The My DH/SO Rocks Thread

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The My DH/SO Rocks Thread

Kinda getting sick of the DH/SO bashing around here. Lets post 5 reasons our DH/SO Rocks.

1. DH is willing to work half way across the country just to support us and works mad OT to cover those added expenses.

2. He feels guilty for being away from us so much, even though he’s working like a dog for our well being.

3.Doesn’t get mad at me or make fun of me when I am PMSing.

4. Knows when chocolate, bubble bath and cute cards are in order.

5. Doesn’t complain about a messy house and take out for dinner even though I know it makes him cringe inside.

I know I said 5, but here is no 6 and most important to me.

6. He’s a really caring father that knows he’s not perfect, but wants to be.

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Re: The My DH/SO Rocks Thread

Originally Posted by mum2corbie View Post
Kinda getting sick of the DH/SO bashing around here..

I think its wonderful you have a + post worthy hubby. Not everyone does tho and I think we all need to be here to be supportive of ALL who choose to use diaperswappers as thier online community *in ranting or raving*.

I know I use DS to cry and vent sometimes…cause…guess what you all are my only adult contact most days.

I guess what I’m saying is we can all find offense in things that are posted. A post that might have offended you turned into a s/o post that offends others.

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Re: The My DH/SO Rocks Thread

Originally Posted by mum2corbie
Oh my dh has looooods of issues I could post about. But I rather focus on the positive.

A great concept, but somedays we can’t.. and thats ok.

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Re: The My DH/SO Rocks Thread

Originally Posted by Primm_n_Proper_Baby
A great concept, but somedays we can’t.. and thats ok.

Maybe I missed something…

Are you offended that she started a thread about the pos things our so/dh’s do?

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Re: The My DH/SO Rocks Thread

Originally Posted by Primm_n_Proper_Baby
A great concept, but somedays we can’t.. and thats ok.

Are you really meaning to rain on this parade?? I would assume not, but your posts sorta read that way….

Do I sense some jealousy??

  1. eb says:

    Nobody is saying anything….that makes me anxious for some reason. Uncomfortable silence…

  2. me me me says:

    WOW, it’s been awhile since a thread I started or had a staring roll in made it up here. **takes bow**

  3. me me me says:

    PnP Pmed me. She’s having a bad day. We both hit a nerve, her’s for not wanting to see sunshine n roses re: dhs and mine for being spent from dealing with emotional adults.

    I have no desire to truly hurt anyone so I edited my posts to attempt to be a little nicer. I’m weak, I can’t be bitch when ppl are nice back.

  4. sugarpie says:

    my dh is amazing because when he has to go to training or just leave for a while he knows that going to get my nails, or hair done or going to buy a new outfit makes me feel amazing. (he HATES fake nails and i love them so he sucks it up for my happiness!)

    he goes above and beyond for me when ever he can. we came into some money and the first thing he did was buy me a new truck and paid it off!

    theres more but its 1am and i am exhausted

  5. melmelly says:

    What was the deal with her before(PnP)? I can’t remember.

    But seriously! Why go inabd take a dump on a super positive post? I’ll post my stuff tomorrow when my computer is on. DS is annoying to post on from my phone.

  6. melmelly says:

    See? My phone sucks!

    *in and

  7. messy says:

    Heck, when I am not mad at dh (like I am at this moment LOL) I will post on the “happy dh thread”! 😉
    But I gotta say, I am jealous as hell! I had no idea you could have a threesome with something that wasn’t an attention whore, always trying to get their own self-gratification, bringing bizarre toys into the bed, licking inappropriately constantly, and sticking their nose in places that you really wish it didn’t go! Fucking chihuahua is not a good third wheel!

  8. Monkey says:

    I think the OP kind of asked for it with her “getting kind of sick about the DH/SO bashing threads”. It was just kind of a snarky way to say it, like she was saying all of those mamas who do come on DS to vent about DH’s are “bad” in some way.

    And I think PNP was trying to say that, but didn’t really make her point clear.

    Messy, you think the chihuahu is bad, try 70 lbs of doberman and a vicious cat.

  9. Taterbug says:

    #4, IIRC, she was very recently on the verge of divorce and is now trying to work things out. Since leopards don’t change their spots overnight, I’m guessing she was having a rough day with her H.

  10. behooooooove says:

    ROFL messy…..Did I miss something? That was ummm interesting! :0)

  11. me me me says:

    #9 What’s IIRC mean?

    Yes, she told me that in PM. She apologized for jumping on me and projecting. We’re cool now. I wasn’t trying to be offensive. I was actually trying to get away from the drama threads and focus on the positive to keep myself from stewing over how annoyed I was at some of the replies in another thread (not the OP of the other thread but the anti-male replies that make it seem like men are worthless scum of the earth and woman are sooooooooo the helpless victims-really annoys me to no end).

    Anywho, I don’3t word things the best at times so I can see why she got upset, just pissed me off that it wasn’t taken to PM, no need to messy up a positive thread. KWIM?

    #10 I think messy was referencing the Threesome Thread. *Giggle**

  12. JustPeachy says:

    I have to say I would get a bit peeved to. I mean to those who do have dhs who don’t necessarily rock its almost rubbing it in there face. I sort of felt like that too because although my dh isnt a total heel he is not the type to surprise me or be any type of romantic. And I fully admit I am totally jealous of all the other mama’s dhs. Maybe their dhs can start a dh boot camp so we can get our slacking hubs into gear.

  13. JustPeachy says:

    And IIRC is if i recall correctly.

  14. mmspirit7 says:

    i was avoiding that thread because my dh is deployed and i don’t want to see other people happy LOL

  15. Kelolsen says:

    I get sick of the DH is a jerk posts…. I mean really – if any one’s DH was seen posting about what a bitch or a pain in the ass nag his wife was she’d have a fit. I tend to say to myself, “would I want DH to say this about me?” and if not, I try to not post it. I try to not bash DH online, esp NOT on DS.

  16. Kelolsen says:

    and part of me wants to say “is this what he was like when you dated? If so, shut up!”

  17. Kelolsen says:

    So people can’t vent about some things b/c it might upset about people who don’t have those things….. and moms can’t praise or get excited about something awesome their DH did b/c other women who have DHs who aren’t like that get upset. But you are allowed to go ona nd on if your DH is a jerk??? NOted…

  18. me me me says:

    #12 trust me, My Dh will not be winning any awards for Dh of the year. He’s got LOTS of quirks that make it haaaaaaaaaaaaaaard to not smash him. But, I thought it would be nice focus on something positive ATM. Trust me, no one needs to be jealous of my Dh, unless you like men with anxiety disorders, ADD, mother issues and can’t speak socially. ROFL. But bless his heart, he tries and means well, so I try to focus on that part. Hes a work in progress, as am I.

    #15 Yes, that. It not easy to take a step back and put yourself in the others shoes, but it really is important to do so. I don’t do things the best way, but I’m not to proud to say I am sorry and make amends. Lots of those woman would do that for anything they will carry those bones to their graves.

  19. hrm's mom says:

    I don’t post much here mostly just read and laugh. However, I find it strange that people are able to post all the bad things about their DH’s and everyone joins in and goes off on their own DH’s but let someone try to post a nice thread about DH and everyone gets all bent out of shape. My DH is not always the best but he has wonderful qualities that I would rather focus on.

  20. JustPeachy says:

    No I didnt say that Kel. But it was pretty obvious why the post was started. Its not a stretch to say it was in response to the other ladies post. Im not saying you cant but dont do make a post just to be a bitch about it which is what that poster did.

  21. JustPeachy says:

    Apparently I am stupid today. I meant to say don’t make a post not don’t do make a post.

  22. kelolsen says:

    I’ll admit I didn’t read the DS post. I’m avoiding due to the e-herp, but it often seems like double standards on boards- you can vent if you are poor, but don’t you dare post about your new bag b/c someone else will feel bad.. you can’t vent about X person in your life b/c somoene else lostthat person..KWIM? Sometimes it just bugs.

  23. lollerskating says:

    just why I luv DS. No one cares that DH brought me flowers. but if he gave me herpes, every1 jumps in!

  24. KAL says:

    My dh rawks because he gets me off.

    Can I post that over therrrrrr?

  25. tweedledee*dee says:

    I agree with Kel on this one.

    I have been on both sides. My first H turned on me after more than 12 years of marriage… went off the deep end with lying, cheating, etc. I turned to an online support source during that time (not DS, lol) and it helped me tremendously.

    I would have never though, during that time, presumed that no one else was allowed to feel what they felt about their own spouses. I celebrated their victories and cried with them during their defeats. I know several couples who were able to heal and move on from some of the same stuff we went through. I would have never told them that it upset me to see them happy or healing. Who am I to do that?

    I agree it shouldn’t have referenced the other post, but I do understand the sentiment. Yes, we need a place to vent, but we also need to be careful cause once it is out there for all to see, it has a bad habit of coming back to bite us in the butt.

  26. Kelolsen says:

    flowers- you suck for posting
    herpes- he sucks for existing


  27. not just another mama says:

    My DH rocks because he has good swimmers. Hooray.

    Other then that, he sucks. I should divorce him.. 😉

  28. me me me says:

    I get it. OK to vent about being pissed at your DH and call him a retard but NOT OK to vent about being sick of all the DH bashing. Cool I get it now. **thumbs up**

    I will remember to only vent about the approved vent subjects.

  29. me me me says:

    dude my monster changed again, I know my email addy is correct. hmmmm

  30. me me me says:

    OK, I think I get it. You can only vent about approved “vent topics”. Venting about DHs and calling them retards=OK. Venting about being sick of the DH bashing and trying to focus on the posatives=offensive. Got it, I will be sure to remember to check the “vent list” before venting again. Sigh…PnP wasn’t even the OP of the thread that I was sick n tired of, she merely posted in it and I didn’t even NOTICE her post there until she went off in the happy DH thread. Whateves. I’m a bitch, yeaaaaa.

  31. Megan says:

    22- I find that to be very true lots of times, and it’s irritating, no matter which side I’m on.

  32. Booyah says:

    Please stop typing. It will make some person who doesn’t have fingers upset.

  33. kelolsen says:

    there’s always voice accivated typing software

  34. Murm says:

    #27 I am offended because my husband doesn’t have any swimmers at all LOL

    I hated the double standard on DS…I don’t understand why people can’t just ignore posts that they know don’t apply to them…I am constantly avoiding all posts on pregnancy because it doesn’t apply….I think some people enjoy being offended so they can drama whore

    p.s. I am lurker on this blog and thanks to you lovely ladies I have made my way to CDN and LOVE it so much more than DS

  35. DSDM2 says:

    mememe, NO you are spelling it differently. You are adding a Y after the second A now, which you didn’t do before.

  36. DSDM2 says:

    And kelolsen you are using a K where your first L goes… that is why you keep getting dumped in the “pending” section.

  37. BffMama says:

    I am offended at all of you ladies who HAVE a husband.


  38. me me me says:

    35 opps. That’s what I get for Naking. lol

  39. Cheesewhiz says:

    I am offended that you would dare take offense.

    How offensive!

  40. jeruco says:

    anyone notice what snaps is selling now:
    OBV sheets and soon to be OBV undies. What novel ideas. Where did she come up with those?

  41. JustPeachy says:

    Im not offended by the post and my dh is a jack ass at times. It just seems the intent of the post was to be a total dickhead about someone venting about their dh.
    And if you notice I don’t vent openly on DS about my dh anymore and anything said about him on

  42. JustPeachy says:

    Fucking shit man! Anyways I hit enter before I finished
    anything said about him on DS believe me he knows.

