jeruco Says: June 1, 2009 at 2:30 am e

This one needs its own post:

She calls WAHMs who dont make icords lazy. To make the story better she is opening up a HC soon. She is brand new to wool and knits, but her new store is selling dyed yarn, knits, and sets. (from her siggy)
It looks like her knit woolies will be done by green ella bean. So she wont be making them. That must be why green ella bean is defending Shades of Rae’s posts. Peach caught onto that in that thread. Looks like those shades of rae and green ella bean just kissed themselves a lot of business good-bye.

But is anyone else a tad bothered by the fact that the OP knows nothing about wool/yarn and all the suddenshe is selling dyed yarn. I would hope that someone who is going to dye yarn or sell wool sets in their cart would have a clue about yarn types and knits. or at least a little bit of a clue. She admits to not knowing much in her thread.
:insert head scratch:

ShadesofRae 05-31-2009 09:04 AM

What’s with braided drawstrings?
Does anyone actually prefer braided drawstrings (as opposed to i-cord) on their wool? Lately I’ve been seeing some AMAZING stuff on HC from knitters that are obviously insanely talented and yet, the whole thing is ruined for me when I see a braided/twisted or crochet drawstring. I own a pair of longies with a braided cord and after a few washings, the ends no longer look nice and pretty–they turn into a blob that looks like a big matt of glumpy dog fur.

Is it really that much trouble to go for the icord? Particularly when we’re talking about $70+ items/sets?

ETA: I only dye yarn for profit–I don’t sell my own knits. I actually have never attempted an i-cord and doubt I would be very successful at it even if I tried–LOL.

ShadesofRae 05-31-2009 09:22 AM

Re: What’s with braided drawstrings?

Originally Posted by ~Peach~ (Post 7426391)
Ya Icord is alot harder to do and is very very time consuming. It takes me about an hour to do an icord drawstring where as with a crochet or braided one I can do in a 20 minute time span.
I personally think icords look like crap over the long run.

Oooh I wish we could see some pictures. I haven’t owned any icorded wool for long enough to see how it turns out…
ShadesofRae 05-31-2009 10:13 AM

Re: What’s with braided drawstrings?

Originally Posted by aidan_madisons_mom (Post 7426717)
I don’t understand where *quality* would come into play here. It’s the same yarn that you used for the item so again if you were sent the yarn as a YYMN and ran out of yarn half way through the cord what would you do?

The other cord I like is the double crocheted one. I have a pair of Crocheted woolies that I got in the wooly exchange that have a double cord and it lays flat.
I know some people prefer elastic waist over corded waist since they have tummy sleepers and having a icord seems bulkier than the other options.

It would be one thing if you were in a situation where you weren’t sent enough yarn, but I guess I assume that my knitter tells me how much to get to cover what she says she’ll do for me.

And when it comes to quality, when I see a highly sought after yarn paired with a knitter whose work is highly sought after…and then I see a braided/twisted/crocheted cord, it looks ridiculous to me. For lack of a nicer word…lazy.

If it’s a yarn that is readily available and mid range in price, and the knitter’s prices are affordable, then I understand pairing the wool with a cord that is quicker to make.

ShadesofRae 05-31-2009 10:22 AM

Re: What’s with braided drawstrings?

Originally Posted by Shaineinok (Post 7426836)
Actual bulky yarns, Aran BFL, Targee, and just plain old bulky merino’s. They get huge and look weird.

I can see that happening…Can you not use smaller needles or something? (No clue, not a professional knitter here-lol) I guess I have some targhee shorties and the drawstring is crochet πŸ™‚
ladybenz 05-31-2009 11:13 AM

Re: What’s with braided drawstrings?

This thread is making me want to laugh and cry at the same time. Are you for real OP, or just trying to stir up sh*t?

I’m sure Amy and Monica, the amazingly talented artists behind Crankypants and Silly Stripes, respectively, are not “lazy”–perhaps they just prefer a different aesthetic.

To spare you a trip to, when the word “aesthetic” is used as a noun, it means “a philosophical idea of beauty”.

ladybenz 05-31-2009 11:59 AM

Re: What’s with braided drawstrings?

Originally Posted by ShadesofRae (Post 7427439)
I assure you, I am for real. πŸ™‚

I do appreciate all of the respectful comments and opinions! Some of these issues had never even crossed my mind. (Tummy sleepers, newborn wool, thickness of yarn, toddlers who can get out of icords.) This is why threads like this are so helpful, regardless of the few people who always seem to get their panties in a bunch.

real knitters don’t wear panties. πŸ˜‰

When you start throwing around words like “lazy”–which is a flat-out character assault–to describe women like Amy and Monica, who are highly competent knitters and artists, you can’t expect people to sit back and clap their hands for you. People who don’t bend over backwards to celebrate your naivete don’t have their panties in a bunch, my dear.

Wait, you’ve changed your name, but aren’t you the one who used to call the women who posted in the daily wool thread “snobs”? Is there some backstory to your attitude that I’m missing?

ShadesofRae 05-31-2009 12:10 PM

Re: What’s with braided drawstrings?

Originally Posted by ladybenz (Post 7427597)
When you start throwing around words like “lazy”–which is a flat-out character assault–to describe women like Amy and Monica, who are highly competent knitters and artists, you can’t expect people to sit back and clap their hands for you.

Oh my, I would certainly hate to offed Monica. :bowdown:
ShadesofRae 05-31-2009 12:20 PM

Re: What’s with braided drawstrings?
Just to clarify as well–I wasn’t speaking about a specific WAHM, there have been many instances in the past few weeks where I admired a knitted item that I would have bought if the drawstring had been an icord.

I also did state “for lack of a nicer term” when I used the word “lazy.” (I wasn’t sure how to explain what I meant. When someone says “I don’t do icords because they take too long, I’m not sure what other term to use.)

After many posts and opinions on the subject, I now see that everyone has a different preference for several different reasons. I also see that some people believe that a braided drawstring is more aesthetically pleasing, and of course everyone has different tastes entirely.

I suspect that if my store wasn’t opening on HC shortly, this thread would have gone in a much different direction, as I would simply be a consumer and it appears that on DS, straight consumers are the only ones allowed to express their frank opinions on the quality and construction of handmade items.

ShadesofRae 05-31-2009 12:26 PM

Re: What’s with braided drawstrings?

Originally Posted by ~Peach~ (Post 7427740)
No you still would’ve been called out on it. However you just pretty much killed your customer base by insulting knitting mamas.

Just on Hyena Cart, although that is to be expected if you’re not in the “in” crowd, regardless of how cheery you remain on the forums.
mhaddon 05-31-2009 05:16 PM

Re: What’s with braided drawstrings?
This has nothing to do w/ being in the “in” crowd πŸ™„ how childish that you’d think that this has to do w/ that at all!! It has to do w/ the fact that many mamas don’t like Icords and don’t do them, but gladly would. You
A. didn’t consider the fact that if asked they would do one before making your rude comment
B. didn’t think that maybe a pair of pants didn’t have enough yarn to make an Icord
C. looked past the fact the usually for longies $70 includes mostly the cost of yarn and not much for knitting.
D. Some yarns it is very very difficult to do an Icord, the smaller the needle just makes your hands cramp more.

It has nothing to do w/ being lazy. I also find it funny that you are calling out certain mamas as rude and you do not know them at all. So I think you should just call it a day :goodvibes:

  1. melmelly says:

    WOW! is right! Damn! I can’t believe that ShadesofRae had to sound so elitest. Yikes.

    I think I need to pick my jaw up off the floor now.

  2. Spangle says:

    Woah. Saw this earlier on DS but it’s gone way further since then. I’m glad it was posted here. I thought it was lame to make it seem like other methods were not as superior or some crap. I *like* the twisted drawstrings so I do them. But I guess then I’m lazy. =)

  3. amessymama says:

    Wow. She’s got a whole lot of business sense, doesn’t she? Stupid.

