Testers Needed for New Product/Service for sewing mamas (http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=721741)

04-16-2009 06:48 AM
It’s a Snap Diapers:

I will soon be offering a new service/product on my Hyena Cart and I wanted to offer two tester slots to DS mamas before I offer them up at full price.The service is drafting custom undies to your measurements. You send me your measurements and I draft a pattern specific to you. (The biggest complaint I hear about mass manufactured and even other WAHM unders is that they don’t fit the way you want..this solves that issue!)

I draft the pattern and send one pair of undies made from the pattern based on the measurements from fabrics of my choice. The will be cotton lycra blends for comfort and stretch. The pattern is drafted with these fabrics in mind and do not contain elastic.

The service will be $50 when I list them on my cart and will include 1 pair of undies to your specifications with two revisions of the pattern included. Then the pattern belongs to you for home sew use.

I am listing this service here for $40 as a way of testing the process. That includes shipping to you of the finished pattern and 1 pair of undies to test the fit.

Only 2 of these slots available.

That’s my only conclusion.ย  These will be the adult mama version of Goodmamas. Please, enjoy your $50 panties.
  1. The Original Ashley says:

    Wow. That’s more than I’d spend on a freaking sweatshirt.

  2. Kitty says:

    o.m.g talk about overpriced

  3. Aj says:

    WTF!?! Do you think people will really buy these?

  4. Megan says:

    Seriously? Custom undies for $50? Oh wait, it’s a steal, because I get a tracing on paper of my un-sewn thongs, right? Wow. Are these like THE Ultimate Big Girl Panties? Maturity and sense of humor included, right? For real, I can deal with the occassional wedgie or sliding elastic at $10 for a 6-pack. I would never dream of having a $300 stash of underwear for myself simply because I’ve never grown a butt, so even the slimmest underwear sag in the back. I’m totally okay with that. I’m interested to see if she even gets people to test for the $40! =-X

  5. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    Is underwear fit THAT big of a deal that peeps are going to be lining up to buy $50 ‘drawers? I buy the Walmart pack of Hanes, throw ’em on and call it a day. Christ on a bike.

  6. just_sayin says:

    Quick, someone offer it on your HC for $45! That’s totally ethical, right?

    This just proves that she will do anything to make a buck.

  7. jeruco says:

    she is taking suggestions:

    oh and i guess she decided to list them in her store today instead of waiting for advice on pricing or waiting to do her testers even thought her tester post said she would do those first: http://hyenacart.com/ItsaSnap/index.php?c=0&p=88455

  8. Grogwench says:

    What’s sad is that there WILL be sheeple who will pay that. And there will be women who buy nothing butt (heehee) GM underwear.

    Talk about money hungry. (where’s my shaking the head smilie?)

  9. werd says:

    dude. VS’s PINK undies – most comfortable undies in the world, and I’m a fat chick. 5 for $25!!

  10. jeruco says:

    Did she first call her underwear line, dunder wear?

  11. janell says:

    i mean seriously?!?! $50 underwear? I have never once complained that my underwear don’t fit the way they should. if i don’t like them, i’ll go and buy another pair in a different brand. geez..i don’t even think I have $50 worth of underwear in my underwear drawer!

    this will be interesting……………………

  12. jeruco says:

    #11 well, its $50 for the “personal pattern” which includes one pair of underwear.

    Oh and I LOVE that she only wants the customer to make undies for themself. Like they are not allowed to rip her off and sell them. LOL

  13. JustPeachy says:

    I would believe the 50$ price tag if it included unlimited licensing. I dont think ive ever seen a pattern that doesnt include licensing over 15 bucks. Especially not a clothing pattern.

  14. jeruco says:

    those we my thoughts peach.
    she is insane.

    And her comment about how people complain about other WAHM unders????
    there are not that many WAHMs who made unders, so who is she slamming? That was a completely rude comment.

  15. MatildasMum says:

    out of her fucking mind

  16. itsraininghere says:

    let’s not forget, you get a pair of underwear made from the pattern, but YOU DON’T CHOOSE THE FABRIC, SHE DOES!

    um. . . wow. seriously? it is that freakin’ hard to let someone choose from your fabric?

  17. Messy says:

    Oh Gawd… I’m going to hell…

  18. screenname says:

    So she posts a thread asking for advice. A shitload of people tell her that they wouldn’t pay more than $10. ONE PERSON said that EXPERIENCED pattern drafters charge $30-$50 per hour. So she decides that means she should charge $50 for a pair of granny panties and tracing paper.

    I don’t even want to know the thought process.

  19. Messy says:

    If she has the perfect life and the perfect husband, wtf does she need this for????

  20. volbaby07 says:

    Well, fuck me, for $50 those drawers better make me look like Heidi Klum on the VS runway.

  21. Messy says:

    Pfffttt… Forget looking l ike Heidi Klum… For $50 those underdrawers had better fuck me p.e.r.i.o.d!!! Yea, so it is a dry spell at our house these days! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. volbaby07 says:

    LOL Messy!

  23. me me me says:

    She calls them Dunder Wear? Interesting. I used to call my undies Wunder Wear. For $50 I better be able to have unlimited usage. Shit I’ll GIVE you my Wunder Wear pattern FFS. lol

  24. JustPeachy says:

    I guess shes charging that price because pattern drafters charge about 30-35 an hour. Mind you these are probably professionals which she is not.

  25. Kate says:

    So what do you do if you don’t sew? Cause if I sewed I could find my own pattern not pay 50 bucks. So can I send the pattern to another WAHM to make me my perfect panties?

  26. NataschaN says:

    I get custom undies from LaPerla for $50, why should I pay someone who has no background in lingerie to sew me a pair of $50 undies out of $2 worth of materials?

  27. Messy says:

    But you don’t want to pay for the ItsASnatch brand of granny panties? C’mon now… Some day this woman will have an original idea and make it big… Maybe. Ok. That might be stretching it further than the human imagination can go.

  28. Messy says:

    They are listed in her store as Dunder Wear as the tag… Isn’t that someone else’s undies? Who needs testers when you are as great as she is obviously :::puke:::

  29. JustPeachy says:

    Its not a very well thought idea obviously. I can’t think of anyone who would pay 50$ for a pattern for custom undies. The cost isn’t really justified considering you can only make them for yourself plus the materials. Its cheaper to buy some panties you know fit well in the store.

  30. JustPeachy says:

    I mean its way cheaper because obviously handmade is a bit more then store bought.

  31. magpiedpiper says:

    Interesting that she hasn’t responded to either thread about the pricing issue…

  32. Cheesewhiz says:

    Hmmmm. I agree with werd. I can get 10 pairs from VS for the same price…

    No, thanks. No offense to any delusionals on the blog, but someone has been forgetting to take their medication.

  33. Cheesewhiz says:

    And Messy, #19 – Yeah, totally saw that. Was wondering when someone was going to bring it up, and glad you took the burden off me…tee hee

  34. Messy says:

    #33 ROFLMAO! I know… She has the perfect life and all… She is so full of shit.

  35. Cheesewhiz says:

    Well, she IS married to the “BESTEST MAN IN THE UNIVERSE”, which is certainly not something I would ever cop to…LOL

  36. Booyah says:

    Does she have any takers??

    If I was that hard up for a pair of panties that fit, I’d just go commando.

  37. Cheesewhiz says:

    Since, I don’t have one cheek that is 10x the size of the other, I think I’ll stick with my econo-undies.

  38. Cheesewhiz says:

    Although, I do have this large dong. It’s kinda hard to tuck in sometimes.

  39. werd says:

    LOL cheesewhiz

    let’s all pitch in, buy the pattern then turn around a week later and start selling “Funder Wear”. What’s she gonna say?!

  40. kowalski says:

    this is irritating – the comment about other WAHM underwear not fitting infuriates me!! I have never in all my time on the forums heard anyone complain about WAHM underwear being ill fitting! I dont know WHO she is talking to!

    and cotton/lycra unders – no elastic – doesnt take a brain surgeon to know that her standard patterns will likely fit most women, there’s a ton of stretch in that fabric….. unless someone is plus sized or teeny tiny its a non existent service she is offering.

    and for $50! yeah, a pattern drafting service would charge that much but once you have a pattern drafted for you its YOURS to do with AS YOU PLEASE… even make them to sell.

    this really burns me….. i dont comment here very often (and sorry for changing my screen name every time I do – dont want to out myself) but this topic warrants a few words!

  41. Sam says:

    She’s gotta be out of her mind…

  42. Nosey Neighbour says:

    Messy Says:
    April 16, 2009 at 10:53 pm

    If she has the perfect life and the perfect husband, wtf does she need this for????

    Did ya notice her signature……..

    Only came up with two conclusions as to why you’re stalking me still… you’re jealous, or you really want others to be as miserable as you

    Haha. That is freaking hilarious!!!!!

  43. Flippin out says:

    Umm, no thanks. I don’t even buy the $5 VS undies since I have found the best undies at Target. $3/pair!

    the comments on this post are H-Y-S-T-E-R-I-C-A-L.

  44. AshleyB says:

    Yeah…I’ll stick with my $1-$2.50 VS undies (hit outlet sales, and underwear are $0.99 and bra’s are $7.99)!

  45. JustPeachy says:

    Shit I have a hard time justifying 9 bucks for a 6 pack of fruit of the looms LOL.

  46. not just another mama says:

    Ahh, so shit talk all the other WAHM panties because they’re not custom, then try to sell yours for 50 bucks? This old bat is nuts. OUT OF HER MIND.

  47. Rain Cloud says:

    Oh MY GAWD eyeroll here

    She’s crazy! Or catering to the crazier people!

  48. rainbow says:

    Crazy. Crazy crazy batshit crazy. There is just no other explanation for why she thinks anyone would pay $50 for a pair of underwear from her.

    I too will stick to VS…

  49. Messy says:

    Her whole MO is to put other WAHMs down so her pity-product looks better thant theirs. That is why she buys stuff, trashes the makers, then starts selling it herself over and over. Guess what? She will never quit as long as there is one single buyer out there that doesn’t care and will take the .00001% price break they get from buying hers vs the original WAHMs.

  50. 2dogs says:

    Her logic (among other things) is flawed from the start.

    You’re going to spend the time to draft a pattern, send a tester, re-draft the pattern, then send the mama the pattern?

    Honestly, if someone has enough sewing skill to sew a pair of undies, then they have enough skill to draft their own pattern. It ain’t hard. Not that mamas who sew shouldn’t buy undies (or whatever else) from other WAHMs, just that if you’re capable of sewing them yourself….I don’t see anyone clamoring to pay someone else to draft a pattern and then wait 2-3 weeks to get it.

  51. 2dogs says:

    And in all honesty, sewing from a pre-made pattern is WAY harder than doing it yourself IMO. I hate patterns.

  52. 2dogs says:

    Oh – and has anyone seem camallama asking for everyone’s stash pics. “i want to see them all – the good, the bad, and the ugly…..” ROFL. I need to check in on that thread and see who else has stashes made from wheelchair blankets and ziploc baggies.

  53. janell says:

    #52 seriously? ziplocks and wheelchair blankets?!

  54. Jay says:

    Wasn’t snaps a tester for the obv bras? Wonder when she’ll start selling those…..

  55. Messy says:

    ItsASnatch was on diaperswappers for quite a bit this morning, read PMs, read threads, and chose NOT to respond to her thread in the WAHM for the testers. Guess the questions were too hard for her to answer.

  56. Booyah says:

    Was she the one who made the “advanced kids” thread awhile back? Cuz she just started one really similar at CDN.

  57. Cheesewhiz says:

    #56 – I don’t think it was her, but how annoying, lol.

    My two year old is a genius too, he almost has all of his teeth!

  58. Messy says:

    #56 Yeah, Tristens1mom has the advanced kids, retarded husband, perfect life, and need for rehab ๐Ÿ˜€

  59. janell says:

    messy..i noticed she was on this morning as well. she even had time to reply to a couple other threads but conviently avoided her own. hmmmm…..

  60. flatcake says:

    58 – LOL

  61. nu says:

    oh snap…..

    I didn’t realize it’s a snap is that treigsue chick….it was the same Avi….

    Learn something new every day!

  62. nu says:

    oh…I take that back….not the same person

    I guess my kids won’t be advanced!

    sorry got confused with the snappy chick and the smartkid mama…

  63. theinvisible says:

    Maybe because the snatch lady posted on CDN how advanced her kid is. There’s a lot of that going around lately.

  64. Sharpie says:

    I seriously can’t even believe she has a 2 year old, she looks like my Grandma!

  65. nu says:

    totally wrong name their, not treigsue at all……so sorry mama…I meant tristens1mom

    that’s what happens with lack of sleep….sorry treigsue is cool….my mistake…

    i’ll go back into lurking…..

  66. theinvisible says:

    64 Yeah, I couldn’t figure out if she had a little one or if she was a WAHGrandma. I guess she’s both. I would probably think that was cool if she wasn’t also making a WAHLiving from stealing other mamas’ ideas in the most shameless, obvious, f-you way she could.

  67. Thud says:

    She called her new unders line Dunder Wear. Someone pointe dout the similarity to Dundies and she said it was a family name for them and she had no idea about Dundies.

    So, she has been making underwear for all of a couple months and now she is drafting custom patterns for insane prices?

    BUt then she must know a thing or two about special undies with a pair the size she has.

  68. jeruco says:

    I guarantee Snaps reads this blog.
    She is addicted to forum boards and reading her own threads.
    She might not post because she is hoping the drama will die down and then others wont read it.

    Oh and I guarantee she ordered a pair of dundies before making/selling her own line.

  69. theinvisible says:

    I’m sure she does read it because she has posted here before. I think it was in direct response to something about her. They say that there is no such thing as bad publicity. We do talk about her an awful lot. I’d really rather some poor WAHM know that if she orders her product she’s probably about to get copied and undercut though.

  70. yikes says:

    For the baby with no toes?


    Perhaps the opposite of duck feet ๐Ÿ™‚

  71. screenname says:

    #70 – They also have “jiffy grip soles, to prevent slipping” in case you have a giraffe that walks a couple minutes after birth.

  72. screenname says:

    Did I do something wrong? Why don’t my posts show up right away?

  73. Booyah says:

    #63 yeah you’re right. I ought to start my own thread…only it would be more like, “Look, my 4yo has vaguely humanesque motor skills – I guess those fifteen falls down the stairs before we got around to putting the gate up didn’t brain-damage him that bad after all!”

    Just kiddin. A little. He did fall down the stairs once when we first moved in. ๐Ÿ˜›

  74. Booyah says:

    #70 and also a very short torso. For the mama who loves the midriff shirt look SO MUCH she wants to put them on her baby too!

  75. nu says:

    #64, I thought she was a granny—I’m not a spring chicken, but I don’t think I look like a granny…(note to self…must cover this grey hair)

  76. Sharpie says:

    #70 For the child with hooves.

  77. Sharpie says:

    …and perhaps a belly button ring?!

  78. magpiedpiper says:

    It should be a giraffe umbilical cord ring, since it’s a newborn set and all.

  79. diudiaole says:

    lol.. do these people actually follow a pattern or do they just start pinning fabric on an old cabbage patch doll?? LMAO hooves…hahaha

  80. diudiaole says:

    I think I get it…she was using a pattern for karate pants style longies and then stuck on footies… she didn’t narrow the legs enough…

  81. theinvisible says:

    73 Really….what the hell do they expect people to say? No, you are totally out of touch…he’s actually delayed…..oh, wow, let’s get him nominated for public office cuz he’s an effin prodigy….who cares if your kid knows his abcs. Believe me, no matter how smart the kid is, in most of their cases its not going to be quite smart enough to equal out the gene pool if you know what I mean.

  82. hrm's mom says:


    and there is a post about this on CDN too.

  83. werd says:

    wow… I didn’t read the DS post because I don’t want to pay out the ass for another computer, but I read the HC feedback left for ItsASnap. She didn’t even make the custom item, yet refuses to refund?! How can you, in good conscience, do that?? She says its because she already ordered the material… so you send her the material, and refund the difference! Instead, she is keeping the material AND refuses to refund – she issued a store credit. Like this woman is going to want to do business with her again after this debaucle! Then she flags the buyer when she leaves neg feedback? wow.

  84. AshleyB says:

    #82…I read that. Holy shyt. NO way would I want to buy from her if that’s how she does business. She needs to just refund, and let it go! That or send the fabric, and let it go though I’m guessing if she ordered fabric w/o having any measurements, that she ordered more of the print than just the one pair of undies. In that case, she should just refund and be done with it!

  85. me says:

    64, 75- She IS a Grandma. She has older kids and a little and her grandchild.