  43. Aj says:

    What’s all this drama about?

  44. Aj says:
    Okay, there’s the real link…guess you all know who I am now…

  45. Sharpie says:

    #40 Did you see that she’s on some poor WAHM’s tester list on CDN for OBV sleeping bras? I wonder how long it will take before she copies that idea? Of course it won’t be copied, she’ll improve on this woman’s tester because we all know that she’s making them poorly, then she’ll sell hers for a few bucks less because the original mama was ripping everyone off with her high prices.

  46. messy says:

    Aj we have been talking about it on here, either in this thread or the darling husband thread…

  47. messy says:

    AND THE SCAMMER IS: eachpeach (0) I caught this while it was asking to be deleted since feedback had been left 😉

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    Feedback: 100% Feedback left. Please delete.


    I was recently taken by a scammer ( Thread Here.) I managed to catch on. I filed with PP and escalated. The woman contacted me with some bull. And then she refunded when she saw that I wasn’t convinced by her BS.

    I am curious as to what sort of feedback I’m “supposed” to leave now…

    She tried to scam me. If I wasn’t so afraid of getting scammed (again) I wouldn’t have caught it in time… and I would have been out $45.

    So yes, she refunded me… but only because she was caught, and I froze her account by escalating a PP claim against her.

    I feel my choices are:

    *Negative. for scamming me in the first place (and another mama– which is how I know without a doubt she was scamming…)

    *Neutral. Because I got my money back after I caught the scamming.

    WWYD? What is appropriate?

    I really want to leave negative feedback… but I what to do what’s fair and proper. Any advice mamas?

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    Feedback: 100% Feedback left. Please delete.



    So the woman emailed me (after I filed and escalated.) She gave me some story about her DH sending the items to the wrong person, and said she would send them back to me.

    I told her that it still didn’t explain the fact that she’d sold the same lot of items to two separate people. Nor did it explain the fact that neither one of the purchasers ever received anything. I said I wanted a refund. End of story.

    She emailed me back saying that I was jumping the gun a bit… and then she suggested that she had more than one set of the stuff she sold. Of course. Why didn’t I think of that? Most people list only a portion of their items and wait for people to assume they have more and as to purchase them. I guess I’m just dumb then… or maybe you have to have the mind of a SCAMMER to get that one.

    Anywho… She did refund my money (what choice did she have if she wanted to use her Paypal account again.) Sooooo…. Now I have a question.

    Since she was *trying* to pull a scam over on me and who knows how many other people: do I leave negative feedback? Or do I leave neutral since she got caught and refunded my money???

    TIA for the advice

    I’ve been scammed again.

    What fun

    There is no question, in my mind. I paid the woman for my items. YES, it was a *very* good deal for these types of diapering items, BUT it wasn’t a small amount of money for me.

    I haven’t received my items, nor have I received any communication from this seller about the order. I have emailed her requesting and update on the shipment. I paid on 3/25/09 and I emailed her a day or two ago. No response. No items.

    Usually I give people tons of time before I start questioning them. I know how the USPS is. I know how life as a mama is. However, this time my gut was just telling me that the deal was “too-good-to-be-true.” I wish I would have listened to my gut before I paid her $45

    I noticed a something from the listing. I got a sinking suspicion that something was terribly awry… and I followed up on it.

    Turns out– I was right (yay me ) The mama had sold the same items to me AND another mama. Neither one of us have received them yet.

    So I just filed a PP claim. I’m not getting burned again. I’ve waited to long before and gotten screwed. Not this time.

    My question is: why and when should I escalate the claim? What purpose does it serve? When is it okay to do so?

    Thanks so much

  48. Aj says:

    Messy, I know the thread’s been talked about, but I couldn’t find anything on the drama happening between nini and lisa-rachelle–what’s goingon between them?

  49. jeruco says:

    sharpie- I will bet we will see SNAPS making those soon too.

    Too bad her OBV undies are just a fussybutt knock-off.

    SNAPS: dont knock-off fussybutt. You CANNOTTTTTTTT make them better. So, please do not say this is one of those ideas that you can make better than the other WAHM. You are not a better seamstress than fussybutt.

  50. JustPeachy says:

    I hate when people scam especially when they have a similar username to an upstanding DS member.

  51. messy says:

    I’m ready to bitch slap Tristens1mom for being a raging moron @@ Ugh! WTF is her deal??? Her dh may be a “retard” but she is a “DILDO with DEAD BATTERIES!”

  52. memyselfandi says:

    the drama seems to be between nini02 and my4monkeys….lisa rachelle is just on the side of monkeys…maybe she is a customer of lisas? IDK the whole story.

  53. Bloggitybloggity says:


    That’s me. And yep, the seller was eachpeach. I though about coming over here to post it… but didn’t cuz I’m lazy. She’s got zero feedback, and will likely be banned.

    She’s a fucking bitch, ass, cunt, whore-bag. She’s a scammer and a psycho that nearly seems to believe her own bull-shit.

    I got my goddamn money back. I got my negative retaliatory feedback removed… and She’d better be glad all of this transpired over the internet because I’m tired of dumb bitches.

    Did you know that DS edits the word “BITCH” even in your private messages??? Good fucking grief! Me and the other scammer victim can’t even be explicitly ANGRY during our PMs to each other because DS wants us all to be rainbow-farting goody-two-shoes.

    *Gah* Oh well. 😛

  54. Bloggitybloggity says:

    For the record, that smiley doesn’t look *nearly* as disgusted as the one on facebook. I am no means amused by the scamming bitch. She hasn’t refunded the other buyer yet, which totally pisses me off.

    Oh, and if anyone’s interested I have e.v.e.r.y. s.i.n.g.l.e. m.e.s.s.a.g.e. between us. The stupid-ass left me left me negative feedback on DS and it said something about her “having emails.” Well I have every single one… and they only show her to be absolutely full of shit.

  55. me me me says:

    Sorry you almost got burned #53. 😦

    Ugh I just need to say that THE weirdest ppl buy from me on ebay (not all but a few). I can sell on DS all day and everyone’s been cool to work with. But every time I sell fabric on ebay I run into ppl that make me want to move far far away so they won’t know where to find me. Creeeeeepy weirdness. lol

  56. jeruco says:

    what is the thread link that nini02 is lisa are bantering in?

  57. me me me says:

    #56 I know I saw it but don’t recall where. Hmmm

    Messy, I liked your post on The Husband thread. That wench that thinks her kids are “advanced” but the man that helped make them, is retarded, needs to be left up on display for all to know just what a cunt she is. I’m glad the thread is locked. I soooooooooooo almost posted another reply to her that would surely have had me banned. The DS censors would have exploded,. Take back your damned apology just to be a bitch. Ugh I need to stop reading these threads. I can’t put 80% of DS on ignore, the threads will be too confusing. lol

  58. Aj says:

    jeruco, it’s linked in #44

  59. amessymama says:

    Love N’ Laughter

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    Re: My husband…..

    Also…I say when people are acting crazy and off the wall that they are “Schizo”…so I must be poking fun at people with Schizophrenia.
    ~Jena ~ SAHM: DD-7.05 & DS-7.07. Wife to Rob-3.11.05
    ~Stupid Lamb~

    Ugg! This idiot is just as ridiculous as the OP. I just love when people use Urban Dictionary to justify there offensive words.

    Yes, as a matter of fact, you are insulting people w/ schizophrenia when you do that. At least she admits to it.

    I have now decided that when my DH is getting on my nerves and being deliberately obtuse that I am going to tell him to stop being a such a tristens1mom.

  60. messy says:

    #57 I was shocked that a mod actually listened to me, after I had been a bitch in my own right, and did not delete the thread! If I had not participated in the stupidity, I would have come off better, but since I was bantering the soggy-twatwaffle, I figured she would totally ignore me! Yeah! It is ok that it is locked, that cunt-sausage is never gonna get it… Link that dick’sneeze over here for chatter 😉 I would look like the evil bitch that I am if I did that! ROFL!

  61. JustPeachy says:
    I think I want to hit her. The person she quoted is absolutely right. And I would be more insulted that she feels her son is retarded. Its an insult is what it is and to get offended when it is used as such is just plain stupid. I can’t even figure out a way to word it so I can get across what I am trying to say but I figure someone else out there will get the gist of it.

  62. messy says:

    #61 Very true…

  63. me me me says:

    59 rofl I wanted to post “And next time my dh pisses me off and I don’t think he’s too smart I shall tell him stop being a tristens1mom” but I chickened out more than once and didn’t hit send. lol

    60-At least your a funny bitch that is responsible for my sticky keyboard (cuz you always make me laugh right when I just sipped dr pepper). Oh there will not be enough popcorn in the world if she ventures over here. (evil laugh)

  64. me me me says:

    61-I’m lost, but messy gets it, so I guess I’m in need of sleep or something. lol

  65. jeruco says:

    Thud: this thread is getting somewhat funny about SNAPS if you read into what people are really saying

  66. eb says:

    “the drama seems to be between nini02 and my4monkeys….lisa rachelle is just on the side of monkeys…maybe she is a customer of lisas? IDK the whole story.”

    neone have a link for this? I can’t find it. Thanks!

  67. eb says:

    nm…found it.

  68. Sam says:

    Dude, really? Seriously? The op is trying to be positive, some of the mama’s on ds are way too sensitive and take things personally….just chillax! If you’re in a bad mood don’t dump on someone’s thread. From the earlier posts sounds like things were worked out though.

  69. memyselfandi says:

    what happened to Cloth Diaper Nation? link doesn’t work anymore?

  70. screenname says:

    #66 – That was hilarious!

  71. insomiac says:

    #66 I have been giggling like a loon at the all the underhanded snideness going on in that thread. I wish bonnie had not edited what she said to begin with and I wish one did not agree to shove one’s fist in one’s mouth by posting on HC. The inability to just say what needs to be said is really annoying sometimes.

  72. me says:

    70-Works for me.

  73. me says:

    That HC thread is great!

  74. Aj says:

    Sarah still hasn’t gotten her dipes or her money…

  75. InAfixx says:

    52, 56 and 67

    I had been reading the “My Husband” thread, but not posting. I was pretty put-off when nini just laid waste to her cousin (ds mama my4monkeys) right smack in the middle of a thread about an unrelated topic. That just showed real class.

    I don’t give a rats ass if they hate eachother’s guts – but there is a time and place to address family drama and it sure as hell doesn’t belong on the board…anymore than the “Who the baby daddy?” crap from a few weeks ago.

    Nicole (my4monkeys) is a repeat customer of mine; and based simply on transactions with her I think she’s pretty cool. I certainly don’t know why nini responded like I was her BFF.

    Oh well.

  76. Aj says:

    Who wants to take bets on how long it takes this mama to rescind her rave???

  77. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    Well hot diggity damn there sure are some immature bitches on ds!

  78. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    aj whats wrong with connersmama? Did i miss something?

  79. Thud says:

    #77 That poor child. He must have duckfeet. And he is so cute, too!

  80. InAfixx says:

    Oh yah, just a “few”.


  81. messy says:
    Ohhhkay, so if I go to DS and say things like:
    Tristens1mom sucks booze worse than an Indian!
    She worked like a n*gger cleaning all day for those lazy asses!
    Tristens1mom’s dh is a retard!
    Tristens1mom is stupider than the smartest Pollock!
    Then Tristens1mom and EVERYONE ELSE on DS should grow a set and get over it! After all, if it is offensive, you should just skip right on past it to the rainbows and unicorn farts on the left :gag:

  82. screenname says:

    Did anybody notice the new contest going on at DS?

