How NOT to mail a package….esp if you r a WAHM (

juliankenziesmama 06-08-2009 01:50 PM

How NOT to mail a package….esp if you r a WAHM
this was supposed to be soap bits…..notice whats not included??? PLEASE package things correctly. This was sent by a WAHM. She replied very promptly and has offered to replace the bits and add another one in for free. This transaction has now cost her $15 dollars….a simple $1 mailer could have prevented this.

ETA: actually over $15 because I forgot to include postage and envelope.

Lyttlewon 06-08-2009 03:15 PM

Re: How NOT to mail a package….esp if you r a WAHM
What exactly is wrong with the envelope? I mean I see it is torn but is it a paper envelope?
juliankenziesmama 06-08-2009 03:37 PM

Re: How NOT to mail a package….esp if you r a WAHM

Originally Posted by Lyttlewon (Post 7510923)
What exactly is wrong with the envelope? I mean I see it is torn but is it a paper envelope?


Umm well besides the fact that 1/2 the envelope is gone…………its a letter sized paper envelope that was used to mail soap bits…..not taped up and most importantly MY SOAP BITS WERE NOT IN IT.

ShadesofRae 06-08-2009 03:39 PM

Re: How NOT to mail a package….esp if you r a WAHM
Wow, jump down her throat will you? The pictures are not clear. I cannot tell that it is a paper envelope, nor can I tell that it isn’t taped or, NOR can I tell what was or was not inside of the envelope.

Bummer, though.

romanlili 06-08-2009 04:38 PM

Re: How NOT to mail a package….esp if you r a WAHM

Originally Posted by ShadesofRae (Post 7511154)
Wow, jump down her throat will you? The pictures are not clear. I cannot tell that it is a paper envelope, nor can I tell that it isn’t taped or, NOR can I tell what was or was not inside of the envelope.

Bummer, though.

You’re right, the pictures are so not clear that it is a regular letter envelope, ripped in half, with nothing in it. And it is so not clear that there were suppose to be soap bits in it because the OP totally didn’t mention that in the very first sentence. (Please note the very, very heavy sarcasm here).

I’m surprised you didn’t jump right in on this. I thought you were all about calling WAHMs lazy because of some of their *choices*.

FTR: I’m not calling the WAHM lazy who sent this, just bad planning on her part.

We love sarcasm, romanlili!
Whoever called her Shades of cRaezy was right.
  1. magpiedpiper says:

    For what it’s worth, when I scrunch up my eyes a bit I can see how maybe someone might think the pattern inside the envelope could be the gray inside texture of some polymailers. But still…

  2. Thud says:

    I couldn’t see the problem either, had to guess. The OP wasn’t exactly clear.

  3. Kris says:

    I have to admit- the first two pics I thought it was a polymailer, and I had to look closely at the third. They’re not the best pictures!

  4. rainbow says:

    My problem with the mama is that this is honestly the fourth or fifth time in two weeks that she has posted in T&F or Off Topic about problems with her mail or with FFS transactions. (Several of the threads are no longer there because they were removed by mods.)

    The more I read, the more I’m afraid that she is taking advantage of WAHMS and other DS mamas to get more stuff than she paid for because she is in a tough financial spot.

    I hope I’m wrong, but she is definitely on my do not B/S/T list.

  5. Aj says:

    idk, she’s definitely vocal about her struggles, but I’ve never gotten the vibe from her that she’s just looking for handouts.

  6. not just another mama says:

    Sneaky evil bitches up on the DS T&F section!

  7. diudiaole says:

    Hmm… the thing should have been covered in packing tape… wonder if it was just a few or like a small actual order. Who knows…

  8. Who Me? says:

    Count me in as not being able to tell that was a paper envelope, it looked a bubble lined mailer to me! What envelopes have grey cris crosses on them? Mine are all white!

  9. JustPeachy says:

    I think I know who the seller may be too. I hope its not her because shes really nice.
    And I knew the minute I saw it it was a paper envelope.

  10. werd says:

    oh my

  11. Meghan says:

    She’s making it right- I’d keep the constructive criticism between the seller and myself unless she was claiming she didn’t need to fix it.

  12. alison says:

    True dat…

    And yeah – I agree the pictures weren’t the most illustrative ever…

  13. magpiedpiper says:

    I think maybe juliankenzie’s mama has the same PO as angie –

    It is interesting how she can have SO many PO issues.

  14. sassy1 says:

    yeah i think I know who it is too, i have ordered stuff from her before and got similar packaging, only it was on a different item (or 2). She is a good wahm though, all the CS I’ve gotten from her was excellent, but she def needs to revamp her shipping ways imho.

    love the snark rebuttle, ahh, my daily dose of DSdrama.

  15. magpiedpiper says:

    Interesting points here too. That rip is awfully nice and straight. The one thing I’ve gotten in the last year that was in one of those PO bags it looked like it had been chewed rather than ripped.
    It is a little curious at least that the OP’s mail keeps getting ripped in half, whether it’s her own doing or the work of the PO.

  16. myra says:

    Anyone else tired of these “how not to ship” posts? Like we all haven’t read it a thousand times. She’s already working it out with the WAHM. What’s the point, besides the attention.

  17. Flippin out says:

    wow she has had more mail issues in the last few weeks than I have in the 3.5 years I have lived in our current house. I have had one piece of mail en route to me damaged, and had one package go completely missing. I have sent out hundreds of packages, and received tons of mail.

    Either she is a scammer, or her PO is a complete disaster. Either way she is going on my do not BST list.

  18. Munklettes says:
    Doesn’t this sound familiar to anyone? I think it was posted on CDN, and the seller was trying to make the buyer feel guilty for filing a paypal claim. I call BS on her having to pay return shipping on a package marked “return to sender” as well. I’m not buying her sob story. If you can post shit for sale, and bump threads, you can schedule a freaking pickup.

  19. StacEy says:

    seems like a lot of misplaced snarkicism in that thread.

  20. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    I hope I’m wrong, but she is definitely on my do not B/S/T list.

    I agree… she’s had quite a bit of problems recently. Wasn’t she JUST bitching about some FFS shit?

  21. rainbow says:

    19 – Yes she was, and I know the mama who she was in the two FFS transactions with. Twice juliankenziesmama posted threads in T&F before contacting the mama. The mama made the first one right (refunding the shipping overages.) She then decided she wasn’t interested in sending out the second package to juliankenziesmama (because she wanted to avoid more drama) so she refunded her, and Juliankenziesmama started a T&F thread about THAT.

    Really, she’s just too much for me to take. I won’t B/S/T with her, and I wouldn’t send her FFS stuff either, unfortunately.

  22. Cubanita says:

    Any bets on how long before drama starts…

  23. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    #21 Bleh, she’s the type of person that just makes you worry about doing something nice. That sucks balls!

  24. mmspirit7 says:

    22 umm wow

  25. werd says:

    25 hmm indeed

  26. monkey says:

    #22 why is it okay to be all holier than thou?

    Oi. It’s always something.

  27. melmelly says:

    One thing that I haven’t seen mentioned yet:

    Most of her address is missing, unless she tore that part off. So how would the PO know that it was supposed to go to her???

    Just wonderin’.

  28. amessymama says:

    So who was banned?

  29. diudiaole says:

    That holier than thou religious shit makes me want to hurl. Sure, you have the right to force your religion down your kids’ throat, but oh no boo hoo wahhh! you can’t force it down mine.

  30. DSDM2 says:

    29.) I missed it, no clue.

  31. Foo-man-choo says:

    I was wondering the same thing Werd….

  32. Cubanita says:

    #27 I wasn’t agreeing with the OP! LOL

  33. memyselfandi says:

    I am tired of that lady complaining and whining. She can’t afford formula…don’t know what happened to relactating or why she quit in the first place. But if you need mamas to mail you formula checks and other handouts why the hell are you wasting money on useless crap like soap bits and soap nuts?

