What do I do with a PL’er who loves to play with poop!?!?!?!

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What do I do with a PL’er who loves to play with poop!?!?!?!

DD showed interest in the potty very very early, and was taking herself to the potty all the time…before I got preggo. Now she has her days that she want to be a baby and wear diapers, and days where she is fine being a big sister and using the potty.
Sooooooo now she can and will take off her own panties or diaper even a tightly snapped FB and she will poop on the floor and play with it. Today she brought me this baby covered in poop and one of her brother’s NB fitteds and wanted me to put it on the baby so she could change the poopy diaper.
Ofcorse she is covered in poop….and so is the floor and my matress! This just had to be the day I decide to wash sheets, huh?

We go through this atleast twice a week. Today I told her I was going to take away all her babies if she did it again….but she is a very stuburn, head strong little redhead!

*just incase anyone ever needs to know (I pray you don’t!) borax and dawn will clean poop out and off of pretty much anything!

Is there nothing people won’t share on Diaperswappers??

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Re: What do I do with a PL’er who loves to play with poop!?!?!?!

I wanted to use the nopics faces but they are smiling and this is gross!
WHY would you post pics of that??? Honestly??? I see enough crap in my child’s diaper and I am sure we all see it somewhere else, but honestly, those are just plain gross and nasty.
  1. silver says:


  2. not just another mama says:

    What the fuck is wrong with this lady? I wouldn’t want to talk about this online, let alone share photos.

  3. me me me says:

    Dude, I was hoping not to find this here. Now I’ve had to view it twice and while eating soybeans no less. Ugh

    Who the fucks WANTS to relive that by taking pics and posting them.

  4. laughingmama says:

    Um yeah, the first thing I think to do when I see shit smeared into the carpet and mattress is run and get the camera. There’s one for the scrapbook! Gross!

  5. Shabbychic says:

    The house looks like a fucking sty.

  6. DSDM2 says:

    SC, yeah that.

    I’m wondering why there are no sheets on the bed and why there is so much stuff around it…

  7. For Realz says:

    Ew, gross.
    And I am so sorry, but if my house was that messy (it isn’t) I would never, ever post the evidence.

  8. Terra says:

    I’m surprised she noticed the poop. Kinda blends in with her decor to me.


  9. theinvisible says:

    My dd once got into her diaper while she was supposed to be taking a nap. When I came to check on her and saw her and her crib I about died. Getting the camera NEVER occurred to me. Love DS…we can’t post pictures of children on the net but pictures of shit is perfectly fine?

  10. Aj says:

    I vomited after looking at that, then I took some photos…want the link to my pb?

  11. AshleyB says:

    That is disgusting!! WHO the hell ever considers taking a pic?

  12. BffMama says:

    I feel bad. And I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt that she is pregnant and maybe not thinking exactly straight. She seemed like she honestly wants some help, though and at least she reached out for help. I just read an article here about a man who killed his gf’s 2 year old son over PLing. She at least is seeking advice, though maybe the pic wasn’t the *best* most thought out way to entice people to answer, it is still ultimately a mama seeking help for herself and her child.

  13. Tori says:

    OK that is nasty!

  14. Madre says:


  15. Cheesewhiz says:

    UHMMMMMMM….NO PICS. DS is a loony gathering…I mean, one poster saying a 4 year old with no shirt is pornographic, while another posts pics she just HAD to take of her daughter’s CRAP.

    Makes total sense.

  16. nini02 says:

    That is beyond disgusting.

  17. messy says:

    😥 Boofuckinghoohoo… Mama2Jack just called me harsh. Of course she never saw the pics. That is the *shittiest post I have ever seen!!! GAH! Like I said before, I hope she doesn’t follow up with pics of her kid’s first toilet poopy…
    And yeah, that house is icky looking just form the crap all over it GAH!!!

  18. Aj says:

    Don’t leave your kid unattended, that’s my advice!!! Oh, and maybe she thinks spreading shit all over the place is acceptable because your house looks like a giant toilet.

  19. Fizz says:

    I’ve been reading this blog for a couple of months and have never posted, but OH MY GOD!!! Who the fuck takes pictures of their shit-smeared pigsty of a house and posts them on the internet? Seriously – in that second picture you can see that underneath the shit stains (and next to the leaning tower of random crap) the carpet hasn’t been vacuumed since the dark ages. I’ve always had a cast iron stomach, but this made me ill.

