Hmmm… without any other details, I say call the police. PP won’t do any good b/c you “received something”. Hmmm…

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How do I get my diapers or over $300 back?

Ok, so yes, maybe I’m an idiot, but I’m a trusting idiot, and I’m happy with that part of me so anyway…Here goes.

Back in August, I was asked if I wanted to “piggyback” on an order a friend of mine was placing with a WAHM. I said yes, was told I could order 9 diapers, and sent $565 through Paypal. About a month later, my friend told me that she realized she had actually overcharged me for my diapers, and owed me around $70, but she was PP-less, could she send it to me a bit later. I told her that would be fine.

Fast forward to December. I received 4 diapers. 5 of them were supposed to be arriving a couple of weeks later. Around the middle of January, I emailed (or pm’ed I can’t remember) my friend asking about the rest of my diapers. She said that she would contact the mama SHE had piggybacked on about the remainder of my order.

I never received a response, and have since found out that the mama my friend had piggybacked my (her) order on has since dropped off of the face of DS (right around the time my second shipment of diapers was supposed to ship). I am now getting either no response, or very short, curt responses from my “friend” regarding my diapers. I’m due around $350 total and I’m starting to get really, really irritated.


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  1. zosiasmama says:

    With that much money on the line you just don’t piggybak an order. You do your own order so that you have a recourse to get your money back. And I will say what we are all thinking… $565 for 9 diapers? Is she for real???

  2. DSDM2 says:

    yup. I don’t know anything in that high of demand.

  3. Shabbychic says:

    Who cares how much they cost. Someone took her money, never sent the diapers and now wont give the money back.

  4. DSDM2 says:

    Oh SC, I agree. I was just surprised anyone would had out that kind of money for 9 diapers, which leads to questioning the OP, that is all. Asking about both sides here, kwim?

  5. Shabbychic says:

    I am pretty sure its Stinky Couture. This is going to get really interesting I think….

  6. DSDM2 says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh… interesting…

  7. Shabbychic says:

    I think the diapers are Stinky Couture, but I dont think that that has anything to do with who has her money.

  8. MatildasMum says:

    So – mama #1 is the mama who has dropped off the face of the internet – the original buyer? Mama #2 is the “friend”? And SC (if that is the WAHM) has nothing to do with it?

    So – Mama #1 is the person who is not giving up the diapers?

  9. Shabbychic says:

    Mama #1 is the OP. Mama #2 is the “friend”. Mama #3 is the buyer of the Fixx, and lets call Mama #4 the WAHM

    Stinky Couture apparently did send the diapers to Mama #3. Thats all I know, thus far.

  10. JustPeachy says:

    I wouldn’t piggy back on another mamas piggybacked order JMO. Theres too many ppl involved in that transaction for me to figure out if Mama#3 and the WAHM are responsible.

  11. MatildasMum says:

    Well yeah – hindsight and all, Peachy. I guess I’m too trusting as I would have totally done this with a “friend”. 😦

  12. Shabbychic says:

    Yeah, I would have and have done an order like this. I would never run off with someones money and am always astounded that transactions like this go bad, because although I have my shortcomings, theft from friends isnt among them. I find it ever so surprising that people think they can get away with this stuff. And really, how do you sleep at night, stealing from your friends?

  13. naturalmamadot says:

    The short curt responses from mama #2 are whats getting me. I hope shes not in on it, but I know if I was in her position I would go in with mama #1 and get the cops involved on mama #3.
    The fact that she hasnt stepped up, apologized, and tried to get legal help for her “friend” mama #1 says to me that she either is a POS or in on it with mama #3. Yes she may be embarrassed and feel like mama #1 will blame her, but if shes innocent, then she too is just a trusting person and mama #1 will probably understand and forgive.

    If mama #2 is innocent, and it is all on mama #3, then she should be apologizing for getting mama #1 in on it and helping her out, not ignoring her and being a bitch with the curtness. Mama #2, you should be ashamed of yourself for treating your “friend” like this after she got screwed over.

    I do hope that mama #1 didnt get effed over by her friend as well as mama #3 but if she doesnt start getting more of a response from mama #2 soon, Id contact the cops about both.

  14. JustPeachy says:

    Well to me it doesnt sound like the mama is friends with mama #3 who placed the order which is why she is having to go thru mama#2 to resolve it

  15. kimsansf says:

    Wow… i feel like i totally would have done that if i knew mama #2 and mama #3. and I’d be really peeved. Is it against DS rules to ‘out’ mama #3?

