Yeah, Lee, it is our imagination and we are too stupid to get it.

Who all wants to report this to the FBI? I will. I’m tired of reformatting my computers.

Ass hole.

03-05-2009, 08:28 AM #28
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Re: MALWARE is back! virus just tried to download on my computer!!

Closing thread for brief clean up of unrelated posts that provide no help to the members having a current problem or the possibility of one.


Clean up done – 53 posts deleted.




PLEASE NOTE: I am seeing a theme here as this is the second “flare up” of malware / virus issues that has been reported on DS. Through basic reasoning, I am going to take a few moments to explain what I see is taking place.

1. I have dealt with viruses on many occassions, but NONE ever “coming” from DS. I have visited this site MANY THOUSANDS of times and never seen what some of our members see.

2. While viruses are terrible, frustrating, and sneaky – there have been many things suggested in this thread that can help anyone (member of DS or not) to prevent malware infestation or viruses making their way on to your hard drive.

3. I have seen upwards of 2 dozen posts in this thread from people with no issues simply stirring the pot (those posts are now gone). It would seem that those who have a vendetta against DS are happy to jump on the “virus bandwagon” to “support” the frustrated members. That is not what this thread is for and all future posts of that nature will be deleted and you will receive a strike.

4. Some people obviously have an issue. I must say that I am not sure this comes via DS however. We cannot say that it definitely DOES NOT come through DS, but I am quite sure many of the complaints about malware / virus threats in this thread DID NOT originate with DS. I have personally cleaned up a church member’s laptop that had a similar issue with the popups coming for an antivirus program that was a virus. They had never visited DS and never heard of it. You see viruses are all over the web. Just because you see a popup of a malware / virus threat while browsing DS does not mean it “came from DS”.

5. Our company operates numerous online communities, using the same software, and working with the same ad networks. We have never had an issue like this on the other communities. This leads me to think the following:

a. Many of the mothers here at DS know very little about PC’s, protecting them, and how to avoid the sneaky attacks. To these members I say: please do not automatically assume that DS is the cause of every problem.

b. We have some DS haters that add to threads like this when they aren’t experiencing issues at all.

c. There are some truly affected members who are now confused and frustrated. I feel for these ladies and wish them much success in using the tools mentioned in this very thread (as I have done many times myself) so that they get their PC / laptop cleaned up and back to normal again.

In closing, the admin along with the ad networks continuously work to make sure evil people don’t sneak naughty ads through the network that have malware or something nasty attached to them. I know a bad apple can OCCASIONALLY slip through the cracks, but that is very rare. If you download a free quality antivirus program liks AVG, that will go a long way towards keeping your PC virus free.

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Re: MALWARE is back! virus just tried to download on my computer!!

Originally Posted by AbbysMom1227 View Post
I just had it happen with Firefox on my desktop computer.

Me too and I have the screen shot to prove it.
I thought I was lucky but I guess not. I clicked on DS as it was loading it went right to the page(in the below picture).

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Re: MALWARE is back! virus just tried to download on my computer!!

Oh and here are a few more threads about it:

  1. behooooooooooove says:

    Lee is so full of shit. I had to have my computer rebuilt because of his eSTD filled site.

  2. ArmiMommi says:

    Ok, so I would love to know, am I too stupid to competenly operate my computer, or am I one of the “DS Haters” trying to ruin “a well-run, pristine website”? Thank goodness my antivirus software stopped it before I caught the e-AIDS…

  3. ArmiMommi says:

    btw, I did email Lee yesterday afternoon with the screenshot and a description of what happened, surprise, surprise, I have gotten no reply at all….

  4. naturalmamadot says:

    Ah I just was about to post, I just got my first virus warning after the last time DS FUCKED my computer to hell and I had to reformat. Id like to send Lee the fucking bill for that!

  5. dmeg says:

    Well I got my first virus attack yesterday, but thankfully it was on my mom’s computer and she has better virus software than I do on my desk top at home so it caught it before it could do anything. Fucking Lee! Claiming there isn’t a problem doesn’t make it magically go away. Fucking asshole! If only everyone would just move over to CDN…

  6. JustPeachy says:

    I havent had any issues with it but I do believe its embedded in one of the ads. I dont see the ads because I had site supporter before and now I have ad block pro.

  7. DSDM2 says:

    Peachy be careful, so do I and I have gotten this as a break through before.

  8. naturalmamadot says:

    ditto #7

  9. Pariah1 says:

    anyone want to link me to CDN?

  10. The Original Ashley says:

    That is fucked up. Never ever going there again. I don’t have any reason to, and I can’t risk my computer. Lee sucks.

  11. JustPeachy says:

    DSDM2 why not gather everyone else who has been affected and report Lee to the proper authorities?

  12. BffMama says:

    9: It’s a great place!

  13. Angie says:

    I got my first one yesterday from a link I click here to DS. As soon as I clicked it I got that same page. Now I need to check to see if it went though. I hurried up and clicked cancel as it was downloading. Good thing my nieghbor is a computer guy who built this one for me. He works on the computers for the military so he knows virus stuff very well. So well see if I have a virus and where it came from.

  14. AshleyB says:

    Yeah…last time I was hit I gave them a screen shot. Fuck DS and the viruses!!

  15. AshleyB says:

    SO…filed with the ones Peach suggested. And BTW, join CDN. It’s virus free.

  16. I am the momma says:

    DS is full of crap, I got hit the other day and was able to stop it, but not very easily ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  17. Trinity says:

    Every single time that malware has popped up on my computer it was while browsing DS. My computer has crashed twice now because of it.

  18. Trinity says:

    Oh joy! My monster has the mouth of a lamprey!

  19. not just another mama says:

    Ladies.. Don’t you understand.. The best policy it to DENY DENY DENY.

  20. saslewis11 says:

    100% its coming from the ads they sell…I can’t remember, but have they ever closed the advertising off of DS? Or did they just shut the whole site down a few months ago?

    I just really, honestly don’t understand why they can’t fix this problem…its something to do with who’s in bed with who with the ad companies. There’s some reason why they can’t filter this out better than they have been.

    I agree, I think that Lee should be held liable somehow…

  21. zosiasmama says:

    Lee blows big fat monkey balls and hid denial and treating you all like that is just crap.
    So please pm your DS friends and tell them to email you and tell them about CDN! It is the best group and we just need more members to get the FSOT to really take off!

  22. Kitty says:

    When this happened a few months ago they turned off all of the ads, then added different ones back at staggered times to figure out which ones had the spyware in them. But I never saw a single time I went to DS that there were no ads on the screen. I think that was just a bunch of bullshit to lay everyone’s minds to rest because here it is popping up all over again.

  23. Incognizable says:

    Okay, so I’ve been lurking on this blog for a while now :waves: I just read that post by Lee, who thinks that CDing moms are fuckin retarded and don’t know anything about PC’s. Granted I am not a freakin PC programmer, but I can smell his shitty lies from miles away. Damn him and the sheep that follow him. Now I have to call in a favor to make sure my PC is clean.

  24. Nicki says:

    Ok, I have great virus protection and I STILL got the malware popup yesterday…ugh.

  25. JustPeachy says:

    Report him to IC3 and maybe then he will get off his fucking lazy sexist ass and actually do something about the fucking ads.

  26. JustPeachy says:

    And of course they faked actually doing something. Lee’s doesn’t like to lose money and seeing as how actually figuring out the problem would cost money, why would he even truly bother? Its cheaper for him to act like he’s doing something and then say everything is ok.
    Lee seriously GET A FUCKING CLUE!

  27. thewhiteninja says:

    I got the same one as the screen shot but I clicked off of it ASAO, I didn’t want it up there long enough to take a snip of it

  28. Messy says:

    Since Lee won’t do anything, the thing to do, besides alert the links already provided is to tell those who pay for their ads on DS. Hit him where his pockets are. Tell the advertisers that you will not buy their products because you do not know if they are the ones responsible for the viruses since Lee will not pin down the culprit. If enough people complain, they will come down on him and he will have to do something or do without advertisement AKA money… JMO.

  29. AshleyB says:

    Ooh…good idea Messy!!

  30. Deanner03 says:

    That’s a greaet idea Messy. I think the absolute BEST idea is to just leave ds. The fewer people that frequent that site, the less ads that dipshit can sell, and the less money he will make.
    Come to CDN, and bring ALL your ds friends. Get the FSOT going there, and we’re in business.
    CDN is not only more adult, it’s more friendly, and they PROTECT their members from scammers.

  31. Incognizable says:

    I’m going to CDN Deeaner03! :thumbsup:
    Some ads on ds are really random, there was one not too long ago advertising a UFC fight, not really a product. it just struck me as weird that the UFC would buy ads on a CD site.

  32. naturalmamadot says:

    Yea so uhh Michelle (I smile because of them) posted “bump for a super sweet mama” on my post….Ive heard thats what “her thing” is when you piss her off.

    First off, okay wow that really hurts, people think Im sure got me….

    Secondly why, if shes begging to be censored up the ass over at DS is she on CDN in the first fucking place? Im pretty sure that place was created BECAUSE of the censorship bullshit, not to invite all the censor whores over….

  33. momofdivas says:

    Lee is an arrogant piece of poopy. Of course only BGs and CDNers would say the viruses were from DS because “we” have a malicious intent to ruin DS.
    Kattayanna_mom on DS.

  34. Monkey says:

    #34… my honest guess… She’s reporting back to her leaders at DS.

    I don’t know Michelle and she’s always been nice to me but I always want to say, “Michelle… what’s that brown spot on your nose? Did the boss stop short?”

  35. Monkey says:

    Did any body see the WAHM response to the JAR about Bebewamu using the pictures of the woman’s child? We were all talking about it not too long ago.

    It was interesting to see a response. Looks like it was TOTALLY a cat fight.

  36. McMamma38 says:

    Time to really get seriose and STAY only on CDN.Love that new community.I’m a member on CDN–but hadn’t been on lately.Time to get the TTC forum busy w/ my posts!Lol.
    Just sad to up and leave old TTC friends on DS.Going to start pm them to invite them on over to CDN.

  37. PeanutbutternJelly says:

    I never had a problem probably because I have MAC and most virus are written for PCs
    Macs ROCK!

  38. McMamma38 says:

    Yeah saw that Monkey! Crazy!! Get the popcorn.

  39. PeanutbutternJelly says:

    #37 Yes! Like a mini-soap opera in my email! Fun fun!

  40. Messy says:

    So… Who is going to start the JARs about this? Someone mentioned on DS that this was terrible CS… I agree… DS getting a JAR ๐Ÿ˜› Maybe that would get Lee’s attention… I doubt it though.

  41. Monkey says:

    #38… I made the switch not too long ago. I only go on DS if I follow a link from here.

    I just don’t want to anymore, it’s not fun. I can go on CDN, be treated like an adult, have serious, silly or “adult” conversations and generally just have a much better time.

    I also think that overall the mamas on CDN are way more supportive of each other.

  42. Monkey says:

    #40 and 41… sounds like business partnership gone sour… it always amuses me to see people threaten each other with lawyers.

  43. BffMama says:

    34: But it’s weird when she hasn’t come on there since February 14th or something and then randomly bumps your thread and that’s it? Hmmm… I think I missed something.

  44. BffMama says:

    40: I know who you are and have been following your story in TTC. :hugs: I’m not TTC, but I would definitely go there to cheerlead you on!

  45. Messy says:

    I do like CDN but I have not been there very much. So I am leary to sell (which is something I tell myself over and over that I will do… must part with nonfitting, too small dipes no matter how friggin cute they are and how much I enjoy petting them!!!). I don’t want them to think I am there only for that. However, if I would start spending time there now, then by the time my LO is in college (my approximate goal for being able to sell my fluff without intense theraputic intervention), then people will definitely know me ROFL!!!
    But I do like CDN… It is a great community! They were sooo welcoming when I went!

  46. BffMama says:

    Ahem, 47, I await the glorious moment when our SNs meet on CDN. It will surely involve angels singing and The Hoff.

  47. JustPeachy says:

    #45 thats how Michelle is. She came at me thru my FSOT threads last year when she was pissy at me over something I had apologized for profusely.

  48. BffMama says:

    I guessed I missed when NaturalMama had her tiff with Michelle, then. Was it during the thread about the sex change?

  49. McMamma38 says:

    Thanks bffmama! I’m in posts on CDN(TTC forum)–just need to quite DS for good.Need to update on CDN.
    It’s a hard habit to break.Lol.The TTC forum that is.Many of my TTC buddies have moved on onto the preggo threads anyway.So it shouldn’t be to difficult.

    When dh heard that DS was causeing all the problems–he was NOT happy.I did invite my bff on to CDN.Waiting for her to join.
    Definitly will start pm friends on DS who haven’t switched over yet.
    Yes–agree the comunity is friendlier.

  50. BffMama says:

    I guessed I dontz knows how to speek anything but LOLcatz today. Sorry.

  51. not just another mama says:

    WTF is up with the “JAR posts are getting petty” thread on DS.. No one should say anything about shitty CS?

  52. JustPeachy says:

    Read the goodmama blog post and you will see why LOL.

  53. JustPeachy says:

    link me #53

  54. not just another mama says:

    Its in the transaction forum.. I don’t wanna log back in, LOL

  55. BffMama says:

    Here’s the link and text for those who don’t want to risk an std (I wore protection while I was there):

    Registered Users

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    Feedback: 100%
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    What’s up with JAR these days? It’s gotten petty!
    Maybe it’s just me, but I thought the whole point of Juicy Apple Report was to warn of scammers?! The last few reports have been about lame c/s, which while an issue, just doesn’t seem JAR worthy.
    FYI: I don’t waste my time following links to FSOT albums. If you want my money, put your pics and descriptions IN YOUR FSOT POST! Also…
    “If you do not really want suggestions, then I suggest you not ask questions.”
    togg_mama is offline Reply With Quote

  56. JustPeachy says:

    I found it. Isnt she one of those ppl that is always bitching about something or another??????

  57. piratebaby says:

    The malware is definitely coming from DS. I had it pop up through firefox but was able to stop it. Dh has had to do a couple of extra virus scans to get rid of it completely (hopefully). That’s just so dumb to say that it isn’t coming from DS when everyone is getting the EXACT SAME THING at the EXACT SAME TIME. And he was totally condescending and sexist.

  58. Andrea says:

    #42… yeah, that was me… the comment about terrible CS … could stand for a few things… client/customer satisfaction but the biggie and obvious – customer service. I actually went back and changed my post so I don’t get a slap on the hand via big brother Lee. He’s being an asshat. I’m so tempted to never frequent DS again – but I love the support and tips I find in the thrifty forum!

  59. ms_quoted says:

    I have a Mac and use Firefox and that message came up on my screen yesterday. Thankfully I had already seen the post about it so as soon as it came up I hit the Apple Ctrl botton and “Q” to close it down so I don’t think it did anything to my computer. I’ve NEVER had to deal with anything like this before on any website.

  60. not just another mama says:

    I found it. Isnt she one of those ppl that is always bitching about something or another??????


    Isn’t that almost everyone on DS? LOL

  61. Andrea says:

    Well, I just made the move and posted a farewell bit to the ladies in the forum I (used to) frequent at DS… maybe I’ll venture over to the other site CDN…

  62. naturalmamadot says:

    BffMama Says:
    March 8, 2009 at 1:17 am

    34: But itโ€™s weird when she hasnโ€™t come on there since February 14th or something and then randomly bumps your thread and thatโ€™s it? Hmmmโ€ฆ I think I missed something.

    BffMama Says:
    March 8, 2009 at 1:27 am

    I guessed I missed when NaturalMama had her tiff with Michelle, then. Was it during the thread about the sex change?

    Yea it was the sex change thread, I just said something about how Michelle is a bitch that needs to shut her dirty mouth and go work for the Chinese helping them censor the interwebz.

    Either way, I wasnt the only one calling her a stupid bitch and such…but shortly after I posted my CDN name on here to get a post put back up for me by a mod there so Im assuming thats why I was targeted for her HORRIBLE comment lmfao

  63. naturalmamadot says:

    Monkey Says:
    March 8, 2009 at 1:14 am

    #38โ€ฆ I made the switch not too long ago. I only go on DS if I follow a link from here.
    I had mostly switched a while ago, but if I post in the FSOT on CDN and dont get any hits, I will def be tempted to go to the DS FSOT lol…I will try not to but its hard i wish everyone would come make the CDN FSOT kickass

  64. ms_quoted says:

    I am involved in the “Due in May 2009” forum and it would be really sad to have to leave but I just tried going to DS to pm Lee about how I got the pop-up and I got it again!!! Ugh… I guess I won’t be going there for awhile unless things get sorted out.

  65. dixieleigh070 says:

    sob i had it pop up today will trying to open ds… lee is an asshat

    currently checking my virus stuff and backing up my pictures… i swear if my comp crashes and i lose those i’ll be hunting his ass down

  66. Shaineinok says:

    It keeps popping up on me. I will be over at CDN if anyone wonders where I went. I loved the knit chats but its not worth killing my laptop over.

    Love how he considers us to all be idiots and not recognize where a virus is coming from.

  67. naturalmamadot says:

    Shaineinok Says:
    March 8, 2009 at 3:04 am

    “Love how he considers us to all be idiots and not recognize where a virus is coming from.”
    Yea no shit right. “uhh dee de dee Lee says that its not DS so BAAAH I guess hes right, BAHHH *bows down* all hail the diaper king Lee *kisses his shoes* BAHHHH I am not worthy, I am too computer stupid to question your highness”

  68. Thud says:

    I had to rebuild my ‘puter because of it, too.

  69. just_sayin says:

    I wasn’t really feeling CDN. I got my hand slapped by a Mod for something really lame, and I don’t feel like going back. Oddly enough, I’ve never gotten a hand slap at DS. Not that I love DS or anything, but I have been flying under the radar there for years. One week at CDN and I was told that I did some stupid minor thing “wrong.”

    I have a Mac, and I have never gotten the virus thing. We have a back up drive and use the Time Machine, so I’m not too worried.

  70. naturalmamadot says:

    dang thats crazy you can get away with all sorts of crazy stuff at CDN lol but I havent had any probs at either site

  71. Erin says:

    #73, now I’m curious. What happened?

    Oh, naturalmamadot, since Michelle is “just passing through as my real home is heaven”, I doubt you’ll really have trouble from her. I’m sure she’s praying for you right now!

  72. cdmd1023 says:

    Juts got the popup and cmputer started a scan. Lee is an ass.

  73. lollerskating says:


    “We cannot say that it definitely DOES NOT come through DS, but I am quite sure many of the complaints about malware / virus threats in this thread DID NOT originate with DS.”

    Isn’t that a contradiction?

  74. cdmd1023 says:

    really? we all just happen to have the same issue at the same time? what are the freakin chances of that!


  75. naturalmamadot says:

    oh but see its not happening to all of us at the same time, all ofus are just making it up ya know fabricating screen shots and all that shit. we LOVE to neglect our kids to spend time on making up bullshit about DS fucking our computers up the ass without lube…yes that is my goal in life to spend as much time as possible making up lies about a diaper forum…so glad you cleared it all up for me Lee *heart you*

  76. dixieleigh070 says:

    “a. Many of the mothers here at DS know very little about PCโ€™s, protecting them, and how to avoid the sneaky attacks. To these members I say: please do not automatically assume that DS is the cause of every problem.”

    can i just say how much i love this. geesh why not flat out call us all stupid too

    he needs a kick in the nuts

  77. naturalmamadot says:

    Im so glad we have a BIG STRONG MAN to protect all of us women on DS…thankyou Lee I feel so safe with you in control

  78. chattymonkey says:

    #81 you may feel safe with Lee around but does your computer??? poor poor computers.

  79. piratebaby says:

    This is getting ridiculous! Just tried to view a link on the Mutts thread and boom, up pops the virus scan!

    Sucks because I’m looking for some pirate theme dipes for my baby Jack, his siblings call him Jack Sparrow and he recently outgrew his pirate sleeper. sigh. off to sign up with CDN and see what’s there.

  80. zosiasmama says:

    #73….I am also curious about what it was that we slapped your hand about?

    There are so few hand slappings at CDN and usually they are a reminder that you have to act like an adult or to keep swearing out of titles.
    We really are nice and we have chocolate!

  81. o4eduk8ed says:

    Lee is a cheese-eating, clog-dancing ferret.

  82. cdc3030 says:

    FWIW, I have firefox with adblock AND flashblock. I have not yet been hit with anything from DS. Flashblock turns off all the flash menus and ads…but you can click to manually play anything you want to see.

    Knock on wood….but I had read that some of these trojans are coming through flash.

  83. Booyah says:

    I want this to come up in every Google search anyone does about Lee Dodd. So here goes:


    Unless of course you WANT to completely destroy your website with viruses and malware. Then by all means hand it over to LEE FUCKING DODD.

    Come party with us at CDN!!! If everyone posts their stuff there as well, our FSOT can be rockin’ too. How can it rival DS’s if you keep using DS?? Drop it like it’s hot and come to the BETTER diaper chat!

  84. Booyah says:

    Err, I meant do not do business with HIM. I know how to use proper nouns, I swear.

  85. JustPeachy says:

    IDK I got told to remove a banner from my siggy on CDN because apparently it was unfair to wahm’s who pay for them. Mind you it was my affiliate link to another site and I was just trying to make some extra cash to buy my kid new dipes. I really didn’t like that and I haven’t been on their much since that incident.

  86. jeruco says:

    is that Lee from DS? He is 30 years old. or will be this year.

  87. naturalmamadot says:

    jeruco Says:
    March 8, 2009 at 7:47 am

    is that Lee from DS? He is 30 years old. or will be this year.

  88. naturalmamadot says:

    Rectitude, Courage, Benevolence, Respect, Honesty, Honor, Loyalty

    Well yea know hes got the courage to lie to us all, plenty of respect and loyalty to the companies he supports ads for

    I have to say though that rectitude, benevolence, honesty and honor is lacking in a bad way

  89. Erin says:

    Where is MamaJo, the original owner of DS? Does she not care AT ALL what has happened to her site? I liked DS so much better when it was run by her.

    I miss her. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  90. Roxyrocks says:

    I went on DS again tonight to see if the shipping was up for a coop I was doing and I was attacked AGAIN with malware I fucking hate DS at this point and I am pretty sure my laptop is going to crash & I refuse to even go on DS with my desktop!

    Lee deleted a couple of my post in that thread about Malware. He can go kick rocks and I just hope more people come over to CDN….or atleast the sane ones

  91. jenniferjunniper says:

    OMGoodness I almost threw up reading that blog!! He told me he was married for 12 years, liar!! I have never read something so fluffy and arrogant in my life. He talks to people like they are idiots, and just plucks my last nerve!!!! Shame we cannot leave our own comments on his blog, I bet his readers would love to know exactly how he runs his business. And who, except kids getting their senior pictures, gets their picture professionally taken with their car??? Grow up!

  92. Andrea says:

    Bwhahaha! If you go to the “gallery” section on Lee’s own site – it takes you to a page where you can click through different albums… there is one titled “Professional”… and … it’s empty! How fitting! Ha ha ha!

  93. just_sayin says:

    #84 It was basically a post formatting issue. They didn’t like how I put something (which was completely innocent, so not even anything questionable) in my post. If I had gotten my hand slapped for being a bitch, then I would just snicker ๐Ÿ˜‰ but being picky picky about the way I put my post together? No thanks. And I had been there something like a week. I don’t remember exactly, but I don’t need a snotty “re-read our terms of service” when I’m a brand spankin’ newbie. It’s not the kind of spanking I like to get out of a new board. So that really made it feel like it was not a welcoming board at all.

    Lee Dodd makes millions, too, BTW. You’d think he could cut out the ads on DS, or take some that are more reputable in light of how much he is making every year. Unless he has an expensive drug habit to support.

  94. try me, i'm new! says:

    #97 – i vote expensive drug habit. isn’t he a website flipper? why doesn’t he just flip that motherfucker and be done with it already.

    on cdn there is a dancing dick smilie. that smilie = Lee Dodd.

  95. just_sayin says:

    I think drug habit, too. Maybe with a prostitute habit thrown in?

    So, he makes millions, he’s been married for 12 years, and has no kids? Me-thinks Mrs Dodd is too smart to let him reproduce.

  96. try me, i'm new! says:

    doesn’t his avi on ds have a kid in it that he called his daughter? It’s a pic of a girl kissing (?) a rodent.

    oh, and Business Bushido? snort – what a pretentious prick. i think a lolcat needs to me made from that, and made into an avi on ds.

  97. saslewis11 says:

    I just googled “Escalate Media malware” to see if other people are complaining about the problems we’re having. The first link I clicked on popped the stupid malware pop-up up, LOL Hmm….

  98. saslewis11 says:

    Ahhhh, I see why it popped up Malware…b/c the site I clicked on is “Part of the Escalate Media network”…(www. webmaster-talk. com)

  99. Messy says:

    When I checked ds to see if my post was removed (like I knew he would but apparently hasn’t read it yet), I saw a new “ad” that says to click it for info and not to accept malware off there. I did not click it. I do not click things that other mamas do not like on DS! No DS ads for me… EVER! But I got the damn malware thing too…

  100. BffMama says:

    It says he has 2 daughters and has pictures of them in the album. Along with him and his flipping car. So cool. And the part where he said he didn’t finish HS?

  101. theinvisible says:

    My .02…..the best way to break the DS habit is to get banned. Getting banned intentionally? Get banned creatively. That has the potential for great fun.

  102. What a Wanker says:

    I got hit yesterday for the first time and again today. Lee’s a f’in moron. DS is the ONLY place I get these at . I just had to have my computer refigured a few months ago-spent $100. I am NOT doing that again!

  103. BffMama says:

    105. I was thinking of that too.

  104. Messy says:

    OH!~ Creative banning… Hmmm… I have to start thinking my way into an interesting ban. I am done there. As a matter of fact, I am going to go buy a potty chair today! Some sponge bob underwear and probably give up the diaper habit. I knew it would happen some day, but it is a sad sad day ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  105. BffMama says:

    108. Aww messy, you can sell to me and still visit your diapers. I will send pictures.

  106. Candice says:

    I had not been to DS for weeks because of this issue.. I thought I would try to give it another shot computer was attacked and a virus was trying to dl on my computer..lucky for me Nortons caught it. I’m just so pissed that nothing is being done to fix this issue. I used to love going to DS, just sucks their admin is such ass!
    Thanks for the link to CDN!

  107. Messy says:

    #109 Bff I โค YOU! But the ones I *love aren’t even worthy of FFS or donation~ even though I have seen some pretty shitty diapers sold on DS. They are severely used LOL! I do have tons of diapers that either never fit, or I did not like that need to go. Lots of wool too… I just can’t give it up. I am sooo addicted! I will though. I just have to think of something I want more and sell toward that goal ๐Ÿ™‚

  108. mamapixie says:

    Yep, the malware broke through my Adblock back in November/December. I reformatted, but I haven’t been back because I’m not risking my computer again.

  109. amegrl520 says:

    #93 That’s what I am wondering too. Lee is a jerkoff but Jodi is the one who sold the site to him and tried to play it off like he was just coming on as a tech guy.

  110. naturalmamadot says:

    I finally got a screen shot of the pop up warning, its sad that we could all pretty much MAKE it work just by going to DS and clicking a few links until it pops up lol I just went to see the latest stalking Michelle has done for me (what a lovely crazy bitch she is) and it popped up for the 2nd time today, first time was following a link to my friends FSOT post

  111. jeruco says:

    So, maybe I am behind the times, but i just realized that Lee owns Escalate Media.

    So, if there is malware coming from his own ad advertising company.
    Do we think he is going to do anything about this.

    And he tried to blame the virus problem on 3rd party that provides the advertising. HE IS THE THE 3RD PARTY.

    or am I wrong?