  83. messy says:

    #83 No, I am too busy trying to not be offended 😛

  84. JustPeachy says:

    Well shit Im offended that Messy is offended ROFL.

  85. thewhiteninja says:

    #82- I like how disagreement on DS= “attacking”
    All those mentally retarded people out there need to suck it up, grow a pair, and put on their big girl panties, right?

  86. Shabbychic says:

    Sarah never got her diapers or her money and Kmwell dropped off the earth. Seems awfully coincidental.

  87. messy says:

    Peach~ I can totally see the issue. I honestly can. I agree, we all need to stop looking for things to offend us. But this poll is in direct relation to dipshit tristens1mom posting that her husband was retarded. That is like saying, her husband is acting like my (or many other mamas on that board) son in a derogatory way. She did not mean that he was acting like a retard in any good way. When told nicely that it was offensive, she told everyone she was tired of being “whatever it was she said” and for us to get over it! Ok. Fair enough. I am over her remark, I cannot get over her uneducated illiterate understanding of the world around her. And if nobody ever educated her on the issue, then she got educated; point is, she does not care, *HER BABIES ARE ADVANCED*! :puke-up-a-cat:

  88. screenname says:

    “puke-up-a-cat”! I almost spit my hot chocolate!

  89. screenname says:

    and THAT would have been offensive!

  90. jeruco says:

    I so badly wanted to ask her if she is sure that her r*td husband is the daddy of her advanced children?

  91. kekolsen says:

    I’m so sick of everyone saying how advanced their kids are. NOtice how EVERYONE says that? If everyone’s kid is that advanced, isn’t that just average?? Everytime our kid suprises us with something cool, DH and I laugh and say “wow, he must be really advanced!”

  92. kekolsen says:

    and i’m all for average. Most of us and our children are beautifully and wonderfully average. Psst. here’s a secret- that’s totally okay!

  93. JustPeachy says:

    Oh I think shes a moron myself and in no way am I defending her. I don’t think its right to call your dh names period. Its disrespectful and I know I wouldn’t want my dh calling me names either.

  94. kelolsen says:

    oops.. Imisspelled my own screen name.

    I so not advanced, yo.

  95. eeek says:

    Jumping around here- I’m loving the HC thread from #66. OMG that woman is insanely annoying. Even though you can’t say much on HC to cause controversy, even the pure-boring-always-moderate mods are poking at the snap twunt. She has issues.

  96. Sam says:

    Okay, question…what do you do with expired coupons? These were listed on FFS…

  97. Sam says:

    Nevermind, I figured it out! Military families can use them up to 6 months after the exp date.

  98. Bloggitybloggity says:


    I’d say as long as it takes her to wash that shirt and realize that the stitches are made of wishes and rainbow-colored-unicorn farts.

  99. Bloggitybloggity says:


    Her stuff is ridiculous. I can’t even count how many times I’ve seen one of her wonderful creations on FSOT or SPOTS with a description of: “Looks and works great EXCEPT for the fact that there is a seam or two coming apart.” Or “it’s in great shape– I just restitched all the seams!”


    My first ever interlock purchased was from her. I had to re-sew EVERY single seam… and then I had to sell it because the sizing was way off.

    I guess I would have nothing bad to say if she bothered to test her products and/or FFS the ones that have seams coming apart. Her awesome customer service for me was to say “sorry” about the busted fucking seams… and She graciously shared that poly-thread “shouldn’t wick” when I chose to hand-stitch my longies back together.

  100. Sam says:

    #100 I remember seeing a pair of longies of hers last year that a mama was selling nip on spots…one leg looked like it was an inch or more longer than the other! I have a pair of longies from her and they’re great, but I keep hearing not very good things about her products lately.

  101. Bloggitybloggity says:

    I made my purchase from her at the end of last summer… She was still relatively new. However, if you are “ready” enough to open up a HC and start accepting money for your items, then you should know how to sew a seam.

    I got mine on clearance due to serging issues. I figured that the serging would appear wonky– not that the seams would be falling apart and that I would have to spent hours sewing them back together by hand.

    I was charged an outrageous price for “clearance” items that were completely unusable when they got to me. I should also note that she may not have understood how to prep interlock in the beginning… because the longies were incredibly thin. Nothing like any piece of interlock I’ve purchase since.

    Just sad, altogether.

  102. Sam says:

    Wow she sold you something with the seams falling apart? Geez that’s just bad. I remember her selling clearance items last summer and they weren’t cheap.

  103. Bloggitybloggity says:

    Nah. They weren’t cheap. And yes. They were held together enough to take a picture. When I received them and tried to use them the seams were bulging apart. When I began to re-sew them by hand, I could even see where she’d tried to patch it up enough to be presentable for the picture (using several different colors of thread.) It still wasn’t enough to make it usable, which makes me think it was just for the photos.

    Somehow I don’t think her craftsmanship or CS has improved THAT much in the past 7 months or so. Especially considering that people are still posting her gems for resale with busted seams and splotchy coloring.

    *sigh* Maybe I should open up a HC. I could use the extra money and apparently you don’t need to actually have the ability to sew, knit, or dye things.

  104. Cheesewhiz says:

    #91 – ROFL…I want to ask her the same thing….you should do it!!!! 🙂

  105. jeruco says:

    the “who is sick of hearing” thread really brings out the brightest bulbs on DS. How do some people just go about life being so fricken ignorant?

  106. theinvisible says:

    It’s too early in the morning here to be so vile as to call her what I think she is. Not only did she totally rip off another WAHM, she trashed her all over the place and now she is shamelessly promoting her ripped product to unsuspecting customers. Yuck. Loved reading the civil way most were struggling to say exactly that in the thread, though.

  107. naturalmamadot says:

    memyselfandi Says:
    April 9, 2009 at 7:03 am

    what happened to Cloth Diaper Nation? link doesn’t work anymore?
    if you still havent fixed it, clear your cache and see if it works. happened to me too!

  108. magpiedpiper says:

    I wanted to vomit when I read that for ItsaSnap –

    “I consider my customers friends” which is how she tried to justify herself. OMG.

  109. messy says:

    Yup! I called it first. ItsASnatch making and selling the sheets… For her family and friends @@ And everyone who is capable of doing a search on HC.
    She is a slimy person with no ethics whos karma will be the end of all of all bad karma.

  110. messy says:

    Been thinking about this… Anyone else think that Tristens1mom is just an attention whore? She says and does things in hopes of getting people riled up because for all the bitching she gets, there are always going to be that few that stick up for her sorry ass. She does these things *hoping that people will turn it into a debate. Then she is the victim a.g.a.i.n.
    I saw her avi, with her breast showing… Not that it offends me, but not that long ago, some said that breast had no business in pics. So, she replaces her family pic that had all her kids in it with her boob and one kid (no, not her husband, her actual breast) 😉
    She posts about how she likes to throw it in her family members’ faces that she is better because she breast feeds… She is just an all around attention seeking loser. Again, too bad another poor cute lil baby’s face and name has to be dragged through the mud by their pathetic mother.

  111. amessymama says:

    Look @ the disclaimer It’s a snap has on her cart:

    A note about Dyeing: I use the Low Water Immersion way of dyeing. The outcome is unique and no two items turn out the same. I will do my best to honor your color choices, but the finished “design” is up the the dye!

    Funny isn’t that what she was bitching about when she ordered OBV sheets from Holden’s Landing? That they turned out different than what she ordered.

    #111 Yes, I definitely agree w/ you. That’s why when she said, “I don’t know why I even post anything here anymore.” I responded that I know why. And someone called me a kettle or a pot, or something like that.

  112. me says:

    Ahh! Is anyone getting a stupid opinion survey pop up at DS now?

  113. Thud says:

    I’d say unbelievable but with that woman it is all believable.

  114. Bloggitybloggity says:


    I was fond of that comment.

    Anywho, pots and kettles aside: the whole thread is full of ignorance. The fact that such wording was used isn’t nearly as upsetting as the fact that so many women apparently just don’t “get it.”


    Tristens1mom does seem to be a bit attention whorish, though. I got sucked into one of her posts once… and then I started noticing a pattern. Now she’s simply irritating.

  115. hrm's mom says:

    she posts a lot of crappy stuff on on CDN now. Just FFS or “I want to give this away” crap. I have had a bad feeling about her. I liked it with out her.

  116. hrm's mom says:

    I mean “its a snatch” I liked that almost peed myself!

  117. me says:

    112-She wasn’t bitching about the dye job being bad, she was bitching that they were the wrong color.

  118. flatcake says:

    Are “Get Your Fixx” and Stinky Couture related? If not, what’s with the spelling?

  119. Thud says:

    I have wondered what is with the spelling, too…
    I mean if one ‘x’ is good, why not two!

  120. messy says:

    Oh gawd. No ItsASnatch is going to be stealing an “X” or two. Crazy woman will take anyone’s idea and use it for herself shamelessly… Next week she will be “ItsASnatxx”!

  121. messy says:

    *Now* ugh… typos @@

  122. JustPeachy says:

    I wouldnt take anything from Theresa free or not. I mean if she thinks a diaper that is essentially falling apart is in sellable condition who knows what you may get ffs.

  123. nini02 says:

    I’m out of town with limited internet so I am just now seeing all this. I just want to try to explain the issues I have with my4monkeys (Nicole) that are relevant to DS and my post.

    I just want people to know that she isn’t who she makes herself out to be. I feel obligated to warn people that she is dishonest and she is a thief (which raises big concerns for me with the M.O.D. auctions she organized. I hope that money isn’t going into her paypal account – and if it is, I hope the WAHMs that have donated get proof that the donation is actually made). She was in jail once (that I know of for sure, anyway) for stealing/forging signatures on/cashing other people’s checks. This dishonesty is also why her presence on DS concerns me.

    My anger came out in that particular thread because she has repeatedly made fun of and said mean things about my cousin (her SIL, who is mentally delayed) both behind her back and right to her face. My cousin is only mildly delayed, so she is quite aware of when she is being made fun of, and Nicole has brought her to tears on several occasions. So to hear her say it was catty to be offended by the derogatory use of the word “retarded” pushed me too far. I am sorry if that was off-putting or seemed immature, but until you have dealt with someone like her, you just cannot possibly know how you would respond. You just can’t. Narcissistic behavior (I don’t mean a big ego, I mean true narcissism) is really hard to explain to others who have not dealt with it, so I won’t try. You are welcome to google it. They are emotionally toxic people.

    So anyway, there it is. I got my hand slapped at DS, so I’ll leave it at that and just hope that she proves me wrong. Maybe she’ll stay honest over there, and never scam anyone or do anything shitty or shady, and she’ll make me look like I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’d prefer that, honestly. But Narcissists don’t usually change, it’s pretty well accepted that it’s usually untreatable since the disorder itself, by definition, won’t allow it. That’s why I feel obligated to at least try to warn people – If she does do anything dishonest that I might have been able to warn someone of but didn’t, I’d feel like real shit, you know?

    Anyone who knows me over there should know that that post was unlike me. Seriously. It takes a lotta lotta *lot* to make me lose it like that. And I truly hope this is the last of it – I’d love to go back to happily ignoring her, trust me. 🙂

  124. jeruco says:

    nini- I completely believe you. You are one of the nicest persons on DS.
    I would imagine she is what you say she is.
    She just made my very long do not BST list.

  125. diudiaole says:

    You never know what is a legitimate need or bs anymore with so many begging donations online. You’re either helping clothe a child or feeding a meth habit who the fuck knows.

