These aren’t in EUC (

MamaWillow 04-25-2009 06:28 PM

These aren’t in EUC
I just recieved an interlock item that I got on FSOT. It was listed as EUC and nothing was mentioned about the condition (stains, etc). There was a photo and they looked fine.

Well, they have stains all over them. They aren’t TOO bad, but still there are stains, the sort of dingy looking stains that interlock seems to get sometimes. The color of the item is also faded in some areas (this is my first experience with the particular brand, so maybe that’s how they are anyways) and the tag on the back is coming unstitched a little. The stains don’t show up in the photos, but the minute I took them out of the package I noticed them. I’m not an expert, but I don’t think they would be considered EUC.

I really like this item, so I want to keep it. My problem is that if I had known that they were in this condition, I probably wouldn’t have paid what I did. IMO something with stains should cost less than a similar item that doesn’t have stains. I guess I just assume that someone will mention that there are stains, or something wrong with the item….do I really have to ask that question? Isn’t it the sellers responsibility to list the item properly?

What should I do? Like I said, I want to keep these, but I don’t think they were listed properly and I feel like I paid an EUC price but they aren’t EUC.

WillowBuns8 04-25-2009 07:09 PM

Re: These aren’t in EUC
That’s a toughy. While it is proper to list if there are stains, stitching issues, or other problems, as a buyer it is your responsibility to ask questions about the details that are important to you.
I do think it stinks that you weren’t told about the staining. I would pm the seller and tell them that you feel you paid too much for the item because you feel it wasn’t in the condition you were led to believe it was in. I would then state what you think you *should* have paid for it (you know, what you would have been willing to pay had you known) and ask for a partial refund.
Do mention the positives that you mentioned here. That you like the item and if the shipping was fast and fair, mention that too. Those compliments can help if you’re trying to get a partial refund back.
Keep in mind that your idea of EUC may be totally different than another persons.

Personally if I were listing an item to sell I would be very thorough in its description. I’d probably write a book. I just wouldn’t want anyone to think I was misrepresenting the item. But that’s just me….
Good luck!

kimb96 04-25-2009 07:37 PM

Re: These aren’t in EUC
Always ask questions. Especially when an item’s description is vague. it’s usually vague for a reason. But I’d say you are out of luck. You are buying used items and they don’t come with a money back guarantee. That’s why it’s so important to know what you are buying.
clmobley87 04-26-2009 09:26 PM

Re: These aren’t in EUC
That is why you must always ask. It would be one thing if you had asked if there were stains or if anything was wrong with them and they had lied. The EUC means something different to different people. I have had that happen before too. That is thee issue with buying used. An item was said to have perfect elastic and IMO it was going to need to be replaced very soon. SS you had to deal with this. Hopefully the mama will do right by you and refund the differnce for its condition. Good Luck!
messy mama 04-26-2009 10:49 PM

Re: These aren’t in EUC
Well, I think it sucks that you got something that is stained!! Unless of course, you knew before you bought it.

Here is my own personal opinion when it comes to matters such as this:

If an item has stains, it should be stated in the listing.

If an item has holes, it should be stated in the listing.

If an item has a broken snap or missing snap, it should be stated in the listing.

If the elastic is jacked up, it should be stated in the listing.

The opposite of all of these things should be the default listing. I know we are dealing w/ used items, so I don’t expect everything to be EUC. But when it isn’t, it should be stated in the listing!!

Maybe before we commit to a purchase we should send a lengthy form for seller to fill out.

Or we could save the time and the seller could state it in the listing to begin with. :goodvibes:

I like the way you think messy mama. Why should we have to ask 100 questions about an item we are wanting to BUY?  Shady sellers are not cool.
  1. JustPeachy says:

    Lets see, Im doing you a favor by buying your used stuff, so the least you could do is make me aware of the flaws BEFORE I pay. Geesh I am so glad I don’t buy off FSOT anymore.

