New buyer vent… (

cedricsmom 05-15-2009 02:03 PM

New buyer vent…
I have some items on FSOT that I am trying to sell. A mom cotacted me about three diapers I have listed, two for $3 each and one for $6. My listing says that these diapers have no snap, no stains and no elastic issues. This mama mails me and asks me to tell her everything about those diapers and take some inside pictures. So I do her the favour (a lot of work for the price and it also upset me that my word isn’t good enough), explain the condition of the diapers and send her pictures last night. Of course I do not have an email this morning, so I send her one asking if she is still interested in the diapers.No answer.
Honestly, is it to much to ask for to get an email telling if you are still interested or not.
Magpiedpiper 05-15-2009 02:35 PM

Re: New buyer vent…
That is annoying that she wouldn’t let you know one way or the other IF she has been on, but I don’t think you should be upset that “your word wasn’t good enough.” Why should she just take your word that there are no stains/issues? That’s how a lot of unhappy people end up posting threads in this forum.
cedricsmom 05-15-2009 02:43 PM

Re: New buyer vent…

Originally Posted by msmamabear (Post 7274968)
Has she been on and even read your replies? Some people just aren’t on the computer all the time. :goodvibes:

Yes, she has been on half of the day. And yes, she got my mails.


Originally Posted by Magpiedpiper (Post 7275055)
That is annoying that she wouldn’t let you know one way or the other IF she has been on, but I don’t think you should be upset that “your word wasn’t good enough.” Why should she just take your word that there are no stains/issues? That’s how a lot of unhappy people end up posting threads in this forum.

Good to know that. You allways have to take the word of the seller, otherwise you cannot buy on FSOT. I mean the diapers are $3 each, hello, even if the would have stains that would be a great price. But I stated that they don’t. And specially because I did go the extra mile and took pictures again, she should have answered. It is better to give them free for shipping then selling them like that. To much effort imo to sell for $3.
After all the crappy deals people have gotten, now they’re just supposed to take the seller’s word? Yeah, right! Maybe it’s because of this attitude, even if the would have stains that would be a great price.”
  1. JustPeachy says:

    Well I guess I agree with her based on the fact the woman didnt even contact her back.

  2. monkey says:

    I agree with her the woman should have let her know one way or another… but not that the potential buyer should have just “taken her word”.

    I got screwed on a batch of covers because I believed the seller when she said they were VGUC. I know better now.

  3. not just another mama says:

    Oh come on.. She didn’t want her cheap crappy diapers.. get the heck over..

    Why must so many people bitch & moan.. I cannot stand that T&F forum anymore.. 95% of it these days is just people complaining about the same things over & fucking over.. Ugh..

  4. monkey says:

    #3 agreed.

    Granted I don’t go on DS anymore… but when I did T&F made me want to stab myself in the eye with a spork.

  5. Lolanae says:

    If you want to sale on FSOT, you need to cough up the time to take the pictures. I take pictures way before I even get around to listing something.

    And off topic…

    But does lavendar dragonfly post for dibs on EVERYONE’s shit?

  6. magpiedpiper says:

    Daaaaaang, I had no idea I made the blog. lol I guess I should go back to check posts I get snarky in, but we’ve been working on ripping out the master bathroom carpet and putting tile in. Whew. Seriously, carpet in bathrooms is awful. And frankly, so are people who expect you to just take their word about their diapers for sale. *eyeroll

  7. insomiac says:

    No matter what the price, pics are needed and no I would never just take someones word either.
    I do think it was rude not to just email the seller back and say yay or nay.

  8. Zosiasmama says:

    I just don’t get why people don’t just take outside AND inside pics at the same time and post them both. How hard is that?

    Her attitude stinks. People have every right to ask whatever questions they want. It doesn’t matter what the cost, to some people that $3 is about all they have to spend, and why should they just be happy to get stained diapers (BTW stained diapers don’t bug me, but they may bug some).

    But on the other side I do see the OP’s point, if you ask questions and get an answer you should let the person know.

