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  1. Jennie says:

    oh snap.

  2. naturalmamadot says:

    Wow Im out of the loop for some reason I thought she was banned a while ago…hm Im sure she doesnt care lol

  3. coffee drinker says:

    I thougt she was demoted months ago, maybe she just had enough of it all.

  4. Grogwench says:

    She stepped down I believe. But, what did she do to get banned? I thought she just wasn’t going to go there (DS). What happened?

  5. me me me says:

    She did spill the beans here, maybe that played a roll in it?

  6. naturalmamadot says:

    yea I was thinkin that #4

  7. Angie says:

    Spill what beans? I missed it. Probably in one of the monster threads?

  8. Angie says:

    I mean ginormous threads. No need to knock the monsters… Mine looks like a potato.

  9. me me me says:

    Yes #6, I forget what, as I was unfamiliar with the situation overall, but it seem she probably said stuff DS admin would not love. lol

  10. Funneh says:

    Maybe she requested to get banned? Some people do that for whatever reason (I’m sure it’s logical in some way, I just don’t know the reasoning itself).

  11. Booyah says:

    NO WAI.

    I need details. NOW.

  12. Stacey 2 says:

    Hmmm… I wanna know what happened previously! Link?

  13. try me, i'm new! says:

    idk what thread it was in, but she came on and basically said she was over ds and anyone who wanted gory details was welcome to email her and ask. i think she talked about how she used to love ds and wanted to help make it what she loved, but couldn’t b/c of lee et al. did anyone email her? I kinda forgot she did that. nice of her and all.

  14. messy says:

    So! Here everyone is! Ya know, when there is a new thread started, someone needs to come and let me know these things!!! I waited on the thread that never ends for more drama… Toe tappin here.
    I have no idea what happened with Tara… ?

  15. tntdynomite says:

    Very interestink.

  16. eb says:

    I hear she was stalking someone…they had to have their # changed and they changed their screen name….

  17. werd says:

    I bet its because she spilled her guts about behind the scenes of DS and Leedolf Hitler didn’t like that too much.

  18. NataschaN says:

    Poor Tara…

    Let’s cry a few tears for her and then move on.
    She was the super bitch on DS and I am sure many will be glad that she is banned.

  19. tweedledee*dee says:

    I don’t know nothin bout bannin no Taras (get it? I’m a dork, I know) but am glad we have a new thread! Yay!

  20. Angie says:

    Can those of us being cryptic be a bit more open with the rest of us? Pretty please?

  21. Erin says:

    Wow. How long has she been banned? Cause that “I’ll spill if you email me” was a long time ago. How would DS prove that she spilled the “DS: Behind Closed Doors” drama?

    Is this even drama? Cause I don’t really care all that much about her.

  22. Erin says:

    Did y’all see the JAR about RW?

  23. Thud says:

    #22 I am not surprised. The seller is a lovely person who does lovely work but is a master at the dodge and avoid. I sent something that took over 9 months to get $$ for (it was a collab piece) ~ it was supposed to sell last spring and was listed in January and I was repeatedly fobbed off with excuses etc. when I asked for payment. It is too bad when good craftspeople don’t manage their business well.

  24. me me me says:

    lol #14. I don’t know Tara from a whole in the wall so i don’t care much one way or the other myself. I’m just glad not to have to scroll 1300 plus posts down the page anymore. lol

  25. mksmommy says:

    Ok then I am done defending Lindsay. I seriously believed it was a one time thing due to the medical issues she was having but it appears to be a recurring issue.
    As far as Tara goes I liked her even for all her bitchiness. I just was a bit surprised that they made a pot stirrer like her a mod. Seems a bit counterintuitive.

  26. InAfixx says:

    I have it on good authority that Miss Tara is essentially a taco short of a combo platter. She’s what we refer to in Law Enforcement as a 5150.

    It seems she has the predisposition to stalking people. But unlike diehard celebrity stalkers – she isn’t as dedicated. She’ll suckle onto anyone; at least based on my knowledge.
    I am friends with one person who was stalked (to a rather disturbing level) by Tara, and I am aware of another DS member, we’ll call her Jane, who has unfortunately also been targeted. So much so that she has had to change her phone numbers, e-mail addresses, user names on various sites and adjust her instant messenger settings accordingly.
    Tara would phone Jane 10 times in an hour in hysterics – wailing and pleading for attention and friendship from this mama.
    When Jane disconnected completely, Tara (who if we all remember said she didn’t care about DS anymore) went to DS Admin and started asking questions about Jane, probing for more information and how to reach her. But she “cleverly” hid her reasons; telling them that she’d been looking at Jane’s diaper purchases and was concerned about her overspending. Maybe she want to counsel her on good spending habits?

    Well, fortunate for Jane, DS Admin didn’t take the bait. In a series of unfortunate and odd circumstances, Tara was finally banned. A day late, and a dollar short I fear.

    What we can surmise from this nutshell is that Tara is (at the very least) extremely emotionally imbalaned. Obsessive. Manic. Depressed. Borderline personality for sure……with a little pinch of psycho to top it all off.

    Beware the Bad Mod baring a grudge!

  27. MatildasMum says:

    Bingo Fixx. Lun.A.Tic. She is in desperate need of serious mental help. It’s truly sad. I used to consider her a “friend” until she turned on me – rather viciously. I was warned about her but had to find out for myself what a nutjob she was/is. Ah well. Live and learn.

  28. Booyah says:


  29. naturalmamadot says:

    wow is right

  30. me me me says:

    Um yea, wow is all I can come up with too.

  31. newhere says:

    wow wow wow

  32. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    whoa! craziness!

  33. dirtyj says:

    WOW is right. I could see her crazy showing on many occasions.
    I always found her amusing.

  34. coffee drinker says:

    how sad!

  35. Cheesewhiz says:

    Hmmmm, interesting…would this be “ajane”?

    Concerned about spending habits…what a crock…ROFL…

    Some people are scary…

  36. pissedoff24 says:

    I’m one person who knew far before others what a whack-a-doodle, batshit crazy, psycho she was. She had half of DS hating me for whatever reason for a few months. I lost touch with a lot of girls who I had come to care about…all because Mrs. One sandwich short of a picnic decided to target me as Enemy #1.

    I have also recently been banned from DS (fuck you Lee and Juan and all mods/admin). SO I could care less about Tara and her banning or posting or moderatorship. But I do care a great deal about one of the recently stalked victims and what she did is inexcusable and seriously frightening.

    I hope she finds the help she needs, for her kids’ sakes.

    Banned Girl

  37. pissedoff24 says:

    No, its not “ajane”.

    Jane was just an alias

  38. mksmommy says:

    It could be or it could be Erin aka ypperin. I noticed shes been gone for a while and I remember her saying her and Tara spoke on the phone quite frequently.

  39. InAfixx says:

    Negetive on ajane and ypperin, ladies. πŸ˜‰

  40. liljoeysmom says:

    Wow! And she was one of the mods who had access to the co-op database. I’m so glad I didn’t hand over my personal info to join their co-op board.

  41. liljoeysmom says:

    Was it Molly?

  42. MamaOf3Cuties says:

    Whoa on the Tara accusations. I’m not going to argue with people here, but I’ve been friends with Tara almost since the beginning of my time at DS. She’s always been one of the coolest people I’ve ever met, and I’ve never seen her exhibit that type of behavior 😦 I’m sorry other people feel this way.

  43. AshleyB says:

    WOAH!!! I didn’t even think of Mods going psycho with our co-op info!! EESH!

  44. InAfixx says:

    MollyJones? No, no, no. Certainly not.

    They both know this blog is here. They’ll announce themselves if they feel so inclined I’m sure.

  45. janell says:

    who the crap cares about tara. this is not even drama…..yawn. I hope this blog starts getting better soon….

  46. dmeg says:

    Wow, it would be interesting to hear from the targeted party(ies). I had no idea she was THAT crazy.