  2. me says:

    I never understand all of the “You need to ask if it has holes or is stained!!!!” type responses. It is supposed to look excellent, right? Does only the fabric AROUND the holes and stains count?
    If a seller isn’t disclosing that, there is a major problem to begin with that has nothing to do with the buyer.

  3. Monkey says:

    Yeah… on what planet do EUC and stains go together?

    If an item is listed as EUC you shouldn’t have to ask if it is stained or damaged.

    I’m still resentful over a package of covers I got that were total crap. They were listed as VGUC and I asked a ton of questions… only to receive them and find out the effing PUL was pulling away and the damn things were water proof.

    Just because we’re buying used doesn’t mean it’s okay to misrepresent items.

  4. Monkey says:

    that should be WEREN’T waterproof. Oh, and the elastic was shot.

  5. Munklettes says:

    #2 LMAO! Maybe the did mean the parts around the stains 🙂

  6. theinvisible says:

    Huh? This gets my vote for the most long-winded, meandering diatribe on DS. WTH?

  7. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    Um wow… you list something in EUC and I have to ask if it has holes or stains… shit!

  8. volbaby07 says:

    #6, she didn’t get the hugs and ass pats that she wanted on CDN so now she’s running all butt hurt to DS to see if they will give her some.

  9. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    #6 um yeah, I’m scratching my head too.. wtf?

  10. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    #8 lmao!

  11. Booyah says:

    Gaaaahhhhhh. If I had a dime for every time this happened on DS!

    I am so sick of sellers trying to pull a fast one on mamas by selling stuff as better than it is. I have low standards so I don’t mind if something has little flaws, but I expect to know about them beforehand and pay an appropriate price.

    and NEWS FLASH: pricing your stuff super cheap and not disclosing flaws is NOT FAIR. Don’t tell me “oh yeah, it has XYZ issues, that’s why I sold it so cheap.” Fuck you. How do I know you’re not just trying to pass on a bargain? If it’s got stains and shit, SAY SO. Asshole.

    Sorry, that went on a bit of a tangent. Carry on!

  12. theinvisible says:

    #8 Thanks. I was wondering if the other place she was talking about was CDN. I couldn’t really make out any statements that made sense enough to figure it out.
    #11 totally agree. I don’t ask the condition of something sold in euc because that should say it all.

  13. mmspirit7 says:

    #6 cp please I can’t get to where ever you posted

  14. mamapixie says:

    #6, please C&P, there are plenty of us who aren’t willing to expose our computers to virus-ville ever again.

  15. Kate says:

    Here you go:

    Registered Users

    Join Date: Jan 2008
    Location: upstate ny
    Posts: 1,489
    Ratings: 57
    Feedback: 98%
    My Mood: Sad