  86. Thud says:

    And here is another dig about the stinkin’ sheets:
    “I ordered and two days later I had YARDS of fabrics and MANY MANY yards of lastin on my door step! That is service! I hate waiting for the supplies I need!”
    Raving for sewanne.com

    IN other words, she is still ragging on about the delay inher OBV sheets order because of backordere lastin….

  87. not just another mama says:

    Not your grannies panties made by a gumpy granny who only sees green.

    I would never deal with that lady.. My goodness. I HATE WAHM’s who think they shit gold and do no wrong.

  88. twatwaffles & cuntcakes says:

    eww my monster is ugly.

  89. trolltastic says:

    #91 does it have something to do w/ this thread?!

    i am so confused.

  90. MatildasMum says:


  91. Messy says:

    If you do a search on the seller’s name omgitsk8lyn this is what comes up: http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showpost.php?p=6209101&postcount=80 That is her photobucket, so this is the person selling them on spots ๐Ÿ™‚

  92. theinvisible says:

    I will never understand why it is acceptable to do that? If I posted a picture of a bunch of diamond rings somewhere and was like “look what I have….don’t you wish you had what I do” it would be an asshole thing to do. But at DS? It’s perfectly fine if you are bragging about how many overpriced shit-catchers you own. “I live in an apartment and finance my furniture….but look at all of my yummy GMs”. Puke. I would divorce a bitch for spending that much money on diapers.

  93. not just another mama says:

    I think its funny really. To see a mama spend that much time PLAYING with diapers.. Seriously.. I suggest therapy. Could you imagine?

    “I spend time playing with cloth diapers, spending all my money on them, being afraid my child will pee in them”

  94. theinvisible says:

    Can you imagine? If my husband came home and I had all of my kids’ diapers arranged in the middle of the living room floor taking pictures of it….I’d be explaining it to a mental health tech as I was being forcibly committed.

  95. Messy says:

    ItsASnatch made a point of saying the buyer was buying PLUS sized panties (by capitalizing PLUS as well) in her response on HC apparently. She is such a crazy bitch. And she filed a JAR against the buyer who got NOTHING??? WTF? Seriously, ItsASnatch rips off other WAHMs in a nasty underhanded way and she is worried that someone will take advantage of *her? PATHETIC cuntsniffling moneymonger.

  96. Messy says:

    #98 ROFL! Me too! We could get side-by-side padded rooms! Dh would have heart failure!

  97. just_sayin says:

    What’s up with Vicki Boggs kissing up to It’s a Snatch? I can understand if you think she is right, but she just about has an orgasm everytime It’s a Snatch posts.

    The hypocrisy in It’s a Snatch’s T&F post is really bothering me. She drags Bonnie of Holden’s Landing through the mud for NOTHING and now she is going off on a customer THAT SHE STOLE MONEY FROM. She should be banned from HC.

    #93, I cannot believe that GM post. It had me rolling. That woman is having some serious psych issues. Can you imagine how long it took to arrange those shit catchers? OMG. That is really crazy, lol. She has some major issues. WOW.

  98. Hawk says:

    93, yeah. Mimi bitch face have a stick up her ass me thinks.. that she has nothing better to do then call someone else for selling over retail.
    Oh to the noes. Selling over retail. burrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnn the witch!

    What is funny about that is the mods and mod wanna bes at GM scalp shit all the time.

  99. Hawk says:


    Once again my bitchery has me failing at English. Bah.

  100. theinvisible says:

    VickiBoggs needs to shut off her computer and go wax her mustache. I can’t even stand to look at her avi. The way she tried to chew up elephantine (diudiaole) for being a “nervy newbie” just killed me. I can’t even remember what it was about but it made me not be able to stand her. I do remember that she tried to make it look like she was trying to be a helpful disinterested WAHM and the OP was her friend.

  101. AshleyB says:

    #99, I thought I was the only one who noticed that, too! I was wondering how PLUS mattered so much!

  102. magpiedpiper says:

    #105 it’s because everyone knows that PLUS sized women are greedy bitches,

    (hmm, not sure if I am helping, being overweight and having just had THREE peanut butter chip brownies tonight. OMG so greedy! sigh. I’ve got to stop baking for dh when he’s had a crappy day since I end up eating it too.)

  103. jeruco says:

    Vicki Boggs and Snaps are friends. She sticks up for snaps in all her threads.
    I have decided the SNAPs is a drama whore. If you think about it she has to either be a drama whore or really really stupid. Why would she post a T&F thread like that unless she wants attention. She has to know what people would say. She knows how many people cant stand her on DS (per her WAHM chit chat thread), but she continues to post controversial threads?????
    What makes me laugh so much is that SNAPs always bans customers from her cart when another WAHM posts info on the bad hyenas. SNAPs acts like everyone wants to purchase from her. Why in would I ever want to purchase her stuff.

    Oh and last but not least if SNAPs gets one more negative feedback we can ask Karen to ban her HC. 3 negs and you cannot sell on HC.
    I am half tempted to purchase from SNAPs just to leave a negative. LOL

  104. jeruco says:

    sorry for the typos above.

    meant to say why in the world would I want to purchase from snaps?

  105. me me me says:

    Hmmm I wonder if my post on It’sasnatches thread will get me a strike? That bitch is annoying as all get out and needs to just GO AWAY.

  106. PNPBaby says:

    Geez, I need to read up here first, huh?

    Now, I’m on board!

  107. JustPeachy says:

    Ok I will readily admit I was a slave to the diaper craze but now I really don’t get it. I’d rather spend my $$$ on wool that will hold its value then on diapers that don’t.

  108. jeruco says:

    Its weird how the diaper craze dies fast.
    The people addicted to GM are not buying them because they are diapers. They are buying them because they are addicted to buying and collecting or having what others dont.

    I am quite sad at the comments about SO or DH not having a clue. My DH doesnt look at all my purchases, but he definately has a clue about the cost and amount we own. I would quesiton his intelligence if he didnt have a clue about how much was coming in.

  109. Notmyproblem says:

    And she just started buying diapers a month ago!!!

  110. zosiasmama says:

    jeruco- how well said! Hence why I did not get into the crazes. Very raely will a diaper hold that kind of crazy value for long.

  111. volbaby07 says:

    Who the hell is this MomtoCarli chick and what dog does she have in this fight? She’s all up It’s a Snap’s ass and is totally defending her shitty behavior?
    This has to be the shittiest CS I’ve heard of in a long time. WTH is wrong with this It’s a Snap bitch?

  112. Hawk says:

    Eh. I got into the diaper craze for awhile. We also did some of that crazy arranging/building (weeeh for diaper forts!) but if you pay 35 bucks for your diapers, you should be able to play with them. ;P

    I used to love GM, because I respected Sooz. My husband and myself spent enough because we liked the diapers, and we genuinely liked the owner. Did the collection thing because it just brought us back to more goodmamas. But in the end, the quality went to pot, people were being lied to, customer service was severally lacking, and a few of us were made to feel like we were riding the crazy train for having issue with third quality diapers. 0_o

    For the matter at hand: 50 bucks for cotton plus size undies? To that I say.. bring on the cheap target granny panties.

  113. trolltastic says:

    Jeez. Its like middle school all over again with the GM psychos. I like GM just as much as the next, its are overnight solution but I am not going to make a circle of diapers to show them off. She even was a newbie, only been buying for a few months. I see some seriously CC debt in that bitches future.

  114. magpiedpiper says:

    What I don’t understand is why she would post if she’s just looking for drama. As people in the DS thread have stated, they aren’t going to buy from a WAHM who acts like that – meaning they won’t buy from HER now. She’s just lost business, where if she hadn’t started that thread a lot of those people who read it may have never known just how awful her attitude/CS is.

    And I’m glad someone brought up her hypocrisy in flipping out over her sheets being ONE day late (thanks to the PO, and not the seller), when she has waited over 60 days to make or refund the money.

    I just think it is SO shady and telling of her character that she would have kept that money if the buyer never contacted her. I wouldn’t be able to feel good knowing I had taken someone’s money without making them a product.

  115. diudiaole says:

    Do you think Vickie gets store credit for being Granny Snatch’s own personal diaper forum body guard?

    I’m about to post… but I hesitate… I don’t really want to get banned before I sell the rest of these diapers. lol

  116. .bin. says:

    durrr.. does anyone else notice a seemingly very inappropriate word on the Crossword GM i nthat photo?

  117. magpiedpiper says:

    Off topic, but did these inserts get chewed on? I would say these maybe should be FFS rather than $18 ppd. Yikes. I need some hemp inserts for my super night peeing daughter, but even FFS I’d be hesitant to use these. lol


  118. mmspirit7 says:

    so snap crazy chick…gives store credit but blocks the customer from buying from and says she not stealling the money.

    now I am not a wahm….would like to be need to pay of my babylock…but I wouldn’t take money for something that I need measurments from the customer with out having them first so this doesn’t happen. and if they wanted to wait. I wouldn’t take the money for them and wait. i would tell them when ready to message me and we will work it out.


  119. JustPeachy says:

    The whole snap thing is why I rarely do customs. I understand wahms don’t want to be out the money if someone cancels but I don’t want to be out the money if they flake even if its 5 bucks.

  120. mmspirit7 says:

    Oh peach I understand. Like I said I would love to be a wahm…of what I don’t know i like to make lots of things.

    i had a wahm make me customs and not take a penny up front. I liked working with her and would still if her dipe had worked on dd.

    Snaps is a crazy loon proud that her and her daughter were pregnant together. and proud of charging 15 bucks for panties. I still don’t get how she knew how much to order if she didn’t have the measurements to know how much she needed sounds like she would have ordererd the fabric anyways.

  121. werd says:

    O/T – anyone ever use Intelligender? I bought it just for fun and it will be here tomorrow, I am so excited! I know it’s not a guarantee of what the gender will be but it sounded like fun and my gender u/s isn’t for another 5 or 6 weeks (unless they are able to tell at my 14 week check to see how the SCH is draining). Anyone else done this??

  122. diudiaole says:

    Never heard of it werd — but 14 weeks is right at the edge of where they might be able to tell depending on how many +or – days. Easier to tell for sure so early if you’re having a boy of course..

  123. Messy says:

    ItsASnatch is following the StinkyC line of thinking. All attention is good attention for a business. I don’t get what Vicky Boggs is doing. Her avi creeps me out LOL but her defense of Snatch is a little crazy… ItsASnatch is probably low on business and hoping for zillions of hits on her site and people to feel sorry for her (if they agree she is in the right) and to spend their money with her. She knew people would go hunt for clues… Blech. That woman is a sick bitch with a vision only for green. Run all the other WAHMs in the ground then start selling their products. Yeah, she had great ethics before this stealing of money ever happened~ NOT!

  124. diudiaole says:

    #120 lmao I’m thinking the letter in the middle is “O”

  125. theinvisible says:

    werd, i hear that the test is BS (hence just for fun, why not) but I found out my baby was a girl at 14 weeks by u/s. There was nothing going on down there.

  126. werd says:

    LOL 129! I’m 12 weeks today and I’ll have the scan in 2 or so weeks (May 12th) to see if the SCH is still there. I haven’t had any bleeding so that’s either good or not. With my first baby, we couldn’t tell what she was until 22 weeks because she was uncooperative and this OB said they do the gender scan at 17 or 18 weeks so they can check out all the organs and all that. I am super impatient, I WANNA KNOW!!

  127. Messy says:

    ItsASnatch offered a refund then decided not to… It gets even better @@

  128. cdc3030 says:

    Grrr. I have to bitch somewhere, and this seems to be a good place to do that! Freaking Squeaky Foot and her Freaking FFS lottos, where the shipping is strangely WAY more than the actual cost of shipping. I hate that. Grrrrrr…..

  129. cdc3030 says:

    OOps, I might have changed Identities,….new computer….

  130. mmspirit7 says:

    Fact is Snap is a thief and is just wants to be right and can’t see past that point. I seems the story keeps changing.

  131. Messy says:

    How many strikes can I get before ds bans me for good? I am wondering if my comments at ItsASnatch are worth the strikes I am going to get LOL! But she totally is a nut case with her only concern being making money even at the cost of any other WAHM out there. SICK!

  132. diudiaole says:

    #127 — but SC actually had a good product that people are *still* stalking just b/c of how good the quality is etc. I think Daphne is an eccentric w/megalomaniacal and/or narcissistic tendencies… Granny Snatch is *just* a greedy bitch.. mediocre on all levels.

  133. DSDM2 says:

    CDC, go back to the CDC email. Then it won’t need approved. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  134. hrm's mom says:

    Werd, a friend of mine on another site took the intelligender test it came back Girl, when she had her scan they said boy, than not more than one month later told her the baby was a girl, which she did turn out to be a girl but the intelligender was right!

  135. CDNation says:

    I’m trying to understand the It’s a snap stuff, can someone answer questions for me?

    She took money for a custom order.
    Never heard back from the purchaser
    Ordered fabric anyway
    won’t refund
    Kept fabric
    Issued a store credit
    But made it so the purchaser can’t purchase from her store?

    If anyone has the purchasers email can you have her email me please. Owner@clothdiapernation.com


  136. Jale says:

    I am part of the Itsasnap Unpaper towel a month thingy– i dont like it. I thought it would be neat, but its not. I could of ordered a whole roll by time i sit and wait for 1 a month from her.

  137. naturalmamadot says:

    sounds like you have it right CDNation….. I am not 100% on whether or not she did in fact make it so she can no longer buy from her store..I dont know how to tell if she has flagged or blacklisted the buyer…and havent seen where she states she did BUT either way uh yea she just needs to refund and get over herself lol

  138. mmspirit7 says:

    the buyer states on the feed back that she has been flaged.

  139. naturalmamadot says:

    ohh, does it notify you? and also what does flagging do, like would be be able to email the WAHM to ask to buy etc?

    again…i think its a snap is PAST wrong but I am not familiar with the feedback system there

  140. mmspirit7 says:

    not sure what flagging does just know what I read and that you can’t order from them with out an email.

  141. Messy says:

    GrannySnatch also offered the buyer a refund, then changed her mind when she saw that the paypal tie limit was up… I hope her business falls under and goes back to the sewage she has drug it from.

  142. Messy says:

    TIME not *tie. Gah.

  143. Kate says:

    flagging notifies the person they blocked from purchasing from that hc. She said it on DS that she flagged her and the buyer would have to contact her via personal email to purchase from her

  144. JustPeachy says:

    I have been flagged before due to a wahm trying to make up for the fact I left not so glowing feedback. It doesn’t notify you have been flagged unless you try to buy something OR enter a lottery.

  145. Grogwench says:

    Werd~~~~ I did the intelligender, and it was wrong. It wasn’t a big deal then because they were just starting and offered a double refund if wrong so I didn’t lose anything.

    On another note, I can’t believe how many people ordered underwear from snatch! THere are many reviews. DId those people pay $30/per pair?

  146. mmspirit7 says:

    snaps underwear just don’t look nice…they look like grannies and kid underwear

  147. naturalmamadot says:

    ditto 151
    also on the flagging, if she can email and ask to use her credit even when flagged, that makes the argument kind of moot. should she of flagged her? nope. is snatch wrong? yep. but still lets pretend she is in the right here, the buyer can just email when she wants to use her credit..unless i am misunderstanding something.

    anyways yea her underwear is fugly, even if i could stand to wear panties like that i still wouldnt use hers

  148. Messy says:

    Now that a mod is posting on the GrannySnatching money thread, I am afraid if I keep running my fingers, it will get closed or removed. So, am trying to not saying anything else. But she is a real cuntcake for screwing another WAHM like that. She even had her confused with someone else and the initial delay was due to GrannySnatch being snowed in @@ WTF?

  149. diudiaole says:

    My posts were all deleted on Granny Snatch’s thread

  150. BffMama says:

    I am glad to see CDNation here on this thread bc it’s about time that Its A Snap is exposed for the whanch she is. Not everyone on CDN knows all this drama and shadiness surrounding her when praising her for being so generous by offering a pair of panties FFS. I didn’t want to say anything on CDN bc I thought it might be out of line so I’m glad to know the Admin are at least aware now and can keep an eye out.

  151. Messy says:

    I am shocked that my posts on the GrannySnatch thread are still there! They are far from nice.

  152. volbaby07 says:

    I couldn’t stand to see what Snaps was doing, and knowing that she was running around CDN acting like she was so sweet and innocent while stealing from another mama just made me sick. I probably shouldn’t have butted in but I posted on her disgusting thread on there and then pm’d admin to look into it. I hope they will take action so that she doesn’t do this to any people on there.

  153. .bin. says:

    mine too.. but I added more. lol

  154. BffMama says:

    Messy, I thought you were pretty mature in your posts on DS. I’m bummed I missed the ones that were deleted. Rat Bastards.

  155. AshleyB says:

    I LOVE seeing CDN here checking it out! It’s GREAT having a community that looks out for their members!

  156. volbaby07 says:

    CDN admin is awesome! They are committed to not allowing scammers to run rampant on their board like DS has.