  20. eb says:

    18…I can’t stop laughing, She lives in a toliet….roflmbo

  21. Booyah says:

    Dude. Maybe I SHOULD have taken pics of my littlest one when he took a massive shit this morning and it covered him down to his toes, and was plastered all over the bottom of his exersaucer. I had no idea people would want to see that other than me…and *I* didn’t even want to see it, it was more of a “pics or it didn’t happen” moment, it was just such an astounding amount of shit.

    All joking aside, though, that’s just weird and gross.

  22. screenname says:

    This reminds me of a thread from a while ago when a mama posted pics of her baby after she gave it a suppository. What is it with people? Just because it’s a cloth diapering website doesn’t mean we all want to know what ends up in the diapers.

    Here is another thread to keep an eye on. I can see this one getting pretty heated.

  23. insomiac says:

    those pictures really make me gag.

    how is grabbing the camera what you think of doing in the face of shit smeared everywhere. the smell…. **shudders**

  24. Stacey says:

    puke. Maybe she couldn’t find her kid amidst the junk until the poo odor smacked her in the face?

  25. turkey lurkey says:

    Seriously? This happens twice a week? She needs to keep a closer eye on her kid. I mean, it happens to all of us every now and then. But twice a week?

  26. Nippy says:

    ew yuck…. I could she take the time to get the camera and smell that shit…. no pun intented… yuck

  27. Nippy says:

    how* not I….. I need sleep

  28. turkey lurkey says:

    Is that my monster’s arm? Tongue? Or dong?

  29. Rika says:

    If I went in her house, I’d prolly take a crap on the floor, too.

    Just to fit in, of course.

  30. Erin says:

    OMFG… seriously the grossest thing I’ve seen. WHY would you take pictures of that? Asking for advice on how to get your LO to stop playing with their poop…. sure. Taking pictures of it? NO!

  31. magpiedpiper says:

    Yes, the pictures are gross. I had no desire to see someone else’s poop this early in the morning, especially like that. But it sounds like she really does just want help with a frustrating and gross situation and just made a bad judgment call on posting pictures. Yuck.

    Also, I think it’s a little unfair to judge her entire house based on one picture. I was incredibly sick the majority of my pregnancy and ended up on bed rest. A lot of housework just did
    not happen regularly. And I didn’t have a LO at the time. This mama seems overwhelmed, and I think calling her entire house a sty based on the fact that there’s laundry on the floor of the bedroom, the sheets are off the bed (laundry maybe?), and vacuuming needs to done is a little harsh.

  32. coffee drinker says:

    um, yeah, if you only knew wht my house looked like right now. (but im mid move and have no choice)

    that is very nasty and not something I wanted to see while enjoying my chocolate muffin and coffee.

    Thank god my kids dont like to play in diapers. In the toilet? yes!

    just gross

  33. me me me says:

    Though I can’t understand why on earth she’d take pics of that. Blah.

    I do understand the issue she’s having with a kiddo that wants to paint the house in crap. Oldest was like that. I’d go to the bathroom and come out to a sceen like she posted. I’d put him to bed, go to bed a little later after I was sure he was asleep, and wake up middle of the night to check on him and he’d be naked and his room, well I won’t describe. Anyways, it was an awful battle. I tried all sorts of things to make it impossible to get his hands into his diaper and nothing worked. Potty learning was all that stopped him. My middle kiddos never did this, they hated being dirty. My youngest has a tendency towards this too. However, she’s a mama’s girl and won’t leave my side much so I am able to catch her before she tries it, so we don’t have the messes with her. Plus I live in a colder area now and I can get away with keeping her in fleece footed sleepers at home, which slow down her stripping a lot. lol

    Anyways, I won’t fault her for having a kid that does this, I understand how impossible it is to prevent in some situations. As mentioned before, she is pg, while some woman are blessed with feeling like a goddess while pg. Many feel like road kill and just don’t have the ability to follow the toddler around all day watching their every move. Much less keep the house perfect. I feel her pain. I just don’t get the need to capture it in all it’s digital glory.

  34. messy says:

    Ok, I do not fault her for having a child that does this. One of mine has done this… HOWEVER! Seriously, what kind of thinking does it take to run for the camera and take pics of your child’s shit mess and post them onto the internet??? *THAT* is my problem with the situation. I am sure she lost a lot of excellent advice just for the fact that she posted shitty pics that were catching people totally off guard because who does that???
    I do not fault her for having a messy house. But again, who goes and takes pics of shit smears and globs all over the place in the midst of the mess? Yeah, my house can get out of hand, but no way in hades am I posting pics of it on the internet, and esp not in conjunction with crap globs from a child that I *knew had a tendency to play in poo (she said this happens at least twice a week).

