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what to do… what to do…

So, I’m having issues with a diaper. I’ve bought some new from them and they are coming from a different pattern/had production issues. I’ve discussed it with their CS but they say there is nothing wrong with them. I’m frustrated. Is a JAR the only way to go?

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Re: what to do… what to do…

It’s a fitted diaper. The original pattern that I thought I was buying seems to have changed. It’s bigger overall and the snap closure has moved causing the diaper to not fit smoothly.
It works, but it looks bad. I’m upset that it’s being sold as first quality and CS will not give a partial refund for something that is clearly a second.
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Re: what to do… what to do…

This sounds similar to a problem I’ve been having as well. My issue is that the snaps have been placed in a completely different spot then they used to be, much lower on the wings, such that the top of the wings folds over on itself. It just makes for a crazy fit on my lo’s. CS tells me they did not change the pattern and that the snaps are within their margin of error for handmade diapers with snaps that are set by hand. They don’t acknowledge that there is an issue and I’ve heard different people associated with said wahm give conflicting info on this problem. Since I loved the prints and wanted to keep the diapers the solution I was given was to add a second row of snaps (which isn’t really a solution as there’s no way to set a second row of snaps on the wings in the correct place since the outtermost snap is *almost* in the right place thus a 2nd row of snaps in the right place would mean setting it on top of the existing row which isn’t possible). These diapers make up 98% of our massive stash because they are perfect for us and have worked so well in the past but the most recent ‘batch’ for lack of a better word has me extremely disappointed because of the way they (don’t) fit. I don’t really have any suggestions for you though on how to handle. I just had to walk away cause the whole thing had me and and
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Re: what to do… what to do…

Originally Posted by wesevanmom View Post
Besides fixing it which doesn’t seem to be a viable option have they offered a refund or replacement?

I was told to wash the diaper 4-6 times to get the fit right. Then a week later with back and forth e-mails I was told I could return UNWASHED/UNWORN diapers for a refund.
There are no available replacements it seems.

  1. sassy1 says:

    yep…only this is JUST the tip of the iceberg.

  2. behooooooooooove says:

    I knew this would happen sooner or later. They won’t own up to the fact that they fucked up the pattern. They keep saying THIS (crooked shit and all) is the original design. Well, I have/had several old school GMs and NONE if them are like that. I love how they just can’t say they made a mistake and fix the problem. You know, because there is NO problem. Whatever.

    And way to take everyone’s mind off of the shitty new design, with a new SYOF! Good one.

  3. confused says:

    What’s SYOF?

  4. behooooooooooove says:

    Select Your Own Fabric or whatever. Basically you pick out 3 fabrics, send the links to GM, they pick one (or don’t) and you get a custom GM, plus you can coop it out to 19 people. It’s a huge mess. And the first time is when the true colors of CD really started to show with the shitty workmanship and CS about their fuckups.

  5. Biggirlpanties says:

    if they’d admit to the problem and fix it.. i think there wouldn’t be such an issue. someone said recently that they’re selling what every other company would consider “seconds” as first, top quality diapers.. for full price. it’s bs

  6. behooooooooooove says:

    They are! Seriously. Personally, I haven’t had any problems with mine except a way off soaker snap, so I’m lucky. But shit, when you’re paying $35+ each diaper, they better damn well be perfect!

  7. sassy1 says:

    yes, submissions were made by the hundreds from what has been shared, and supposedly only 50 prints were chosen I don’t see how as I have only seen maybe 20 at most).

    However, in the meantime, lots of mamas spent lots of time searching for fabric, and yesterday it was announced that the ones that has not receved answer, were not only not selected, but were not getting a reply email either. It was sent by a blanket email /postings on LJ that there were too many emails to respond too. Another clear show of mismanagement when it comes to anything with GM.

    Also, the one I love best would be the way they auctioned several of 2 very VERY HTF prints awhile back on HC (which from what have heard went for a hefty price), saying they were the last of said prints, then only to re-STOCK said prints later on week before last when this issue above was being brought up.

    Distraction when issues arise seems to happen frequently…

  8. I am the momma says:

    WTF is up with the crappy CS of GM, its pitiful when you get to big and can’t remember that the people you are treating with such disdain are the same ones who put you to the top and can knock you right back down. 😦

  9. behooooooooooove says:

    You know what’s extra funny is when shit is posted on LJ complaining and causing a stir and they go through and delete said badmouthing posts…Then stock the store with something HTF. Just to take your mind off of the shitstorm happening on LJ. That’s fuuuuucked.

  10. DSDM2 says:

    Here is some of the recent drama backing this (from LJ)

    momandmore wrote
    Feb. 19th, 2009 10:41 pm (UTC)
    Yes. I had replied to several people stating that snaps were trending upwards on the diapers, and we had asked the sewing circle to stick to the pattern more closely — our original pattern always did have snaps very slightly below the center line; this kept the wings from drooping so low on the legs that they could affect/impede leg movement.

    We did see some SYOF diapers with the snaps a bit lower than our original pattern after this request. I have since taken this up with them, and they assure us that they will be just ever so slightly under center in a straight horizontal line as in Suzanne’s original pattern.

    nina73078 wrote:
    Feb. 19th, 2009 10:57 pm (UTC)
    can we get exchanges for the defective diapers with snaps lower than your pattern?

    [info]teamrose wrote:

    Feb. 19th, 2009 10:59 pm (UTC)

    [info]momandmore wrote:

    Feb. 19th, 2009 11:08 pm (UTC)
    No, they are not defective. They are within normal limits for a handmade, handsnapped diaper.

    [info]cakemaven wrote:
    Feb. 19th, 2009 11:00 pm (UTC)
    I wouldn’t see how they could. They aren’t really defective. They still catch the pee and poo, right? Plus SYOFs came from very small amounts of fabric, much of which cannot be purchased any longer.

    [info]barefootprego wrote:

    Feb. 19th, 2009 11:30 pm (UTC)
    Agreed! Not to mention if you are not happy with your SYOF’s, you shouldn’t have any problem selling them to mamas who would be happy to have them, getting back what you paid and then buying yourself a new GM! 🙂

    [info]cakemaven wrote:

    Feb. 19th, 2009 11:38 pm (UTC)
    THIS! they aren’t hard to get rid of, so for people who are unhappy with your SYOF dipes, I encourage you to visit the ISO and sell it for what you paid to a mama who wants one. You’ll make someone’s day and be rid of the diaper you weren’t happy with EVERYBODY WINS!

    [info]peediekay wrote:

    Feb. 19th, 2009 11:50 pm (UTC)
    Yeah one mama made $150 for a Backstage Pass the other day on spots LOL Definitely not hard to get rid of 🙂

    [info]imagoodmama2 wrote:

    Feb. 19th, 2009 11:42 pm (UTC)
    I don’t think that is what people are trying to say. I think individuals who have posted on these threads just want to be heard. The great thing about this company and this group is that everyone *is* heard and comments and suggestions are taken to heart. I appreciate how Jessica and the gm team have handled it all. I think it can be safely said that every mama on this forum loves, and is passionate about, their goodmamas.

    [info]momandmore wrote:
    Feb. 19th, 2009 11:47 pm (UTC)
    I agree, and I appreciate your feedback! We truly do take everything that our goodmamas tell us and go back to the sewing circle with it. We know that these diapers are important to you — they are important to me too, I promise!

    I do really appreciate the kindness in your comments. It means so much to me!

    [info]momandmore wrote:
    Feb. 19th, 2009 11:08 pm (UTC)
    No, they are not defective. They are within normal limits for a handmade, handsnapped diaper.

    [info]imagoodmama2 wrote:

    Feb. 19th, 2009 11:32 pm (UTC)
    I agree that they are not functionally defective. But aesthetically, I feel (as I think others do) that the SYOFs are not on par with the rest of my goodmama stash. One of the things that I’ve always loved about goodmamas is the quality and attention to detail in the diapers. While they are within the normal range for a handmade diaper, in my opinion, they look amateurish compared to my earlier goodmamas. I’m glad that it’s been addressed and remedied with the sewing circle.

    [info]z1ggy23 wrote:
    Feb. 19th, 2009 11:38 pm (UTC)
    hmm… I havne’t had any issues from the lower snap placement *shrug*

    [info]amcatanzaro wrote:

    Feb. 19th, 2009 11:41 pm (UTC)
    It seems to be a 50/50 split with the folks having problems with the placement. That said. It’s a serious issue for the 50% that are having problems.

    [info]peediekay wrote:

    Feb. 19th, 2009 11:53 pm (UTC)
    I have on only one of mine out of quite a few SYOFs. It was Pastellerific and i am keeping it because I love the fabric so much. And I am hopiing once it’s been washed it will get better. Even if it doesn’t it will still get love 🙂

    [info]peediekay wrote:
    Feb. 19th, 2009 11:58 pm (UTC)
    Yikes, please excuse my spelling- I was nakking

    [info]mom24n14now wrote:
    Feb. 20th, 2009 12:09 am (UTC)
    I had a total of 7 syof dipes, 6 of them have ridiculously low snaps, 1 has snaps that are noticeably lower than the other 95 GM’s we own but not as low as the rest.

    [info]z1ggy23 wrote:
    Feb. 20th, 2009 12:12 am (UTC)
    interesting… now I need to go check mine, I really hadn’t paid attention :\

    [info]amcatanzaro wrote:
    Feb. 19th, 2009 11:39 pm (UTC)
    I believe this conversation, if had at a local retail store, would be, “May I speak to the manager, please?”
    That’s what we are asking.

    [info]cakemaven wrote:
    Feb. 19th, 2009 11:45 pm (UTC)
    and jess “momandmore” is the customer service manager. She has politely answered the inquiry and honestly, if people are unhappy with the dipes, they can sell them VERY easily. So really there is no reason for anyone to be upset.

    It’s like when you buy a sweater at a retail store and go to return it. They can’t help if they are sold out of that sweater. Luckily, GMs are a valuable commodity so you can trade it or sell it.

    [info]momandmore wrote:
    Feb. 19th, 2009 11:48 pm (UTC)
    I am trying to address all your comments, and I have been welcoming particular issues at the customer service email address as well.

    [info]piecesofmoi wrote:
    Feb. 20th, 2009 12:10 am (UTC)
    It would’ve been nice to try out the new placement on testers first, not the SYOF’s that we were all so excited about :/

    I can’t open and try out any of my GMs since our baby’s gender is a surprise, but I guess even if they do fit weird, I’ll be keeping the ones that I have regardless because I am in love with the prints.

    [info]peachy983 wrote:
    Feb. 20th, 2009 12:13 am (UTC)
    As Jessica stated above, this was not a new placement or a tester. This was a marginal difference and has been corrected.

    [info]momandmore wrote:
    Feb. 20th, 2009 12:22 am (UTC)
    It was not a new placement. They had been trending upwards, and we asked them to keep it closer to our original pattern. There is no new pattern. I’m so sorry for any confusion.

    [info]piecesofmoi wrote:
    Feb. 20th, 2009 12:29 am (UTC)
    Ohh, so the ones we were used to getting were actually wrong? The snaps weren’t placed were they were originally intended to be rather?

    [info]momandmore wrote:
    Feb. 20th, 2009 12:31 am (UTC)
    No, most were correct, but we had seen some sliding towards the high side and asked them to correct it.

    [info]peachy983 wrote:
    Feb. 20th, 2009 12:14 am (UTC)
    It was not a pattern change and is not a defect. 🙂

    [info]gotlucy wrote:
    Feb. 20th, 2009 12:13 am (UTC)
    thank you for bringing the issue up to your sewing circle.

    so to be clear, the pattern has not been, and will not be, changed?

    [info]peachy983 wrote:
    Feb. 20th, 2009 12:14 am (UTC)
    You got it! 😀

    [info]momandmore wrote:
    Feb. 20th, 2009 12:23 am (UTC)
    Yes! This! Thank you!

    [info]b_sweets wrote:
    Feb. 20th, 2009 12:24 am (UTC)
    I’m glad it’s been dealt with. I made a full inspection of our 80+ stash and found that most do fall a tad below the midline with a few more upwards and the newer SYOF on the lower end, so as long as things have gone back to the original placement we all have happy squishy GM goodness in our future. It’s sad about the extremely low SYOFs, but as PPs stated either you love the print and can deal with it or another mama will be happy to love it for you.

    [info]mom0607 wrote:
    Feb. 20th, 2009 12:25 am (UTC)
    What about the newest batch of diapers being bigger than the older batch?

    [info]peachy983 wrote:
    Feb. 20th, 2009 12:28 am (UTC)
    I’m not sure what you are talking about. If you have a problem with a specific diaper, please take pictures and email


    [info]mom0607 wrote:

    Feb. 20th, 2009 12:30 am (UTC)
    I can do that tonight 🙂

    [info]momandmore wrote:

    Feb. 20th, 2009 12:33 am (UTC)
    Again, though, if they are new, they will look bigger. They shrink quite a bit — that’s the nature of bamboo fleece — after 6 to 8 wash/dry cycles.

    [info]momandmore wrote:
    Feb. 20th, 2009 12:32 am (UTC)
    Newer diapers will always look bigger, as they are cut to acomodate for a percentage of shrinking over 6-8 washes. They are cut from a pattern guide.

    [info]mom0607 wrote:
    Feb. 20th, 2009 12:33 am (UTC)
    I’m talking about this…this is a friends picture…both are NIP


    [info]momandmore wrote:
    Feb. 20th, 2009 12:34 am (UTC)
    It’s the way they are sitting with the elastic. If you open them up and stretch them all the way out, they will be the same cut of fabric.

    [info]mariebergin wrote:
    Feb. 20th, 2009 12:35 am (UTC)
    That was my picture and the newer one is bigger. Here is another example.

    [info]peachy983 wrote:
    Feb. 20th, 2009 12:38 am (UTC)
    We’ve been snapping them differently to look fluffier! I guess it worked. 😉

    [info]mariebergin wrote:
    Feb. 20th, 2009 12:33 am (UTC)
    Yes, this. I am not complaining, but most of my newer GMs are bigger than the older ones (that are still NIP). I have a big 27 month old, so this works well for me, but is it intentional that they are a bit bigger than they used to be? And will they continue to be cut a bit bigger? Here is an example using 2 NIP GMs.

    [info]peachy983 wrote:
    Feb. 20th, 2009 12:38 am (UTC)
    We’ve been snapping them differently to look fluffier! I guess it worked. 😉

    [info]mariebergin wrote:
    Feb. 20th, 2009 12:43 am (UTC)
    Girls, come on. I own more than 70 GMs. I have many that were made in 2008 that are still NIP. They are smaller than the ones that have come out since New Years Eve. Admit it, make a decision on it and let us know if they will continue to be a bit larger than they used to be.

    [info]peachy983 wrote:
    Feb. 20th, 2009 12:46 am (UTC)
    Nobody here is trying to trick you. I’m not holding any information from you. Like Jessica stated in another comment, diapers are cut to fit AFTER being shrunk so NIP really can’t be compared.

    [info]skurviee wrote:
    Feb. 20th, 2009 12:34 am (UTC)
    Yes, my Jane is MASSIVE compared to my other GM’s!

    I will try and get a picture of that too.

    [info]momandmore wrote:

    Feb. 20th, 2009 12:37 am (UTC)
    are your other GMs washed and fully prepped? It makes a huge difference — more than you would think.

    Then, to see if the diaper is cut within normal limits, stretch them both out — what you are most likely seeing is the differences as one elastic bunches up to another.

    [info]skurviee wrote:

    Feb. 20th, 2009 12:43 am (UTC)
    Totally the same size! and now that I have stretched them both they look the same folded up.
    I only said something because someone else mentioned it, I just thought I was going crazy. :]

  11. Biggirlpanties says:

    ah yes. cakemaven telling people if they didn’t like it they should sell their diapers to someone who wants them for what you paid. just hours before (in the middle of the night) she sold a VHTF GM on spots for $150 BIN style.. under a different spots name.
    that whole thread poofed fast on LJ

  12. behooooooooooove says:

    Yeah cakemaven is always yacking about how you should never sell over retail, blah blah blah….And she had the nerve to say it just an hour or so after she put that BSP up for 150. Whatever. She is such a loony bitch.

  13. sassy1 says:

    ya know what I find freaking HILARIOUS about that is, if you look at any company, when that kind of issue occurs, they ARE sold as seconds.

    I bought some covers from a reputable com a few months back that weere supposed to be seconds….I can’t tell you why as they look and function perfectly, yet here we have a clear case of messed up diapers and they say they are within *normal range*


    ANY flaw should make it a second imho. They just don’t want to admit the mistake because it will cost them mega $ to fix it. Again….greed. its always greed.

  14. sassy1 says:

    #12 what is BSP?