  16. naturalmamadot says:

    Thats what I was saying, mama #2 isnt responding to her, is being a bitch and should be helping her and apologizing. Im saying that IF mama #2 is NOT in on it with #3 then she is just a POS for trying to ignore mama #1.

  17. naturalmamadot says:

    Mama #2 should be helping her out. At the very least just give over #3s info and step back, but even that would make me think she was a POS. She should be actively involved in helping the friend that she got into this mess in the first place. Shit both of them should of called the cops long ago.

  18. naturalmamadot says:

    Is that pink hair or is my brain without a skull?

  19. Laura says:

    she says problem resolved now. Did she get her money back?

  20. naturalmamadot says:

    Maybe she meant that the issue of deciding what to do has been resolved?
    IF not, maybe mama #2 or #3 saw the post and decided they should stop being an asshole(#2)/scammer(#3).

  21. Jay says:

    Did mama #1 even know there was a mama #3 when she put in her order?

  22. Shabbychic says:

    It’s really so amusing to me that Mama #2 appeared when this came public. How boring.

  23. mrstkeller says:

    Dude. I am so confused. So I guess the only thought that came to my mind is that we all have a part to play in the ‘drama’ that happens to us and just take responsibility for your part. To say someone ‘should’ do something is great and all. . . but when it comes down to it, we can’t control what other people do and how they act. Just keep your side of the street clean . . . be responsible. . don’t play the victim.

    How would you want your kids to act if they got involved in a ‘messy’ situation? Do that.

    FWIW. . I’m not on any ‘side’ here.

  24. werd says:

    woah what a cluster fuck!

  25. naturalmamadot says:

    #23 but mama #1 CANT just take responsiblity for HER part, HER part is not even THERE. She doesnt have anyones info, no way of telling the cops WHO f**ked her over and no way of getting her shit. If she only sticks to HER part she is completely screwed out of hundreds of dollars.
    Oh and if this happened to my kid you bet your ass the cops would be called on who stole their 350 bucks.
    If this happened when I was a kid that person would be lucky if all they got was their ass beat for taking 350 bucks. Fortunately Im a grown up now and would take it to the cops, but I sure as hell wouldnt sit around and ONLY deal with my part.

    Not attacking you, but that reasoning doesnt work in this situation if you ever want to see any of your money again. In other situations, that may work just fine.

  26. mamapajama says:

    LOL #18!

  27. saslewis11 says:

    Hi guys.

    Its resolved now, but the mama who has my diapers is Shea Turner (slturner) She’s also the one that kept Lisa Rachelle’s yarn and she also has some other items promised to DS mamas.

    I googled her, found her home address, where her DH works, her home telephone # (disconnected), etc. So. I believe I’m SOL. Supposedly she was laid off and I guess she doesn’t have phone or internet now? Anyway, she knows she has my diapers, plus obviously she has yarn from Lisa, and unless she lost the ability to make it to the post office in the last 2 months, I think she’s ripping us off.


  28. DSDM2 says:

    Wow. SLTurner egh?

    File a JAR, and leave FB on DS, also call her local COUNTY sheriff. If all of you get together, they have to go to her house for a report if nothing else.

  29. Shabbychic says:

    But Shea sent Kmwell her diapers? But not yours? Who refunded you? Or did someone send the diapers now? I am confused.

  30. Laura says:

    I’ll be in Birmingham on Saturday. I will go knock on her door and ask for your diapers.

  31. saslewis11 says:

    HAHAHAHA Awesome. A diaper bounty hunter!! πŸ˜€

  32. JustPeachy says:

    Well now we know who the scammer is in two issues. Thanks for coming on here and letting us know. I hope you get some of your money back and its worth it to press charges against her if you cannot get ahold of her.

  33. kimsansf says:

    wow slturner, really? and Lisa-Rachelles yarn? did kmwell get her diapers?

    what a shitty situation…

  34. saslewis11 says:

    Yep, and the weird thing is…I received 4 of the diapers. If she was truly a scammer, wouldn’t she have just kept those 4 as well?

    She always struck me as very sweet on DS…Yeah, whatever that’s worth, but the whole thing is just weird.

  35. Laura says:

    Is this the listing for her?
    Birmingham, AL 35244

  36. saslewis11 says:


  37. itsraininghere says:

    UGH! once again i am wondering why someone without complete financial stability is spending unbelievable amounts of money on diapers.

    yes, her situation changed, but if she were well off when she purchased the fixx, she wouldn’t be in this situation just sayin’.

    watch for your diapers on a fsot somewhere.

