buyer leaves positive f/b and then opens a pp claim more than two months later??? (

loveskitten 05-14-2009 10:02 AM

buyer leaves positive f/b and then opens a pp claim more than two months later???
I am beyond confused. I have not been on here in weeks due to illness with DD. But when I log on today I get two PMs from a seller who I sold to…oh, I am not exactly sure…maybe 2 and a half months ago?? I kept PMing her because I never received f/b or a pm asking where it was…she finally responded with a PM saying she got them and f/b on 4/08. “Wonderful mama would b/s anytime” Then I get a message that she filed a claim through pp today to get her money back?? I through away the DC# when I heard back from her saying she’d gotten them and I have deleted the email from DS. Now what?
loveskitten 05-16-2009 09:27 AM

Re: buyer leaves positive f/b and then opens a pp claim more than two months later???
Yeah she says she is not trying to get her money back just figure out where they would have gone and she only left me postive feedback because she assumed they would be there in a few days. Weird.
Yes, definitely weird. What moron leaves feedback before they get the item? Yeah, we know what you’re up to.
  1. crunchymilf says:

    People need to learn FSOT etiquette.

  2. Munklettes says:

    I called bullshit when I saw that thread. I sincerely hope PayPal aren’t a bunch of d-bags and find in the filers favor(how’s THAT for alliteration, lol)

  3. jeruco says:

    well, 2 months if past 45 days, so she should be in the clear.
    wouldnt you email the seller if you dont hear back from a PM?

    Also, there are probably some people who would leave feedback before they get the item. Sounds strange, but some mamas are not the brightest and they assume it will show up.

  4. magpiedpiper says:

    I still sat this is the buyer –

    which makes it all the more strange that she would leave feedback if she hadn’t gotten the items.

  5. Rain Cloud says:

    maybe the she means cc reversal charge instead?

  6. thesecret says:

    Their were multiple posts removed.
    Re: Gro Baby…Who has them in stock and preferably on sale?
    I am definitely do not recommend them. The Natural Baby Company ripped me off. Not worth it.
    Worst CS ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMO

    To which the owner responded by saying

    OK…this customer is completely ridiculous, she called SCREAMING at our employees…7
    different times this morning. She’s didn’t read the product description for her
    Experience Gro Baby Package and is upset that she paid for shipping. We told her
    that we’d be happy to take back her purchase for a full refund and she sat on the
    phone SCREAMING OBSENSCITIES at our employee.

    Her own husband called back…apologizing for her behavior.

    Elizabeth…we’re reporting this post. This is ridiculous.

  7. werd says:

    yeah we lived it live on the SC thread, lol

  8. thesecret says:

    Yes, the CEO from the Natural baby company is threatening to sue her.

  9. thesecret says:

    Copy of the e-mail from Kim to her.
    “I’m emailing you regarding your slanderous activities online. We are involving our attorney at this point. Wells Fargo has dismissed your fraudulent charge and we’ll be submitting your online slander to our legal team. I do not take this lightly and you have ZERO grounds for this acting this way.

    Tom, I’m ccing you on this email please move forward immediately.

    Kim Ormsby/CEO
    Creator of Gro Baby, DreamEze, and Magic Stick
    The Natural Baby Company
    1203 North Rouse UNIT 3E
    Bozeman MT 59715

  10. magpiedpiper says:

    Wow, overreaction much? Involving an attorney because she said they had crappy CS in posts that were deleted? I was looking at their site a few days ago, contemplating some of their hemp/cotton trifolds. Definitely not buying there now!

  11. thesecret says:

    She actually CC it to a real attorney. Major overreaction over $8.50 worth of product.

  12. incognizable says:

    wow talk about “Gro Crazy”

  13. thesecret says:

    The order was missing the Grobaby boosters. Also went off on the woman’s bank and husband.

  14. Kitty1163 says:

    Holy shitbusters. It’s an opinion. Protected speech. No grounds for “slanderous” accusations.

  15. thesecret says:

    exactly. Opinions are not worth contacting an attorney over

  16. adensmama says:

    After hearing about all the times the owner of that company has acted like a freaking 3rd grader and thrown a hissy fit when people don’t like her diapers…I just won’t even shop there.

  17. Natural Baby Co says:

    I’m happy to chime in with what really happened. Not an over reaction at all. This particular customer harrassed (and no I don’t throw that word out there without reason) our entire staff for the entire day today. Calling, screaming her babes crying in the background and her husband yelling at her to STOP…. Seriously, this is the single most NUTSO experience I’ve ever had…

    We work so very hard to build a company that supports not only my family (four kiddos), but also our employees and I don’t take this lightly so yes, we are involving our legal team at this point.

    She orders Experience Gro Baby package, looks at picture only and doesn’t read the BIG black letters underneath that tell her what she’s getting. Calls today saying she didn’t get all of her items, when in fact she did. STARTS SCREAMING (and no, I’m not exaggerating) at our stafff….staff … Read Morehands phone over to me…STILL screaming. I tell her to please send everything back for a full refund..not good enough…STILL SCREAMING… I finally tell her, “mam, I’m going to hang up now.” Never have I had to do this…EVER. Calls back 5 more times…THEN…husband calls back, while on the phone with me he is SCREAMING at her “you got everything, look..the boosters are right here.” He apologizes for her behavior. She then starts the threats..posting on Diaper Swappers..dispute the CC charge etc…etc..

    Wells Fargo (her CC holder)then calls, with her on the phone as a third party. STILL SCREAMING…she then hangs up on the bank…Wells Fargo apologizes TO US and finds in our favor.

    THEN..she enlists her “homies” to bash us on DiaperSwappers, Diaper Pin, Babycenter etc….every Gro Baby thread AND PMing and emailing various posters. It goes on and on….

    The crazy thing is….all I can think is, “her poor kids”. Seriously, I just can’t fathom what it is like to have a mama who spend literally hours screaming into the phone while they were crying in the background. It was really heartbreaking….

    Unfortunately, I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of her.

  18. Natural Baby Co says:

    No, her boosters weren’t missing. If they had been we would have happily sent them to her the very same day!

    Per her husband (who was yelling at her while on the phone with our staff) “Would you shut up, you got everything the boosters are right here…”

  19. Yup says:

    Uhm, there is MUCH more to this story. I’m waiting to hear if I can post it here. All I can say is you’re getting a VERY skewed story from Liz.

  20. insomiac says:

    how redunculous.
    It is an opinion, not freaking slander.
    I am pretty sure if I rolled my eyes any harder I could see my ass.

  21. amessymama says:

    I’m pretty sure you can post *anything* here.

    Do it. Ya know you wanna. 😀

  22. Yup says:

    Kim (Gro Baby WAHM) said she posted it. I’m guessing her post is just waiting to be approved.

  23. insomiac says:

    17. yes please do tell.

  24. Yup says:

    And I have to say, I’d believe her side of the story any day over Liz. That lady has some serious chemical imbalances.

  25. Yup says:

    This has been the single MOST INSANE customer experience I’ve EVER had. Here is a brief summary…but it is truly hard to put into words just how nutso this entire situation is. We have our legal team involved and will be moving forward with this.

    She orders Experience Gro Baby package, looks at picture only and doesn’t read the BIG black letters underneath that tell her what she’s getting. Calls today saying she didn’t get all of her items, when in fact she did. STARTS SCREAMING (and no, I’m not exaggerating) at our stafff….staff … Read Morehands phone over to me…STILL screaming. I tell her to please send everything back for a full refund..not good enough…STILL SCREAMING… I finally tell her, “mam, I’m going to hang up now.” Never have I had to do this…EVER. Calls back 5 more times…THEN…husband calls back, while on the phone with me he is SCREAMING at her “you got everything, look..the boosters are right here.” He apologizes for her behavior. She then starts the threats..posting on Diaper Swappers..dispute the CC charge etc…etc..

    Wells Fargo (her CC holder)then calls, with her on the phone as a third party. STILL SCREAMING…she then hangs up on the bank…Wells Fargo apologizes TO US and finds in our favor.

    THEN..she enlists her “homies” to bash us on DiaperSwappers, Diaper Pin, Babycenter etc….every Gro Baby thread AND PMing and emailing various posters. It goes on and on….

    The crazy thing is….all I can think is, “her poor kids”. Seriously, I just can’t fathom what it is like to have a mama who spend literally hours screaming into the phone while they were crying in the background. It was really heartbreaking….

  26. thesecret says:

    Elizabeth called and got an employee. Said Boosters where missing. Employee transferred her to Kim. Kim said ordered did not come with boosters and hung up. Elizabeth Called back. Kim changed her story and said boosters where in the shells which they were not. Elizabeth’s husband talked to Kim who told him, the boosters where in the shells. Husband said ok thinking the soakers where boosters. Kim hung up on him. Elizabeth called her bank and they called Kim. She agreed to accept the order back and cover shipping. Was laughing at Elizabeth, who stated she was tired of being followed around DS. Elizabeth called back to Kim, Kim said she would have to eat shipping both ways. 12 worth of shipping. Product missing is $8.50. Not worth it for Elizabeth, she called her bank back and they gave her back $10 to cover the boosters. After that Kim sent that e-mail threatening to sue.

  27. Yup says:

    So Liz had her Gro Baby package (which DID have the booster per her husband) AND she got Wells Fargo to do a chargeback based on her false accusations to get her funds back. So who is the scammer here???
    In this scenario, I can’t blame Gro Baby for contacting their attorney. I hope they record their phone calls to aid in customer service 🙂

  28. theinvisible says:

    The Grobaby WAHM? Is Grobaby was a mass produced product or a WAHM made diaper? You can’t be a WAHM making diapers in China unless that’s where your sewing room is.

  29. Yup says:

    Ok, so my bad in calling her a WAHM.

  30. thesecret says:

    22, why do you think she is unbalanced?
    23, Her husband thought the soakers where boosters. Son hung up on Wellsfargo to comfort his mother. She did get her money back.

  31. theinvisible says:

    And who are you Yup? You seem to be writing from several different POV.

  32. Yup says:

    Post 23 was a copy of my email from Kim sharing her side of the story

  33. Natural Baby Co says:

    #30, you received all of your order. Your shipped SKUs match perfectly to our weight system. You misread the product description which clearly states your should receive 2 boosters (not a seperate 2 pack). THAT I can understand and had we made a mistake we would have no problem making it right.

    No…there was no error in the hang up with Wells Fargo. They tried multiple times to get you back on the phone with no luck. We have proof of the product being shipped/received and THAT is why they found in our favor.

    **Hate** us if you wish, but we’re clearly in the right in this situation. I felt the need to defend our company.

    Werd…I think you mentioned my post on the MIC thread. I wasn’t attacking that mama at all. She was posted a great thread and I loved being able to share our side with her, it was when other posters decided to make it drama filled that it got ugly!

    I’m no longer a WAHM as our company has grown and now supports numerous local families which we’re proud of, but I don’t think that means that there is a faceless person behind the company for you to bash. We truly care about what we’ve built and the families who have helped us.


  34. j_bean says:

    The Gro-baby company/Kim hasn’t come across to me as very professional at all. Regardless of who said/did what in this situation, I won’t do business with them. If you are going to post on a public forum, I think it is important to think about how you may come across to current/future customers.

  35. thesecret says:

    25, Are you stating every husband can tell the difference between a booster and a soaker??? Obliviously Elizabeth’s can not. She just got a charge back for the two missing boosters.

  36. Yup says:

    #28, her THREE year old hung up to comfort Mom? My kids are so far behind….

    #36 My husband could, especially since they are labeled boosters/soakers right on the package.

  37. Natural Baby Co says:

    #25, nope…I have the confirmation/contact sitting on my desk. They found in our favor!

  38. magpiedpiper says:

    Liz is by no means my favorite poster at DS. Regardless, I don’t think the situation was handled at all professionally by Kim.

  39. thesecret says:

    37, they were in the shell. So without labels he can???? They were the soakers.

  40. Natural Baby Co says:

    #35, I’m truly sorry you feel that way. That was never my intention. My hope was to be available to answer questions/concerns about our products. I’m sorry if I came across in any other way!

  41. thesecret says:

    34, They found in her favor for $10. She has conformation of that and sees it in her account.
    There were no Boosters, just soakers.
    She was back on the phone with Wells Fargo within 5 minutes to a different CS person there. They were helpful.

  42. just_sayin says:

    Kim: #1, don’t use the word homies. Just don’t.
    #2, don’t talk about people’s kids or their mothering skills (or lack thereof as the case may be). You never bring someone’s family in to it.
    #3, stop posting on every Gro Baby thread! Jeez Louise you look like a flippin nut case! It’s one thing to once in a while go in and clear up something like “Actually our diapers come in XX amount of colors.” and a whole other thing to post nasty comments in response to every criticism you get! You look psycho and like you have nothing better to do! It reflects badly on your product. People have a right to talk about your product with out you jumping in all the time!
    #4. don’t go batshit crazy in public about customers or bad transactions.

  43. thesecret says:

    22 and 39, why do you feel that way about Liz??

  44. thesecret says:

    26, What can you honestly think you are going to get out of suing her???

  45. Aj says:

    After all this, I will never purchase from MDco, nor will I purchase any of their products. It does not matter who is “right” or “wrong” here, the blantant disrespect for your customers is disgusting.

  46. Aj says:

    Either be a business owner or be a civilian…you cannot be both.

  47. melmelly says:

    When I first started CD’ing back in August 2007, I placed a large order with Kelly’s Closet. I actually broke it down into two orders, which ended up coming in five shipments. When my fourth package arrived, I noticed that I was missing a six-pack of inserts that were supposed to come with the large package I had selected. I emailed Kelly, and then within three days, I had my inserts in my mailbox.

    If I were to be in the market again for more cloth diapers, I would definitely go back to Kelly’s Closet. I have referred people to her because her CS was great in my case.

    As for Kim, I don’t know her, and frankly, I could care less to know her. I have seen enough of her here and DS. Kim, you just don’t treat your customers like that, unless you don’t care about your business.

  48. mmspirit7 says:

    Yay!! others who agree with the point i was making in that thread BTW for kim is it I am Charise820.

  49. mmspirit7 says:

    kim reminds me of snaps

  50. werd says:

    GroBaby WAHM/WOHM/whatev:

    No actually, you jumped on the poster’s ass and then said something to the likes of “well, I don’t know why you care, since you clearly like diapers that are made in ____(insert foreign country here)____” SO INCREDIBLY UNPROFESSIONAL!!!

    I stand behind what I said – you lost yourself over $300 in business from me because you can’t behave yourself on a public forum. It’s pretty hard to get a TRUE review of your diapers when you are on EVERY thread, threatening or poking those who have something less than stellar to say. I can understand if someone is saying “blahblah WAHM sucks, she’s a bitch, her diapers suck ass” etc. but clearly you cannot handle ANY sort of criticism. IF what you claim against Liz is true, well then that’s a bad transaction and you aren’t in the wrong. I think the suing is a little much, but par for the course in how you have shown that you react.
    But, I have never actually seen you be “helpful, answer questions, etc” as you keep claiming that you are. You actually jump down the throats of anyone who questions anything regarding you, or the diapers. It’s hurting your business, woman!!

  51. thesecret says:

    Well Liz is now banned.

  52. werd says:

    and FYI I’m not one of Liz’s “homies” – I don’t know her at all. I’m just a prospective customer who has been turned off completely by your lack of tact and professionalism. I frankly don’t care where diapers are made, or by whom, but I DO care if the person selling them has any ethics!!

  53. mmspirit7 says:

    werd i was the same way. i was looking for diapers as well andi don’t know liz yeah we talked after this but that’s it.

  54. werd says:

    nice, she got banned. I’m sure Kim is doing a little happy dance. Shameful!! Lesson learned – don’t be honest about being unhappy with a transaction with Kim on DS. I am SO glad I’m giving my $300 to an honest, ethical WAHM instead. Disgusting.

  55. thesecret says:

    Yes, lesson learned.

  56. thesecret says:

    Continued bashing after admin telling to stop, ds bashing

    Date the ban will be lifted: 05-18-2011, 10:00 PM

    2 years DS free. By then her kids will be diaperless.

  57. ABCDEFG says:

    I think we have all learned from history of cding, drama sells diapers.

  58. werd says:

    I tell ya, if I didn’t just commit myself to making a new blanket for the lady who got screwed on HC, I’d leave permanently. That is bullshit!

  59. Messy says:

    All the good people that get fucked get banned from DS. It is a scammer’s paradise over there! Sucky WAHMs can hide behind pulled posts, admin threats, and banning if they are told the truth! WRONG!
    FWIW, I think GroBitch should merge with Snatch. Together they make one hell of a growing snatch!

  60. thesecret says:

    Elizabeth is in atleast 2 coops and 2 other transcations on Ds.

  61. thesecret says:

    60, lol.

  62. incognizable says:

    Well, well, well… I just want to send out a huge THANK YOU to Natural Baby Co. for coming on here and showing her true colors. Unlike DS these posts don’t go “poof” and unlike DS the posters here aren’t “spanked” for disagreeing with you. You will never see 1 cent of mine. I will refer my cding web “homies” and IRL friends to this thread to see for themselves, your lack of professionalism and your public disrespect of your paying customers. :puke:

  63. monkey says:

    I am so not a fan of the Grobaby lady. I will NEVER buy one of those diapers… I feel like she can’t be big on quality control and inspections when she apparently spends all of her time trolling internet boards for any mention of her product.

  64. werd says:

    Okay big favor here. Anyone have a yard and a half of a cute boyish knit print they can part with for a good cause? We are making a new blanket for Tiffybug, she got screwed by a HC WAHM and we have 2 yards of OBV and I’ll be doing the sewing and I have the filling, just need a cute boyish knit for the backing!!!

  65. mmspirit7 says:

    not to mention her product is made in china so i don’t get how she can see how it’s made.

  66. mmspirit7 says:

    werd i don’t have any but I do have like 5 in pp I can pitch in for fabric


  67. incognizable says:

    @64, exactly! ‘trolling’ and she has the gall to talk shit about others people’s children. I wonder what her “four kiddos” are doing while she is blazing her guns on every fucking board defending her shit catchers.

  68. nini02 says:

    65, I do! PM me on CDN 😀

  69. monkey says:

    #53… once again Werd you have laid out exactly what I wanted to say in the perfect way.

  70. werd says:

    #53 that is because I am perfect. My grandma always says I am, it must be true. Hahahah!!

  71. werd says:

    oops #70 lol

  72. monkey says:

    #68 amen!

    The MIC thread was the one that got me… I understand defending your choices but I don’t know, her tone was just so shitty.

    Plus, no matter how much you “inspect” your factories, the point remains that you are helping support a country that represses it’s people and STILL takes political prisoners and supports North Korea, one of the most horrifying, abusive regimes on our planet! You are still having your product produced there because of the “cheap” (ie exploited) labor.

    Sorry, the whole MIC thing is a big issue with me. Me and my stupid caring about human rights violations…

  73. werd says:

    PMed you on CDN nini

    I am so excited about this – the mama politely declined but we have her address anyways. We got someone to embroider her DS’s name and bithday in the corner of the blanket, too!

  74. monkey says:

    #71… wow. My grandma just hit us with a wooden spoon.

  75. werd says:

    LMAO! My grandma is the shit. Straight up gangsta classy broad from the 1960’s – Beverly Jean rocks!!

  76. monkey says:

    My great grandma was awesome. Raised 6 kids… her husband died when she was 60 and she spent the next 35 years living on and running the family farm. Her favorite saying was, “Someone’s gotta pick the cotton.” That someone was usually my cousins and I!

    But my grandma was just mean…

  77. werd says:

    oh I am LOVING this knit for the blanket. Kinda expensive but so adorable!

  78. nini02 says:

    That is super cute. I think I have that coming from a co-op, but no idea when it will be here…

  79. mmspirit7 says:

    it’s cute my offer still stands if you need it

  80. me says:

    The GroBaby lady is nuts. People noticed back when she was Montana Diaper Store or whatever. It was Montana something anyway.

  81. werd says:

    nini I PMed you back, I love the trains one!!!!

  82. werd says:

    ugh I have to go to bed, I’m dozing at the laptop. TTYL “homies”

  83. Sharpie says:

    I’m very curious how one becomes a “homie” in the cloth diapering world. Am I required to bust a cap in someones cloth or can I just tag my neighbors garage with “GM4LIFE”?

  84. thesecret says:

    84, lol

  85. DSDM2 says:

    Did you all see this? how freaking cute!!

  86. monkey says:

    #86 that is awesome.

  87. JustPeachy says:

    Is her company the one that manufactures Dream Eze’s? I love them but I don’t want to support them if its made by her company.

  88. seriously... says:

    What the heck is this? There is a FFS thread, maybe he didn’t see it?

  89. Incognizable says: heart skipped a beat when i saw “buy now”…silly me its a raffle, LOL

  90. Incognizable says:

    @86 yes, and haute pockets!

  91. Incognizable says:

    @88 sorry its late…..see above post

  92. JustPeachy says:

    Thanks! I already have a few companies on my do not buy list so just adding another one.

  93. punktart says:

    I think Wal-mart’s customer service sucks ass. I, also, can’t stand their business practices. Everyone who knows me, knows how I feel and that I refuse to give them service. But not once have I gotten an e-mail from their CEO telling me I was going to be sued for “slander”.

    GroBitch, you are a psycho! Who cares how bad a customer bad-mouths you or your “outsourced” company. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and for you to jump in and get all butt-hurt over it was just low. Let me go call you a Wah-bulance.

  94. Kelolsen says:

    Werd, its so very sweet of you to make that screwed over mom a blanket for her new baby. really sweet – you is good peeps.

  95. screenname says:

    I don’t believe it’s slander if it is the truth. Further, since it’s written and not spoken, wouldn’t it be considered libel? But I suppose since it was deleted within minutes of being published, wouldn’t it be a crock?

    There is no scorned customer on the face of the planet that could damage the company so much as an immature, spiteful and rude owner.

