldn’t be that she is a liar and THIEF. It has to be the mean old ladies who talk about her being one.


Closing up shop, contact info (http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=766302)

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Closing up shop, contact info

Hi everyone, just wanted to say thank you to any and all of my customers for your wonderful support during my time on HyenaCart.

Unfortunately I will be closing my HC shop on July 2nd due to stressfull situations that have arrose.

I still have a few auctions and items on my HC that will remain available until July 2nd (auctions ending sooner).

After that point, you can ether find me through PM’s here, my blog or a WAHM Wares thread on DS.
I will continue to take custom orders for longies/shorties through those methods, but will not have a storefront anymore.

See you all around in the general chat forums



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  1. Messy says:

    Wahwahwah!!! Stagnantcrys is taking her stench and running down the drain!!!
    Chapter two: Well, until some softie comes along and begs her to not let the bad people win… Then she will make pity sales; probably orgasm all over herself for hours. Then announce she will stay in business! If it goes badly, she will mention the bitches on the blog to get the thread deleted.
    BTW it is stagnantcrys<—spelled correctly there for ya stagnantcrys. Stagnant: something that was not noticeable until it sat around and started stinking up the place…

  2. screenname says:

    Messy, you are the BEST at coming up with fitting nick names!

  3. screenname says:

    Stealercrys would also be appropriate, but not as imaginative. lol

  4. Messy says:

    Ahhh, stealercrys might be more appropriate though!

  5. Bloggitybloggity says:

    Has there been drama surrounding this chick before? The name sounds familiar… but I don’t remember it in relation to wool.

  6. screenname says:

    I gotta say, the CC Bums chick is really sticking out this WAHM thing. She just posted an update to her WAHM thread. She now has T&T wipes with “no more weird zigzag!” lol She might just make it afterall.


  7. Messy says:

    #6 You can almost see her getting *better as she goes… Very interesting, and good. Scary!

  8. dirtyj says:

    CC definitely has improved some.

    Like I said before, Crystal annoys me. She is looking for attention. I highly doubt she will ever quit

  9. JustPeachy says:

    Shes the crankypants copycat

  10. Thud says:

    Ah, Crystal.
    She goes back to ripping of crankypants, getting called out, BY CP on DS and promising never to do it again.

    She does it again, gets called out, swears she never got told to stop by CP, the original thread is linked, she back pedals, waaahhhh I am quitting. Has a change of heart, won’t do cranky ripoffs any more.

    Goes through a couple more business incarnations. Cries about the bullies. Asks for a free, was it a serger? on HC, which I think was posted about here. And other weird/ dumb/ poor me phases.
    Makes more CP rip offs.
    Mulitple poor me threads everywhere, including how horrible it is people won’t let her support her child (by ripping off others), in and out of business.

    Asks on DS is she can’t make pants that might look like elmo (th file is NAMED elmo) ~ this question asked oh so innocently to correspond with her latest stocking, which incidentally she advertises in featured shops on HC using the Elmo pic plus lots of monster pants (uh-huh) all of which are not for sale, in contradiction to the featured shops ads being for items actually for sale)~ all to generate some dramam/ attention.

    THEN she is going out of business.

    Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Ad infinitum Ad nauseum.

  11. Yup says:

    #10 you recap way better then I ever could. But can’t forget about the copycat yoga pants drama. I think that drama was carried out on the hc boards though.

  12. Yup says:

    Found it, I was pretty sure it was stealercrys. I’m surprised she didn’t get the thread deleted.


  13. jakesmom says:

    I was wondering earlier how long before this got here.

  14. cdc3030 says:

    Oooh, if she is going out of business, maybe she will sell me her machine, and cheap wool! I was hoping to make some cranky knockoffs too!! Think I should ask?

  15. Messy says:

    #14 I dare you to go to her going out of business thread and ask… ROFL!!!

  16. tweedle*deedee says:

    why was Snap banned off of HC forums?

  17. dirtyj says:

    dooo it

  18. cdc3030 says:

    Sorry, dont want to out myself. You guys are so mean, if I out myself you might say mean things to me, and I will have to quit too.

  19. dirtyj says:

    aww I am not mean. usually

  20. JustPeachy says:

    We will say mean things to you regardless j/k

  21. seriously... says:

    Ummm…just playing devil’s advocate here, but it isn’t illegal to copy Crankypants so long as she doesn’t “call” them Crankypants. Might make her look bad. Isn’t there another WAHM that does monster bootys anyway?

