It’s not every day you see a WAHM do or say something like this.

how do I price wool set? (

chrissyb 05-29-2009 09:33 AM

how do I price wool set?
So, I won one of the charity auctions a couple months ago on HC fo a recycled wool shorties and pinafore set. I knew it might be a little big fot dd. At this point its too big, and I am sure it will be too small next year :banghead: add to that I decided I don’t love wool :banghead: But it is gorgeous! So, I am goint to fsot it, but don’t know how to price it. I don’t expect to get my money back as it was a charity donation IMO. It was a highly bidded item though. So, I paid $100 for it, the mama who makes them I think sells the sets for 40-50. So how do I price it? I was thinking $50 or $60ppd? It has never even been worn 😥
kadenandellasmom 05-29-2009 12:36 PM

Re: how do I price wool set?
Hey mama! I’m pretty sure that was the set I made (nevermind my message if it’s not :blush: ) — You can send it back, and I’ll make a smaller one! I can give you a credit on the shorties for another dress – or something non-wool :thumbsup:
kadenandellasmom 05-29-2009 05:41 PM

Re: how do I price wool set?
Thanks! I believe in standing behind what I make – no matter what! And, not just for this mama – but for ALL my customers! If someone is going to put their faith (and funds!) in me and my business, I’m going to bend over backwards to make the experience above and beyond what is expected! IMO – THAT is why you buy from a WAHM instead of Wal-Mart – it’s not only about supporting another mama, but about receiving that same support in return.

:blush: that turned into a bit of a rant – but with all the drama that’s been going on in the WAHM world lately – sometimes it just needs to be said!

ok rant over – carry on 😉

Anyone else think it’s funny that the OP didn’t take the deal?
  1. The Girl says:

    Its refreshing to see a WAHM like that…and for her to get some kind of attention. So many great WAHMs but you rarely hear of them b/c of the lack of drama. :thumbs up

    Anyone know who the WAHM is? I’d like to check out her store and maybe give her some business.

  2. amessymama says:

    I actually just ordered a semi-custom dress from this WAHM. I’ve only seen the pic so far. I ordered it on Thursday and she had the finished pic Friday evening. And she sent it out today.

    It looks incredible!! I can not wait to get it.

    Keep an eye out for action pics of DD on a diapering site near you!!

  3. riffrafflittleman says:

    I ❤ Lauren! she is a super sweet person to deal with.

  4. Bloggitybloggity says:

    Yeah. I’ve heard nothing but good things about that WAHM.

  5. diudiaole says:

    I guess the OP just wants the money to fund something else.. maybe it actually does fit her dd and she was just trying to make the whole idea sound better.. or basically avoid questions before they come up

  6. diudiaole says:

    I think what the WAHM did was pretty cool… but who can really afford to do that more than occasionally? Walmart does take shit back… even shit they can’t resell. and they can do that b/c they outsource all their labor to china and buy a billion units of every item at a time! So, while it’s cool and all she did that… I don’t agree with her re: the difference between Walmart and a wahm.

  7. eeek says:

    Yeah, when I sold clothing I had a policy where you could return unworn, unwashed purchases for a week after you received them, in case they were the wrong size or whatever; no one ever did it but I thought it was a nice idea. I wouldn’t have refunded months later though, as she can’t re-sell that.

    It’s not a WAHM’s job to make someone a custom order just because they are FSOT-ing something they bought. People buy stuff they don’t use, then it hits FSOT, I’ve done it myself. It doesn’t make the WAHM I bought the stuff from Wal-Mart-esque, just because she didn’t jump on my FSOT post and volunteer to make me something better.

  8. anamnesis says:

    I just hope that people don’t take advantage of her generosity. There is a fine line between being a sweet, understanding WAHM, and being a doormat.

  9. me says:


    And why couldn’t she potentially resell?

  10. Lynn says:

    Eh, I don’t find it weird. I’m not really a wool person and I would probably just sell it too. It’s not like she’s profiting, you know?

  11. jeruco says:

    This one needs its own post:

    She calls WAHMs who dont make icords lazy. To make the story better she is opening up a HC soon. She is brand new to wool and knits, but her new store is selling dyed yarn, knits, and sets. (from her siggy)
    It looks like her knit woolies will be done by green ella bean. So she wont be making them. That must be why green ella bean is defending Shades of Rae’s posts. Peach caught onto that in that thread. Looks like those shades of rae and green ella bean just kissed themselves a lot of business good-bye.

    But is anyone else a tad bothered by the fact that the OP knows nothing about wool/yarn and all the suddenshe is selling dyed yarn. I would hope that someone who is going to dye yarn or sell wool sets in their cart would have a clue about yarn types and knits. or at least a little bit of a clue. She admits to not knowing much in her thread.
    :insert head scratch:

  12. #12, blogging it now. Thanks for the heads up.

  13. e2Designs says:

    hi mamas!! I’m a long-time lurker and can’t believe I made it onto the blog!!

    For me, my business is not only about turning a profit – but about being able to sleep at night, and being proud of what I produce. This is not the first instance where I’ve offered a full return or replacement for an item that doesn’t fit – or even that the mama doesn’t like (yep – I’ve done that too!)

    I figure that’s part of the cost of doing business – scammers or not (and thankfully, I’ve never felt I’ve been scammed)

    As for the Wal-Mart comment – yeah I get that they take stuff back too — the point I was trying to get at – is that I CARE that you have a positive transaction (as I feel ALL WAHM’s should) – where I feel places like Wal-Mart are not always so concerned with your overall experience. There is a reason that people purchase from WAHM’s instead of big-box stores – and customer service SHOULD be one of those reasons. It really irks me when WAHM CS stinks – because it reflects badly on all of us!

  14. e2Designs says:

    oh look – I’m a mad TV, that ate a bunny!

    heehee – i LOVE the monsters!

  15. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    I ❤ Lauren

  16. thesecret says:

    I love working with E2designs. Best customer service ever!!!!

  17. turkey lurkey says:

    I got outbid on that set. I so wanted it! Maybe I’ll go nab it off FSOT. 😀

  18. chrissyb says:

    Hi. I lurke here occasionally cause I am a shopper who thinks it is extremely stupid that ds says wahms can not be called out for bad stuff. And I like the drama posts, lol. I was shocked to see my name here!!! I am a little offended by the insinuation that I was trying to get out of something by trying to sell this set. I said several times that I thought Lauren was an amazing wahm, the set is amazing, it does not fit my very petite dd (I was guestimating her size when I bought it) and I have since decided I just don’t like wool. I think Lauren was amazing in her offers to me! I will def go back to her when I want some summer dresses when dd is bigger. However, I didn’t think Lauren should take the responsibility of reselling, it takes up her time and money, and there is such a thing as being too nice (not offending) and there was nothing wrong with the set, so I thought instead of taking her precious time I would just sell it. My issue was cause it was a fundraiser (I have some issues with that whole fundraiser too, but that would be a differant post, lol) I didn’t know how I should price it. I paid over $100 and was definatly not trying to scam anyone.
    Anyway, that said, it didn’t sell and I wonder now if its because I ended up on here, lol. And just to clarify, I’m not posting cause I want to insult, just clarify cause I don’t want to be thought of as “one of those” kind of ds moms =)

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