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WearingTaci 05-04-2009 05:52 PM

Pink Cookie Avatars/Comments
It’s been brought to our attention that several members have taken a transaction issue overboard and started using avatars featuring pink cookies as a way to mock this member.
Mean, belittling behavior such as this (regardless of your opinion on the transaction situation) will not be tolerated on this board.
All members are being asked to remove the pink cookies from their avatars and/or signatures within the next 24 hours, or strikes will be given and avatars/signatures removed by administration.
Please re-familiarize yourselves with the Rules and FAQ’s regarding offensive avatars, the Rules and FAQ’s regarding name-calling and the rules and the FAQs regarding attacking fellow Diaperswappers members.

While many members have just jumped on the bandwagon by adding cookies to their avatars, it is important to stop and think about how your actions could make other members feel. How would you feel if dozens of women openly mocked you and, in effect, ganged up on you because of something you said in PRIVATE messages? It’s rude, hateful…and just plain mean.

At this time, all discussion of the Pink Cookie issue and the mama involved in that transaction are to stop. Failure to comply will result in immediate strikes and possibly banning from the site.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Because when you can’t control scammers, you have to ban somebody.

  1. theinvisible says:

    Absolutely not surprised. You know, the crazy girl with like 5 posts who will probably visit DS 10 times in her life is so much more important than your long-standing membership. OK…..

  2. Munklettes says:

    pffft. recockulous.

  3. iykwimaityd (also nosrsly edited by DSDM2) says:

    Y’all need cookies of different colors. Purple cookies, green cookies, regular cookies with a pink Cookie Monster… pink muffins…

  4. monkey says:

    All those Nazi war criminals didn’t flee to South America, they’re running a cloth diapering board.

    You’d think they ran a board for 5 year olds, not grown women. I’m sorry, if grown ups want to make fun of each other they have that right.

  5. No shit its called the 1st ammendment.

  6. youdontknowme says:


  7. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    LMAO! Wow, it’s absolutely amazing to me how low DS admins stoop to protect scammers and morons on that board…

  8. iykwimaityd says:

    #3 thanks DSDM2, I couldn’t remember the email address I used before 😉

  9. Booyah says:

    I think Lee just wagged his finger right off. Or should I say WearingTaci….meh, theyre all the DS Borg. Just one big collective PINK COOKIE.

  10. kelolsen says:

    Wearing Taci is a big twat. She’s the one who made me change my post it avis back int he day.

    I do take credit for being the first one to make a pink cookie avi. I created a shitstorm. Yeeehaw!

  11. Spangle says:

    Hahaha, I knew I’d find this here. Well done =)

  12. Spangle says:

    And I hate my monster. Is it like a fat old lady with a tummy wiener or am I seeing it wrong???

  13. JustAMama says:

    I was waiting for this to show up over here. Good idea #3…put up purple cookies, green cookies and every other colored cookie you can find!!

  14. *Ashley* says:

    Ok, I have been on DS for a year now but not a huge poster. I also read this blog frequently, just don’t comment :). I have to say this pisses me the hell off. Grow up. The whole pink cookie baby leg issue was so stupid from the get go, how could you not make fun of it? If I complained about something so idiotic IRL, my friends and coworkers would never let me hear the end of it. Does this lady not live in the real world or just a fantasy land?

  15. NavyWife1981 says:

    Seriously, not surprised at all.

  16. itsraininghere says:

    if i weren’t afraid of viruses i would go over and change my avi to a pink cookie just so that i could get a pink cookie strike.

    yup. . . a *unt strike. nice.

  17. theinvisible says:

    That is some seriously immature behavior. DS admin should step in and explain to them both how its not nice to cut in line or not share the pink crayon.

  18. Foo-man-choo says:

    This is why stalking help is lame. Stalk youself and win or don’t. I never understood putting it out there like that. If I want something, I am not going to advertise it to 60K other moms who might then want it, too.

    But didn’t Nicole just outbid someone and advertise it in a thread where she was, lIke, hiding under a chair for outbidding the others or something? She annoys me by doing that and then pulling her thread when *gasp* someone wants to do the same thing. Sooooooo 4th grade Nicole.

  19. allgirls says:

    Methinks they need to get some BGPs for themselves & not worry about the shorties for the kids.

  20. screenname says:

    Seriously? “Oh, but the ❤ symbol means SOOO much more to THIS mama than THAT mama…” Get a life.

  21. not just another mama says:


    They both need to get the fuck over it.. I hope neither of them get it & whoever does cyber rubs them in their faces – immature brats

  22. Shabbychic says:

    People that pull threads are cowards.

  23. not just another mama says:

    Oh, and if I was looking – I would go with the mama offering free stuff, just because I’m a greedy bitch.

  24. mmspirit7 says:

    yeah i don’t get how one deserved it more than the other mama. must have missed something oh and if I am stalking something I would only ask via email or pm’s I am selfish like that I don’t want 1000s other people looking and going oooo i want that too.

  25. JustPeachy says:

    I just think if I got upset every time someone stalked something I wanted, my head would explode. Its just a pair of shorts and not worth losing your head over.

  26. not just another mama says:

    Ugh, seriously.. Can I get a new monster? This thing is ugly, weird octomom lips and bunny ears.. ugh.

  27. Jay says:

    What exactly makes the ❤ so special to the mama?

  28. mmspirit7 says:

    aww no one bought the scary looking rabbit.

  29. Shabbychic says:

    This is my favorite kind of bullshit.

    “Mommy, why are you so angry”

    “because someone else is trying to buy the shorts made out of colored string that Mommy wants and for some reason thinks she deserves because she posted on a public message board to all her friends that she wants them”.

    “Mommy, can I have a drink”

    “NO, you have to wait, Mommy is going to neglect you so you can wear ugly board shorts and fight with her “friends”.”

  30. Kitty1163 says:

    ouch. this one is gonna get ugly. which the pants are imo so there you go.

  31. Kitty1163 says:

    oh and shabby your monster makes me laugh.

  32. screenname says:

    What gets me is the bitchy mama was like “I started asking for these 3 days ago” but posted the thread today. Whatever. She isn’t entitled to jack. If she wants a pair of shorties with <and the number 3 on them, I’m sure she can get someone somewhere to do a custom for her. It isn’t like ❤ is TM’d or anything. I think the shorts are ugly anyway.

  33. not just another mama says:

    ROFL Shabby.

    Maybe someone should make her a pair of shorties with the heart broken

    < / 3

    Since she lost a cyber bff.

  34. Shabbychic says:

    Maybe she should ask Kmwell to stalk for her.

    Bwhahahaha. I crack myself up.

  35. screenname says:

    Just no one go posting avis of the </3 symbol or you’ll get banned!

  36. Foo-man-choo says:

    Nicole is a big baby. Now she will get sympathy stalking help from her “friends” who want her to win so she can stop crying every night.

    Those are some seriously ugly Crankies.

  37. yikes says:

    #30 – dead on.

    #29 – re: the scary rabbits, I showed them to DH last night and he told me I was mean to laugh at them. Hmmm… his birthday is coming up…

  38. mmspirit7 says:

    38 well all of them see to still be there LOL

  39. not just another mama says:

    Scary rabbits? were?

  40. screenname says:

    One thread is gone.

  41. Kitty1163 says:

    and nicole’s thread has been locked 3.2.1 until val’s is too.