  9. seriously... says:

    Does this woman not see that poor Ella is doing headstands in these items! I mean, I saw that this happend with the collab, but then she stocks her store with another item with the same upside down elephants…is it the camera? How do you overlook something like this? Not trying to be ugly, just don’t see you wouldn’t try and put them right side up. It’s sad really.

  10. seriously... says:

    don’t see *why*….it’s late.

  11. punktart says:

    9-11: I don’t understand why people buy a regular shirt that has a sewed-on piece of fabric. ????

  12. jilliness says:

    it’s the fabric it goes both ways, it looks like 2 rows upright and 2 down. the shorties look like daisiy dukes what is that inseam 1″?

  13. seriously... says:

    I know it goes both ways, but she has mostly upside down elephants, instead of mostly rightside up elephants…

  14. seriously... says:

    Maybe I’m just picky. I would keep me from purchasing the items though. =)

  15. seriously... says:

    *it….going to bed, lol!

  16. try me, i'm new! says:

    what is with the shirts with squares of fabric as embellishment? I mean, c’mon, cut it out in a cutesy shape, give it some colored trim, edge it with something, have an original idea, do something more than slap a square on a shirt. I suck at sewing and I can sew a damn square on a shirt. What do I know, though – I don’t even care for ella fabric that much – makes me think of legwarmers and sweatshirts cut at the neck. I much prefer the elliot colors, but I have girls, natch.

  17. Crazy Mama says:

    #9, she just needs to center better. The fabric alternates the direction of the elephants every two rows, so if she would slow down and look before she cuts, she could make them look a little better.

    I wouldn’t buy an embellished shirt, though. Especially with some of them using Gerber shirts lately. *shudders* Gerber shirts are best used as undershirts, IMO. They’re ugly.

  18. just_sayin says:

    That’s just bad placement. If she wants to embellish a shirt with a square of Ella, she would be better off cutting a long strip and putting it across the top at about 3/4 the way up, and then maybe putting a matching bow on one side.

    She should buy a pattern and practice making shirts herself. It’s really easy, actually.

  19. not just another mama says:

    These shirts are adorable, unfortunately the mama doesn’t know how to respond to e-mails.. LOL

  20. Thud says:

    #10, that seller is a gem, anyway.
    Built her biz on ripping of fabric images… got told to stop by Kumquat fabric designer who found her ripping of her designs ~ and now has a soaker doing it again…
    I am sure the upside down ones were used to use those scraps.

  21. diudiaole says:

    I agree plain old square embellishment isn’t that creative… you’d think she could have just turned the scrap around though…

  22. pippen says:

    Maybe if the embellishments had cutsie stitching. but i don’t get the square fabrics either. on top of charging too much for a garanimals or gerber onsie ($3) with a scrap piece of fabric you had anyways (free) and 2 minutes of sewing. i just don’t get it.

  23. Bloggitybloggity says:

    Re: (the link above)

    I just bought an “upscale” diaper on FSOT with shot elastic, and I knew it would be an easy fix. When I opened it up and turned it wrong side out to expose the elastic, I found that the diaper maker used polyester fleece as the hidden layer. That might not sound too crazy to you, but this particular diaper maker touts her diapers as being “all natural” fibers. Hmmmm….

    She also used Sticky Tack to glue the hole shut before she topstitched. Which I thought was a great idea!

    Anyone else ever find any surprises when they were repairing a diaper??

    (Then she says the diaper is:)

    Like $55+! IF you can ever get one at all since they are highly stalked.

    Ideas anybody?

  24. werd says:

    I posted on the other – I SO think it is Stinky. Here’s a quote from the buyer at the end of the thread:

    “Def. not hemp or bamboo. It repels like nobody’s business. I was so dumbfounded that I poured water on it to make sure!

    I think it’s a great idea too! But not sure it’s ‘okay’ to not tell your customers. Her diapers get great reviews since they are sooo trim and sooooo ‘absorbent’. Now I know why! Maybe it’s proprietary info and she doesn’t want to share so nobody will copy? IDK.