  96. Kelolsen says:

    melmelly- I also had a GREAT experience w/ Kelly’s closet! I bought something and got someone else’s order instead. She paid for me to send it back and sent my original order (a cover) for free and refused to let me pay for it. that’s great customer service. IMO it wasn’t a big deal to send it back and Id din’tmind paying for my cover but she went above and beyond and is tops in my book. Plus, her name is Kelly 🙂 we gotta stick together.

  97. my4monkeys says:

    Holy mother did this grow-baby drama get huge…I cannot believe Liz got banned, she seemed so sweet on the threads I saw her on 😦

  98. volbaby07 says:

    #98, cause that GroBitch is a raving lunatic. She has completely turned me off of all her products with her behavior on DS. She is a complete psycho who runs into every thread about her product and slams anyone who doesn’t shoot sunshine and rainbows out their ass about it. It’s just not good form to let your crazy show like that if you want to stay in business.
    Oh, and GroBitch/Kim/whateverthefuck your name is, get a grip. I see plenty of your sheeple “homies” running into every thread defending you. What’s good for the goose….

  99. my4monkeys says:

    Thats really too bad that one gro-crazy incident means that Liz can’t be on DS anymore…aren’t these the dipes that have fallen apart in the wash? Or am I thinking of a different brand?

  100. tiredmama says:

    Werd I have 2 yards of the GM Nubots print I can send you for the blanket. LMK!

  101. magpiedpiper says:

    #89…something about him doesn’t even come across as a “him” at all. Seriously, maybe I’m just stereotyping, but there probably aren’t too many men who would say “I love fitteds!” Any known scammers from the TX area that may be back posing as a “daddy”? Especially since here –

    “He” refers to his hubby.

  102. my4monkeys says:

    102- OMG I was just reading through the posts this person made too…..way weird.

  103. magpiedpiper says:

    I know! Way weird. Here his name is Katrina??

  104. my4monkeys says:

    I just posted on the EF thread that I thought it was awesome that he was in a gay marriage…..what a dumbass.

  105. theinvisible says:

    #102 That screams scammer. Let’s see, where’s my checklist…flub in story…check. Hard luck, boohoo situation…check. Very few posts but lots of lingo…check.

  106. my4monkeys says:

    “his” spelling is cracking me up! I needed a good laugh this morning!

  107. magpiedpiper says:

    my4monkeys…omg you cracked me up with that!

  108. my4monkeys says:

    Well seriously, does “it” really think we’re that stupid? Bitch please….

  109. theinvisible says:

    Apparently so…the OP in the ISO link was all about to do a trade. I wonder if she did.

  110. JustPeachy says:

    And every single post is whining about how broke they are. Im sorry but it screams scam when you just join a forum and start crying oh woe is me.

  111. yikes says:

    I loved the gay marriage comment 🙂

    Of all things in the world that one could try and scam, why do so many try to scam diapers??? It’s beyond belief!

    On the Montana’s lady – how incredibly unprofessional. She’s got to see that she’s not doing herself any good. A few complaints posted on a message board is not going to ruin your business if you indeed have a quality product.

    When I was first starting out with CD, i bought all my prefolds from MT’s Diaper Store because I was told they had a prepping service, found out they didn’t after my order, so I ended up paying way more than I should have for plain old PF’s.

    Oh well.

  112. JustPeachy says:

    I guess its very lucrative and they know that mama’s like us just want to help?
    IDK I get very suspicious about newbies crying poor pity me. Like they just come to the forum to get freebies then drop off the face of planet.

  113. my4monkeys says:

    The gro-crazy thing is insane. Liz was banned for WAHM bashing….how is that possible when her product is made in China?? And how can she go all crazy on someone and not get banned as well??? And this is not the first time she’s flipped shit on DS.

  114. eeek says:

    Quote- “My wife is in agony thinking that we may never get our daughter well and we will loose her before we get the diapers that she needs.”

    Anytime I read “my baby will DIE if you don’t send me diapers” red flags go up all over…. reminds me of that televangelist who wanted millions or god was gonna come get him…. I would hate to be wrong, but I am so very very sure I’m not.

    No one dies because of sposies, & if it was a medical necessity medical assistance would cover it. No insurance, they HAVE to be on MA, no one can pay 12 months of hospital out of pocket. Saying they applied over & over for insurance is just stupid, especially if as he says his older child AND wife (/husband) are disabled.

  115. theinvisible says:

    Wait. Baby will die with out fluff. Wife and older child are disabled. WTF!? That is just plain Brandiesque. Someone should PM a mod to check IPs (if they would…gawd knows DS loves the scammers).

  116. my4monkeys says:

    and the thread is gooooone.

  117. theinvisible says:

    If it was a matter of life and death I’d be ripping up sheets, not hanging around DS begging for NIP GMs and fitteds. What a loser. Every post is a comment about their “situation” or begging for a sympathy discount.

  118. Foo-man-choo says:

    114 – I am pretty sure LIz was banned for DS admin bashing, not WAHM bashing.

    I think GrobBay waaaayyyyy overreacted. I can not belive that smeone who has grown their business so well over the past few years would react that way to one irate customer, in public no less. The attorney was just way over the top.

  119. my4monkeys says:

    It said DS and WAHM bashing!

  120. Foo-man-choo says:

    Ok, I missed the WHAM part. Maybe because she started out as a WAHM?. She still makes the One Quick Kiwi Diapers as a WAHM I am pretty sure, after she bought the company from Maria. But someone correct me if that is wrong.

  121. my4monkeys says:

    Regardless she’s nuts!!! 🙂 There was another WAHM freakout in TF yesterday, the feedback on HC makes me not want to buy from her. ever.

  122. Foo-man-choo says:

    Werd: Did you get the fabric for the blanket yet? I have the dogs knit if you’re still looking. LMK and I will pm you on DS.

  123. Kitty1163 says:

    who was the HC’er who screwed the mama on the blanket?

  124. Foo-man-choo says:

    125-Not sure we found out yet. I hope she leaves negative feedback though.

  125. Kelolsen says:

    I think scammers pose as daddies b/c so many moms would be so excited to hear a daddy wanting to CD that they m ight be more inspired to send stuff, esp nice stuff. I’mglad the post is gone. I hate when people beg, esp when they are lying sacs….

  126. Incognizable says:

    @102. Agreed! My dh does not go around dropping lingo like “fitteds”, “pockets” or “prefolds” in our daily conversations. They are all diapers to him. Period.

  127. .Stacy says:

    FTR, this is the the first time Liz has had a run-in with the mods. She’s had multiple strikes (check the Just Tomatos co-op, she was carrying on long after the mods warned her to stop) . Continuing to post about the Grobaby issue after she supposibly came to a “mutal” agreement w/ Sally was just the final one. Just saying, her posts always came off as overly dramatic and blown-out of proportion.
    I don’t like Kim, never have and I agree her conductation on ds is a huge turn-off.

  128. nini02 says:

    Ugh, I wonder what this WAHMs response will be when she comes back on. I tried to stop her from shooting herself in the foot, but she insisted!

  129. my4monkeys says:

    I was just reading all that Steph, really how stupid is she to post that???

  130. .Stacy says:

    This JT co-op,
    And I don’t own any items made by The Montana Diaper Store & never will after this. So no side-motive trying to defend anyone.

  131. magpiedpiper says:

    OT but nini02 – I just wanted to say that your avi on DS is adorable. It makes me smile whenever I see it. Such a cutie and neat pic!

  132. JustPeachy says:

    Tsk tsk.

  133. nini02 says:

    Thanks 131 🙂

  134. amessymama says:

    Holy crap! Is that charisma chick trying to retire from WAHMing?

  135. mmspirit7 says:

    wow there are a few whams out there like snaps….god tell me that isn’t the norm so far all the wahms I worked with haven’t been

  136. mom24babes says:

    Oh yeah a lot of people will put her on their do not b/s/t list now!

  137. Kitty1163 says:

    Crap. I just hate to see that. Dammit what is in the air?

  138. my4monkeys says:

    Hi Becca!!!!!!!!

  139. mom24babes says:

    Hey Nicole!

  140. Yup says:

    I always liked Angela and I’m sure she just had a bad night. It’s hard to come online, see a negative fb and refrain from posting about it. I’m glad she edited the post.

  141. monkey says:

    #129… my do not B/S/T list just got a new club member.

    Her HC response to the buyer was boggling. She must have a super sandy vagina.

  142. Yup says:

    I didn’t see the hc fb, just the post & edit on ds. Oy! What a deep hole she dug herself 😦

  143. JustPeachy says:

    I want to see how long that will last.

  144. mmspirit7 says:

    are dream ease by that lady? the gro baby lady?

  145. Katie says:

    #146 I agree, there’s no way she can stay away. She’s obviously one of those people who will lurk and let her temper boil over and she won’t be able to keep her mouth shut!

  146. kapri says:

    #145– definitely a good idea! She never let anyone give a honest review, damn that made me angry. I don’t own any of her diapers…have never ordered from her store…but was seriously considering a whole stash of GroBaby’s back when she was hyping them. Her whole attitude turned me right off, I will never ever buy anything from her. Period.

  147. yikes says:

    Yeah – dream eze are theirs. Also made in china.

  148. Foo-man-choo says:

    147-Yes they are

  149. Bloggitybloggity says:


    Some people just don’t give a shit. She had plenty of opportunities to just drop it or admit that she was going overboard. She didn’t care. Flat out. She has no respect for herself as a business woman or her customers for the money they bring into her home.

    I’m glad she started that ridiculous thread.

  150. mmspirit7 says:

    I just won one on ffs I like the embordiary on it so I didn’t think about the kind of diaper just that I like how it looked and it fit. ugh. Now I don’t know what I am going to do

  151. thesecret says:

    129, Elizabeth never got a strike on the just tomato coop. Either one of those coops. She pulled her order in the first one before anyone else did. She never even got a warning before yesterday, except for her signature end of March over the size of something in it.

  152. thesecret says:

    defination of slander
    “In law, defamation (also called calumny, libel (for written words), slander (for spoken words), and vilification) is the communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government or nation a negative image. It is usually, but not always,[1] a requirement that this claim be false and that the publication is communicated to someone other than the person defamed (the claimant).”

  153. Foo-man-choo says:

    155- The argument will be over whether what she said was false, and since the posts are deleted, it will be over nothing really. Not unless GroBaby saved the thread, I would guess.

  154. thesecret says:

    156, Elizabeth stated in that post it was her opinion. So most attorneys would not sue in that case, because everyone is allowed an opinion no matter what.

  155. magpiedpiper says:

    thesecret, if you are Elizabeth, just post as yourself.

  156. werd says:

    Wow, yeah I’m thinking that Kim had better stay away from DS if she values her business. What the heck is up with WAHM’s lately?? I know the economy sucks but come on – you never treat customers like that!

    Thanks for the offer of the nubots fabric – we have fabric from Nini and the WAHM from Zabi Baby will be doing free embroidery! The blanket is going to be AMAZING – give THESE WAHM’s your business, they are good, ethical people!!!

    I’ll be sure to post pictures of the finished product, too!

  157. werd says:

    agreed 158 – you don’t have to hide here. There is no banishment.

  158. thesecret says:

    Yes, it is Elizabeth. Just wanted to state my side

  159. Bloggitybloggity says:

    Awww… They took my pwetty picture down!

    I’m such a rude bitch.

    So is the OP.

    The difference between us? I’m not trying to run a business.

    And playing the moving card? Whatever. I’ve moved across country more times than I would wish upon anyone. It fucking sucks. Really, it does. But that’s no excuse for disrespecting customers (potential or otherwise.)

  160. Munklettes says:

    #145 – too little, too late, IMO

  161. werd says:

    HEY GUESS WHAT. 2 weeks from today, I will be having my GENDER ULTRASOUND! Yaaaaaaay!!!!! Pray for a PENIS! LOL

    okay back to your regularly scheduled dramaz.

  162. werd says:

    Bloggity, what picture?

  163. Foo-man-choo says:

    Hi Elizabeth, I thought it was you as well. Wow, I would not worry about a slander suit. It won’t be profitable for an attorney and will just waste Kim’s $$ since it will go nowhere.

    She will likely recognize it as bad PR before she goes to filing against a SAHM who did not like her customer service. Honestly, her attorney probably had to down a shot just to keep a straight face when he read the exchange. If he is worth his salt, he will tell her to drop it, and if she is as good a businesswoman as I thought she was, she will see that as well.

    She needs to realize that the diapers she made are not her kids, and that she does not need to defend them like they are.

  164. my4monkeys says:

    Pray for a penis….LMAO!!!!!

  165. magpiedpiper says:

    That’s all well and good. The third person stuff was just a little weird, KWIM?

  166. Bloggitybloggity says:


    See that’s a cryin’ shame. Everybody should have the benefit of viewing my homemade lolcats moment 😉

    I posted a picture of a cat staring down into a toilet… I made some reference to the kitty finding a business in there. It was incredibly rude, but I felt it appropriate. Oh wellsss….

    *Poof* Gone. Like it never happened.

  167. werd says:

    LMAO I love you!

    Can you imagine her lawyer?! If this is how she acts normally, that poor man must be an alcoholic by now!


  168. thesecret says:

    166, The funny thing is her bill for him reading that letter will most likely be more then the cost of the missing items.

    168, Yeah I know I was afraid if I used my name to sign yesterday, she would blow up at me here too.

    170, Maybe we should send him some alcohol. lol

  169. werd says:

    nah dude Liz, we got your back. She’s a spazzoid psycho who cost herself a LOT of business yesterday by being so!

  170. thesecret says:

    Thanks werd, 172.

  171. Foo-man-choo says:

    Secret/Liz- Forget about it. Kim really needs to have better self control. I really think a public apology for the way she acted would go over a gazillion times better than a lawsuit would. I think she needs to apologize for even threatening a lawsuit. i hope you are not going to lose sleep over that threat.

    Or if you do, maybe you can counter-sue for emotional distress, LMAO!

  172. thesecret says:

    132, I was never warned on any JT coop. The first one, I dropped when they changed to charging shipping to hosts. I admit that much. Never was warned infact, the host to the first one understood completely. I got 1 warning end of March for my signature having size 5 in it when size 3 is the rules. Only warning or incident until yesterday.

  173. Foo-man-choo says:

    Or you could counter sue for the Nutso comment she made in Post #18 and the way she tried to make you look like a bad mama to us here.

  174. thesecret says:

    No plans to lose sleep. I figure her attorney will not let her go forward. I mean the gro-baby boosters are $8.50. Why would a WAHM or any small business risk losing big orders by attacking a customer over $8.50???

  175. thesecret says:

    176, That sounds like an idea if she goes ahead and sues me. or the response on DS, that got deleted.

  176. my4monkeys says:

    I’m gonna miss you on DS Liz 😦

  177. werd says:

    Liz, do you post on CDN? ( – if not, come on over with the other DS banned!!

  178. thesecret says:

    I am going to miss everyone over there.

  179. my4monkeys says:

    I was pm’ing with the JT host, did she get in contact with you??

  180. thesecret says:

    Yes, she e-mailed me. said she would e-mail me what the amount shipping is. I am still waiting to hear back from the other coop host. I am also part of the Pink Lemonade coop.

    180, I joined yesterday.

  181. my4monkeys says:

    LMK if you need me to contact anyone for you!!! 🙂

  182. thesecret says:

    My4monkeys, if you can get ahold of the coop host for Pink Lemonade and let her know I can be reached at my paypal e-mail addy.

  183. werd says:

    LMAO how long until this disappears?!

    aren’t you only supposed to talk about your periods and stuff in Sensitive Subjects? There is a bi-sexual thread too, can’t believe that one is still up. It isn’t CDN, after all!!

  184. my4monkeys says:

    Just pm’d her!

    and OMG 186! LOL

  185. thesecret says:

    thank my4monkeys.

  186. mmspirit7 says:

    LIz…hi it’s charise820

  187. Incognizable says:

    Really, ‘gro crazy’ must not have a good lawyer if he/she lets her go batshit crazy on people in public. One would think they would advise her to keep her fukn’ trap shut!

  188. thesecret says:

    hi Charise820. Thanks for all the help yesterday.

  189. TL says:

    and its already gone lol

  190. thesecret says:

    190, What do not get is her logic. I mean It is $8.50 worth of product. I am sure her lawyer charged her more then that to read her letter. I mean the lawyers I know charge $150 to $250 an hour. So, as long as they charged her for more then 4 minutes, she is already in the negative.

  191. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    Liz, did you really yell and cuss at their employees? *pops popcorn*

  192. mmspirit7 says:

    your welcome I am glad you cam over and you joined cdn it’s a great place over there and you need to get post whoring to join all the other boards as well LOL

  193. mom24babes says:

    I’m on CDN now too…it’s much more fun and open! And I love the outing threads, some of those ppl are just sorry!

  194. thesecret says:

    No, I asked for a supervisor, when the employee refused to help. Then I got Kim who cussed me out.

  195. mmspirit7 says:

    yeah I like the outing I also like how if there is aproblem people are able to talk about it with out worring a thread will get deleted.

  196. thesecret says:

    Will definately be posting there 195.

  197. mmspirit7 says:

    LOL have fun

  198. thesecret says:

    I admit, after she hung up on me stating that I did not know what I order, I checked online called back and when she started yelling at me, I yelled back.

  199. werd says:

    Liz, I’m sorry but if I had to deal with that woman IRL, I’d yell too.

  200. thesecret says:

    werd, it is ok. I do not see a reason to not admit I yelled. Yeah, she was a little much on the phone.

  201. mmspirit7 says:

    yeah do we have two yeller dongs on the board now….>>>look and liz’s monster

  202. Messy says:

    Yeller dongs are HOT!

  203. mmspirit7 says:

    I am a stupid christmas tree on a spring

  204. adensmama says:

    The “I hate customers” thread is totally still going 😀

  205. try me, i'm new! says:

    ‘kay, i’z slow… has owned montana’s diaper store for how long? ’cause I got stellar, non-psycho c/s about 2 yrs ago, maybe a little more, when they were selling haute pocket seconds. maybe i got lucky?

    and liz – she just made that crap up about your kids screaming and your dh yelling at you to shut up and then appologizing for you?

  206. thesecret says:

    “I hate customers” thread??? Wow.

  207. adensmama says:

    Yeah it’s this one…she deleted the OP but you will see what she said if you read it.

  208. thesecret says:

    I am banned. So, I only get a message that I am banned.

  209. my4monkeys says:

    Liz, I heard back from the pink lemonade mama, she said once she gets the totals she will email you through paypal!!

  210. thesecret says:

    Thanks, my4monkeys!!!

  211. What? says:

    Seriously? Are you people serious? You have nothing better to do than to rag on other people, and you hold them up to much higher standards than your own…

    I am so SURE that Liz would admit to being a raving crazy person to a bunch of her internet friends….

    So Kim comes to explain her side, and thats unprofessional? She actually responds to threads about her products? My goodness, how unprofessional.

    Holy ladies, maybe bare your claws for something that is worth it. How about the war? How about hunger, child neglect.. etc.. No way, lets fight over some diapers.. because thats worth your time…

  212. my4monkeys says:

    You’re welcome!! 🙂 And I am shocked that thread is still alive…

  213. thesecret says:

    Which WAHM started it???

  214. StacEy says:

    207: I just skimmed the thread and read the feedback on HC…yikes. That wahm was totally in the wrong and her reply to the feedback was so rude.

  215. thesecret says:


  216. mmspirit7 says:


  217. adensmama says:

    Yeah when I read the FB I was totally shocked. And she is blaming the whole thing on the fact that she is a military wife/WAHM doing a PCS move. Well…sorry lady but I am IN the freaking military and I would never act like that especially towards a customer. Plus she is still saying that she did nothing wrong…after NINE days of no contact whatsoever for an instock item???

  218. adensmama says:

    Uhhhh…can someone please explain to me WHY people put diapers on FSOT that are absolutely nasty with stains?

    Sorry but no wonder they are still sitting!

  219. my4monkeys says:

    Hi #214, we welcome all of wack-a-doodles homies!!!!!

  220. my4monkeys says:


  221. adensmama says:

    And #214 holy crap. Obviously you don’t get it…she’s not just “answering questions” about her products, she just can’t keep her mouth shut and she keeps jumping down peoples throats if they even HINT at not liking her stupid diapers.

    And obviously you have time to read all 200 posts and post about it yourself! Why aren’t you at a rally for hungry children in war zones or something?

  222. jessashare says:

    I can understand Kim fighting this because it is her lively hood and she has built this company from and idea to working from her home to a large business. I think suing is more about the loss of business from Liz/secret making false claims on several different websites. From a legal standpoint, they can estimate the number of customers turned away exponentially due to the false allegations and internet harassment.

    I do not agree with having the product manufactured in China. i wish everything I buy would be made in the usa.

    I have bought from her many times, twice stuff was missing, and those two times she sent the items out priority and added in extra items. Once I got the wrong color, she told me to keep it and sent the correct one. She called me in Germany to make sure I received everything since it was not traceable to me. I have always received excellent customer service from her.

    I would defend my lively hood at every stroke. I would also browse reviews of my product frequently to make sure I was doing everything to make my business the best.

    If I had been wronged in a transaction, I would tell everyone. I do that all the time when it happens.

    I would not tell everyone the customer service sucked if it was me that made the mistake, and I have done the same thing. I have looked at a picture and thought I was getting everything in the picture. It is too too sad that both these mammas are hurting so much when this was an easy fix.

    I have very often said things, mean things in anger, and I think bost of these mammas are guilty of this. I do not have the best of tempers at all. But where Liz may have been out of 8.50 in product, her allegations have cost Kim thousands.

    I know I’d be furious and try to do everything I possibly could to get that business back and stop further losses.

    I hope BOTH ladies will step up and do the right thing. There are justifiable wrongs on both sides, but they are still wrongs.

  223. mom24babes says:

    #222 those are totally gnarly! Yuck yuck yuck,

  224. adensmama says:

    LOL I know!!

    Has the woman never heard of “the sun”?

    Or even some oxyclean, damn.

  225. mom24babes says:

    It looks like she bottled some poop water then squirted it on and left them to dry.

  226. adensmama says:

    Hmmm…I wonder if someone is selling bottled poop water on HC and I’m the last to know about it?

  227. just_sayin says:

    Liz, if you delete your cookies, you can read, but you can’t post.