  4. JustPeachy says:

    Shes a dumb ass to sit there and talk shit about knitting mamas when she is selling yarn. Way to shoot yourself in the foot!
    She just ticked me off with her elitist attitude.
    You wanna know something funny? A few months ago she accused the woolie thread mamas of being elitist and snobby because her posts got missed.
    I can assure that is COMPLETELY untrue. We welcomed everybody but sometimes posts got eaten because of how quickly the chat thread moved.

  5. StacEy says:

    I’m lazy too Spangle. I think a twisted cord looks cleaner and I only make i-cords when I’m making toy snakes. Her posts in that thread get weirder and weirder.

  6. StacEy says:

    4: sounds like she has quite a complex. Nobody likes me….wah!

  7. amessymama says:

    She doesn’t care if she killed her customer base on Hyena Cart. As a matter of fact she expected it.

    WTF is wrong with this woman.

    Oh and did anyone see her HC layout? I forget who mentioned it. It is all kinds of ugly.

  8. JustPeachy says:

    There is speculation that she was just trying to attract attention to her store by posting. Unfortunately she attracted the wrong type of attention.
    I also found it funny that soon after that thread green ella bean deleted her FO pics on the store. She had a skirty up with a huge icord pfft.

  9. amessymama says:

    DId anyone see black housefly’s post raving her new DWK nb longies?

    In one of her posts she mention that Andrea squeezed her into her customs list. Doesn’t that mean she put her ahead of someone else on the list? I may be wrong about that. But if I’m right, wouldn’t you be pissed if you were the one that got bumped for the lady that isn’t even pregnant?

  10. uhoh says:

    She wasn’t squeezed in, she’s been on the list for a while πŸ™‚
    I think she kind of stretches out her posts….

  11. Bloggitybloggity says:


    That’s exactly what I was thinking as I was observing that whole train wreck. I’ve seen some similar shit lately… I think it’s a new trend. Start a dramariffic thread to gain attention for your new WHAM business. You manage to dodge the SPAM rules on DS and get the word out anyway. As they say: any publicity is good publicity.

  12. uhoh says:

    the best part of that thread was that she insulted some mega wahms by calling them lazy and then tried to backpeddle on it.

  13. amessymama says:

    10-Oh OK. Carry on. πŸ™‚

  14. JustPeachy says:

    She just wanted to appear l33t lol.
    They are fantastic though aren’t they?

  15. uhoh says:

    i wish my babies fit into NB wool!

  16. amessymama says:

    Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be shopping her cart. Not just because of the migraine I get when I look at it either.

  17. JustPeachy says:

    She did too. Monica at Little Bear Knitwear or better known as the Silly Stripes mama does a crocheted cord and I guess so does Amy from Crankypants.

  18. jeruco says:

    Peach- I just noticed that too, green ella bean no longer has a listing up on Shades of Rae’s HC. I would guess Green Ella bean just doesnt want her name associated with the drama right now. Too bad its already been hurt by association.

    Peach- I think green ella bean started kntting like 6 months ago . I remember seeing her thread about that long ago on the craft forum asking about twisted stitches and why do her stitches look that way.

  19. uhoh says:

    I love GEB Tunisan crochet though. She should do that but I can understand if she wanted to branch out.

  20. JustPeachy says:

    The skirty is cute dont get me wrong but the icord just kind of ruined it for me which is sort of ironic LOL.
    Good for her getting away Shades of CRaeZY.

  21. uhoh says:

    Shades of CRaeZY.

  22. uhoh says:

    I know.. I won’t make any cords for my customers.. I will just send back the yarn and have them make their own cords. πŸ˜‰

  23. JustPeachy says:

    LOL. You should make that a policy!

  24. uhoh says:


    kidding of course.

  25. JustPeachy says:


  26. jeruco says:

    I did a search on DS and this thread
    explains why green ella bean was defending shades of Rae. They are friends IRL.
    That thread shows that shades of rae didnt own any woolies until March of this year and she wanted green ella bean to knit them. Now Shades of Rae is dyeing and selling. Wow, now thats the fastest learning curve ever.

  27. Messy says:

    She accidentally picked up the “ItsASnap to be a WAHM” manual… Too bad.

  28. uhoh says:

    Seems alot of people have that manual lately..

  29. uhoh says:

    Hand dyed yarn, knits and sets for rebels, nonconformists and individualists ,…

    nice siggy.

  30. Messy says:

    Ok. Everyone here knows I crochet (or you should!!!) and I do like to dabble in knitting. So, I decided to dye some of my own yarn. I wanted a combo of black, red, blue, and yellow, all in deep vivid colors. I ended up with beautiful yarn!!! It is brown, light peach, hint of green, and some light maroon. GORGEOUS stuff. Nothing like the dyes I used or what I wanted ROFL!
    So, I am not a stupid person, but WTF can these people just watch a youtube video and start cranking out the WAHM dyed yarn business???
    I am sure I could make a lot of accidental colorways. How can someone sooo new to all the types of yarn (OP didn’t even know the difference in some common yarns!) be so sure of her craft? Each yarn dyes up differently. How can she promise any customs or anything when she has no idea what each yarn will dye up to??? Ugh!

  31. Messy says:

    …or I guess maybe I am the only one dye-challenged :/

  32. uhoh says:

    no it takes a lot to get the dyeing down. I practiced ALOT with patons and cascade before it finally started to come together.
    It’s always a learning curve no matter how long you have been at it.

  33. Messy says:

    Hope Grammar-Hating-Laura doesn’t see this thread:

  34. Messy says:

    #32 EXACTLY! But she did not even know the difference in two very common and different types of yarn!!! How can you have a dye business and not know these things???

  35. uhoh says:

    when I first started to learn to knit it took me a good 6 mo to get all the yarn basics down just for knitting.. and then when I was dyeing whoa nelly.. I often wonder what I got into but I love seeing what become of it. I don’t do it to *make a living* I do it because I need a hobby and it’s my fun $. What irks me is when they seem to think Oh I can do that and think the $ will just roll right in..

  36. diudiaole says:

    I wanna see a pic of that yarn, messy!

  37. Messy says:

    #36 It is simply beautiful. Dd is trying to take a pic of a started woolie and email it to me off my phone. WIthout being able to take it outside to natural light, I dunno if she can get a pic with my phone or not.
    Yeah, it is a pretty mistake LOL!!!

  38. Messy says:

    It is being ripped out and making a hat/scarf/fingerless gloves set for dd. I opted to not finish the woolies.

  39. Messy says:

    Again, sorry for the crappy pic. It is from my cell phone.

  40. jeruco says:

    Shades of Rae photobucket gallery of her work from her HC:

    It only takes 4 skeins and your ready for WAHMhood.

    I think if you are going to post a gallery of past work I would have a little more than 4 skeins to show I am accomplished in this skill.

  41. jeruco says:

    messy- look at the bottom of her HC. Green ella bean designed it. LMAO…

  42. seriously... says:

    Omgoodness…please take your pictures for the things you are selling somewhere CLEAN!

    We won’t even get into the sewing….

  43. Bloggitybloggity says:


    Come on– give her a break! That’s just a little poopeedoo stain on her chair. It’s still really clean(ish.) Honest!

    ROFLMFAO! I’m amazed daily at how many sellers think that buyers can’t see the fug that surrounds the item they are trying to pawn off. I mean, call me crazy but I don’t want to buy something that has been lying on your Cheeto-encrusted carpet! Gross.

  44. monkey says:


    Photography is one of my hobbies. It KILLS me to see the pictures people use on their carts. It’s really not that hard to take a fairly decent, accurate picture. Read a tutorial or something. First step, GO OUTSIDE! Unless you have a light box or live in Forks, Washington GO OUTSIDE. Grass is usally clean and natural light is almost always best.

    If you can’t go outside, get at least a couple of directional lights (a desk lamp will do) and a clean place to put said item down. How hard is it to buy one piece of neutral cloth you use for all your pictures?

