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Question about custom and timeline? With UPDATE!

So, I bought a custom slot on 02/02. The listing said the time between payment and receiving the diapers would be 1 to 3 weeks, depending on order size.I ordered 4 diapers. It said “more than 4” would likely be nearer to 3 weeks than to 1.

Well, anyway – that was February 2nd, as I said. And I sent in a custom fabric for one (which was received within 3 days, according to tracking) and she told me I was “next.”

So, today is 02/24. Twenty-two days. And I have no diapers. I have little communication from the person.

The person came highly recommended and I know she does nice work. BUT I really think longer than 3 weeks (particularly longer than the person’s STATED timeline) is ridiculous. I’ve had someone make me 12 diapers before and those did not take this long.

Also, the person had me pay for the entire order immediately after I told her what I wanted. Everyone else that I’ve ever had a custom with has required payment AFTER they’ve completed their end and knew I was satisfied with how they looked in a photo (prior to shipment).

Is this strange or the norm?

UPDATE – I received the package from this person today. It is all wrong. Like my custom print isn’t even one of them and I do not recognize one of the other prints. So, I got 2 of the 4 prints that I ordered. And they’re the wrong size! I ordered mediums and she made larges. The package contained a handwritten note, which said that she “messed up” my fabric, so she substituted a similar one (are you kidding me? I paid $30 for that fabric and it was very HTF and the one she chose isn’t at all similar!) and that, because she took so long, she took the liberty of “upping” the size, so they’d fit my child longer.

No, no, no. My daughter will probably NEVER fit into larges. I tried one on her and it fell right off. She is 19 months old… she is built skinny and since her birthday, she’s been a very slow weight gainer, so I sincerely doubt that she’ll ever fit into these diapers. Like EVER.

When I emailed her – she said quite specifically “there’s no refunds on customs.” I get that, but this isn’t what I ordered at all and I want my fabric back. She didn’t have the courtesy to email me to tell me AT ALL.


Wow, her psycho is showing, big time.

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Re: Issue resolved.

I will not be filing anything.

Apparently, she is a member here. She has seen “everything” unfold.

Also, me filing with Paypal must’ve sparked something.

Anyway, she said she’d give me a full refund + all of the shipping costs, IF I did not leave negative feedback or file a report against her. She was also willing to pay for the fabric that she botched and take the diapers that I did receive back.

I think that’s fair.

Sorry, but if keeping my mouth shut means I get $150+ back (this is after shipping and the fabric costs), then I’m going to do it.

And to be honest – I don’t feel OK with “helping out” the people here on DS, who so graciously called me “psycho” and a “liar” and who knows what other names.

Attacking someone, because they won’t give you information is childish and I’m not going to stoop to that level. I refuse to, nor am I going to help those people.

  1. Sam says:

    So the wahm substituted a fabric and made them a size larger because it took so long, and didn’t even talk to her??? And won’t refund it? WTH? Anyone know who the wahm is?

  2. confused says:

    Okay, so it has to be someone who stocks customs in their store and let’s you pick how many you order. Also, it’s someone that does different sizes as well.

  3. firefoxrocks says:

    I have no clue who it is, but defintely someone I wouldn’t want to do business with. What a shitty thing to do.

  4. nini02 says:

    I know someone said it’s not DNF, but looking at DNF’s custom spots, the listing states:

    “Approximate turn-around is 1-3 weeks depending on quantity ordered.”

    “Turnaround may be longer if you order more than 4 or so. ”

    Just like the OP said in her post…..

  5. nini02 says:

    And DNF definitely makes sized diapers, and stocks custom slots in her store. IDK, but I’m going to say it’s her.

  6. confused says:

    Did the person PM the OP on DS? That may be why she said no if it is DNF.

  7. undercover says:

    Tiffany told me it wasn’t DnF. I’m still saying SC.

  8. mamapajama says:

    But Tami/DNF replied to the thread, it doesn’t sound like it’s her.

  9. confused says:

    Does Stinky D ever let you pick how many you want? All I ever see is a listing for a set number. I don’t think it’s her.

    I think that if it is DNF, then Tiffany might have said no to avoid getting banned.

  10. kimsansf says:

    But Tami responded in the DS thread… so why would she respond in the way she did if she was the WAHM.

    I dont know that it’s SC… didn’t she say she was out like $100 and she ordered 4 diapers? SC would have been more than that.

    I think there was a part of the original post that gave a clue but I missed it. 😦

  11. EM says:

    Oh My Word…how do WAHMs like this keep getting business? I would never in a million years think that that is okay business practices.

    I would love to know who this is.

  12. EM says:

    Are my monster’s legs broken?

  13. nini02 says:

    Yeah, it doesn’t sound like SC to me. Not enough money and Daphne doesn’t give a time line in her listings that I’ve ever seen.

  14. confused says:

    Huh, well then I guess it’s not.

    Did the OP leave feedback on the cart yet?

  15. pippen says:

    I’d be livid!! Who is the wahm?

  16. not just another mama says:

    Holy shit.. I hope someone gets over here to out this mama ASAP!! That is so disgusting!! I’ve had to deal with a twat like that.. She sent me something I didn’t order & refused to refund, because it was against her “policy”.. I say the policy is VOID if they fail on their end!!

  17. pippen says:

    Are we allowed to invite the op here to out the wahm?

  18. confused says:

    This doesn’t make any sense! In this thread she says that she is waiting on 4 DNF customs!


    Why would Tami respond to her thread like that and tell her to leave negative feedback? Hmmm…

  19. DSDM2 says:

    go for it.

  20. Me, MySelf, and I says:

    Monster check…

  21. firefoxrocks says:

    The purple monster with a yellow penis. πŸ™‚

  22. Me, MySelf, and I says:

    hehe, I love it! I like the floating eyeballs.

  23. Kimbella says:

    Didn’ty Skyeb also say in that thread she had ordered those messed up pants from the same WAHM. Those pants looked an aweful lot like DnF’s work…..

    I’ll try to find Skye’s pants post…..

  24. 2dogs says:

    #9 can you get banned for outing someone in a *PM*?? seriously. ridiculous.

  25. Rika says:

    If Tiffany is the OP (forgive me, I don’t know her name – just assuming from what’s here) and she is the same Tiffany on the DnF customs status list, then her DnF customs shipped on 2/25, the same day she said she received the wacked out diaper order.

  26. Rika says:

    oops I prematurely hit submit. I blame my monster’s top right arm πŸ˜€

    So um, either DnF has supersonic, same-day shipping, uses the “delivered” date as its “shipped” date, or it’s not DnF.

  27. pippen says:

    op mentions how she’s waiting on dnf here too


    and seems irritated

  28. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    I was led to this place. I am telling you all – it is NOT Dunk-N-Fluff or SC, whatever SC is…

    I am not telling WHO it is to ANYONE, but I will be leaving appropriate feedback.

    I was already told, quite specifically, that I was not allowed to “out” the person behind the mess.

  29. DSDM2 says:

    No, you aren’t allowed on DS, but people do get outted here. If you aren’t comfortable outting the WAHM, my email is dsdramamama2@hotmail.com

  30. Shabbychic says:

    Tiffany will get it worked out. She’s a tough cookie. Must say though, I am curious.

  31. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    Shabbychic – you think I am a tough cookie? LOL. Thanks, I think. =)

    I don’t like drama, so I just don’t feel comfortable with giving the name out privately or publicly. I figure that by leaving feedback, I am giving the information appropriately.

  32. just_sayin says:

    I wonder if it’s Connorsmama. She has had quality problems in the past. It also sounds a lot like Bear Bottom Britches/Rayne Catchers, aside from the popularity stuff. I don’t think anyone except newbies have ever said anything good about her stuff, and even then it seems to wear off fast.

    I have ordered from Dunk and Fluff before and didn’t have any problems. I don’t care for her soaker pattern, but the diaper itself is great.

  33. just_sayin says:

    Whoa. You don’t like drama? Aren’t you the one who went ape-shit about a shipping delay from Ewe Need It?

  34. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    Uh, that was well over a year ago. It was hardly a shipping delay… there was a lot of miscommunication and other issues. The product was eventually delivered (more than a month later) and I’ve since been a repeat customer, with no problems.

    Beyond that – I have no issues. Things happen. I’m over it, she’s over it.

    The fact that you remember even the simplest of internet dramas really tells how drama-hungry you are.

  35. firefoxrocks says:

    If you don’t like drama why the post on DS? You had to figure a post like that would cause some drama…….

  36. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    I was actually just asking for feedback and what was the appropriate response/recourse in this particular situation.

    No drama was needed or wanted.

    Frankly – I want my money back. That’s it.

  37. firefoxrocks says:

    Eh. There is always drama in these types of situations. Folks want to know who the WAHM is so they don’t make the same mistake.

    And I completely understand wanting your dough back. I would too and I hope you get it. What she did was way wrong.

  38. Shabbychic says:

    I’ll help you get your money back. I’m good at that. LMAO.

  39. haha says:

    ooh what drama with rayne catchers/bbb??

  40. just_sayin says:

    I seem to remember you went ape-shit about Miracle Diapers, too, but maybe that wasn’t you. And I’m sorry, but that post was hard to miss, lol. You came off really crazy. Sorry, but it’s true. So, what, they came a month late. BFD. You got your stuff. And I kind of feel that way with this one a little bit, too. So they shipped just a little bit more than 3 weeks later. BFD. Now, the size thing IS a big deal, and she should have asked. So, bad form on her part. You should get a refund for the fabric and the sizing. However, the slight shipping delay isn’t a big deal, IMO.

  41. AshleyB says:

    Eesh! Pleae out this mama…as I do NOT want to do business with her EVER!! And out of curiosity…what print was it?

  42. mamapajama says:

    tell us tell us!

  43. downy says:

    Well, I won’t be purchasing any customs until this WAHM is outed. If a lot of people recommend said WAHM, then it is very possible that I might stumble into a mess. Hmm…hopefully FB will be left ASAP!!

  44. eeek says:

    This is a safe place to out someone. And the cool thing is, they can come on here & give their side too, if they have a side which could possibly be defended. You can’t get in trouble on DS for saying things on this blog, and it DOES help a lot of others by spreading the truth. A juicy apple report is always in order with this kind of thing too, a lot more people get those than visit here.

    No one should be allowed to get away with treating a customer that crappy. And I’d want the mangled expensive fabric back too, just to prove she didn’t just keep it.

  45. Me, MySelf, and I says:

    Come, on, tell us! Please πŸ˜€

  46. Me, MySelf, and I says:

    Oops, too many commas.

  47. Angie says:

    Tiffany, you’re going about it all wrong. Letting everyone know is more of a public service than being drama. Seriously.

  48. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    I’ve never said anything about Miracle Diapers. Ever. I’ve never donated to them, nor would I ever qualify for their services… unless they help households that have incomes nearly in the six-figure range. *shrugs*

    Can someone tell me where to file a Juicy Apple report?

  49. celestialdreamer says:

    I would be highly surprised if Tiffany is covering up for DNF. I would be highly surprised if DNF is the WAHM she is talking about. I have placed a few custom orders (for both clothing and diapers) with Tami and she always went above and beyond to give excellent customer service.

    And NO, I’m not kissing up cause I like her stuff, I only own 1 of her diapers now even though they are awesome fitteds. I would just really hate to see her name drug through the mud if she is not the WAHM in question, which I believe Tiffany has already stated.

  50. theinvisible says:

    #51 That’s the problem with not outing the WAHM at this point. People will speculate and someone who has nothing to do with it is going to suffer. It sounds as if she is doing a JAR. If so that will clear it up.

  51. just_sayin says:

    #40, haha, I don’t know everything about BBB, but she had a bunch of packages go “missing.” She sent diapers that were not usable even out of the package. I think she ran a big scam over at DT, and I’m sure what ever happened with that. And she went crazy on the people who left her a negative. She did attempt to “make it right” and swore she would never go in to business again, but of course she is. Now, it looks like from her WAHM thread on DS that it’s all happening again. Her MO is to take a ton of customs, and then something bad happens in her life, poor me poor me, and then no one gets their stuff.

  52. StacEy says:

    Seriously? You couldn’t just say “I have never been involved with Miracle Diapers”?

  53. nini02 says:

    I hope I am wrong and it’s not Tami – I’ve had a couple transactions with her that were fine and it seems most people have good dealings with her. But I do know that at least a couple people on DS have had CS problems with her before, not wanting to fix her mistakes….

  54. Shabbychic says:

    54-Yeah. Um yeah. The nearly gave me the laugh though. oooohhhhh, nearly.

  55. saslewis11 says:

    Is this the same issue where the OP stated that the WAHM was stocking more custom slots this week?

  56. saslewis11 says:

    And not this OP, necessarily, but one on another thread I saw earlier this week.

  57. pippen says:

    What’s so great about filing a JAR when hardly anyone knows what it is? I looked all over ds and couldn’t find a thing until now looking here. And even this place is kept under wraps.

  58. pippen says:

    some monsters are cute. mine is fugly.

  59. StacEy says:

    59: I’ve been subscribed to JAR for some time now. I know its not the most well-known group, but there are over 3000 members. That type of exposure can at least bring light to an issue.

  60. DSDM2 says:

    StacEy, she was put on the defensive, I don’t see why her answer wasn’t ok…

    She is the victim.

  61. pippen says:

    I agree. I just wish it were advertised more clearly. There is the wahm feedback section but everyone is scared of retaliation to file anything other than positive.

  62. DSDM2 says:

    pippen, most people don’t even google to see feedback before ordering. It is sad.

  63. pippen says:

    agree of 62 too. I thought nothing of it.

  64. StacEy says:

    62: I get that, and I sympathize with what has happened to her. I suppose it was the sarcastic mention of her income that I found distasteful and bizarre.

  65. StacEy says:

    but we’re all raised differently….nevermind!

  66. eeek says:

    OK, Angie (BBB & the million other business names) is selling diapers again? Are ya joking? Or am I misunderstanding (please?).

  67. DSDM2 says:

    Nope, you understand correctly, she is.

  68. eeek says:

    OH. What a horrible idea. She’s so, well, stupid. I always get the feeling she just doesn’t even understand how crappy her stuff is, and how ridiculous her excuses are for every damn thing she does. I can’t even hate her, she’s just pitiful. But my god I hope no one wastes their money on her stuff…. how can she not even know how to sew, after having SO MANY crappy diaper businesses? Shouldn’t she have picked up something along the way?

    Anyway, back to the drama…

  69. ~JC~ says:

    link to the craptastic diapers?

  70. not tellin says:

    I really hope it comes out who this is… and the Angie, is that mum2corbie? I saw her post the other night and thought she had been banned previously… way to go DS for letting scammers back in.

  71. just_sayin says:

    Here’s her DS WAHM thread. http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=611767

    Check the end of the last page. Once again her life has fallen apart.

    Didn’t she also get arrested or something and try to dig up sympathy because she was breastfeeding? I wonder how that turned out.

    Equivicol, I never meant to put you on the defensive, truly, but it made me snicker a little bit when you said you avoid drama, and I seem to remember you as one of the most drama seeking posters on DS. It just struck me as funny.

    About Miracle Diapers, I thought it was in that long ass post about Ruth and Miracle Diapers. I don’t remember now what the drama was. Maybe it was their tax status or something? I could have sworn that you were really pissed about Ruth. But it was a while ago and I could be wrong. I’m not going to read through that post again to find out, either.

  72. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    just_sayin: it’s be great if you’re out yourself under your DS name. It’s interesting that you know so much about me, yet I specifically and purposely keep a lot of personal stuff off of the board.

    There are some things I’ve been involved in, but not a lot and certainly, I do not “seek” drama. I have enough drama in my life, as it is… don’t need anymore.

    As for the person – I will fill out a Juicy Apple report once I get the chance and I get the “go-ahead” from the people who told me that I couldn’t “out” the person I’m having issues with.

  73. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    I don’t know anything about Miracle Diapers. Definitely wasn’t me.

  74. DSDM2 says:

    yeah, she did get arrested for leaving the scene of an accident and wasn’t allowed to nurse or pump. She was too stupid to get it.

    I can’t believe anyone would ever order from her again. Her excuses are awful.

  75. DSDM2 says:

    DS can’t stop you from doing a JA. Mods/Admin actually recommend it quite often.

  76. DSDM2 says:

    You just can’t out them in T&F.

  77. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    wHO got arrested for leaving a scene? It wasn’t me. LOL. Are you guys having many conversation in one or what?

  78. DSDM2 says:

    Angie, mum2corbie, from BBB did, lol.

  79. Shabbychic says:

    I’m confused. Why won’t you say who the WAHM is. You have been told many a time here that DS has nothing to do with this. All these people want to know, yet you keep saying you’ll fill out the JA report when you have the time, but you have had the time to keep responding here.

  80. DSDM2 says:

    Meg, she is waiting on Admin to tell her it is ok to file a JAR.

  81. Shabbychic says:

    A DS Admin? I’m still confused.

  82. bugabear says:

    I think it’s a little bit sad that DS has it’s members thinking their policy is against outing scammers anywhere. Like you somehow have to get permission from DS mods to talk about the case at all? Anywhere?

    They control DS. They don’t control the whole of the interwebs, and honestly their policies about outing people are what make it so easy to scam from their site.

    The fact that people now think that the mods somehow encourage not outing people anywhere, and that members need clearance to post about bad customer service on other sites is only making the scamming problem worse.

    I feel bad for the mamas who will try to get customs from the person that Equivocal dealt with in the meantime. And that is why I frequent this blog, LJ’s diaper_drama and the JA. It’s not for drama (although who I am kidding, that’s fun sometimes too), it’s for my own protection.

    When people have bad experiences and refuse to out people because they feel bad or don’t want to cause drama, it just means that one more mama out there will probably get scammed or treated poorly before everything is all over with.

  83. DSDM2 says:

    #83, yup. She thinks she needs permission.

  84. Shabbychic says:

    So if my shirt from the GAP falls apart and they wont take it back, do I have to clear it with a DS mod before I complain on the internet?

    What am I missing?

  85. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    Being rude and hateful to me on DS will only make me want to out this person less and less. I am looking out for my own interests and to be perfectly honest – if you’ve dealt with the person that I’ve had a bad experience and recommended her to me to begin with, you’re as much to blame as she is.

    I am annoyed that she was RECOMMENDED to me. Why protect people who are obviously recommending her left and right anyway?

    Make fun of me. Call me stupid. “lol” at me. I don’t care.

  86. diudiaole says:

    defending yourself is one thing… bragging about your 6 figure income…. well, la ti da…

  87. naturalmamadot says:

    #86 Yes. Yes you do.

  88. bugabear says:

    #87, I definitely wasn’t making fun of you. I was explaining why this situation in particular was disturbing to me.

    I’m just confused as to why you wouldn’t want to put the name out there to protect someone else from the same experience you had? And now it sounds like you are saying you are going to hold her name out of spite because you feel like people on DS are making fun of you? I’m not understanding why you think that what is happening on DS affects you here?

  89. diudiaole says:

    see post #49 lol which I believed prompted Stacey’s comment re: miracle diapers…

  90. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    Because, someone who is posting in this exact thread PM’d me… only to have me “out” the person privately when I already said I would not.

    I’ve sent the correspondence to an Admin and blocked them for the future.

  91. not just another mama says:

    Why would anyone protect a scammer?…

  92. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    Why would anyone recommend one to begin with!

  93. DSDM2 says:

    Maybe they are friends or the same person?

  94. diudiaole says:

    ummm… maybe they didn’t realize they were recommending a scammer b/c their experience was satisfactory?

  95. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    Oh, and like I said… I didn’t know this place existed until one of the WAHMs that you have all have been bashing sent me a link.

    Just seem like a bunch of drama-hungry spectators.

  96. theinvisible says:

    I think someone likes the “oh, please tell us who it is” attention. She knows that as soon as she does she won’t be the drama of the day.

  97. diudiaole says:

    lol so that’s why you keep posting so much… you’ve got us on the edge of our seats… you’re just fueling the drama

  98. Shabbychic says:

    That would be me. Tiffany, I sent you my e-mail address. I could have sent it for 10,000 reasons. I might be a PIA, but stupid I am not.

    I suggest you get right the hell over yourself. Are you kidding that because she was recommended to you, the people that recommended her are to blame.

    I am starting to think there is another side to this.

  99. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    Considering we’ve had no interaction in the year+ that I’ve been at DS and you’re suddenly sending me your email… I’m not stupid, either.

    You want information that I’ve already said that I WON’T be giving. If I told you privately, you’d run to an admin and I’d get banned.

    Wonderful idea… not going to happen.

  100. Shabbychic says:

    Tiffany, you are very misguided. You and your nearly six figures.

  101. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    This is another side to nothing. Obviously, the 10+ people who recommended her to me have been happy. I assume that other people will be, too.

    I didn’t get what I ordered and she won’t refund. Yes, it pisses me off and yes, I already filed with paypal and am trying to work something out with my bank. And I’m filing the appropriate feedback.

    Otherwise, I have no obligation to you or anyone else.

  102. BffMama says:

    Oh. My. Word. Cuckoo Cuckoo Cachoo

  103. not just another mama says:

    Wow.. Shabbychic, there is no middle ground for you huh? People either love you or they realllllly don’t like you.. haha..

    “equivocal”, I think you’re not outing the scammer because you’re hiding her.. I can so no other reason.. Especially when you don’t even have to do it.. You can just e-mail it to DSDM2..

  104. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    And you tried to contact me privately to get information you know could get my banned, if I gave you. Why would ANYONE give information privately only to have the person send it to an Admin?

  105. naturalmamadot says:

    She sounds positively off her fucking rocker.

    So how does someone who is wanting you to out the WAHM have anything to do with being a scammer or recommending the WAHM.
    If you told the person that recommended the WAHM to you Im sure they would apologize and feel really bad that they recommended someone to you that screwed you over.

    Oh and Im sure all of us here that WANT the WAHM outed so we can avoid being scammed ourselves would TOTALLY go and run and tell all the DS admins…makes sense…if youre smoking crack

  106. not just another mama says:

    her = something. Not sure why I messed up that bad.. Woooo.. its my bed time!

  107. Erin says:

    Tiffany, I don’t think anyone is really bashing you. I do think they are questioning your decision to remain silent on the WAHM’s name. I wish you’d think of it as more of a PSA and “buyer beware” statement than WAHM bashing. This WAHM did something pretty craptastic to you and I would hope you’d want to warn others of your experience, so that if someone does decide to go into business with her, they do so with their eyes open, especially since others seem to think she’s a good WAHM.

    Just my 2 cents. I hope you get this resolved to your satisfaction.

  108. StacEy says:

    I think its DnF. She posted on 2/6 that the only thing she was waiting on was a custom order of 4 diapers from DnF. She posted seperately that she sent Ella fabric to DnF for part of that custom order. I know the shipping info doesnΒ΄t match what Tami has on her site, but every other tiny detail about this bad transaction matches up.

    Tami has always provided exceptional service when IΒ΄ve had customs with her.

  109. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    I am NOT hiding anyone. I don’t PM people asking who is scamming them when they get scammed. It’s NONE OF MY BUSINESS *unless* they leave appropriate feedback, which I will choose to read.

    I get scammed and you guys “attack” me? Niiiice.

  110. liljoeysmom says:

    I’m beginning to think the reason you won’t out the WAHM is because you don’t want her coming here and giving her side of the story.

  111. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    It is NOT Dunk-N-Fluff. Our transaction has been totally fine. She just SHIPPED the diapers TODAY.

    I received these ones YESTERDAY.

  112. not just another mama says:

    We’re not attacking you.. We’re asking you to let us know so WE don’t get scammed..

  113. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    “Giving her side of the story?”

    Show me where I’ve ever lied or misled anyone before now.


  114. Shabbychic says:

    Yeah 106, I like to live at extremes.

    Tiffany, you are completely insane. This is not the first time we have seen it either.

    I think your behavior on this thread might possibly lend as to why you have so many WAHM issues. And I am almost positive that the reason you refuse to tel anyone who the WAHM is, is because the other side will reveal just how loony toons you are.

    I cant say who it is, but if it is Tami, I have had nothing but exceptional CS from her over many many years.

  115. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    It’s not my job to protect you. The members of DS are in it for themselves. Do you think they care about the person on the opposite side of the screen in most instances? NO.

  116. Erin says:

    Why in the world would the people here run over to DS to get you banned if you told us the name of the WAHM???? Or did DS Admin tell you not to out the WAHM on the blog or else?? Hmmmm…..

  117. ~JC~ says:

    2/16 – No other mention of a custom other than DNF.

    Re: who makes a short-rise, T&T diaper???


    I was wondering the same thing. I have some Dunk-n-Fluff fitteds on order through a custom and have one Sticky Peas fitted that should be delivered tomorrow, but otherwise, I am stuck.

    I don’t want to stalk, so a lot of the diapers mentioned are out

  118. naturalmamadot says:

    Yea joeysmom that sounds feasible.

    And we were being nice until you brought the crazy out. I think that if I get scammed its my duty to make sure as many people know as possible so it doesnt happen to any other innocent people. If I dont out the WAHM and anyone else gets scammed that would of seen a JAR or a post here, its on me head because I chose to be uppity drama whore who cant bear to let the name out for fear she might be yesterdays news.

  119. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    I have had issues with three WAHMs. That’s it. And two of those were resolved, so that we both were agreeable. I just choose not to deal with them anymore.

    If you can’t make diapers properly and to how the customer wants them, then you should not be making diapers.

    And I believe the only time I’ve shown that I’m “looney tunes” is possibly in a gay bashing thread (there are a lot of those on DS).

  120. bugabear says:

    I’m still unclear as to why you (Tiffany) think that outing the WAHM here on the drama blog or via personal email is against DS rules. It is not and they cannot make rules about what you choose to do on anywhere on the internet besides DS.

    You are acting like everyone is out to get you, and really, I think everyone just wants to stay away from the WAHM in question and now it seems like you are protecting her, so then that looks suspicious because why the heck would you protect someone who did what you say they are doing to you? And why would you not out her and keep another mama from getting scammed?

  121. JustPeachy says:

    No one is attacking you. But it seems just because a few people who had good transactions recommended her you are going to withhold her name. It pretty much looks like you are doing it to be spiteful.

  122. ~JC~ says:

    Shabbychic – I think I love you…

  123. Erin says:

    Whatever. I don’t like to see other mama’s get scammed when it’s in the power of someone to stop it from happening. I can see you are just in it for youeself. Good luck with that.

  124. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    I just had 4 custom orders… all have shipped or are already in my possession. I didn’t know I had to mention every order I placed on DS? Lol.

  125. Erin says:

    Oops, that’s “yourself”.

  126. not just another mama says:

    Oh my gosh.. Wow.. Why are you posting over here then? If you clearly care nothing of what we think/say.. You’re so afraid of being banned or DS ninjas lurking around ready to get you huh?

  127. naturalmamadot says:

    Ditto #126 she seems to not give a fuck if all her friends get scammed as long as she gets to attract the attention and drama for as long as possible

  128. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    I was TOLD that outing was against the DS Tos.

  129. naturalmamadot says:

    I guess if she doesnt care about US getting scammed is one thing but her friends could read this and JAR and if she decides to protect the WAHM they could be screwed over just like her and she couldof prevented it.

  130. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    And DS “friends?” HAHAHAHA.

    I am friends with, what… 6 people? And I’ve mentioned it to all of them.

  131. Shabbychic says:

    Aw thanks 125. You had to bring up gay Tiffany. I was waiting.

    Damn, I love it when I’m right. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  132. confused says:

    Yes, but on every “what are you waiting on?” thread all you ever mention were the DNF customs. Nothing else. Why wouldn’t you mention the others on any of those threads.

    Plus, there were 4 and that matched up with your transaction thread.

  133. ~JC~ says:

    #129 – I agree and also

    T- didn’t you just mention that your friends who highly recommended this WAHM were to blame? Aren’t you doing the same thing by not being truthful about who this WAHM is – possibly letting someone else be in the same situation? Sounds like a double standard to me…

  134. not just another mama says:

    Maybe she didn’t want to mention all her customs because she didn’t want others to be jealous.. ya know.. since she has a 6 figure salary & what not..

  135. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    Shabby – again this brings up the question “why else would you give me your email address, if not to just get me to “out” the person and get me bannned?” Hmmm.

    I am not that stupid, unfortunately for you.

  136. naturalmamadot says:

    #136 Yea thats what I was trying to get across JC

  137. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    No – I said DS members recommended her. None of them are friends. They are people who co-habitat on a message board.

    And I don’t have a 6-figure salary. Jesus. Let it go.

  138. Shabbychic says:

    I wanted to be in your six figure address book.

    Tiffany, for the love all things freaking holy, get a hold of yourself.

    This is a free world we live in.

    DS really got their hooks into you.

  139. diudiaole says:

    LOL she is paranoid… maybe she felt lonely so she created this phantom transaction in her head and then posted on DS for attention *popcorn*

  140. pippen says:

    #93 wasn’t me!!