  35. theinvisible says:

    Maybe it’s just me but a real quick fix for that is to keep your child dressed. A onsie and a pair of pants do wonders for blocking access to shit filled diapers. And in my opinion, the time it took for the child to do that was too long for a baby to be left unsupervised. OMG, ok I now step down from my high horse.

  36. mksmommy says:

    You’d be amazed at what a toddler can do in the amount of time it takes to load the washer. Trust me I know from experience;)
    I don’t think the OP should’ve posted pics of it but seriously are we going to rag on her housekeeping abilities? My house is definitely not spotless and in fact more often then not is cluttered with toys and clothing. And Im not PG (just the mother of 3 messy girls).

  37. Aj says:

    By posting pictures of her house she leaves herself open to judgement on its messiness. I don’t care if she’s pregnant or not, her house is gross.

  38. Shabbychic says:

    Ha 37. Yeah. Please, give me a break. I am the worlds worst housekeeper, because I have full time help. I was 26 weeks pregnant, with my head still slung in the toilet and my help quit and I dragged my ass around for 7 weeks before finding new help with 2 other small kids, cleaning everyday because I wouldnt live in a sty, much less take pictures of it smeared with shit. I dont care how many kids you have or how pregnant you are, it takes an hour at best to clean up each day and maintain it. This coming from A1 primadonna. You dont want to be judged and called a pig, dont post pics of your pen covered in shit. Seems rather simple.

  39. dirtyj says:

    My daughter would take off her diaper after pooping. I started putting a onsie on her or made sure she had pants on. Now my youngest does the same thing. We had one incident years ago during nap time. It was the grossest thing I have ever seen. I totally took a picture. It was either find humor in it or lose it and cry. I was actually pregnant at the time lol but I wouldnt spread it all over the internet. God that shit took forever to clean.

    I dont think we can call her a pig because in one picture she has stuff on the floor.

  40. Aj says:

    Let’s be honest here…obviously the lady has some issues with cleanliness. Not only because of a messy room in a photo, but because she thought it would be acceptable to publish photos of her house smeared in crap. It makes you wonder what her baseline for grossness is. Last time I checked, the only time it’s “cool” to decorate with poo is if you’re a monkey at the zoo.

  41. itsraininghere says:

    yes, 38. this.

  42. insomiac says:

    I agree with #34 and #38
    yes everyone’s house gets messy, so what, no big deal.
    it is the taking the time to snap shots of shit amidst the mess that is bizarre and that she said it happens TWICE A WEEK.

    that is just fucking gross.
    Yeah, poor her. I get it. She is pg and overwhelmed.BTDT.
    But it is still fucking gross and if she doesn’t want people to say fucking gross then she would not post pics of something that is fucking gross.

    ….did I say fucking gross? >:P

  43. me me me says:

    Haha 42-you surely did. Agreed, it’s weird to take pics and post them and it deff messed up the advice she could have gotten. Maybe she’s really stressed and at her wits end. People do odd shit when they are at their wits end. Either way, ewwww.

  44. ~*~MOMMA~*~ says:

    uh, ewwwe

  45. yikes says:


  46. InAfixx says:


    Anyone with a scat fetish would just adore these pictures.

    Excuse me while I throw up.

  47. Shabbychic says:

    I cant come here until those pics get taken down. Can someone get rid of them and can we move on.

  48. itsraininghere says:

    yes, 47, this as well.

    please, drama mama’s, remove the photos.

  49. Aj says:

    So, I just saw that MollyJones will not be opening her cart, was there some drama there? Or did she just not feel like doing it? I ❤ her!

  50. Kelolsen says:

    Well, she said today was the day she was washing the sheets, so that’s why they were off the bed.

    but I’d cry.. not take pics of feces. My child doesn’t want to play with poop- thankfully. Hopefully saying this doesn’t change my luck.

  51. incognizable says:

    that is freakin’ sick shit, lit. really clean it up no sharing needed :puke:

  52. flatcake says:

    Bukawww is a stupid, hateful bitch and I wish DS would ban her ass again. That is all.

  53. insomiac says:

    #49 *giggle* I was just laughing at the duck shoes myself.

    So weird. How does one make those and not see they are just not quite right.

  54. amessymama says:

    #51 What a waste of perfectly acceptable fabric. I don’t think a kid could even move their legs in that dress. At least, I think it’s a dress.

    BTW, DS woke up last night w/ the stomach flu. It was bad! I do have pics if anyone would like to see them.

  55. messy says:

    If I got a shirt that was sewn this poorly, I would be mad as hell!

  56. messy says:

    #51 I shoulda read further ahead! I just linked that one too! LOL! It is absolutely horrible.