  228. mom24babes says:

    No, if it were being sold then I would be the last to know because I am always out of the loop LOL

  229. my4monkeys says:

    Awe Becca…thats why you have me! LOL 😀

  230. mom24babes says:

    I know it Nicole, I’d be nothing without you babe! 😉

  231. my4monkeys says:

    LMAO!!!!!! XOXO

  232. just_sayin says:

    222 She must be one of those people who wash without detergent.

    Is it weird that I feel a little sad for those diapers? They’re so pretty, and have been so mistreated.

  233. adensmama says:

    I love fin fancy too and I feel like I need to “save” it from its abusing owner lol!

    My diapers get the good treatment…ecover and weekend trips to the hood of my truck to sun them out!

  234. adensmama says:

    ETA: but not for $21….

  235. mom24babes says:

    Seriously…WHO washes without soap? I’m sorry, you can’t polish a turd off without some kind of cleanser, yuck.

  236. thesecret says:

    226, I am definately agree this has gotten out of hand. I was missing a $8.50 product and all she had to do was fix that and I would have not said a word. I have shells and soakers. No boosters. I never said a negative word on the WAHM that I had an issue with last month that fixed the problem. I would have dropped the whole issue if she had just offered to send them. Instead I got cussed out. I did call my bank which gave me my money for the missing product back, which means as of right now this mess is just that a mess. I read the webpage and I am missing boosters, which she says is in the shells, they are not there. My husband did tell her they were there since he thought the soakers where boosters. I have no idea what I am supposed to step up and do???? I feel like my side is done. She has the right to defend her business, but even you admit your packages from her have had items missing. She just did something about your missing stuff and didn’t do anything about my missing items.

  237. thesecret says:

    226, what false allegations????

  238. ErinK says:

    I have purchased from the natural baby co many times and have always had excellent customer service. One time they CALLED me when a print on a swim diaper I ordered was out of stock to ask which one I would want instead.
    Kim visits the facilities where the diapers are made. Someone asked how she would see it. It’s called getting on a plane and going to China.
    My gosh some nasty things have been said here all around.
    I wonder if some of it could be sour grapes. She is living the American dream, growing her own business from the ground up, making quality products she believes in. I would be defending my business too if I were her. And yeah look what happens on these boards. It seems to me she has to.

  239. my4monkeys says:

    Shout out to the homies…. : \ can we get an IP check up in here?

  240. mom24babes says:


  241. werd says:


    Hey, everyone can have an opinion on the matter. And I just LOVE the “well if you don’t like it, you must be jealous” reasoning. Totally. That’s it. I’m jealous.

    No actually, Kim lost my business because she acts like an idiot on any and all threads pertaining to her wares. Plain and simple. It’s one thing to defend your business, its another thing to spend all day, every day seeking out any references to her diapers, and butting in when ANY potentially negative thing is said. Every.single.time! People love GMs, people hate GMs, people HATE Suzanne – is she in every.single.thread. posting away? Has it hurt her business? No, she’s rich and OMGZ we must alllllll be jealous.

    Kim needs to develop a thicker skin and some simple business sense. She needs to stay out of the threads and let people say what they need to say… just because customer X says “omgz you guys I had the worst experience” doesn’t mean that NO ONE EVER is going to buy from her again. BUT, when she responds, fists flying, and posts on here saying she “feels sorry for [the bad customer’s] kids” because mommy is apparently nuts, SHE IS DRIVING BUSINESS AWAY!!

    She is costing HERSELF business by acting that way… its no one’s fault but her own!

  242. melmelly says:

    Those diapers are just nasty!

    I sold all of my GM’s off last week (YAY!!!), and my lonely SOS, and my son crapped in them soooo many times. But you know what? They always came out of the wash looking brand-spankin’ new! They looked like poo had never been around them.

    WTF is she doing? Baking the shit in and then dry cleaning?


    I don’t think Oxi Clean will touch that shit, every little bit of the pun intended, so I think Heavy Duty All-Purpose Clorox for Shit Stains is needed.

    But in all seriousness, what is so hard about sunning? I live in the Pacific Northwest and we get 50-50 of sun and fog. I had my diapers hanging on the line in the fog for the last two days to get whiter. It worked! And I an only saying this because i get tired of hearing the same old thing: “I can’t hang my diapers out on the line because I live where it rains a lot and there is a lot of fog. Boohoohooooo.” Wah! Gimme a break! We get over 100″ a year in rain. I can still hang mine out to get the stains out.

    Sorry for the rant. lol

  243. thesecret says:

    245, That is what I feel the issue is. If I had went to DS and posted and she had said nothing, I would have just got a warning when a mod caught it. Instead she posted and everyone saw a different side of her. Then everything got out of hand

  244. Foo-man-choo says:

    Let me say something to the Natural Baby Co. I have been a huge fan of Dream Eze and have always, alway, always recommended them in threads on DS. They were the first cloth diapers I really loved when I started, and even though I have now moved on to diapers better suited to my style preferences, I still recommend them to people looking to cloth diaper on a budget. I always received friendly, excellent, professional service from them, and phone calls to make sure I was satisfied. I felt they went out of their way to look after me as a customer.

    That being said, I was really disappointed to see how Kim reacted in that thread. I understand she has grown that company from a WHAM design to a roaring business. I admire that, but there are right and wrong ways to handle CS issues. That thread was the wrong way.

    Kim should have limited her comments on DS to informational posts, and of course, responding to outright lies (like if someone were to say GroBaby is made with polyester instead of cotton) but I do not feel the owner coming on a public board and arguing with a customer was right or professional. She could have said “I’m sorry we were not able to resolve the situation to your satisfaction” or something like that if she absolutely felt the need to respond, but the way it was handled “I am reporting this post” was a lot like a child on the playground saying “I’m telling the teacher”; petty and unnecessary.

    I know the business is her heart and soul, but don’t be so defensive. One customer’s bad review is not going to make or break Montana’s Diaper Store. Seriously. Kim overreacted in her perception that it would.

    Now, in my honest opinion, moving forward with a lawsuit against a stay at home mom who was unhappy with her experience and shared that with others; will be hateful, spiteful, and poor business practice. The lawsuit will do far more to damage Natural Baby Co’s rep, and I personally will never again recommend one of their products. Will they now file a lawsuit against every person on Diaper Pin who has given them a poor review? How is what Liz did any different? Please tell me that.

  245. thesecret says:

    248, I think you posted exactly how she should have responded “I’m sorry we were not able to resolve the situation to your satisfaction””. That would have been a perfect response.

  246. werd says:

    exactly, FMC (I’m going to call you that now, your name is too long LOL).

  247. not just another mama says:

    Wow, that owner lost out on a lot of business.. I was ever considering buying a bunch of stuff there, I loved the layout & look of the website too.. But if something was wrong, I would be afraid to speak up for fear of getting smeared all over the place..

    What a fucking idiot, she should have just replaced the boosters or whatever the heck..

    Any why isn’t she coming back? Not getting the warm huggies & kisses she thought she would?

    Hey – Kim, good job on loosing business.. You did it all on your OWN.. [:

    Go sue yourself.

  248. Foo-man-choo says:

    LOL werd; That’s fine with me:)

    I’m tired ladies, gonna go chill with a glass of wine now. Check back in later!

    And Kim at NBCo- please think it over several days/weeks before deciding to file a lawsuit. Today’s events aside, I have admired your business acumen. As an objective observer I can say that you choosing to overlook this blow up, would be a healthy business decision.

  249. alison says:

    Good God, those dipes are dreadful. Seriously. something with a functional laundry routine rescue those poor things!

    Love how particular she is in the description…

    “I would have to call this dipe GUC. The outer shows some signs of wear, but I wouldn’t call it fading. ”

    Ohhhhhh K…

    And on the Natural Baby Co. I’ve bought from them periodically over the last 18 months or so, and they’ve always been great.

    I think when Gro-Baby news leaked onto DS, it made sense for Kim to be there answering questions etc.

    But as has been said in other places, and possibly here, you don’t get to be a WAHM and a civilian on boards, and gettin defensive is never good for customer relations, so, her decision to get off, is probably a very good one.

    Liz, you seem like a decent sort, sucks for both of you that this situation escalated the way it did.

  250. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    ^^^^ LOL!

  251. Messy says:

    IP CHECK PLEASE for the previous long winded pro-Kreepy-Kim from GroBitch…
    That said…
    Kim needs to shut up. Try it! Just s.h.u.t. u.p.!!! Close your big ass mouth or tape your fingers to your bulging eye balls and SHUT UP. You are ruining the business you have “growed up”. Yeah, YOU. One customer who had a problem with you will do 1/10000th the amount of damage your BIG ASS CRAP POSTS have. Seriously. You suck in this instance. Accept it. Own it. Move your rich ass on down the block and start doing what your minion suggested about something more worthwhile like helping hungry children or in your case a good ole neighborhood brawl.
    Charisma… There is a special kind of “DUH” for you. Yeah. Business suicide could not have been done any faster than if you had just closed down. Now the only people that are going to want to buy from you are your “homies” or those who read your feedback and realize that even if you give them the best service in the world, they can take you for the ride of your life and get free products or charge backs for complaints. It seems scammers look for easy marks, and now you are one. Congrats! WOOT FOR DA DUMBASS!
    Waiving hi to Liz!!!
    Sending out ❤ to BFF & Werd…
    And still shaking my head that two WAHMs can both be so stupid on the same day. MORONS! GAH!!! Too bad Snatch can't start a club for you guys!

  252. Messy says:


  253. Messy says:

    Couldn’t post there for a bit and dayum! That kills me!!! ROFL!!!

  254. Messy says:

    IP CHECK PLEASE for the previous long winded pro-Kreepy-Kim from GroBitch…
    That said…
    Kim needs to shut up. Try it! Just s.h.u.t. u.p.!!! Close your big ass mouth or tape your fingers to your bulging eye balls and SHUT UP. You are ruining the business you have “growed up”. Yeah, YOU. One customer who had a problem with you will do 1/10000th the amount of damage your BIG ASS CRAP POSTS have. Seriously. You suck in this instance. Accept it. Own it. Move your rich ass on down the block and start doing what your minion suggested about something more worthwhile like helping hungry children or in your case a good ole neighborhood brawl.

  255. Messy says:

    Charisma… There is a special kind of “DUH” for you. Yeah. Business suicide could not have been done any faster than if you had just closed down. Now the only people that are going to want to buy from you are your “homies” or those who read your feedback and realize that even if you give them the best service in the world, they can take you for the ride of your life and get free products or charge backs for complaints. It seems scammers look for easy marks, and now you are one. Congrats! WOOT FOR DA DUMBASS!
    Waiving hi to Liz!!!
    Sending out ❤ to BFF & Werd…
    And still shaking my head that two WAHMs can both be so stupid on the same day. MORONS! GAH!!! Too bad Snatch can't start a club for you guys!

  256. Messy says:

    Charisma… There is a special kind of “DUH” for you. Yeah. Business suicide could not have been done any faster than if you had just closed down. Now the only people that are going to want to buy from you are your “homies” or those who read your feedback and realize that even if you give them the best service in the world, they can take you for the ride of your life and get free products or charge backs for complaints. It seems scammers look for easy marks, and now you are one. Congrats! WOOT FOR DA DUMBASS!

  257. Messy says:

    Waiving hi to Liz!!!
    Sending out ❤ to BFF & Werd…
    And still shaking my head that two WAHMs can both be so stupid on the same day. MORONS! GAH!!! Too bad Snatch can't start a club for you guys!

  258. thesecret says:

    Thanks 253, I am sorry to this escalated to this point.

  259. Messy says:

    Waiving hi to Liz!!!
    Sending ❤ to BFF & Werd!!! Da bestest!!!

  260. werd says:

    ugh I love you Messy. If my uterus wasn’t currently occupado, I’d say I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABY!!!

  261. Foo-man-choo says:

    Ok, I am back temporarily…Can someone who is a fabric-phile please help this mama out? I do not think she is getting it.

  262. Messy says:

    If’n your baby don’t have a penis, I will claim it!!! Woohoo!!! I would freak out thinking pink!!!

  263. thesecret says:

    hi messy.

  264. Messy says:

    Now #264 Shhh… I am here incognito (I am a girl, so isn’t that incognita? ROFLMAO!)!!! An accusation of hiding behind these names over here was brought up, so I gotta stick to my story!!!

  265. werd says:

    LOL! I’m terrified of a baby with a penis but that is what DH is absolutely desperate for. I’m kinda nervous about it being a girl, he will be so disappointed!!

    (I want another girl)

  266. Messy says:

    Besides that, I am trying to boik both Werd and BFF. Little do they know, it is gonna be one hell of a wild 3 some! ROFL!!!

  267. JustPeachy says:

    Foo you just outed yourself 😉

  268. Messy says:

    *boink. Damn. It’s been so long, I can’t even spell it!

  269. insomiac says:

    218…that HC feedback response is JAWDROPPING.
    Bad bad form. I understand she is hurt from getting the neg and the pp claim, but if you want to run a business you have to roll with the punches and respond in a professional way to the hiccups.

  270. my4monkeys says:

    Ha, she totally did!!! LOL

  271. Messy says:

    I can’t help her with the bamboo terry fiasco. I have no idea. I do have to say that I LOVE WAZOODLE!!! I get my zorb from them in huge bulk orders and it is awesome! They also sold me all of my microfleece and other fun stuff… FAST shipping, very inexpensive shipping too! I ❤ them! Ok, carry on!

  272. insomiac says:

    #269, LMAO!

  273. Messy says:

    #273 Yeah… Go ahead. It’s easy to laugh when you aren’t the one not getting any! BLAH! Can I get a jackhammer on ebay???

  274. melmelly says:

    I am tempted to ask her what exactly she needs the terry for. I mean, come on! It’s not like she is going to be making a wedding dress out of the stuff. Maybe I am missing something, but she really should have done her research on all the kinds of terry, including the pictures.

  275. mmspirit7 says:

    I might have to look up sex again and refresh my memory dh will be home in 19 days. and it’s been over a year. LOL and I think I need to invest in some new umm…you know. LOL ok carry on I saw a sex post and had to join in.

  276. magpiedpiper says:

    LOL #242. I had no idea living the AMERICAN dream involved making your product in China.

  277. Messy says:

    #275 I have made a mistake on “terry” stuff before. I like using looped terry on my wipes. My first few buys I did get the right stuff, with loops. Then I got some that did not have loops. Thankfully I looked up the listing again and rechecked my information and realized that not all terry is “looped”. It worked great, but was not what I thought I was getting (my own fault) just as this purchase looks like it is the OPs own fault.

  278. Messy says:

    #276 Did you say you saw sex and had to join in? Where? :::looking around::: ROFLMAO! Hey, if half the posters on DS can half assed read and then post about it, so can I!!! 😀

  279. thesecret says:

    276, have fun.

  280. Foo-man-choo says:

    Yes Peach, I have nothing to hide:) LOL!

  281. werd says:

    I like wazoodle too. I had one issue with them but it was resolved really quickly. I like that they prewash too!

  282. Foo-man-choo says:

    I still don’t have my Zorb from Wazoodle. It has been like over a month.

  283. mmspirit7 says:

    ok is it bad i sent my dad a link to a custom i had made hoping my step mom would see it and order me a bunch of diapers and get on board with me cding and help fund it?

  284. mksmommy says:

    #277 oh but didn’t you know the new American dream is to get rich off the suffering of others? I mean we do it to our own people so why not other countries people?

  285. mmspirit7 says:

    Never been to this wazoodle site link please or is it

  286. JustPeachy says:

    I swear DSDM2 is gonna give me a handsmacking for as much as I change my damn name.

  287. mmspirit7 says:

    Yeah I have say read how she talked about her factories in china and they were different because she visited yeah different for that day maybe and i am sorry but i don’t buy that she’s been to them

  288. JustPeachy says:

    🙂 You rock foo

  289. Fizz says:

    125 – I’m fairly sure that Raining Baby Fluff is the HC who screwed over the mama:

  290. Foo-man-choo says:

    Peach you rock Foo, I mean too. 🙂

    And Raining Baby Fluff is the scammer? not cool.

  291. mmspirit7 says:

    link me to the hc store i can’t find it

  292. melmelly says:

    Messy, I have made the same mistake myself. Like when I ordered hemp jersey last year? I expected it to look the same on both sides. I was wrong and chalked it up to a learning experience. I didn’t call up Celtic Cloths and complain. 😀

    I guess my problem with her, and it seems with others that have been highlighted in the last few posts in the last week, is that they are jumping the gun to quickly and flying off the handle when they should be calm. They’re getting their undies in a twist for nothing.

  293. mmspirit7 says:

    I think the ones quick to fly off it might not be the panties the batteries might be dead

  294. Messy says:

    Did someone mention dildos with dead batteries? 😀

  295. Fizz says:

    291 – Me? It’s “closed” –

  296. EM says:

    Is raining baby fluff now closed? I just went over to HC to check out the feedback and it said that the store was closed.

  297. EM says:

    I wanted to see some bad feedback on the RBF store. I loorves me some negative feedback.

  298. mmspirit7 says:

    yeah the raining day one i am sorry I should have been clearer. thanks why is it closed did she get bad feedback?

    LOL 294 yeah I am really thinking that some woman are just not getting enough from dh or the batteries are dead, or maybe the wore out the dildo?

  299. nini02 says:

    lol messy

  300. thesecret says:

    293 and 294, maybe someone should offer to send them batteries??? lol

  301. mmspirit7 says:

    em, I know I was heading there for feedback too but I can’t so know I am sad..

  302. mmspirit7 says:

    Nope not with DH’s hard earn money that’s for dd fluff now if i can talk dad in paying for it well then now we are talking LOl

  303. thesecret says:

    302, That is a good point why buy them batteries when you could buy more fluff.

  304. mmspirit7 says:

    303 yeah or buy batteries for me as well 😀

  305. Fizz says:

    Sorry y’all. LOL I went there for the same reason.

  306. Fizz says:

    I’m sad – my monster looks like it might bite off the yellow dong…

  307. thesecret says:

    yes, your batteries more important then theirs.

  308. lysol says:

    anyone know of any eco-friendly vibrators?
    and by eco-friendly i mean something that doesn’t eat up batteries in a week with daily use.
    yes, i said daily use…


  309. thesecret says:

    308, you could try rechargable batteries???

  310. melmelly says:

    Maybe try the Lithium batteries? I know my camera takes four and I have had it for 2.5 years, and only had to change the batteries 3 times.

  311. EM says:

    I’m so sad-everyone’s monsters are colorful and fun and mine is drab and fat. At least I don’t have some weird dong hanging off my face.

  312. lysol says:

    mmmm… rechargeable batteries.
    why didn’t i think of that?

    then i could charge them every couple days since around the 6th day of daily use it feels like a fly having a seizure on my vagina, instead of a helicopter engine.

    i likes the helicopter buzzinz

  313. Fizz says:

    Mine is drab and fat, but with a gaping maw…

  314. Fizz says:

    312, I just spit all over my laptop! *wipes screen*

  315. lysol says:

    LOL @ EM

    dongface monsters rock, can i trade my horny monster in for a dongface?

  316. my4monkeys says:

    LMAO #312

  317. melmelly says:

    EM, your monster looks like a pear in need of some sun to turn yellow, but won’t go in the sun because it’s a bat.

    Whoa. I am loopy on cold medicine. I hate head colds!!!!!!

  318. mmspirit7 says:

    312…umm lets see there are ones that plug in to the computer….for your use or someone else can control through the internet. there ones that plug into the wall and rechargable ones as well.

    Ummm yeah I know a bit….and I know what you mean about the dieing i will not admit about how many that I wear out with dh deployed or home much I cried when the dog found on and ate it.

  319. melmelly says:

    LOLOLOL! #312! My husband can tell when the batteries need to be changed in mine because it starts to rattle. Fresh batteries = he doesn’t even know I have it!

  320. melmelly says:

    I have been to 2 “spice” parties. The woman that does them is a flabby armed 55+ librarian with dentures! She said she goes through one every winter when he husband is gone fishing. Apparently he stocks the nightstand drawer with batteries for her before he leaves. Awww! *gag*

  321. mmspirit7 says:

    LOL that is funny.

  322. lysol says:

    what a sweet husband!

  323. melmelly says:

    I only point out the flabby armed part because she wears sleeveless shirts and shakes her arms around when doing a demo of how each toy works… Or sometimes she doesn’t have to shake because the vibrator does it for her.

    She just doesn’t look like the kind of person who would be selling sex toys, kwim?

  324. mmspirit7 says:

    323 yeah I get that i remember being pregnant with ds too and my uncles wife asked me to come to a party LOL I was like um not with you there. (i just didn’t like the woman and would to a party like that with soeone I know and like and not family)

  325. melmelly says:

    The last one I went to was full of people in the same family! It was the woman throwing the party, her sister, one niece, HER MOM!!!, and a few aunts. OMG! I thought I was going to die when the godmother (of the host) stood up with two HUGE dongs and started to poke at the host’s mom! The mom just sat there and took it! The mom is almost 70 now, I think, and that was almost three years ago.

  326. thesecret says:

    never been to one of those type of parties

  327. werd says:

    OMFG you guys, I’m dying laughing over here!

    I have a big ole vibrator that plugs in – it rocks. Baby in utero doesn’t like it or any kind of penii up in its space, though! LOL

  328. melmelly says:

    I joked with my husband that our youngest only liked the vibrating bed because of all the action he had to endure while in utero! He had colic for six weeks and the only way he would take a nap was to put him in that thing and turn on the vibrate part. He loves anything that vibrates! I scarred him, but it doesn’t appear to be negatively…yet!

    I have only been to two sex parties – the one I mentioned above, and another about a year before it. The first one, I went with a friend from my HS days. She bought a bullet that had a remote control. She said she will be doing the dishes or cooking dinner and her husband will turn it on. I would be so pissed if my husband teased me like that!

  329. melmelly says:

    Sorry. Not a bed. A bouncer. Similar to this:

  330. punktart says:

    I could never bring myself to use a vibrator during pregnancy after my grandmother told me it would make the baby stutter.