  157. Messy says:

    I am happy about CDN being here too. It is nice to know that they do care… I dunno why I keep going back to DS. I want desperately to *comment on CDN in a manner that I cannot do on DS, but I would look snarky and mean. This woman is a freak for bucks and it is sad as hell.

  158. Messy says:

    Who is “Kelly” the WAHM buyer involved with ItsANastySnatch?

  159. BffMama says:

    Yes if she’s a WAHM, who is she? She doesn’t sew so that’s all we know.

  160. Messy says:

    BFF โค

  161. BffMama says:

    Messy = love.

  162. Incognizable says:

    165 & 166 you guys crack me up!

    yeah im glad CDN posted here too. lets see what its a snatch tries to FFS on CDN next, since she fucked up her ‘great rep’ :puke: with that doozie of a thread!

  163. naturalmamadot says:

    lol yeaa, I wonder how many people saw the “its on the blog” comment and came here and now are like “WHOA shes a twatwaffle how did I miss that?”

  164. oops says:

    HA-HA! did you notice the middle word on that fabric says DRAMA….LOL!

  165. screenname says:

    If I didn’t know her history I would feel a little more sympathetic to her. I still would think that she has NO RIGHT to keep someone else’s money without giving them their product. I don’t get why anyone would think that is acceptable.

  166. Booyah says:

    Hmmm….I wonder if Snatch is the reason FFS lottos have been 86ed at CDN….she did do a whole bunch when she first joined.

  167. CDNation says:


    No that is not the reason. WAHM’s can still do them.

  168. DSDM2 says:

    Heads up… More Snatch Drama:

    —–Original Message—–
    From: bad_hyenas@yahoogroups.com [mailto:bad_hyenas@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of itsasnapdiapers
    Sent: Monday, April 20, 2009 8:06 AM
    To: bad_hyenas@yahoogroups.com
    Subject: [bad_hyenas] Situation with bad hyena

    I had a customer buy an upaper towel of the month club membership in February. She has received 4 towels from me, no complaints…now she wants to cancel the membership (she paid in full). He excuse? She changed her mind and wants to buy a whole roll instead. I emailed her and told her I would gladly send her the balance of the her towels all at once. Haven’t heard back yet.

    WHile looking back at her order I think her email looks a little too familiar.(this purchase she made was on The Whole SheBANG Congo where I stock). I log into my own cart and check my blacklisted emails…sure enough..she was one of them. I take all the emails from the Bad Hyenas Group on Yahoo Groups and add them to my blacklist periodically to protect myself as much as possible from difficult customers. She has been added as a bad hyena for CC chargebacks etc by Shannon of Wooly Bottoms and now she is trying another little ploy with me I guess. Jennifer Alexander is her name and birdof1985@hotmail.com is her email by the way. I have emailed my congo leader about using this lsit to avoid further issues with customers who have bad habits/buyers remorse etc.

    I have offered to send the balance of her order all at once so she will have a whole roll at once. If she accepts this, great! Maybe she isn’t scamming again but I suspect she wants a refund. Time will tell.

  169. vera says:

    Seriously? One towel a month?

  170. magpiedpiper says:

    Why would she do that before hearing back? Well, I know why, but I mean why would any sane, good WAHM do that before receiving further clarification from the customer. My guess would be that she DOES want to just buy a whole roll’s worth instead of waiting.

  171. Sharpie says:

    OMG #173 way to badmouth someone without even having the transaction finished! Seriously no one is good enough for this woman. You can’t sell to her or buy from her without being in the wrong.

    I love how she is posting on other sites about the panty purchaser saying that the woman is a WAHM. Not only is Snatch trying to stop people from selling to her she’s trying to stop people from buying from her to. It’s so retaliatory it sickens me! This is why people don’t leave appropriate feedback.

  172. volbaby07 says:

    I left neg rep for Snaps on CDN cause of her stupid thread about this stuff, and now she’s neg rep’d me back. WTF. Grow the hell up! Loser.

  173. yikes says:

    Yeah, what a pain in the snatch to get one towel at a time.

  174. hrm's mom says:

    was the paper towel thing someone here? I thought I remember reading that yesterday? I also believe that what she did was completely wrong she has now outed someone as a bad customer before even hearing what she has to say. If it is the same person as yesterday they just wanted a whole roll instead of waiting for one paper towel to come each month. I think she is smoking crack! Plus I do not get the whole blacklisting someone without all the details! If she goes around blacklisting everyone who purchases stuff it will not be long before she has no customers (oh wait she may not have to wait for that). Case in point the “custom panty lady” I do not feel she should be blacklisted from buying from other people just because of the situation with Snatch! I had no idea there was so much drama in cloth diapers (or other such products)

  175. nini02 says:

    Is that Bad Hyenas post about #141 above? Jale = JALExander?

    And wasn’t there some drama with birdof1985 a while back (chargebacks or something)? I’m not at all defending Snap here, just curious….

  176. Sharpie says:

    Ugh can I just say that I’m sick of Snatch calling people “sweetie” and “dear” etc. etc. all the time. Farking annoying!

  177. JustPeachy says:

    Something about Bird’s pp got stolen somehow and all of her purchases were filed against instead of the ones in question.

  178. Come On says:

    121 that chick is in desperate need of $$$

  179. Messy says:

    Follow me:
    Jale posted here that she is unhappy with her unpaper towel monthly fuck over by ItsAGrannySnatch.
    We all know the money hungry old hag reads here and is addicted to seeing her Snatch in writing.
    She sees Jale’s post and then gets an email from someone else, Jennifer Alexander, and assumes they are one in the same.
    So, she jumps the gun and smears her all over the internet because she wants to get back at her.
    Now, she is *getting back* at the wrong person!
    ~SERIOUSLY this woman is a wack job with a lack of any morals, ethics, or business running capabilities! How can anyone think she is in the right in any of these situations? Posting a bad hyena report before even hearing back from the woman to see if her terms were acceptible to rectify the situation was just pathetic. It is hard for me to understand why this woman is taking out her need for medication on the rest of the WAHM community.

  180. Messy says:

    WTF does GrannySnatch’s reply have to do with the problem in this case? The person did a claim because she got nothing… So ItsAGrannySnatch calls it buyer’s remorse??? DUMBASS!

  181. Messy says:

    Another clue that ItsASnatch reads here: she changed her availability to show her as being offline all the time, even when she is on there posting. Awe, she doesn’t like that people knew she was reading her thread and not commenting… Psycho!
    CLUE: We know you read your name EVERYWHERE! Until today we didn’t know how addicted to this blog you were. You need psychiatric help.

  182. mmspirit7 says:

    messy I read that too….seems she is all over the place giving advice and telling everyone what to do.

  183. werd says:

    I took the test – it says GIRL! Yay! I’m afraid of having a boy, lol.

  184. not just another mama says:

    You can always check iTrader to see when she was on. It will ALWAYS say when the person is on regardless of their profile settings! Muwahahaha

  185. not just another mama says:

    werd.. those things are just overpriced PH tests. you should have bought some powder draino, same stuff. LOL

  186. hrm's mom says:

    I hope it is a girl!! They are so much fun to dress up! DH always tells me that HR is my play toy!

  187. werd says:

    ehh, I got it for fun. No harm done! Hubby was NOT impressed, he wants a boy LOL!

  188. mmspirit7 says:

    I do have a problem with that thread…and not only it’s a snatch…but the op of it and her making it sound like the buyer shouldn’t be asking for a refund. I think it’s a risk she took when hosting this and saying that’s it’s not far of the buyer for her to get out of that money. well why is it fair of the buyer to be out.

    I mean with many things I read on that board I sure as hell am A glad my paypal is a CC and B not sure which wahms i will be shoping with again.

  189. nini02 says:

    I agree that it’s not fair for they buyer to be out money, I just think it’s pretty tacky to make Steph pay for it. She put a lot of time and energy into those auctions and raffles, and to put this extra crap on her after all she did isn’t right, IMO.

    It makes me think of those “good samaritan” laws, where you can’t sue someone for trying to help you. When going out of your way to help someone gets you into trouble, it can make you think twice about helping at all next time…..sad.

  190. theinvisible says:

    194 I have to agree. If it were me I’d get my money from whoever I gave it to and let them sort it out amongst themselves. It was a nice thing for her to do but she also took the risk. I wouldn’t throw away my money just because the organizer is nice.

  191. mmspirit7 says:

    But steph is the one that took the money from the buyer HOW ELSE is she to try and get it back. I think the seller knows she can’t open a claim against her hence the problem.

    Yes it’s not right for steph to be out the money but she took the risk when handling it all. I find that the blame is going to the wrong person because people like steph and don’t want her to be out….but the buyer shouldn’t be either and the buyer only has this way to get her money back.

    The wahm who is holidng everything up is to blame. and were as steph might have to give money back that’s not hers and it sucks. it’s a risk she took. One reason i couldn’t host something like that with out a big protection. Like she should have held the money until everyone go there items so if this came up she wouldn’t have been out any cash.

    And in my book this is different than good samaritan….because this seems to be more about contracts to me the wahm contract (donated) to steph an item to sell for a chairty and then the buyer buys said items from STEPH but doesn’t receive it. So Buyer asks steph back for her money since that’s who she bought it from. steph should refund it and then take it up with the wahm that messed everything up. Sorry just how i feel.

  192. nini02 says:

    It sucks for everyone, it really does. And I know that Steph technically assumed some risk when she volunteered to host the fundraiser. IDK, I just would never (personally, in my own good conscience) be able to feel right going after her (or anyone else in her position, I don’t care if I know them or not) for something that wasn’t her fault any more than it was they buyers fault. Obviously not everyone feels the same as me, but that’s my take.

    It’s a shitty situation for sure, and that WAHM, whoever it is, needs to step it up.

  193. Messy says:

    LOL They locked ItsAGrannySnatch’s thread. I am glad DS is not deleteing everything and they are leaving it up. That helps people to learn who not to buy from.

  194. mmspirit7 says:

    198…what should the buyer have done say oh well 67 bucks isn’t a lot i don’t want to ruffle feathers?

    she had no other route.

    Something like this should have been thought out first so that there was a plan just in case it happened it’s not the buyers fault at all and she shouldn’t not get her money or item because it’s not nice to the host. the host is the one that took her money there for she is the one that has to give it back. Sucks yeah but she should have had a back up plan or thought of that at first… i am sure she will from now on.

  195. mmspirit7 says:

    probably a good thing they locked and and not deleted it I see them doing that more at least with the threads i read.

  196. KAL says:

    I don’t know if it was posted, but anyone see the my son is genius thread by it’s a snap? check out my post! hehe, it was one of the last!

  197. mmspirit7 says:

    where is it do you have a link?

  198. mmspirit7 says:

    and on a side note Steph is doing the right thing and refunding the money

  199. Messy says:

    Where? Link?

  200. nini02 says:

    I don’t know what a good way to do it would. Make each WAHM send the item to the person who is hosting before the item is put up for auction might be the safest way. That way at least she has control over the stuff she is expected to be responsible for, you know?

    I bid on and won multiple items from that fundraiser and there are/were delays with a couple of them – to the point with one of them that I really started to get concerned that I hadn’t heard from her. But it never entered my head to hold the host responsible for the wahm’s actions, should the wahm not follow through (she did, the item is on it’s way, there were just some delays in the beginning). *shrug*

    I just hope that this wahm gets her stuff together and either reimburses Steph or sends the item. This ultimately falls squarely on her shoulders.

  201. Incognizable says:

    202, please link ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I know kids are off limits but their dumb ass moms are fair game!

  202. nini02 says:

    Oops! That should be:

    “I donโ€™t know what a good way to do it would BE.”

  203. Messy says:

    She is stupider than I ever thought possible. Wonder if the daughter she was pregnant with was Tristens1mom. They seem to have a lot in common… Low intellect mothers being a key.

  204. mmspirit7 says:

    if that’s her pic man she does look like a grandma and i understand the grannie panties now.

  205. theinvisible says:

    Either that or don’t do anything with the money until the PP window is up or you have further assurance that everyone has received their product. I would never hold money as a go between.

    KAL: loved the post. My take on it is posted way up there so I will reiterate: “Believe me, no matter how smart the kid is, in most of their (meaning snatch and the perfect one) cases its not going to be quite smart enough to level out the gene pool if you know what I mean.”

  206. theinvisible says:

    Oh yeah, Tristens1mom, that is who I meant when I said the perfect one.

  207. KAL says:

    maybe if she had a little chlorene for her gene pool? *shrugs*

  208. theinvisible says:


  209. me says:

    150-Normally they’re 13.00 I think. She had some on sale for 8.00 for a few days, too.

  210. haha says:

    snatch changed her listing. Now for 13 dollars she will custom make you undies for you and you can purchase the pattern for a small fee? What 37 dollars for the pattern?


  211. me says:

    So what use is the pattern to her if it is a custom fit type thing?
    And why is sewn bolded? What else would you do to make underwear? knit or crochet them? I’m pretty sure the ‘made from fabric’ part kind of shows that they are sewn but okay.

  212. amessymama says:

    Unpaper towel of the month!? So instead of shipping a pack of 12 towels one time, we will ship one towel 12 times. How completely eco-logical! NOT!

  213. Jale says:

    Funny she filed a bad hyena thing but yet made no mention of that in her PM to me. Yes I did buy the Towel of the Month club thing, then I got smart, did some research and found for the $22 i could buy a whole roll- why wait a year for 12? I PMd her and asked to cancel my membership.. thats all i said. She said she doesnt do that but would give me the rest of the 8 towels or give me a credit. Im not being picky. If she really wants to send 8 towels, a credit, w/e- fine. I just think its stupid to do the club thing. Its not remorse or anything on my part. She makes great towels but its just not a great idea for 1 a month at $22/yr.

  214. jale says:

    apparently it gets better with Its A Snap- she filed a bad Shopper Policy against me on HC.

    Hey Its a Snap– I only PMd you to cancel my membership:

    my exact PM to her:
    Originally Posted by MBRL567
    Back on 2-22 I paid for the Non-Paper Towel of the Month Club for $24. I am wondering how I cancel that membership? I would rather buy a whole roll than be in the club.

    now how does that cause ALL this drama???

    Keep your damn towels! Keep my money too. Really.

  215. amessymama says:

    #220-Are you the Jennifer she is talking about?

    I can’t believe she filed a bad hyena whatever-it’s-called thing just because she ‘suspects’ something might possibly happen. Not because something did happen.

    I think I’ll file a JAR on snatch. Because I might order fugly granny panties and I suspect they might be, ya know, fugly.

  216. amessymama says:

    Wow! You answered before I even asked. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  217. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    jale – are you birdof1985 like It’s-A-Snatch is claiming you are?

    I think Snatch lives for TEH DRAMAZ

  218. Aj says:

    So normally I would feel really bad for this lady … http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=725287 two craptastic purchases; but she’s the mom from the tutu cps debacle, so I guess “what goes around comes around” HA!

  219. itsraininghere says:

    she used the dunder-wear with a trade mark in her listing tags as well. . . HA! nice.

  220. me me me says:

    Cut n Past please. That weirdos on my ignore list. lol

  221. mmspirit7 says:

    Maybe someone should post about her son in the dipe pic not being fully dressed and some pedi..might like that pic

  222. Emily says:

    cdc3030 Says:
    April 19, 2009 at 6:45 pm

    Grrr. I have to bitch somewhere, and this seems to be a good place to do that! Freaking Squeaky Foot and her Freaking FFS lottos, where the shipping is strangely WAY more than the actual cost of shipping. I hate that. Grrrrrrโ€ฆ..

    LOL – I know.

  223. alison says:

    LOL @ 228

    Werd – my Intelligender test said… Girl and I had… Another boy.

    I hope Steph files a JAR about the non-producing donating WAHM if said WAHM doesn’t cough up the dough/item…

  224. try me, i'm new! says:

    jael – snatch is reading the “who’s wh on the drama blog” thread on cdn, and the most recent post is yours asking peeps to ask their ?’s in private.

    *rubs hands excitedly*

    *does a happy drama dance*

    come out, come out, where ever you are, snatchy! we know you’re heeerrrreeeeeeeeeeee

  225. try me, i'm new! says:

    type fail – jale, not jael

  226. mmspirit7 says:


  227. try me, i'm new! says:

    i just saw it in her status on cdn…she read, did not comment, an d moved on to another drama-riffic thread.

  228. mmspirit7 says:

    ahhh still learning cdn

  229. theinvisible says:

    Y’all are feeding her. She gets off on this obviously! Too bad she can’t engage like a big girl. I truly believe she only started that “my child is so smart” thread because she knew we’d have something to say …..because we were bitching about tristins1mom doing it and she read it. I hate giving drama whores so much satisfaction. She really doesn’t rate this. She’s super…..mediocre. It’s one thing to end up here for something stupid but to try to get here is….well…just kind of sad.