  22. diudiaole says:

    I think the ass raped monkey pattern is fair game, but crankies are copyrighted. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Yup says:

    Maybe the Cranky knock-offs were listed for Crystal’s 1-yr anniversary for stealing Amy’s design.

    And #21 it’s not so much the Cranky thing, but a long history of Crystal copying/lying/sticking foot in mouth about many well-known WAHM & copy-righted products.

  24. topazdodge says:

    I read through both the DS and HC threads, and I have to say wow, what a crappy thing to do. Unimaginative, yes, but it’s late. And I leave the great nicknames to Messy anyways.

    I will say one thing though, every time I see Nikki (TNB) post, I love her more and more. What a wooooman!!! โค

  25. topazdodge says:

    Hey, my monster has my crazy hair! Maybe stellacries can copy that and make Medusa pants!!! I would buy those…

  26. monkey says:

    Urgh. I am so irritated. I’m looking for some reasonably priced fitteds so I checked Etsy (somethings are cheaper on Etsy than HC) and I could not believe the piles of shit some of these women are trying to pass off as cds.

  27. Rain Cloud says:

    Hmmmmmmmmm…..is this the same WAHM who used to sell diapers and then would never send them?

    If so, she is a liar! I bought a beautiful nb dipe from her and after 2+ months never sent so I emailed her to have her say she will remake it and viola, a month later I received the original diaper. I am just glad I received my $16 diaper!

  28. Rain Cloud says:


    And does this look like itโ€™s inside out to anyone else?
    Rain Cloud Says: It does but apparently she made a bunch that way!!!!! Maybe so as not to scrarch the skin or something.?

  29. sassy1 says:

    wait, isn’t this the person who actually had the nerve to ask for a serger last year on HC?

    Bye bye ugly pig butt pants.
    love the drama leave, good times lol.

  30. bored says:

    maybe crystal and its a snatch should go into business together…maybe between them both they could come up with at least 1 original idea instead of stealing everyone else’s…

  31. theinvisible says:

    That is a sympathy thread if I ever saw one. Oh, please don’t quit, you’re so talented. Doesn’t she machine knit? No originality and no skill. Why isn’t anyone buying my stuff?

  32. Thud says:

    Oooh! I forgot the yoga pants! LOL
    Yep, she asked for the serger.
    Yes, she machine knits.
    Her other tactic has to been somehow, to turn being in Canada both a selling point and a waaahhh disadvantage on a regular basis.

  33. Bloggitybloggity says:


    It does… but can it really be called inside out if it’s intentional? IDK. It’s definitely unattractive, in any case.

    What I am disturbed by is her description of the inside:

    “Lanolized and ready to wear!
    ***Please note that most lanolized Grateful Buns Diaper covers will be very sticky on the inside. I am using LOTS of liquid lanolin with a few drops of essential (NOT fragrance!) lavender oil. The cover might be difficult to put on the very first time, but the lanolin will work itself into the fibers over time and stay there, so you won’t have to re-lanolize after each wash***”

    Ewww…. I’ve got all sorts of wool covers. I rarely ever break out the lanolin. I just use a wool wash with lanolin in it. WHY would you need to cake that shit on so thick that you have trouble getting the cover on your baby? Nasty.

  34. monkey says:

    #29 I guess that could be the reasoning… but I have several upcycled woolies and none of them are inside out and none of them have scratched my son or irritated his skin.

    Ok gross, I hadn’t even noticed that… I’m with you. I just use a wool wash with lanonlin. I lanolize everything once and the beginning and then just use wool wash.

  35. Bloggitybloggity says:


    Exactly. After the initial lanolization, using a lanolin-rich wool wash should take care of your cover just fine. There is absolutely no reason to spread that shit on there thick like that. It’s not a peanut butter sandwich. It’s a wool cover that is supposed to provide a breathable wetness barrier. Maybe she does it because her covers tend to have a high content of synthetic fibers? IDK. It’s just icky.

  36. screenname says:

    OK, read the last post on the HC thread. Guess who comes to the rescue to defend a concept thief?

    jujubeanboutique wrote:
    I really don’t think you can Showcase something you intend to sell. That goes against the Crafter’s Showcase Rules.

    ItsASnap wrote:
    Her intention wasn’t to sell the pants but to show what she made. The idea to sell came later.