  57. Jay says:

    Those shoes are so simple to make. I’m not sure how even a beginner sewer could mess them up that badly.

  58. messy says:

    #58 Jay, got a linky to the shoes pattern? I had it before my computer broke and went to be repaired.

  59. mksmommy says:

    Whats the deal with bukaww.
    And Molly got overwhelmed with home and knitting so she chose not to open it. I was pretty sad because her work is fantastic.
    And Shabby thats you. You say sty but I say lived in. Its not like she had food laying on the floor but just clothing. And who is to say the entire house is like that?

  60. Aj says:

    #60, thanks for the info on Molly. Look at my post #40, I just question her baseline for what’s clean and what’s not. It she’s willing to post those pics it makes you wonder…that’s all. Would you?

  61. Jay says:

    #59 I made my own pattern for soft sole shoes but this one looks pretty good.

  62. messy says:

    TY Jay!

  63. amessymama says:

    Hey, if my monster was rectangular instead of square, I could buy that hideous set for him. The shoes would fit perfectly on his duck feet.

  64. Erin says:

    #54 what’s the deal wtih Bukawww this time?

  65. Shabbychic says:

    Oh please. Lived in? That doesnt look lived in, it looks filthy, look at the carpet. AND, I have a hard time believing that anyone who lives in a clean and tidy house would ever even have it dawn on them to take pictures of crap all over and post it. The baby had a less than pleasant accident here a few weeks ago. You know what I did? I laid a towel over it, shut the door and called Stanley Steamer. They were here within 2 hours. And, you know what, it never dawned on me to take a picture of it with my camera that is practically an extension of my arm.

  66. 2dogs says:

    Just a note on the shoes – the pattern is simple, no doubt. But it’s not easy to get them to look nice and smooth around the seams when you’re using a thinnish knit on the top and suede leather on the bottom. It’s possible, just not as simple as if you were using other fabrics. The thickness of the leather makes the knit look all wonky around the curve. She needs to trim her seams a little better and it would probably fix the elfish appearance.

    But the dress? There’s no excuse for that. Four pleats across the chest don’t look like a dress, they look like an accident.

  67. Jay says:

    Ya, maybe her shoes are actually nice in person. You’re right, it can be tricky to make the curve look smooth when using knits.
    But if she won’t even take 10 seconds to smooth them out or stuff them to make them actually look like normal shoes then that makes me question their quality.

  68. behooooooove says:

    I’d like to throw in there that not everyone can afford help, whether it be live-in or otherwise. And not everyone can afford to just throw a towel over it and call Stanley Steemer. No offense to you or anything, Meg…I’m just saying that most people don’t have that luxury.

    That being said, it’s not an excuse to live like a pig. Seriously, folks…Take an hour out of your oh-so-busy day to run the vacuum or throw some clothes in the washer. And it really doesn’t take long to get some poop off the walls/bed/carpet. Big FYI to the less fortunate folks–Vinegar is a wondrous thing. Cheap, easy and effective on most everything. It’s a serious time and money saving cleaning agent. Try it.

  69. DramaBore says:

    I agree with you, behooooooove. We don’t even have steam-cleaners in our town, so it would cost a fortune to pay for someone to drive in. I do my best scrubbing by hand using carpet cleaner.

    Not to mention that perhaps the carpets are dingy in general? The carpets in our house are not very pretty (they came that way); we did our best to clean them up and keep them clean, but replacing them isn’t in the budget right now. Not everybody can go and afford such luxuries on a whim.

    That said, taking a photo of feces spread all over is not convincing me that the rest of the house is very clean.

  70. Shabbychic says:

    I’m not saying my solution is everyone’s solution, I’m just saying that regardless, it is not necessary to take and post pictures of it. It’s simply a display of uncleanliness and entirely distasteful. And as for the vinegar, I use it by the jug here also.

  71. behooooooove says:

    And that was one hell of a display….Fucking gross.

  72. Cheesewhiz says:


    I have to say that a very large percentage of your posts come across as snobby and narcissistic. I don’t care if you have full-time help, if so, good for you. I may be dirt poor, or I may have round the clock “employees” as well, you will never know. Because you sure as hell will never hear me bragging about it. I don’t care if you are rich or famous. All popularity aside, isn’t your last post similar to something we were all bagging on miss LoonyTiffoony for? (aka, ALMOST three-figure income….?) PLEASE. I really hope that you just don’t realize the way you come off, not that you are insecure enough to have to constantly refer to your “status” in life.

    Just saying.