  42. mmspirit7 says:

    41 you don’t have to go down far

  43. not just another mama says:

    why do I think thats so adorable? My dd would hate it though.

    2nd row, first one – is it me or does that thing look downright depressed?

  44. Booyah says:

    Oh boo frickin hoo. I am just amazed that some have so little else going on in their lives that they get all bent out of shape because they couldn’t buy a stupid pair of fucking baby pants. SO WHAT. Jesus.

  45. Foo-man-choo says:

    Val asked to deletre hers too. So no more drama i guess.

  46. amessymama says:

    45-Mermaid got back!!

  47. mmspirit7 says:

    so i am entering the world of wool, but 50 bucks for a pair of longies that are felted seems high and yeah it comes with a tee shirt are they charging that much because of the cranky name?

    and she’s bumped at least once because it wasn’t first page yesterday

    if this posts twice sorry my internet is acting up and pissing me off.

  48. Messy says:

    Both the threads on DS are gone??? I missed it all 😦

  49. DramaBore says:

    Those Crankies are ugly. I saw them and was like, “WTF is that on the bum?”.

    Val is ALWAYS asking for stalking help – can’t she do anything on her own? And I love how *SHE* always needs it, not her son.

  50. not just another mama says:

    Someone should go start a topic asking for stalking help for those.. Hahaha!

  51. Aj says:

    I thought Valerie’s son pl’d?

    I missed the pant drama though, was it over the cranky board shorts…cause really, they’re kinda ugly.

    And Shabby, not only should you ask kmwell to stalk, but you should pay her upfront. And then when she tells you she got them, you should believe her; but when they never show up you shouldn’t question it. When 6 months pass, and the shorts still haven’t shown up, don’t make a big deal out of it for fear her informants will tell her–does that sound about right?

    That’s going to be my plan for tomorrows cranky stocking at least…

  52. yikes says:

    #49 – maybe it’s because their crankies? I totally don’t get the cranky-mania… the felting looks pretty bad – it may not be that noticable on though, I dunno.

  53. yikes says:

    wow – excuse the incorrect use of “their” how embarrassing.

  54. mmspirit7 says:

    I mean I like them i don’t care they are crankies but I am not going to pay 50 bucks for them. anyways I would be putting them up for winter. LOL which is about a month here anyways

  55. yikes says:

    planet9creations is banned?

  56. yikes says:

    #56 – i think you could find something equally cute for less, in better shape.

  57. mmspirit7 says:

    that’s what I am hoping

  58. laughingmama says:

    Both Nicole and Valerie are fucking idiots. And yeah, apparently Valerite’s ds was PL’ing and hated wool so she had to sell off her stash. Methinks it was just a story to get people to buy her shit so she could start collecting all over again. Nothing like fighting with other asshats online over ugly pants that your kid couldn’t care less about. Seriously, your kid will pee on anything you put them in. They are not picky! I think some mom’s need to get a new hobby.

  59. Kitty1163 says:

    yes planet9 is banned. uh oh

  60. Kitty1163 says:

    laughingmama have i seen u somewhere else? do u like bacon?

  61. Lynn says:

    What? when did P9C get banned, after losing her siggy privledges?

  62. laughingmama says:

    62 – I’m not sure, but who doesn’t like bacon? LOL

  63. mmspirit7 says:

    Do you guys know anything about this mama all good i hope?

  64. Lynn says:

    65, I never know the drama till I read about it, but I was drooling over her yesterday lol

  65. mmspirit7 says:

    yeah i am too…reason i ask is i know i have seen her name somewhere i just don’t remember where

  66. nita says:

    *I think that posts here should be rated by “twatwaffles”. The IAS post with the comments? At least four twatwaffles.

    *I think that those of you who still brave DS, you should switch to taco avis.

  67. Spangle says:

    I noticed the P9C earlier too and was wondering what the deal was. Anyone know?

  68. lelia says:


  69. Rain Cloud says:

    For Goodness Sake! Absolutely Ridiculous!

  70. Messy says:

    Ok, someone link me to the cranky pants that are causing the problem… Also, why was P9C banned???

  71. Foo-man-choo says:

    For you Messy – The drama Crankies:

  72. me says:

    “It was just brought to their attention”?

    What happened with what pants?

    me me me come tell what happened to you, too!

  73. Messy says:

    TY! Those look like they say “less than 3” on the ass… WTF? I get the idea behind the design but someone who doesn’t hang out on message boards would not have a clue…
    I looked up P9C on DS and it just says she was banned but there is no reason at all…

  74. amessymama says:

    Maybe she started getting neg feedback from the testers she never sent anything to.

  75. amessymama says:

    “Banned for Sharing Private Messages and Questionable FSOT activity”

    That’s what it says in her siggie.

  76. me says:

    Banned for Sharing Private Messages and Questionable FSOT activity


  77. me says:

    Whoops, knew I shoulda refreshed!

  78. Lynn says:

    74, that wasn’t there earlier; I looked. and I looked at her feedback; there weren’t any recent negatives, either. Hmm, wouldn’t you hate to be one of those testers right about now? And where is she? she was here this morning…

  79. me says:

    Gah.. now I went and misspelled my stupid email addy too

  80. Messy says:

    How do they know she shared private messages if they don’t read the messages themselves to be sure? FSOT activity? Does WAHM tester slots fall in that category? The whole thing is just nuts! Lee can ignore viruses and scammers by the dozen but they are going to flip out of a freaking pink cookie???

  81. me says:

    and yeah, it wasn’t there a few minutes ago.

  82. bystander says:

    My guess is P9C was banned because of this

    She had a post in the WAHM chit chat looking for congo members as well.

  83. Messy says:

    They can ban someone because they do not like their store name??? That store predated the ban on pink cookies (I cannot believe I ever had to say “ban” and “pink cookies” in the same sentence!)!!!

  84. Shabbychic says:

    So wait. If I bake a whole tray of pink cookies for DDs party after her play which she asked me to because she is a pig in the play and well pigs are PINK and use my stunning photography skills to take a picture and then use it for my avi, I will be banned? But the person who starts a thread before me with a picture of her lovely casserole masterpiece or a Thomas cake she baked for her kid will have no problem? Now DS is trying to control what food one can post in their avi? What’s next? Will they start banning people if they say they actually ate a pink cookie at a party. Better be equal opportunity. NO MORE TALK ABOUT FOOD ON DS. If you talk about food, you will be banned. Cookies, casseroles, fish and chips, its all off limits.

  85. Sam says:

    You would think DS is monitoring a board of junior high girls…come on you’re going to ban people for having a pink cookie avatar? Give me a friggin’ break. Seriously some people need to stop being so damn sensitive and grow some thicker skin. DS needs to be spending their time stopping hackers putting viruses on their site and stopping scammers.

  86. just_sayin says:

    I happen to know that DS has been watching her FSOT activities, and has just been looking for an excuse to ban her. Her tester thread was really concerning to them, since it’s obvious to everyone that she did not mail the testers out. I hope DS lets her testers know.

    Has anyone made her congo-mates aware of her past history? Some of the stuff looks nice, but there is no way I would ever shop in that congo.

  87. BffMama says:

    I don’t like bacon.

  88. Shabbychic says:

    From this point going forward, is it stated in the rules that no member is allowed to have an avatar with a pink cookie in it?

  89. newhere says:

    and where was it she said she changed her UN last week? No. Its been changed for quite a while.