  34. saslewis11 says:


  35. Aj says:

    Does anyone else watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey? Those girls crack me up, it’s become my new addiction…

  36. turkey lurkey says:

    #32 — I was wondering too. Raining Baby Fluff, still???

  37. Aj says:

    #25, was it katzmark06?

  38. insomiac says:

    I have no idea where to post this but had to update that ITS A SNAP has been banned from HC forums now too 🙂

    Look under her name where her title would be :

  39. Incognizable says:

    O/T ..:its a snatch aka granny panties is banned from hyena cart forums. someone just posted on CDN in her call out thread


  40. Incognizable says:

    @40. LOL we posted the same stuff!

  41. monkey says:


    I nwasn’t saying you did agree… just venting my annoyance.

  42. screenname says:

    39 – It looks like it might have been. She’s banned for disrespecting the mod team.

    I wonder if it was for asking about cowmommy’s sig being 5 lines. Because it shows up as 5 lines on my laptop.

  43. Foo-man-choo says:

    44-That would be my guess in view of post #36, lol.

    I know CM’s siggy looks like 5 lines, but when you check it in her profile, it is only 3.

  44. just_sayin says:

    I have to wonder WTH Theresa did to get banned from HC, when they never banned Angie/mum2corbie, and Angie scammed people out of a lot of money. Theresa is just a douchebag.

  45. youdontknowme says:


  46. pippen says:

    I received an amber necklace packaged like that too!! Only, the necklace was received as bits & the envelope was torn. Seller insisted it was my bad since I didn’t get insurance!! umm, only letters go in paper letter envelopes. I did get a refund but had to ship it back on my dime. Seller has since been banned…mmm….wonder why?

    thanks for letting me vent that…kthxbai

  47. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    I watch the real housewives of nj! That show cracks me up!

  48. memyselfandi says:

    who is this person shipping stuff in paper? was it already mentioned?

  49. memyselfandi says:

    number 51, that is Blue House Soaps…..

  50. Thud says:

    It’s too bad about BHS~ I understand~ the response to the sale was overwhelming and soap takes the time it takes if it has to be made. But in the midst of all of that I made a non-soap order that took over a month to ship~ which made no sense, since I wasn’t aiting on soap to cure… I think the lack of c/s to those concerned is going to hurt, and that is really too bad.

  51. diudiaole says:

    LOL I can’t believe snaps did not learn her lesson…. she can sew and she can ship products but she is a mean greedy bitch.

  52. JustPeachy says:

    So glad I didn’t buy from her when she had her BOGO sale.

  53. Thud says:
    So Crystal posts a thread in WAHM chitchat on DS asking why she can’t make elmo pants (as if she really cares with that gallery of rip offs, not to mention the Crankies history.
    Funny that the ‘wahh they are picking on me’ threads coincide with her stocking her cart and a featured shop ad on HC with the Elmo pants.

    And the best part is she titled the thread ‘is this seriously not allowed’

    want to start off by saying that I knit longies/shorties and put faces on the bum regularly for custom orders (not copyright, just faces, ya know, eyes, nose, mouth).
    I don’t do outlines of characters (did that a couple times, then learned it was a nono, and haven’t done it since).

    Now I’m wondering, if I take a face, like I normally do and then put it on a pair of red shorties, am I going to be flamed for that because someone might think it resembles elmo? when really its just a face on red shorts?

    Here are some examples of the faces I do, and then the pair that is aface on red shorts. I’ve heard there has been some stink about the fact that I made them and someone said I’m violating copyright because they think it looks like elmo….
    … so should I seriously limit the colors I use as backgrounds for faces so that I won’t be accused of copyright violation?

  54. hrm's mom says:

    Honestly I think the one blue pair with out the teeth looks a lot like cookie monster so I am not sure why she is worried about the elmo ones?

  55. cdc3030 says:

    OOOMMMMGGGGGG! I was just coming here to post on #56’s post. Jesus. She had another thread recently with the whole “why wont anyone buy this stuff??” Like she hasnt asked that question before. I swear. I would like to bitch slap her, but dont want to get banned.

  56. cdc3030 says:

    Here is crystals other thread. waaaahhh…
    I have instock items that I thought would sell long ago
    (either because of LOW pricing, or because it was a cute print/colorway)

    How do I get them sold? lol

    I’ve been advertising in the WAHM announcements/marketplace in various forums, and get a few lookers, but no buyers.
    I haven’t made a sale from my HC in quite some time! (did get a local sale for custom capris recently, and sold some used diapers local too though).
    I can’t even afford to buy an ad spot here or a featured shop on HC

    So whats a WAHM to do when she needs to save up funds but no one is buying?


  57. jeruco says:

    Blue House soaps really lost my respect in this ordeal. They have the worst CS when the ignore customers, not to mention those horibbly condesending mass newsletter emails they sent out recently. LIke having a BOGO sale makes it okay for them to treat customer like crap and take 2 months to send out soap. They make a point to remind everyone they got 2 for 1soaps and “most people are understanding”. BS. What a great way to try to put down anyone who did protect themselves by filing with pp.
    Blue house soaps is now on my do not buy from list now.

  58. jeruco says:

    I cant believe SNAPS got banned from HC forums. I would love to know why. She will not sell anything now unless she just prices herself so low that unknowing people fall for it.

  59. jeruco says:

    Oh and Shades of Rae is crazy

  60. punktart says:

    56: Sorry, sorta new here, but did she have the license to make the SpongBob longies or did she gank those too? While adorable… are they legal??

  61. riffrafflittleman says:

    what in the world is this supposed to be?

    #63 I would definitely think those Spongebob ones violate copyright, there is no way to think that would be mistaken for something else

  62. an AK mama says:

    64 – I believe that’s supposed to be Peppa Pig.

  63. riffrafflittleman says:

    ahh I see. It looked liked a face with a large growth off the side or something. hubby called it pecker pig 🙂

  64. Erin says:

    I’m suprised that DS hasn’t banned Crystal for all the spamming she does.

  65. Erin says:

    As for BHS, I learned my lesson long ago NOT to buy from them while they have a sale or are doing a co-op. It takes FOREVEH to get soap(or anything else) from them. I like the products, such a shame that CS sucks.

  66. try me, i'm new! says:

    easy way to tell if your shit violates copyright – show it to a 3 yo. if the 3 yo identifies it as a known / copyrighted character, it’s too close to the original and is in violation. works.every.time.

    i cannot stand the pussyfooting around “well….it’s just a face on a colored background…what, I can’t put a face on a colored background?” NO, you can’t, when the net result is an image that bears such a striking resemblance to a copyrighted character. the playing innocent pisses me off. it’s not innocent when you just happen to fucking miraculously create something that looks just like a cartoon character that would appeal to a young child…on something designed for…*gasp* a young child.

    that gallery was redic.

  67. sassy1 says:

    oh and I am directing this mama to the JA.

  68. sassy1 says:

    Has anyone else seen this here??

    Major red flag… this person whoever she is is using craigslist to target unsuspecting new cloth diapering moms into buying her crap.

    And it is crap, let me tell ya. One of my friends relatives bought from this lady and after 6 month, finally got her diapers and I got a chance to hold them last night.

    At first, once you get past the HORRIBLE gagging smoke smell, the sewing is pathetic at best, and the materials used are awful. I dont’ even know where you would get fabric this cheap and shotty, let alone whaever she used for PUL in the middle. They are supposed to be AIO’s that are one sized, well, there is this hard tough stuff in the middle that feel like plastic, seirously, its stiff and you can barely bend it. Then, she sent a *doubler* that was supposed to be velour and it’s FELT!!!!!!!!!!!
    She was also supposed to put snaps on the diapes, but sent them with itty bitty copper safety pins holding them in place, WTF!?!