  230. me me me says:

    Shoot, if she wants attn I say give it to her. Make a thread high lighting every lame ass thing she’s done and said and point out all the ways she’s copied, stole and run other wahms into the ground. Make it easy for ppl to find her lameness in a google search. hahahahah

  231. JustPeachy says:

    They should give out awards for being that much of a twatwaffle LOL.

  232. Booyah says:

    Too bad we don’t have a Padded Room on CDN. I’d love to see her get poked. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  233. AshleyB says:

    #221 that blows! I can’t believe she would file against you for wanting to change to all towels at once!

  234. me me me says:

    OT-Peach, where did you get those shorties/longies in your Avi? I wubs them.

  235. Thud says:

    So is Jale = jennifer alexander?

  236. mmspirit7 says:

    so this is off topic…but remember the big tutu debate. were are the people talking about this avi.


    btw i think it’s cute!

  237. DSDM2 says:

    More from It’s A Snatch:

    Jennifer was not happy with my response and left feedback on my congo cart in such a way that I cannot respond, a typical ploy by those who know they are in the wrong and want their feedback to be once sided. I offered her the towels once again but she has not responded. I explained that her membership was a 1 year membership for unpaper towels and I can stop shipments anytime she wants but I will not be refunding her because she changed her mind and would prefer to buy different towels elsewhere.

    I will make an entry for her here(that will make 2 for her) and have flagged her on HC.


  238. Madre says:

    Bitch is crazy

  239. DSDM2 says:


  240. mmspirit7 says:

    where do you guys find all this info and i would love to see what the feed back really said.

    LOL I suck at finding it

  241. me me me says:

    243-She’s one of my testers. When I saw that avi I was like “awwwwwwwwww” then went looking to see if anyone had their panties in a wad over it. lol

  242. screenname says:

    So either she has the worst customers of all time or she is an asshole that has to put others down (even in the absence of reason) to feel OK about herself.

  243. Aj says:

    How do you even respond to this?? What is wrong with people?

  244. mmspirit7 says:

    umm wow time to kick hubby out since he can’t feed his own child and thinks it’s wastful

  245. screenname says:

    How about DH gets a paper route so his son can eat. Jerk.

  246. youdontknowme says:

    If it came down to either my child or me eating I would gladly starve. What a sick son of a b*tch.

  247. me me me says:

    My DH hates seeing kids waist food as much as the next guy. But it would never occur to him to not give them the food at all.

  248. amessymama says:


    Do the matching monsters for post 98 and 102 mean these are the same person? If so then Jale is Birdof1985.

    I forget why that matters though.

  249. me me me says:

    I YES 251 for sure. I haev a friend that has 5 kids and her Dh works hard but things are stretched right now. For 3 whole days SHE did not eat a thing. Just drank tap water to make sure the last of the groceries stretched until payday.

    My Dh works insane hours in a whole other state just to take care of us. There are days he doens’t eat because he’s spent his allowance and I’m too far away to feed him from our own kitchen. He’s happy to do it and wouldn’t dream of sending me less money because he knows I can’t make it on less.

    THAT”S what a real parent does, you starve so your kids don’t.

  250. Jale says:

    I am who you say I am.. I am NOT here for drama or issues. I have certainly grown from the past and know why people are cautious/etc. I would like to move past that though. Again if you have any questions/comments, please be up front and ask me. I will be truthful and show proof to my side and even the complete story if available. ๐Ÿ™‚

    moving on.. Snatch is crazy for starting such an issue over this. I can post the pms if it helps.
    oh well. Its done. Anyone want Free towels? Contact Snatch. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  251. mmspirit7 says:

    here is the feedback left for snaps and it’s not negative either someone that views the bad hc thing needs to point this out to her

    Feb 22, 2009
    Item: Non-Paper Towel of the Month Club

    Customer service: Ok customer service.

    Product review:

    GREAT towels, but sort of a waste for 12 towels at $22. I did research and found I could buy a whole roll for cheaper than this club. Mind you a little late. I PMd Its a Snap and asked how to cancel my club membership. She stated she doesnt do that. She would give me a credit or send the rest of my order. She then filed a bad hyena report against me for asking to cancel my club membership. I have had no issues with this WAHM before now to my knowledge and its a sad I want to cancel my membership and it comes to this.

    2009-04-20 05:53:26

  252. me me me says:

    Snatch is certifiable. She’s going to have no customers within the week. lol

  253. just another lurker says:

    Besides not wanting to feed his child her DH is verbal/emotionally abusive and jobless. What a winner. http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=663762

  254. mmspirit7 says:

    umm…in that link she stated she’s leaving him wonder what changed her mind.

  255. insomiac says:

    jesus h. christ.
    Snap is out of her mind and out of control. All this was seriously worth it for 15$?!
    Yeah, of course it was. Free press.

    And freaking out that Jale wanted all her towels at once instead of spread out over the rest of the year? I do not understand this AT.ALL. She still has the money and now she does not have to supply the rest of the towels?

    Nice pattern of having money for no product.
    I am really disgusted by her behavior.

  256. mmspirit7 says:

    Snaps doesn’t get that her customers are the reason she is in business. I mean is she knew at this really there should be warning for newbies

  257. mmspirit7 says:

    wow typo city let me try again

    i mean is she new at this? there realy should be a warning for the newbies out there

  258. me me me says:

    rofl 262 I was really confused until you rephrased. hahah

    But yea. I hope jale leaves negative fb. Snatch needs closed up. she’s purposely alienating her customers so she can keep their money and not send anything. She posts wwyd treads or vents about her customers just to be a bitch, not cuz she really wants help figuring out what the right thing to do is. She’s beyond stupid, she’s evil. Idiots like her make it really hard for other wahm’s that do want to do the right thing because everyone is on edge over the evil ones.

  259. JustPeachy says:

    I made the longies in my avi me me me ๐Ÿ™‚ I really wanted the RSK cupcake longies but they seem to get passed around to friends and I just don’t have the $$$ to get in on her auctions so I made it myself. I swear I am gonna get a swelled head off these longies alone LOL.

  260. me me me says:

    Peach, you don’t sell your knits do you? Just for yourself. Cuz man. I’d love to get a pair. hee hee

  261. JustPeachy says:

    I am working on it. I don’t intend to be this big huge wahm but rather at least fund my woolie addiction. On top of that I have this thing about having stuff on the needles and dd does NOT need anymore woolies.

  262. me me me says:

    I am the same way with my sewing machine. There is always a project going.

  263. AshleyB says:

    OMG…I cant believe what I am reading (the post with the H starving the kid b/c it’s a “waste”)! WTH?! Why hasn’t she left him! Children’s Services can take a kid away for starving it!!

  264. JustPeachy says:

    I would kick the snot out of my dh if he didn’t feed Saedra because its wasteful. Seriously this girl wastes more food then she eats but I figure she will eat it when she is hungry. Has this man never heard of putting it in the fridge for later???????

  265. What a Wanker says:

    259-when I first read that post, I got a serious feeling that it was a ploy to get people to send her Paypal to “help” get her out of her abusive situation. I think that even more now that she appears to be “back together” with the jerk.

  266. nu says:

    My dh would starve first! He may have faults, but his children’s needs come before his own! What a loser!

  267. piratebaby says:

    hmmm, back on dec she posted that she was wxpecting in aug ’09….also posted before that that her family was racist and her new *boyfriend* was jamaican….but she just got married in sept?…okkkk….


  268. What a Wanker says:

    I’m really unsure about this woman who’s husband won’t feed their kid. Looking at threads she started, first she was new, then she sold a ton of stuff and then boom! She’s pregant.
    I see nothing about the pregnancy in her signature, nor did she start a thread that she is no longer pregnant, although she does seem to be a doom and gloom thread starter. Then in January she had no money for books for school (also sounds like a Please Send Me Paypal thread) for her dream job.
    Then she needs money for a lawyer. Says she is leaving husband, and now is still with him.

    I don’t know. All seems a little “feel sorry for me” scammy to me. I hope I’m wrong.

  269. What a Wanker says:

    272 I saw that too, but was unsure if “bf” meant boyfriend or best friend to her.

  270. JustPeachy says:

    My husband may not be the greatest but I thank my lucky stars he is a pretty good dad.

  271. Messy says:

    #274 It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bitch.
    #258 I was just going to comment on that! Dh eats his dinner with our youngest hovering over his plate LOL! If something is getting *low, he feeds all ds wants to him first (like when I make mac & cheese, there are no leftovers LOL). What kind of crazy freak doesn’t want to feed his own child? I would starve to death before my kids went without decent food!
    ***I wanted to ask her how the hell she was posting from jail; because that is where I would be after killing my dh when I realized he starved our kid!!!

  272. Kate says:

    How do you not feed your kid? I would be giving up my food to her and eat whatever she didn’t. I can go without food my child can’t.

  273. DSDM2 says:

    Snaps file against Bird: (I love the typos and bull shit):

    2.22.09 Unpaper of The Month 1 year Membership Jennifer bought and paid for an unpaper of the month membership in 2.22.09. On 4.20.09, 57 days after her purchase, she contacted me on Cloth Diaper Nation via PM asking to cancel the membership for a refund because she wanted to purchase from another vendor where she could get the towels cheaper. I told her I would not cancel the membership as it is a one year committment and she had already received 4 towels but I could send the balance of her towels ASAP if she liked OR I could stop shipments and she could forfeit her payment.. She got mad and left feedback on my congo cart in such a way that I cannot respond to her allegations. This is her 2nd entry here as a difficult customer. I think everyone on HC should blacklist her to avoid further issues. Teresa Link, It’s A Snap, The Whole SHEBang and The Enchanted Glen

  274. mmspirit7 says:

    please tell me someone on that wahm group is going to call her out and ask her to prove everything. I mean come one asking everyone to black list her????!

  275. me says:

    So she could either send the remaining towels or keep her (the customer’s) money?

    WHY does everything go back to keeping peoples money?

  276. What a Wanker says:

    She is not making any sense. On the WAHM group she says the customer never responded to her, then in this she says the customer got mad at her? I don’t get this lady.

  277. Thud says:

    So what, give her the money back or give her the leftover towels that have been paid for. What is with her owning her customers for life~ I guess it is because they are all her friends.

  278. cdc3030 says:

    So, what in the hell are these unpaper towels for a year anyway. Do you get one towel each month? Like, one flannel cloth each month????

  279. jale says:

    Im going to post ALL of our PMs from this: I not once got mad at her.

    Re: how to cancel?
    You asked me how to cancel. I told you there are no cancellations or refunds just because you changed your mind 45 days after the purchase. It did sound to me like you were asking for a refund. You were not? The membership was a one time buy for the entire year. 1 towel a month for the 12 months. I can stop the shipments but not refund your payment. That is not a cancellation but a forfeit on your part.

    It’s fine if you don’t want the towels. But I will gladly still send them IF you want them. Otherwise I will put them up FREE to anyone who wants them! Is that what you would like for me to do?

    Originally Posted by MBRL567
    Momma- this is silly quite frankly. You posting on a hyenacart, then giving me a bad shopping policy report. All because I asked you how to cancel a membership. Its not like I said “refund me now or else”- cause I didnt. I really at this point dont want a refund of any type- no money, no towels, no credit. Id like to be an adult about this and realize your rule and be done with it. ok?

    Originally Posted by It’s A Snap Diapers
    That is true, there are no certain rules and each WAHM sets her own policy on HC. My policy is no cash refunds because someone decides they want out of the transaction, especially not 45 days later. I will still gladly send your towels. You paid for 12 months worth and I owe you 8 more.

    Originally Posted by MBRL567
    WAHM do refund if a customer isnt happy with a service or item. There are no certain rules- it is up to each WAHM to decide what they do.
    aside from that- Ill just take the credit and find another product i guess.

    Originally Posted by It’s A Snap Diapers
    Jennifer – I am sorry but I don’t cancel orders and issue refunds because a customer has a change of heart and wants to purchase something else. I don’t know any WAHM’s that do.

    I can give you a store credit for the balance of your membership($16) and you can purchase something else if you prefer to not accumulate unpaper towels.

    Please let me know how you would like to proceed.


    Originally Posted by MBRL567
    Ids rather just cancel it. I mean if its an issue of the towells i have- i can FFS them or send them back you.

    Originally Posted by It’s A Snap Diapers
    I would be happy to fill the remainder of the order all at once if that would better suit you. You have 8 remaining towels in your club order. Would you like them all at once?


    Originally Posted by MBRL567
    Back on 2-22 I paid for the Non-Paper Towel of the Month Club for $24. I am wondering how I cancel that membership? I would rather buy a whole roll than be in the club.

    see no drama or me being mad. ๐Ÿ™‚ BTW, thanks for being nice mommas. ๐Ÿ™‚

  280. Cheesewhiz says:

    Ok, haven’t had much time this week to comment, but I just wanted to say that Snatch is insane. And unethical. I wanted to feel sorry for her, since her avatar shows an old granny, but geez, I think it is the WOLF dressed as granny. Beware.

    She sure is out to ruin her business. Coulda just bowed out gracefully, but no. At least its good reading, but I do feel sorry for her customers, aka victims of THEFT.

  281. JustPeachy says:

    It keeps getting better and better.

  282. Erin says:

    Snatch is ruining her business all by herself. I give her 2 months before she’s completely shut down. She’s insane!

  283. Messy says:

    Does Bird’s feedback on HC bring her negatives up to 3? If so, couldn’t they shut ItsACrazySnatch down? Block her skany theiving ass from stealing from more people?

  284. mmspirit7 says:

    when I looked at it it wasn’t a negative on the congo

  285. coffee drinker says:

    I would never buy from who, this lady is just nuts. I don’t think she understands how much she has ruined her business this week.

  286. coffee drinker says:

    *her, not who

  287. Messy says:

    She should have (and can now!) leave the feedback as negative here: http://hyenacart.com/feedback_view.php?vidn=1175

  288. nini02 says:

    Let me start by saying I am no fan of snap. But –

    That being said, she did offer to send the remaining towels all together and jale said no. That hardly seems like snap’s fault to me. A Bad Hyena report was a bit much, sure, but I think she has a point in this case.

    I did a diaper of the month subscription once, and there was no option to cancel partway through and get a refund….that’s not usually how those work – especially when the buyer just changes their mind. From what I can see, in *this* particular case, I don’t see snap as being totally in the wrong. If I’m missing something, let me know….

  289. kowalski says:

    wait a minute… this whole tester debacle is over $15???????? I was imagining that yards and yards of fabric had been purchased… seriously, was it even WORTH bringing up in the forums for JUST $15. good grief.

    and the other issue?? i think BOTH the buyer and the seller have a screw loose… and lol at the comment about how un eco friendly shipping ONE unpaper towel at a time is – gah!

    i knew she’d dig her own grave eventually………………………..

  290. Messy says:

    #298 She filed the complaint BEFORE hearing back from Jale.

  291. What a Wanker says:

    #299 I agree. Now that the customer has provided the evidence, I can see what Snap was saying. She did offer to send customer all of the towels, customer refused. You can’t just cancel an order like that, it’s not fair to any WAHM and I would have done the same thing as far as offering to send her the rest of the towels at once so she didn’t have to wait for them since that appeared to be the big issue. If customer didn’t want the towels, she should have gotten the rest of them and resold them instead.

    I wouldn’t have filed any reports at all though. That was ridiculous no matter when they were filed.

  292. nini02 says:

    300 – I’m trying to follow. Where exactly in that whole exchange was the Bad Hyena report posted? Before hearing back from Jale which time?

  293. BigMomma says:

    I just wanted to say Hi! I have been lurking for a couple of months and I gotta say, Werd and Messy have become 2 of my favorite people from this blog and Thanks for keeping me from buying from scammers!

  294. Thud says:

    There are many subscription type set ups where you can cancel at any time with a restocking fee.

    I don’t know why jale didn’t take the towels all at once either.
    Looks like maybe both want someone to complain about.

    Maybe IAS is going nuts because one more negative does shut her down…

  295. me me me says:

    298-It’s all about how Snatch handled it. She came out guns blazing from the 1st email and was crazy rude and defensive and never once showed an ounce of friendliness or professionalism. That’s why Jale gave up and said NM I want nothing from you. I would have wanted to have nothing to do with the silly cow too.

    What Snatch SHOULD have said was. “Hello, I am sorry but the Towel of the month club is not cancelable, however, I will be more than happy to send your remaining 8 towels out all at once. Please confirm if this would be desirable to you and I will get it off to you by XYZ date. Thanks and take care, Snatch”

    Really, it’s not THAT hard to be friendly.