    (I still vote for a BYOD-Bring Your Own Drama Thread *teehee*)

  47. InAfixx says:

    You don’t think a DS Moderator obsessively stalking members is drama?

    Wow. Tough critic.

  48. stephanie says:

    tara asked for her ds account to be banned because when she left she turned the pms off and the other day she started to get emails saying she had them and they were really hurtful and from someone she used to be friends with. she turned them off and asked it to be banned. she did ask for a name change but juan said no.
    there are always 2 sides to a story and i dont think fixx is someone you can trust all the way. shes always crying lost packages and has been on a ton of message boards and either gets kicked off or run off because she causes problems. what i do know is that tara has been harassed herself. she has had to change her email several times and has gotten nasty hate mail in snail mail. she had to remove her maiden name from her fb page because a person i wont name was messaging her family members and telling them so terrible stuff that wasnt even true. she had to get rid of facebook alltogether last week because this person wouldnt stop. i read them and it is stuff id never say to anyone. i do know something happened with her and a friend recently but i dont know a lot. the friend just stopped talking to her and she didnt know why. im sure she tried to call her but i dont think it is as dramatic as fixx said. she was sad about it but anyone would be if they lost a close friend and didnt know why. i know tara can come off wrong sometimes but if you get to know her she is a sweet girl that has good intentions. she just wants to be away from all of this and there are a few people that just wont let her alone. im not going to call them out because i dont think thats helpful to anyone. i havent talked to tara in bit but i hope she is staying away because this is not helping anyone. i wish i hadnt come to read the blog toda. i didnt think much of it before because i havent read stuff about people i know well but i feel bad that i read here now. its sad to see friendships torn apart by silly stuff and so many get hurt. we should all just support eachother and be above being bullies.

  49. werd says:

    wow this is a “controversial” print that GM could care less about, so I’m going to sell it for $80. Asswipe!

  50. an AK mama says:

    #45 Wow, and it doesn’t even have the “offending” object on it. Delusional much?

  51. an AK mama says:

    Why is my monster angel poo?

  52. Kris says:

    Wow, I thought $45 was bad the other day…

  53. werd says:

    LOL angel poo. love it!

    there is nothing worse than diaper gouging. seriously

  54. Erin says:

    #26. Wow, Serious Wow. I knew Tara was nuts, but didn’t know she was Crazy with a capital C. That is seriously F’d up.

  55. Erin says:

    #45, No way I’m spending $80 on a “controversial” diaper that doesn’t even have the doobie on it. The 8 Ball is not enough!

  56. screenname says:

    Wow. At least we can say one time the DS admin made a smart decision.

    And who’s buying a controversial diaper that isn’t even controversial? So sorry that poor mama got stuck with a dipe that lacks the infamous “rolled cigarette”.

  57. mamaroo says:

    The doobie is on there – it’s on the right side leg hole kind of in the ruffles.

  58. not just another mama says:

    Bout damn time.

    I don’t know who Tara is, but she sounds sad. Maybe she just needs a hug or a friend or some therapy.

  59. not just another mama says:

    Oh & here is a picture of the “doobie” circled.

  60. ~*~MOMMA~*~ says:

    lol @ angel poo

  61. theinvisible says:

    #56 I noticed that today. With the good comes the bad. I hope she didn’t bring her friends.

  62. BffMama says:

    and #58, you iz good! πŸ™‚

  63. Cheesewhiz says:

    #44 – I agree. πŸ˜‰

  64. flatcake says:

    Can someone fill me in on the It’s A Snap drama?

  65. teamb4me says:

    Ditto #65

  66. me says:

    Uhh, that diaper is listed at 60.00.

    and dang!
    I mean mods talk about people and all but geez…..

  67. werd says:

    she changed it. when I posted that, it was $75 and $5 for shipping. I hope she saw this!! Butthead.

  68. Flippin out says:

    Hmm. When someone has a history of friendships gone VERY sour, it definitely makes you wonder. I was really close to a pretty popular WAHM who was basically chased off by Tara and a few others last year, and her side of the story is similar to the one Fixx mentioned. I had some decent and positive interactions with Tara after she became a mod, so I was left conflicted about the prior situation. Now I am not so sure. . .

  69. zosiasmama says:

    i would also love a fill in on the It’s a Snap drama!

  70. memememememe says:

    65 and 70
    The drama was that I had a bad transaction with Bonnie of Holden’s Landing. She was suppose to deliver a custom to me by a certain date, ran out of supplies to finish my order while finishing other orders ahead of mine and shipping at the last minute..making my order late. (it was a gift so time was of the essence). You can read the feedback on HC
    or the same feedback on DS:

    I had to take the issue to DS because Bonnie is a mod on the HC forum that I was leaving feedback on there. As usual, there were those who didn’t like that a popular WAHM was being called on the carpet for poor customer service. I knew it wouldn’t be popular but I was pretty peeved that she cared so little for a substantial order ($165) .

    Others didn’t think I should have posted a rave for the product if I was dissatisfied with the transaction. The sheets are lovely, though they are the wrong color. I was fair in my feedback and gave credit where credit was due, but truly…it was bamboo velour…it was suppose to be soft so I said that it was. That doesn’t change the fact that Bonnie’s service was poor at best, the dye job was BAD and she finished other orders with no deadline ahead of mine. Not a popular opinion…that was the drama. I know people think I over reacted but the sheets were a special, expensive gift for my husband and Bonnie should have had them done well in advance of the date I needed them. If she hadn’t run out of supplies they would have been done late February and mailed.

    60 – been there since last year…this blog reminded me that I was a member..thanks! lol

  71. BffMama says:

    71. There was more to it than your version. BRB with the links to the posts here about it…

  72. BffMama says:

    I was going to copy and paste some of the really good comments made (good being relative, since none of them are ‘good’ about It’s A Snap), but really…it’s best when you read them all. You get the full picture.

  73. zosiasmama says:

    Danm ladies, I appreciate the link to that blog entry and i wish I could wade through all of that to find her comments, but the way this blog has gone lately it is so hard to wade through all the comments that have gone off on 5 different tangents.

    So correct me if I am wrong here.
    It’s a Snap ordered stuff from HL asking if they could be made by a certain date.
    She was told yes.
    They were not done by that date.
    She complained.
    Got little in response and left neg FB on both HC forum and DS.

    Sound about right? If not what am I missing?

  74. memememememe says:

    75 – I didn’t really leave negative feedback I left truthful feedback.

  75. memememememe says:

    And really the best picture you will get of the situation is the feedback on HC. It is unemotional and tells exactly what went down without the bias presented here where I have been called names for having an unpopular opinion of a popular WAHM.

  76. mksmommy says:

    No I called you out because I found it extremely funny you would bitch about poor CS all the while selling shitty diapers to people.

  77. InAfixx says:

    I’m not someone you can trust “all the way?”. Why is that again? Just curious what you “know” about me; since I most definitely don’t know you.
    Why would I mislead anyone about Tara? I don’t know Tara. I bought a couple diapers from her on DS – that’s about all I know. But, regardless of how trustworthy you find ME; I know that I trust my friends. To have two friends (who arent friendly with one another BTW) give me almost identical accounts of relationships with Tara, well, that just speaks volumes to me.

    Me getting kicked off forums for causing problems? Wow, where was I when all this happened? I’ve been active on DS (almost exclusively) since early 2006…..and despite some clashes with the Mod Squad, I’m still around.
    In 2005 I got booted from Baby Names World, because a bunch of women who couldn’t get pregnant decided that I was making up my entire life (or something to that effect) took it upon themselves to start some stalker-esque behaviors of their own.
    Ironically, I maintained many friendships that I made on that site, people that now know me VERY well. Women that don’t cloth diaper (in case that matters).

    I am *always* crying lost packages, huh? In over 350 purchases/sales on DS, there have been fuck ups perhaps 6-8 times. I guarantee I did more shipping that feedback accounts for, so I think those numbers are fairly reasonable. Check the feedback forum, BTW. Aweful lot of mamas are having the same problems.