    Can we please start a new post about this person? She is preying on people off craigslist who know nothing about shaddy wahm practices. This mama I know that bought them is new to cd’ing and did not know any better. The diapers are unuseable, period, but it has been 6 months since she sent paypal, and I believe she was originally told it would take 8 weeks or so to get her diapers, well thats convieniently way past the 45 days for paypal action, this person knows that and is out to get people.

  69. jakesmom says:

    8 fing weeks to get them, let me guess you have to pay in advance of that. What a load of crap. When I take an order from someone I dont have them send a paymant until the order is approved via photos and also is ready to ship! I hate how much bad WAHMs are making things bad for everyone.

  70. sassy1 says:

    yeah I know, thing of it is, you can tell she is doing that on purpose because then they have no way of fighting it once that 45 days is up.

    She’s a sneaky one…thats for sure. Especially posting on craigslist, knowing she’ll hit the market of mamas who know nothing about scammers.

    Seriously , I sew and can make my own cloth diapers and have for my youngest, I made fitteds that were not perfect , but useable , out of BF and BV AND had snaps….and I sold them for $7ppd a piece.

    This lady charged $8 a piece plus shipping on top of that and took fabric that was made in the 70’s out of 100 percale bed sheets, slapped them together with some shower curtain lining, then made a doubler out of felt and sewed it all up with some crooked seams and sent tiny cooper safety pins to hold them on a BABY.

  71. screenname says:

    I just noticed that I own a set from Naturally Baby! lol
    I got the turtle shirt and shorties set off the FSOT a while ago. I think it was sold to me as an unknown WAHM. How funny is that?

  72. Taterbug says:

    #71, that sounds an awful lot like momoffaith5/knappybottoms. Specifically, the reeking of smoke, poor sewing, cheap fabrics (including felt) and the reference to charity work on the website. It certainly doesn’t look like the work of somebody who is new to scamming.

  73. amessymama says:

    66-I thought it was a pigephant. 🙂

    Those woolies are fugly!! That’s why no one is buying them!

  74. DSDM2 says:

    Report her to the companies that she is violating. She knows she is doing it.

  75. amessymama says:

    I hate to rain on anyone’s parade. But don’t fabric designers frown on this sort of thing?

    The hand painted shirts are beautiful and I would like one, but isn’t this illegal? Or at the very least questionable?

  76. amessymama says:

    Here’s a link to her HC for those that would like to see her work but don’t want to go to DS.

    Her stuff is really pretty. And not all of it looks like it is reproduced images from fabric designers.

  77. theinvisible says:

    I like it. It’s not like it a character. It just doesn’t seem like that much of a rip off.

  78. theinvisible says:

    it’s not a character, not it.

  79. jakesmom says:

    Those are pretty neat.

  80. Thud says:

    #80 it doesn’t matter that it is not a character. it is COPYING. Which is THEFT. Which is ILLEGAL.

    Seriously when will people get that through their thick skulls and STOP encouraging the theft and copying of the work of other artists.

    That woman has great painting skills, maybe she will use them to paint her OWN designs instead of making money by riding on the coat-tails of other artists.

    But then what will the porr ripoff dependent DS mamas do for clothing? Maybe actually support the original work of handmade artists and artisans?!


  81. jakesmom says:

    hear hear

  82. Gahhhh says:

    If Crystal wants to claim that her designs resemble Muppets PURELY BY COINCIDENCE then maybe she shouldn’t name the files things like “ElmoBack”:

  83. sassy1 says:

    #75 is that person reported on the JA I take it already? I want to see if I can match up names or whatever and see if I can figure out who that is so this mama can maybe try and get her $ back.

  84. youdon'tknowme says:

    # 71
    That sounds like rumpy cushions also. If it is the same person, she has been scamming people for over a year now.
    Her diapers supposedly stink (I wouldn’t know I never got them)
    They were really cheap and made with shower curtains also.
    Keeps on coming back under new names.

  85. eeek says:

    Crystal- that woman thrives on being disliked. My god, get it through your skull that no one buys your stuff because it’s unattractive and YES many people don’t like copyright infringement. Plus every time she ever posts I want to tell her what a brat she is.

    & the T-shirts- SO pretty! But yes, completely illegal, to profit on someone else’s artwork.

    Now that felt/shower curtain diaper thing, that’s bizarre to the point of unreal. Why even send them out?

  86. cdc3030 says:

    Have I mentioned lately that I FREAKING HATE DS? Fuck. I keep getting “your thread is in the wrong forum” slaps. Jesus. And people like Crystal can commit crimes, advertise on DS and not get bitch slapped? urgh.

    (thanks, you may now carry on your convo)

  87. sassy1 says:

    Ok, so I found the post on DS where MIss knappy bottoms/momoffaith5 has shown her shit-tastic wares and I must say they look oddly similar to the ones I held last night.

    Anyone know her real name by chance? This gal who took my friend, her name was Lydia…something.

  88. diudiaole says:

    About the juddy duds — what makes her different than anyone else who embellishes T’s withh ooga, ella, etc whatever? Is it because she is painting them rather than making cut outs of the original fabrics?

    And it looks like she has some original designs too. Where does one draw the line then since those aren’t licensed prints? Is a yarn colorway matching to match the print just as bad?

  89. Foo-man-choo says:

    One the t-shirt thing…I don’t see the difference in what she is doing and what Rainbow Waters does when she does Wool shorties that have a Hedgehog on them to match the fabric the tee is made of…. Or when another WAHM (Maybe it was DnF?) did Campers and Pine trees on a pair of shorties to match the D&G Happy Camper fabric…. Or that Munki Cheese Toast collab a while back with the felt toasters and cheese and all on the longies….. Or the collab with the Vroom cars on the longies to match the tee…..

    See where I am going? Those were all high dollar in-demand listings that sold out right away and I do not remember anyone crying foul. Or did they? Correct me if I’m wrong please.

  90. Foo-man-choo says:

    OK Diu- We are on the same page. I just took longer to type it out, lol

  91. amessymama says:

    88-Do you have a link to that post?

  92. Kimbella says:

    Going back to the original topic…..

    When does the USPS put damaged mail in those baggies?

    Is it as soon as it becomes damaged, or is it right before delivery?

    I ask because in the pics above, the recipient’s name and address are covered by the wording on the plastic bag. Why would the PO put it that way instead of flipping the envelope over so that the address could be easily viewed? Not that all thins the USPS does makes sense, but it does seem a little odd to me.

  93. Kimbella says:

    thinGs, not thins

  94. monkey says:

    I really hate scamming new moms like that. It just really sucks that a soon to be mom is trying to do the best by her child and gets screwed by some greedy/shady bitch.

    My cousin is pregnant with her first baby. She’s seen all of DS’s cd’s on my visits home and was really into it. So I showed her how to wash cds/use them etc. She emailed me saying she’s going to start buying cd’s. I said WAIT! Let me send you some websites and before you buy ANYTHING ask me! I also sent her over to CDN.

    She and her husband are honest, young and hardworking. She’s quitting her job to be a SAHM and doesn’t really have the money to get scammed so I want her to run it by me first since I know to check feedback and JA. I think for her babyshower present I’m going to buy her a stack of either prefolds or contours and covers.

    It’s just ridiculous that I have to be her “Cloth Diaper Bodyguard” because there are people out there scamming on BABY GOODS!

  95. Foo-man-choo says:

    93. I have received plenty of damaged envelopes from the USPS. I don’t think there is ryhme or reason as to how they put it in the plastic. I once got a piece of mail that had tire marks on it and another piece that only had my address on it, the rest of the envelope was missing entirely and the contents were in the bag.