  126. insomiac says:

    #124 ITA. Not even if free.
    She has been doing this for a couple years (buying items to copy them).
    she is just the most blatant unethical person I have seen around in a long time. And she is shameless! she is completely without remorse at what she did and thinks it is just great and fine! YUCK 😡

  127. JustPeachy says:

    I get fishy about donations unless its a well known wahm especially with the Martha auctions from last year. I guess im cynical in the fact I always expect the worst.

  128. Aj says:

    That mil thread on ds really got me upset today, and now op of course wants the thread closed because she didn’t get the answers she wanted, it’s so frustrating!

  129. theinvisible says:

    I was a little disturbed by that one too. It seemed very strange to be that way and I bet her MIL was heartbroken. I’m glad I have girls.

  130. naturalmamadot says:

    Its a snap cracks me up, like really…if you want to do obv sheets FINE no one said only one person is allowed. But to sit there and post, oh I ordered obv sheets, oh I got them, oh I hated them, oh here are mine that Im selling but seriously I SWEAR I didnt copy. Hun you just inspected and used so and so’s obv sheets then went and made some and sold them.

    If you find that, for example, you keep buying cloth wipes, and they are never the quality/design you would really like to see, and so you decide to create some that are exactly what you want, because you cant find it on the market…that is different than buying a popular sheet, and making a sheet…how many different ways to make a bed sheet? elastic all around or only on the ends..there ya go lmao.

    I normally think the whole ooh it looks JUST like mine thing is BS..especially with dipes considering I absolutely love patooshie pants and hate goodmamas, even though they appear sooo similar..I know that its hard to say you copied, and even if you did in the end the customer service, worksmanship and overall design WILL shine through..but its a snap doesnt even TRY to appear as though she is coming up with things on her own, she updates us on her entire copying process lol

    sry if that was all over the place..mommybrain and all…

  131. naturalmamadot says:

    oh and yea, I always am VERY suspicious of donation things. If I was in a hard position I would hope people would be able to speak up for me that know me IRL and let everyone know I was serious but it would take a LOT (such as a fire ruining everything) for me to ask online. I like to give lol, you should see my stack of secret sister stuff to send out for this month! I feel bad posting a list of my own even with sending out a ton lol.

  132. naturalmamadot says:

    subscribing since I keep farking forgetting to

  133. me me me says:

    Anyone know anything about this WAHM I’ve never bought interlock shorties but we need some now and these “look” decent. POVs? I figure if there is anything to worry about, ya’ll will know. hee hee

  134. naturalmamadot says:

    no idea but I just ALMOST bought the gecko shorties in seconds/clearance haha..then I realized I dont even like fleece but the print was calling to me haha. I hope someone has info on her for you

  135. me me me says:

    I’m eyeing up the Dancing Bears and the brown ones and the Rasta ones. They seems to run about what knit shorties would run though, is that normal for interlock? I guess I was thinking interlock would be cheaper. Shoot, I have wool interlock here, I suppose I could make my own shorts. But it takes me forever to get happy with a new pattern and I’m not sure I feel like dealing with that right now. Sigh……

  136. shhh (DSDM2 Edit: Same IP as Booya) says:

    Wow, is Its a Snatch’s (sorry, couldn’t resist!) stuff really that bad? I mean, how hard is it to sew a seam? Pin fabric together, sew a line. The end. Or is it? I mean….I’m confused about how anyone can screw THAT up. I guess it just takes a VERY SPECIAL kind of “WAHM”….

  137. curouis says:

    # 136 – she is great to buy from.

  138. me me me says:

    How can anyone be GOOD at anything, when they make everything??? I mean really, chose an item or 2 or 3 and just be really GOOD at that, instead of just OK at 99 billion diff things. That chick every tries to buy from me and she’ll be getting an ear full.

    I was just cruising DS/Ebay/Etsy/HC today looking for interlock shorties and a birthday set for DD. I came across so many stores that sell 100 diff products, totally turns me off.

  139. JustPeachy says:

    Actually knit shorties are way more expensive then interlock if you want quality knit shorties with quality yarns.

  140. me me me says:

    I have loooads of wool knit and crochet shorties and skirties, non of them cost me more than $45 (skirties) and they are all fantastically made and have held up with both my rough little girls. I would never buy from anyone charging more than $40 for knit/crochet shorties. Plus I’m kinda over that phase, I want simple and trim and “normal looking cloths”. hee hee

  141. me me me says:

    Ooops sorry, I missed the a in my email. Why can’t i spell myown email addy right consistantly? Ugh

  142. me me me says:

    Ooops sorry, I missed the a in my email. Why can’t i spell myown email addy right consistently? Ugh

  143. amessymama says:

    Man I’m in a munchy mood today. I’m craving something sweet. Maybe I’ll go out today and get me some pink cookies. 🙂

    Today, 07:44 AM #1

    Registered Users

    Join Date: Oct 2008
    Location: South Carolina
    Posts: 1,480
    Ratings: 105
    Feedback: 100%
    My Mood:
    Need help ASAP.. *Could a mod PM me also*
    I sold a new (2 transactions) mama a pair of baby legwarmers for her 1 year old daughter about a week and a half ago. I answered an ISO of hers and PM’d her a picture of 5 pairs of WAHM baby legwarmers that I had and she picked one out. I was asking $10ppd for them since they were brand new, never worn – but she asked if I would take $8ppd and I accepted. I shipped them promptly through paypal and she recieved them. I just recieved a PM stating that she is very unhappy. She said she loved how they fit and how they looked on her daughter, but was very unhappy with the brand. They are a WAHM brand baby leg – the WAHM uses a women’s sock by the brand name of “pink cookie” to make her legwarmers. She said that she googled that name and it is a slang word for the female genitalia and therefore she wants her money back. She said didn’t believe I was the type to be intentionally messing with people, and that I didn’t seem devious, but that it was crude and perverted to send those to her.

    She said, and I qoute “This is akin to pedophilia to me and I am quite alarmed.”.

    The above statement both shocked and offended me.

    I was very clear about the legwarmers – she saw picture, and I don’t believe not telling her the brand of the sock the WAHM made them from was relevant. I simply told her they were WAHM made baby legwarmers and the price, she picked and paid and I shipped. I do not believe that i owe this mama a refund.

    I have 105, 100% positive feedbacks, I do not believe I did anything wrong in this situation….

    Please give me your opinion on the situation.
    Amber, wife to Police Officer, National Guard member
    Richard, and mommy to Ava Brooklyn (12.20.08)
    Co-sleeping, baby wearing, formula & early solids feeding, home made baby food making, SAHM to a paci loving, attached to mommy princess!
    Last edited by cinderella08 : Today at 07:47 AM.

  144. naturalmamadot says:

    you gotta be fucking kidding me

  145. JustPeachy says:

    Seriously? Who fucking cares. Sell them and moooooooooooove on.

  146. laughingmama says:

    Hmm, the original ISO by that idiot has the word “snatch” in it. Now I’m offended. LOL Seriously though, who the fuck has the time to google everything looking for possible dirty meanings. Get a life dipshit!

  147. screenname says:

    I guess I would have to see the leg warmers to form my opinion. If it says Pink Cookie and has pictures of cats and clams on it, then I guess I could see her point. *rolls eyes*

  148. hrm's mom says:

    150 LMAO!!

  149. naturalmamadot says:

    god another nutjob from Michigan, what the hell do all the crazies live by me?

  150. me says:

    150- The pic was on there, but I don’t know if you go to DS or not.

  151. JustPeachy says:

    Just what we need is more idiots making the rest of us good Michiganders look bad.

  152. me me me says:

    Pink Cookie=nasty, WOW!!!! When I think of Pink Cookies, I thinks of “Sugar n Spice n everything nice” Cup cakes etc, ya know, sweet girlie things. Whatever.

    She posted the pic of the legwarmers. You can’t even see the pink cookie woven into the cuff of the legging. It’s not obvious at all. No pictures of cats and clams on it at all.

    I wonder, what made the buyer see those leggings, that she said fit well and she liked them, and then she thought “hmmmm it says Pink Cookie on them, I’m ganna go google it and see what it means”. I mean when you google it you don’t get anything back that would tell you the term is offensive. You have to go to swagbucks to see it come up on Urban Dictionary. A SUPER reputable resource ya know.

    Some people make me wonder how they manage to figure out how to use a computer at all.

  153. 2dogs says:

    She’s only on the internet once a week, and she spends it Googling random words printed on a pair of WAHMlegs? Really.

    Oh, and #125 re: MoD auctions – I’m pretty sure the money is going to her PP account. She told me “I’ll send you the winning bidder’s address and the money to pay for shipping [the auction item]”.

    I’ll be honest, I was very hesitant when she asked me to contribute something. But the fact that it was hosted at FCOL made me feel better about it somehow. Now you have me kind of sad that I might be helping her scam people. 😦

  154. 2dogs says:

    Cats and clams, ROTFLMAO!!!! That’s awesome. Someone needs a HC/Etsy store with that name. 😛

  155. JustPeachy says:

    Well hopefully Theresa sees this and looks into this person who is doing the auctions because I would hate to see her good name ruined by a jerk.

  156. rainbow says:

    Do we know who is being referred to here?

  157. Nic says:

    Maybe I’m behind on the drama – but what’s this all about?

  158. JustPeachy says:
    Thats what its about. Molly designed a pair of longies specifically for her dd and not one not two but 3 times has it been copied.

  159. me me me says:

    Those are reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly pretty. Which part is she saying was copied? I’ve seen longies with a skirtie before. Had a pair last year.

  160. me me me says:

    Oh god, I just went through Rock Star Knits gallery. I think I just found the knit love again. That’s OMG drool worthy. Damn.

  161. JustPeachy says:

    Im not sure as I don’t recall but I do remember Molly saying this one ds mama emailed her to copy it and Molly told her no so its quite possible that Keitha had no clue they were copied.

  162. JustPeachy says:

    Oh and I should add the mama who wanted them copied had contacted another wahm earlier to copy them but when the wahm found out they were copies she ripped them out and told the customer she wouldnt do them.

  163. messy says:
    In this thread, Molly comments on a pair of skirty longies made by Keitha. Is she being sarcastic? Because it sounds like she genuinely was being nice? I dunno. Those skirted pants have been around forever, so it is inevitable that woolies would exist somewhere with skirties LOL!

  164. Aj says:

    I believe it’s the “Olivia” style that Molly’s talking about…I could be wrong though.

  165. messy says:

    Ok, those might not be full skirtie. That might be a ruffle in the middle to *look like a skirtie? But it is the same theory… I dunno.

  166. Nic says:

    and it gets good…

  167. yikes says:

    oy vey, people. They’re PANTS.

  168. ~JC~ says:

    I want to know who the customer that told the WAHM that Molly was ok with copying was.

  169. Thud says:

    and stripes.

  170. Nosey Neighbour says:

    This must be the 2nd pair then right?…..Cause they were already made before the auction.

    Why did she close her shop in the first place?

  171. naturalmamadot says:

    Hm they are cute, and it would be different if someone who had no idea Molly existed saw the tv show and happened to make them super similar, but that wahm was told to do them by the asshole lying customer. If I was the wahm, and then decided to go ahead and sell them because I do not know I was lied to, as SOON as molly contacted me I would pull the auction, apologize to the winner and offer another pair of woolies, apologize to Molly and email and blacklist the previous customer.