  45. Bloggitybloggity says:

    I’m afraid of my over-grown yard. I usually take my FSOT pics on a clean, flat, solid colored surface placed next to a sunny window or glass door. Not ideal, perhaps, but certainly better than a poop stained chair, food covered carpet, or mud smeared flooring.

  46. monkey says:


    Clean? Natural light? Sounds okay to me.

  47. monkey says:

    I don’t trust anyone who calls themselves a rebel.

    A real rebel doesn’t need to label themselves.

  48. Rain Cloud says:

    ooh what a biatch ! I small scammer in disguise for her!

  49. theinvisible says:

    I think Shades of Rae was OhReally. The stirring up trouble about the “in crowd” sounds familiar. LOL

  50. adensmama says:

    #50 good call! I wonder if it is?

  51. insomiac says:

    wow. shadesofrae is quite the hag.
    and totally modeled right after snaps methods of put down the competition then try and sell what they do.
    not cool at.all.

    I have to laugh that she is saying thinks she only was killing her customer base at HC when she is posting this on DS and being told by DS’ers she is killing her customer base. …..huh??How does that have anything at all with her “in crowd of hc” rant?

    meh. it is early and without caffeine still, so I may just has teh stupidz this mernin’.

  52. theinvisible says:

    you, too, huh?

  53. monkey says:

    Am I the only one who finds this hysterical?

  54. Munklettes says:

    #54!! Bahahahahahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

  55. mmspirit7 says:

    that cookie chick seems to be changing her story and hippydippy mama called her on it

  56. Sharpie says:

    Not only is cookie a liar but she’s also stupid. She should have just let it die but now she’s come back with a different version (probably because she can’t remember the original lie) Wonder how she’ll respond.

  57. mmspirit7 says:

    lol i just posted and added the busted smilie. she is a lier

  58. Sharpie says:

    I love how the busted smilie is a hand in a cookie jar, how ironic!

  59. mmspirit7 says:

    lol i know right it was just too prefect not to use. I thought she was lieing before but now i know she is. either way she could be the last sitter on earth and i wouldn’t leave my children with her

  60. Heffer says:

    #49- I know who that scammer is. She ALMOST scammed me, I think I was the last person to receive my item from her. She sold an ass-ton of BSRBs on Spots a while back. Her user id was BeachMommyof2, and here is a link to her spots feedback

    She is a freaking liar, first she said someone in her family died which had delayed shipping by a week. She then printed a shipping label, but I know she never sent it. So two weeks later, she claimed that her PO had issues and were holding it. Because that’s what the PO does, right? Magically, they stopped holding it and my item was shipped the same day she went up to confront them.

  61. Messy says:

    Link to cookie chick!!! LINK!!! LINK!!! Need call out on Monday Morning!!!

  62. not just another mama says:

    The stupid things women choose to bitch and whine about.

    And all you “elite” who choose to run around with your witty smart ass remarks.. all though they’re funny.. I do wonder why someone would chose a battle so worthless.. Take that time & wit & but it towards something helpful.. possibly?

    Preggo hormones are getting the best of me today.. [:

    I’m off to cure cancer.. ttfn [:

  63. Sharpie says:

    Messy it’s on CDN general chat forum in her own post!

  64. Messy says:

    Ok, wrong message board. Well SHIT. I said I would not post on that thread again 😦 I knew she was lying… Gah! But *I* am the bitch.
    (After she took it to CDN, I stopped talking about it to her on DS; no need to bitch in two places. Then when told to back off, I said I would not post on the CDN thread even though Kelolsen so sweetly bitched at me over there knowing I was here and not going to post there… Damn! Drama is complicated in this day and age!!!)

  65. OhReally? says:

    50 & 51, Not Shades of Rae.

    Not a WAHM, no desire to be a WAHM. Sorry to disappoint.

    I am however “lazy” and don’t make i-cords for any of the wool I knit for my daughter.

  66. diudiaole says:

    so CDN edits out swear words now? hmm

  67. Sharpie says:

    Fuck it Messy! If I were you I’d go over and post there. Your ass got strung out for calling out a liar before anyone else had the balls to. I know that there are lots of ladies on there who were thinking the same things you were but didn’t want to get their noses smacked. If anything those who told you to F -off need to apologize! If there is one thing I’ve learned from here and on CDN it’s that you are VERY RARELY wrong about someone, your like a bloodhound for CD’ing liars.

  68. Sharpie says:

    Dui- it’s so they don’t get porn scammers. But hey I think I now know who you are on CDN!

  69. diudiaole says:

    lol yeah… I have a rep of ‘7’

  70. Messy says:

    It’s your fault… I had to post *something. I am not pissed about getting my handslapped. I am pissed that she lied to a group of great women who *want to hand out hugs and who do understand kid things like no others.
    I felt comfy being snarky when I was sure she was lying on CDN. That is what I like. Everyone is held accountable for their own words… No ducks and bunny shit laying around on CDN.

  71. me says:

    What thread are you guys talking about?

  72. Sharpie says:

    There, hopefully some of those mamas will step up and apologize now!

  73. Messy says:

    I don’t care if they apologize or not. It is the OP that needs to step up, own her lies and apologize to everyone there. That is all that needs to happen IMO. Everyone wants to believe things other mamas say, everyone wants to extend empathy, but nobody wants to be taken for a ride.

  74. Sharpie says:

    Oh trust me I want OP to apologize to but it seems she’s split and run so that’s not going to happen. I just really hated seeing someone literally telling you to fuck off about what you wrote. I didn’t see you attacking her so much as raising valid concerns for the children in her care and you got your ass handed to you for it.

    God knows I’ve made mistakes with my DD and I own them. If someone wants to tell me that I needed to be doing this, that and the other thing in those instances I wouldn’t get snippy or say f-off I would shut up and listen because it’s not about me and my feelings it’s about my DD and her safety. It seemed to me that OP was in denial about what happened and what she was going to do to make sure it didn’t happen again so even if the story was true I’d be glad you called her out on that because she would be continuously putting those kids in danger by doing the same old same old.

  75. mmspirit7 says:

    She’s deleted her post on DS, anyone else find that funny

  76. Sharpie says:

    Well she’s sitting there reading the thread on CDN right now.

  77. Messy says:

    Her OP on CDN is an *exact C&P of the one from DS. Can’t delete on CDN. Damn her luck!

  78. Messy says:

    DSDM here needs to give her a thread of her own over here πŸ˜€

  79. mmspirit7 says:

    Yeah seems she did that on the 29th and said something about sorry that some couldn’t support her or something like that

  80. mmspirit7 says:

    sorry this is what she said

    I just wanted hugs and support. Aparently only some mamas acn do that.

    To those, THANK YOU.

    and changed the title to no more.

  81. itsraininghere says:

    I understand what she was saying in the beginning. Sometimes the braided cords look like crap. They really, really do. I like crocheted ones, but I crochet so I’m partial, lol.

    It reads like she was pushed to continue and then went too far, but she still went too far.

  82. not just another mama says:

    I suggest everyone bring along cameras, video recorders, tape recorders, etc to prove their stories. πŸ˜‰

  83. amessymama says:

    Or just tell stories that are actually true.

  84. not just another mama says:

    Even true stories get picked apart to bits.. Its funny.. but insane at the same time. I’ve been on message boards where TRUTHFUL people have been banned for “telling lies” that were actually TRUE. And then unbanned.. So yeah..

  85. Messy says:

    This is more a case of her need to tell a story BIG enough to cover herself with hugs and rainbows with the paypal situation. If nothing else she wanted to the paypal mama to drop it, which she said she did right that night…
    Next, she got “bashed” by being called out on it by me.
    Then she returns to try to make her story sound just as bad but not make *her look bad in the midst of the situation. Combine that with forgetting exactly what she said and you have the noose by which she hung herself. I can’t say that I am sad that she came back and showed what a twatastic liar she is.

  86. adensmama says:

    #87 really???