  15. Peediekay (ETA by DSDM2: other name Tori) says:

    Yay! Me owning Cakemaven made the drama blog *woot*

  16. behooooooooooove says:

    14-Backstage Pass GM

  17. Biggirlpanties says:

    #14. Backstage Pass.. the VHTF gm that cakemaven sold.

  18. saslewis11 says:

    What 15?

  19. PickleMama says:

    Sassy- it’s Backstage Pass, apparently there were only 5 made.
    Backstage Pass

  20. Peediekay (ETA: by DSDM2 : AKA Tori) says:

    #18(c&p from above)

    [info]cakemaven wrote:
    Feb. 19th, 2009 11:38 pm (UTC)
    THIS! they aren’t hard to get rid of, so for people who are unhappy with your SYOF dipes, I encourage you to visit the ISO and sell it for what you paid to a mama who wants one. You’ll make someone’s day and be rid of the diaper you weren’t happy with EVERYBODY WINS!

    [info]peediekay wrote:
    Feb. 19th, 2009 11:50 pm (UTC)
    Yeah one mama made $150 for a Backstage Pass the other day on spots LOL Definitely not hard to get rid of

  21. Peediekay (ETA: by DSDM2 : AKA Tori) says:

    She tried to come off as a GM martyr when she had just scalped some other mama to death the night before. AND had the balls to charge shipping on top of a $150 GM :S

  22. DSDM2 says:

    Peediekay, can you please go back to using Tori? I have to approve all posts with a different name.

  23. sassy1 says:

    so, did it under someone else’s name???

  24. Tori says:

    Sure no problem 🙂

  25. behooooooooooove says:

    Yeah, I seriously doubt that bitch paid 150 for that damn thing. What a hypocrite.

  26. sassy1 says:

    I meant SHE did it under another name lol….I need a protein shake.

  27. behooooooooooove says:

    #23 Yes, she changed her HC name and we knew it was her because the person who bought it said it was the same PP addy!

  28. Tori says:

    Wasn’t it something like diapertading? Something like that anyway

  29. PickleMama says:

    BSP is fug anyway… the fabric pattern has these big red splotches on it and looks like some big, nasty blood stains. Yuck. Love how they didn’t feature that in the photos.

  30. sassy1 says:

    wow, shameful.

  31. BffMama says:

    I guess I need to read this again…when I’ve had a bit more sleep bc I am TOTALLY effin lost. Somebody give me the ‘I’m a dumbass and can’t understand so dumb it down version’ please. I’ve been up all night with a sick toddler.

  32. ZOMGWTFBBQ? says:

    Here’s my thought – and yes, I am a huge fan of the WAHM, but if you don’t like a product or the way you’re being treated or whatever, you stop buying said product (and start all the drama in the world) but there will always be more mamas ready to take your place in buying the product.

  33. DSDM2 says:

    GM Changed the pattern, misplaced snaps, and refuses to mark them as seconds. Told people to wash them to get them to work right, they did, and now will only refund for NIP unwashed. Still claim there are no errors.

    OT, but sorta related: Caveman scalped diapers under a second HC name

  34. BffMama says:

    Thanks DSDM2, TOTALLY what I needed. ❤ you lots.

  35. sassy1 says:

    basically…..there are CS issue running amuck wiith GM’s right now.

    Snaps out of place….to the point where the diaper looks totally messed up not only off but on a baby as well.

    Snaps not working properly period, (My SIL bought 20-30 of them recently and has to send 5 or 6 back to the *spa* for this reason). I have one that the snaps are mashed on, and the snaps are crocked as well.

    Anyways, there is that issue.

    Then the SYOF diss that alot of people got (i.e. mass email was sent out to numerous people who were anxiously awaiting a reply in regards to the fabric they submitted for the SYOF.) which probably would not have been as big of an issue if not for all the other things going on…

    GM also auctioned off several supposed HTF prints recently (was it 3-4 weeks ago??)
    claiming they were the last, only to restock said prints a few weeks later. (the auctioned ones fetched very high prices).

    Theres more, but thats all I know for now. I am not online alot, so my knowledge is limited, but this is what I know of the problems….other than they refuse to acknowledge any wrong doing *rollseyes* whatever-so-ever.

  36. Messy says:

    They complain… Show EXAMPLES of size differences and are met with an answer of “we are snapping them different to look fluffy.” They tell them that the new snap configuration is not working and are met with, ” it is within normal limits for a handmade item” bla bla bla.
    I HATE that the goodmama poster candy coat their complaints so they are not losing senority on their popularity meter with Suzanne or who ever. They want to complain, but they want to stay on the goodmama good side :::puke::: If I was paying that price, you bet your ass that I would want something more than to be told I could just sell it if I didn’t want it! I buy because *I* want, not to have to hassle with selling it to get my money back from a fucked up shit catcher…
    But the buyers keep kissing ass, goodmamas keep selling, and I am still left wondering where LoonyTiffoony is… 😛

  37. sassy1 says:



  38. DSDM2 says:

    Messy, she posted on her thread this AM!

  39. DSDM2 says:

    cakemaven/caveman whatever, lol.

  40. BffMama says:

    MESSY, my girl! Tiffalooney posted recently (last night or this AM?–it’s all blending together) so go, go, the comments.

  41. DSDM2 says:

    n/m messy. you saw it, lol

  42. BffMama says:

    39. I did figure that part out. Yay me (lol).

  43. seriously says:

    Let me see if I can remember all the highlights (I know some of you have screen shots and emails to back this up):

    1. SYOF1 was a fun idea. Most of the mamas that signed up were long time GM customers (ones with extensive GM stashes). We waited for these diapers, paid extra for these diapers. We expect them to be the same quality as our previous GMs.

    2. Once received some of the mamas are unhappy with their diapers. Some of them have VERY messed up snap placement. This is after a long couple of months where we all patiently waited out “snap issues” with TGM. Sooz said they were changing snaps and shallow/falling off snaps would get better/become a non-issue. Key here is none of us were overly pissed. Just frustrated with the constant flow of diapers to the spa.

    3. When the mamas contacted TGM about their messed up snap placement, TGM gave them the option of keeping it or sending it back for a refund. BUT a refund at retail price. For some SYOFs that is a full $10 less than they paid.

    4. For the sizing issues they keep telling us to wash them. So what happens if that doesn’t fix the problem. They are firm in their policy of washed diaper = no return.

    5. There WERE extra SYOFs and they could have switched out the faulty diapers. But Sooz stocked them on the store before some of the original GMs got their SYOFs. So then, there were no replacements.

    6. When a WAHM sews diapers and they have even a minor flaw, they will discount the diaper. It is called a second. They do not try to say it is within “reasonable variance”. We paid MORE for these diapers.

    7. The above mentions of pattern change were not “dreamed up” by customers. I love how they like to continually insinuate that their customers are crazy or stupid. There are emails or screen shots out there of Jess or Becky saying that they changed the pattern to better accommodate chunky thighs. Someone please post it here! They changed their story when they realized that it made no sense.

    8. When wahms change a pattern they announce it and/or test it. Neither happened.

    9. Sooz DID auction Robots and MCZ on HC claiming they were limited and HTF. Then she turned around and stocked them in the store for retail.

    10. I don’t think anyone is being unreasonable. Why are some mamas so okay with letting Sooz slide on this? Other wahms would be crucified for selling seconds at retail. I guess this is a continuance of the Sooz lovefest that excuses her from all forms of good business practices.

    11. We only want her to say “they were messed up. we have fixed it. it will not happen again.” Heck, I don’t even want a partial refund. I just want her to stop treating us like stupid, annoying women.

    12. Bottom line. We don’t want to sell all of our GMs. We love them. They work for us. Hands down they are the most absorbent diaper I have ever tried. So when people say just sell them if your don’t like it, that infuriates me. I just want Sooz to be held to the same standards as every other WAHM.

    13. I guess it has been stated that the reason Sooz has never commented on this was because of a personal crisis. That is fine. But why oh why does she have time to take out of said crisis to post warm and fuzzy stuff on LJ and to start a new round of SYOFs but no time to take care of obvious CS issues.

  44. BffMama says:

    Seriously, seriously. GREAT re-cap. Thanks so much.

  45. Messy says:

    #40 & #41 I saw her posts over there. I need loonyTiffoony over here! We need her narcistical psychotic input on all of our drama. Her twisted fucked up thinking can add a new dimension to a debate and give us someone be able to say “thank God that’s not me!” LoonyTiffoony is a true icon. Like PeeWeeHerman 🙂

  46. hrm's mom says:

    I think the BSP is fug too! I am sorry but I just do not see spending $30+ on a diaper and $150 WTF, I think that is messed up!

  47. ZOMGWTFBBQ? says:

    The high prices? I think I paid $70 for Robots. High? Sure. But I’ve spent more in the past. And I’m not upset by it, why is everyone who didn’t win upset?

  48. seriously says:

    Thanks BffMama! Bad CS is just sad. We have over 50 GMs here and I am glad I bought early. Mine are great quality, and well worth what I paid.

  49. behooooooooooove says:

    #46 Butthurt and jealous. lol.

  50. sassy1 says:

    #43 exactly and ITA esp with #12 in your list.

    it is time for answers IMHO…no more skating around the issues and changing stories. They need to own up to the truth, thats all that is wanted.

  51. seriously says:

    #46, I am not upset because I didn’t win. I just think it is wrong. I got a Robots for $35, thank you very much. I was hesitant to even buy that one, but took a chance……it has perfect snaps 🙂

  52. Messy says:

    #46 High is a matter of perspective, of course. So, you did not pay too much for your own comfort zone. However, some people buy those as a splurge. They are not the everyday purchase. If one came to me in the “new version sorry state of GM quality” as what I have seen, I would be livid! There is no reason for that! I am glad you can afford to buy things that don’t have great quality. But some people want what they pay for to actually *be what they paid for (which, in this case, woud be the *original GM patterns with the original GM care to detail and especially snap settings).
    Telling people that if they don’t like it, they should just sell it is pissy. If walmart refused to return something and told me that I could just sell it on ebay or at a yardsale, you can bet your booty I would never buy there again. I don’t buy to sell.

  53. sassy1 says:

    #46…thats totally not the point.

    The point is auctioning them, THEN turning around and stocking them. If you don’t have a problem paying that much for a diaper then GFU *lol* but I personally think it is ethically wrong to auction a bunch of diapers as the last of a kind only to turn around and restock them later….thats greed , period.

  54. behooooooooooove says:

    ITA, how shady is that, to say there’s only one or two of something and auction it for big bucks, then turn around and stock it for the masses? Pretty damn unethical, if you ask me. And a little greedy.

  55. not just another mama says:

    I wont buy from GM due to their CS.. I have in the past & my issue was treated with sub standard CS – worse then a fast food joint.

    It seems like nothing will tarnish the high & mighty GM name..

  56. behooooooooooove says:

    Sub standard is putting it nicely, 55.

  57. Messy says:

    I won’t buy from them because they don’t care about their customers. They care about their money. Period. The childish repeat answers given these mamas that stood up and complained are just GM saying the mamas are morons. Pacify them and they will eventually stop. And ya know what? GM is right. They are like a herd of sheep… It is all about the *style, so who really cares are about the quality.

  58. mommy2KRA says:

    I find it interesting that people are just now staring to realize the crappy CS that GM offers. GM has always been full of lies, BS and incredibly greedy. I agree with the PP’s that GM needs to just come clean about the problem and stop covering it up with lies.
    The auction sitiuation is total BS. Although it doesn’t surprise me that it happened. They did the same thing with the Bundles, saying some of the bundle diapers were only for the bundle then turning around and selling them instore.
    GM will continue to pull this kind of crap as long as everyone is willing to accept it. Mamas need to realize that GM’s are NOT gods gift to baby bums, we deserve more respect than that. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GM

  59. behooooooooooove says:

    I still buy them. Because I’m an addict. And I’ve been lucky not to have issues with the diapers I’ve gotten.

  60. Messy says:

    I ❤ Piddle Poddles. I have heard that they are the same as GMs. I do not know. I won’t buy GMs (or Mutts or FBs). But we are piddlepoddleaholics! They are sooo squishy! And the CS is ABOVE AND BEYOND totally AMAZING! (Ok, I am getting all freaky with my capital words like that fruitcake mama!)

  61. I am the momma says:

    Messy, I am right there with you! We are PiddlePoddlealohics all the way and Robin is wonderful to work with.

  62. kmr says:

    Suzanne has always sold second quality diapers as Firsts though. Anyone else remember the Limited Edition Violets OBV? She admitted that the snaps/serging color on that diaper were a mistake. But instead she renamed it as “Limited Edition”, and sold it as first quality.

  63. cakemaven says:

    wow, I didn’t realize it was scalping to sell a diaper for exactly what one pays for it. Thanks for clearing that up Tori. Dana knows damn well that I paid $150 for that diaper and no one forced her to pay $150 to buy it from me. In fact, I had messages from 2 other mamas wanting to buy it and told her that I’d happily sell it to one of them if she didn’t want to complete the sale. And while I did charge her for shipping, I insured it even though she didn’t pay for insurance. She asked for it after the fact, just like she did with Sarah. It’s a good thing I did insure it too or her PO might have accidentally lost it like they did with her giant box of uninsured embroidered GMs. It’s amazing the way you drag me into drama about quality issues with GMs!

  64. nevrwhere says:

    Cakemaven so you bought it from Jess for $150?

  65. behooooooooooove says:

    I don’t believe you paid $150 for one second. Come on now. I don’t have proof, but we all know that’s BS. And so do you.

  66. Tori says:

    If you are so innocent, then why do it in the wee hours and under an alias spots name? I don’t have any beef with you- I just find that whole transaction really shady, especially with the whole “find someone’s ISO and sell it for retail” bit

  67. naturalmamadot says:

    Messy Says:
    March 1, 2009 at 3:59 pm

    #40 & #41 I saw her posts over there. I need loonyTiffoony over here! We need her narcistical psychotic input on all of our drama. Her twisted fucked up thinking can add a new dimension to a debate and give us someone be able to say “thank God that’s not me!” LoonyTiffoony is a true icon. Like PeeWeeHerman 🙂

    i cant find her newest posts
    oh and I dislike piddle poddles just from personal preference (nothing technically WRONG with the dipe) but i love how cute patooshie pants are, even though I found that I dont love how GMs or PPs fit on DS so they are FSOT lol I never had a GM and a PP next to each other at the same time though so Im not sure about pattern similarities I just think they are cute and work well lol *.02*

  68. fsulaura says:

    Excellent recap, seriously.

    As upset as we all are, I still think Suzanne could save face if she just apologized and offered some kind of credit/refund for the effed up snap dipes.

    Just a note on the snaps- they are being referred to as “low”, but that doesn’t really explain the problem. If you unfold one of the messed up diapers, you’ll see that the snaps are in a straight (low) line. On a good diaper, they curve up, like a smile, to match the line of the rise. I think that component of the placement causes the bigger problem, i.e. rollover, etc.

    And yeah, Robin wouldn’t let this happen.

  69. Trinity says:

    #63 So who is the “scalper” then? Who charged you $150 for BSP?

  70. Messy says:

    #63 Then why didn’t you sell the GM that you paid $150 for (coughbullshitcouch) under your original HC name? Why the alias? Just be upfront and say, here it is! Being shady is bad for customer satisfaction! Then bashing the buyer is nasty nasty! She had nothing in it but the fortune she paid you for it. But you took time out of your busy scalping day to come and toss her under the bus… Tsk tsk.

  71. Messy says:

    I coulda read ahead and just quoted Tori LOL!!!

  72. behooooooooooove says:

    Messy, I think I love you. lol.

  73. cakemaven says:

    Tori, It most certainly was not the middle of the night. I live in California, which is few time zones behind some people. I waited till my kids were in bed for the night to put up my listing. I have been selling stuff under that ID for quite some time (see feedback because people have harassed me for selling GMs above retail, despite the fact that I paid above retail for them. If you look back, you’ll see, I didn’t say “sell it at retail,” I said, “sell it for what you paid.”

  74. nevrwhere says:

    But back to the question. You paid WHO $150 for it?

  75. behooooooooooove says:

    I’ve seen several posts by you stating to find people ISO and sell whatever AT RETAIL. Granted, there are just as many posts stating what you paid, but don’t go saying you’ve never pulled the retail shit.

  76. not just another mama says:

    Who the hell cares who sells what for what.. If someone is willing to pay 150 a diaper.. what the heck ever.. haha, let them do their thing.. As long as they got their money – and the person got their diaper, i would just leave it at that.

    And I remember way back when when there was no such thing as finding even a USED GM for retail. The occasional mama would sell one a used one for retail & she was praised as a saint.. haha.. those were the days!

  77. DramaBore says:

    I bought one Goodmama, and it was the last. $10 for shipping to Canada on a diaper is absurd – I know priority shipping costs less than that. Not to mention the soaker in ours is crooked and too long for the diaper, and the exposed snaps dig in to DD’s belly. I honestly don’t understand the GM love in general, since they lose their fluffiness so quickly.