  73. Cheesewhiz says:

    *Correction, your second to last post. I agree with the fact that the pictures are completely nasty.

  74. Cheesewhiz says:

    And post #38.

  75. Shabbychic says:

    Ahhhh, I love it when it turns to me. Yayyyyyyyy. It’s all been said. Thanks anyway.

  76. just another lurker says:

    Ummmmm……maybe a purchase of finger paints would be wise? I would much prefer pictures of that.

  77. Cheesewhiz says:

    Really not trying to be a bitch.

    Ok, but now I AM…because cakemaven’s avatar makes me want to smack her….


  78. Point is, no one wants to see poop flung all over and smeared all over someone’s house. Everyone has some solution. Being broke, I grab some Resolve and washcloths and go to town. I can’t stomach the pics anymore… I think i’ll just make them links.

  79. yikes says:



    I love DS because it wrecks my computer and enables hackers to steal my personal information.

    Think I could win?

  80. itsraininghere says:

    thank you for taking the pics down! 🙂

  81. mksmommy says:

    cakemaven drives me batty. Especially with her oh Im famous bs. Does anyone really know who the hell she is? I know she claimed at one time to be pretty famous which made me laugh.

  82. Cheesewhiz says:

    #83 – Um, yeah….LOL!!!! Hilarious. She is SO not famous. I know EXACTLY who she is.

  83. InAfixx says:

    #74, let’s not go down this road. Really. Some people have the ability and desire to hire someone to clean their home and others do not. This whole “let’s harp on Shabbychic” horse has been done.

    I think the point Meg was trying to make is that even WITHOUT hired housekeepers – it’s perfectly reasonable for someone to pick up their home and keep it in order.

    I’ll have to agree with many others, the tiny smidge of the room that can be seen in the photo looks filthy and cluttered. Personally, if I kept my house in such a state; you better believe I would never EVER want to take photos of it and show it to the world. How embarassing!

  84. behooooooove says:

    Yeah, the Meg bashing is old news. Frankly, I’m tired of hearing about it.

    Lets get back to Captain Caveman and her “famous” father whose heart attack was in the limelight for weeks…LOL Come on, someone dish who it is.

  85. InAfixx says:

    I’d rather talk about kmwell.


  86. nodramahere says:

    Wow. DODS brings out the ‘real’ CD mamas. I can only imagine how you girls act when you’re on a ‘girls night out’.

  87. behooooooove says:

    wut?? Seriously? Caveman is better than ol kmwell stories.

  88. Cheesewhiz says:

    Well, I wasn’t trying to “bash” anyone. I was just making a comment on my opinion. FTR, I wasn’t aware that “Meg bashing” was a common theme, and I certainly wasn’t trying to jump on any bandwagon.

    Ok, on to “caveman”…who is her so-called “famous father”? I thought only SHE was famous…lol

  89. behooooooove says:

    89–Over in the GM forum, she posted something to the effect of her dad had a heart attack 18 months ago and it was the top story in the news for weeks…..But she said she wouldn’t tell who he was. I tried Googling it and I came up with Alex Trebek, who isn’t her dad…And some other random celebs that weren’t either. Soooo who is he? And why the fuck would she be famous? She’s never done anything but be/look creepy as all get out….

  90. Shabbychic says:

    Yeah, Kmwell. That’s more fun. She seems to have dropped off the planet in the wake of the Stinky issue. Hmmm….

  91. behooooooove says:

    I heard she doesn’t get on the intrawebz anymore at all….To stay away form the “drama”….And sold most of her shit too. Interesting, eh?

  92. behooooooove says:


  93. melmelly says:

    WTF?!?!? Cakemaven said her dad wax famous? I remember her saying at one time her dad was a prison guard at several prisons in California – before retiring and moving to Vegas.

  94. behooooooove says:

    ROFL 94…That’s what she said! That the man was in the news for days because of his coronary. Whatevs.

  95. melmelly says:

    I hate my keyboard. *WAS, not wax.

  96. magpiedpiper says:

    She also mentioned he is retired navy. Seems like a busy guy…

  97. melmelly says:

    This is making me LOL way too much! I have always thought she was a bit of a hypocrite. You the kind: way too much of a “Christian” to be partaking in smoking cigars on cruises, drinking a whole lot more than she has said before(like saying she hardly ever drink, like rarely), yet her husband is always mixing up some drink for her. And how she talks about dressing in skimpy running clothing. I dunno. Maybe it’s just me, but it grates on me like sandpaper on a sunburn.

  98. magpiedpiper says:

    Oh yeah, and he’s french/german/native american. lol
    She sure talks about her daddy a lot.