  96. Foo-man-choo says:

    MOnkey – It is a shame, but that is nice of you to help her out:)

  97. JustPeachy says:

    #90 Daphne got a c &d letter from Heather Ross for that Cheese Toast collab. I believes its somewhere on this blog about why.

  98. Foo-man-choo says:

    Oh my…Well, I do understand why.

    I still see it all the time, though. IDK. Too bad. Some of those sets are adorable and I admit that I would totally buy one.

  99. whatthe? says:

    Seriously, what is with all the crap on HC lately? Seems like everyone went out and bought some knitting needles and a sewing machine and think they are HC worthy. *puke* for real. Shady wahms and shitty products everywhere.

  100. eeek says:

    You can, say, cut a piece of the fabric out & sew it on a shirt. The already got paid for that fabric when you bought it. The inspiration behind the fugly gerber with-a-square.

    You can’t copy a design & re-draw it yourself, because they didn’t get a cut and they came up with the idea.

    & I don’t care if it was a high-demand whatever, I think it’s lame, someone else owns that.

    The shirts ARE lovely, though, she just needs to find her own thing to put on there. Or some old public domain artwork.

  101. diudiaole says:

    So, if she cut out an ooga monster from the fabric and applique’d it on, then painted around to embellish etc — would that be working around the legal loophole?

    And why doesn’t Heather Ross print some more damn fabric if she has enough time to be sending cease and desist letters for something people want but is no longer available?

  102. diudiaole says:

    And did they *really* get paid if you put on $.10 worth of their fabric onto a shirt that you sell for $20?? A shirt that you might have gotten $5 for if anything at all, if the $.10 of fabric were *not* on there?

  103. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    #98, any idea where to find that?

  104. Foo-man-choo says:

    I never said it was legal or “right” , just that I don’t think it would be fair to bash one WAHM for it without lumping them all in together.

    And Diu-Yes it is legal to take a scrap of fabric and turn it into anything you want. No one has control over that, even though some designers will try to act like they do. Which leads me to ask…Peach, do you know if the C&D letter was for using the fabric to make an end product for sale, or just for creating pieces similar to the fabric?

    And FWIW, I don’t think the Gerber shirt is fugly at all. I like it and would probably buy one if it were on an AA tee and not one of those sucky Gerber tees.

  105. whatthe? says:

    yeah i dont know why daphne would get the c&d letter, she just made the diaper. It’d be the wahm that did the appliqued pants/shirt…well n/m I guess she stocked it on her cart so she would be the one to get it.

  106. whatthe? says:

    I’m bored. Where’s the drama?

  107. Thud says:

    Right~ you can’t COPY the design.

    You can do matching colours in yarn but you CANNOT call it Heather Ross Horses Yarn.

    You can cut out the horses and glue them on a shirt. You cannot cut out other fabric to make a Horse like the one on the fabric because you are recreating someone else’s work.

    It doesn’t matter if we think it is silly or how much the WAHM makes or anything else. IT ISN”T YOUR WORK. Don’t we tell our kids this?! Don’t copy, don’t steal.

    The reason they sell and make money is because of the work that the original designer created ~ you are riding on their success (same with Dr. Seuss, Eric Carle and on and on) and making a profit, or intending to do so.

    For a community with so many crying ‘copier’ it is funny how it is hunky dory to steal from other people.

    Yes, many do it and yes, it is still not right.
    And as long as buyers flock to it like sheep, well… it is a vicious circle. But there are people who make a success of their business creating their own original handmade work.

    My mother used to say “if everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you jump, too?” Same deal.

  108. Taterbug says:

    #90, Knappybottoms first name is Phyllis, but as I recall, she claimed that her MIL lived with them, and was the source of the smoke smell. So maybe it’s a different person, or the same person with a fake name. Also, she was in Louisiana, but this was back in ’07.

  109. Flippin out says:

    Fabric designs do originate from artwork. They are paintings, drawings,etc and the artist is paid by the fabric manufacturer to use the design.

  110. kowalski says:

    I keep waiting for the shower curtain diaper maker to pop up again here! I posted a while back but my post was ignored… or rather it got lost in the shuffle. 😉 I received an email from a customer to my cart that said a woman who sells diapers on Craig’s list has opened an online store with a very familiar name. I followed up and asked the woman to stop using the name and she went all kinds of crazy on me. I’ll happily post her replies here if anyone cares to read them!! If nothing, they are entertaining! Anyhow – I have been told that this is the same woman who sells the shower curtain diapers on Craigslist…. maybe the same offender as #71???

  111. Messy says:

    On ebay there was someone who made diapers that were super cute if you did not try to use them. The inners were made of shower curtains, disposable table cloths, trash bags, and other such crap. Her name was redneck diapers I think.

  112. jakesmom says:

    WOW it does just what it says on the tin. dispose of redneck oh wait did i get that kind of backwards? hmmm now let me see…..

  113. EM says:

    Okay, so this shower curtain diaper maker really gets me. I grew up around Paducah and I know that it is the Midwest fabric MECCA and she can’t even use proper materials!!! I still make trips down there to pick up nice cheap fabric when I visit family. How lazy can one person be to not drive across town to go to Hancock’s of Paducah to get nice prints. Nope, she heads to the closest Wal-Mart to get all of her supplies (and probably spends more there!).

  114. sassy1 says:

    #113 yeah post em, sounds like fun! lmao!

    I am not sure if this lady is the same one….that faithmomof5 is on a lot of different sites, and it could be the same person. I’m gonna try and find out.

    and ITA, if your gonna make diapers, for crying out loud, get NORMAL materials to use. I can’t decide if someone that uses shower curtain is just plain stupid…or trying to rip people off??

  115. Laura says:

    This new chick asks a questions about a Rhumba skirtie in an EF thread. I make a comment about how she shouldn’t have said anything about Nissi stocking because I actually had money today & I’m sure most people didn’t know she was stocking.

    She sends me a PM and told me that it was “STEALING” to go for the skirtie because she’s already asked for help.

    This is why I hate newbies.

    Hello?! It’s all fair game…especially a highly sought after item.

  116. eeek says:

    hehe.That rhumba skirty chic is completely insane. She just keeps going on, too. I bet she’s breathing in a paper bag right now.

    & I want to see the crazy shower curtain diaper emails…. like I said before, WTH even send that stuff out? If it’s completely unusable might as well just take their money…. and I want to know ALL the sites/emails of the shower curtain diaper maker(s)….WTF people, PUL’s like $6/yd if you look around….

  117. myra says:

    Stealing to go after the same thing? Huh? Gee, it’s a good thing everyone can’t see what’s stocking on HC…oh wait…

    Don’t you love when someone asks for stalking help, and then nobody else is allowed to?

  118. eeek says:

    OK, rhumba chic apologized saying she didn’t understand the scope of stalking. That’s cool, as long as someone is capable of moving on gracefully it’s all good.

    It’s those people who’ve been around forever bitterly keeping score that are the real bit of silly. Upgrade your ISP, make some friggin’ friends to stalk for you. Not impossible at all to get good stuff!

  119. Laura says:

    She sent me a pm apologizing for accusing me of “stealing” as well. It’s all good.

  120. kitty1163 says:

    #122: Thank goodness.

  121. diudiaole says:

    About the chick with the sesame street longies — hahaha the filenames are “elmoback” etc and then she posts about how they are just faces and not rip-offs… sounds like fishing for sympathy sales..

  122. 2dogs says:

    Laura – LMK if you want stalking help. I’m itching to stalk something, but we seriously do not need one.more.thing. in this house LOL.

  123. Thud says:

    124 good to know!

