Please help! (

hsmk 04-23-2009 08:23 AM

Please help!
I mailed a lot of mama’s packages last week and they all came back to me! Because the check that I wrote bounced so I had to go down to the PO pick up the packages and pay for the check when we had enough money in the bank to cover the cost of shipping and more! I’m so mad at both the bank and the PO. Why in the world did they come back to me? What can I do? I’m sending all the packages back out first thing tomorrow morning with cash!
But what do I do with the bank? They’re always messing up people’s accounts. My sister closed her account with them because her deposits never went in on time and she was always being overdrawn and they have my mom’s entire account froze because my step father passed away so she can’t even pay his funeral bill because the money is in the bank.
I’m so mad!!! I’ve had enough trouble with the bank and the PO already!

Is it me or does this sound like an excuse for late shipping?

  1. me says:

    I can see the psycho bank problems, I have had a lot of those myself sounding a lot like that. What exactly does the PO have to do with it? She says she paid and it bounced so the PO shipped everything back to her? I’ve heard some craziness before, but thats definitely new. Does she normally have crazy issues?

  2. tweedle*deedee says:


  3. tweedle*deedee says:

    “These seem stinky to me

    That is so just a BSRB knock-off! It’s not even a well made one. Very stinky!

  4. Me, myself, and I says:

    There is no way. Our PO won’t take checks, and there is no way they would hold a package for 3-7 days to wait for a check to clear.

    She needed an excuse, she has already spent her money and can’t afford to ship.

    She is on my “scam-dar”

  5. Booyah says:

    Uhhhh….can’t say I’ve ever heard of that before. Why would the PO ship them back to her, presumably on their own dime? With the recent layoffs in the postal service I doubt they would be creating extra expenses for themselves. I call BS.

  6. AshleyB says:

    Our PO doesn’t accept checks…so to me it sounds like an excuse.

  7. siriusmama says:

    Nah, I think she got the idea from this tutorial but used a serger and added back elastic πŸ™‚ (not that I’m saying she should be trying to sell them without LOTS of sewing practice first πŸ˜‰ )

  8. Rain Cloud says:

    crazy. It is an excuse!

  9. alison says:

    liar, liar, pants on fire…

  10. Sue says:

    That’s BS. I have worked for USPS. We took checks at our office, but if the check bounced we didn’t waste our time and money tracking down all the packages to return to sender. Sure, different po’s have different policies, but nobody is going to waste that much effort over a bounced check. That whole story is a bunch of bull.

    But I can believe the bank part of the story. This one certain bank that starts with us has screwed me over more than I can count. But the rest of her story has to be BS.

  11. werd says:

    that does seem fishy, I’ve never heard of a bank taking checks?! I’m sure banks F up like that though, I have woodforest bank and it SUCKS, they go out of their way to find extra charges to screw you and they’ve put me in the negative unnecessarily more than once!

  12. I personall yhave NEVER been in a PO that does take checks. I know you can debit/credit card there but never checks.

  13. Messy says:

    Our PO takes checks. I do it a few times a week LOL! But, they do not hold my packages waiting for the checks to clear… That is the stupidest excuse I have ever heard for being lazy on mailing out stuff!

  14. mmspirit7 says:

    It’s just odd to me

  15. volbaby07 says:

    The USPS website says that all locations take checks. But, I think the idea that they would hold the packages until the check clears is laughable.

  16. Cheesewhiz says:

    My eyes are rolling back in my head….wait….

    there they are.

  17. memyselfandi says:

    yeah…she’s a piece of work. a couple of months ago, she said she wanted to buy a few things off of me, total of like 10.00. she asked me to mark them pending and she’d pay when she got pp. in the meantime she kept pm’ing me for things that had already sold, asking me where I bought them, and then saying she’d check target, etc. umm, hello, waiting on pp from you? after a week of sporadic messages, I sold them off to someone else, and she freaked.

  18. Messy says:

    #18 I think she has made my do not B/S/T list. Coming out with a total lie to cover her ass for being slow on shipping screams scammer to me.

  19. diudiaole says:

    yeah, it is just insulting to everyone involved — she should fess up her financial mistakes and just take the potential less than positive feedback

  20. Jay says:

    the op is already on my do no b/s/t list. She has said she would buy x and then never respond after I sent my pp addy. She’s done this twice….

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