  78. downy20 says:

    I think that GM is the only company that has never sold seconds. How can that be unless the sewing circle is super human and perfect or they are selling seconds as firsts…

    Someone please inform me of another company that has never sold a second quality diaper…please!!

  79. JustPeachy says:

    This is somehow surprising to you? I mean GM auctioned off no wait wishboxes in the middle of the 8+ week wait back in the spring. Her CS is crap, her diapers aren’t all that, and her minions are idiots to support such a craptastic WAHM.

  80. twatwaffles & cuntcakes says:

    well said #75

  81. yikes says:

    Eh, we love our GM’s, that said we payed $23 with shipping for all of them during the sale. i think we paid what they were worth. No problems with ours…

    It is WICKED shady to sell seconds as first quality though.. That’s really dodgy.

  82. yikes says:

    #76 – love your name!

  83. just_sayin says:

    OK, sewing circle my ass. That’s just propaganda to make it all seem touchy-feely WAHM. It’s a bunch of women in a factory on industrial machines sewing for a living, not a bunch of moms hanging out and chatting while their kids play. THESE ARE MASS PRODUCED DIAPERS, NOT WAHM MADE! It just drives me crazy how they pull out the hand made WAHM stuff as an excuse. They’re made in a factory, but the sheeple don’t want to believe it.

    I too bought a bundle with the promise they would never be stocked in the store. And they were. I’m a dumbass.

    Why should it be the responsibility of the BUYER to sell a second quality diaper themselves, instead of getting a refund? If I order clothes online, and they come with holes or broken snaps, they don’t tell me just to sell it. They take it back. Hell, some companies send an addressed envelope for returns in the package, and they even pay the fricking shipping. Does GM? Nope. She is greedy and taking advantage of her groupies, and they allow it.

    And that backstage pass diaper is fugly.

    That is all.

  84. behooooooooooove says:

    Sewing circle=group of underage Mexicans or Chinese girls sitting in a warehouse with no a/c.

  85. mamaload says:


  86. yikes says:

    I think lots of the SYOF dipes are fugly, actually…

  87. JustPeachy says:

    I think most of the GM dipes nowadays are fugly. Its like after the new 2008 prints the fabric selection went downhill.

  88. Messy says:

    #76 Is your name a personafication of a cross between Cristina and LoonyTiffoony? ROFLMAO!
    #80 You got it!!! Sad but too true! Nobody wants to believe it though…

  89. naturalmamadot says:

    Messy Says:
    March 1, 2009 at 7:21 pm

    “#76 Is your name a personafication of a cross between Cristina and LoonyTiffoony? ROFLMAO!”


  90. Tori says:

    Trish, if you are selling your GMs under your alias to get back what you paid for them then why are most of the ones in your feedback under “diapertrading” auctions?

    Please don’t get me wrong, I could care less if you sold BSP for $500. It was the blurb on LJ that has really rubbed me the wrong way because the actions and words aren’t lining up here

  91. who*me? says:

    No two ways about it auctioning an item as THE last one(s) and then stocking it in your store within weeks if shady as hell. Quality control is nonexistent or people wouldn’t be having half the snap issues their having. Cracked snaps, shallow sockets, misaligned snaps, the list goes on. If GM truly cared about their customers they’d cut the BS, admit their mistake and go out of their way to make it right for their customers. Not pull all these smoke and mirror excuses, Suzanne misunderstood the question, she’s had a family tragedy, the snaps were always this low crap and then in the middle of it all stock a HTF diaper in the store and run a second round of SYOF. Fix the existing issues before you move on. We’re not making this all up, it’s not a select few but rather many people having these issues. They hush members on LJ by telling them if they have an issue to email pics to CS only CS has been sent pics after pics from multiple customers to which CS gave no response. Speaks volumes.

  92. downy20 says:

    They will never change until people stop buying. I don’t see that happening any time soon. For every person that is pissed off, three more are just beginning their GM obsession.

  93. Heather says:

    “wow, I didn’t realize it was scalping to sell a diaper for exactly what one pays for it. Thanks for clearing that up Tori. Dana knows damn well that I paid $150 for that diaper and no one forced her to pay $150 to buy it from me. In fact, I had messages from 2 other mamas wanting to buy it and told her that I’d happily sell it to one of them if she didn’t want to complete the sale. And while I did charge her for shipping, I insured it even though she didn’t pay for insurance. She asked for it after the fact, just like she did with Sarah. It’s a good thing I did insure it too or her PO might have accidentally lost it like they did with her giant box of uninsured embroidered GMs. It’s amazing the way you drag me into drama about quality issues with GMs!”

    GRRRRRR if your gonna post about someone else GET YOUR FREAKING FACTS STRAIGHT!!! Dana didn’t ask Sarah to insure, I did BEFORE, WELLLLLL BEFORE those damn lost gm’s shipped. I was responsible for paying the return shipping. HEAVEN FORBID she be careful about shipping after losing 14 of her GM’s. I lost my diapers too, 5 + one that was suppose to be a trade. To act like we got them and our scamming to make yourself look better is just discusting. By the way Dana believes you paid $150 for that diaper, we talk daily, hell she read me your’s and her emails. People were talking about who bought it and she fessed up, then they asked if the seller was someone they knew she fessed up. People form their own opinions and if people want to think that you were scalping there is a damn thing you can do(other than not sell). Obviously you’ve formed an opinion about Dana and I. Golly gee, anything can be turned into drama in Goodmamaland.

    Ok anyhow back to your regularly scheduled drama……..

  94. Lokehualiilii says:

    I personally think all the GM fabrics are ugly as hell. I’ve never seen one that I just had to have that could justify spending that kind of money on a dipe. And a poorly made one at that!

  95. jeruco says:

    There is no sewing circle. They are mass produced on industrial sewing machines. END of STORY.
    A sewing circle would be women making them in their own homes. That is not the case.

    That all being said, dont complain about GM unless you are willing to do something about it and stop buying them.
    I didnt like their CS so I stopped buying. Let your money talk.

  96. just_sayin says:

    I stopped buying. There are other, better WAHM’s (who truly are WAHM’s ) out there and deserve my, erm, dh’s money.

    I dare someone to send this to GM and see if they come here and post. I bet they don’t.

  97. Messy says:

    GM won’t even answer their own customers’ questions on their own LJ message boards! No way do they have the balls to come here and face the music! If they ignore it, sales stay high, granted their respect for their customers drops; but hey, when they value their customers this little, what difference does it make???

  98. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    GM is one of the only mass produced dipes I’ve seen that doesn’t sell seconds. So crappy. I’ve bought Swaddlebees, and other brands of seconds that I couldn’t even tell WHY they were seconds. But GM sells these craptastic dipes as firsts. Shameful, seriously. I guess as long as they stay strapped to the butt and catch crap, then they’re good to go. Ugh.

  99. Messy says:

    #93… I had to LOL when I read your screen name and then what you said.

  100. AshleyB says:

    I also want to know what GM does with seconds?

  101. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    They sell them as firsts.

  102. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    Messy, my UN is from this gem:

    I haven’t changed it because I know the powahs that be here hate name changes 🙂

  103. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    I am GMLovah’s #1 fan. I am not a fan of the dipes, LMAO.

  104. who*me? says:

    93 right on. GM believes as long as they still catch and pee and poo they’re not defective, even when they are very clearly different from past goodmama diapers and don’t fit the same or even at all in some cases. The exact quote was “It was not a pattern change and is not a defect.”

  105. BffMama says:

    102: That was one of the best.threads.evah.

    I don’t really have anything to add to this drama since I really don’t care either way. I sort of just don’t buy the diapers and then be done with it. But I sure do like watching these trains derail, so…keep it comin’! Who would think cloth diapers cause this much drama.

  106. BffMama says:

    But CDs and DS brought me together with my two true loves: Messy and Werd. And my girl on the side, DSDM2.

  107. JustPeachy says:

    Honestly I have changed my entire line of thinking because of GM. I used to partake in the craze when they were sewn in the actual sewing circle. I stopped buying when they became mass produced because of her ethics and I’d rather spend 30 bucks on diaper HANDMADE by a WAHM with her own two hands then spend it on a mass produced diaper that could possibly have defects.

  108. sara says:

    I noticed that the post in LJ was deleted. Didn’t get a chance to read it or the follow up post made a day or two later.

    Yes Heather most of us do think the lost GM story is fishy.

  109. naturalmamadot says:

    BffMama Says:
    March 1, 2009 at 8:45 pm

    “Who would think cloth diapers cause this much drama.”

    ~I know right? People are downright amazed that there could possibly anything remotely interesting about cloth diapering or cloth diapering communitys/forums.

  110. DSDM2 says:

    😉 love ya bffmama

  111. cheesewhiz says:

    Ok, I just read through all of these comments, and I just have to add my personal experiences with GM. Out of the last SIX dipes I ordered, THREE had defective snaps…that is a 50% failure rate…I understand they were having some issues with the snaps, and they are being/have been resolved, BUT when I finally got them back from being fixed, one of them had a VERY DIFFERENT COLOR snap replacement. Hello??? I emailed CS just to let them know I would have waited for the CORRECT color, but got no response. BTW, with each of my “defective” dipes, I have had to send an average of 2-3 emails to get any response at all. I used to love GM’s, but WHAT IS GOING ON HERE???

  112. Dana says:

    Quote Cakemaven “wow, I didn’t realize it was scalping to sell a diaper for exactly what one pays for it. Thanks for clearing that up Tori. Dana knows damn well that I paid $150 for that diaper and no one forced her to pay $150 to buy it from me. In fact, I had messages from 2 other mamas wanting to buy it and told her that I’d happily sell it to one of them if she didn’t want to complete the sale. And while I did charge her for shipping, I insured it even though she didn’t pay for insurance. She asked for it after the fact, just like she did with Sarah. It’s a good thing I did insure it too or her PO might have accidentally lost it like they did with her giant box of uninsured embroidered GMs. It’s amazing the way you drag me into drama about quality issues with GMs!”

    Alright, I don’t care if you paid $150 for the diaper or not. You said you did…I gave you the benefit of the doubt….it doesn’t matter. I do think it’s odd you sold it under a different user name and late at night, but like I said it doesn’t matter that’s on your own conscious. I have since sold/traded the diaper for less than what I paid for it because I wasn’t in love with it.

    What I do have a problem with is you insinuating that I scammed Sarah for my lost box of GMs. That is so far from the truth. You don’t even have your information straight. You should go back and read the DODs on the subject. I paid for shipping and insurance to Sarah, Heather was to pay for shipping and insurance back to us. Heather asked for insurance before I even shipped the GMs to Sarah. I lost some wool dryer balls the same day. They were just a must smaller loss than the GMs. My PO loses/misplaces packages all the time. Everyone that lives here knows this.

  113. me me me says:

    Me thinks that Gms are overrated and bulky. They look like any other one sized fitted. Actually they look worse, am I the only one that’s creeped out by the soaker sticking out like a toungue? Bad customer service is just iceing on the cake.

    Now, my burning question is..what is LJ? I’ve been under a rock for a while it seems.

  114. not just another mama says:

    Looks like the cakemaven/Dana/Sarah drama going on is more interesting then the original topic..

  115. Just Wondering... says:

    While the Internet drama of others does little but bore me, I find myself completely intrigued by what’s happening here in this thread. I find myself asking questions–which I am compelled to put to you all..

    Honestly, not trying to be a bitch [though I’m relatively positive that these questions can’t be seen as anything but], but… don’t you have something /better/ to do with your time? Are you independently wealthy? Is your house clean? Clothes [and diapers] washed, sorted and put away? Have you had sex recently? Are your children geniuses that require no additional teaching–or play time–from you? Is your lawn mowed? Garbage taken out? Lightbulbs exchanged for energy efficient ones? Recycling sorted? Charities that need volunteers? Dogs walked? Sex to be had?

    Assuming all of the above mentioned chores have been completed and your partner[s] sated, what do you hope to gain from threads like these? Do they build you up? Make you feel like a bad ass? Is this a place where you can feel power where, normally, you feel powerless?

    Does it really matter to you if someone pays $1 or $1,000.00 for a diaper? Why? Isn’t it /their/ money? Didn’t /they/ [or their significant other] work for it or earn it some other way? It’s not like they’re using *your* money to buy it. I don’t think that food stamps can buy diapers [though hey, I could be wrong about that], not your tax dollars hard at work buying other people diapers that you /feel/ are overpriced because, let’s face it, the people who spend upwards of $100.00 on a single diaper are the same people who pay /extra/ in taxes so that you can get WIC and Medicaid. So… why are you complaining?

    Because you /think/ they have double standards//are hypocrites? Unfortunately, no one I’ve yet to meet has mastered mind reading, so–perhaps–you are incorrect. And hey, perhaps you *are* correct. Either way… does it negatively [or otherwise] affect your life? Take food out of your child[rens] mouth[s]? Lessen your quality of life? So… even if they *are* being hypocritical… so what?

    Perhaps you think that by flaunting this over the Internet, they’ll have some backlash served to them? Unfortunately, though your efforts are valiant, chances are this won’t happen. Just so you’re aware, these most brilliant efforts on your part will be largely ignored and shuffled under [similar to all of the previous GM drama] the piles and piles of good reviews.

    Honestly, your best bet is to simply ignore it, not buy anymore, go have sex and live your life. If you have a problem, the best bet is–as a rule–to deal with it at the source. Generally, problems can be solved this way in a responsible and adult manner. Which is… not this.

    You complain about customer service and compare it to relatively small WAHM productions. That’s like comparing the Garage down the corner that does work on my cars to General Motors. Of course you’re going to get more personal customer service with the garage down the street and of course General Motors will have less time//inclination to handle each and every request that comes down the line with a personal touch. Such is the nature of a larger business. Not being responded to personally when ‘your’ fabric didn’t get picked? Well, honestly, you’re lucky there wasn’t a disclaimer that said “If your fabric is not chosen, you will not get a response from us by __ date.” [which they will probably do, if this is done again]. To have taken the time to write posts in several locations stating “Thank you, but we’re full, if you haven’t gotten a response from us, your fabric wasn’t chosen” was pretty high ranking in Customer Service. How many of you have submitted resumes to companies and gotten no response, either way? That’s simply how the world works in the majority of it.

    Seriously, though… go have sex.

  116. cheesewhiz says:

    #113 – LiveJournal…

  117. me me me says:

    Cakemaven entering into the sarah/dana drama is too much for me. We can’t just toss in new charcters this late in the game. I’m too tored to process the plot twists.

  118. me me me says:

    Livejournal, Ok I have heard of that. Just never ventured over. Did not realize it was a big cloth hang out.

  119. cheesewhiz says:

    #116 – And type correctly…;)

  120. StacEy says:

    What I really find so ridiculous is the whole illogical “If you don’t like it you can easily sell it, Win!” That’s fucked up.

  121. behooooooooooove says:

    What pisses me off is the whole “You don’t like it, don’t buy it” crap.

  122. who*me? says:

    120 yeah that. I bought syof expecting them to be the same diaper I’ve bought in the past not ones with jacked snaps way lower than before.

  123. Just Wondering... says:

    My dearest StacEy, I didn’t say that “If you don’t like it you can easily sell it”, though from the looks of things, that is actually the case. I personally haven’t purchased a GM in several months, nor had any inclination to–however they still appear to be selling on places like Spots Corner and Diaper Swappers, so it would appear that one /can/ easily sell “it”.

    Sweetest behooooooooooove, that’s exactly what I did. Didn’t like it, so stopped buying it. I assure you that I have very little self control when it comes to purchasing objects that I desire, but once I stop liking something, it’s a simple matter to gain said self control and stop purchasing said object[s].

  124. Finch says:


    Do you still have to click something each time I use this name? i like it more but can change back if its a problem.

    I am pretty sure that way back GM has sold seconds, i remember someone listing seconds fs hmm..I want to say she bought them directly from Gm, like went to her house or something. This was awhile ago around when animal cracker came out, it wasn’t an animal cracker print but I can’t remember what they were or what was wrong w/ them hmm let me think

  125. me me me says:

    118-that’s a given.

  126. naturalmamadot says:

    me me me Says:
    March 1, 2009 at 9:03 pm

    “Me thinks that Gms are overrated and bulky. They look like any other one sized fitted. Actually they look worse, am I the only one that’s creeped out by the soaker sticking out like a toungue? ”

    Mk sooo this leads me to a question, is the soaker SUPPOSED to stick out? Because I have a new never washed mutts babyshape that is large yet wouldnt fit my 10 month old and not only is the elastic so tight and wont stretch that it is too small but the soaker is about 2 x too big for it, sort of the same for the natural baby co similar fitted and Ive seen GMs like this.

    Is it on purpose or a total screw up?