  124. Messy says:

    #126 I just posted that right after you did!!! Then I edited it because I wanted to throw the puking smilie in there somewhere…

  125. diudiaole says:

    #127 — Messy! WTF have you been! 😛

  126. kowalski says:

    Shower curtain emails:

    This is her first reply, in response to my rushed request to ask her to stop using the name (I wrote to her in a bit of a rush and was pretty blunt…. perhaps I should have taken a different approach given her defensive response!) … lol


    What a rather interesting email. Thank you for the advice, however, I have no intention of changing my baby line’s name. I think it’s hilarious that you say you have been making diapers under that name for over 3 years and like to consider yourself the owner of the brand. I like to think I am the best biochemist on the east coast, however, because I think it doesn’t mean that’s so. Similar to how just because you “like to think” you own the brand, that’s not so either.

    I have searched the United States Register of Patents, Trademarks, and Copyright lists, and have not found any registration for tush cloth diapers, so I am sorry to inform you that you do not hold exclusive rights to the brand. Which I already gathered because I figured if you did hold the copyright you would have said that initially, in which case I would have gladly obliged. I am free to use the name “tush” however I please, and will continue to do so. The web is so big I can’t possible see how you would be so shallow and simple minded to need to advise another wham again using a name that you don’t own! My label looks nothing like yours, nor are my diapers similar in style or design to what you make, so you certainly can’t claim any copyright infringement. I have already started to patent my design and I suppose I will register tush as my trademark since you seem to feel it necessary to advise me against using it. I will keep your email address and website handy so after the application is approved, I can send you a “quick line” wishing you luck finding another name, or it will be I that will need to pursue the matter further.

    You need to review legal guidelines before you send ridiculous emails like this one. I have 3 bachelors, a master’s and working on my PhD. I am very educated and it would be a shame for me to have to shut you down over a name you don’t own but feel privy too, simply because my company is ” too similar to yours for your liking”. I won’t change any of what I have spent years building any sooner than you would. Hilarious.

    Incidentally, my diapers aren’t called “tush” anyhow, they do say “tush baby” as well as my baby skincare. You seem to be so concerned with the name, funny how you missed that.

    Here is a link to her site again:

  127. kowalski says:

    I responded with this email:

    Fair enough…. I’m not pursuing this further. If you are branding as tush baby, I’m sure there wont be any confusion. I know there are many plays on the word “tush” and many diaper makers using that brand – I wasnt the first to use that word, and obviously not the last. I had just received word from a concerned customer today that you were using the name tush and had less than stellar product – to be honest if you made great diapers, the similarity in names wouldnt bother me in the least. However; I’ve heard some things that make me worry about the possibility of being associated in any way with your store.

    I’m letting this go – I’ve built a loyal following, I’ve got a superior product, and I’ve got lots of support – so at this point I’m not worried.

    AND this was her response to me:

    First, I find it highly unlikely that one of your customers sent you a concerned email about my diapers, especially since my diapers certainly are much different than yours. My diapers are very trendy and designer, so I can’t see how there could be any confusion. I have only had one dissatisfied customer, and her problem was that she simply wanted free diapers in the next size, and I still doubt that she was your complainant.

    Second, if there is one thing that I have experienced from starting my diaper business, there has always been a very close network between other WHAMs I have met, and they have always been very helpful and inviting, sharing ideas and advice. The community is filled with positive women with only positive things to say to each other as encouragement. Never have I seen a woman seek out someone and insult them all by them using a name similar to theirs, that they don’t even own. I had never heard of tushclothdiapers before your email, nor had I seen your diapers. I looked at your website after your first email, and regardless of your inane message, I always am glad to see a woman starting her own business to provide for her family. The comments you made about my line were tacky, trivial and puerile. I don’t particularly care for your line of diapers, however, I would NEVER insult another WHAM’s work because I respect the craft. I was raised the right way, that you appreciate another person’s effort no matter how you feel about it. To suggest my diapers are sub-par without ever seeing one or holding one is something a unintelligent idiot would do. My work is detailed and precise, and I only use quality materials. You don’t have to like my diapers, and as a consumer, I wouldn’t expect you to purchase from me. If you desired plain boring diapers I would expect you to order from

    This last email actually made me feel good. I know that negativity shows up with the Devil whenever a person is doing well, and success is in the forefront. You crossed the line as a work at home mom, and are a disgrace to the industry.

    I expect this to be the last I will hear from you, as I have no further desire to have any communication with you. I deal with women of integrity, which judging by your character you lack.

    Best of luck,

    I replied….

    wow… i guess i’ve been told. We clearly run in different circles in the WAHM world and as a rule I follow your philosophy of supporting others in the business. I suggested you change your name to avoid confusion for me and for you. I do have concerns about the quality of your diapers and being confused with your work, but I admit that in hindsight I should have researched further before assuming you are making inferior product…I trust that you are doing the best work you can as am I. We reach different markets and that is great.

    I’ll go on my way and you yours….

    And I havent heard from her again…. there are a few stellar moments in her communication – if anything, make them funny to read!

  128. kowalski says:

    The original email to my cart that informed me about this woman:

    I thought that might be the case. I am in North Carolina and there is a woman in Durham, NC who is selling under the same “brand” of diapers. I also have a line of baby diapers so when my friend in Raleigh contacted me I became concerned and thought you might want to know that this woman is selling under the same name for a few months and is getting TONS of negative reviews. She is the infamous, so called diaper maker that uses shower curtain liners rather than PUL. I had seen your hyenacart in the past and knew that was NOT the same person. Her website is she uses PUL in her stand alone covers but in her AIO’s and all other products she uses the frosted shower liners. Even the heading at the top of her page says tush baby. She had been advertising nationwide on craigslist and is making a very bad name for herself. She also goes by The Domestic Diva which sends you right to her “tush” brand of diapers.

    I have the photos of her products and the emails back and forth between this woman and my friend.

    I just wanted to let you know so that you could make sure that customers on the diaper sites like DS and cloth nation and diaper pin know you are not that woman so it does not reflect negatively on your business. My friend bought from her and was granted a Visa chargeback 3 weeks later after the diapers melted and the shower curtain fell apart. She also sells at the Durham Arts & Crafts market on the weekend.

    Okay… now back to my kids! 🙂 Have fun reading if anything!!

  129. Flippin out says:

    I am so confused. How many different brand names does this woman use? Prep & Posh, Lady’s and Lads, T.U.S.H, any others?

  130. Messy says:

    Someone just asked WWJD in the stellercrys thread! WTF? He would have Crystal stoned in the streets for copying elmo and lying about it you crazy bitch!!! Gah!!!

  131. eeek says:

    Someone who is a chemist as she says she is ought to understand things like dryers melting shower curtain diapers. Plus when people start actually saying anyone who questions them is the devil, you can almost always count on extreme crazy somewhere in that head.

    So there’s a network of shower curtain diaper makers she’s friends with? Do THAT many people buy on the internet, then just write off the shit products they get? Do they not know how to use google?

  132. ABCDEFG says:

    ROFL, goodness, if the woman is working on her PhD why on earth is she:
    a. selling soap
    b. finding time to make diapers?

  133. meagan says:

    well said messy–can’t wait to see how long it takes to get that thread deleted

  134. Messy says:

    #136 Yeah, I completely forget that DS likes to delete all things not related to rainbow farts. I get caught up in the reality of things on CDN where adults are adults and we can disagree and *gasp* even say we disagree! Go figure.

  135. melmelly says:

    I am replying from phone and don’t have the link, but last summer a woman got a wetbag that was lined with a shower curtain. I’ll be back in a few hours with links.

  136. melmelly says:

    Typos irritate me. As well as posting too soon.

    From what I can remember, the woman made and sold wetbags, but the buyer what not too thrilled because it was coming apart after 2-3 uses. It was for her daughter’s wet swimsuit.