  296. me me me says:

    And yes, Snatchwent bazerk right away, after the 1st Pm from JAle asking how to cancel. She reported Jale before Jale even got to reply. So yea, Jale was defensive, the silly cow was flipping out before she even knew what she was flipping out about.

    I don’t see why it’s that odd that her customers are changing their minds. It’s only human nature to read the threads she’s posting lately and go “oh god, I don’t want to be in a transaction with this weirdo anymore”. In the WAHM you put yourself in a place where people chose to shop with you by rather they like “you” or not when you post a lot on the forums. A risk that doesn’t always pay off. Some of the most successful WAHM barely make a peep on the forums. If Snatch wants to keep her biz she’d be wise to develop a case of the zipped lip.

  297. me me me says:

    And yes, Snatchwent bazerk right away, after the 1st Pm from JAle asking how to cancel. She reported Jale before Jale even got to reply. So yea, Jale was defensive, the silly cow was flipping out before she even knew what she was flipping out about.

    I don’t see why it’s that odd that her customers are changing their minds. It’s only human nature to read the threads she’s posting lately and go “oh god, I don’t want to be in a transaction with this weirdo anymore”. In the WAHM world you put yourself in a place where people chose to shop with you by rather they like “you” or not when you post a lot on the forums. A risk that doesn’t always pay off. Some of the most successful WAHM barely make a peep on the forums. If Snatch wants to keep her biz she’d be wise to develop a case of the zipped lip.

  298. me me me says:

    Wow a double post and I didn’t even proof read the 2nd one any better. sorry ๐Ÿ˜‰

  299. What a Wanker says:

    me me me

    I guess you are talking about her communication outside of the PM’s they sent back and forth? Because the PM’s do exactly what you felt the WAHM should do. I do agree that she went overboard, but her personal correspondence doesn’t seem that bad really. If you were to ONLY look at the PM”s in post 288, which is Jale’s proof of how bad the WAHM was, the WAHM looks like she tried to do the right thing.

  300. just_sayin says:

    Someone please tell me that you can get bed sores just from sleeping overnight. http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=724728

    I know we’ve talked about this woman before, and she’s got to be a big liar, but that post bothered me. My baby sleeps 12 hours at night, on her tummy, and does not have bed sores. Can you really get bed sores just from sleeping overnight?

    Did everyone see in her double stroller post that she says she has two 2 year olds, and one of them is 50 pounds! That’s crazy heavy, like the growth chart doesn’t even go that high for a 2 year old. It’s off the paper. Yikes.

    Back to the Its a Snatch paper towel thing. Jale is in the wrong about the transaction, but Teresa is wrong for filing the Bad Hyena report. She just flies off the handle way too quick.

    And lastly, the last part of this thread has taken a very ironic twist. And with that cryptic comment, I’m taking my kids to school. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  301. Aj says:

    309: that lady’s a mess, she’s posting a new sob story every other day. She seems really unstable, I feel bad for the kids.

  302. JustPeachy says:

    Well not that I am defending her as a person but if her LO has CP its possible she is not mobile and is pretty much sedentary. My brother has CP and even though he is moved pretty often he still manages to develop bed sores somehow because of the amount of time he spends laying down.

  303. haha says:

    Okay the bird snatch pm’s. They start from the bottom and go up…snatch started off nice and offered to give her all the towels at once and bird almost taunted her.
    Bird knew what she was getting into when she signed up for the towel a month club. Not Snatches fault that bird feel for her stupid idea. I think bird wanted a reason to be involved in the drama.

  304. me me me says:

    308 This is what stands out to me:

    Originally Posted by MBRL567
    Back on 2-22 I paid for the Non-Paper Towel of the Month Club for $24. I am wondering how I cancel that membership? I would rather buy a whole roll than be in the club.”

    To me she is asking to cancel the club and just buy the towels outright. I agree asking to cancel was not appropriate, but she did and it was said politely so there was no reason to read into it and get defensive.

    Originally Posted by Itโ€™s A Snap Diapers
    I would be happy to fill the remainder of the order all at once if that would better suit you. You have 8 remaining towels in your club order. Would you like them all at once?


    This was OK but instead of waiting for Jale to reply she immediately filed the bad hyena and posted about her in a very aggressive manor. which sparked the next reply from Jale.

    Originally Posted by MBRL567
    Ids rather just cancel it. I mean if its an issue of the towells i have- i can FFS them or send them back you.”

    At this point, she’s already seen that Snatch is freaking out and posting reports about her and stuff. So yea she wants out of this madness. I would too.

    Originally Posted by Itโ€™s A Snap Diapers
    Jennifer – I am sorry but I donโ€™t cancel orders and issue refunds because a customer has a change of heart and wants to purchase something else. I donโ€™t know any WAHMโ€™s that do.

    I can give you a store credit for the balance of your membership($16) and you can purchase something else if you prefer to not accumulate unpaper towels.

    Please let me know how you would like to proceed.


    Mostly this isn’t THAT bad, but pulling the “no other wahm does this” ploy is tired and remember, she’s already gone off the deep end and file reports about her for her initial pm which was totally mellow and non threatening.

    “Originally Posted by MBRL567
    WAHM do refund if a customer isnt happy with a service or item. There are no certain rules- it is up to each WAHM to decide what they do.
    aside from that- Ill just take the credit and find another product i guess.”

    She points out what I was thinking too, yes other wahms might refund, some won’t. Then says sure, I’ll take the credit and buy something else.

    Originally Posted by Itโ€™s A Snap Diapers
    That is true, there are no certain rules and each WAHM sets her own policy on HC. My policy is no cash refunds because someone decides they want out of the transaction, especially not 45 days later. I will still gladly send your towels. You paid for 12 months worth and I owe you 8 more.”

    This is where she loses me. Snatch’s last Pm said she was offering store credit. Jale excepted store credit. THIS is they reply to that PM? Really? She reverts back to going on and on about her policy and how it’s been 45 days and wanst to send her 8 towels. WHY? Jale just said OK, I’ll do the store credit. **scratched head**

    Re: how to cancel?
    You asked me how to cancel. I told you there are no cancellations or refunds just because you changed your mind 45 days after the purchase. It did sound to me like you were asking for a refund. You were not? The membership was a one time buy for the entire year. 1 towel a month for the 12 months. I can stop the shipments but not refund your payment. That is not a cancellation but a forfeit on your part.

    Itโ€™s fine if you donโ€™t want the towels. But I will gladly still send them IF you want them. Otherwise I will put them up FREE to anyone who wants them! Is that what you would like for me to do?

    “Originally Posted by MBRL567
    Momma- this is silly quite frankly. You posting on a hyenacart, then giving me a bad shopping policy report. All because I asked you how to cancel a membership. Its not like I said โ€œrefund me now or elseโ€- cause I didnt. I really at this point dont want a refund of any type- no money, no towels, no credit. Id like to be an adult about this and realize your rule and be done with it. ok?”

    Yes, it IS silly. Snatch has gone off on a tangent that makes no sense in reply to jale’s PM. Jale never once said just refund me. She said she wanted to get a whole roll instead of one a month. Doesn’t matter if that was a reasonable request or not, it was stated polity and could have been denied politely without indecent. $22 isn’t worth he headache, we all know Snatch will not just send her 8 towels or give a $16 store credit without saying anything more. There will continue to be drama no matter what solution Jale agrees too. So Jale said NM, I don’t want anything from you. She even says that she excepts her rule. Period, what more needed to be said?

    I can’t stand Snatch true, but I don’t know Jale from a whole in the wall so I have no need to defend her either. I just think Snatch is a lose cannon and she’s on my last nerve. lol

  305. Megan says:

    Seriously, the woman acts like she is oblivious! I responded to her, “My 2-year-old is a genius” thread, and basically ripped her a new one, telling her she was infuriating. She responded by saying she agreed with everything I said. WHAT? She infuriates herself? Her ridiculous need to point out her child’s “advancement” and comparison to other children also pisses her off? I wonder if she’s just playing dumb, or if she really realizes that 95% of the people posting in response to her were poking out her stupidity? The woman is just nuts!

    This shouldn’t be as irritating to me as it is at the moment…. Pardon me while I get a hold of myself and find my BGPs.

  306. Megan says:

    *pointing. Yeah, I need a nap.

  307. Lisa says:

    You know, I actually bought from her and did like my underwear, but I certainly won’t be buying from her ever again after this whole fiasco. Was it really worth it to her to completely lose respect of any and all possible customers? I think not.

  308. itsraininghere says:

    I don’t think Jale was in the wrong at all. After the first pm, everyone here and the bad hyenas group had seen that Teresa had already started bad mouthing her.

    Besides, she accepted the store credit and then Teresa backed out of it! That’s ridiculous.

    Sure, Jale had buyer’s remorse. She admitted that. But she didn’t give a request that is so out of the realm of possibility, did she? She didn’t ever even ask for a refund, just to cancel. Once all of the drama happened yea, she wanted out. I would too.

  309. werd says:

    agreed 318. I’d want to back out too, it doesn’t seem like It’s a Snap’s HC will be around much longer, with the way she acts online and the accumulation of negative FB. I’d want to get them all at once, too! I don’t find her in the wrong at all but IAS needs to stop flying off the handle so quickly, what a temper! It’s like she’s on a mission to make an example out of her customers.

  310. newhere says:

    and we all know she’s reading this….why no response? She’s responded to things here before, hasn’t she?

  311. not just another mama says:

    Its a snap is a fucking cunt.

    I’m glad shes ruined her own rep. That dirty old hag needs to fucking get a life.. Ugh, she pisses me off. Shes ripped off two people now. Bitched & moaned till her fat ass got both or their money, gave them no products, and talked shit about them all over every cloth message board around..

    Ugh. Everything I read about her makes me want to punch her in face.

  312. not just another mama says:

    Also to add, I mean not to offend anyone who is: over weight, not a good looker, or old, by grouping this psycho with you. My apologies.

  313. Sharpie says:

    To late for a clarification 322, both me and my cracked mirror will be filing complaints against you all over the interwebz for that one!

  314. not just another mama says:

    LOL I’m sorry my potty mouth cracked your mirror.

  315. jeruco says:

    Oh SNAPS gets better: http://hyenacart.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=106442
    She started that thread in February saying she wouldnt use the dunder wear name. 2 months later she decided to use it and trademark it.
    What a surprise?

  316. Rika says:

    It’d be great if DoDS had a Twatwaffle Hall of Fame list or icon or something for visitors who are skimming through the entries looking for info about scammers or just mamas/wahms/sellers etc to stay away from in general.

    It’s a Snap is definitely deserving of it for the way she handled the situation.

  317. DSDM2 says:

    Even her store name is not original. “It’s a snap” is already a brand name.

  318. not just another mama says:

    Hmm.. Then why is she still using the name?

  319. JustPeachy says:

    Because thats how she rolls is by stealing ideas. Nothing about her store is original and I do mean nothing.

  320. Jenn says:

    I’m not sticking up for bed sore chick, but just for the record, my 2 year old weighs 46 lbs and he’s not fat by any means. He’s very tall and solid. He was 9lbs 7 oz and 22.5″ at birth.

  321. mmspirit7 says:

    check out snaps post here…

    if a package is lost she will spilt the cost


    for those that don’t want estds

    I offer shipping insurance on all purchases. If the customer chooses not to buy it, I can’t make them. If a package was truly lost in the mail I would step up and split the loss since they did have the option of choosing insurance and chose not to and so did I.

    If you take your packages to the Post Office instead of shipping through pay pal and purchase DC there (yes more expensive I realize) then you have proof that the package was delivered to the PO because it goes into their system when they scan them right? I know they won’t scan PP labels until delivery usually but if you buy postage at the PO they can your package in right away. Then you can plug the “tracking information” into your records on PP to protect yourself. Will pay pal still hold you responsible if the package was delivered to the post office but never delivered to the customer?

    I also insure anything over $40 to protect myself from loss.

  322. AshleyB says:

    #332…some scamming newbie named eachpeach. They have 4 FB’s, and only one is positive.

  323. mamaroo says:

    331 – I have a big kid too – she’s 9 mo but weighs 28 lbs., 32″ tall and wears a 3T. She’s not fat by any stretch of the imagination, just has heavy bones. It would definitely be within the range of possibility for her to hit 50 lbs at 2 years old.

  324. mmspirit7 says:

    ahh ok

  325. me me me says:

    It’s almost like Snatch is TRYING to run her business into the ground. She CAN’T be that stupid and still walk upright. Does she walk upright? I guess I don’t actually know that for sure. But still, she has to know how she is coming across and doesn’t care. So yea, she must be trying to bury herself. *head scratch*

  326. jale says:

    Im not completely faulting IAS. I think her towels are nice. No complaints at all about them. It really is not my intent to “down” her. I simply wanted to know how to cancel the “club”. Thats it. I was going to get a credit from her. That is true. Then it all sorta steam rolled and I decided, maybe that isnt the best idea. At this point, she has posted what she wanted about me as a buyer and I have been nice to her and I know not to sign up for any clubs but to get the products outright from now on. Live and Learn. ๐Ÿ™‚

  327. Nic says:

    Seriously, Snatch doesn’t know when to keep her damn mouth shut!!!


  328. werd says:

    Jale you should definitely leave appropriate aka NEG feedback on her hyenacart. She had no right to talk to/about you like that!

  329. jeruco says:

    You can leave feedback on the HC forums and then email support@hyenacart.com and ask them to add that feedback to her cart. She will get the option to respond to your feedback, but that fine.
    I would be very upset if I honestly asked to end a subscription and then a WAHM started bad mouthing me all over the place just for asking that.
    Did you demand a cash refund? or were you fine with offering to send the rest of the towels. Did she offer you store credit and then decided not to give you store credit?

    I am a tad confused as to why you didnt just take the rest of the towels all at once.
    That would seem to be the best option.
    But it sounds like she posted a on the bad hyenas before she even responed to your initial PM asking to end the subscription is that correct?

  330. Sharpie says:

    Can someone post here what Snatchy wrote on DS?? I still don’t trust them enough to go there.

  331. BffMama says:

    The link in 339 is what was copied and pasted in post 333. I didn’t see anything different unless I missed it.

  332. Jale says:

    the convo went just as the PMs posted. I didnt know she posted the HC thing until i checked here then my email. I never asked for a refund. I even told her Id FFS or etc the towels i have. She offered a credit or to ship the rest.

    I do plan to leave FB.

  333. eeek says:

    OK, I hate IAS. All around, that bitch has bugged me from the word go.

    She did start off kinda sane in those PMs though. No problem with the beginning conversation. The stupid was when she got all offended & pissy, and took the self pity fest to forum after forum, where she seems to have really offended lots of people (yay, it’s not just me thinking she’s a twunt). WHY would she not just say “that customer’s twitchy” & walk away? My god, half the world’s crazy, if you let a little crazy make YOU that insane you should just not be dealing with the public.

    I also love the thread in which people are calling her on the dunder wear thing. Scamming bitch.

    That woman seems on the verge of a full on meltdown-of-business. Wouldn’t it be awesome if she just stopped posting her crap & trying to take from others? Karma in action, baby.

  334. Just Plain Me says:

    1) Its about time the truth came out about Teresa!

    2) I thank God every day that we kicked her out of our congo and that she doesn’t post on AMH.

  335. ABCDEFG says:

    Anybody know this lister?

    Very odd. No feedback.

  336. jeruco says:

    347- I dont know, but which diaper is making that auction go so high?

  337. dirtyj says:

    The latest transaction is not really drama worthy. Theresa responded accordingly. Problem is…… WTF

    Was it seriously necessary to question her motives before even responding?? As a WHAM, that would be the last thing on my mind. Yeah…….lets piss off a supposed “scammer” (not that jale is) come on now.
    What the fuck did that accomplish? Those of you that know me know that I am not one to dog WHAM’s. In this case, grandma or not…shut your mouth.

    All of this is so bizarre. Why on earth would you want the negative press? Bored?

  338. insomiac says:

    #349 she seems to thrive on neg press. as soon as one drama dies down she starts another.
    or, like this week, has piled one on top the other for maximum implosion possibility.

  339. dirtyj says:

    I like a little bit of drama. A little dirt here and there is entertaining. After all I visit this blog. hehe

    I personally want nothing to do with it. The couple of odd transactions I have had over the last couple of years I keep to myself. Part of owning a business is owning balls and common sense. Knowing when to stand up for yourself and knowing when to shut up.

    I believe you can run a business the way you want…doesn’t man it will be successful

  340. dirtyj says:

    oh, and I hate my monster.


  341. dirtyj says:

    add me to the typo fools…… you know what I mean

  342. JustPeachy says:

    How come this eachpeach chick is not banned yet? She has the requisite amount of negative feedback. Are they too busy banning members for having an opinion that they forgot all about the scammers?

  343. not just another mama says:

    Uhh.. She was banned yesterday when I looked at her profile.. LOL

  344. JustPeachy says:

    Ah ok well I just looked at her itrader and not her full profile so I figured it would say banned on there as well.