    I think it’s hilarious that the cookie chick got called out on her lies, I never believed her shit for a minute. I’m not on CDN though so I couldn’t really say anything on DS.

  87. Messy says:

    adensmama, c’mon over to the CDN side!!! It is pretty cool over there… Lots of chat, lots of fun stuff, no bull shit of sitting around a scammer in the room and pretending they are not screwing people over…

  88. adensmama says:

    Messy I’m just wondering why I didn’t know about CDN earlier lol! It seems like I’m always the last freaking person in the world to catch onto things, I can be slow at times.

    Are you guys Packer fans?

  89. Sharpie says:

    I agree come over to CDN!!

    I really just had that “feeling” about the cookie mama the second I read her thread. There are just some people you can read from a mile away.

  90. adensmama says:

    Haha I’m just reading that thread on CDN and she blames it on her “typing skills”. Um, yeah last time I checked my fingers did not compulsively type lies into the keyboard.

  91. Aj says:

    beachmommyof2 is Jenna’s sister aka kidpsych2b (which thinking of it, where has she been?)

    I bought from her once and promptly put her on my do not b/s/t with list. She took longer than she should to ship, I had to email her over and over–it was right when I joined ds…go figure!

  92. Sharpie says:

    OMFG LOL I’d pay to see you write that on the thread!

  93. adensmama says:

    K I registered over there, my new name is a&pmama

  94. Sharpie says:

    Oh I see you at the bottom there as our newest member! Welcome:)

  95. amessymama says:

    87-If no told BS stories then we wouldn’t have to doubt anyone.

    I think I see at least one BS story daily on the few sites I go on. I generally don’t call them on it. Maybe I’m just a big ole pessimist.

    But, I think I’m usually right.

    Anyone here remember MitB on MDC? It used to make me so mad when people would feel so bad for her and her stupid lies. I was brand freakin’ new at that place and the first story I heard I knew was A BUCKET FULL OF CRAP.

    Blech. I can’t stand liars.

  96. theinvisible says:

    What is with the compulsion to weave lies for a bunch of strangers? Are hug smilies that gratifying?

  97. Messy says:

    #99 At least one person offered her money (on DS) to not be stuck at home for the weekend since she had such a horrible day and supposedly paypal tied up her checking account.

  98. amessymama says:

    100-REALLY?!!!! Who was dumb enough to do that?

  99. Sharpie says:

    There are a lot of pathological liars out there who need to lie to garner attention and feel better about their own lives. My BFF back in my school days was one and she would lie about the most simple things ever (like what she had for breakfast, etc.) It’s like a compulsion with these people to lie all the time. I don’t know why they do it but I sure as shit know the real life consequences from hanging out with one.

  100. adensmama says:

    #100 holy shit!!!

    Just like some people bought stuff from that one chick who was TTC but supposedly had no food and no gas for the car because some creditors got money out of her checking account…

  101. Sharpie says:

    That just pisses me off big time to hear that Messy.

  102. amessymama says:

    You know what I’d like to do but I probably never will? Is start a thread asking people to tell 2 different stories of things that happened to them. One true and the other false.

    Then I want to see if I can differentiate between the two. Because I always feel like I can tell they’re lying but then I doubt myself.

  103. theinvisible says:

    I hope they are a little less trusting of internet sob stories now. Korin taught me my internet generosity lesson. When the fire destroyed all of her sil’s clothes and toys I sent a package. No thank you, no I got it, no nothing. I didn’t realize who she was until after I sent it or I wouldn’t have at all. Diaper Scammers.

  104. amessymama says:

    102-Did you know my little sister?

    I think that’s why I’m so sensitive to it. She has to be considered a pathological liar. You’re right about the things they lie about too. Regular everyday things that have no bearing whatsoever on anything else.

  105. adensmama says:

    Yeah some people reeeeally love attention. I mean, everyone loves attention I think that is just part of human nature. But the people who go on message boards and make up crazy lies are just taking it a step further.

    I used to be really active on JM, and it seems like on every DDC there are at least 1 or 2 fake troll type people. And those people always end up “losing the baby” in some kind of crazy horrible way, or they have the baby super early like 24 weeks but then they make mistakes in their NICU stories and eventually get caught in the lies. It’s really creepy, I always wondered who was behind it. Some 40 year old bald dude, or a dumb teenage girl? Who knows?

  106. not just another mama says:

    adensmama, yep.

    a lady had conjoined twins & had them early due to birth defects, they were still births, but she was banned right after losing her babies, then unbanned.. a few people on the board knew her in real life & could vouch for EVERY bit of her story.

  107. me says:

    94- She is around! She was posting a bit ago.

  108. amessymama says:

    109-That is so sad.

  109. theinvisible says:

    109 I think I actually heard about that! When did this happen?

  110. not just another mama says:

    Wow, it was probably two years ago now? Or almost.

  111. adensmama says:

    Wow that is so sad! That poor mama!

  112. not just another mama says:

    Oh and that was on JM as well.

  113. Rae says:

    Lol. Dude! I knew I was going to see my DS Username on here when I did my daily blog checking! I’m honored, really. And to think–all of this drama over drawstrings! No one ever got this wound up about my posts on religion, abortion, or my militant lactivism!

    I do have to say that although it wasn’t my original intention, even bad publicity is better than no publicity at all. Case in point–Britney Spears. πŸ™‚

    Can’t wait to see what we’re dramatizing about tomorrow.



  114. adensmama says:

    Wow, I bet that caused quite a stir! I’ve been on JM since…’06 I guess? Before I started TTC my daughter. I don’t remember that happening but like I said, I’m always the last to know about something. I might have been so caught up in the TTC boards that I didn’t notice.

    I left my first PR because this stupid girl was always making up lies and saying she had miscarriages all the time just to get attention, I don’t remember the specifics of it but her story just did NOT add up, I think we found posts to other forums and stuff with different dates for her supposed pregnancies, it was just really weird. Anyways a bunch of us called her out on it, and then of course got in trouble because you can’t say ANYTHING on JM just like DS. All these idiot women in the PR still believed her and were giving her *huggles* for her stupid little sob story and I just couldn’t stand it!!

    I left my current PR because I was sick of being judged for my parenting choices, especially when those morons started feeding their babies vegetables and stuff when they were 2 months old…I didn’t say I was leaving or anything I just left.

  115. theinvisible says:

    Didn’t someone say JM was owned by Lee too? Or was that just speculation?

  116. adensmama says:

    #117 I said that, and it turns out that they are owned by eHarmony. I thought that because I remembered there had been a takeover recently, and they switched to the same type of board as DS. Would have been funny though πŸ˜‰

  117. theboobah says:

    what’s PR & JM?

  118. adensmama says:

    Military hater broke chick again:
    I kinda feel sorry for her if this baby really was an “oops”, because obviously they are in a really bad place to have a baby

  119. memyselfandi says:

    #61 looks like beachmommy already sold those wcw shorties on Apr 5th…unless she had 2 pr of med turq wcw shorts? hmmmmmm

  120. theinvisible says:

    She’s an idiot. The concept of sacrifice is completely foreign to her. Grown ups can’t have cake and eat it too. Sometimes something has to give. If everyone could just go on with their plans and life unplanned pregnancies would be no big deal.

  121. adensmama says:

    How is a vet tech program more intense than nursing?

    Oh and did you see where she talked about the other thread where “everyone said horrible things about her because she didn’t want to drop out of school”?

    She has NO idea what it’s like to give birth, much less have to take care of a newborn that wakes up at all hours of the night. I figure in a couple months we see her “I have to drop out of school, woe is me this baby ruined my life” post.

  122. mmspirit7 says:

    i am still trying to wrap my head around a vet tech program that is at business school i call bull on it I do.

  123. mmspirit7 says:

    i don’t get why it would be a whole year before she could go back to school for her program i mean i want to say schools i looked at when i wanted vet weren’t like that.