    Sry if my post doesnt make sense, or if I missed something along the way as I read most of this at about 4am today lmao, I have some other feelings but dont know how to state them without sounding like a hypocrite. Sort of like…I wish she would approve ONE person to do the work for her and give her partial profit and credit for the design, because I think her designs are awesome and mamas should be able to get them without being copy cats…if Molly doesnt wanna do the wahm thing, fine..but if I was her, I would be scrambling to find someone to do them for me and go into a partnership with me because I would want all mamas to have this cute stuff for their kids, drama free!

  172. me me me says:

    See that’s my confusion here. If she was still a WAHM it would make perfect sense for her to not want to be copied. But if she is not a WAHM it’s not effecting her, she’s not losing sales. I mean so she’s not willing to make them for sale, so no one else can either?

  173. 2dogs says:

    I wonder if I could get a pair of longies with a big ol’ pink frosted cookie on the bum?

  174. Nic says:

    me me me – that’s my question. I’d get it if she were a WAHM and this affected her sales – but because she made longies inspired by a popular book (or TV show, or whatever it is) no one else can? IMO she should either sell them her self, or be ok with others doing it – you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  175. naturalmamadot says:

    exactly me me me… I didnt want to sound like I was supporting copying…but its not fair to other mamas…they want those for their li ones..but she refuses to make them so she should find someone to make them and give her credit for the design or something.

  176. messy says:


    Registered Users

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    Location: Florida
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    My Mood: Re: I just want to say…


    Well well well, seeing as I’m clearly being the mama bashed here, I’m going to speak up.

    First and foremost, I was not aware of the whole story before I made the longies. I was asked to make some like Olivia the pig, with a very full skirt (as you’ll notice I use a totally different knitting pattern than Miss Molly). So I’m going to apologize here.

    Secondly, I’m just curious, how does one claim to ‘design’ a simple design of stripes? If so, then every person that knitted stripes copied whoever first thought of stripes…

    And thirdly, if we really want to get down to the knitty gritty of it all, Molly herself could be accused of copying a few designs. Actually she blatantly ‘ripped off’ some of Mandy’s stripes from the hippie van pants she did.

    See these beauties Mandy knitted up? Notice the stripes?

  177. messy says:

    ***Dang it!!! I meant KNITTER!!! Ugh!!! Who is the CUSTOMER???

  178. hmmmm... says:

    I agree with #178

  179. hmmmm... says:

    and 180!! EXACTLY, IRONIC ISN’T IT

  180. messy says:

    This whole thing is not about the skirtie… It is about the stripes? WTF? Stripes are stripes. There are only so many different ways to do stripes. People who knit stripes are freaking lunatics anyhow! Do you know how many ends you have to weave in if you don’t know how to carry the yarn very well??? OMGosh! It is a PITA! :::bowing to the people who knit stripes, they are gods!!!::: LOL!!!

  181. hmmmm... says:

    lmao 184

  182. messy says:

    …and Molly has actually copied the WAHMs she is blaming for copying her @@ Ummm… But Molly’s were a gift, not for profit. Blech! A gift has an implied price tag, just as everything in our lives does. She has actually copied these WAHMs 1st. Swwwweeeeeet.

  183. hmmmm... says:

    hmmm…..The original WAHMs weren’t crying when they were copied

  184. laughingmama says:

    Oh give me a fucking break! Molly has ripped off wahms in the past and now she has the nerve to bitch about someone taking an idea of hers, one that isn’t all that unique in the first place? Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it Molly? The asshat award goes to you today.

  185. me me me says:

    184 ROFL. I just commissioned a WAHM to make my DD striped bday shorties. Gawd I hope they aren’t too much of a headache for her. I figured they’d be harder than normal shorties but man, they sound like a real hair puller now. Woolies always give me sticker shock, man. I know they are hard work. But man o man. I need to learn to knit. lol

  186. messy says:

    #189 I agreed to a stripe pattern on two of my sons’ winter hats this year. I was ready to let their heads freeze off by the time I finished half of the first hat! It is insane! Took me longer to weave the ends than it did to knit the entire hat!!! The rest of the kids got solid colors ROFL!!!

  187. screenname says:

    The customer was a bit of a pink cookie for emailing Molly to ask if another WAHM could use her design instead of just asking for a custom spot. I don’t think one person being a jerk is worth closing your business over, but whatever.

    And since Molly was technically taking the idea for the longies from a book/TV show, how is that ethical? It’s only OK to be the first to ride the coat tails of something popular. Like monsters or sock monkeys or Sushi print fabric?

  188. Snowy says:

    I asked Molly for a slot a long time ago, and she told me she was too booked that I’d have to find a different knitter. I’d be willing to bet this customer did ask Molly first and she told her no, too.

  189. theinvisible says:

    I was thinking the same thing. One, she took it from a show/book so how is that her original design? Second, its f-ing stripes. They can only be done so many ways. Third, dramatic much? I hardly think the whole thing warrants so much boohooing. All of the little announcements and I can’t hack it in the wahm world bs is a little babyish IMO.

  190. me says:

    I’m totally confused. She said she has a problem with someone making striped legging longies with a skirtie attached? HUH? Am I missing some huge detail here? The link doesn’t work.

  191. jeruco says:

    Molly is so out of line. She is not the first to come up with ANY of those ideas.
    I am so sick of people thinking they have some right to any of these things. They are not the first and they will not be the last.

  192. JustPeachy says:

    The point is she made them for her child and wanted them to be OOAK. Obviously they are not because she posted them on DS and every fucking body HAD to have a fucking pair of them.
    And I haven’t seen Molly copy anything from Mandy to be honest.

  193. laughingmama says:

    If she wanted them to be one of a kind she shouldn’t have shared pics of them. There’s no point in getting her panties in a wad over it now. It’s not like she hasn’t seen pics of other people’s knitting and copied them for her own kid. I guess it’s only okay for her to do it. And like I said, there’s nothing overly unique about striped longies with a solid skirt over top. It’s been done before.

  194. Snowy says:

    molly admitted to copying the stripes from mandy’s vw van longies

  195. me too says:


  196. PeachyKeen says:

    Ummmmmmmmm the problem with that logic is those longies were not copied for personal use which seems to be ok amongst the wahm world. They were copied for profit.

  197. Shabbychic says:

    What tends to aggravate me about situations such as this, is that the DS “public” changes their opinion depending on who the copier and the person being copied is. What’s not ok for one, seems to be just fine for another.

  198. hmmmm... says:

    that is so true 198

  199. JustPeachy says:

    It varies depending on whats copied to me. I mean if I make a pair of longies that are OOAK for my child and someone sees a pic and copies it almost exactly thats what is wrong in my eyes.

  200. hmmmm... says:

    why is that wrong? If you don’t want them copied, don’t let anyone see a pic, it’s as simple as that.

  201. hmmmm... says:

    I think she should be flattered that something she has is so highly sought after, I would take it as a compliment personally

  202. Nic says:

    199 – IMO OOAK and inspired by a popular character are not the same. If they were truly original and OOAK, totally from her imagination, I could understand the frustration, but they are from a very very popular childrens character, why can she copy the character, but no one can copy her?

  203. messy says:

    #195 Peachy, Molly admitted that she copied a stripe pattern, etc for the pink/green striped VW longies she made from the WAHMs she is complaining about. She said it was different when *she copied them because it was a gift. Well, gifts have implied value. But, yeah, even Molly herself said she had copied the exact WAHMs she was bitching about.

  204. newhere says:

    Molly did not close shop because of this.

  205. DramaBore says:

    It is not the skirty, the stripes, or the character that is the issue, it is the combination of the three. Those skirted longies are almost exactly the same as the ones Molly made for her own daughter. And the fact is, whomever requested them from RSK in the first place is a shady bitch, because she had already been told no twice. Molly is super sweet, and doesn’t mind others using her ideas, but she does take issue when they are profiting off them.

    And her closing her shop has nothing to do with this. She was just overwhelmed with custom orders and decided she wasn’t willing to give up family time to be a WAHM.

  206. haha says:

    And look at the next edition of any person that buys a 50 dollar sewing machine can be a WAHM
    Here we have a diaper that has uneven wings. Faulty you say? Nah it adds character and 1.25 over the price of a good quality thirsties cover. Uneven front of the diaper? That’s so the umbilical cord can fit better. It’s got a gangster lean to it!

    Or this one. Features one rounded wing and one sqoval wing.

  207. hrm's mom says:

    I made a diaper once for my DD and lets just say it was not what I expected and I do not let her wear it, so I am not quite sure why these people think they can sell some of the stuff they do. But as my DH said it is all in what people are willing to pay.

  208. hrm's mom says:

    oh and the insert/doublers and the fleece pants are a little off also.

  209. mmspirit7 says:

    what does ooak mean?

  210. hmmmm... says:

    OOAK = one of a kind

  211. hmmmm... says:

    The mama was having them made for her own kid, not to profit off of them, and I think it’s bullshit that it’s ok for molly to copy anyone else’s designs she chooses for her own kids, but no one else is allowed to.

  212. Monkey says:

    I just can’t find it in me to care about the whole Olivia thing because I think it’s ugly.

    But then I find skirties ugly period. Add pants and stripes and I find them REALLY ugly.

    I know, I know, I’ll be crucified by the cloth diapering world.

  213. Shabbychic says:

    Profiting? I laugh at this. If anyone really thinks a knitting WAHM profits, think again. Again though, when one of “their” friends copies, all is well, you know no one has a patent on ANYTHING and NOTHING is a new idea, and it’s ALL been done 1000 times before. But, beware, because if it is one of the “friends” being copied, well then, hold on to your seats because the shit will fly.

    I am fuzzy though on why the mama who wanted the pants/skirt whatever didnt just ask Molly to make it. Or did she? If Molly said no they are for me and me only, then IMO they are free game.

    In addition, the gift comment is bullshit. Gift, purchase, whatever. Inspiration, imitation, whatever.

    I’m just sick of the same people playing both sides of the coin whenever it seems convenient.

  214. naturalmamadot says:

    one of a kind

  215. naturalmamadot says:

    lmao maybe I should of refreshed first

  216. hmmmm... says:

    ITA #214

  217. Erin says:

    I think Molly’s a bit overblown here. Same “copying” could be said for the Hudson pants, the Scrappy Pants and any others of those kind- they are all the same, just different names. I think the Olivia pants are cute, I’m suprised no one made them before.

  218. Aj says:

    Okay, so I really want to know who this other mama is too….but, I guess I’m just a bit confused by this thread:
    Molly leant her idea to this person, but didn’t want to for another, how is this fair? Or am I missing something? I love Molly Jones and her work, I’m just not clear on what the issue is I guess.

  219. hmmmm... says:

    Oh that really is bullshit, that she let someone else use her idea, but only her FRIEND, that’s fucking bullshit

  220. yikes says:

    That is incredibly hypocritical!!!!!

  221. me says:

    206- They’re also cotton pants. I wouldn’t call cotton pants longies when you’re in the cd world… Sounds like to me a good way to have a fight with someone buying expecting to be a cover. They’re PANTS to normal people, and meant as pants. I don’t get why anyone does that.


    Yes, I’m done now. 😆

  222. hmmmm... says:

    Yes it is completely hypocritical, talking so much shit about the other mama and the WAHM, that shows you someones true colors right there. Shame on her

  223. hrm's mom says:

    I also think part of the issue was that the person did not ask her to make them, in the thread she stated that she was upset that she did not get asked to make them. But I cannot see the thread anymore I think it got deleted!

  224. Shabbychic says:

    224-That’s the unexplained part for me also.