    Are you a Moderator/Administrator on DS?

  78. messy says:

    I ❀ BFF! Ok, Its a Snap AKA mememememememe (interesting that she hides behind a different un on here… Hmmm…
    Its a Snap. It if weren’t for the shitty products you are slapping out, then it would be due to the crazy behavior that keeps me from wanting to buy from you.
    You ALWAYS have something NEW. Always a copy from someone. Never your own. Every time you order something, a week later you are selling it. Niiiiiice. You buy from a hard working mama and then run her in the ground so that when you start selling her products a few days later, you have the groundwork laid for stealing her customers. That makes you a scamming jerk. JMO of course.

  79. messy says:

    Its a Snatch, you are not called names for having an “unpopular opinion of a WAHM”, you are confronted with your shady business practices, shitty products, and overall scammish behaviors. HTH.

  80. messy says:

    I don’t know Tara. However, if one person says something, then it *might be true. If two say it, then is is *probably true. If more than two says it, then Tara is a crack head stalker.
    Now, since we have deduced that Tara is a banana shy of a fruit cup (no offense Cheesewiz, my eyes are healing just fine πŸ˜‰ ) then I am going to go further and mention that most all stalker/crazy/psychotic people turn the tables are are the ultimate victims. They want people to think they are the ones who are being mistreated. They eat the attention. The live off the hugs and vibes. Sick shit. Hook up Tara with Snatch and they can feed off each other’s psychosis.
    InAfixx, ignore the remarks, consider the source, and wipe your ass on their thoughts… (No, Its A Snatch, that does not mean that next week you start selling “thoughtful ass wipes”!)

  81. kmr says:

    me thinks that post #48 is tara herself. Non of that makes sense, if you know about any of this, you would have talked to Tara recently since it just happened last week.

    And as far as anyone sending messages to people on her Facebook…I don’t see how that is possible either since she ditched all of her *friends* back when she posted her dramatic goodbye.

    Also those that were friends with her have her blocked on Facebook. I think post #82 said it perfectly, Tara will make herself the victim as always. Nothing is ever her fault, everyone is out to get her.

  82. BffMama says:

    I knew someone (read: messy and/or werd) could/would explain It’s A Snap waaayyyy better than my attempt.


    (No, Its A Snatch, that does not mean that next week you start selling β€œthoughtful ass wipes”!)

    However, if one person says something, then it *might be true. If two say it, then is is *probably true. If more than two says it, then Tara is a crack head stalker.

    Now, since we have deduced that Tara is a banana shy of a fruit cup.

    I stand in awe.

  83. InAfixx says:

    #82, rockin’ post. Good point about sociopaths with narcissistic tenancies….nothing will EVER be their fault.

  84. messy says:

    :::taking a bow::: ROFLMAO!

  85. itsraininghere says:

    i thought stephanie was mod stephanie from DS? vinh thi?

    please correct me if i am wrong. i remember it from an old thread.

  86. Stephanie says:

    This is Stephanie/mod/VinhThi. This is my first post on here in many many months. #48 was NOT me. I have never posted here under any name besides Stephanie, so I’m not sure who is trying to post as me. Or maybe it was coincidence. But I’m sure dramamama can check IPs and verify #48 was definitely not me.

  87. me me me says:

    “It’s A Snatch” (((roflmao)))) I’m ganna giggle about that alllllllllll day.

    Tiffy, you left out the part where you were making payments and made the last payment the day before mailing and that payment was received after the po closed so it went out next day. And the part where the po miss routed the package causing it to arrive one day late. And the part where you linked her to the wrong dye example, so yea you got the wrong color, you linked the wrong color.

    Yea, the WAHM wasn’t 100% without fault, she could have gotten it done a little sooner and asked for final payment sooner. But overall you are the one that came across in a bad light and you are the one everyone remembers as Tiffaloony.

    I have never dealt with either party. I have no opinion of either outside of this issue. But based on how it was handled on both sides, In a Snap with a giant slant of crazy vs HL with professionalism and grace. I would never do business with It’s a Snap and I would consider doing business with HL if she had something I wanted at the right price.

  88. messy says:

    Oh Gawd. Its a Snatch is LoonyTiffoony’s twin Tiffaloony? Isn’t that just expected as hell? Loons of a feather and all…

  89. teamb4me says:

    And the plot thickens…

    Messy ~you are hilarious!

  90. messy says:

    Too cool, no matter what blog I post on, I get to keep my monster!!!

  91. teamb4me says:

    My monster is cute πŸ™‚

  92. messy says:

    #93 Your monster is horny. It will fit in just perfectly!

  93. me says:

    88 I went and checked before you posted and yep its at leaast different monsters for sure.

  94. teamb4me says:

    #94~ LMAO! I am sure I will fit in…I mean my monster…

    Since this is like the 3rd time I have ever posted here and I have nothing to hide~ I wanted to out myself. I am RmeWife on CDN. Although its hard to follow sometimes, I appreciate the hardcore detective work here πŸ™‚
    And I am nosey as hell.

  95. me me me says:

    These mama’s should charge for their detective work. hahah

  96. me says:

    96-So is it a good or a bad thing that you’re not even ON DS and yet think the craziness is stalk worthy? LOL

  97. teamb4me says:

    I am/was on DS (abraswell) I just no longer go there. Well, I have one transaction that I am praying will be complete by this week-then I will have no reason to be there. My pc (may it RIP) was infected by cooties and I like the adult (no ducks and bunnies) atmosphere of CDN.

  98. Thud says:

    Wait… Its a Snap is Theresa… not Tiffany.
    Or did I miss something?

  99. me me me says:

    ROFL, It’s Snap and Tiffany crazy are so comparable they meshed in my mind. Sorry.. (blush)

    But yea minus the wrong name, everything else was right. lol

  100. messy says:

    me me me, could it be a case of “wrong name; same womb”? πŸ˜› They are both nuts; they are both out to ruin WAHMs with their delusional crazy freak show nutcase lies. I can see how it would all melt into one story… Next thing ya know, they will be using crazy house straight jackets to help camallama make soakers πŸ˜€

  101. me me me says:

    ROLFMAO straight jacket trainers-for the toddler houdini , never worry about them stripping to run nekky again. patent pending of course.

  102. messy says:

    103 ROFLMAO!!! OMgosh!!! I need those!!!

  103. diudiaole says:


    I can’t get camallama’s acrylic sweater and t-shirt ‘AIO’ out of my mind LOL How would that hold in moisture?

  104. 2dogs says:

    105 – it doesn’t. You give it a good swath of Polident and it’s completely waterproof, inside and out. Makes for easier diaper washing, since she’s selling stuff she has no idea how to clean.

  105. jeruco says:

    I like how SNAPs disappears as soon as she is called out about her revolving door of items that she makes soon after purchasing from other WAHMs.
    Are you making sheets now Theresa?

    She isnt a even a taco short of the platter. She is the loco platter.

  106. Thud says:

    Yes, she is making sheets.
    Apparently for her grandkids, but it is an easy step…

  107. naturalmamadot says:

    Ha wow I would comment on things but thats what I get for not checking in sooner…lets just say you all crack me up and
    hey rmewife!

  108. DSDM2 says:

    88’s IP is different than the other poster.

  109. memememememe says:

    This has to be an extension of the HC forums..has to be, because for some reason, there is this idea here and there that a WAHM can’t make the same product after having purchased a similar product from a WAHM. It is NOT wrong to buy from a WAHM, find that you can make the product she is making FAR better (or marketed to a different group) and provide it at a better price with better customer service and proceed to do so. Otherwise there would be only one undies maker, one sheet maker, one yarn dyer, one diaper maker right? Copying is wrong, making the same kind of product is NOT wrong.