  345. A Different Sarah says:

    Who is this WAHM? Or has this been discussed already and I missed it?

  346. Aj says:

    I think we posted at the same time! ๐Ÿ™‚

  347. hrm's mom says:

    I am kind of confused by her posts, one post says her DH tells her to spend the money on what ever she want and another says he watches every penny she spends.

    Leave the SOB already!

  348. Laura says:

    #357. I’d love to know too.

  349. amessymama says:

    358 &359-I just can’t read her posts anymore. If they are short I may, just for entertainment purposes. But, man I saw how long that one was and I just couldn’t subject myself to that amount of BS. Especially before I’ve had my coffee.

    I don’t understand how people can post outrageous stories, get called on it, then keep on posting crap as if nothing ever happened.

    I guess there is always someone new who will believe.

  350. amessymama says:

    357-I think it’s either the Trimsies mama or Hippy Hippy Snaps mama. Whichever one of them also knits.

    I do have to say that the OPs dipes look nice. Has anyone tried one?

    And by OP, I mean the one linked from post 357. NOT snaps!!

  351. theinvisible says:

    I was wondering when TyandCheysmommy would pop up here again just the other day. That is the most pitiful thing I’ve ever heard if its true. Fortunately, it seems her posts always contradict each other so its probably not.
    And 364: I thought her diapers looked nice too but the way she jumped to snap’s defense in the other thread made me wonder about how she’d conduct herself.

  352. insomiac says:

    more Snap:


    note this part:
    “The lovely brocade I chose to trim the pillow cases and the flat sheet. The cheap blanket satin bindings were not appealing to me ..”

    translation: See, I chose the good shit unlike all those other wahms who use cheap ass satin.

  353. siriusmama says:

    re:post #357
    Gah, I was worried you guys would ask about that one ๐Ÿ˜ฆ It isn’t my place to “defend” the other mama in this situation (as she really *was* late in sending the skirty and has never denied that) but……trust me when I say you would all understand ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    The problem I have with momtocarli posting about it isn’t the fact that she wanted her skirty obviously, but the fact that she was posting it just to cause drama and get attention. I mean sure, post a “how long would you wait….” thread, but to purposefully give so much info and make such a big deal about worrying that you will be “blacklisted” shows that she was trying to out the wahm. Does that make sense? It doesn’t surprise me that her and snaps would defend each other honestly *rollseyes*
    And to messy, I have it on good authority that her photography skills are much better than her sewing ๐Ÿ˜‰

  354. tiredmama says:

    The Cloth Couture mama drives me nuts. She is a total drama queen and doesn’t think before she types. I’ve had a run in w/her on another website, and can’t stand her.

  355. theinvisible says:

    367, 368: Believe me, she comes off as a drama seeker without even reading too much into her. She’s not fooling anyone with that mess (I hope).

  356. jale says:

    Ok, so heres the thing. Magically since this whole Snap thing I have now been put on “watch” for FSOT at CDN because people are apparently telling admin who knows what about me. If you are doing that- can you or your friends get your facts straight first? Dont just PM and say “she scammed so and so” without knowing the details. What happened on DS was suppose to stay on DS and be in the past. People can change and learn from their mistakes. So now im being babysat. Not saying its anyone certain here cause i dont know but if it is- at least be mature enough to get all the details.

    and hows this for drama: I had a spotted box and now im banned from selling em on CDN because somehow the admin didnt think i actually had the box in my hands (its in the thread on CDN). So theres your daily drama. I think its dumb but w/e. A mom traded with me for it and it went smoothly.

  357. tiredmama says:

    a few weeks ago she started a thread about getting a license to use another WAHM’s pattern. She found out legally she didn’t have to AND she didn’t want to put their names on the diapers she sold. Enough people told her that even though it wasn’t illegal for her to do it, it was unethical for her to do it. Eventually she ended up getting a license but she is an idiot.

  358. siriusmama says:

    She posted EVERYWHERE that you don’t really have to be licensed. It was so disrespectful to all the pattern making mamas out there ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Yet oddly enough she didn’t apply for Fattycake’s FREE licensing.

  359. werd says:

    Jale i bought from you a long time ago on DS and it went well, if that helps, lol.

  360. werd says:

    PS: the admin on CDN are just trying to keep it a safe place for everyone, don’t take it personally. They are a quality bunch of women and I’m sure everything will get ironed out in the end.

  361. riffrafflittleman says:

    Jale, if you were on watch officially on CDN, everyone would know it. They would take off your title and put something there. I think the whole spotted box thing was just questioned because you didn’t put pictures and didn’t put what was inside.

    If people are “tattling” on you, the owners/mod/admin are pretty good about getting the whole story before acting.

  362. riffrafflittleman says:

    DSDM2 sorry for the name change, I just started my blog on WordPress so I didn’t want to change it up. I would like to keep it as is, but if you want to change it back to crystal I’m cool with that too

  363. me says:

    357, 367, etc

    I so don’t get that. Maybe I am assuming wrong, but since she has a diaper store, I am assuming she sent diapers? WHY would the person who made the pattern trade with someone who makes diapers with her pattern?
    That completely had me so lost I couldn’t figure out the rest lol!

  364. me says:

    366-Okay, wow, yeah THATS not an insult!!

    Why in the world would she try on a customers pillowcase on her pillow? I wouldn’t want my pillowcase coming with her drool germs on it hehe.

  365. siriusmama says:

    375. Because she has a newborn baby and can knit while holding her lol. Plus we all do lots of swaps on our other board ๐Ÿ™‚ We do monthly ones a lot where you sign up and get paired with someone and then you make each other diapers. It sounds silly since then you are still making a diaper AND paying to ship one just to get a diaper…but it is lots of fun and a great way to make friends ๐Ÿ™‚

  366. A Different Sarah says:

    So *who is it* 377? Speak slowly for those of us (ummm, me) who still have no idea to whom you are referring…

  367. tiredmama says:

    SIriusmama I saw her post that on at least 2 boards and it’s what made me put her on my do not BST with list. She has no respect for the hardwork it took the WAHM to develop her pattern.

  368. me says:

    379- That makes sense! I didn’t get that sort of thing, I just figured she wanted a skirtie and wanted to trade the WAHM dipes from her pattern and was baffled lol.
    That I totally understand!

  369. insomiac says:

    #378, Yes, it is a total insult and yet another jab at bonnie(holdens landing) because Bonnie uses satin to trim hers. VERY nice satin I might add.
    Just another way for snap to try and trash talk the competition.

  370. Toaster says:

    I just downed 3 beers reading this… and she gets crazier and crazier the more I drink. I thought drinking made things look better???

  371. Toaster says:

    And does my monster have a yellow penii????

  372. itsraininghere says:

    Jale – you have to see things from the perspective of the ppl sitting on the other side of the screen. All we have to go on is your rep, and it is tarnished from WHATEVER happened on ds. If you move to another site, you take that rep with you, no matter what.

    you may have changed, but people are going to be cautious. How many ppl in this crazy diapering community have said “i’ve changed” and then scammed again?

  373. amessymama says:

    What’s going to happen to DoDS while she’s out of town? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Today, 12:58 PM #1

    It’s A Snap Diapers
    Registered Users
    Formerly: tlink34

    Join Date: Feb 2007
    Location: Illinois

    Posts: 755
    Ratings: 59
    Feedback: 98%
    My Mood:
    Out of town 4/23-4/28
    We will be taking a long weekend for camping and family time. Back soon!
    Teresa, WAHM to Isaac, SAHG to ThomasIt’s a Snap DiapersThe Whole SHEBang,The Enchanted Glen

  374. jale says:

    sorry for the vent… def unexpected when i logged in today. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Anywho though- Just gotta be + and stay + and then itll be good.

    thanks werd. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    also does anyone know who Lilymomma is on DS? I mean a way to contact her. I owe her an apology and explanation.

  375. CDNation says:


    Yes you are on watch, it was just to be with the admin and mods to make sure that there were no issues. We weren’t even going to the members with this as we figured that you were making up for past mistakes and would keep it quiet.

    I cannot believe you came here and whined about it. Way to out yourself.

    Oh and let me add, the pm’s you posted here earlier, had better not be pm’s that you have from CDN. They’re called Private Messages for a reason. They’re Private.

  376. CDNation says:

    LMAO at my monster, I feel like that, all googely eyed and running around waving my arm, most days.

  377. JustPeachy says:

    Oh CDnation even if they are what are you going to do? I mean I find it a bit odd that you would even say anything given that you tout yourself as better then DS. Even DS doesn’t say boo with sharing pms via this blog.

  378. CDNation says:

    That’s because DS reads your pm’s and they’re not private.
    They are private on our board.

    I’ll take her pm abilities away.

    I have never touted myself as better than DS. We are trying to be a fair board to everyone, and to protect our members. Would you want someone posting your pm’s on this board, when this is the Drama of Diaperswappers not the Drama of CDN.

  379. A Mom says:


    Seriously? And this proves you’ve changed how? Not only have you outted yourself, you’re proving yourself to be a drama queen.


  380. A Mom says:


    We have forum rules…those who choose to not read them or ignore them face consequences.

  381. just_sayin says:

    I miss Bat Girls. They treated us like adults without all of these forum rules, threats of banning or losing privileges. If you were an idiot, they just let you shoot yourself in the foot and allowed the masses to take care of it. I’ve been trying to post on CDN after I was told that getting bitched at for the formatting of my post was probably just someone having a bad day. However, it is clear that is not the case, since the hand slappings are all over the place. It is DS part 2. Congratulations.

  382. dirtyj says:

    me too!

  383. amessymama says:

    I’m not familiar w/ Bat Girls. I mean, I’ve heard it mentioned here and there.

    But why isn’t it around anymore? What happened to it?

  384. JustPeachy says:

    Thats what Im thinking too just_saying. Its like DS light in essence. True you can speak your mind but they hand slap you for bitty things.

  385. itsraininghere says:

    I haven’t seen any admin on cdn handslapping for things that aren’t already obviously posted in the stickies.

    they do have to have some kinds of rules because it is a public board. if they didn’t, then they would end up in trouble for things that members say. plus, they are trying to make it a board that everyone can enjoy, not just ex-bat girls.

  386. just_sayin says:

    #399 DS does the same thing, with all of the sticky rules and hand slaps. It’s the same thing.

    I disagree that they need so many rules. We’re grown ups, you know. We don’t need someone telling us, don’t do this, don’t talk about this, etc etc. Like on the IAS thread in the WAHM chat. She basically said not to discuss it on CDN. That’s why Snap was never called out, which she should be. Everyone is too afraid to say anything, just as if they were on DS.

  387. dirtyj says:

    yeah that was weird. I have seen that happen a couple of times.
    I like the mods and I am okay with there being some rules but there is a lot of unnecessary hand slapping at times
    CDN is still VERY different from DS in a lot of ways. I dig it!

  388. itsraininghere says:

    400-you’re right, the ppl on the board don’t need to be told what to do.

    i took mom’s post in the IAS wahm thread to be more of a handslap for IAS than anyone else, and she was right, there was no need to drag all the drama over there if it doesn’t need to be there. ppl were calling IAS out, and mom didn’t stop that. she just (in my opinion) didn’t want to drag the other wahm involved through the mud on cdn if there was no reason too.

    i think if someone has a problem with IAS, and deals with it on CDN, it wouldn’t be a problem. The problem comes in when ppl are either a) doing crap just for the drama, or b) moving the drama all around the interwebz for no good reason. but, the posts wouldn’t be deleted on cdn, and would be there for all to see.

    at this point, ppl can see ias being called out by her own feedback.

  389. .bin. says:

    Seriously. CDN acts like it is so above it all, you can talk about ‘anything’. Of course, as soon as you do, you are told that “this topic is over please move on” etc. The “you are free to discuss whatever you want” line is bullshit. And the mod clique is way worse than DS ever was, with a lot more condescension.

  390. CDNation says:

    You know what bin, I have never told anyone this topic is over please move on. and when someone on the admin team does, I tell them to stop too.

    We’re still a new board and learning things everday.

  391. CDNation says:


    I was telling IAS that if the transaction didn’t happen on CDN that she doesn’t need to leave negative feedback about it there.

  392. Sharpie says:

    For fuck sakes this is just like all the bitching about DS and the viruses, if you don’t want a virus don’t go there, if you don’t like CDN’s rules don’t go there either! And all this “I need to sell my stuff so I have to go there” crap is exactly that CRAP! Sell your shit on spots, stop going on these sites and be done with the bitching already. CDN and DS can run their sites however they see fit cuz’ guess what it’s their’s! I have zero freakin sympathy for anyone who has gotten a virus from DS after all the warnings and for anyone who didn’t like being “handslapped” on CDN cuz they can’t follow some simple rules. I personally have no problem with CDN’s rules because:
    A. I’m a grown up and can comprehend the fact that it’s not my site and if I don’t like it I can leave. And hey it’s FREE!
    B. They are there to keep the board running smoothly
    C. They are there to protect members from a small minority of shitheads.
    D. I know my privacy is being protected when I post stuff in BCD, GBU, Vent and when I PM people.

    Anyway, I’m going to go pull my BGP’s out of my crack now since they seem to have formed a giant bunch while sitting here reading this thread.

  393. riffrafflittleman says:

    Sharpie, I couldn’t agree more! I especially like C ๐Ÿ™‚

  394. Deanner03 says:

    How in the hell can anyone say that CDN is like DS??????
    The admin/mods make mistakes…they also own them. They are friends, so yes…they stick up for each other. I often disagree with statements some of them make, but they are MEMBERS of the board, just like the rest of us. They are entitled to have an opinion, and say it. They also put their bgp’s on and own their mistakes.
    And Peachy-you posted over there, created a big thread, got everyone to feel sorry for you, then split. That makes me think that you see how they handle people who whine incessantly (anyone remember the Miles threads…LOL) but do nothing about it, or you’re afraid to get called out for something. I wonder what it is.
    If it’s A Snap has issues on CDN with another member, you can BET the shit will hit the fan, and those ladies will pounce on her as fast as they can. They don’t put up with it AT ALL.
    I’m not a mod/admin and I don’t know any of them from any other boards, so I have no motive for posting this.
    If you don’t like CDN and/or the admin/mod team…don’t let the door hit you where the Lord split you.

  395. Nikki says:

    Deanna, as always, you’ve posted just what I was going to say! Thanks for doing it for me love!

    I can not believe that anyone would even BOTH to waste their time trying to compare CDN to DS. Have you no common sense? The only thing the two have in common is you can buy diapers from both sites.

    DS is a blow hole at best, CDN is like the disney land of message boards. Don’t like it? Fine, no one ever said you had to! Sitting here bitching about it because your feelings got hurt, or your butt hurt is like a whinny two year old, ANNOYING!

    Grow up!

  396. Nikki says:


  397. werd says:

    wow I disagree completely – CDN is NOTHING like DS! Say what you want, but it is just NOT POSSIBLE for a bunch of grown women to post on a internet board without rules. It’s like against the laws of physics – there will always be drama, people freaking out, liars, scammers etc. There just has to be rules. CDN has the least rules I’ve seen on a forum! And I’ve messed up posting and yes I got called on it, I was all butthurt etc etc but so has everyone else who has. And everyone gets over it and moves on.

    The admin treat everyone as fairly as humanly possible, I feel. True, I don’t post there anymore, but it has nothing to do with the admin or mods or rules or that crap, more to do with some of the newer idiots over there that I couldn’t stand anymore.

    But they are a new board, and I think they are doing a great job considering!! To compare them to DS is quite frankly insulting!

  398. JustPeachy says:

    No I posted over there because I knew on DS it would come back and bite me in the ass. I didn’t want anyone to feel sorry for me and how dare you say that. I needed a little support as I was going thru a tough time. Forgive me for doing that and I will remember to keep my shit to myself as I have done before.
    I didn’t split btw. I was on quite regularly just not posting. And note I updated my thread simply because a friend told me people were still responding.
    I never said I don’t like the mod admin team. I just said it was a bit ridiculous for them to come on here acting like they can control what is sad on here. I thought forum rules were just that rules for when you are on the damn forum. Last time I looked this is a seperate entity from either forum so their rules should not apply here.

  399. JustPeachy says:

    And FWIW I do not whine incessantly. I am not afraid to be called out over anything. At least I can’t think of anything but Im sure someone will come up with something to call me out about.

  400. JustPeachy says:

    Ugh said not sad.

  401. Deanner03 says:

    Wow…you sure can dish some shit out, but have some trouble taking it.
    I just call them like I see them. That’s all. Feel free to go back to CDN and post and prove me wrong.
    I have a feeling, however, that you won’t be warmly received after the shit you posted here.