  124. diudiaole says:

    maybe she is doing one of those long distance courses from home and just trying to make it sound important… vet tech is always one of the options

  125. celestialdreamer says:

    I am cracking up laughing that a vet tech program is “MORE” intense than a nursing program. I do believe she has no idea what the heck she is talking about. As a former nurse that one actually made me crack up laughing!

  126. mmspirit7 says:

    i think ti’s vet asst. that is one of the DL courses but vet tech is like 2 years she tried telling me it was 4 but i can’t remember one that is.

    i was going to go to school to be a vet…a dream that will never come true and well if she was going for that i would buy it but call bull on were she lives

  127. diudiaole says:

    adensmama — I heart you for linking me to that co-op… I don’t mind the wait! Your stuff shipped out today btw!

  128. adensmama says:

    #130 you are welcome! I’m hoping to get my 20 yards of OBF today, I will let you know how it is when I get it. Thanks for letting me know it shipped out!

  129. adensmama says:

    Sorry not today…sometime SOON I meant.

  130. TL says:

    I know some one who just did the vet tech program, its a two year course here not 4 and not as hard as nursing lol or they’d be paid a lot better!!! I think she’s just BS’ing again, either that or the world and everything in it must hate her lol.

  131. adensmama says:

    #133 noooo kidding. I think her school and her whole story seems really BS. She said she lives in the city with the highest unemployment rate in Ohio…maybe I’ll google that.

  132. just_sayin says:

    She’s just immature and trying to impress everyone. God knows her lifestyle isn’t very impressive, so she’s trying to pretend that she’s all that because her school work is sooooo hard. She’s not mature enough to realize that we don’t care (or buy it).

  133. redroan says:

    134:: Youngstown has the highest unemployment rate in Ohio.

  134. adensmama says:

    #135 ITA! Notice how she’s always talking about how smart she is and how she’s at the top of her class? People who are really smart don’t need to brag about it.

  135. mmspirit7 says:

    ok i look at the pics in this store and they remind me of how another bad wahm takes hers sometimes makes me wonder about the two stores

    i just can’t remember the other wahms name but she made the ugly monster pants

  136. adensmama says:

    #137 at least crop your pics so people can’t tell it’s a TV tray!

  137. Messy says:

    #137 I have two pairs of Just Duckies that I bought from another mama. They are great! Hate the pics, love the pants. We have the denim ones she has a pic of LOL (it is pattons yarn though)

  138. mmspirit7 says:

    i thought desk not tv tray and I kept seeing it and to be honest skiped them because they looked like how that other wahms pics looked an it scared me off i will go bad and look.

    I wasn’t trying to bash her it’s just how the pics were taken that bugged me is all i am sorry.

  139. adensmama says:

    Doesn’t she use the Sheepy Pants pattern or something?

    I think her knitting is good but her pics leave much to be desired.

  140. Messy says:

    No, she uses a knitting machine and makes them in two pieces, left and right. Like sewing pants together. You can tell IRL and also in the pics if you look at how the centers line up.
    Oh, don’t be sorry, her pics suck LOL!

  141. screenname says:

    I just about spit my water!

    Registered Users

    Join Date: Nov 2008
    Posts: 174
    My Mood:

    Re: decision about school
    a friend of mine just graduated from the vet tech program at a college in the bigger city here. It was a 2 year program though not 4? not sure what they’d all fit into 4 years lol. Honestly if it were me, I’d take the year off to be with babe and deal with whatever things I’d have to do to be home with baby during that time. Besides that from other posts you’ve said that your mom has a mental illness as well as a chain smoker and her house isn’t safe, so I don’t think that’d be a good choice for baby for daycare. I hope something comes through for you to get your own place and things look up soon.

  142. adensmama says:

    #143 oh. I didn’t even know that existed LOL! I would rather just buy actually knit ones I guess.

  143. screenname says:

    Do you even need school to be a vet tech? I live in Ohio and see lots of ads for vet techs in the classifieds that say experience or education is helpful but not required. No clue here.

  144. adensmama says:

    #144 uh oh, here we go again! I wonder how far it will go this time, her and her stupid excuses.

  145. adensmama says:

    Apparently there are still schools that offer a bachelors degree in vet tech-ing.

  146. screenname says:

    So for the Just Ducky shop…you get the shorties and a matching t-shirt of your choice for $24? That’s a nice deal, even for machine knitted. I love my Kozy wool so I’m assuming the Just Ducky is similar?

  147. Messy says:

    I am getting ad ware file pop ups trying to download on my computer off DS tonight. My virus blocker caught it three times, and with that, I shut down DS. Niiice.

  148. JustPeachy says:

    Just Ducky is machine knit wool hence the cheapness of it.

  149. tweedle*deedee says:

    Vet tech is harder than nursing?! Pfffft!

    And FAFSA- Free application for Federal Student Aid– really has nothing to do with her taking a break, it is just the form you fill out to start aid. Is she confused? How is it you can be more broke but not qualify for additional aid (like FS)?

    And FTR, student loans can be deferred into infinity just about, she is just flat making that part up!

  150. BffMama says:

    Gosh you knittin’ mamas are lazy.

  151. just_sayin says:

    137, if she’s so smart, then how come she is too dumb to figure out how to get food stamps and WIC?

  152. JustPeachy says:

    πŸ˜› bffmama lol

  153. try me, i'm new! says:

    vet tech is different than vet assistant – any schmuck off the street c an be a vet assistant – I was one at 16. A vet tech is licensed and can do things like IV’s, shots, etc. I’m in Ohio and looked into vet tech school and didn’t see any that were 4 year programs. Oh, and the whole she’d have to wait a year to start classes again – some programs only offer specific sequential courses certain semesters – like, all the vet tech students take classes a and b one term, then c and d the next. That keeps costs down – they only offer a few classes at a time – and keeps the students together in a cohort group. we did this in my art ed program at OSU – it was a bitch, ’cause we were stuck with the same group of 20 girls in each and every class for 2 full years. Gods help you if you didn’t get along with someone.

    but, uh, vet tech school is harder than nursing, suuuuurrrreee it is. and if her school is so damn restrictive and unforgiving, then she really should take the time off. she’s just in for a world of hurt otherwise.

  154. Roxanna says:

    I had to call her on her Vet Tech is harder then Nursing….that seriously pissed me off coming from someone that went to Nursing school. I am wondering if she is in a Trade type school and that is why she isn’t able to take time off. Also from what I heard a lot of Vets will train you in their offices to be a tech even more so if it is so demanding they probably are in desperate need for them…

    I think that she needs to grow up and realize life is hard and stop thinking about herself and about the baby that will be here very soon.

  155. screenname says:

    If she qualifies for food stamps she should get title XX as well. Maybe she could find a child care near school that doesn’t feature chain smoking, dangerous dogs, a disgusting carpet and mental health issues.

  156. just_sayin says:

    158, I hear the cookie daycare lady has an opening. Just a thought…

  157. screenname says:

    159 – Only if there is a hospital nearby for pickup. Hopefully the nurses there are as well trained as the vet techs. I mean, I know that nursing school curriculum is mostly coloring and star gazing, but hopefully they’d be able to pull it together to start IV diphenhydramine.

  158. monkey says:


    I know! FAFSA can be submitted twice a year (I think, it’s been a while since I’ve done it). And if she’s as low income as she says she’ll qualify for Pell grants out the yinyang. Most colleges will let you take an incomplete if the professor agrees and make up the work at a later date.

    There are tons of ways to work this… she would just rather be dramariffic than do it.

  159. turkey lurkey says:

    Or, she could just buy a sewing machine at Wal-Mart. Connorsmama is looking for collabs.

  160. BffMama says:

    FAFSA can be done online (which she clearly knows how to use efficiently). If you are low income, an independent student (past a certain age where mama can’t claim you on taxes) and have a kid, you can pretty much get anything you want. At least back in the day you could. And student loans (Federally subsidized or unsubsidized) have so many programs to pay back (forbearance, deferrment, needs-based). Now private loan companies are a whole ‘nother ball of wax (and are like Quido who will break your leg for even thinking about missing a payment–they truly dont give a fuck what’s up in your life, they want their money or heads are rolling). And I’m *just* now paying my student loans (federal) back after a significantly long amount of time since I graduated college (legitimate reasons why I had to postpone so long). And um, I was able to get so much money in grants/loans, it paid for my daycare.