    I am making sheets for my son’s and grandsons cribs and will be making sheets for all my family members for birthdays and holidays. My first set will be for my mom for mother’s day and they won’t cost me $165 and they will be ready when I need them to be and be the right color. IF they are a hit….yeah you might see them offered in my cart..or not..depending on the demand and whether or not I like making them. That’s really how I determine what I sell…demand and whether it is something I enjoy providing/sewing. I love sewing undies for all ages, shirts for boys and sheets. They are all alot of fun. A

    I have seen WAHM’s open themselves to competition when they send out crappy products with bad customer service. And that’s what this is really about, competition, and there are a few who don’t like the competition in this tight market.

  110. memememememe says:

    Thud…why should I NOT make sheets if I am able, can do a FAR better job than Bonnie and do it less expensively as well?

  111. dirtyj says:

    You are so freaking full of yourself

  112. messy says:

    Look Snatch, it is one thing to get the item and then engage in healthy competition. It is another to get the item, smear the WAHM, run her in the ground for many different points (wrong color, done too late, bad CS, bla bla whiney ass bla) and then go on to make *her item and sell it. The people you smear her to would then be your customer base… I hope someone screws you 1/100th as bad as you have so many other people. Your products suck and your karma is a’comin’. And guess what? I have no idea what happens on hyena cart cuz I don’t go there… But I might think about it since they seem to be pretty smart chicks if they all know you are a full of shit snatch out to screw people to make a buck. Now carry on with your scammin’, there’s more nicknames where snatch came from πŸ˜‰

  113. Cheesewhiz says:

    ROFL – Look at Messy go!!! πŸ˜‰

  114. messy says:

    Oh baby! The yeller dong is baaack! Woohoo!!! πŸ˜›

  115. memememememe says:

    you guys r funny…but name calling is childish. I have never scammed anyone and my stuff rocks!

  116. Cheesewhiz says:

    I have arrived – hola! Watch your eyes! πŸ˜‰

  117. messy says:

    You *seriously*, I mean completely honestly, think your stuff “rocks”??? Are you kidding? Or do you mean rocks as in made with the same quality control that cavemen had? I could see that. You screw people over on used diapers (as mentioned in this blog prior to today); but you really furkel ’em on your new stuff. People have been kind to you, but they need to grow a set and tell you the things they say behind your back.
    If you think name calling is childish, I counter with pretending to be a WAHM with quality products when really you are selling crap is infantile. Now, snatch up and go scam someone else. We need more drama. I heard LoonyTiffoony was looking for some sheets or was it diapers or whatever? Now there’s a chick for you to screw over while we all eat popcorn and watch the equivocal disaster!

  118. messy says:

    Hell, I just saw you made it onto the new blog! You must rock bwahhahahaha πŸ˜€

  119. me me me says:

    120-New Blog? Linky please.

  120. mksmommy says:

    And of course I called her out. I believe its a bit late to leave fb without looking like I am a bitch about it. I wish I would’ve just left it when I was pissed off but I tend to come off as a raving lunatic when I am angry as my posts probably show or have shown in the past.

  121. messy says:

    Ya know, we should all leave feedback while we are mad. If we take the time to think it out, then we give them excuses. We let them get away with sending out craptastic stuff and thinking they “rock” (I am still LOL about her “rocking”). She sure didn’t bat an eyelash at dragging another WAHM through the mud so she would have a fresh base for her own version of the product. Now that is some real patheticness…

  122. me says:

    119-FURKEL? OMG, I need the laugh smiley!

  123. Thud says:

    I didn’t say you shouldn’t make anything, I just noted that you are. That’s all I have to say about that.

  124. me me me says:

    123 your probably right. I tend to not leave fb when it’s negative because I know I get emotional and bitchy and “try” to not overreact and say things publicly I can’t take back or amend. But by the time I chill out, it’s old news and I just never get back to it.

  125. messy says:


  126. mksmommy says:

    Well I did leave feedback now and kept it short and to the point with no emotion whatsoever.

  127. messy says:

    That is the best… I am glad you did leave her feedback. She is delusional.

  128. me says:

    mksmommy-For who? Am I missing something else?

  129. diudiaole says:

    $30 for these shorties? Is it just me or do they look dirty too?

  130. mksmommy says:

    For its a snap. I left it on the HC forums since thats where the transaction occured.

  131. mksmommy says:

    Thats a ridiculous price for used felted shorties. For 10 bucks more you could get brand new shorties.

  132. messy says:

    Since they are felted, she needed to note that they would no longer have any stretch at all. Trust me, I know πŸ˜‰ Some people do not think of felting as losing all the stretch, they assume it is just a smaller more bullet proof replica of the original pre-felted wool…

  133. teamb4me says:

    Hey, naturalmamadot !

  134. memyselfandi says:

    131….that’s funny…I sold to her when I was very new to ds, she bought a whack of clothes off of me and told me to stuff them in an FRE, and bargained me down to like 11ppd. I had no idea what an FRE looked like at the time, but when I went to the PO, there was no way it was fitting. It ended up costing me like 8.00 to send to her…she had to have known there was no way in hell it’d fit in an FRE.

    30ppd for felted shorties, that do look dirty….yeah okay. maybe FFS?

  135. BoomDEA says:

    Its a Snatch….you are a psycho COPY CAT…. The kicker is you then bad mouth the products you’ve copied all in an effort to somehow make yours look less crappy. Karma baby…it’ll come back and bite you in the ASS…HARD!

  136. mksmommy says:

    I wanted to share this post with you all. Its not really drama but seriously disgusted me that after all women have been through and fought for that a woman would willingly go back to when we were oppressed. Susan B Anthony is probably rolling in her grave as I type.

    jandk’s Avatar
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    Re: What is a helpmeet?
    My siggy says I am my Hubby’s helpmeet!!
    For me, it means that I do what the Lord commanded of me. He gave wives a command to submit and respect our spouses, and he told husbands to love their wives. Loving comes easy to women, but to submit takes a consious choice for us to lay down our own will.
    I do that by putting my husbands needs before my own and letting him be the head of the household and make the big decisions. I am not his slave or his servant, but I truly want to please him. I do the things around the house so that when he gets home from working all day, he doesn’t have to work here. I want his house to be his peaceful haven… a place to get away from the stresses at work!
    If you want to know more, there is a great book by Debi Pearl called ‘Created to be his Helpmeet’. I would recommend it to anyone who truly wants a heavenly marriage!
    Help Meet to my Wonderful Hubby
    Bradley-birthin’, Breastfeedin’, Cloth-diaperin’, Selective Vaxin’, Co-Sleepin’, Moby-wrappin’ Momma to (5-19-06) and (7-1-08)

  137. kimbella says:

    138 – I bet she’s one of those women who let her husband spank her when she doesn’t keep the house tidy enough, etc.

  138. me says:

    See, I don’t take those verses the same way and if a man thought I should be his slave and make his life heaven so he didn’t have to do anything, I’d tell him to f-off and get his ass up and help with the family HE helped to create.

  139. me says:

    139-To some people that isn’t the bad part LOL

  140. kimbella says:

    haha – I meant spank like a punishment. I read a lady’s blog once saying that she’d been slacking on her chores, so her husband took her aside and spanked her. WTHeck?!

  141. me says:

    And she told the world? Right, that makes sense. Both it happening and being okay as well as telling about it. Wow.

  142. messy says:

    😦 I be bad and be bad and I can’t get dh to spank me… Where is the cry emoticon? Wahhhh!!! :::off to find out where yeller dong went::: πŸ˜›
    That said, there are some real odd people out there that twist the Bible to believe whatever they want it to say. They skip all the parts about honoring and cherishing the wife and hop right on over to her obedience :::gag::: A wife cannot “Biblically obey” (which I do not see as being the same as slavery) her husband if he does not hold her needs above his own and care for her as God commanded him. JMO

  143. AshleyB says:

    Eh, I let DF spank me…but it’s more foreplay around here than punishment.

  144. kimbella says: I think this is the blog I read before.

    Really messed up.

    My monster has a horn: “my horn can pierce the sky”

  145. JustAMama says:

    Thought some people here would get a laugh outta this one!

    Look at the price this used/stained diaper is selling for.