  37. screenname says:

    *last post on the first page of the HC thread

  38. mamapixie says:

    Even in my 80/20 upcycled wool covers, I just use a good wool wash for the first washing/lanolizing, and that’s been all the lanolizing I have to do with them. The chick is wacked, that’s all there is too it.

  39. diudiaole says:

    #40 — don’t know, it looks like a woven though

  40. monkey says:


    I freaking love it! Must have! Arrrgh!

    Okay, so I’m a rabid camper…

  41. kowalski says:

    she actually asked for an embroidery machine if I’m not mistaken…. maybe a serger too, but I do remember the embroidery machine for sure!

    yeah…. glad she’s moving on.

  42. theinvisible says:

    How do you ask for a serger (or an embroidery machine)? How do you word that? I don’t understand how to even do that. Is there a link?
    The lanolized inside-out thing. Could this be a case of someone who has never actually used the product selling said product? Anyone who used wool covers would not lanolize them to that degree. Someone who had just read about it might.

  43. diudiaole says:

    Umm.. “Does anyone have a serger that they’re not using… that I can have… for free …?” wtf…lol

  44. Crazy Mama says:

    Didn’t Stellar use to have a video on her HC to watch her “knit?” I sooo wanted to email her and ask her to clean her work space before she filmed herself. Yuck.

  45. insomiac says:

    oh…there is a GOD..for reals…we get rid of Snap from the hc forums and stellercrys is closing up up shop..all in the same damn week…HALLA-freakin_LUJAH ๐Ÿ˜€

    You think my neighbors will understand my reasoning when they see me doing a naked happy damn jig in my backyard…muahahahahaha!!

    BuBuY Steller, don’t let the knitting machine and stolen ideas hit ya in the arse.

  46. Erin says:

    I just spit coffee all over my laptop! I love it #48, my sentiments exactly.

  47. Me says:

    I don’t see anything in that link where it says she wants someone to send her one for free?

  48. insomiac says:

    #50 that is not the original post. I am not sure it exists anymore because they drop all old threads from that forum. I remember in the original post she was asking for one and people offered her it very very cheaply and she kept turning them down and saying she really needed one free or something.
    OH wait..I know it got archived over at mamadrama because they were laughing their asses off at it, let me see if I an find the old copy and paste.

  49. try me, i'm new! says:

    yeah, there was a video where she showed how she “knits”. it was in all sped up motion,,,,,and if I remember correctly, it was set to music…lmfao

  50. insomiac says:

    to be “fair” ๐Ÿ˜› she does say…’oh I would be willing to trade’, but she does clearly ask for a FFS one as well and that was what everyone is remembering

  51. Me says:

    Thanks #51. I was a bit confused by the post linked.

  52. melmelly says:

    I think I would be weary of a “cheap” serger or embroidery machine. Chances are something is wrong with it, unless it just isn’t getting used.

    I know at Wal-Mart, they have a good serger for around $200. I am kicking myself in the butt for agreeing to buy an older serger for the same price from the local quilt shop owner.

  53. JustPeachy says:

    I wish I had seen that thread so I could’ve post “Oh so I guess Theresa and Crystal are as thick as thieves eh”

  54. Thud says:

    Quote (#56): “I think I would be weary of a โ€œcheapโ€ serger or embroidery …”

    ๐Ÿ˜‰ It would make me tired, too~ you mean ‘wary’. Sorry, that just made me giggle, Ihad to read it a couple times!

  55. me says:

    The Grateful Buns lady has been the cause of all sorts of crap in the past on eBay, etc.

  56. melmelly says:

    I have been inhaling dust all day, so I can’t think straight. I knew it didn’t look right, but wary didn’t either. ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol

    Stellarcrys does make reading tiring. She is such a whiny ‘woe-is-me’ person.

  57. StacEy says:

    58: poof! recap please ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. melmelly says:

    Does anyone get the Diaper Shops newsletter (ie. Kelly’s Closet)? Now is your chance to win some Gro Baby diapers!!!! lmao!

  59. melmelly says:

    Whoa! That is some wonky pattern right there!

  60. Messy says:

    #62 it is still there. It is post 66 on the stagnantcrys “mods please delete” thread… Amberbamberbabyfluff said “burn…sick burn”
    WTF does that mean?

  61. melmelly says:

    “burn…sick burn”

    Does that mean that Amberbamber is pointing out that stagnant was “burned” by someone? I’m thinking “burn” is being used in the slang sense that was big when I was in HS, like when someone was able to get under the skin of someone, or pulled a good prank.