  137. Messy says:

    Meagan, are you chloecat? I need your address and info because if I go look around in your store/threads/galleries anymore, I might be forced to have another baby. If that is the case, you will owe me child support in the form of super cute fluff!!! Omgosh, that is stuff is too cute!!! And it looks so squishy!!!

  138. meagan says:

    yep–that’s mee!! child support—-rolflmao

  139. meagan says:

    she is starting to get super annoying. i can’t stand anymore “woe is me” posts about her crazy ass family and how they don’t want to help and how she “needs” a cake and a dress for the christening—but can’t afford formula. HELLO PRIORITIES come on people

  140. Messy says:

    She deleted all her posts… She kinda seems like a leech to me though. Always wanting people to feel sorry for her.

  141. meagan says:

    she just pm’ed me telling me i was being snarky and rude!! so i pmed her back and told her i was being real and to grow up and get a pair of big girl panties

  142. ~*~Momma~*~ says:


  143. rainbow says:

    142 – I was just coming to post that thread! Although I admit I only saw it *after* she deleted all of her posts. She is officially the first person ever on DS that I have considered putting on Ignore. But if I did, then I’d miss all the fun drama…

  144. meagan says:

    i would so copy and paste pm’s–she’s whack and keeps harrassing me now. but …. the bulk of my business comes from ds and i don’t need to be banned!!

  145. Messy says:

    stagnantcrys is on and noticably is not commenting on the BUSTED situation in her thread. Go figure. Got the attention she wanted, got the good WAHMs of DS to play games with her for a while with a few sticking up for her :::again::: and on she moves. That chick needs some help…

  146. myra says:

    Can’t afford formula but can afford cake and dresses and soap bits? She seems like a drama queen to me.

  147. diudiaole says:

    ummm yeah.. can’t afford formula?? Shut off the internet or sell some stuff.. not browse the internet shopping all day.

  148. Laura says:

    Meagan, reading your post just makes me want to go to your HC and BUY IT ALL!! Thank you!! 🙂

  149. JustPeachy says:

    107 I believe it was because the woolies had some of the artwork from the fabric itself recreated on them. I dont think it was the entire set that got her the c&d letter but one piece. I think she just got it because the item was listed on her cart for an auction.

  150. JustPeachy says:

    Shit im way late to the game.

  151. amessymama says:

    juliankenziesmama (long-ass-freakin’-name) just went and deleted a lot of her “woe is me” posts. And you know there are a LOT!!! lol

  152. meagan says:

    she’s gonna be deleting for a while—-anyways, i put her on my ignore list cause she keeps pming me with. “what did i say” and other stupid shit. like she doesn’t realize how freakin crazy her family sounds and just want us to think they are normal. oh—and i’m being sooooo snarky–i should stop!!! i guess it’s just my snarky time of the month!

    152—buy away!!! i need some inventory gone so let me know if you see anything you want. i’d be happy to do a bulk order discount—just kidding!!

  153. mom2jake/1ds4me/Stagnant One says:

    copy and paste from DS thread:

    I named them that for easy reference after it was pointed out that they resembled elmo.
    There probably was reference to them when I was making them, But I still maintain that they do not look, to me, like they would violate copyright laws.

    But thank you ladies.
    After reading the DS bashing blog/site today, I have decided that I do not want to be in business in a place that you also are. I can’t handle the meanness that I read today. It was totally uncalled for (and not jsut about me, but about other WAHM’s/moms regardless of if they have done something wrong, no one deserves to be talked about like that.

    So I will be closing up my HC storefront as of July 2nd and you can all jump up and down and have a party, “stagnentcrys” is out of your hair as far as having an HC goes.

  154. meagan says:

    so it looks like “stellercrys” will be closing up shop–thanks to all of us nasty ladies!!! quote from the thread since it will probably be deleted!!

    “I named them that for easy reference after it was pointed out that they resembled elmo.
    There probably was reference to them when I was making them, But I still maintain that they do not look, to me, like they would violate copyright laws.

    But thank you ladies.
    After reading the DS bashing blog/site today, I have decided that I do not want to be in business in a place that you also are. I can’t handle the meanness that I read today. It was totally uncalled for (and not jsut about me, but about other WAHM’s/moms regardless of if they have done something wrong, no one deserves to be talked about like that.

    So I will be closing up my HC storefront as of July 2nd and you can all jump up and down and have a party, “stagnentcrys” is out of your hair as far as having an HC goes.”

  155. amessymama says:

    She left one up that got no responses. Guess what it was about? Crazy aunts and baby baptisms!!

    I feel like bumping it. he he

  156. meagan says:

    159–do it–you know you want to!!

  157. Yup says:

    #157, I don’t see her post here. Maybe I’m missing it?

    And another Boohoo to Crystal. We’ll see if this time she really packs up her crayons and goes home. My bet is we’ll see some Cranky or Silly stripe pants up for auction on her hc in another month or so.

  158. amessymama says:

    160-It would be way more hilarious if you did. Act like you never responded to her other post. lol

  159. melmelly says:

    I really need to start posting more on DS. I have like 15 posts in almost 2yrs. The stupid family dramas are wanting my inner snark to really come out!

  160. Messy says:

    Uh-hem. It is stagnantcrys <—correct spelling of stagnant. Stagnant: something that sits around causing a stink for no reason.
    I seriously do not feel sorry for you. You thought people were stupid. If you did not think they were morons, why would you keep posting the same crap over and over hoping for people to pat you on the head and tell you breaking the law and ethical relations among businesses was ok? Oh, easy, because you think everyone else is stupid.
    Let me write the next chapter of stagnantcrys's epic:
    People will come along and tell you what a great WAHM you are, beg you to not close up due to those horrible mamas who say it like it is here, and then buy your stuff out of pity. Niiice. Play on those that either do not see the whole picture of your manuvers to get attention or on those that are forgiving to a fault… Yep, that is the way to run a knock-off business with low eithical value. Then will come the announcement that you will not let us heinous bitches cajole you out of business! You will probably orgasm over the people that will give you kudos over it… And then will come the time for your next drama~ for which we will all be watching you hump to death.

  161. Messy says:

    I just posted!!! Where did it go? (Watching to see if this one is waiting too…)

  162. jeruco says:

    157: I will interpret that post from Crysal.

    I can no longer sell on HC because all of you keep calling me out and I have foot in mouth disease. I need to find a new way to sell them without everyone knowing. So, I will only sell longies via PMs and DS WAHM wares.

    That about sums it up.

  163. 2dogs says:

    I wonder why you can’t see it? It’s in WAHM Announcement, I think.

    For those wishing for the pre-translated version 😉 :

    Hi everyone, just wanted to say thank you to any and all of my customers for your wonderful support during my time on HyenaCart.

    Unfortunately I will be closing my HC shop on July 2nd due to stressfull situations that have arrose.

    I still have a few auctions and items on my HC that will remain available until July 2nd (auctions ending sooner).

    After that point, you can ether find me through PM’s here, my blog or a WAHM Wares thread on DS.
    I will continue to take custom orders for longies/shorties through those methods, but will not have a storefront anymore.

    See you all around in the general chat forums


  164. 2dogs says:

    “I will only sell longies through PMs and DS WAHM wares so that I can continue to distribute my designs that are clearly guilty of copyright infringement, without subjecting myself to this logical nonsense of morals and ethics that so many other WAHM are insisting follow.”

    Although she made it clear in earlier posts that stuff from her HC store wasn’t selling anyhow, right? So is anything really even going to change? *watchmeasIrollmyeyes*

  165. 2dogs says:

    *insisting I follow. Ugh.

  166. Yup says:

    I thought she was whining b/c someone brought her WAHM post over here.