    BTW, I’m a newbie here and I’ve gotten a million laughs out of reading! Great blog and great comments!

  146. haha says:

    The reason for her thinking is because when judgement day comes our husbands take the brunt of punishments for their wives sins. Submit doesn’t mean submission like everyone thinks. Furthermore the bible teaches that we should have a clean space for our husbands to relax at the end of the day….

    It’s like a foreign language to me but that’s what I was told should happen at this bible study I got roped into being a part of by being told I was getting a free massage and dinner. Still haven’t the massage.

  147. haha says:

    #147 OMG. That makes the bible ladies that taught our class look tame. And I was beginning to think they were brainwashed.! That’s unreal. I wonder what religion they are?

  148. messy says:

    Ok, curse the person that left a link to that blog up there!!! GAH! I am reading it and wondering… Does the dh get off on spanking her? She seems to get off on it. Weird. So, they link spanking and roll it all into a nice Christian package to make it ok? Call a fetish a fetish and whoop on with it already πŸ˜‰

  149. Cheesewhiz says:

    I agree…I am familiar with the whole biblical “submission” issue…but I can’t stop reading that website….it is totally FREAKING ME OUT!!! I don’t understand how that is Christian or anything…yeah, beat your wife so you will be closer…
    I am totally speechless…can you say ABUSIVE and CONTROLLING??? For not cleaning the damn house to his specifications??? OMG – God forbid he do a load of laundry himself!!!! SO MAD…lol

  150. Cheesewhiz says:

    Not that I myself am a “submissive” wife…LOL

  151. haha says:

    Here’s my favorite line from the website
    What if I am mad, could I hurt her?

    If angry at the time, put her in the corner and take that time to cool
    down. Once you have gotten control of your anger then spank her.

    Seriously dude the corner? And did you read the part about the warm up. It’s important to do a warm up because of less bruising. Of course if your doing a punishment spanking then she will definitely be bruised especially if an implement was used.

  152. dirtyj says:

    that is fucking weird. I have never heard of that before. disturbing

  153. messy says:

    152 ITA! For that matter, no matter how many times I look through the Bible and google it, I just can’t find where God told man to use a spatula to whoop on his wife…? Could be just me and it is located next to where God said It’s A Snap is a talented WAHM and LoonyTiffoony was a totally normal human being. Those things are so hard to find!

  154. messy says:

    154 Link me… I am in awe of this. Really…

  155. Booga says:

    There is Biblical submission… and then there is S&M style submission that people try to justify with the Bible…

    Though if my husband ever tried to put me in a corner or spank me, you’d see me on the news… that ended when I was 10 and I balled up my fists at my dad telling him he wasn’t going to spank me any more….

  156. haha says:

    warm up

    corner time

    And on another site. Grounding. That’s right folks just like your parents did to you now your husband can do

  157. messy says:

    CRAZY!!! The more I read, the odder it gets!!! I just dunno. It sounds all twisted up in S&M if you as me.
    See, I wanted to revamp my blog. I had started making it too personal, then I went on my current tanget of current news evens (mainly due to my own upset of the Caylee and Haileigh missing children). But, I wanted to go back to personal stuff. If someone were to read my blog and think the things about me that I am thinking about these people right now, I would be mortified! They really seem to think they are *normal loving families! I about gag everytime I read how it makes the bedroom better :::blech:::

  158. haha says:

    since when are my comments moderated?

  159. haha says:

    And on another site. Grounding. That’s right folks just like your parents did to you now your husband can do

  160. messy says:

    Geeze. I wish I would misbehave sooo badly that dh sent me to be early!!! I am freaking tired!

  161. melmelly says:

    I have been reading this blog since last summer, but this is my first time commenting. I have to say that messy is one of my favorites!

    That said, some of these holy-roller holier than thou types really annoy me. I went to HS with a girl that got married, was in the process of divorcing her husband, then got in a relationship with another guy that she got pregnant by. Even though she had already filed divorce papers, etc., she still feels like she committed adultry and that she should be walking around with a scarlet A on her chest. I don’t know whether to be appalled that be still think like that, or be sad for her. I do think that it is appalling that people still live by the bible, even though times have changed considerably since then.

    If I was in the shoes of that woman, Leah, I would probably be sitting in prison for killing my husband for spanking me, etc.

  162. haha says:

    LMAO right!

  163. me says:

    Okay that chick in the first link said that she knew she had been bad and was so scared he was going to punish her that she was SHAKING and thats a good marriage? :shudder:

  164. diudiaole says:

    I’m horrified by that domestic discipline shit.. I just registered to join their private message/chat board… freaks!

  165. Cheesewhiz says:

    #170 – LOL!!! Where is the chat board? They need to change it to “domestic abuse”, that’s more like it. Sounds like a sick excuse for some controlling bastard to slap his woman around. BARF!!!

  166. messy says:

    Welcome Melmelly! And thanx! I love posting over here!!! It is too fun. Being able to say what I want is awesome LOL!

  167. Cheesewhiz says:

    Scroll down to the “computer access restrictions”…lol…I wonder if participating in online diaper drama would be a punishable offense?

    (Ya’ll remember Lorena Bobbit?)

  168. mksmommy says:

    I should add I do believe that marriage requires give and take. However in the ds link I posted that woman stated she neglects herself for her husband. I do think that makes you less of a person and I don’t feel that its something to be proud of. Its just a way of controlling IMO and it really irks me.

  169. messy says:

    I was floored to read this page in the middle of the crappola… Brought little tears to my eyes…

  170. Grogwench says:

    HaHa, IIRC all posts that have a link are sent to a que that and then must be approved. I think I remember her (DSDM) saying that before.

  171. diudiaole says:

    those bitches want that shit though… disgusting

  172. me says:

    Hmm I wonder what they will say if they see the links from here and come to investigate?

  173. try me, i'm new! says:

    uh, i totally think it’s more bdsm than religion for them, and they know it – from their links:

  174. messy says:

    “If I have earned myself a discipline spanking then he feels that I need to be reminded of his dominance he does this by spanking my naughty bottom then showing me that he is my HOH with his behaviour – and yes that may include being taken by him in any manner he chooses. ”

  175. messy says:

    OMg… I went on to read the rest of that comment and it is a freaking Xrated text-o-porn! Holy wow! And they say God told them to do that…? @@

  176. mmspirit7 says:

    Umm…not going to click the links what you ladies have said is enough for me. I have lived in fear and being beaten it’s not a great anything. It’s sick and to religion as an excuse is just sickening.

    I really hope that the realize that it’s not healthy and before it’s too late.

  177. me says:

    Some of it is definitely a sexual thing, and some of it really is what is said as being punished and no sexual aspect to it though a LOT more of what I have read is more of the sexual sort.

  178. mmspirit7 says:


    Omg it is rape! BTDT. I wish someone would tell her that! OMG How sad

  179. messy says:

    #186 Did you read the rest of her post? It is sick… Maybe it is a situation of “you can’t rape the willing” and I spoke (wrote) too soon… Omg, she refers to him “fucking her in the mouth” and all kinds of ummm… arsehole info. yeah, with those words… I was appauled and had to stop after I read the first part that I quoted, when I went back to it, I was sickened.

  180. mmspirit7 says:

    I only read what you quoted. I am still dealing with things from my past really can’t go down that road again. But from what you guys are posting it’s sick and mostly sad that this is the life she knows

  181. messy says:

    WHAT THE HELL IS A GINGERFIGG??? I feel like I need a shower after reading some of this…

    “Very rarly do i become aroused during my punishment, but on occasion during my warm up, i have become very aroused. When this does happen , my HOH slides a gingerfigg up in my Bottom. the burning and stinging knocks the arousal right out of me.. he spanks me with it in place, and if I clentch my cheeks it reactivates it. it’s a good tool to break the habit of clentching during a spanking. After, the lovemaking is beyond words.”