  38. naturalmamadot says:

    Wow, I hope the cops knocking on her door scares the shit out of her

    and ditto #37 about watching for your dipes on fsot not just on DS either id check ebay, local craigslist, other diapering sites etc her keeping the dipes wont do her any good and it soundslike she is looking to make a buck

  39. mrstkeller says:

    #25. . . I didn’t say ‘do nothing’. I think #1 should try to get it resolved. . She also took a gamble on piggy backing on another order. If she wanted to be in control of the situation, she would have ordered directly or waited for that opportunity. That is her part.

    That being said. . I do think that withholding the information is not the right thing to do. and that is #2’s part. (if that is the case. . . I’m just going off what others are saying and don’t know first hand – on ALL parts)

  40. kelolsen says:

    a diaper bounty hunter!!?? bwahahaaaaaaaaaa that has totally made my day! I love it.

    I hope you get your stuff saslewis. Send her an empty FRB w/ a check inside w/ themoney to send it back to you. It might work!

  41. kimsansf says:

    #40 that’s a good idea… send a postage paid return mail label with your address on it. If your addy is preprinted on there (can you do that through PP) then she can’t use the postage for anything else. It might work… she always seemed nice before all this. It would suck to then be out anohter $9. 😦

  42. AshleyB says:

    I agree with sending the FRB. I would also probably schedule a pickup for the next day at her house…and when you send the first envelope with the return receipt, send it certified mail so she has to sign for it!

  43. naturalmamadot says:

    Id probably include a little note also about that if you dont get it back within X amount of time you will be contacting the police with her address.

  44. scmej says:

    Only problem is if she is not living at that address anymore – it may not get to the right person. She was laid off in December and since has had her phone and everything disconnected. Likely that she is no longer living there.

  45. Shabbychic says:

    Who should she be contacting to ask for the money. It seems as if the person who was paid the money is responsible.

  46. saslewis11 says:


    The diapers are not at Shea’s house. No diaper bounty hunters required. She provided a DC#, but the diapers show delivered.

    Mama #2 has contacted her post office. I really wish I’d dealt with this a month ago 😦

  47. Shabbychic says:

    So the diapers were delivered to your kmwell, who says she never got them, although there has been verified DC, mmmkay.

  48. DSDM2 says:

    I say mama #2 has more diapers than she is admitting to.

  49. DSDM2 says:

    CJ, I got the email, can you please send it to me, it is gone already.

  50. kmr says:

    And wasn’t kmwell selling numberous SC’s a few months ago? Brand new? Me thinks kmwell needs a house call from the local PD.

  51. kmwell says:

    Sarah knows I do not have the diapers. Anyone who knows me knows that it is ridiculous to think I would want them or need them and I would certainly not steal them from Sarah. Meg- I know you are DYING to nail me down, but I did nothing wrong here. And for the record, I have been trying to track the diapers down (Shea) for weeks and offered weeks ago to settle this with Sarah. Me not communicating with Sarah had ZERO to do with the diapers. Me not communicating with Sarah had to do with Meg (Shabbychic) bullying me and harassing me via pm causing me to leave DS and to stay away from Sarah out of respect for her friendship with Meg. The DC# does say they were delivered to my city, but not to my address. I have filed a claim. Meg- you know very well that even YOUR package (around the same date) was delivered to my neighbor 5 doors down, yet, the DC says it was delivered. Also- for the record, I have already begun paying Sarah back, and it has NOTHING to do with this thread. I offered WEEKS ago. Think what you will- I am no thief.

  52. Shabbychic says:

    I have the PMs Kristi, would you like me to share? You failed to communicate with Saeah because of ME. LMAO. I am flattered. Give it up Kristi.

  53. kmwell says:

    Meg- I have no intention of playing with you. You are not worth it to me. Have fun.

  54. Shabbychic says:

    I love how a transaction that has NOTHING to do with me, is my fault. Heck, I have never even owned a Stinky Couture. Funny, eh, with all the drama surrounding them and such, you would think I would be right there. Oh well. I’m flattered though, really.

  55. werd says:

    woah. the claws came out. real fast like!

  56. FruitLoop says:

    Are stinky couture really worth that? It seems kind of ridiculous…

  57. not just another mama says:

    I say out her!! Lets see those PM’s haha!

    kmwell, so you hid with another mamas diapers valued over 350$ because someone – not related to the transaction – was mean to you? how old are you? seriously.. Give the mama her money or her diapers!!!

  58. alison says:

    Daphne ALWAYS ships with insurance so they have to be signed for. So, if they’re shown as delivered, they were, and they were signed for…

    I am SO, SO, sorry OP. How incredibly sucky.