  331. amessymama says:

    I could never bring myself to use a vibrator at all, if my grandmother ever said the word ‘vibrator’ to me. lol

  332. Amy says:

    Just wanted to say that I have been lurking for some time now and this site rocks! I love being able to keep up with everything on one site.

  333. Amy says:


    Do I get the same ugly monster every time?

  334. Amy says:

    I must be blind because DS has way more drama than I thought lol. That or the threads get deleted for moved before I even stumble upon them.

    I honestly had no idea about some of these WHAM’s being so shitty/shady. Glad to know who to add to my do not b/s/t list.

  335. punktart says:


  336. Cheesewhiz says:

    ROFL – Full of pie and thoroughly entertained. Thank you ladies! 😉

    I come equipped with my own vibrator. It’s yellow. I’m flexible.

  337. Amy says:

    Just wanted to say that the WAHM in this thread

    Is a lying snatch and I can’t belive the way she handled the situation.

    I actually just found out that the customer she was complaining about is one of my great friends. LMAO

    Man oh man do I wish I could post what I really thought about the situation in that thread now that I know the whole story w/o getting banned.

  338. Messy says:

    #337 POST IT HERE! No banning, just reality!

  339. Amy says:

    I am going to ask my friend if its okay before I do so. Not sure if she wants to be outed. I will let you gals know as soon as I find out.

  340. Rika says:

    I purchased items from the Natural Baby Co HC and Montana Diaper Store last year and both times received wonderful CS. I sent in a diaper for repair that was out of warranty that had bad elastic. A week later, I received my old diaper and a brand new diaper (same print). I was more than willing to pay for the repair because it was out of warranty, but they didn’t want a dime.

    Kim’s responses here and on DS are disappointing. Seems like she really, really, really wants the GroBaby system to be a huge success and has gone way too far in doing so. :/

  341. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    I agree

  342. Sharpie says:

    Lysol (#308)-look up Lelo toys all of them are rechargeable and the charge lasts a long time.

  343. Foo-man-choo says:

    Rika – I’m glad you posted. I really want Kim to see that some of us who have been loyal and good customers of hers would not have been swayed by a bad review on DS. We would have seen it for what it likely was, a single bad decision that was not a portrayal of NBCo as a whole. Kim’s reaction to Elizabeth on that thread and then following up with “I’m getting a lawyer” and “I will no longer be posting on DS” is what has me f.l.o.o.r.e.d.

    Likely, if she were to apologize and make things right with Liz, and stop trying to convince every poster who has a negative opinion of a MDS product that they are wrong and need to see the light; I would still recommend her things. Anyone who looks at my posting history can verify that I have several times spoken up in favor of their products; so when I say I have recommended Dream Eze, I am not just a poster jumping on the bandwagon in this issue.

  344. adensmama says:

    My monster has pubes.

    #339 didn’t your friend post what really happened on the HC feedback? Or is there more to the story that we don’t know about yet?

  345. Laura says:

    Did anyone see that the grobaby thread now has over 27000 views! Talk about great publicity.

  346. mom24babes says:

    Did y’all know Lee bought another forum? Oy, another one bites the dust for sure!

  347. Charise says:

    really he did man that sucks

  348. mmspirit7 says:

    dsdm sorry about that I was loged in my blog

  349. Katie says:

    The grobaby thread isn’t deleted?

  350. bearista says:

    Long time lurker…first time poster (I think…correct me if I’m wrong).

    mom24babes Says:
    May 20, 2009 at 2:59 pm

    Did y’all know Lee bought another forum? Oy, another one bites the dust for sure!

    I think this definitely needs a thread…stat!

  351. my4monkeys says:

    I’m pretty sure the posts were just edited or deleted!

  352. Munklettes says:

    #350, what forum did Lee buy?

  353. Kitty1163 says:

    Yes. Which one?

  354. yikes says:

    Nice – if you go to the last page of that thread they’re talking about dictatorial moderation and malware… hahaha

  355. Katie says:

    Why does he own a bunch of forums that are mostly for chicks anyways? Does he just love asserting his authoritaaa over women or what?

  356. werd says:

    UGH I am reading through that thread on the MSOS forum… a few of them know what’s up but most have NO idea what is about to happen to their forum!!!

  357. Incognizable says:

    @360 yep, notice how they are bitch slapping each other too over “giving him a chance”. :shakeshead:

  358. Cheesewhiz says:

    #259 – LOL!!! You will respect my authoritaaaa!!!!

  359. Katie says:

    #360 that’s exactly what I was thinking when I read some of that thread, they have no freakin idea! It’s going to become the next DS where absolutely nothing but unicorns shitting rainbows is allowed.

  360. Cheesewhiz says:

    #359 – oops!

  361. Katie says:

    LOL I love Cartman.

  362. my4monkeys says:

    366- pretty sure it’s raining baby fluff

  363. Katie says:

    K thanks, I wanted to know so I could never buy from them…looks like the HC is closed though thank goodness.

  364. JustPeachy says:

    I almost wanna sign up just to say you can kiss them huge ass siggies gbye!

  365. thesecret says:

    353, They deleted posts out of it. It was not deleted completely.
    357, Eeks.

  366. thesecret says:

    Anyone can tell me if someone else would be able to get a copy of my feedback from DS for me??? j/w

  367. JustPeachy says:

    Can I just say I think Lee is an even bigger douchebag now than I did say like 20 minutes ago?
    Someone go link those ladies to the post about all the viruses and how he basically called us dumb asses and we had no idea wtf we were doing behind a computer.

  368. insomiac says:

    #359, I agree he seems to thrive of being *the man* in charge.

    what a douche.

  369. JustPeachy says:
    See what I mean? I cannot believe he won’t just admit that he let them embed malware on his site for $$$.

  370. thesecret says:

    372, Maybe I should join and pm one of the members??? What is the worst he could do bann me??? lol

  371. mmspirit7 says:

    here is the link tonight when kiddos are in bed i can get you a screen shot of it ok

  372. thesecret says:

    Thanks MMspirit7.

  373. adensmama says:

    Huh…yeah I’m so sure that the site was hacked. That’s like when people join a forum and make a complete ass out of themselves and then they try to come back after a couple days and be like “oh my gosh I had no idea this was happening! Somebody hacked into my computer and posted completely asinine comments, I swear it wasn’t me!”

    Someone needs to join and then just go to that thread and randomly post the DS threads so they can see for themselves.

  374. adensmama says:

    That is really weird…my name was “katie” at work and now it’s back to adensmama on my home computer which is my actual blog. I only have one wordpress login.

  375. thesecret says:

    well 379, what links should the person post???

  376. LuLu says:

    Looks like they deleted the Charisma thread. It didn’t break any rules – so why the delete?

  377. adensmama says:

    #381 I’m not sure but others were talking about a thread on DS where he was treating people like he thought they were dumbasses over the malware and viruses issue?

  378. adensmama says:

    Oh yeah, ref. post #372

  379. werd says:

    from the asses mouth on the military forum:

    Originally Posted by Jayme View Post
    I used to be a member of diaperswappers. I’ve seen what happened when Lee took over. I am not a fan of his.

    I probably won’t be around much.

    I totally understand why Brandi did this- for her family, etc. It’s not that.

    “If you weed through the actual diapering drama posts, there’s plenty to read about Lee & Co. here

    “Wow, sorry to hear that. Also sorry to hear you take your advice about who I am and how I do business from the childish site you linked to. They are crazies over there…it doesn’t take much reading to see that. ”

    Yes, Lee – WE are the crazies. Nice to see that you take the time to read. Loser.

  380. adensmama says:


    The discontent over on that forum has already started, it won’t be long now until total anarchy and mindless brainwashing ensues.

  381. adensmama says:

    I would just like to say that this bitch is craaaayZEE! Read pages 3-4ish where I put my last response. She is claiming that someone left a dead dog on her porch because she isn’t Christian and that the police told her to ignore said death threat!?

  382. my4monkeys says:

    omg lol, THAT just happened…what a douche.

  383. werd says:


    We are not crazies, and we will tell you EXACTLY what Lee did to – I feel terribly that your board was bought out by him, I really sincerely hope it doesn’t go the way it went with DS, but I’m not convinced it won’t 😦

  384. mmspirit7 says:

    386..depending on were you live that can and does happen. I have had cps called on me for not being a chirstian. btw I didn’t read the link just waht you posted

  385. screenname says:

    That’s right. WE must be the crazy ones. HE’S the only one that has it straight.

  386. JustPeachy says:

    Exactly. I can assure we are not some random bitches out to make Lee look bad. He really does not need any help in that department.

  387. just_sayin says:

    Why doesn’t someone link them to posts in the Ask the Pros section? There’s millions posts there about skanky ads and viruses. Let DS do the talking, and see how Lee responds to that!

  388. werd says:

    oh but we are just dumb housewives – just as the ladies on the MSOS board are being talked at like they are dumb military wives.

  389. adensmama says:

    How long has he owned DS? I used to be really active at justmommies and I’ve only been active on DS for maybe the past year or less. I barely post on JM anymore because I can’t stand the morons.

  390. werd says:

    does he own JM too?!?! He has owned DS since the beginning o 2007. I joined right after the board was sold, and everything was the same for a while, then all of a sudden everything was ultra-moderated and the massed bannings began.

  391. adensmama says:

    I’m not sure, but I thought that JM changed owners recently, it definitely moved to the same board format as DS in the past couple of months. I’m gonna go look and see if I can find out.

  392. Aj says:

    Wow, please pay me $ for something I cannot guarantee fitting your child

    But at least she’s honest, she’s a couple steps ahead of some other wahm’s recently!

  393. adensmama says:

    Oh, nevermind it was eHarmony that bought JM…which I thought was really odd.

  394. try me, i'm new! says:

    yeah – can we get a concise post with links to the threads where lee is especially douche-bag-ish? If we put them all in one place, it might help. Maybe make a Lee’s a Douche hall of shame blog entry?

  395. JustPeachy says:

    So who wants to be a mod? Hm anyone?

  396. screenname says:

    So Juan is looking for Mods. According to the guidelines, he couldn’t even qualify. He doesn’t have 2000 posts. Hmmm….

  397. mmspirit7 says:

    man i only have 1914 which sounds WAYYYYYYYYYYYY off to be honest. I swore I have like 5000 hmmm..

  398. JustPeachy says:

    Im in like 5th or 6th place for the most posts overall.

  399. JustPeachy says:

    Ok so I was wrong and its more like 13 but Im in the top 20 lol.

  400. werd says:

    I’m surprised that one of the questions wasn’t “Are you one of the crazies from TDODS blog?”

    I want to apply, LOL!!!

  401. screenname says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if someone from here made it? Think of all the tasty dramaz!!!!

  402. just_sayin says:

    #405 Great, now I have coffee all over my shirt. That’s some funny shit. 🙂

    Hmmm…. I have enough posts to apply. I could be a mole. bwa-ha-ha-ha

  403. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    i think i have about 7k posts

  404. adensmama says:

    I doubt I have enough posts…

    I love how the “Team” was with a capitalized ‘T’ on his post though, it sounds so ominous!

  405. Messy says:

    Just a wild guess… But I am thinking they would not want me as a mod. Heartbreaking! I am torn… Although it would be nice to go power hungry batshit Lee style crazy with them, I don’t think I am their type. I may never get to be a mod :::wah:::

  406. nu says:

    I started reading this in the am, late getting to work (how do I explain I was late because I was reading a drama blog about diapers!)…now I couldn’t wait for dh to take the kiddos to the pool so I could have a glass of wine and finish! LOL

    Hum…..need 2,000 posts….I think I could get there…if I post like a CRAZY over there!

    About the Gro-Baby lady—it’s her reacation to all of this that would steer me from her store.

  407. amessymama says:

    “Waaah. She said she didn’t like my product!!”

    “She called me a pink cookie!!”

    “She copied me!!”

    Dealing with that crap everyday AND not getting paid for it. I don’t think so.

    I’m already a mom. Thanks.

  408. amessymama says:

    Oh and I forgot:

    “Your mocking her with a funny picture of cats. I’m telling!!!”

  409. Messy says:

    But but but… To be a Leeple would make up for allll of that stuff! You can zap people’s posts! Hey, I don’t like you! ZAP!

  410. Bloggitybloggity says:


    Freaking exactly.

    No thank you. I deal with enough whining and crap from my own children. I prefer to read about the dramaz.

    I did just realize that I have over 3,000 posts though… I spend way too much time on the computer. How does that even happen???

    Also, does anybody know what happened to the post with the whiny WAHM who hates all customers? I just went to check on it and it was gone. Did something major happen? Did somebody call her a twatwaffle and get mega-hand-slapped???

    *Booo* I miss all the good stuff. 😛

  411. Bloggitybloggity says:

    Oh, and really: I do know how to end a sentence without “???” Honest! It’s just so much fun to use question marks in sets of three. Ha!

  412. BffMama says:

    I think I can best sum up the comments on this post thereby giving you all the Cliff’s Notes version:

    I am going to be boinking Messy and werd (but after she gives birth–I mean not directly after but you know, after some time) and then we will proceed to boink each other.

    You ladies are commenting a lot these days, but if you could keep it between the hours of 5-10 pm, that’d be great. My head is exploding! 😀

    I kid, I kid.

    Seriously, though, I need some boinking.

    We need to all yahoo chat sometime.

  413. DSDM2 says:

    Peach, it’s not that big a deal 🙂 It isn’t like you are hiding or anything, lol.

  414. werd says:

    BFF you know you are alllll over this shit right after I give birth! Squish squish!

    Seriously though, my fetus kicks anything that enters the hooha or vibrates it. Baby no likey the peen. Must be a boy!

  415. punktart says:

    422: Thanks for the visuals. I may not be able to sleep tonight, now. ❤

  416. Cheesewhiz says:

    OMG werd – LOL!!!!! That was HOT.

  417. Messy says:

    Oh Werd! Those words are total cyber foreplay!!! BFF, I am so on that… Literally! LOL!!!

  418. werd says:

    you love me.

  419. adensmama says:

    Whenever I was preggo with DD she would get all crazy in there if I used the ol’ vibrator (his name is Big Red) and I did a lot since I wasn’t really into having sex with ex-DH (he had a small penis). I just imagined a little baby fetus in a wave pool and I was fine with that!

  420. Aj says:

    Check out post # 5, I just can’t wrap my head around this

  421. my4monkeys says:

    428- I read it 5 times and don’t get it…not getting down on anyones beliefs but I will never understand the submission thing. On top of the fact that it was just randon rambling…LOL

  422. Aj says:

    Yeah, I’m not hear to knock people’s religion, but I genuinely cannot understand why a person (not just a woman) would want to submit to anyone else on a daily basis. What does that do for your self-esteem?

  423. Aj says:

    *here* duh

  424. werd says:

    omg no. I wear the pants. Period. Anyone read my reply to JDT’s money thread on CDN? Prime example.

    If I submit to my husband and let him have the final say, we’d be living on the streets in a cardboard box!! And not even a nicely insulated one! Homeboy is a good hubs/dad but is a moron when it comes to money/decision making!

  425. DSDM2 says:

    My husband and I are equals, both of our opinions matter equally. BUT when/if push comes to shove, mama is in charge.

  426. my4monkeys says:

    All hell broke loose on that msos site…Lee sure knows how to bring out the best in people.

  427. mmspirit7 says:

    434what happened

  428. my4monkeys says:

    someone made a Hitler-esque comment about the new ownership and some people flipped and took offense to it, they closed the thread…and so it begins. They swear like sailors over there, I love it!

  429. thesecret says:

    432, same here if hubby was in charge of the money, we would be living in the streets.

  430. my4monkeys says:

    If I were in charge of the money we would be living in a box, covering up with woolies and using bububebes as pillows….:blush:

  431. BffMama says:

    I have to say there was a point in my life (not that long actually) where I believed in being submissive like that, but not from a religious stand point. I think it has a lot to do with personality and your feelings of self worth.

  432. BffMama says:

    That should read not that long ago. Yeah.

  433. werd says:

    Yeah, wow. 24 hours after Lee takes over, and the board is already coming apart. That’s gotta be like a personal best for him.

    Poor women!

  434. Amy says:

    WTF?! Why did the thread about he soap nuts sold by Naturally Handmade by C&E deleted? I am sorry but I have seen far worse threads on DS that were not deleted but yet this one is just *poof* gone? Lame IMO!

    Anyways, I spoke to my friend and she would prefer not to be outed. She did tell me that she still has yet to recieve a refund or the product. Nor has she herd anything from back from the bitch.

    She wasn’t demanding the items be sent that instant.. She just wanted an idea when they would go out. All she saw was her emails going unanswered and her threads getting bumped and her being active on DS. She also thought she was getting scammed since she ONLY had 10 feedback on hyena cart and between that and no communication, that lead her to file with PP and leave the FB.

    She also wanted me to tell you guys that her feelings were not hurt by the thread, and that she found it humorous that she knew she checked her out on DS yet she posted that.

    The seller went TWO WEEKS before my friend heard a SINGLE word from her. The feedback was the FIRST response to my friend that she made.

    Oh, and my friend will be filing a JAR and contacting HC if she dosen’t get a refund.

  435. punktart says:

    I will never understand how anyone with a business thinks its a good idea to bash a customer. How can they not see how many potential customers will see that and be scared away? ESPECIALLY if the problem was the business’ fault! o.0

    stupid business owners are stupid.

  436. insomiac says:

    442, it was the sellers response to the feedback that has garnered MUCH attention on a couple private boards I go to. That was seriously f’d up for her to bash on engage a customer like that. The aggressiveness and semi-cusswords used were so incredibly unprofessional. Conflicts happen, so if the seller would have come back to find the pp dispute and feedback and realized what had happened and responded appropriately, she could have made all this go away with no one really ever hearing about it, but to act like such a shit to the customer was just INSANE.
    Someone earlier said her and snap should join forces or something and I agree. This was a classic snap move to freak out and bash on an unhappy customer.
    What the hell is going on lately with all these crazed wahms going after customers like they have?!?!

    I just do not understand. And it is not just about preserving their name but don’t they CARE about making the customer happy? It really is not that hard to just do the right thing.

  437. JustPeachy says:

    Ok back up to the submission thing. I truly believe if dh was solely in charge of everything we too would be living in a box. The day I submit to my husband is the day hell freezes over and pigs fly. I do not believe any one person should be dominant in a healthy relationship.

  438. anamnesis says:

    #444, all seller had to do was communicate. Be a resposible seller and check her email like most sellers do. She acknowledged she had the order, yet made no attempts to communicate with the buyer and let her know the situation. Had she done that, all issues would have been resolved. Check out the updated feedback from buyer. Seller just brought it on herself.

  439. mmspirit7 says:

    I get why there are so many mama’s that see nothing wrong with ds. they like having a man tell them what to do think about it and all the submission threads lately there’s yet another on in off topics

  440. yikes says:

    #446 – lol

  441. my4monkeys says:

    If you’re submissive all the time how do you have make-up sex??????? 😉

  442. Munklettes says:

    #448 – or angry sex? I like me some angry sex sometimes, lol

  443. my4monkeys says:

    449- for real, I can’t imagine taking it up the arse and letting my husband call all the shots, we have an equal opportunity marriage!

  444. Aj says:

    Doesn’t it make you wonder too, what kind of men these women are married to?

    The picture in my head is not very flattering…

  445. my4monkeys says:

    I think my hubby would get bored, he enjoys a good go around every once in awhile!

  446. haha says:

    holy shit! Daddy2monkeys…tell me about her. She lives in my town and posted on Craigslist looking for diapers. I took her 3 dozen prefolds (the dyed ones she mentions) quite a few fitteds (TFF, Cuddlebuns, a few that I made etc) some northern essence diaper rash stuff, snappi’s covers you name it.
    Why did he/she get banned? If she’s a scammer I’m going to be pissed. She was so nice!

  447. my4monkeys says:

    453- I don’t think we’ll ever know for sure, but the whole thing screamed scam IMO 😦

  448. haha says:

    Holy crap I went and read all her old posts and I’m just beyond pissed.

    One post she mentions her 4 year old has a head the size of an 11 year old…I met him and he does not have an abnormally large head…

    On 5-12 she mentions using prefolds inside sposies because she doesn’t have any covers…I had already taken her a laundry basket full of crap by then….including covers.

    She apparently joined DS after I mentioned places for her to find cheap cloth diapers (thank GOD I didn’t tell her about CDN)

  449. my4monkeys says:

    Yeah and those posts don’t even include the thread that was deleted in EF!

  450. mmspirit7 says:

    Ok the sumbmissive thread is getting to me so you ask dh to pick up socks and he don’t so you do it yourself and that’s treating him like and man and not a child?? I do fucking get those woman.

  451. mmspirit7 says:

    that should be I don’t fucking get those women.

  452. ~*~Momma~*~ says:

    what was the sellers site again so i can read the FB update?

  453. werd says:

    niiiice 456. I hate people. Just like the crappy wahm!

    Oh yeah, Angie’s legacy continues (BBB aka Planet 9 Creations aka whatever she is now). She has potentially scammed a really sweet mama on CDN – said she tried to send her package but her kid has scribbled on the label and they wouldn’t accept it (meanwhile it was apparently within 24 hours of the label being made and you can still reprint it) and now she doens’t have the money to ship the package. Shocking.

  454. my4monkeys says:
    Found her ad…what a stellar person.

  455. adensmama says:

    #428 WOW.

    I don’t get the whole womanly submission to men thing…I definitely have the final say in most subjects around here, including things like whether our son would be circumcised (absolutely not). But good GOD I can’t even imagine living like that. I’m in the Marines and I’m around men all the time I think it would become a problem if I was submissive to everyone lol. I certainly wouldn’t get any respect for it!

  456. haha says:

    In one of her emails to me

    Even though i just found out that my four year old will have to have surgery on his head to expand his skull because its noe growing like it should be

    Yet on DS she said he has a large head?

    I’m just sick and disgusted. She’s supposedly moving to Dallas in July so I’m sure she’ll be back!

  457. yikes says:

    461 – no money to ship the package. that is extra lame. funny how she doesn’t post here anymore.

  458. yikes says:

    and re: the craigslist ad – if you can’t even afford diapers for your baby, what the HELL are you doing having another one.