    Im putting this out and sure others who are that board will see this but really I dont care at this point.
    A while back we fell on some hard times as to where my mom needed to help us. You see I love my mom but isnt the best mother in the world, this goes back to my childhood. She wasnt around due to her drinking, she gave us up to my father(bless his soul)who took all 4 of us in. I think she is trying to make it up now by helping when it comes to money since she has it. We were paying her so much every month and recently paid her off. I posted about her on this one board because my mom knew we were having hard times and would complain of not getting money and complain how we were not trying to give it back. We were trying it wasnt a whole lot but it was something. I cant remember everything I posted, anyway this was in a vent section which is a opt in. You need so many posts to get in which is 1 reason I posted in there about this issue.
    Around the same time we were getting help from my mom our landlord gave us a 3 day notice. Pay up or leave. We own the trailer, paying on it actually with a loan. But we rent the lot we are on. We had an agreement by him to pay 20 dollars extra a month but I would more if we could. Yes it wasnt a lot but it was something and we figured it out together. This landlord isnt the best guy in the world, no one in the park really like him at all. Well we ended up paying an arm and leg for a lawyer because we never saw the rules when we moved in, we were here for over 2 yrs when this happened plus we dont have a lease with him. Never got offered a lease nothing. Well we get the rules thanks to calling some ppl since he wouldnt send me any, and in the rules it states your not allowed to have no more then 4 ppl in a house, which my lawyer informed us wasnt legal. If it was his trailer he could say this but its not its ours so he cant do a thing. I think its wrong for anyone to say you cant have anymore children because he doesnt want them there. A girl down the way he tried to kick out since she had twins and there is 4 kids and her in one trailer. He really isnt the nicest person in the world and he doesnt need the money at all. He owns a bed and breakfast in NYC the money from here goes into a bank account. He comes up maybe 1 time a yr to get it. Anyway, yes we owed him money we knew we did, we were doing the agreement like we said. out of no where he does the 3 day notice. After we get it paid, yes we paid it in the 3 days to make sure nothing happened, he never offered us a lease at all.
    I never pushed the lease either. We have been having some car issues so we got behind 2 mos on rent. I know bad thing, but we talked to the park manger and was planning on paying it the end of this month. She talks to him and he said ok. Next thing we know another 3 day notice shows up, we again email him ask him what is going on. He said he did the 3 day before the park manger did the pyment agreement with him. I said ok and make a deal to get it paid up by the 15th of May and he was to give us a lease.
    Now I did vent about this on the board. I was so upset because I felt like at that time I was being throw in the fire, we are not behind on anything else. I never should have gotten behind but the car needed to be fixed without the car DH couldnt get to work. No work no money. Anyway, I posted on that board in the general chat about maybe moving. We were thinking of selling the trailer and moving to a bigger place that was cheaper. I just wanted ppl ideas nothing more. Some ppl bring in the issue of us being behind 2 mos which was in the opt in board, so to me it never should have left that board at all.
    They drilled me as if I was a bad person for getting behind, how Im always getting behind. We are not always behind, yes we came into some bad times where I had to barrow money from my mom and such. Since then everything has been paid on time and never behind until a couple mos ago. Everyone is falling on bad times, but I felt like they were really bashing me. How the landlord is a great guy for giving us all of these times to pay it. That isnt the case, he knew he wasnt doing it legal he knew he couldnt do what he was doing. I had to pay a lawyer due to him not giving us a lease and such. Yes we owed yes we had to pay yes we got behind. But I felt like they were putting a target on my back and making him out the best person in the world. All of these in the general chat for newbies to see too which upset me. I put it in vent for a reason and felt like they did care they bought it out. Anyway, I guess I had to vent about this. Also Im not longer going to that board. I dont feel it was right what they did and I dont feel like I should be in a place that will bash ppl for getting behind and not knowing the whole story.

  16. mamapixie says:

    OMG, yes, she needs to quit whining and get herself a damned JOB, instead of constantly having money problems. Or learn how to budget her money.

    She’s on my do not BST list at CDN because of her stupidity.

  17. theinvisible says:

    Thanks for the C&P, I was out. I would have originally but that was just too much to put up without a specific request. It hurt my head trying to follow it. She must have been really pissed when she wrote it.

  18. theinvisible says:

    Does she use the same SN at CDN?

  19. Kris says:

    #18- Yes

  20. Sharpie says:

    For the love of all things Hasselhoff WTF is wrong with Miles?! I can’t wrap my head around this woman. All she does is bitch about how everyone is always against her. Seriously lady when your mom, your landlord and half + the women on CDN think you need to get your shit together the problem is not them it’s you. You are the common denominator in all of this.

    And for fucks sakes why the hell are you even thinking about having another child you can’t afford. You have no emergency money fund! The last thing you need to be even thinking about is another mouth to feed until you get your payments caught up and some cash in the bank incase god forbid your DH ends up getting laid off. You really need a lesson in responsibility!

  21. theinvisible says:

    She’s not TTC!?! Really? No. Please.

  22. hrm's mom says:

    It may have been that people did not really notice that the post was in the Vent section. I know I hit “new posts” and do not really pay attention as to what section they are in. Plus if you are posting something on the internet you should probable know that it is not private no matter where it is. I know there was a resent post stating this! Secondly one person on CDN stated something small about her being behind in her post and she gave all the information like 3 or 4 times about being behind and that was not in the vent section!