  59. alison says:

    Oh – wait – so Shea is claiming she did send the dipes to OP? And has DC for that? Hmmmm…

  60. alison says:

    Oh God, I’m lost… Don’t mind me…

  61. kmwell says:

    #56- Daphne did not ship them to me. And there is no insurance. And I did not sign for them. I do not have them. Daphne shipped them to Shea and Shea shipped them to me. Only i never got them.

  62. scmej says:

    No Allsion. Shea mailed them to Mama 2. Who was the middleman in the transaction. They are MIA. A claim with the PO has been made because Shea just came fwd an hour ago with the DC after weeks of disapearing.
    Mama 2 was to mail them to the OP.

  63. eeek says:

    Am I the only one who finds this whole conversation just shrouded in a fog of mystery? WTH. I get the OP’s situation, I do. But the rest, lol…. how does shabby come into it?

    Anyway, anyone else baffled by the amount of large diaper orders with DC#s showing delivered while no one gets diapers? I used to believe in DC (as proof of delivery!), but now I’m thinking insurance is the new DC, if only to dispel any chance of all this crazy. Or get the signature card, or something.

    It would be stinky couture diapers, too. Drama follows that woman everywhere.

  64. not just another mama says:

    These packages didn’t happen to get sent to North Pole? Sorry.. I had to laugh.. So funny how these expensive packages of diapers are magically poofing into thin air.

  65. kmwell says:

    #55- um no. No hiding. I am where I have always been. And Sarah (who is the person with whom I have the transaction) has all of my info, and I have spoken with her.

  66. kmwell says:

    #63- Thank you. Exactly. All of it.

  67. mrstkeller says:

    I have had packages shown delivered to me that were actually sitting in some box somewhere else.

    Only when I started calling around did they (the USPS) magically find it.

  68. Shabbychic says:

    #63- To clarify.

    I come into it because Kmwell claims that she didn’t communicate with Sarah regarding her $350.00 worth of diapers because I was mean to her via harassing and bullying PMs and Sarah and I are friends.

    Got that. K. Good. Lets move on to the ACTUAL players again.

  69. StacEy says:

    so I just skimmed through the thread and somebody claims “she” (referring to kmwell) was selling a bunch of SC’s a month ago. What’s the story behind that?

  70. mrstkeller says:

    #69. . Kristi owned a bunch of SC’s. I think they were hers.

  71. kmwell says:

    Um- hello- I had part in the order to. Furthermore, diapers in question were SHIPPED on 1/8/09….check my history- no SC’s were sold by me since then. FURTHERMORE….I sold SC’s for $25, yet I am paying Sarah back more than that per diaper….WHAT would I gain?

  72. AshleyB says:

    INTERESTING!!! I want to know wth is up with all these missing packages? Is this the new scam trend (claim to never get it) or is the PO REALLY dicking up bad?

  73. kmwell says:

    #72- I imagine a little bit of both.

  74. StacEy says:

    71: dude, I don’t have the time (or the desire) to research your buying/selling habits. I saw the issue raised and thought I’d ask.

    72: I don’t think the PO loses packages very often at all. I have shipped and received hundreds (maybe thousands?) of packages over the last 6 years and I have never had one single package go missing.

  75. mrstkeller says:

    #74. . I think you have a competent mail carrier. I’ve had to track down at least 4 packages in the last year.

  76. kmwell says:

    OK, no problem. I was just defending myself saying I did not receive and sell Sarah’s diapers.

  77. kimsansf says:

    Id believe it was the post office before I believed Kristi would do something like that. I have no idea what happened between her and Meg, but I do know that the PO has been stinking it up badly lately.

    I have also shipped and received hundreds of packages and just recently had two go missing. One from my mom, who Im pretty sure isn’t scamming me. the other from a trusted friend and WAHM who I am equally sure isn’t scamming me.

  78. StacEy says:

    75: maybe I’ve been lucky, but I have had many mail carriers. We move a lot.

  79. mrstkeller says:

    #78. . indeed! Especially if you moved a lot.

    And Kim ITA! I wish it was innocent until proven guilty, but it seems to be more of a guilty until proven innocent. : (

  80. kmwell says:

    #78 I would say you have been lucky. In the past year- I have had 1 package completely lost (make this 2) and 2 packages delivered 5 houses down (happened within the same time frame as said diapers appear to have been delivered, luckily- the neighbor brought them to me) and a a Priority package that took 24 days to get to me.

  81. kmwell says:

    77 and 79- thank you.

  82. kimsansf says:

    The whole situation just stinks… and poor Sarah with no diapers. 😦

    So… if I can turn this whole thing in a different direction… does anyone know what happened or what the deal is with Lisa-Rachelle’s yarn?