  141. danuv says:

    “It’s not my job to protect you. The members of DS are in it for themselves. Do you think they care about the person on the opposite side of the screen in most instances? NO.”

    What an unfortunate attitude. I like to think that most people at least try and follow the Golden Rule and my experiences in dealing with WAHMs and people just selling off their stash has shown that in action however I do generally check feedback and rely on certain sites to warn me away from the few people who may be less than honest.
    DS has chosen to embrace policies that ‘protect’ those who are dishonest and because of that and several other baffling policies (and viruses) I avoid it. Despite the slut shaming, name calling and adolescent behavior that sometimes happens here it is still one of the better places to find out who to avoid.
    I’m sorry that you feel attacked but try to remember that there are many of us who primarily lurk here either for amusement (because lard knows the train wrecks can be hilarious) or/and for valuable information about who to not buy from.
    Obviously in the end the information is yours to do what you want with. πŸ™‚

  142. ~JC~ says:

    And maybe other DS members highly recommended her because even if there happened to be a post about an issue – DS would have it removed it as “bashing”.

    This no outing a scammer thing just doesn’t make sense to me.

  143. bugabear says:

    #131 – DS ToS only apply on DS. They can’t “punish” you for stuff you say elsewhere on the internet. That would be ridiculous.

  144. not just another mama says:

    Wow.. The coo-coo clocks are really going off over here! LOL

  145. confused says:

    Well, honestly, if it isn’t DNF, then you need to tell who it really is. Because right now we are all associating this with DNF, so at least do it for her if she is innocent.

  146. diudiaole says:

    lol wahm witch hunt πŸ˜€

  147. undercover says:

    This is Tami from DnF. I ask Tiffany to come here to ‘clear’ my name. Tiffany isn’t talking about our transaction (thank goodness!). The details are similar and even I thought she was talking about it at first b/c the dates were close (but not the same) and she sent me her Ella fabric. After she posted her update it was apparent it wasn’t me. You can even see her completed diapers here for further proof: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3594/3312925624_08051b7a84.jpg.

    I appreciate Tiffany coming here to clear my name but at the same time I feel bad b/c she’s getting jumped on for not saying who it was. Can you all just let it go? She said she would leave feedback and file a JAR. The truth will come out in it’s time.

    Boy do I regret being on the calendar yesterday! LOL

  148. diudiaole says:

    Maybe DNF paid her off to cover this up… she might be sitting on a full refund for all we know.

  149. undercover says:

    And now I guess I’m not so much ‘undercover’ anymore. LOL

  150. diudiaole says:

    those are cute fitteds.

  151. MatildasMum says:

    Tiffany – why would Meg want to get you banned? HOW would she get you banned? She PMed you asking you to email her, right? You would email her and hopefully give up the name of the WAHM.

    Therefore, the “outing” would not have taken place on DS. DS does NOT have ownership of gmail.

  152. Emily says:

    Tiffany – outing on DS is not allowed. Outing here is fine. It is in no way officially affiliated with DS. Please make sure that the rest of us do not get scammed too!

  153. diudiaole says:

    I’ll bet the DS admins are getting off moaning and groaning on how powerful Tiffany thinks they are… *shudder*

  154. Erin says:

    She’s just feeding the Admin/Mod insanity over there by not saying anything. *rollyeyes*

    I’m glad Tami came to clear her name. I do hope the REAL scammer will get called out, but I’m not holding my breath.

  155. ~JC~ says:

    Thanks for coming on here Tami – I apologize for thinking it was you πŸ™‚

  156. flatcake says:

    Muttaqin? Skyeb said she’s had problems with the same WAHM, looks like those problems were with Muttaqin. C’mon Tiffany, get some balls and out this WAHM!

  157. StacEy says:

    Glad to hear its not Tami! I figured if it was there was a whole lot more to the story than we were getting.

  158. liljoeysmom says:

    Can anyone name one person who outed someone here and then was banned at DS because of it?

  159. naturalmamadot says:

    I knew muttaqin was having some probs but this would be a new low imo I hope its not them

  160. ~JC~ says:

    I was thinking the same thing#162.

    Thanks for coming here Tami πŸ™‚

  161. diudiaole says:

    Is muttaqin even doing customs??

  162. Kate says:

    Mutt customs are like a year wait

  163. Grogwench says:

    Now I remember why I have Tiffany on Iggy @ DS. ! I’d love to have that feature here…

    …on second thought, no I wouldn’t. I’d miss the crazy, and there sure is a lot of it!

  164. eeek says:

    Equivocal/Tiffany- this has gone completely out of control, and you are obviously enjoying it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t sit & fan the flames with uber-bitchiness, plus the bizarre bowing to the DS mods. You can’t be real, no one acts like this unless they’re playing a game.

    I don’t care who screwed you over, because I have no faith that you weren’t a crazy playing bitch to them too- or that this situation even exists. This one’s over for me, lol!

  165. naturalmamadot says:

    #168 I was just thinking that.

    Anyone that would want to scam, just go for Tiffany because not only will she protect you but she will act so crazy people will actually side with the you.

  166. saslewis11 says:

    Cute diapers, Tami πŸ™‚

  167. Flippin out says:

    hmmm. . .

    I stumbled across this and thought it was interesting coming from someone who claims to avoid drama.

  168. Shabbychic says:

    168-You rock. I have no doubt that the WAHM shouldnt be avoided whoever she is and that it’s really Tiffany that all WAHMs going forward should avoid. Nutso.

  169. Magpiedpiper says:

    “I am looking out for my own interests and to be perfectly honest – if you’ve dealt with the person that I’ve had a bad experience and recommended her to me to begin with, you’re as much to blame as she is.

    I am annoyed that she was RECOMMENDED to me. Why protect people who are obviously recommending her left and right anyway? ”


    This is so confusing to me. Because now, if I order from this WAHM before finding out who it is based off of DS users recommendations and get screwed over, then by your logic they, the WAHM, and YOU are to blame? Because you’ve dealt with her and weren’t concerned enough to help keep others from making the same mistake. Don’t you wish someone else would have warned YOU? Obviously you do, since you are blaming others.

    I think what this WAHM did to you sucks, and I’m sorry if you feel like people are jumping on you when you’re already down. But it seems to me like they are just trying to find out who the WAHM is before any more innocent people get screwed over!

  170. Messy says:

    Gosh, I would love to make a comment but I am afraid my income isn’t high enough to participate in this discussion. Shabby, #101, I think you are right… And I also agree that she is eating up the “oh please tell us” factor. Bleh!
    Why would someone recommend a scammer? Maybe because they are broke as hell and sick of hearing about your expendable six figure income? Or could it be that they did not get screwed and maybe had a good experience that they wanted to pass on to their friend? Not every scammer scams everyone. <—I guess a six figure income doesn’t give ya common sense…

  171. BffMama says:

    It must be free 24 hour internet access at the nuthouse. We have had a whole lotta crazy up in here the past 24.


  172. Shabbychic says:

    172- It’s “NEARLY” six figures. Watch out world.

  173. Messy says:

    Ok, Tami, how do I get on a list to get some diapers like what you posted pics of? I never get anything good… Pssst: This is where you feel sorry for me & my non-that-cute little one’s bum and get me on a list somewhere!

  174. Messy says:

    #172 MY BAD! NEARLY!!! NEARLY YA HEAR!!! WTF her income had to do with saying she had never dealt with miracle diapers, I will never know. Oh wait, sure, I know πŸ˜‰

  175. Messy says:

    #173 Could you imagine the nuts from the last two threads here all sharing even a floor in a nuthouse? Ummm… Even Octomom would be too sane (and not have a high enough income!) to stay there!!!

  176. pippen says:

    lol *popcorn* this is good

  177. Messy says:

    Where are my popcorn-ass-kickers? Pippen keeps rubbing her NEARLY buttery popcorn in my face!

  178. cdmd1023 says:

    How do all these WAHM’s have so many issues?

  179. Messy says:

    #180 I firmly believe that the WAHMs think their customer base is on DS. For that, they are protected. No outting. No this, no that. They can get away with murder over there and scam a dozen people before getting outted over here. Then with a doozie customer like the OP of this situation, they can rake it in fast while the customer basks in the glory of her fame :::puke:::

  180. pippen says:

    mmmm, so buttery. I could send you some. I’m just enjoying all this drama. It’s better than tv.

  181. BffMama says:

    And pippen could get there fast with her batwings and all.

  182. pippen says:

    I’ll trade some of my eyes for your octomom lips!

  183. Messy says:

    #184 WHY? I am just guessing but NEITHER pair of her lips are attractive at this point in her life…

  184. naturalmamadot says:

    Lol the only difference is the crazy people on TV are acting, unfortunately Tiffany is fareal about her crazy, she takes it very seriously as it is her main source of attention.

  185. Messy says:

    ROFL. I am refering to the octomom herself’s lips, not the monster… Although, if the stretchy hoochie fits, you know the rest πŸ˜‰

  186. naturalmamadot says:

    lol messy

  187. Sam says:

    DS can’t tell you what to do somewhere other than DS…the mods aren’t rulers of the internet.

  188. Messy says:

    HUSH SAM! For crimany sake! She is getting the attention that her NEARLY six figure income can’t do for her… Poor thang. Introducing common sense at this point in her mental break down won’t help anyone…

  189. Messy says:

    I just noticed that it is my fav poster, BFF, who has the octolips… ROFL! Sowry! I will tickle you with my freakishly long toes!

  190. pippen says:

    lol messy. didn’t need that bad mental image. blah.

  191. Anne says:

    So does this WAHM exist or not? The OP said whoever it was stocked yesterday, correct?

    I’m new to this blog. It’s like an alternate universe and utterly fascinating.

  192. Messy says:

    #192 ROFL! I thought this is where we came to torture other people with the crap that only exists in our minds? Like Daphne’s tact and likability… If equivical can torture us with her mental break down, then I have to share my ideas about what I need to do with my snake toes…

  193. Sam says:

    #190 lol yeah the six figure comment was pretty funny

  194. naturalmamadot says:

    lmfao whatever you do Sam dont let it out that DS doesnt control what you do outside of DS. Shit I bet Tiffany pms the admins to ask what she should wear and what to make for dinner.

  195. Messy says:

    #196 DS admin are currently behind locked doors discussing whether Tiffany should use one ply or two. Will she be required to use only a set number of squares per day? Will she have a square to spare? But DS admin has realized that with her current spouting of crap, she might need an extra boost, and to borrow a few hands from ~JC~’s monster to wipe it all effectively. Now, can one purchase monster body parts if they have a NEARLY six figure income? Well, we must wait for DS to let us know…

  196. Sam says:

    #196 haha yeah some people talk like the mods control the universe or something, can’t say this, can’t say that, delete this thread, lock this thread, banning people, pm’ing mods to ask if “it’s okay”, it’s ridiculous!!!

  197. firefoxrocks says:

    #193 ~ isn’t it though. I have been lurking a few months. It makes for great late night reading.

  198. naturalmamadot says:

    Lol “I think the green shirt compliments your crazy quite well and were gonna have to go with 2-ply for all that bullshit youve been spouting off with lately …. oh and spaghetti.”

  199. werd says:

    lmao spare a square. I love me some seinfeld!

  200. Shabbychic says:

    I am still mildly curious who the WAHM that got so lucky to deal with this crazy is.

    Yoohoooo Tiff, come back and play.

  201. Messy says:

    OMG! πŸ˜€ ROFLMAO!

  202. 2dogs says:

    ….one ply or two….*snort*

  203. diudiaole says:

    I vote that this is made up for attention… 10 to 1 she never posts a JAR nor any feedback. I think she was trolling so keep us all chomping at the bit.

  204. Sam says:

    #197 I can’t stop laughing…

  205. Kate says:

    mudpie babies fits

  206. Messy says:

    #202 I wonder too!
    TO THE WAHM! This is your chance to come forward and give an explanation that could save you! Unequivical has gone nuts and there has to be a good reason for the crap, esp if you are highly recommended by other mamas. Ok, provided Daphne or Angie did not recommend ya… So, just pop up, discuss…

  207. mrstkeller says:

    How very sad that it seems like the long arm of DS has reached over the interwebz. Unfortunate. Thank GOD I have one diaper maker and one only to put cloth on my baby’s buns.

    I think we may be beating a dead horse here ladies and may have to wait for this JAR to surface. And for present & future CD’ing mamas. . I really hope it does.

    : (

  208. sheepthrills says:

    Pass the popcorn here too, please! The last few days have been VERY enlightening. I can barely keep up!

    I put Tiffany on my do not b/s/t list ages ago. I can’t even remember why I did it at the time, but now I see it was a smart decision.

  209. Messy says:

    Werd, I ❀ Seinfeld!

  210. ~JC~ says:

    Ain’t purchasing my monster parts for 6 figures.

    I may sell out for 7 though πŸ˜›

  211. Messy says:

    Well, ~JC~, Tiffany is more than just fucked in the head… Poor girl only has a NEARLY 6 figure income. Wonder if there is a miracle-monster hands to donate her a few more shit wipers? Seems she needs them terribly!

  212. ~JC~ says:

    Messy – LMAO

  213. not tellin says:

    if ds banned for things said on the blog, peachy never EVER would have been unbanned, lmao.

  214. naturalmamadot says:

    Lol seriously, I cant imagine her pain with her nearly 6 figure income not being NEARLY enough to support all the bills from the nuthouse.

  215. Whatevs says:

    Ok, let me get this straight.

    Apparently some DS members recommended a WAHM by posting raves or did they personally recommend the WAHM to you? The way it reads – these mamas were your friends and sang the WAHMs glories to you. So which is it?

    Regardless, you decided to employ said WAHM to custom make you 4 diapers and according to you, you didn’t receive what you ordered. So now you won’t out the WAHM who scammed you because you say that its not your job to protect anyone else.

    Are you really that crazy to assume that every person who ever raved or recommended this WAHM was pulling your leg and now you want to pass on the “goodwill”?

    What the hell is wrong with you? Obviously if you post a thread bitching publicly on DS about not being satifisfied with a WAHM’s work you wanted some sort of coddling or resolution publicly or you would have continued to deal directly with paypal and the WAHM, right?

    Then you attack shabbychic for trying to help you understand that you clearly don’t have a grasp on the reach and scope of the DS admins? Oh wait, her end goal in reaching out to you was to have you banned – paranoid much? All this while informing us of your clearly superior income level both directly and in telling us just how many customs you had going on.

    Sounds like some crazy has crept up in here for sure.

  216. Messy says:

    Pfffttt… Crazy didn’t just creep up on her. It ate her brain. Left little wads of tissue paper behind to torture us with… Or is it pippin’s popcorn? Hmmm… Another DS mystery…

  217. theinvisible says:

    I thought I was being mean by suggesting she might be in this for the drama because she was dragging out the moment of the big REVEAL. Now I have changed my mind. I think the OP on DS was fiction but possibly based on her customs transaction with DnF. Wow, Queen for a day on DS and she even made it here. Unfortunately, she underestimated the straight up buckwild that happens on “the drama of….” and couldn’t get her story right. Poof. Now she’s gone.

  218. BffMama says:

    I hate when the drama slows down to a dead crawl and we’re left talking about monster parts and crazies. Somebody go rattle their cages so they’ll come back out and play. Though I do love my some octolips and I don’t feel ashamed to say my monster’s body is bangin’.

    And I still heart werd and messy the bestest.

  219. werd says:

    awww thankies! I think your octolips iz sezzy!!

  220. werd says:

    Messy seriously, you and I need to hang out. We are like the same person. It’s fucking scary!

  221. Messy says:

    ROFL! Werd, I know!!! You & BFF are octocool! ROFL!!!

  222. BffMama says:

    If one of yous would clue me in if you’re on a certain board…I have my suspicions of who you are (if you are on CDN).

  223. nini02 says:

    LOL, yep 219, that’s about what I’m getting out of this.

    And Tami, thanks for posting here. I am sorry for suspecting you, it’s just that the details were so similar! Glad to hear it wasn’t you πŸ™‚

  224. Messy says:

    BFF, I *am on CDN. Not a reg but I did go there recently πŸ˜‰

  225. Messy says:

    Where’s a hint werd?

  226. AshleyB says:

    WOW. This is all sorts of crazy! I think if DS banned people for outing here…I would have been ultra banned for outing them a few posts back. Tiff, your good. They CANNOT ban you for what you do on the other parts of the internet.

  227. BffMama says:

    Then crap, I don’t know if you’re not a frequent poster. If werd is on there regularly, then I may still have an idea.

  228. Messy says:

    Well, the nuthouse must have a bedtime. They all petered out~ or their meds finally kicked in!

  229. elephant says:

    haha, I sooo love this site! First time posting, been reading for a while now. Hopefully we’ll find out who this wham is soooooon!

  230. Emily says:

    Werd is on CDN regularly πŸ˜‰

  231. me me me says:

    53-” I don’t know everything about BBB”

    Your correct πŸ˜‰

    “but she had a bunch of packages go β€œmissing.” She sent diapers that were not usable even out of the package.”

    Really, the PO losing packages is a surprise to you?
    Did YOU ever get one of those not usable out of the package diapers? I know there where some, but did you get one?

    “I think she ran a big scam over at DT, and I’m sure what ever happened with that. ”

    There was no scam on my part. “I” got scamed by Sam though.

    “And she went crazy on the people who left her a negative. ”

    No I dod not go crazy on people that left feedback. There was one woman that was incredibly good at pushing my buttons and I allwed her to bring me down to her level. I amembaressed and appaled I ever spoke to her publicly. It was unprofessional and did nothing to settle the matter. She WAS refunded in the end. For a transaction over a year old for diapers she refused to return for refund and instead claims she through them in the trash. Yet still wanted a refund. A year or more later I agreed in BG mediation to refund a agreed about amount in excahnce for her updating all FB as such,. I refunded , she never updated. End of story. Lesson learned. No prepayments for customs and I won’t work with sent in fabs. Easy peasey for customer to back out or return if they change their minds.

    “She did attempt to β€œmake it right” and swore she would never go in to business again, but of course she is.”

    “Yes, I did make them all right. I apologized publicly and privatly and took a YEAR BREAK. Reavaluated my whole life and rebuilt my business slooooowly and carefully. I learned from my past and took the time to fix the parts of ME that allowed things to get there they where. I may have vented at some point and said I’d never return. I did feel that way for a long time. I changed my mind. Nuff said.

    “Now, it looks like from her WAHM thread on DS that it’s all happening again. Her MO is to take a ton of customs, and then something bad happens in her life, poor me poor me, and then no one gets their stuff.”

    There is nothing to be concerned with. I do not except payments until item is ready to ship. The mamas on my custom list are out nothing but time. They won’t be paying me a cent until item is complete and they have approved item via pictures and I have a super liberal return/refund/repair policy. Everything is shipped with Dc and insurance. I am starting to add sig conf too. Trust me, learned a lot and I’ve never been to shy or proud to admitt I made mistakes, got in over my head and had no concept of customer service.

    I do understan why the things that have been said about me in the past where said and cont to be said by some, I understand why some ppl feel about me the way they do. I certianly don’t expect everyone to forgve and forget. It is what it is. I know that I am doing the right thing now and am on the right track and will continue to do everything I can to be a good WAHM.

    Even now, if a past customer came to me and said they don’t feel their old trasnaction with me was ever competed to their satisfaction, I’d care. I’d talk to them about it. I can’t say what I’d actually DO about it, as it would depend on the situation. But I can asure you I have no desire to leave anyone feeling they where wronged my me.

    As for my life, I don’t want sympathy. I posted to keep my customers updated. They can take themselfs off my customs list at any point they chose. They need to know what kind of wait they face so they can make informed decisions about rather to stay on the list or not.

    I mean really, if I wanted to be all scammerish. It would have been really easy to come back with a whole new “idenity” when I opened my new biz. But I refuse to hide like that. I am OK with the fact that I have to work a little harder to prove myself. I really don’t think a scammer would put the name of ALL her customers in her WAHM thread. I don’t even delet completed orders. You can view EVERY DS transaction I have in my WAHM thread. Feel free to PM them and get theri honest POV about my product quality and customer service. I won’t be offended if you do. I’m not perfect but I stand behind my product 100% and will do whatever needs to be doen to make my customers happy.

    Look at my DS Itrader feedback. It’s been clean since I came back from my break. Maybe some of them are newbies, but many are not and a lot of the Xmas time ones where other WAHMS.

    Anyways, I know there will always be those that will hold on to the hersay or hold a grudge, so I expect to see myself end up as DSDB fodder from time to time. I just like to read this blog, it’s freaking hilarous. I will continue to enjoy reading here. I really don’t have a problem with being brought up here. It just motivates me to stick to the business plan I worked so hard and long to develope and reminds me that I don’t want to allow myself to slip back in to old habbits and let myself drown again.

    Ok, I said it. Really, I like to hang out here and just be a mama. I do have a really stressful family life and I spend my whole day dealing with special needs. I really don’t want to spend my online “break time” talking about stressfull stuff. I just want to chat with other mamas that have fun sense of humors. Ya’ll keep me in stitches. So if your going to talk about me, make sure your insults are funny. I can laugh at myself.

  232. me me me says:

    73-I don’t want sympathy, I am keeping my customs list updated. They have NOT paid me a cent. I don’t take payment until order is ready and pics have been approved. I have a 100% satisfaction guarteed policy. My ebay auctions are informed of the wait esceeds their comfort level they can ask for and get a refund at any time.

    Yes my skillz have improved. They had too over time. I DID take a YEAR off and most of that time I was reworking my patterns self testing them testing on other mamas to me sure I worked out the bugs. Want a free sample.

    I was arrested, for moving my car not knowing I wasn’t allowed to. In hind sight I can undertsand the cop being concernd but really, he went too far and a ticket would have been good enough. I declined a trial for the misdomener as it was cheaper to just plea out and pay the stopid fines. It was just easier than fighting it. I thinkany BF mother of abarely 12 mo old woudl have be totally wigging out. I’d never even been suspended froms school or in detention. That who fiasco was toally the woirdest freakist experience of my life. At least I can use it to scare my kids into not being bone heads and getting into trouble as teens, I hope. lol Since it’s just oh so intresting, I paid off the fees last week with my tax return and will need to call in once a month and let them know I haven’t robbed a bank lately threw July. Then I am done. πŸ˜‰

  233. me me me says:

    Messy post 199 made me spit tea again. πŸ˜‰

  234. zosiasmama says:

    Sucks that the WAHM got it all horrbily wrong and them upped the size…that is just stupid.
    Equivocal/Tiffany you being asked to tell us who she is is not about outing her and having a “burn her at the stake party”. It is about making sure that others know so that it does not happen to them. It is called being socially responsible.

    And after reading all of this I am once again astounded at how much crap you all put up with at DS! Being told that you can’t talk about bad transactions, beign told what you can and can not say, never being able to out a proven scammer, walking on tiptoes afraid of saying something that will get you banned…seriously you all accept wayyyy to much crap there. Makes me thank my lucky stars for CDN where you can act like the adult that you are, out scammers in public, heck you can even swear…*gasp* I know what a crazy concept huh!

  235. dmeg says:

    ***taps fingers on desk impatiently*** Soooo can you give us an idea when we might expect that JA report Tiff??

    And yeah you’re a piece of work for protecting a scammer. I see only one of two reasons you’d want to protect someone who’s scammed you so bad-first, you made the whole thing up, second-only half of what you say happened actually did and you don’t want to be outed as a drama whoring liar. Either way, at the end of the day YOU look like an ass for protecting a scammer. If you weren’t willing to protect others from this WAHM you should have never posted about it in the first place and anyone else who gets scammed by this WAHM is on YOUR HEAD! I don’t know how you sleep at night, seriously.

    DSDM2-I’m pretty sure this is the name I usually use, but its been forever since I posted and I don’t remember for sure. I’ll try to make sure and use this from here on out πŸ˜€

  236. Shaineinok says:

    So your seriously waiting for permission to file a Juice Apple Report?

    My question for you then is who else is having issue’s in the meantime? I think its important to report, be factual and unemotional.

  237. firefoxrocks says:

    This is sounding more and more made up as it goes on……

  238. Shabbychic says:

    What time does the internet get turned on at the nuthouse? I’m waiting for the resident loony to come back.

  239. ~JC~ says:

    Situation magically resolved!! No JAR and no big reveal….

  240. JustPeachy says:

    #217 thats what I keep telling ppl but no one listens to me. Ive managed to keep my disdain for DS rules off the board and let it loose here and I haven’t been rebanned.

  241. JustPeachy says:

    Of course she wasn’t going to file a JAR. How many mamas on there have claimed to be going to file a JAR and actually did?????? I think I saw maybe 2 in the past few months.

  242. liljoeysmom says:

    I didn’t think there would be a JAR. There is more to this story and the WAHM would be able to give her side in a JAR. She doesn’t want the WAHM giving the full story.

  243. trollin4friends says:

    the “omg who would harass you, why would people do that??” stroking over there is ridic.

    she got harassed cause shes as bad as DS about protecting scamming shits? um duh.

    what a freaking baby, people want to support her and she turns all rabid moron.

    also, (tongue in cheek) but srsly , whos making NEARLY six figures in michigan these days…..

    she should try on those larges cause shes full of crap all ’round πŸ˜›

  244. can't help but wonder... says:

    Maybe she could post some action shots of the fabulous DNF custom diapers she got *shrugs* seems awful fishy that Tami is right by her side through all of this…
    Oh and now she has deleted all of her posts on DS and claims the issue is resolved and she will be getting a refund. I wonder if it is a full refund or partial, can’t help but wonder…

  245. Messy says:

    Damn. Apparently the nuthouse hasn’t untied its residents yet… No update and no JAR. Gosh, whoda thunk Ms.Unequivocal either started her bitch session to go after DnF and got wishy-washy when Tami posted in her threads since the details were so skewed Tami knew there was no way it was her… Or she made the whole thing up to garner sympathy and possibly more of those dang gorgeous diapers from Tami (that Tami still hasn’t told me how to go about getting some of my own!)

  246. Kimbella says:

    I vote that the whole thing was made up but based on her transaction with DnF.

    The payment policy and custom time is pretty much exactly the same as DnF. Plus, she ordered 4 dipes and sent fabric, just like the DnF order.

    Why she made it up, I have no idea!

  247. Snarkster says:

    I think you need to out this person. What she did is beyond wrong. You can come over to cloth diaper nation and talk about it! We even let you name names there!

  248. saslewis11 says:

    I think you guys need to use the Ctrl F feature on this blog…It brings up some interesting stuff. Both on this thread and the thread before…

  249. DSDM2 says:

    #251, She can talk it out here too. And name the WAHM here too. She is choosing not to b/c she is being petty. Do you really want someone at CDN who is reporting members to DS admin for PMing her?

  250. DSDM2 says:

    252. what did you find?

  251. Messy says:

    #252 What do I search to find what you are alluding to?

  252. undercover says:

    I have no idea what to think. When she very first posted in the T&F the details were so similar to our transaction that I immediately emailed her to see what was up. The only thing gone ‘wrong’ (and I wouldn’t really consider it wrong) was that I was a day late in shipping. I had been in contact with her, I emailed her when her fabric arrived and gave her an estimate of when she could expect shipping. I was one day over that.

    The wording of her post is just soooo similar to my listing. I did kind of wonder if she was confusing her orders or if she was making things up for sympathy. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt so I’m trying hard to not think she was making things up. I really hope she does file a JAR just to completely clear my name. Plus I am curious who the WAHM is too. LOL

    Now I’m off to take my daughter to preschool and run some errands!

    p.s. Messy- all anyone has to do is email to get on my list. I’d love to make some diapers for your LO. πŸ™‚

  253. werd says:

    234 – not so much anymore. pft.

    okay people. I’m getting married and going on honeymoon until March 11th. So no juicy dramaz until I get back, mmmmkay?

    Now I have to go run 4958938948938 errands! Buhbye!

  254. diudiaole says:

    I agree this theory seems the most likely. And yes… action shots would be nice.

  255. JustPeachy says:

    #249 email her or wait til she stocks more slots on her cart.

  256. JustPeachy says:

    Oh yay werd! Congratulations on the wedding too πŸ™‚

  257. Messy says:

    #257 WERD!!! CONGRATS!!! I had no idea my alter ego was even engaged!!! WOOHOO!!! HAVE FUNS!!!

  258. saslewis11 says:

    DSDM2 what’s your email addy again?

  259. werd says:

    yyyyeah its been an exciting week. I’m pregnant, I got my hooha waxed, and now I is getting HITCHED!! WOOOOO!

    if you don’t know who I am now, you is dense. LOL.

  260. Messy says:

    :::sigh::: I dense. I gotta go hunt around for who you are… I sooo nosey! But still excited! YEAH!!!

  261. Shabbychic says:

    OK, everyone this is over. Here you go.

    In Tiffany’s original post, I quote this:

    The package contained a handwritten note, which said that she β€œmessed up” my fabric, so she substituted a similar one

    And Tami, Undercover, so graciously showed us Tiffany’s diapers. If you look at the hearts diaper on the far left, you can see the backside of it at the bottom, where it is not hearts, but a “similar” fabric. Chickadee Chicks, in the same color.