  225. JustPeachy says:

    The thing is someone profited off it and it just happened to be Keitha. Id be pretty pissed if someone profited by copying every little thing on a pair of longies. That mama specifically asked for permission to use the design for her dd so I guess IM backpedaling on the whole OOAK thing.
    However the mama who was told no by Molly should’ve just moved on instead of becoming like most of ds and saying OMG I CANT HAVE IT SO NOW I MUST. I think the whole thing should come back on her and she should be blacklisted for being a shady beyatch.

  226. Shabbychic says:

    Who is the shady bitch?

  227. Aj says:

    Does Molly know who it is? Will she out her here?

  228. Old Mama says:

    I think Molly has nothing better to do on an Easter Sunday but spread nasty rumors. I wonder if we got a couple a lawyers to investigate her and her “books” that she won’t come up too clean. As far as blacklisting anyone – all of you should get your facts first or are you just as lame and shallow as Molly and have no life. Don’t you get it, people are dying in a WAR that we have going on, many people I know are losing their houses, kids have no health insurance and you guys just complain about who copied who for a pair of stupid pants. Get a life!

  229. Old Mama says:

    Oh and last I checked – if Molly is such a lousy busy woman and refuses customers then those customers will go to some one else – this would be called FREE ENTERPRISE. Maybe Molly should take a business course and some customer service training and then just maybe she’d be a successful business owner – oh I forgot, she only makes longies for “friends” and sells them only to her “friends”…right and if you believe that I have a bridge to sell you.

  230. Old Mama says:

    One more thing, because I couldn’t resist commenting to “just peachy” who are you to say “if Molly said no..” what are you, in the Molly Church of God or something? What is wrong with you?

    Oh, and all of you idiots out there talking about copywrite this and copywrite that…unless you received permission from the original artist who created Oliva then all of you are in violation of copy write law. I wonder if the publisher were to receive all of this information if Molly would be so “bold”.

    In fact, it is my understanding that the copy write states ..”all rights reserved including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form”..

    So Molly and all of you other idiots who want to black list this one and black list that one… take that one to the bank you stupid bitches.

  231. hmmmm... says:

    Why would molly say yes to one person (her FRIEND) and then no to another? It is ridiculous that in her mind, she can pick who’s children can wear her designs, and which ones aren’t good enough to, seriously.

  232. Shabbychic says:

    229-I’m thinking that’s not the issue. Maybe if Shady Bitch had asked Molly if SHE could knit them first, then Molly very well may have said she couldn’t but have someone else do it. I’m hanging my hat on that being the major part of the issue. I don’t think Shady Bitch ever asked Molly herself to do it, just asked if someone else could. Which is like 1/2 Shady Bitch. Then she became full Shady Bitch when she just ignored what Molly had to say.

  233. hmmmm... says:

    Ummm, It’s my understanding that she DID ask molly first, that’s why the first knitter made them, because Molly was too busy

  234. hmmmm... says:

    the one who later ripped them out because Molly’s feelings were hurt Awwww.

  235. hmmmm... says:

    Seriously, they’re PANTS!!!!!! Holy crap, get over it!!

  236. DramaBore says:

    Shady Bitch asked Molly if she could have someone else make the longies, and Molly said she would rather do it (she had some issues previously with her pin design being used without giving her credit, and she didn’t want other WAHMs using her designs). Shady bitch said she didn’t want Molly to do it, so Molly put a kibosh on the whole thing. Shady bitch proceeded to go to another WAHM and asked her to copy, which she started, until she found out Molly had said no (they were friends). WAHM ripped them out and said she wouldn’t do it. Shady Bitch then went to Keitha, and apparently said Molly was fine with it. But even if she was, why would Keitha think Molly would be fine with her not only making the custom for the bitch, but then auctioning of the design afterwards?

    And I don’t think Molly was friends with the mama posted in the link above. She had wanted something similar to the original design, and Molly agreed and helped her out because she (well, her MIL) was making it for her own child.

  237. Old Mama says:

    Shabbychic you need to pick the right side…you are sadly mislead and have been duped by Molly.

    What is really really sad, is that Molly does make nice stuff but she is so unsatisfied in her life and marriage she has to misdirect her anger and self hate to others to offset what is lacking in her life. You know, make others feel bad to make yourself feel good OR start stupid rumors so others will feel bad for you so you can get all kinds of attention – even if it has no real basis.

    I hope Molly gets the help she needs or a least some medication.

  238. messy says:

    #230 Shady Bitch did ask Molly first. Molly told her no. So, she goes to WAHM #2 who starts them… Molly tells her that she had told shady bitch no, and WAHM #2 rips them out. Keitha is WAHM #3 and she does make them. They are cute. Molly is showing herself to be crazy over this, esp after seeing that she helped someone else make a pair. How special can they be if someone else can make them and it *not count??? Gimme a break. Not only that but Molly copied after the WAHMs she is bitching about FIRST. That took big’ole ball~ the kind that make yeller dong look small… Where is she anyhow?

  239. messy says:

    #234 LOL! Thats almost what I just said…

  240. Shabbychic says:

    Why didnt Shady Bitch want Molly to knit them?

    Just trying to get the facts straight.

  241. BffMama says:

    You know what I hate? Clicking on a link and then it not popping up in another window and I have to strain my brain to remember why I went to the link in the first place and then click ‘back’ and then try to find the original comment with the link. Yeah. I hate that.

    But I love Messy and Werd and my girl on the side DSDM2.

    That is all.

  242. me me me says:

    I’m just reeeeeeeeeeally dieing to know who Shady Bitch is AND hear her side. Willing to bet her story will very greatly from Mollys. lol I have a feeling she’s prob not as shady as she’s being painted to be. 😉

    All I know is I never knew who either of these ladies where before but man, after seeing RockStar Knits gallery I am just drooling all over the freaking place.

  243. messy says:

    BFF!!! Hi Baaaaby! Yeah, I hate that too. Click, clack, WTF was I looking for again? ROFL…
    #237 Molly told her no. I think that is when Shady Bitch might have had the right to ask someone else, JMO of course…

  244. me me me says:

    Hey anyone read the Pink cookie thread?

  245. Cinderella08 says:

    I started the pink cookie thread…. I sold legwarmers to a psycho mama who now thinks I’m a pedophile because the brand of socks the WAHM uses to make her legwarmers is called “pink cookie” which apparently she says she googled and found out is some sorta slang word for a vagina….

    It’s “GoneCloth” on diaperswappers – she’s new – like 2 or 3 transactions.

    Here’s the PM I got after she saw the brand on the legwarmers – it was entitled “concerned about babylegs”:

    Hi, I bought a pair of “babylegs” from you on the 31st of March I believe. They were brown with hearts on them. I love how they fit and look. However, I noticed the name of the brand on the band of one end of the babylegs and I searched it to try to find more pairs and I discovered something quiet disturbing. The name on the pair of babylegs you sold me, “Pink Cookie”, refers to the female genitalia. If I had known that this pair had that on them I would not have bought them. It is crude and perverted. Now, from what I can tell, you don’t seem to be a person on here that is intentional messing with people; you don’t seem devious. But now I need to know how we might fix this. I feel too uncomfortable putting them on my daughter and you did not inform me that the babylegs I was buying for my 1 year old daughter had a reference to the female genitalia on it. This is akin to pedophilia to me and I am quite alarmed. I would like to return them to you. And I would GREATLY appreciate it if you would honor that. I’m just asking for you to paypal me the $8 back and I’ll send them back to you.

    Please respond a.s.a.p.

    She’s absolutely insane. If you guys want a good laugh check out my thread in the transaction section of DS – it’s up to 11 pages now and it’s hilarious!

    I would seriously stay away from this nut job….

  246. Cheesewhiz says:

    Ooh…ooh…link #251??

  247. Cinderella08 says:

    Sorry, should have added that link

    Here’s the link to the thread on DS about this – it’s soo funny!

  248. hrm's mom says:

    you did not inform me that the babylegs I was buying for my 1 year old daughter had a reference to the female genitalia on it

    Um what??? How would you know such a thing? Plus she makes it sound like you just let your DD wear them knowing that “pink cookie” was referencing the female genitalia! What a nut, this is crazier than I thought.

  249. Cubanita says:


  250. Cinderella08 says:

    I know right?!?!? Like I’m going to say

    “Hey, these legwarmers for your 1 year old daughter have a horrible pornographic reference to the female girly bits on the cuff – I hope you don’t mind”….


  251. Cheesewhiz says:

    Oh, and here’s the big yeller dong…mother is in town and so I’ve been checking only sporadically and am admittedly a bit confused with this whole Molly/Shady Bitch/longies busines…LOL

    I think I have some catching up to do…now where did I put those Pink Cookies? Ya know, the ones I had for EASTER…

  252. me me me says:

    GoneCloth’s profile. What’s up with all the crazies in MI?

  253. me me me says:

    testing, my posts won’t go through suddenly. ;(

  254. Cheesewhiz says:

    LOL…Thanks for the link ladies…gonna go check it out now…

    and, though it has been said, many times, many ways…

    WTF googles the name of some legwarmers for a perverted meaning??? Psycho.

  255. me me me says:

    Checked out GoneCloth’s profile. What’s up with all the crazies in MI?

  256. me me me says:

    GoneCloth says in her ISO “Please, if you see this and have what I’m looking for, PLEASE give me a chance to respond. We don’t have the internet, have only one car, and I am only guaranteed to be able to get on the internet on Mondays. I am very excited about this site and am VERY willing to purchase these items, I just can’t compete with the some of the other ladies out there who can search frequently and snatch a deal right away.”

    So It seems she should have read your PM by now and have a reply by now. rofl She seems odd just from her IS. I cant decide if I want to put her on ignore, to ensure I never sell to her. Or not, so I can laugh at her.

  257. Cinderella08 says:

    Nope. she hasn’t logged in since the 11th when she PM’d me…. Odd….

  258. HippieMamaJen says:

    Thanks for letting me know about this blog Cinderella! I had no idea this existed, LOL!

    You are dealing with a true psycho, what did the Mods say?

  259. yikes says:

    From gonecloth’s ISO:

    “search frequently and SNATCH a deal right away.”

    She seems obsessed with vag, no?

  260. naturalmamadot says:

    me me me Says:
    April 14, 2009 at 4:14 am

    Checked out GoneCloth’s profile. What’s up with all the crazies in MI?
    yea peach and I want them all to leave … they are making us look bad haha

  261. Cheesewhiz says:

    #265 – ROFL…I’m so offended. I don’t want to log onto DS and have to risk seeing this lady’s snatch. TOTALLY pornographic.

  262. piratebaby says:

    look, they’re having a Pink Cookie model contest! You could be the next pink cookie face!

  263. JustPeachy says:

    You know what Im a little sick of the fact that everyone on here seems to automatically resort to name calling and shit. Molly was upset when she started that thread and thats that. I think she’s entitled to feel upset/hurt but there is no need to be calling her crazy and talking crap about her marriage.

  264. Old Mama says:

    If Molly can give it then she should be able to take it. You know she is all about “copy write” and whining yada yada yada, but the real deal is, if anyone actually went and reported all of the designs to all of the original artists who really do have the copy writes then all of the WHAM’s would be out of business. So Molly started shit, which she lied about – because I know the real story. She and all of you can talk about the knitters and the mom and call them names.

    Hey baby if you can’t take the heat – get out of the kitchen.

    Seriously, with everything that is going on in the world, this is the kind of junior high school stuff – grow up!

  265. Old Mama says:

    BTW “Just Peachy” you have no problem telling the mom what she can and cannot do, but you are upset about name calling. When all of you are calling the mom and the knitter names…get over yourself.

    You think things are wrong in “your eyes” get some glasses.