  127. me me me says:

    Any other WAHM that said “If you don’t like it you can easily sell it, Win!” would be tared n featherd. I just don’t get how the snaps being THAT off or a change in fit, would not deam it a 2nd. What other WAHM would get away with that?

    I also just don’t understand the cult like following. If I where Sooz, that would scare me, really.

  128. mamaload says:

    #115… you are awesome!

  129. me me me says:

    126- I belive it’s intentional. I was always under the impression a soaker should be a little shorter than the diaper, but apparently I live on another planet. Me and my 4 legs and ear worms.

  130. Just Wondering... says:

    me me me: “If I where Sooz, that would scare me, really.”

    I’d probably wonder who my real friends vs. just those who want an “in” were. Which would, indeed, be a scary place to dwell…

  131. DSDM2 says:

    Finch you are fine.

  132. me me me says:

    115- pretty sure I just answered no to all 3,507 questions in your post. I’m a shitty mom, we all are. We gather here to make ourselfs feel better about that.

  133. Megan says:

    “That all being said, dont complain about GM unless you are willing to do something about it and stop buying them.
    I didnt like their CS so I stopped buying. Let your money talk.”

    ITA, 95. I’ve never bought a GM, as a matter of principle. Perhaps she started as an honest WAHM two years ago, but it has become increasingly ridiculous. Yuck.

  134. cheesewhiz says:

    #115 – I would love to really, but no one will have sex with me. 😦 Boo-hoo.

  135. me me me says:

    Dude are those elephant tusks on my face??

  136. me me me says:

    134-my dh works out of state. he might prefere me to hang out here.

  137. behooooooooooove says:

    LOL #134!!

  138. behooooooooooove says:

    My monster is having a very bad hair day. And a bad eye day, for that matter.

  139. me me me says:

    4 legs, ear worms AND tusks. No wonder I’m here instead of getting laid…at 3:47 pm on a Sunday afternoon no less.

  140. Just Wondering... says:

    cheesewhiz: You’re probably better off, then–no one knows you like you know yourself [;

  141. cheesewhiz says:

    #140 – How true you are…my SEXY SEXY mint green self…!!

  142. cheesewhiz says:

    I would do me. Even though (or perhaps BECAUSE??) I have a yellow penis.

  143. Just Wondering... says:

    cheesewhiz: It’s the hair, easily. Plus those nice, slim legs~ no thunder thighs, there!

  144. cheesewhiz says:

    And probably my bedroom eyes. Whoooweee!!!!!

  145. Just Wondering... says:

    Gotta say, the huge spike on my head isn’t exactly a turn on [x

  146. cheesewhiz says:

    Well, but I hardly noticed it, what with those luscious lips. Better than the octomoms!!!!

  147. Just Wondering... says:

    hahaha, true! I suspect her spike is located elsewhere on her person

  148. behooooooooooove says:

    #145, you know what that spike is good for….

  149. Monkey says:

    #10… OMG forealz?

    I mean, what about the mamas who don’t have the time/inclination to sell a defective diaper? What crap CS!

    I own multiple diapers, by multiple WAHMS and they are all consistent, not within a “range of consistency”. And I paid about half for each of these dipes that I would pay for a Goodmama.

    I have owned one GM and I wasn’t impressed at all. After reading this I will CERTAINLY never own another.

  150. BffMama says:

    115, since you asked:

    1. no
    2. yes, close to 6 figures
    3. yes
    4.yes, yes, and yes
    5. does with myself count? if so, yes. If not, no.
    6. yes
    7. yes
    8. yes
    9. yes
    10. yes
    11. yes
    12. yes
    13. it is to be had, but not anywhere around here
    14. a break from my amazing and wonderful life by looking at the wreck as I drive by thereby rubbernecking and causing everyone else to be stuck in traffic cursing me out, in essence
    15. no, they make me laugh. I always heard laughter was good medicine.
    16. no
    17. no
    18. a. not one bit. b. not my money
    19. no idea
    20. no complaining here
    21. yes, cloth diaper hypocrites suck (seriously, this is just a RL soap opera, so I really couldn’t care less)
    22. no
    23. no
    24. no
    25. you’re right
    26. no
    27. I didn’t pick any fabric
    28. a lot, but it’s unprofessional

    Thank you for your well thought questions.

  151. Monkey says:

    #115… geez… couldn’t you have had sex instead of writing the great American novel?

    I come on here when I get up in the morning. My child and my DH are both still asleep. My dog has been walked, my dishes are done and I’m enjoying a cup of coffee with a side of drama. My child will wake up within the hour… I’ll get off the site, feed him and play with him.

    I love these martyr mommies who think every single second of your day should revolve around your child, your DH or your kitchen. So much for womens lib.

  152. Just Wondering... says:

    BffMama: I thank you for your well thought out answers, most sincerely.

  153. BffMama says:

    Indeed. Cheers, friend.

  154. Just Wondering... says:

    Monkey: I actually did. Since the kids were still napping and my husband off to work, I decided to ask my questions. Since you asked instead of assumed, my dishes weren’t actually done, nor was my house as spotless as I’d like.

    And to quote “I thought feminism meant I’m allowed to choose to be barefoot in the kitchen”

  155. behooooooooooove says:

    I don’t like to walk barefoot in my kitchen. My kids frequently spill salt or sugar on the floor. And I hate that feeling on my feet.

  156. asshat says:

    115 – off to have sex right now, thanks for the reminder. Clearly I am a terrible wife and mother. After sex, I’ll be sure to jump off a fucking bridge.

  157. Just Wondering... says:

    behooooooooooove: mine prefer liquids /:

  158. Rain Cloud says:

    whoa! So glad I bought Original GM’s one year ago! What a shame I’ve never even used them! They are still NIP!

    Maybe I am really sorry I bought them. I am just not sure yet.

  159. Monkey says:

    #154… I thought it also meant that I don’t HAVE to be barefoot in the kitchen?

    I’m just saying don’t imply or assume that we’re bad mothers because we spend a few minutes on here each day. Even mommies need down time.

    My house may not be spotless… but it’s clean. We aren’t living in filth or anything. My son probably wishes that mommy would get on here when he was awake sometimes and get out of his butt for 5 minutes!

    So it’s okay for you to spend time on here asking questions, but not for others?

    Also, I had super awesome shower sex last night… and will probably do so again tonight.

  160. Monkey says:

    MMMMM…. shower sex….

  161. Just Wondering... says:

    asshat: I wasn’t implying that you–or anyone else posting on this or any thread–is a terrible mother, wife, partner, etc. My apologies if that’s what was inflected by my post.

    As I said originally, I wasn’t /trying/ to be a bitch. And I meant that, sincerely. I simply had several questions and was asking them. No hidden agenda, no reading between the lines required. My post was simple [albeit long]. I had questions, I asked them.

  162. BffMama says:

    Look monkey, no reason to rub it in our faces! 😀 hahaha Do let us know how round 2 of shower sex goes. Some people live vicariously.

  163. Just Wondering... says:

    Monkey: It means that, exactly. I wasn’t–nor am I–attacking the way you choose to spend your time.

    Also, if you read my comments after my original post, I give insight that no, my house was not spotless, nor were my dishes clean, etc. when I wrote it [though I /had/ had sex, which was quite lovely, though not shower sex, our shower kinda sucks for that, unfortunately]. You have *every* right to do what you wish, when you wish to do it. As I have stated several times, I had questions, therefore asked them. Not to start even /more/ drama, not to pick a fight, etc., simply out of genuine curiosity~

  164. Just Wondering... says:

    Rain Cloud: I much prefer the original ones, myself. If I may be so bold as to ask, why haven’t you used them?

  165. Just Wondering... says:

    behooooooooooove: RE: #148 Which? Mine or Octomom’s? [x

  166. asshat says:

    161 – But you were implying that anyone on here isn’t spending enough time doing other things. Like having sex. Whoopdedoo.

    So um…
    1. The diapers are shit.
    2. The goodmama herself can’t run a business
    3. CS is the shits.
    and most importantly…
    4. at least 75% of these people on here bitching will be buying more as soon as she stocks.

  167. Just Wondering... says:

    asshat: I thank you for answering my questions.

    Again, my apologies if the inflection of my post in any way implied that you “failed” at being whatever you are [wife, mother, etc.]

  168. behooooooooooove says:

    #165 Your spike, baby 😀

  169. Just Wondering... says:

    behooooooooooove: hahahah, I can think of a few things [x

  170. asshat says:

    Just Wondering…now that you’ve spent a significant portion of time on here. I have some questions. Are you dishes done? Laundry done? Kids played with? Husband satisfied? Orgasm had?


  171. Just Wondering... says:

    asshat: Yes, actually, thank you for asking. I’m not actually /sitting/ at the laptop, but checking on it at slightly regular intervals. I’m happy [extremely] that all chores I had on my list are now complete. As for my kids, indeed, I am playing with them. As I said, I’m only getting up to check on the laptop whilst I compile FreeBSD on a server. [Work, you know~]

    Oh, and the orgasms were had–and enjoyed–prior to my husband leaving for the Data Center. I expect there will be more to come when the kids are in bed and he’s home from work [:

  172. DSDM2 says:

    behooooooove, Messy, BFFMama… Crazy Chick is back in the other thread. Wanna join me?

  173. naturalmamadot says:

    me me me Says:
    March 1, 2009 at 9:40 pm

    “126- I belive it’s intentional. I was always under the impression a soaker should be a little shorter than the diaper, but apparently I live on another planet. Me and my 4 legs and ear worms.”

    ~mk this is what it looks like (taken with liners in the dipe)

  174. naturalmamadot says:

    oh and id like to join 😦 am i not invited lmao

  175. DSDM2 says:

    Come over! I’m having a bit -o- poking fun.

  176. MamaWatchingDrama says:

    ROFL #115…. if we’re all here being bad parents then what are you doing here? LMAO…. That was great.

    I’ve had great past experiences with CS through GM. I had a diaper that had totally bad serging once, and she had me sent a brand new diaper of my choice. I didn’t talk to Suzanne, but I did speak with someone else. They told me what was available since they had no more of the diaper that I wanted, and I chose what I wanted. It was all done quick, painlessly, and it was very pleasant. They sent me a SASE to send the bad diaper back to them, and that was the end of it.

    That being said… Do I believe GM’s are all made in a sweet little sewing circle? Nope. I do believe they’re just mass produced diapers. Do I believe their CS is always awesome. Nope. That’s part of big business, and unfortunately, GM has turned to big business. I love GM’s, and I have almost 2 dozen which are used on a regular basis. I don’t find the Piddle Poddle or any other diaper has the same stretchiness or niceness that the fabric of GM has, but I do think I will be buying more PP and Patooshie Pants from now on because it does really appear that “Sooz” (gotta love that nick for her)is losing her personal touch. I’ve even gotten a bad FB and had that replaced so I don’t think that being a big business is an excuse for poor CS.

    Get your shit together, Sooz. If ya don’t it’s all gonna go downhill pretty fast.

  177. Just Wondering... says:

    MamaWatchingDrama: Clearly, you somehow missed my subsequent posts–or didn’t bother to read them. That’s Ok, though. They’re there, should you decide to read them~

    Anyway, my compile is complete and I now have no other reason to check on the laptop anymore. To those who answered my questions, I thank you for taking the time to do so. To all of you, I hope that your issues with GM get sorted out, quickly. I wish you all the best [:

  178. JustPeachy says:

    #115 I guess since we are moms and wives are sole duty is only to our children/husbands? Also who’s to say we don’t volunteer our time for worthy causes? I hate the insinuation that all we do is sit on here and post.

  179. me me me says:

    173-omg i am so sorry, but that is obcene. how does she sell those fugly things?

  180. naturalmamadot says:

    lol yea i was like THIS is how my kid is supposed to wear it, and its the large? lolol
    so yea hes never worn it except twice with 3 dif liners in it covering all areas haha

  181. me me me says:

    Just Wondering could you be Tiffy’s DP? Since your both talking about ppl here negecting children, waisting DH’s money and all that. Just saying.

  182. naturalmamadot says:

    and i was SO *eyeroll* happy to be able to grab one when they were going like hotcakes urgggg

  183. naturalmamadot says:

    me me me Says:
    March 1, 2009 at 11:56 pm

    “Just Wondering could you be Tiffy’s DP? Since your both talking about ppl here negecting children, waisting DH’s money and all that. Just saying.”

    ~wouldnt doubt it

  184. me me me says:

    OMG. I’m sorry but that dipe pic made me and my LO crack up. She looked down at her own diaper just to check and make sure her’s wasn’t doing that.

  185. naturalmamadot says:

    hahah smart girl

  186. MamaWatchingDrama says:

    Oh and Just Wondering… Nope. I did not read your other posts. Thank you very much. The first was enough to make me realize you were just a douche here to pick a fight. Glad you got the fight you were looking for.

    I hope you have a nice night folding your husband’s underwear, washing dishes, and mopping your floor. I choose to take Sunday’s off from housework and tasks myself. Have a nice orgasm… oops… I mean day!

  187. naturalmamadot says:

    wait #186, you CHOOSE to take sundays off? Im sorry but a simple, low stay at home mother shouldnt have rights like that. You really need a partner like Tiffy to whip you into shape and show you your place. *eyeroll*

  188. Messy says:

    #102 It is still funny as hell in context 😀

  189. SomeMore says:

    163- you are absolutely full of shit. Curiousity, my ass. I have yet to see a post such as yours without there being an undertone of “you suck” in all my years online.

    On to other things…I don’t get something…If I go to Walmart & buy a defective shirt/game/movie/whatever, they don’t tell me sell it..they give a refund. Defective-ness aside, if I buy a shirt at the mall and I decide I don’t like it, so long as it is not washed, I can return it for either my money back or a gift certificate to their store. How can GMs possibly think this is ok?? Am I missing something obvious?

  190. Messy says:

    #106 I agree… I found my soul mates in diaper drama… Bff and Werd *kisses* and ummm… Embarassingly I have to ask, is DSDM2 everyone’s woman on the side? 😉 I ❤ all three… Don’t tell dh! It will just totally turn him on!!! 😀

  191. me says:

    i think you are full of shit, trish. i don’t care if you paid 150 for bsp, you are still a f(****ing hypocritical, ass kissing bitch. and don’t feed me any bullshit about”raising money for the ds mom” on your other ridiculous listings, either.

  192. me says:

    and tori was right on to call you out.

    i’m pretty much done w gm now, i’ve seen enough drama from some d*** dipes.

  193. Messy says:

    #142 I am so turned on that your yellow penis is longer than your legs! Gawd! What a turn on!!!

  194. Messy says:

    #148 From your permanently squatting position, I would be you *do know what that spike is good for! OUCH!

  195. Messy says:

    #175 I do like poking the psycho in the cage… But she gets on my nerves. Her writing in other places screams of the same narcistic bitchism that it does here. She is fruit loops. She would give her dp’s strap-on, at this point, to be able to name a WAHM though ROFL 😀

  196. behooooooooooove says:

    #191, ITA. You can smell the bullshit on her from a mile away. If she really paid that much (which I doubt) then she would have no problem using her own name and listing it at a decent time instead of trying to be all shady about it. Fucking ridiculous.

    I don’t give a shit how much people pay for their diapers usually. But when you’re going about it in this manner, and being a total hypocrite , chastising people for not selling “at retail”, it’s just aggravating.

  197. me says:

    thanks. i have been trying to be like switzerland and stay out of this kind of crap. but her posting like that struck a raw gm nerve and i feel GREAT about letting some of that out.

    and it’s nice to not have to worry about harassment from the GM community like in other places too.

  198. asshat says:

    Well, it isn’t just Trish. A bunch of “goodmamas” are fucking hypocrites. I don’t give a rats ass if you sell your shit for more than you bought it for, but damn don’t give someone shit about it and then do it yourself.

  199. me says:

    trish takes the cake though.. it’s her a&& kissing.


  200. DSDM2 says:

    Tiffy, honey, what is taking so long? Putting the final touches on that “proof” of yours? I’m anxiously awaiting and checking my email…

    Oh WAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT… there is no proof, or if there is you are making it up… that’s right. Sorry Babe, I forgot.

  201. DSDM2 says:

    Opps, wrong thread, lol

  202. asshat says:

    Trish might take the cake, but I know an ass kisser that is right behind her

  203. cheesewhiz says:

    #193 – Why thank you, Messy! I tried to hide it, but there’s just no use.

  204. cheesewhiz says:

    #195 – “her dp’s strap-on”…LOL!!!! Well, I for one will not be donating mine to the cause!!!

  205. cheesewhiz says:

    #173 – THAT is horrible!!!

    On a side note – your camera is already livin’ in 2010…lol

  206. me says:

    #202. wondering who it is you speak of

  207. naturalmamadot says:

    cheesewhiz Says:
    March 2, 2009 at 1:37 am

    “#173 – THAT is horrible!!!