    Here is that picture, for your viewing pleasure:

    Tami, you outed yourself.

    Mystery solved.

  262. DSDM2 says:


  263. DSDM2 says:

    Meg, are you sure it isn’t just seamed at that line? So the print is right side up? (Hard to see with my old eyes).

  264. theinvisible says:

    Holy Crap!

  265. can't help but wonder... says:

    I knew it.

  266. Shabbychic says:

    It is seamed. Hearts in the front, chickadee chicks in the back. Clear as day.

  267. theinvisible says:

    I had to look twice but i definitely see it.

  268. Messy says:

    I feel badly for Tami then. Obviously for Tiffany to tell her how great the dipes were, Tiffany was making up a story and shooting for something more than outting a WAHM. She wanted sympathy and attention. That is terribly sad and I still want a DnF diaper desperately!!!

  269. DSDM2 says:

    What a twat.

  270. theinvisible says:

    That WHOLE thing was just wierd….and I feel strangely dirty for having even witnessed it unfold.

  271. 2dogs says:

    But E said she’s getting a refund. If any of her story is true (i.e. not made up for attention) and she *is getting some sort of refund from Tami….wouldn’t Tami know it? Just another hole in E’s story….

  272. Shabbychic says:

    I have really moved on past Tiffany. I think Tami’s behavior is far more concerning. No?

  273. 2dogs says:

    Oh, and I’m also wondering what we should have been ctrl-f-ing for…hmmm

  274. nini02 says:

    Wow 265, I totally missed that, good eye! Definitely chickadees on the other side.

  275. saslewis11 says:

    ctrl f undercover

  276. Shabbychic says:

    Seriously. 8 years of this and this might be the best yet.

  277. theinvisible says:

    If it is true, why was Tiffany so afraid to say who? Even as Tami was posting here and on her thread.

  278. DSDM2 says:

    Nothing weird about it. She did confirm, the OP confirmed, so I don’t see an issue? SC was a logical thought.

  279. DSDM2 says:

    that was meant for 281

  280. Messy says:

    #277 Shabby, I am not seeing it… How can Tami’s behavior be *more concerning? Her behavior is being judged by what a psychopath stated. She was spinning a story and hiding behind DS rules that she *knew did not apply here. She was buying time for something else to catch everyone’s attention and forget about her. She had no intention of being caught up in her own lies. It is sad that Tami got taken on that ride… The thing is, how do we know this was not all something worked out between Tiffany and Tami (since even Tami said it was sooo similar to her own transaction) before so Tami had no idea Unequivocal was alluding to *her. I can see it…

  281. undercover says:

    I’m back. It was too cold for errands. I’m so ready for spring! The fabric Tiffany sent was the Ella fabric. Sorry, guys. No drama there! LOL

    One of the other fabrics she requested was the mad sky hearts. I didn’t have enough of the hearts for the entire diaper so I used the coordinating chicks on the otherside. She ok’d this and even said she loved it. I have the emails if you all need them.

    She hasn’t gotten anything from me in the form of refund or extra diapers or anything of that sort. She got exactly what she paid for, in the size she ordered (medium). πŸ™‚

  282. can't help but wonder... says:

    #277, agreed.

  283. 2dogs says:

    286 I agree. The only way Tami looks suspicious is if you give weight to Tiffany’s story. Which I don’t.

  284. JustPeachy says:

    Hmmmmmm IDK. I get why Tami was recommended as I have had 2 transactions with her and had no issues. I had a friend who did have an issue with her over some HTF fabric and really it was one of those things where neither one of the people was in the right. And I can tell that the heart diaper was obviously sized up and I know from experience the pattern Tami uses is a bit bigger then your average sizes so its not hard to believe her dd would never fit it.

  285. Shabbychic says:

    What exactly are you not seeing. Tami came here and lied. She attempted through lies to make people think it was someone else and not her. You dont find that concerning. She tried to make people think it was SC. She posted on DS with the vomit face directed at HERSELF.

    I gave you evidence in the form of a picture. I cannot imagine what more you need.

  286. Messy says:

    So… Tami’s patterns are BIGGER… Now I NEED some of those diapers!!! That said, if the diapers are true to *her sizing, then that is on the buyer. I bought a ton of diapers that were size large that are smaller than my LO would ever fit in. Other brands, bigger size larges, fit great and some are too big! It is one of those *things.

  287. DSDM2 says:

    Meg, see 287

  288. Shabbychic says:

    Not buying it. Not for one second. I have a degree in this.

  289. Messy says:

    #291 But even Tiffany herself said it WAS NOT DNF. She said it over and over. Tami came here and initially said that she thought it was her when she first read it. She contacts Tiffany, who tells her the same thing she told all of us over and over: She was happy with her purchase from Tami and those diapers were great… I can see that Tami had no idea it was her. Now that we have figured out the fabric issue was a nonissue (Ella vs. flowers and chicks) then we are either off to find a different WAHM to blame or to look at the OP and make a puke face… Can you guess what I will be doing?

  290. JustPeachy says:

    Her mediums are more like a medium large IMO and the rise is a bit higher then your typical t&t. Not saying anything negative as I love mine but its one of those things where if you didnt know you would be in for a shock. They are great diapers and very well made. I’ve had one for 8 months now and it looks just as good as when I first bought it.

  291. undercover says:

    Meg- what exactly have I lied about?! Please direct me. When Tiffany posted that thread I *was* thinking it was SC. I know that it’s not me b/c the details don’t match up. That was my best guess b/c of SC previous history with customers fabric. DSDM I’m going to email you my correspondence with Tiffany.

  292. DSDM2 says:

    you are welcome to post it here too.

  293. DSDM2 says:

    As for the other email I just got. I don’t see the issue. She didn’t want people to know she was DnF, lots of people here are doing the same thing, and there were no lies, the OP did confirm it, AND StinkyCouture has had similar issues and a similar attitude. I think it might be her still (IF it is even true, which I doubt at this point).

  294. DSDM2 says:

    Photos are in the email, I can’t figure out how to get them here, but here are the emails. From this and the OP denying it being DnF, I don’t think it is DnF.

    –Forwarded Message Attachment–
    From: t7e1a3@comcast.net
    To: tamimeyer@comcast.net
    Subject: Re: Payment for 4 diapers, invoice #457]
    Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2009 17:28:28 -0500

    That diaper looks cool! I have a prefold with that chicken print and my 19-month-old always walks around and says “oh, chicken… love chicken” and snuggles the prefold (this is when she grabs it from the clean basket). LOL.

    —– Original Message —–
    From: Tami Meyer
    To: Tiffany A
    Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2009 2:37 PM
    Subject: Re: Payment for 4 diapers, invoice #457]

    Hey Tiffany,

    Your diapers are done and can ship out today by Priority. You should receive a separate email with shipping info shortly. Here’s a picture of the completed diapers:

    There was a little glitch. The Mad Sky hearts was a smaller piece of fabric then I expected and I was only able to get the front cut out of it. I’m sorry! I did have some of the chicks left so I used that for the back. Is this ok with you? I was finishing these up late last night or else I would have checked with you first. If you don’t care for it, that’s totally fine with me. I can either remake the diaper in the fabric of your choice or refund you for that diaper. If you chose to have to redone it will be a priority and will get it done today. My mail guy usually comes around 3 or 4 so if I hear back in enough time I *may* be able to get it out today. If not today, tomorrow without a doubt. I do hope you like it as is b/c it turned out really cute. Here’s a picture of the diaper open:

    Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. πŸ™‚


    Tiffany A wrote:

    Not talking about you. LOL. What’s your name on DS? Haha. =)
    —– Original Message —– From: “Tami Meyer”
    Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2009 7:21 PM
    Subject: [Fwd: Re: Payment for 4 diapers, invoice #457]

    From your thread:

    “She also told me 8 days ago that mine would be shipping “in a couple of
    days” and that she’d send a photo of finished product and provide
    tracking information once shipped. NONE of this has happened.”
    I never stated ‘in a couple of days’, you can see my email below and I
    have responded to all your emails promptly.

    I think you may not be talking about me. I’m so sorry! I assumed you
    were and I shouldn’t of. I’m embarrassed! LOL I hope you get your
    issue figured out with the WAHM.



    Internal Virus Database is out of date.
    Checked by AVG – http://www.avg.com
    Version: 8.0.233 / Virus Database: 270.10.18/1936 – Release Date: 2/5/2009 11:34 AM

    No virus found in this incoming message.
    Checked by AVG – http://www.avg.com
    Version: 8.0.237 / Virus Database: 270.11.3/1970 – Release Date: 02/24/09 13:35:00

  295. Shabbychic says:

    I’m still not buying it. However, if the evidence in the end is such a coincidence, and it turns out out to be someone else, I am certainly more than willing to publicly apologize for my very conclusive evidence, in fact being inconclusive.

  296. DSDM2 says:

    My guess is that it is all in Tiffany’s head.

  297. undercover says:

    Thanks for posting that, you saved me a bunch of trouble. LOL

    Now, I’m signing off. I’ve got work to do. πŸ™‚

  298. Kimbella says:

    #302 – I totally agree! All in her head!

  299. hmmmm... says:

    it looks like the part where it says Tiffany A wrote Not talking about you. LOL. What’s your name on DS? Haha. =) is not part of the original email, but added in when it was forwarded, just sayin’

  300. hmmmm... says:

    don’t be sad that you don’t have my sexy googley eyes for yourself πŸ˜‰

  301. hmmmm... says:

    Or my “Walk like an Egyptian” stance!!!

  302. Flippin out says:

    I wish she (Tiffany) would just own up to lying or say once and for all who it is. I don’t like that a (probably innocent) WAHM is being insinuated here. Did you all read her comment in the Sbish thread I posted above? I have had numerous transactions with Erin of Sbish and she has blown me away with her customer service. If someone has a problem with Erin, then I have to conclude they are impossible to please.

  303. Kimbella says:

    #305 – Hmm, I see that too!

    Where’s Skye – hasn’t she posted here before? She did say that those messed up pants were made by the same WAHM.

  304. saslewis11 says:

    Skye’s in Disney World πŸ™‚ I saw it on DS this morning.

  305. theinvisible says:

    I didn’t see the thread. Must have missed it. Would you mind posting it again?

  306. JustPeachy says:

    Wow is all I can say. Why would anyone make up an issue with a WAHM?????

  307. theinvisible says:

    Thank you for the link. I hadn’t seen it. What the hell was that all about?

  308. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    Those e-mails are from Wednesday. Like, 2 days ago, 2/25. Tiffany’s thread was on 2/24. One day before the e-mails, and she stated that she already recieved the diapers. Unless there’s a time machine involved, I don’t see how it could be Tami.

  309. eeek says:

    I think E/T is just loony. I think she decided to bitch for sympathy when she was slightly unhappy, and thought with DS’s “no outing” she was going to be able to exaggerate her story a LOT. Then, she ended up over here where we’re free to tell the whole story- & she couldn’t support her side.

    I think it WAS DnF- but I also think ET was lying about lots & lots of details, including Tami’s communication & oh, just the rest of the whole thing. I think there was no other WAHM, I think this was just a dumb bitch who wanted hugs from the DS wearing-blinders crowd. I’m really glad we get the whole story over here, and I have no problem with Tami over this incident. Not her fault.

  310. Messy says:

    #313 Tiffany just lost her mind… If she ever had one to start with… She is out for drama. What did she think she would get out of that post??? Drama. Attention.

  311. 2dogs says:

    So wait – her original email was bitching about the diapers not finished at 3 weeks + 1 day, when the WAHM had said 3 weeks? Nice.

  312. theinvisible says:

    We did ask for clearer waters and good old fashioned drama whoring after the last drama…..looks like we got it. I have to admit though, I was thrown by the different fabric. I never would have caught that.

  313. Messy says:

    Fabric was explained.
    Tiffany says that Tami is NOT the WAHM over and over.
    Emails and posts back that up.
    The dates for DnF do not match.
    Tiffany says she is/was not waiting for anything other than her DnF order.
    Tiffany then lists the order requirements for DnF while bitching on DS.
    Tiffany then says over and over that it is not DnF/Tami.
    When cornered on here, she says DS told her no outting. She is a raging moron (which is possibly the case) if she thinks that DS has rights over here…
    She won’t out the WAHM for one or a dozen more reasons.
    Magically, the WAHM now is giving her a refund and the situation is resolved. No JAR. No outting of the WAHM. No neg feedback expected.
    Pathetic. Tiffany, I hope you get some help soon. You are a feako nutcase out for attention.

  314. Kimbella says:

    #311 Here’s Skye’s thread about the pants: http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=663623

    I hope she’s having a great time at WDW!

  315. AshleyB says:

    I have to agree with everyone else that Tiffany/E is just a loon! If she doesn’t tell who…she’s going on my do not b/s/t list!

  316. AshleyB says:

    OH…and Werd…come back to CDN!! We love you! I know your busy with the wedding and all…especially as it is TOMORROW…but pop in anyway before!

  317. theinvisible says:

    I just read the whole thread again. Did anyone stop to think, why is she being harrassed? By who? and where? certainly not at DS. She didn’t say who did it so why would the WAHMs friends join the beat down? Duh. Ever stop and think there is an aspect of the story you may be missing before you post some hugs? Boohoo.

  318. Messy says:

    Who is posting hugs? To who? Nobody gave me hugs! I am sad. No hugs to me… Wahhh… Now I need to make up some drama to chase down a nonexistant order from a pretend WAHM and get me some luvins!

  319. Messy says:

    AWE! TackyTiffy specifically thanked ME in her OP on DS! She thanked those that harrassed her on other message boards! Woohoo! Thars me luvins πŸ˜‰ I’ll take it. Even from a narcistic psychodramapath.

  320. theinvisible says:


  321. confused says:

    Okay, I’m thinking it’s made up now. I don’t know many WAHMs that would respond the way that WAHM did to her. Well, just one and I don’t even think it was her. This time.

  322. Rain Cloud says:

    I’m sitting here being entertained! What fun! LOL

  323. Messy says:

    #329 It is fun to watch someone lose what last hold they have on their sanity… Poor Tiff. Someone should harass her so she knows what it really feels like. The next WAHM she deals with should fuck her over so she knows what it is really like to have the real problems that some have faced. She wants drama. Someone should give it to her…

  324. not tellin says:

    This is all so strange.. I like Tiffany, so Im not sure why things are going this way. Its just mind boggling IMO, and it seems too far-fetched to be true, BUT, i’ve seen worse be true. I dont know, Im not sure what to believe anymore.

  325. JustPeachy says:

    For one Tami is excellent at communication. I’ve heard stories from others about her CS but seeing as how Ive had nothing but good transactions with her it won’t stop me from buying from her. She has always communicated with me very quickly and I distrinctly recall one nite she returned my emails almost immediately following me sending them.

  326. DSDM2 says:

    Peach, I have heard the same.

  327. DSDM2 says:

    Looks like the nut house shut down the internet… she isn’t coming back to talk to us. :eyeroll:

  328. Shabbychic says:

    I dare her to come back here. I have a vision of her hopping up and down like a real loon right now.

    I do still maintain though, that if this story was in fact made up, it is BASED off of the D and F transaction and the hearts/chickadee diaper.

    However, I am still not sold and am waiting and probably will wait for the real story. If there even is a story.

  329. celestialdreamer says:

    Tiffany – I’ve never had any issues with you before, but I am seriously doubting your side of the story. What I think is that you got your panties in a wad about things with your order, and didn’t communicate this to Tami. Then you thought you would go give your exaggerated sob story on DS and we would all feel bad for you.

    I think you are full of crap! I have had numerous orders with Tami and all have been wonderful. I had one issue where a specific print was forgotten out of my order and she literally had the order still out the next day. Including a free diaper. I’m one of the ones that “raved” about her on DS, so I must be “to blame” for your horrible order, right?? You have totally tossed Tami’s business under the bus with your nonsense story. Seriously get a life!

  330. InAFixx says:

    Did anyone else think about Muttaquin Baby? She does make T&T fitteds….not sure in what sizes.

    She has some seriously fucked up priorities. Like “working” on someones custom order for 4 friggin months; but managing to stock her store multiple times during that period.

    That’s the person that came to mind for me.

    Uh, other WAHM who do T&T….Domestic Miracles? Piddles Poddles?

  331. Funneh says:



  332. Funneh says:

    #337: before the post was edited, she had stated that the WAHM was stocking the next day (which would have fallen on Wednesday the 25th); did Muttaqin Baby stock that day? I don’t think she did, but UH COULD BE WRONG.

  333. angie says:

    Long time reader, first time poster. This is must read material. I should be working but instead I’m eating popcorn and waiting for more. Thank you for all that you do DSDMs!!!

  334. StacEy says:

    Here’s my question…if Tami hadn’t even sent the diapers yet, WHY would she think that Tiffany was talking about her? That makes no sense to me.

  335. Shabbychic says:

    I’m still hanging out here with the Hearts/Chickadee diaper. There is NO WAY that that could not be the diaper that Tiffany is discussing in the original post. It is waaayyyyyy too coincidental. And if in fact it is the diaper and Tiffany failed to communicate the issue and threw Tami’s business under the bus, then why did Tamil come here and keep saying it wasn’t her. This story is all fucked up.

  336. just_sayin says:

    Meg, I know you claim you have a degree in psychopath (post 294) but let it go. It’s not Tami. What do you have against DnF anyway?

  337. AshleyB says:

    Eh, if she doesn’t want the hearts/chickadee diap…I’ll take it!! I think it’s adorable personally!

  338. Shabbychic says:

    Not a thing. I have had nothing but excellent CS from her always. It has nothing to do with what I think of Tami. I found evidence to support the original claim and I stand by that. I might be a lot of things, but I’m no psychopath. Thats a new accusation for me. lol.

  339. jenny says:

    wow… this is a crazy story!

  340. jenny says:

    and i think my monster takes the cake. faucet penis, legs out of his sides and eyes for ears… yikes!

  341. Michelle says:

    So did this supposed WAHM stock her store yesterday?

  342. Hawk says:

    Could it be that maybe Tiffany was rolling the complaint from DnF into her complaint about the other customs? That maybe she was kind of confused?

  343. DSDM2 says:


  344. just_sayin says:

    I never said YOU were a psychopath. Go back and read your own post you said “Not buying it. Not for one second. I have a degree in this.”

    Why are you trying to hard to throw Tami under the bus? I don’t get it. Unless you just can’t stand to be wrong, hmmm?

    Tiffany is the drama whore here, and she just drug Tami into this, unfortunately. Tiffany ha a history of going ape-shit over nothing.

  345. just_sayin says:

    Sorry for the typos, I’m trying to type and eat lunch at the same time LOL.

  346. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    Huh. DnF did stock on 2/25, the day after the OP…

  347. StacEy says:

    I am completely convinced that this entire thing was a made up drama based on the order she had with DnF. I think it surprised the hell out of Tiffany when Tami confronted her and she started doing some serious back-pedaling. From the picture of the chickadee diaper you can clearly see the label says “M” so Tiffany just threw that issue in for good measure…or drama.

    The update is priceless. Poor, poor Tiffany.

  348. StacEy says:

    353: I saw that too. More evidence that Tiffany was referring to DnF.

  349. Shabbychic says:

    I have a degree in compiling the evidence and proving it correct. That is what I meant. I agree with you that Tiffany is the loon. But I cant seem to move past the coincidence between the “similar” fabric and the hearts/chickadee diaper. Sorry, I have trouble letting things go without some concrete evidence to prove otherwise, and so far other than verbal defenses that has not happened, so I’ll wait.

  350. Funneh says:

    #353: so did Stinky Couture. O NOES, DILEMMA!

  351. Funneh says:

    #354: I have to say that I agree with you there. NEXT PLZ.

  352. Shabbychic says:

    And if Tiffany did make it all up BASED on the transaction with D and F, then why wouldnt Tami say that. Or is she not aware of that?

  353. StacEy says:

    I think maybe Tami isn’t aware. There were things that didn’t match up perfectly, who knows.

  354. confused says:

    It doesn’t seem that Tami was aware. Even she said that she had to email her asking if she was talking about her. I guess after that email, she changed her story.

    There is no way that there was anyone else. On every single “what are you wating on?” post all she ever talked about was her DNF customs.

  355. Hawk says:

    354- this actually would make a lot of sense.

    What a sucky thing to do though :/

  356. confused says:

    I guess she was mad about getting them one day late, started the post, then had to backtrack to make it sound like it was something else.

  357. Kimbella says:

    I agree #354! OP might have even said that the diapers were a larger size because they do tend to run big. There are too many similarities between the OP’s “secret” transaction and her DnF transaction. I think she started complaining about DnF because the diapers were ONE day late in shipping, and then she realized that wasn’t a big deal and that she was overreacting, so she updated and embellished her story with the messed up diapers so as to not look crazy.

  358. Hawk says:

    364. Ah ha! Too late for that. 0_o

  359. StacEy says:

    363: that has to be it. She made up the further drama as a way to say…See Tami! Not you!

  360. 2dogs says:

    363: EXACTLY. best explanation yet. she had to come up with a good reason to be pissed, since 1 day late on a 3-week order ain’t it.

  361. undercover says:

    363- yep, that’s what I’m beginning to think. Thanks a bunch Tiffany!

  362. SomeMore says:

    351- I’ve wondered that, too. The emails between Tami & Tiffany are *right there* (#300)…what more proof could be needed? With the exception of Tiffany saying who it was, but I’m betting that won’t happen any time soon.

  363. Kimbella says:

    Yep, #366 – she probably added on the extra to make her issue not be about Tami.

  364. alison says:

    Meg’s theory makes the most sense here with the hearts/chickadees combo.

    As for the other theories?

    No WAHM, no business for that matter has a 100% hit rate on customer happiness. Even with the best intentions, shit happens, So, I don’t see any weird conspiracy in someone, anyone, saying they have a crappy experience with X business, even when that’s not the rule for the vast majority of the customers.

    As for Tiffany deciding not to file a JAR/neg feedback in order to have the issue resolved. I’m sure this happens all the time. I mean – as someone already said – how often do people go absolutely batshit about an issue, only to come back and say “all is resolved”? Happens all the time.

    It’s one thing when it’s a scammer… This sounds more like a WAHM who screwed up and who, as seems to so often be the case, made some random changes to the order in the hope that it would be easier to get forgiveness than permission.

    Happens. All. The. Time.

    Just my take. For what that’s worth.

  365. Michelle says:

    I’m sorry, I think I missed it, What do Skyebs pants have to do with this?

  366. StacEy says:

    To recap!

    2/24: Tiffany complains about DnF, Tami reads thread and confronts Tiffany. Tiffany is surprised that Tami saw the post, didn’t realize she was a DS member. Tiffany denies she is talking about Tami.
    2/25: In a lame attempt to further the “Not talking about DnF” lie she has concocted, Tiffany posts a fictional update. Lacking any imagination it is loosely based on her order with DnF.
    2/26: Ka-blewy. Drama blows up. Tiffany attempts to cover up lies with more lies.
    2/27: Fictional boo-hoo, poor me update. Everyone grab a hanky and cry for Tiffany.

  367. Michelle says:

    Ok nevermind, I figured everything out. This is such a mess.

  368. SomeMore says:

    Oh how freaking nice!! (where’s the puking face for here?)

    http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=680301&page=8 -#76

  369. Yup says:

    Bribery at it’s finest. She goes in my psycho greedy bitch category.


  370. StacEy says:

    oh the crazy!

  371. not just another mama says:

    This mama is forever on my DO NOT BST list.. What a psycho greedy dirty bitch.

  372. Shabbychic says:

    OK wait, so based on the discovery of Skye’s pants, we have now determined, as I had this morning that it is in fact D and F.

    However, Tami does not know it is her because Tiffany keeps saying it’s not.

    If I was Tami I would be all over Tiffany’s loony tunes ass, and if I were a WAHM I would blacklist Tiffany permanently.

    And, if I were me, I would apologize to Tami for incorrectly assuming that Tami knew that Tiffany was talking about her. So, Tami, for that, I am sorry.

    But, and I have to throw this in there. Tami-How could you not know this was about you? It just all matched up.

  373. StacEy says:

    377: Greedy? Maybe, but I don’t believe for one second she’s getting a refund from anybody. She just wants to make up an excuse for not outing the fictional wahm. Crazy? Yep!

  374. Yup says:

    I would bet she did get a blackmail refund from Tami. She went all psycho greedy bitch on Katie when her wool stuff didn’t show up for a month. Stating over and over she just wanted her money back while others assured her that Katie was an honest person and the package was on it’s way.

  375. Shabbychic says:

    377, thats some post.

    Tiffany is batshit crazy. The really crazy kind. Really really really crazy.

  376. firefoxrocks says:

    I’m confused. What do the pink pants have to do with anything???

  377. StacEy says:

    384: Tiffany responds to that post complaining about her own transaction with Tami.

  378. StacEy says:

    I’d like to thank Tiffanie for the fantastic nap time entertainment. She was a bright spot in this otherwise kinda boring day!

  379. StacEy says:


  380. undercover says:

    Meg- I didn’t think it was about me b/c she told me it wasn’t. I’m a trusting person who would rather give people the benifit of the doubt.

    Should I give you all a screen shot of my PP account to show I haven’t sent her a refund? LOL

  381. Shabbychic says:

    Why would Tami refund her at this point?

  382. undercover says:

    And the whole Skye-pants thing: she hasn’t said one word to me about those. After Tiffany’s thread I emailed her and asked if there was a problem. I can’t fix an issue if I don’t know about it. Haven’t heard back from her but that’s probably b/c she’s at the happiest place on earth. πŸ˜‰

  383. Hawk says:

    So, wait. First it’s.. I can’t give the name because DS says so. Then it’s I am not giving out the WAHM’s name since all you mean people called my names. Now its, well I got my refund, so I am still not giving you guys who it is. …
    I am starting to think like Neo. There is no spoon. There is no refund.

  384. Shabbychic says:

    OK, Tami, I apologize that I thought YOU KNEW IT WAS YOU. LOL. If that makes any sense. But, you do believe it is you now, right? I mean, not that you fucked up, but that Tiffany is talking about her perceived in her crazy mind, transaction with you. Am I making sense. Do I still get my pants?

  385. SomeMore says:

    Nevermind delete #276- I need to pay more attention lol

    Can someone PLEASE explain the coorelation with Skye’s pants & the rest of this? TIA

  386. Michelle says:

    Skye posted on Tiffany’s thread saying that she had a problem with the same WAHM regarding some Ella pants. Well looking through her posts, she posted a thread about them, and there is a picture of the pants in Tami’s photostream.

  387. undercover says:

    It’s ok Meg. At this point I have no idea what to think. She emailed me a little bit ago and again said it wasn’t me and thanks for the drama. So who knows.

    And I’ll still make your pants. πŸ˜‰

  388. pippen says:

    Those pants are cute Tami!!

  389. StacEy says:

    Tami, I just drooled all over your flickr gallery.

  390. naturalmamadot says:

    Hahahaha her last post just about proves its all in her fucked up head.

    I think she came here on purpose knowing that we would think it was bullshit to protect a scammer, so she would have a fail-proof story to fall back on for not outing the WAHM.

    Ooh tiffy…your crazy is showing, it not a good look for you sweetie. Nice try though crazy ass. πŸ™„

  391. Shabbychic says:

    The best part about it all is that she’s afraid to come back here.

  392. Yup says:

    Tami, sorry for ASSuming you gave Tiffany hush money. She’s just a nut. Period.

    So….who wants to be the next sucker up on the chopping block to do a custom for Tiffany? πŸ˜€

  393. DSDM2 says:

    I really wonder if there even is an issue. Really.

  394. not just another mama says:

    #403.. That is what I’m thinking.. Maybe she is just drama hungry.

  395. Monkey says:

    Wow. I wasn’t very interested in this whole thing and I was siding with the buyer until I saw the update.

    What a bitch! A few people were mean to her (apparently for lying) so she’s willing to say “screw everyone”?

    I could understand if she were like, “Well it’s been resolved to my satisfaction so I don’t think it deserves an outing,” or “the WAHM was really apologetic and we’ve decided to keep it between ourselves.” but this petulant… “oh no peeple waz meanz to mei” is just ridiculous. It’s not the not outing that bothers me, it’s the nasty attitude.

  396. Kimbella says:

    I don’t think there was an issue, except that her dipes shipped one day later than promised. Then OP just didn’t want to look like a crazy (ha!), so she updated/lied about getting messed up diapers.

  397. Shabbychic says:

    This makes being in the house for weeks on end with sick kids far more entertaining. Thank you Tiffany. I imagine you should intend on keeping your collection of diapers to those mass produced, as I am sure you are on the WAHM black list somewhere. Hell knows, you are on mine. Well you were on mine after my SOS purchase from you, but thats a story for another day.