    I don’t get people that do that.

  459. Funneh says:

    Another pants-wearer here. We have a relatively equal marriage, but it’s not exactly a secret that if we REALLY disagree about something and can’t reach a compromise (as in a situation where there are no in-betweens to compromise on), I win 😉

  460. haha says:

    because she has 9 million lies to make people feel sorry for her and give her stuff (and I don’t think she’s pregnant…she didn’t look like it to me!)

    Here’s what pisses me off the most about Angie. She screwed someone out of 180 dollars and got a negative for it right. I was moving and didn’t get a snappi and formula check out in time…got 2 negatives for it (5 dollar check and 2.50 snappi) the mamas notified admins when I told them the situation…they were changed to neutrals and I still couldn’t post in the WAHM section…but Angie with her past scamerific shit has no problem getting approved! Assholes.

  461. adensmama says:

    #466 my first job in high school was at Arbys and this chick I worked with was 21 and had 3 kids already. She told me that her and her boyfriend were going to have 11 kids so they could be tax exempt in the state of Iowa!!!!

  462. adensmama says:

    Oh great…”the surrendered wife”?

  463. diudiaole says:

    That submissive religious shite totally rubs me the wrong way… reminds me of a lot of the BS I was force-fed as a child. ::puke:: but to each her own!

    And re: the “my child will die if you don’t give me free cloth diapers” WTF… to haha:

    Did they have a place to live or was it a refrigerator box in an alley, did they look like they were eating enough or were they emaciated? Did they have a car? Double WTF

    It is WAY more expensive to buy sposies unless you’re getting expensive ones etc Was her kid shitting on the floor before she got those cloth diapers or what?

    This kind of shit is why no one wants to help anyone anymore!

  464. diudiaole says:

    And about Angie/me me me — she seemed so nice, though some of you knew her from before and were never fooled. I was tempted to order something from that Pink Cookie congo… but glad I never did.

    The excuses she made are the most ridiculous part — blaming it on the PO or her kids… everything getting ‘lost in the mail’… yuck..

  465. diudiaole says:

    Does anyone have any example of a “quiverfull” family where the mom doesn’t look tired as shit and aged beyond her years?

  466. JustPeachy says:

    The whole submissive thing really aggravates me. I get the whole argument that feminism is not only about the right to work but also the right to choose to stay home. However it pains me so to see this women essentially cowering to their husbands. Im not talking about the ones who put dinner on the table and do the laundry either. Im talking about the ones who do every damn thing without a peep.
    The last time this subject came up I did actually ask dh what his thoughts were if I decided to submit. He actually laughed in my face and said he’d call the looney bin to tote me off. He also said if he wanted someone who couldn’t think for themselves then he would never have married me.

  467. adensmama says:



    I am NOT telling my DF about the whole “quiverfull” thing. He would probably think it was bat shit crazy but he does want to have like 10 kids and I told him to F off lol! Seriously…I don’t want to get fat again, I’m the one who has to give birth and breastfeed and do all the hard stuff! Plus I have gotten pre-e with both of my pregnancies and I feel like if I try it again something really horrible will happen.

  468. adensmama says:

    And #474 I’m totally going to ask my DF what he thinks about that tonight and I bet he will have exactly the same reaction! He will probably laugh because he knows I would never be able to keep my mouth shut ;O

  469. JustPeachy says:

    I have to admit swan771s answer was pretty darn good. I dont think there would be such a negative connotation to the word helpmeet if women wouldn’t make it all about submitting in the biblical sense or all about religion.

  470. haha says:

    Okay I emailed the scammy mammy and here’s what she sent back
    I have not even signed in to diaperswappers. I have not clue what you are talking about…… I just got my email back in order after talking to yahoo. I am sorry that you feel that i betrayed you in some way which i did not i was in need of diapers and am gratefull that you have given them to me. I have not signed into diaperswappers i promise you. i am sorry that you think that i would do this to you or anyone.

    Okay so I would sometimes think that maybe I got the wrong mama however I keep everything so I went digging through my email and found this gem

    I have got to get her into cloth as fast as possible we were just released from the hospital for a severe infection in her bladder that the drs say was from disposable diapers. We have a few (4) prefolds but no covers so we use them inside the disposables for now.

    Compare that to post #7 from this link

    c & p for those that don’t want e-std’s

    I am despert for them i have a daughter that suffers from kidney problems and we are tring to get her into cloth but we cant afford it and are usuing cloth prefolds inside her dispoables that the state is giving us please help thanks

    I sent her an email saying it’s very curious that there’s 2 mama’s that each have a daughter with severe kidney problems that require cloth diapers…and each of these girls has a 4 year old older brother that has skull issues. Either ya’ll are sisters or the same person.

  471. Nic says:

    I just asked DH if he wanted me to start wearing ahead covering and be submissive. He rolled his eyes, laughed, and said to get of the computer because I was “doin too much learnin” hahaha. I couldn’t fathom being submissive to my DH – I’d kill him in his sleep, lol!

  472. my4monkeys says:

    wow, she’s got some balls.

  473. pippen says:

    i sure hope daddy2monkey doesn’t make an appearance at cdn. now that she is banned from ds, i’m sure she’ll find it soon.

    ((waving hi to haha)) i’m in midland and feel uneasy about having a scammer so close to me too.

  474. pippen says:

    have to pick up ds from school…tootles.

  475. haha says:

    Okay I just got another email and now I’m a little creeped out. Apparently there’s Katie and Katrina. (Not sure who the mama is)
    But Katrina is the ex-wife. Here’s the email. I went through my emails and I sold Katrina some 2.0’s a few months ago. After a few days she emailed and asked me if she could bring them back and get her money back as her MIL bought her 30bgs….

    The funny thing is the more I think about it the more and more I think they are the same exact person.

    I know what happened my ex husbands wife just posted in her my space that she is the one that did it she posted there and on other sites not listed. I am sorry but we have had problems with her from day one she has gone as far as doing this to other websites that i am apart of she has changed drs appts ect i have had to add passwords to change drs apprts at all places i am so sorry that this has come about but i am not taking advantage of you i really really appreciate that you have given us diapers for her they have really helped. I have not asked for diapers except to find some more fitteds and that was on craigslist.

  476. my4monkeys says:

    And the plot thickens….good lord.

  477. haha says:

    Hi Pippen! I posted on DS (and I never post) on the Lubbock thread! How are ya?

  478. haha says:

    I swear I’m a magnet for crazy!

  479. incognizable says:

    that whole submission thing and wearing shit for your hubby is just random! The only thing I will wear for my husband is jewelry if he gives it to me, preferably in gold and diamonds 😉

  480. haha says:

    Okay here’s another email….I told her about the other email from Katrinia (or Katie whatever) and here’s what she sent back

    Melissa i am the one that emailed you and told you that i have a little girl that has kidney problems and i also have a son that has has to have surgery and we are tight on money which is all the truth but i have never posted in diaperswappers all i have done there is look on there for diapers. But she takes things and blows them way out of porportion. She is the one that has it posted that she has gotten me again my best friend got the info and sent it to me. She and my ex have done many things like this to me since my ex signed his rights over almost three years ago. She is mad because i wont let her and my ex see my oldest son long story short. I am sorry that this has come about but it was not me that posted on diaperswappers.

  481. haha says:

    How do you check IP’s? Can you do it with emails??

  482. mmspirit7 says:

    hey I wonder if she’s near me I am in kempner.

  483. haha says:

    Nope Lubbock is far away from Kempner!

  484. mmspirit7 says:

    LOL I know i have heard locals talk about it so i thought maybe it was close I only know my neck of the words

  485. werd says:

    PFT. I’ll start treating my husband like a big masculine man when he starts acting like one LOL!!!

  486. mmspirit7 says:

    lol dh bosses at work he doesn’t like it when he comes home he likes it when I tell him what to do LOL

  487. anamnesis says:

    Yes – you guys are right. The Mama who purchased the blanket for $30 was ripped off from Raining Baby fluff.. I pmed her and asked her what shop she got it from and that is what she told me. Just because people were wondering..

  488. mmspirit7 says:

    these mamas are good at finding the scamers

  489. werd says:

    495 exactly. My DH is the boss at work and I’m the boss at home and in bed and he loves it that way LOL!

    Ummm I’m saying that the 2 personas is actually 1 split persona – whackadoodle. They type and “speak” exactly the same way. Crazies.

  490. haha says:

    I suck at remembering faces (phone number no problem…) but I know when I met Katie I thought she reminded me of Katrina….If only I could know for sure!

  491. pippen says:

    i’m great haha.

    so there is no scammer, just some women going crazy up in lubbock? or do you think this is all the same person? you’ve seen them both? that is some sort of crazy. i keep an eye on the lubbock craigslist and saw all the posts made wanting cloth diapers. i sort of put two & two together when i saw daddy2monkey’s odd posts. i’m guessing she was banned for spam.

  492. haha says:

    I really think they are the same person! Sob story to get cloth diapers. I took her diapers May 6th and it was enough that she shouldn’t have needed anymore for a long time! And then she’s on DS begging for more.

  493. diudiaole says:

    that is some crazy shit — haha can you please send her the link to this blog post so she can come defend herself? 😉

  494. Grogwench says:

    Haha, you need to post to her thread asking for more. You should ask her if what you gave her was enough.

    Let people know she’s been given some things and is STILL asking for more!

  495. diudiaole says:

    #503 = another yeller dong 😀

  496. adensmama says:

    #503 good idea!

  497. mmspirit7 says:

    that quiz on the submit thread is a do you like and listen to your husband thread not one that really gets into it aobut marriages. ugh

  498. adensmama says:

    Haha yeah I thought the quiz was funny, I was hoping a bunch of them would take it and post their results!

  499. mmspirit7 says:

    those wives that submit….or say they do for a label. LOL that or they need a to get a dildo and have some fun because there husband isn’t a man in the the bedroom

  500. mmspirit7 says:

    508 LOL I have a feeling they are not getting the snwers they want so there are not posting them. and I don’t get the profile link what am I to be looking for

  501. JustPeachy says:

    Probably not. Considering I don’t submit in any way to my husband I scored a 60 which is on the verge of being submissive). I really think that quiz is mistaken though because I would’ve guessed I would score lower.

  502. amessymama says:

    507-I give up. What are we supposed to be thinking? 🙂

  503. adensmama says:

    Yeah 507 I don’t get it

  504. mmspirit7 says:

    LOL i tought so too I took and was shocked at my score only one submissive wife too speaks a lot to me. tryed to call them on it but it was missed yeah right

  505. nini02 says:

    Confused about 507 as well….

  506. Messy says:

    I scored 88. I didn’t think it would be that high LOL! But we have a great relationship. I do not feel like a doormat; nor do I feel particularly submissive. Sometimes I am a spoiled brat :::blush::: But he loves me anyhow. Sometimes he is a jackass. But I love him anyhow (ok, after he puts out) 😀 I think we are both submissive to each other and for that we have a great relationship.

  507. Messy says:

    507 is saying that Liz is back on DS 😉

  508. nini02 says:

    Oh, LOL 517. Obvious now.

  509. Messy says:

    Where is the thread on CDN about Angie scamming someone else?

  510. mmspirit7 says:

    516 that’s us.

  511. diudiaole says:

    crap how many posts do I need to have on cdn before I can read that?

  512. nini02 says:

    You need 100 posts I think

  513. diudiaole says:

    ok.. I need like 60 more lol

  514. nini02 says:

    Well, get to post whoring woman! 😀

  515. Nic says:

    Well this is NOT the way to start off being a WAHM

    post 2 responded, post 3 (WAHM) quotes original post 2

  516. thesecret says:

    Me back on DS???? No, I am not.

  517. thesecret says:

    Someone clue me on why 507 would think I am back on DS???

  518. diudiaole says:

    I guess because someone joined with your same name the day after you were banned… but Elizabeth is a common name and DS is a big site

  519. screenname says:

    The daddy2monkeys person wasn’t just asking for an emergency stash. S/he posted on FSOT threads selling Mutts and GMs with the whole “I would love these if my baby weren’t dying and we weren’t flat broke…” If you NEED diapers you don’t go looking for free HC dipes. Spamming sob stories is a HUGE red flag.

  520. thesecret says:

    530, ok. Just wondering

  521. nini02 says:

    529 – That person’s screen name is the same as yours, minus one letter, isn’t it? I have no idea if it’s really you or not, but that’s really close.

  522. thesecret says:

    533, no idea. Any links to a post by this person??? They can gladly do any ip check, it is not me.

  523. Messy says:

    #527 Yup! ITA And I think that stretchy cords on a baby’s neck is DANGEROUS TO THE EXTREME!!! I cannot stress how dangerous it is. Think about it… If that necklace gets caught on the top of a crib rail or something, it will have enough “give” to hang a child quickly. It has to break somewhere or there is a serious risk to a child’s life, no matter what the item around the neck. Make sense? How can I say that in her thread??? It scares me to death that she is selling something like that; it might not even be legal…
    Also, she will find that as long as she uses very “rounded” beads, it will be ok, but to use the regular baltic amber beads (some of which have edges), they will pinch babies. I use the stretchy string but do not use it on natural stones or usually for children. I use an alternative with no metal, no stretch, and the clasps (plastic or which ever I use at the time) will break before the bead sets. After her testers, she will hopefully find that the stretchy necklaces are not real great for babies; toddlers maybe, but I would never ever recommend it.

  524. Nic says:

    Messy, I hope her testers tell her like it is, and don’t shoot rainbows up her ass. I kind of want to be a tester just so I an tell her that, but for a buck an inch, I’ll go to inspired by Finn – I’m not in the market to pay to hang my baby.

  525. diudiaole says:

    I am so bummed… I traded my newborn wool for some large Snap-EZ diapers and every one of those suckers leaks at the leg seam… I am so sick of this — this makes the third time, first was a swaddlebees that is in a drawer here collecting dust and then I bought a lot of 10 “EUC” fannie feather pockets that all had leaky PUL too, I was able to return the lot and didn’t lose out on too much money… but WTF why is this SHIT being sold/traded? If the PUL leaks then it is effing worthless as a diaper, no?

    Yes I know I was buying *used* diapers — but am I expecting too much that they actually function?! And no, I really don’t want to buy that spray shit at Walmart, who knows what is in that… I just don’t, I just want what I paid/traded for…

  526. Aj says:

    537, have you tried stripping them?

  527. hrm's mom says:

    464-ok I just have to say something about the scammer who claims her son is having head surgery and that her dd needs diapers. My dd has had a very small head since she was born she always is in the 5-25% in head size at her dr appt. One time they freaked me right the fuck out by saying “we will not worry just yet!” I mean what is kind of thing is that to say to a new mom. Anyway, I asked the dr about it and she told me that some babies have really small heads that do not grow correctly and some babies have really big heads, they are worried about both. I asked what can be done if their heads are too small (as I had been told my child had) and I was told nothing. Basically if the skull is too small there is nothing they can do about it and the baby will have issue for the rest of their life, and will not be meeting developmental milestones. Now if the head is too big I was told they can do things to fix that and it is harder to see because the baby seems normal but if the issues are not resolved it will cause issues later on.

  528. diudiaole says:

    #538 – I’m about to wash them and try the high heat dryer thing — but run off is not the issue, at least I don’t think so — I did the water test with all of them after I saw the first one leaked on my son and it is not water splashing over the sides 😦

  529. diudiaole says:

    I posted about the strangulation risk on that tester thread.

  530. Messy says:

    Diu I ❤ you! I posted right after you did!!!

  531. hrm's mom says:

    Oh messy I really want an Amber necklace do you make them?

  532. punktart says:

    I’m kind of lost on the daddy2monkeys drama. Is s/he saying that someone else posed as her on DS? Wasn’t there already another story like that?? Someone who stole their IP address by sitting in church parking lot? Or am I *way* off mark here?

  533. hrm's mom says:

    I do not know why none of my posts are posting? I have changed nothing that I know of?

  534. diudiaole says:

    I ❤ you too, Messy — thanks for the backup 🙂

  535. Messy says:

    …and people rationalize the danger away :::sigh::: Ya know, I can’t watch my toddler every second of the day, every moment of his life. It takes seconds to strangle a baby… I don’t get it, but whatever.

  536. diudiaole says:

    #542 — that was Brandi and her crazy “SIL” leaching off her wireless signal from across the street and impersonating her on a diaper trading site… lol she was also the one selling “handmade” bows from Walmart

  537. Nic says:

    The stupid never ceases to amaze me… And really? Where do you buy your sleep sacks that they have strings on them… I must have missed those along the way…

  538. me me me says:

    461-no she’s not being scammed. It was an hour past the 48 hrs when I realized the 2 yr old got the labels off my desk. It will be reshipped asap.

    No I don’t have any pp right now. The sharks on this blog made sure of that. Run a chicks name and business into the ground for entertainment then wonder why her pp is dry. Genius.

  539. Messy says:

    Found the law! It is my last post on that thread…

  540. adensmama says:

    I haven’t even read the whole teething necklace thread yet but I would NEVER buy something stretchy to put on my baby. People think it just won’t happen to them and then it does, some horrible freak accident.

    I just got one from Inspired by Finn for my 4 month old DS and I love it…I doubt she will get many sales.

  541. Cheesewhiz says:

    #547 – Are you KIDDING? I have stayed out of this mess, and I don’t even know you, but c’mon! When you are shipping an ORDER that someone has PAID FOR…the shipping should come out of that FIRST, YOU OWE THAT TO THE CUSTOMER.

    I am not a WAHM, but have done a decent amount of buying and selling, and you know what? The buyer PAYS to have it shipped, even if you say the shipping is free. I hardly ever had $ sitting in the ‘ole PP account, but when someone would BUY SOMETHING FROM ME I WOULD, and the responsible thing to do is to use THAT MONEY TO SHIP THE ITEM BEFORE DOING ANYTHING ELSE WITH IT.

    In the case that you had already transferred the funds, well SO WHAT. YOU STILL NEED TO PAY FOR THE SHIPPING OUT OF YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. That is what I would and have done, and I’m not even trying to hawk my wares.

    TOTALLY unprofessional.

  542. Messy says:

    But so many people jumped right on it 😦 It scares me, honestly and truly. For her to put it off so easily bothers me. Being a WAHM should not be at the cost of a child’s life. I like magnetic clasps, but then the child can chew on the item and choke to death on it. She needs to rethink what she is doing. Seriously. Educate herself before jumping into other people’s children’s lives dangerously.

  543. thesecret says:

    Exactly, 550!!!!

  544. Cheesewhiz says:

    Adensmama – Inspired by Finn is the best. I love her necklaces.

  545. mmspirit7 says:

    ugh…LOL I have been thinking about starting up making my jewelry again but I just don’t feel right about making it for babies and if I did would string and hand not (takes me less than and hour so the mom bitchy about ugh) and that way it would break and you wouldn’t lose all the beads. Also I would use a magnetic clasp but that’s just me I also wouldn’t spend the cash for sterling silver or gold either.

    What that Wanna be wahm is doing is dangerous.

  546. mmspirit7 says:

    well If you use the right clasp it and put it on right is shouldn’t come off. but I see your point messy. I almost feel like adding my 2 cents.

  547. me me me says:

    468-The 1 neg I have on DS was for an admittedly very delayed transaction, from like 2 years ago. The mama left fb as she felt fitting. Once it was complete and she was happy, she chose not to update FB even though I asked her to. Not to change the neg, I deserved it, but to state that she did end up getting her order and was happy with it. We left off on friendly terms. We are on each others face books and far as I know have no ill wills towards each other.

    The deal is, I am not a scammer. I deff made mistakes far as getting in over my head and yes, I suck horribly at keeping names straight and little important details that one needs to make customs go smoothly. I freely admit my mistakes. I make great effort to learn from my mistakes and right wrongs. But that’s not good enough for you all.

    You all say you want me to go away, then wonder why I don’t post here anymore. Why would I want to socialize with people that publicly tear me apart and make it clear they can’t stand me?

  548. adensmama says:

    #551 I am amazed at how many people seem blinded by their own foolishness.

    And 553 I know right? I got DS an alternating light and dark round beaded one and it is gorgeous for one thing, and it looks totally manly enough for him 😉

  549. Messy says:

    Now I am getting my ass chewed! HELLO! There is a law in the regard to those types of necklaces, I posted it!
    NEVER EVER IN MY LIFE DO I WANT TO SEE A BABY GET HUNG SO I CAN SAY I TOLD YOU SO! Freaking bitch. It scares me, but hey, I should shut up and let someone make a buck on it. @@

  550. Cheesewhiz says:

    #557 – That’s the same one I got…its so beautiful…

    …yet MANLY. Totally agree. 😉

  551. Messy says:

    My 3 yr old wears one by IBF! Da best! Love it!!! TONS! It has a break away 😉

  552. Messy says:

    Those necklace types are ILLEGAL for a reason!!!

  553. adensmama says:

    558 I saw that and I was like W.T.F.

    I commented on it too, reiterating the fact that her fucking necklaces are strangulation hazards. What if I started selling little baby sized machetes? If you don’t like it then don’t buy one, jeez!

  554. amessymama says:

    556-Just stop!!

    You keep saying the same thing over an over. Listen to yourself. Stop being a crappy business person by not selling things to people.

  555. Cheesewhiz says:

    Messy, not cool, they are being stupid. I had to comment as well.

  556. Messy says:

    #562 Hmmm… Baby sized machetis? Will you put a nonslip grip handle on them? ROFL! I know… It is crazy and strangulation hazards are a super duper fear of mine. I am anal about the kids not having toys with strings and not sleeping with anything that can get around their necks, etc. All the blinds in my son’s room (only one has blinds) cannot be pulled up because I have the cords attached at the tops to keep from being a hazard. Ugh!

  557. adensmama says:

    I don’t like how she used those jaggedy beads on that pic in her avi/the OP. It looks uncomfortable for bebes, that’s why I got a round bead one.

  558. Messy says:

    She asks me to stop so she can sell these.
    WTF about the safety issue? The legality of the sale of those that do not choose a break away option? Does she not fear for the parents who use those???
    She can make a buck… A baby can die. Gee, which option should entice me more? :::puke:::

  559. Cheesewhiz says:

    #562 – Agreed. I think me me me should just save herself the time and C & P all her excuses, because they are THE SAME EVERY TIME.