  182. messy says:

    188 mmspirit7: I am so sorry. Had I realized, I would not have been C&Ping all this stuff. I will not do it again… Please, send my dh to spank me πŸ˜‰
    In all seriousness, I am sorry. It is sad that they are taking obvious sexual pleasure of some sort, and relating it to a God thing… WEIRD! But my heart goes out to any woman who does not do this of her own free will. Rape is rape and no amount of “God told me to” will make it anything but rape. Period.

  183. messy says:

    Diudiloiosdioudiosudsiolo did you really join the board? Hmmm… I am thinking of maybe joining to read some more of this muck LOL!!! BTW, if you would explain your un to me, I might understand it more and remember what the heck it is when I am writing to ya! All I think of is that dildisisuioidsios chick with the GORGEOUS baby. πŸ˜€

  184. me says:

    Why is the guy a HOH and not either plain AH, or just a man? I mean, woman is there over and over. Why is a guy so damn special? I get that she is supposed to submit to him, but since when is he supposed to be better than her as well?

  185. me me me says:

    Ya know, that domestic violence shelter next door considers all the above abuse and the man would for sure go to jail in my town for any of those actions. Police don’t play around here.

  186. mmspirit7 says:

    Messy you can share with the others it’s ok. I can skip those posts. as it is I am turning in for the night. Have Fun!

  187. insomiac says:

    now THIS is a drama-riffic thread!

    messy, I bow down to your greatness.

    the domestic discipline women make me want to hurl. I like a little rough and tumble in the boudoir, but if my dh even looked at me crosseyed for the living room not being clean enough, he’d be in deep shit.

  188. messy says:

    Nah, the more I read the more porn-o-rific it gets, so I will totally stop quoting all together! I don’t know who else might be reading and I don’t want to offend anyone.

  189. me me me says:

    196-Offend anyone? Here? Hee hee hee hee

  190. messy says:

    This is funny… Tension breaker ROFL…

    Has nothing to do with S&M&Ick&Ugh!!!

  191. messy says:

    #197 Some of what I am reading sounds a lot like me to be rape… Then they go on and it sounds like a bad porno flick. Either way, I don’t want to bring anything to anyone’s attention that might bring up bad memories of *real rape and mistreatment (I am thinking these chicks get off on it).

  192. melmelly says:

    Another thing that angers me with the CDD stuff is the kids! The kids are being raised in an environment that is not what many of us would call normal. Hopefully they come to realize that the “maintenance” and “punishment” is not normal and will stop the cycle.

    Wishful thinking, but still…

  193. diudiaole says:

    messy — I am pretty sure some of those comments on that page are from trolls LOL but the subject matter is so out there that even the trolls fit in quite well…

    My UN is Chinese pinyin Diu Diao Le and means “thrown away”… I simply like the way it sounds. Feel free to call me “Diu” though lol

  194. insomiac says:

    mmspirit7 ((((hugs)))))

  195. diudiaole says:

    #200 no shit — they are teaching the sons to treat women like shit and teaching their daughters that they’re supposed to take it while having dinner on the table at 6 sharp, and bringing him his pipe and slippers before letting him ‘have his way’ .. ::puke::

  196. insomiac says:

    200. I agree, the thought of what those kids see makes me sick.

  197. melmelly says:

    From the LDD blog on nudity:

    If your body has changed after having had children, you have a number of choices: (1) Hide your body away until you die, (2) Change your body (through exercise, dieting, etc) and/or (3) Change your thinking. I think that the first choice is a really, really bad one. Don’t you? The second choice is OK and quite healthy too. It is highly recommended. The third choice is the vital one, the most important one. It is why the original article was written. If you don’t like your body, you had better do something about it.

    So does Mr. Lovingdd have a trophy wife? Cuz I would have a hard time thinking he would stand for anything less than “prefect”.

  198. messy says:

    Diu~ Now I will remember πŸ™‚ I agree with ya too… Although, there was a woman I was very very good friends with. Her husband spanked her daughter (he was not the bio dad but she was his from birth). Anyhow, her daughter was HOT, gorgeous cheerleader… And daddy spanked her bare ass until she graduated high school. It made me SICK! I absolutely could never look at him (or her for that matter) the same. It was twisted… I think he had a lot of the “sexual misdirections” that these people are saying their men have.
    I know for a FACT that my dh would not be arroused by hitting me in any fashion. He would not want any type of sex if I were sobbing on my knees!!! I *KNOW* this like I know I am breathing. How any man can enjoy that makes me sick.

  199. insomiac says:

    #206: He would not want any type of sex if I were sobbing on my knees!!! I *KNOW* this like I know I am breathing. How any man can enjoy that makes me sick


    This exactly.

  200. eb says:

    OK, I have to jump in to say something…

    One way to stay in denial about sexual addiction for a Christian is to spiritualize it. It could be that you pray with the person you have an affair with, so you feel closer or by trying to fit your behaviors into scripture…that is a bit what this sounds like to me. It dosen’t mean their actions are biblical AT ALL, but they want them to be and they need to own up to what is really going on. They drag the bible through their nasty mudd. The messed up part is that on some level they believe it. When a person is abused/raped they can continue to recreate the situation in a way that makes them feel in control of it.

    I might regret coming out of lurking on this topic…LOL

  201. screenname says:

    “Figging most commonly refers to the act of inserting a piece of ginger root into the anus or vagina as a form of BDSM. The ginger causes a burning sensation, and discomfort to the subject.”

    Learn something new everyday.

  202. messy says:

    Eb, don’t regret coming out of lurking! I agree with you 100% I said that earlier too, just not as well. They use the Bible for a reason to do the things they are doing.
    I also agree with Diu that their kids are going to be warped. The woman I knew, whose husband spanked her daughter :::gag:::, blamed the Bible by quoting the rod stuff… I have no idea if they spanked between each other but, I know her now ex-dh is into S&M. Their daughter has gone through a lot of men in her adult life. She cannot find happiness and it bothers me. These people’s kids won’t understand normal or even the base of respect in their adult lives… Sad.

  203. messy says:

    *Figging. Adding it to my list of things I never ever want to do. It is right above giving a chimpanzee a blow job!

  204. insomiac says:

    holy shit.

    learn something new everyday. ***shudders***

  205. insomiac says:

    eb. I agree with you too.
    nothing irritates me more than people who use religion to back up their fuckadoodle ideas.

  206. eb says:

    Messy…the rod quoting makes me soooo mad!!!! THe vision I have of that scripture is a shepherd with his rod…what does he do with it? He guides them. Keeps them from going off the path. HE DOES NOT BEAT THE LIFE OUT OF THEM WITH IT! The sheep trust him because he is kind and cares for them. They don’t fear him….
    …OK Rant off…

    And yeah…non bio dad beating bear bottom? Ritualistic abuse. It usually seems strange to the victim. Shame on her mother for enabling him. barf.

  207. Cheesewhiz says:

    #208 – I totally agree with you. It is too guilt producing for a Christian to have a sexual perversion, so walla! Take the Bible, twist it around, and it is perfectly ok!

    What confuses me, is that some of these sites claim to be Christian-based, while others are straight up pornographic, and yet they all purport to practice the SAME thing…hmmmm….

    Those poor kids. Talk about a dysfunctional home…

  208. Cheesewhiz says:

    *figging* – so that’s what they’re calling it these days…WoW.

  209. eb says:

    213 It really is a trigger for me. My parents would use examples of people like that to tell me why I was a stupid for going to church.
    I do have empathy for them because someone had to have abused them…but they are adults now and if they want scripture to back it up they need to ‘put childish things away’. Even if something stems from the way a child learned how to survive in a horrible situation, as an adult one has the responsibilty to seek what the truth is and to learn how a healthy relationship works…

    OK really…now rant off! LOL

  210. insomiac says:

    rant away! your making perfect sense to me πŸ˜€

  211. eb says:

    215 That is exactly what happens. And here is a startling statistic;
    as much as 70% of men in the church and 45% of women in the church struggle with some level of sexual addiction. And really, it isn’t all crazy stuff like the blogs above because a sex addiction is a blanket term for lots of different behaviors that are really intimace disorders. I don’t want to sound like I am saying those percentages represent household the examples above….but what I am saying is that THAT MANY people are trying to justify their behaviors/thoughts with scriptures. No wonder it sounds so hypicritcal to the world. With all this I do think it’s important to sat that I am a Christian, so I am not trying to purs’cute anyone. Just WAKE THEM UP a bit!