  402. werd says:

    the only reason she was called out by Mom is because she potentially posted private messages here, FROM CDN. I’m sure none of us would like our private messages published here. And Jale was the one to comment about whatever happened on CDN, and Mom came on to clarify the situation. It’s not like she came here and out of thin air started in on Jale. It was warranted IMO!

  403. What a Wanker says:

    Can I ditto the question in 397? What the heck happened to the Bat girls? I didn’t go on for awhile and now it’s gone, or i can’t find it. I miss it.

  404. CDNation says:

    BG’s owner sold it.

  405. .bin. says:

    but it is just NOT POSSIBLE for a bunch of grown women to post on a internet board without rules.

    I’ve been on one for over 10 years that is just fine with absolutely no rules. Of course, they are actual grown women and men(for the most part) Sure some of them hate each other, some bitch, but there is no scamming and crazy stalking like there is on DS et al.

    I’m not saying I don’t enjoy CDN, but shocker here, we’re allowed to be a part of something and still have some complaints. This is just like the if you don’t like your government, leave your country arguement. Sure there are things about CDN I dislike, there are also a lot of things I do like.

  406. What a Wanker says:

    To Who?

    Oh, and can anyone link me to Peach’s CDN thread that she posted and then split after? Would love to make my own judgments on that

  407. AshleyB says:

    I don’t have any problems with CDN at all. And DS has rules against sharing PM’s also…they just don’t have the balls to come here and say anything though the entire DS admin team read this page. Anyway…if anyone has a problem with the diapering boards available they can certainly make their own message board!

  408. CDNation says:

    bin, I’m more than happy to listen to the things that people don’t like and see if it’s something that we can change. I think I’ve always been open to suggestions.

  409. zosiasmama says:

    To any of you who say CDN has too many rules…have you read our rules? Obviously not, they are short and simple and are about you acting like an adult. We do not read PM’s, but we do expect them to stay private, hence the P in PM.

    As for Jale, she knew she had past issues, she brought it up herself and therefore we, trying to always do our best to protect our members, investigated it and let her know that if any shady stuff occurs we will see it. She has past issues, she knows it and so does everyone else. If she has learned, well more power to her, but until we see that things are going well we will watch, it is our job.

    And if you don’t like things at CDN you have two choices, walk away or bring it up to admin. They are happy to look at the issue or even themselves, and after reflection they see they were wrong they are big enough to admit it, apologize and do better next time. CDN is a new board, we are all learning as we go. And if after that you still aren’t happy then I shall quote my friend Deanner above “donโ€™t let the door hit you where the Lord split you.”

    Oh and Sharpie, Werd, Deanner, riffrafflittleman, .bin, and AshleyB…big fat kisses for you all!

  410. Nikki says:

    CDN is very open to suggestions! They actually appreciate their members and don’t pussyfoot around when it comes to scammers and trolls.

    They’re the most compassionate bored I have ever been a member of. Mom is one of the nicest, caring sincere people I know online.

    Trust me when I say this, it takes a lot for her to come out and say something. When it comes to CDN she is extremely cautious with her words, as to not offend or “handslap” the members.

    Mom had every right to come here and post!

    And Bin, if you like CDN then why are you here wasting time complaining? *eye roll* You don’t like hand slaps but you sure know how to bad mouth!

  411. just_sayin says:

    #415 and 397, Raven took it over. It’s Misschevious now, but there’s been some glitch for months now and I can’t view it at all. There’s some back story there, but I’m not 100% sure what it is. It’s been a while, and I was never on either team, KWIM? MissChevious wasn’t the same anyway. Not that anything can be as good as BG was, especially when everyone was there, like Pam. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    I disagree that you can’t have a board without rules. I owned a board for years that had no rules, and the crazy thing was, we didn’t have any drama (to be fair, the population was small and pretty homogeneous). There’s only one “rule’ on this blog, and it hasn’t self destructed. Shocker. And the people who come here ARE looking for a fight, lol.

    As far as posting PM’s. Nothing on the internet is private. As soon as someone gets an email or PM, the recipient can do whatever they want with it. You cant police the interwebz from your message board TOS. That’s silly.

    #420, I think some people here have been honest about some things that they want changed. It seems relatively small, IMO. Stop nit picking your members about minor infractions. Let people post what they want, as much as they want. Maybe add some mods that aren’t in the clique. Your mods ARE really clique-ey. Who wants their ass busted 8 different times for one mistake? That’s what your mods do. It’s nice they like each other, but it makes everyone feel like they are the SS and the posters are the Jews, you know? Well, that’s a bit extreme, but it’s all my sleep deprived brain could come up with since I recently saw Schindler’s List on HBO, lol. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Your mods aren’t that bad, but they do give off a vibe, and they tend to gang up. I think it needs to be nipped in the bud, so adding some mods who aren’t in the clique might be smart.

    You could also poll your members. Sure, 80% of them will be typical sheeple and scream “We love you CDN!!! WOOT!!” But some people will actually give you thoughtful responses that might end up being a great idea. Just a thought. All in all, though you will score the warm fuzzy awww CDN CARES about us. {{{HUGS}}} stuff from the masses.

    And for everyone who went batshit because some of us dared to criticize CDN, maybe we really want a message board alternative to DS, and we have high hopes that CDN can be it. It might be possible that we are hoping for something better. Kissing ass doesn’t make a message board better. Do you really think CDN is perfect and has no room for improvement?

  412. Jenn says:

    misschevious.net IS different than BG’s but is still a fab place to be IMHO.

  413. CDNation says:


    I would love input from the members to see what needs to be changed, what could be made better.

    We want people to have an alternitive if they want, and I believe that we have always cared about our members.

    And yes you’re right I can’t police what people do with their private messages, but I can ask them not to share them with other people without the other parties concent. Only seems right to me. Again, it’s caring about your members.

    What minor infractions do we nit pick about?

  414. Nikki says:

    Of course nothing on the internet is 100% private. Anyone who thought that for one second is crazy. But there is this thing called respect. It is disrespectful to take a PRIVATE MESSAGE and post it else where for others to read. REGARDLESS of what’s in the PM.

    I don’t see anyone going “batshit” over the criticism of CDN. I, for one, stated my personal opinions about CDN and I wouldn’t even think to act as a “sheeple” and be a “kiss ass”. If I don’t like something I don’t support it in any way.

    There’s always room for improvement! So if you’re hopping for something better then feel free to make your own board. Then we can come in and make suggestions for improvements. I find it hard to believe that a message board with no rules could go with out no drama what so ever.

    Just saying….

  415. Nicole says:


  416. zosiasmama says:

    See I think you are waaaay off. First I am a mod and was never in the “clique”, I was a very infrequent poster at BG. I just happen to agree with a lot of what the admin says and does. And when i don’t I voice it and we talk and figure it out.

    And as for your other complaints….we do let people post what they want, but I for one like to give people a heads up if I know exactly how it will go, I will never tell anyone they can’t, cuz we don’t do that, but after being on boards long enough I know how it will turn out. But if they want to do it more power to them.

    CDN is so far from DS. Nuff said.

    Anyone who has suggestions is welcome to bring it up, we are all open to it. CDN is new we are all learning and we do make mistakes, it will happen.

    We know that PM’s being private can not be enforced, but seriously it takes a moron to think that posting them will be taken well. We only ask they they use their head and don’t do it. It’s called common sense.

    So two questions for you.
    What are the minor infractions you think we handslap for?

    What exactly was your issue with CDN, I know I have seen you bring it up several times here, just curious.

  417. JustPeachy says:

    I have posted on CDN but I am not anymore. Even if I wanted to I can’t because somehow my account disappeared.

  418. me says:

    Wait, it has been mentioned here that *LOL* The DS mods can’t police what you say online anywhere else no matter what they think!”
    But then CND can?

  419. hrm's mom says:

    418 To Who?

    Oh, and can anyone link me to Peachโ€™s CDN thread that she posted and then split after? Would love to make my own judgments on that

    me too!!

  420. Nicole says:

    Isn’t that weird. My comments here weren’t posted. Whatevah!

  421. zosiasmama says:

    seriously, your jumping on us asking people to use their head and not post private messages? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that it is distasteful. But anyways no one said it is against rules or they can’t…only asked them not to. Is it too much to ask people to be decent? I would be pissed if anyone posted a private message from me. I know it is the net, but there is still the hope that the women on CDN have some sense in their head. Most do, those who do not do dumb stuff like that.

  422. Sharpie says:

    I’m sorry but the argument just doesn’t cut the mustard for me. If you really want a good alternative to DS and you like CDN but have issues with some stuff you’d talk to an Admin about it not come on here to do it. I’ve seen Mom post multiple times about how she is always open to suggestions/complaints and ideas to make the board better. Mom is very impartial and isn’t going to be rude or snappy if you have something to say so if you have an issue go to her.

    As for the clique issue, I personally don’t see it although others have stated it is an issue for them. There are plenty of people on CDN who are friends and back each other up 99.9% of the time but you don’t tend to see people calling them out. I think this is more of a power issue than a clique issue, just like on DS the rule enforcers aka Mods and Admin aren’t the most popular people. Kind of sucks to be the hall monitor sometimes!

  423. Kris says:

    If you give feedback/voice discontent to admin at CDN, they listen and take it into account. If you give feedback/voice discontent to admin at DS you’re banned. I’m not seeing the similarities here…

  424. Deanner03 says:

    CDN isn’t trying to police what you say elsewhere. I think what Sam is saying (and please correct me if I”m wrong, and I’ll gladly admit it) is that people have the ASSumption of privacy when they send a PRIVATE message. CDN is doing the best they can to keep them private by NOT monitoring them (like DS) and asks the members to keep them private. THey can do NOTHING to members who publicly display PM’s elsewhere (other than take away their pm priveliges) but are warning the people who choose to do this that the members of CDN will not take this lightly, and will issue a prompt and harsh beat-down. I would hope nobody would share anything I”ve said in PM on an open forum. I’ve said some PERSONAL things in PM’s. I know NOTHING on the interweb is TRULY private, but I trust the person/people I pm to not spread it around.
    Feel free to Bash CDN all over the net, but don’t go back and expect people to be all ducks and bunnies. Those of use who love CDN will defend it, and you will be dealt with.

  425. JustPeachy says:

    Its also pretty distasteful to disable someones account just because they don’t agree with you monitoring another site.

  426. nu says:

    This blog post has lots of turns and twists.
    I like CDN because it is smaller. I’ve not had any major issues with DS, except I think it is VERY “cliquey”.

    To each their own. No one makes you login to their site. You don’t like it…don’t go.

    you=anyone….not directing this at one person.

    I do manage to follow this blog…have for about a year.

  427. naturalmamadot says:

    WOW. Really? Since when is it anyones business how much peach posts? OBVIOUSLY she was going through a hard time, for all we knew hubby could of found the posts and taken the fuckin kids in the night, or she could be going through a divorce and just couldnt sort things out enough to bring herself to post on everyone elses sunshine threads, or she could of had to move out to a place with no comp. REALLY? …REALLY? thats all I can even come up with right now. Is it honestly anyones fucking business whether or not she signs on for a fucking month after she posts? I dont fucking thing so.
    She posts and shares and trusts CDN because she knows damn well she cant trust DS and she gets someone checking up on how much she posts during a hard time and calling her out on it, asking for links so yea lets all poke at her hard time, lets all check up on how much she posted after that..ooh someone link me so I can make it my business.

    I am absolutely disgusted that ladies I thought were really nice from CDN are making it out to be any of their business what she does after she has to go through something like that.
    Lets hope you (anyone thinking they have a right to patrol peaches posts) never have to post about ANYTHING less than sunshines and rainbows, because you bet we will all be on your ass asking for links and tallying your posts afterwards. Better not “split” lest you become an outcast for going through a hard time and not being able to deal with it at that second. God I know where NOT to post next time I have anything other than an “everything is perfect” post, I thought there might be support on CDN but shit that was just blown out of the water. I cannot believe she is being treated like this.

    Whether or not I agree with her, has nothing to do with my opinion on policing her posts. She has every right to post for support, read the ((hugs)) and never post again, the board does not have a post whore requirement, it is there for what you need it for. If that is only FSOT, fine. If that is only wahm, fine. If that is only for support because you may not have anyone IRL to talk to FINE!

    She could sit on here and list everything she hates about CDN…she has that right…and she should be able to do it instead of like on DS where if you post anything against them you are outcasted and fucked over.

    I am just disgusted right now, sry if this is all over the place or repetitive.

  428. Sharpie says:

    Really now, CDN’s rules are based on using common sense, respect and decency when it comes to using the forum. I don’t understand why people are having such an issue with the PM’ing rule, if you aren’t going to break it (because breaking it would just mean you are a plain old fecal face who has no respect for your fellow members) then why do you care?

  429. nu says:

    Hum….can’t seem to get into CDN….had that problem last night…it kicks me out…..:(

  430. Deanner03 says:

    To 435-I don’t care WHY she hasn’t posted in a while. ALl I intended to say is that it was funny that she’s running CDN down when she hasn’t been active on the board. How does she know how absolutely HORRIBLE it is when she’s not there.
    That’s like saying that my house is a mess when you haven’t been there in a month.
    If I crossed the line, I’ll put my bgp on and apologize. So, Peachy, I apologize. I’m not a COMPLETE and utter bitch.

    Ok…I am. Who am I kidding?

  431. Sharpie says:

    CDN is having board issues today that may be why you nu and peach can’t get on.


  432. mmspirit7 says:

    I think I am missing something

  433. zosiasmama says:

    naturalmamadot- have you seen anyone link to her thread? No, cuz if they want to find it they can on their own. She can post how ever much about whatever as far as i am concerned.

    And no Peach/Sakura, your acopunt has not been deleted, we DO NOT DO THAT, there have beena few glitches, did you ever think of that? Maybe try the contact admin button? Also i already let an admin know and I am sure they will check into it when they see my PM.

  434. JustPeachy says:

    I haven’t been active much because when I first started posting on there I had a banner in my siggy that was to earn me some fluff money and I got bitched at for it. I was actually quite humiliated by that and took it as a sign that CDN is not very welcoming at least on the mods parts.

  435. A Mom says:

    I’m Admin and can’t get on right now due to issues. No one is being “kept out” or having their accounts disabled.

  436. naturalmamadot says:

    #438 It was my understanding, and I havent checked so dont hold me to this…that she was on the board during that time but didnt post at all or much. I probably wouldnt be posting to everyones sunshine threads when I was dealing with that either.
    Sry if I came out throwin bows, but I couldnt imagine someone trying to say I didnt post enough lol I am totally not a post whore and never will be, it takes actual effort to post to shit I dont care about.

  437. A Mom says:

    You were humiliated by a PM? Or was it done in public?

    BTW: There are stickies that talk about siggy rules.

  438. mmspirit7 says:

    you can know what is going on on a board with out posting. I do it all the time on other boards….sometimes you don’t want to add anything but what to see what others are saying I didn’t know there was a rule you had to post when you joined CDN…I have one post there maybe two.

    Honestly i am looking around it and such still.

  439. hrm's mom says:

    well I know i asked for a link but as the first person who posted said I really did want to make my own mind up about the issues that people supposedly had with her. I kind of thought that was what this drama blog was all about, instead we get a hand slap for asking for a link. I believe there are several links in this thread that have the “same types of issues” and people made fun of that person. I honestly did not know who JustPeach was on CDN so how the hell was I suppose to find the thread on my own?

  440. naturalmamadot says:

    now that I think about it I have NO idea when my last post was haha. I respond in my head, but honestly normally no drama subject is worth it to make a shit ton of ppl hate me and most regular subjects either have a ton of correct responses already or I just have nothing valuable to add

  441. mmspirit7 says:

    447 I don’t know who some peope are on other threads unless there name are the same

  442. me me me says:

    This thread is giving me a headache. Wow!

  443. naturalmamadot says:

    I didnt mean to hand slap or attempt to, I just meant that the way it was asked for made ME feel that it was more of a “ooh lets look at her hard time and poke that she hasnt posted since” instead of “well I think we are being too hard on her and Id like to see her post so I can support my feelings”

    anyways, nothing against posting links I just was already annoyed and so the asking for the link felt malicious

  444. mmspirit7 says:

    opp meant people not peope

  445. Sharpie says:

    Every time someone says “hand slapping” a rabbit loses it’s ears.

  446. dirtyj says:

    lol Isnt is someone kills a kitten or chuck norris kicks a dog or something like that.

  447. naturalmamadot says:

    lol there are a lot of funny dif ones

  448. A Mom says:

    Peach, your account on CDN is there. I don’t know why you can’t find it. What exactly is the problem you are having?

    Yes…I’m finally able to log back in. Stupid anti-virus software was being picky! grrr

  449. Monkey says:

    Hmmm… I guess I just haven’t seen these “problems” on CDN.