    On the original issue what a bunch of wackos! You should not have to ask or as someone said send a full paged worksheet to a seller. If the seller is being honest than the item should be described well and arrive to the buyer in that shape!

  23. riffrafflittleman says:

    WOW, she’s some kind of special. I liked her when she first started posting on CDN, but then she got very dramarrific. First because people were swearing, then because she didn’t get the responses she wanted on her money problem threads. The only thing worse than a YAGE, is a YAGE on another board. She’s a perfect fit for DS.

  24. Booyah says:

    OFFS, Miles needs to go get her head checked and have her mouth (and maybe her vag if she’s TTC!) sewn shut while she’s at it. Soooooooooo sorry that you didn’t get spoonfed rainbow-colored unicorn jizz at CDN when you aired your dirty laundry for all to see. If you act like a dumbass, we are not gonna pat your head and tell you you’re right and everyone else is wrong. Especially when you start stupid shit like, “Everyone needs to stop cussing cuz my kids are reading CDN!” and “We don’t pay our rent and don’t have a lease and the landlord is kicking us out, he’s such an asshole!” and “We owe my mom money and she wants us to pay it, what a bitch!”

    Stay at DS, Miles. They are obviously more suited to your whiny little tantrums. We don’t put up with that shit at CDN.

  25. werd says:

    I liked Miles when I was at CDN, but she is terribly sensitive. So am I haha, but she used to PM me for some consoling when something happened there and I fed into it, I just felt sorry for her, her circumstances stunk. But it is very irresponsible to TTC when you have that much crap going on! I mean, we aren’t exactly well-off by any means but we are able to pay our bills on time and we can afford for me to stay home while I’m pregnant.
    And she IS really lucky and should be more grateful that her landlord didn’t kick her out for being behind, legally he can just have her evicted and be done with it. And also that her mom helped her out, she comes across and very ungrateful and that’s not cool. Neither person really owes her anything!

  26. Monkey says:

    #21 it never ceases to amaze when people TTC.

    I’ve read posts that are like, “I desperately need help paying my light/grocery/car/rent bill… oh and Baby Dust please!”

    It seriously makes me vomit a little in my mouth.

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being on a budget and TTC when you can’t afford a new car or whatever… but damn, you should be able to pay your grocery bill and rent at least!!! And I understand that sometimes things happen and you get behind… but you don’t TRY to have another kid when you’re behind and can’t make ends meet.

  27. BffMama says:

    Didn’t she say she wasn’t going back, yet she was there last night.

  28. Messy says:

    Ya know, DSDM should start a message board off this blog! Could you imagine the bitching we could do message style! ROFL! Pics and smilies to help the *messages.

  29. theinvisible says:

    I second that!

  30. 28… A message board was considered, but we think the blog format keeps the site one of a kind.

  31. smurfmeat says:

    WTF? Why is everything in EUC condition these days? Everything has a caveat. I see diapers listed that are FFS-worthy but the seller claims they are EUC.

    i.e.: EUC except for the massive hole in the diaper that makes in non-functional. Everything else is great!

  32. smurfmeat says:

    hah. my monster totally looks like a constipated sumo wrestler. look out!

  33. dirtyj says:

    On topic
    After all these years I still do not understand why used diaper/diapering accessories cost so much. No matter what it is. I do get the whole OOAK thing but not a gross ass piece of stained wool that cost $35 and they successfully sell it for $20-30

    About Miles
    I like her. I think. She was nice and sincere. I think she is just confused. One of those people that thinks that the world caters to her. She has so many people surrounding her that tolerate her weakness. She needs a wakeup call. Late payments will only bite her in the ass. She is lucky to have a roof over her head at this point and if she doesnt wake up she will be out a home. I kindly suggest she drops the lawyer and hires a financial counselor and gets on BC…for now. until those things are squared away.

  34. Kelolsen says:

    oh gosh is this about Miles?

    She logs in every day to CDN but doesn’t post since she got a smack down a few weeks ago.