    But then again, I can’t see the post.

  62. theinvisible says:

    I can’t see it either. That seems like an odd thing to say.

  63. StacEy says:

    67: I don’t get it, it won’t let me see the post. Hmmm…

  64. Messy says:

    Post #66 The link works for me… But anyhow it is down here…

  65. me says:

    65- Maybe. It isn’t nearly as bad measurement wise as some I have seen. Some kids are skinny. I wouldn’t know about those, but I have seen that they exist LOL!

  66. StacEy says:

    is it in the wahm forum? it says I don’t have sufficient privileges or some such nonsense.

  67. Spangle says:

    #57, Do NOT buy the serger from Walmart. It’s total junk. They’re not made the same as the ones you can get from a dealer. Basically mass produced, low quality machines bought in various countries and then they *pay* to etch the “Singer” name onto them. Totally not worth your money. Trust me, I bought one before I knew better and it got used twice before it crumped. =(

  68. monkey says:


    I have a ridiculously skinny child and that soaker would probably fit him. I doubt I’d buy it, but it would totally fit him.

  69. OhReally? says:

    I’ve had my laugh for the night now.


  70. OhReally? says:

    And in case it goes *poof* here is the C&P of stellercrys thread in EF.

    PSA – Something we should all know about
    Am I allowed to share the link to the blog the openly mocks, makes fun of, lies about and degrades fellow WAHM’s and forum posters?

    I just feel like everyone has a right to know what those ladies are doing and that those ladies are among us here on HC, on DS and on DSD too.

    Its appaulling and I feel that those ladies need to be stopped somehow.

    I would like a MOD to confirm if its ok to post the link first though, I don’t want to be banned for trying to inform people.

  71. Yup says:

    #77 Oh holy mods, please come to my rescue……haha I needed some nighttime humor.

  72. riffrafflittleman says:

    ohh I wish I felt like risking my computer to reply. This blog only mocks those who deserve it and protects everyone else from craptastical “wahm’s”. If you provide quality products/service than you have nothing to fear. Legit WAHM’s do not need to fear the blog!!!! Neither do legit customers! ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. insomiac says:

    she posted it at HC too and was told no:

    what exactly are we saying that is not true? we are posting direct links to her own damn words. She does this to herself then plays the victim card every.time.

    but hey, I am all for her posting a link to here…great publicity and only lets others know the crap that gets revealed and called out here that does not in other places.

  74. me says:

    What is a DSD?

  75. insomiac says:

    hmmmm good Q..what the heck is DSD?

  76. seriously... says:

    #22 You cannot copyright a pair of pants. Copyrights are for graphics, music, etc. The “idea” to put a monster on the butt of a pair of pants is not copyrighted. Can she copy the monster’s face EXACTLY or one of her other designs EXACTLY then no, she cannot, because the graphics are what are copyrighted. She can do a monster booty that is of a different pattern. Now, if it was a “character,” like if Crankys was Disney and there was a mouse head on the butt, then no, she could not put a mouse head on the butt because characters are protected differently. It depends on if the graphics can be separated from the article of clothing, which may not even stand up in court here. At best the copyright is just for the specific graphics, at worst her copyright is useless and would not stand up in court. I’m not sure if she’s pursued registering the copyright etc, etc., but that doesn’t matter, you can register your copyright and it may still not hold up in court. Unfortunately there is not much protection for garmet design. She really does need to get a Trademark at least. From her website it doesn’t look like she’s trandmarked the name “Crankypants.” She can do that and no one else can make monster booties and call them Crankypants. ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. Tired says:

    That’s funny. Is she trying to get more negative attention? Please, everyone, go look at the site that is calling me out for who I really am and not being nice to me. Wah.

    #81 DSD=Dear Step Daughter maybe?

  78. me says:

    I read it as DiaperSwappers Drama but then thought that it woudn’t be a bad thing so I don’t know. Maybe I am too tired to figure it out right now?

  79. insomiac says:

    83. geez, do we really have to have the great crankypants copyright debate here too? I have read all the back and forth on it in so many forums, it is just something no one is ever going to agree on.
    I will have to scroll up to see what 22 said about it but I assume she feels amy has the right to protect her trademark because it is her graphic as well as her design.
    It will be argued til the end of time until it is finally ever tested in a courtroom and until them it can only be speculated anyway, kwim?
    bottom line, legal or not, it was a shitty thing to do and she even advertised them for along time in her siggy as crank knock offs. When amy ask her to stop she said she would and then did not. again, shitty thing to do. No scruples, no pride, no respect. No law or court decision needed to tell me that.