    I do know that she’s been banned from DS several times using different usernames….”

  25. the me monster says:

    I HATE those stupid shirts with the fabric squares. They scream cheap & cheesy to me. I much prefer cute shaped appliques or felt appliques, hand painted ones can be pretty cute, too.

  26. Thud says:

    Well sweet pea used to paint (copy the fabric images) which is illegal copying. when she got told to cease and desist.
    I seriously think it those type of tees are for the hopelessly insane who must have a particular fabric that they don’t stopt o think about it!

  27. Bloggitybloggity says:

    Nevermind. It was confirmed to me as Stink Couture. The woman doesn’t want to post it publicly and possibly reduce the value of the diapers for those trying to sell them.

    What a shady diaper-making wench (the turd-nugget behind SC– not the OP of the thread. lol)

  28. werd says:

    knew it! I wiiiiiiin!

  29. Bloggitybloggity says:

    26- Ding ding ding! You got it.

    $50 diapers with secret fleece layers.

    I’m so glad I don’t use fitteds.

  30. Bloggitybloggity says:

    30- LMAO

  31. Bloggitybloggity says:

    I think anybody that managed to not purchase a diaper from SC is the REAL winner. 😉

  32. Hmmmmm says:

    The fleece hidden layer isn’t a bad idea actually. But why not just say so…I guess she wanted them to be mysteriously more absorbent than every other “all naural fiber” fitted out there. Goodness…shady, shady, shady.

    I had no idea Sweet Pea was up to no good…she’s always spaming herself when she gets a chance which put a bad taste in my mouth. And here I was looking at her fabric gallery thinking she must just hoard fabric, turns out she a crook, lol!

  33. Hmmmmm says:


  34. DSDM2 says:

    I’ll blog the secret fleece tonight,I have to run out for a few hours first.

  35. seriously... says:

    Anyone care to speak to the dye job on this interlock?

  36. werd says:

    DSDM you aren’t allowed to have a live whilst good drama is brewing. FOR SHAME!!! lol

  37. ~*~MOMMA~*~ says:


  38. cdc3030 says:

    “She should buy a pattern and practice making shirts herself. It’s really easy, actually.”

    You know, people wont pay much for the tshirts, but they want them. I get those requests all the time to match the pants. And, why a stupid square? Simply because it IS easy and fast. For what people want to pay….I am not going to waste my time making a Tshirt when I can buy one for a couple bucks. And, my kid wears Gerber T’s. Some of them are cute. Why on earth would you care what brand it is????

    Dont like them? Ok, dont buy them. But dont slam a wahm just because she makes them! Now, if she makes them poorly, that is another story.

  39. insomiac says:

    that tee with the square is lame.
    The majority of the elephants are upside down and only the cutoff ones are right side up?! why?
    And yes, she is copyright infringing again by using the ella images. *shakes head*

    poly fleece in SC’s……of course. That woman could not stay out of teh dramaz if her life depended on it.

  40. ~*~MOMMA~*~ says:

    #40 – ITA

    #41 – I am pretty sure she did NOT make the wool, only the embellished tee

  41. Thud says:

    but she is selling it and she knows better.

  42. Kelolsen says:

    to the OP post- yeah, I saw that. I think its hillarious that she thinks she’s going above and beyond taking pics of the insides….. yeah, it sucks that the potential buyer didn’t contact her back- we’ve ALL dealt w/ that- but its not like she took pic of her baby in the diaper from all differnt angles so the buyer could really see it. It was a basic pic of the insides of the diaper. Standard…..

    why should I take the word of some random person on the internet that I don’t know?

  43. me says:

    Yeah the whole “Well you got a good price, who cares what it looks like!” thing bugs the freaking crap out of me. If you want to lie about condition, don’t get mad when someone doesn’t want it!

    Also, exactly does a hidden layer of poly fleece boost absorbency? I can see it helping to stabilize so it feels more well made than it is, but boost absorbency? What?

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