    Srsly. I don’t go to DS so I don’t know who the fuck we’re even talking about but I trust my wolverine mamas here to know a dumbass.

  161. BffMama says:

    Was what I typed (in the rainy dark without glasses on) even relevant to anything? LMMFAO. I hate being out of the loop since I don’t go to herpesville, but I like still acting like I know wtf I’m talking about. πŸ˜€

    I better just stick with criticizing you lazy ass knitters.

  162. theinvisible says:

    Yess, bff, it applies and yes to the aid part also lol. She really just wants to complain. And sometimes an unplanned pregnancy changes things. That’s a pretty basic concept that she hasn’t grasped yet. I wanted to be in the CIA and be a spy but when I got pregnant in high school I had to make a new plan. I jest, but KWIM?

  163. theinvisible says:

    Yes, bff, it applies and yes to the aid part also lol. She really just wants to complain. And sometimes an unplanned pregnancy changes things. That’s a pretty basic concept that she hasn’t grasped yet. I wanted to be in the CIA and be a spy but when I got pregnant in high school I had to make a new plan. I jest, but KWIM?

  164. adensmama says:

    I think as far as the student aid thing she was saying that her student loans wouldn’t be deferred anymore because she wouldn’t be in class full time. I think with FAFSA you can either get a Pell grant OR get your loans deferred, not both.
    I know for sure you can only apply once a year though, the fiscal year for federal student aid starts in the summer, either June or July.

    I think she just needs to either suck it up or give it up. Either she goes back to her stupid school immediately after giving birth, or she doesn’t and she ends up living at the crazy mom’s disgusting trailer or something. Like I said before, she has noooo freakin idea what it’s like to give birth or have a newborn. I bet she’s falling asleep in class and she fails the damn program anyways.

  165. magpiedpiper says:

    I think just like the last thread that she has already made her stupid decision, and is just looking for validation and to give “reasons” to those logical people who point out errors in order to further justify her decision to herself.

  166. magpiedpiper says:

    So according to the link above, she COULD be in a 4 year program if she was doing it only part time, which would explain the very few classes she’s taking. But then WHY was she going part time prior to getting pregnant/giving birth if she’s also not really WORKING other than a few hours on the weekend. I know of plenty of people who took full time course loads and still worked weekends and sometimes evenings in college.

  167. adensmama says:

    What is the point of this odd story? To show that scammers are just looking for people to send them free crap?

  168. theinvisible says:

    She’s alluding to an actual story. I’m not sure if it’s the dad that was asking for donations (that I saw) or she’s just using “dad” so no one can say she outed the person. I’d love to know but I’m not on DS enough anymore to know for sure. There might have been another one since.

  169. magpiedpiper says:

    Surely people didn’t actually send anything to the kidney infection daughter or whatever it was Dad. Must be another one?

  170. adensmama says:

    Yeah I just thought it was very confusing the way she worded it. A lot of stuff she says doesn’t make sense though.

  171. StacEy says:

    the thread from 170 makes my head hurt. Sended? Specialy? I’m no spelling police, but come on.

  172. magpiedpiper says:

    I’ve gotten the feeling before that maybe English is not her first language? But that post was particularly difficult to wade through.

  173. Laura says:

    That woman is so strange. Nothing she writes ever makes sense.

  174. amessymama says:

    Yeah, I’m not having trouble “reading between the lines”.
    I’m having difficulty reading the actual lines she typed.

    That woman’s comments always have me shaking my head. Disbelief, confusion, misunderstanding? I don’t really know.

  175. Flippin out says:

    OMG I cannot stand her. Her spelling and grammar make it impossible to even understand WTF she is saying. Plus she likes to change her story whenever someone disagrees with her. She also acts kind of snobby and elitist which is kind of funny considering she can’t even spell simple words.

    /rant. phew I feel better.

  176. Tuppylover says:

    She is fricken wacko!

  177. mmspirit7 says:

    dang it…i hate when they move flights a day. no booty for me tonight

  178. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    She’s mentions her “home country” here:

  179. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    181- That lady came on a thread about a formula can exploding and said something like “you know what is REALLY scary is that a days worth of soy formula contains 5 birth control pills” or something along those lines. Totally random.

  180. StacEy says:

    182: maybe she was trying to talk about the hormone effects soy has? I dunno, I keep hearing soy is bad for boys but I haven’t taken the time to research it.

  181. werd says:

    sooo my drama blog friends, we just got back from the BIG ultrasound, and we is having a:

  182. werd says:

    hello all my Drama Blog friends. We just got back from our BIG u/s, and it’s a:

  183. amessymama says:

    Congrats werd!!

  184. mmspirit7 says:

    184 congrats!!!

  185. werd says:

    I’m still in total shock and I’ve known for 2 hours LOL!

  186. DSDM2 says:

    congrats werd!

  187. Laura says:

    Congrats werd!

    Who is wackadoodle natasha referring to in her hypothetical story post?

  188. magpiedpiper says:

    Congratulations Werd!!

    So what was the “true” story that was being alluded to? I’m dealing with a sick, teething baby and don’t feel like searching for it. I guess I am shades of lazy myself.

  189. Kris says:

    106- Wait, what’s the story there? I sent stuff too!

  190. diudiaole says:

    congrats on the little man, werd! πŸ™‚

  191. werd says:

    I’m catching up but #108 – when I was pregnant with Carly, I was banned from JM for being a troll. I waited and then when I had Carly, I took GREAT pleasure in sending birth pictures to the admin, getting unbanned, and spamming my birth pics all over the DDC that had me banned. Wankers!!

    Back to catching up.

  192. screenname says:

    Anybody catch the drama in Shutterbugs? The thread is poofing as I type.

  193. mmspirit7 says:

    196 do tell?

  194. Bloggitybloggity says:

    It went poof before I had a chance to go back and read replies. I’m sure they were nasty. My heart is broken.

    I got my very first warning too.

  195. Sharpie says:

    Congrats Werd!!

  196. Laura says:

    Where is shutterbugs?

  197. Bloggitybloggity says:


    Congrats! How exciting πŸ™‚

  198. screenname says:

    Werd – Congrats on your sweet baby boy! How exciting!

    Bloggity – Congrats on your first strike.

  199. just_sayin says:

    Shutterbugs is an opt in forum for suburban moms who think they are photographers because they have photoshop and a DSLR.

    So what happened on the thread? Did someone who is actually good post some pictures? LOL

  200. Bloggitybloggity says:


    Ha! They were very clear about it being a warning. Still no strikes yet :p

  201. amessymama says:

    What is Shutterbugs? Is it a daily chat thread?

    And Bloggity is your heart really broken?

    I wanna know what happened!!!****having a tantrum****

  202. Laura says:

    Can one opt in just to read? I’m so nosey.

  203. screenname says:

    Shutterbugs is an opt in forum under Off Topic. Go to User CP and look under Group Memberships to join.

  204. Bloggitybloggity says:



    * There was a “confessions” thread. Never a good idea.

    * I posted a response to the thread. I made a comment that was directed toward noone inparticular, and it was taken to heart by someone. If the shoe fits… and all that.

    * I refused to back down and gush apologies.

    * Meg took up the cause and tried to tear me to pieces.

    * I refused to lick Meg’s boots.

    * I received many pleasant verbal spankings… and then the thread went *POOF*

  205. Bloggitybloggity says:



    No. It’s all in good fun– I have thicker skin than that πŸ˜‰

  206. amessymama says:

    206-You should say that when they ask your reason for joining.