    Oh, and I am nak…if that explains spelling…

  212. eb says:

    OK, now someone say something funny and make me laugh.

  213. melmelly says:

    My son is trying to say Jupiter, but it keeps coming out as Jupiturd.

  214. Cheesewhiz says:

    My horn can pierce the sky.

  215. messy says:

    Eb, go click the hulu link I put up above. Everything they say is funny LOL!

  216. eb says:

    Messy – it did link me ):
    That’s OK, I read through some other ROFL posts here…I think my fav to date is where It’s a snap is combined with tiffany…No wait I just about fell on the floor with the discription of how some diapers were made with a trash bag and goodwill shirts. I need to find that again. Even DH about fell over with that one.

  217. eb says:

    I mean it didn’t link me. LOL

  218. eb says:

    212,222 LOL thanks!

  219. melmelly says:

    A trash bag? lol

    I think it was in diaper_drama on LJ or on DS, but someone had a wetbag for her daughter’s swimming suit and the “PUL” was a cheap shower curtain or table cloth…something along those lines.

    But a trash bag? I don’t think it gets any better than that!

  220. messy says:

    That should work! I C&Ped it wrong the first time off ds… LOL

  221. eb says:

    Thanks messy! Hilarious…

    Wasn’t there a description of how someone imagined a certain wahm made their diapers? The same one who wanted to use their dear granny’s blanket as a cover? I just read like 1000 posts and didn’t find it. I should have c & p’d it so I could find it later to roflmbo.

  222. messy says:

    I think it is toward the bottom of the “funny feedback” thread. It is sooo funny!!! These mamas are a riot!

  223. messy says:

    Ok… “Buttplug” WTF is that? I am afraid to look on wiki and please someone, spank the person that posted these horrible blogs ROFL…

  224. eb says:

    I am sure everyone disappeared due to …um…curiosity. LOL

  225. NewfieMomma says:

    Anyone else following the DS “What is a Helpmeet?” thread? I may be banned if I keep posting. As for the links here; I can’t even read them. My blood is already boiling from that thread!! Especially this, where someone c&p from a book someone there is raving about:

    There is much satisfaction in training up a child. It is easy and challenging. When my children were able to crawl (in the case of one, roll) around the room, I set up training sessions.

    Try it yourself. Place an appealing object where they can reach it, maybe in a “No-no” corner or on an apple juice table (That’s where the coffee table once sat). When they spy it and make a dive for it, in a calm voice say, “No, don’t touch it.” They will already be familiar with the “No,” so they will pause, look at you in wonder and then turn around and grab it. Switch their hand once and simultaneously say, “No.” Remember, you are not disciplining, you are training. One spat with a little switch is enough. They will again pull back their hand and consider the relationship between the object, their desire, the command and the little reinforcing pain. It may take several times, but if you are consistent, they will learn to consistently obey, even in your absence.

  226. ~*~MOMMA~*~ says:

    this is all disgusting. really. i am catholic and my DH has suffered with a sexual addiction (though nothing like this) and while i have empathy for people with addictions, i do no have empathy for these ‘men’. i was abused when i was i was younger and i would NEVER do these things to my kids. seriously, i want to puke.

  227. mksmommy says:

    That thread turned into something else entirely. I am not entirely familiar with Debi Pearl’s books as I choose not to beat myself up over the fact I am not the worlds perfect parent but the stuff I have heard and the pieces quoted from her book make me want to barf.

  228. mksmommy says:

    On top of that the thread makes me feel like I have stepped back into the dark ages where the man is king and women are born to serve them. Its seriously disgusting to me that a woman would let a man be in control of their life together and make all decisions regarding the family.

  229. NewfieMomma says:

    #237 ITA!! I can’t believe so many women still believe all that crap. The posts that get me going are the ones that say “DH hates cloth, so we’re giving up,” “DH won’t let me buy it..” etc etc What kind of a marriage is that?

  230. Kelolsen says:

    I beg of you all to never ever ever listen to anyone that talks about the Pearls. They are psychotic child abusers who should never be allowed to use the word “Christian” in anything thatthey say. Anyone t hat follows the Pearls is someone I immediately write off. I’ve read their child abuse manual, called “to Train up a child” and its horrifying. I cannot believe any rational human being who considers themselves a bible believing Christian would even think the Pearls are someone to listen to. I’ve seen dogs treated with more love and compassion then how the Pearls want you to treat your precious children. Its digusting and I’m floored that this book is allowed to be sold and that the Pearls haven’t been put in jail for abuse.

  231. Kelolsen says:

    #234 they are raving about the book I just referred to in my previous post. Its a disgusting piece of trash and anyone who follows thier practices IMO is someone to never talk to again- but maybe consider reporting them to CPS.

  232. teamb4me says:

    #239 That book is horrible! I was given that book by a man at a pawn shop (while searching fr my sons stolen bike). Most disturbing book eva…

  233. mksmommy says:

    #238 My dh will never tell me I can and cannot buy something. He knows I know my limits. And while he doesn’t cloth diaper he has never said oh you can’t do cloth. I think I would just end up leaving if it came down to him telling me what I can and cannot do. I am a grown woman not a child and I do not need a man telling me what to do and what to think. I already have one father, I don’t need another.

  234. NewfieMomma says:

    #242 Exactly! We are a team, we are equal and we like it that way! Totally confuses me that people stay in relationships that are otherwise.

  235. mksmommy says:

    Did you guys see Meg’s post? Love it!!!!

  236. not me at all says:

    Yeah the helpmeet thread is JUST the kind to get me banned if I stick around it too long.

  237. KAL says:

    can someone c&p Meg’s post?

  238. KAL says:

    I’m curious, but don’t want to go to ds.

  239. me says:

    ShabbyChic? That is who I assume..

    It has been really lovely that people have come here and maintained their cool trying to give creedence to the concept of beating their wife and or children into submissiveness. I have learned a thousand things here that I never wanted to know. I guess that’s my fault for reading the thread. And, while It’s fine, it has remained civil here, this thread makes me feel sick to my stomach.

    Hi, I am Meg. I am my own person. I married my husband because I love him and we have mutual respect for each other. If my house is a mess, I clean it up because I dont feel like living in a sty. I don’t do jack for him because he works all day, so do I, being a mother. And it’s hard work being kind and patient and speaking till my words drone, I suppose instead of beating them with some kind of rod, whatever that may be.

    The whole concept of a woman doing ANYTHING for her husband because some higher power suggests it makes me sick. I do what I do for myself, my husband and my children because I love them. I am a strong, powerful, opinionated and independent woman and I cannot believe that in this day and age their are women out there that believe in a sub standard role for themselves.

    And, do me a favor, dont respond and tell me I am judgmental or that I dont understand. Do yourselves a favor and burn your God fearing books and learn about equality, for women and for children and I guarantee you’ll find yourself far more fulfilled than shuffling around in your house slippers and making dinner for your husband so he can sit on the couch with his rod.

  240. KAL says:

    that’s awesome! I know some people here might have beef with her or whatever, but she rawks in my book, just for that comment!

  241. messy says:

    I GOTTA GIVE KUDOS to the crazy wives that put up with that shit. Seriously, THANK THEM over and over and over! If those women didn’t enjoy ass raping, beatings, being treated like molested children, then our society would be overrun by their sick demented husbands who would be our serial rapists, pedophiles, and serial killers. So, yeah, thanks women who take it for the team, we appreciate you keeping your sicko at home pleasuring you…
    Carry on!

  242. mksmommy says:

    #249 I know right! I always enjoy Meg’s posts and say something because she has a much better way of wording things.