    Time to stop running a business you KEEP ADMITTING YOU CAN’T HANDLE.

    Can someone again refresh my memory on the definition of insanity??? HELLO.

  560. adensmama says:

    567 But she added an OPTION for magnetic clasps! Holy shit! Does she not realize that it’s still a huge liability issue and she will get sued up the ass if a baby dies from that? Just because you give people an option does not make it okay to sell an illegal product.

    Oh, and wtf…can’t anyone string together a bunch of beads on a stretchy thread?

  561. Cheesewhiz says:

    Um, and why is it an OPTION to choose a safer necklace???? It should be THE ONLY OPTION.

    Boy, people are pissing me off tonight. Pass the chocolate, please. 😉

  562. Messy says:

    Hopefully DS is going to realize that after she was made aware of the legality and dangers of her wares, they will also be liable if anything happens to a child using her product. Nevermind. I just used “DS” and “realize” in the same sentence; my bad.

  563. Cheesewhiz says:

    #570 – lol, we must have posted at the same time.

  564. Cheesewhiz says:

    i mean #569 – oops

  565. monkey says:


    I know Messy! I have the same fear. I don’t know what this woman is thinking!

  566. adensmama says:

    Who has chocolate????

  567. monkey says:

    Ok. I’m not normally a huge fan of “scrappy” longies (I tend to like plainer longies myself) but I like these.

  568. Messy says:

    Diu, again my ❤ TY! I feel like I am all by myself and it is SO REAL that it is dangerous. Why is making money worth more to some people than a child's well being? For that matter, she can look at the other well established retputable children's jewelry makers and see that if they don't do it, there is probably a good reason for it!!!

  569. Cheesewhiz says:

    Messy, what were you thinking? Saying those two words together is tantamount to saying that Suze of GM doesn’t know what a joint looks like.

    Clearly, there are some things that are just not possible.

  570. adensmama says:

    573 LOL I doubt it will help, it seems like the woman just needs to grow a brain.

  571. Messy says:

    Charise & USMC TY too!!! I am getting all stressed over these necklaces! Looking up information to find the law is sooo sad to even see the google snippets of stories of babies strangled by this product or that 😥 It is heartbreaking!
    (Who is USMC?)

  572. Nic says:

    and now the WAHM wants her thread deleted…

  573. mmspirit7 says:

    275 i do!!!

  574. adensmama says:

    579 that would be me 🙂

    I don’t even want to google it, I can’t stand dead baby stories I will just cry and then have nightmares about my own kids…not too sweet.

  575. me me me says:

    550 I did print labels. Did not putrthem directly on package. So baby scribbled o n them a little. Everything was still totally readable so I shipped the, like I normally do. I wrote the shipping ionfo on reverse side JIC, like usual and then the came back days later. I immediately emailed to let them know and will be reshipping as soon as dh gets paid (25th). There is no issue here. I’m human like anyone else, I left the labels out, which is not something I normally do, but this time I did. Shoot I’ve had wahms tell me they can’t send my order at all due to a kid sharpieing my order. I am thankful all she scribbled on was the label. The packages will go back out right away. Your soooooooooo ready for drama your creating it where it doesn’t exist. I know that’s what this blog is for, but there comes a point where you’ve crossed over from juicy gossip to out right cruelty. There just isn’t any purpose to dragging me around through the mud. How does this help anyone. I’m banned the only 2 places I ever go to socialize, my wahm name is shit, ya’ll succeeded. Now your just kicking a dead horse.

    You don’t care for me, my diapers, my business, fine. But is it necessary to get so personal?

  576. Messy says:

    Yeller Dong! Say it aint so? Suz knew what a joint looks like? You mean she has been in contact with a school health course in the last 50 years or she has seen a television or movie or she lives in :gasp: the real world??? Nooo!!! There goes my fantasy of joining Suz in the GM-utopia 😦

  577. Messy says:

    Ok, I see that the BITCH that insinuated I would get off on saying “I told you so” if someone’s child was strangled by one of these jeweled death traps is reading here! So, yeah, you need psychological help! I am all for WAHMs making a living but NOT AT THE RISK OF A CHILD’S LIFE! I do not jump on WAHM ideas with warnings EVER, but this one is so dangerous and so horrible if the outcome is bad, it is not like an illfitting diaper design, it is a STRANGULATION HAZARD you bitch!
    ACK! I hate stupid people. Pass the chocolate!

  578. thesecret says:

    583, 2 things to do not add up in her version. 1, how bad where they scribbled on to get sent back 2. If they were that bad, you should have noticed before you mailed them

  579. Cheesewhiz says:

    #582 – JUST. STOP. It hurts banging my head against the wall.

  580. adensmama says:

    Oh so she’s not having it deleted because she realized she’s a moron, she just doesn’t want us bothering her anymore.

  581. Messy says:

    So everyone can PM her to get those things for their kids. Nice. I just do not understand!!! Would it kill her to read the information regarding the laws and reasons as such for these items? Would it hurt her to become educated on the items before selling them to other mamas???

  582. adensmama says:

    Yeah, why even post in there if you can’t handle getting any kind of negative comments? I thought that was the whole freaking point…to see what’s up and if people like your products.

  583. Messy says:

    Angie, post the DC number so people can look and see that it was mailed and returned to sender. It will have been updated if you got it back. That fixes that. DC trails can help you.

  584. amessymama says:

    587-So she copied someone else’s asinine idea. Brilliant.

  585. me me me says:

    586-I noticed, I;m not blind. IMO they were not scribbled bad enough to be an issue. Evey thing was readable, plus I put the info on the back to be sure (I do this anyways in case label gets torn etc). I was not home when they where returned. My mom was here and she won’t were here hearing aids so what she said the carrier said makes little sense. I had too many appts today to go into the PO but I will be going in tomorrow to see if there is anything that can be done. Maybe they will work with me, I doubt it, but it’s worth a shot.

  586. Messy says:

    #587 That mama is not talking about using a stretchy cord that does not break at all. The issue with th OP to the other thread is that she is making them stretchy with no break away at all. She is knotting between beads on a stretchy string that *could break away. If I am reading her 3rd post correctly.
    Also, KUDDOS TO HER for asking and talking about the safety issues before hanging it all out there to make a quick buck!

  587. Nic says:

    Messy, how dare you think a WAHM has time to read / follow laws?! I can’t believe how lightly the WAHM appears to be taking this, it makes me sick!

  588. me me me says:

    9101 7850 9140 1029 3901 79 and 9107 1288 8230 0710 2364 33 it shows nothing of course. Not surprised, they never scan anything. It doesn’t matter, no one is going to believe I am anything less than lazy scammer.

  589. Nic says:

    595 that’s what I thought, but someone on the first thread asked it to be posted here (or as she called it, the brown page, lol) – I thought maybe i was missing something (entirely possible at this hour!)

  590. adensmama says:

    That second thread that she asked to be posted….I read the OP and she was saying how she wanted them to be unbreakable.

  591. me me me says:

    It did have return to sender sticker with stamp on it, but I pealed it off to see why they deamed it unreadable. They covered the to and from parts and the bar code with light yellow address label type stickers and one has the red return to sender stamp. I doubt it ever left my local PO.

  592. thesecret says:

    597, shows insurance was purchased on 1 of those packages. nothing else

  593. Cheesewhiz says:

    #599 – I don’t think you are a SCAMMER – I think you are a shitty business person. There is a difference.

    It’s not personal. I would be a shitty brain surgeon.

  594. Messy says:

    #599 in her 3rd post she mentions the strangulation hazard and talks about how they would be separately knotted incase they break (thus allowing for a break away even if it is due to lax elastics as well as alleviating the choking hazard by separately knotting). Now, that mama is onto something IMO.

  595. thesecret says:

    600, should watch your PO scan it in next time.

  596. Messy says:

    Also, more kudos for her for talking to and asking for opinions before tossing a potentially dangerous product out there for a buck!

  597. Cheesewhiz says:


  598. diudiaole says:

    #592 — good idea… ❤

    Angie, have you ever heard of the 'boy who cried wolf'? Even if what you are saying now has legitimately happened, no one is going to believe it!

  599. adensmama says:

    603 Ok I was just confused I guess. I thought that she was knotting them to keep the beads from flying off if it did break, I didn’t know that the knotting would make it breakaway style.

  600. me me me says:

    I have a pic of the labels but I am unsure how to properly blur the personal info of the buyer while still showing that it is 100% readable and the scribbles are not preventing it from being readable? Any ideas? Maybe there is someone trustworthy I can just email pics to that view them and post her POV and everyone else will just have to take her word for it?

  601. monkey says:


    It’s not drama.. but c’mon. This is funny.

    What’s wrong with this picture?

  602. Messy says:

    #607 most actual jewelry elastic cords does break rather easily. She wasn’t wanting to reinvent the wheel. So, I think she was going to use actual jewelry elastic with knotting in case of failures that are possible with regular jewelry elastic.

  603. adensmama says:

    #608 it’s called microsoft paint, you can use it to black out parts of a photo. Good luck!

  604. me me me says:

    600, my po wont scan online printed postage. IF I still had a business to speak of, I’d be using fedex as they have always been reliable IME. But it’s a moot point, I have no online business anymore. A quick google search brings this blog up on the 1st page. If I saw this about someone else I’d run too.

  605. me me me says:

    604 not 600

  606. mmspirit7 says:

    photobucket you cna do that too mememe

  607. Messy says:

    Angie, the PO does not have a choice. I take all my packages in, stand in line if necessary, and ask them to scan it. Most larger POs will give you a receipt, ours does not. They absolutely have no choice if you hand it to them and ask for it to be scanned. I have a lot of stuff sent to me from Cin and I know they will scan it if you take it in.

  608. thesecret says:

    612, I do not know then. My post office will always scan online printed postage.

  609. Nic says:

    609, those have been there for months now! It does make me wonder how someone hand knits 11 (well there are 11 now, who know how many there were total) of the same thing incorrectly though..

  610. adensmama says:

    Haha that soaker is funny.

    As for the PO thing, mine is now refusing to scan in my paypal stuff. They said they won’t do it anymore although they will let me drop it off. I thought it was rude 😦

  611. Messy says:

    I am a dipshit. Until I read the rationale behind the soaker sale, I did not realize that peace signs had an up and down :blush: I would have never thought twice.
    Also, I have one of their soakers and it appears to be knit in the round by hand but I always wondered how they mass produced them! But they are not made in the US either… I only have the one.

  612. diudiaole says:

    If she blacks out the customer’s info, how do we know we are seeing the exact package in question?

  613. thesecret says:

    620, that is a good question. her other offer was to copy it and e-mail it to someone. Not sure if that offer is better or worse though???

  614. monkey says:

    #609 That’s what I found hysterical.

    #619 It took me a minute. At first I was like OMG that’s a great price I’m getting it… then I said, “Whoa. What’s wrong here?”

    I have to say though, I had a snuggle suit by them that I was given at my baby shower and that thing was awesome!

  615. adensmama says:

    #619 I bet they have a “sewing circle” (or knitting circle?) of WAHMs who bring their children to work and sit around sipping tea and knitting while their children play with puppies and kittens and there are also rainbows and unicorns present.
    Because that’s how GM does it right?

  616. monkey says:

    Oops, 617 not 609

  617. monkey says:

    OMG they reanimated Laura Ingalls Wilder and Anne of Green Gables to work for them!

    Zombie turn of the century heroines!

  618. Messy says:

    Of course! :::slaps forehead::: The lamajama WAHMs knitting circle probably swaps recipes for their get togethers with the GM sewing circle gals! I bet they have a grand ole time! :puke:

  619. me me me says:

    Ok, I used the distort twirl feature.

    and these are the dipes inside

    has the 2 sized obv stuffers too but i didn’t pic it that way.

  620. adensmama says:

    LOL we need to get a mole inside the GM factory and leak pictures…it would be the scandal of the century!

  621. Messy says:

    The FB factory too #627~

  622. adensmama says:

    At least Grobaby admits to having their crap manufactured in China.

  623. me me me says:

    651 I live in Xenia Ohio. Feel free to call them ask if they will scan an online postage. I have taken them in when I 1st moved here, they refused and said that I got a discount by printing online and that means they don’t have to process it for me. I have even tried printing postage at click n ship so I can get that scan form. My carrier will scan it if I am right there but if I am not he won’t. Either way, when I have watched him scan it, it STILL never shows up on the Dc as scanned in at my PO, never.

  624. me me me says:

    615 not 651

  625. thesecret says:

    Lets not forget the Grobaby factory in China

  626. thesecret says:

    630, guess I am lucky. Both my PO and major sorting center scan both coming and going

  627. Messy says:

    USMC the necklace design mama #2 used has a clasp as well as elastic. I want one!!! That is ingenious!!! I posted on her thread. I am ultra freaky picky about necklaces for my kids, but hers looks like a great idea!!! Provided I am understanding it all correctly.

  628. Messy says:

    #633 Our PO gets lax on scanning sometimes. There are people there who do scan religiously but there are some that don’t. Asking at the window always helps me make sure that it is scanned. But if I drop it off, I am reasonably sure it would be part of the 98% of packages that do get scanned here.

  629. adensmama says:

    So the clasp will break then? If so that’s a good idea. It looks like she actually knows how to make jewelry too unlike that first chick.

  630. thesecret says:

    Well 635, I live in a super small town. We all have PO boxes; so, the post office is nice about that stuff since everyone has to see each other often.

  631. diudiaole says:

    why don’t you switch to fedex or ups then like you keep saying you will do?

  632. Messy says:

    Yup, the clasp will pop apart. Hers uses the ties on the inside of the screwed pieces (LOL) the ones I make uses loops on the ends. If mine break, they do not “de-bead” because I have them on the strings with a bead holding them in case the clasp breaks, as I have seen it do a zillion times on my kids.
    She elaborated in a reply to you and I think she totally rocks! That is a great idea!!! Safe all the way around IMO.

  633. just_sayin says:

    Oh look, she said she wanted to start shipping Fed Ex again.

    You’re a broken record, you know. And we all know you are lying.

    This is probably what happened. You got the order. You printed postage, but never put it on the package. It sat there for a while because you couldn’t drag your fat butt off the couch and over to the PO. Buyer asks where it was. You decide to come up with a believable lie. And there’s so many to choose from! Let’s see, will it be lost in the mail? No, you did that one recently. Family crisis? No, she won’t buy that one because she’s too smart. Pity party? No, you know she’d hand your ass to you if you pulled that one out. Let’s see… Oh, yeah, it’s the kid’s fault! She’s a mom, so she’d believe that one! And then you add a side of pity party to it just to sweeten the deal.

    STOP SELLING SHIT. Just stop, for the love of Pete just stop! Are you just too dumb to figure it out? Really? Just stop selling things! And stop spending the money customers pay you before they have their crappy product! How many times have you done that? Claiming you are too poor to mail is dumb. What did you buy with the money she gave you?

    And don’t even think that you can fool us into believing that you have one negative. You have something like 10 negs just on your HC feedback alone, and how many on your various ebay accounts? How many all together, because it sure as shit isn’t just one.

  634. me me me says:

    633 when I was in Houston I had 4 POs I could use. 2 would scan, 2 would not. Seems every PO just does whatever they want.

    My mail carrier was scanning them for me when he picked up when I 1st moved here. Then he got IN TROUBLE for it. That’s when I tried taking them in to be scanned and they refused.

    I live in a small town, and my experience with small towns is that they make up the rules as they go along. I had two large FRB shipped to me with sewing supplies from a good friends (so I know she really shipped them) and they were MIA for 3 weeks and then finally they scanned delivered. 6 hours earlier than my carrier ever makes it to my house. While I was home with door wide open and playing in front yard with baby. When I caught up to my carrier next day, he confirmed he knew he had not delivered to me that day much less that week. He was adimate there was no way he could have been to my house at that time, no way no how. He knows me pretty well as I ship a lot from home with my bus plus I have an unusual last name he said he could never get confused on. He was 100% sure he’d recall delivering to me the day before.

    So I went over to the PO and spoke to the PM and told him as such. He then said he’d talk to the carrier about it. Next day the carrier knocked on my door JUST to tell me he was mistaken and there was no way he could recall if he had or had not delivered to me on that day or that time. TOTAL cover up. You know his boss told him to shut up n play dumb. I put minimal effort into going to higher ups.The sender did not insure it and I failed to request it. So I wasn’t trying to file a claim, I was trying to get them to LOOK for my two packages worth $300, just flippen look for it, PLEASE!!! Nope they refused, Dc said delivered, they did not care. It just ended up stressing me out so I forced myself to let it go. This is just one example, there are others.

    It’s not like I enjoy dealing with postal idiots, I’m just blessed I guess.

  635. mmspirit7 says:

    so anyone else like this would you wear it as pendent

  636. Nic says:

    642 depending on how big it was, I think it’s gorgeous!

  637. Messy says:

    #642 on a necklace? Yeah. I don’t wear pins or anything… It is very pretty!

  638. mmspirit7 says:

    ok i was just diong a little research getting my jewelry thing back up slowly and I love stuff like that but don’t knoe if everyone loves what I do

  639. me me me says:

    638-“if” I get anymore online orders, I will, fosure. However these two packages where the 2 sales I made on Pink Cookies the 4 seconds it was open. One a FFS lotto and the other an auction that sold for $30 for 3 OBV OS dipes with 2 soakers each. I was already committed to shipping how the listings said. These ladies will get their dipes. Without a doubt. I think I have proven that I will take responsibility for making sure the customer gets what she/he pays for, even if the PO messes up.

  640. mmspirit7 says:

    yeah it wouldn’t be a wire wraped pendent.

    I just didn’t know if mama’s would like that kind of stuff.

  641. adensmama says:

    639 I just went and looked and at least there are still WAHMs who know how to freaking act around here lol! She seems like she has her head screwed on right at least.

  642. me me me says:

    640- No. Buy never had to contact me to ask where it was. She paid, I made it and shipped in less than a week (listing said 7 days). It came back, I said WTF and emailed right away to give her a heads up. I could have attempted any number of lies, but that’s not my way.

    But thanks for resorting to name calling. Me and my fat butt are ever so amused.

  643. Messy says:

    #648 ITA!!! She researched, had experience, and then even asked for opinions then she took them to heart and designed something that is great! I have no idea who she is but I am so proud of her 😀

  644. me me me says:


  645. mmspirit7 says:

    647 should say would be sorry it’s late i should head to bed

  646. Messy says:

    Angie, it sounds like you are saying that since one was a FFS deal and the other was obviously won at a much discounted price, they are not worthy of being delivered in a timely manner. Not cool. If you had PMed them and told them that you had issues with the PO, they could have chosen how to have you send as I am sure they want the items even if Fed Ex is the carrier.
    You have to stop making excuses.

  647. me me me says:

    Why is it that ANY answer is an excuse? Really its what happened, period. I am sorry, but the thinsg I mail do show up, the po does eventually get tu there. I did not bait n switch, offer fedex and then ship usps. I do not agree that I shoudl jump through all these flaming hopps to be aproved as a worthy wahm in someone elses eyes. I am not the one messing up. I am mailing them as stated in a timely manor.

    Fact is yes, I could have done what you said, but I didn’t think of it. I shipped it responsibly IMO, with ins and dc within a week (custom mind you). With everything that’s gone the last few weeks my only concern was to make sure I shipped them out asap and get the hell put of this shit.

    I am sorry, AGAIN, that I am not as smart as you all and I am not whatever ya’ll think I should be. Please forgive me for being inferior.

  648. me me me says:

    Oh gawd, I forgot to check for typos. I’m outtie. No one cares what I say anyways. There is NOTHING I can do or say that won’t be twisted.

  649. Messy says:

    Angie, if the PO loses nearly every single thing you mail, how could you consider yourself to have mailed responsibly?

  650. me me me says:

    Did I not post the pics yet? I don’t see them and was sure I had posted them?

    Messy, I will just email them to you. I trust you will not post the buyers info or share it. But I think your POV is trustworthy and you seem to attempt to be fair. Plus, if anyone’s going to blast me, I’d like it to be you, at least your funny. hahah

  651. thesecret says:

    messy is trustworthy. So I think e-mailing them to her would work.

  652. Messy says:

    Angie, I want sooo badly to believe you! I honestly like you. There is nothing I can do with the pics if they were not scanned though. It is the DC number that should tell the tale. Does your pic of the package show where it was returned to you?

  653. thesecret says:

    659 Messy, That is what I am thinking if it shows the fact it was returned to sender, that would make her story more believable.

  654. kowalski says:

    hey drama mamas… i’ve got a good one for you, its full of drama and diapers made with shower curtains…. do i post here?? i received a comment in my store today that the infamous shower curtain diaper maker is using “my” name for her diapers now – ewww! check it out: Anyhow…. I’m not pursuing this further than i have with her (she’s clearly looped) but I’ve got a dramariffic email she sent me if you’re all interested, I’ll post it! (yes, i’ve just outed myself – so now I cant make anonymous comments to this blog anymore (maybe you’ll let me change my username?? lol)).

  655. me me me says:

    The PO has lost 2 packages in the year I have been in Ohio. One got all the way to it’s final destination and was attempted delivered, but I put signature confirm on it so they had to take it back to the po (she wasn’t home). When she went to pick it up, it was no where to be found. Ya gotta admit, that’s not likely to happen real often. The 2nd one, I have no clue what PO lost it. It never scanned anywhere along the line so who knows where it is. We both just agreed yesterday to give up on it and I am remaking her order, in my revised OS a with higher rise.

    All the others got to where they needed to be in perfectly fine order. All the testers arrived anywhere from the day after the ds banning to a week after. All of the testers are on my yahoo group and we are discussing them so I can do the revised testers. They all got a $15 store credit (the original deal was $10 but I added $5 for their patience) and I am sending the revised testers free, as in on my dime 100%. They will all have 3 OS diapers for $10 PPD, that equals lose not profit for me. But that OK, I appreciate their help in working out the kinks and I don’t mind “paying” them for their time and trouble.