  112. jeruco says:

    sorry, messed up some sentence structure in that last post.

  113. Bloggitybloggity says:

    I’ve never had any virus attacks (that I know of) from DS…. until the past couple days. I’ve not had any virus protection on my computer for a while (I find it to be similar to o0ld-school mob protection in the big city, lol) but I do use Firefox and seem to have no issues. In the past couple of days, however, I have had the Malware window pop up several times. It is ONLY when I’m on DS. It seems to happen whenever I click on random threads… I don’t notice any particular pattern (other than it has to do with DS.)

    It fucking sucks. I guess it’s come down to extortion all around.

  114. BffMama says:

    Wonder if Glam Media would like to know their prestigious 2008 winner of best in lifestyle is actually giving their supporters more viruses than support.

  115. BffMama says:

    Man, I’ve learned a lot about Lee Dodd. Quite funny:

    โ€œBelieve in yourself and your ideas, but donโ€™t be blind to realityโ€ฆ Never fear asking questionsโ€ฆ Pray. Inspiration often comes in the quiet moments. And if you donโ€™t pray, meditate.โ€

  116. zosiasmama says:

    just_sayin….I am not sure what happened but i will guarantee you caught an admin on a bad day, they are human too. We are actually a very friendly board. Maybe try us again.

  117. AshleyB says:

    Jeruco!! From what I can tell…DS has 4 webpages running scripts on it.,, & I have NOT been hit this round by the virus, and I have the latter two (quantserve & escalatemedia) blocked. Quantserve is a tracker for advertisers…pretty much doing the same thing that google-analytics does. SO…I’m super positive that the viruses are streaming from Lee’s ass.

  118. JustPeachy says:

    dont forget adsense too. I have all those scripts blocked except for the ones I need to view posts.

  119. AshleyB says:

    #118, I wrote to them! I also notified vBulletin, and they cannot do anything about it but said to notify the web server.

  120. StacEy says:

    Ridiculous! I have an almost new MacBook and I just got a warning when I tried to read a thread on DS. I’m not going back. I naively believed that having a Mac would keep me from the majority of issues over at DS…guess not. Lee can suck it.

  121. DSDM2 says:

    Can someone let Skye know I posted to her on the thread about her situation? Thanks.

  122. Kris says:

    #83/Piratebaby- Mudshrimps ( has a bunch of awesome pirate prints available- one even has a pirate that looks like Captain Jack! (And it’s virus-free shopping! LOL)

  123. Erin says:

    #113, that’s right. I remember now the hubbub about Lee coming on as a “tech guy”, then her finally admitting she sold it to him after being confronted about it. I hope she made a ton of money….

    Messy… sad about the diapers, but TRAINERS are fun. Hehe. Just getting into those and it’s almost as good. I haven’t sold any diapers yet and I should, but I just can’t part with them yet.

  124. cdnation says:

    Peachy, you could have just put the link in. We have very few rules about siggys and such, banners is one of them.

    As for the virus’, yep I just got a screen shot of one too.

  125. cdnation says:

    #97, can you contact me over there and let me know which post it was please. My user name is Mom.

  126. naturalmamadot says:

    mmmk I swear Im not THAT tired … but I looked in the FAQ and the forum rules (I TOTALLY just typed rools..maybe I AM just that tired) and cant seem to find limits on siggys/avatars…I have a few st pattys day avatars Im considering but would like to know whats allowed, like is a beer mug allowed?
    I know there isnt swearing in titles…but Ive seen avatars with nudity either one you cant really choose not to see the first time you stumble upon it so while youre here cdnation haha you could clarfiy or should I just pm you lol

  127. naturalmamadot says:

    subscribing to this post

  128. werd says:

    hi bishes, I’m back from the honeymoon from hell! Miss me?!?!?!

  129. cdnation says:

    The only things we ask that you not put in siggys is banner or blinkies for your wahm site, you’re welcome to link to them all you want.

    As for avi’s same thing really, just don’t advertise your wahm site in them.

    And the reason for this is the money that’s made from advertising doesn’t go in my pocket, it pays the server fees and it’ll pay to renew the vB license when it’s due.

  130. Messy says:

    #128 I just went to look at some FSOT trainers and ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Do I have the only nearly 40# child that is not trained? It was exciting to see some that were elastic tops and side snapping but… I am going to have to either make him some trainers or buy them in geriatric sizes! It is deeepressssssing me!

  131. DSDM2 says:

    133~ I DID! HEY MAMA!

  132. Messy says:

    WOOHOO!!! WERD IS BACK!!! I missed ya!!! Hope you had a great honeymoon!!!

  133. naturalmamadot says:

    Hey werd, why was it from hell? lol

  134. Messy says:

    ROFLMAO! I completely misread Werd’s post… Ummm… I guess you didn’t have a great honeymoon! ROFL!!! I was so caught up in the moment of your return!!!

  135. BffMama says:

    Ahhhh all the girlz back together. I feel at peace. I can maybe sleep now. THIS DAMN TIME CHANGE pisses me off about as much as LEE DODD.

  136. Messy says:

    Time change = change clocks and stock up on melatonin until everyone’s schedules reset! Melatonin awesome!

  137. werd says:

    omfg I puked the ENTIRE way to florida. and started spotting in maryland but it was light and it stopped. and then when we got there, I was in bed for 2 days with the flu – fever, chills, puking like it was my job, etc. seriously. oh yeah and I left my debit card in our hotel room in virginia with $2500 on it that we got for the wedding that was supposed to be our honeymoon money. we had to survive on the like $600 we had in cash in florida = no disney etc. and we haven’t even consummated the dang marriage yet – its 11:30pm and he’s assed out in the bed with the kid and I’m super nauseas and emotional. moral of the story – DO NOT GET KNOCKED UP 3 WEEKS BEFORE YOUR WEDDING AND HONEYMOON. FRICKEN DUH.

  138. Cheesewhiz says:

    Aw man, WERD…that sucks…:( Hope you start feeling better and consummate that marriage soon!!!

  139. werd says:

    does the marriage not count if I don’t consummate?! hmmmm….. LOL

  140. JustPeachy says:

    #142 I feel your pain. I was 6 weeks preggo when I got married. Totally put the kibosh on going to disney land since I couldnt ride the rides and I was just starting the MS bullshit the week before. Did you guys do a formal or more casual wedding???? Either way we must see pics ๐Ÿ˜€

  141. naturalmamadot says:

    Aw #142 poor thing sry you were sick, are you better now?

  142. dixieleigh070 says:

    aww werd so sorry no fun at all.

  143. n00by says:

    I’m fairly new to DS, and these things have started happening since I joined. I only have a handful of other sites I go to, but I know all of them are clean. It’s DS that this is coming from.

  144. naturalmamadot says:

    JustPeachy Says:
    March 9, 2009 at 4:58 am

    That is some bullshit!!!!!!!”
    wow. I know she is involved with a chick on another post here but I already forget the details. if its not the same chick, shes having REALLY bad transaction luck ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  145. notyourmama says:

    and there I was, saying the buyer had a point. wtf? I take that all back. the chick’s a loon.

  146. Erin says:

    Aw, Werd. I’m sorry you were so sick! Feel better.

    Messy, no you don’t have the only almost 40# kid not trained yet! Mine’s around 37ish #’s and not really showing all that much interest(except starting to talk about it). This summer is when it’s going to happen, though, like it or not!

  147. Monkey says:

    Holy crap… these back and forth Bebewamu JAR reports are in-freaking-sane! I can’t figure out who’s got the crazy or if they both do!

  148. Mommyof4Es says:

    Just posted in the thread that the link in 58 took me to DS, but my Avast popped up with a TROJAN alert and a link to an AD on DS (
    http:// easywinscanner17. com/ maldef09_2/4 /10250\{gzip} (LINK BROKEN BY DSDM2)
    I’m off to submit a JAR.

  149. DSDM2 says:

    Monkey, they have their own thread, the store owner IMO is NOT the one with the case of CRAZY. It is the former “employee”. She came here under multiple names, claimed someone hacked her IP, yada yada yada…. actually she REALLY pissed me off.

  150. skye says:


    It is the same mama

  151. DSDM2 says:

    Yes. We are chatting about it on her thread.

  152. Just Plain Me says:

    Another good forum is ๐Ÿ™‚

  153. JustPeachy says:

    crazy shit right there Skye. I hope you get it resolved and fast.

  154. DSDM2 says:

    Peachy, and anyone else interested, someone from that *other*board sent me her name and location.

    Nikki Reed from Anchorage Alaska is the one harassing Skye.

  155. JustPeachy says:

    I know who she is. She bought from me on Spots a while back. Luckily I didn’t screw anything up because it would’ve been a battle royale for sure.

  156. Messy says:

    Where is Skye’s old thread on here about it all… I am so fuzzy on the details. I forget easily… For that reason alone, I need a written and saved do not b/s/t list!!! But want to know who this freak harassing Skye is…

  157. JustPeachy says:

    Its ds member dragonflye or something. Definitely at the top of my do not b/s/t list.

  158. InAFixx says:

    Lee is a fucking liar.

    To date, my AntiVirus software deflected 34 virus/malware downloads…..all of which just “happened” to pop in when I navigated over to Diaper Swappers.

    Also, I have an add-on for Firefox that gives me a color coded safety level for websites, based on the presence of possible bots, virus, malware, cyber hacking sleuthing software etc. I rarely ever get anything worse than a yellow, but I ALWAYS get a yellow or red warning when I go over to Diaper Swappers.

    Just because Lee doesn’t get shit doesn’t mean everyone else is nuts.
    If one person tells you that you have a purple tail, you might laugh it off. A second person tells you the same thing, you may find it odd and think about it a while. If a third person tells you that you have a purple tail, you better turn around and look. KWIM?

    He’s a dirty little profiteering weasel. The general consensus seems to be that DS was a far more enjoyable and non-socialist place to chill before he took over as Queen Bee.

    So Lee, may the sewers of Brooklyn back-up into your breakfast. ๐Ÿ™‚

  159. Messy says:

    TY DSDM2! I had found it… WOW! Crazy crazy bitch! What can we do to help Skye?

  160. not tellin says:

    I got this too. Luckily, my husband just finished dealing with it at work, and its a very well known virus by microsoft, so they have the ways to fix it. I am 100000% sure it came from DS because i visited here and there for the last like week.. and well, no viruses here, lol.

  161. skye says:

    Messy, if you want to help contact admin at Spots corner and Diaper pin to get her banned. I think the more people that request it, the faster it will happen.

    This was over $3, can you imagine what would have happened if it would have been a substantial amt of money!!

  162. DSDM2 says:

    No ads or viruses here, lol. Not unless wordpress started something new, lol.

  163. naturalmamadot says:

    Soo InaFixx I have a color that shows when I go to certain websites but Im not sure if I have taht add on because I dont get yellow or red for DS…whats the name of it so I can make sure I have it? TIA

  164. zosiasmama says:

    Holy baby jeebus…CDN has had 83 new members in the last 3 days!

  165. Mommyof4Es says:

    #95 – Oh, I HAVE been leaving comments. EVERYwhere I can. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And check this link to another one of his forums. LOL
    They’re complaining about the ads, too. HAHAHAHA

  166. theinvisible says:

    and getting banned, too. guess its not only ds wherre he’s ban happy. nak

  167. Kelolsen says:

    I’m out… .I posted a message in the Answering Machine section – I don’t even care if stuff I’ve bought doesn’t arrive at this point. I’ve sent out all my stuff. I got it twice since yesterday. I’m done w/ the DS Herp. I am just a dumb womanz… I is too stoopid to work dis here new fangled computer gizmo.

  168. Mommyof4Es says:

    I’m sure this forum’s member are all sad to see him go.

  169. Mommyof4Es says:
    Oh and he’s a copy cat. Anything to get a site up and running and making money.

  170. Mommyof4Es says:

    Thanks for registering at SprintUsers.Com!

    “It is a bad ad (not something we want here) issue….working on it. It just started and I have seen it twice now.”

  171. marilynloewen says:

    o4eduk8ed Says:
    March 8, 2009 at 5:49 am

    Lee is a cheese-eating, clog-dancing ferret.

    You are my hero for saying that! Seriously, what a condescending douchebag, he really does think we’re stupid

  172. notyourmama says:

    Skye I can’t believe this crap is happening. I don’t get it. I barely have enough time to be snarky yet adorable online (but I manage). I think her brand of psycho has to take up more time than the morning nap.

  173. notyourmama says:

    scarypsychobitch is currently reading the thread skye posted: Viewing Thread This is making me sick, would you be upset too? @ 12:04 PM

  174. werd says:

    man I was up late scoping out the drama I missed, LOL!

    Anyone who wants a link to my wedding pics, email me at and I’ll send you a link!

    We had a big formal to-do, it was fab!!

  175. not just another mama says:

    I got my first virus warning this morning. Looks like no one is safe.. I’m afraid to log back on.. ]:

  176. jenniferjunniper says:

    I had all my posts deleted that included any mention of filing a complaint against him, and that his dealings are illegal!!! He is trying to cover his tracks!!!

  177. DSDM2 says:

    werd, send me a link please!

  178. JustPeachy says:

    Seriously file with the government IC3. If enough ppl file a complaint he will have to answer to the government why he continued to let it slide.

  179. werd says:

    wow what a shifty douchenozzle!

  180. What a Wanker says:

    Gee Lee, really, you DID find something after all? Well maybe if you had listened to all the STUPID women on your site you would have found it earlier. Apparently your statement of DS being clean and virus free was a bold faced lie. Slimeball.

  181. Messy says:

    MOMOF4ES is awesome! She posted the JAR for DS! I hope a ton follow it!!!

  182. Munklettes says:

    #189 – I hope so too!

  183. Monkey says:

    #155… DSDM oops! I keep forgetting that has it’s own thread! Short term memory is shot! You make a good point!

  184. Messy says:

    OMgosh… GORGEOUS! Werd… You are so pretty!!! Beautiful wedding!!! And your man is hot ๐Ÿ˜€ Is the little girl yours? She is beautiful!!!

  185. jenniferjunniper says:

    I would love to see wedding pics Werd!! Pretty please send me a link at And Congratulations!

  186. mysterymommy says:

    OK super sleuths… Clue a mama in please

  187. mysterymommy says:

    Thanks! I thought that was it but wanted to make sure I didnt miss something.

  188. werd says:

    thanks Messy. Yep, she is allllllll mine! LOL

    screw it, I’ll just post the link but if you don’t have a snapfish acct you’ll have to create one to see them!

    I’m the sexy mofo in white, lol

  189. JustPeachy says:

    Email me the link to werd. . And if anyone laughs at my email I will hop thru the comp and bop em one ROFL.

  190. werd says:

    mmmm angel eyed temptress. hot. LOL

  191. Cheesewhiz says:

    LOL – you SEXY MOFO!!!! Love the blue on your dress…was that because it wasn’t kosher to wear *all* white? *eyebrow raise* LOL!!!!

  192. JustPeachy says:

    I know right. I’ve had it since I was 18 and Im far too lazy to change it over to something more mature lol.

  193. Cheesewhiz says:

    Apparently, Peachy is a sexy mofo as well…hehehe ๐Ÿ˜‰

  194. werd says:

    200 LMAO yep, I was too much of a dirty whore unwed mother to go all white!!

    $200 off the rack for that dress!

  195. Cheesewhiz says:

    #203 – NICE!!! I was a dirty whore as well…LOL…I wore an off-white dress, and as I didn’t have any kids yet, my GRANDMA saw fit to ask me WHY I WASN’T WEARING WHITE!!!..ROFL…um, because, I liked THIS dress…;)

  196. Cheesewhiz says:

    LOL WERD – I just saw a pic of your hubby staring at the rings on your hands like, “Oh, shit”…ROFLAO!!!!

  197. Cheesewhiz says:

    Just became a member so I can see the bad apple reports…

  198. werd says:

    LOL WICKED funny story about that. We were in the middle of the ceremony, and I’m giggling like an idiot because I do that when I am nervous. We integrated our daughter’s baptism into the ceremony and we were done and the minister says “what symbol of love and committment do you bring forth today?” and we literally sat there with deer in the headlights look and then looked at him and he says “this is where you say the rings” LOL! Everyone burst out laughing. My dad and mom stepped on my dress all the way down the aisle too. it was a train wreck… and so so appropriate for us!

  199. werd says:

    nm it posted it, LOL!

  200. Nic says:

    205 I just came to link that!

    How long until it goes poof….

  201. Cheesewhiz says:

    #208 – That is too funny!!!

    (I think you might be regionalizing yourself with the word “wicked”…hehehe) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  202. JustPeachy says:

    Hey I have two kids and I still wore white on my wedding day. I wanted to go with red but then my bridesmaids woulda had to where pink or something else.

  203. JustPeachy says:

    Apparently I am stupid I meant wear not where LOL.

  204. Megan says:

    Sorry if I’m behind on the “news,” but anybody know who the crappy WAHM is in this one? Apparently she has an HC, and I want to steer clear of it!

  205. Erin says:

    Werd, love your photos!!! I love the dress, gorgeous(and you too!). Beautiful ceremony, thanks for sharing!

  206. Megan says:

    Okay, nevermind post 215, it’s the whole Alaska shipping, blah, blah, blah thing. I got the impression the buyer had an HC. I must have been mistaken. Whoops.

  207. Messy says:

    There were 3 kids at our wedding: ours. I wore a gorgeous white bridal gown ๐Ÿ˜‰ Then didn’t get a piece of ass on my wedding night… Hmmm… Short lived karma perhaps ROFLMAO!

  208. JustPeachy says:

    There was 3 at ours including the one in utero. We actually found out on the nite of our bachelor/bachelorette parties that we were expecting. Made for a truly interesting week for sure.

  209. Booyah says:

    I wore white on my wedding day, and my son was the ringbearer. ๐Ÿ˜‰ So you do the math! I did looooooooove your dress though, Werd. I wanted something like that for my wedding but my budget was only $100 and couldn’t find anything with color on it like that for that cheap.

  210. jeruco says:

    Just a though: Lee is getting paid by hackers to allow the virus. I know it sounds very off, but I honestly would not put it past him at this point.
    I think the JAR might have tipped him off that this is being taken serioulsy by his users.

    Now, I think people should post a JAR and then happen to mention that they will now be frequenting CDN and include a link.

  211. ArmiMommi says:

    Werd, you look absolutely stunning, congratulations! It’s a shame the honeymoon was a bust though, but it happens, lol! anyhow congrats again!

  212. werd says:

    212 yep, we say wicked here in the north east, haha!!

  213. werd says:

    thanks guys! My mom HATED that dress but I loved it, it was comfortable and very wintry looking! and you can’t beat $200 – I paid more for my under garments than the dress!

    and we’ve been married for 10 days and still no booty. I assed out at 10pm last night, pregnancy hormones are killing me!

  214. jenny says:

    great pics werd!! I love that your DD had a matching dress! so cute!!

  215. Messy says:

    HUGE KUDOS TO THE MAMAS FILING JARS ON DS!!! I wish I had more info, but out of fear, when the malware popped up, I shut down without trying to get a screen shot or anything ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I can’t mess with this computer… Mine is still broke…

  216. Cheesewhiz says:

    O/T, but what is the deal with these legs?? The pic can’t be THAT misrepresentative, can it??

  217. Cheesewhiz says:

    Ok, so I’m a moron, just realized one side was ROLLED UP…but if its that hard to tell at a glance….why??

  218. naturalmamadot says:

    rolled up so you can tell how it will look if they are a little long for your kiddo…I prefer to buy long and roll up so they fit the next year (hopefully) but some longies look like crap rolled up so its good that she shows that lol

    at first though I also thought umm do you NOT see that?? then went ohhhhhhhhhhhhh okay lol

  219. naturalmamadot says:

    I think so #230 because that sounds very similar to what she told me, when I told her I bought my mutt last year she was like ohh that shows me what elastic I was using so yes Ill exchange….

  220. Messy says:

    #231 Well, then her CS is as shitty (once someone actually gets ahold of her) as her diapers seem to be these days ๐Ÿ˜ฆ That sucks. Great WAHMs with awesome dipes and they throw it all away…

  221. naturalmamadot says:

    I agree, even if Ihad to cut down to minimal instock and make them a rarity because of circumstances in my life…I still would rather do that than fuck up the entire thing

  222. Messy says:

    Yup. The business will leave a lasting legacy of shoddy work and bad customer service. Sad really. So many bite off more than they can chew and refuse to ever admit it before utter failure takes over.

  223. tongue biter says:

    f*ck it. I don’t need anymore diapers. I’m not going back to ds unless I happen to be at the library or something.

  224. just_sayin says:

    We need more drama cuz I’m bored. I’m forced to clean my house! What has this world come to?!?

  225. A Mom says:

    CDN is virus free and growing like crazy. Come chat.

    Peachy & just sayin: try us again. sometimes we get off on the wrong foot. Plus I’m sure a lot of posters you know are there too.

    We don’t bite, but we’ll spank ya if ya ask!

  226. Messy says:

    I’m a drama ho. I keep coming back to see if there is anything new… C’mon!!! LOL! I have laundry almost caught up from the lack of drama and it being too cold to go outside and too many sick here to do anything… I needz more dramaz!!! Where is Loony? Doesn’t Nikki’s awesomely wonderful :::coughgagcough::: hubby wanna come back and stir shit??? Even I’m not hard up enough to want Cristina back, sorry chicky.

  227. Mommyof4Es says:

    I wonder if Lee would be my friend on Facebook… ROFL

  228. Messy says:

    Ok, who is this WAHM and WTF? It gets worse as it goes!!!

  229. just_sayin says:

    I don’t know who the WAHM is, but “it’s a snap” annoys me. She went crazy on Jango diapers a year or so back and started stalking her. Some of her posts on the HC news forum were really over the top, too.

    That’s not to say that she is in the wrong on her T&F post, in fact it sounds like she was screwed. That’s the problem with HC and the HC forums. It’s an odd little WAHM club. They “rave” for each other, offer special customs for raves, spam their friends, and bump their favorites to the top of their customs lists while screwing everyone else over. And more often than not they give bad CS to their fellow WAHM’s because they know that they will not out them for fear of losing their privileges in the club.

  230. Messy says:

    Well that sucks! Think some digging would tell us who she ordered from this time? So, they won’t tell on each other, but bitch about it without recourse? Then why ask for input? Who is going to tell her, “yeah, you got fuckered but don’t tell anyone who forgot to use lube!”

  231. ~JC~ says:

    Won’t the fact that she’s posting in that forum tick off the other mama’s then? I am often curious about issues that are posted there because if you really didn’t want anyone to know – why are you posting it?

  232. JustPeachy says:

    Hmmmmmmm thats odd because I never noticed that on the HC forums. In fact I love the HC forums simply because everyone is alot nicer on DS.
    But I hate to say it buts karma for her. I bought a diaper off her super cheap back in october. I was hard up for dipes that fit plus it was mass produced so I figured 8 bucks was about the going rate. It arrived with tons of holes and shot elastic and was a second on top of that even tho I specifically stated I wanted first quality only.

  233. JustPeachy says:

    WTF where did my post go?

  234. JustPeachy says:


  235. JustPeachy says:

    Never mind! Apparently my posts werent showing up immediately after hitting submit for some reason.

  236. me me me says:

    #85 said ” Lee is a cheese-eating, clog-dancing ferret”

    You just made me inhail a peice of apple.

  237. just_sayin says:

    Just Peachy, there is a WAHM forum on HC that you can only post on if you are approved. That’s where I saw a lot of the WAHM’s kissing each other’s ass for raves and feedback. Maybe things have changed in the 2 years since I had a HC, but I doubt it. I used to really like the HC forums because you could buy expensive stuff and you didn’t have all the cheap-ass people posting on there about how dumb you are. But I got really tired of all of the jealousy and bitching about WAHM etiquette.

  238. Booyah says:

    Wow, I guess the drama slows down when no one can go on DS without getting cyber-herpes, eh???

    I am just tickled to see CDN take off like a shot. Lee really shot himself in the foot with this whole virus craziness. I’m loving all the JARs too!

  239. Messy says:

    Whoa… It’s A Snap is now saying she left feedback for the WAHM! I wonder if she only did it on DS? Or if she did on HC too?

  240. Messy says:

    Peach, I hate people that pull that shit. Seriously, WTF are they thinking? I have diapers with holes in the edges and flimsy elastic and there is no way I am even FFS them! Who wants used fluff that can double as a dishrag??? Some people are just out to get what they can and screw everyone else. She did it to at least one other mama because that mama left her negative feedback for it!

  241. JustPeachy says:

    Exactly Messy. And I normally get pissed very easily so I just say nothing instead of flipping out over it. This dipe was in FFS condition at best and I was livid over it.

  242. JustPeachy says:

    And Messy its Bonnie at Holdens Landing apparently. Just saw the FB for it on the HC forums.

  243. Munklettes says:

    Can someone link the HC feedback for those who can’t find it?

  244. siriusmama says:

    I had actually thought to myself “oh she can NOT be talking about Holden’s Landing” when I was trying to figure it out and immediately dismissed the idea. I just read the feedback and Bonnie’s response and have to say that I side completely with Bonnie after reading both sides of the story.

  245. Munklettes says:

    Thank you, Peachy!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  246. Messy says:

    OMgosh! Her crazy azz drama aside, I WANT A SET OF THOSE SHEETS! I NEED THEM! California king waterbed… I NEED THOSE!!! Dh would love me โค

  247. werd says:

    LOL Messy me too! ugh that would be orgasmic!

  248. j_bean says:

    #257 I agree. I think “It’s a Snap” sounds ridiculous.

  249. Messy says:

    #260 Werd, it would be the first *orgasmic action this bed has seen in a while :::tapping my foot::: The most action it usually sees is when the chihuahua gets frisky with a pillow -or sock- in his sleep ROFL!

  250. Messy says:

    #261 It is even funnier nw ๐Ÿ˜‰

  251. Thud says:

    Wait, so the item in question is the sheets that Snap is raving about here:

    And for just_sayin’ if you haven’t seent he supposed ass kissing in two years you know a lot can change, right? Never seen what you speak of, but good for you for ‘outing’ it based on two years ago ๐Ÿ˜‰

  252. naturalmamadot says:

    Well it sounds by that thread that she was elsewhere and saw the DC# said they were delivered

  253. Aj says:

    Looks like crazy KHW lady is back selling nasty dirty crap…

  254. naturalmamadot says:

    wow. I mean if my water was that hard, Id either be getting that fixed or the kid would be naked 99% of the time lmao the funny thing is nothing of mine has ever been that dirty, I am totally not a “omg mud dont touch it!” parent but if DS wants to get dirty he also gets nakie and a cheap prefold on

  255. just_sayin says:

    Thud, I seriously doubt the ass kissing and spamming is different now. I have still seen evidence of it on the HC forums whenever I decide to look. Just check out the Crafters Showcase. Very few of those custom slots were ever listed on HC. And there’s an obvious pattern of raves, too.

    Here’s the feedback that its a snap left for Jango. I was in this co op with her, so I remember the whole thing. There was a slight shipping delay, but it wasn’t a big deal.
    After seeing her posts on the current events forum on HC, I can believe that she acted that way.

    I wonder if this fiasco was why Bonnie took down the listing for the sheets. I was going to buy some, and once I had my pennies saved for it and I went to purchase them, the listing was gone.

  256. Molly says:

    Messy, that is awesome! Maybe Norton will retest the site and change its rating if there are enough negative reviews.

  257. Thud says:

    just_sayin’ I think that many custom slots are filled by people sending a note and asking, kwim? It isn’t a great nepotism conspiracy. Honestly, many of the WAHMs are also shoppers and those who are active on the forums become known and shopped by forum folks~ not out of some secret club manifesto but because that is the way the community goes.

    there is no secret handshake, mostly just hardworking WAHMs who have taken the time to build a following in the small world of the forum.