  99. behooooooove says:

    Maybe her momma doesn’t know who the real daddy is….lol

  100. melmelly says:

    I’m beginning to think she’s a pathological liar!

  101. behooooooove says:

    There’s something going on…And it certainly ain’t right.

  102. Cheesewhiz says:

    Hmmm…I totally think she is a pathological liar…yep, sounds about right.

  103. mksmommy says:

    She probably just some weirdo attention whore. Seems the most likely reason for the various stories about her father and her claiming to be famous.
    Its funny because I remember on a thread (probably a gm one a looooooooong time ago) she was spouting off how she was “THE cakemaven” and I googled her username and nothing came up except her DS and LJ stuff.

  104. melmelly says:

    105: didn’t you know that she is a famous cake decorator? That is why she is THE Cakemaven! She is a maven of cakes… Oy.

  105. Molly says:

    Yes 105 she is The Cakemaven. Her website http://www.cakemaven.com/

  106. Kitty says:

    ok, i havent read all the posts but this reminds me of another thread on DS by katedanzer and her son pooped up and out of his diaper and all over his wool… it was seriously disgusting and she posted pics and all everyeon said was awwwww poor guy. no one beat her to death for posting pics of her son covered in shit

  107. behooooooove says:

    Hmmm I looked at said site and umm…..Yeah….Those aren’t that good. A few are cute/have neat ideas, but even I’ve done better than that. Maybe I should change my name to THE Cakemaven…Oh, wait. I don’t have crazy eyes and don’t want to be called Caveman.

  108. behooooooove says:

    108–I remember that! But was the rest of her house dirty? I don’t remember if it was or not. I think that’s the big thing people are jumping on here, her lack of cleanliness in everyday activities, like vacuuming, laundry, etc.

    Either way….Poop everywhere=nasty shit, no matter what the surroundings are.

  109. diudiaole says:

    Not every woman is a natural born good housekeeper, I know I’m not. It is one area where I really struggle a lot actually. I’m a lot better now than I was ten years ago, so at least I am improving.

    That said pure filth is something I cannot stand… I am so grateful for my steam cleaner that I got as a gift about a year ago — it saves my sanity! It is a cheaper model that only cost like $60 on sale I think, but it really does work wonders. I know you can sometimes find them second hand cheap too. Anyone with messy kids or pets that has carpet in their home should try to get one or at least borrow once a month or so. You’ll be amazed at the dirt that comes out of there.

    Those pics were just horrible though… gag

  110. trolltastic says:

    OMFG that house looks like “clean house” needs to go visit!
    How about watching your damn kid and getting off the computer lady, get a CLUE. Its obvious she was left alone for more than a moment (which honestly, poop playing happens) because that was EVERYWHERE.

  111. messy says:

    #111 With kids and pets, I LOVE my steam cleaner! It is my life line 🙂 Also, my floor scrubber is a.m.a.z.i.n.g.!!! I had a regular $60 cheapy that is spectacular, then other day was my splurge and I bought an all terain one that goes on hardwood/linoleum and also carpet. OMgosh. After using it, I would trade dh for it! ROFLMAO! We haven’t owned a mop for years. Oh wait, I have one that I wash walls with because we have 10ft ceilings but that is it!

  112. messy says:

    Oh and I also STRUGGLE with cleaning. I am not a housekeeeper at all. Seriously, people always think I must be a great cook & cleaner due to having a big family. Furthest thing from the truth. I suck at it. I have gone through phases where I thought about going back to WOTH just so I could hire someone else to do it 😦
    That said, I DO NOT EVER post pics of my messy house online! Also, I try to keep the floors clean. My mantra is telling everyone that *nothing goes on the floors. However, my floors are ugly even when they are clean LOL, so still no pics.

  113. diudiaole says:

    That sounds awesome ::drool:: I’m in an apartment so for now the compact one does the job… but when I get my house, an upgrade will be on the list of priorities… I never want to go back to life w/out a steam cleaner lol

  114. messy says:

    The all terain one is awesome! I got it at sears and put a 3 yr warrantee on it that will cover all parts and service 😛 We have never had a floor scrubber, carpet cleaner, or steamer that dh didn’t have to repair within the first month. I told them that and they said if we did too much of a number on it, they would replace it! Although, it is made a lot more heavy duty than my others have been and I think they might not see me so much!
    It literally squeegee’s the floors after bristle scrubbing them! I use disinfectant cleaners in it and love it!!!