  90. Foo-man-choo says:

    #84 – She was not banned for her Congo name. My better guess is it has a lot to do with those testers that are stuck at the PO in Ohio, oh wait, I mean stuck in her sewing room unfinished. I would also guess her post in WAHM chit chat fanned the flames when she said she “would not say what she really thought out loud or she would get banned”

  91. scmje says:

    ok – at the chance of sounding like a moron – WTH is a pink cookie? other than a cookie?

  92. scmje says:

    and sorry Val – those pants are hideous.LOL

  93. screenname says:

    #94 – look it up on the urban dictionary.

  94. screenname says:


  95. scmje says:

    wow – well I guess I have a new name for Ella’s private part! LOL
    Freaking ridiculous. And to be banned….

  96. riffrafflittleman says:

    #88 her congo mates are starting to be aware of her actions. They were actually directed to the blog a bit ago to try to understand what is going on. It doesn’t sound like they had any idea.

  97. riffrafflittleman says:

    #92 she outed the WAHM in her last thread…

    Quote – “Omigosh! Here I was trying to be patient & understanding. So many WAHMs tell you to wait 6-8 weeks for delivery. That’s really cutting it close to 45 days.

    I don’t know what to do first: throw up or cry.

    I think I’ll start by naming the diaper maker: Sumbuns – Summer House: BEWARE.

    I will make a post on her Live Journal thread, too.

    Thanks, ladies for the input. ” -End Quote

    just in case it gets pulled

  98. Cubanita says:

    **getting my popcorn and goobers** I love coming here and getting updated on the drama I miss during the day. 😀 Missed the whole cranky pants drama!

  99. allgirls says:

    6-8 weeks is way longer than 45 days. No cutting it close.

  100. itsraininghere says:

    sumbuns again? what’s the drama?

  101. allgirls says:

    Apparently someone paid $150 for diaper(s) back in Feb. & hasn’t received them.

  102. mmspirit7 says:

    i am seeing the black shorties as one leg shorter than the other?

  103. Foo-man-choo says:

    105 – Yes they’re waaay shorter; she even says so in her post. OMG, I would be embarassed to put them up at all. I would even be embarassed for my kid to see them.

  104. allgirls says:

    106, yes it looks scratchy. And I also wouldn’t put something on my kid that is described as “sheddy”

  105. DramaBore says:

    105- At least the seller disclosed it, and is selling them practically FFS. She is in Canada, so shipping is more expensive than in the US.

  106. mmspirit7 says:

    yeah i like that she was honest about everything.

  107. Kitty says:

    why couldnt she just cut off the longer leg and make them even??

  108. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    Looks like Planet 9 Creations = Bear Bottom Britches????

  109. siriusmama says:

    Aw crap….here I was all prepared to look at ugly pants and it turns out…..I love them :bag: Granted, not enough to spend $60 on them…but enough to wish I could lol. But why is the < taller than the 3?

  110. yikes says:

    did camallama make that wool wrap?

  111. yikes says:

    why on earth would anyone make a wool wrap and then have acrylic and mohair next to baby’s skin? baffling.

  112. monkey says:

    #113, I also wondered why the < was bigger than the 3.

    I have a shirt with ❤ on them, but that’s because DH and I gmail chat all day and in gmail ❤ makes a little animated heart.


  113. Grogwench says:

    I thought the Pink Cookies Congo was new?

    *Pink Cookies has been hosted on Hyena Cart since Apr 2006 *

  114. Foo-man-choo says:

    117-Is that because she used her old HC account to set up the new Congo? That old stuff was from 2006 I am pretty sure.

    BTW-She has drama in T&F this morning and in her tester thread. Surprise, surprise

  115. allgirls says:

    Angie/BBB/P9C/Babagyrl/whatever was outed on CDN last night. She hasn’t been on to respond yet.

  116. youdontknowme says:

    #120 I wonder how she will explain all this now…

  117. Aj says:

    I’ll pay a lot for my wool, but does anybody believe she paid $90 originally for these?

    Don’t get me wrong, they’re definitely nice…but $90?!?

  118. jilliness says:

    wow, for being in hiding, molly sure does get a lot of sympathy

  119. me says:

    122: Unless she means the yarn and then the shorties together, then I hope not! The woman who runs KBN doesn’t charge that much. They’d have been 70-80 brand new.

  120. Aj says:

    124, yeah, it’s just not believable IMO, if she did pay that much…she got screwed.

  121. riffrafflittleman says:

    #126, that is unbelievable how many people are saying to give her the benefit of the doubt and “she’s trying to make everything better” bs.

  122. kapri says:

    First time posting, but I just HAD to say something. I know GroBaby’s are *fantabulous* and the bomb and blah blah blah, but can’t anyone leave a slightly negative review of them without the owner getting all up in their shit about it? I’m so sick of seeing her do that. Bottom line is, they WON’T fit every baby, they WON’T work for every baby. Period. Let people state their opinions. She’s like a vulture on every post about them.

  123. Lynn says:

    123, I would like to know more about the Molly story if anyone knows? Wasn’t it that she got upset because someone tried steal one of her designs? IDK what she designed, so I don’t really know…

  124. me me me says:

    74 I have a few minutes while baby naps before her next appt. So I may not answer everything like I want to.

    I was off line yesterday so when I woke up today I find out I’m banned. When I try to log in all it says is that I am banned for sharing PMs and it’s forever. I got nothing from admin before that. I had sent a pm to the admin team Monday night trying to get the whole pink cookie thing straight and told them my congo mates and I were concerned about the announcement and how it effected us. I guess they decided it was easier to just ban me then reply to my pms. I can;t see my feedback now but as of Monday there were no new negs. By the pay the one neg I had was resolved long ago. She did not feel the need to update and that’s her prerogative. I did ask her too and she chose not to.

    Listen everyone, I totally get why I have no credibility I get why people are quick to think the worst. What I don’t seem to “get” is how to overcome it. I don’t think I should throw in the towel because a few people are of the opinion that my sewing abilities have not improved. I have checked up with every customer I have had a since I started Planet 9 and every one has told me they were happy despite my making it clear I want to be sure of any issues to make sure the product is as good as it can be. I think what I need to do is truck on. I need to remember my business plan and not allow myself to stray from it. I don’t mean to be, but I’m not always quick to catch on to things. I only even ran the testers because I had a few customers tell me they loved my covers but wanted a little more coverage from them, and a had a few customers tell me they loved the OS pockets but wished they fit their older child that’s still in dipes at night. One thing I have learned is that testers are essential. I have read everything here and the other thread. I hear you all, your words carry weight and I just need time to process all of this and figure out what to do with it.

    I love what I do. I enjoy making my diapers and the people I meet along the way. I don’t want to fail, I don’t want to leave anyone hanging or hurt anyone. I want to do this right. I have to leave for my 2 yr olds 2nd therapy session today. I may or may not log back on. This is all really depressing and I need to take a breather and think before I react to much or say much. It seems I have a a lot of trouble saying things and having them be received they way I intend them. Maybe I should just never talk, just sew and ship and not try to socialize at all online.

  125. croghetingmama says:

    Why is her a 2yr old in thearpy seems to be more going on here than she can handle all at once.

  126. Megan says:

    “Maybe I should just never talk, just sew and ship and not try to socialize at all online.”

    It doesn’t seem the talking is what gets you in trouble. It seems the only thing that does is uncover your tracks, so everyone finds out how many times you’ve screwed up in the sewing and shipping part.