    While I find the PO delays reeeeeeeeeeally annoying, I can’t see logic in paying fedex on small orders that little to no profit is made. I have done several FFS on DS, I am not all about money, but I at least need to cover my expenses and not take food off my kids table. KWIM? Yes, I have already taken the usps option off my website. From now on yes, the customer will be made aware of the usps slowness and they may chose to pay extra for fedex if they chose.

    Ya know, I am not near as perfect as some here think I should be. I will always take responsibility for making sure my customers get what they paid for and are happy. Period.

    Fact is, all along I have had many many more happy customers than unhappy so I can’t be a total shit. I have yet to have anyone tell me they don’t like their OS Rayne Catcher, and yes I do follow up and make sure they know they won’t upset or hurt my feelings. I really want them happy and if imporvments are needed I want to know it. I am constantly assured they are happy.

    Yes, I do pay attn to critics and do my best use that info positively. I don’t mind at all being questioned, causing me to think of things I never thought of on my own. But jebus krist when your being attacked from all sides and being called names and attacked personally, how is that helpful? I’m not taking those posters seriously, I am not “hearing” what may very well be good advice. All I hear is “I’m a screaming bitch that needs to get laid, so I’m ganna go ape shit on this other chick cuz she’s an easy mark.”

  656. thesecret says:

    662, first of all, I did not attack you nor did a few different people. So no reason to respond like that.

  657. me me me says:

    I was not thinking of “clearing my name” when the packages came back yesterday. I was thinking obscenities I won’t post right now. I took the stickers off to see why they thought the name/address/bar codes where unreadable. I was PISSED because geeeze, just what I freaking need, to give ya’ll yet ANOTHER reason to blog about me. Nifty. So yea the pic shows the return to sender stickers, waded up in a ball in front of the packages.

    In the end all that matters is that these nice mamas (well I know one is, the other I don’t know but assume she is) get their diapers and I will for sure make sure that happens. Done

    Messy I’ll email you the pics and you can can judge for yourself. Dc is useless it seems but you’ll see rather or not I was an idiot for thinking the packages should have been ok to mail or not.

    To be honest it just doesn’t matter what anyone thinks BUT the customers involved. So it’s not hurting my feelings if the bloggers here believe me or not. I won’t lose sleep either way. But it’s a fact that when ya’ll gp crazy here, it sends ppl into a frenzy elsewhere. It’s unfair to my customers to be unnecessarily freaked out. Why would anyone want her to freak out? I have proven that I am not a scammer. My worst crime is I use the USPS. faint.

  658. Messy says:

    I’m a bitch that needs to get laid. Is that close?

  659. thesecret says:

    665, lol.

  660. me me me says:

    This is the email I just sent messy, only I sent her the non blurred packages label pics. Ya’ll get the blurred ones.

    I get that I made another of my wonderful mistakes. I left the labels out for baby to scribble on. Normally I put them on my clip board in my cabinet if I am not ready to put right on package. But I didn’t. My bad. But the labels looked perfectly fine to ship to me so I mailed them. I have not had a chance to go into the po to see if they can help me fix this. I have no appts today so I will do that today. Really I have nothing to gain here by making shit up to save my ass. I know full well there is no hope here. But it’s simply my nature to set record straight, even if the straight record makes me look bad, the truth is the truth rather it’s my friend or not.

    The dipes in the large package

    The small package

    The labels-The labels are waded up at the bottom and on the back I wrote the shipping names/address in sharpie and covered in tape.

  661. me me me says:

    662, I am referring to the poster that called me names. Fat ass, too stupid. And yes, when many ppl jump on one, it is attacking. Few are asking questions they REALLY want answers to or are prepared to even entertain the possibility that I am not whatever preconceived idea they already have of me. I have been guilty of allowing myself to let this blog draw me into such behavior and I am not proud of myself at all. Karma, do unto others. I’m getting back what I gave. Which is the reason I haven’t been around here much. I’ve realized what ya’;ll do here goes way beyond helping “out” scammers and protect fellow cloth diapers, this is a lynch mob no matter how you slice it.

  662. me me me says:

    665-Hi kettle. rofl I see my Dh once every 4-8 weeks. He hasn’t been here since the 6th and won’t be back until the end of June, at best. I know I am a bitch that needs to get laid.

  663. incognizable says:

    @665 that necklace sure in the hell is a fukn hazard! and wow jakob-makenzy got spanked 2nite .hard. ❤ messy 😉

  664. Messy says:

    Angie, got the email. The dipes are cute… The last pic (the one labeled with the returned package and labels wadded up at the bottom) is coming up as moved or deleted. So, I can’t help ya much.

  665. thesecret says:

    667, I do not know why you think this is a lynch mob, but they welcomed me and heard my side to the drama I was part of. So, it is nice for them to want to see both sides.
    668, then of course you are a bitch that needs to get laid.

  666. me me me says:

    I just caught that messy, I resent that link to you.

  667. me me me says:

    661 your new hear. Today is not my 1st day here. I’ve been around a long time. There is history.

  668. me me me says:

    here not hear

  669. thesecret says:

    673, I admit I am new here. So I do not know the history.

  670. me me me says:

    Ok well looks like messy is busy (imagine that lol). It’s 2 am and I don’t have a dh around to pawn kids off to in the am. I’m going to bed and OMG don’t think I am running away if I don’t post tomorrow. Kids have a 4 day weekend. I will be busy parenting them. If anyone really must talk to me email me privately at

  671. thesecret says:

    676, bye.

  672. Messy says:

    Yup. There are two packages with ink pen scribbles on the labels… I can’t read the labels. At the bottom are what appears to be yellow crumbled papers that have RTF at the top but that is the only part I can make out. Maybe smooth out the RTF labels? They just look crunched up… I dunno. I cannot zoom in on those pics either…

  673. Messy says:

    Sorry, I was taking my time, trying to make out the images so I can better help you. I am going to bed now though.

  674. thesecret says:

    night Messy. CDN is down. So, I should probably switch the laundry over.

  675. thesecret says:

    took that submission quiz that was posted I got a 20.

  676. insomiac says:

    that necklace thread is jawdropping. How the hell is it bashing her to to try and make her take the risk her product poses seriously??
    and her attitude about it is just as gross. WTF is wrong with people?!

    and dude, when I first clicked this thread it pulled up right about angies posts and I though I clicked the old threads by accident. SAME FREAKIN’ STORY.

    it is like being caught in the movie Groundhogs Day with her!

  677. adensmama says:

    Uuuugh…6 hours of sleep and my boobs are ready to explode so I have to fucking pump. I wish I could sleep in ever.

    I took that quiz and got an 80. DF and I have an awesome relationship, probably because he can keep up with me and we are equals.
    I dropped my ex husband because he was a whiney little addicted to WoW biotch.

  678. adensmama says:

    #682 I agree she had a horrible attitute. In the end it was like fuck you guys, delete this thread because I only listen to what I want to hear. I would be really sad if someone didn’t like my diapers, but I would try to make them BETTER, not piss off everyone because my feelings are hurt.

  679. JustPeachy says:

    Messy I just wanted to point this out before you go whole hog and buy one of that mama’s necklaces. Those twist clasps do not break easily and i seriously doubt knotting between the beads would do anything more than make it a lil bit easier to break. I personally would not risk it and I would rather spend the same amount and get a product from a more established WAHM.

  680. Messy says:

    Well, the original mama has decided that she knows her product is safe and so she is making it anyhow… Nice. Hopefully the legal ramifications will bite her in the ass before someone’s child gets hurt.
    TY Peachy, I appreciate when someone tells me something because they care! I use the twist clasps on my kids’ stuff that I make because they break away easily compared to others. Now, I readily admit that I do not make necklaces for my kids under the age of 9 yrs because I fear them. My youngest wears an IBF necklaces though 😉 There are products out there that are safe, they just have to be found and the WAHM has to be willing to make a great product.

  681. JustPeachy says:

    You’re welcome Messy 🙂

  682. Messy says:

    Well, I responded to her again, even though I know it will fall onto someone hell bent on making a buck and fuck the safety of the product. I just know that as a new mom, I had no idea about some stuff and if I saw someone selling something, I assumed it was always safe… Waking up from the world of “wow” was mind boggling.
    I do not wish that WAHM any luck. I wish luck for those who buy from her. She has a new title on her thread “PLEASE DELETE, I BEG YOU” so I am sure DS will delete the thread and her consumers will be left without the information that was posted in it. It breaks my heart and I hope that HC or where ever she chooses to sell those things will stop her.

  683. Messy says:

    Translated this says that she doesn’t like that she was given advice about the safety issues and doesn’t give a rats ass about anyone’s child above her making a buck because she already ordered supplies. No research. No willingness to discuss other options and safety issues. No regard for the safety and possibly lives of other peoples’ children. Yeah, this makes me sooo sad. I am having a hard time moving past it.

  684. Messy says:

    And ya know, the polar opposite of jacob-mackenzie is Floridamama. That woman impresses me more with each post she makes on the subject! What can’t the dumb one see that her idea is unsafe and there are safe alternatives that she could still use to make the item? She would have to spend just a little more money to make them safe, but I guess that is her breaking point. Sad.

  685. Messy says:

    Ok, Angie sent me pics of her packages. There are two, with postage printed on the 13th and 14th (I think). In front of them is a RTS paper as well. So, it appears they were sent and then returned. The labels are fully readable, so the PO had to be just being anal to return them. But again, it completely appears that they were mailed and returned to her 🙂

  686. me me me says:

    Before the kids wake I just wanted to say this one thing.

    Tell me now. How is it even a tiny bit beneficial to me to make this up? Please point out where this does anything for me?

    I mean really, we are talking about 4 fitted diapers. That took me 2 days to make (between everything else I do all day). One cost $4.80 in shipping (FFS so no profit), the other cost $6.55 in shipping ($30 profit). Cost being mentioned NOT becasue I don;t think low cost items deserve to be delivered in a timely manor, but to illustrate that the profit for me is not worth drama. I can see if it were a large order where I stood to lose a lot by an upset customer wanting a refund. These tiny orders I’d be nothing to refund them on payday if they asked for a refund. The orders where placed on May 14th, it’s the 22nd now. It has not been a great long length of time to warrant a full scale freak out like this. The customer doesn’t seem too worried to me, considering she has not said one word to me after my last email explaining to her what happened.

    Is it being implied that I handed a pen to my kid and told her to make a pretty picture, just so I could “prove” to you all that the labels really did get scribbled on? Wow, so shoot myself in the foot and pay double for shipping for no good reason at all? If I had simply not had the products ready to ship at all, why on earth create this elaborate story? If I was going to do that I’d have just kept quite and just slapped the label on when ready and said nothing. With the precedent for slow ass shipping it would have not raised red flags. Again, not my way, I will say the truth, even f it’s not to my benefit.

    I sound like a broken record eh? This surprises you? The same people are attacking me with the same accusations and tired insults. So umm yea, makes sense my replies are similar. Why would they change. Changing stories would be fishy to me, no?

    Come on, get over yourselves. Judge, jury and exicustionists. YOu thrive on the drama. A couple of pissed off people from my past crop up from well over 4 years ago with a beef and you just cream your panties with glee. OMG this gossip is just too great to pass up. Sure as heck yes that drama makes otehr peopekl nervous and customers that were previously happy and pateint as they DID know about me being pg 2 yrs ago and about to pop/them postpartum before they ordered and were prepared to deal with that as a possible delay. But when drama ensues of course it changed their perspective and they were effected by the negative hype. Look at the time line of the negs on HC, they pretty much all fit together in a small pocket fo time.

    DO I blame those mamas for reacting as they did. Not at all, I have never denied that I was grossly mistaken in continuing to conduct business during that time of my life. I had no control over my life at all and held tight to my little business with all I had. I of course feel awful that I was so blinded at the time I didn’t see it and some mama’s felt/feel hurt thinking I did not care about them and had no guilt or regret that they had got mixed up in the drama. This isn’t the 1st time I have expressed my regret for that and publicly posted apologies.

    I did not close up shop and 2 days later reopen a whoel new business like nothing ever happened. I took the time to get my life in order so that it was possible to take care of my business business and set things straight. After that I was very slow, careful and cautions to make sure I did things right this time. I didn’t jujp in guns blazing, I ran testers for upwards of 6 mos with many revisions, to be sure I was on the right track. I slowly built up feedback on DS. I started with used dipes and excess fabric. There was more than one well established mama on DS that asked me about that 1 DS neg I had and when I explained they were willing to give me a chance but only if I took half payment for the really big fabric order and once received, I would get the other half. I did so very willingly understanding I had to earn peoples trust back and that they had good reason to be cautious. I had proved to be flaky in the past.

    So what we have here, is a situation where no matter what happens now, no matter how by the book I do things. I will continue to be slammed for things that happened more than 2 years ago, have long ago been rectified and I have already apologized for a million times. I’ve seen the family’s of murder victims forgive their killer with more grace than you all here. The anger and out right cut thought hatred of me is more than baffling. I can not change the past. I have done all possible to right it, learn from it and move on. If the rest of you chose not to do the same I can not control that.

    Fact is the last 2 years my nose has been clean. I have learned from the past and made sure to have product in hand before payment. I focused on customer service and product development to be sure my customers where getting the best. They have all been happy. This drama is coming out again now why? Because I questioned admin and got myself banned. Nt one every in my 3 yrs on ds has a single solitary mod/admin every brought my FSOT practices up with me. I have had no hand slaps, no strikes (except for a siggy violation the same day I joined becasue my screen showed 4 lines but the mods showed 5 and that expired after 6 months). They banned me becasue I wasn’t shooting out rainbows n sunshine and had the nerve to pm the whole admin team asking for clarification and reconsideration on the pink cookie issue. We all know DS hates to deal with it’s members directly and resolve issues. So they just put in my siggy that I shared pms and had questionable fsot practices. Who would question that right, so they don’t have to worry about dealing with me and my questions anymore. Easy fix. That is when my testers got worried and upset. That is when the dramas started. Of course seeing me banned freaked them out. How could it not? Ya’ll were all to ready to jump on that juicy gossip and run with it. It’s so easy blast me, I had an admitted past with screw ups galore. Who cares if I did anything wrong this time or not, who cares if I am truly doing things right now. The dramas are way more fun than treating people like human beings and being fair and level headed.

  687. JustPeachy says:

    Not to make fun of her but she posted in my tester thread asking for a slot then got pissy with me via pm when I told her they were filled even though I specifically asked that people pm me rather then reply in the thread.

  688. Messy says:

    Angie, it appears as though you were totally honest. I am sorry for doubting you.
    I am going back to sleep. The whole noose necklace fiasco is bothering me wayyy too much.

  689. JustPeachy says:

    Angie just quit making excuses for yourself and if you can’t handle the heat, get the fuck out of the kitchen already. They keep hurling the same insults because you keep repeating the same damn mistakes.

  690. me me me says:

    OH fuck off with the excuse shit. If you don’t like my “excuses”; fucking stop reading. Take your own advice. 😉

    Thanks Messy. Appreciate your giving a shit about right n wrong more than drama and bandwagons. Rest up.

  691. nini02 says:

    Those tracking numbers both say that the labels were printed on the 12th. But the orders weren’t placed until the 14th? I’m confused…

  692. me me me says:

    697 your right, it was the 12th they paid and label was printed. I recalled off the top of my head wrong.

  693. nini02 says:

    The tracking numbers in post 597, I mean

  694. JustPeachy says:

    Thanks but I dont need to fuck off 🙂

  695. me me me says:

    Neither do it. You know I’m messen with you. I honestly don’t hate or despise anyone here. For the most part I think this is a hysterically funny bunch. YA’ll just go overboard at times and it’s just really off putting. Ya’ll are stuck with me. lol

  696. nini02 says:

    Oh oops we were posting at the same time mememe

  697. me me me says:

    Neither do “I’. Oh boy. I need to get off here and go to the PO and reship my scribbled up packages. Kids are awake.

  698. me me me says:

    Clarification: Buyers paid on the 12th. I printed the labels for the 13th (FFS) and the 3 pk for the 14th. I had the shells done but needed to complete the stuffers and knew they’d be done in time for a 13th and 14th ship. Which they were. Anyways, I didn’t want to make things sound diff than they really were. Now I really am out of here to go to the PO.

  699. Sharpie says:

    Angie – I don’t know why with your reputation as it is you are taking any chances with your packages by leaving them lying around. Christ if I was you I’d be pulling a Flavor Flav and walking around with the package chained around my neck until I got to the PO. Also shipping with insurance should become a mandatory for you if you are having all these PO problems.

  700. adensmama says:

    #705 that would be too sexy!

  701. screenname says:

    me me me – Why don’t you try to ship out of Beavercreek or Wilberforce?

  702. Sharpie says:

    Well we all know no one knows how to rock out a package like I do.

  703. mmspirit7 says:

    LIsten, I trust messy and she has picks of the packages and the labels and rts label. it does sound truthful so what still give her shit. I mean really she’s being honest she provided proof or is it you guy don’t trust messy?

  704. mmspirit7 says:

    pics not picks

  705. me me me says:

    705-ins is mandatory for me. Has been for a long time.

    I just got home from the PO. I spoke to two different people there and they gave me the run around, but in the end I got them to scan the packages in front of me into the system and give me a receipt for it. I just checked the dc#s and they show NO update. &*%&(^*())& So i compare the Dc#s she put on the receipt and they aren’t real Dc#s. WTF. I am so pissed.

    709, They trust Messy, they just hate me more. lol

  706. mmspirit7 says:

    DCs update late at night MEmeme

  707. mmspirit7 says:

    so tomorrow they should show the update ok?

  708. Sharpie says:

    Just to clarify, I really don’t think anyone here hates you.

  709. me me me says:

    No the Dc will not ever update because the lazy bitch at the PO just entered random number into the computer that ends up not even being a REAL dc numbers at all. I just called the 800 to make a complaint. I Talked to Tanisha. She said the PM of my local PO will call me back on Tuesday. I already cked when there today and he wasn’t in. Tanisha apologized and all but what can she do. Anyways complaint is filed and she gave me a case# (I think she called it that) CO43973754

    I plan to make a big stink at this point. Between my personal mail being mis delivered and my outgoing mail being held forever in the local PO and then this I am just done trying to be nice. I don’t like to be a trouble maker or stir the pot so I try to not make waves but this is enough. I can’t even conduct my business becassue they are a bunch of lazy ass droughts,

  710. diudiaole says:

    No one has any sympathy left though, Angie… I don’t think people are hating you, but no one wants to be out of their money and products. PO mistakes *DO* happen… anyone who mails and receives 50+ packages per year knows that, but it is a RARE occurrence… you’re insulting everyone’s intelligence by insisting we believe it is the PO out to get you every single week.

    Funny, I used to know another Angie who sold a different kind of product online and the same shit happened with her. She was so nice it was probably over a year before she was finally banned from the websites… and I sent her my money and merchandise and never got anything… we were online friends for over 2 years when this shit went down and over $25 and a breeding pair of angelfish… we don’t talk, don’t know each other anymore. SAD.

  711. me me me says:

    716 I do not need nor want sympathy. I do not care if you personally believe me or not. But the attacking me needs to stop. There are not more words I can say to apologize and take responsibility for my past stupidity. I own it. Fully. However, I have been really careful and clean nosed for close to 2 yrs. Holey shit, people can learn and do better.

    I’ve proven the PO issue is just that, the PO issue, not me fucking up. If they are THIS messed on this one issue, is it your assertion that this is an isolated fuck up and they do their jobs correctly every other time? I think not.

  712. diudiaole says:

    717 — what the fuck ever. Did you give It’s a snap the benefit of the doubt when she had *her* customers over a barrel? You can dish it out, but you can’t take it, can you?

    And you are totally asking for sympathy or mercy or grace or –insert some kind of nauseating “hugs” emoticon–… and quit saying your nose has been clean for two years — you fucked up that one on your recent tester thread! If the USPS gods hate you, then ship another method or quit selling shit.

  713. me me me says:

    Yes I did allow myself to jump on the Snaps bandwagon. See a few hundred posts above (exaggeration i am sure), I am not proud of myself for that. Even though I still have the same neg feeling of her, the she attacks her customers is just WOW. But I personally feel I should have stayed out of the drama.

    My testers wer enot fucked up. They shipped as stated. Tehy arrived when the PO felt like letting them arrive. A few of them didn’t understand what the inner fabric was (powerdry) nor the purpose of the pass thru pocket. The covers testers were happy aside from a couple requested a 3rd wing snap and the OS Plus (intended to fit to 65 lbs) is way too wide. They have all been given a $15 store credit just for testing, they all have the initial testers, and they have been asked if I can send them a revised tester on MY dime, to see if I have worked out the kinks based on their feedback. Half have responded half have not. The testers only became a drama issue AFTER I was banned. Who could blame them for seeing that as a sign to panic?

  714. Sharpie says:

    No one is forcing you to read this and respond and I don’t see anyone here personally attacking or “hating” you. Quite frankly all this telling people to F- off is really immature. We are not responsible for your business failing or no one wanting to B/S/T with you, your own reputation, “victim” attitude and constant attempts to re-invent your business without telling everyone who you really are is what makes ppl not want anything to do with you.

  715. just_sayin says:

    So you haven’t had any problems on ebay in the last 2 years? Odd. I seem to remember that you got a neg on ebay recently, and that you posted in the T&F section about another ebay transaction gone bad. This is a pattern with you, which is why I feel so frustrated. Scamming a member of a board that I happen to like quite a bit was kind of a last straw, you know?

    Why are you trying so hard to sell diapers online? I just don’t get it. Online business and you should not mix. Ever.

    Why did you tell your buyer that you couldn’t afford to ship her package? What did you do with the money she sent you?

    IIRC, you had these exact same problems when you lived in another state. That’s odd. Did the bad postal workers move with you?

    You need to quit trying to sell online. I don’t know how to make this clearer to you. Why are you so stubbornly trying to keep this going?