    I’m nosy, I just want to read the drama. lol

  207. amessymama says:

    Thanks for the recap. πŸ™‚

  208. Bloggitybloggity says:


    No problem. πŸ˜€

  209. screenname says:

    The opposite. Someone (luvmybaby333) posted that she basically didn’t know jack about photography but thought that the way that some photographers are worshipped like Gods is weird. Molly got upset with that. Meg made some witty remarks. Nicky (luvmybaby333) got all dramariffic.

  210. werd says:

    okay for crazy vet tech miliatry-not liking weirdo – dood, I’ve been deferring my loans for like ever. I got knocked up and dropped out of college and I don’t think I’m ever going back. We make so little, that I have NO problem getting deferred. I’ve been deferred for 4 years now!

    and vet tech compares NOT to nursing, I’m sorry.

    And yeah, private loans SUCK, when those suckers are due, they are SHARKS. BUT, you can file bankruptcy on them if you are poor enough. πŸ™‚ GOODBYE, GATE loan assholes!!

  211. Bloggitybloggity says:

    luvmybaby333 is me, of course.

    Molly got dramarrific.

    I responded in kind.

    Meg did what Meg does best.

    Someone got their feelings hurt and reported the thread.

    Poof– the thread disappeared.

  212. Bloggitybloggity says:

    214… I need to look into deferment. Were all your loans subsidized or did you have some unsubsidized loans?

  213. JustPeachy says:

    208 be more specific please. Some of us are late to the party lol.

  214. not just another mama says:

    luvmybaby333 sounds like an idiot.

    obviously appreciation of beautiful art is weird.. Why people say Americans have no appreciation or culture… *nods head*

  215. adensmama says:

    #195 what DDC were you in?

    And about the crazy Natscha thing…she does say some off the wall crap. Like…every post.

    The other day when I posted in O/T about some bitch hitting her kid at Baby Gap, she actually told me that I personally should have physically restrained the woman until the police could get there. Uh, okay crazy. Because I’m sure if I did that *I* would be the one getting arrested, not the other way around!
    And of course “she would NEVER just stand by and let a child be abused”. I told her that next time she makes a citizens arrest she should let us know so we can all clap for her.

  216. Bloggitybloggity says:


    As I’m DSLR-deficient, I am not a regular poster in the shutterbugs thread. I lurk a LOT though. I occasionally post where I can (ie: non CC threads, some discussion threads, etc.) Apparently that makes me a dramariffic bitch.

    I admitted to several things that I don’t usually discuss. Specifically the comment that hurt Molly’s feelings was that it embarrasses me to watch people fawn all over the “good” photographers like they are some sort of demi-gods. I wasn’t directing it at her, but she felt that I was. She got all defensive about it.

    The conversation went on. Meg doesn’t like me much anyway, so this was a great opportunity for her to sink her teeth into me. The thread is gone, so I can’t quote specifics… but the fact that I never post pictures was mentioned (even though I’d already covered that topic myself) and other things. I was accused of intentionally starting the whole dramaramdingdong

    The last I checked, Meg was mocking my Myspace page… whining about my age, the use of the color pink, and my lack of photography skills (which, again, I’d already covered πŸ˜‰ ) Then I got caught up in some PMs and wasn’t able to check the thread. IDK what was said after that. I got a warning because someone reported my posts as rude, or whatever, and then when I went back to view the thread it was already gone.

  217. Bloggitybloggity says:


    I’m not an idiot. But thanks.

    I have a great appreciation for art. FTR, there is a big difference between appreciation… and having an orgasm over every single camera shart.

    Again: it was assumed that I was specifically referring to Meg and Molly. I was not. There is plenty of ass-kissing that goes on in many different photography forums. The fact that Molly immediately got defensive says that SHE has an issue with the subject. I was unaware of her insecurities ahead of time.

  218. theinvisible says:

    Taking true to color photographs of diapers and kids does not make someone an artist.
    ::throws .02 into the violin case::

  219. adensmama says:

    I understand what she is saying about how everyone fawns over good pictures. I mean, I like good pictures too but the truth is that people can get kinda creepy obsessive over certain people and their pictures.

  220. JustPeachy says:

    Oh well I dont get it either. Ill give credit where credit is due but I wont kiss your ass just because you can work a camera.

  221. not just another mama says:

    Wait.. was she referring to people online or photographers in general? Because there are some AMAZING photographers out there.. (outside of diaperland)

  222. werd says:

    #219 January 2007. If you were in that DDC I’m going to beat your ass LOL

    My loans are all subsidized!

  223. Bloggitybloggity says:

    222- How true.

    223- Yep. That was what I was talking about.

    224- For real.

    225- I was generally speaking about *some* photographers in the forums I frequent (child photography forums– not just diaperland ones πŸ˜‰ )

    226- Then that is where I screwed the pooch. Half of mine are subsidized and half of mine are not. I knew it wasn’t the best choice when I started, but I honestly never planned to drop out. I guess that, short of a winning lotto ticket, I’m never gonna get this shit fixed. Oh well, time to move off the grid and start traveling the country in an RV. lol

  224. adensmama says:

    #226 I was in Feb 2007….does that make us neighbors? LOL!

  225. screenname says:

    I didn’t find bloggity’s first post particularly offensive. After all, it was a thread about confessions. And she prefaced her post with an admission of her lack of photography experience. It just started to get ugly from there.

  226. not just another mama says:

    I don’t know.. I think to knock someones skills & say they’re not worthy of praise is silly.. Sounds a little like jealousy.. But I didn’t see the post so I don’t know what was said.. but yeah.. Some people just love a certain persons work.. Same as preferring a brand of diapers over another.. KWIM?

    I’m jealous of a lot of photographers skills.. Because I don’t have them.. Even with the best equipment & several classes.. So its more then just a point & click thing.. There is actually hard work behind a good picture..

  227. Bloggitybloggity says:

    I certainly had no intention of knocking anyone’s skills. I freely admitted that there were a great many people who’s skill I admired. I just think that there is a rather defined line between praise/ admiration and fawning/ groveling. I never once said that ANYONE wasn’t “worthy of praise” or shouldn’t be admired for the hard work that goes into their art. I simply shared a confession that it irritates the crap out of me when people are treated like they shit gold because they can make a pretty picture. KWIM?

    Along similar lines: I would also never throw my panties at Trent Reznor if I managed to get close to him at a NIN concert. Do I admire the band and totally think he’s hot? Of course! But that doesn’t mean I need to degrade myself to prove how much I appreciate his talent.

    Am I jealous that I can’t take awesome photographs? Absolutely! Eventually I plan to get a better camera, and then I will have a fighting chance at improving my own abilities. But I’ll probably never be *awesome* and I’m okay with that. My only goal is to take great pictures of my children πŸ™‚

  228. monkey says:


  229. adensmama says:

    LOL @ the panties analogy.

  230. monkey says:

    #182 I wanna know what that’s about too!

  231. monkey says:

    I wondered if it was a post on the amber teething necklace thread…

  232. not just another mama says:

    Throwing panties? Isn’t that a thing of the 80’s? People still do this?.. I’ve been to hundreds of concerts & never seen this happen!

  233. monkey says:

    Guess not, I found her post on that thread.

  234. Bloggitybloggity says:


    I honestly have no clue. I was born in the 80s and didn’t attend many concerts back then. πŸ˜‰

    The last concert I went to people were throwing plastic beer bottles. Their may have been panties in there too, I dunno.


  235. just_sayin says:

    You’re right, there is more than pointing and clicking to a good photo. It’s rare that I have seen anything on DS that makes me think Wow! Most of the time they have that over exposed plastic doll look. And then the minions come along and cream themselves. So, I agree with you bloggity, the Shutterbugs forum is just a snobby clique of people who think that they are God’s gift to photography, when for the most part they just have expensive equipment and photoshop. Like that I Smile Because of Them person. Her photos are horrible. I can’t believe that she is trying to have a photography business. I would be furious if I took my kid to have her picture taken by them.

  236. werd says:

    228 LOL howdy neighbor!

  237. adensmama says:

    #239 can you link us for some quick gratification on the horrible pics?