  127. noisybean says:

    Yes, you should just sew and ship. Which clearly you even have problems doing.

  128. werd says:

    Angie, it seems like you have too much going on in your personal life to be a WAHM. Which is okay, you just need to realize it. People keep trying to tell you and you just don’t seem to see it. Just because you like making cloth diapers, doesn’t mean you should be doing it as a business. CS is the one thing that will easily make or break a business, and it seems like that is your downfall, every time. Given the current banning and call outs, I think you should just close up shop, take some time for yourself, and try to find joy in making diapers for just your children. That’s my outside viewers take on the situation.

  129. Foo-man-choo says:

    Ditto post 133

  130. kelolsen says:

    Angie, granted I’m no WAHM but in 3.5 years of CDing -buying and selling, I’ve had TWO things get lost. One a diaper I sent to Canada that may have arrived by now (the buyer has been refunded) and a wetbag that was sent from NOLA right around the time of Katrina so that’s totally understanable. What is the # of packages you claim have been “lost” by the PO? Truly… a good estimate from you. I’d like to hear the number. I havet his mad vision of psychotic, drooling mailmen sneaking packages of cloth diapers home so they could what…… sell them on the black market?

  131. mmspirit7 says:

    Really 120 BUCKS!!! for a dress and diaper? what am I missing?

    I mean really?

  132. mmspirit7 says:

    I thought snatch made her own undies does she really need to out bid me on HC

  133. screenname says:

    #136 – What I don’t get is that GMs are fitteds. So that outfit can be worn for 2 hours MAX and not in public without a cover. WTH?

  134. mmspirit7 says:

    yeah that’s what I was thinking that’s why I am looking for cute aio and covers.

  135. Aj says:

    They are pretty absorbant, so they can be worn without a cover in public…that being said, the price is ridonkulous!

  136. mmspirit7 says:

    yeah well i don’t know if it’s the sewing or the way it’s laying but the dress doesn’t look right to me.

  137. Incognizable says:

    #136 yeah I guess I missed the memo that ‘hello kitty’ was worth that much!!

  138. siriusmama says:

    EWWWW! I am about as crunchy as they come and I just can not get behind the crocheted tampons *yuck* I was going to make some for my sisters for Christmas as a joke though lol

  139. insomiac says:

    #137 maybe she is looking for a new pattern and needs to win to steal that one *giggle*

  140. mmspirit7 says:

    LOL they are the gerber ones traners (i can’t find them here) so I thought I would get them.

  141. pippen says:

    I thought the tampons were pretty gross too. I’m actually surprised at how many people are interested. It just doesn’t seem sanitary?

  142. werd says:

    146 I TOTALLY bet that is what she’s doing them, buying them so she can take them a apart and then start making and selling them. Speshul.

  143. mmspirit7 says:

    umm yeah but I don’t like tampons so I think they are gross all together…I haven’t made the leap to mama cloth yet.

  144. kelolsen says:

    I ain’t stickin’ a crocheted tampon up my hooha and then washing it out after. There are some levels of crunchiness I just can’t go to.

  145. kelolsen says:

    #127 DS sheeple looooove to say “give her the benefit of the doubt”. They hate to leave bad feedback for a scammer b/c “they feel bad”. I just don’t get it……. I’m all for benefit of the doubt but fool me once…….. but I guess DS sheep are willing to get fooled over and over and over and over.

  146. mmspirit7 says:

    ugh well I have 5 days in away I don’t want to let her when I do need them and don’t make my own, but at the same time I don’t think i will go much higher because I can just ask my step mom to get me some and mail them

  147. jilliness says:

    #128 well, she was upset that someone had asked her to make their kid a pair pants like her kids’ and she said, sorry can’t do that right now. (maybe she was full with customs?) so the mama who wanted the pair asked another wahm to mame them. Sorry I don’t know the other names involved. But I was kinda pissed that she was going to dye me up some cestari and make some shorts and then had someone else contact me to tell me that wasn’t going to happen because of some other issues, like her kids health, home life, etc. I never paid her anything, but I had my hopes up. I actually was just going to get the cestari and then she offered to make the shorts so I was super excited.

  148. jilliness says:

    Is the snatch going to be banned on HC?

  149. mmspirit7 says:

    i don’t know if she is going to be I know that I am now the highest I will go for this item and hoping she don’t bid again but if she does oh well. and if she copies gerber I hope they come after her. they have the money other wahms don’t

  150. Thud says:

    154 if there was a compelling reason… anyone got one?

  151. me me me says:

    130-my 2 yr old has a developmental delay and has to go to things like OT, speech, sign language and such. Like her brothers she has social and developmental issues that she needs therapy to help her thrive. We have a home visitor too for both girls and yes, my 4, 7 and 9 yr olds see a therapist too. Boys for the behavioral issue that come with their diagnosis and my 4 yr old because she is the ONLY typical person in a house full a crazy. She is advanced 9gasp) for her age and she is all to aware that her environment is not normal. It helps her stay well adjusted.

    As for the past I have hashed this out on here, DT and batgirls over and over. What new answers could I possibly have? I don’t mind owning up to things or clearing things up, but there comes a point where there is nothing to say that hasn’t been said repeatedly. What benefit is there in repeating myself so many times? Fact is nothing I will say will be excepted or good enough. I would have to fabricate a story to tell you all what you want to hear.

    It’s clear I don’t belong on the forums. I know I have an odd personality and not that many people care for my brand of humor. It’s not quite so bad IRL but online I seem to just annoy people. Since I can’t seem to overcome things no matter how hard I try maybe I need to just walk away and stop caring what anyone thinks or says. I know my intentions and I know my ethics and really that’s all that matters. I’ve worked too hard the last 10 months to be able to be the mom, wife and mother I need to be and I’ve allowed this diaper drama to reduce me to a shell of a person. ridiculous that I would allow myself to care so much. So yea I am going to be called a coward and a scammer for ending my replies. I’ve decided I just do not have what it takes to continue to hash this out and though there are lovely ladies over at CDN and I really like the vibe there. I can’t take anymore spankings and tough love. My kids need me stable and I am not stable when I am being torn apart by a 100 woman I don’t even know and will never see IRL. I’m sick of crying, I am not a weak person but I am acting like a freaking infant right now and pissing myself off. I don’t like me like this and my kids deserve better.

    Anyone that doesn’t think I am the shit of the earth knows how to find me and I am happy to talk to you. Aside from that I am taking my Dhs advice he’s been giving me for years and staying off forums/blogs and sewing just for people that value me and my work.

  152. werd says:

    O/T but I need to get this out somewhere – my MIL is SUCH a FUCKING TWAT!

    She wanted to take my daughter to VIRGINIA (from NY) for like 4 days because I couldn’t travel to attend my husband’s cousins wedding per my OBGYN’s orders because of the subchorionic hematoma. Carl stayed home because the wedding was on my birthday and he was afraid to leave in case something happened.

    SO she comes back and posts on her facebook:

    “Just got back from the MOST beautiful union of two people I have ever witnessed. Best Wishes Katie and Travis!”

    Thanks, asshole. We just got married at the end of February but I guess that was just a big pile of shit compared to what you witnessed this weekend.

    And I wanted to elope!

  153. me says:

    140- Not my kid! He can go straight through one even with one of those booster things unless it has a good cover on it!

    Where did the dress even come from? Goodmama doesn’t make that kind, right?

