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Delete please..waiting for sellers response

* I have reworded this..I did make it sound like I way overpaid. My total was $35ppd.*

This is the stuff I paid for on the 5th. It arrived today. IT clearly has a postmark of Feb. 19th on it. She said she mailed it way before that. Also she said it cost her more than what I paid for it to send to me. That was $35 and the postmark says $11.15. So she did make a profit of $23.85. She is saying that she had to pay out on them and made nothing from this sell. Here’s my real problem(see pic)

I paid for 7 diapers , and only received 6 in the package.
I have asked for a refund of $10 for the missing diaper and the now dirty one from the open package. Or I said I would mail them all back and split the shipping cost for a full refund. Is this unreasonable? I’ve never had a problem on here, so I’m not really sure what to do. Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. DSDM2 says:

    Damn formatting. I fixed it.

  2. not just another mama says:

    You know what pisses me off, I ALWAYS get packages from Canada that are like that! Why do they ALWAYS send in paper envelopes? Or is it just my luck that I always get them that way?

    Anyways.. thats some effed up packaging..

  3. mamapixie says:

    And THAT is why I hate it when I receive diapers in plain paper envelopes. But I guess it’s better than the time I received them wrapped in 2 layers of wrapping paper(plain side out)and lots of tape.
    I don’t care who says it, diapers should not EVER be shipped in plain paper envelopes.

  4. ~JC~ says:

    A polymailer in Canada at the post office is $2-3 Plus shipping for 1 diaper is $6-8 with no insurance or DC. So maybe the person was just trying to save a few bucks?
    Personally I still wouldn’t send it like that though. I usually just pay the extra for the polymailer and *once* I’ve sent something out in a paper enveloped that was bubblewrapped on the inside and did a bunch of “rip tests” at home with an extra I had to make sure it would hold up.

    Anyways…isn’t it better to pay the extra couple bucks than have to refund because the items were missing or damaged?? Not a risk that I’d like to take…

  5. DSDM2 says:

    Freaking order some poly mailers online. SERIOUSLY.

  6. mamapixie says:

    Or recycle old polymailers. Or heck, use a box, but not a plain paper envelope. Or a paper grocery bag, or wrapping paper covered in tape, or the other ways cheap asses go about shipping .

    Bubble mailers are stronger than regular envelopes. I don’t have a problem receiving diapers in those.

  7. AshleyB says:

    Wait…so she is only missing 1…and paid $35ppd. Why not just ask for $5 refund, as she got the other 6…she can wash off the dirt, can she not?

  8. InAFixx says:

    AshleyB: my thoughts exactly.

  9. mamapixie says:

    But it shouldn’t matter, because the shipper was a cheap, lazy hore who couldn’t be bothered to ship the diapers correctly.

  10. MatildasMum says:

    Meh. The ones she got, she got. Get a partial refund, wash the dirt off and go one with your life. BFD.

  11. MatildasMum says:

    I don’t see how an extra diaper would even FIT in there, anyway.

  12. Rika says:

    I’m more interested in the peacock feathers.

  13. Whatevs says:

    #12 – Me too!

  14. naturalmamadot says:

    lol I think that was to cover the addys…unless Im missing your tone

  15. not just another mama says:

    #5 I could not agree more.. I don’t understand it.

    Why anyone would put anything other then PAPER in a PAPER envelope is really beyond me.. Blows my mind.

  16. pippen says:

    op changed the title on her thread that she’s not trying to scam. who said she was scamming? yet again, another thread posted before thinking. she got opinions and she didn’t like it.

  17. ~JC~ says:

    #11 – I was thinking the same thing!

  18. AshleyB says:

    #16…I don’t see how she was scamming? Maybe DS deleted something.

  19. pippen says:

    I think she was upset because she was bashed for filing a pp claim on one missing diaper. She may have been looking for hugs and instead got criticized.

  20. Rain Cloud says:

    Another one bites the dust.

    I hate receiving fluffy mail in paper envelopes. That is not what they are for anyway. So sad all around.

  21. not just another mama says:

    PP can’t do anything for her though.. This wasn’t an Ebay transaction.. I could be wrong..

    Unless she was scamming & trying to get a FULL refund.. I don’t think there is any tracking number or things of that nature in Canada, right?

  22. TL says:

    lol you know what I love? even though I’m banned from ds I still get their stupid newsletters lol. There’s gotta be a way to unsub from that?

  23. naturalmamadot says:

    lol #22 there may be something at the bottom, and because im nosy/curious why were you banned i probably missed that lmao

  24. TL says:

    lol it was some time ago. I was apparently “ds bashing”, basically I said something about Lee’s lack of attention to the virus problem and boom, I was banned lol. Honestly I said so much worse than what got me banned lol, I think it was just one of the mods didn’t like me and was looking for something to ban me on. I know Lee didn’t me, so that didn’t help lol.
    I found the thing at the bottom and unsubscribed, although did find out that ds has another sister site!! (the coupon one?)