  167. Messy says:

    It is stagnantcrys <—correct spelling for ya there. Stagnant: something that might have been good at one time but sat around drawing odors and stinking up the place after a while.
    Look stagnantcrys, let me write your next chapter of the epic that is you:
    People came along after the woe-is-me-I'm-closing-shop and begged you to stay in business! You then said you would not let the nasty bitches on the blog ruin your life and would carry on (might not mention the blog until the thread goes south and you need it removed). So, with the inspiration of those who want to see you stay in business (read: those who feel sorry for you or don't know the dramarific shitastic crap you stir and start) you will keep making things in your knockoff of an ethical business wannabe. You will probably get multiple orgasms off all the head patting you will get! The pity sales will send you into orgasmic nirvana!!! Oh yeah! Pity sales…
    Sounds about right to me. The next chapter will outline your next cry about who or what you are copying and secretly laughing about what dumbshits the people you post with are because these are things you already knew…

  168. Bloggitybloggity says:

    Wanna talk about people posting a thread for e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. ?

    Check out this:

    There’s one chick that has FOUR active threads just on the first page of that particular forum. That shiznit gets irritating. I don’t bother clicking on most of her threads anymore. Which is unfortunate because she seems like a real sweetie… I’ve just been way overexposed.

  169. Messy says:

    eh… I think two versions of my same post should pop up here soon. Oh well. Why are the posts getting mixed up??? Gah!

  170. 2dogs says:

    amessymama – you are cracking me up. Nice bump! 🙂

  171. jeruco says:

    LMAO. No, Crystal doesnt try just about anything to get people on her HC. ROTF

  172. amessymama says:

    172-That wasn’t me. I’m glad someone did though, that was funny.

    I wanted to say, “You forgot one.” But I chickened out.

  173. amessymama says:

    173-WTH! That is so freakin’ weird.

  174. meagan says:

    173—hahah!!! too funny–nothing like spamm in disguise. spamm = “SHIT posing as Mama Made”

  175. daisy0306 says:

    LOL 167!

  176. meagan says:

    okay–change of topic–somebody try this and tell me it doesn’t work so i can stop thinking about it. it’s making me laugh though!!

  177. jakesmom says:

    Boy this is making my day. Nothing like having nothing to do on a raining day all then all of a sudden not so bored anymore some of this is pretty entairning. Cant spell sorry everyone.

  178. jakesmom says:

    My guess would be that her house is going to smell like a dirty stinking diaper and the point of this little excersise would be?? “hmm maybe I am bored today and need to see if I can totally stink up my home so no one can go in it without bio hazzard suits on, oh wait how about micoraving a diaper, yep that would work.

  179. amessymama says:

    I think she should try the BBQ instead.

  180. jakesmom says:

    Yummy Thanks for the great dinner Idea. lol

  181. dirtyj says:

    crystal is just looking for sympathy. She isnt going anywhere.

  182. meagan says:

    okay–my husband is in love with this thread and has been stalking it for days. he wants to post a reply but i won’t let him cause he’ll be under my username and most likely get me banned—for sure. you should here what he thinks of this

  183. meagan says:

    sorry–hear not here!! grammar error!

  184. 2dogs says:

    #184 – um, yeah. I have my own (very personal, very biased) feelings on that thread. I wisely closed it before I said something strike-worthy. I feel bad for the OP for sure.

    What does your DH want to say? Tell him he can post here and you won’t get banned. 😉

  185. meagan says:

    he wants to say… ” If she agreed to take it and get married in the first place—then she can take it now! –oh and if having sex is such an issue how does she have kids (or a kid)??

    like i said—not very nice and my husband is certainly not the “sugar coat it” kinda guy. personally i think she needs much stronger therapy–or a good “bend over” session!! just my opinion!! i totally understand that people can be abused and or have nightmares about past experiences–but there is a point in time to move on and realize your husband is not the offender!

  186. jakesmom says:

    That is also about what I want ed to say to her too. THought it would be best if I did not however.

  187. meagan says:

    186–i dont’ feel bad for the OP–i feel bad for her husband!! honestly who can handle living with someone who obviously looks at you like you’re worthless and unwanted. i know i personally would feel wretched if my husband did not desire me.

    i may be overweight and all-(working on that)-but he still comes to “mama” for his lovin’. and if he stopped–i wouldn’t know what to do!

  188. newhere says:

    so what good does it do crystal to close up her HC while still selling on DS, which is where all the “nasty” WAHMs who pick on her are?

    And I call BS on the title of that picture being elmoback coming AFTER it was pointed out to her (in that thread??) that it does in fact look like elmo. BS!!!!

  189. 2dogs says:

    meagan Says:
    June 12, 2009 at 9:24 pm
    186–i dont’ feel bad for the OP–i feel bad for her husband!! honestly who can handle living with someone who obviously looks at you like you’re worthless and unwanted. i know i personally would feel wretched if my husband did not desire me.

    Me, apparently.

  190. JustPeachy says:

    Why the hell would one ask that question? If she doesn’t want to have sex with her husband its time to figure out why the hell not or head for divorce court. Its never ok to cheat even if the other person says go ahead.

  191. meagan says:

    yes–but why ask a question like that—marriage involves sex and companionship. neither of which she is offering. why is that okay?

  192. JustPeachy says:

    Its not ok but its also not ok to cheat. Im sorry but I take my marriage vows very seriously. If my husband and I were to ever come to a point where I was no longer in love with him and didn’t want to be around him, I would respect him enough to say lets just file the papers and be done. I think its disrespectful to sleep around while you are married and a slap in the face to the institution of marriage.

  193. 2dogs says:

    Yep, totally not OK to cheat, regardless of the situation/sex (or lack of)/compassion (or lack of). If you choose to stay in the marraige, then you’re choosing to abide by the rules of marraige. You want different rules, you need to play a different game.

  194. meagan says:

    i totally agree—i don’t believe either partner is “allowed” to cheat.

    but i also don’t think that she should hold him in the marriage if all it is is paperwork anyways. there is obviously little love involved. and if she is unwilling or unable to have sex she should be compassionate enough to her husband to file for divorce and let him go elsewhere!

  195. JustPeachy says:

    I agree. If I was in her situation, I would just let him go. Although most people play it off as not a b ig thing, sex is a HUGE part of a marriage. Its just as important as communication and trust IMO.

  196. Messy says:

    Maybe her dh feels a little tricked. After all, she got over it long enough to get pregnant and married… Then all of a sudden it is horrible? (Unless her trauma happened after the birth and marriage.) She suddenly closes up shop and he decides he needs a little mocha and he is the bad guy??? Hmmm…

  197. meagan says:

    yeah that!!

  198. diudiaole says:

    I just posted my opinion.. guess I’m in the minority, but whatever. “Freaking out” everytime her dh reaches for her for 1.5 years? That is spousal abuse.

  199. diudiaole says:

    And once you have kids together and all, it isn’t so easy to just ‘end the relationship’.. what if she is a bitch and gets full custody and he ends up never seeing his child? It’s like his life options are: relationship with his children or a sex life. What a shitty hand of cards he’s holding right now.

  200. meagan says:


  201. screenname says:

    It’s a crappy situation for both of them. She must have been through some horrible stuff to feel that terrified of contact. And while I’m sure he loves her, diudiaole is totally right. He shouldn’t have to choose between having a relationship with his child and having a sex life.

    Sucks for everyone.

  202. Messy says:

    #203 But then how did she become pregnant? I mean, she could not have always been repulsed by his touch…

  203. screenname says:

    Maybe the trauma happened after baby. *shrugs*

  204. Messy says:

    I had to go ask…

  205. thewitch says:

    Ah, juliankenziesmama. She is getting on my nerves. She’s been going non stop since her daring WIC damsel rescue. Somebody needs to smack her ass off that pedestal, fast. I want to do it sooo bad. Mwhahahahahaaa!