  115. messy says:

    The chick bitching about her boyfriend’s kid hasn’t come back to the thread since she started it…

  116. behooooooove says:

    Messy–Do tell what the floor scrubber you have is….I’m always on the lookout for new floor gadgets! DH has tried to ban me from buying new floor gadgets, but I have an obsession with floor cleaning…lol

  117. behooooooove says:

    Oh, and I thought I was the only one who mopped the walls….I’m glad I’m not alone!

  118. messy says:

    Cool! When people hear that I mop the walls, they always get a funny look on their faces LOL!
    Ok, my old one, which is great and has had a hard life is a “Hoover Floormate”. My new one is a “Hoover All Terrain Steam Vac for all floor types”. http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_02086891000P?mv=vf&vName=Appliances&sbf=Brand&sbv=Hoover
    I am intrigued by the hand tools on it! I can clean in tiny places now!!! LOL!!! I get so excited so easily!

  119. mksmommy says:

    Another one who sucks at cleaning. I go thru periods where the house is spotless for days then I get sick of cleaning. I do most everything pertaining to housework and I get burnt out really easily picking up after 3 girls, doing everyones laundry, and trying to keep Saedra from going berserk with soap or something.

  120. behooooooove says:

    My PMS time is spent cleaning. I don’t get bitchy, I just clean. It’s weird. My husband is glad though, that I don’t get monstrous. I just get OCD.

  121. diudiaole says:

    #122 wow I wish that happened to me, all I want to do is eat and sleep a lot when I’m PMSing

    OT: fitteds, prefolds/flats with wool seem like too much work to me. I was sure I was going to love it, but now if I’m out of AIOs I just put on a sposie and do laundry.

    Should I sell off everything else in favor of AIOs or should I give it some time to see if they grow on me?

  122. messy says:

    123 Give it some time… Don’t sell yet. I got rid of a lot of stuff that I thought I would never love but then ended up loving at a different stage of diapering. Lost a lot of money that way!

  123. behooooooove says:

    I’m with messy. You never know….I was a pocket girl, bought a few fitteds, decided it was too much work, sold them. A couple months later, back to fitteds and that’s all I use now. And I want the few fitted prints that I sold back. lol Either give it time or use your AIOs and take a break from the others. You will soon be back. Alternately, you don’t have to use wool with the fitteds, you can go coverless.

  124. try me, i'm new! says:

    Damn, I wish WOTH meant I got to hire cleaning people. as it is, I just clean my ass off all weekend and spaz about the mess during the week. but yeah, that house is nasty. and I agree, anyone who sees poo smeared all over her house and goes, I know, I’ll takes pics and post them online, is not holding herself to a very high standard of cleanliness. i think i have a new addition to the do not b/s/t list.

  125. diudiaole says:

    #125 — my baby is just a month old though, coverless will get me, bedding, bouncy seat etc all wet… I think a lot of it has to do with fit… my xs fitteds are not fitting right.. and all the smalls are still huge. I only have one cover that I like and he is starting to outgrow the rise already.

    With the prefolds, I feel like I need to change it 5-10 minutes after I put it on — and if babe falls asleep with it, the wetness wakes him up.

    The AIOs I have fit so well and are so easy… gives me a chance to clean up the disaster my kids make of this apartment when the baby falls asleep…

  126. 2dogs says:

    Um, yeah. I WAH full time and still hire someone else to clean. I hate cleaning, LOL.

  127. diudiaole says:

    I can’t believe how much I’ve spent on cloth diapers… I started this venture to save money(lol) but then you see all the cute stuff and it is just too tempting.

  128. Molly says:

    Since we are talking new babies and all I want your thoughts. AF starts on the 1st of each month like clockwork. In the 9 months since she returned (after weaning my two year old) she has not been late. Well she is missing. Should I be worried? LOL Tell me I’m being paranoid, please 🙂

  129. messy says:

    #130 Are you sexually active? With someone of the opposite sex who enjoys sex when participating in it WITH YOU? (With you<—important point!) Did you have sex after 8 pm on a Thurday that there was a full moon? Yeah, you might be pregnant. Ten bucks says you are wondering to yourself what days of the week this month’s sexual escapades occurred on! ROFL!!! 😛

  130. Molly says:

    Hahaha Messy, you are correct. I am married to someone of the opposite sex with whom I enjoy sexual escapades with. And you are also correct that I am trying to remember what days said escapades took place LOL.

  131. mmspirit7 says:

    sense I feel lucky to be alive and with my babies I am going to share a pic. I don’t care if you look I just have to share thanks

  132. mmspirit7 says:

    “sexual escapades” what are these it’s been over a year I think for me. LOL mama I hope you remember. if not and af stays poas and make yourself feel better.