    On a side note – your camera is already livin’ in 2010…lol”

    ~LMAO thanks the battery was out for like 5 days that must be why thanks so much i didnt even catch that and i took a BUNCH of pics today…bummer 😦

    On a side note Im emailing with Muttaqin and they are like pull the diaper up, Im like yea I try it snaps right back down the second I let go…so Im waiting on another response Im bummed it is like that

  208. JustPeachy says:

    Just thought Id pipe in with my typical day since apparently some ppl mistake my posting here as me sitting on my ass all day eating bon bons
    7:30 am wake up girls
    7:40 am feed aforementioned girls breakfast
    8:00 am coordinate wardrobes for said girls and do all necessary grooming
    8:15am chaffeur 2 of 3 girls to school
    9am clean the house
    10am shower and get dressed for the day
    10:30 am get Saedra bathed and dressed
    11am midmorning snack time for Saedra
    11:30 am fight 20 month old about nap time
    1pm hang out on DS while aforementioned child naps
    3pm wake Saedra up to go pick her sisters up from school
    4pm help with homework
    5pm dinner
    6pm play barbies
    8pm get 2 of the 3 girls in the shower and ready for bed
    9pm read stories and say good nights
    10pm bedtime for me (substitute sex in for bed every now and again ROFL)
    So I’d say my days are pretty productive. I get on DS intermitently when I should be doing other stuff but I never stay on it for long aside from late at nite.

  209. behooooooooooove says:

    #206 I bet it’s barbles. In fact, she might be in front of Trish on the ass kissing line. Can’t tell where barbles begins and the goodmama ladies begin.

  210. asshat says:

    209 – hahaha that is the one

  211. me says:

    ahhh i’m not surprised. she seems to invade everything too. no one can comment anywhere.

  212. asshat says:

    I guess she thinks she is special because she is “friends” with the Goodmama girls. Whatever, she is the biggest hypocrite of them all and the fact that she supports them in being liars and shady is disgusting.

  213. JustPeachy says:

    Oh and IIRC Trish was one of the first ones to start jacking up prices on GMs when the supply was less then the demand for them. So she can take her sell it for what you paid for it and shove it as far as I am concerned.

  214. asshat says:

    And how about her bumping her listings all the time. Yeah, that is annoying.

  215. me says:

    yes it IS annoying about bumping the listings. i made sure to report her to trista and karen about that. and i’m pretty sure she was warned– multiple times.

    i also know that she was contacted by another mama and told that she knew better. the reply– oh, i was trying to raise $$ to help a mama. BS!!!

  216. behooooooooooove says:

    help a mama=herself.

  217. JustPeachy says:

    LMAO her actually using that excuse. I haven’t ever seen her help anyone aside from herself. Actually the mama she was trying to help probably was herself. I distinctly remember she posted a FSOT thread back maybe 6-7 months ago saying she was selling diapers to pay bills.

  218. asshat says:


  219. naturalmamadot says:

    behooooooooooove Says:
    March 2, 2009 at 2:44 am

    “help a mama=herself.”


  220. Biggirlpanties says:

    all the time is an understatement. it was nearly every hour on the hour.

  221. ZOMGWTFBBQ? says:

    Okay, being barbles, WTF? You guys wouldn’t say this to my face, but put your little clever names on and you’re all over me.

  222. me says:

    yes everyone has noticed that she just, randomly, put stuff up fs, several every week sometimes every day. it’s like she bought ALL the goodmamas just to make profits! how ridiculous is that?

    HAhaha if she wasn’t so shady maybe she should open her own store…. then she could buy wholesale!!

  223. me says:

    actually there barbara most of this is about someone else.

    you do kind of come off as elitist though. sorry!

    *to your face– um it would be on the net either way.

  224. asshat says:

    No apologies about it ME…and elitist is an understatement.

  225. skittles says:

    you guys arent jealous of barb are you? mmhmmmm

  226. me says:

    haha i meant sorry in the sense– it’s too bad that yes, it’s true

  227. asshat says:

    jealous of what? Being an elitist bitch who thinks they can just run over people?

  228. me says:

    no i am truly not jealous. i personally would never want to be on a blurred line between social situation and a business.

    it’s too bad you have to be accusatory just because someone speaks their opinion.

  229. skittles says:

    you guys can hide behind these names but no one is tough enough to say who they are.


  230. me says:

    really then tell us who YOU are.

    i have friends that i want to protect. and i’m not stupid enough to ask to be attacked.

    besides,what was said about barbara really wasn’t that bad. it’s too bad you see it that way.

    trish, on the other hand, is another story.

  231. me says:

    ha ha ha i have better things to do now. c u later, sk8rs!!!

  232. asshat says:

    skittles skittles skittles

  233. JustPeachy says:

    Cyber chickens? Isnt that like the pot calling the kettle black considering you are hiding as well?

  234. behooooooooooove says:

    cyberchickens. *snort*

  235. skittles says:

    you tell me who you are and ill do the same.

  236. cheesewhiz says:

    Hmmm…bumping EVERY hour??? Why hasn’t she been banned from selling???

  237. naturalmamadot says:

    actually im pretty sure skittles has been outed here in a previous post

    utilize ctrl +f if you care to find out, i am too lazy right now

    and i could be wrong but i vaguely remember that

  238. werd says:

    wow. I bought GMs during the sale and all mine were perfect. that’s crappy though. I really like the diapers I have but I would never pay retail+!!

    PS: I’m on my effing honeymoon trying to drive down the east coast to Florida and of course its snowing like a bitch in Virginia and like the whole city shut down, LOL

  239. Biggirlpanties says:

    congrats werd 🙂

  240. cheesewhiz says:

    238 – The whole city of Virginia, Werd? Damn.!

    And, congrats. 😉

  241. Terra says:

    yikes Says:
    March 1, 2009 at 7:02 pm

    I think lots of the SYOF dipes are fugly, actually…

    amen, sistah! It’s amazing that because a fabric is deemed “HTF” all the sudden people have on beer diaper goggles and think that crap is cute. Oh well… to each their own! Personally, I would want to pick out my own serging color and snap color, as well as inner. I’d be ticked off if I went to all the trouble of getting the fabric, running the co-op, and BOOM, gm put fugly mustard snaps on my dipe.

    I do love my older gm’s. They work well on my girly girl. However, I am so over the drama.

  242. notyourmama says:

    #238.. you should be having sex. did you not get that memo? and don’t you dare use being in a car during a snow storm as an excuse. that’s called an opportunity.

  243. werd says:

    teehee. we are in Fairfax!!!

    PS I love me some Messy and BFF. Wanna come and get it on? I have YET to get laid on my HONEYMOON, lol!!

  244. wouldn't you like to know? says:

    I’d like to know how Barb got brought into all of this…..Anyone?

  245. wouldn't you like to know? says:

    Why isn’t my stuff showing up?

  246. hrm's mom says:

    is that why you are looking at cute outfits?

  247. Messy says:

    #242 I didn’t get laid on my wedding night. Dh passed out on the back porch after the party ROFL! I would sooo be there in a heartbeat baby! That would be a honeymoon not likely to ever be forgotten 😉 😛

  248. Sam says:

    I’m a fan of the wahm but that’s just seems like bad customer service. I think the problem is that for a long time now gm’s have been so sought after, and mama’s have been paying a buttload for them, that they kind of just don’t care. Because they’re right, some other mama will probably buy the *seconds* diapers from them.

  249. Messy says:

    Werd, we have to wait for Bff. She is busy enjoying Cheesewhiz’s big yellow dong.
    BTW, who drew these monsters anyhow? Is the artist twisted or is it us? ROFLMAO!

  250. Messy says:

    #245 Sam, ITA. However, why can they not accept that people would buy the seconds if they were listed as such with even a dollar discout, if that. Then GM would keep a good reputation and not have to deal with its customers, since they seem to be very bad at that aspect of business ownership.

  251. Sam says:

    #247 Yeah I agree if they would just sell them as seconds for a lower price that would be great, and you are right they would keep their good rep. It’s just bad business to sell seconds for retail, and expect everyone to be okay with it, then tell your customers to sell them fsot if they don’t like it.

  252. Sam says:

    #242 & #244 You guys didn’t get laid on your wedding nights? Bummer!

  253. JustPeachy says:

    skittles ummmmmmmm you know who I am. Duh Im very open about who I am. I think maybe ONCE I hid but no more. And just in case you are stupid I am ~Peach~ or PeachyKeen.

  254. Messy says:

    #250 Isn’t it crazy that we all know who you are and love ya all the more for it?

  255. cheesewhiz says:

    #246 – LOL Messy!

  256. JustPeachy says:

    Not anymore really. I’ve come a long way since my days as resident drama queen. Granted I have my moments but I’ve learned some form of self control now ROFL.

  257. werd says:

    okay, we are going to drive to Fla now! wish us luck, its snowing. eww.

  258. DSDM2 says:

    Hey guys, the numbers are messed up now b/c I had about 6 posts to approve this AM.

  259. DSDM2 says:

    Good luck werd!

  260. theinvisible says:

    It’s actually kind of cold here this morning! I guess temperature is relative though. It will probably feel great compared to somewhere it snows.

  261. theinvisible says:

    That’s Florida, I mean. Where werd is headed. That appeared to be a rather fragmented and schizophrenic response. Sorry.

  262. ArmiMommi says:

    Werd, wave as you drive past Savannah, GA and have a great time!!

  263. ABCDEFG says:

    Goodmama just redid their website and added a forum. All the butt kissers can now be found there.

  264. Ashley says:

    Sad, when did talking about Gm changing their pattern turn into who kisses who’s tush at GM. I wouldn’t bash people I didn’t know. It’s hurtful & full of lies.

  265. cheesewhiz says:

    #263 – Interesting…

  266. cheesewhiz says:

    #264 – So its ok if we know them though, right?

  267. Ashley says:

    #266- I only believe it is ok if it’s to their face. That way they can fight back. That’s the only fair way if you have a beef with someone IMO but that’s just me

  268. just_sayin says:

    OK, I need new contacts because I swear this one looks like it’s called Bum Rubber, LOL.

    It’s especially obvious on the prints page, and not as much on the actual diaper page.

  269. Monkey says:

    I have no drama of GM situation.

    But, I thought I would share my own drama.

    I went to bed it was raining. I woke, there’s like 5 inches of snow on the ground…WTF?

  270. ABCDEFG says:

    Ashley, now they can call the butt kissers to the butt kissers faces. In the new GM forum and I’m sure that it won’t get deleted or anything.
    And I’m not saying who the buttkissers are. Just where they are.

  271. me me me says:

    Bum Rubber lol

    Try going to bed to flurries and waking up to 6 inches of ice with 10 inches of snow on top of that. We were stuck inside the house for a week until my mother came over to dig us out. I have to admit, it was funny watching the little red haird woman cuss n spit through the window. hahahah

  272. Monkey says:

    #271… ok, I guess I should count my blessings.

    You want to send your mom over to dig ME out?

    Actually I can hear my landlord out there clearing the steps while singing “Hey Jude” at the top of his lungs. I love our landlords.

  273. haha says:

    I’m so over GM and all drama that entails. It’s not like she can surprise me (even with offering people a FREE goodmama diaper in exchange for THEM buying all 5 yards of the fabric AND paying for the shipping to her for they SYOF).

  274. cheesewhiz says:

    Ashley – I personally have no beef with anyone…if someone wants to be a buttkisser, thats their perogative, its of no consequence to me. I never made a statement about them.

    I’m just innocently hangin’ out over here with mah yellow dong.

  275. notyourmama says:

    ha! someone mentioned the crappy snaps on that brand spankin’ new forum put up on their brand spankin new site. it’s deleted. wtf?

  276. Erin says:

    Well, of course! Only posts relating to how GM’s are the Messiah of cd’ing and saved everyone are allowed.

  277. asshat says:

    I can’t believe that was deleted. Why have a section for questions if you are just going to delete it?

  278. cheesewhiz says:

    #275 – LMAO!!!! Oh, and HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    I wonder what it would take to get banned from THAT forum??

  279. Booyah says:

    #278 I bet the n00bs who post in Diaper Chatter EVERY.SINGLE.DAY “what’s so great about GMs?” would get banned pretty fast. Just for questioning the omnipotent awesomeness.

  280. who*me? says:

    Why have a “Product Questions & Info” section if they’re just going to delete the product questions? It wasn’t snarky it wasn’t b!tchy. It was polite and factual and genuinely asking a product question. And it went poof. Funny how Suzanne can’t be bothered to address the snaps issue but she’ll chime in how they’ve been working on the message board for so long and how she’s glad everyone is there. Right. Because now it’s not all out in the open on a public board where anyone can see it. Behind closed doors where they have more control.

  281. naturalmamadot says:

    Booyah Says:
    March 3, 2009 at 12:00 am

    “I bet the n00bs who post in Diaper Chatter EVERY.SINGLE.DAY “what’s so great about GMs?” would get banned pretty fast. Just for questioning the omnipotent awesomeness.”

    who*me? Says:
    March 3, 2009 at 12:27 am

    “Because now it’s not all out in the open on a public board where anyone can see it. Behind closed doors where they have more control.”


  282. BffMama says:

    Hello hello!

  283. cheesewhiz says:

    #279 – I SO want to make an extensive fake list of all the GM’s “IHA”, and then post “So what the big deal with GM’s?” REPEATEDLY.

  284. cheesewhiz says:

    – with the “list” in my Siggy…ROFL

  285. ABCDEFG says:

    Cakemaven is a moderator! ROFL

  286. who*me? says:

    Gag me! The second anyone posts anything snap related it gets deleted. And Cakemaven is now a mod. Goodmama is just digging itself in deeper.

  287. naturalmamadot says:

    haha this is too funny, I knew goodmama was goin down one day but I really didnt think Id get to watch it unfold in slow mo. Its like watching a car accident slowly happening and trying to show them how to avoid it, but they delete your thread on accident prevention and deny any problem with their driving.

  288. cheesewhiz says:

    It’s like a CULT!!!

  289. me me me says:

    I feel tempted to go create an account just so I can post a snap question over and over just to watch them scramble to delete it over and over. 😉

  290. ABCDEFG says:

    #289 so far today it’s happened twice. Go ahead.

  291. Sam says:

    Twice? Wow. So what cloth diaper forum can I go to that isn’t so controlling and doesn’t delete stuff?

  292. tweedledee*dee says:

    Well just to throw my 2 cents out there…

    I finally decided to try GMs after hearing all the raves and knowing that so many just *love* this diaper. I took advantage of the New Years sale and bought 3.

    Straight out of the package, 2 of the 3 had issues! One had serging issues on the soaker (an area with no serging!) and the other had a cracked snap. All when they arrived as a new, “first” diapers.

    I did return them for repair and I specifically asked for a return of my shipping charges, which I received, but it has been 3+ weeks now and I still don’t have my diapers.

    The one I kept has a weird fit. The leg openings aren’t even the same! I just don’t get the hoopla around these diapers. I will probably just sell the other 2 when they finally make it back here. I can assure you that *I* won’t be buying anymore GMs.

  293. naturalmamadot says:

    So can someone refresh my memory (because either Ive forgotten or everyone having these problems is absolutely braindead) but exactly whyyyy is every single person not filing a JAR when encountering the bullshit excuses, lies and runaround from GM CS???

  294. eeek says:

    Also- 3 negative feedback will cause someone to have their HC account suspended. It does have to be brought to the admin’s attention because they don’t get a notice of it yet, but they will do it. And seriously, Karen isn’t into playing favorites like she’s been accused of, she’s very cool & WILL take action when necessary. She gets $5/month from GM, just like she gets from all the stores that didn’t even sell $5 worth of stuff last month. There are more than 30K registered buyers on HC, the vast majority of them have nothing at all to do with GMs.

    People need to leave honest feedback. If someone takes your money, these are businesses, not your friends.

  295. who*me? says:

    #295 because the vast majority of people aren’t paying sky high prices for the GM auctions on HC. Yanno like that last one of two Robots and Mint Chocolate Zoo ones that went for $80+ because they were the last ones and then stocked in the store like a month later. The people who are willing to pay that much for one most likely aren’t the ones having all the issues.

  296. Hawk says:

    292.- Out of the 70+ Gms we’ve owned, we’ve had I think 6? with issues. We’ve been buying since last year.

    Out of those six, four of those have been in the past couple of months.

    Some girls have all the luck. For your other diaper, I hear that it can happen when they use different size elastic in the legs.. (that was a problem with one of mine). If you want to use it, I would get it fixed now.. because with one bigger than the other, that will lead to leaks down the line more than likely.

  297. Me, MySelf, and I says:

    They are playing favorites at HC. I bought a GM last year or maybe 2007? and had issues with the fit and serging, and with CS. I left positive feedback, but stated all my issues. It is gone now.