  258. Erin says:

    #256- Jeez, they arrived ONE friggin day late and she’s all pissed. What a douche!

  259. Thud says:

    heehee pissed but still can’t keep her trap shut and has to rave about getting them, how screwed up is that?!

  260. Megan says:

    Finally got a screen shot of the pop-up telling me my comp was being attacked by a worm while on DS. I sent it to Lee, and posted it in the newest thread on “Ask the Pro’s”. Now just waiting to see if I’m banned or just ignored.

  261. Megan says:

    Odd thing I just realized, or perhaps not so odd, and may have already been mentioned, but Lee is never actually ON. I checked his profile for recent activity. I checked last week as well, and although he wasn’t “online,” he was responding to posts in the thread. Can one completely hide his/her status, right down to the little green/blue button on the posts? My thought is that he is somehow operating remotely (quite possible for a computer geek, I am sure), afraid of his own eSTDs. Maybe if he actually came on the site and got plagued by his own crap he’d realize what was going on and be able to actually do something.

  262. GirlsplayWoW2 says:

    276: I believe you can choose to be “invisible” and appear to be offline when you are online. It’s in the user settings for many forums using the same format as DS.

    The feature would be in your user settings page.

  263. 2dogs says:

    #268 – what is ‘KHW’?

  264. 2dogs says:

    Oh – and (with the sheets nonsense) how is everyone seeing the FB and WAHM response? All I see is ‘this is awaiting validation’. Hmm.

  265. JustPeachy says:

    KHW=Kindhearted Women.
    And I dont know why it says awaiting validation now. It was up yesterday along with Bonnie’s response.

  266. 2dogs says:

    Ah, OK thanks. I thought maybe I needed to know the secret handshake first. LOL

  267. itsraininghere says:

    i wonder if it would be hard to move on obv sheets if you wear fleece jammies. LOL

  268. siriusmama says:

    282. If I had OBV sheets it wouldn’t even be an issue because I would be going nakey every night lol. Mmmmmm, OBV sheets *drool*

  269. Munklettes says:

    #282 Fo real! Like sleeping on rose petals *sigh*

  270. Munklettes says:

    ooops! #283, not 282!

  271. Rika says:

    This isn’t related to the DS ad problems, but figured y’all might enjoy it…maybe.

    I went to sign up on the GM forums and the phrase I retyped had me raising an eyebrow. I’ve erased my info and cropped it.

  272. Messy says:

    #286 ROFL!!!

  273. naturalmamadot says:

    lmfao #268

  274. Erin says:

    LMAO, that’s good.

  275. pippen says:

    #286 omg, so funny…& what is up with those babylegs? were they butt wipes in a previous life? That’s a little more than “hard water.”

    I just joined CDN and it’s so nice being virus free. See ya later DS; mmmmm, nevermind….I won’t.

  276. Taterbug says:

    #290 I agree. I have really disgusting well water, and my kid’s babylegs don’t look like that. We’ve been using some of them for 2 years.

  277. cdc3030 says:

    Ok, so if there is no conspiracy for raves… come some people get so many? Comeon. It is marketing. I need some friends to post “oooooh, look at this, it is TDF! If only I had a girl!!!” threads too.


    (off to go make friends)

  278. cdc3030 says:

    Ps, hate my monster. Looks like puke with eyes and legs.

  279. naturalmamadot says:

    lmao yes it does #293

  280. insomiac says:

    first post ever here so if i screw something up sorry!

    -agreeing DS is DEFINATELY wormy and virus ridden. My computer was so jacked up and I do not even post there regularly. I clicked over one day on a link someone sent me to read something and my virus blocker popped up, my computer started making crazy sounds and lagging. I immediately clicked out but it took my dh many hours of messing with cleaning it up for it to run right again. I was thrilled to see those JAR reports, long overdue! I just registered at CDN after reading this thread. yay!

    -its a snap is a loon. to rave about the sheets in one hc thread, but leave negative feedback at hc and then go completely rant about the whole thing at ds, ummm WTF??? I would not have sent her damn sheets out without full payment either! and had the PO not misrouted the stupid package it would have made in plenty of time. I was I could say I was shocked but it is not like this is the first craziness she has caused. She used to be granny’s woolies and got in a huge fight with a diaper making mama for some weird circumstances too.

    -lastly, I can’t speak for other wahms at hc but I post a lot in crafters that was never listed in my shop because I take most orders via emails from anyone who asks(not just friends I mean). I get a few raves here and there too but I like to think they are hard earned as I never ask anyone to do it nor do I ever ask for feedback. I like to think most wahms are the same way. I really do not buy into the big conspiracy theory although I am sure there are the few here and there.
    Oh and #292, I also post a lot of “oh my god look at this” type posts. Half the time I do not even personally know who it is I am linking to, sometimes I had never heard of them before stumbling across something that was so pretty I thought it deserved a nod. If I see something pretty I post about it to give props to the person who worked hard to make it. I did not realize there was anything wrong with that?!

  281. ~JC~ says:

    Who are they talking about? I can’t figure it out!

    “…. in the WAHM world is imitation flattery or just wrong? i was looking on HC and i see alot of ideas that were once a signature of a specific wahm that seem to have “copy cats” now… i just wonder if it hurts the original wahms biz to have the copy cats feeding off thier customer base? WAHMs put so much into thier creative ideas, its thier livelyhoods.. do you feel about WAHM knockoffs?”

  282. 2dogs says:

    I thought she was referring to the BSRB and the recent dead look alike knock off.

    Oh wait – there’re two snaps on the soaker. Nevermind, that’s *totally different enough to call your own product. *insert eye roll*

  283. Trinity says:

    Does anyone know who Nissi is talking about here?

    That is just wrong!

  284. ~JC~ says:

    #297 That’s who I thought.

    Did she open up a HC?

  285. ~JC~ says:

    Wanted to add – I thought of it after I posted LOL. I tried to find her thread but can’t remember her UN for the life of me


  286. 2dogs says:

    Cuddle Buns? Chunki Bunz? I remember the logo, just not the name. I’ll go find it, brb……

  287. 2dogs says:

    #299 so are these:

    But IMO there’s nothing unique enough about those to really be considered copying – that style has been around a while and isn’t really anyone’s trademark (other than maybe Hanna Anderson). Just my 0.02.

  288. kimbella says:

    Is the Cushy Tushy thread gone? I can’t see it.

  289. Messy says:

    #304 I made those onsie dresses 20 years ago for my own dd! She pt’ed young and was so tiny and the onsies were no longer useful. I doubt any of them stole my idea ROFL! But I have also seen them in craft fairs and festivals around here too…

  290. 2dogs says:

    #305 that thread is in the WAHM chat forum. I know not everyone has access to it, but it’s the only other post I could remember about this particular incident (that revealed the WAHM’s name). I don’t think any of the WAHM-copying-WAHM threads in the general forums ever named names.

    #306 you obviously have psychic dressmaker abilities and must have STOLT that pattern from me, as I assure you I planned on making it sometime within the next year or two. Honest. ๐Ÿ˜› And as a side note – you’re not who I thought you were if you have a 20+ yo DD. ๐Ÿ™‚

  291. Messy says:

    #307 ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL! Those are super easy… If I had a serger back then, her whole wardrobe would have been altered stuff ROFL!

  292. saslewis11 says:

    It’s not the dress itself that is unique, you guys…It’s the embroidery that makes it so.

  293. saslewis11 says:

    And of course, I’m sure that someone can dig up a similar dress done sometime somewhere, but come on, really…

  294. ~JC~ says:

    Thanks for the link 2dogs! I knew that thread was somewhere

  295. JustPeachy says:

    Wow she finally learned how to sew a straight line?????? Color me shocked ROFL.

  296. JustPeachy says:

    Oh and as far as the copying thing they could be talking about pretty much anyone. There was alot of talk yesterday in the wool thread about copycatting. One member was apparently accused of copying the way she does her icords from a HC mama or something and there was a bit of drama about the colorway with trim that the Dwell wool mama made popular.

  297. 2dogs says:

    Yeah, I assumed they were talking about BSRB, but I could totally be wrong.

    Oh, and re: Cushy Tushy, I remembered there was another copycat post on her before in the general (non-private) forums.

  298. Jenifer says:

    yeah i posted it about VT. connorsmama did a shameful knock off imo, and maybe its my monitor, but peach her lines are far from straight… and her gathering, horrid.

  299. mmspirit7 says:

    i have seen those dresses for free patterns on line. oh and the one about rumba skirts…um she better talk to walmart or kmart because my aunt just sent me some that she had for her dd.

  300. 2dogs says:

    Well now I feel a little silly for ASSuming it was Cushy Tushy. My bad.

    And #316 – I don’t think Nissi was saying there was never another layered skirt (although hers is wool, which I’m pretty sure ain’t at Walmart). More that it is one of her signature WAHM items and now there was somone else on HC selling the same thing AND calling it a rhumba skirtie. The name is really what’s crossing the line – there is no such pattern called a ‘rhumba skirt’ (like an a-line skirt, or a trumpet skirt), she NAMED it that. Then someone else is using the same name.

  301. Booga says:

    A rumba skirt IS a type of skirt… usually used in rumba dancing, that has lots of layers. Not agreeing or disagreeing that there is any copying going on. BUT it is a name for a type of skirt, not just unique to this WAHM.

  302. 2dogs says:

    Well, oops. Then scratch most of #317 and I’ll kep my mouth shut. ๐Ÿ™‚

  303. mmspirit7 says:

    317…thanks i didn’t know it was wool…I am not a wooly mama.

    I just have to say man my monster looks how I feel LOL

  304. mmspirit7 says:

    320….LOL i saw that too and thought the same. LOL can you see the market now.

  305. naturalmamadot says:

    #320 ROFTLMAO

    she DEFINITELY should submit it for the gm pic contest

  306. JustPeachy says:

    Too funny!

  307. me me me says:

    Can I change my SC to “Thread Killer” seems once I post, the threads die. lol Or…are they already dead and I am just severly out of the loop and late. hahahaha

    Anywho, I’m ok with talking to myself.

    I think 320 has the right idea. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  308. dmeg says:

    I have to kind of laugh at ANYONE who gets pissed about the dresses being copied (see links in 299). I’m 25 and I had a closet full of them that my mom made, and she also made them to sell at craft fairs. Even adding embellishments and embroidery doesn’t make it unique unless there is a specific design that is copyrighted to one of the WAHMs. Using copyrighted material with our permission is always wrong, but short of that, no one has a right to be pissed about the dresses. The thread on DS was pretty entertaining, I have to say. Its like some people never once considered its possible for two (or 3 or 4) people to have the same idea for a product. Using another project as a template to rip a WAHM off is wrong, but having a similar product come out at a similar time doesn’t really mean anything in and of itself other than that two people think a lot a like.

    I think a dog’s ass is the perfect thing to go in a GM though LOL!!! Perfect use of those dipes IMHO ๐Ÿ˜‰

  309. naturalmamadot says:


  310. Thud says:

    why did the copying thread close?

  311. just_sayin says:


    My favorite part is where she says “Hugs are appreciated.” LMAO.

    So, who is going to be the first to tell her that she’s wrong, and stealing photos and listings word for word is not OK?

  312. mmspirit7 says:

    330 i was just coming to share that.

  313. didisignupforthis (also me me me) says:

    It all made sence when I saw her location.

  314. jeruco says:

    about the OBV sheets: the sheets are made with the same yardage that everyone gets. That being the case there is no way the sheets dont have seams on them. Its impossible otherwise.
    Holdens landing said that she uses the same yardage as everyone else and pieces them together to create the sheets. She says you dont sleep on seams, but how else do you piece together panels of fabric? Sure you can “hide” the seams, but its still pieced together.

    I would never pay that much to sleep on pieced together OBV.
    You can get some amazing all organic sheets for that much and they are not pieced together.

  315. JustPeachy says:

    Which thread Thud (trying saying that 10 x fast LOL)?

  316. siriusmama says:

    #333 I don’t actually know but I would assume that the seams are right along the edge of the bed? I think that OBV is 65 inches wide so I think that should fit across the top of even a king (we have a queen so I really don’t know how wide they are)?
    Man we need a new bed lol.

  317. Thud says:

    334 the one about ‘flattery’ and copying ~ about the onesie dresses etc/

  318. .bin. says:

    thud: I was trying to figure that out too I missed the end of it going out for dinner.

  319. just_sayin says:

    #333, there are seams along the top around the sides. I was going to buy a set of the sheets, but there were too few pictures for that kind of money, and the satin trim is not very sophisticated (and would drive me nuts). I just about bought them anyway, and if she relists them I might give them a try anyway because I’m a sucker.

  320. diudiaole says:

    So calling out an OP on DS for some bs is considered “going postal”. LMFAO

  321. Messy says:

    Well, I think the postal picture chick’s thread was pulled… Also, #333, I am getting ready to make sheets for my bed. Yeah, jealousy got the best of me! But sheets for a Cal King waterbed run super expensive and I can spend less and sew my own. The seams will run along the sides. Not seaming them in the middle LOL! Although, the set on my bed right now have a repair from a dryer rip and it goes across the middle of the bed and isn’t bad at all. With freeflow water beds, the creases are probably not as noticeable? I dunno.

  322. jeruco says:

    338 & 340

    I should have clarified my post and said there would be seams on the sheets due to the piecing together, that are not on normal sheets. Not that you sleep on the seams. sorry about that.
    Anyhow, I just wouldnt pay that much for seams being there.
    They sound wonderful though.

  323. JustPeachy says:

    Well considering you can’t just go to the store and buy obv sheets the price isnt that bad. Its about 70-90 bucks for full sized egyptian cotton 300 thread count sheets at bed bath and beyond and you are supporting a mama who is trying to stay home with her children.

  324. 2dogs says:

    #339 – what happened? I read it initially and LMAO at the stoopidness of the OP, then went to bed. Why did they pull it – DS not up for a good laugh at the crazies anymore?

  325. 2dogs says:

    Oh, and king size mattresses are 72″ wide. I’ve ordered OBV and the widest it’s ever come was 64″. No way to make them without a seam on the top.

  326. turkey lurkey says:

    Well since DS has probably installed some sort of tracking software on my computer (a la Google Analytics) they can just watch me navgate over to CDN.

  327. diudiaole says:

    ooh turkey, your monster is so cool.

  328. JustPeachy says:

    A little birdie told me the copycat of the rhumba skirty is Kestlyn Collection.

  329. me says:

    Does anyone else think its funny that she sells “not your granny’s panties” but she is a granny? ๐Ÿ˜†

    and WALMART has 80 some dollar cotton sheets now!

  330. jeruco says:

    I am all for supporting the WAHM sheets, but I was just mentioning that its a lot to pay for sheets that have seams like that. I was pretty sure the size of a king bed is a tad larger than the width of the yardage. So, that means a seams is on top at some point.
    Again, I do support her selling them. I just wish the seams wouldnt be present.

  331. jeruco says:

    How old is she?

  332. naturalmamadot says:

    lol random..but I hate those panties I cant stand anything thats not a thong in the first place..but those like arent even bikini they look like normal panties to me….I mean Im young so theres no huge huge granny panties but the ones she sells is like the biggest avail. I could just never wear them lol..

    back to the main event..or one of them the sheets sound soft but If I could afford sheets for that much…I probably wouldnt want obv and #347 hahaha yea I wonder if they will put up a new rule soon saying “no DS haters lying about virus shit”

  333. me says:

    351- early 40s I think. Her oldest is 20 or 22, I don’t remember right now. The name and that together just struck me as funny.

    And I think they dont look all that remarkable in shaping for not being granny panties, so maybe for fabric comfort?

    But that has nothing to do with anything at all being discussed here lol

  334. Thud says:

    Of course she tried to call the panties ‘dunderwear’ and claimed she had no knowledge of ‘dundies’ LOL

  335. me me me says:

    Remember though, OBV stretches a lot. So the seams would totally end up on the edge and not on the top once the steet is pulled over the matress. I’ve never even seen the OBV sheet listing nor a pic, but that’s what I’d expect to happen when I creat an OBV sheet in my head.

    Damn, I have a roll of OBV sitting in the corner, untouched. Now I totally have to make some OBV sheets with it. lol

  336. diudiaole says:

    me me me — you taking customs on those sheets? How much for full size? โค

  337. JustPeachy says:

    Thats funny Thud because I know for a fact she did have knowledge of them. There was a thread posted on HC when Davina sold off the dundies portion of her store and Theresa participated.

  338. JustPeachy says:

    I just want some freaking obv pants that aren’t gonna break the bank lol.

  339. me me me says:

    358-OBV pants shouldn’t be anymore expensive than reg velour pants. I mean WAHMS have no excuse for charging more for OBV fabrics than othrrs as you can easily get OBV domestically now for less than $8 per yard. That’s coop pricing or direct from the mill, but any WAHM that’s not living under a rock knows how to get afordable OBV these days.

    I’m totally making myself some OBV lounge panst too. lol

  340. diudiaole says:

    hmmm OBV pants… maybe as a reward to myself when I lose all this weight I gained while on bedrest… I wouldn’t want to see this ass in OBV right now as is ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  341. me me me says:

    356-ROFL, since I have never made a sheet before better not. Who knows what kinda monstrocity my 1st attempt will be. lol

  342. just another lurker says:

    Check out kwootten2’s avi. How long until she is banned? lol

  343. me me me says:

    I really shouldn’t eat and type here at the same time. Toooooo many dumb typos. lol

  344. JustPeachy says:

    I know #359. Its like 50 bucks for a pair of obv pants just dyed. I havent seen many that aren’t dyed so no clue if there is a big enough price difference to even matter.

  345. me says:

    Yeah they really shouldnt be *that* much, I agree! Ive been thinking the same thing. If the wahm is good with working with knits, or velour in general there isnt a reason for them to cost so much!

  346. me says:

    Man, my monster is freaking WEIRD! LOL

  347. naturalmamadot says:

    lmao #362

  348. me says:

    362 I missed that, but omg!

  349. Messy says:

    O/T THe latest JAR! FWIW, I think all this chick’s stuff is sewn wonky and uneven. Look at the legs on this:
    She needs to ask Sooz for a job… She would fit right in the “sewing circle”~

    Name of business:Connorsmama Creations

    Name of business owner/buyer/trader(first and last): Korin (bourdo?) Paypal is in Josh bourdo

    E-mail address:

    eBay user ID:n/a

    Date ordered:Feb 18th 2009

    Products/services purchased: 18-24 month Spoiled Best friend Dress *FINAL REDUCTION*

    Price paid: $22 PPD

    Estimated turn around time:n/a

    Actual turn around time:n/a

    Was product as expected? No

    If not why? Product came with uneven collar. Some spots are 1/4″ where others are upwards from 1″ wide. Just about every single gather on the hem of the dress was not caught in the serging, the sleeves are even lengths but all uneven widths all the way down the sleeve. It is essentially falling apart. So instead of getting a dress I got a bunch of fabric scraps that were halfway sewn together.

    Did you contact the person about the problem(s)? Yes

    If so, how did they attempt to resolve? I asked for a partial refund to cover the fact that I got small amounts of fabric instead of a usable dress or to return the new, unused dress for a full refund and she decided to act as if I didn’t email because no response was attempted to be made.

    Would you do business with again? Absolutely not
    Today’s date: 3/13/2009

  350. Messy says:

    O/T THe latest JAR! FWIW, I think all this chickโ€™s stuff is sewn wonky and uneven. Look at the legs on this:
    She needs to ask Sooz for a jobโ€ฆ She would fit right in the โ€œsewing circleโ€~

    Name of business:Connorsmama Creations

    Name of business owner/buyer/trader(first and last): Korin (bourdo?) Paypal is in Josh bourdo

    E-mail address:

    eBay user ID:n/a

    Date ordered:Feb 18th 2009

    Products/services purchased: 18-24 month Spoiled Best friend Dress *FINAL REDUCTION*

    Price paid: $22 PPD

    Estimated turn around time:n/a

    Actual turn around time:n/a

    Was product as expected? No

    If not why? Product came with uneven collar. Some spots are 1/4โ€ณ where others are upwards from 1โ€ณ wide. Just about every single gather on the hem of the dress was not caught in the serging, the sleeves are even lengths but all uneven widths all the way down the sleeve. It is essentially falling apart. So instead of getting a dress I got a bunch of fabric scraps that were halfway sewn together.

    Did you contact the person about the problem(s)? Yes

    If so, how did they attempt to resolve? I asked for a partial refund to cover the fact that I got small amounts of fabric instead of a usable dress or to return the new, unused dress for a full refund and she decided to act as if I didnโ€™t email because no response was attempted to be made.

    Would you do business with again? Absolutely not
    Todayโ€™s date: 3/13/2009

  351. me me me says:

    362-What was the avi. Missed it.

  352. Messy says:

    kwooten is now banned… What was her avi? Why was she banned?

  353. nini02 says:

    372 – If I’m thinking of the right person, her avi was a computer being eaten by little green germs, and on the screen it said “Lee is my computer guru” or something like that. lol.

  354. Messy says:

    That computer screen was in her siggy on the board… But the avi was commented on too, but I don’t know what it was. The post with the computer screen is still on ๐Ÿ˜›

  355. me says:

    Her avatar was the same as whats in the post about Lee. LOL

  356. nini02 says:

    The post I saw by her, the avi was the same as that picture.

  357. theinvisible says:

    373: That is her avi on CDN so yeah, probably. Excellent….creative banning.

  358. JustPeachy says:

    I like her. Thats the squishylicious mama right?

  359. Messy says:

    It says she requested the ban after bashing ds @@ Riiight… Next thing ya know, we will be requesting viruses and Lee to talk to us like we are toddlers poking the microwave buttons!

  360. me says:

    You can see where someone comes to your site from a link, right?
    I’m sure Lee loves this place!

    It wasnt normally that bad over there until a little before Jodi sold it.. and definitely not crazy virus junk!

  361. cdmd1023 says:

    messy- did you post the JAR? if so, I just pmed you on DS.

  362. Messy says:

    Nope, not my JAR. She posted an update a few minutes ago that she got a full refund. I just like being the first one with news since I am always behind ๐Ÿ˜› ROFL!!!

  363. cdmd1023 says:

    im always behind to, lol.

  364. Kris says:

    Funny, I don’t *remember* requesting a banning… ROFL

  365. Messy says:

    Kris, surely you are not insinuating that the great Lee would lie? We all know you begged him to ban you… He was against it… You insisted! He forgave you for bashing DS but you still insisted on it! You wanted punished for being a bad bad wittle girl! Then you demanded to be sent to the corner and spanked while handcuffed to a bedpost while wearing a feather boa and singing “Oops I did it again”! ๐Ÿ˜€

  366. Kris says:

    I actually found out about it from here! LOL

    But in all seriousness, I only wish I’d seen the wisdom and light of The Leeder sooner. I confess my past transgressions and acknowledge that I should have taken my Kool-Aid like a good little girl as directed (probably with a shot of cyber antibiotics as a chaser) and bowed before the awe-inspiring might of Lee’s superior computer smartiness. @@

    And how did you know about the boa????? ROFL

  367. Messy says:

    Kris Says:
    And how did you know about the boa????? ROFL

    I saw Lee spitting feathers ๐Ÿ˜›

  368. Messy says:

    Kris Says:
    And how did you know about the boa????? ROFL

    I saw Lee spitting hot pink feathers ๐Ÿ˜›

  369. me me me says:

    Anyone got the link to the offending avi. rofl

  370. Kris says:

    Messy, you must have me confused with someone else being flogged- I don’t do pink… ROFL

  371. mmspirit7 says:

    LMAO…Kris that is great!

  372. diudiaole says:

    LOL that is a great avi… would love to have seen the look on his face when he first saw it

  373. diudiaole says:

    O/T: can anyone recommend some good skinny xxs dipes for a 5.5lb 20″ newborn? All my nb stuff is freaking huge on him so we’ve been using sposies.

  374. me says:

    Is there a reason I have gotten like 10 reply emails but I dont see any replies?

  375. JustPeachy says:

    How do they know it wasn’t another lee? Its not like it says Lee dodd in it. Pretentious asshole!
    Kris you are the squishylicious mama right??? Love your stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰
    And diu have you thought about prefolds? I know most mamas dont wanna mess around with them but it may get you thru at least until he is big enough to fit into the nb stuff in a week or two.

  376. me me me says:

    390-that av is too perfect. lol

    394-I 2nd the prefold sugestion. He’ll be in the Nb dipes in no time. I’d get a few doz preemie prefolds and just trifold in a cover. At least they make great doublers, and toddler washies later on so not a bad investment.

  377. jeruco says:

    Peach or whomever,
    so is it possible that its a snap copied dundies at all?
    Why would she claim to have no knoweldge of dundies unless there is something to hide?
    I wouldnt even suggest a possible copy until you mentioned her claim to have no knoweldge of dundies. Thats too fishy.

    Granted her panties look nothing like dundies. So, I am not really implying a copy so much as I am asking if she got her idea from them.

  378. jeruco says:

    by the way what happened to the its a snap transaction thread?

  379. me says:

    Jeruco- Do you mean on DS?
    If yes, Iif its gone, it is because she “outed” by leaving feedback on HC.

  380. jeruco says:

    yeah, I meant on DS.
    I guess that is an easy way to find out who the WAHM is.

    Its a snap lady is just a tad on the whack job side.

  381. me says:

    diudiaols- Nana’s Bottoms are great, maybe try there?

  382. jeruco says:

    okay, these are granny’s panties
    look at the action shots.

    I compared the rise of dundies to the rise of granny’s panties and that would lead me to believe she definately didnt attempt to duplicate dundies at all. ROTF
    here is dundies size chart
    and here is the listing for IAS granny’s panties

    With that rise I must take the stance that those are granny’s panties

  383. Kris says:

    396- Yup, that’s me- thank you! ๐Ÿ˜€

  384. JustPeachy says:

    #398 it is quite possible that she did copy. Dundies are pretty popular among the HC forum ladies and itsasnap was on often enough to know about them. She started making her panties right around the time plain baby jane started offering mama panties so I see it as her trying to get in on the “craze”.

  385. just_sayin says:

    Oh, she’s in on the “craze” all right. Well, I guess it’s more like the craze-y.

    Diu… Try Blueberry fitteds maybe? They were my favorite at first. Patooshie Pants makes a really small preemie fitted, too, but her shipping times can be slow, but if you beg her, she may send thm faster. My first baby was as small as yours. We didn’t use cloth because we couldn’t afford it. Everything we had for the baby was gifted, so we used gifted disposable diapers. Even the preemies were so big they went up to her armpits!

  386. cdmd1023 says:

    the NB swaddlebees would be good!

  387. cdmd1023 says:

    this is a long shot-but anyone know of any alternative way to get in touch with Stiny Cotoure? She said she would donate to a fundraiser I am having but has dissapeared, I only have 1 email addy and I have emailed her 4 times now, but nothing.

  388. i promise I am not kim says:

    How can these be listed as BRAND NEW?

    and then after posting action shots she says they have never been washed?!

  389. JustPeachy says:

    I would just forget about her. I realize her diapers will bring in $$$ but given the drama surrounding her is it really worth it?

  390. cdmd1023 says:

    Peach- I know, thats what everyone said. I guess she wasnt really interested anyway.

  391. JustPeachy says:

    Heaven forbid she actually do something out of the goodness of her heart. Her little facade like she actually gives a rats ass about something other than money has just fallen apart.

  392. cdmd1023 says:

    well, she isnt the only one to do this. There were 3, and overall maybe 15 people who never bothered to respond.

  393. lysol says:

    my roommate just farted for like, 2 minutes straight.


  394. lysol says:

    oh good, i still have the same monster!