  716. me me me says:

    721-The one neg I have on ebay was for a woman that bought a tie dyed OBV flat off a listiong that was offering up to 10 flats at $10 each. She waiting 3-4 days after auction end to respond to my request to pick which flat she wanted sent. Then she insusted I send her all 10 becasue she read the listing as she bough all 10, premium tie dyed OBV flats for $10 PPD. When I helped her see where in the listing it made it clear you were buying ONE of 10 or as many as you wish up to 1o, for $10 each. She requested the transaction be cancled. I went through ebay, requested transaction eb cancled, she agreed through ebay. I refunded her the end. Then a few months latter left neg feedback

    The fabric scammer I posted about was a weird situation. I haven’t heard a word from him nor has he left feedback. I agreed to a refund immediately, so there never was an issue. I would much rather refund and be done than argue. The whole thing was just really odd and turned me off selling on ebay at all. To easy for buyers to scam and I can’t afford to give things away for free to total strangers just for kicks.

    I never told my customer I could not afford to ship her package. I shipped her package, it came back. It’s a few days away from pay day so I told her I’d need to reship after payday, unless I could get the PO to work with me.

    Why do I insist on keeping this going? Why on earth woudl I tuck tail n run because a hand full of people want me too and they trigger another few handfuls to believe I’m terrible? Why when I have many many more happy customers that know better and reorder from me over and over? I don’t back down to bullies. I didn’t in high school and am not about to now. Who are you to decide what I am allowed to do or not. It’s not your call.

  717. monkey says:

    I don’t care if it’s judgmental of me, this is plain creepy. It’s a response from the thread someone else linked earlier.

  718. me me me says:

    720- As long as my name is being brought up and neg things said about me, I will post and reply. Period. I have a right to say my side too, isn’t that the point of this blog?

  719. diudiaole says:

    “making it right” in the end does not = a good transaction…how are you ever going to ship on ‘your’ dime if you have no money to ship another customer’s order that they paid for?

    To start a business you need to have a little capital, petty cash — something! If you have money to make just 1 diaper — make it, sell it and maybe you’ll have enough to make a few more etc until you have something going on.

    It sounds like you are making sales to fund initial supplies or something else.. then making other sales to fund the shipping of the first orders etc. The robbing Peter to pay Paul has got to end.

  720. diudiaole says:

    That submission thread reminds me why I love being a liberal feminist hippy bitch. 😛

  721. werd says:

    holy shit dude! I spend the evening/next morning away from the laptop and shit EXPLOOOOOOODES! Off to read while toddler is sleeping!

  722. me me me says:

    Well holey moly. The DCs have been updated as accepted. Insert SHOCKED smilie right HERE!!!!!

  723. me me me says:

    725 I HAD the funds to ship her order. It SHIPPED. Are you missing that. IT SHIPPED, it then came back for a bogus reason. I took it back today and made them scan it and ship it. It is now showing as accepted. No I did not have extra funds this 2nd to ship it a 2nd time. I do not expect to ship an item and need to reship same item within one week. Generally speaking if a refund or reship was in order it would be at least 2 weeks before that would need to be addressed. Good gawd, if you could see my sewing area you’d think I ran a fabirc store. Seriously I could never ever use it all for personal use.

  724. diudiaole says:

    #729 — then why don’t you stick to ready made items that can ship immediately since you are up to the gills in supplies? Then if it was delayed, it would be too big of a deal since you shipped right away.

  725. diudiaole says:

    that should read “would NOT be too big of a deal”

  726. werd says:

    hmm. I just had DH call this number: (937) 372-7627 aka the PO in Xenia, OH and the person he spoke with had no problem with me coming in with my pre-printed postage, to have it scanned in. Imagine that.

  727. me me me says:

    These dipes were 90% done before payment was even received and shipped within 24 hours. And that a stretch for me. Look at my DS wahm thread. NON of them where paid for until AFTER the order was complete and the mama approved it via pics. I don’t take payments unless I know it will ship within 2-3 days at worst. Notice on my web site, you can only order in 3 packs, that’s so fedex is worth using. You also can’t “check out” I have it off. You can submit an order but I have to invoice you so you can pay . I tell them not to pay until they have approved the pics, thus the item is all ready to go, in package, just needs a label.

    I don’t except prepayments on customs, that just asking for trouble IMO.

  728. me me me says:

    732-Maybe they were on guard because I was just up there early this am bitching them out and just filed a complaint at the 800 # about them.

  729. werd says:

    ugh this is like the same thing allllll over again.

    Yep Angie – the blog ruined your business. NOT your complete lack of business acumen. Ugh.

    You are sooooooo busy – well then don’t be a WAHM. Plain and simple. Be a SAHM. You will be much happier, I’d bet.

    Gonna go out and enjoy the weather with my fam. I’m sick of hearing the same old shit over and over again. It’s way old.

  730. eeek says:

    OK, Angie, the thing is no one is surprised you had shipping problems. And no, it is no excuse that the labels sat on your desk for days until your child colored on them. First of all, your PO doesn’t have to take labels printed with the wrong day. You agree by the PO/PP rules to be entering into a contract when you print a label, you mail it the day it says.

    Second of all, if you have massive ongoing shipping problems, enough that this has plagued you from business to business to BUSINESS over many years now, why the fuck wouldn’t you get your packages to the mail in time? Why’d they sit for days? WHY, unless this is just your ongoing same lame excuse crap?

    You know how ridiculously many times I’ve heard you say “well they didn’t pay much. what can they expect?” FUCK THAT EXCUSE. If I buy a $1 spool of thread from a company, I expect them to mail it out promptly even if they only made $.25, it’s their JOB as they set up their BUSINESS that way.

    No one hates you Angie, get over yourself & take a good look at what you have done over the years and really, think about why you want to keep on defending how you treat customers like they don’t matter. OH, a WAHM didn’t send your stuff once and you forgave them. So people should forgive the 198th time you had another messed up shipping order? These are people who are willing to pay you to do a JOB.

    And bitch all you want about your past coming to light. EVERYONE who buys from you should be forewarned, because you have treated a lot of customers very very badly over a lot of years. (though of course now it’s not your fault, wah waaaaaaaaah, the big mean PO picks on you). I don’t care if people got their BBB diapers, eventually, a year late or whatever & so they said yeah, OK, it’s over. PEOPLE SHOULD GET WHAT THEY PAY FOR WHEN THEY BUY IT, NOT WHEN YOU CHOOSE.

  731. me me me says:

    I just spoke to Shawn and he said that when you print shipping labels online they are already in the system. So I explained that no, they only show a label was created. For those selling online we need them to show as accepted so they know we really shipped it and didn’t just print a label and never ship. He said oh ok, I see what your saying now. I do not know the answer but please call back Tuesday and talk to the postmaster about that.

    So try calling back and talking to Shawn, he should recall JUST talking to me. 😉

  732. me me me says:

    736-I printed on the 12 but made the dates on one 13th and the other 14th. They shipped on the 13th and 14th.

    In the past YES, your 100% right, I was horribly bad about shipping in the past. I would print a label up soon after I got payment to be sure I didn’t spend the shipping money thinking I’d surely get the order ready within a few days. Inevitably it never worked that way. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD idea. I do not do that anymore. I print when it’s ready to go and often print with a date of a few days out just to be sure I will get it to the PO in time.

    I agree 100% no one should have to wait for their orders. I have never once said that my past disorganized business practices were OK or forgivable. What I am saying is I AM sorry for those mistakes, I have learned greatly from those mistakes and I do things totally diff now. I really do apapreciate my customers and I would not be here AT ALL if I didn’t care about them. I care that they are happy with t heir order, customer service and all of the transaction. If I didn’t care I’d say screw it and walk away.

    I do understand why people are upset about how I ran things in the past. I don’t expect everyone to let it go. But really, is it worth all this drama? I am not scamming anyone, I am quick to take care of issues if they arise, no ones out anything and in the end all my customers have been happy. I think a couple of the testers I will not be able to make happy tho, they are not replying to me at all. That’s ok, they are entitled to handle things however they feel comfortable. The drama is likely something they wish to stay out of.

  733. diudiaole says:

    Are you a gemini moon or libra rising by any chance? This sounds like my ex husband talking — always an excuse for everything, always innocent. Since none of us are Jesus Christ we are not obligated to forgive your sins. And if we wish to warn other people what is likely to happen if they buy from you — that is not a personal attack.

    Two words:


  734. anamnesis says:

    Angie – I don’t know you. I am not 100% familiar with your past history. But as a stranger on the outside looking in – You’re looking bad simply because you’re sitting here arguing with faceless names on a drama blog. If you believe in your business, stop arguing it (and cussing) and just step away. Step away from the drama. Walk away. Don’t respond – just don’t come back. It just looks bad that you’re so wrapped up in this and trying to “prove” your point. It isn’t helping you any. The way you argue your logic is that of a teenager. It just – doesn’t look good. I am trying to help you here.

    Just.. walk away, for the sake of your sanity, and your business. If you don’t – then you’re going to have to marinate in your mistakes – over and over again. You will have no one to point fingers at, but yourself. So stop this petty arguing with people and walk away.

    Just saying.

  735. me me me says:

    Scorpio-Nuff said eh lol

    740-Your probably right.

  736. mmspirit7 says:

    LMAO i am pissing of the submisive wives damn they should just learn to submit to me LOL ok that was bad but they are pissing me of

  737. pippen says:

    so i have a DC question. isn’t DC, delivery confirmation? it’s not a tracking #. it should scan when delivered, right? i’m not at all trying to support the PO, trust me, we’ve all had run-ins with the PO. but as for expecting the PO to scan a package when we drop it off is a bit much, when it is only required to be scanned when delivered.

    i’m lucky, most of my packages get scanned along the way, and that is awesome!! but i don’t expect that.

  738. just_sayin says:

    Yes, it is delivery confirmation. But there is a difference between “the PO was notified to expect this package for delivery.” and “this package was received at XXX postal sorting facility.” Make sense? The one just shows that a label was printed, but who knows what happened after that. The other proves that the PO got the package.

  739. kapri says:

    Okay Angie, I also do not know you. Nor do I know anyone else here. But after reading all of this, you seem to be missing the BIG HUGE point.

    So here it is in simple terms:
    Package was returned to you. It happens, I get that. But you didn’t have a measly $10 in your paypal OR personal checking account to cover immediate re-shipping?! That is the shitty part of all of this, that is why people are so frustrated with you. As a basic decent WAHM you need to have $ set aside to cover things like this!!!!

    I just sell occasionally on DS or ebay, but if I EVER had a package returned to me, you bet I’d be down at the post office THAT DAY sending it back out, on my own dime, with heartfelt apologies to the buyer. That’s just good business, period.

    Understand now?

  740. jakesmom says:

    I totally agree with 740
    After sat here for….holy crap 45 mins reading all this, it seems like things die down then mememe starts it all up again, well it makes for enteraining reading on a raining day at the very least.

  741. iykwimaityd says:

    Can someone please just give Angie her very own drama blog?

  742. yikes says:


  743. JustPeachy says:

    Angie I dont hate you either. I feel bad for you and the people you are doing business with. Im sure you are not a bad person and that you just get in over your head but you just can’t do that when you are a wahm.

  744. Cheesewhiz says:

    #745 – Thank you for reclarifying it for us AGAIN. Let’s hope WE ALL get it now.

    But I’m not holding my breath.

  745. haha says:

    Angie this is the problem
    Company #1, you had shipping problems and were very slow to ship stuff out.

    Company #2, you had shipping problem and were very slow to ship stuff out. IF you shipped it out at all.

    Company #3, OMG, you (gasp) had/have shipping problems.

    Here’s my prediction, either stuff will stop getting sent, or, you will disappear for a few months and come back with


    Which will have shipping problems.

    See a pattern here?

  746. Aj says:

    I’m bored with this

  747. diudiaole says:

    So I tried stripping and drying on high heat and these diapers still wick… I contacted the seller who told me she will be away this weekend, but that we can talk Monday about returning the trades ‘if necessary’.

    Is it just me or am I wrong to think I should get my money back for what I spent on shipping her crap to her AND to ship these worthless ones back… ? Maybe I’ll post in T&F…

  748. Foo-man-choo says:

    diudiaole-What kind of diapers are they? Are they PUL laminated cotton prints, PUL sandwiched with cotton, or just PUL?

  749. diudiaole says:

    They are snap-EZ dipes, so the same as fuzzi-bunz or fabrite PUL as far as I know… I have one that I love for night time so I was excited to trade for 4 more — only to find they ALL leak

  750. hrm's mom says:

    is this the same lady from the other necklace thread?

  751. Foo-man-choo says:

    I got you on DS, lol:)

  752. diudiaole says:

    oh ok I thought that was probably you

  753. Madre says:

    angie, you live in xenia? then why were you complaining about shipping from cincinnati POs?

  754. Madre says:

    I just realized you’re the person who was looking for testers on CL, right? I emailed you once then didn’t again b/c it made my husband nervous that you wanted us to come pick up diapers.

  755. me me me says:

    757 The mail goes to cinci to be sorted and move on t=from there.

    758 I have never run testers on CL. I would also never invite anyone to my home to get diapers. Meet at the library maybe, but not my home.

  756. Madre says:

    weird another xenia mom looking for testers. her post even sounded a lot like your tester thread on DS.

    Maybe you should come to Dayton to mail. Never ever had any problems w/ packages being lost from any Dayton branch.

  757. me me me says:

    760 do you have the listing link handy? I’m curious now. lol

  758. diudiaole says:

    those expire after 30 days

  759. me me me says:

    Shows how CL savvy I am.

    Bummer though, would be neat to meat other CDers IRL.

  760. Madre says:

    That’s not the tester post I responded to (it was like March/April) but I do remember now that that’s her name.

  761. me me me says:

    Ahhhh well that’s interesting. Small world.

  762. anamnesis says:

    Way to prove ’em wrong, angie. *shakes head in disbelief*

  763. me me me says:

    767 what have I done wrong now (since your last post (740)? Am I just not allowed to socialize and chat at all?

  764. anamnesis says:

    I told you the only way to save dignity was to avoid drama all together, for the good of your business .. and you couldn’t do that. You also weren’t “socializing” – you were trying to prove your point.

  765. Lurker says:

    i have never in my life heard of the post office messing up so much. In all my 30 something years of mailing and receiving mail, I haven’t had one problem. In fact, those dudes amaze me with all the shit they put up with. From rain, snow, sleet, bitches.

  766. diudiaole says:

    I’d say 3% or less packages might have an issue.. that’s like one in thirty or three in one hundred! Anything consistently above that *has* to be user error.

  767. diudiaole says:

    Some of these responses are ridiculous… like it was a trade so I should expect trash in a box? I guess I know who NOT to trade with in the future!

  768. eeek says:

    I’ve been ridiculously lucky with my last few trades, it felt like winning the lottery as I’ve had so many be slightly disappointing. Unusable diapers are bad though, she should have known. And probably did, which is the infuriating part.

    & those crappy used blanket things are horrifying. it’s not even close on the snaps, and the sewing is shit. How can people look at things like that and think anyone else wants them?

  769. diudiaole says:

    I just did some towels for a trade and realized that they are expensive to make and time consuming… so I am thinking she grossly underestimated the trade value on 20 of them…. glad I only did 6… but still no excuse for them, they look absolutely horrible.

  770. melmelly says:

    Our PO is getting really bad. We mailed off our house payment on November 4, noticed on November 10 that it hadn’t cleared yet. Called on the 13th, 14th, and 17th. It finally showed up on the 18th. It was due on the 17th. They told us on the 13th that it had been scanned in at the PO on the 11th! Uh, the 11th was Veteran’s Day, and the PO wasn’t open. So why would have happened? We asked how the mortgage co. how they could tell it had been scanned in, and they said it is the bar code near the stamp. So for whatever reason, our house payment was sitting around in our local PO. We weren’t happy about that.

    I have also had a hard time getting packages once they have been delivered to my box. They will on the site that it was delivered anytime before 11am, so my husband will go to the PO to get it. But they haven’t even put the slip in our box, or a key. It is annoying. The slip usually gets put in after 1pm. I think that they should put it in the box when it shows as delivered on the site. ANNOYING!!!!

    We have also had our car insurance cards show two months past the renewal date. We knew they were expiring soon, so we went to the office and they printed out new ones for us. When the ones in the mail finally showed up, they were in an envelope from the PO with a large window. The envelope that was from our Ins company had looked like it had been sitting in a mud puddle for a few days.

    But our Post Master is new and on a power trip because she is “the first female post master in our town”. WTFever! She needs to get over herself.

    I am not sticking up for Angie. I don’t know her, but we have had problems as well, and we are in Oregon.

    They have removed the scale, the stamp machine, and a lot of the FRB’s and FRE’s. They have taken the clock down so people don’t know how long they have waited in line, just to get one of the FRE’s or FRB’s. And most of the time, our stuff doesn’t even scan in until it arrives to the town five hours away, where our outgoing mail is flown to.

  771. Messy says:

    I am getting ready to make some snapping unpaper towels! I am so excited!
    To save time, I am going to sew the fabric together right side out with a .5 inch seam allowance. Then toss it in the wash. The edges will have a frayed look that is really cute! I have seen wipes made this way and I have a serger but I hate that it takes so much thread… OK! Fine you caught me in a lie. I HATE that I cannot thread my serger and have to holler for dh to come and thread it for me :::hiding head in covers:::

  772. diudiaole says:

    that sounds like a cool idea, Messy …what fabrics?

  773. Messy says:

    First set I am making will be flannel on one side and a cotton weave on the other. Then I will play with other fabrics. I do not want flannel/flannel but I might make it 3 layers with the two flannels and a cotton weave. I dunno :/ I am excited about it! That’s what counts, right? ROFL!!!

  774. Messy says:

    Hit send too soon… Sorry…
    I like the nicer fabrics, but I am wanting to try them out, tweak the idea a bit in ways that can only be done while they are in use, and such before I spend big bucks on better stuff. I figure we will use them no matter what. I could have 50 rolls of 24 and use them all in a week LOL

  775. diudiaole says:

    Hey, I go through tons of paper towels here too… I am thinking about upcycling a bunch of fraying old towels I have and adding some kind of super cheap print just to look cute for my own use b/c I need them for greasy messes etc and I don’t want to cry if they get bleach stains lol.

    I made these: they are made w/organic hemp fleece and good thick flannel… glad they were for a trade, because they would go unused in my kitchen(except for drying hands maybe! lol).

  776. diudiaole says:

    On that note, I wonder what ever happened to granny’s wheelchair blanket… 😛

  777. Messy says:

    Those are nice!!! We use towels until they are thread bare around here and if they are just bad in general, the kids take them to the lake and pool. So, no towel in this house can be upcycled LOL! I quit buying disposable towels a year ago and we just use the crappy handtowels from sets we have had over the years (what else are they good for LOL). So, I am looking forward to using my paper towel holders again!!! Also, I a making a matching wetbag to hang on the stove. I think that will help keep messes down. I need to get a few more cloth napkins sewn when I get a chance.

  778. diudiaole says:

    Yeah I guess so with 10 people in the house, right(oh wait, like 8 aren’t 1 or 2 out of the house now?)?

    Would love to see pics of your stuff…. and was it someone else or did you say you make polymer art dolls? PICS!

  779. Messy says:

    Yup, 2 are *usually out of the house (one is here now), but then there are the friends that seem to ooze out of the woodwork. I swear, our next house will have a hidden entry door and no woodwork ROFL!!!
    I make dolls, all kinds of them. I have pics on the kids’ computer (was mine) and can share as soon as they get it hooked back up (moving rooms). Polymer clay ones are all miniatures. Teeny tiny babies.

  780. Messy says:

    Yup, 2 are *usually out of the house (one is here now), but then there are the friends that seem to ooze out of the woodwork. I swear, our next house will have a hidden entry door and no woodwork ROFL!!!
    I make dolls, all kinds of them. I have pics on the kids’ computer (was mine) and can share as soon as they get it hooked back up (moving rooms). Polymer clay ones are all miniatures. Teeny tiny babies.

  781. Bloggitybloggity says:

    Oooo– Messy! I wanna see the babies!!! I admittedly got *really* into reborn babies and OOAK polymer clay babies a couple years back. I wasn’t much of a collector (too broke) but I spent way too much time looking at them. I still have a glob of flesh-colored clay somewhere in a junk drawer. I was gonna start making my own but I’m just not as talented as I’d hoped to be. LOL

    Please share 😀

  782. diudiaole says:

    Messy — I make dolls too(when I can find time lately), but like barbie doll size — ooak faeries and such. I have been wanting to try my hand at babies though. It was actually the babies that inspired me to first start working with the clay back in 2005 — those Camille Allen dolls and the ‘marzipan baby’ web rumors that skyrocketed her popularity.

    I love it though… wish I had enough time to make an income from home doing it.. maybe one day when I have a house large enough for my own sewing/craft room.

  783. Bloggitybloggity says:

    diudiaole- You need to share too 😀

    I really considered trying my hand at refurbishing my DD’s decrepit Barbie rejects into “ooak” fairy/ deamon/ whatnot creations. Not quite the same as what you’re doing but I find the whole subject fascinating.

    Come on guys– share your stuff!!!

  784. Messy says:

    I like making reborns but I am not talented at it. They are cute, but not gift worthy. I need to work at it more… I just never have time. I asked the boys to get their room moved so we can hook up their computer in the upstairs family room but they haven’t done it yet.

  785. diudiaole says:

    My harddrive crashed 8 months ago and I lost sooo many pictures… I also have to be careful about the photobucket modesty police.

    here I am working on the last doll I started:

  786. diudiaole says:

    I posted some pics… awaiting moderation

  787. Messy says:

    Two of those are awesome!!! The middle one was removed :::ugh::: Yeah, dolls are so offensive @@
    When the harddrive on my own computer crashed, I lost all of my youngest son’s first two years of life 😥 Broke my heart. I saved the harddrive so that if I ever find a place that can repair them, my pics can be recovered I hope.

  788. diudiaole says:

    WTF there was nothing showing on the second pic… all “naughty bits” were covered!!

  789. diudiaole says:

    it was a green haired frog faerie thing.. I guess the green clay butt crack got someone at photobucket admin all excited…

  790. me says:
    This is who makes Llamajama stuff.

    I was told 4 times that you can’t call an individual post office over separate issues. Weird.

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