  398. what.ever says:


  399. DSDM2 says:

    Oh Meg, go right ahead and tell. I’m sitting here with puking kids and need a story to read them…

  400. DSDM2 says:

    Oh Meg, go right ahead and tell. I’m sitting here with puking kids and need a story to read them…

  401. DSDM2 says:

    Meg, please do tell! I’m sitting here with puking kids and could use a good story to read to them…

  402. naturalmamadot says:

    aw that sucks, hope they feel better super soon

    and the last post on there was about how the lady read this WHOLE post and STILL thinks tif is in the right lol, she just may be the most gullible person Ive ever seen

  403. not just another mama says:

    Wait.. Give her some time to get some hush money.. Maybe “Tiffers” plays that angle too!

  404. Me, MySelf, and I says:

    I love post # 93 over there http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showpost.php?p=6463458&postcount=93

    It is over 400, not 300. LOL.

  405. Shabbychic says:

    No biggie. Crappy flat SOS diaper that was hemp fleece and was supposed to be OV. I sold it the next day. I wasnt going to the mat with a loony toons

  406. DSDM2 says:

    Not sure why that posted 3 times. I think we are getting so many hits that we have a glitch. Almost 8k hits so far today.

  407. eeek says:

    I’m glad you’re chiming in Tami! & I agree, WTH would Tami refund her, when she has nothing to hush her up about, lol? The woman’s a big ol’liar, who though she could use DS’s rules to lie for ((hugs)) since no one would ever know. Obviously crazy. I hope she feels ridiculously dumb right now.

    Makes me wish I posted on DS more, I’d go poke at her subtly.

  408. DSDM2 says:

    Tami, I wish I had about a dozen of your diapers, they are adorable.

  409. DSDM2 says:

    #417, I have a feeling she will be poked regularly now.

  410. confused says:

    I think this should be a lesson that we shouldn’t be quick to assume that the WAHM is always to blame. The customer’s story isn’t always accurate.

  411. naturalmamadot says:

    On the nose eeek

  412. GirlsPlayWoW2 says:

    OMG 338. VERY funny!

    I felt sorry for tiffany at first…

  413. DSDM2 says:

    confused, we ask for both sides. All parties are free to post.

  414. DSDM2 says:

    #423, probably serious. Anyone who didn’t wade through this, and did the same research as Meg, would still think it is her.

  415. not just another mama says:

    #422, I say sincere.. I think its a shame that a lot of people DO think its her… And will probably think so, unless told otherwise.

  416. confused says:

    I’m sure glad that Tami came and posted, cleared a lot of things up.

  417. KAL says:

    Tif is crazy, I’d buy from DnF & contemplating it! Those diapers are cute.

    Oh & FWIW I saw that AmyWa (Domestic Miracles) was brought up in this thread & I can assure you, you won’t find her on any scamming radar. She’s awesome & my whole fitted stash is from her. I’ve sent my own fabric to her & she’s done all customs for me. She’s awesome, easy to deal with & great communication, as well as high quality diapers. Just wanted to put that out there.

  418. Flippin out says:

    well she is on my black list now. She is the kind of crazy that scares the crap out of me. The impossible to please, I will make up stories to garner sympathy and lie to you in hopes I get free fluff kind.

  419. undercover says:

    Bye guys. I’m done posting here. It’s just getting me into trouble. I’m sure Tiffany will be leaving lovely feedback. 😦 She’s really pissed at me for posting here even though I never called her names or anything. I just posted my side since I was so obiviously being thrown under the bus. If anyone needs to contact me you can always email me: dunknfluff@comcast.net.

  420. Me, MySelf, and I says:

    This whole thing is amazing. Tami, I’m also glad you came to clear your name.

  421. Me, MySelf, and I says:

    Tami, I wouldn’t give a crap about her feedback. There is nothing bad she can honestly say, and people will read all the positive you have first.

  422. haha says:

    Well I’m not from DS and I think your a bitch Tiffany. Now you can run back to the post and blame the whole internet for calling you names while you live in lala land creating drama. Must feel great being so fucking stupid.

  423. MatildasMum says:

    Tami – you’re a class act. πŸ™‚

  424. naturalmamadot says:

    I dont think you should have to leave just because of HER crazy ass. You could be so pissed and calling her all SORTS of names for her making her fake ass story sound just like DnF. Instead you only came to speak up for yourself, you have that right and you DONT have to leave. If you feel you must in case the sheeples at DS take Tif seriously I understand, butI like having you here and I think its awesome you came to clear your name

  425. confused says:

    Tami, you are entitled to save your name. Just because she got caught, she’s mad at you? That’s crap.

  426. StacEy says:

    Tami, you have every right to defend yourself and your business. Tiffany is a total whack! I think non-drama-bloggers on DS are seeing that pretty clearly now.

  427. ~JC~ says:

    So let me get this straight –
    ~she talks about a transaction that has almost the same circumstances as your transaction with her – leading people to obviously believe it’s you
    ~ She says it’s not you but all the evidence that she is providing points to you still
    ~ You come here to defend yourself because it was not you
    ~ You post proof
    ~ You get bad feedback.

    Sounds like someone is having a bit of a tantrum because this blew up in her face and she wants to take it out on you and hurt your store name 😦

    That Sucks.

  428. DSDM2 says:

    OK, Tiffany is NUTS, here are the emails she sent to Tami:


    I never called you names. Ever. I only posted my side. I even said I was sorry you were getting bashed. Please read through my posts again. I have treated you with respect. Have you done the same for me? I feel pretty much thrown under the bus I have to say.

    Diapers were mailed yesterday. They’re yours to do what you want with. I wish you’d keep them and enjoy. Otherwise pass them onto someone who needs them.

    I hope, when you calm down, you’re able to see this more clearly.


    Tiffany A wrote:

    I DO NOT want the diapers. I am pissed off. You spoke poorly of me, only adding fuel to their fire. Thanks for that… I paid you GOOD money for that transacation and I EXPECTED to be treated with respect.

    What have I been shown? Name calling and disrespect all around.

    I do not want the diapers and I will not put them on my child. I will remove MY fabric from the diaper that you’ve made (or try to) and send the rest back.

    I am not asking for a refund, nor do I want one. I just do not want those in my house, nor on my child.

    I am a lot of things, but I am NOT dishonest. And I am not a psycho. Ironically, in my 30 years here on earth, I have NEVER, EVER been called either of those, so it’s interesting that it happens now.

    I am angry. I treated you with respect and I trusted your work or otherwise, I would’ve never come to you with a purchase to begin with.

    —– Original Message —–
    From: Tami Meyer
    To: Tiffany A
    Sent: Friday, February 27, 2009 4:04 PM
    Subject: Re: Payment for 4 diapers, invoice #457]

    Hi Tiffany,

    I’m glad you’re happy with the custom. I definitely don’t want the diapers back. Please keep them and get lots of use out of them. I’m sorry for the drama. I don’t like it anymore than you do. Once you didn’t tell them what they wanted to hear they started assuming it was me. A lot of what they said was far-reaching but I had to defend myself. I have no idea what’s going on and I really wish it would just go away. I understand from their point of view that so many details lined up with our transaction. I guess that’s why it’s hard for them to let it go without knowing who the real WAHM is. I do wish you would file a JAR to clear up everything though. Or even post a picture of the bad diapers. But I understand if you just want to put this behind you.


    Tiffany A wrote:

    Well, I browsed through that link that you sent me again and noticed that you’re suspcious of me too. I was not referring to you. Ever. I am happy with the custom.

    However, if you’d prefer, I will send the diapers back and you can keep the money. I don’t care.

    I didn’t order a custom just to receive drama or to be called a liar.

  429. AshleyB says:

    Tami!! OMG, I can’t believe she is that much of a bitch! I mean, how DARE you defend your business?! [sarcasm]! WOW…Well, I hope to see you back after the crazy has settled down. And if she leaves FB based on this blog, report it. Mods will clear it up to keep the blog out of the public eye.

  430. AshleyB says:

    #439…WOW! SO…who thinks she keeps the diapers? I bet Tiffany does.

  431. naturalmamadot says:

    What. a. bitch.

    Karma is comin for Tiffany, hopefully soon. She HAS to be off her meds or something…

  432. naturalmamadot says:

    I bet she keeps them and uses them..why? because Tami did NOTHING wrong, there IS no problem transaction to begin with AND because Tiffany is a lying, psychotic loon

  433. nini02 says:

    Oh my god. Can I just be the 843rd person to say it?

    She is a complete psycho whack job. Remove HER fabric and mail the rest of the destroyed diapers back? Who the fuck does that?

    Oh yeah, a psychopath. What a bitch.

  434. dirtyj says:

    no tiff! do not rip up that diaper. I want it!

  435. naturalmamadot says:

    lolol I wish I didnt have some dipes I needed to sell, Id totally go and post those emails, if you think shes sane after hearing she is going to cut up diapers and send them back just to be a bitch then youre probably just as crazy as she is.

  436. naturalmamadot says:

    I was going to suggest something but knowing Tif shes still reading this and I dont want her to get any ideas lol

  437. Shabbychic says:

    I swear, I swear. 8 years of doing the diapering thing, this is as looney as its ever gotten.

    Stacey, back me up. You have been around as long as me. Right?

    Tiffany, seriously, get back on the meds. See a doctor. Do something.

    Wowee, the vision of Tiffany hacking up a diaper is not a pretty one.

  438. naturalmamadot says:

    hahah I agree, havent been in this for 8 years but this is the craziest Ive seen anyone act over a similar situation. She is certifiable.

  439. thewhiteninja says:

    Wow, Tiffany is a freak.

    Tami, I drooled over those dipes you made for the freak. I would even put them on my ds LOL

  440. theinvisible says:

    It was stupid to make up drama at DS. It was crazy to come here with it and try to defend what was a mistake to begin with. It would have died a long time ago had she not tried to keep it going by actually posting here.

  441. Rika says:

    Tiffany – here’s your chance to get acquainted with Miracle Diapers!

    Take those fabulously-made nappies that you’re refusing to put on your baby and send them to the nearest MD donation place – http://www.miraclediapers.org/donate.html.

  442. StacEy says:

    Yes Meg, crazy has reached a whole new level recently! I find it fascinating, really. I just don’t remember dealing with this type of stuff way back when. Tami’s been around a while and I’m quite certain this is the biggest drama she’s ever found herself in the middle of. I think what fuels the crazy is the other nuts over at DS.

  443. StacEy says:

    Rika! I was going to say the same exact thing!

  444. not just another mama says:

    Tiffany is all mad because because she got caught fishing for sympathy with a made up story..

    If she honestly sends those diapers back to you.. FFS em to a mama in need of diapers or something awesome.. And be done with that looney looneyy LOONNIEST toon.

  445. DSDM2 says:

    This is an entire new level of crazy, even for me. I am in awe of this whole thing. Just WOW.

  446. Erin says:

    Holy Crap!

    Tami, I’m so sorry this has turned into such a mess for you! I’ve always thought you an honest WAHM and I’m so sorry that you got caught up in this craziness.

    Tiffany- wow. I hope once you calm down you’ll realize that you created this mess for yourself. You really owe EVERYONE an apology(here, DS, Tami), but I doubt you’ll ever see the light. All anyone ever wanted was the truth, but you can’t create that from lies.

  447. mom2kg says:


    Kudos to the DnF mama for handling this as well as she has. Whether or not Tiffany’s story was made up, the details she gave left everyone assuming it was DnF. Tami had no choice but to come and defend her reputation and business. I think the emails posted more than clears DnF of any wrong doing. It also gives a little more perspective to those of us who were really trying to see the best in the mess of a story.

  448. diudiaole says:

    OMG LMAO what a nightmare customer… are her children even safe in her care? Makes one wonder….

  449. Messy says:

    Well, I am sad that psychotic Tiffypoo doesn’t like her new petnames, then maybe she shouldn’t have earned them! I think she is even more of a raving dramawhorelunatic after seeing the shit she is sending Tami! WTF is up with that? Crazy psycho yammering some more. She is mad that Tami came here to defend herself from the supershit Tiffany was taking at her expense. Nice… LoonyTiffoony had no intention of outing anyone; there was nobody except DnF. Obviously she had no idea that Tami had a DS account; she was shocked. Then she says said WAHM watched the situation unfold… Gimme a break. She is still screwing Tami over the DS way~ without lube! Too bad that NEARLY 6 figure income doesn’t buy her some common decency!

  450. naturalmamadot says:

    “When I say something, I mean it. I don’t go back on my word.”

    “You stated earlier that you would file a JAR and have now decided otherwise.”

    I heart this jennifer for bringing that point up lol, I hope shes here too…

  451. Messy says:

    #461 I agree! LoonyTiffoony needs to get over her lies. She needs to admit she is a disgrace and apologize to Tami. Does she have the fortitude to do the right thing? Nope. But Jennifer rocks for bringing it up!

  452. liljoeysmom says:

    I hope Tiffany is on a lot of do not B/S/T lists after this. She’s sure on mine!

  453. Spangle says:

    Well there really is no JAR to file or feedback to leave since there’s no WAHM to leave it for kwim?

  454. Messy says:

    LoonyTiffoony is on my DO NOT EVER B/S/T LIST! With her NEARLY 6 figure income, surely she only buys the best and most expensive, so she won’t be missing anything.

  455. Messy says:

    Anyone following the mouse birthing thread? My vote is that if mama eats her babys, we name her Equivocal Tiffany. Or LoonyTiffoony… Ranks up there with the mental image of someone cutting their fabric off a diaper and sending the remnants back :::Gag::: Has the octomouse popped yet?

  456. JustPeachy says:

    Oh fuck her. I hate when ppl say one thing and do another. Nothing aggravates me more then when ppl say oh Im going to file a JAR then they dont.

  457. naturalmamadot says:

    lmao @ #466

    and yea everything about Tif makes me want to smack her upside her head, eventually she is gonna show her crazy IRL and we will all see her on the news lol

  458. JustPeachy says:

    Um Tami if she sends em back I’ll take em πŸ˜€ I love the t&ts and Saedra finally grew into her mediums.

  459. DSDM2 says:

    Heck no Peachy! I call dibs!

  460. SSB says:

    I had a horrific experience with Tami/DnF. So bad that I would NEVER consider buying from her again. First she took forever on my custom order which I paid through the nose for and kept making other people’s orders (who had paid after me) before mine.
    Then when my stuff came it was all too small and the sewing was just terrible. 2 of the items were completely unusable the sewing was so bad. 1 that I could use fell apart in 2 washes.

    I didn’t DARE leave honest feedback because she’s “popular” and I’ve heard she isn’t above bad mouthing her customers on a super private, super elite board.
    So I took a very pricey lesson from it.

  461. ~JC~ says:

    SSB – are you Tiffany? πŸ˜€

  462. Funneh says:

    Messy, I know I don’t post much, but let’s make sweet internet babies. I’M JUST SAYIN’.

    I’ve been toying with the idea of emailing DnF for awhile now for a custom; the good news is that all of this has actually CONVINCED me to do it rather than scared me away. So maybe Tami will wind up with some dramamama business out of it, HA!

  463. Messy says:

    I asked about getting something from Tami FIRST!!! Now, Funneh, unless you plan on distracting me while makin’ some sweet internet babies, get in line!!! πŸ˜‰ We could make some smokin’ smart mouthed net-babies couldn’t we?

  464. Funneh says:

    NOW NOW, are we making love or war here? I likes ’em feisty anyway πŸ˜‰

    Some smart-mouthed, internet-lol-speakin’ babies. I tried to sarcastically lol-speak on DS once many months ago on some ridiculous GM thread. Two people PM’ed me genuinely concerned that I was drunk and surfing a “child-related” site.

    DS died a little inside for me that day.

  465. Messy says:

    Necessitae is bashing Tami with a fib??? OMg! Talk about BAD BUSINESS!!! Holy bat cracker barrel at the nuthouse! Perhaps Necessitae is the one giving a refund to LoonyTiffoony. :::puke:::

  466. Messy says:

    #476 OMG! See, I would love it! Talk internet dirty to me baby!!! Heck, we can get drunk together! πŸ˜‰

  467. Messy says:

    #477 Correcting myself. Made by maria is making Necessitae look bad. MARIA is the one? No?

  468. Messy says:

    We do all realize that Tami is still being the villian on DS? She is the one everyone thinks LoonyTiffoony got screwed by… DS rules keep us from pointing people here so they know they are more likely to get burned by b/s/t-ing with LoonyTiffoony than Tami 😦 Her posting shit makes me want to cyber smack her… I guess there is no “smacking the stupid” out of her though… πŸ˜›

  469. just_sayin says:

    This is exactly what Tiffany did in the Ewe Need It thread, did I call that or what? Her stuff was slightly delayed, so she pitched a huge fit, and then said she was just going to throw it in the trash when it got there. Now at least this time she is going to rip it to pieces and then throw it away. Truthfully, I think she likes everyone to start begging her for it. “Oh, no! Please don’t throw it away! Sell it to meeee!” She just wants people coveting what she has.

  470. Messy says:

    #481 Too bad LoonyTiffoony doesn’t covet other peoples’ santiy. She sure could use some… But I agree. And what is the deal with her post in the thread about Erin??? WTF was that shit about??? Anyone know?

  471. StacEy says:

    wait…SSB is MadebyMaria?

  472. BffMama says:

    I already called dibs on my girlz messy and werd (and I figured out fo’ shizzle who she is). So um…yeah.

  473. Messy says:

    I ❀ Bff…

  474. naturalmamadot says:

    lol I am so clueless as to who everyone is on the boards. I really love CDN but never seem to make it there and I sure as hell have never been into the DS chit chatting forums so I am in the dark, probably permanently haha

  475. Emily says:

    Don’t you feel sorry for her DH?

  476. Lolanae says:

    New here, but been following for awhile. This thread was just too much. Looks like Tiffany got admin to lock the thread. I do have to say though, I want to try DnF stuff even more now. Beautiful stuff!

  477. confused says:

    Who’s DH?

  478. DSDM2 says:

    483, YUP.

  479. naturalmamadot says:

    Tifferoonos? Yea but shit he married the crazy bitch, maybe he should of had her evaluated first lol. I feel worse for her kids because they will probably pick up all her bad habits, you know the lying, attention whoring and uhh the crazy…the crazy is catching.

  480. BffMama says:

    Tiffany has a DP.

  481. MatildasMum says:

    Another reason I could never be gay. Women are nuts.

  482. StacEy says:

    490: Very, very interesting. So Maria, what exactly are you trying to accomplish here? Why bring this up now?

  483. theinvisible says:

    Wow. The cut-throat world of work-at-home moms. Who’d a thunk it?

  484. rainbow says:

    Yeah, Tiffany has a DP. But I promise, not all the lesbian mamas on Diaperswappers are nuts. πŸ˜‰

  485. just_sayin says:

    I’m so lost about the Maria thing. I didn’t see anything on that link to necessitae that talks about DnF?

  486. DSDM2 says:

    Maria is SSB

  487. BffMama says:

    rainbow, your yellow monster brings some color and cheer. I quite fancy it.

  488. Messy says:

    #488 I bet DS would do *anything for LoonyTiffoony. After all, she followed their rules that allowed all this drama to happen, even off of DS! Ya know, the big book of “www.diaperswappers rules” for how they run the universe now…

  489. rainbow says:

    490: Why thank you! But I think it looks like I am sticking out my tongue.

  490. JustPeachy says:

    DSDM2 I’ll fight ya for em LMAO!

  491. Funneh says:

    BFF: how do you feel about polyamory? πŸ˜‰


  492. BffMama says:

    The more the merrier, I say.

  493. just_sayin says:

    498, I got that far. But what does the link have to do with anything? And who cares if it is Maria? She’s allowed to have a bad experience, isn’t she? And isn’t she allowed to be anonymous like the rest of us?

    It’s been a long day, and I’m confused…

  494. StacEy says:

    read post #471 by SSB πŸ˜‰ SSB = Made by Maria

  495. JustPeachy says:

    I didnt even know Maria hung out on DS. I thought she stuck to the HC forums like the other HC wahms do?
    Definitely made me not want to shop her store ever. I don’t know anything about Tami talking about other customers as I have not heard that. I have heard that she has had CS issues but I think most WAHMs every once in a while have CS issues.
    Maria I am a bit disappointed in you. I would think you would be sympathetic being a WAHM yourself. What makes you so above it all?

  496. StacEy says:

    I think there’s more HC wahms among us. I think there’s some congo-mates of Maria’s among us.

  497. StacEy says:

    nevermind, you were talking about DS, not this drama blog. That’s what happens when I enjoy a cocktail at the keyboard.

  498. JustPeachy says:

    Most WAHMs do not like to post or be outed on here because they think that having an opinion affects business. I spoke to a very popular wahm who frequents this blog and she said she won’t post for that reason only. And its true that it does affect business to an extent. Like I know one DS wahm came on here and bashed a customer and I called her on it. I dont think she has been back since and if she has she hasnt been talking about customers.
    I think that would be one of two reasons for me to not shop at a WAHM’s store is if she is openly bashing a customer or wahm on wahm bashing. Anything else is fair game in my eyes.
    Sorry for rambling and sorry if my post doesn’t make any sense. Im exhausted from running around after a 2 year old all day.

  499. just_sayin says:

    I did read her post.

    Never mind, there is just something about this that I’m not getting. It’s way over my head, I guess.

  500. BffMama says:

    511-I think it’s more of an issue bc it’s a WAHM (Maria) bashing another WAHM (Tami of DnF).

  501. DSDM2 says:

    Actually there are a few reasons.

    The most important to me, especially after my warning post, is that she tried to hide her identity this time, and not the other times she posted. Her post was thrown into the hold que b/c she tried to change her information.

    #2.) She came just to bash someone and did it in a way just to try to harm, not to give information.

    #3.) I’m tired of WAHM’s using this blog to beat each other up without people knowing who they are.

    #4.) I have had a few drinks.

  502. Messy says:

    #513 I am sitting here downing Jamaican Me Happy bottles πŸ˜‰

  503. JustPeachy says:

    DSDM2 and you are not sharing??????? I think that calls for a tar and feathering of sorts LOL.

  504. DSDM2 says:

    Nope, MY BEER. Even DH knows better than to try to grab one from me πŸ˜‰

  505. Grogwench says:

    #513…OOOhhhh, you go, girl!

  506. JustPeachy says:

    Ick beer. I prefer my alcohol in mixed drinks or better yet shots. Sadly the kids are gone to gramma’s and mommy is out of liquor ROFL.

  507. just_sayin says:

    Thank you for explaining your POV to me, that does help some. But I can see why she would want to keep her experience hush hush.

    No drinks for me, because I still have a baby nursing, and 2 of my kids are still awake. I let them stay up late on Friday and Saturday as a reward for working hard all week at school. So long as they don’t fight, and they don’t pester me too much. πŸ˜‰ Unfortunately, if they were in bed, I would be, too.

  508. naturalmamadot says:

    same here peach I tend to shy away from mixed drinks too, mainly stick with shots but it depends on the setting. Ill do a mixed drink if the ppl Im with are generally against drinking plain alcohol.

  509. theinvisible says:

    I think I’m actually jealous. Oh, what we sacrifice for lactation.

  510. DSDM2 says:

    519, you can drink and nurse. http://www.kellymom.com/health/lifestyle/alcohol.html

    My kids know mommy and dad drink, lol.

  511. naturalmamadot says:

    DS still nurses, I just have a chart for my weight/height/gender to how long before I can nurse since I DONT trust the if you can drive you can nurse thing for myself lol

  512. naturalmamadot says:

    I dont want to make it sound like what is on kellymom is incorrect, its just that I could drive correctly (although I never will) way over the limit of when I could nurse lol

  513. theinvisible says:

    524- I was thinking the same thing. What is this chart you speak of….hmmm. My dd is still too young but in a month or two I will be back in action and it would be good to know.

  514. DSDM2 says:

    LOL. It’s all a choice. No mommy wars about it from me.

  515. SomeMore says:

    I just don’t get the “I got screwed but didn’t tell because they are popular”. Seriously? So you keep your mouth shut to let others fall victim? Obviously not the case here, but it’s happened before and it will happen again if people don’t start speaking up when a WAHM screws them over.

  516. JustPeachy says:

    Ya I used to partake after Saedra went to bed when she was nursing. She slept through the nite tho so no worries about waking for night nursies.

  517. naturalmamadot says:

    Well DS has slept through the night since birth and so I knew that once he went down (around 9)would be my start time and then Id have at LEAST until 11am the next day so I would just find the how many hours I had left and find the number of drinks/shots I could have.
    If the baby is older then you can approximate and probably go a lot on the whole ‘if you feel sober enough to safely drive’ thing but the first time I drank DS was only 4 months so I made sure everything was perfect lol. Worrywart….

    …anyways I love this chart lol

  518. Erin says:

    #527, exactly. She should have left negative fb if it went that badly or at least tried to work it out. WAHM’s can’t fix something they don’t know is broken!

  519. Erin says:

    And we’re only hearing 1 side of that story. I’m positive there’s a LOT more to it than just “she took too long and it didn’t fit”.

  520. ABCDEFG says:

    Dear DoDS dramamamas,

    I would like the 2 hours of my life back that I used to read this crazy shit.

    Thank you, I will not file a JAR.

  521. DSDM2 says:

    Thank you for not filing a JAR on us…

    Although, we could file a Good Apple on us… JAR doesn’t have to be Bad Apples.

  522. naturalmamadot says:

    haha cdmd1023 I just was going through my PM box trying to find peachy so I could pm her and found that I loaded you up with a WHOLE bunch of questions when I was considering having you do some prefolds for me lol, not sure if I even knew about this blog then

  523. ABCDEFG says:

    Good apple? You can do that?
    I’m so brain dead from reading this I can’t even think of anything clever to say.
    I do love this little hole in the internet though. πŸ˜‰

  524. JustPeachy says:

    It makes my days a little brighter. I swear I am literally am a drama whore. Not so much about causing it anymore but reading about it gives me a good rush too.

  525. theinvisible says:

    It just has to be Juicy–it doesn’t specify good or bad. This has definitely been juicy.

    #529 “At this time, there are no known benefits of exposing nursing infants to alcohol. ” I hope that as soon as one is discovered they will issue some kind of press release LOL. That is from the article and it just struck me as funny. I think its past my bed time.

  526. DSDM2 says:

    I want to be the first to know when drinking helps breastfeeding. Really.

  527. JustPeachy says:

    Oh wtf something changed on here ROFL. We can quote posts now?

  528. DSDM2 says:

    But it only allows 10 sub posts per post. We will have to see how it goes.

  529. dirtyj says:


  530. naturalmamadot says:

    REALLY awesome! Geeze I went to go to bed then thought yea Im not tired enough, I come back and find THIS….yay for quoting

  531. Booyah says:

    Well, I have heard that the hops in beer helps boost milk supply. Or maybe it just relaxes you enough to aid your letdown. I dunno, I heard this somewhere, don’t take my word for it.

  532. naturalmamadot says:

    Uhhh I just went back and found that huge long thing by me me me…how the hell did I miss that earlier? Im starting to wonder if my browser is messing up becuase my memory cant be that bad lol

  533. naturalmamadot says:


  534. Lolanae says:

    It seems Tiff has deleted her avi and things on DS. Looking back at some of her posts, I have to wonder if anything has ever really made her happy. She seems to have issues with SBish, too. But for all the snarky replies she makes about them, she recommends them in other threads?

    And I’d love to be drinking something more than sunkist, but nothing here.

  535. naturalmamadot says:

    Would any of you be a little freaked to learn she lived by you?

  536. Nicki says:

    Wow. Just to defend my fellow Michiganders…not all of us are this batsh*t crazy…this takes the cake.

  537. Nicki says:

    naturalmamadot—I *shudder* to think we live in the same state, let alone in a 50 mile radius…ugh.

  538. werd says:

    good lord.

    Tami, you have too much class to be treated like that. And I call it now, I bet this whole situation UPS your customs/sales. You were nothing but professional about EVERYTHING, kudos to you. I would have blown my top on her about 200 comments ago! You can bet I will be hitting you up for some newborn fluff. Kudos to you for being one of the SANE, TRUSTWORTHY WAHMs!!!

  539. naturalmamadot says:

    lol Im in MI too which is why I asked … I was just locking up and thinking omg that crazy bitch is out there somewhere lol Shes coming to cut me up like some dunk n fluff diapers

    hah okay didnt REALLY think that but seriously, I dont know WHERE in MI she lives so I could run into her crazy ass at target, dont need her rubbing off on my kid now lol

  540. naturalmamadot says:

    Although I *DO* know a LOT of crazy ass people here…none as bad as Tif lol, none that even come close actually and I thought I knew some CRAZIES before

  541. Nicki says:

    She’s in the Grand Rapids area…not far enough for my comfort. I’m in Lansing.

  542. naturalmamadot says:

    OOh youre closer than me have fun! Im in the pontiac area

  543. werd says:

    Ps: its 130 am here, I’m getting married in 9 1/2 hours, I have to be up in 4 1/2 hours, oh my god today is gonna SUUUUUCK.

  544. naturalmamadot says:

    aww thats exciting! go to bed woman lmao.

  545. mom2kg says:


    Maybe she doesn’t know it’s only the figures before the decimal point that count?