  133. messy says:

    #133 You are now OUTTED!!! Bwahahaha! Seriously, now I get to tell you in TWO places to go see a doc!!! I was so freaked out when I read what happened. It is an amazing blessing that those beautiful babies are ok! I *always ask myself if the car seat I am looking at buying will hold up when needed. I buy ones that go all the way up and around the sides for that reason. It is one of my huge fears!!! (((Hugs)))
    & the kids are gorgeous!!!

  134. diudiaole says:

    sexcapades LMAO… well, Molly, sounds like it is time to buy a test…

    and love those little ones — the littlest one looks so cute and happy LOL

  135. mmspirit7 says:

    LOL it’s ok i don’t mind outing myself. yeah I am doing much better than when I first started the thread but had to share a pic of my babies. I am glad I had the new one checked to make sure it was in right when I got it because he kept autumn so safe. and ricky’s kept him safe he’s running around like nothing happened.

    and now I just ache. i am fine and did get checked out. but I am still waiting on DH to call.

  136. mmspirit7 says:

    that’s my autumn such a happy baby. well not right now she hungry so I am running be back later for more drama

  137. diudiaole says:

    whoa I missed that thread… hope you are ok!

  138. mmspirit7 says:

    139 thanks i am bruised a bit but good

  139. not just another mama says:

    Thank you for linking those photos. Goggle Chrome shows photos of the page & I was so grossed out that a doll with shit all over it was one of the first things I saw when I signed on that I had to delete this off there.. Haha.. Now its back.

  140. behooooooove says:

    140–I missed it! What happened? I don’t want the eSTD’s at DS…..

  141. Molly says:

    The test is negative. She will show up when I least expect her. :-p

  142. mmspirit7 says:

    I totaled my car with my babies in it today lost control and rolled it. they walked away without fine I hit my head and got some bruises.

  143. theinvisible says:

    OH NO! I live in fear of an accident with my kids in the car. That must have been so scary. I’m pretty anti-ER but if you feel even slightly funny just go. Head bumps can go bad quick.

  144. mmspirit7 says:

    I am fine. no head ache or pain unless I touch it LOL the goose egg is going down already.

  145. behooooooove says:

    OMG I’m so glad everyone is alright….So sorry you had to go through that! I would have shit my pants.

  146. mmspirit7 says:

    Well i didn’t I tell you what though as soon as my friend got there too. I lost it. I was like now I can cry it’s ok to loose it she will make sure the kids are fine. and she did.

    and i got a good cry and then checked out and home and was still shaken up. I look at my kids and just thank god (well goddess for me) that we walked that the car seats where in right and seat belts on. I am pissed the air bags didn’t go off. though i don’t know if it would have mattered to be honest.

    I have still not gotten ahold of DH to tell him he is deployed. and well i think the new car might be a station wagon. no more suv’s for me. I was always afraid of this happening.

  147. Fizz says:

    108 – I remember that thread, and IIRC she posted a warning, and linked to the pictures instead of posting them. Still not something I would do, but much, much kinder to the viewer.

    148 – I’m glad you’re all ok, and hope you get in touch with your DH soon!

  148. mmspirit7 says:

    149 thanks I hope so too. it’s 8 am were he is he should be in the office hope he checks his mail. But i am sleepy and want to sleep. but my head don’t hurt the goose egg is the size of quater now and not a fist so I Know I am fine just trying to be good and listen to a doctor…ugh hate saying that.

  149. 2dogs says:

    I am glad to hear you & your kids are OK. ((hugs)) I cannot imagine how terrifying that was.

    And #147, just don’t post a pic. K?

  150. mksmommy says:

    Charise how awful. I am so glad you and the kiddos are safe. Did you go to the ER to get yourself checked out? I know since you hit your head you may not have symptoms but its better safe then sorry. I hope your head feels better soon.

  151. insomiac says:

    omgosh mmspirit (((hugs)))
    glad you and your babes are all okay.
    how scary!

  152. mmspirit7 says:

    Talked to dh, he’s mad but not at me at himself. told me to sleep. and reminded me I would sore. I feel better talking to him. Told him that if he is going to be home in x amount of days. that well I didn’t want the job of picking out the next car it’s my fault we got the suv.

    But we will wait and see what happens I don’t want to think about it for the next few days. I will clean the car out take pic and be done with it. for a couple of days.

  153. not me at all says:

    117 nope but she posted at CDN whining about how mean everyone was when she posted about it elsewhere.

  154. theinvisible says:

    156 Really? What thread?

  155. Sam says:

    Whoa she posted pictures? Wow. Glad she deleted them.

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