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DS keeps redirecting to this IQ test page?

Is this happening to anyone else? I couldn’t click anything in OT before without it redirecting to an IQ test page.

Oh the irony.

  1. Booyah says:

    LOL. I wonder what his score is.

  2. Megan says:

    Betcha’ he won’t post his score. 😛
    Soooo, Lee gets rid of the STDs, and opts for the redirecting ads? Ugh, so glad I left.

  3. itsraininghere says:

    wow. classy.

  4. trolltastic says:

    I was just coming on here to ask about that! WTH!

  5. tntdynomite says:

    Lol maybe they are trying to find someone with a little more upstairs to run the site 🙂

  6. Rika says:

    Irony indeed.

  7. AshleyB says:

    That’s funny!

  8. Incognizable says:

    lee is an fn loser! did anyone see this??…”why i love DS contest”



  9. Cheesewhiz says:

    LOL…next thing ya know, you will be directed to an ad for Valtrex…

    I think its Lee’s “subtle” way of insulting the mamas…

  10. not just another mama says:

    Reading some of those responses, I want to give some of those girls a hug & a life outside of the internet. I could be wrong, maybe they just want to win that crap prize.

  11. Booyah says:

    What’s the prize?

    #5 I think the dead fly I just fished out of my kid’s bathwater has more upstairs than Lee.

  12. me says:


    One (1) Grand Prize winner receives a Grand Prize Pack including:

    * 2 Baby Outfits from Sandra’s clothing line “Messages from the Heart”
    * 1 copy of Welcome, Little One
    * 1 copy of Peek-a-boo, I Love You
    * 1 copy of Baby Love
    * 1 copy of My Blanket
    * 1 copy of Little Blossom
    * 1 copy of Goodnight, Little One
    * 1 copy of Butterfly Kisses
    * 1 copy of Love Bug
    * 1 copy of Bedtime Bunny
    * 1 copy of Little Angel

    Grand Prize Pack valued at = $149.88

    Four (4) runner-up winners receive a copy of the new book

    * Welcome, Little One

    Books are valued at = $15.99 each

  13. mksmommy says:

    Thats a suck ass prize package if you ask me.

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