  298. mamapixie says:

    #297, why the hell have you owned over 70 of a single diaper brand? Seriously, what is the point of owning so many of a single diaper? I’ve seen a GM, and really, I’m not impressed, and definitely not impressed enough to pay $35 for one.

  299. Messy says:

    #299 Seriously, why do you care how many she owns/ed? Maybe she found something that works and stuck with it. Some people like a variety. Some people change off often. Some people want a tried and true system form day one and go from there. Others just like to buy diapers. Get over it. Seventy is not that many diapers. I have ordered a dozen piddle poddles before and if I had the money would have ordered several dozen. They work- for us! GM’s work- for her. People are getting bogged down from the actual issue at hand (shitty GM CS and current pathetic diapers) by bitching at each other for what they have or want. I would never own a GM, but I can think of a million other ways to spend $35 that would be an actual waste.

  300. Kimbella says:

    I too ordered 3 GMs during the New Year’s sale. All THREE arrived with snap issues. One had “shallow” snaps. One had a cracked snap and shallow snaps. The third had a snap fall off when I opened the diaper for the very first time.

    I just sent them all back for a refund. I still lost out around $8 in shipping them back though. I could understand if one of them had issues, but all three?! It made me decided I didn’t want anything to do with GM diapers.

    And, I’m still upset that I’m out the shipping!

  301. mamapixie says:

    Because it’s just amazing to me all the sheeples that must own as many as possible of a freaking DIAPER!! Where the heck do you even store 70+ diapers? Let me guess, in the walk in closets in your McMansions, right?

    And I see the all mighty GoodMama has finally fallen, I was wondering how long it would take.

  302. Messy says:

    I have over 70 diapers. They are not GMs; regardless though, does owning 70 diapers make you a bad person? I am not bad… I hate laundry. I store the diapers in his hanging diaper holder and some in the drawer. I have a full drawer of wool too. Tons of longies… Why do you care what somene else has? Or where they store them? I know mamas that store diapers in totes until ready to use. What difference does it make? It has nothing to do with the recent quality of GM diapers and their lack of CS.

  303. tweedledee*dee says:

    FWIW, I plan on filing appropriate FB and possibly a JAR when the transaction is over. As far as I am concerned, until my diapers are back in my hands (or my $ back in my PP) than the transaction is not over.

    I have more than 70 diapers, but I am CDing two and they are definitely not all one type. I don’t “get” the need to have so many GMs, but to each his own, I truly don’t care otherwise.

  304. celestialdreamer says:

    I wouldn’t say they play favorites with the ones that win auctions on HC…or at least they didn’t last year. I totally admit that I was sucked up into the GM nonsense last year because they fit both my boys so well at the time. I actually won one of the auctions for an “Eclipse” fitted last year and it came to me all messed up. It had a broken snap, the soaker was lumpy because it wasn’t properly cut and there was a spot RIGHT ON THE FRONT where the serger totally missed the fabric. I was so annoyed that I ended up selling my huge stash and switching to something else.

    GMs were actually really nice diapers last spring when I started buying them, but there is some serious quality control issues that started around the time the “switched” diapers showed up. Not to mention craptastic customer service with obvious problems. I really wish they would get a clue and kick their “sewing circle” (LOL!) in the rear. Denying there is problems and then continuing to produce flawed merchandise is not the way to run a business! Broken snaps, misplaced snaps, sloppy serging, bunched up fabric…give me a break!

    OH! And pick some non-fugly fabrics might help too! Who the heck wants a diaper with a car crash (Burn Rubber) on their baby!? WTH!

  305. JustPeachy says:

    So true 305 ;). The quality of fabric has gone wayyyyyyyyyyy down since last year. It used to be you could only get GM prints in a GM. Nowadays you can find the fabric she uses on 50 diff dipes.

  306. Hawk says:

    302. Did you consider how many children I diaper? How long I’ve been buying for? Or that I don’t like to be running an extra load in my washer every few days?

    I didn’t just start running out and buying them by the bushels over night. We bought them because they worked for us when we bought them. They were the only thing that held in my sons super soaking ability. I did a lot of different diapers at one point.. but my husband couldn’t figure out which diapers required wool and which did not. As well most of the diapers I bought second hand did not last him long enough, nor would be able to work for our next baby. It seemed easier to switch to all fitteds and GM worked for us. They’d be able to last through any other children we had, so why not?

    It was cheaper than buying a small diaper, selling it for below what I bought it for to replace it with a medium diaper of a higher cost, and so forth. *shrug*

    I don’t live in a mcmansion, and the diapers can be held in an ikea bookshelf. Or if I didn’t want to see them, I’d stick them in the kids dresser. They are fluff. They compress.

    The point of my post was to point out how many of my stash have been defective recently out of how many I’ve had. That seems like a pretty big difference, but maybe that’s just me.

  307. cheesewhiz says:

    I’ve probably had about 35 GM’s over the course of time, all while having OTHER diapers too. My McMansion is about 800 sq feet.

    (And NO, NOT because I spent it all on fluff…lol, so stop thinking that. That is total, including ones I had sold off to fund others.)

    I agree that the quality has definitely gone WAY down. I am so tired of the snap issues that I am over them.

  308. Booga says:

    “They are playing favorites at HC. I bought a GM last year or maybe 2007? and had issues with the fit and serging, and with CS. I left positive feedback, but stated all my issues. It is gone now.”

    Where did you leave feedback? On the forums or on the cart?

  309. Missouri Gal says:

    I just want to see what monster I get…
    Carry on…

  310. jeruco says:

    298 they had a feedback system change and I believe not all the feedback may have transfered over. NOt sure though.

  311. Me, MySelf, and I says:


    On the Cart at HC. It was my first GM, and when I left the feedback, I was happy with the diaper (the next week was when I had issues), but I left honest feedback on the customer service which pissed me off. I emailed her 5 times and never got a response or shipping information.

    I sold the diaper the next week b/c of my issues with it. It was a Mint Choc. Zoo.

  312. eeek says:

    First off, I collect stuff I like, if some people want to collect diapers more power to ya. I don ‘t get it but I also don’t get why my husband has a bunch of expensive little war miniatures (which he plays games with, with other grown-up men who also play battles with little dolls). But it makes him happy so it’s all good. If a $150 diaper gives someone a thrill and it’s affordable to them (their call, not mine) why in the world should I judge? Or if you want a hundred of the things. Or whatEVER. I hope you collectors are holding them to a high level of customer service etc., but if you don’t care I’m not buying them & it’s kind of your problem.

    Feedback should never disappear though- for real. I have a lot of faith that HC isn’t run like that & I bet we can find the feedback for you if you want help, it has to be somewhere. I refuse to believe that HC favors GM.

  313. Me, MySelf, and I says:

    eeek, what is your email?

  314. Me, MySelf, and I says:

    OH! They do have favorites! That is her old feedback page… why was it switched?

  315. Me, MySelf, and I says:

    They don’t reset feedback for everyone… here is an example:

  316. DSDM2 says:


  317. eeek says:

    What I’m going to bet happened was she switched the type of cart- from standard to multi. Sometimes when cart changes happen, someone needs to request that feedback be combined for the old & new storefronts. If anyone brings it to their attention though, they will do it, it doesn’t need to be the shop owner (who would usually ask for that sort of thing if it didn’t happen, since feedback is *generally* important).

    They will fix it if you tell them. They will even add in stuff like feedback from different business names, if someone has multiple businesses.

    If that doesn’t work, or if you just don’t want to (they won’t be mad! they want to know), definitely, let us know.

  318. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    I can’t imagine how much time and effort the GM peeps must spend on dealing with the massive amounts of messed up diapers after people get them. Why not have a quality control person (or people) inspect them before they’re shipped out, then either fix them before they’re sent, or sell the working, but visably flawed ones as seconds for a few bucks less? Why is this so challenging? Seems kind of bassackwards to just sell them all as firsts, THEN deal with repairs and unhappy people after the fact. The “spa” is such assinine bullshit.

  319. didisignupforthis says:

    Aparently it’s too time consuming to LOOK the diaper over for 6 seconds before plopping in a polymailer. I seem to manage and I can barely remember if I eat today. But whatever.

  320. DSDM2 says:

    I think it is ridiculous. But they probably figure 2/3 of the diapers or more will not be returned, so they end up further ahead by not making them seconds.

    It is sad, kind of like how companies decide to do voluntary recalls, if the pay out is less than the recall, then they don’t bother.

  321. DSDM2 says:

    LB, I got your email, I am looking for it now, but don’t see it, did it update?

  322. DSDM2 says:

    I got it for you mama. Please re-do it.

  323. Booga says:

    Yeah to #317 – when she switched carts it reset – HC did not remove 55 feedback comments just because of favoritism.

    Though I don’t think they can switch it from standard to multi. I believe I’ve seen it asked in the questions part of the forum… I’ll go look.

  324. who*me? says:

    #318 GM has said many times they’ve hired a quality control person. Either they’re lying through their teeth or that QC person needs to be fired. 95% of my snap issues were straight out of the polymailer the first time I unsnapped them. Take 5 seconds to unsnap a diaper before sending it out to the customer and it will save lots of people the frustration of mailing it back to the ‘spa’. I’ve also had quite a few times that I’ve seen a problem with a GM before I even took it out of the drawstring bag. Makes me wonder how many oblivious people touched that diaper without realizing there were obvious issues with it.

  325. cheesewhiz says:


    Sale “didn’t go through”, but apparently her money did, and yet it took them 4 weeks and her contacting them to refund it….NICE.

  326. Funneh says:


    … then see this thread:

    Does that count as her outing herself? Haha.

  327. cheesewhiz says:

    #326 – Looks that way. Hehehe. The negative is removed now that she has received her two pound package of yarn.

  328. who*me? says:

    #325 I’m surprised DS hasn’t deleted that thread! Unfortunately I can’t say I’m surprised at GM’s response.

  329. me me me says:

    326-Both leave me confused. Maybe I’m just tired. From what I can tell it seems the buyer is being kinda over the top. I mean the seller oops OVER PAID for shipping, so she’s already out money, then the buyer wants a shiping refund cuz it took a month. How many Alaska packages have we seen blogged about that went “poof” all together, she should be thankful the PO even bothered to give her her package instead of feeding it it seals.

  330. who*me? says:

    329 I don’t understand why the seller listed the package weight as 2 pounds. Even if she didn’t have a scale common sense says 2 skeins of yarn that are 3.5 ounces each would be approx 7 ounces, add an ounce or even 2 for the polymailer/label and you still don’t get more than 13ozs. The package should have gone FC as stated in the listing and the buyer would have had her yarn in time for her project. The seller should refund the $3. Not only for the shipping mistake but also because the listing was for 8 ounces of yarn and she only sent 7.

  331. notyourmama says:

    #330 I’ve been following this crap since it was all seller’s pov and i still don’t get how the seller is so innocent in this. She said free shipping but charged shipping. fine. dumbass buyer should have noted it. but to say it’s 2 lbs when it’s not even close and then to ship it parcel when the person paid for first class. that’s sh!t.

  332. DramaBore says:

    That seller is involved in a lot of drama it seems…she is on my do not B/S/T list.

  333. JustPeachy says:

    Man I am infuriated right now. I paid for a full year of site supporter membership on the 16 of last march and they took it off early!

  334. JustPeachy says:

    And ds has slowed down considerably since. How do I get adblock to automatically block adds? Im having to right click on em every single time.

  335. JustPeachy says:

    Nm my bad I checked thru pp and I paid on the 3rd I guess. Ugh man the slow down is insane tho even with ad block.

  336. Biggirlpanties says:

    Looks like she filed a JAR:
    Name of business: Goodmama

    Name of business owner/buyer/trader(first and last): Suzanne Dunford

    E-mail address:

    Date ordered: 2/2/09

    Products/services purchased: 3 fitted diapers

    Price paid: $70. It was during the buy 2 get 1 free sale

    Estimated turn around time: In-stock diapers.

    Actual turn around time: Never recieved. I emailed them 4 weeks after I placed my order since I had not recieved the product.

    Was product as expected? No. I never got a product. They claimed that my “order didn’t go through the website” even though I paid through paypal and it went through. I had to email them to find out why the diapers didn’t arrive. They were rude and refunded my money. Now my money is pending in paypal. They didn’t even ask if I wanted to replace them. I asked if they would honor their sale price since I placed my order during the sale and paid immedietely. They refused. The prints I ordered were prints I had wanted for a long time…now they aren’t even available.

    Would you do business with again? NO!!!!!
    Today’s date: 3/3/09


  337. Geek Mama says:

    I’m glad someone finally posted a JAR. I’m really surprised that there aren’t more of them by now…if enough people posted JARs that had issues with GM, it wouldn’t have as much of a cult following. No diaper is that good.

    Thanks DSDM2. 😉

  338. Lynn says:

    Peachy, download adblock plus, then add one of the free ad-site subscriptions. It’ll knock out all of the ads for you. =)

  339. ArmiMommi says:

    Did anyone see that there is a JAR against GM now?

  340. ArmiMommi says:

    wow, you beat me to it. Now i look like an idiot, lmao…

  341. skye says:

    330, 331 and whoever else
    Buyer left negative feedback because she was pissed off about paying shipping charges. There was no free shipping offered. She left negative feedback w/out even receiving the item. She never contacted me regarding shipping charges or being upset about the item taking a longer time to get there. Further more she never contacted me letting me know the item was shipped wrong. There was a mistake in paypal’s multiorder shipping. I selected the wrong amount. I would have been more than willing to correct the mistake but once again never was contacted.
    I only have internet for another hour unless DH decides to purchase anotehr 24 hours here at Disney World. Flame me all you want.

  342. skye says:

    I forgot to add there was not any missing yarn. She DID not purchase 8 oz. I rec’d notification that she had left final negative feedback when I opened my email account.

  343. Geek Mama says:

    Skye, I think she needs her full weight of yarn or a partial refund but the shipping issue…needs to just be let go on her end.

    WordPress can’t decide what it wants me to post as. WTF?

  344. Geek Mama says:

    Oh…my comment is moderated right now but I just saw what you said about the weight.

  345. skye says:

    Ok one last thing. This is the email that she sent to me yesterday afternoon after leaving feedback:

    i thought you would like to know that i finally received my yarn today. imagine my surprise when it said, right on the mailing label, that the package weighs 2lbs even. here is the picture that i took, just for you. so, now what is your reason behind sending it parcel post

    Yes, I made a mistake. Obviously I wouldn’t ship it at 2lbs rather than 10 oz on purpose seeing as this charges me more money. You can see however that there is nothing in the email stating that she DID not recieve all of the yarn that she bought or anything else that she is hoping for a resolution from me. She is lying on the post on DS. Ok, I’m off to take a shower and head to the Animal kingdom today.

  346. skye says:

    when I said leaving feedback I meant leaving final feedback in the resolution section

  347. Messy says:

    Totally OT but where do you go to find someone’s feedback on Spots? If you already know the name and they tell you they have good feedback there, how do you go look? It is not for a product being sold on HC, just them using HC sort of as a reference for feedback 🙂

  348. eeek says:

    Messy- You can click on their listing, and their feedback is in the top right corner list of options. There is also a forum, which is, I think, older spots feedback (totally could be wrong & it might be current too), along with FSOT feedback. You would need to know the name to look it up though.

    & 323 Booga- I switched to multi not that long ago & I have my standard, multi, & congo feedback all linked together so they all look the same ;-). I love my feedback, I want every single one of ’em!

  349. Messy says:

    #334 It is not for an item listed on Spots. I don’t think they have any items for sale on there at the moment…

  350. eeek says:

    All I know is the FSOT/spots feedback forum then, I don’t use spots much at all so someone else might be able to help you more. If you go ask on the main hyena forum, the shopping folk over there like to help & I know lots of folks love the spots thing.

  351. DSDM2 says:

    Spots issue is posted now 🙂 Go check it out.

  352. Hawk says:

    337- I think there are two reasons that more JARs haven’t been posted.

    1- no one wants to risk possible black listing or no one wants to speak out against a popular wahm and get flamed by wahm’s friends.

    2- No one wants to do it in the hope of Sooz getting her act together over there and wanting to buy GM again.

    A few new diapers from GM and it looks like the snap issue being too low is resolved. However, what is lacking is an apology, and an admittance of her selling second quality diapers and charging first quality for them.. and being pretty unbending. Especially in the -these wont get the right fit until how ever many washings, but if you wash the diaper, you cant return it–
    or the 15 percent restocking fee for said return on a diaper that isn’t the best of quality.

    The sad part is, a lot of us like Sooz or her employees outside of GM, because as people, they are very nice and sweet. GM as a business (being a separate entity than personal relationships) however, is something else entirely.

  353. theinvisible says:

    I just got a JAR about………..GMs. Not the snaps though. Never thought I’d see one.

  354. DSDM2 says:

    I have a feeling you may see more.