    Does the chick who thinks she’s still pg in sensitive subjects sound like a nutcase to anyone else?

  206. diudiaole says:

    #207 — link?

  207. Munklettes says:

    #208- YES!!! She is NT pregnant, and her desperation to believe she is pregnant is really scary – like steal someone else’s baby scary!

  208. Munklettes says:

    Blarg *NOT

  209. Munklettes says:

    #208 – to add to that – if she had an u/s (and the baby making sex she had was in April) the u/s tech would have shown her a heartbeat – there’s no baby in there!

  210. Messy says:

    #210 Glad I wasn’t the only one to think that…

  211. DSDM2 says:

    whiny copier has her own post now.

  212. Messy says:

    Been there, posted on that 😀

  213. diudiaole says:

    aww I feel bad for the lady that lost her pregnancy(her 7th or 8th miscarriage)… and if she still *feels* pregnant and is still testing + for pg — maybe there is an etopic.. I’d be feeling crazy too… for me, pregnant and non-pregnant feels *completely* different. I am sick and uncomfortable all 9 months.

  214. Bloggitybloggity says:

    210 & 215

    I’m so freaking glad I’m not the only one to think that!!! I wanted to post something here but I thought maybe I was just seeing the situation wrong. That shit is crazy! I’ve been trying to find a way to gently respond to her thread and let her know that she is going to have to drop her false hopes of being pregnant by her ex-friend. I mean… it’s looking really pathetic at this point and I feel pretty bad for her 😦

  215. Bloggitybloggity says:

    218… I thought she wasn’t testing positive? In fact… it seems to me that the only symptoms she is experiencing is a bloated pooch of a belly and a fierce desire to BE pregnant.

    I’ve never suffered a miscarriage… I’m sure it must have been devastating for her. I have, however, been madly in love with someone that did not love me back. I was 16 years old. Things seemed pretty desperate at the time and I ran every possible scenario through my head that could have resulted in us living happily ever after. The problem is, you eventually have to face reality. It doesn’t seem like she’s willing to do that. She’s fiercely hoping that she is pregnant, in order to cling to the hope of one last tie to this man.

    Normally I wouldn’t even bat an eyelash at the situation. If someone wants to go all crazy over a guy, who am I to say a word? But the difference is that she already has a child. If she’s obsessing over this phantom pregnancy and rushing off to doctors appointments, it doesn’t seem like she’s really in the proper state-of-mind to be caring for the child that’s already in her home.

    Just my thoughts on the matter…

  216. just_sayin says:

    It’s possible she has a false pregnancy or fibroids. That would explain the spotting and large belly. But I really don’t think she is pregnant. And the whole boyfriend drama. Oy. How old is she? She sounds very stressed out and immature. I feel sorry for her.

    If they tell her she is not pregnant, do you think she will believe it?

  217. Bloggitybloggity says:


    Part of me thinks that they already have told her, and she just won’t listen.

  218. thewitch says:

    #222- ITA. I think IF they are in fact stringing her along, it’s to assess her mental state. I think they’re telling her and she’s hearing something totally different. Not that I don’t feel sorry for her, but the thread is getting really horribly pathetic.

  219. thewitch says:

    Dammit, why does my monster have a nose-penis?

  220. JustPeachy says:

    Ok am I nuts but people actually think its ok to sleep around when you are married????????

  221. diudiaole says:

    #225 —

    Under extenuating circumstances, I’d say so. Example: dh loves his family and wants to support them and read bedtime stories every night to his child… but wife wants *nothing* to do with him intimately like in that thread.

    I was all ready to be on her side, trust me… but I can’t believe she is pissed about some e-mails when she is so frigid. Trauma or not she sounds very selfish.

  222. just_sayin says:

    I’m not so sure that her problem is trauma, I think it’s about control. She refuses to allow him to have sex with her, but he has to suck it up because her needs are more important than his – in her opinion. If she really loved him, and really wanted to have an intimate relationship (not talking just sexually intimate), then she would find a way to have sex with him, and it wouldn’t take 1.5 years. I’m a sexual abuse survivor. I had a man hold a knife to my throat to force me to have oral sex with him (among other things, the abuse went on for some time). So, when I got married oral sex was a big deal for me. But, I love my husband and he loves me, and we worked together on it, so now I can give him a BJ and not only do I not have a panic attack, I am able to enjoy his enjoyment. This is definitely a case of suck it up, porkchop. What’s more important to her, the “trauma” or her marriage?

  223. werd says:

    all I’m going to say about the m/c maybe still pregnant lady is – I bled with Carly the day I got a + POAS – had 2 blood tests and my HCG went down from one to the other. Was told I was m/c. a month and a half later, I went to get pre-op blood work done and I was 9 weeks pregnant! So there is a possibility.

    With this pregnancy, I had to go have an u/s because of bleeding and the u/s tech told me little to nothing but at least confirmed a heartbeat (and then mailed me pictures, teehee!!)

  224. werd says:

    however I will not be posting my story on her thread. Don’t want to give her false hope in case she is whack a doodle!

  225. NataschaN says:

    I just commented on the thread.

    Let’s see how long my reply will be up. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6,…

  226. diudiaole says:

    Ok. Apparently I missed the first few chapters of her saga because I didn’t know about the ex boyfriend drama…

  227. JustPeachy says:

    Ick still stuck on why people who wanna fuck around with other people shouldn’t get married. WTF is wrong with people nowadays? I mean if you can’t sacrifice having sex with other people wtf is the point of getting married? For financial reasons? Oh thats a great reason to get married.

  228. diudiaole says:

    #232 — I don’t think this was a guy who ‘wanted to fuck around’ when he got married — the bitch hasn’t let him *touch* her for 1.5 years of their marriage.

  229. just_sayin says:

    Yeah, I don’t think anyone is saying it’s honky dory for him to screw everything in a skirt. But there’s some give and take in a marriage and it is unreasonable to expect that he is going to have to be celibate for the rest of his life because she’s not in the mood.

  230. .bin. says:

    And WHAT THE FUCK is up with all the posters at the beginning of crazy not pregnant chicks story who were all “oh honey, just steal him from this girl” blah blah.. what the fuck. crazy not pregnant chick IS THE OTHER WOMAN. She is fucking some dude who is in a relationship(and not an open one) and everyone is just la dee da you should totally steal him hahahaha. Idiots.

  231. JustPeachy says:

    I wasnt even referring to him. I was referring to KaleidoscopeEyes posts.
    I still dont think its right to go looking for sex outside the marriage. It just leads to other issues and could end up backfiring on him should she decide to file papers.

  232. Taterbug says:

    # 236, KE is routinely trollish. I have often wondered if she actually believes the crap she types, or if she just posts stuff to stir the pot. This is the same member who won’t teach her kids to say “please” because it would be grovelling, or some such BS.

  233. monkey says:


    The scary thing is… I think she believes all of the crap she spews. She has always struck me as a someone who was a “rebel” in high school and enjoyed being contrary… and she just never got over it.

  234. NataschaN says:

    Now juliankenziesmama started this “I am leaving and not coming back because everybody has been soooooooo mean to me” BS thread over on DS.


    Bye bye, don’t let the door hit you in your butt on the way out…

    Then again, miss “I hate drama” is just too dramarific to actualy leave the rest of us alone. Roll eyes.

  235. dramamama8180 says:

    I never got the impression that this woman was mean or nasty or a scammer by reading her posts. Oh well whats done is done

  236. sassy1 says:

    Ok, here we go again with the tablecloth diaper maker drama….

    I found this, has it been posted yet?

    how FUCKED UP is that? She has scammed TONS of people, can she be arrested for that shit even though she sent diapers? Her name is Lydia Shellins, and here is her store (when she’s not sceaming and scamming on craigslist) :

    she is the tablecloth diaper maker. bewares.

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