  395. AshleyB says:

    #409, that is gross. I hope they were washed and she is lying!

  396. Aj says:

    409 & 416, what am I missing? That link takes me to a photo of a baby in a Mutt.

  397. Booga says:

    #417 – she tried it on her baby – which means her baby bits were on it and is selling it without washing it.

  398. jeruco says:

    if she just tried it on and it was not pee’d in then that would be why she didnt wash it I guess.

    But seriously, dont post action shots only of the diaper. That just leads the buyer to believe it was used. lol

  399. jeruco says:

    Not that I condone not washing it, but just a thought: baby bits that were washed during the last diaper change would be just as clean, if not cleaner, than the child’s hands.
    Or legs, or feet.
    So, should a person who tries on a shirt/longies on their LO, wash it afterwards. Those hands touched the shirt and hands tend to be very dirty and full of germs.

  400. messy says:

    Testing to see if my monster is the same with a different computer! My puter is FIXED! WOOFREAKINHOOHOO!!!

  401. Messy says:


  402. messy says:

    I can see my posts over here… Firefox isn’t showing anything! Grrr… I got to keep my cow! Woohoo! Gooo OctoCow! ROFL!

  403. JustPeachy says:

    I don’t know about ya’ll but I wash everything before it gets put on my baby’s bum anyways so it really wouldnt bother me. She should post just plain diaper pics tho.

  404. pony says:

    Thanks DS….really, my DH did not have anything better to do today that pull his hair out trying to make my laptop all better.
    really, THANKS.

    So, where do all the DS deserters go to B/S/T diaper related stuff? DD is not in dipes any more and I keep finding diaper related stuff that I need to get rid of.
    Is Spot’s my only option?

  405. Thud says:

    its a snap has a new product every week, she is always starting something new.

  406. Kris says:

    425- Come over to – there’s a great FSOT board and lots of great people from DS and other places! ๐Ÿ™‚

  407. not just another mama says:

    What is up with this.. No new drama? Is that possible?

  408. pippen says:

    I know. I’m craving some juicy drama. They make for great naptime reading.

  409. pippen says:

    Although I feel bad for those involved with the crazy loons.

  410. NewfieMomma says:

    Long time lurker, first time poster, LOL. Anyone see this? Lee saying the problem IS with DS ads!

    Re: Anyone else getting viruses while on this site?
    This issue seemed to die down almost to a screeching halt when we made our last changes with the banning of a crummy ad that was displaying on DS. But now we have new complaints rolling in. I want you to know the following:

    1. I am sorry. I know this affects users, it is frustrating, and it makes DS looks bad. We are in talks now about how to handle certain ad networks going forward. We know we need to find a “once and for all solution” and it is something we had thought we found a few times but apparently not.

    2. The comment I made in the prior flare up of complaints was never meant to demean any mama / member of DS. It is a shame that to some it came off that way. I was simply relating to many of the mamas that I communicate with when they have questions / issues as I know their frustration with PC’s at times. Even the best PC user has periods of frustration with the lovely technology.

    3. I am 100% committed to fix this issue once and for all.

    Thanks for reading and please continue posting up screenshots of anything related to virus / malware issues that will help us in this endeavor.
    Lee is offline

  411. NewfieMomma says:

    I have a happy monster! ๐Ÿ™‚ lol

  412. pony says:

    #427 Thanks!
    OK, so I just joined Diaper Nation but I cannot post anything. What gives? I was just going to post an intro and start looking around, but lots of stuff I don’t have access to.

  413. diudiaole says:

    She might have used a liner inside so the baby’s butt never actually touched the dipe.

    Thanks for the tips on nb diapering… thing is, his rise is perfect for nb sized stuff, but he is damn skinny. Itty bitty hips/waist and stick thighs. All my nb covers are gaping at the legs and waist… I do have about 2 doz preemie pfs, so they would work if only I had some skinny covers.. I’d have pee and poo everywhere if I tried to trifold with any one of my nb covers…sucks. I need something with major crossover touchtape. I am having to completely cross over the tabs on his sposies to get a snug fit.

  414. me says:

    409- Yep, probably she just tried on a (hopefully) just cleaned baby butt. Then its not a huge problem. After washing once, some prints fade or pill and look used, so I can see why, if she wanted to sell as brand new. She can prove its brand new by the no washing looks, kwim?

    Messy-cow? You dont have a cow..Unless I see different monsters than everyone else!

  415. me says:

    Diudiaole-Have you got a snappi?

  416. diudiaole says:

    I do have a snappi… you think that would prevent leaks out the back? He’s a heavy wetter and big pooper too.

  417. ~*~MOMMA~*~ says:

    cdmd1023 – what is the fundraiser for? Maybe I can donate?

  418. ~*~MOMMA~*~ says:

    ooh, now i have a penis nose

  419. me says:

    If the snappi is tight enough against his back, yep, it should help.

  420. me says:


    “If the snappi holds the prefold tight enough against his back…”

  421. jeruco says:

    ATTENTION, ATTENTION: PIGS DO FLY and hell froze over:
    Lee sort of apologized:

  422. jeruco says:

    direct link to his post:

    for those that dont visit DS:

    Today, 02:14 PM #50


    Join Date: Feb 2007
    Location: Texas
    Posts: 1,309
    My Mood: Re: Anyone else getting viruses while on this site?


    This issue seemed to die down almost to a screeching halt when we made our last changes with the banning of a crummy ad that was displaying on DS. But now we have new complaints rolling in. I want you to know the following:

    1. I am sorry. I know this affects users, it is frustrating, and it makes DS looks bad. We are in talks now about how to handle certain ad networks going forward. We know we need to find a “once and for all solution” and it is something we had thought we found a few times but apparently not.

    2. The comment I made in the prior flare up of complaints was never meant to demean any mama / member of DS. It is a shame that to some it came off that way. I was simply relating to many of the mamas that I communicate with when they have questions / issues as I know their frustration with PC’s at times. Even the best PC user has periods of frustration with the lovely technology.

    3. I am 100% committed to fix this issue once and for all.

    Thanks for reading and please continue posting up screenshots of anything related to virus / malware issues that will help us in this endeavor.

  423. me says:

    So I wonder how many people went and filed a complaint and threatened lawsuits?

  424. me me me says:

    434-Maybe pin or snappi a preemie prefold on him and put a preemie or newborn wool cover over? The lose legs are a bit less of an issue that way. Gosh he sounds adorbale. ๐Ÿ™‚

  425. A Mom says:

    Pony: If you’re still having issues, you can use the Contact Us page to let us know. I don’t see any one waiting to confirm tho, so you should be ok.

  426. not just another mama says:

    Can you out people at cloth diaper nation?

  427. Thud says:

    447 I don’t know but I want to knwo why you are asking ๐Ÿ˜‰

  428. not just another mama says:

    Because I’m nosy.. I’m just curious.. I always hated that about DS.. tip toeing around mamas so they don’t get their panties in a twist.

  429. cdc3030 says:

    Ok, this is funny…..wonky stitch much? No drama though….

  430. turkey lurkey says:

    “2. The comment I made in the prior flare up of complaints was never meant to demean any mama / member of DS. It is a shame that to some it came off that way. I was simply relating to many of the mamas that I communicate with when they have questions / issues as I know their frustration with PCโ€™s at times. Even the best PC user has periods of frustration with the lovely technology.”

    He just can’t stop demeaning women, can he?

  431. Monkey says:

    Apparently Lee finally realized that people were FLEEING his site and decided to try kissing a little ass and admitting he was wrong.

    What a butt monkey bastard.

    Deny until you can’t deny anymore and then try to come off as the great hero.

    He’s a douche bag. He’s a bag full of douches.

  432. me says:

    450- I thought that was going to be listed as a second until I read it. Odd. The others dont look that bad….

  433. CDNation says:

    Ok trying again.


    If you’re still having issues please use the contact us button and let me know. I’ll activate your account.

  434. pony says:

    446 & 455
    I’m a doofus, the confirmation link went to my spam and I did not see it.
    It is all good now ๐Ÿ™‚

  435. JustPeachy says:
    Why would you even list this????????? It looks right off the bat super wonky.
    And I knew that Lee was going to come to his senses soon. He’s losing members left and right plus the JARs can’t be good for his pocketbook

  436. JustPeachy says:

    And she has started knitting apparently ROFL.

  437. Holly says:

    WTF? Are those shoes for kids with two right feet? Or maybe a couple extra toes?

  438. smurfmeat says:

    WTF? Are those shoes for kids with two right feet? Or maybe a couple extra toes?

  439. Munklettes says:

    #457 – whose foot is shaped like that?! lol

  440. Taterbug says:

    #447- Yes, but you need to have some proof. If someone is scamming, Admin takes care of it promptly.

  441. haha says:

    OMG those shorts are awful knitting. Right above the gusset you can see a few twisted stitches. She just needs to stop.

  442. diudiaole says:

    me me me — I think he is pretty darn cute of course… my pb outs me, but I don’t care. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    LOL those shoes are pretty bad….

  443. naturalmamadot says:

    aw he is SO cute!!!

  444. messy says:

    OMg!!! The baby is SOOO CUTE!!! He has the most precious face! OMgosh!!! If your pics cause me to get pregnant, my dh will hunt you down ROFLMAO! I just wanna hold him!!! And I never wanna hold anyone’s baby! But he is just gorgeous! Congrats!!!

  445. messy says:

    #435… Yea, it is a purple cow with Octumom lips and chicken feet! It is a horney cow ๐Ÿ˜‰

  446. diudiaole says:

    #466 aww thanks… he looks exactly like his daddy.

  447. diudiaole says:

    #462 your monster is cool — it’s a death bunny robot lol

  448. messy says:

    #469, I think #462’s monster’s mouth looks like what I imagine Lee’s ass to look like :X

  449. diudiaole says:

    LMAO big, red, with sharp pointy teeth?

  450. JustPeachy says:

    The thing is its not hard to knit good. You just pay attention. The gusset is full of twisted stitches plus as pp pointed out there is a huge twisted stitch just above the gusset. I just recently started knitting longies and nothing I have knit looks that bad. On top of that you don’t just say hey I can knit time to start selling it.

  451. messy says:

    Yup! Teeth and all… They probably spin ROFL… Hey, he has to have some talent somewhere, I am not seeing it so it has to be his ass… ๐Ÿ˜›

  452. messy says:

    #472 ITA 500% !!! I have crocheted since I was little. I am what I would call good at it. I have seen some who can do more complicated patterns, but stitch for stitch, I have excellent quality. I have been knitting for wayyy over a year. I have made a zillion hats. I have made longies that were too small by the time I finished them ROFL! But, I cannot sell what I knit. It is *good quality but ya know, that does not make a WAHM! When I buy something, I want superb stitching and detail oriented work. I don’t want a wayward stitch here and there or a tiny hole in the crotch… Who does? Why does ever fruit cake with knitting needles and you tube think they are a WAHM? I have seen people rave on stuff that I would have been so upset to buy… I am not a snob, but I think for the price involved, it should not have any errors and be made by someone with knowledge of what they are doing. JMO.

  453. JustPeachy says:

    I feel the same way hence I only do knitting for myself, friends, or trades if they ask. Its not because of anything else other then I am still perfecting my knitting. Im a perfectionist above all else so I guess it extends to other areas as well.

  454. theinvisible says:

    464: You rock! “You have a lot of nerve for a newbie” or something to that effect, right. What a bitch. Anyway, beautiful baby (congratulations).

  455. diudiaole says:

    #476: Yeah, I just couldn’t believe all the pussyfooting around on that thread. If Snaps was truly that unhappy after an apology and partial refund, then I could understand a neutral… but she totally wanted something for nothing and was willing to get as ugly as possible to make it happen. Just b/c the other wahm made a mistake doesn’t mean she should have to take the shaft! I thought that should have been a post over here… no real scamming, but certainly drama.

  456. messy says:

    #476! I remember where it was that I saw that comment!!! I kept trying to think… Because that was the first comment that came to my mind! I was hoping it was in regard to something besides the thread about the “advanced children” ROFL!!! It got removed but it was crazy… Yip, love me those nervy newbies that seem to have common sense! ๐Ÿ˜€

  457. cdmd1023 says:

    ~*~MOMMA~*~ Says:
    March 16, 2009 at 11:00 pm
    cdmd1023 – what is the fundraiser for? Maybe I can donate?

    sorry! I just saw this post. email me ๐Ÿ™‚

  458. cdmd1023 says:

    I agree on the knitting which is why i ll it on spots. I enjoy learning how to knit, but have not made anything my kids could use yet, so for a cheap price, I know someone ca get ue out of it, so I take it to spots.

  459. cdmd1023 says:


    wow, sorry about the typos again, my keyboard is like 5 steps behind me.

  460. Melissa says:

    I just wanted to add that I’m another DS user who has not been there since November, mostly because I don’t want to deal with any of the virus stuff going on there. They can deny responsibility all they want, but it seems pretty clear to me.

  461. ~*~MOMMA~*~ says:

    off to email you CDMD

  462. theinvisible says:

    What’s up with the Yahoo Drama group postings?

  463. cdmd1023 says:

    thanks momma, its up now ๐Ÿ™‚

  464. yikes says:

    #457 – didn’t you know those shoes are for ducklings?

    Why does anyone with a sewing machine/knitting needles/a crochet hook who has been creating items for all of 5 minutes think they can be a WAHM???

  465. yikes says:

    oooh – I walk like an Egyptian.

  466. pony says:

    Messy, what went down on the “advanced kids” thread?
    I never checked back, but I had a feeling that one would go bad from just reading the first 5 or 6 posts!

  467. pony says:

    CRAP, those shoes are hysterical!

  468. messy says:

    #487 The OP on that thread is psycho LOL! She posts “my advanced babies” titled thread and then tells what prodigies her kids are @@ It was kinda funny. But some people were a little offended at her “holier than thou title”. It was about the title, not the bragging. So, she changes her title… Then got nasty and says her kids are better than others bla bla bla… So they deleted the thread right after her meltdown. SO! The OP then starts a thread about how mad she is that she got her thread deleted and she can’t brag wa wa wa… Well, nobody told her not to brag, but I think the boasting was a little over the top. She is fruit loops without a tucan.

  469. shaineinok says:

    Love that half ass’d apology. He can’t speak without demeaning woman can he?

  470. JustPeachy says:

    #485 I am still trying to figure that one out. I think the title wahm deserves the utmost respect and lately its not getting it because every mama who has taken it upon themselves to learn a craft is opening a HC. Not that thats bad or wrong or anything but take some time to get to know what you are doing and offer testers or something at least.

  471. Thud says:

    Wow, connorsmama hit another one out of the park with those shoes.

  472. newhere says:

    those shoes by connorsmama looks like they were made for duck feet!

    I’ve seen a person on DS lately who is selling and swapping her first handmade woolies

  473. messy says:

    #493 who? Link? I am hard up for drama… Going through dt’s!!!

  474. cdc3030 says:

    Man, the shoe thing is pissing me off. I know I did not invent these shoes, but it just seems that after I got a bunch of success with them, there are like 10 freaking people selling them now. grr.

    I need to go copy something.

  475. memyselfandi says:

    hey ya’ll! rainbow waters is stocking tomorrow!

    i’d definitely recommend sizing up, b/c by the time you get it your child will probably be a year older….LOL!

  476. newhere says:

    hmm…I’ll just say she frequents the swap forum….a lot

  477. Booyah says:

    Whew, I feel so much better now that Lee is on the case. And he called me “mama” just like a REAL PAL. Awwww. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

    *pukes brains out*

  478. Booyah says:

    Seriously though, Lee is a cunt nugget wrapped in dick cheese and served on a platter with a horny chihuaha’s spooge. I was wondering how long he could stick his fingers in his ears and go LALALALALALA before he realized how badly he fucked himself in the ass. “There is no virus! SHUT UP! Hey wait…why is everybody leaving my wonderful site? Okay, um, maybe there’s a teensy tiny little virus problem, BUT HEY WE FIXED IT SO WE”RE PALS AGAIN RIGHT?!?”

    Damage is done, douchenozzle. I can’t trust DS anymore. If a whore gives you the clap, you don’t go fuck the same whore a week later. Besides, the virus is just one of many things that fucking suck about DS these days. There’s too many goddamn members and they are all whiny little bitches. There’s too many stupid rules that make no sense. The forum is too damn big, which is nice when it comes to FSOT but if you want actual conversation your thread gets buried after 20 minutes, that is if it doesn’t get locked or deleted first. Fuck it, man. I’m enough of an outcast IRL, I don’t need to come online and get treated like either a nobody or an idiot child depending on the mood of the Powers That Be. Fuck DS.

  479. me says:

    Don’t hold back your real feelings! lol

  480. Monkey says:

    #499… depends… how good is the whore?

  481. Jay says:

    #496- Is RW not good about shipping things out? Just wondering…

  482. JustPeachy says:

    502 there was a huge delay sometime last year but Lindsay had just had a miscarriage or ectopic at that time. I haven’t heard anything new on that front so I’m assuming the delays were a honest to gosh mistake.
    And ROFL @dick cheese.

  483. insomiac says:

    its a snap is now making her own velour sheets.
    imagine that!
    this is like the 4th or 5th product she has bought from someone only to start making it within a short time later. always for “her kids” at first and then she lists to sell a bit after that.

    2nd post here:

    I would be willing to bet 100$ she starts selling them very soon.

  484. insomiac says:

    geeez my monster looks like a turd splat with a belly button.

    a stinky one…see the curly smelly tendrils? ROFL!

  485. Sarah says:

    I think I love you!

  486. i promise I am not kim says:

    495…are you the polliwogs mama? Sorry for all of the copies, your stuff is precious!

  487. naturalmamadot says:

    #504 hahaha nice so she just orders shit from ppl then copies it? I saw a comment a whlie back about how she comes out with something new every week lol

    Oh and ooh I will have to totally avoid rainbow waters lol

  488. itsraininghere says:

    Oh Lee, apology accepted. I come running to your site with open arms.


    IF you can make your own velour bed sheets, why on earth would you buy some and then bash the mama? Well, remind me to not give her any of my money.

    Korin. . . get a clue, lower your prices down to just material costs, and get better. Then, when you are finally good at sewing and knitting and anything else your going to jump-on-the-bandwagon to do, you can sell for higher prices.

  489. Munklettes says:

    #506, that diaper is a train wreck!

  490. mmspirit7 says:

    511 I know it’s sad isn’t it.

  491. AshleyB says:

    #507…any clue who the WAHM is in that thread?

  492. haha says:

    #514 OMG. That sewing is horrid. And I HATE when people don’t have a disclaimer on their posts that they don’t have a serger. And most of them don’t take pictures close enough so you can see there’s no serger. Ugh

  493. naturalmamadot says:

    #514, I honestly dont think shes ready to be a wahm yet, I make lots of things that look a LOT better than those things but would never actually make them just to sell. For MY kid? sure. For friends? sure. But to base a business and an income on? no way!

    I definitely would want to get MUCH better, plus sorry but she looks sort of lazy and throwing together. The mittens? I would not wear, and would NEVER buy for 10 bucks when I for gorgeous mittens at target for 1.99

    I dunno I just seem to see so much of this shit goin on lately and people actually making money half assing their way around the WAHM world..its damn tempting to give it a go myself since I know Im better than a lot of them lol

  494. ~*~MOMMA~*~ says:

    I think most could tell there’s no serger there. I wanted to PM her, because she made a post in extra fluffy or q&a (can;t remember) asking if her prices were too high, but i just don;t know how to respond.

  495. Booyah says:

    I just wanted to let you all know that when I type “drama of” in my Google taskbar, “drama of diaperswappers” is the second automated fill-in thingy. Woohoo!

    #516 I didn’t know a disclaimer was needed for that. I don’t have a serger but I have a serge stitch on my sewing machine that is passable when necessary. Hmmm…

  496. naturalmamadot says:

    whew #516 I was really hoping she wasnt linking us to HER store or something since she didnt comment lmao

  497. naturalmamadot says:

    how do you tell the dif? I cant tell from her pics it looks like serging to me lol I wish I had a serge option on my sewing machine!!! Jealous lol

  498. ~*~MOMMA~*~ says:

    oh, no, not me. lol

  499. messy mama says:

    I was trying really hard to avoid posting here, ‘cuz it can get kind of mean and all. But I couldn’t resist any longer.

    I love the part in her WAHM thread where she states “the bottom corner isn’t as wonky as it looks” Ummm, what about the rest of your stuff? Is it as hideous as it looks?

  500. JustPeachy says:

    I know quite a few wahms are sick of the half assing it of other wahms. I think the wah world needs to be divided into moms and artisans because there clearly is a HUGE difference between the two.

  501. mmspirit7 says:

    I don’t know who the wahm is wish i did. and the half assing is sickening.

  502. naturalmamadot says:

    Yea there is a huge difference between starting out and not being the best wahm ever and starting out the same day you bought your first sewing machine lol

  503. itsraininghere says:

    Or people need to stop playing all nicey-nicey and leave honest feedback.

    like the latest JAR about Connorsmama. Horrid sewing caused the issue, but it was all resolved and everyone is happy because she covered it up with *decent* customer service.

    So now ppl will say “but she fixed that.” When she didn’t. . . her sewing is still crap. She just refunded one person that was willing to go public with their complaints.

  504. ~*~MOMMA~*~ says:

    I’m for other WAHMs jumping in, but I think they need to go thru the proper channels and test and learn to sew properly BEFORE throwing themselves in!

  505. werd says:

    holy crap, those are awful!! Is she serious?!

  506. mmspirit7 says:

    Wham outed on JAR..the one i linked.

  507. naturalmamadot says:

    I wonder what they have against testing, and people should not be testers unless they plan on being honest. I saw a woman recently complaining that a woman said that when she rec. the tester mama cloth that she commented on appearance and said oh well I didnt ASK her about that, cant believe she said that I was looking for feedback on function…I think maybe a few ppl should be concerned with OVERALL testing, send them what would be your final product and LISTEN to someone..they arent out to get you duhhh lol.

  508. mmspirit7 says:

    here is the jar:

    I’m getting a bit fed up with this….

    1st- I placed my order back in October. I sent her fabric I wanted my CDs made from. She said the wait was 6-8w. I understood. Those 6-8w came and went, no CDs or anything. I wrote her, she told me all bout these things that happened etc. I understood again and waited (since I wasn’t due for another month) My LO arrived and no CDs. I wrote her again and she mentioned more stuff came up with her pregnancy and DC….so for my patience she gave me free detergent and uped half my order to double sizes instead of smalls. I understood and was thankful she att lest did that but still thought my wait was ridiculous. wrote her again since she said they’d be done in a week and it was a month later, she said they were shipped. I just received them last week!!! (i wish after the 8w passed i asked for a refund and my fabric back and got another WAHM to do it)

    2ndly- the 6 AIOs I got, I followed her method of washing instructions for her CDs and they are all bunched. Ya know the absorbent inside layer thingy, it’s not straight and flat.

    (the absorbent layer is the dark thing in the pics, I think it’s blue….) link to pic:

    She stitches an I to sew in the absorbent layer….she needs to change her design…I’ve never had this happen before with my thirsties or BGs…and those aren’t sewn in as Is.

    Can you ladies see how they are bunched up??? she says they look normal/fine and she never had issues.

    My pockets are fine, cause you stick the double/absorbent layer inside…..

    So I wrote her telling her this….and she said she could only give me $6 because they are washed. NOT worn at all!!!! just washed. I paid $15 for each AIO and I sent my own fabric I bought to her. So I’m out $50+ for the diapers not including postage or fabric costs!!!

    Here’s what she said to me:
    “Well,I don’t have an answer for the bunched fabric.. I have several AIO’s here for my own daughter that are made the same and they didn’t do that.. SO.. I can’t say why they did that to you.. I’m sorry..
    The only answer or solution I can give is if your interested is sending them back and selling them to me as seconds since they have been washed..I can’t sell them as new since they are washed……”

    next message from her:
    “I originally wrote and offered you a full refund if the diapers were unwashed.. and didn’t fit. I understand you had no issues with the diapers prior to washing.. Possibly they are bunched up from the fabric shrinking in the wash..Bum Genius and other diapers don’t have a cottony outside they are polyester.. which doesn’t shrink..Again this is just a guess..As far as a full refund goes..Now that the diapers are washed I can only sell them as “used” does another mommy know you didn’t put them on your LO..

    If you prefer you can send me back the diapers and I will inspect them for defects. I would follow the same requirements and resolutions offered in the Bum Genius stated warranty. Honestly, from the pictures you sent, I see nothing unusual at this point with your diapers but without seeing them for myself it’s hard to say.. ”

    I’m really not happy….not happy I waited this long….that’s ridiciulous, I was trying to be an understanding person…grrr. If I would have known this was going to happen and I’d be out money and diapers I would have NEVER ordered them. (she was recommended to me by someone)

    I just want others to be aware of this issue and this WAHM.

    So I don’t know what to do! DH says it’s not worth it…jsut forgot about it, we now know to not but from her. If I take her 1st offer of the $6 per diaper, that’s $36….not including how much it would cost me to ship back to her. grrrr. or if I take her 2nd offer of her replacing it if she sees an issue- she can’t see it in the pic?? I can!! can you?? I don’t want a replacement, I don’t really want her CDs, afraid this would happen again, it’s ridiclous and I won’t have these fabrics either! grrrr. or if she tells me how to fix it, I can’t, won’t be able to, I don’t have a sewing me and I think the only way to fix it is to cut it open and what not.

    Sorry for the long vent…I’m just not a happy CDer mama right now!

    I am never buying from her again!!!!! I wish someone would have warned me….so I’m warning you ladies about my experience. Save yourselves.

  509. JustPeachy says:

    And I full agree #527. Im not saying you shouldn’t try but at least show that you care enough about your craft to learn what you can and get honest feedback.

  510. ~*~MOMMA~*~ says:

    did she not give the WAHM name in the JAR?

  511. mmspirit7 says:

    oh yeah sorry about that she re did her jar let me get it.

    Name of business: Blessed Bottoms
    Name of business owner/buyer/trader(first and last): Melissa
    E-mail address:
    eBay user ID:
    Date ordered:
    Products/services purchased:
    Price paid: $185
    Estimated turn around time: 8 weeks
    Actual turn around time: 21 weeks
    Was product as expected? NO
    If not why? The absorbent layer was sew in an I shape instead of all the way around, it gets bunched up and is not flat.
    Did you contact the person about the problem(s)? Yes
    If so, how did they attempt to resolve? That she’d buy them back for $6 a diaper since they are washed, (not worn at all)
    Would you do business with again? NEVER
    Today’s date: 3/18/09

  512. naturalmamadot says:

    in the title

  513. JustPeachy says:

    Exactly. Im all about form and function. Doesnt matter if it does its job if it looks like a 2nd grader slapped it together kwim?

  514. naturalmamadot says:

    holy wah..185 lol if I was about to be spending that kind of money I could think of hundreds of things I would buy before those

  515. ~*~MOMMA~*~ says:

    That’s crap! If I were that WAHM she would be getting a full refund and freebies! Hopefully I never have that issue, I look at things before i ship them!

  516. mmspirit7 says:

    i can’t believe she waited 21 weeks i wouldn’t have. and she can’t file with pp now so she really can’t do much. I can’t believe the wahm thought of selling them as used though.

  517. werd says:

    that is a LOT of money, and looking at the site, the diapers aren’t that fab! If it were my boo boo, she’d get a full refund at the very least!

  518. Kimbella says:

    I don’t care about grammar here, but if you’re running a business-based website, have someone look over it!

    “So I am not excepting new diaper orders right now.. ”


  519. naturalmamadot says:

    lmao yea, I am not the grammar/spelling police usually on forums because I screw up all the time writing in a hurry, but if its for your business, it wont kill you to spellcheck it!