  238. adensmama says:

    NataschaN deleted ALL her posts on that weirdo thread she posted earlier today….and changed the title.

  239. werd says:

    another pic of our boy. I’m still in shock. I am enjoying shopping online for boy stuff though – can’t wait for payday, LOL!!

    this is the “how YOU doin’?” picture, lol. You can see his winkie, lol, he is not shy!!

  240. Roxanna says:

    NataschaN might of deleted her post put it was quoted and they figured out who she is talking about and she is getting ripped a new one but of course she isn’t responding

  241. diudiaole says:

    Nat— yes she was the one who got a free stinky couture soaker for tattling to daphne about us bashing her — then posted about it and stated when she gets pg again she will be purchasing her entire nb stash from sc.

    She should probably order those stinky fixxes now if she wants them to show up sometime before her yet-to-be-conceived child is born…

  242. diudiaole says:

    too cute, werd!

  243. adensmama says:

    #244 she is so fucking pretentious I can’t stand it. Did you see what chloecat said to her about working on her English instead of making up stories? That made me literally LOL.

    And then of course she’s claiming to know 4 languages or something…ok whatev.

  244. screenname says:

    So some poor mama lost her house and all her things. She has 3 young boys and a baby on the way. She was on the news telling the world how thankful she is for everyone’s generosity. And Natasha is pissed because she didn’t get a thank you card?

    I bet the mama who lost everything sure wishes that the biggest problem she had was that someone didn’t have time to send her a thank you card.

  245. theinvisible says:

    OK after reading that thread I feel bad for even mentioning Korin’s sister and the fire. However, I feel that since the person soliciting and receiving donations wasn’t directly affected, she should have at least acknowledged receipt of said donation. Plus I don’t like her. Carry on.

  246. Roxanna says:

    Well in every language there is a word for B*tch and that is what she is being! How dare she feel the need to complain about this when a person lost her house and everything in it! It makes me seriously ill and the worst part is she wanted to stir the pot and call this Mama out so everyone could think she was a scammer….isn’t there enough real scammers on DS to go after?

    That Tessa girl is so pathetic I honestly feel sorry for her baby and I feel sorry for her the day she grows up and realizes how dumb she was. I have a feeling the real world is going to give her a swift kick in the arsh!

  247. magpiedpiper says:

    I know I am on my period, so maybe part of the irritation from Tess of the D’UHbervilles is hormones, but her stubborn refusal to address the inconsistencies in her story, or her mentally unstable dirty mother babysitting, or to actually TRY and improve her lot in life rather than doggedly following her own darn way just frustrates the hell out of me. I hate that her child is likely going to suffer because of her immaturity.

  248. diudiaole says:

    Who knows if her mom is actually dirty or not… the whole thing sounds like bs

  249. kukukachoo says:

    hi! anyone else having trouble loading cdn? i haven’t been able to for hours yet every other site is fine???

  250. magpiedpiper says:

    #252 True, but the fact is she herself said her mother’s home was filthy, her Mom is mentally unstable, the dogs at her parent’s house are dangerous, and in another thread that her Mom allowed her grandfather to sexually abuse her and did nothing about it BECAUSE of her mental illness, but then says she would let her babysit there? WTF? Either she’s lying or she’s dumb as a rock. And she can’t pay even $100 in rent but has SEVEN DOGS. Lordy, either she’s a compulsive liar or seriously, just the bottom of the gene pool in the smarts department.

  251. magpiedpiper says:

    No problem here with CDN loading.

  252. Bloggitybloggity says:


    Sometimes a computer restart will clear up little issues like that. (If nobody else is experiencing issues.)


    Prolly both.

  253. Roxanna says:

    Tess is a hot mess and unfortunately she is going to pass that onto her innocent child 😦 I just went off on her she is honestly just dumb I know she is young but she is honestly just hard headed and I bet people have tried to tell her ways to make it ‘easier’ but she doesn’t want to listen she likes living in a toxic environment.

    I sincerely feel sorry for her child I would like to think her boyfriend is more together but I have a feeling he is just as messed up as she is

  254. adensmama says:

    #254 I think it’s her mom that has the 7 dogs, one of which has some kind of compulsive rage syndrome.

    If I were her fiancee/boyfriend’s grandma I would likely be bitchy at her too, first of all because she is a dumbass, second of all because I am letting her pregnant ass and my loser grandson live in my house for free. No wonder she’s “hard to live with”.

  255. adensmama says:

    Oh and I hope to god that her kid isn’t sexually abused by her nasty family members if that is what really happened to her as she said in another thread.

  256. magpiedpiper says:

    She says they are her mom’s, but some are hers, but in a thread she shows pics of all 7 as if they are hers…

    Honestly, I thought the whole thing with her mother was pretty sketchy, but if what she says about her mom and dad not doing anything about her being abused as a small child is true, then I am just appalled she would even consider leaving her child alone with her/them.

  257. Roxanna says:

    OMGosh I didn’t read the sexually abuse thread please tell me it wasn’t by a family member 😦 I honestly hope she is lying about all of this because it is getting even worse maybe someone should recommend adoption to a stable family.

  258. adensmama says:

    #261 apparently it was her grandfather?

    I wouldn’t doubt that she was abused, she seems pretty messed up.

  259. magpiedpiper says:

    She said it was done by her Grandfather, who is now dead, but that neither her mother (due to her mental illness she said and because she and her twin were both very young) or her father did anything about it.

  260. Roxanna says:

    sooooo are you saying that she is going to allow her baby to be around her Mom for extended times knowing her Mom turned her head and allowed her Grandfather sexual abuse her and her twin?

  261. magpiedpiper says:

    That’s what she’s saying anyway!

  262. diudiaole says:

    she bores me…i want diaper scammers drama

  263. werd says:

    ugh. I had to comment, i used to work in financial aid and what she was “told” is absolutely wrong!

    this girl sounds so naive – you need to do research when people tell you things that don’t seem to make sense!

    she really has NO idea what she’s in for. You CANNOT go back to school right after a c/s. Fuck, I could barely sit up for the first week! And it’s ALL over if her baby has colic – try going to school and doing homework on 2 hours of sleep because your child screamed and puked for 8 hours straight.

    Ugh I hope this baby doesn’t have colic. And I am so not looking forward to a c/s – ugh!

  264. Cubanita says:

    Hola chicas… I’m a lurker and I’ve only posted here a couple of times.

    Vet tech chic irritates me to no end! ugH!

  265. Cubanita says:

    eeek! what’s up with my monster?!

  266. JustPeachy says:

    Where was her post quoted?

  267. the me monster says:

    That’s really messed up. I don’t understand why these people think that because they’ve done a thing once or twice that they are a WAHM for that type of product and can suddenly make a killing…

    I wonder what she would think of the WAHM who does those stringless knits!

  268. BffMama says:

    I feel like doing some investigating on this little chickadee. Can someone link me the original post of hers and I’m gonna brave DS and see if I can find some info on her irl.

  269. screenname says:

    Info on the thread so far is that she’s from Defiance, OH and goes to Stautzenberger College.

  270. Aj says:

    Natascha’s another one who is constantly “kicking” her husband out one week, and them raving his fantasticness the next. I can’t stand her.

  271. DSDM2 says:

    tessa has her own blog post now. Check it out.

  272. JHA says:

    Much in the same way that I won’t go to an OB/GYN who doesn’t have a uterus/ovaries/breasts, I cannot see buying yarn that is dyed by a non-knitter/crocheter. If you don’t have working knowledge of the end product/process, please don’t try to manufacture the materials!!!

  273. screenname says:

    Uh, did you see her new post?

    Registered Users
    Formerly: 3mamasboys

    Join Date: May 2006
    Location: Seattle, WA
    Posts: 1,795
    Ratings: 86
    Feedback: 100%

    How much experience before becoming a WAHM?
    How much experience should someone have in their craft before they begin selling?

    The very first answer?

    A lot.


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