  546. Yup says:

    For your night-time reading pleasure, Tiffany sharing the WAHM love from the archives.

  547. diudiaole says:

    Is anyone still up?? I’m in labor! lol

  548. diudiaole says:

    lol #540… funny she’s pissy about $30 when it’s just pocket change to her…

  549. not tellin says:

    im here! happy laboring πŸ™‚

  550. Flippin out says:

    Oh how exciting! Happy pushing mama!

  551. diudiaole says:

    Thanks, this is not my first kid but it is my first actual labor and a HBAC! It is getting quite painful… can’t wait to meet this baby though!

  552. not tellin says:

    good luck with the HBAC, how exciting! πŸ™‚

  553. jenny says:

    how do you do a screen shot??

  554. me says:

    congrats! hope ya have an easy rest of the labor

  555. me says:

    if on windows, press ctrl and print screen at the same time…then open paint and click paste.

  556. werd says:

    congratulations! I’m getting married!!

    an exciting day for a few of us!!!

  557. diudiaole says:

    I’m dumb… what is “print screen”?

  558. diudiaole says:

    congrats! I am still in first stage for those wondering… going to be a long day I think

  559. me says:

    the button that says “print screen” LOL its on the right of the keyboard. it might say “prnt scrn” or something. should be over by the calculator numbers part. sometimes over it, sometimes next to it.

  560. diudiaole says:

    wow there it is right there….after all these years. Thank-you LMAO!

  561. JustPeachy says:

    Hope your labor speeds up!

  562. eeek says:

    Congrats, how exciting!

  563. eeek says:

    The post numbers on here are so very confusing now! Everyone keeps referring to numbers higher than the one they posted- like #527 quotes #529….

  564. Shaineinok says:

    I see the crazy one outed herself, and once again a good wahm got her name dragged through the mud.

  565. givepeasachance says:

    Me too, Peachy, me too.

  566. naturalmamadot says:

    How you doin diudiaole?

  567. diudiaole says:

    This is not the most painful experience of my life. But I did get hit by a truck when I was a kid, so maybe that is not saying much.

  568. Biggirlpanties says:

    congrats diudiaole!! hang in there πŸ™‚

  569. Messy says:

    Ok… With this new system, you miss posts when they are replied to because if you go back to the number you were reading at, the replies are never going to be seen… I don’t like this…

  570. Messy says:

    Ok… With this new system, you miss posts when they are replied to because if you go back to the number you were reading at, the replies are never going to be seen… I don’t like this…

  571. Messy says:

    Blech 😦

  572. DSDM2 says:

    Hmm. Let me give it a few threads and see if we adjust? I like the concept… My thought is that it will make things easier to know who/what we are talking to/about.

  573. naturalmamadot says:

    I do if we try and stick to replying to recent messages so we dont have to go to post 1 to see if anyone quoted

  574. Messy says:

    (((Easy labor vibes))) To Diudialoaedlieoale (I have no feaking idea how to spell or say her name… If you are in labor, this is for you!)
    Happy wedding dust to Werd!!! WOOHOO!!! My ❀ is getting married 😦 So much for late nights of freaky internet sex…

  575. Messy says:

    Natural, it is hard though. People are going to reply… I am used to using the number system. Then what if we miss a very dramarific reply??? Like SSB’s last night??? Oh baby, we coulda missed that shit! It is a PITA like this 😦

  576. DSDM2 says:

    Good Luck!

  577. DSDM2 says:

    So much for never ordering from WAHMs again.

  578. naturalmamadot says:

    haha, I think that on really huge posts like this if you want what you say to be seen then dont quote post 300 lmao.

    I do like it though, I can see how it will make it harder but I can also see how it could make it easier. Im willing to try it out for a while I dont care either way. I would like it better if it actually quoted but we could just start copying and pasting the part of the post were talkin about with the username so everyones on the same page. will take more time but Id probably like it better than this….okay rambling done

  579. AshleyB says:

    I’z confused by the number reference being off as well…but I’m sure I’ll adjust soon!

  580. kelolsen says:

    I just looked through my person do not b/s/t list and realized I put the OPs name on it about a year ago and my anecdotal note says “crazy….. freaks if stuff doesn’t arrive right away”. Guess I should check my personal list before reading the drama blog! LOL

  581. eeek says:

    hehe. Most of the women IRL I get along with best are lesbians. I SO miss my ex-neighbors, the sweetest women with 2 kids. Now we just have some loud assholes who never shovel.

  582. Messy says:

    I’d have totally missed your reply, though. I just happened to come and look up here to see who I quoted to start with. A thread this long and we have to look from post #1 to see if there are new replies all the way down 😦

  583. naturalmamadot says:

    lol yea I used to just have a mental list but I really have to have a physical one now with all the crazies on DS

  584. DSDM2 says:

    The numbers and posts will be off on these older threads. As we post new ones, it will be different. I’m hoping it will actually be a little more organized b/c it really does get to be a LOT to read and comprehend with 4-5 different conversations going.

    Give us time to post a few blogs and see if we like it. If not, no harm, no foul.

  585. Messy says:

    Ok then… Go find us some new drama to start a new thread on!!! πŸ˜‰

  586. diudiaole says:

    going on over 14 hours now…. i am so tired… mostly dilated, but baby has not yet descended. Cx’s are excruciating. I hope it is over soon.

  587. diudiaole says:

    it is pronounced “dee-Oh dee-ow-luh” and means ‘thrown away” in Mandarin

  588. naturalmamadot says:

    hehe yea I need some drama before I go to the store

  589. Biggirlpanties says:

    So i know I don’t post often but I wanted to share. Thanks for all the well wishes. πŸ™‚

  590. naturalmamadot says:


  591. didisignupforthis (also me me me) says:

    Congrates. That kids ganana have one bitchin stash from what I hear. πŸ˜‰ HH9Mos

  592. screenname says:


  593. DSDM2 says:


  594. KAL says:

    now there’s a reality show I could really get into!

  595. Sharpie says:

    Did you see that she left Tami negative feedback!! Can you say petty bitch. I hope HC deletes that crap, really what Tami said was nothing to leave a negative over, that mama has a right to clear her name. Oh and BTW Tiff, no where in any of Tami’s posts did I see her resorting to name calling, way to fucking lie out your ass yet again. Oh well now it’s up here for all to view and I hope HC will see that you’re full of shit and delete that garbage.

  596. DSDM2 says:

    Someone needs to link HC to this particular blog and to tell them about it.

  597. DSDM2 says:

    Or better yet, Tami needs to link the blog in her response.

  598. undercover says:

    Yeah, I just got a lovely notification of negative feedback. I will be posting a link to this blog and entering her in the Bad Hyenas Yahoo Group. Ugh!! How frustrating.

  599. Biggirlpanties says:

    thanks ladies. the stash isn’t really that impressive. LOL most of it is skeins of wool that i’m trying to get the motivation to knit. but i appreciate all the congrats πŸ™‚

  600. theinvisible says:

    Maybe Tami needs to file a JAR on her.

  601. Biggirlpanties says:

    i agree.

  602. Lolanae says:

    This is just insane. Tiffany is nuts, and I’ll never do any business with her. I’m so sorry Tami.

  603. Lolanae says:

    So wait – from reading the feedback, she makes it seem like it was not the issues she was bitching about, and only left it because she thinks Tami talked bad about her?

    I really really really hope this nut just falls off the face of the earth. Seriously. She makes it very clear that her post on DS was partly a lie by saying in the feedback that she got the diapers today on the 28th.

  604. I am the momma says:

    I don’t see feedback, am I losing my mind? πŸ˜›

  605. I am the momma says:

    Never mind, I am definitely losing my mind. Found it.

  606. dirtyj says:

    WOW That is disgusting. I am sure there are a lot of wahms and regular FSOT buyers and sellers that will not being doing business with tiffany from now on.

    *shakes head* that was soooo low Sorry Tami

  607. dirtyj says:

    oh crap I forgot I was on a different computer and had used another name on this one.

  608. Biggirlpanties says:

    damnnn.. another change of story. wtf? at least she claims its resolved.

  609. Lolanae says:

    She changed it. That last part of the feedback has changed since I last looked at it. Maybe she didn’t like her wacky ways in this blog being linked?

  610. Lolanae says:

    Maybe Tami might come and clear up if anything else happened.

  611. naturalmamadot says:

    what did it say before?

  612. BffMama says:

    Feb 2, 2009
    Item: Custom Fitted Diaper
    Customer service: Quick to respond. My issues came from an entirely separate issue that was blown completely out of proportion. She assumed that a separate transaction was referring to her… got defensive and angry. Asked me to go to another message board to clear her name – I did – and then, was repeatedly called names and while Tami initially tried to remain “neutral,” she eventually gave in and joined in.

    There was A LOT of drama surrounding this transaction when there did not have to be at all.

    It’s unfortunate, because based on the product itself, I would make many more orders, but because of how customer service was handled, I will not return and would not recommend.
    Product review: The product itself is nice. Good construction, flawless and sizing is generous while not being completely off.

    I ordered 4 diapers on 02/02 and received them today, 02/28. Not too bad or unexpected.
    2009-02-28 04:13:59
    Seller response: What a transaction this was! Please check out this blog post devoted entirely to this situation: https://thedramaofdiaperswappers.wordpress.com/2009/02/26/name-that-wahm/#comment-16363

    I will be adding this customer (Tiffany Altman / user name Equivocal on DS) to the Bad Hyenas yahoo group. She has unjustly drug my name through the mud. I never once called her names or insinuated anything other than I didn’t know what was going on. I did post some email correspondence to clear my name of any wrong doing. If she’s upset about that it’s because it shows she was lying. I even offered to call her to personal talk to her about the situation. She instead said she was going to remove her fabric from one of the diapers and send the rest back.

    I would encourage all WAHM’s to be aware of her tactics. I now believe her original motive in posting the thread she did on DS was to garner sympathy and feel good about being upset at a small (one day) delay in shipping. There’s so much more to this mess, if anyone has any questions please feel free to email me.
    2009-02-28 05:27:43
    Buyer resolution: I never once mentioned her name or her business’ name. Not once. Other people ASSUMED it was her. I consistently and constantly said it was not her. I have never wavered on that – not once.

    My issue was with an ENTIRELY separate person, yet somehow it was ASSUMED that I was referring to Tami. I was not. I never was, not once.

    My original intention of the thread on Diaper Swappers was to ask about what to do, not to drag ANYONE through the mud. I am not that sort of person.

    My transaction was SMOOTH with Tami UNTIL she sent me to that message board and asked me to vouch for her. If I had never been sent there (she ASKED me to go there), then I would’ve never had issue with Tami. Not a single issue. But because I was sent there to be ripped apart by her pals – I have a problem, a big one – with her professionalism and class.
    2009-02-28 06:39:41


  613. BffMama says:

    ***FB NOW SAYS THIS***

    Feb 2, 2009
    Item: Custom Fitted Diaper
    Customer service: Quick to respond. My issues came from an entirely separate issue that was blown completely out of proportion. She assumed that a separate transaction was referring to her… got defensive and angry. Asked me to go to another message board to clear her name – I did – and then, was repeatedly called names and while Tami initially tried to remain “neutral,” she eventually gave in and joined in.

    There was A LOT of drama surrounding this transaction when there did not have to be at all.

    It’s unfortunate, because based on the product itself, I would make many more orders, but because of how customer service was handled, I will not return and would not recommend.
    Product review: The product itself is nice. Good construction, flawless and sizing is generous while not being completely off.

    I ordered 4 diapers on 02/02 and received them today, 02/28. Not too bad or unexpected.
    2009-02-28 04:13:59
    Seller response: What a transaction this was! Please check out this blog post devoted entirely to this situation: https://thedramaofdiaperswappers.wordpress.com/2009/02/26/name-that-wahm/#comment-16363

    I will be adding this customer (Tiffany Altman / user name Equivocal on DS) to the Bad Hyenas yahoo group. She has unjustly drug my name through the mud. I never once called her names or insinuated anything other than I didn’t know what was going on. I did post some email correspondence to clear my name of any wrong doing. If she’s upset about that it’s because it shows she was lying. I even offered to call her to personal talk to her about the situation. She instead said she was going to remove her fabric from one of the diapers and send the rest back.

    I would encourage all WAHM’s to be aware of her tactics. I now believe her original motive in posting the thread she did on DS was to garner sympathy and feel good about being upset at a small (one day) delay in shipping. There’s so much more to this mess, if anyone has any questions please feel free to email me.
    2009-02-28 05:27:43
    Buyer resolution: We have worked this out. Quality is impeccable and kept me in the loop all the way.
    2009-02-28 07:13:33

  614. undercover says:

    Tiffany and I have come to a peaceable resolution. I think she was just really hurt to come here to clear my name and then be bashed pretty well for not giving up who it really was even though it wasn’t me doing the name calling, etc. This is over with. I’m so DONE with this and just want to get past it. I’m glad we were both able to work this out after cooling our heads a bit.

    Whether or not there was another WAHM- I really don’t know or care. I have no idea and I’m done speculating. I’m just going to take her word for it and move on. πŸ™‚

  615. Lolanae says:

    Understood Tami. I’ll say it again, your work is beautiful, and I still want to try it. hehe

  616. naturalmamadot says:

    Lol I love that synonyms to Tifs screen name include problematic, evasive, suspect, questionable, misleading etc. I guess she thought that one out when she picked it huh.

  617. DSDM2 says:

    Tami, so you are saying you wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again? Seriously?

  618. cdmd1023 says:

    524-oh yeah? thats funny! I dont recall the pm’s, but I would be happy to help you with anything if you needed it.

  619. BoomDEA says:

    I haven’t read all the replies yet, but Equivicol/Tiffany is a putz. The Bad Hyena group has mentioned her name more than once.

    Her posts on DS are moronic. The constant complaining of how things don’t fit her daughter’s rise or tiny frame are SOOOO OLD.

    IMO, she is one of those “one in a million” PAIN IN THE ASS customers who can NEVER BE PLEASED.

    Oh, and HUGE pat on the back for the SIX FIGURE INCOME…Seriously, what does THAT have to do with ANYTHING????

  620. DSDM2 says:

    Actually she only made 35,000 this year. There is a link somewhere in this mess to a January post about her income.

  621. undercover says:

    We’ve emailed A LOT today. I see more where she’s coming from. I understand now she was just realllly hurt and kind of took it out on me. I’m past and moving on. I don’t really think there will be a problem with her again. At least that’s what my trusting side of me chooses to believe. πŸ˜‰

  622. BffMama says:

    Okay, I can’t take that. I’m gonna peace out of this post since I can’t see where the most current threads are unless I scroll up and it’s all outta whack. My feeble brain can’t handle this. LOL

  623. naturalmamadot says:

    Could the nearly 6 figure be combined incomes? I dont give a shit either way but she seemed to be awfully proud of that income of hers lmao.

  624. naturalmamadot says:

    Heck maybe to someone with brains like Tif 35k IS nearly 6figure lmao

  625. elephant says:

    The way I read that, is that she made 35g, her dp makes more, so maybe her dp makes over 60g to equal the six figures lol.

  626. naturalmamadot says:

    Oh and random, but even though Ive signed up with an account and set that time correctly, the time that shows when anyone posts is always WAY off, not sure what time zone. But it says its 1:12 am and its really 8:12 here lol just wondering if I can change this other than going into my profile tia

  627. BffMama says:

    Oh. My. Word. This just….ugh.

  628. jeruco says:

    Tiffany has been on my DO NOT b/s/t list since her Ewe NEed it crazyness about a year and a half ago. She lost it on Katie because her package was taking too long in the mail for her liking. She shippied it parcel post. She had emailed Katie very rude emails and totally lost it in a thread. Of course the package showed up.

  629. DSDM2 says:

    Would you guys rather have it set as EST?

  630. not just another mama says:

    All I have to say is Tami, I’m so sorry you have to deal with her.. I know you’re a business woman & I respect you more then you know for the fact that you’re not bashing her, which would be SO right, IMO. I’m glad you got the negative feedback removed.. & I’m SO SO glad that WAHM’s everywhere will be aware of her PSYCHO ass.

  631. not just another mama says:

    EST works perfectly for me.. Whenever I post a reply I have to double check the clock.. haha “Oh whew, its not 1 am”

  632. DSDM2 says:

    I *think* I fixed it. Give it a few hours to see.

  633. jeruco says:

    I think your post on the “bad Hyenas” was a little unproffesional to say the least. That group should be meant more for scammers. Which you just admitted she is not. Granted you “fixed” your post on the bad hyenas, but you still drug her name through the mud just by mentioning her name on there. I guess eye for an eye worked on this one.

    Tiffany is definately not someone I would buy or sell with, but posting her name on the “bad hyenas” really shows a lot about how one would run their business and respond with emotion by retaliating.

  634. DSDM2 says:

    I disagree. I think it was a fair warning, b/c Tiffany has drug other WAHMs down (or tried to) on DS. I think going back on it is the issue, not her original post on the Bad Hyenas.

  635. undercover says:

    Actually, there is a section for ‘bad attitude’ hyena’s. I thought that fit pretty well.

  636. eeek says:

    I also disagree- Tiffany has been completely insane through this. If you’re a member of the bad hyenas group, you know this is EXACTLY what it’s for, hell, people post about much less than this complete crazy. That’s a small closed group & not like she posted the details on HC or something.

    If I hadn’t read through the whole drama here, I’d be very grateful to have the warning there. Do you want to spend days of YOUR life dealing with made up crazy? I don’t & she’s blacklisted on my store.

  637. Messy says:

    I’m having to re-read the whole blog to make sure I am not missing more comments :::sigh::: The link to the feedback helped! But I didn’t see it until rereading to find out what the hell I was missing… How can I make this easier???

  638. BffMama says:

    Where’s Messy, I want to hear her take on all that’s gone down today.

  639. BffMama says:

    Now the time change is effecting where posts are going. I *just* made that one about:Where is messy? But it is waaay up at 560.


  640. naturalmamadot says:

    YAY yes you did THANKS!!! (((hugs)))

  641. Messy says:

    I posted somewhere on this thread, I thought a few minutes ago… But at this point, I have to back out. I can’t keep track of what is going on with each posting making a potential thread of its own… Sowy 😦 I miss BFF and Werd… Wahhh…

  642. DSDM2 says:

    OK, I tried to fix it back. Sorry for the screwy posts.

  643. DSDM2 says:

    OK guys, I tried to fix it back. Sorry for the screwy posts.

  644. I am the momma says:

    What is the bad hyena group? Sorry I am lost today can you tell?

  645. BffMama says:

    Check 1, 2

  646. DSDM2 says:

    I’m fixing the times manually. Give me time.

  647. BffMama says:

    Ahhhhh, so much better! You’re so good to us, DSDM2.

    Messy, come baccccckkkkk. I need to hump your leg some more. Werd is all off getting married.

  648. naturalmamadot says:

    Come out DS crazies, Im bored

  649. DSDM2 says:

    me too

  650. DramaBore says:

    Tiffany was also complaining about Sustainable Babyish’s new wool earlier this week.

  651. jeruco says:

    #649 & 650

    I should have said I think it was unprofessional of Tami to post on the bad hyenas because she went and retracted it. Thats what seemed so unprofessional to me and made me feel like it was much more retalitory than anything.
    I agree the bad hyenas is a place to talk about customers like Tiffany, but Tami quickly retracted her first acccusation against her.
    Why post on there if you are going to do that?

  652. me says:

    The bad hyena group is for people who have HCs and can post feedback about customers…Everyone cant join that one. You have to have proof of HC ownership.

  653. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    I have nothing to say about anything to do with anyone else in this thread, because it’s none of anyone’s business, at this point. Plus, you’ll believe what you want to believe, regardless of what I say.

    BUT – I wanted to mention that if I’ve been mentioned on the Bad Hyena’s board before, it must’ve been a mistake or something, BECAUSE:

    1.) I’ve not had a lot of customs and the ones that I have had have been REPEAT transactions. Heck, I’ve had customs with two individuals three times now (most recently in February for both).

    2.) No one’s mentioned having an issue. I am not picky at all. I don’t ask for special sizing, coloring… any of that.

    3.) I keep every single email from every single transaction and could back up what I say immediately, if an accusation did come to light.

    4.) As far as blocking me or what have you – if I haven’t purchased from you in the past, I’m probably not interested in waht you have to offer, so no worries there.

    Also, to sum it up – I have no problems with Erin of Sustainablebabyish. None at all. My comment/reply to a thread recently was, because people think good customer service is receiving free stuff and that’s silly to me. Also, yes… I commented on this season’s wool – A LOT of people have. It does soften up after soaking it in lanolin/wash for 24 hours, so I have no problems now, except for it could be thicker.

    AND THE INCOME COMMENT – It is a combined income. And since you all seem to care so much – I made $36,400 last year and my partner made $62,200. Do your math. GET OVER IT.

  654. DSDM2 says:

    What is there to get over? We aren’t the ones that are upset πŸ˜€

  655. diudiaole says:

    And how do you explain the e-mails about removing your fabric from the diaper and sending the mangled remains back or the leaving negative feedback for Tami or the whole transaction you pulled out of your ass for sympathy/drama? Who the hell behaves like that? Quit bringing shame on your family and yourself you freak.

  656. I am the momma says:

    Honey if you didn’t care and like the drama you wouldn’t have come back here, afraid you were going to stop being talked about?

    Secondly the Bad hyena isn’t just for customs it is for all bad transactions.

    Third as for keeping ALL emails with any transactions you have ever done, have you ever heard of being a pack rat or maybe OCD?

    Oh and lastly money doesn’t buy happiness or…………..friends……..

  657. diudiaole says:

    OT: no baby yet.. been in labor for 36 hours… it has sort of stalled now… I’m exhausted lying here with my laptop…

  658. DSDM2 says:

    I’m trying to find you some drama… TDM did I think πŸ˜‰

  659. Messy says:

    WooHoo! I missed out on a ton of stuff last night because I thought I would stay in the land of the lost posts!!! Yea!!! It is all back to normal… Bff is here… DSDM2 is here… Natural, ya I see her… Tiffaloon is still losing her screwed up mind all over the place. :::sigh::: It’s nice to be home πŸ˜€

  660. Messy says:

    I was just about to ask about the baby!!! Not yet? Are you trying to out do Octomouse???
    Has Werd posted about her wedding? Don’t tell me she just got married and can’t come here to post… She was on here 4 hours pre-wedding!!! She is THAT bad of a dramawhore… My drama whore ❀

  661. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    I am allowed to defend myself since you’ve all took it upon yourself to create drama for me. If you’d all recall – YOU were the ones that brought Tami/Dunk-n-Fluff into this discussion, not me. I never brought her up, not once. =)

    As for friends/happiness – whatever. I am plenty happy. As for friends… I prefer my friends have purpose in their life, beyond a message board or berating strangers on the internet.

    And for keeping every email re: a transaction – well, I am thorough, plus I like to keep records of how transactions went, so that I know for the future (should I decide to order from again, recommend or not order from again).

  662. BffMama says:

    Werd is taking her laptop to the honeymoon but no posts yet. I was just wondering about the baby…hope that LO comes soon and how flippin funny that in the midst of labor, you’re still all up in here! I love this place. Birdz of a feather.

  663. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    Oh, and you know… I’ve never hid behind a fake name or alias to berate others. At least, if I’m going to say something – I stand behind it – unlike the cowards here who use different names or references, so they’re not “outed” on Diapers Swappers.


  664. not just another mama says:

    Oh baboso, the word is out already.

    Anything further you have to say just digs you deeper.

  665. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    There is nothing to dig myself deeper on. You all jumped to conclusions. Stupid you.

    Diaper Swappers is just another message board. Whoop.

  666. Messy says:

    The thing is, you never outed the WAHM. Suddenly is it is all better, you got your money back for an order you were #1 never waiting on #2 had the earmarks of the DnF website word for word and #3 never existed. You wanted all this sympathy for your DnF order and to get ya some wahhh boohoo. You loved people begging you to leave feedback! It makes you feel in control to have people begging you for something… Seriously, if you cannot see and acknowledge your psychosis, see Dr. Phil. He is paid to give a shit.

  667. Messy says:

    Everybody is stupid. LoonyTiffoony is the only person who knows what is going on…

  668. DSDM2 says:

    ” March 1, 2009 at 4:38 pm e

    Everybody is stupid. LoonyTiffoony is the only person who knows what is going on…”

    yuppers. that must be it.

  669. not just another mama says:

    Messy.. she made all this up.. The story is just lies. There is NO refund, there was NO wahm paying her off, she is FULL OF SHIT! haha

  670. Messy says:

    #684 Thank goodness she is *hopefully PT’ed because there isn’t a diaper that could hold all the shit she is full of! She would have an industrial lawnmower clipping catcher attached to her ass…

  671. Shabbychic says:

    Surely nearly six figures could buy you some meds.

  672. naturalmamadot says:

    Messy Says:
    March 1, 2009 at 4:38 pm

    Everybody is stupid. LoonyTiffoony is the only person who knows what is going on…

    Yes exactly Im SO glad you figured it out for us all, I was confused for a second but it all makes sense now *eye roll*

  673. not just another mama says:

    Should be able to buy her a clue also..

  674. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    There was another order. That’s what you’re not getting. It was never about DnF. Never.

    I did not leave feedback, because it was RESOLVED to my satisfaction.

    You’re all pissed, because I chose to not leave feedback and chose not to tell who the person is. It is not my job to “protect” you all from being “screwed over.”

    If you’re all screwed over, then you deserve to be.

    Messy – you’re so quick to call names, yet you know fuck-all about me. Such a great character trait! Learn a thing or two about me BEFORE making such accusations and bold statements against me.

    There is nothing to figure out.

  675. sheepthrills says:

    I just remembered why I put her on my do not b/s/t list after reading the links given a little ways back. I saw her leave a bad feedback on Crunchy Clean’s Etsy shop for…you guessed it…not shipping fast enough. At that time the poor WAHM had her shop in vacation mode because she was gone with her family. I lost all respect right there and straight onto the list went Tiffany!!

  676. Diane says:

    Funny how you won’t leave feedback for a flawed transaction that ended up with you receiving diapers that are too big and will never fit your daughter, yet you have NO PROBLEM with leaving crap feedback for a WAHM that made you excellent quality diapers, but just happened to have the nerve to stand up for herself and her reputation. NICE. Glad you have your priorities straight.

    I can’t figure out why you even go to DS if you don’t want to be friends with anyone there, and hope that they all get scammed. Really, why do you waste your time there?

  677. JustPeachy says:

    Tiffany since its not your job then how is it our job to make sure you don’t get screwed over. Quite a double standard if you ask me.

  678. diudiaole says:

    #691 yeah that. And I always wonder why people like this post so many pictures of their kids on there… don’t you know we just look at them and feel sorry?

  679. naturalmamadot says:

    JustPeachy Says:
    March 1, 2009 at 6:15 pm

    Tiffany since its not your job then how is it our job to make sure you don’t get screwed over. Quite a double standard if you ask me.
    Yea, I remember her complaining SO much about someone recommending the WAHM in the first place so she turns around and does the same thing. That tells us ALL we need to know about your character Tif. You are a power hungry, drama and attention seeking bitch.

  680. diudiaole says:

    She’s just one of those people that would rather stick to a completely BS disproven story than admit she is a vindictive, self-pitying liar.

  681. dirtyj says:

    Tami, I think that you revoking your bad heyana entry was kind of lame. I understand where you are coming from..you want it to be over, but what about all the other WAHMs out there?

    and T, there is no way that you would leave negative feedback for slightly delayed shipping and a WAHM trying to clear her name, but not for this supposed mystery transaction that botched everything up.
    yeah right.

    I still dont understand why you didnt retract your claim in the first place. Cuz this mess has to be embarrassing.

    Have you received the diapers? She had already shipped, yes?
    and you got a full refund? That couldn’t be right. I dont know a WAHM that would do that

  682. Messy says:

    #695 You got it! Now, go give birth!!!
    #694 I ❀ you!
    #689 Unfortunately, I know more about your sorry skank ass than I ever wanted to. Whine cry bitch and complain that someone else recommended a WAHM that you got screwed by… Then refuse to leave feedback for the situation from hell. Yea, FROM HELL!!! Because it is straight from the pits of your fucked up brain. It was never real on ALL levels to start with. You just never expected to get caught! That is why you tried to hide behind DS’s rules even over here. They protect liars and scamming bitches like you.

  683. jeruco says:

    Tiffany there is no other WAHM or transaction. Go look at all your “what are you waiting on” thead posts. They all say DNF and nothing else.

    You are the first to out WAHMs all the time. There is no way there is another WAHM or transaction. You always ask questions and post threads about WAHMs if you have problems with them. LIke your ENI order. You posted a thread saying “has anyone not received there ewe need it order before?” Or “how does this years Sbish wool compare to last years?”
    Granted I agree with you on the Sbish wool, but that besides the point. The point is that you are quite quick to post threads that out WAHMs without coming out and saying you had a big problem.
    I just refuse to believe there is another mysterious WAHM you had a bad transaction with.