  80. insomiac says:

    84…I thought so too for a minute but then it made no sense that she would be including it the context it was in, so I was confused.

  81. tired says:

    So has anyone ever bought diapers from cloth couture? If so, how are they?


  82. screenname says:

    She has the lamest logic ever. She’s embarrassed to be featured here so she wants to post a link so more people can come and see the truth about her?

  83. insomiac says:

    87 LMAO!! my thoughts exactly.

    The girl just really does not think things through much,lol!

  84. seriously... says:

    85, it’s not trademarked from what I can tell, though it needs to be. Are you familiar with the differences between copyright, patent, and trademark? It’s easy to learn a lot from googling it. I’m totally not saying it was ok to copy her from a respect standpoint, just wanted to point out that it isn’t illegal, depending. I think someone said it was. There are tons of knock-offs in the “real” non-cding world. And if it were so easy to prosecute, then there wouldn’t be so many. It is something that our US copyright laws need to address, but alas, it’s just not that clear cut.

  85. seriously... says:


  86. seriously... says:

    *needs…oh my ocd.

  87. Thud says:

    As to Crankypants…. all the legalities aside, Crystal was selling heres explicitly, in her own words, as cheaper versions of Crankypants so everyone can afford them.

    ‘burn, sick, burn’ is very odd since Amber Bamber was defending crys and asking WWJD a page earlier.

    So, Crystal is wanting to ‘out’ the drama forum for being mean, when in fact, all that happened was her lies got untangled and revealed~ she got busted and her response is still to say how mean everyone is to her?! Wow.

  88. newhere says:

    dsd = diaper sewing divas

  89. DSDM2 says:


    But doesn’t she have patent on the eyes/mouth? Or the short rows or something?

  90. DSDM2 says:

    Eitherway, the crybaby is a copy cat/ design thief who knows it.

  91. tiredmama says:

    #88, I don’t have any of her diapers but she is an idiot and I would never buy from her.

  92. theinvisible says:

    She is going to put a stop to the drama blog by directing more people to it. Genius. She has no intention of closing up shop. She just wants people to feel sorry for her so they buy the crap she’s had stocked and can’t sell. Then she’ll find someone else to rip off and start all over again.

  93. Nita says:

    DSD might be Diaper Sewing Divas, where she’s recently posted various moans and groans.

    Regarding her last threads, I thought everyone knew about this blog already.

  94. diudiaole says:

    Oh I was #22 — I really just wanted to fit an ass raped monkey longies reference in there… like why doesn’t she rip those off hehe ๐Ÿ˜›

  95. Seams says:

    DSD – I’m thinking is Diaper Sewing Divas where she pretty much only posts spam in the FSOT and whines in the WAHM section. Not long ago she posted in the FSOT section asking for direct donations to her pay pal account to fund her family’s trip to Disney World. “just in case someone wanted to send her some money”. The post didn’t last long though so no link.

  96. screenname says:

    98 – Don’t you mean Stealercrybaby? lol

  97. Messy says:

    Stagnantcrys needs wiped up with some bleach and flushed down her attention whoring toilet! She is wahhh-babying about what people are saying about her here; when it is all true; so she wants people to come and look to stop it??? She is stupider than I originally thought, and trust me, my first thoughts of her were that I hope she remembers to breathe! Dumbass twatcake stealer!

  98. Madre says:

    umm she’s not gone for long. from her cart:

    “Naturally Baby will be taking a break over the summer starting July 2nd.
    I hope to be back in the fall with brand new items and ideas for wool winter wear.
    ~Crystal~ ”

    read: I hope to steal more people’s ideas and use them as my own.

  99. Thud says:

    LMAO so the closing up shop lasted what, 48 hours?!

  100. thewitch says:

    Re: the hyenacart post, does she seriously think that her posts on ds and hc are private? Cuz that’s the gist I got. The whole damn world can read em’ ya moron. If you don’t want it read elsewhere, don’t post it! IDIOTS!

  101. me says:

    95, 101 and 103- Thanks!