  520. Molly says:

    I followed the link about the defective diapers to diaperswappers. Within two minutes my norton popped up to let me know my computer had recently been attacked and that the intrusion attempt had been blocked. I looked at the intrusion history and there were two attempts to download malicious software onto my computer within the short amount of time I had been on diaperswappers.

  521. haha says:

    #519 I don’t think a disclaimer is required (I’ve never seen anyone else bitch about the serger/sewing machine stitch) I just think serged looks better and functions better than the sewing machine stitch.

    Then of course theirs the shell mama (can’t remember her name) from DS that said her mama pads were serged and they so weren’t hell they weren’t even sewing machine serge stitched.

    I’m done bitching now.

    Did anyone see the new goodmama owl crap? Am I the only one that thinks it’s horrid?

  522. Rika says:

    544 I think the new GM owl print is creepy and kinda ugly. I wouldnt’ say horrid, but it’s definitely not cute.

    ok. I take that back. The owl dress and shirt are horrid.

  523. mmspirit7 says:

    more drama and she outed oh know LOL

    I c/p the comments from her so you can see. This makes me soooo mad. Good FB is very important to me! I hope I can get it taken care of soon.

    You wanted to trade a Starbucks gift card for a trainer. I never got the gift card and you didn’t respond to the private messages I sent.

    mommy2my2babies 03-18-2009, 05:03 PM
    I did NOT recive a trainer from you! I sent a pm telling you that I had decided to trade with another mama for something different.

    nilennovy 03-18-2009, 05:12 PM
    Never got the pm that you decided to back out of the trade or any response from you to my messages asking you if you had sent the gift card.

    The agreement was that I would get the gift card then send you the trainer. Since I never got the gift card, I did not send the trainer.

    We agreed on a trade and you failed to fulfill it.

    mommy2my2babies 03-18-2009, 05:15 PM
    Well I sent the message! It isnt right for you to leave me neg fb when there wasnt anything exchanged between us! There was no transaction! FBs are for transactions, NOT for discussions IMO

  524. JustPeachy says:

    I hate to bring drama from my thread but someone is actually getting yymn shorties from connorsmama

    C&P for those not on ds
    Knutsonfam’s Avatar
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    Re: Yesterday… WOOL was such an easy game to play…
    I have a question. Say you had a friend who was new to DS and cd’ing and has an 8 mos. old baby. Say she buys semi-custom longies from a wahm on hc who you happen to know was banned from ds.. Also this wahm is a brand new knitter who has “tester shorties” on another cart, yet she is charging your friend $75 for longies and a shirt. Say (lol) this wahm contacts her and says there isn’t enough yarn to make the longies and she will have to make shorties instead. This is okay with your friend. Then you come across the same wahm with a new listing for different shorties with the same colorway in a congo. I am puzzled by this. Why did she list a slot for semi-custom longies when she didn’t even have enough yarn for a baby? Why would she tell my friend she didn’t have enough yarn, and then list a new pair of shorties? Why is she selling tester shorties on one cart and full price longies on another? I have yet to see a finished pair of longies on either cart. Am I just being overly cynical? If my friend is happy with the shorties, should I just keep all of this to myself?

  525. messy says:

    The CC Bums chick on DS. Yea. Um. No. Her sewing is HORRIBLE! I mean it is not even remotely professional! If my dog walks on the foot peddle of my machine and sews a little, do I sell it for what ever it comes out looking like? His last *accident looks like a tuxedo for a frog! HEY! Then maybe Its A Snap will buy it, run me in the ground for bad dye work (I will have the cat do the dye job) and then start making her own to sell!!! Yup, that’s my plan! It’s about time I joined the WAHM force, after all, I own a machine and have some thread, might as well!!! No talent required!

  526. messy says:

    #546 Oh no! I looked at Nilennovy’s FSOT post!!! Am I obligated to buy from her or get bad feedback??? What if she is psychic and knows I was thinking she was a loony bitch? Dip shit. And onto the DO NOT B/S/T or talk to list!!!

  527. magpiedpiper says:

    Appears blessed bottoms just may not be good at her craft…

  528. me me me says:

    464-He IS adorbale. Thank you for sharing. I’d deff put some wool shorties/longies on him. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  529. me me me says:

    hey my monster changed ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I liked the 4 legs, ear worms and horn.

  530. DSDM2 says:

    me me me, it is b.c your email address changed.

  531. me me me says:

    Really. It looks the same to me. What do you see it as?

  532. me me me says:

    monster test

  533. me me me says:

    monster test

  534. me me me says:

    well shoot, that didn’t work either. i only use two emails, one personal and one biz. hmmm i guess i’ll have to deal with the purple medussa as the clawed heart is creepier. lol

  535. Monkey says:

    #545… I keep saying I’m going to start offering WAHM store reviews. I’ll check spelling and grammar for sample products. And I’d love to write product descriptions and reviews.

    I am an English teacher and I did work in marketing/advertising prior to teaching. I just hate it when I see a great product that has a poor description filled with grammar and spelling problems.

    I also think a lot of WAHM’s need to think about HOW they describe their items. There are many instances where the description does not do justice to the actual item.

    Basically, I can’t sew, knit or do anything artistic, but I can toss together a good sentence! I’d like to help support the industry (WAHMS) that I love so much.

  536. jeruco says:

    what’s the deal with Nilennovy?
    I missed it.

  537. me me me says:

    559-That’s actually not a bad idea. rofl

  538. me me me says:

    556 I ment

  539. Yup says:

    Korin forgot to post this pics, which highlights the fucked up gusset. Too funny, don’t you have to be licensed to knit?

  540. dmeg says:

    550-Messy you are assuming an agreement hadn’t been reached. It had, and the mama bitching failed to follow through or answer PMs from Nilennovy. Nilennovy contacted a mod because she couldn’t get the other mama to respond and the mod told her since it was a TRADE that wasn’t followed through on she could leave feed back. If someone had backed out on a trade with me and not responded to my messages asking what was up I would have left neg FB too. Maybe I’m just jaded from a trade of my own gone horribly wrong, but I would have left neg about it too! The only time the mama responded to any of her messages was after she finally left neg FB. Way to be a flakey trader.

  541. JustPeachy says:

    Depends on what pattern she used which she doesnt state in her listing.

  542. Yup says:

    Well, if I where the friend I’d be asking for a refund stat. EVERY pair of shorts in her album has a messed up gusset, twisted stitches and uneven legs.

  543. messy says:

    #561 There was nothing that exchanged hands. Perhaps Nilennvoy needs to read over the reason feedback is left… She probably kept pm’ing her, wanting her trade and the one complaining got sick of her and ignored it, knowing nothing had been finalized or exchanged. Nilennvoy wanted something sent to her FIRST and then she would follow through… Yeah, she sounds shady and I would have not traded with her either. Leaving feedback for a nontrade is a nonissue because it is nonallowed; aka a nonnile feedback situation!

  544. dmeg says:

    But she was told to leave FB by a MOD because it was a trade that wasn’t followed through on as agreed. Trades are different than cash sales.

  545. messy says:

    #565 Nothing exchanged hands. Nile did not send anything to anyone. She is out nothing! No money, no trade, no feedback. She left it after the other mom cut off communication (if she ever got it to start with). I could see stopping communication with someone nutty enough to leave feedback over a NONtrade that never happened.

  546. messy says:

    Leaving feedback for a nontrade is a slap in the face to those who have been legitimately scammed. It also minimalizes the negatives left for those that really do scam.

  547. naturalmamadot says:

    The new GM owl diaper doesnt exactly make me gag my face off but the shirt is fugly lol
    I dont love the colorway either but I see to have a minority opinion when it comes to wool I see ppl drooling over wool I think is the ugliest possible mix of colors ever lol

  548. werd says:

    wow I saw this and literally giggled out loud!

    “hi. uhmm… so like, I know I’m price gouging here, but I’m hoping you’re dumb enough to pay this for 7oz of yarn, because, ya know, yarn is just soooooo expensive! Oh yeah, and if you ARE dumb enough to buy this… I suppose I can give you “free” shipping.”

    wow. the balls. wow.

  549. JustPeachy says:

    Lol dev cracks me up. She put it up because we were discussing yarn price gouging that is going on alot lately.

  550. werd says:

    oh thank god, I thought she was serious!!!!

  551. yikes says:

    #549, LOL.

    I was just going to post this:

    And ask for your advice – should I buy the f’ed up mittens set or the recycled acrylic sweater AIO first?

    HORRENDOUS. Someone should tell her her stuff is total shit. I have no words. She even describes it as shit:

    “Because I’m new to this, the diapers may not be perfect.. some of the stitching might be a little off or the wings might not exactly match.. but that does not effect their function in any way. I love all my products!”

    Way to sell yourself, honey.

  552. naturalmamadot says:

    lmao nice wool listing that is funny

  553. ~*~MOMMA~*~ says:

    i agree, wth? i can;t believe she is serious

  554. me says:

    See, I hate when people make names SO similar. I have 2 blessed bottomZ AIOs from 3 years ago that my 2nd kid is wearing adn theyre still pretty good, the only thing is the touchtape is starting to go, but they were used 1-2x a day for over a year so thats pretty good, imo!

    But seriously, someone needs to learn how to make stuff that works and doesnt look/work funky.

  555. JustPeachy says:

    Oh shes not serious guys. It was done sort of as roundabout way of showing certain ppl what asses they are.
    And PSA you know who you are you asshat so quit price gouging on yarn. Go back to auctioning off gms or actually learn to make something if you wanna make money.

  556. naturalmamadot says:

    do the ppl who commented have EYES?

  557. naturalmamadot says:

    lmao omg I need a snack to keep me here at the comp for a while hah

  558. werd says:

    LOL 578 I was wondering that myself.

    ohhhh its so cute!

    what, is freakin sunshine out her ass Paula Abdul critiquing cloth diapers on our board now?!?! Her sewing is SHIT. Forget pricing, learn how to sew first. JEEBUS!

  559. me says:

    The yarn listing is funny! ๐Ÿ˜†

  560. me says:

    Can the Nil chick use you know..not stolen pics? How to show what SHE has? ugh.

  561. me says:

    And the post about the cc chick’s post- The first one seems to have more of a not telling her her stuff is bad, but not saying its good, either. Otherwise, I don’t know!

  562. naturalmamadot says:

    nil chick using stolen pics? i missed something haha

  563. yikes says:

    Wow -someone really needs to tell her that she needs to work on her sewing skills. Really, maybe a nicely worded PM would be appropriate. Her stuff is embarrassing.

    Ooooohhhhh – I wanna see a CC Bums and Woolie Boolie Bums collaboration. I can see it now, what about an only slightly wonky AIO with matching “Ass Raped Monkey” longies.

    I’ll require stalking assistance, if you’re all available.

  564. naturalmamadot says:


  565. messy says:

    #585 Or just be brutal and link her here for some serious CC ๐Ÿ˜‰

  566. messy says:

    #572 If you buy those fucked up mittens for a deformed ogre, hop on back to the link for the duck shoes to match! :::Am I the only one wondering if some people resemble the monsters in body shape for this stuff to sell?:::

  567. yikes says:


    Well, I AM an hour glass shaped turquoise monster, with mondo cankles, you know.

  568. naturalmamadot says:

    Messy, I think your monster would fit those shoes perfectly, connorsmama could make a living making stuff for monsters

  569. Booyah says:

    Jesus Christ. I am so sick of seeing dumbasses who just bought their first $90 Singer at Wal-Mart jumping headfirst into WAHMing. Any idiot can slap some fabric together and post it on DS. That doesn’t mean you SHOULD. I guess they just see an opportunity for an easy buck – stay home with the kids, throw together some fugly-looking shit, call myself a WAHM and sell it for wine cooler money. Whoopee!

  570. yikes says:

    mmmmm…. wine coolers.

    what, exactly does a 100% flannel pocket diaper do? Do you stuff it with more flannel?

  571. naturalmamadot says:

    Seriously lol I have one friend who does GORGEOUS stuff…total newbie except for messing around sewing herself wipes and shit and I push her daily to give it a go because she is a perfectionist, her stuff looks professional and would outshine every “wahm” I see lately lol she doesnt think she is ready yet to do it which is fine but she is gonna make a killing if/when she does.

  572. me says:

    Yep, stuff with something and either run around coverless or use a cover.

  573. naturalmamadot says:

    lol meant to say…she started out just doing wipes..but then everything that came off the sewing machine was perfect from then on lol

    and yea I giggled a little at the huge push of this is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT cotton/flannel…SERIOUSLY its not like that horrible 99% cotton CRAP you see with the other wahms

  574. Monkey says:

    #559… I don’t even want money… just give me the fluff and I give you the proofread!

    I’m going into fluff withdrawals. DS hasn’t outgrown anything in forever! I need an excuse to get fluff!

  575. itsraininghere says:

    flannel is very useful for ppl who have very sensitive children. we use flannel pocket fitteds at night so we can stuff them with things that aren’t cotton and it doesn’t bother ds.

    however, she didn’t make the ones we use. lol

  576. itsraininghere says:

    oh holy hell

    “the bottom corner isn’t as wonky as it looks.”

    yes it is sweetheart. yes it is.

    i hear korin is giving sewing lessons, you might check with her. she could teach you a thing or two about making shit look like gold.

  577. diudiaole says:

    WTH… a wonky recycled acrylic sweater AIO?? LMFAO at the mittens… it’s all hideous, even the mama cloth looks like crap.

    ROFL re: ass raped monkey longies .. those were priceless, yes.

  578. Booyah says:

    I’m still skeered of DS Herpes even though Lee claims he made it all better….is there a way someone can link to these fugtastic pics so I can just see them without having to go to DS?

  579. theinvisible says:

    I don’t know how to sew, I have no sense of style, no knowledge of effective moisture barriers, no serger and no snap press…..I could be a DS WAHM!

  580. sji says:

    Hey, I just saw CC’s amazing work! Seeing what she can do with such small projects, I’m thinking of asking her if she’d do a custom. I’d like her to make drapes and comforters for my house. Think of all the stunning beauty I could have in my very own home!


  581. screenname says:

    It’s a good thing no one told her that she can make her bobbin thread match the inner. I love the “decorative” stitching on the inside. I can’t wait for Christmas. Then she can make a grinchy santa shirt (like cut out freehand not necessarily proportional to the human body) to match her recycled acrylic AIOs.

  582. Come On says:

    Ummm, mmmkay on the sewing. Can she not actually see this stuff or does she think because it is recycled that translates to “it doesn’t matter how it looks.”

    And, who are the people buying this crap, srlsy?

  583. theinvisible says:

    grinchy…..heehee…..that glove and hat set… creative.

  584. Thud says:

    oh. my.
    what the hell is in the water at DS? do people really think you just start sewing, call it a busines and *poof* the magic happens?
    Mm, recycled acrylic, I’m all over that.

  585. ~*~MOMMA~*~ says:

    *sigh* i want to tell her (nicely) that she may need to take some time to test, but i’m not sure how. I feel bad

  586. yikes says:

    Ah – someone posted that she might want to have some testers first ๐Ÿ™‚ In a really kind way, too.
    Thank god!

  587. naturalmamadot says:

    Seriously now Im imagining her trying to do testers…if she doesnt utilize google and the wahm chat area already, I sure hope she does now to ask how testers work and shit.

  588. diudiaole says:

    hmm… I just posted a long thing with links to the offending photos, but it didn’t show up

  589. diudiaole says:

    Why do people automatically get banned for 2 usernames on the same IP on DS? Some people regularly share computers…. i had a DS account 4 years ago during my 1st pregnancy, had a couple trader ratings too… the site was completely different though and when I tried to dig up my old UN a couple months ago there was no record of my e-mail address…. so I am guessing they did a clean sweep at one point?

  590. DSDM2 says:

    mememe, check the spelling on the ba****** email, you used 2 different spellings.

  591. DSDM2 says:

    Those diapers look remarkably like drybees.

  592. naturalmamadot says:

    haha yea they do

  593. diudiaole says:

    hmm yes, except horrible sewing a

  594. diudiaole says:

    and no aplix or snaps –

  595. messy says:

    They are made to be held on with the same vivid imagination that thinks they are good! No snaps or aplix needed!

  596. Grogwench says:

    It might just be me, but it looks like her pattern is off. On several of the fitteds the left front looks asymmetrical from the right front. I can sew much better than that, but do I think I am good enough to be a WAHM? No way!

  597. messy says:

    #623 She gives a disclaimer that her sides might not be the same size… So that makes it A-OK! Ya know? Her prices are high, her products are sewed like crap, and I just *know there is a fool out there that will buy and then the drama will fly! Could you imagine getting one of those diapers in the mail? Better yet, I think I need to get my MIL those mittens for Christmas!

  598. diudiaole says:

    I’ve got a feeling that her pattern, which is most likely not hers.. is probably not what’s ‘off’ here. She’s probably got a dull pair of scissors and shaky hands and cutting through several layers at once… or who knows, maybe she traced it asymmetrically and felt it was “ok”. She clearly admits that the sewing is wonky and the wings don’t match LOL

    I can’t believe she is asking more than the shipping +materials for this kind of work… she needs a lot of practice.

  599. theinvisible says:

    messy Says:
    March 19, 2009 at 4:40 pm
    Her prices are high, her products are sewed like crap, and I just *know there is a fool out there that will buy and then the drama will fly!

    diudiaole Says:
    March 19, 2009 at 4:42 pm
    I canโ€™t believe she is asking more than the shipping +materials for this kind of workโ€ฆ she needs a lot of practice.

    Not to mention she’s using recycled materials so she is really charging for thread and expertise!

  600. diudiaole says:

    Yeah.. I don’t know if I’d want diapers made from someones dead grandmother’s blanket…

  601. diudiaole says:

    #624: if some fool does buy and then bitches about it, what can we say — she posted shit pictures and mentioned how shitty they were in the descriptions, so they bought shit knowing it was shit. LMAO

  602. jeruco says:

    you know who is price gouging yarn? who is it?
    I see that whomever it is, doesnt have any feedback on spots. So, did they just make a new account to sell this stuff?

  603. yikes says:

    Holy shit – I can’t wait to see the dead grandma scratchy blanket wool covers.

    “messy Says:
    March 19, 2009 at 4:31 pm

    They are made to be held on with the same vivid imagination that thinks they are good! No snaps or aplix needed!”

    haha – this made my day.

  604. naturalmamadot says:

    I wish there was a way that I could tell her that she would actually accept as me being honest instead of being a jealous bitch (ya know of her FAAB business).

  605. naturalmamadot says:

    theinvisible Says:
    March 19, 2009 at 5:02 pm
    “Not to mention sheโ€™s using recycled materials so she is really charging for thread and expertise!”

  606. diudiaole says:

    I don’t think she would get it either way… you could probably link her here and she’d think we were just a bunch of jealous assholes lol

  607. itsraininghere says:

    i really doubt that an acrylic sweater with two pieces of t-shirt in it even works as a diaper.

  608. yikes says:

    nak – does she really think we’re jealous? did i miss something?

  609. yikes says:

    Oooh… coming soon – “big wad of brown felt” diapers:

  610. diudiaole says:

    #636: No, I think we’re just imagining that someone that clueless could probably never really get a clue no matter what anyone said about her products lol.

    felt for diapers? yeah just what I want on my kid’s butt…

    funny how she types “100% cotton” all over the place and then uses old acrylic sweaters and felt… as in that crappy synthetic felt you use for arts and crafts I’m assuming, not wool.. yuck

  611. JustPeachy says:

    #630 No I don’t and they’ve gone to extreme lengths to remain hidden. I recognize the spots name (luvmystash) as one of the GM sheeples. I even emailed to see if she was ISO anything for it because I do want the WSK Kenai yarn but her email was and her name on her email was luv mystash.

  612. Booyah says:

    #614 thanks so much. The curiousity was killing me!

    Those are so bad it makes me want to cry. I still cringe looking back at some of the stuff I made when I was still perfecting my pattern and improving my skills, but it never looked as craptastic as all that. Seriously, the stuff I THREW AWAY because it was bad looked better than that.

    What are her prices?

  613. yikes says:

    #640, like $12/diaper. an extra dollar if you need velcro.

    Oh and her wipes are a steal – 3 for $10. lol.

  614. Booyah says:


    You’re shitting me.

  615. Booyah says:

    How much is her mama cloth?

  616. diudiaole says:

    She has three babies… her oldest just turned three. I don’t see how she finds the time to throw together all that shit… maybe she knows it is bad, but is really hard up for money and hoping someone takes pity on her… looks like she has a baby every year…ouch

  617. diudiaole says:

    mama cloth is $10 per set which is 2 or 3 pads depending on print, or three “sets” for $25

  618. Booyah says:

    I think I DO pity her #644. Not only for her fugtacular stuff but that she is deluded enough to think people will pay those prices for them. Back when I made fitteds I charged less than that – and they were actually made with real diaper fabrics, a SYMMETRICAL PATTERN, and snaps!

    The more I think about it the more I pity her. That doesn’t mean I want to buy her stuff though.

  619. Booyah says:

    ROFL. Now that’s just funny. I’m not paying $5 for something that looks like a diaper doubler that my dog ate and then pooped back out.

  620. behooooooooooove says:

    luvmystash=kandi taffe. hoarder extraordinaire.

  621. Booyah says:

    I hope someone has linked her to this thread. She really needs some constructive advice. I almost feel bad for ripping on her, because I know how devastated I’d be if someone was making fun of my stuff….but if my stuff was bad enough to be made fun of, then I guess the ripping-on would be necessary so I would take the initiative to improve my skills before trying to sell.

    Her stuff is FFS-worthy at best. NOT worth $12 a diaper or $5 for “mama cloth”. She has a long way to go before she can justify charging ANYTHING for her stuff. It took me a solid 2 years from my first diaper to opening my store and I improved in leaps and bounds by sewing dozens upon dozens of diapers in that time.

  622. yikes says:

    You know, I do feel on one hand, like I’m just sitting here being a snarky bitch and feel bad for her. But on the other hand you have to really be fucking clueless to think you can sell that shit, and then I don’t feel bad for her anymore.

    It goes back and forth. I want someone to buy those mittens though and post action shots.

    If someone were to link her to this thread, by Pm would that be against DS TOS?

  623. naturalmamadot says:

    Ditto booyah I think that sometimes it takes having your feelings hurt to wake up and see that you need to work on your stuff a lot more before you can charge that for it

  624. naturalmamadot says:

    im lmao at the big wad of brown felt post…..she REALLY knows how to word things to make them sound magnificent doesnt she?

  625. Booyah says:

    #652 I’m starting to wonder if this isn’t some fantastic joke. I mean, who cuts up something rescued from the Goodwill bag, slaps it together in an utterly sloppy, haphazard, mismatched fashion, then puts such an unreasonable price tag on it and then in the description says, “I know this looks like ass but I love it!” It’s just too ridiculous to be for real!

  626. werd says:

    oh wow. someone needs to tell her but I’m afraid she wouldn’t take it well!

  627. diudiaole says:

    I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, but when I was on preg bedrest with twins 4 years ago, I got the poo-pockets fitted pattern and made a whole bunch of dipes from Walmart flannel… my pattern was even and the sewing was ok, but I didn’t really know what I was doing as far as absorbancy etc. When I decided I couldn’t manage CDing my very skinny preemie twins, I sold them on ebay for $2-$3 each… which didn’t even cover the cost of materials, especially not after the ebay fees.

    I wouldn’t dream of selling that shit now though, I had just found out about ‘cute’ CDs and was like “wow I could do that”… lol

  628. yikes says:

    Now I just feel mean, but look at what didn’t make it into the store:

  629. diudiaole says:

    “action shots of the mittens set” LMAO

  630. dirtyj says:

    I am pretty sure it is a joke. It has to be

  631. sji says:

    Could someone send a message to Connorsmama that they saw her knits online and can see the uneven stitches, twisted stitches, and obvious short row turns, and just wanted to point that out? She honestly might not know that she’s not a good knitter. And for someone who’s new to wool, they might not notice imperfections like that until they cause function problems.

  632. werd says:

    no virus my ass… I just PMed this to Lee and Juan. I dunno if it will do anything but I’m thankful for buying Norton right now!!

  633. yikes says:

    #659 – I sadly don’t think that it is.

    #660 – how would one do that and not come off as a giant bitch?

  634. werd says:

    well Lee PMed me right back – and I got hit again. Think I’m done with DS for a while, I skerrred!

  635. noisybean says:

    #661, I keep getting that same thing! I thought I was safe since I am on a mac, but I keep getting a message saying “you’re trying to open a pdf, etc.” WTF is going on???

  636. werd says:

    IDK but man I’m staying of DS the rest of the day!!!

  637. noisybean says:

    Werd, what did he say?

  638. werd says:

    he said they are working on it right now and I asked him if he wanted the second screen shot and he said yes so I sent it. Then logged off real quick like, LOL

  639. 2dogs says:

    I forget to check on the drama for a couple of days and we’ve got a big hairy acrylic diaper made from a dead granny’s wheelchair blanket and a brown wad felt doubler. LMAO. What a fucking twat.

    “Hey – I just found a few manilla bubble mailers that are only opened on one end, plus a huge chunk of that pink fluffy insulation stuff. Kinda scratchy, but super cute! This would totally work for an AIO, right? ”

    Get a clue.

  640. yikes says:

    #668. I think I love you.


  641. screenname says:

    I would feel like an ass if we were making fun of something that she just posted in craft chat. But she is trying to sell this shit. And yes, that annoys me. That annoys me because when someone signs up to be a WAHM I kinda expect them to be able to make quality stuff.

  642. noisybean says:

    #668. LOL!

    “No snaps or velcro? No problem! Just lick the envelope, fold over and seal!”

  643. ~*~MOMMA~*~ says:

    #671 OMFG lol

  644. theinvisible says:

    644-Most likely she saw the term WAHM and decided she could sew so she could work from home too. She probably has no idea what level of quality is expected and didn’t bother to find out. Other than that I can’t IMAGINE what she could be thinking. Does she even cd? It doesn’t seem like she knows anything at all about it.

  645. 2dogs says:

    #671 LMAO. It wouldn’t surprise me, unless she could figure out some creative use for old ziploc bags. But a ‘big wad of felt’?? There’s not much separation between synthetic felt and insulation.

    I just looked through her “WAHM” thread. So you are telling me she has cut up the blankets she brought her kids home from the hospital in, to sell to someone else as a diaper? Weird.

  646. noisybean says:

    “I just looked through her โ€œWAHMโ€ thread. So you are telling me she has cut up the blankets she brought her kids home from the hospital in, to sell to someone else as a diaper? Weird.”

    Yes, that’s what it appears to be. Its beyond strange. Especially since they are used blankets. Its so important to recycle these days. I’m going to see what I can do with all these banana peels I have lying around.

  647. yikes says:

    What, don’t you cut up all your keepsakes so other peoples kids can poo on them?

    So yeah, what should I tell my husband when he asks what I’ve done all day? haha…

  648. Sarah says:

    Awwww….ladies, come on! I actually “know” camallama from another board. She’s super sweet and has good intentions but she is very naive. All of her pregnancies were surprises and she is really struggling financially. She isn’t the brightest bulb by any stretch, but she has a good heart. I think it’s obvious if you read her posts, she’s broke, she’s trying to repurpose things to make money and use as diapers for her girls.

    I’m not commenting on her sewing b/c I personally suck at sewing. I can’t throw stones! Haha.

  649. Sarah says:

    Oh, and I have years and years of foibles I can dish. I’m having a hard time ganging up on her though, she’d be so hurt if she read these messages.

  650. 2dogs says:

    Oh, now I feel bad for her.


    I love that she has a good heart and she’s trying to make do with what she’s got. But please, go confiscate the dead granny’s blanket before she tries to use it for a diaper. Or soaker. Or elf mittens. That really is creepy.