    As a matter of fact, just to piss you and all of you idiots off, I am having a knitter make those exact longies (actually 5 pairs) and give them away to poor children whose mothers don’t even own computers or have the money for these expensive pants because they are too busy trying to FEED their children.

    I am then going to take pictures of the children in the outfits and bring those pictures to church and all the wealthy moms will order from this knitter. You don’t like it, too bad. I will not be told what I can buy, what I can order, what I can do with my money by anyone – especially some chic who isn’t even in business anymore – who claimed she wasn’t in business anyway – only for friends.

    Or, I could just start writing publishers or copywriters and let them know that Molly was violating copy write laws. But that would put all of the WHAMS out of business, maybe that is what Molly and those of you who think like Molly want.

    Hmmmm…what to do when a bunch of self righteous women try to control the purchasing, acquisition, procurement of goods sold in the United States and attempt to interfer with another persons civil rights by denying them the ability to purchase those goods…..

    So many options…so little time

  266. me me me says:

    Old Mama……are you Shady Bitch? hee hee If so, I must know, how do you really feel. *giggle*

  267. me me me says:

    269 I think ppl here just let lose a little extra, because they can. You have to be PC everywhere else. It just feels good sometimes to let it flow and say whatever’s on your mind, however it comes out. I wouldn’t let it bug you, it’s just what happens when you break free of repression. hahahah

  268. JustPeachy says:

    I called her a shady beyatch because its well deserved. She shopped the idea around to not one but two knitters after Molly had said she would rather do it herself.
    And I never once said shit about Keitha and in fact I defended her by saying its possible she had no clue that it was a copied design.
    Methinks OldMama is shady beyatch trying to defend herself which is just pathetic. Drives me nuts when people hide behind names.

  269. JustPeachy says:

    I get that mememe and most times its deserved but this time its not. I get calling someone a looney tune after they show their crazy but calling some crazy who has just said shes upset then attacking her marriage which has nothing to do with WHY she is upset is a little fucking ridiculous to me.

  270. DSDM2 says:

    OldMama, you have something stuck up your ass.

    Get over yourself.

  271. hmmmm... says:

    That’s funny, Molly NEVER said she would rather do it herself. She told the mama she wasn’t knitting for others anymore but that SHE could make them for herself, probably knowing she didn’t know how to knit. So the mama told Molly she was having them made, Molly never told her not to, she even went as far as to say that she was glad to have been an inspiration to her. Molly is obviously not telling the WHOLE story. And old mama, I think I will have a pair made now, too 😉 I’m sure Keitha would accommodate me, LMAO!!!!! I ❤ Keitha 🙂

  272. me me me says:

    #277-I bet she will too, for $250 a pair. hahahah. Seriously though, I want a pair just cuz I love stripes and black/red stripes look soooooooo cute on little girls. 🙂

  273. hmmmm... says:

    I agree that there are so many more important things going on right now, people losing jobs, homes, healthcare, starving children, so many things that are so much more important than a pair of pants that are similar to someone else’s. It is truly sad to me, truly sad that some stupid pants are more important to some people than the real issues in our country today 😦

  274. hmmmm... says:

    Hahaha, her auction went for $105, I think I can swing that LMAO!!!!!!

  275. me me me says:

    $105, still a bit rich for my blood, but not that much more than what pants like that should cost.

  276. hmmmm... says:

    Yep yep 🙂

  277. Shabbychic says:

    280-I dont really think its necessary that we all spend our day wallowing in the sadness of our country’s climate. That’s not to say that we should be dissecting the appropriate imitation of knit wool all day either, but its so boring that every time someone finds a topic inconsequential to the state of our economy it becomes pointless and silly. Truth be told, with the current barrage of all things depressing, a little pants discussion is a welcome change.

  278. hmmmm... says:

    LOL, true, true

  279. Hawk says:

    272. Oh honey. I think its time to go back on your meds… day dreaming isn’t real life, you know?

  280. Cinderella08 says:

    The psycho mama PM’d me back – here’s her response.


    What you said was said reasonably enough and, although I do disagree with you somewhat that I should have been informed of the brand name when it is such a suggestive name (reference an urban dictionary definition which I found during basic searches on, I do understand your perspective even if I disagree with it. *Sigh* And in reference to what you wrote

    Originally Posted by cinderella08
    I found it very offensive that you would imply that I was perverted or a pedofile-like for selling these legwarmers, this just isn’t the case.

    I did just the opposite. I specifically wrote in my message to you:

    Originally Posted by GoneCloth
    Now, from what I can tell, you don’t seem to be a person on here that is intentionally messing with people; you don’t seem devious.

    so that you would know I was NOT accusing you of such. What I did feel was that you had been remiss in your duties as a seller to inform me of all aspects of the legwarmers. Now, I am a more experienced buyer because of this experience and will know always to ask the brand name, but as I wrote at the top of the letter, “I do disagree with you somewhat that I should have been informed of the brand name…etc.”

    I consider this matter settled–an agree to disagree situation–unless you have any further concerns on your end.


  281. Cinderella08 says:

    And here’s what I sent her back

    Yeah…. ok….

    First of all, do you look up all of the brands of items you purchase in the urban dictionary??? Odd and not a very reputable search….

    Also, where I got that you were implying that I was perverted or pedophile like is when you said that this (in reference to me selling you the baby legwarmers) was akin to pedophilia – those were your exact words.

    I told you the brand of legwarmers you were buying – they were WAHM legwamers. The brand of sock is irrelevant – or should be!

    There are certainly no further concerns on my end – I have nothing more to say. The transaction is over.

    And just so you know, I’m not the only one who thinks this was insanely crazy for you to be upset over the name “pink cookie”. If you don’t believe me, see this thread:



  282. amessymama says:

    Dang! That chick needs to loosen up. I think she needs her “pink cookie” fiddled with a little more.

    Again with the Urban Dictionary crap. Why do people think this is proper reference material?!?!

  283. amessymama says:

    I’m so glad you pointed her to that thread. At first, I was feeling a little bad that she would see it. Now I feel that it is in her best interest that she does. Maybe she’ll get some help.

  284. Laura says:

    I think old lady is shady bitch

  285. JustPeachy says:

    Thank you Meg for that post. I hate thinking about the state of our economy so a little argument over pants is a welcome change.

  286. Cubanita says:

    #290… the *fiddle* part had me LOL!

    Glad it worked out and you don’t have to deal with psycho lady anymore.

  287. Old Mama says:

    I would like to inform all of you that, unfortunately, I am not the person you are referring to as Shady Bitch. I wish I was, but I am not. I wouldn’t have put up that kind of crap from Molly for a minute and would have slammed her on DS. Little snits like Molly are those types I don’t tolerate – it is unacceptable.

    The person you are calling a Shady Bitch, the mom who order the pants in question, isn’t a Shady Bitch at all, if anyone is a Shady Bitch it is Molly, who LIED LIED LIED LIED about the whole thing and she is trying to get everyone to feel bad for her.

  288. Shabbychic says:

    So Old Mama, what’s the story? Why has Molly lied. Since you are already snuggled in behind a fake user name, what have you got to loose. Oh, and Shady bitch, just use the UN Shady Bitch.

    I’m waiiitttiiiinnnggggggg…….

  289. Old Mama says:

    Sorry, got a phone call. I am not using a fake user name and I am really not the mom that order the pants. Molly claims to make things just for her friends that she “created”. She copies off of many people and she doesn’t want anyone else wearing similar clothes, whateva.

    Anyway, she was asked by the mom to make them and she said she wasn’t making things anymore because she had to get out of being a WHAM because it hurt her feelings and then the mother said well I am going to have someone else make them for me and she said ok.

    So out of the blue, the pants show up (oh, get this, the mom she thinks the pants belong to really are somebody else’s pants) on the web page and she has NOTHING to do on EASTER but start a bunch of crap so people will feel bad for her.

    Frankly, I think she is lonely and has really very little to do with her life, you’d think she’d spend time with her kids or something on Easter.

    Also, she is all about “these are one of a kind” everything hand made is technically OFAK because no two are ever exactly the same.

    I just don’t like people claiming to have “copy writes” and “laws” that they know nothing about and I am going to have 5 pairs made and give them to poor kids because snobby self obsorbed woman like Molly probably couldn’t stand it if some poor kid look as good as hers – and I have the money to buy them and oh, by the way, there are plenty of woman who make beautiful clothing who need the money and will make them.

    Have to run..ttfn

  290. Cheesewhiz says:

    Old mama must have forgotten her metamucil.

  291. Shabbychic says:

    Maybe she doesn’t celebrate Easter. I had nothing better to do on Sunday than feed the fire. shrug.

  292. Aj says:

    Old mama, I’ve read through your story a few times, and I can’t understand it…what were you trying to say?

  293. amessymama says:

    Why is Old Mama going to have 5 pair of Olivia longies made for the poor kids?

    Oh well, whatever munches her pink cookie.

    BTW, my DD is broke right now. She could really use a pair of those Olivia longies.

  294. JustPeachy says:

    You know if you are going to try to defame someone you should at least have proof. What exactly did Molly copy except for a stripe pattern?

  295. Erin says:

    Old mama, you are really snarky. I get that Shady Bitch is a friend of your’s, but Molly has NOT mentioned this person by name, only that she was upset. Fine, be upset. People here are just speculating what the “real” story is and most seem to believe that there’s a lot more that Molly is letting on. You are trying to hurt Molly by having 5 pairs of Olivia longies made and given to “poor” kids at church.

    Why? What will that prove? Shady Bitch got her longies made, correct? Molly is upset and closing up shop, not knitting for anyone anymore. I’m just confused why you would chose to continue this. It’s ridiculous. It’s a pair of knit pants.

  296. Erin says:

    And the pink cookie lady is a real smartie pants!

  297. Erin says:

    I don’t feel bad for Molly. You have to be one tough pink cookie to be a WAHM. Her knitting is beautiful though and in the end, the only one suffering is her, through her own doing.

  298. me me me says:

    Old Mama-We are poor, can you get a pair of Olivia pants for my girls? 2t and 5t please. I will happily post action shots on DS and give you credit for the gift. Thanks.

  299. Old Mama says:

    This is for Just Peachy about having proof that Molly copied a pattern. First, for the record, Molly is the person accusing others of copying her – remember this is why she is soooo upset, somebody copied her “design” “pattern” etc.

    The “Olivia Pants” are copied from a famous character and Molly was advertising them as “Olivia” pants – I have a copy of the book and Molly is NOT the registered copywrite owner of the artistry. I have proof that Molly is violating copywrite and trade laws and she is the one throwing stones.

    Now if you really want to push this, although I am not Shady Bitch, I can be one and write a letter or call the publisher and report Molly. Maybe the IRS will pull all her paypal accounts or just give her more shit than she can handle – I don’t care.

    I don’t like what Molly did, I don’t like how she treated the Mom and the Knitter and frankly I don’t give a shit what Molly wants and how she feels.

    Molly started this shit – spread rumors and lies – acted like a bully and then she, like all bullies, acted like a coward.


    bul⋅ly1   [bool-ee] Show IPA noun, plural -lies, verb, -lied, -ly⋅ing, adjective, interjection
    1. a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.

    If Molly has any ounce of integrity in her bones she will write a letter on DS admitting that she lied and mislead many people and apologize to the Mom and the Knitter.

  300. Old Mama says:

    For all of you who are poor and want a pair of Olivia Longies, I am really give them to very very poor children of single parent homes and this is will be their only pair. The mothers won’t care who copied who and they will be so greatful to have something so nice for their children.