  355. sassy1 says:

    oh looky! 🙂 just what the goodmama ordered to *take your mind off of* shotty snaps/misaligned snaps/pattern change denial/awful CS:

  356. theinvisible says:

    I wonder if the other yellow snap is even on the pink stripe! And good for the JAR poster. It’s about time someone had the balls.

  357. ABCDEFG says:

    Hawk, mine JAR report is with the editor. It should be out today or tomorrow at the latest.
    Have no fear, underdog is here!

  358. mf says:

    #328 – my theory is, now that GM has created a new site with it’s own forum, DS is going to do less to protect them. It makes sense, really – if people go to the gm forum instead of DS, then DS won’t make money off them, so DS is going to have less loyalty to GM. GM apparently has no loyalty to anyone, including customers, so they probably won’t respond anyways. I bet that the thread will just continue to grow until everybody gets bored and it just sort of tapers out.

  359. justme says:

    Goodmama makes me sick – I just saw she has a new (to me) store and her own flipping forum…how stupid!

  360. firefoxrocks says:

    #358 I just looked and either my computer is whacked or her pictures suck. That baby on the front page looks like it’s skin is peeling off.

  361. justme says:

    I think she’s just a greedy, money hungry hag! Personally…ha!!!

    Someone else posted about her sewing circle – did you see that they’re made in another flipping state?

  362. yikes says:

    Orson owl is kinda cute…

    Um, did you guys see the SYOF2 fabrics? *vomit* they’re SO fugly. Some of the fabrics are in the forum:

    ewwwww…. fug.

  363. who*me? says:

    360 correct. GM is in UT and her “sewing circle” is in Texas.

  364. justme says:

    And she calls herself a WAHM? NOT! She’s probably more like an illegal immigrant employer!

  365. ABCDEFG says:

    it would be interesting to see where the “sewing circle” is located in Texas.

  366. who*me? says:

    From what I gather it’s outside of Dallas/Arlington. I didn’t get the impression they were sewn by illegal immigrants but at this point nothing would surprise me about GM.

  367. JenaRNdoula says:

    I am the one who filed the JAR this morning. I am soooo mad at the horrible c/s. I am tired of hearing other people’s horror stories too. I hope Suzanne reads them and gets her act together. Her quality has gone WAY down hill, along with customer service.

  368. yikes says:

    #367 – good for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More people need to know about this crap 🙂

  369. justme says:

    Yes, good for you! I wish everyone that had a problem with her & her crap dipes would do that and put that greedy woman out of business!

  370. ABCDEFG says:

    and the GM hate thread is growing. Why hasn’t it been shut down?

  371. not tellin says:

    what a freaking mess… i first thought “it was only a matter of time..” but then, hasnt something “this bad” happened before? Hasnt there been big, huge, “i’ll never buy from GM again” drama in the past? I feel very sad for all those who got screwed 😦

  372. Hawk says:

    369- She is never going to be out of business.

    She has a wide enough customer base that she can piss away some loyal mamas that drop 100-300 bucks every time she has a large stocking. If that wasn’t the case, she would have come out to apologize.. but she’d rather lose business than lose face.. And at the end of the day, people are still buying Gms.

  373. Hawk says:

    This is why it’s never going to change. There was just a post in the LJ goodmama community about how Select your own fabric was a ‘gift’, and applauding Sooz’s kindness, ingenuity, and ‘commitment’.

    Along with a nice comment if you are getting bent out of shape about GM, that there are thousands of children dying.

    .. That.. takes.. the.. cake.

  374. nver says:

    And the thread is now gone!

  375. Messy says:

    Name of Business: Goodmama (
    Name of Business Owner/Buyer/Trader (first and last): Suzanne Dunford
    Email address:,,
    eBay user ID: n/a
    Date Ordered: 28 December 2008
    Products/Services Purchased: SYOF diapers GM Railway and Thermal Vroom
    Price Paid: $79
    Estimated Turnaround Time: six weeks
    Actual Turnaround Time: about six weeks
    Was product as expected: NO
    If not, why: Snap placement on both semi-custom diapers is far lower than typical GM snap placement, causing front of the diaper to droop and fold over. The resulting fit of the diapers is not in keeping with my experience as a long-standing Goodmama user. The diapers also seem bigger than usual.
    Did you contact the person about the problem: YES, via email to
    If so, how did they attempt to resolve: They have done nothing. I was initially told I could not exchange these diapers because there were no others in stock (because they were semi custom diapers with extremely limited quantities and all had been sold). I was also told I could only be refunded a portion of the purchase price if I wished to return them as the semi-custom cost was slightly higher than GM’s usual RRP. I was advised to wash the diapers four to six times to attain the `ideal’ fit from the diapers. I was also told that the snaps could not be moved without damaging the diaper (moving snaps would leave holes in the material) and that any apparent inconsistency between these new diapers and my existing collection of over three dozen was a fluke. Eventually, after eight washes when the realization that these diapers will never fit right was finally driven home, I was told that they would not issue any refund for diapers which had been washed as they are (obviously) no longer in `new’ condition.
    Would you do business with again: Not likely. I did give GM the benefit of the doubt, but this has led to a similar situation that I have filed a second JAR about due to lack of proper customer service response.

  376. Messy says:

    Why is my comment awaiting moderation? Weird…

  377. sassy1 says:

    yep, gone.

    I’ve logged in several times yesterday and today waiting to see if it was still there and it was….wonder why all of the sudden it went *poof*???? theories?

    FTR I think the responses were incredibly kind (yet informative) that *I* had read, so at least it showed that this isn’t about drama (like goodmama wants to insist it is) , its about policing up your balls (or uterus in this case) and making the wrong things right.

  378. flatcake says:

    Eeeesh! 4-page “snap placement” thread on Goodmama forum just went *poof*.

  379. downy says:

    I didn’t get to read all of the thread on DS. I had page 6 up when I left for lunch and now it is gone. Page 6 was quite a read though…ha ha

  380. JenniferH97 says:

    What the hell? That DS thread was INFORMATIVE. I never saw the LJ thread about being thankful for the SYOF ‘gifts’, I guess that went poof too. Yuck.

  381. sassy1 says:

    what I wanna know is..why was it left up for almost 3 days??

    surely the mods saw it. I think…there is another reason lol, some smart person I know lol mentioned that maybe the goodmama has stepped on toes with her new little personal forum….hmmm. Was leaving it up a little bit of payback for that?

  382. Hawk says:

    Here is the post on LJ that is no longer up. So I feel okay about posting this. Although the kicker is that the forum is moderated, so Sooz or someone had to approve it. Interesting, eh?

    I’m going to say it. I’m incredibly disappointed and appalled by the behavior surrounding this round of SYOF.

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my goodmama diapers. I love the goodmama company, and the fact that, to me, it represents an entrepreneurial spirit that is lacking in world filled with “big box” companies. Suzanne, and the other goodmama employees; I applaud your business, kindness, ingenuity, and commitment.

    I find myself taken aback at the rudeness, snarkiness, and just plain mean behavior that has surrounded some of the co-ops. It doesn’t show itself on LJ, but we all know that it has been happening. People need to stop and remember that there is another mama behind the screen names. Typed words hurt just as much as spoken ones do.

    I feel gunshy from participating in future SYOF (if there are any), because I don’t want to subject myself to comments and ridicule because I got on a desired co-op list, or I didn’t run a co-op that made everyone happy. I want to have my daughter in the cutest possible diaper, but I refuse to do so if that means subjecting myself to some sort of internet inquisition.

    SYOF was presented as an option to us as a gift. I feel like people are abusing that gift at the expense of the goodmama company and other kind mamas.

    If people want to get indignat and mean with anyone, do so with your Congressman/Senator about the

    – 26,000-30,000 children that die each day due to poverty.
    – billion people who entered the 21st century unable to read a book or sign their names.

    For what it’s worth, I’m only involved in one SYOF co-op, and I’ve decided I’m giving up my spot. I’m not going to participate/ condone this behavior.

  383. bugabear says:

    #382 – I can still see it in the goodmama community on LJ. It is locked as a members only post, but it is still there (with almost 40 comments it seems)

  384. Hawk says:

    383- Whoops! I was told it was deleted and I didn’t check. *hides* Gah. I am a douche.

  385. bugabear says:

    #384 – I don’t really care either way if it gets posted here (although I know it is a longstanding LJ no-no to put FLocked posts elsewhere on the interwebz, but I feel like with a community that large and the cd’ing community being so intertwined that FLocking a post in that group is not really a guarantee of anything!)

    I was just letting you know it’s still around…no big deal to me!

  386. Hawk says:

    386- yeah. No way to take that back though. No deleting here.
    Ah well. Lesson learned to always double check.

  387. mf says:

    Definately the best spots listing that I’ve seen today 😉

  388. j_bean says:

    LMAO #388. Already 3 bids.

  389. cheesewhiz says:

    #388 – Saw that one too – that is AWESOME….ROFL!!!

  390. Rika says:

    hahaah just saw the spots auction and new for sure it’d be mentioned here – up to 91 bucks!

  391. cheesewhiz says:

    WHOA – it is already up to $91…in a matter of minutes…WTH???

  392. cheesewhiz says:

    lol #91

  393. Rika says:

    $105 in a minute wow

  394. cheesewhiz says:

    I mean, #391…

  395. cheesewhiz says:

    Now its up to $165, this HAS to be a joke, with all the bidders in on it. I mean, one time it jumped from $56 – $69 in ONE BID…


  396. JenniferH97 says:

    Whoa $300 now.

  397. JenniferH97 says:

    So clue in the clueless. Have a few goodmama diehards decided to bend the seller over yet AGAIN by outrageously bidding up her auction with bullshit names and no intent to pay? …or what?

  398. naturalmamadot says:

    omg im cracking up. whoever did the listing please tell us so we can congratulate you on being awesome hahaha

  399. cheesewhiz says:

    Well, I know people have been pretty pissed off with the SYOF dipes, and the seller has been posting all over about this one in particular…think she got some other mamas in on the joke…

    but I’m pretty sure those are their REAL names on HC, as I recognize most…lol!!!

  400. cheesewhiz says:

    #399 – Yes, I agree!!!

  401. Hawk says:

    I think this is the same thing as the tumbleweed that was on spots for 1000 bucks not too long back. 😉

  402. behooooooooooove says:

    But not the same person.

  403. itsraininghere says:


  404. NataschaN says:

    Yip, that is my real HC name.

    Come on mama’s. It IS funny. That is what it is supposed to be. Funny.

    GM CS sucks big time and it is time that people get made aware of that. JA is all I can say…
    3 in a couple of days. Seems like there might be a whole bunch of more be coming their way. Deserved.

    I am sure that we could count every single $$$ bid on that diaper as a pissed off customer…

  405. behooooooooooove says:

    #404 A chick put up a pic of a tumbleweed and listed it on Spots. T’was funny, bot definitely not as good as this.

  406. ABCDEFG says:

    It’s my Spots listing. I am the OP from this too. And I did a JAR this afternoon. Am I missing anything?

  407. cheesewhiz says:

    I totally want to bid…

  408. Rika says:

    $10k! worth more than gold 😀

  409. NataschaN says:

    407: Have you looked at the current bid?

  410. naturalmamadot says:

    me too #408

  411. JenniferH97 says:

    I thought the auction was/is awesome.
    #407. So before I bid $5000…I won’t have to shell out right? Oh wait, it’s well over $20,000 already. Hahaha!

  412. cheesewhiz says:

    Hahahahaha…ABCDEFG – you rock!!!

  413. flatcake says:

    ABCDEFG, you rock. Hopefully more pissed off customers file JARs.

  414. itsraininghere says:

    i agree, it is funny.

  415. mrstkeller says:

    So all these mamas who love their GM’s and say they are sooo absorbent. . have they tried any OTHER diapers? I mean, I owned GM’s back when I first started CD’ing and let them all go b/c I found something that fit better and was more absorbent. Now. . they are more absorbent than a mutt. . but in my book that isn’t saying much. Seriously. There are MANY other REAL WAHM’s who make GREAT diapers that are absorbent and they stand behind their product.

    Just my 2 cents.

    And that spots listing was a great addition to my day. Thank you to whom ever posted that.

    (Grammar police. . is it ‘whom’ or ‘who’?)

  416. mrstkeller says:

    DAMN! Who has $18675600.00 in pp?


  417. Grogwench says:

    I just saw the pics of the variances. That is incredible. I don’t see how sheeple can think that it is ok. I agree that any variance should be a second, but that was just horrible.

  418. mrstkeller says:

    Oh no. . fun spots listing went buh bye.

    : (


  419. JustPeachy says:

    T its still there. Its just not in her listings if you clickon her name.

  420. mrstkeller says:

    Muchos gracias Peach!

    I think I need a beer. 4:45 too early? C’mon 5:00!

  421. JustPeachy says:

    its 5 o clock somewhere 😉

  422. ABCDEFG says:

    my e-mail is screaming full. I was just slowing it down.

    I might put it back up later. 😉

  423. naturalmamadot says:

    lol good or bad emails?

  424. ABCDEFG says:

    Mostly bids, a couple of “Is this serious?” and a couple of “you’re my idol!”

  425. naturalmamadot says:

    lolol ah

  426. justme says:

    You all just made me crack up out loud! Love the auction on Spots!

  427. DSDM2 says:

    Peach, I go by noon, not 5pm.

  428. sara says:

    oh I see the fake auction is gone.

    Do you think its a bit two faced to say don’t buy GM’s. Then be on the forums drooling over the new prints?

  429. justme says:

    Ya – I think that’s a bit wierd….

  430. who*me? says:

    429 not really. I still like them and think some of the new prints are nice but, I won’t be buying.

  431. BoomDEA says:

    That listing is hysterical!!

    Had ANYONE heard from SOOZ? I mean really…is she just going to completely ignore this? I simply can’t imagine ANY business owner not stepping forward with some explanation…ANYTHING!!!

    I’ve owned several GMs…sold them when they were going for a ridiculous amount of money because honestly there are/were better diapers out there….although I STILL don’t get the Bububebe love AT ALL….what a confusing mess of a diaper…

    I really hope this does affect GM business. Perhaps she’ll realize that good customers service is no a luxury but a neccessity.

  432. BoomDEA says:

    Awww…my monster has a penis nose….

  433. naturalmamadot says:

    hey I must of missed something, just looked up bububebe why are they a mess and why do I NOT want one? jw for future reference lol I like patooshie pants, they kinda look like those

    whats the lowdown

  434. ABCDEFG says:

    #429, you’re not talking about me are you? Because I think the new prints suck and the snaps are still low.

  435. cheesewhiz says:

    #434 – I had a Bububebe once, and I think that the triple snap-ins were confusing. Cute diapers, but I could never figure them out…lol.

  436. naturalmamadot says:

    ohh that slike the main selling point to me i likey that lolol

    I wanna try one but not if the wahm is a biotch or if the product/customer service is no good lol

  437. Rika says:

    Wow – looks like Suzanne totally knows and is telling everyone they offered her a full refund plus shipping w/o acknowledging that it was only for the unused/unwashed diaper. Yet, she is still not willing to admit the lower snap alignment was poor quality or apologize to people who have diaper with the crapsnaps.

    tsk tsk.

  438. Erin says:


    Wow. Just wow. Never, EVER going to buy a GM.

  439. DSDM2 says:

    I really think she needs reported for the snaps falling off. That is a safety issue and she does fall under government regulation on that.

  440. Hawk says:

    439- she also didn’t acknowledge that when they accept the refund, they can also be subject to a ‘restocking’ fee.

    But I am sure the poster is just trying to draw up drama with her truth..

  441. A Different Sarah says:

    DSDM2 Says:
    March 6, 2009 at 1:26 pm

    I really think she needs reported for the snaps falling off. That is a safety issue and she does fall under government regulation on that.

    This! I tried to make this point yesterday on a thread on DS, but people were afraid that reporting GM would somehow hurt WAHMs…. which I just don’t get. I haven’t had broken snap issues, but I would totally file a report with CPSC if I had.

  442. behooooooooooove says:

    Never thought about the snaps falling off and choking hazards. That’s horrible. And now seriously makes me think twice about buying any more or using the current ones we have! Shit.

  443. DSDM2 says:

    It is a serious hazard and the CPSC forces recalls for it.

  444. Hawk says:

    432- she replied on the LJ drama blog this morning. Stating that the OP was offered a full refund and that she’d rather have the drama.

    By full refund she meant the 35 + 1= 3. Which is what GM charged the co-op head per diaper. Although that doesn’t include the 17 dollar shipping that was passed along too those mamas from GM, or the extra cost of the HTF fabrics, the paypal fees and the actual shipping of the diaper to them. Which ends up 40+ depending on the co-op.
    This does not include the restocking fee their website states they are allowed to charge you.

    It’s also been stated many times that the diapers need to be washed for the right fit, but you can’t return something that has been washed.