  651. QueenofQuiteAlot says:

    677-Is it the camallama from the knot/nest?

  652. Booyah says:

    You can repurpose stuff without having it turn out like dog ass. People would be surprised to know that a lot of my items are made with repurposed materials. I do state this on the info page of my store, but most people don’t read that.

    Again, I say if she needs some money she needs a hell of a lot more practice first.

  653. 2dogs says:

    #681, I totally agree. I love repurposing stuff too – and you’re right, most people don’t know by looking. Good sewing is key.

    But not even Martha Stewart should make something from a dead woman’s acrylic blanket.

  654. 2dogs says:

    OK, those pants are actually pretty adorable.
    I always thought the point of a sleep sack was to be able to change their diaper from underneath and not have to take it off? So why sew it shut across the bottom?

  655. Thud says:

    One feels for her, and obviously she is hard up, but really, synthetic felt sheets for diapers? There has to be a missing filter to see the difference between things… if she is broke, why not use those materials to make things for her kids?

  656. theinvisible says:

    I kind of feel bad, too. It’s not like she’s misrepresenting her wares….if someone is dumb enough to buy it that is their problem. The market will dictate whether she is successful and if she’s not maybe she’ll go back to square one and try something else. But please, not grandma’s blanket.

  657. noisybean says:

    Being a WAHM isn’t easy. If you want to be successful you not only have to produce a nice looking product, but be able to take criticism. Not to mention know what true quality looks like. She might need to do some more research before she starts to sell…

  658. me says:

    That set is cute. I dont think the sleep thing is for anything other than warmth and being cute, because its BV and a print outer. A lot of people freak about blankets on babies, so those are a good option. Not necessarily for easy change. A lot of commercial ones have a sewn down bottom as well.

  659. werd says:

    is it sad that I like that monkey set. ahhhhhhh!

  660. me says:

    What is on her cart right now definitely looks better than it did before!

    And the ccbums lady..I feel really bad, too but If you dont know if you can use a woven print, maybe you need to be around just a little bit longer, you know?

  661. diudiaole says:

    CCbums should try embellishing prefolds or something if she wants to sell anything though you still have to be able to sew a straight line for that and she isn’t going to make bank either way. I might suggest that since she is asking what to do with her wovens anyway.

    And I hope she has figured out a better plan for contraception since she has accidentally gotten pregnant every year for the past three years. I can’t imagine.

    But some real constructive criticism — if she would put a little attention to detail into her stuff instead of just going nuts with a pair of scissors and trying to fill up her wahm thread with as many weird things as possible, she could eventually get somewhere. Like why not take your time and make some simple cloth panty liners that don’t look all warped and uneven? If they are decent looking, someone will pay $5. Oh and if you’re going to recycle sweaters for covers or AIOs, please take the time to find one made of wool.

  662. diudiaole says:

    “grandma’s acrylic wheel chair blanket” hahaha

  663. JustPeachy says:

    I already messaged Korin yesterday and told her hence the post I am guessing.
    And Kandi Taffe is cakemaven which is who I was almost positive it was. Stupid bitch!

  664. JustPeachy says:

    And I want to post on there but I am not risking my HC forums status. I try to keep drama away from there.
    So in that case I will respond here. Yes I did tell her knitting was crappy. Obviously no one has the balls to tell her that she needs to sit there and perfect before she decides to sell. I was taken aback simply because here I sit waiting to knit for others but I won’t because I don’t feel my stuff is up to par. And here she comes along with her twisted stitches and off kilter gussets and is charging essentially the same as mamas who have knit for years and have developed their craft over those years.
    I’ve spoken to one other wah artisan about it and she said it is like a slap in the face. Most of the HC knitters have done so for years and didn’t just wake up one night and say hey Im gonna knit for $$$
    On top of that she essentially ripped another mama off by listing a semi custom longies slot then saying she didnt have enough of the yarn. Then turned around and listed a pair of shorties a few weeks after the slot was done in the same damn colorway.
    Korin fucking at least try and mamas like me won’t give you shit. You can’t just fucking pick up a set of needles and decide to sell. On top of that your track record has proven that you dont give a rats ass about your fucking quality.
    And Teresa who the fuck are you to be saying shit about anything? I wouldn’t buy shit from you if you were the last wahm on earth. I still cannot get over the fact that a fucking hc wahm fucking pulled one on me.

  665. me says:

    See if its not perfect and you sell for cheaper so you can get better with sizing issues and better at knitting, as long as its pretty close, I dont see a problem with it, and actually I did it a couple of times. It was way lower than most charge.

    Now, I asked someone who JUST is starting out for a crochet small longies or a skirt the other day. She quoted me 50 for YYMH, and she had never even MADE a skirt before! Even with purewool, I’d end up paying around 65 bucks…for someone who just started crocheting on top of never having made the item. How does that make sense in anyones head?

    It seems to be a lot more common recently and I plain dont understand it.

  666. JustPeachy says:

    Exactly 695 but Korin has a habit of not doing any form of testers. I told her this last year when her soakers were sitting. On top of that ppl had already had issues with her sewing skills.
    Im just so angry right now that I fear I am coming off as a moron so forgive me.

  667. JustPeachy says:

    And I love how they refer to us as the WAHM Gestapo. Why because we are the only place who doesn’t cover your asses? Get the fuck over it!

  668. cdmd1023 says:

    I have a different take on the issue. I do not see anything wrong with selling items that you are learning on, for instance, yesterday I sold my first 2 pair of interlock board shorts, I disclosed in the listing that they were my testers and I only charged $15 each. Some people dont have $60 for interlock, and since they will perform just as gooad as ones that were not testers, I think its ok to sell for cheap and give someone a chance to own a perfectly good diaper cover.

    The important thing is to disclose any flaws. If you dont serge, say so, if your items are made from recycled materials, say so. All of my knitting has ben sold on spots, for one, I do not wish to knit as part of my HC, but I do enjoy learing a new craft, but if every listing I stated that I am a beginning and there are some cosmetic flaws. anyway, thats my opinion.

  669. JustPeachy says:

    I dont think there is anything wrong either. But price them accordingly and she did not list the very obvious flaws. Someone is not going to be happy when they receive those shorties.

  670. JustPeachy says:

    And cdmd was that your sleep sacks on hc? Those look waaaaaayyyy better then her knitting.

  671. ~*~MOMMA~*~ says:


    The prices were the issue, there is nothing wrong with learning and selling your ‘testers’ as long as they are priced properly

  672. Kris says:

    cdmd1023- at prices like that, I’d be happy to be your guinea pig if you need more interlock board shorts testers! (Well, technically my *kids* would be the guinea pigs, but YKWIM… LOL)

  673. cdmd1023 says:

    not mine peach ๐Ÿ™‚

  674. ~*~MOMMA~*~ says:

    “cdmd1023- at prices like that, Iโ€™d be happy to be your guinea pig if you need more interlock board shorts testers!”


  675. cdmd1023 says:

    Kris-I havea soaker you could test, its a large.

  676. cdmd1023 says:

    momma-email me.

  677. Kris says:

    I’d be in for that! ๐Ÿ˜€

  678. Kris says:

    Okay, why does my monster look like the result of a love triangle between an elephant, an owl, and an orange???

  679. JustPeachy says:

    I’d test too. I love testing for wahms and contrary to popular belief I am not as big of a bitch as I come off to be. Its just repeat offenders that make me wanna scream.

  680. diudiaole says:

    hmmm connorsmom has nb interlock soakers for $16? … wait do those blue ones look a little wonky to anyone else?

  681. cdmd1023 says:

    ok, anyone who wants to test, feel free to email me ๐Ÿ™‚

  682. Sarah says:

    Yes it’s the camallama from the knot/nest! The infamous “but I was on top and I peed right after how on earth can I be pregnant?” posts.

  683. Sarah says:

    I think clueless is the perfect word for her.

  684. diudiaole says:

    #713 – wow.. and this was re: baby #3?

  685. ~*~MOMMA~*~ says:

    #713…uh huh….

  686. cdmd1023 says:

    ok, no more emails ๐Ÿ™‚

  687. messy says:

    I wanna test some shorties!!! Of course my chunker wears a size 4… If you do huge kids, LMK! LOL!
    Peach, you are making perfect sense! I crochet tons of really nice stuff for us, I would love to do it for $$$ But honestly, I can look at other mamas and their products and then I doubt my own. I have heard that they are spectacular, but who is going to tell me a gift of a gorgeous bath set worked like washing with a shit brick? LOL… So, I don’t sell. I sew. But I have seen amazing work that I could not duplicate. So, I don’t sell. Even though I have a serger ROFL! I HATE when people say “but I even have a serger” when people tell them there is more to being a WAHM than strictly sewing it. I could sell testers, but what if my stuff is shitty? See, a WAHM has to face that! Having the base knowledge and some needles does not a WAHM make. Period. Peach, I am sooo feeling what you are saying! It is a serious slap in the face to those who are awesome WAHM who have honed their craft and are charging WAY LESS than their true worth!
    Also, I am sitting here lauging like a freaking loon over “elf mittens” and “grandma’s acrylic wheelchair blanket”! ROFLMAO!

  688. messy says:

    #713… OMg…
    Ummm… Wow. It sounds like her sewing skills are the least of her worries.

  689. JustPeachy says:

    Thank you Messy. I feared I had become to involved in the whole thing and it was making me crazy. I have nothing against her except for the fact she needs to get quality control. Obviously the tip toeing didnt work with her so she needed to be flat out told. Maybe it wasn’t the nicest way to say it but she wasn’t getting it all even after the incident with Meg.
    And yes her stuff looks nice now but give it a few months. She goes back and forth with her items where some will look really nice then for the next few months everything looks like a retarded monkey had sewn it.

  690. me says:

    713- WHAT?
    I had a friend who had had 2 kids and had sex with over 90 people, and has a lot of toys, solo and otherwise argue with me that women have 3 holes(her saying 2 and I’m crazy or some sort of deformed freak), and I can see this coming out of her mouth, but I didn;t think anyone else would think that way…

  691. messy says:

    #721 What kind of deformed freak has 3 holes? WTH is wrong with you??? Get some help for your extra holes woman!
    ROFLMAO!!! :::shaking my head:::

  692. diudiaole says:

    #721 — Wait, how many holes? LMFAO

  693. cdmd1023 says:

    who the heck are you guys talking about???

  694. me says:

    Oh, and I forgot to mention shes Bi and was ” a lesbian” for a while before deciding she wanted a guy sometimes. How in the hell did she never notice?

  695. diudiaole says:

    never notice a third hole? we’re talkin ass, pussy and urethra holes right… or maybe she was thinking sexual holes only…does mouth not count? LOL

  696. me me me says:

    Well, I was going to say:

    “I think it would be nice of someone would lovingly and gently let her know that her items are not quite up to the level people expect on DS etc. And that she should take a cruise around HC and look at the fabrics being used and the close up pics of the stitching to see what she wants to be shooting for. I know it seems obvious to many that this should be done automaticly, along with years of practice and testing, but it’s just not obvious to everyone. Especially someone that clearly has little experience with cloth diapering at all. That by not telling her this, it is setting her up to end up in major drama with buyers thinking she’s intentionally scamming them and ment to send shitty products. When it’s prettyobvious she is proud of her creations and has no idea it’s not something she shoudl be putting a price tag on. I do feel bad for her, she means well and in a few years, if she sticks with it and continues to learn and grow, will be embaressed she put these out there for all to see and charged money for them.”

    And then, I read post 713 and thought “She might not get it after all.” Sigh…….

  697. werd says:

    Peach, I fucking love you. seriously.

    who wants to make me a nb interlock soaker?!

  698. me says:

    726- nope, as in genial holes. She thinks urine comes out of your vagina. And yes, I am sure shes not the deformed one, she showed me her piercings when she got them lol.

  699. cdmd1023 says:

    ok werd, your the last email ill take ๐Ÿ™‚

  700. me says:


  701. diudiaole says:

    ewww like a cloaca? Why not just make it one hole then… that is disgusting

  702. diudiaole says:

    second thought maybe she has an imperforate urethra that fistulas through her vagina… hmmm….

  703. JustPeachy says:

    Thanks werd;)

  704. messy says:

    #724 Me has three holes. No, not me! Me… The person posting as me. Wait. No. Not me me but her me! Yea? I am trying to help her learn that she is deformed (in a nice, nonconfrontational raped ass monkey way).

  705. diudiaole says:

    woohoo I’m getting some orange nb interlock shorties for my little punkin…

  706. me says:

    733- No I’m sure she has three like most other women, she just refuses to acknowledge it no matter how many times I have tried to tell her! And like I said, you would think she would have noticed if not from her own body, then others at least…

    She is not the only person that I know who thinks that, either, unfortunately. She is the the only one who did not look embarrassed and feel stupid when I explained it to them, though.

  707. messy says:

    Ok, I gotta share. When we had only 3 kids, one had an overnight surgery and a male friend watched the other two. I have a friend, I’ll call her Dipshit, who thought a man had no ability to watch kids (we wonder how the hell she dresses herself, but he couldn’t watch the kids…) So, she comes over.
    I notice later that some contraceptive films are missing from my medicine cabinet. She was the only one with access and *need. She already had one kid, Lord knows she did not need another. So, being nice, I knew they had to be folded a certain way to diffuse correctly thus preventing her getting pregnant and passing on more of her Dumbass DNA. I mention those films a few days later. Didn’t say anything about mine missing. I just mentioned that those contraceptive films are complicated and I had a hard time remembering to fold them right, bla bla bla. She said she didn’t see how it could matter. Any way you fold it, it tastes the same ::::gag::::
    Case #2 Dipshit gets a yeast infection. I tell her that yogurt is great for yeasties. She calls me and asks if it is ok to use room temp yogurt. I think room temp would taste nasty, but what ever… I say sure, just don’t leave it out. She says no problem, her dh is quick with it. ??? She explains that between the cold metal spoon and the cold yogurt, it is really uncomfortable. I swear, I thought she had a tooth ache. Ummm… No. They were spoon feeding her hoohah. To this day, we can’t eat yogurt and not laugh.
    Oh Case #3 They don’t talk to us anymore. Her dh is mad as hell at me years later for telling Dipshit that just because her dh had the checkbook, she could not write a check. He told her it was illegal to use checks out of order so she never got into the checks at home.
    There are so many other funny things she has done over the years…

  708. messy says:

    #738 I seriously could not imagine someone not knowing their own bodies! Crazy! My boys even know girls have 3.

  709. cdmd1023 says:

    messy- im dying here. more stories!!!!

  710. messy says:

    #740 I took Dipshit to the mall with me. We were listening to a song we liked when I turned the car off. We went shopping… Got back in the car. She kept jacking with my radio stations. I asked her what she wanted… She was looking for the song we were listening to when we going out hours before. I told her we didn’t have a cassette player in the car, she said she knew. Then asked me if I remembered which station it was so we could listen to the rest of it.

  711. ~*~MOMMA~*~ says:

    lol, OMFG hahahahhaa

  712. JustPeachy says:

    OMFG!!!!! YOGURT VAJAYJAY?? That is fucking priceless! I am thankful I don’t know anyone personally that is that dumb. Stupidity is the one thing that makes me wanna smack ppl.

  713. me says:

    You can put yogurt actually on your vulva for yeast…but I wouldnt go shoving it in!

  714. naturalmamadot says:

    no wonder all my friends keep getting pregnant on accident, they are sticking BC pills in their vag and putting spermicide jelly on their toast lol

  715. itsraininghere says:

    I’m confused. . . where were ppl talking about connorsmama and what was said here?

    keep the stories coming messy. seriously, that’s brilliant.

  716. messy says:

    OMG!!! ROFLMAO!!! Spermicide jelly!?!?!?! #744 Dh wanted to get her some wooden spoons every year for Christmas after that. All I could think of was how she would get the splinters out of *there*.
    But yea, Dipshit is so not smart (I hate to call her stupid)! We were friends in school and then her dh and mine were best friends. But we just couldn’t take it anymore. To top it off, she is the dumbest Bible thumper you would ever meet. It really is sad when you stop laughing at her “message”.

  717. naturalmamadot says:

    lol she sounds like a very annoying hoot

  718. Booyah says:

    I am dying over the Dipshit radio story. That’s just a whole new kind of special!

    You can indeed use yogurt to battle yeasties. I have heard of woman putting it on a tampon applicator and sliding it in. Or filling the fingers of a rubber glove with yogurt, freezing it, and then making insertable yogurt-sicles. They also make yogurt pills which would be even easier.

  719. diudiaole says:

    #738 — lol very funny… for treating mild yeast infections you can put some plain yogurt on a pad… never heard of actually spooning it into your vagina though…god I hope it wasn’t the kind with fruit in it LMAO Why wouldn’t they just go to walmart and buy some monostat 7 for $12…

  720. diudiaole says:

    did I kill this thread?

  721. Angie says:

    Zzzz There really isn’t any more drama on DS?

  722. sji says:

    I’ve seen little drama here and there, but nothing worthy of a thread. It’s just small tiffs.

  723. tweedledee*dee says:

    diudiaole, not for me! LOL!

    For those of us who come into the thread way late, I found the stories quite entertaining. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Ok, so there is really nothing new on DS? I am in and out of there some, but don’t stay long. Loving me some CDN though!

  724. 2dogs says:

    “spoon feeding her hoohaa”

    ROFLMAO!!!! This isn’t the same husband & wife team that stuck a dildo on a reciprocating saw, is it?

  725. JustPeachy says:

    There’s drama but I think TDM and DSDM2 are slacking ๐Ÿ˜›

  726. messy says:

    Diud~ you didn’t kill it… I had to put the baby to sleep. Then I fell asleep LOL. I am old and tired like that.

  727. newhere says:

    Where’s the drama Peach?

  728. messy says:

    …neeeed drammma… neeeed drammma… having dt’s… (That’s drama tremors from withdrawl!!!)

  729. JustPeachy says:

    Ok now I have reason not to go on the HC forums any more. Apparently everyone there is a wahm kiss ass.
    I know I shouldn’t have gone back to Korin’s thread but I did and I am glad because it was a real eye opener. Let them pay 45 bucks for a pair of crappy knit shorties with uneven legs and then see how they feel LOL.

  730. JustPeachy says:

    Oh not currently but there has been a lot of bloggable drama these past few days. Wahm copycatting and yarn price gouging to name two.

  731. diudiaole says:

    Ok since we’re having a drama drought, have you all seen this music vid:

  732. messy says:

    Peachy, which thread on HC are you talking about?

  733. messy says:

    #762 I have no idea what I just watched ROFL! Was it old Japanese gangsters with aquanet addictions? ๐Ÿ˜›

  734. diudiaole says:

    They are a real gang in Japan called the Rockabilly Boyz that dance publicly like that every Sunday LOL I just learned about it myself yesterday… like wtf asian rockabillies?? pretty entertaining IMO… especially that guy in the leopard print coat hahaha

  735. messy says:

    Ok, I gotta go watch it again. I was sooo intrigued by the hair that I missed a lot of the rest ROFLMAO!

  736. diudiaole says:

    hardcore men playing leap frog…

  737. StacEy says:

    folks, I’ve tested for a super popular (no drama) wahm…and she charges NOTHING. Sends beautiful items for free and just asks for honest feedback. I know that’s not realistic for everybody, but if you own a business its a “business expense”.


  738. naturalmamadot says:

    lmfao DS loves the vid he dancing lol

  739. diudiaole says:

    StacEy — who is it?? LOL j/k too many weasels out there looking for something for nothing IMO… I’d expect more honest reviews on low cost testers than free ones… people go crazy when free stuff is offered… like getting every family member all over the country to ask for a free tester, so some weasel gets a free diaper stash…. if it were people I knew well, yeah maybe, otherwise, no..

  740. naturalmamadot says:

    haha I looked up some more vids of them im lmao over here

  741. messy says:

    I looked up more of his videos too. Ummm… The Lay It Down one is bizarre. I seriously don’t get it…

  742. sji says:

    Wow! Ebay is such a yard sale! How can she charge $5 for a wool cover and then ship it for free? She’s not even coming out even, let alone her time.

  743. tweedledee*dee says:

    eBay sucks big green donkey d**ks! I was one of the “old timers” there and they took the eBay we knew and loved and shot it all to hell. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    **We now return you to our regularly scheduled drama**

  744. itsraininghere says:

    tweedledee. . . i’m pretty sure, at this point, ebay is our scheduled drama.

    did anyone just see a tumbleweed roll by?

  745. diudiaole says:

    Can anyone actually make any money on ebay? I just paid a $17 listing fee for a $50 item that didn’t sell… I did get it highlighted so it wouldn’t get completely buried, but shit… oh and my account was placed on hold because it had been a week since they sent the invoice and I hadn’t paid it yet… I was having a baby thank-you and my account has been in good standing for over 8 years. I hate ebay.

  746. diudiaole says:

    Can you imagine the drama if someone actually had a diaper renting business? What happens when they pay their $3 and it comes back all pilly and stained? You’d have to have them pay a deposit… and man, would the drama explode when people lose deposits for not following the ‘rental agreement’.. methinks bad idea…

  747. celestialdreamer says:

    So. done. at. Diaperswappers.

    Every single time I try to go on there my antivirus software goes crazy telling me that a virus is trying to download and it shows which webpage it is coming from….DS of course. They are fucking liars and I am DONE!

    That is all, lol.

  748. diudiaole says:

    aww look what’s coming to me next week:


  749. messy says:

    What are the free malware virus prevention programs? My Norton did not catch it and now every time I go on DS the malware pops up or an adobe acrobat upgrade that is linked to a virus… Ugh.

  750. Rika says:

    Clearly, Goodmama learned A LOT from the SYOF1 debaucle because I received this winner in the mail today:

    Same ridiculously low snap alignment as the recalled SYOFs, hell one is even on the serging. Zero quality control as usual. Hooray!

  751. diudiaole says:

    I’ve got the AVG free version anti-virus… I’ve had 2 attempted attacks in the past month, but nothing for awhile now

  752. diudiaole says:

    oh my link was jacked up — here are the newborn shorties I’ve got coming:

  753. 2dogs says:

    #782 eek….that’s a beauty

  754. diudiaole says:

    #782 — that’s just ridiculous… can’t believe they are getting away with it…

  755. diudiaole says:

    #786…. so she’s going to buy “all” her nb stash from SC?? Like $900 per dozen dipes LMAO

  756. naturalmamadot says:

    are raves not allowed, or do you think shes lying or is that some chick Im missing some history on?

  757. 2dogs says:

    Nope – just seems odd, is all.

    “I read some stuff about her on the internet and told her about it so she wanted to thank me”. Just seems weird, since most of the ‘stuff’ you read about her (outside of her own blog) is negative.

    *admittedly drama-hungry*

  758. Rika says:

    Despite my better judgement to let mistakes be and just return/exchange it, curiosity got the best of me and I opened up the Beetle to see why that far left snap looks so scrunched. It’s because the corresponding snap on the main snap flap thingy is about a half centimeter higher than the rest in the row. I’m not picky or anything and many of my WAHM diapers don’t have even snap rows, but at least it answers that question.

    Also, taking the diaper apart made that sad last snap even sadder. Seriously, how did this NOT get noticed? What made the woman/man who put the snaps on this think this was OK?

  759. theinvisible says:

    It’s as simple as this: Goodmama will not learn anything as long as mamas keep buying their diapers. Why should they change anything if the diapers are selling either way? I am sure that the reason for all of the problems is Goodmama is a totally commercial operation at this point but has failed to create a quality control program. Keep buying those jacked up diapers, mamas, and I forsee it getting worse not better.

  760. Rika says:

    In fairness, CS got back to me fairly quickly and is sending out a SASE to return it in, so while their quality control is crap, at least they aren’t giving me crap about returning it.

  761. yikes says:

    That’s the saddest GM I’ve ever seen. Who pack that shit up to ship it? They can’t have *that* many orders that you would miss something that craptastic. I think they ship the shit out and hope for the best that it won’t come back.

  762. Aj says:

    #786 I was just coming to link that…really weird.

  763. JustPeachy says:

    It was the HC post that was linked above. I’m over it now really. Let them think that I am crazy because I am honest. And maybe just going off emailing her and being nasty wasnt the best idea but Korin strikes me as one of those people who just doesn’t get it.

  764. naturalmamadot says:

    I dont think you were being nasty in the least. SOMEONE has to tell her she is bad or at least not great. SOMEONE has to tell everyone in every trade that they are NOT good enough to be charging that much or selling at all. There is no shame in testing and perfecting your design there IS shame in trying to sell of complete shit for big (or mediocre) bucks.

  765. an AK mama says:

    I’m so glad I came too late to the CD party to get in on the GM craze. If I paid $35 and got something that looked like that I would flip. Not to mention what my hubby would say about it!

  766. diudiaole says:

    About the SC rave though… Daphne sent her a cover as a reward for giving her the heads up about a thread regarding SC… how does that have anything to do with customer service???

  767. diudiaole says:

    Whoever is using the snap press at the GM ‘factory’ has got to be high on crack… totally unacceptable.

  768. itsraininghere says:

    don’t feel bad peach.

    there will always be someone on the “other side”, who will sit back and say “but she’s so nice” blah blah blah. In the end, they would throw a bitch fit if they got something that was horribly sewn.

    i am not sorry for anything I said. It was mean, and I’m sorry that I was mean. However, imo if you are not able to produce quality items, you are scamming ppl out of their money. No different than any of the other scams going on out there.

  769. diudiaole says:

    is this cute or what? It is so much harder trying to find cute boy stuff…

  770. Cheesewhiz says:

    #786 – Hmm…I wonder how many “in-stock” diapers she neglected to ship while she was making a cover for the “tipster”.

    And yeah, 5 grand for NEWBORN diapers would be so TOTALLY worth it.

  771. insomiac says:

    #796 Have you checked back at that HC thread (Korins)? She is now getting some very blunt constructive criticism that is telling her she should not be selling those.
    There is always gonna be the butt kissers that want to make everyone feel all kushy inside but the honest, tell it like it is peeps eventually make it to the party and if we get reeeeaaalll lucky we don’t get deleted by the mods for being ‘too mean’.

  772. DSDM2 says:


  773. insomiac says:

    I don’t know who is who on here so you might already have access anyway,lol, but if not just pm a mod and ask for access and you get it.

  774. insomiac says:

    I can try and copy and paste if needed to.

  775. 2dogs says:

    From the SC post:

    I don’t get it. You dropped a dime on people posting about her poor customer service, and she pays you with a free soaker?

    Nice! ๐Ÿ™‚

  776. Cheesewhiz says:

    Copy/paste please! ๐Ÿ™‚

  777. Lolanae says:

    I actually bought something from Korrin when I first started CD’ing. The seam on the soaker ripped the first time I put it on DD. I had already left feedback prior to that. It was a sale item, so I chalked it up to a loss and let it go. I was still a total newbie then.

  778. insomiac says:

    I’ll do my best with C&P

    this was her OP:

    Author Message
    Hyena with 1 spot

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    HC$ 10.55
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    PostPosted: Thu Mar 19, 2009 8:10 pm Post subject: Consrtuctive critisism/Advice Reply with quote
    Ok, So I have recently taken up knitting, and have done enough where I felt it was a time to sell them and other people have told me my knitting is beautiful and that im definately ready to sell. So i have been selling them and have had nothing but positive fb about my knitting, and people telling me how gorgeous it is and so on.

    But out of the blue i get a message from a mama telling me that “I ought to be ashamed of myself for my crappy knitting and over pricing my knits, and that i have sunk very low and she hopes that no one ever buys from me again”

    This person was not a customer of mine, nor has she seen my knits in person or ever bought anything from me. So I simply ask what her issue is with me, and why she is being like that.. her reply was..