    You would be better off coming clean right now and just saying sorry. I think a lot of moms would have more respect for you if you did that. Not to metion WAHMs too.

  684. Messy says:

    #698 Yup. As it is, there is no respect. Zip. Zero.

  685. BffMama says:

    #691 is dead on. Love is in the airrrrr.

  686. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    Word to #691 and #698.

  687. naturalmamadot says:

    Ditto GMLovah! #1 Fan #701

  688. StacEy says:

    I love how Tiffany thinks we’re all pissed because she won’t out the wahm. Tiffany, read these words carefully….nobody is convinced there is some other wahm. You were embarrassed when Tami confronted you and you buried yourself in lie after lie. Do you honestly think we believe that a person like you, who would leave negative feedback for small shipping delays would choose not to out a wahm who so royally screwed up your custom order and $30 HTF fabric? Sure Tiffany, that makes sense.

    Your actions are so bizarre that I feel sorry for you. When I first read your thread I was outraged on your behalf and wanted to help you. I’m pretty sure everybody here did. Get a grip.

  689. StacEy says:

    dude, is this a new record for comments? Ya’ll should sell ad space, lol.

  690. not just another mama says:

    What is the most comments on a topic?

  691. naturalmamadot says:

    I ❀ you StacEy for #703 lol

  692. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    What you’re missing is that I received a refund and I shipped the diapers that I won’t be using back. That’s a fair trade, I think. She asked that I not leave negative feedback and I won’t. We have AGREED that is what’s best.

    Anddddd… finally, I HAVE some friends at DS. I don’t really care about other people there. I mean, honestly… why should I?

    I don’t have anything in common with women who stay home with their children and spend their husband’s money all day long or women who are drama-seeking backstabbers. I prefer people with substance and a brain. πŸ™‚

    Do I care if some “nameless” people believe me? NO. I don’t know any of you – just like you guys don’t know me. I PREFER to keep it that way.

    If I *wanted* to know you at all, I would’ve already had personal communication with you.

  693. DSDM2 says:

    You *think* you have friends… and boy are they talking about you on Bad Hyenas… damn.

  694. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    Oh, and I have no respect at all for women/people who don’t have *real* jobs. Do you think popping out kids all the time is a job? I don’t. Do you think being a drain on society is a job? I don’t.

    Now if you actually stayed home with your children and interacted with them… taught them things, etc., then you know, I’d have respect for that.

    But playing on a message board… hunting down some “drama” and fabricating a story all day while your children sleep or nurse or whatever? Yeah… I have NO respect AT ALL for people like that.

  695. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    Umm… I can tell you who I’ve had bad transactions with – um, Julie or Rump*a*rooz, Crunchy Clean (and NO she was not on vacation when I placed my order – she wrote to me after 5 WEEKS and told me she “forgot” my order) and my most recent transaction.

    That’s IT.

    Everyone else I’ve had repeat transactions with and they’ve all gone quite well.

  696. DSDM2 says:

    Oh oh a real job?

    Well I have one, as does my DH. We own a company; we both work from home, are able to be with our children, and employ/hire hundreds of people and contractors on a weekly basis.

    Want to guess my income? Higher than yours, that I guarantee.

    We are not on welfare, or a drain on the American Society at all, actually we pay our employees and contractors more than you make in a year, about 2.5 times more actually. So I am doing more to stimulate the economy than you ever will.

    You don’t have to respect me, I really don’t care.

    But I guarantee you have NO RESPECT from the over 8,000 people who looked at this blog in the last 24 hours or the over 14k who looked since we posted this blog entry.

    You are just jealous that I have a job, kids, and the time to blog and enjoy myself. Sorry you don’t.

    I’m sorry that you are such a petty and sad person that you have had to make up stories to get attention from people on DiaperSwappers.

    I really have nothing but pity for you.

  697. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    OK – ktmelody!

  698. DSDM2 says:

    Nope, Not KTMelody, sorry. I guess more than one person has pity for you? I’m not surprised. I feel bad for people with mental illness.

  699. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    I am not mentally ill. I did absolutely nothing dishonest.

    I don’t care about people in the “diapering world.” I mean… does it really impact my daily life? No.

    Not a single person in my *real* life would EVER care to read this blog.

    THAT is all that matters to me. πŸ˜‰

  700. DSDM2 says:

    I am glad you don’t care really.

    But that makes me wonder why do you keep coming back for more? Someone who truly doesn’t care wouldn’t come back to read/see more.

    You are ill. I really do pity you.

  701. naturalmamadot says:

    Wow she just is soaking up the attention isnt she, I bet this is the most anyone has ever paid attention to her, poor tiffy. I pity her too, she sounds like a really sad person.
    I can guarantee just from her posts here that I am and always will be 100, 000,000x more of a positive contribution to society. I would be a better contribution to the world than her if I sat in a gutter and smoked crack all day.
    Really, she is a large portion of what is wrong with this world, hopefully she seeks help asap.

  702. Messy says:

    Oh LoonyTiffoony not only *cares, she *thrives on the attention she gets here! She eats it up. All the while telling herself it does not matter because she is the only one who really knows the whole story. Nobody can prove she is a liar. Everyone has to keep guessing. Little does she realized, nobody is guessing and we do know that she is a liar.
    She just wishes she could be married and stay home with her daughter. Fate has a good way of protecting her little firl from her mother’s crazy… Hopefully the dp has more to offer the kid that LoonyTiffoony; or she is on her way to fame- as a serial killer…

  703. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    Unless you have spoken to me personally and are a member of *my* private blog… you don’t really know me.

    I post what I want to post about my personal life on DS. Beyond that, people know nothing.

    That’s the internet.

    I keep coming back here, because my name has been wrongly drug through the mud. It doesn’t matter what I say or how much proof I’d provide – you all think and say what you want. My feelings are insignificant to you, which is why you chose to rip me apart to begin with.

    Honestly, if the people who are HERE are the type of people on Diaper Swappers, then I honestly should go there anymore. I’d rather be around people who are intelligent and respectful of others vs. berating and belittling whenever they have the opportunity.

    BTW – I’ve had interactions (I’ve sold things/bought things) with many of you – ALL of you left POSITIVE feedback and mentioned you WOULD B/S/T again. Interesting how you create your own version of things, eh?

  704. DSDM2 says:

    You have never bought anything from me, and I guarantee you never will, lol.

    Oh, and you have a blog? really? Wow. I am SO impressed. So impressed.

  705. Messy says:

    I pity her too. Not as much as I do her dp who is probably dying to laugh at this blog right now but has to fake a serious face for LoonyTiffoony’s sake… And not as much as I do those IRL *frinds* that can ‘t stand her but put on a generic face to appease her or her dp… And not as much as I do her poor daughter… That kid is going to have some serious issues to work out when she finally gets away from her psychotic attention whore mama.
    And ya know who I feel a lot of sympathy for? The next person to be unlucky enough to be caught in a transaction with LoonyTiffoony right about the time she decides she needs more attention or some cyber love sent her way. After all, she never has to tell the whole story…

  706. Messy says:

    I pity her too. Not as much as I do her dp who is probably dying to laugh at this blog right now but has to fake a serious face for LoonyTiffoony’s sake… And not as much as I do those IRL *frinds* that can ‘t stand her but put on a generic face to appease her or her dp… And not as much as I do her poor daughter… That kid is going to have some serious issues to work out when she finally gets away from her psychotic attention whore mama.
    And ya know who I feel a lot of sympathy for? The next person to be unlucky enough to be caught in a transaction with LoonyTiffoony right about the time she decides she needs more attention or some cyber love sent her way. After all, she never has to tell the whole story…

  707. me me me says:

    707-I was ‘almost’ feeling sorry for the bashing your getting here, until this post. You lost me at “I don’t have anything in common with women who stay home with their children and spend their husband’s money all day long or women who are drama-seeking backstabbers. I prefer people with substance and a brain. ”

    Wow, you just got on MY do not B/S/T list, and I didn’t even have one before now. Your a complete idiot. I can’t even formulate a respomse right now. Me thinks I shall just sit back and watch the fireworks.

  708. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    Messy? Are you serious? I am not a violent person at all. You’re a fucking whack job yourself making outlandish accusations at the drop of a hat. I am SCARED for YOUR children.

    Not only do you not have the balls to say what you’re saying under a name that I’d *know* you by… you continue making bullshit up. You do not know me.

    I would never interact with your kind. You’re the kind of trash that MY parents warned me about.

    DO NOT PRETEND TO KNOW MY KID. Honestly, what kind of PATHETIC loser insults someone’s ONE-YEAR-OLD! Get a clue.

  709. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    me me me – if you’re the type who fits that criteria, then I can see why that hurt. Don’t get me wrong – I have all the respect in the world for people who are respectful of their position in life… if that’s a stay-at-home mom who is respectful of her husband’s money and children – GREAT. But if you’re one of those who spend spend spend, with no regard to your husband or child – then I feel sorry for your husband.

  710. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    And my DP knows of this blog. She has no interest in reading the trash here. She thinks DS is trash too, for the record.

  711. Messy says:

    I don’t know your poor baby! I do know you are psychotic, narcistic, and in need of being heavily medicated, Your behavior and oblivion to real life is going to cost your child so much in her life!
    And it is time to tell you that *I* do know you… Better than you ever thought. And in another forum/situation, you really like me! I have never done anything to garner your friendship because I always knew you were a fruit off the psycho bush. But it is funny. If you knew what a few of the rest of your friends were privy to, you would have known who I was the first time you fucked your own self over by lying. If your parents warned you about people like me, then your parents have more issues than their screwed up daughter. Don’t you have a dinner to plan? πŸ˜‰

  712. i promise I am not kim says:

    so does that make you trash for going there / here? hmmmm

  713. Messy says:

    LoonyTiffoony, I already knew your DP knew about this blog. Hence my comments regarding such. Keep up.

  714. JustPeachy says:

    I love how all SAHMs are now a drain on society because Tiffany says so. For one Tiffany you need to stop generalizing. I don’t sit home and spend my husbands money all day long. And to assume that SAHMs have no money of their own is just retarded. And 3rd of all my husband’s money is MY MONEY as well. I keep house and tend the children while he is at work.
    And you have so much room to talk about being with your children. I hate to go all mommy wars here but this is just absurd coming from someone who dumps there kid off in daycare. You are so much better then us because you leave your kid with strangers every day. Bravo!

  715. JustPeachy says:

    their not there.

  716. me me me says:

    Tiff-Your assuming every mom on here has the other screen open to the HSN spending all her DHs money (andhow do you know she has a dh and not a DP), screaming kids upstairs and she’s sitting here typing with her french manicure and weave just done.

    You seem to have ample time to drama whore around here, so not really sure how you think your not talking about yourself. lol

  717. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    Messy – LOL. If you were my *friend*, then you would know my kid.

    I can’t think of a single person that I “really like” on ANY forum. And my “friends” aren’t privy to ANYTHING that I don’t want them to be.

    Silly you.

    No, I don’t have a dinner to plan. Dinner’s been done for a while now.

    I am not oblivious to “real life.” Come on. The mysterious “I know you” bullshit is so 1990s. *rolls eyes*

  718. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    My partner JUST found out about this blog, like 20 minutes ago… Oh my.

    Messy – you’re a psycho.

  719. me me me says:

    729-you went there, i started to but chickened out.

    nak-cuz im a worthless cow draining society

  720. Shabbychic says:

    Oh Tiffany, you are just jealous that we didn’t have to pay for the sperm.

  721. Messy says:

    #735 Wanna know where she bought it?
    LoonyTiffoony, I take it back. I don’t know you. I wouldn’t admit that in a zillion years on any forum no matter how openly frank you have been in your discussions of your life. Sad, pathetic, and most of all, not my problem.

  722. Hawk says:

    So.. Tiffany you got a refund, huh?

    Don’t you typically get a refund after* diapers are received by the WAHM in return?


  723. Messy says:

    #737 It happened what ever way LoonyTiffoony thought it up in her own head… You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to bring in common sense!

  724. Shabbychic says:

    Clearly she purchased it from the Nut House. Turkey baster and all.

  725. me me me says:

    737-Just hole number 1374 in her story. Seems like her alter ego is over in the Goodmama thread telling us we spend to much time here and not enough in the kicthen too.

  726. naturalmamadot says:

    me me me Says:
    March 1, 2009 at 11:48 pm

    “nak-cuz im a worthless cow draining society”

    ~lmfao.net im gonna giggle myself off the chair

  727. just_sayin says:

    So, you don’t spend a penny of your DP’s money? You sure like to brag about it like it’s your own. Now, in my household, my husband and I actually *are partners – equal partners – and there is no my money/his money. It’s *our money. Sorry your dp and you don’t have that kind of relationship.

  728. naturalmamadot says:

    me me me Says:
    March 2, 2009 at 12:01 am

    “Seems like her alter ego is over in the Goodmama thread telling us we spend to much time here and not enough in the kicthen too.”

    ~Just one of her many personalities Im sure

  729. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    I have one personality. Thanks.

    Messy – I knew you were full of it.

    I am not jealous that you all didn’t have to pay for sperm and I did. I know more about my daughter’s father, then most of you all know about your husband’s/significant others.

    Trust me – I am quite happy with my life. This message board drama is… just drama. Nothing more.

    I have 2 people from DS that I talk to outside of DS… otherwise, there’s no one and I’m glad for that.

  730. Grogwench says:

    T-Looney states something to the effect of:

    “” I don’t have anything in common with women who stay home with their children and spend their husband’s money all day long…””

    Isn’t that something like her bragging about her 6 figure income that the majority of her dp’s money? Her ‘wealth’ comes mostly from her dp.


  731. theinvisible says:

    709- and going to your big job to make, what, $16 dollars an hour while someone else raises your kid is so noble, right? …….yeah…..

  732. theinvisible says:

    731- How did you know?!?

  733. Shabbychic says:

    How in the world would you have a clue what we know about our DHs. Tiffany, you sound like a freaking nut case. Seriously. A complete and total, unmedicated, turkey baster using, sperm purchasing, spouting words that make no sense nut job.

    And, to the PP who brought up daycare, I am against it almost always EXCEPT when the children are better off, which I assure you is the case here. Tiffany, keep dropping her off with strangers, it’s her time away from the nuthouse.

  734. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    I make more than that. I work primarily, because I need medical insurance for myself and my child. And she’s in daycare for seven hours a day… hardly horrible.

    She’s well aware of who I am and she’s quite happy and well-adjusted.

  735. naturalmamadot says:

    theinvisible Says:
    March 2, 2009 at 12:13 am

    709- and going to your big job to make, what, $16 dollars an hour while someone else raises your kid is so noble, right? …….yeah…..

    ~Oh but the very fact that she pawns her kids off on strangers while she is out making that crazy moolah, in itself makes her a much higher being than us low housewives. Really now, I dont think she would even expect us all to be able to read her posts since all we are apparently good for is cleaning, cooking and poppin out kids. I mean a gerbil could probably do what we do everyday and be less of a drain on society to boot.

  736. Shabbychic says:

    She’s seven hours free from the nut bin.

  737. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    Yup, Shabby. She sure is.

  738. screenname says:

    Hawk, the WAHM obviously just went ahead and refunded the money. I mean, Tiffany has shown herself to be such a trustworthy, upstanding citizen…who wouldn’t trust her to keep her word? Geez…

  739. BffMama says:

    Wow. I actually feel a wee bit sad that it’s come to this. I mean, really. I do like to read the drama BUT, I think it crosses the line when someone’s child is mentioned. I’m sorry, but I do. If someone mentioned my child(ren), the mama bear in me would come out…and quick. And that wouldn’t be a mama bear who is welcoming you to her den. It’d be a mama bear who just woke up from hibernation and is gonna kick someone’s ass.

    Clearly this thread was in the process of (mostly) dying down until Tiffany came back and started it back up. We get that she is not the sharpest tool in the shed. We are feeding her fire, though, and she’s totally getting off on it..aren’t you Tiff? I mean, how exactly are you clearing your name by throwing insults around. You came back bc you wanted to rattle some cages.

    By all means, everyone chime in and let’s really get this thing going, but let’s keep kids out of it and let it be the mamas. I like to play fair until I’m forced to not.

    I don’t even know if I’m making sense at this point, except that I really am sad that a child was brought into this and now more children are being mentioned. Adults make adult decisions and unfortunately we can’t control what they do and how they parent. I hope, for every child’s sake, that our best is enough and they grow up well adjusted kids. I truly mean that, bc COME ON, they deserve that and they are just kids right now, right?

  740. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    Hey, you all mentioned my kid! I don’t know anything about any of your children, yet you seem to know so much about mine. Interesting.

    Once again – none of you know me. My situation. My life.


    I came to defend myself.

    Do you think it’s OK to call someone names and berate them? Do you? Honestly? Would you ever say that to someone in person? No, you wouldn’t.

    Treat others how you want to be treated.

  741. DSDM2 says:

    I think the only mention of the child was that people were sorry she has such a nutjob for a mama. That is honest and true. No one is bashing the child.

  742. BffMama says:


    It’s over. You got your money back. The diapers are on the way. You live your happy little life.

  743. DSDM2 says:

    I’d say every bit of what I said to your face. Seriously.

  744. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    Actually, I believe someone called her a “future serial killer?”

  745. Equivocal/Tiffany says:


  746. DSDM2 says:

    With a mom like you, probably.

  747. theinvisible says:

    Yeah, me too. I talk all kinds of shit IRL. More than here actually.

  748. BffMama says:

    I love you, you love me. We’re a happy family. With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you. Won’t you say you love me, too?

  749. DSDM2 says:

    Honey, you are doing most of the trash talking. We all just pity you.

  750. DSDM2 says:

    I love you BffMama.

  751. BffMama says:

    I likez to stir the pot IRL way more than here. I think I’ve been quite tame. And if I’m off base about the child thing, I apologize. I’m tired. Extra tired. Must be from all the draining of society I’m doing.

  752. BffMama says:

    And I love YOU. I love ALL OF YOU.

    We are the world….
    We are the children….

    We are the ones to make a brighter day, so let’s start giving…

  753. DSDM2 says:

    Oh, I’m bluntly honest, IRL and on the boards. I have no problem saying something to someones face. None.

  754. BffMama says:

    You know, we need a yahoo IM group going where’s we can talk real time. It makes the shit flying go faster.

  755. naturalmamadot says:

    DSDM2 Says:
    March 2, 2009 at 12:30 am

    “Oh, I’m bluntly honest, IRL and on the boards. I have no problem saying something to someones face. None.”

    ~Took the words right out of my mouth

  756. BffMama says:

    Do the humpty hump. Uh. Do the humpty dance here’s your chance to do the hump.

  757. naturalmamadot says:


  758. not just another mama says:

    Oh my gosh, I love how hyped up she is!! Hard to believe that a bunch of jobless, no good mothers could effect such an upright person like her.

  759. Shabbychic says:

    Hell yeah, I would say it all to your face Tiffy.

  760. BffMama says:

    Team Tiff 4 Lyfe

  761. me me me says:

    1-I never mentioned your kid.
    2-I’m waaaaay more gentle with my words here than I would be IRL.
    3-If you want this to end, let it. Every post you make just gives people to much to work with. πŸ˜‰

  762. Messy says:

    Bff~ I did alude, or was it outright state? that LoonyTiffoony’s parenting skills are more than likely going to produce a psychotic image of herself. Yeah… I think LoonyTiffoony has a few screws loose in every aspect of her life. Sowy if it offended ya! (On the side, I could not care less if it offended LoonyTiffoony, it is nothing I would not say directly to her.)
    I do feel bad for her child but am thrilled that she has some sense of normal by going to daycare. Could you imagine 24/7 with LoonyTiffoony as your mommy??? That is a nightmare!!!

  763. BffMama says:

    I’d like to hang out with some of you IRL.

  764. BffMama says:

    Oh Messy, I just can’t get enough of you.

    And to continue with my song singing:

    I just can’t get enough. I just can’t get enough. blahablahjoajaoidonotknowhtewords I just can’t get enough.

  765. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    Shabby – yet you didn’t more than a year ago during our supposedly “bad” transaction. It was so bad, yet you gave me positive feedback – said the diaper arrived in described condition AND that you’d b/s/t again. Way to “tell it like it is,” eh?

    I took pictures and gave all of the pertinent information – it’s not my fault that you assumed it was OCV and not hemp. I never mislead you.

    In fact, I kept the PMs to prove it. Would you like me to post them?

  766. Messy says:

    #760 It is so funny to watch someone so out of control and lost in her own world of “Duh”.

  767. BffMama says:

    I think I might be a little TOO loopy tired at this point, I feel myself inching closer and closer to jackass posting status. Mama no likey. I’m going quite ’til something riles me up.

  768. BffMama says:

    Quite quiet that is.

  769. Messy says:

    #780 I swear, my whole life is fun… If I am not having fun, I don’t do it! We would have sooo much fun IRL! LoonyTiffoony care to join us? Totally for entertainment purposes. We will even let you out of your cage!

  770. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    Messy – how psycho are you to say you “know” me and that we’re “friends” on another board, then totally retract it when I question you? That IS crazy.

    I believe you were the one that mentioned my husband a couple of days ago? Yeah, you know me sooooo well.

    You people are pathetic.

  771. Messy says:


  772. not just another mama says:

    DSDM2, you suck at changing times.. Either that or my computer is tellings me its 1am again.

  773. not just another mama says:

    We’re pathetic? You’re the one that made up a magical diaper dispute.. We’re just enjoying the entertainment..

  774. Messy says:

    LoonyTiffoony, any mention of a dh, on my part, would be a glaring typo/misthought. Unfortunately, since your dumbass babbled unrelentingly all over DS a while back, I knew you had a DP. Before that, I admit, I never thought *anyone would want to be with your nutty ass.

  775. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    I never made it up. I’ve offered to provide proof.

  776. BffMama says:

    788: She had to change it back bc it was all kinds of F’d up. It was putting our posts back in time sequential order and we couldn’t find them. It would work correctly if we started the comments with it set at the correct time, but since it wasn’t, it messed everything up.

    DSDM2 changed it back so’s we could keep up with what was going on. It was for our own good.

  777. Messy says:

    She is doing something else… My screen went all white!!!

  778. me me me says:

    ***cracking up over messy***

  779. Finch says:

    Emily Says:
    February 28, 2009 at 2:25 am
    Don’t you feel sorry for her DH?

    Nope not Messy

  780. Messy says:

    #792 I am sooo glad she changed it back! I was sooo lost the other way… Heavens forbid I miss something LoonyTiffoony had to say.

  781. BffMama says:

    Damn, Finch, you’re fast! WTG. High five dat.

  782. DSDM2 says:

    Yeah, I had to change it back. The time thing was screwing with us.

  783. me me me says:

    Wait, Tiff are you offering to post pics and proof of the diapers from hell?

  784. DSDM2 says:

    Tiffy, honey, there is nothing you can “prove” now that I would believe. My opinion is that you are the type of person to fabricate photos, emails, and the like in an attempt to lie your way out of a hole that you dug.

    But go for it. Email it to me.

  785. BffMama says:

    No, 799, she’s just baiting. Talking like Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura, right outta her ass.

    Hey Messy, come to that one place so I can figure you out.

  786. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    I offered to post whatever proof I could a long time ago. No one seemed interested in hearing anything of substance from me. They all assumed I was talking about Dunk-n-Fluff and stopped listening after that.

  787. not just another mama says:

    She is so eager to out everyone & their friends out.. but not the horrible wahm that effed up her precious fabric.. What a twit.

  788. BffMama says:

    What fabric was it, btw?

  789. me me me says:

    Tiff, they been asking for pics/proof anything all along. Your so caught up in your anger you missed it. I didn’t sit through 800 posts hoping your full off it. I wanna see these fed up diapers.

  790. DSDM2 says:

    Tiffy, baby, no one has stopped you from emailing or posting the information.

    You have CHOSEN not to. You are an ATTENTION whore.

  791. Finch says:


    I am loving ctrl F, saslewis11 mentioned it before

    Don’t ya know I used it again to see who mentioned it lol

    I can’t believe I have survived all of this time w/o it.

  792. BffMama says:

    me me me: My monster told me to tell your monster that those tusks are sexay.

  793. me me me says:

    You think those tusks are sexy, wait til you see what that horn does.

  794. BffMama says:

    roflmfao. grrr baby yeahhhh.

  795. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    DSDM2 – the condescending tone and the use of the insults “baby” “honey” whatever are just too much. I mean, come on. Get real here.

  796. DSDM2 says:

    I’m sorry? You have an issue with me being civil? I mean I could USE ALL CAPS AND CUSS LIKE YOU DID. But, that isn’t my style. Get over it babe.

  797. naturalmamadot says:

    The person with a raging case of psychosis is telling US to get real. I love it.

  798. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    Those types of words are used for people you LIKE. And no one likes me here… πŸ˜‰

  799. Messy says:

    #797 & #807 It took me five minutes to figure out exactly what you were talking about ROFL!!! It is not something I am above. I would use dh/dp interchangeably. I knew one chick who just thought of dh as dear-honey since some did not know she had a dp instead.

  800. DSDM2 says:

    People use all kinds of words for people like you. I chose some nice ones.

  801. I know who you are! says:

    Hey Tiff! I know you and although I’ve never told you, I think you’re are as much of an asshat IRL, as you’ve been in your online life! Seriously. Seek help. For your daughter’s sake…

  802. BffMama says:

    I like you just fine, Tiffany. I wish you’d just come clean, fess up what really happened and provide some proof, we’ll all hug and agree to disagree and go our merry ways.

  803. Messy says:

    #814 I love you LoonyTiffoony! You are just everything we have ever dreamt of in a chronicly sick psychotic narcistic freak-o. Where else would I get my entertainment from? Pfffttt… You are da bomb baby! Keep your dumbass posts up; I have nothing else to do tonight!

  804. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    I know who you are – um, sure. once again – no one that I know IN REAL LIFE – would ever bother with this blog. Ever.

    And pretty much the only people who my online names are family members… lol.

  805. theinvisible says:

    What happened to the offer of proof?
    ** Oh, i have proof, you all are too mean to even let me show you.**
    There was no transaction, there is no proof, and you stirred this all up again. Is DP not giving you enough attention?

  806. me me me says:

    Before this thread I had no idea who you where Tiff. Most of the time, in these sitatuons, I side with the customer. But the way you present yourself here, even if all you’ve said is true. The WAHM is still looking better than you. Heck, I can’t even recall WHAT your initial complaint was now. All I remember is you seem crazy. However, a picture would at least prove your not a lier, even if no one likes you as a person.

  807. DSDM2 says:

    Tiffy, honey, what is taking so long? Putting the final touches on that β€œproof” of yours? I’m anxiously awaiting and checking my email…

    Oh WAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT… there is no proof, or if there is you are making it up… that’s right. Sorry Babe, I forgot.

  808. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    I don’t have anyone’s email addresses, nor do I want MY private email address plastered all over this board.

    I am going to send the pictures to someone from DS, then have her send them to this place, for my own protection.

  809. me me me says:

    I think her Dp is posting on another thread about how we all have better things to do and should be having sex rather than post here. Maybe that post was a hint to Tiff to get off the net, give up the drama and go give DP some loven.

  810. Hawk says:

    I might refund her just so I wouldn’t get any dead bunny packages on my door step. Ya dig?

  811. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    I guess I am wondering how you all would respond if you were treated the way that you’ve treated me?

    I mean, calling a perfect stranger a psycho, liar, etc. straight out of the box is pretty bold.

    Not a single person gave me a chance. I only came here to help clear Tami’s name (per her request), not to get into some kind of war.

    My partner’s watching a movie. But thanks for all of your interest in her.

  812. me me me says:

    825-rofl, i was thinking something similar.

  813. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    Man, I am an animal lover… I could never hurt ANYONE or ANYTHING, much less an innocent animal. Where do you people come up with this stuff?

  814. DSDM2 says:

    Oh darlin, are you too dumb to read and find my email? (Post 267)


    And your email is already up here. (post 300)

  815. BffMama says:

    Tiffany, there really is no war. We got nothing but love, honey bunches of oats.

  816. Messy says:

    #824 LoonyTiffoony, your email has been plastered all over here. So has your last name.

  817. not just another mama says:

    Set up a new hotmail or gmail, it takes a minute or less..

  818. BffMama says:

    Not to mention, Tami posted your first and last name in FB

  819. DSDM2 says:

    And the first 100+ posts here were supporting you… Until you started to go all crazy/attention whore on us.

  820. Grogwench says:

    Well, I think for me, if I acted/was acting like you are, I would hope people would treat me like they have treated you. There is no way I could be so vindictive, nasty or have such a big desire to see others screwed over.

    I would hope (If I ever WERE to act like you) that people would be able to talk some sense into me.

    But we’re assuming that this was a real transaction….

  821. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    Well, that’d explain all that crap that I’ve been getting all day long.

    I am now going to have to delete a long-time email address, which is attached to all of my bills and to my personal accounts JUST because you posted that.

    Thanks so much.

    Since I know now that the emails are because of this site, I’ll be sending them to comcast.