    My favorite CDN moment was when I apologized for using profanity in a thread and a mod posted right after me and said, “Don’t apologize. You’re a big girl. You’re allowed to curse if you want.”

    I guess I just can’t see these problems people are talking about because I’m pretty mouthy and opinionated yet I’ve never been bitched at once (and I used to get spanked ALL THE TIME at DS or have threads I was interested in deleted).

    The difference between DS and CDN is that when I post something, even if it’s “controversial” at CDN I don’t worry about getting a strike. And I genuinely feel like if I had a complaint I could tell the mods and they would actually consider it.

    I’m not a sheeple and I’m not an ass kiss. I never have been. I honestly like CDN 500x more than I ever did DS. I feel like it’s okay to be a thoughtful, intelligent grown up there. And I honestly think there is a higher quality of mama on CDN than DS. Sure, there are a couple of posters I really dislike… but even with that I feel like they are more intelligent and more independent than the majority of mamas on DS.

  450. theinvisible says:

    Jale- you all but invited scrutiny by alluding to past problems which weren’t difficult to find out about so suck it up and act right and everything will be ok

    Is CDN perfect, no. Is it way better than DS, yes. Are there bitches and cliques and over reactions. You bet. In my mind Dana will never be ok with me after jumping all over someone (sorry, forgot who) for innocently asking about the Tara drama here. I mean Dana pretty much said “your new here so you obviously don’t know who you’re messing with, I’ll destroy you”. I almost stopped going to CDN right there but there was some damage control on the part of the board and it was ok but now I know who to stay away from KWIM. Deanner’s comment “you will be dealt with” reminds me of that. That’s where the rampant clique comes in. Don’t say shit I don’t like or me and my posse with jump your ass. How DS. But I like CDN and am willing to stick around to see what happens to the posses as they usually implode anyway.

  451. JustPeachy says:

    It says my password is wrong which I have never changed it so I dont wtf is up with that. Don’t really care anymore as I learned my lesson to just keep to myself and post randomly rather then share anything.

  452. Nicole, your comments weren’t posted because something either changed in your information, or you’re a new poster.

  453. CDNation says:

    Ok, Peach either email me and I’ll re set your password, or use the reset password button and you should be good. I have no idea whats going on there.

    # 433 — email me with your user name and I’ll check your account to see what’s going on.


  454. CDNation says:


    Lets talk about your siggy, cause now I remember and it was me who pm’ed you. When I pm people who are new about their siggys I start out with I know you’re new and I hate to do this to you right away, I know that you don’t know, but we have a rule about blinkies and banners advertising in your siggys, We ask that they not be there or in avi’s, we have a really good advertising rate if you’d like to use that. Can you take it out of your siggy please.

    Now tell me how that’s to make you feel handslapped or how ever you feel.

    If I recall, you said it’s not my store it’s so I can make some money, and I think my response would have been some thing along the lines of, I’m sorry but they’re not allowed, you’re more than welcome to use a link.

    That’s what you’re all bent out of shape about? I’m not being snarky, I want to know. Because I think it was me who sent the pm, and I have never been nasty or rude or anything like that about it.

  455. diudiaole says:

    Can someone please explain what a ‘crayon roll’ is and wtf it’s for? thank-you.

  456. hrm's mom says:

    I am sorry if the post came off that way but I am almost positive it said something to the effect of wanting to form my own opinion on the matter. But I did just copy someone elses post and say I too wanted to know. Anyway I am still not sure I understand what all the fuss was about and I really did not understand that it was that kind of post. Meaning I did not know what the post was that irritated people, I personally have seen the post for the last couple of days but never actually looked at it after the first day. Because A-I did not know the person who was having the problem and B- I had nothing to add or help the person out. I assumed the post discussed here was about something else completely so I am sorry if I offended anyone.

  457. A Mom says:

    Peach, I’ve been back thru all of your threads/posts and you’ve had nothing but support on anything you’ve posted.

    So really…you’ve got a bug up your butt because you got the exact same PM sent to anyone with a siggy that falls outside the guidelines? That PM (or similar wording) HUMILIATED you? Suck it up porkchop, it’s happened to just about everyone.

    And seriously, there’s a “forgot password” option on the board that will let you back in. But posting here and jumping to the conclusion that your account is gone is definitely the better way to go. :thumbsup:

  458. A Mom says:

    diudiaole: I believe a crayon roll is to hold crayons in little pockets and then you roll it up, tie it so that they all stay together. I’m thinking it’s like a sling for crayons. :shrug:

  459. werd says:

    ugh the dramaz. if you have a problem with the way CDN is run, either try to help them change it in a positive way, or leave! simple as that.

    And me supporting CDN doesn’t make me a kiss-ass, I don’t even post there anymore! But they are new, and they are not perfect. if you are looking for a perfect forum, shell out the cash and start your own. It’s a thankless job.

  460. werd says:

    and yes that’s a crayon roll, they are great!

  461. Nicole says:

    The Drama Mama,

    Thank you for posting my comments. I don’t normally come on here, so I don’t really know the ropes ๐Ÿ™‚

    I still don’t see what the big stink is all about with CDN. You women act as though you have to control everything and everyone in the interwebz, well, sorry, dears, that’s not how it rolls.

    Move it along….

  462. Nicole says:


    I don’t see how you consider a bunch of ladies being friends a “posse” Who’s out to get everyone with their big bad “cliques” *EYE ROLL*

    I was accused of being in the “clique” and I can tell you now there is no “clique”. There is a team of mods and admin, but you know what, they’re as equal as the rest of the board. I have seen almost all of them apologize for being in the wrong! How’s that ANYTHING like DS? DS gives everyone viruses and they still can’t own it.

  463. diudiaole says:

    ahh thank-you… I just keep seeing them advertised all over DS.. we only do bath crayons here anymore b/c I’ve still got a few crayon scribbles on the walls I need to scrub off. grrr

  464. theinvisible says:

    Ok, I concede. No posse, just bitches who act like they have one trying to intimidate people. That’s so much better. And “eye roll”, the same circumstance exists on pretty much any board with a bunch of women so I don’t down CDN for it. Admin has little control over that. Unfortunately, when defenders come here and try to break bad with don’t talk trash or you’ll get the beat down on CDN it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. FYI, I don’t see anyone acting as if they control everything around here but we certainly have a right to talk about anything we fucking please. If it hurts your feelings to read it then buhbye.

  465. DSDM2 says:

    Stop with the CDN shit. Seriously. I don’t mind you all coming here and commenting, but come on. Fight it out on your own board.

    Private messages are no longer private once they are sent to a recipient. They no longer belong to you at that point.

    This is not CDN, so the rules should not apply here.

    I agree with some of the posters, treat people like adults and they will act like them. We have one rule here: no posting addresses. It works well for us. Hand-slapping is not my style.

    And FTR, I think that BGs rocked a LOT more than CDN does.

  466. zosiasmama says:

    hrm’s mom- the reason I did not link to Peach/Sakura’s thread is because this is not the drama of CDN this is the drama of DS, I did not know if you were a CDN member or not, either way it is not too hard to find her threads, which it seems like you did.

    BTW, I agree with you on the whole people saying stuff like “do that and you will get the smack down”, it is stupid and childish. Some people don’t like CDN? Fine with me, it will not be for everyone.

    DSDM2- I totally agree that the CDN stuff should stop. Your blog is great but it is not about CDN. But CDN does rock, as did BG (well for the frit while at least certainly not at the end), but CDN is new and we are working out kinks. I guess that is why I felt the need to come here and defend us. We are working hard on making it a great place and we do make mistakes, but none of us are above correction and we take it when needed and do better next time.

  467. hrm's mom says:

    Well I understand this is not the drama of CDN however I have seen links to other sites so not sure why it matters if you posted it or not? But yes I did find it after someone, maybe you, posted her name on CDN.

  468. CDNation says:

    DSDM2 I apologize for starting this with my pm comment. It was unnecessary here and I should have taken it to pms too.

    But we are not bg’s and have never claimed to be.

    Thanks for having this site, to help me find the “scammers” etc.

  469. Nicole says:

    What a crock of shit! Seriously, I don’t have the time nor the patients to sit here and argue with a bunch of unhappy-piddly women. Get over yourselves! If it makes you feel better about yourself to trash other people and a message board full of great women, then fine, have at it. Hope you sleep well at night.

  470. Nicole says:

    Yea, and this blog is called “The Drama of Diaper Swappers” NOT The Drama of CDN


  471. Nicole says:

    I bet none of you who are sitting here talking out your asses will out yourselves.

  472. theinvisible says:

    Wow, someone sure got their panties in a bunch over nothing. Go shopping or have sex or something. You’ll feel better, I promise.

  473. Nicole says:

    I’m not wearing panties, I don’t need to go shopping and I had sex this morning, but thanks for the input.

    I still don’t see any of you outing yourselves. hmmm

  474. BffMama says:

    oy. vey.

  475. theinvisible says:

    LOL! It’s just not that serious. BTW, I don’t post on either board anyway. I just read the nonsense and laugh. Everyone loves CDN and everyone hates DS. Is it all better now?

  476. Nicole says:

    If it’s just laughable material to you and you don’t post on either board, then why post about it here? Drama whore much?

  477. mmspirit7 says:

    Nicole….ummm your being the huffy puffy drama whore this thing died then you came on huffing and puffing about this and that because people were venting if you don’t like it they why are you here are you a drama whore?? i mean if others are drama whores for posting here than so are you.

  478. Nicole says:

    mmspirit7, No I’m really not being a drama whore at all. I see that this is all died down. That’s all fine and well. I just don’t think that it’s right to bash a board and all it’s members and it’s admin team when they’ve really done nothing wrong. Whatever though, just my 2 ยข

  479. Messy says:

    Hey Nicole! For your info, most of the regular posters here have no reason to out ourselves since everyone already knows who we are!

  480. Cheesewhiz says:

    I’m confused.

    That is all.

  481. BffMama says:

    I smell Tiffalooney.

  482. theinvisible says:

    Hey Nicole, just to clarify, I post here because I can be my super bitchtastic self. Can’t do that anywhere else so I just BST and mind my business. When I can call you a cunt on CDN or DS I’ll be all over it. Now go home to lalaland.

  483. CDNation says:

    *snort* theinvisible, you can call her a cunt on CDN it’ll just show up as pink cookie.

  484. BffMama says:

    Man, I missed that’s it’s pink cookie and not beautiful flower now!

  485. Nicole says:

    Yes, lets all call nasty names. So mature. Point proven. Thanks!

  486. theinvisible says:

    All right, I’ll be right over! Pink cookie is close enough. And Nicole, it was all in good fun, nothing personal and I said twice that I didn’t fault the board but there were some people that came off kind of strong. I don’t see that as attacking the board and all the nice mama’s on it. And If I were a drama whore I’d be posting my business all over the other (very populous) boards and not this one (cough,cough). But you seemed to want to get into it somehow even after it was dead so here it is. Yep, called you a name. Contrary to what you may think you haven’t really proven any points at all except your desperation to enter the fray. So think of something really witty to say and I’ll check back in a few hours to see if you came up with anything.

  487. Jale says:

    CDNation/A Mom-
    So wait Its A Snap can post the PMs on HC, etc yet I cant post them here? Not towards you all but im tired of not posting the whole story and then i get called the bad guy.

    FTR- i didnt come here and whine, i didnt start this thread about IAS.. i wanted to add that I didnt have the best transaction with her. It wasnt about drama- it was saying “I asked a simple question and she went crazy”. We have not spoken and the rest is finished. As far as being watched and posting it, it wasnt smart and i certainly know for the future.

  488. CDNation says:


    I didn’t know she had posted them on HC. Can you please pm me a link.


  489. Nicole says:

    Okay, got ya. My opinion was not wanted/needed. I never post here anyways. So I really don’t give a rats ass.

    There, you happy, there’s my witty come back.


  490. DSDM2 says:

    CDNation, my guess is here: http://hyenacart.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=110889&start=20 but I don’t have access to make sure.

  491. DSDM2 says:

    Actually, I’m fairly sure it was in there according to emails from Bad Hyena. It may or maynot have been edited.

  492. What a Wanker says:

    Wow, this train wreck really got sidetracked. I really DID want to read Peach’s thread and form my own opinion. Bunch of silly women getting their panties in a bunch over nothing. Guess when there’s nothing to get stupid over, you’ll find something.

    Anyway, I guess I won’t read that thread, since (god forbid) it’s not on DS and I can’t find justpeach or peach or any username even close in the member list at CDN, so I’m going to assume that those who refused to give the link out just didn’t want to be seen for the petty, overbearing, judgmental witches they truly are.

  493. naturalmamadot says:

    No, everyone just read the comments on this thread and found out her SN on CDN and went and looked it up themselves

  494. CDNation says:

    what a wanker,

    if you go to the thread in the good/bad/ugly that says who’s who on the drama blog, you’ll find out who she and others are.

  495. CDNation says:

    Oh and thanks DSDM2 for the link.

  496. KAL says:

    Just wanted to respond with all the intro threads on CDN, the noobs always comment on how the women over there are so welcoming. I know there is going to be little cliques or ladies who hang or talk to other ladies more often, but I don’t feel like it’s anything like DS.

  497. Messy says:

    #508 CDNation, I cannot find a thread nor a board named good/bad/ugly ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  498. CDNation says:

    Humm Messy, you need 100 posts to get into it. It’s one of the post count opt in forums.

  499. Messy says:

    Yup. I lurk mostly. Not very many posts. Ah well. Honestly, I don’t want to hunt down something Peachy wrote anyhow. It is not like we all don’t vent at some point about something.

  500. AshleyB says:

    Peach is sakura on CDN. Post #447 here stated that ๐Ÿ™‚

  501. JustPeachy says:

    Yup Im Sakura. And yes for those who care and want to get a good laugh, my dh and I are in talks to TTC. Im sure that will come up eventually so I might as well lay all my cards on the table. However the story is that we are discussing TTC in ooooooooooh 5 months barring any major catastrophes. So thats that.

  502. AshleyB says:

    Peach, I wasn’t posting your s/n to be a bitch. G’luck TTC! I hope everything works out for you guys! And I wouldn’t have bothered replying to #506 asking except it had already been previously mentioned AND I think that’s like the 3rd time someone asked about seeing the thread.

  503. JustPeachy says:

    Oh I know Ashley but I figured the whole ttc thing would come up eventually and ppl would be like wtf she is having hubs issues and ttc and run with it. So it was my way of addressing the issues before it got to a point where I looked stupid.

  504. JustPeachy says:

    And FWIW I dont care who knows who I am. I don’t hide and the only reason I have a diff s/n on CDN is because I needed a bit of a change. Im some form of peach on almost every board I frequent.

  505. Kelolsen says:

    CND was born b/c people on another board were saying how much we’d love to have a new diaper board that was better than DS. CDNation wanted to start it and we all encouraged her- so of course there are “friends” on there b/c we were all the first members when she first started it up – we all new each other from the other board. Its not so much of a “clique” as a circle as another said – people who just knew each other already when the board was created.

  506. Deanner03 says:

    OK, I didn’t mean to criticize what Peach/Sakura posted. We all post vents, etc, and we’ve all had dh issues (TRUST ME, I’ve btdt). I just found it odd that she posted this very PERSONAL thread then disappeared. Again, if I crossed the line, I apologize. I’m not heartless. We’ve all been there. And Peach, good luck TTC. My dh and I have/had a lot of issues since the word go, but we have two children. I don’t judge. I’m not in YOUR shoes. If I offended anyone, I apologize.
    And as for the smack down comments or whatever, I merely meant to say that if you go to CND merely to create drama and/or scam, it’s not taken lightly. I didn’t mean that if you disagree we’ll beat you. Seriously, take a look at hot topics. We go rounds and rounds, then support each other elsewhere. It’s the nature of the beast.

  507. What a Wanker says:


    Found your thread, read it, found nothing worthy of anything bad against you at all. I hope you plan on coming back to CDN. Glad to hear you and hubby are working on it and good luck TTC! Hopefully it will be a boy this time, well, if that’s what you want ๐Ÿ™‚

  508. JustPeachy says:

    Thank you! We are going to TTC as early as possibly September so we have a bit of time to see how things pan out. And of course I want a boy LOL. Have you seen my siggy? 3 girls and each one a drama queen in her own right. I wonder where they picked that up from *rolls eyes*.

  509. me me me says:

    GL TTC Peach. Itty Bittty fluff rocks. hee hee

  510. me me me says:

    Does anyone know Snatches hyena cart email to I can be sure to black list her.

  511. DSDM2 says:

    Teresa Link candlegranny@winco.net I think.

  512. me me me says:

    Awesome, thank you. How many email addys does she have, man. I already BL the one she has in her HC profile. So that’s 3. God she’s a shady bitch.

  513. JustAMama says:

    Blunderwear. Ha! What a joke.

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