    She is very nice to people…unless she owes money to them LOL- then she whines b/c they *gasp* want their money back. She clearly relies on family to keep her in electricty and rent and food each month but gets offended w hen they call on payday to ask for their money back. I’m betting she’ll still be blaming everyone else 20 years from now and in the same situation. I no longer feel sorry for her. She plans $200 chuck-e-cheese bday parties but can’t pay her own bills and needs family to pay themfor her.

  35. Kelolsen says:

    yeah I’m the psycho stalker who checks once in a while to see if she’s logged in. YOu can call me stalker. I can take it.

  36. Kelolsen says:

    see? logged in last night


  37. Kelolsen says:

    everyone please remember. This is the landlord’s fault. He didn’t give them a lease. Its his fault they are behind and not paying. Remember that, please. Its always someone else’s fault in a MIles’ World. It has to be that way so she can keep taking and not paying up. if she ever admits its her fault, then she’s wrong and people like that are never wrong- just keep blaming others.

  38. Kelolsen says:

    What MIles continues to fail to understand, b/c she must live in a world where its never her fault, is that NO ONE bashed her for being on hard times. We bashed her b/c she keeps blaming someone else and gets offended when the people who keep h er afloat each month ask to be repaid -she shoudl be saying “I feel so bad that my Mom wants to be repaid and we don’t have the cash”. She clearly does not feel bad b/c she feels very entitled- the must help and not ask for their money back. I am done now though LOL. I haven’t said anything here that I haven’t said to her “face” on CDN but her refusal to see reality is too thick for anyone to penetrate.

  39. EM says:

    I love how she bitches about the landlord not allowing more than 4 people to live in the trailers-has she not looked at local occupancy laws? I’ve lived in 2 cities with occupancy laws-one was for no more than 2 people per bedroom (so 2 bedrooms=4 people) and one was for no more than 2 non-relatives living together (to keep fraternities from popping up in that certain part of town).


  40. EM says:

    …but I guess it’s just her evil landlord trying to keep his tenants from procreating b/c he’s just evil like that.

  41. Kelolsen says:

    She keeps saying its b/c he wants to turn it into an “old people” trailer park – like 40s and up (I’m close to 40. I guess I’m really old LOL). I keep thinking “I”m betting its b/c those people ar emore likely to …oh I d unno…. pay????”

  42. It is possible for two people to live off of 313 dollars a month. It is hard but if you can budget you can do it.

  43. Booyah says:

    #42 If you have no bills to pay, sure. I rack up almost that much just buying groceries each month.

  44. theinvisible says:

    42 where? tell me so I can move there. If I had absolutely no other expense than to feed one child for one month I could not do it for $313. That said, if you can’t make it in the trailer park and you borrow money to eat maybe adding another expense just for the hell of it isn’t such a good idea. At some point she will be called on her lack of responsibility…by someone somewhere…and she won’t be able to argue it. Hopefully it won’t be DCF.

    BTW, nothing against the park. Just saying its one of the least expensive living arrangements.

  45. AshleyB says:

    #42…is that $312 AFTER bills? Because yes, then it is possible…though it would be VERY tight and not fun (aka, spaghetti, pancakes, water & ramen diet)

  46. JustPeachy says:

    I dont think I could even take care of myself on 312 dollars a month.

  47. DSDM2 says:

    I have fed 5 people for $300 a month, but that was back in the day before the raise in costs. I can’t imagine covering bills and food for that.

  48. Shaineinok says:

    Dear Lord she’s whining again. She needs to grow up, and badly. She posted several times in a row about how mean it was because whomever she borrowed money from had the audacity to want it back. And that for some crazy reason her landlord expected the rent paid on time.

  49. Nicole says:

    She claims she’s not all butthurt and just too busy to post on CDN. I guess she’s too busy to take me off her myspace as well. Oh well…Why do I seem to adopt the whinny ones?

  50. Whaaaaaallia! says:

    Oh no, what a train wreck Magan is. Oh and just because it annoys her, Megan, Megan, Megan!

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