  154. JustPeachy says:

    Oh the obama thread is starting to get heated now.

  155. Raven says:

    Yes, Angie, please get the fuck off the internet.

  156. insomiac says:

    link, peachy?

  157. Sharpie says:

    Werd-that is F’n horrible! SS mama.

    me me me- my little violin is playing for you. If you are that unstable right now that you cannot even talk about your business then you should not even be running a business. You’ve been trying and trying to run a CD shop but it just ain’t working for you and it’s your customers who are getting screwed. Time to step away for good mama!

  158. insomiac says:

    angie, wow, if you really believe this is all because people do not get your humor then there are more problems than I ever imagined.
    there is no going back when you have done the scammy things you did, you should have just stayed quiet and hung out as a mom and not tried your hand at wahmdom…yet again.

  159. itsraininghere says:

    ah, come on Angie. A few months ago you were on here begging to get it all “out in the open.” you wanted people to do this to you. Now you don’t like it? or are you just playing along with the dramaz?

  160. haha says:

    My theory. She royally screwed up with the testers and that’s why she’s disappearing…but will blame this blog for her mental breakdown and not herself (again, or again after again)

  161. mmspirit7 says:

    I hate to admit it but I want a Concierge Goodmama well at least a diaper with that print on it. don’ think i will get

  162. eeek says:

    OK, Angie- the thing is, you do get along with people socially. No one minds your humor. What they mind is the business stuff. When you say you should just get off the forums, sew & ship- no. That’s not what you should do. You should get on the forums & just chat. No one would have any problems with you if you didn’t keep making the same mistakes over & over.

    We both know your PO hasn’t lost that many things. When I realized you were trying to rebuild a business I was shocked but tried to hold my tongue. Now I see you making the same excuses for the same problems as ever. There comes a time when, if you can’t see it, others need to show you a little common sense. For all the stress that you and so many people have gone through due to your businesses- how much money have you made? How in the world can it seem like it’s worth it? Admit to yourself that you have some basic personality conflicts with making a WAHM business work.

    People deserve better than the treatment you give them. People give you money, sometimes money they can ill afford, because they’re buying something to take care of their baby. Then you flake on them, or send them crap. I’ve read several places now where YOU say “well, what did you expect, I was selling them cheap” or “they were testers, you can’t expect much”. People have a right to expect reasonable, won’t fall apart quality, they have a right to products that work well. People should get the stuff they gave you money for, and it should be in the mail within a day or 2. I can NOT understand how you could think it’s OK to take people’s money and leave them without diapers they need. Your personal problems are absolutely no reason to let that happen!

    You say you should just persevere. It’s better to quit with as much dignity as possible, apologize, and move on.

  163. Messy says:

    Ok, I got it all out.

  164. mmspirit7 says:

    LOL Messy congrats!

  165. Messy says:

    Do you know how long it has been since I bought something special for ME??? OMgosh!!! I am sooo happy! It is a billion times better IRL than on the screen too! It has a canvas center. Very very sturdy. Beautiful!!! WOOHOO!

  166. mmspirit7 says:

    Messy I am happy for you. I spend my time about the kids. Dh likes to shop for me.

  167. Kris says:

    How long do you think it will take them to delete this one?

  168. Stacey says:

    I liked this, so I thought it was worth repeating:

    “People have a right to expect reasonable, won’t fall apart quality, they have a right to products that work well. People should get the stuff they gave you money for, and it should be in the mail within a day or 2. I can NOT understand how you could think it’s OK to take people’s money and leave them without diapers they need. Your personal problems are absolutely no reason to let that happen!

    You say you should just persevere. It’s better to quit with as much dignity as possible, apologize, and move on.”

    Stop making excuses. Make the diapers and ship them. Nobody believes that you sent them and they got lost. Testers should be first quality items.

  169. Stacey says:

    messy, I need a link to this bag 😉

  170. lelia says:

    These look more than a LITTLE different in length.. or is it just me..

  171. Messy says:
    Mine is this one’s twin 😉 I sooo love it! It is better in person than looking at it even! I thought the background on the prints was white, but it is cream. There is a canvas backing to all of it, and I am just in heaven! I watched her stuff for months, and had my bag in my watch category for the month she had it listed. Dh bought it in the last few minutes of the auction ROFL. I could not imagine spending that much on a knitting bag, but damn, it is AMAZING! There are pockets and perks that she doesn’t even list!

  172. Messy says:

    #177 Did she accidentally use the Cabbage Patch Kid shoe pattern instead of “real life baby with toes and non-round feet”????

  173. Messy says:

    Geeze, I need to post whore so I can get into the 250 club on CDN!!!

  174. mmspirit7 says:

    lol me too messy i just don’t know were to do it yet LOL

  175. Messy says:

    I have welcomed every newcomer… And tried to post on threads as I read. I feel strange posting when I have nothing to say though LOL!

  176. mmspirit7 says:

    LOL I wonder did you welcome me. now I have to check LOL i just posted a intro today.

  177. theinvisible says:

    I wondered if that was you, mmspirit7. It was the concierge that gave you away, LOL.

  178. Munklettes says:

    #175 – is that Th Montana diaper store? Did it change it’s name? I totally got jumped on after I posted that a PUL cover I bought there during a sale seperated. A mod had the thread deleted, of course, but not before I got a nasty post AND pm from the owner of that online store. I’ll never buy from there again.

  179. Munklettes says:

    I just checked my paypal history and it IS the same company.

  180. Megan says:

    186- I’d heard RAVES about MDS for months, and people loved their clearance/cheap seconds. I tried emailing their contact address a simple question about the HPs they had, and never got an answer. A week later, I email again, saying I hadn’t heard back, and had a question, blah-blah-blah. Still no answer. A month after the first email, I asked about MDS’s CS on DS, and everyone raved about the WAHM in charge, saying she was such a sweety, etc. Sure, maybe if you actually get to talk/communicate with her, she’s great, but she ignored every one of my emails.
    Maybe it’s not a huge deal to others, but it totally turned me off to her store, and I always look for goods elsewhere. That time, I had my questions answered and placed my order at Diaperco.
    If you can’t so much as return an email to a would-be customer when I saw her posting on DS fairly frequently, who’s to say she has time to process my order and ship my goods?

  181. werd says:

    186 I read that post on DS and I think it was super tacky of the MDS owner to be all “waah waah well you buy diapers made in egypt” when someone was voicing concerns that her diapers are made in china. wow, super professional.

  182. JustPeachy says:

    #188 then avoid Kissaluvs by all means. The owner of their company took 3 weeks to ship out replacement diapers and when I complained about it to her she got all huffy.

  183. mmspirit7 says:

    sorry but that owner sounds rude and unless she is in that factory everyday she can’t know how it is everyday it’s like when I worked at micky d’s we would do thing that would normally get us in trouble (to much meat and cheese on out salads, handing out extra nugget sauce with out charging them. putting the food on a different way than they said (did this at subway too). But when corp. or the owner was there we would do it the way they wanted because they were there.

    I bet this happens at factories ass well.

  184. mmspirit7 says:

    as not ass…sorry holding the baby

  185. Lynn says:

    This is a couple of days old, so its probably already been posted …

    There are a couple of mama’s on here who are quite vocal about the “no outing” rule; I try to fly under the radar, and I cringe when I see this, lol, its almost asking for a banning

  186. Mayghan says:

    I refuse to buy a gro baby because the maker drives me crazy. She is always the first one to respond to all threads about them and about how great they are. Doesnt seem like anyone else can say anything negative about her products!