    She hasn’t had any more to say.

  445. Hawk says:

    35 + 1 = 36. The above was at typo. I can add. Really!

  446. justme says:

    How do you know that SOOZ knows anything…

  447. DSDM2 says:

    448, how does she know that Sooze knows about the issue? She posted about it in LJ and didn’t come back to answer people’s questions. She claims a “full” refund was offered, it wasn’t. And the diaper was washed as SHE instructed, and non-returnable.

  448. Kitty says:

    dot, bubus are fantastic diapers. i actually like the 3 snap in soakers i usually only use 2 at a time though… they are smaller than a gm and that is a factor if your child was close to the limits on an (older) gm. she is from canada so shipping takes longer (though i only waited like 9 days for mine) and she is SUPER nice and great CS

  449. justme says:

    OOOO thanks! She’s an idiot!

  450. who*me? says:

    448 Suzanne is well aware. Her initial replies to the lower snaps were that she requested the sewing circle to move them. This statement was made by Suzanne on many separate occasions. At first it was said the change was made so that the wings were even at the top, then it became something about the wings being too low and inhibiting leg movement (a claim I have yet to see a single person make). But as soon as people started saying the new snap position should have been tested and buyers should have been made aware of the pattern change and SYOF should not have been the guinea pigs for this, Becky (goodmama employee) said that Suzanne misunderstood the question and to send all inquiries to customer service. In other words to one person so they can keep the story straight, run damage control, and keep it off the public forums. The most recent response from customer service is that nothing was changed and the snaps are in the same place they have always been. I have complete certainty that Suzanne knows of the issue and is choosing not to address it with her customers.
    Just to clarify the $36 offered did include the $17 freight charges that Goodmama charged for the diapers to be shipped to the coop heads. $35 for the diaper and the $17 freight was averaged out to be $1 per diaper =$36. The additional charges came from the purchase of fabric that was divided amongst coop participants, if the coop head charged paypal fees, for polymailers, labels, shipping to the buyer, etc. Still not a “full refund” as Suzanne claims though, I believe that particular coop was about $44 and the buyer was offered $36.

  451. naturalmamadot says:

    Kitty Says:
    March 6, 2009 at 4:26 pm

    “dot, bubus are fantastic diapers. i actually like the 3 snap in soakers i usually only use 2 at a time though… they are smaller than a gm and that is a factor if your child was close to the limits on an (older) gm. she is from canada so shipping takes longer (though i only waited like 9 days for mine) and she is SUPER nice and great CS”

    damn that sucks about them being smaller DS is close to the limits on like every dipe lol even though hes like anorexic baby (lol) he has a BOOTY. That sucks I wonder if I can find a fsot one so I can see if they will work, even though I doubt it.

  452. Messy says:

    #454 I feel your pain! My LO is very large~ nearly, if not already 40lbs. It is so expensive to get diapers that are made bigger than the average large. They each need to be a custom basically… And we totally cannot afford to furnish LO a wardrobe of $50 poop catchers! I fear how this is going to affect him later. LO is allergic to sposies… I need to get some of those seconds that fit six year olds 😀

  453. justme says:

    Good for her in doing that – sad that it took all the crap to get there – shame on her – money hungry hag!

  454. yikes says:

    I think EVERYONE who has had a snap fall off needs to report it to the CPSC. This is a very serious safety issue.

  455. naturalmamadot says:

    FINALLY! I wonder if there are non-SYOF dipes with this prob and if so, are they involved as well? If not take a lesson from this and just do it.

  456. justme says:

    You know – great that she is doing this for this problem but what about the other problems like not honoring sales and such?

  457. justme says:

    Her customer service still sucks

  458. JustPeachy says:

    Disgruntlement is not a word ROFL.

  459. naturalmamadot says:


  460. StacEy says:

    463: I thought the same exact thing.

  461. justme says:

    post that!!! Ha!!!!

  462. Kimbella says: Look how messed up the snaps are on that one!

  463. Rika says:

    The SYOF snaps and fit were absolutely atrocious. It was like they picked the newest person in their “sewing circle” to make the diapers. If this doesn’t convince people that they lack serious quality control, I don’t know what will.

    The newer diapers (non-SYOF) have a lower snap alignment. It’s been acknowledged that the snaps had been “trending upward” and that they were going to start putting them lower, but not as low as the SYOF1 batch.

    Prism from last year (snaps trending upward) and a diaper from this year (lower snaps):

  464. naturalmamadot says:

    daang someone should pm her the link to the GM blog lol maybe hers is a syof

  465. Hawk says:

    453- thanks for clearing that up.

    460- YES. Amped and First run Super Girl come to mind. But they aren’t doing anything for those. Nor are they going to do anything about the shallow snaps on others. You’re stuck with those, I am afraid.

    It’s a good step that Sooz is taking, and I am glad she did. Its still kinda soured the whole thing for me. :/

  466. naturalmamadot says:

    #470 me too, if there was a snowballs chance in hell that I would of EVER ordered a GM before, its melted now.

  467. Rika says:

    While I think it’s nice that GM is finally acknowleding the snaps were “irregular”, I think it’s too late. Many of these diapers have been sold/traded. This “recall” should be on the GM web site front page as well.

    I think she only did this because she knows that many of these diapers will not come back and that she needed to save face after ignoring so many requests from customers to address the issue. Many mamas paid more than $40 for these diapers and they know they can get more than $40 – not only are they rare, they also are recalled, and in 6 months, I can see these diapers going up for auction and the “recalled” bit being used as a selling point.

  468. behooooooooooove says:

    Is anyone else disturbed by the fact that she’s only giving store credit, instead of your $$?? I mean, what about the people who are so fucking tired of the madness that they are done with GM? Who the shit wants to get yet another diaper from her store if they don’t want the ones they have? FTW.

  469. naturalmamadot says:

    they couuldsell their gm gift card i guess lol

  470. cheesewhiz says:

    #452 – Are you referring to me? About the Bububebe’s?

  471. Hawk says:

    473- Because it’s hard to believe that anyone is ever really done with GM?

  472. BoomDEA says:

    Somebody needs to set these crazies straight….A bunch of SOOZIE ASS PUPPETS….

  473. justme says:

    #473 – I’m done! And that was before the snap issue. My reason is over bad CS and the fact that Sooz & Becky are flat out bitches…

  474. behooooooooooove says:

    I’ve seen it happen plenty of times?

  475. Hawk says:

    I posted a comment there and its now gone. It wasn’t mean or drama riffic.

  476. behooooooooooove says:

    I’m not surprised. Love how they suck up better than a Hoover. Buncha minions. 🙂

  477. naturalmamadot says:

    lmao better than a hoover *snort, rotfl*

  478. naturalmamadot says:

    BoomDEA Says:
    March 6, 2009 at 8:55 pm

    Somebody needs to set these crazies straight….A bunch of SOOZIE ASS PUPPETS….
    LMFAO omg -heart- you

  479. justme says:

    I made a comment too & it has disappeared.

  480. who*me? says:

    Are you guys sure your comments disappeared and didn’t go to the second page? I see many comments that would seem delete worthy do Suzanne that are still there.

  481. behooooooooooove says:

    Posts are being deleted left and right.

  482. behooooooooooove says:

    And now it says this “Comments are moderated, and will not appear until the author has approved them. “

  483. justme says:

    Nope – they are not appearing at all & now says you have to have an account to post. How shady.

  484. behooooooooooove says:

    That’s total BS.

  485. Kitty says:

    I just posted a comment… we will see if it shows or not

  486. behooooooooooove says:

    #490 What did it say? You know, just in case they feel the need to sift it out….

  487. naturalmamadot says:

    ugh well if youre going to apologize in the shittiest way possible AND ignore the other multitudes of complaints piling up you might as well of done nothing at all.

  488. Kitty says:

    It disappeared after I posted it and I didn’t think to c+p it but it said something along the lines of i still wasnt going to buy from gm and they needed to hire a better cs rep and a qc person and it still wont help. i also threw something in about the diapers being looked over before they leave the warehouse where they are made and go to suzanne in utah

  489. Kitty says:

    and MY GOD, is my monster ugly enough??? lobster claws, antennae, and a teeny winky!!

  490. Rika says:

    Some new info to put on those little booklets/fliers that used to come with their diapers:

    Treat your baby.
    Treat yourself.
    Be a Goodmama and demand better quality.

    For $35 + shipping, you deserve a diaper that won’t need to be sent back for repair or a refund.

    Or have wings that look like hotdog buns.

    Or have your boy’s junk hanging out through the huge crotch gap.

  491. Hawk says:

    I love that everything is gone now and its only sunshine and rainbows. Rainbowwwwwwwwwws. Sunshineeeeeeee. Lemme bend over so you can see it clearer.

    Also totally rocks that the people that are pipping up are those that JUST got into GMs. This kind of crap has been happening for awhile.. but they are in the know. We’s jellis. All jellis haters. she should be excused from not sticking to her word, to not owning up to the other issues from GM.. cause she’s a Wahm, yo!

  492. Funneh says:

    Hawk: are you legendofthehawk on LJ? I’m asking because I think ILU but I don’t want to mistakenly say something over there to that person if it’s. Like. NOT you. Ha.

  493. ABCDEFG says:

    pfft. Store credit. Only if it’s in another store. Glad I pissed in her cheerios though.

  494. naturalmamadot says:

    hahaha we all are glad you did

  495. Kitty says:

    I have a question but… can’t all the upset people leave appropriate feedback on Suzanne’s name on DS?? Right????????

  496. BoomDEA says:

    #501 I agree, for as many upset people I have seen very few negatives posted on DS and Diaper Pin forums. I know I’ve left mine!

  497. Kitty says:

    well i looked up suzanne on ds and she has 0 itrader ratings… maybe people SHOULD start leaving feedback there.

  498. justme says:

    I don’t think you can leave fb on ds since the transaction didn;t happen there. You can on diaper pin & juicy apple – maybe even call the better business bureau – that’s be good!

  499. behooooooooooove says:

    BBB is the best idea. She is hardly a WAHM anymore. Check out their new office on Google maps, right across from a prison, no less. I stand by my theory that the prisoners are making the diapers now, rather than license plates. Can’t put a snap on too straight when you only have one eye or are missing some fingers from your latest shiv fight.

  500. DSDM2 says:

    just me, yes you can leave feedback even from other sites. If you and I have a sale on Spots, we can leave DS feedback.

  501. Kitty says:

    LMAO 505!!! and you can leave feedback on DS if money exchanged hands!! im going to go find ther rules on it…

  502. The Girl says:

    Is the WAHM Feedback forum still open on DS? That wasn’t just for WAHMs on DS. Everyone could leave feedback there, yes?

  503. jeruco says:

    store credit is an insult. It should be a total refund.
    Obviously sooze got pretty nervous with the JA reports. Keep them coming ladies and she will be forced to get the picture.

  504. Hawk says:

    498- yes I am. 🙂

    509- Obviously not. I got a letter from GM today telling me that not only will they not fix one of my diapers, but there is nothing wrong. I was informed by multiple people that I am not the only person this has happened to recently.

  505. Rika says:

    I wanna see the photos of the weird elastic!

  506. justme says:

    So much action since I’ve been on – I can’t believe how they say they are going to do something & then are now sending letters to people saying that nothing is wrong with their diaper. Suzanne, Jessica & the others are all shady!

    Ooo – and the dipe above is definitely messed up!

  507. justme says:

    did ya all see that there’s another JAR for GM today – and DS???

  508. Hawk says:

    Do you guys want to see my emails between me and Jennifer?
    She was good enough to send me pictures of my diaper to prove that it’s not ‘messed’ up.

  509. DSDM2 says:


  510. tweedledee*dee says:

    OMG that is exactly how my one “good” diaper looks! 😦

    Just to f/u on my specific issue, I received one diaper back in the mail that had the snap replaced and then an email to tell me that they couldn’t fix the soaker in the other one. Well, they could make me one in natural thread, but it was a pink diaper with pink serging. They are out of pink thread?!

    They said they were out of that print and to pick another. Nothing that had was even remotely cute, so I opted for a refund. I did get it, 6 days and 5 emails after I was told it was sent, but I did get it.

    I finally got resolution and I am satisfied with that, but I will never buy another GM again.

  511. naturalmamadot says:

    DSDM2 Says:
    March 9, 2009 at 10:20 pm

    Who the HELL sends out a diaper that looks like that, or the ones with the effed up snaps?

    If any other company did this bullshit they would be hung out to dry, but sooz could shit in the diaper and send it them, and most people would thank her with a fuckin fruit basket!

  512. Cheesewhiz says:

    #519 – HAHAHA – ROFLAO!!!!!

    I got a diaper looking like that once, but it was from a WAHM on Etsy…NOT a well-known company that charges premium prices on their fluff.

    And SHE REMADE it for me.

  513. Hawk says:

    518- That is a damn shame! I heard from one of my good buddies that she sent back her beach towel for an issue with the elastic. It came back the same as she sent it out, only this one had janked snaps.

    519- LOL

  514. Hawk says:

    Okay. So the end result at the back and forth (which I sent what emails I had at the time to DSDM2). Jennifer agreed to do what was going to make me happy, because I was so butt hurt. She said that she was going to replace the elastic.

    I got an email from CS asking if I wanted the elastic replaced or another diaper. 0_o

    Told CS if they had a brand new amped with great elastic to do that, otherwise to get bent (okay.. so I didn’t tell her to get bent).
    Jenn fixes the elastic, and shows me a picture. It looks great.
    8 hours later, CS tells me that they will just have Jenn fix the diaper (don’t they communicate at ALL?)

    Btw, here is the picture of the fixed diaper. Please remember. There was nothing ‘wrong’ with this. LOOK at the difference!

  515. ABCDEFG says:

    I thought the elastic person was on vacation? Possibly ran away with the elastic person from Mutts and joined the circus?

  516. Hawk says:

    523- IDK. Maybe they meant they were taking a vacation from doing the elastic?

    I got an email this morning about Jenn wanting to refund my shipping that I paid to send the diaper to its owner. 0_o.

    Don’t ask me!

  517. Messy says:

    Ok, the repaired version looks great! I really like it! It sucks that you have had to jump through more hoops than Brittany in concert, but hey, at least you have something great to look at that is functional and cool to sport… (Unlike Brittany…)

  518. naturalmamadot says:

    lol glad they repaired it. 1 down 3924503285234852 to go eh?

  519. Incognizable says:

    true story: i don’t own any gm’s, but i submitted fabric choices for the syof2. weeks later i get a super duper generic letter from “sooz” about not selecting my fabric, whatever right? the kicker is that in their attempt to send me a personal email like she promised “they” misspelled my name, LOL i only have 4 letters in my name not that hard!

  520. me me me says:

    ROFLMFAO 527-sounds about right @@

  521. ABCDEFG says:

    #527, they spelled my name wrong constantly. And then Suzanne called me Jessica. That was about it for me.

    I have been dumped as a GM friend on LJ. Sigh. The pain…..

    Whatthefuckever. I need to get a bitch so I can put a GM on it.

  522. Messy says:

    #529 ABCDEFG Says:
    I need to get a bitch so I can put a GM on it.

    I will send you my MIL! Hey, on my dime even!

  523. Cheesewhiz says:

    So who thinks that this is a horrible name for a diaper?

    *raises hand*

  524. Messy says:

    #531 Maybe they are just naming diapers after their quality these days?

  525. Nippy says:

    #531- All I can say is -hahahahahahahahaha

  526. me me me says:

    the dipe is fugley to boot

  527. Cheesewhiz says:

    Messy, that TOTALLY makes sense!!! How about Off-Center, Overpriced, and Craptastic!!! I think those should sell well with the sycophants.

  528. Nippy says:

    Why are some “goodmamas” on the GM forum so darn defensive???? If someone asks a question about the diapers being “different” now, they get sass. I guess GM doesn’t make mistakes.

  529. itsraininghere says:

    OK, I didn’t read the whole rant from the GM site linked above, but I almost spit my soda everywhere when I read this particular quote:

    “I have paid over retail, and will continue to do so if it is a dipe that I NEED and cant find anywhere! I just cant understand what the deal is.”

    *sigh* Yes, it is important to have the exact diaper in the fabric that you “need”, and for that you should pay two or more times the retail value of that diaper, even if it has been used.


    But I’m just jealous, right?

  530. Jale says:

    Did you see the new controversy (sp?) over Sk8 4EVR dipe?

    not on DS but still good drama 🙂

  531. fiona says:

    did anyone see the post on gm forum where 2 moderators, one of whom is a gm staff, dismissed a mama’s concerns over the dye bleeding on her new diaper? they asked her if she left her son in it for too long. it was really rude.

  532. fiona says:

    the post has since been closed, its in the product q and a section i think.

  533. fiona says:

    whoops never mind, it was worked out and the mom will get a refund.

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