  102. JustPeachy says:

    103 she ruined the PW cloth board with her incessant spamming.
    And DSDM2 I believe the use of the short rows to create the mouth is what is copyrighted or what have you.

  103. Thud says:

    103~ Whaaat?! Seriously?!

  104. eeek says:

    Now she’s saying in the HC thread that she’s going to complain to blogger & get this blog shut down as it breaks TOS.

    WHY is she such an incredibly whiny baby? Seriously, no one likes you, so bitch about it to them endlessly, THAT’LL make them like you. I was so optimistic when she said she was going to quit. Should have known.

  105. melmelly says:

    Blogger? This is WordPress! She really needs to turn her computer off. Hell, throw the damn thing out the window! It’s not helping her in the slightest.

  106. JustPeachy says:

    I’m curious how exactly she thinks this blog violates TOS?

  107. alison says:


    LOL – damn she’s a live wire, isn’t she.

  108. melmelly says:


    If you are reading this, please read this, PLEASE:


    That would be the TOS for WORDPRESS, the site that this blog is hosted on. You obviously know how to use a computer, at least know how to use Google correctly and know which blog site you are referring to.


  109. melmelly says:

    115 Me the live wire, or Crystal? I wouldn’t take offense if you were referring to me being a live wire. Once I get fired up about something, I can get mouthy.

  110. riffrafflittleman says:

    ROFL!! The last post to her HC thread has me rolling!

  111. screenname says:

    It isn’t libel if it’s true. Better luck next time, stellercrys.

  112. seriously... says:


    She is right that her her sock monkey, monster booty, and crabby booty are copyright, but it’s not the “pants” it’s the graphic. Pant’s are not copyrightable. She’d have to seek a patent for that, and well, good luck getting a patent on pants, lol! It shoud be noted though that anyone can ask a lawyer to get a copyright on something. That does not mean that it will hold up in court. It just means she paid a lawyer to do the paperwork to file an official copyright. Sounds like her lawyer felt that the 3 previously mentioned designs/graphics would have a good chance of holding up in court if she chose to prosecute someone who copied them, and I agree with her lawyer except for the sock monkey. BUT, someone would have to copy them exactly. So, someone can still make monster booty longies, so long as they don’t look exactly like hers. I don’t think the sock monkey would hold in court because it’s not really “hers,” as the image of the sock monkey certainly didn’t originate with her. Makes me wonder if anyone can claim ownership of the sock monkey as a graphic or character. Hmmmm…I’ll have to look that up.

  113. seriously... says:

    *pants, argh

  114. Thud says:

    120~ a copy does OT have to be exact. As Crystal has been told ‘substantial similarity’ applies. AND to repeat, Crystal repeatedly marketed her pants as an affordable alternative to CP~ she used the CP name and idea to sell hers. THAT was the biggest rip off.

  115. seriously... says:

    Oh, I totally agree that what Crystal did was wrong, on many levels. I just think there is a lot of missunderstanding as far as copyrights and trademarks, etc. I’ll have to look up the substantial similarity thing, I think it’d have to be pretty darn close though. Like someone can’t just change the colors or put the eyes just a few stitches closer together.

  116. seriously... says:

    Wouldn’t substantial similarity apply then to Crankys copying other knit pants that have faces/monsters on the butt before her? I mean, she’s surely not the first woman ever to knit a pair of longies and had the idea to put a face on the butt. I’m sure some grandmas out there did the same back when CDing and wool was the norm. I would think the similarity would have to be pretty dang close to hold up in court in this instance. I can ask my dad if anyone really cares, he’s a lawyer. =) Remember it’s the graphic that is copyright, and these particular graphics are not intricate by any means. For them to even be considered copyrightable, they have to be able to stand on their own, off the pants. So picture those graphics off the longies and on a t-shirt, for example, there isn’t much there that’s seriously original off the pants. I still think she’d have trouble in court, just defending that the images were even copyrightable. I think they have a chance, not the sock monkey, but I def. don’t think it’s a sure win by any means. I must have some lawyer brain in there because I’m way to interested in this, lol!

  117. just_sayin says:

    Isn’t she in Canada? IIRC US copyright doesn’t apply overseas, so the point is moot anyway.

    However, she’s still an asshat and a copy cat.

  118. justme says:

    I bought some cloth couture diapers and they honestly suck. I paid $20+ each of them and they came to me looking like they were 2nd quality. Then after one wash they started to fall apart.