  822. BffMama says:

    I think I’m attracted to the Asian Lawyer on The Amazing Race.

  823. me me me says:

    Tiff-Been in your shoes. A few of us have. No fun. But I got over it. Realized I brought it on myself. Recovered, and here I am, enjoing the blog for what it is. If you come here guns blazing and acing crazy, you get the star treatment. Just chill, provid your proof and go have a cool one and rest with DP. Come back after you stop caring what we think. Trust me, it’s a lot more fun here if you check your softer side at the door.

  824. not just another mama says:

    “Tiffany Altman” & I think DSDM2 already has your email from the ones Tami forwarded to her..

  825. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    As I told the HC owner and several other people – I am honestly fearful that you people will get ahold of my home address and try to do something.

    Guess we’ll be getting that alarm system afterall.

  826. DSDM2 says:

    What are you sending to Comcast? You are insane…

  827. Messy says:

    #837 You need to send them to comcast! Everyone deserves to be able to laugh after having to deal with you!

  828. Yup says:

    Your full name is on here too, and it pops up in the first page of a google search. Way to show your true colors, better start the paperwork for a name change too πŸ™‚

  829. BffMama says:

    Tami posted it, right?

  830. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    I am sending the spam/hate type emails that I’ve been receiving ALL day.

    Prior to it being exposed on this blog – the only email I got were from friends, bill companies and purchases.

    NOW – I am getting all sorts of crap.

  831. Hawk says:

    Tiffany, it was a Fatal Attraction reference. ;0)

    My only thing with you is your story doesn’t mesh and you will not provide proof that you are telling the truth. You have to admit, from the outside looking in, it doesn’t look good for you.

  832. BffMama says:

    Tiffany, COME ON. We are all having silly drama fun. I don’t think anyone’s feathers are as ruffled as you think they are. Chillax, dude.

  833. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    I don’t pop up on any google searches. Yeah, that’s my first and last name, but my middle initial isn’t in there and that’s the most identifying part.

  834. DSDM2 says:

    No threats have been made. And yeah, we know what area you live in because YOU posted it on DS. And you have provided it to some of us VIA transactions.

    FTR, any email/information you SEND to someone is no longer private, it becomes the property of the person it is sent to.

  835. Grogwench says:

    Well, I see another ‘crisis’ coming up….Oh no, poor me. These people have my addy…what’re they going to do to me? I’m in fear…..

    DSDM2…get ready to start another thread……

  836. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    Bff – Oh, yes… so fun to tear someone apart and call them names. Right? I am pretty sensitive, but typically not sensitive to internet things, but this bothers me tremendously.

  837. not just another mama says:

    Oh I found some reviews you posted for OPK’s.. looks like you didn’t like those either..

  838. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    No threats, but a lot of spam/crap mail.

    Do you know how long it’s going to take me to change my address with all of my bill companies and friends?

    It is hardly a crisis – it’s a MAJOR inconvenience and it makes me very angry.

  839. DSDM2 says:

    You started it baby.

    Acting crazy all over the internet is going to draw an equal and proportionate reaction from people.

  840. theinvisible says:

    Then Don’t Read It! If you didn’t come here and read it no one would bother to post in response to your dumb ass comments. It would seriously go away. You can’t help that some people will always think you’re crazy because you made up drama. Charge it to the game and go on with your life. Actually no, keep coming here to argue. This is rather fun.

  841. naturalmamadot says:

    Oh please. That is by far the most ignorant thing you have said yet. There is no one here that would ever hurt another person over some stupid fucking drama.

    It would take most of us all of 10 minutes to find your addy and no one would do shit.
    We dont want harm to come to you, we just all think you are loony tunes.
    No matter how much of a lying drama seeking biotch you are to me I still would never want to see you hurt in any way. You are what you are, if you come here I will give you my true opinion and that is all.

    To think that anyone here would honestly want to harm you is crazier than the story you made up.

  842. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    I’ve acted crazy HERE. nowhere else.

    Yeah – most OPKs suck. I have my favorites.

  843. DSDM2 says:

    It is a choice. Faster just to block the email addresses you don’t want mail from.

    And FTR, I don’t believe for a second that you have gotten ANY hate mail or mail from the blog. Not at all.

    I don’t even get hate mail or spam and my email is ALL over this baby.

  844. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    Believe me or not. I don’t care. I never received out of the ordinary email until it was posted here. Never once and I’ve had this address for 5+ years.

  845. BffMama says:

    Whoa, Tiffany, this is a breakthrough:

    You said, “I’ve acted crazy HERE. nowhere else.”

  846. just_sayin says:

    Honestly, Tiffany, I would just walk away. Be the bigger person. Instead you are soaking it up and feeding it. An appropriate response from you right now would be “I am sorry that I lost my temper and posted some thing that were unacceptable. I lost my temper, and I will try to not let that happen in the future. I am sorry that some people were angry, and I am sorry that I fed the drama as much as I did. I am also very sorry to Tami for dragging her in to this and giving her feedback that wasn’t true. I am going to take a step back from the internet for a while and reevaluate why I have behaved this way.”

    Try that. You never know how people may respond. It just may be positive.

  847. Erin says:

    #864, I think hell will freeze before that ever happens.

  848. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    just_sayin: yeah, except I never drug Tami’s name through the mud. I never mentioned her anywhere, because she’s done nothing wrong. My transaction with her was POSITIVE until THIS board. Totally positive.

    She and I are over it. We’ve retracted our feedback (though it seems like the HC is here to stay since I’ve not received a response and I don’t think she has, either) and we’ve moved on.

    I am sorry I lost my temper. But when I am called names, especially names that are not true, given my nature – I get upset. Anyone would.

  849. DSDM2 says:


    Damn, you are just a negative person aren’t you? You leave negative feedback all over the place.

  850. Messy says:

    #857 It is her. Notice she is just there to bitch about other stuff. Typical LoonyTiffoony MO.
    #863 Yup Bff, admission is the first step to getting help…

  851. not just another mama says:

    I wonder how many stars this blog would get DSDM2.

  852. DSDM2 says:

    Putting a “BUT” in an apology is not an apology, nor does it show that you are truly accepting YOUR behavior.

  853. StacEy says:

    if you think for one second that anybody here would hunt you down and harm you, you are out of your fucking mind! Also, I find it terribly interesting that you keep talking about our “husbands” but God forbid anybody on DS starts a thread and assume the readers have husbands.

    I also find it interesting that somebody who acts like they are so progressive and politically sensitive would have the balls to pretend to know anything about my socioeconomic status and the state of my family based on the fact that I visit this blog. How very open-minded of you Tiffy-poo.

  854. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    DS – wow, I left negative for 3 things and probably more than 200 positives. Forgive me for having an opinion.

  855. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    StacEy – show me where I ever claimed to be progressive or politically sensitive?

  856. DSDM2 says:

    You have negative opinions/feedback/insinuations all over DS. Many of which have been pointed out here and on Bad Hyenas.

  857. StacEy says:

    873: I think your history of comments on DS threads speaks for itself.

  858. JustPeachy says:

    7 hours is a long time for a 20 month old considering they only spend something like 10-15 hours awake.

  859. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    My mistake in behavior is that I showed my temper after I was called names. I should’ve just ignored it, like I originally intended to, but my feelings had gotten the better of me and I responded.

    I should’ve walked away. That certainly would’ve been the most appropriate thing to do.

  860. BffMama says:

    I guess we all spend our time doing what we like. I would never spend my time posting so much FB all over the internet.

  861. jeruco says:

    IF you have done so many transactions with people on DS then a lot of people already have your home address. I dont think this blog is changing that.
    Also, its very very easy to find out where people live, but trust me no one cares on here.
    We really really dont care. LIke we dont want to go anywhere near there. As in we are scared to go near there.
    Do you get the picture yet?
    Us mamas = safe & sane
    Tiffany’s house= boomcity looneyville with M80’s going off
    We dont need to mix those.

  862. DSDM2 says:

    There is more than that. But heck, it is a start.

    You really should start seeing someone professionally. Really. And if you already are, you need new meds and a new doc.

  863. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    JustPeachy – you’re right, it is. And I have to work to be able to pay for her medical needs (just routine appointments, etc) and my medical needs.

    She seems to enjoy herself there. If I were able to stay home w/ her, I would, but we’re not at a point in our lives where DP’s employer provides domestic partner benefits (my employer does provide those, but that does us no good).

    It is what it is.

  864. just_sayin says:

    Tiffany, by leaving that negative, you DID drag her name through the mud and made some pretty harsh accusations.

    Sure, some people here said some nasty stuff to you. However, you are only in control of yourself and *your behavior. No one makes you act any way. It’s like saying the wife of an abusive husband made him beat her up. Puh-leeze. By that same token, your crazy *made everyone here call you names. Uh huh.

  865. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    I am not seeing anyone professionally, nor do I need to. I rarely get angry IRL.

    jeruco – thanks for your opinions. my house is absolutely quiet and calm, but you’re entitled to whatever opinion you choose to have.

  866. Messy says:

    LoonyTiffoony, your story never changes. You cry about highly recommended things, even on Amazon about a bottle warmer!!! BLECH!
    LoonyTiffoony’s own words, “My daughter prefers her bottles warmed, so we are going to invest in another warmer, but so far, not sure on the brand… especially since this one was “highly” recommended. “

  867. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    And she plastered my name all over Bad Hyenas, according to the WAHMs that sent me PMs and emails, regarding it.

    I have a list of about 5 WAHMs that I’d never deal with again. Otherwise, every other transaction was OK.

  868. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    Messy – that bottle warmer EXPLODED in my kitchen after it stopped working properly. I’d say that’s a reason to complain.

  869. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    As I’ve said – Tami and I’s issues are resolved. I am not sure why you all care about her and I’s transaction so much? Especially since we’ve resolved it amicably.

  870. Messy says:

    #886 But but but LoonyTiffoony, you said that you would no longer be using it when the light stayed on. No mention of an explosion… And it can’t explode if you are no longer using it… Your need to embellish for attention has no end does it?

  871. naturalmamadot says:

    JustPeachy Says:
    March 2, 2009 at 1:50 am

    “7 hours is a long time for a 20 month old considering they only spend something like 10-15 hours awake.”

    ~This. I would elaborate but it would take up way too much space and Im sure no one cares about my opinion enough to read a paper lmao.

    I am not bashing Tif here or any other working mother. My stance is against the way this country (and any other similar country) is set up for after you have a child. Every child deserves to have an unrestricted amount of time with their mother until at least age 3, and the fact that MANY people are in the situation that they have to give up raising their children for this many hours a day is sickening to me. *rant off*

    Again, I have many close friends in this position and I am more than happy to take their children for free because I know they wont get personal attention like they would at home in most day cares.

  872. Messy says:

    #889 Under normal cicrumstances, I agree. However, in this case, every minute away from mama might be the only drama free minutes of sanity the poor child is allowed 😦 Can you imagine how she blows RL up for attention?

  873. me me me says:

    842-Really, we are more scared of you than you are of us.

  874. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    Messy – I didn’t use it. My partner plugged it back in one last time before we threw it away and it blew up. Good god. Why would I lie? That’s stupid.

    You will believe what you want. Just like you “believe” we know each other from another msg board and we don’t.

  875. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    I don’t show anger IRL. Like hardly ever. It takes A LOT to get me to express that emotion.

    Say what you want about my child. That’s fine. I am sure your child isn’t in the most capable hands either.

  876. JustPeachy says:

    I want to know why the hell wahms are pming you about stuff that goes on on Bad Hyenas. AFAIK that was the place for ppl to vent about DUH BAD HYENAS. It really goes against the purpose of the damn group if every time a customer who acts like a looney toon gets an email informing them that they are being talked about.

  877. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    Several have messaged me stating that they’ve mentioned that they had a smooth transaction and would work with me again.

    I didn’t know it was out of the ordinary for them to do that.

  878. DSDM2 says:

    There are more than that black-balling you.

  879. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    Oh yeah. Oh well. I never even email unless there’s a problem and that’s almost never happened. *shrugs*

    I pay promptly and am concise about directions. If that’s problematic, then OK.

  880. Finch says:

    # 887

    I hate to be the grammer police but when you are deciding whether to use me or I you use whatever you would have used if you were just refering to your self.
    Ex. I went to the store. Jake and I went to the store.
    EX. My cat went on vacation w/ me. My cat went on vacation with me and Frank.


  881. jeruco says:

    In some respects I feel bad for you. I have read some of your posts about your DP. She cares nothing about diapers and therefore makes you pay for it all. You also have seperate “money.” You have to pay half of your bills even though your DP makes double your income? What kind of relationship is that if you are partners?
    Anyhow, I am just wondering if you are fed up with life and your “crazyness,” that quite possibly only comes out when you feel like you are in a bad transaction, is just a byproduct of being in an unequal relationship.

  882. not just another mama says:

    I wonder if we can get this up to 1,000.

  883. DSDM2 says:

    getting close! lol.

  884. me me me says:

    Tiff, please go back and read my post 840. Really, breath….

  885. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    jeruco – I pay for my daughter’s care primarily, because she’s my kid and I don’t let her pay for things. She thinks diapers are ‘silly’ or the nicer ones anyway, so anything I want beyond the 6 BG diapers that she bought when DD was 5 months old is on me to purchase. She pays half for daycare and is now starting to pay half of her medical care and has been helping buy clothes/shoes, etc.

    We’re not perfect – I never claimed that. But we’re happy.

  886. DSDM2 says:

    Hmmm. Still no email and no proof. Go figure.

  887. Finch says:


    My Ds is in childcare about 4-6 hrs a day. I choose to be in school. I was young when I had my boys but I won’t allow them to suffer b/c I didn’t finish school before I had them.Honestly, I believe that my boys are alot better off b/c I go to school. I need to have adult conversation and to challenge my mind, or I get depressed/bitchy. I don’t have many friends irl so school is the only way Iget that. It’s very good for me. Now I do not in any way judge women that stay home or women that work.We are all different, have different needs and situations.If I wasn’t in school I would have to work so either way I wouldn’t be home with them 24/7 but atleast this way I have a much more flexible schedule. I believe my booys will be very proud of me afterall how many teen moms can say they have a PHd.

  888. me me me says:

    This is sad, really sad. It’s like kicking a puppy now.

  889. DSDM2 says:

    My DH and I are truly partners. There is no “Mine” or “His”. It is all OURS.

    I’m sorry that you live a life that is so disconnected from your partner. Really, if things are separate, then it isn’t a partnership. Just food for thought. I would really examine why I didn’t (or she didn’t) want to be equals.

  890. Aj says:

    Her middle initial is “E”

  891. me me me says:

    905-I think your doing great by your kiddos. We all have to know our limits and often a small break allows us to be “freash” when we are with the kids. If I could, I’d work part time out of the home. I need a break from the crazy. Instead, I come here. Go figure.

  892. BffMama says:

    Can’t we make love, not war? (Inching closer to the 1,000.)

  893. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    we have mine, hers and our accounts. Like we each put an amount into the joint acct every week, then we keep whatever in our personal accts.

    I have x amt in my savings/checking, she has x amt in hers and we have x amt in our joint. I pay *our* joint bills from *our* acct but only use it for bills that have been pre-approved by DP (mortgage, gas heat, water, trash, electric, phones, etc.) and if I receive a bill for DD, I ask if she wants to help pay and she’ll tell me whether she wants to or not.

    Like – DD’s ear surgery at the end of January was $5,000+ and my insurance paid for all but $450 of it, so i asked dp if she wanted to pay anything towards it or if it was all my responsibility.

  894. not just another mama says:

    Ditto #907.

    DH wants me to stay home, he wants our children to be raised by us only, he wants to make sure we have everything & has no issue buying me anything i need/want (within reason).

  895. DSDM2 says:

    Shouldn’t your DD be a responsibility for BOTH of you? Otherwise she isn’t a partner, just a girl friend.

  896. Biggirlpanties says:

    wow tiff.. sounds like you’re living with hitler.

  897. not just another mama says:

    I was just about to say the same thing.. Why is she only yours?

  898. DSDM2 says:

    And, FTR, we don’t even have single accounts. Just a joint account.

  899. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    Because I gave birth and she has my last name, etc.

  900. DSDM2 says:

    If your DP doesn’t see your child as hers, then you are NOT partners. That is just low.

  901. bugabear says:

    this is stranger and stranger. you didn’t decide to have a kid together? she’s just yours?

  902. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    She does see my daughter as hers. She is ours. I mean, we decided mutually to have a child.

    But financially speaking – we just stay separate.

    I mean, we’ve been together for almost 8 years and DD isn’t even 2.

  903. BffMama says:

    Whoa this is just getting kooky. Straight up not right in the head.

  904. not just another mama says:

    Wow.. That is weird.. And why the hoot does Tiffany’s monster keep changing and I still have my jacked up fugly one. Ugh..

  905. me me me says:

    wow tiff thats horrible. what does your dd call dp. if she calls her mommy too then she should be halfing it all. did you two not agree to have the child togetehr, or did you run off all on your own. geeeesh. doesn’t sound like a healthy partnership to me.

    oh and can you please post that pic/proof you promised. I AM intrested and waiting patiently. πŸ™‚

  906. DSDM2 says:

    BFF, to answer the email, nope, I am not on either one really. I never signed up for the first, and the other I just surf now that my kids aren’t in that “group” still.

    I agree, it is hilarious!

  907. not just another mama says:

    Uh.. yeah.. Being an outsider looking in, I would feel a little worried about your daughter. I hope she treats her as her own, even though it sounds like she wants to financial responsibility to her.

  908. naturalmamadot says:

    I too am a single teen mother. I am going to school online during nap/bedtime and will also be working from home because I have made that top priority.
    Like I said I was not bashing those that have to to make a better life for their children, I was just saying that I would also be going for much higher goals (and will be when DS is older) if my child could be with me any time he wanted to nurse, hug, whatever.
    If I could have any degree I wanted with the entire course on the internet/dvd with a live professor to ask questions to (or whatever system that they created), you bet your behind Id be doing something very different. But until DS is older it is a priority for *me* (not for everyone) to make sure he has unrestricted nursing, playing, cuddling etc any time he wants it.
    I would not/do not think less of you for what you are choosing to do, I will most likely be in the same situation just a few years down the road when DS is in school. If our lives were not satisfactory at this point then I would make the choice to have clothes/food/heat/housing over the current situation of SAHM I am extremely thankful I have the option of being a SAHM while going to school and working later on.

  909. Shabbychic says:

    And why oh why Tiffany E. Altman are you sharing all of these intimate details of your life when you have said repeatedly that you dont care at all about anything here. Why are you answering questions. You are so seriously off your rocker. Seriously. If you read your posts throughout this train wreck, you sound like all different people.

  910. not just another mama says:

    Uh.. yeah.. Being an outsider looking in, I would feel a little worried about your daughter. I hope she treats her as her own, even though it sounds like she wants no financial responsibility to her.

  911. Equivocal/Tiffany says:

    We agreed to have her together. DD calls DP “momma” and calls me “mommy.”

  912. naturalmamadot says:

    ^^^^Sorry Finch #905 ^^^^

  913. DSDM2 says:

    If you had her together and are both parents, then ALL OF HER BILLS should be shared.

    There is no YOURS and MINE in a real relationship.

  914. JustPeachy says:

    If you two made the decision to have her as a couple then I think its a tad wrong of her not to consider your dd both of yours.

  915. me me me says:

    And for the record my brothers wife had a Dd before they got together. 5 years later they had a dd together. He paid for all of both girls cloths, school, health care etc. DD 1 is driving a new car and going to college, all on my brothers dime. Her birth dad is too busy with his new family. So I find it especially appaling your DP doesn’t treat your DD as her own. 😦 My sil works part time and that money was the family vaca money.

  916. Messy says:

    #906 I agree. It is like kicking a puppy… I might be done with this discussion… Maybe.

  917. not just another mama says:

    I think your “DP” is in need of some negative feedback..

  918. just_sayin says:

    Yeah, we just have a joint account. And with dh deployed, I have complete control (bwa-ha-ha rubs hands together in an evil fashion). Tiffany, you do not have a partnership, you guys are roommates with benefits. That’s not what a real committed relationship is like.

    Does she act like a parent to your kid?

    All of the backstory here is starting to make all of this make sense. She is obviously miserable, and takes it out on everybody and is seeking attention where ever she can.

  919. JustPeachy says:

    Naturalmamadot I commend you. I was a single teen mommy myself and I know how hard it is to be a parent at that age.

  920. bugabear says:

    to add to my question in #919 — i don’t think that is so odd that you would have a kid before you met your partner, except i wouldn’t call someone my partner (they would be a boyfriend or girlfriend) if they considered it optional to contribute to my children’s living expenses.

  921. me me me says:

    Ugh this whole thread is depressing. I just feel sad for the Tiff and wish she’d listen to reason and just post her proof and walk away. If your so scared of internet stalkers, really, share less personal info. I bet I could spot you in a crowded room now if I wanted too.

  922. Messy says:

    #920 Tiffany, if your dp sees your child as “hers” then there would be no asking if she feels like kicking in on the bills. I mean that is kind of well… wrong. A partner (be it male or female) is in the relationship for the long haul. If your partner was a man, she would be called a dead beat father. Seriously. They don’t get to pick and choose what to pay and what is important. Ok, dh chose to have a baby with me. No way in hell does he get to *pick what he pays. Make more sense? Just because she is not a man, does not make her less reliable or responsible. Have you made plans for your dp to adopt your daughter (thinking in terms of if something happened to you, then she would remain with her other mother no matter who contested it, as can be done in even a legalized will)?
    I do feel badly for you that she is like that. Perhaps it is just a stumble stone in your path and eventually going to change. But it is terribly unfair to be in the situation you are in right now.

  923. JustPeachy says:

    #933 my middle dd is not dhs bio child but he is the only father she has ever known. He doesn’t treat her any differently from our other child and as far as he is concerned she is his.
    Thats why it makes me sad for you Tiffany. While I get the why it just doesn’t seem fair to you or your daughter that you have sole financial responsibility for her. I get legally she is not on the birth certificate so legally she is not required to do anything. However dh was never on Kaylens birth certificate and even before we got married he supported her.

  924. Messy says:

    #938 Bugabear… Ummm… How do I ask nicely? WHAT THE HELL IS HANGING OUT OF YOUR MONSTER’S ASS???

  925. Finch says:


    I’m glad you are happy w/ your situation. For me online classes just wouldn’t work. Even if they offered them in the area I study I would never be able to concentrate lol.I am also able to not work in part b/c I recieve student loans, I’m not sure how that applies to online school.
    My ds has always nursed on demand (bf is pretty important to me given that it relates to my future research) The only time he doesn’t nurse od is the 4-6 hrs he’s at school. 4 hrs is not very long between nursing and he only recently started the 6hrs. At 2, 6 hrs is not a long time between nursing. I enjoy what I do, and hopefully one day my research will help babies everywhere.

  926. me me me says:

    My DH works out of state. We have one bank acct, on pay day we talk and go over all that needs to be paid, assign each other an “allowence” and make sure we talk 1st before going outside the plan. He’s seen the estimate for what he’d pay for a live in nanny/house keeper and agreed, I’m cheaper and come with perks.

  927. bugabear says:

    #942 — that’s not hanging out of his ass, it’s my one extra long arm for slapping people that get out of line. πŸ™‚ and since i have two kids under two, it’s useful for extracting the toddler from whatever predicaments he gets himself into while i’m taking care of the baby.

  928. BffMama says:

    I think our dear Tifferooski should be given the honor of being the 1000th post.

  929. Messy says:

    Yup… I agree… Let her be post 1000. This is the craziest thread ever.

  930. Booyah says:

    Tiff that is jacked up. I have been reading the whole time and not commenting, but I just have to say, if my DH ever expected me to foot either of our kid’s medical bills myself then he would be out on the curb with the rest of the trash.

  931. me me me says:

    What is the boobie prize for 1000th post?

  932. me me me says:

    and booyah, I have to say your monster is by far the most impressive. I mean a curved ‘3rd leg’ n all. πŸ˜‰

  933. naturalmamadot says:

    I agree Finch DS is almost 2 and he would absolutely survive and probably not mind being around kids and not nursing for 4-6 hrs. I dont think that parenting-wise there is anything wrong with your situation. I would definitely give it consideration if I could find ANYONE or any place that I would agree with how they treated kids. Im picky and so Im willing to wait, but I do think you are a good mom by the sounds of it and thats awesome you have someplace/one you trust with your DS.

  934. BffMama says:

    it’s a bewbie prize. ( o Y o )

  935. not just another mama says:

    I feel bad for her too.. I mean, her partner makes more then double what she makes, yet contributes nothing to the child’s bills & wants to split everything else down the middle.. Yeah.. Wouldn’t be happening over here.

  936. naturalmamadot says:

    lolol what is the record for responses DSDM2?

  937. DSDM2 says:

    I think it was 624

  938. Finch says:

    #930 and #951

    Sorry, if I came off uber-defensive

  939. me me me says:

    Oh Tiff, I’m sick, the baby is sick, my son is wearing me out this week. I need to go to bed. Can you PLEASE post that pic/proof you propmised like 894835703475090 posts ago?? Please.

  940. me me me says:

    **taps fingers**

  941. theinvisible says:

    That is not at all cool to have to ask for money to support a child that is her daughter too. I won’t even go into the fact that like others, my DH takes care of my oldest like his own, but if he made me ask for half of our daughters’ expenses he’d be sorry. I’m talking living with your parents giving me your whole paycheck for child support sorry. Legal technicalities don’t excuse treating your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/partner that shitty. That is just not right at all.

  942. not just another mama says:

    10 bucks says she made up a fake e-mail account & is making up conversations.. Okay, maybe not 10 bucks.. But I do have a bag of freshly popped popcorn..

  943. naturalmamadot says:

    #956 Finch Says:
    March 2, 2009 at 3:09 am

    “#930 and #951

    Sorry, if I came off uber-defensive”

    ~I didnt think so, sounded like you were just defending your right to do as you see fit, which sounds like really great parenting IMO.

  944. jeruco says:

    Did your DP adopt your daughter?

    Honestly, I really feel bad for your situation. I would imagine your DP is no longer going to want you to participate here.

  945. Messy says:

    #957 Yea… Please post it. I have had this hair dye in for a freaking hour waiting for the proof so I could apologize in a timely manner but damn. I have to go soon because my hair falling out is not worth waiting for nonexistent proof, sadly enough.

  946. Me, MySelf, and I says:

    I wonder if there is a partner at all… I mean she is known to make things up…

  947. BffMama says:

    I think it shouldn’t be DP; let’s drop the ‘D’ and make it ‘AHP’-assholepartner because I’m not seeing what makes her dear.

  948. Me, MySelf, and I says:

    Messy, go rinse. You know as well as I do that there isn’t anything.

  949. not just another mama says:

    jeruco, she said the child is hers & has her last name, so I’m assuming her partner has not adopted her.

  950. Me, MySelf, and I says:

    Is it Dear? I thought it was delightful.

  951. not just another mama says:

    Well for a while hubby thought DH mean’t dick head.. Which is fitting at times.. haha..

  952. me me me says:

    Messy be careful with the hair dye. This one time, in high school, I dyed my hair ash blond, not realizing ash tends to turn brunettes with red highlights into green heads. Then appplied this hair dy removal kit and my hair turned CLEAR. Yes, clear on the tips and the roots where peach. I just don’t want you to suffer as I have. @@

  953. BffMama says:

    She’s been quiet. Something’s going down. And DSDM2, no proof in email? You’re not holding out on us are you?

  954. Messy says:

    #970 I am sooo not laughing. Ok, I am as bad a liar as Tiff! ROFLMAO! I have had my share of bad dye jobs. Once I realized that my hair changed chemically at different stages of life, it got easier to work through the Ronald McDonald reds and swimmingly green tints LOL! Now I just stick with the tried and true. No big changes here.

  955. Messy says:

    #972 I am waiting for the “dp” to come and start spouting. Or at least LoonyTiffoony’s version of the dp personification. Scary!

  956. Messy says:

    #972 I am waiting for the “dp” to come and start spouting. Or at least LoonyTiffoony’s version of the dp personification. Scary!

  957. jeruco says:

    969 LMAO about the dick head.

    I think tiffany has left the room. For her sake it might be best if she does just leave this all alone.
    I do think there is a partner and Tiffany I hope you hear me when I say that a partner is in it for the long haul and shares in the relationship. Giving birth does not mean you are soley responsible. You and your partner chose to have a child. Just beause she did not give birth it does not mean she should not be a complte and whole partner and parent to your daughter.
    I really hope your partner realizes that. She should also help with diapers more than 6 BG. I dont know who can diaper their child on just 6 BG diapers, but I am guessing that even if you were using sposies that you would be the one paying for those anyhow.
    I am sorry.

  958. DSDM2 says:

    Nope, nothing new. I’ll update you guys if I see anything. But I doubt there will be anything.

  959. me me me says:

    Yea, after that I tried to dye it back to my ‘normal’ color. But it came out so balck it was purple. I have not dyed my hair since. It seems it’s above my head. πŸ˜‰

    Why dos this Tiff/DP senerio remind me of Scammy and Scarrol?