  187. mmspirit7 says:

    umm yeah a more than a little.

  188. screenname says:

    No more over the top than the “crowning” jewelry.

  189. screenname says:

    I always thought it would be cool to wear those and if someone compliments them say something like “Thanks! They’re vaginas!”

  190. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    Does someone want to explain THIS???

  191. AshleyB says:

    #194, that is BEYOND over the top!!

  192. Aj says:

    200, OMG that is hilarious! For the man who’s worried frostbite may get the best of his manhood.

  193. monkey says:

    #194… ew. ew. ew.

    I’m all for birth being empowering and yadda yadda yadda but that is plain gross. I actually like the pink cookie earrings a whole lot better.

  194. Munklettes says:

    #194 ; OMG! Hmm, maybe that would be the PERFECT gift for my mom for Mother’s Day 😀 – lol

  195. theinvisible says:

    That doll is one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen. Just because something can be knitted or crocheted doesn’t mean it should. The earrings LOL! 198! Too funny.

  196. Messy says:

    I have seen the doll before… It doesn’t bother me too much, except for her boobs. Those are some creepy looking tatas. And if they were going for the *real look*, then they should realize that no birthing or bf’ing boobs are going to be that perky!

  197. werd says:

    195 what is up with the 1980’s porno bush?! I think I just threw up in my mouth. So glad I came here first instead of eating breakfast. People will fucking crochet ANYTHING won’t they?!?!?!

  198. magpiedpiper says:

    Yeah, the spider crotch is what grossed me out. Great way to terrify both children AND adults.

  199. Sharpie says:

    You know I just don’t get all the “midwife gift” crap. Just because she helps women give birth doesn’t mean she wants to walk around with vaginas on her ears. God if I was a Midwife the last thing I would want to do after looking at other womens vajajays all day would be to go home and look in the mirror to see myself covered in vagina flair.

  200. werd says:

    LMAO Sharpie! “You know, Nazis had pieces of flair they made the Jews wear…”

  201. haha says:

    OMFG Vagina flair. I freakin LOVE it!

  202. amessymama says:

    209-I’m dying over here. Vagina flair!!! lol

  203. screenname says:

    Did anybody see her siggy? I wonder how long THAT is going to last. lol

    Vagina flair…lol!

  204. pippen says:

    vagina flair!! omg, i’m rofl…i can’t breath. it’s too funny. and that doll, i’m sorry…but that is beyond anatomically correct. it’s a bit scary actually. without reading what it was, i sort of freaked for a minute about her tata’s. really? who has nips that big?

  205. Incognizable says:

    @209 that is the best “vagina flair”

  206. haha says:

    I’m still laughing my ass off about vagina flair!!

  207. mmspirit7 says:

    What is up with people listing things on FSOT without pics?

  208. Sharpie says:

    Messy we need to chat about how many pieces of vagina you have on.

  209. Sharpie says:

    oh sorry werd not messy….fuck that looks bad (hides under chair)

  210. me says:

    200-I assume you weren’t around when we were all admiring The Mohair Knitter’s stuff?

  211. noisybean says:

    Vagina Flair. I love it!

  212. Incognizable says:

    oh shit..this mama outed a scammer and I think she means “band together” not “banned together”

  213. pippen says:

    and it’s her first post!! tell her to go to cdn. they’ll attack the scammer.

  214. pippen says:

    DS will just ban lucy and sweep it under the rug

  215. memyselfandi says:

    anyone know why jenniferjunniper was banned? did she have a pink cookie avi?

  216. StacEy says:

    I just wanted to come on and brag that all 3 kid have been napping for close to 3 hours. The house is clean, checkbook balanced, and I’m current on the drama. I’m almost…dare I say…bored.

  217. *Ashley* says:

    225. I just saw that too. I was reading a post and saw that she was JUST banned because I know when I saw her post there this morning she wasn’t. I am curious now.

  218. Kitty1163 says:

    I have emailed jennjuni
    meebee she’ll come here and tell.

  219. mmspirit7 says:

    stacey your doing better than me my kids took a nap and I joined them only up because the ex called to tell his son (who is still in school and he knows it) that he has a baby sister born 6 days ago.

  220. incognizable says:

    @225 she posted on cdn about it… i cant find the post:grr:

  221. mmspirit7 says:

    the other won’t work dd was helping me.

  222. mamabear says:

    people have options! i don’t know why they continue to post on ds and then whine about it. and even livejournal.

  223. Kris says:

    225. No, even worse- she had a difference of opinion.

  224. Messy says:

    BFF & Werd!!! I made it into BCD!!! WooHoo!!! I post whored my ass off…

  225. Foo-man-choo says:

    Anyone know who got the drama crankies?

  226. BffMama says:

    235. Now you must post your bewbies.

    Ahhhh life is good.

  227. BffMama says:

    Disclaimer: it was a joke (mostly) and you don’t really have to post your bewbs when you get into BCD.

  228. Hawk says:

    236- yes, I do. And no, it wasnt me. 😉

  229. Messy says:

    Want me to break my camera? Even the kids closed their eyes when they breastfed!!! People say they get smaller each time you bf a kid… Well, mine are dyslexic.

  230. mmspirit7 says:

    why is it seems that most fitteds for sale are goodmamas?

  231. Kitty1163 says:

    So who got them … 236 ?

  232. werd says:

    wooooooo Messy – boobie time! You can see mine if you go waaaaaaay back and if they weren’t deleted from PB, lol.

  233. jenniferjunniper says:

    My hopes and dreams have come true!! I am now famous! I have wanted to see my name on this blog for so long!! I am being serious! ANyway, I got banned because I was DS bashing. I said something like ‘the no outing rule on DS protects scammers”, and maybe a bit more. Nothing scandalous, no pink cookie, though now I wish I had gotten banned for something better than this! And I was not complaining about DS. WHile I think Lee is an idiot (I got a strike a month or so ago for saying so), I still liked the mamas, and the FSOT. I love CDN and am happy there!

  234. StacEy says: So I shall share this precious gem….NAFW or NA around curious children (although there is no nudity).

  235. screenname says:

    I laughed so hard my face hurts!

  236. Messy says:


  237. theinvisible says:

    What a perv. LMAO.

  238. mmspirit7 says:

    LOL am I coming to the experts here. I bought a dipe off of spots mama denied the payment stating that it was cc…so I sent the payment again with fees and double check and it went funded…(i just funded my account this week that’s why i didn’t check first) Now, I know it’s a 1.18 but it the point that it was funded and now I am paying fees for a cc when one wasn’t used the first time or the second time.

    Should I let it drop or email the mama and tell her that it was in fact funded and I want the 1.18 back or just drop it. Just bugs me that I funded my account after a year of stating I wasn’t going to because I got tied of pay other peoples fees.

  239. screenname says:

    She must have a premier account. That charges with both funded or credit. Her choice to have a premier account, she should cover the fees.

    I think it’s BS to ask for fees on anything except FFS or coops.

  240. Incognizable says:

    this is one of those WTF were you thinking threads or better yet why the F%^# WEREN’T you thinking?!?!

    DS preggo mama picked up a freaking copperhead snake and got bitten..damn now I’ve seen it all.. post #16

  241. mmspirit7 says:

    250 that’s what I think too well I sent her an email stating that it wasn’t cc and it was funded and that the invoice she sent was linked to the wrong email account so i resent the money if she denies it again then I don’t really need her dipe and will move on. normally i don’t buy if they ask for fees because well I have issues, Congos and ffs yeah no problem.