    Also…the sizing is WAY off on her website. It says the larges fit up to 35lbs and my baby is 22lbs and I can’t see them fitting him for much longer.

  119. ClothDiaperMom says:

    #88 I will not be buying again. They do not live up to her hype. They run very small and I have wetness on the outside in an hour or less.

  120. seriously... says:

    125, there are international copyright treaties
    and conventions that may apply. Depends on Canada’s law too.

    And wth is up with this chick…might as well call her out too:


    Just because it’s crochet means nothing as far as Cranky’s copyright. This is a good example though of what I would describe as not meeting the “substantial similarity” requirement for infringement, except in the case of the sock monkey, but I think Cranky’s lawyer was being a bit indulgent in thinking the sock monkey would hold up in court. Cranky did not design the sock monkey “graphic/character whathaveyou”…

  121. just_sayin says:

    126, I don’t think that Cranky’s has anything to worry about from those. They’re fugly. Damn.

    I’m not sure any international copyright laws would apply, and getting that to hold up in court would be a bitch. But, I think she can only sell then in Canada. From what I know (which is very little, and mostly in regards to embroidery designs) you can make any damn thing you want in another country, and sell it in that country, but once you try to sell it in the US you are subject to US copyright. I think.

  122. mom2jake/1ds4me/Stagnant One says:

    Sorry, not sure why I was thinking blogger when I posted about complaining to them, but I did mean wordpress, and wordpress is the one that I complained to. I do know how to use a computer, lol, but I do sometimes say the wrong thing, or spell things incorrectly, call it mommy brain, or just not caring if my spelling is a little off.

  123. seriously... says:

    I don’t know either 129, I’m pulling from my 2 law courses in business school, though one of them was international law so I have some inklings, but it’s all so nitty gritty, as is a lot of law. I’ve seen Disney embroidery designs sold on E-Bay from another country when here you have to have a Brother machine, which I do, but now I kinda wish I had gotten the cheaper one ‘cuz there are plenty of Disney designs on Etsy and E-Bay. The E-Bayers are selling to the US though. I wouldn’t buy from them, but I plan on getting some Disney applique designs from Etsy. I really doubt Disney would ever prosecute as they benefit from the mamas wanting to design cute outfits for their kids and then take them to Disney World where they spend a ton of money.

  124. piratebaby says:

    Hmm…I pm’ed stealercrys back in mid Oct about a possible custom design for my baby that was due in Nov. She agreed that she could the design I wanted and said she would get back to me….and that was it. I was excited because that was going to be his Christmas present and due to a family joke my older kids would have been super excited about them too. I was very disappointed that she never contacted me again, but then figured that it was probably better in the end because who knows if I would have ever received them.

  125. ClothDiaperMom says:

    #119 Well said!

  126. Thud says:

    Seriously~ I know that with substantial similarity it is basically a matter of looking at and making a connection/ confusion with the original (or the copyrighted, which may not be original ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

    Hi Crystal! For someone who hates this blog you have gone to a lot of trouble to make an avatar and everything. You didn’t respond on HC to the question whether we shouldn’t ALL be repoting violations of various sorts, like design ripoffs… maybe you can get as passionate abotu that as you are about people telling the truth about bad business practices?

  127. monkey says:


    I don’t know what the actual law is… but having lived overseas for several years now I can tell you no one gives a shit about copyrights in Asia (and a lot of other places).

    Every single thing I see in every Asian country I’ve been to is a rip off. My favorite is the store dedicated to Calvin Klein knockoffs in Korea.

    And Koreans are proud of this. They’ll tell you, “The day a new design comes out in Paris we’re making it 4x cheaper.”

  128. Cloth Couture says:

    #126 – I am sorry you were disappointed. Is it possible you bought a Trimsie version vs. the HHS which goes up to 35lbs? Why don’t you email me at clothcouturediapers@gmail.com and we can discuss the issues you have had with them.

    They are also now currently going through a quality control specialist, but has not always been the case. They are now double checked for sewing and stability. It is possible you purchased a diaper before they had to go through such standards. Please email me and we can discuss these issues.

    #127 – this may be an issue with your soaker. Please email me and we can discuss a way to remedy this issue.

  129. crazy lady says:

    #88. I have quite a few cloth couture’s and I love mine. Not sure what happened with the other ladies, but mine were sewn well. They are some of my favorites in my stash … just my two cents.

  130. me says:

    This site is awesome

  131. me says:

    This site is awesome.

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