    If I win the lottery, all you can have a pair, but since I didn’t you are on your own.

    The reason I am doing this is because Molly was so snobby and upset that “somebody else’s children” would be wearing clothes like hers – because her children are so special and others shouldn’t have them. That was the issue. She isn’t in business, she turned away the work when offered, she has no compliant – she is just a shallow needy bitch.

    She’ll probably spend days figuring out something “new” to make for her kids AND then she won’t want to post them so others can’t copy her 🙂

  301. Old Mama says:

    Erin – you should know that the person called Shady Bitch DOES NOT have the pair of longies in question – SOMEBODY ELSE DOES, but Molly emailed her personally, called her names, slandered her on DS and then started all of this crap. Molly also had people email the knitter and say all kinds of stuff. This thread is just one known documentation of the issues – there are much more.

    You are right – it is just a pair of pants – which what I pointed out in my first response. That is why I am having five pairs made and giving them to some poor familes of little girls that I know.

    I can spend my money anyway I want – which is the point isn’t it. We are not living in Iraq. I don’t want people like Molly telling me what I can and cannot do with my money. She tried to control one mom and one knitter by blacklisting and slandering them. If she can do it to them, then she can do it to me or you, or anyone.

    It isn’t really about the pants – it is really about one person thinking that their civil rights are above others and using all of their resources to interfer with others rights and entitlements and benefits of resources commonly afforded to others.

    You are also right (you are very perceptive) that the Mom Molly thinks has the pants (which she doesn’t) is somebody very close to me. Molly made her cry, called her names, tried to prevent her from being able to be a member of DS, etc.

    Molly went over the top and the mom and the knitter are very nice people. The mom isn’t the kind of person who would slander Molly back just to clear her name because she doesn’t want to dignify Molly’s lies with a response.

    While it is just a pair of pants…what Molly did and continues to do until she writes a letter of apology …it is really about so much more.

    Molly should do the right thing, own up to her lies and move on – at least I’d have some respect for her owning up to her mistakes. But ladies, many people, who like Molly who lie and slant stories to “punish” others never have the character or integrity to own up to their actions.

  302. hmmmm... says:

    Ooooh, old mama, you are good!!!!!

  303. Laura says:

    She’s not that good. Most of her “facts” are WRONG!

  304. JustPeachy says:

    Molly didnt have anyone email the knitter. You do know there is such a thing as free will and people do not take kindly to copying another person’s designs.

  305. itsraininghere says:

    Old Mama – It’s copyRIGHT, not copyWRITE. As in, “I solely hold the RIGHTS to copy this design” not “I wrote something about copying something. . .”

    make sense? Or would you prefer it to make since?

  306. itsraininghere says:

    One more thing, just because it’s a bit confusing and I wish to clear the air, did Molly ever actually make money off of the longies? Didn’t she make them for her child only? So how is she violating any copyright laws? You can’t copy for profit. . . but for personal use, you can. Am I wrong?

  307. JustPeachy says:

    She didn’t make any of the other pairs of longies but the set she has for her own daughter.

  308. Old Mama says:

    Remember, I am not the one who raised the copywrite law issue – Molly made this claim about people copying her and violating her designs, etc. She then had all these people email the knitter and accused the wrong mother.

    The adult, honorable, decent and appropriate way Molly should have handled this major misunderstanding was to speak directly (on the phone) with the people in question and discuss the issue like a grown up. Instead she started rumors, not based on all of the facts, started all kinds of crap, tried to ruin the business of one knitter and prevent another person from being able to buy stuff. She is a weak willed egotistical bully who, in my opinion, has little to no character.

    To answer your question about if you don’t charge for it you are not violating the law – the answer is it doesn’t matter if you get paid or not. In fact, Molly displayed her goods on line for all to see and advertised the name as Olivia – which is not only a copywrite but a tradmark. Info is below:


    What is copyright?

    Copyright is a form of protection grounded in the U.S. Constitution and granted by law for original works of authorship fixed in a tangible medium of expression. Copyright covers both published and unpublished works.

    What does copyright protect?

    Copyright, a form of intellectual property law, protects original works of authorship including literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works, such as poetry, novels, movies, songs, computer software, and architecture. Copyright does not protect facts, ideas, systems, or methods of operation, although it may protect the way these things are expressed. See Circular 1, Copyright Basics, section “What Works Are Protected.”

    How is a copyright different from a patent or a trademark?

    Copyright protects original works of authorship, while a patent protects inventions or discoveries. Ideas and discoveries are not protected by the copyright law, although the way in which they are expressed may be. A trademark protects words, phrases, symbols, or designs identifying the source of the goods or services of one party and distinguishing them from those of others.

    “If I don’t charge for it, it’s not a violation.”

    False. Whether you charge can affect the damages awarded in court, but that’s main difference under the law. It’s still a violation if you give it away — and there can still be serious damages if you hurt the commercial value of the property. There is a USA exception for personal copying of music, which is not a violation, though courts seem to have said that doesn’t include widescale anonymous personal copying as Napster. If the work has no commercial value, the violation is mostly technical and is unlikely to result in legal action. Fair use determinations (see below) do sometimes depend on the involvement of money.

    They can’t get me, defendants in court have powerful rights!”

    Copyright law is mostly civil law. If you violate copyright you would usually get sued, not be charged with a crime. “Innocent until proven guilty” is a principle of criminal law, as is “proof beyond a reasonable doubt.” Sorry, but in copyright suits, these don’t apply the same way or at all. It’s mostly which side and set of evidence the judge or jury accepts or believes more, though the rules vary based on the type of infringement. In civil cases you can even be made to testify against your own interests.

  309. Laura says:

    you mean after all that googling of the word “copyright” you still can’t get the spelling right?

  310. DramaBore says:

    WTH did Molly do to you? She is not a mean person AT ALL, and she also did not call anybody names on DS.

  311. JustPeachy says:

    She didn’t try to ruin the business of another knitter you idiot! Seriously I normally don’t resort to name calling but you are an out and out moron. She didn’t out her intentionally just mentioned in passing on the wool thread she was upset by the fact that the knitter was selling something she designed for her child. Yes she was mad at the time and we all do things we regret when we are mad and I believe this was the case. Keitha just sort of added fuel to the fire by posting on the thread presumably after a few people took it upon themselves to email her and cuss her out about it before more of the story came out.

  312. JustPeachy says:

    Oh and please do us a favor and shove your head firmly back up your ass since thats where it seems to spend its time mostly. KTHANXBAI.

  313. Shabbychic says:

    Old Mama-You are a fucking idiot.

  314. Cheesewhiz says:

    For someone who complains that there are much better things to do than argue about a pair of pants, you sure do spend A LOT of time online typing out comments with a 2,000 word minimum…

    I have go now, Old Mama, you are making me cross-eyed.

  315. dirtyj says:

    long winded much?

  316. .bin. says:

    This whole thing is so ridiculous. 1)oldmama, you seriously need to spend a bit more time not on this subject.

    2) I made a pair of back/white striped ‘longies'(fucking PANTS) with a skirt on top about 3 years ago for my friends “pirate baby” god I hope molly doesn’t sue. dumbass.

  317. Old Mama says:

    I have ordered all of the longies for the poor kids and I really don’t have time, I have just been laid up and actually thought it was funny how much you guys really reacted to this shit…it is so stupid. I really didn’t care, I was just bored.

    Oh, and my fucking idiot self is going to go open the summer house so while you losers are on this blog and chasing around your litte kiddos and worrying about who is copying who and whose feelings are hurt, I will be on vacation until August – not cleaning, not cooking..

    Love being me….sucks to be you

    have a wicked pissa day…

  318. itsraininghere says:

    I think that you hurt your point there Old Mama.

    If Molly didn’t make any money, how is she advertising anything?

    I’m sure that there is another side to this story, and sadly, until someone else comes over here and tells it, we won’t know it. But you’ve done what so many people do when they come here – go crazy. You start out upset, and want to help someone you know. It ends up that you really either a) don’t know what you are talking about; b) can’t come up with a decent argument to support your claims; or c) are truly crazy.

    I have no idea which is the case here, but I think that, nonetheless, it’s sad.

    I think that Molly has every right to be upset about someone doing something *if* she asked them not to do it. I think she doesn’t have any legal rights in the matter, but has she claimed that she did? Unless she’s threatening some sort of legal action, I think she’s just upset and you’ve blown the whole thing out of proportion.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you were the person that Molly posted the thread about, asking if there was a way to put someone on ignore and then not receive pm’s, etc.

  319. Shabbychic says:

    I got your ass beat old hag, i never cook or clean, not before or after August and I like chasing my kids. So why don’t you STFU, because really, you sound like a dumbass so it sucks to be you actually.

  320. Cheesewhiz says:

    LOL…I recant my previous comments…Shabby, you rock…ROFL….”old hag”

  321. JustPeachy says:

    I think someone needs some grammar lessons. Either that or I need to learn to speak idiot.

  322. amessymama says:

    I wish I was Old Mama.

    A girl can dream right?

  323. amessymama says:

    Old Mama reminds of that stupid chick that said her sister found Cranky’s @ the thrift store.

    Saying ridiculously stupid things and thinking people will just believe her.

    I hope all the poor kids enjoy their new Olivia longies.

  324. me me me says:

    330-What ever happened to that. I remember that but never saw how it ended.

  325. me me me says:

    331that is.

  326. werd says:

    LMAO ShabbyChic!!!

    I don’t cook or clean ever either – but that is because I’m a shitty housewife with a wonderful husband. I WIN!!

  327. naturalmamadot says:

    lol ooh I luurve the “who are you on the blog” thread at CDN its so cool so see who everyone is hehe

  328. Cheesewhiz says:

    #335 – Link, please? I can’t find it…

  329. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    This is the weirdest crap ever.

  330. StacEy says:

    old hag: copyRIGHT copyRIGHT copyRIGHT

    For such a self righteous know-it-all, you sure sound like a complete idiot.

  331. diudiaole says:

    #324 lol re: spending more time ‘not on this subject’

    Ordering longies for poor kids? That is the stupidest bullshit I ever heard. I wanna see the receipt.

  332. naturalmamadot says:

    Cheesewhiz Says:
    April 16, 2009 at 3:32 am

    #335 – Link, please? I can’t find it…
    Sorry, just saw that

  333. Cheesewhiz says:

    No problem! I’m bummed it won’t let me access the page…it says my account doesn’t have sufficient priviledges or something…:P I’m pretty new, only have about 50 posts…darn.

    Guess that’s why I couldn’t find it, eh? 😉

  334. JustPeachy says:

    I cant access it either so I think it may be in one of the groups IM not part of yet.

  335. PNPBaby says:

    LOL! I made it on Diaperswappers Drama!

    #8 – Monkey, you nailed it on the head. Sometimes you just have a bad day and someone says the wrong thing and you can’t shut up, lol

  336. PNPBaby says:

    #16. No, he wasn’t. 🙂 Life happens and some people roll with it while others crumble. He crumbled.

  337. naturalmamadot says:

    PNPBaby Says:
    April 19, 2009 at 3:06 am

    #16. No, he wasn’t. 🙂 Life happens and some people roll with it while others crumble. He crumbled.
    I totally get you there, my sons father was the exact version of who I would say I wanted to spend the rest of my life with etc. As soon as life got a lil hard, he crumbled. I feel like people are looking at me like I just screwed around and got knocked up because he is an ass but he really used to be awesome :-(. Sorry that you are in that situation, I can just walk away because we arent married and even thats really really really hard, I cant imagine if I was married to him.

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