  243. Shabbychic says:

    Thanks. Bows. Watch me closely. This might get my ass banned. It would be worth it though.

  244. mmspirit7 says:

    remember the assy diaper thread well look here I cp’d to save you from going estd land

    Registered Users

    Join Date: Mar 2009
    Posts: 1

    Re: Assy’s Cloth Diapers or Ladys and Lads Botique?
    I just recieved my cd’s from ladys and lads , first of all the are so cute, I was worried at first when i saw $5 dollar diapers, but now that i recieved them, i love them, they work great. I was also worried about the 4 to 5 week ship time, but i got to thinking, if she is selling them for $5 , can imagine how many orders she is getting? Anyway, i just wanted to let everyone know that these are great cd’s and i will be ordering more .

  245. Monkey says:


    And people wonder why I’m an atheist.

  246. Monkey says:


    You dared to have a well-thought out opinion and state it in a decisive manner… I’m sure the ban-train will be rolling your way!

    But hey, you won my vote! That was an awesome post!

  247. teamb4me says:

    Meg~Best Post of the Year! If it happens, totally worth the ban!

  248. messy says:

    ITA Now that I have read the horrific posts on ds, Meg, it is 100% post of the year! I am still mortified and reading the spanking blogs… I just can’t close my mouth and click the “X” at the top LOL…

  249. itsraininghere says:

    wow. . . that thread sounds nuts.

    good for you Meg.

    i hopped over here to see if anyone else was sad that woolie boolie bums stocked two auctions for very horrid looking wool.


    and here:

  250. me says:

    I’ve never even heard of her. Why is everything an auction?

  251. try me, i'm new! says:

    is it just me, or do the legs look uneven on both? And whats up w/ the bum color spanning between the stripey legs? That just looks…odd. I mean, they’re odd to begin w/, but that added, erm, eccentricity is O

  252. try me, i'm new! says:

    is it just me, or do the legs look uneven on both? And whats up w/ the bum color spanning between the stripey legs? That just looks…odd. I mean, they’re fugly to begin w/, but that looks….wrong.

  253. try me, i'm new! says:

    lovely double post…and the first one is a mistake. post fail.

  254. messy says:

    All of her sets look odd to me. I do crochet my own (I also write my own patterns ~I like the jogging pants style~ and write and crochet my own sweaters!) and none of mine have ever looked like that… The legs do look uneven. It looks, to me, like it is not due to uneven rows, rather uneven stitches. Loose stitching followed by eratic stinks of tight stitching and so forth… She has no close up shots of her stitches, so I can’t even tell for sure but they also look like double stitches on a larger than “G” hook. My experience is that a double stitch requires a “F” or smaller to be effective wetness bariers. I crochet with a big hook and double stitches when in a hurry…

  255. mksmommy says:

    Meg I think its well worth it. Your posts are very intelligent and I hope it at least made the ladies who admit to be submissive think a bit. I hope they realize there is more to life then just being a housewife and a mother.

  256. insomiac says:

    Meg, awesome posts throughout that stupid helpmeet thread. everything you said was just pure brilliance!

    The mindset of those women. I cannot grasp it. Cannot and will not actually.

  257. insomiac says:

    #258, the legs on those longies look crazy uneven!

  258. DSDM2 says:

    What the hell is the rise on those?

    And you would think if you have a store, you would take better photos.

  259. DSDM2 says:

    I really wish people would learn to get some poster-board or fabric and take better photos. All of hers, including the heart one, are horrid. Clean up the freaking background while you are at it, or blur it.

  260. haha says:

    Here’s what it look like to me (and I don’t crochet so I could be off base) but it looks like she adds the legs on after the fact. As seen in this pair

    The legs look like they were done flat and then sewed up and sewn on

  261. itsraininghere says:

    the rise is like 21 1/2 inches and the inseam is like 8 1/2. . . (i’m remembering this from yesterday, so forgive me if I’m wrong.)

    now, my ds has a 20 inch rise and an 11 inch inseam. . . is there a child that has a 21 1/2 inch rise with an 8 1/2 inch inseam? i mean. . . that sounds seriously disproportionate.

  262. try me, i'm new! says:

    uhhhh, those proportions would be super scary. dd2 has a 9″ inseam and nowhere NEAR a 21.5″ rise. are those urkel pants? yaknow – high waist high rise?

  263. haha says:

    And what are the waist measurments. Like 20? So we need a kid with a 20″ rise, 20″ waist and 7″ thighs. Does that even sound right? sigh..another one bites the dust.

  264. messy says:

    Maybe they are monster longies more in proportion to a monster’s size? LOL, I dunno. And it does look like on that green and grey pair that the legs were an afterthought. Odd looking. ~~I gotta get my blog done so that I can prove that I can crochet ROFL!

  265. messy says:

    TOTALLY OT!!! QUESTION!!! The links that were posted from blogspot seemed to go some pretty cool blog set ups (the content not so cool). Does anyone here have blogspot blogs? Are they easy? I am bloggingly challenged and want to make a blog that I can EASILY put pictures, C&Ps, and other info like links on. Does anyone here do that? Or is it something that is more suited for myspace if I need *easy*?
    (I have a wordpress blog that I talk about my take on current news events, but I just like to type out my thoughts and spread them around LOL I do not think wordpress is necessarily easy though…)

  266. Cheesewhiz says:

    Yes, it is TOTALLY easy!!!

    Here is mine:


  267. LM says:

    I love BlogSpot! I have had a blog there for a while now,

  268. dirtyj says:

    I use blogspot too. Very user friendly. I am just not a big blogger. I need to update again

  269. Laura says:

    Just so you know not all of us Jesus lovin’ folks are nuts and let our hubby spank us. Well, maybe, sometimes…. πŸ˜‰ That is seriously some crazy stuff.

    I have blogspot and I love it.

  270. dirtyj says:

    I grew up in a very God fearing religion. One that is not favorable in todays society and yet I have never heard of helpmeet.
    the bible is studied immensely and never once does any scripture
    say that we should be at the mercy of a man. Women came from God through Adams rib or whatever but we do not bow down to anyone. The ‘man’ is the head of the household but women are equal in their own right.
    Head of household means that he is in charge of leading them spiritually but not by physical force. As someone that has studied the bible, there is no scripture that women are subject to a mans hands. both sexually and disciplinary.
    Women actually hold the man up. They are taught to be strong and yes, help..but not be at the mercy of..

    You, as a person, have free will to be who you want to be. If you choose to be a slave of man than so be it.


  271. Thud says:

    S & M when done by people who know what they are doing needs to be based on equal power going into the play~ and then one gives or takes more power as agreed upon or within the limits the other accepts.

    A domineering hubby spanking his wife to punish her starts from a power differential …that makes it abusive. And to base it in ‘faith’ makes it doubly so. You are being abused AND an outside force has determined that you deserve it. Un-uh.

  272. Cheesewhiz says:

    To the mama from here that left a comment on my blog…


  273. Megan says:

    278 and 279- Thank you. I would dare say that MOST strong christian families are NOTHING like those blogs posted. How disgusting and apalling…. Then again, there are nuts that make every group look awful, aren’t there? πŸ˜‰

  274. TheBoredBitch says:

    Two things about this:



  275. Shabbychic says:

    Can I revisit post 48 please. stephanie? How do you know all this incorrect information? Come here and answer. Please oh please. I am totally in the mood.

  276. DSDM2 says:

    SC, what do you know? I’ve been waiting for you to come in on this…

  277. Shabbychic says:

    I know that stephanie is full of shit.

  278. DSDM2 says:

    Do tell more πŸ™‚

  279. Shabbychic says:

    I know that stephanie is a lying, insane, stalking psycho and she can come here all she wants with the lies that she has made up in her own mental head and try to defend herself or blame other people but there are more people than I can count that know the truth, share the same story and would be happy to tell it.

  280. itsraininghere says:

    ha, I was wondering when the shit would hit the fan.

    no, I’m not thinking of the other post.

    *waiting for Stephanie. . .*

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