  242. mmspirit7 says:

    251…. umm wow I wouldn’t pick up a snake to teach my children for one I have taken them to the zoos for that and I would point and show them. i am sorry but that was not prego brain stupid just plan stupid.

  243. JustPeachy says:

    Im well versed in dealing with snakes but I wouldn’t just pick up any random snake unless I knew for sure it wasn’t venomous.
    And since I found this funny.”Copperhead bites are typically not fatal,” says Dr. Peter Bromley, N. C. Cooperative Extension Specialist in Zoology. Small animals, like small dogs, may receive a fatal bite from a copperhead. The venom causes local tissue destruction and secondary infection often sets in. If you or your pet are bitten by any snake that you suspect is venomous, get medial attention immediately. For the most part, if you let snakes alone, they’ll leave you alone.
    North Carolina has the dubious distinction of the most venomous snake bites of any state in the U.S. Many of these bites could be prevented by avoiding the snake instead of trying to kill it or pick it up. Avoid Copperhead snakes! Allow it to go on its way undisturbed. Copperheads bite more people in most years than any other U.S. species, but they also have the mildest venom. University of Georgia Professor Dr. Whit Gibbons is conducting research to learn why copperheads inflict the most bites.

  244. JustPeachy says:

    Ok I read her post and snake coiled up ummmmm ya run because thats what they do when they are about to strike!

  245. mmspirit7 says:

    where can I read the feed back let for me on HC

  246. screenname says:

    “Oh, this must be a nice snake!” Um, I’m pretty sure those words will NEVER come out of my mouth.

  247. mmspirit7 says:

    LOL I figured it out.

    and the mama and the snake. I get homeschooling but really teaching your children to pick up wild animals…what else she teaching them?

  248. nini02 says:

    Heh, catching reptiles (mostly snakes) was a big hobby of mine for a while a few years ago….but jeez, it’s kind of important to be very familiar with your local species before you go picking them up.

  249. screenname says:

    Yeah, it’s totally different if you know what you’re doing. But just happily assuming that a wild creature is too nice to bite you when you have NO idea whether it’s venomous or not?

  250. Incognizable says:

    hell she can be a snake wrangler if she wants, but shit she’s got a bun in the oven…

  251. Toaster says:

    Oh god I feel sorry for her! I’ve been bitten by non poisonous snakes I don’t know how many times… the most memorable was when a friends king snake lit into my hand and wouldn’t let go, as dh and aforementioned friend are trying to pull it back out from under the futon from the tail section. “Let go dammit, it’s attached to me, you’re pulling my finger!!!” Humorous now. And I did um accidentally catch a cottonmouth over the summer. I didn’t know what it was, it was in the ditch that the neighborhood kids were playing in and catching tadpoles and I thought it safer to get it out of there not knowing what it was. After learning what it was I realized it coulda sucked bad if it got me when trying to bite, but I’m glad I got it away from where the kids play. Yeah she made a stupid decision but we’ve all been there. And if you’re not a lover of snakes you won’t see it the way reptilian fans will.

  252. TL says:

    Seriously? why would she try and pick up the snake? thats a special kind of stupid.

  253. DSDM2 says:

    264, ummm… wow…

  254. Messy says:

    #264 A good example of “if you know how to tie a knot, it does not make you a WAHM”!!! Holy freaking cow… Why not just tie a little tykes climbing gym on your neck for the kid to climb on while nursing? Gah!!!

  255. piratebaby says:

    lol messy. I sent my dh the link, asked him what he would think if he came home and found that around my neck. he was like ‘wtf IS that thing?’ I tried to read him your response but kept cracking up

    It’s actually a good idea in *theory*, but the execution…ummm…

  256. JustPeachy says:

    I love snakes but I still think it was a dumb move. I would never try to handle a snake I wasn’t familiar with not just because I worry about venom but ummmmmmmmmmm snakes have huge fangs that hurt!
    You think getting bitten by a king snake was bad, wait til you have a run in with an African Rock python. Those things are pretty bad ass.

  257. try me, i'm new! says:

    lol at the snake woman. we kept snakes when i was a kid…my dad managed to teach me PLENTY about them w/o once picking up a venomous snake. we even went out observing, counting, and capturing them in the wild. and toaster – my dh got bit by my mom’s king snake waaaayyyyy back when we first started dating. i guess he was trying to impress my parents/me/who the fuck knows why, but he’d never so much as held a snake before and he goes grabbing mr. fangs. he still goes on about it.

  258. amessymama says:

    Another reason to choose public school.

    J/K. Although if this happened w/ an actual teacher and a student I’m pretty sure the opposite would be said.

    That was a *great* teaching moment!

    And OMG, WTF is up w/ that necklace. LOL @ the Little Tykes play structure.

  259. Incognizable says:

    @264, Wow. When you start your sentence with “I’ve discovered how to make…” either you’re a freakn genius or a freakn idiot, doh!

  260. pippen says:

    264…is that thing for sale?? i’ll take the pinching and slapping anyday over wearing that. Gah!! is right!! dh would slap me too if i wasted his money on that.

  261. pippen says:

    264…is that thing for sale?? i’ll take the pinching and slapping anyday over wearing that. Gah!! is right!! dh would slap me too if i wasted his money on that.

    sorry dsmd2, i used the wrong email address?

  262. diudiaole says:

    #266 little tykes climbing gym ROFL

  263. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:
    Hello, random capitalization and general wackjobbery.

  264. diudiaole says:

    #274 — dishes not being done etc would raise some flags because usually when a worker visits you would have taken great care to make your house spotless. That said… I’ve heard those horror stories of 16 neglected foster kids in one home etc… so really it doesn’t sound all that bad… but who knows what she isn’t telling us, right?

  265. me says:

    See, I’d think that it not being absolutely spotless would be a good thing. It shows you aren’t trying to just make it perfect for them, but what is likely to be an everyday thing. Making it all spotless pretty because you know they’re coming isn’t doing anyone any favors when you are being evaluated to care for someone else’s children, kwim?

  266. diudiaole says:

    She goes on to say the worker mentioned her house smells like trash.. plus dishes from the previous night? I’m not perfect either, but I would want things presentable for company.

  267. diudiaole says:

    Is anyone else sick of seeing that green puking smiley on DS?

  268. yikes says:

    holy bitch-fest in post #2. Really. That was pretty uncalled for.

  269. screenname says:

    It’s a bitch-fest, but the OP was sorta uncalled for. If she was a friend of Meg’s then she wouldn’t post something like that on DS. She would just email her. So if she isn’t a friend then she’s just some random internet mama that is really weird for thinking that a complete stranger would save a pair of yarn pants especially for her.

  270. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    Lavender Dragonfly is a complete whackadoodle.

  271. yikes says:

    is she – oh wait, is she the one that had a whole frigging laundry routine worked out for a baby that’s yet to be conceived?

    post 2 may have been deserved then… I thought the thread was kind of a joke, didn’ think she was really expecting ‘dibs” on some stranger’s yarn…

  272. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    Oh, I’m sure she was totally serious. She’s totally obsessed with owning Meg’s hand me downs. OBSESSED.

  273. yikes says:

    That’s pretty whacko.