    “That i over priced my knitting, that it was bad, that i constantly jump on the train to what is popular, and that it is a slap in the face to mamas who care about their knitting and work hard to perfect their craft”

    I AM HONESTLY taken back? really? where does this come from? Is my knitting bad???????? I havent had a problem selling it, or any problems with people who have bought it.. i am so upset that someone would stoop to that level just to tell me off?!

    What should I do?

    then alot of people who are clueless saying oh poor you, I am sure they are fine.
    well then she posted pictures and said what she charged for them and after that a couple more people said they were fine but then:


    I liked the boob ones better

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    PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, 2009 5:26 pm Post subject: Reply with quote
    They look like you’re headed in the right direction, but I do see twisted stitches, some areas where it looks like you increased for the gusset in the wrong place, and some other stitching oddities. The gusset looks different on all four of the pairs… you might want to try playing around with different types of increase stitch to really make the gusset lay nicely. If you’re increasing for thigh width, try doing it in places that won’t show.

    To be honest I’m not really up on what people should be charging as beginning knitters. I think based on what you’ve shown, you might want to stick with doing “tester” slots for a while yet until you really get your pattern nailed down, and you get used to the rhythm of knitting for sale.

    It’s a whole different ball of wax than knitting for yourself or friends, and no matter how little or how much someone pays, they’re going to expect perfection UNLESS you make it clear that you’re selling for a reduced price because you are a beginner, or you’re refining your pattern.

    Hope that helps!


    Cub with 3 spots

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    PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, 2009 9:56 pm Post subject: Reply with quote
    The knits look nice but as the previous poster mentioned I would keep offering tester slots until you decide on a pattern. Your still working on a pattern that will work for you.

    I know when I buy knitted items I expect them to be perfect. I spend a lot of money on them and I know I would be disappointed if I spent that much money and they had twisted stitches etc.

    cheryl b.
    No Remorse — I got the spider bag!!!!!

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    PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, 2009 11:28 pm Post subject: Reply with quote
    skyebU wrote:

    I know when I buy knitted items I expect them to be perfect. I spend a lot of money on them and I know I would be disappointed if I spent that much money and they had twisted stitches etc.

    I agree, I think with knitted items they really do have to be perfect to sell them. I am a very newbie knitter and could easily spot the flaws that the PP mentioned.
    There are so many fabulous knitters on HC right now that you would have to drastically undercut (for lack of a better word) them in order to sell your woolies for a fair price based on your knitting skills imo.

    Just Nikki
    I am wearing my Queen Dork Crown

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    PostPosted: Sat Mar 21, 2009 12:00 am Post subject: Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post
    My only thought was something was odd with the gussets on them. I do think it needs to be worked on before charging people for them. Your prices seem to be about what many very seasoned knitters charge, which is not really gonna work out and may be what the message was about from whoever that was that emailed you. It may not have needed to come across as aggressively as it did but if she is a knitter or something that could see the issues and was have a frustrated day, maybe it just came out as it did.

    I would nail down the exact pattern that you want to go with and send out a few testers for cost or something. Try and make sure you get people to test that KNOW what they are talking about and will be honest with you because it really can help you better your craft and that can only help you in the long run.



    hope all that comes through correctly!

  779. insomiac says:

    well darn. I copy and pasted but it did not show up at all. what did I do wrong?

  780. insomiac says:

    let me try a little at a time:

    her OP:
    Ok, So I have recently taken up knitting, and have done enough where I felt it was a time to sell them and other people have told me my knitting is beautiful and that im definately ready to sell. So i have been selling them and have had nothing but positive fb about my knitting, and people telling me how gorgeous it is and so on.

    But out of the blue i get a message from a mama telling me that “I ought to be ashamed of myself for my crappy knitting and over pricing my knits, and that i have sunk very low and she hopes that no one ever buys from me again”

    This person was not a customer of mine, nor has she seen my knits in person or ever bought anything from me. So I simply ask what her issue is with me, and why she is being like that.. her reply was..

    “That i over priced my knitting, that it was bad, that i constantly jump on the train to what is popular, and that it is a slap in the face to mamas who care about their knitting and work hard to perfect their craft”

    I AM HONESTLY taken back? really? where does this come from? Is my knitting bad???????? I havent had a problem selling it, or any problems with people who have bought it.. i am so upset that someone would stoop to that level just to tell me off?!

    What should I do?

  781. insomiac says:

    then a bunch of clueless people patter her back and told her it was okay and that they were sure it was not that bad.

    then she posted pictures and prices

    a couple more people said they thought they were okay but then…..

  782. insomiac says:

    Slurpee Lover!!!

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    PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, 2009 5:06 pm Post subject: Reply with quote
    What is your pricing set at? Those look nice, but I can see a few flaws in them, and wouldn’t want to pay the same rate I would for an established knitter, KWIM? Have you already decided on which pattern you are using? It looks to me like you have been experimenting with a few, based on the different gussets you have tried.

  783. insomiac says:

    I liked the boob ones better

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    PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, 2009 5:26 pm Post subject: Reply with quote
    They look like you’re headed in the right direction, but I do see twisted stitches, some areas where it looks like you increased for the gusset in the wrong place, and some other stitching oddities. The gusset looks different on all four of the pairs… you might want to try playing around with different types of increase stitch to really make the gusset lay nicely. If you’re increasing for thigh width, try doing it in places that won’t show.

    To be honest I’m not really up on what people should be charging as beginning knitters. I think based on what you’ve shown, you might want to stick with doing “tester” slots for a while yet until you really get your pattern nailed down, and you get used to the rhythm of knitting for sale.

    It’s a whole different ball of wax than knitting for yourself or friends, and no matter how little or how much someone pays, they’re going to expect perfection UNLESS you make it clear that you’re selling for a reduced price because you are a beginner, or you’re refining your pattern.

    Hope that helps!

  784. insomiac says:

    Cub with 3 spots

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    PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, 2009 9:56 pm Post subject: Reply with quote
    The knits look nice but as the previous poster mentioned I would keep offering tester slots until you decide on a pattern. Your still working on a pattern that will work for you.

    I know when I buy knitted items I expect them to be perfect. I spend a lot of money on them and I know I would be disappointed if I spent that much money and they had twisted stitches etc.

  785. insomiac says:

    cheryl b.
    No Remorse — I got the spider bag!!!!!

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    PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, 2009 11:28 pm Post subject: Reply with quote
    skyebU wrote:

    I know when I buy knitted items I expect them to be perfect. I spend a lot of money on them and I know I would be disappointed if I spent that much money and they had twisted stitches etc.

    I agree, I think with knitted items they really do have to be perfect to sell them. I am a very newbie knitter and could easily spot the flaws that the PP mentioned.
    There are so many fabulous knitters on HC right now that you would have to drastically undercut (for lack of a better word) them in order to sell your woolies for a fair price based on your knitting skills imo.

  786. insomiac says:

    Just Nikki
    I am wearing my Queen Dork Crown

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    HC$ 48.04

    PostPosted: Sat Mar 21, 2009 12:00 am Post subject: Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post
    My only thought was something was odd with the gussets on them. I do think it needs to be worked on before charging people for them. Your prices seem to be about what many very seasoned knitters charge, which is not really gonna work out and may be what the message was about from whoever that was that emailed you. It may not have needed to come across as aggressively as it did but if she is a knitter or something that could see the issues and was have a frustrated day, maybe it just came out as it did.

    I would nail down the exact pattern that you want to go with and send out a few testers for cost or something. Try and make sure you get people to test that KNOW what they are talking about and will be honest with you because it really can help you better your craft and that can only help you in the long run.


  787. insomiac says:

    YAY it worked.!
    okay that is all for now.
    so she is finally getting told her work is not up to par ๐Ÿ˜‰

  788. siriusmama says:

    I am cheryl b. there (I wish I had put siriusmama as my user name there ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ) and nothing any of us said isn’t 100% true so they had better not defend her and say it was “one of the WAHM gestapo… better known as the drama of ds blog.”, grrrrrr. I can’t stand it when I see peeps asking for REAL feedback (not saying Corin was, I think she was just starting “woe is me” drama) and getting a canned “your stuff looks great!” from everyone. Like that lady on DS *rollseyes*
    I responded to her pricing thread but it looks like it was deleted, does anyone know why?

  789. Cheesewhiz says:

    I am so glad people are deciding to fill her in!!! I’m really curious about her response…!

  790. theinvisible says:

    Thank you insomniac!

  791. mmspirit7 says:

    The mama in the link i posted got taken…the other mama has the diapers and her money in other words she got them for free. and she left negative feedback

  792. me says:

    822- That is a crazy mess!

  793. rubberneck says:

    Just wanted to jump on re: the thread about Korin on HC. I was the one who called you the WAHM gestapo…. cuz really, isnt that what the bulk of this blog is? Calling out WAHM’s who are either TOTALLY legitimately scammers (fair game imo) or who just dont measure up to what you feel is an appropriate standard (imo totally pointless waste of time)… i read this blog for three reasons… 1. its pretty entertaining 2. I like to know who the scammers are and I know they’ll get outed here eventually 3. I’m not a fan of DS.

    I just dont get it when you tear a WAHM down for what seems like entertainment…

    I have no comment about Korin’s work itself (good or bad, her work will speak for itself in the end)… but kinda felt bad for her that she had to receive such a mean spirited letter from one of you which is why I posted that she ignore the letter and focus on her craft. I guess I just dont quite understand the point/purpose of trying to upset her. I’m glad she’s getting feedback that is honest/constructive now. (so maybe some good did come of this…not so sure the hurt feelings need to go along with it though)

    just call me sensitive i guess… and i’m totally willing to discuss this.

  794. theinvisible says:

    3miracles is was a little hasty it seems. I sure wouldn’t sell to her. God forbid it takes a few days for something to arrive.

  795. theinvisible says:

    is was….nak, sorry

  796. me says:

    It’ll be deleted soon of course for outing, though..

  797. JustPeachy says:

    Thank you for c&p the thread. I stayed away because I was really upset at being called a wacko. Nikki worded it perfectly. I was having a rough day and came off much harsher then I had intended. As I said before I do lack tact at times and this just happened to be one of those times. I am just glad not everyone is blowing rainbows and sunshine up her ass.

  798. mmspirit7 says:

    she didn’t name her the other party so how is it outing? I guess I don’t know the ds rules that well. I think it should be outed though and worked out for us all to see and judge if we want to work with them but that’s my 2 cents.

  799. werd says:

    wow another one makes it on the do not BST list – what a whack job. Negative feedback for getting your diapers in a week? What a bitch!

  800. Cheesewhiz says:

    Oh my goodness….3 miracles sounds exactly like momof2miracles, which is/was a TOTAL SCAMMER!!!!! I think she was preggers too, so that would make sense…WTF????

  801. me says:

    According to the rules, it is outing because both people left feedback and it is clearly visible who the other person is. I know, it is stupid. The rules have gotten ridiculous as well since Lee bought the site.

    And yes, I thibk people SHOULD be outed for crazy shit like that….

  802. Cheesewhiz says:

    And 3 miracles….

    UM, hello…she is NEW with FB starting AFTER momoftwomiracles was BANNED for SCAMMING!!!!! AGHHHH!!!

  803. mmspirit7 says:

    Well that’s the dumbest shit I have ever heard then really what is the point of that forum. sure as hell not to help those that get screwed! ugh….maybe time to leave I haven’t found a cd that works on dd anyways.

  804. Cheesewhiz says:

    In case it gets deleted:

    Today, 06:51 PM #27 Report Post
    ericsgirl’s Avatar
    Registered Users

    Join Date: Mar 2008
    Location: Southern CA
    Posts: 674
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    My Mood:

    Re: What do I do?

    Check out this iTrader link for momoftwomiracles…TOTAL SCAMMER…

    I HIGHLY suspect it is the SAME MAMA…she was preggers if I recall, so the name would make sense, and the FB this mama has started AFTER momoftwomiracles was banned for SCAMMING.

    I don’t care if this gets deleted for outing…you should DEF PM a mod about this…

  805. TaraC says:

    Looks like this thread may get juicy!

    I just emailed it and took screenshots just incase.

    Oh, and Hi, I’m Tara, just found this site a little bit ago and I think it’s great, make me feel safer buying online since I’m getting to know who the scammers actually are instead of having them hidden and protected.

  806. pippen says:

    mmm, finally some drama. unless we’re all so drama hungry that this is just an illusion in the dry spell.

  807. JustPeachy says:

    Can’t lee just ban her IP rather then her usernames? Obviously she is determined and she knows DS is the perfect place to run her scams.

  808. Cheesewhiz says:

    Yeah, Peach, you would THINK so, huh?? Especially since this is at least the THIRD time she has been on DS scamming. The last time, mamas were filing like mad and even getting the police dept. in her town involved because it got so bad. People like this PISS ME OFF to no end.

  809. itsraininghere says:

    can someone c&p the original post that led to all of this momof2miracles3miraclesscamaliciousBS? tia

    insomniac you totally outed yourself bwahaha

    nice to see ppl being honest in wahmland.

  810. Cheesewhiz says:

    #845 – I’m trying to find it…it would seem that the powers that be have deleted any reminders that DS is a scammers paradise…but I’ll do my best! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  811. me says:

    You can ban an IP, but what if she has AOL, or just resets? Voila, new IP and and you can come back. I was banned somewhere a few years ago, and all I had to do was delete my cookies, I mean my name was banned, but I didn’t try to resign up, I’m not that stupid, lol but I could read the entire board still….

  812. Cheesewhiz says:

    This is her “original” scamming name…

    Off to check for the thread using the “momof2miracles” name…

  813. Cheesewhiz says:

    And here it is…:

    I would bet $ it is the same ho…how stupid can you be???

  814. Cheesewhiz says:

    Oh…lmk if you need me to C & P it instead, sorry… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  815. me says:

    Someone needs to ask that woman thats being screwed over if the person she mailed to is in WV and if yes then she has a good reason to freak, and now. If not then maybe not so much except the other person being rude and mean so far.

  816. TaraC says:

    NM my last post, I just caught up and see it was already discussed above.

  817. Cheesewhiz says:

    #851 – Well, from what I’ve read, she HAS the diapers AND the $, and is apparently in no hurry to return either. I agree that someone *tee hee* needs to ask id the mama is from WV. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  818. Cheesewhiz says:



  819. naturalmamadot says:

    honestly lol happyhank totally creeps me out her reponses and shit just…I dunno lol but whatev I hope this gets entertaining

  820. me says:

    To me, she seems like shes upset but then like kind of “meh” about it and its weird!

    Cheezwhiz-you hankerin’ for a bannin’? lol

  821. Cheesewhiz says:

    #855 – You mean how she’s all “The mama took my diapers AND my money, but you know, I just feel so BAD…it wasn’t her fault…and thank you kindly from the bottom of my heart for all your educational responses…” ROFL, yeah.

  822. Cheesewhiz says:

    #856 – LOL…why do you ask?? *wink*

  823. JustPeachy says:

    Rubberneck my intention was not to hurt her feelings. I know I came off that way in the letter but I admit I was in a bad mood and I do lack tact at times.
    However she has had issues with her workmanship before so this is nothing new.
    I apologize for being a bitch to her and I do hope she takes the other mamas advice to heart and does testers because as I told her in my last email to her that it will save her a butt load of hassle in the long run.

  824. Booyah says:

    Oh please. They won’t do anything about it. If she DOES get banned again she’ll just be back under a NEW username because DS doesn’t give a fat steaming shit about its members! Let the scammers roam free!

  825. naturalmamadot says:

    lolol #857 yea she seems like she is writing an essay for english class or something, everything is a)I have learned my lessons, thankyou for being here for me while I work through this difficult time b)I will private message a moderator and will respond here as soon as I get information c) I sound like I am in on the entire thing and am just pulling everyones leg to get them riled up

  826. naturalmamadot says:

    Oh and if it wasnt for your email peach she wouldnt of evr thought twice, no one would of said any of the stuff they have in that thread and even for those who didnt post, at least it was brought up. Could you of been nicer and sugarcoated everything? Maybe I dont know exactly what you said…but would that of gotten her attention enough to actually post even if her intentions werent to really get feedback? probably not, sometimes you have to push someones buttons a little bit for them to perk up and smell the coffee

  827. insomiac says:

    #824 your welcome.
    and oops! didn’t mean to make it c&p twice. that first long bunch was not showing up at first so I thought I had messed something up

    #845 I didn’t know I was trying to be in ๐Ÿ˜‰

    #862 I totally agree.

    the momotwomiracles debacle. I would be pissssssed if I were happy hanky. Why is she acting so weirdo nice about it?
    to which ITA with #855 and 857

  828. jeruco says:

    what happened to camallama’s thread asking for feedback on her pricing and stuff?

    Also, I see that thread on HC forums and the one WAHM who claims everyone on this blog is just out get WAHMS like a witch hunt.

  829. me says:

    Someone bought the pads that she said were not going in her store.

  830. me says:

    By her siggy, that is definitely not momof2miracles etc.

  831. Thud says:

    #864, read back, the HCthread has been nicely discussed here ๐Ÿ™‚

  832. diudiaole says:

    I’ve been laughing at #860 for ten minutes straight now… talk about sleep deprived… but something about the wording of “fat steaming shit”.. ha ha ha

  833. Cheesewhiz says:

    #866 – Whose siggy are you referring to?

  834. rubberneck says:

    Just Peachy… i get bad days… thanks for clearing that up. ๐Ÿ™‚

  835. diudiaole says:

    someone out a scammer or something please… I need drama distractions

  836. Sarah says:

    The stinky CS thread is mildly amusing, note that one of the replies was deleted by mods but since someone quoted the poster it has been preserved

  837. diudiaole says:

    Remember when she made an appearance here to shame someone into paying her an outstanding balance on a completely unrelated transaction? She comes off really money-hungry…

  838. DSDM2 says:

    873, actually that helped out some issues with the person she was owed money from. It showed the person owing money was a twat.

    having said that, I’m not a fan and think she is pretty low/money hungry.

  839. diudiaole says:

    #874: it is a little foggy in my mind, but supposedly they agree’d on SC shipping 4-6 dipes at a time and she sent 1-2 at a time, each package with sig conf etc… I’d be pissed at all the extra I’d have to pay in shipping too if we had already agreed on a total of 2-3 shipments and not 6 or 8

  840. Mary says:

    A fact. I left negative feedaback in hyena cart and she overrided it with pictures. I saw the feedaback highlighted in pink till she realized was there and she went back and changed it. HAHAHA- You can’t take criticism. I don’t know why people likes to sugarcoat her dirty works. We all know better.

  841. diudiaole says:

    Do you all thing it is wrong/low/tacky to rip off a WAHM’s pattern to sew dipes for your own kid?

  842. diudiaole says:

    *think …not thing

  843. messy says:

    #877 Nope. And the general consensus is that it is fine as long as you are not making them to sell.

  844. diudiaole says:

    good to know, been thinking about doing it… hard for me to build a stash when the dipes I like are $25 to $33 a pop

  845. naturalmamadot says:

    I think its fine as long as you dont make them to sell

  846. diudiaole says:

    uh oh… someone get a screen shot quick lol

  847. diudiaole says:

    oh wait… for a sec there I thought the other party was speaking up… sounds like a shitty set though for sure

  848. messy says:

    #882 OMg!!! Drama! I gotta go get some popcorn ๐Ÿ˜€ The OP sounds like a real POS.

  849. diudiaole says:

    mmm popcorn… I wanna hear the response… anyone find the spots listing? LOL

  850. diudiaole says:

    she must have deleted it… sounds hideous though

  851. diudiaole says:

    ahhh thanks! I think I see the stain in the pic too…

  852. messy says:

    WTH did she do to that diaper? It looks severely abused. I have lots of PPs and I am super hard on my dipes (no intention to resell LOL) and none of them shrank or are bleached out like that. How can you list something EUC when it looks like that to start with??? ACK! Dumbass.

  853. diudiaole says:

    Yeah… looks wrinkled, stained… diaper looks bleached and shrunk but she mentioned that… don’t know… what does everyone else think? I wanna say the buyer is the one out of luck here..

  854. naturalmamadot says:

    Wow I see the stain, I definitely would of noticed that before buying..but that doesn’t matter she HAS to know its there and she definitely should refund.

  855. diudiaole says:

    #889: Looks like she ran it through a sanitary cycle with bleach… funny how she can say other than the fact that it is bleached and shrunk it is EUC LOL but still, it is pretty clear from her pic and description I think

  856. messy says:

    The seller is in the wrong IMO. She did not disclose the stain. Also, putting still EUC even though it is obviously not, could be misleading to someone not familiar with PP diapers. The seller has to be upfront. This was the second time she sold this set with the same results. The first time she did not disclose the true condition of either item; this time she did not disclose the condition of the shirt. She seems very shady.

  857. naturalmamadot says:

    I was ORIGINALLY going to comment that I had the same type of thing happen to me but that was before OP turned out to be an asshat lol.

    I have sold a once washed, never worn diaper and had the person claim everything under the SUN was wrong with it. I finally just said screw it, send it back I will refund you and I will take a gander at these horrible problems (she wouldnt send pics) and what do you know, its sitting here in a box next to me a year later STILL nothing wrong with this and STILL never worn haha. Some people will do anything when they are striken with buyers remorse.

  858. naturalmamadot says:

    I think thats the buyer in case no one went to the second page of the fsot thread could be wrong but eh I think so lol

  859. messy says:

    #892 I bleach my PPs all the time… Matter of fact, I have boiled them and also put them in the dishwasher LOL! No shrinking. Some fading, but some are 2 years old and used very very heavily. Those are my workhorses. I am seriously wondering how on earth you can shrink one???
    Also, when an item shrinks, being made of many different materials, it would shrink at different rates. Thus, making the diaper have a funky fit. I have shrank a dipe, but not a PP ๐Ÿ˜‰ Then I threw the shrank dipe in the trash.

  860. diudiaole says:

    Well shoot, I don’t know then… maybe she left it sit overnight soaking in bleach water… maybe it actually is a newborn dipe and not the ‘set’ she wants to see it as…hmmm…. but yeah, saying there is no stain when it is right there on the pic, she should refund.

  861. diudiaole says:

    *sell it as… not see it as… wow I need some sleep..

  862. messy says:

    Why isn’t the OP responding!!!??? Dang it!!! Woman. Feed the drama!!!

  863. naturalmamadot says:

    I contacted the buyer, sent her over here and such

  864. messy says:

    #899 I โค YOU! ROFLMAO! Where is Werd and Bff? I miss them ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  865. naturalmamadot says:

    Has anyone contacted the seller? I really dont want to because Im in a good mood and hearing her spew lies doesnt sound like a grand time but it might be entertaining…

  866. diudiaole says:

    I just sent her an e-mail

  867. messy says:

    I just want to say that I think it is a sack of shit that we can’t have a link to this blog in the siggy portions of our DS screen names. Seriously… It is not “competition” and it obviously generates people going to DS to *look LOL! Heck, after some drama, mamas that were never going back to DS due to the viruses, went back just to check out what ever… Lee is a fuck snot with an inflated ego sans balls disease.

  868. naturalmamadot says:


  869. naturalmamadot says:

    Buyer explained her side in an email, I asked her if I could post it here or if she wants to…waiting on her reply

  870. messy says:

    The second buyer?

  871. messy says:

    People are taking the seller’s side? WTF? She is scamming and people are giving her freaking hugs? Well. I hope nobody ever screws them over like what she is OBVIOUSLY doing to others. I just don’t get people.

  872. naturalmamadot says:

    messy Says:
    March 22, 2009 at 1:06 am

    “The second buyer?”
    yep the second buyer I didnt contact the first buyer but if someone wanted to thatd be cool lol

  873. naturalmamadot says:

    and yea…hopefully all the hugging morons just havent taken the time to look up her fsot thread so they dont know how screwed up the set really was…

  874. me says:

    869-The miracles chick. Her siggy is way different than anything the other one had.

    I see the stain too if it is that big brown splotch by the neckline sort of. WTH?

  875. messy says:

    They are flaming mama-heather now… Pathetic as hell!!!
    The seller should change her siggy to:
    ~~~Screw ’em once = shame on me; Screw ’em twice = shame on them; Fuck it, keep screwing ’em cuz they obviously get off on it!!!~~~

  876. naturalmamadot says:

    omg what the hell is wrong with people…oh yea well I got an obviously fucked to hell set and IM the bad guy…forgot about that sorry for causing any hardship to the scamming OP

  877. naturalmamadot says:

    From the second buyer:
    She refused to give me a refund and said the nightgown was only tried on-never worn. It’s most definitely stained. Perhaps coffee or something was spilled on it because the color reminds me of my daughter’s prune stained bibs, but the spots are kinda round so perhaps it was a liquid. I pretreated and washed the nightgown and nothing. Still stained.
    As for the dipe, I was under the impression that all dipe inserts are the same size as the dipe and these inserts were a good 2 inches larger leading me to believe the diaper was shrunk but not the inserts. I asked for a refund immediately upon opening it and didn’t even try the stuff on my daughter because I was so disappointed. After going to the Piddle Poddle website though I realized that the bedtime soakers are supposed to be longer than the dipe though so that was my fault.
    Regardless, I still got screwed in the situation because the nightgown has absolutely no resale value and I wouldn’t have purchased it had I known it was stained. It just sucks. I guess it’s POSSIBLE that she didn’t realize it was stained? It’s hard to make an assumption when I don’t know the person. I’m just mad I wasted money on something that I wouldn’t even purchase from the thrift store, kwim?

  878. WhoaLilMomma says:

    Here’s the scoop. She refused to give me a refund and said the nightgown was only tried on-never worn. It’s most definitely stained. Perhaps coffee or something was spilled on it because the color reminds me of my daughter’s prune stained bibs, but the spots are kinda round so perhaps it was a liquid. I pretreated and washed the nightgown and nothing. Still stained.As for the dipe, I was under the impression that all dipe inserts are the same size as the dipe and these inserts were a good 2 inches larger leading me to believe the diaper was shrunk but not the inserts. I asked for a refund immediately upon opening it and didn’t even try the stuff on my daughter because I was so disappointed. After going to the Piddle Poddle website though I realized that the bedtime soakers are supposed to be longer than the dipe though so that was my fault.Regardless, I still got screwed in the situation because the nightgown has absolutely no resale value and I wouldn’t have purchased it had I known it was stained-regardless of the price. It just sucks.

  879. messy says:

    Seller knew it was stained. The first buyer told her as much. The whole thing is just ridiculous. And ya know, DS will remove the thread, protect the scammer, and life goes on.

  880. itsraininghere says:

    i thought i’ve heard ppl complaining that pp’s shrink?

    we are talking about piddle poddles or whatever, right? i’m not following the linky. . . i don’t want herpes.

  881. naturalmamadot says:

    Yup ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I really hate DS some days

  882. naturalmamadot says:

    haha okay all days

  883. me says:

    Now she (the op) says she can see the stain. Ummm, what?

  884. naturalmamadot says:

    yea its a piddle poddle … I know nothing about them though so no clue if they shrink

  885. messy says:

    #919 The first seller told her about the stain. She knew before the second sale. Scammer @@

  886. itsraininghere says:

    sorry, just read the update, saw that there was no shrinking.

  887. naturalmamadot says:

    Who is Mama2acrew? I heart you!

  888. messy says:

    No shrinking? Huh? It is shrunk to a nb size, I thought…?

  889. me says:

    Somethings funky here and its not just that she sold it twice without disclosing issues….

  890. mmspirit7 says:

    What’s funky?

  891. me says:

    921- Yeah, I know she knew about it even if she didn’t notice before selling the first time, but she was saying there wasn’t one. Then someone shows her her own pic and all of a sudden she can see it and apologizes WHAT?