  960. BffMama says:

    That whole DP situation is so…weird. And weird that she is okay with it…like emotionally abusive weird. Or too young to know any better weird. Or multiple personality weird.

  961. BffMama says:

    I feel like I can’t sleep peacefully until I’ve seen the 1000 mark.

  962. not just another mama says:

    I know, we are so close.. my eyes are so weak though.. contacts are getting dry.. to lazy to get off my butt.

  963. me me me says:

    978-pick one, they’ll all work.

  964. Messy says:

    #978 It is beyond me that she can bitch about the unfairness of a package sent a day late, but does not bitch about her dp not partaking at least 50% of the care of the child. That is bizarre and speaks of issues beyond the realm of intenet psychosis.

  965. jeruco says:

    978 Tiff is in her late 20’s I think. She is not that young. getting towards almost 30 I think. She posted it on DS if IRC

  966. DSDM2 says:

    30 I think.

  967. naturalmamadot says:

    BffMama Says:
    March 2, 2009 at 3:27 am

    “I feel like I can’t sleep peacefully until I’ve seen the 1000 mark.”

    ~LOL me too

  968. me me me says:

    she cant contrl dp, so she takesit out on everyone else. pretty cut n dry to me.

  969. Messy says:

    I gotta go rinse. I will return. I doubt there will be any changes. She must be photoshopping her ass off or telling dp how disgraceful we all think her behavior is. Yeah. Ummm. @@

  970. Messy says:

    #986 And she lies and exaggerates for attention. Attention she isn’t getting at home probably…

  971. not just another mama says:

    Gosh.. DH is watching some UFC or WEC or something fighting nonsense.. Drives me nuts.. I see no point in these things..

  972. BffMama says:

    Am I the only one who is fascinated to know who each person *really* is–you know, if I’d recognize their username on DS or something?

  973. me me me says:

    i must go too. much as i hate to. sick lil one wont stay asleep without me. hope i can wake up to miss iffs pic/proof update.

  974. BffMama says:

    Awww me me me, hope your LO feels better soon!

  975. not just another mama says:

    I rarely post on DS.. I sell occasionally, but I never get caught in the chatter.. I would be banned if I did.. Some of things people say, woo.. But yeah.. No one would know who I am.. Just come here to steer clear of the crazies. Oh and the drama is always best here.. since you can curse.

  976. BffMama says:

    I like UFC, but not boxing.

  977. BffMama says:

    We can curse here? Hot damn.

  978. BffMama says:

    Wonder what drama we will wake up to tomorrow?

  979. not just another mama says:

    I don’t.. I hate the sight of blood.. And to see guys with jacked up ears, oh man.. I feel sick right now thinking about it.

  980. BffMama says:

    Alright, I can’t hold out anymore. It’s been a blast, ladies. Sleep well all…

  981. jeruco says:

    I dont do UFC

  982. BffMama says:


  983. not just another mama says:

    One of the boards I post on you cannot even say Dick.. I almost wet myself when I typed out Dick Cheney and it was bleeped out like a dirty word..

  984. not just another mama says:

    Woot woot! Good night!!!

  985. Messy says:

    Woot!!! My Bff did it!!! 1000!!! Ok, I seriously have to go rinse!!! ACK!

  986. theinvisible says:

    993- me too. I figured out quickly that I wouldn’t last long. I love to read it though.

  987. Booyah says:

    Damn, it’s too bad Tiffoony bowed out right when we were getting down to the nitty gritty. Go figure.

    And DOUBLE DAMN for my extremely well-hung monster. He pleases ALL the ladies!

  988. BffMama says:

    I would like to thank the Academy for this honor. Thank you to DS for bringing crazies back. Thank you to DSDM2 for all you do here. Thank you to my girlz Messy and Werd and my girl on the side dsdm2. Most of all, thank you to Tiffany for her fodder and for being a general cook. Without you, Tiff, this wouldn’t be possible. YOU.complete.me. Domo arigato mr roboto

  989. BffMama says:

    Can my acceptance speech be corrected to say KOOK instead of cook? Leave it to me to eff up something SO important.

  990. BffMama says:

    Booyah, the shear hands alone on your monster please me. Then to add in the third leg…it’s like Heaven.

  991. Erin says:

    ROFL. *gasping for air* Best. Damn. Thread. Eveh!!

  992. naturalmamadot says:

    omfg bff i think i just fell in love lmfao rotflmfao

    *tear* i heart this blog.com

  993. yeahthat says:

    omg I just sat here for over an hour and read this whole thing. Did that lady have her baby? Or did I miss that???

  994. DSDM2 says:

    1011, no update, but we hope so!

  995. naturalmamadot says:

    I hope diudiaole had a happy healthy delivery and werd had a grand wedding lol

  996. Nic says:

    Wow. I would like to thank all of you for an amusing night of drama – me and my 6 pack have enjoyed it immensely!!!

  997. ibmo says:

    wow this was good. I never post, but monster curious.

  998. Messy says:

    #1008 Ok, anything that pleases Bff is something I need to go check out!

  999. JustPeachy says:

    Well anyone who goes on DS knows who I am.

  1000. Messy says:

    #1018 It looks that way…

  1001. JustPeachy says:

    I hate to say anyone deserves to be scammed but its karma IMO. Wasn’t she the one trying to be the FFS police not to long ago??????

  1002. Messy says:

    #1020I wondered why that name sounded familiar! I think you are right…

  1003. JustPeachy says:

    I have the memory of an elephant. I am pretty sure it was her that pmed somebody and said they weren’t needy enough to enter a FFS lotto or some shit.

  1004. mrstkeller says:

    Damn! I had so much to say at about post 800ish and then here and there. . . but now it is all just kinda was moot.

    I missed the monsters. Please say we won’t go back to quilt square land. . . that was just a bit to g’ma for me.

  1005. mrstkeller says:

    LOL! “it is all just kinda WAS moot”. . . I swearz I noes how tu tipe.

  1006. Erin says:

    #1018 what happend? I don’t go to VirusLand anymore.

  1007. JustPeachy says:

    Lady who made herself FFS got scammed apparently.

  1008. eeek says:

    I still feel like this was a made up twisted version of a transaction, just to bitch.

    That being said now I feel sorry for her, in a much more kinda sad way. She has issues, I get it.

    I’ve had relationships where we were just “living together”, and shared expenses etc.- but not with the person who I plan on sharing my whole life & have babies, that was college & right after. It reminds me of that Amy Tan book, where her mom saw the lists of things her daughter & husband were dividing financially & saw her creepy SIL charging her for things like ice cream she knew her daughter hated.

    It’s not how it works, when you’re planning on sticking around. It’s subjugating & power trippy. If a man treated his wife like that he’d be considered abusive & for good reason. Either you are PARTNERS in life or you’re keeping your own toys so you can go home alone later. It freaked me out, a lot, at first, because sharing money is giving up a lot of power. I also feel like while DH is making most of the money now while we have little kids, I am the one much more likely to make the big bucks long term. I had to let that go and just know I trust him not to hurt our partnership & our family. We will enjoy the whole thing, together.

    & it’s not a lesbian thing, either- I have several lesbian-couple friends, and they are just as married as I am. They are in it together, money/kids/commitment & all that goes with it.

  1009. StacEy says:

    1027: I feel the same way.

  1010. me me me says:

    Dito 1027

    Tiffy, where’s that pic/proof you promised. I care, I’m listening. I’m here for you. Post away. Well, not right now, give me a couple hours. I have a boy to take to the dr and lunch. But after that. I’m all ears.

  1011. trollin4friends says:

    tinypic.com for anonymity –

  1012. screenname says:

    #1018 – mmeneely is the one from the FFS Police post AND the Nice Packaging post!

  1013. me me me says:

    I’m back. Still no post from Tiffy eh?

  1014. newhere says:

    #1020 ~ she’s also the one who packaged up the diapers in a paper envelope that got ripped open recently

  1015. sheepthrills says:

    Tiffany, I hope you come back here. I have been thinking about something you said-that you almost never get angry IRL, and your outbursts here are out of character. I wonder if you have been bottling up your anger in your IRL situations, and when something like this drama comes along, you can’t help but unleash it on us. I don’t believe for a second that nothing in your life makes you angry-it’s only human and natural to get upset at things in our jobs, home life, relationships with friends…
    I think that advice from others on a counselor is an excellent idea. I think maybe you are really really angry deep inside, and would feel a lot better to work that out. I say this with compassion.

  1016. me me me says:

    Wow, over 1000 posts and we STILL don’t have pics/proof that Tiffy promised she can priovide.

    And didn’t someone have a baby yeasterday while blogging here. We needs a baby fix and that mouse mama thread didn’t quite do it for me.

  1017. alison says:

    Eloquently put, eeeeeeeeek/#1027

    This all went from surreal to just plain sad.

  1018. AshleyB says:

    SO…any updates from Tiffany? Or on the mama in labor?

  1019. not just another mama says:

    I think Tiffany checked in.. for some help.

  1020. DSDM2 says:

    Nothing yet.

  1021. Erin says:

    Thanks Peachy and #1031!

  1022. Erin says:

    #1027, very well put. It’s been bothering me what Tiff wrote about her family, if it’s actually true. TRUE partnerships have both people active in the relationship and in the care and raising of the children. If my DH acted like that…. well, he’d be hurting. πŸ˜€

  1023. jeruco says:

    Its true about TIffany’s partner. I remember her posting info about their relationship a while ago. She never posted it in a mean way or even posted it thinking there was anything wrong with it. She just merely stated that her partner and her had seperate money and she paid half of the bills. She also said she paid mostly for her daughter.
    I remember it so well because it struck me as wrong and off. I am quite sure it was over a year ago that she posted it. Although, she may have posted it more than once, while speaking of her partner.

    I am quite certain Tiffany will not return here. I would not want to because not only does she feel “hurt” she now would have to face that her partner is not really a partner. That is a lot of hold for one person. She has probably been living with the situation as something that is okay because she gave birth to her daughter, but this thread has brought light to the fact that her partner should be equal. She is not.

    Tiffany in all honesty couple counseling is good. Perhaps your partner would be willing to go.
    I would be really upset too if I was treated the way you are.

  1024. Messy says:

    Popped in to see the proof. My bad. πŸ˜‰ That said, I don’t think she will be back… I am not big on GM drama. It is so overrated, just like the diapers πŸ˜€ And I am waiting for some new, fresh, hot and heavy drama. Well, unless Bff and Werd are available πŸ˜‰
    That said, where is diluadilabileisfoiousd <—that chick that wasin labor that I cannot seem to figure out her name πŸ™‚ We need a baby update! Ohhh, and some honeymoon info πŸ˜‰

  1025. me me me says:

    Didn’t someone post a BFP yesterday too? I was so caught up in the sheer “OMFG did she just say that” of it all and really didn’t process it.

    As for new drama. I’m waiting for the “Obama’s Pagen nation” thread to turn ugly. A subject like that can’t stay sweet forever.

  1026. itsraininghere says:

    OMG, I’m so happy to see someone finally speaking the truth about this WAHM.

    I, too, was scammed by the same WAHM that almost got Tiffany! I pretended by buy a dozen custom fitteds made from unicorn hide, and when she messed up, she replaced it with buffalo hide and sized them up from a small to a supersize with extra pickle!

    I’m so glad that someone is finally speaking up. I totally couldn’t figure out where to leave fake feedback.

  1027. Messy says:

    #1045 OMG! I am sooo sorry! Tami, what have you got to say for youself? Cheating bitch! I bet she sent your unicorn hide to Daphne! You can leave fake feedback at HC though. See the feedback LoonyTiffoony’s left for proof!

  1028. patoandcheese says:

    mmmmm pickle….

  1029. squishy says:

    this shit is fucked up. seriously… Does this woman not know that “I’s” isn’t a word? Ice, eyes, and is are all words, as is “me”, which would have been correct. And, I would kick my dh/dp ass if I had to pay for all of our child expenses.

  1030. naturalmamadot says:

    itsraininghere Says:
    March 3, 2009 at 4:25 am

    “OMG, I’m so happy to see someone finally speaking the truth about this WAHM.

    I, too, was scammed by the same WAHM that almost got Tiffany!”

    ~O definitely was like “oh bullshit” at this point, glad it turned fun though! hehe

  1031. squishy says:

    I was mainly posting to see what monster I got. I’m totally diggin my afro? Or is that my super large brain?

  1032. cheesewhiz says:

    I luvs me some super-size dipes with extra pickle. Mmmmmhmmm.

  1033. me me me says:

    Dude, anyone waist some brain cells looking over her old posts yet? I did, and wow, all she does is complain. A woman like this could single handedly ruin a WAHM business. Everyone depends on FB to help them make wise purchasing decsions, rather in actual FB forums or just a post asking for POVS or suggestions on products. Yet a vintictive woman with an altered perception of the events could simpley run a WAHM business with one fake/blown out of proportion transaction. Most on DS/HC don’t read here and many that do are put off by the snark so deam it as not real and will just belive the OP and boycott the WAHM.


    Again, please hold until this evening, I have to take the baby to the childrens hospital for testing, a clinic appt for both girls later this after noon and I need to grocery shop before school lets out. So no dramaz without me.

  1034. JustPeachy says:

    For whoever mentioned someone posting a BFP, werd was the one who got a BFP recently.

  1035. Biggirlpanties says:

    i posted a bfp the other day too

  1036. DSDM2 says:

    Congrats BGP!

  1037. Biggirlpanties says:

    thank you πŸ™‚

  1038. Kim says:

    great googly moogly, 1056 posts?

    Cliff notes?

  1039. Spangle says:

    We need some more dramaz. I miss reading….

  1040. me me me says:

    Congrats Werd and BGP. HH9M

    1057-Cliff notes: Tiffy is crazy, her DP is a tyrant, DnF/Tami got cuaght up in the middle of the crazy and tried to handle it with class. Tiff accused the posters here of being lazy drains on society and spending all our DH’s money while sitting on this blog and ignoring our children and homes. Oh and we’re mindless blobs because we don’t have “real jobs”.

    Did I miss anything girls?

    FYI: This lazy drain on society spent the day as such:

    9am-Took son to school, talked to his teacher to fill her on how he’s doing and new meds.

    10 am-Took baby to childrens hopspital for hearing and vision tests. She failed the hearing tests and needs to go back for a more detailed test under general. She passed the vision with flying colors.

    Noon-Pick up Mom and DD and take them to lunch.

    1:45-Mooch off the system and take girls to a WIC recertification appointment. 2 hours later we walk out with our coupons. It was horribly boring and there was this kid there, totally out of control, mom ignoring it and my DD just didn’t understand why I won’t let her play with him. A REAL job would be more lucrative and frankly, 90 thousand time more fun.

    3:30-Go to moms to pick up sons (she got them from school for me) attempt to talk to mom for a little bit but boys start fighting. So we leave.

    4-Go to Walmart. Grocery shop.

    5pm-Arrive home, put groceries away, feed kids.

    6pm-Sit down and breath for 1st time today and here I am. Too tired to even care about dinner for myself. Squash soup sounds good.

    Now Tiffy, I’ll be around waiting with baited breath, for your pics/proof. Since your a woman of your word as you say, I do expect you to follow through on this promise. Hurry, I can’t sit here waiting too long, I have to get my kids bathed and in bed soon so I can get a couple hours sewing/work in before bed. Gotta get up early to take kids to school, other son needs an EKG and……………..well I am sure you can see where this is going.

  1041. Messy says:

    Werd, how is the honeymoon going?
    Diudiadiliablid (oh heck, you know who I mean!): Baby news?
    me me me: When will you get off your lazy ass and do something that is not a drain on society? I mean really. Loafing like you do is just not healthy! πŸ˜‰
    Bff: Where are ya? Are you searching for some drama? I’m bored. If you are playing with Cheesewhiz’s big yellow dong, I am going to be mad! Ok, or jealous!!! πŸ˜‰

  1042. Messy says:

    Werd, how is the honeymoon going?
    Diudiadiliablid (oh heck, you know who I mean!): Baby news?
    me me me: When will you get off your lazy ass and do something that is not a drain on society? I mean really. Loafing like you do is just not healthy! πŸ˜‰
    Bff: Where are ya? Are you searching for some drama? I’m bored. If you are playing with Cheesewhiz’s big yellow dong, I am going to be mad! Ok, or jealous!!! πŸ˜‰

  1043. Messy says:

    One more question: LoonyTiffoony posted her ***proof yet? Didn’t think so…

  1044. me me me says:

    Messy, when she posts her proof, and it in deed ends up to be real proof, I will go out and get a real job.

  1045. cheesewhiz says:

    #1063 – Me too, me me me – but for now sitting on my ass and spending all of my DH’s money on diapers and diamonds is fine with me.

  1046. Messy says:

    I gotta tell ya, me me me, you have the realest (is that a word?) job in the world! There is nothing more real than caring for the next generation and raising our children. Kudos to you and to every mama that does it every day.

  1047. UpsetMama says:

    I found this site & thread while doing a search looking for a specific hard to find fabric which lead me to Sybermoms where I found a link to here. After browsing and reading, I have some input & questions.

    I want to remain “publicly” anonymous as I am a WAHM myself and do not want to jeopardize my own business.


    I recently had an experience with a WAHM that I REALLY want to be able to share. It very well may the the WAHM behidn the issue on the OP. I do not want to post on DS or leave feedback on HC since I am also a WAHM & I make the same types of products. The only reason I purchased from this WAHM was because she had some prints that I wanted some stuff for my youngest in but I couldn’t get a hold of these HTF prints myself, and understandably she didnt want to sell any of the fabric.

    So my question is….

    Can I spill my guts out here safely?

  1048. naturalmamadot says:

    Well, if you read the comments, you will be able to tell us if it is the same WAHM as the OP is talking about.

    Secondly, yes this is a safe place for those that REALLY have been scammed or screwed in some way, however we would obviously expect more than just your word against hers as in ANY situation wed ask both parties to email any and all proof they have to DSDM2 dsdramamama2@hotmail.com , one of the other blog owners (dont know their emails) or post it here. Not sure if the blog owners have any preference to which path you take, but if you really have had a problem feel free to share.

  1049. UpsetMama says:

    I read as much as I could. ;o) I tired to read it all I swear! ~cross my heart!~ I spent well over 2 hours which was more time than I should have taken away from my kids. I feel a little bad about that as it is. Seems like that is how the internet is for me, I just find more & more stuff to read, via links, etc. So, I try not to get online much now days since I dont have the time.

    So I think I read that it was DnF? But I also read posts that sounded like it wasn’t? So I am not sure. Plus, there were SO many side discussions it was hard to keep track of what was going on and who was talking about what. Admittedly, I am ADD but I swear Ive had my pill today! LoL

    Anyway…. regardless of what happened to the OP, Here is what happened to me with my custom order with DnF.

    I ordered two 5-piece sets ( Jacket, shirt, wool pants, and 2 diapers. ) I spend just under $350.

    There were multiple small problems throughout my custom order process. They were all annoying, and I was irritated that there were so many, but she ( Tami ) was very cordial via email, took care of the problems that could still be fixed, and made me an extra T-shirt for my trouble. My order taking longer than quoted on her web site by 4 weeks was the most annoying for me since my son completely potty trained before I got my order. :o( ~sniff, sniff!~ My order was also placed just before Christmas so with the holidays break I understand being behind schedule. Its happened to me before. Plus, I had a big order. ~Shrug~ So I chalked that up to bad luck. I just prayed that my son would be able to fit the pants without wearing a diaper underneath so he could still wear the sets. I figured we would just put the diapers to the side to include with the sets when we were done with them and ready to re-sell.

    Her preview photos looked good for the most part. I didnt like her choice in coordinating fabric for the extra shirt she made me, and I didnt dig that she put grey cuffs on my blue wool jacket. But wasnt going to worry about it, as I didnt want to have her fix any thing else and it take even longer to get my order.

    When I got the stuff in the mail and looked it over I was shocked at the quality of sewing. I know I am a perfectionist when it comes to my sewing. I don’t send out items that arnt sewn perfectly, cut perfectly. And so I tend to be more lenient on other people. But I was SHOCKED. There is NO FRACKING way she didnt notice the flaws in the stitching on these sets.

    There are loose threads that were not cut, places where stitching doesn’t go all the way into the seam, there are places where the fabric is folded in the seam, lots of skipped stitches, the tension is off on her serger, and she didn’t back stitch the ends of her lines, her lines don’t match up & are crooked, the arm lengths & cuff widths ( elastic ) are slightly different sizes. Worst of all is the zipper the the wool coat. The lines there are extremely crooked, the bottom thread is actually hanging down in multiple places, and they are already unraveling and I havn’t done anything but take it out of the damn package. I am going to have to completely remove and re-do the zipper myself.

    The fabric on the front & back of one of my shirts is flawed. It has a run all the way down the front & back of the fabric. And this was a HTF fabric. ( I was charged an extra $25 for HTF fabrics on my order.)

    I havn’t said anything to the WAHM because these are NOT small sewing or quality errors. I dont think there is any way she couldnt know. None.

    The diapers are sewn extremely well. Although one is missing a size & name label. And she didn’t have enough fabric left to make the 2nd diaper to that set so I got a refund for that diaper.

    I just told myself I would fix the sewing issues, and just move on. But I’m a busy mom and both sets are still sitting on my desk in my sewing room waiting for me to fix them.

    I can take photos and send them where ever. I just don’t want to upload them up myself so I can stay publicly anonymous. She will undoubtedly know who I am if she sees/reads this.

    I think her customer service was great. But I would of NEVER bought these if they were in a store where I could see them. And there is NO way they would of made it past quality control of ANY company.

  1050. naturalmamadot says:

    Just make a new photobucket and link us or email them to the email I previously provided, ask her if she will post the pics without saying who you are. Personally, as long as you stay cordial I dont see anything against being known by her because if its as bad as you say, she already knows.

  1051. skye says:

    I’m home from DIsney world and see my name mentioned on here. I have gone through my inbox many times since reading DNF sent me an email but haven’t rec’d anything. Maybe it’s been sent to the wrong address.

    My pants were made in the wrong size and Tami knew that they were when she sent them. Said she would remake them ASAP. It took 3 weeks to get my new pants. In the mean time she was working on other orders. She was waiting on an order of velour that was supposed to be arriving any day.

    I also had bought a custom spot before I knew the pants would be an issue. I waited a long time for them as well. I was very disappointed to see her list auction dipes in HTF prints. She moved the auction dipes which were bought weeks after I ordered my interlock pants to the front of the wait list and they were completed first.

    I wouldn’t have posted any of this but Tami brought our transaction here.

  1052. skye says:

    Here is one of the diapers stocked during that time.
    My two purchases were made on Dec 12th

  1053. JustAMama says:

    Hey, what’s the general consensus on a “WAHM” who
    A) steals another WAHM’s business name (similar products too) B) steals a different WAHM’s tagline and
    C) copies the second WAHM’s product copy/About me/Policies etc. WORD FOR EFFING WORD!? Including one of the products having the same name (which is distinguishable from all the others like it in the market)???

    I mean usually this would be considered UNACCEPTABLE, right??

  1054. memememememe says:

    It was DNF….shame on her all the way around. That’s the problem with these big name WAHM’s that get all this stellar feedback, but you know how they get around it don’t you? They let you order, but not from their cart. So then you can’t leave feedback on their cart. You then HAVE to go and trash them at all the forums…but that DOESN”T help others who may purchase in the future. Something needs to be done about the FB system,.

  1055. DSDM2 says:

    mememememmeme, you are mistaken, it wasn’t DnF. Both DNF and the buyer said that.

    We concluded that the OP is full of shit and mistaken.

    You can leave non-cart feedback on HC and ask to have it combined.

  1056. me me me says:

    1072-That’s not cool, at all. Who is the theif?

  1057. JustAMama says:

    She took her store down – I threatened legal action (and meant it!) and she rolled over like a good girl. ROFL

    She was one of my customers, and the month after ordering from me (and bragging about loving it) she started her ‘own business’ and copied everything from me and the other WAHM.
    GAG ME. Talk about tacky.

    I’m keeping an eye on her, if she even thinks about starting it again (unless everything is original, from name to product to writing), I’ll be on her so fast her little lemming head will spin.


  1058. JustAMama says:

    oh wow I just went back and read this – what’s the deal with Rayne Catchers/mum2corbie? I have some trainers from her (in a trade) and they’re nice. I’ve recommended her several times and just asked her to make me a diaper.. EEEK! What did I miss??

  1059. DSDM2 says:

    Check out the JARs on her too.

  1060. JustAMama says:

    WHOA. Thank you! I didn’t realize that BBB was the same as Rayne Catchers… off to do some preventative maintenance!

  1061. memememememe says:

    OK so was it Michelle from Muttaquin Baby? That would make perfect sense really. Her CS has been SHIT for a long long time.!

  1062. memememememe says:

    But it also sounds like Stinky Couture..alot…

  1063. JustAMama says:

    But I don’t think the price adds up with SC??

  1064. me me me says:

    1080-You could also pm me with any questions you have. I’m an open book. It’s always better to get it from the horses mouth ya know.

  1065. me me me says:

    Oh and by the way, you didn’t have to make up the story to cancle your order. The truth would have been fine. I understand my past business left plenty to desire and rightlyfully scares some off. I understand that despite how hard I’ve worked to learn my lessons and do things right, that will never be good enough for some. No hard feelings, I just would appreciate if peple would be honest and not hide their real thoughts n feelings.

  1066. me me me says:

    And if you don’t want to talk to me directly, see post 235 above.

  1067. me me me says:

    1077-OK, I just went back in my transactions the last year, and can not figure out who you are. I just PMed the one mama I thought you were and she says it’s not her. This irks me.

    I know I’ve never been perfect but THIS is why my old business was allowed to go so far bad for so long. No one had the BALLS to approach me and say anything. I had several repeat customers buy from me and never point out flaws or area of needed improvement. Then when others posted neg fb they’d come out with theirs. WTF. Like dude, why did you keep buying from me if it wasn’t up to par, why did you not tell me, ask me to fix it, something to let me know it wasn’t right. They’d complain to their friends, complain on forums I didn’t go too, but never went to ME and said anything. Everything had to blow up in my face for me to find out so many people thought my work was not good enough of, that I needed schooling in customer service. People waited months if not longer to post fb even.

    I took a year off. I spent that time testing with my own kids and perfect strangers babaies. I made sure, or so I thought, that I had it right this time before selling them. I wrote up a busines plan that included customer service, to be sure I handled that properly this time too. I have gone slowley to make sure I do not repeat old mistakes. If more customers would just be honest and go to the WAHM right away and post factual feedback, the caring wahm would get the message faster and fix what needs fixing. I know I would have. I did/do care. UGH. OK…..

    UGH now I need to go send an email to all my customers for the last year ask them if they are REALLY happy and not just “ignoring issues”. Dang it, if it’s not perfect I want to know. I need to fix it. I’m not out for a quick buck, I want to offer a great product and give good customer service too. I don’t want to be a Mutt or a Goodmama, I care about my product integrity and customers. I will take any critic seriously and make use of it too. OK… I’m done now. lol

  1068. Cheesewhiz says:

    *scratches head*

  1069. me me me says:

    Don’t mind me, I appoligize ladies. I get emotional once in a while (about every 28 days) and let things concern me more than they should. I’ll be bowing out of this race for a few days until I’m done being a whinny bitch and ready to come back normal. lol

  1070. DSDM2 says:

    Yeah, we don’t really care. That is why no one is responding.

  1071. upset mama says:

    is me me me DnF?

  1072. DSDM2 says:

    No, she is BBB/Rayne Catchers/ etc.

  1073. me me me says:

    I guess it just seems if no one cared, they wouldn’t be so quick to link to way old stuff and be so fast to bring up the long ago past. I get it, they just dont care if I reply. *wink* Of course if I was actling like Tiffy or It’s a Snap, then I’d be fun to play with. hee hee

  1074. me me me says:

    For the record, Rayne Catchers is the name of my brand of OS diaper, Planet 9 Creations is my business name now that I hvae returned from my much needed break.

    BBB was my misrably planned, ill faited Hyena Cart started just before my last, unplanned pg (yes we were preventing, it didn’t work-she’s 2 now) and instead of having the sence to close up when the pg was complicated right off the bat, I pressed on and sank like the titanic.

    May as well set it straight. lol

  1075. itsraininghere says:

    so. . . let me get this straight.

    you made a crappy diaper, and it’s the customers fault that you made a crappy diaper?

    and now it’s our fault for not giving a crap what your lame excuses are?

    glad that business plan is working out for you.

  1076. me me me says:

    Not so much as I got in way over my head. That was no ones fault but my own. I just find it funny that “no ones cares”, yet it gets brought up readily. Yet as soon as I reply, I end up talking to myself. lol It’s all good.

  1077. Areyouforreals says:

    Just stumbled on this site and this post. I seriously never want to do business with any of you DS’ers again. I am nauseated. They’re diapers. Get a life.

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