  274. JustPeachy says:

    Megs stuff is surely beautiful but sheesh relax. Im a woolie fanatic and even I don’t get that hyped about buying it.

  275. JustPeachy says:

    I’d be leery of her if I were Meg. Who knows she might try to hunt her down and come to her house to snag her woolies LOL.

  276. amessymama says:

    They all sounded like they were getting wet thinking about Meg’s wool.

    I’d be afraid that dragonfly chick would try to wear them herself, though.

  277. dippy says:

    LOL @ them getting wet!

  278. not just another mama says:

    You know what Meg should do.. Auction off a “dibs” on Spots. ROFL.

    I seriously bet someone would PAY for a chance to call dibs on one of her woolies..

  279. Shabbychic says:

    I really couldn’t embarrass someone to that extent.

    I dont get it. They are pants. Everyone wants the same 4 pair anyway.

  280. Trinity says:

    The dragonfly person is after some of our stash too. She is kinda stalkerish if you ever read her emails.

    First she joined another cloth board I belong to, not DS, just so she could contact me about some of my diapers she wanted. The very first -and I think only post- she ever made was about these diapers. They weren’t even listed for sale. Then she added me as a contact on Flickr and writes me there asking to buy these diapers. She didn’t just ask, she flat out begged writing in caps lock for certain diapers and wool. I wrote her back and told her that those particular ones were special to me and I was saving them for our next baby and that we won’t have another one for several more years. She writes back and gushes on about how amazing they are and how she can be very, very patient and to let her know know when I’m ready to sell.

    Who seriously asks to wait for five or so years for diapers and wool? The whole thing was just odd…

  281. Messy says:

    Ok… Strange. Do you think she will be on Dominick Dunn for being the “woolie serial killer” or will she be a pofolk and only get on Nancy Grace over it? Do you think it will cause cloth diapering to become more mainstream or just plain weird when the general population sees this fruit cake stalking people for their knit baby pants? I can completely see Nancy Grace curling her nose and looking sickened at the camera while she says, “Ok, release the attorneys! She kills for granny knit wool baby pants! What do you think the defense will be for this wackjob?”

  282. theinvisible says:

    Not to mention…..this would not be considered normal behavior if she had babies in diapers but…she doesn’t even have a child so I’d classify it as a little psychotic. I truly feel for people who experience infertility but this woman scares me. Something ain’t right with her.

  283. incognizable says:

    @294 Yeah I think she could make on to Nancy Grace, LOL .

  284. mmspirit7 says:

    umm wow, the wool looks odd stuffed like that and a couple things look off to me

  285. JustPeachy says:

    Those are definitely second quality but first quality prices.

  286. mmspirit7 says:

    thats what i thought

  287. Messy says:

    I think that the sewing on the embellishments on the shirt is way off. It looks almost halfassed. I see that she puts a lot of work into her stuff, but I do think some of it could use some work.

  288. nini02 says:

    The first shirt has some pretty crooked stitching and the second one looks like it was done with no stabilizer on the back. Cute ideas, but yeah the execution could use a little work. She does say they are all seconds until she perfects her stuff though, so that’s good.

  289. amessymama says:

    297-OMG! Those poor babies are missing their heads, arms, torsos, and feet.

  290. Messy says:

    #302 Yeah… A baby that has none of the cuteness, no sweet little feet or crooked grins, but still all the shit. Great… ROFLMAO!!!

  291. Hawk says:


    You know, Lavendar reminds me of that chick that used to frequent the DS GM thread. .. Purity4Grace? Anyone remember her?

  292. ktabion says:

    Lavender is all kinds of wackadoodle! Had the misfortune of having to deal with her:(

  293. trolltastic says:

    I don’t get why Megs stuff is so coveted. She buys just the same yarn any one else could get… damn.

  294. Madre says:

    WHy is everyone on Meg’s ass? I mean, it’s like they have her stash memorized.

  295. mmspirit7 says:

    Am I the only one that doesn’t know meg or her stash? Maybe I need to hang out were they post stash pics (were is that?)

  296. JustPeachy says:

    Its probably because of the yarn itself. I will admit that I would LOVE to have Megs woolie stash but I am not going to stalk her to get to it.

  297. mmspirit7 says:

    LOL YES!!!!! just found that fabric that that one good mama I wanted was made of now I can get a good diaper made or three.

  298. screenname says:

    The doobie dipe?

  299. diudiaole says:

    which print was that -were you the one who got the monster truck fabric? Speaking of fabric… does anyone know if Tiffany was true to her word and hacked apart her custom Dunk n fluffs to send back in the mangled remains?

  300. mmspirit7 says:

    no it was the concierge dipe and the fabric isn’t badly priced either.

  301. diudiaole says:

    Anyone know of any fabrite coop going on right now? I have some cute knits but I am too tired(lazy) for anything but pockets and AIOs these days…. ??

  302. mmspirit7 says:

    I wish I did but nope, I am going to get this fabric and hope I find a wahm that makes dipes that fit my dd well

  303. mmspirit7 says:

    I am thinking of just making my own though. I hope I can make some

  304. Sharpie says:

    Did anyone see that It’s a Snatch entered all the FFS lottos on the CDN congo? That’s just a negative feedback waiting to happen if she wins one.

  305. Thud says:

    what is the CDN congo?

  306. DSDM2 says:

    They can ban her from their cart, and should.

  307. Toaster says:

    Peach- I’ve never been bitten by a python but I’ve had a tiny ball python strike at me and it was like a hammer hitting me, I can’t imagine a bigger one striking…. and if it bit? Yeowch!!! And I thought of the snake thread yesterday when I was at the lake beach with my Basset and he disturbed a 4 foot water moccasin and tried to chase it!!!! Scared the crap out of me! I wish I hadn’t had to hold his leash to keep him away, I woulda snapped the damn thing, there are lots of kids that play there!

  308. Toaster says:

    And irt #264…. what the hell, you guys don’t like that??? You all obviously have NO fashion sense, that is beautiful, I would wear that proudly everywhere!!! You are all just jealous of her skills and secretly want one, I know it!!!

  309. Toaster says:

    Um the ‘woolies’ in 297… is it just because they are crocheted that it looks like regular ole acrylic yarn? I know jack about wool but they don’t look like the wool shorties/longies/skirty’s I’ve seen before.

  310. Kimbella says:

    More drama?

    Re: Jennel/smilnjen/Raining Baby Fluff – out of commission temporarily
    Just an update – Jennel has STILL not sent me multiple packages (over 100.00 worth). She is providing limited contact (or at least she WAS but isn’t anymore) but no resolution.

    I believe she’s gone the way that all too many WAHMs do. I’m very sad to say that I don’t think anybody who is expecting anything from her will get it.

    There was also a JAR against her recently.

  311. DSDM2 says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Posted it.

  312. me me me says:

    FYI all testers Dc#s show delivered. Not that anyone probably cares, but I do. My Dh sends his thanks for encouraging me to take an online break. 😉 It’s been nice not caring if I make it to turn on my computer or not each day.

    For anyone that does realize I am no scammer and knows that my diapers don’t such ass. I am working on sewing up what I have left and putting it on my website . So feel free to pop over in a month or so and see what I have. I’m not even trying to do this to make money anymore, DH is supporting us just fine. Just can’t possibly put $500 diapers on my 2 yr old. lol

  313. daisy0306 says:

    I have to check this blog out more often, I always get here when the links don’t work anymore.

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