  892. naturalmamadot says:

    lol yea whats funky? *whooosh* over my head

  893. messy says:

    #928 According to the first buyer, the smell was funky ROFL!!! I have no idea what “me” is saying though…

  894. naturalmamadot says:

    haha yea

  895. messy says:

    Seller is viewing the thread now. I bet her hands hurt from all the PMs to mods begging to have it removed. Wonder if she will comment again?

  896. naturalmamadot says:

    hahahaha “I bet her hands hurt” hahahah

    I hope the buyer gets her refund and shit, she says seller PMed her apologizing now

  897. WhoaLilMomma says:

    She’s refunding me for the shirt

  898. theinvisible says:

    Here is a c&p of the OP and the response by buyer #1 for those who don’t want to risk it (I can’t seem to help myself):
    Yesterday, 05:28 PM #1

    Registered Users

    Join Date: Feb 2009
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    My Mood: help please
    So i sold a diaper and shirt set to a mama on here. It was sold for relatively cheap. i sold it to her for $20, and it retails for $55. Anyways, in the listing it had pictures of the set, and very clearly stated that the diaper was shrunk down to newborn size and quite a bit lighter in color than the nightgown.
    well she got it today and wants a refund.
    She knew that it was shrunk…
    she also says the shirt is stained which i know it is not, my daughter has not worn the shirt it has only been tried on and washed.
    so what should i do. i dont feel like i should have to refund her since everything was clearly stated. But if i dont then she will leave neg feedback.
    She is a very new mama as well only has 1 feedback. so if i do refund her, who is to say she will send it back…
    what should i do???
    Today, 06:49 PM #8

    Registered Users

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    My Mood: Re: help please
    AHEM, I need to step in here and address this right now:

    Not trying to butt in here, but I feel as though this needs said. The whole facts need to be known about this set.

    I believe this is the SAME PP AI2 Blue Ice Cream Cones Dipe and NightGown you sold me a few weeks ago. The dipe was in fact shrunk, a lot lighter in color than the picture (like it had been bleached), and the nightgown DID have a brown stain on the front of it when I received it. Neither one smelled clean either. Those issues were NOT disclosed during the sale when I first purchased it from you, so I made you aware of those things when I did receive it, and you kindly refunded me and I returned it to you, no problems.

    I know you relisted it on Spots, and on here as well, I think. I also know when you relisted it, that you disclosed the shrinkage of the dipe, but NOT the stain on the front of the nightgown.

    All I want you to know is that if this IS the same set, which I am pretty sure it is; as its the only one you had listed at the time….you need to disclose the issues with what you are selling. That is only fair, mama.

    IMHO, you NEED to fairly give this mama her refund, and TRUST her to send it back to you, same as you did me. That is the only right thing to do here.

    Again, I apologize for just butting in here, but I was the first recipient of this set, and this needed said. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DISCLOSE things that are wrong with your products/items.

  899. me says:

    Funky I mean she sold it. She was told of issues and got it back and refunded. Again she sold it and did not tell of one of the issues and then complained that shes being taken basically and that the only issue is the diaper. Then all of a sudden in the pic she can see the stain that she insisted was not there and apologized? Thats pretty funky, I think!

    (and yes, the firs buyer said it smelled too so there you go ๐Ÿ˜† )

  900. BffMama says:

    You rang?! Ahhhhhh I โค You Miss Messy.

  901. mmspirit7 says:

    i sent a link to the first buyer to here. hope no one minds.

  902. WhoaLilMomma says:

    Karma is a bitch ๐Ÿ™‚

  903. WhoaLilMomma says:

    Alright ladies I’m going to bed. Thanks for your help!

  904. theinvisible says:

    I see it is now “resolved”. Too bad you still look like you were trying to screw a new mama. And another for the list…

  905. naturalmamadot says:

    lol ah okay I thought you meant you had inside info one something ELSE funky hehe

  906. naturalmamadot says:

    have a good night mama hope you get this all worked out ASAP

  907. NataschaN says:

    What the heck is going on?

    No new topic in DAYS….

  908. Munklettes says:

    #934 – thanks for pointing that post out. Now I can add another one to my “do not b/s/t” list

  909. DSDM2 says:

    #944, I can’t afford a new computer that I’ll have to get if I get the DS viruses. I already dropped a few hundred bucks b/c of it.

    It is hard to get drama if you are afraid to go to a site.

  910. magpiedpiper says:

    Seller has deleted the original post, so I can’t back this up, but if I recall from when I first read it she totally implied that the second buyer was very likely scamming HER – talking about her only one feedback, etc. Seems like she was trying to get out of having to eat yet another sale by making the buyer look like a liar. And since she knew about the issues after the first sale, I am just in awe over someone really being that much of a sleazy scumbag. And then having people actually defend her right to lie and misrepresent since that forum is for giving transaction advice, not telling the truth. *eyeroll

  911. messy says:

    The seller is on my DO NOT B/S/T! She is a twatwaffle with mayo. Blech.
    Thanks Theinvisible for C&Ping her post because she deleted it. Shady much?

  912. messy says:

    #947 the post is copied HERE in post #935 ๐Ÿ™‚ And you are totally right!

  913. BffMama says:

    I prefer my twatwaffles with syrup tho.

  914. messy says:

    Mag… I know where you live!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Can you answer a question for me? Super pretty please? Totally un diaper related! LOL!

  915. messy says:

    #950 Bff, that seller was a syrup short of being even a decent twatwaffle. She can even make twat waffles look bad. Wonder if Daphne is her hero?

  916. Lisa_m says:

    889 & 916: PP’s do shrink (or at least maybe some of the fabric did that she was using last summer ). I had 2 custom PP’s both the same size initially and the one shrank to like a newborn/small size after only a few washes. I’ve never used bleach on my diapers or had any problems with shrinking with other PP’s or other brands.

  917. magpiedpiper says:

    I felt the original post needed to go back on the thread…thanks for the c&p. lol

    Because without that original post and info from the first buyer, anyone who later checked feedback to do a little digging but didn’t know about this site could easily have thought that whoalilmama was the scammer. And I’m sorry, but that is just all kinds of wrong and seller shouldn’t be able to get away with trying to cover up her lies.

  918. messy says:

    Also, I hope buyer #2 leaves a negative feedback for this! Mention that she was scammed!!! Don’t let her skate with decent feedback to screw everyone else over.

  919. BffMama says:

    946: Agree! Any HC drama? LOL

  920. theinvisible says:

    I had no doubt she would delete it herself after the first buyer posted. She absolutely implied that the new mama was the scammer, too. I couldn’t believe someone would continue to give her :hugs: (totally sarcastic tone, btw). Eewww. And not to bring up old drama, but I am still skeeved out by the response given by VickiBoggs(?) on the Itsasnap thread. For some reason that really pissed me off that she was a friend of the OP and tried to come off like just another WAHM. Who the hell is she anyway? And the whole nervy newbie comment really rubbed me the wrong way. Sorry. Had to get that off my chest.

  921. messy says:

    Seller is reading the thread again… No apologies from her. Just delete it and pretend she never said it… PATHETIC!!! Take your poor daughter’s name OUT OF YOUR UN! Scamming people with your kid’s name and pic is a sign of a sick bitch!!! Burned twat waffle with mayo!!!

  922. yikes says:

    Oh shit, I’m gonna have to out myself. Now I won’t be able to be such a giant bitchdouche on here, but someone just recommended CC Bums to me for mama cloth. lol.

  923. messy says:

    OMg. Yikes. Don’t do it. Do not go to the CC side. It might be proven that wearing mama cloth like CC bums causes women to go “menstral” and kill people! Where ya gonna post at? LOL!

  924. BffMama says:

    I am confused (which is easy to do).

  925. magpiedpiper says:

    #959 – surely that had to be a wink and a nudge kind of recommendation, right? I hope…

    Ok, just read through some threads. I guess not.

  926. yikes says:

    no, I think she was serious. check the what’s on the bum thread, too.

  927. messy says:

    Links? I can’t find it!!!

  928. BffMama says:

    964: I picture you screaming that out like on ER when they are in surgery asking for instruments STAT, with their hand outstretched.


  929. yikes says:

    #965 lol.

  930. BffMama says:

    This is the mama cloth/CC Bum recommendation.

  931. magpiedpiper says:

    Looks like according to fb they did a trade. This mama makes her own mama cloth, but CC Bums are “nicer.”

    note to self – don’t ever buy anything sewn by her. lol

  932. yikes says:

    seriously, right?

    almost 1000 comments on this post, methinks we need new drama.

  933. messy says:

    Yikes… Maybe you should order from CC Bums. You might get repurposed old gym socks backed with granny’s repurposed plastic bed protector!

  934. yikes says:

    Messy – and only $25.00 for a set of three! Whoo hoo!!!!!

  935. magpiedpiper says:

    Oh that made me gag a little picturing the state dh’s nasty gym socks are in by the time he lets me toss them. Ugh. Sock crotch scent.

  936. yikes says:

    Sock crotch. Love it.

  937. 2dogs says:

    note to self – donโ€™t ever buy anything sewn by her. lol

    LOL!!! No shit! I wonder if there’s a old blue-haired granny missing her fleece blanket somewhere. Hmmm.

  938. yikes says:

    I could combine shipping with my Ogre Mittens.

  939. messy says:

    Every time CC restocks, check the nursing homes for cold old ladies!!!

  940. messy says:


  941. messy says:

    OGRE MITTENS ROFL!!! I am laughing so hard I am crying!!! OMG!!!

  942. yikes says:

    Stop! I’m laughing too hard over here….

  943. 2dogs says:

    Ooooh – but only if I can get a side order of ‘big honkin wad of synthetic felt’.

  944. magpiedpiper says:

    Next up – CC Bums Diva cups from repurposed yogurt cups!

  945. theinvisible says:

    Please stop. I just had a baby and am still a bit incontinent. Ogre mittens almost made me pee myself.

  946. messy says:

    #982 Dh and I are laughing sooo hard. Dh said, no! Leave the yogurt cups full, it is easy injection for Dipshit!!! ROFLMAO!

  947. yikes says:

    oh my god, i totally woke up the baby!

  948. 2dogs says:

    BLAHAHAHAHA…..I had almost forgotten about your spoon-fed hoohaa friend. OMG I may have to start reading this thread all over again just for those stories.

  949. theinvisible says:

    and just for the record, the one pimpimg cc bums makes some ugly diapers herself. usually out of old clothes. when taking recomendation always consider the source.

  950. yikes says:

    Thanks for the laugh, ladies!

    Those dipshit stories were priceless, too.

  951. eb says:

    Did anyone see that the same mama from above (stained nightgown) had started another transaction thread about not receiving a diaper? I’m wondering if she needs a refund to pay for her pp set shenanigan…

    Sorry if it was talked about already and I missed it. LOL There are almost 1000 post here.

  952. me says:

    I like Meaghan and all but it made me laugh to see that because I wonder if that is going to start something?

  953. WhoaLilMomma says:

    Morning. How do I leave her negative feedback? And can you guys please give me the info on the virus on DS? How do you get them? I got one since being on the site and had to download Avira. I can’t believe some of you had to purchase new computers over it!

  954. me says:

    To leave feedback, click her name on the side of her posts, click on view profile and then on the left, there will be a thing that says “Submit new feedback”. Click that and submit your feedback!

    Some people have had their virus software go nuts, or had viruses. Supposedly its some ad on the site, but Lee was insisting it was not DS. Then said it was and they fixed it, but it is still happening…

  955. naturalmamadot says:

    Ditto ‘me’ Im glad you are going to leave honest feedback. And remember if she hasnt left feedback already and tries to pull some bullshit like leaving YOU neutral or neg fb for retaliation contact a mod asap

  956. itsraininghere says:

    who is the person that makes the mama cloth that is recommending cc bums?

    i got some mama cloth that are terribly sewn, i got them from a trade when i was a noob. just curious if it’s the same person, because i know she was asking for mama cloth from someone other than herself because even she knew hers were crap, lol.

  957. cdmd1023 says:

    OT- if anyone here won the sushi coloway auction on North Star Creations, please check your email for your invoice ๐Ÿ™‚

  958. naturalmamadot says:


    is who recommended cc bums

  959. messy says:

    #996 I have no email ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Resend it to MY EMAIL and I will take it ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL

  960. naturalmamadot says:

    haha nice

  961. Grogwench says:

    Nothing to add except….I’m post 1000!!!!!!!!!

  962. JustPeachy says:

    Messy I will fight you for it LOL. I wanted that but I forgot about it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  963. messy says:

    I never get the good stuff ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  964. messy says:

    OH BULL SHIT!!! The post was not about her! She was not outing, thus did not break any rules! WTF??? Protect the scammer @@ DS is like a breeding ground for scammers because they have more protection than the honest people. Nice Lee, viruses and scammers, your forte’! POfuckingS!

    Registered Users

    Join Date: May 2008
    Location: Central IL
    Posts: 706
    Ratings: 102
    Feedback: 100%
    My Mood: I need to speak to a member of ADMIN IMMEDIATELY!


    I received a strike for MY opinion????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    For letting the truth be KNOWN before other mamas go giving advice that may not warrant being given, depending on MY information???????????????????? WTH?!

    I’m about two seconds from withdrawing my membership on DS. And you know what, for it to come to this, is pretty sad. I am an HONEST, OPEN, CARING member of this community, and I do NOT think I am being treated fairly. Someone tries to do one over on someone else and I get in trouble?!

    I would like my STRIKE to be removed. I do NOT think it is justifiable for ME to be getting a message from admin, when I didn’t do anything wrong here. And I ask that you DO NOT remove this posting from this board. I have a right to freedom of speech under our constitution.

    Thank you,

  965. mmspirit7 says:

    That’s fucked up!

  966. messy says:

    So, we get fucked by DS even if we don’t get a virus? Nice. I am so sick of that hell hole…
    Wanted to mention: YOU CANNOT CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT ON DS! EVER!!! Even banned people count as members. It is for his advertising to be able to say he has these high numbers. They tell you to change your password and forget it. Never ever closing the account… Lee is as much a scammer as the scamming freaks he protects!

  967. Kim says:

    I think I’ll pm this mama a link to CDN…lol. How many minutes til I get banned if I do that….llol….

  968. messy says:

    Can DS read the emails sent like pms? Has anyone sent mama-heather over here? I want her to know that there are people that are 500% on her side! That scamming bitch that got her in trouble needs sent here too. Just so she can read what a dirt bag I think she is! If she wasn’t a scamming twatwaffle, there would have been no need for mama-heather to go the route she did.

  969. messy says:

    I C&P’ed mama-heather’s post because I knew it would get removed. This was a record time for DS! Pathetic as hell!

  970. mmspirit7 says:

    I sent mama heather over here last night

  971. naturalmamadot says:

    messy Says:
    March 22, 2009 at 5:51 pm

    Can DS read the emails sent like pms? Has anyone sent mama-heather over here?
    Im 99.9% sure they can thats why I email with hey I have a question or something. If they dont allow emails I pm with the same and my email lol

  972. naturalmamadot says:

    Oh and agreed that lailas mom or whatever the shit her name is is a scamming twatwaffle, she should be the one getting the strike (or banned actually) because she was CAUGHT scamming…um why is that okay again?

  973. messy says:

    #1012 I am trying to remember who it was that was bitching about her the other day… I remember the post but not the poster.

  974. mmspirit7 says:

    about the op or the person she is bitching about. LOL i kind of want to know more LOL

  975. messy says:

    Post #5 Tristens1mom I think it is the other half of the above listed drama LOL! She started the thread as well.

  976. JustPeachy says:

    I would likely beat some ass if someone ever said that my girls make your girls look like trash shit. Its one thing to call me names and belittle me but my kids are off limits to ANYONE.

  977. messy says:

    Tristens1mom was also the one that started the whole “my advanced babies are better than yours” thread. (Yeah, I know, she didn’t say it right off the bat, but she did admit and throw it out there later right before they had to pull the thread on her breakdown.)

  978. messy says:

    #1016 Yeah, that would piss me off too. I also would be angry about calling my dh a fag. Seriously, Tristens1mom has said that her dh cheated on her and from what she says, her life kinda is dramatic and sucks. She has to make herself better than everyone around her… Hence, the “advanced babies” thread. I can totally see her making her friend feel like shit just from what she has said that caught my eye lately on DS.

  979. insomiac says:

    oh nooooz. help please. I was clicking the links and went over to look and damn damn damn I knew better.
    my computer is acting insane now!! it locks up for a few seconds and shuts down my virus protection, then I click it back on and it locks up and shuts it down. so I can’t get it to run and try and catch anything because everytime I turn it on it locks up and shuts it down again ๐Ÿ˜ฆ fucking DS!! fucking LEE..AAARRRRGH!!!!!!

    Is there a website I can go to that can scan and clean? or anyone have any ideas what to do ??

  980. mmspirit7 says:

    Registered Users

    Join Date: May 2008
    Location: Central IL
    Posts: 708
    Ratings: 102
    Feedback: 100%
    My Mood:

    Exclamation I’m going to keep asking for a mod until one pms me!

    It’s been HALF a day, and my post DELETED, and NO MOD has bothered to PM me regarding this. This is an IMPORTANT matter to me. I am WELL-KNOWN in the DS trading community and WAHM community, and I am being made to look like the bad guy here. TRULY unfair. Does this mean I am being HUSHED down to be made to want to LEAVE DS? I think that is pretty unfair.

    PLEASE would a mod pm me?

    OTHER MAMAS see my side of this, and think that I am being treated unfairly.

    Would someone besides ME stand up and say something??????????


  981. insomiac says:

    damn this is bad. shutting down for awhile and hoping a reboot will give me time to run my scans and catch whatever this is.
    any suggestions for scan and clean websites or downloads very very welcome too in case I cannot get around it to run mine ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  982. messy says:

    We all need to go post for mama-heather! Poor chick! What do we have to lose? Our virus aquiring privledges?

  983. mmspirit7 says:

    Umm…I don’t know any I am sorry.

  984. mmspirit7 says:

    i already did i’m charise820

  985. messy says:

    I did too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  986. messy says:

    I don’t know of any virus programs. I am not good at this at all… DS keeps trying to download some adobe acrobat file into my computer @@ I would complain but I don’t need Lee patting me on the head telling me it’s ok that I am not a smart mama… Dickweed.

  987. Cheesewhiz says:

    Can someone c/p the link to mama-heather’s latest post?? I am looking for it and cannot find it! I want to back her up…did they delete THAT ONE too???

  988. messy says:

    #1027 Post fast!!! LOL!!!

  989. Cheesewhiz says:

    K, thank you – I just posted! Wonder how fast they will just DELETE the entire thread again!!!!

  990. mmspirit7 says:

    I don’t know. but I am thinking they should change the name of that site.

  991. Cheesewhiz says:

    Everyone who is tired of the DS BS, post here!

  992. Cheesewhiz says:

    #1031 – DiaperScammers. I agree.

  993. Cheesewhiz says:

    LOL…wonder when this will get deleted??

  994. Cheesewhiz says:

    I think I killed it. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  995. Cheesewhiz says:

    Me and mah yeller dong.

  996. mmspirit7 says:

    I am still here just nothing to add. I gave up on goodmama’s a long time ago….also it would be a waste for me to spend that kind of money on something that don’t fit dd

  997. messy says:

    LOL! How could your spectacular yeller dong kill anything? Cause swooning, yeah probably ROFL!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

  998. Bloggitybloggity says:

    On the subject of Connorsmama (which may be a bit delayed at this point) She fucking sucks.

    I’m sorry, but I was terribly happy when she got banned from DS (and I didn’t really even agree with the supposed reason she was banned.)

    I made my very first HC purchase from her last summer. I was *just* getting into wool… and she had some cute looking “seconds” on sale. OMG. They got here and I had to resew every damn seam BY HAND. The sizing was off horribly… and when I PMed her asking for suggestions on how to fix the exploding seams, she graciously suggested that I use poly-thread because it “shouldn’t wick”.

    *effing barf*

    I was fairly new, and I left positive feedback because… well, I thought that’s what people did. LMAO

    It would literally make me nauseous whenever I would see some DS mama raving about her craptacularly-cute interlock sets and such. But then the nausea would slightly abate every time I saw one of her HC gems listed on Spots of FSOT for an insanely cheap price due to some sort of “flaw” or another. And yet there were STILL mamas supporting her “awesomeness.”


    Oh well… I guess she’s learned how to sew after all this time. Yay for her new customers! But wait– She’s moved on to selling samples of another craft that she refuses to master. I’m guessing that once she actually learns to knit, she’ll move on to something else that she can barely manage and start asking money for her first fumbled attempts at THAT, as well.

    I bet she starts making her own diaper fabric that disintegrates in water.


  999. mmspirit7 says:

    wow look at the dye job. i don’t know about wool so I don’t know if she fucked up and is lieing or not.

  1000. messy says:

    I tried to dye yarn in those colors o.n.c.e. ๐Ÿ˜› They came out in gorgeous fall browns and oranges with pink and brown hints. Gorgeous yarn. For a GIRL. Not the “parrot” colors I was looking for. Now I do not dye yarn ROFLMAO!

  1001. mmspirit7 says:

    LOL I love the color you yarn turned out LOL would work great for a daughter with the name autumn

  1002. messy says:

    Oh, it is gorgeous. It totally ruined my whole idea of what I was doing though LOL!

  1003. Cheesewhiz says:

    Who is THIS WAHM?

    (Oh and sorry, don’t mean to poke any eyes out…)

  1004. Cheesewhiz says:

    And check out post #10…LOL!!!!!!

  1005. Cheesewhiz says:

    and #13…someone is making up stories again…

  1006. theinvisible says:

    mob mentality……LOL

  1007. mksmommy says:

    I do know about yarn and I’ve learned enough over the past few months to know that different yarn bases take things differently.
    BTW check the gravatar:P

  1008. mksmommy says:

    Shit you can’t barely see it! And I went thru a whole mess of trouble to get it to download too LOL.

  1009. messy says:

    YEAH! LoonyTiffoony is showing her stupid again! I knew it wouldn’t be long… Woohoo! I love it when fruitloops go cookoo!

  1010. mksmommy says:

    I was just thinking how funny it is she actually took issue with Katie at ENI. I’ve bought from Katie many many times and Katie’s CS is beyond stellar so I know that right there says alot about Tiffany.

  1011. BffMama says:

    >>>Did y’all see this post from our good pal, the almost 6 figure having, Tiffaloonytunes? This is what she drives with that hoity toity income and snotty attitude:<<<<

    2003 Ford Taurus SE.


    I don’t drive much (to/from work and to/from daycare primarily) and I just need a reliable car that gets me where I need to go, without costing me an arm and a leg.

    I’ve owned the car for a little more than 3 years and have had no issues at all.

    Prior to that – I was still driving my first car (that I got when I was 16), which was a 1987 Honda Accord LXi.

    So, at 30 years old, I’ve owned two cars.

    DP drives a 2008 Honda CR-V (with the new body style and a sunroof).
    Tiffany. Partner to Amy. Mommy to princess Makenna (07/07) and TTC #2 in 09/09

  1012. Cheesewhiz says:

    #1052 – HOT!!!

  1013. mksmommy says:

    Well if it ain’t broke why fix it?

  1014. diudiaole says:

    Oh I didn’t know Tiffany had a female partner… I’m surprised. I have had a lot of lesbian friends and coworkers and they have all been cool as shit.

  1015. Megan says:

    1051- I was furious when that happened. Katie is a dear, dear WAHM, with a difficult home life, and yet always goes above and beyond to serve her customers. She amazes me, and her products are second-to-none.

    On the general topic at hand (or one, really, because there’re so many going on here at any one time ๐Ÿ˜› ), I am seconds from completely leaving DS. The viruses are ridiculous. I send Lee screenshots of no less than two virus/worm attacks daily. The scamming is becoming so prevalent. It’s not the DS I joined two years ago. I joined CDN a couple weeks ago. Off to get to posting there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1016. Diane says:

    what did I miss with mama-heather?

    hmm, seems her thread got deleted so now I can’t even link it!

  1017. naturalmamadot says:

    hahaha man I am cracking up at the crazy bizotch better known as loonytiffoony

    everyone QUICK grab your torches and pitchforks we bout to be goin on a WAHM hunt, hide tha chillun if they are anything like that crazy ass we have much to fear

  1018. diudiaole says:

    It is funny the kind of language thrown around on a diapering site… “mob mentality” or “going postal” from the It’s a snap thread…. lol

  1019. naturalmamadot says:

    lol yea, at least there is some fun stuff goin on so I can have ma dramaz inbetween ma cleanin

  1020. Bloggitybloggity says:

    FTR: Gay people are just that: people. There will be some crazies, some assholes, some saints… and a LOT of “normal” folks.

    (In response to 1055)

  1021. zolina86 says:

    Hey everyone. I’m new here.

  1022. diudiaole says:

    Yeah, for some reason hyperactive psycho mom just screams ‘heterosexual’ to me, probably due to my own mother… I should work on these steriotypes lol

  1023. zolina86 says:

    a mod has posted in the mama-heather thread

  1024. zolina86 says:

    her other thread got deleted too

  1025. Emily says:

    Going back to really old drama, did anyone notice all of the GMs on spots from the lady who embroidered the dipes for the girls who never got them. NOt saying they were those dipes, but that she has a nice girly stash that would have replaced theirs nicely.

    Also – why did connorsmama get banned?

  1026. diudiaole says:

    #1063 — still, the delivery confirmation # said delivered… sucks, but I still don’t see how the seller should lose out on $800 worth of diapers when DC says delivered.

  1027. Booyah says:

    O RLY #1063.

    *scampers off to look*

  1028. AshleyB says:

    #1063…link for those of us who don’t have time to hunt through the kabillion GM’s on Spots?

  1029. messy says:

    Has anyone asked the Alaska mom if any of those GMs look familiar. For that matter~ the WAHM that “forgot” to put insurance on the package, obviously had enough to replace them, so why didn’t she since it was HER FAULT?!?!?! Again, DS protecting a scammer by keeping half the story under wraps.

  1030. mmspirit7 says:

    I have read about that story over and over. and well it boils down to the wahm forgot to put insurance on it.

    and the dc# well did it say delivered at her house? I mean was it cp’d what the number really said.

    I have to say she has lots of gms.

  1031. messy says:

    The WAHM forgot to *pay for insurance. So she should have to take on that responsibility for herself. Too strange that she *forgot and that particular package did not get delivered…

  1032. diudiaole says:

    As I recall they had asked for insurance in an e-mail sent weeks prior… they were sent a final invoice that said nothing about insurance… now, I think the WAHM was nuts for not putting it on there.. but the customer should have caught that too before paying… I was never convinced it was on the WAHM’s shoulders… though she was really dumb to say she would replace and then later renig and say her DH wouldn’t let her

  1033. BffMama says:

    1067- Jesus H. That’s someone who has a lot of money. Seriously if you have that big of a stash and you don’t even have a girl! Weird.

  1034. pippen says:

    heather’s strike has been removed! good job drama mama’s.

  1035. naturalmamadot says:

    OMG hahaha I really hope those arent the alaska moms dipes but either way, if I had those I wouldnt sell just because it was a boy..but then again I have a thing about gender colors lol

  1036. Biggirlpanties says:

    did you see that goodmama overlooked a joint on one of their own fabric choices and made diapers with it? might be old news.. just thought it was hysterical.

  1037. diudiaole says:

    hahahaha that’s hilarious… I wanna see a pic of the dipe though

  1038. insomiac says:

    the mindset in that GM thread about the broken snaps is just brain numbing!
    Seriously??? this post:
    “Id buy more!
    I have lots and lots of GMs and while I have had my share of snap repairs, Ive had many more perfect diapers. I dont mind sending my dipes to the spa, its like they are new when they come back”

    I don’t mind spending an exuberant amount on diapers only to have them show up already screwed up and I have to ship them back and hope they qualify to be repaired becaus