  25. DramaBore says:

    I had never even seen a polymailer until I started buying off DS an HC. I’ll admit, the first couple of packages I sent out were in those big paper envelopes.

    I don’t think you could fit 6 diapers in one, though – and in that picture the envelope looks pretty stuffed.

    We don’t have tracking numbers, just a customs form as proof of shipping – so it is possible the OP is trying to capitalize on that. I find that stupid though, considering how many US mamas complain about shipping to Canada for the same reason.

  26. TL says:

    Canadians can get tracking numbers to ship to US, its expensive, If you’re shipping as much as she did anyway, it would only have been a couple of dollars more. I always only sold in lots cause it wasn’t worth it to ship one small thing at a time and I didn’t want to be stuck if some one filed a pp thing on me. I’ve always done tracking numbers.

  27. Erin says:

    So, she paid $35 total for 7 diapers + shipping.

    One is missing.

    Not sure how that adds up to $10???

    Wash the dirt off, ask for a refund of $5 for the missing one and remind the mama that shipping in a paper envelope is asking for trouble.

    End of story.

  28. DSDM2 says:

    27, ITA. But damn the wrapping/packaging is awful.

  29. Thud says:

    IN that case a box would have been a good idea.
    I have to say I use paper envelopes and I send out 100+ packages each month. Have not had even ONE complaint. I use plastic inside to protect things, and no, don’t stuff them like that LOL

  30. Lolanae says:

    I’ve shipped in paper envelopes, but I always put them in a plastic bag, then in the envelope. And tape up all the seams.

    I have sent 6 dipes to Canada before. They were packed in a box to make sure it was safe and they all made it. The dipes pictured look pretty thick. I can’t picture 6 in a paper envelope.

  31. Sam says:

    that’s what polymailers are for….

  32. naturalmamadot says:

    A bulk deal (not a whole lot either, some places count 25 as bulk) on polymailers is usually really cheap and would prevent the possibility of this situation. Even if I ship in a box I use polymailers inside if something will fit, just because it makes me feel better lol.

  33. sassy1 says:

    word people…


    ebay has them cheap.

  34. Shaineinok says:

    Thats sad, so easily prevented with a .20 polymailer. And yes the virus is back.

  35. kelolsen says:

    actually, a diaper company just sent me a six pack of AIOs in a polymailer and it was split open- the packager tried to stuff too many in the mailer and it burst a bit. So, its not just the material you use – its when you have to stuff and jam and break out in a sweat to close the package that you might say to yourself, “hmm maybe this isn’t the right size package for this mailing”. I’ve had stuff arrive in paper envelopes that was taped well and put in plastic bags inside and its been fine. The mailer just didn’t overstuff it. Polymailers are super cheap though and so easy to use so its worth it to get some.

  36. The Original Ashley says:

    OK glad I checked here before heading over to DS. How are people getting the virus now? I thought before it was the ads. I’m using AdBlock now and there are no ads on DS for me (HEAVEN!!) but I’m not going back if there’s something else going on.

  37. DSDM2 says:

    I still get them even with ABP and no-script

  38. mamapixie says:

    Yeah, the DS virus got me through Adblock. Now, with my reformatted hard drive, and new Firefox with all the fancy stuff, I’m still not willing to go to Diaperswappers on this computer. I do need to go on there too, I want to delete my avatar, just not willing to risk my computers again.

  39. The Original Ashley says:

    Ugh ok I won’t be going back then. I can’t risk it. I don’t think I have anything personal left there anyway, I changed my avi a looooong time ago to something generic.

  40. Megan says:

    For the record:
    NOT ALL PAPER MAILERS ARE CRAPPY! 95% of the time, I ship in paper. If it’s a larger order and I cannot fold the envelope down to make multiple layers, I simply ship in small boxes. I pre-wrap my items, NEVER over-stuff, and fold-fold-fold every way possible, and tape-tape-tape. I can show you right now a package sent to Australia that was in a paper envelope. It has been tossed around and beaten up since the first week of November (returned ‘unclaimed’ because of invalid address… anywho), and while it’s covered in stickers, stamps and scuffs, the packaging is flawless. Please don’t think ill of those who ship in paper products. I do so to use post-consumer products, among other things. I DO, however, package and ship responsibly, and have never had a complaint in my last year and a half of transactions and orders. 😀
    So yeah, there’s a difference between shipping in paper, in general, and shipping like the craptastic job pictured above. 😉

  41. cheesewhiz says:

    I like the peacock feathers. HOT.

  42. Lolanae says:


    She asked for the other thread to be deleted where folks jumped her a little, so now she reposted it with a different wording and no pics.

  43. screenname says:

    I noted this in the other thread, but the one who sent this is mmneely. You remember, the FFS police?

  44. Mish says:

    Not all Canadians ship like that. We do have poly mailers here and they are cheap if you know where to find them. All packages sent to the US are also covered for up to $100 in automatic insurence.

    I just don’t want all of us people living in igloos to get a bad rap.

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