  83. not just another mama says:

    I think that is very very odd that I live in a huge huge city with millions of people yet I’ve never had one single package lost or misplaced.. ever..

    If your mail carrier, kmwell, is KNOWN for being incompetent.. wouldn’t you file a complaint before hand? Instead of letting in continue, or at the very least, SPEAK to him/her, especially when hundreds of dollars of items are being mailed to you?

  84. kmwell says:

    #83 I actually did just speak to her. The very last time, a few weeks ago when I had packages delivered to a neighbor. She told me that she has a sub every other Saturday and on weeks where she works Saturdays she is off another day and that it was the sub screwing stuff up. Anyway- I know it was not much of an explanation but its what she gave. Now that I have a DC#- I have filed a report with the PO and I also informed them of the other incident. I know- too little too late. Lesson learned (the hard way).

    Oh and Kelly- the last time I sold SC’s on DS was 12/20. And actually they are still there- they never sold, and they are very obviously used.

  85. - D says:

    I’ll play for a moment ladies….

    #51 KMWELL –

    You have put me in the position of contacting via this route, disappointing. Invoice from 12-01-08 still owed of more than $100.00. You have your order. As well the Tires/Wheels diaper is in need of being returned. A replacement was sent to you. Please contact me regarding the balance. Numerous gentle reminders have been sent. ALL correspondence available upon request.

    *FROM Kristi 12/4/2008 8:16 AM

    I just want to let you know that they are gorgeous. I love them. I am a bit under the weather so if I sound blah…that is why. I am still awaiting Mr Bubbles but Shea mentioned that he is en route. I will get the PP over asap. I am sorta stuck until I sell some stuff because DH has vetoed use of the CC through PP and the checking acct associated with my PP is my personal account (my play money) and its a bit on the dry side due to Christmas. DH will replenish it at some point LOL.

    Visit soon,


    #58 TRUE. I send ALL items w/ insurance and a signature required


    #62 scmej – HELLO Claudia! …of Sticky Peas : )


    #63 eeek

    READ on friend:

    saslewis11 – let’s visit ((HUGS))

  86. not tellin says:

    I believe the mail system has gone SO downhill… I once had a package with DC sent to me, shown as delivered and i NEVER got it. It was a gift, so not something I paid for, or even knew was on the way, but when I never mentioned it to my friend (or thanked her, for the FRB full of stuff, lol) we found out that I never got it! My PO did nothing to help.

    I have nothing to add to this situation, but I jst wanted to say, 500+ for 9 diapers? I’d want them to be made of gold, lol.

  87. DSDM2 says:


  88. Shabbychic says:

    I have so rarely in my life been at a loss for words. This, is one of those rare times.

  89. scmej says:

    WOW –
    # 85 Daphne of Stinky Couture.
    You are so funny how you try to “out” me. But that is my HC name. So you are sooo good at your detective work.

    So an eye for an eye huh. I guess you “do” have a voice! LOL

  90. Michelle says:

    A different subject, but can we please find out who this WAHM is so that I can avoid her. WTH?

  91. BffMama says:

    The plot thickens…dun dun DUNNNNNNNN

  92. kmwell says:

    #85 Please D. I do not owe you any money at all and you know good and well that I do not. I never sent you the defective shell of Tires and Wheels but will do so if you really need it.

  93. Shabbychic says:

    D. All correspondence available upon request?

    OK, requesting. Let’s have it.

  94. Messy says:

    So Daphne says she (Kmwell is Kristi, right?) got all the diapers she was supposed to get except Mr. Bubbles? Ummm… Well now, that sure changes things a tad. I am trying to make sure I read Daphne’s post correctly because I am lost in the she said she sold she bought she said she had she mailed she sold she wants she never got situation…

  95. kmwell says:

    #94- separate order

  96. - D says:


    I just recently found out about the situation with saslewis11 (Sarah). We have visited and I will be making her two SC’s free of charge…because I do care and I don’t want her to change.

    I *heart* Sarah just how she is, trusting

    #92 ALL, I repeat ALL correspondence available to be made public. Please do pay the balance owed Kristi (KMWELL).


    Playtime over for me ladies as I have work to do : )

    Have a lovely evening!

  97. Messy says:

    Is Daphne saying this is the order and you are saying it is a separate order? If so, then why would Daphne of Stinky Couture Diapers come and stir shit? What would make Daphne want to stick her already cleared nose in the muck to get a sniffy of the shit going on? Why would Daphne do that? Hell, I dunno, but my bet is because she is a shit-sniffing pot-stirrer who thrives on drama mama. JMHO.

  98. kmr says:

    kmwell, post 84, you did sell brand new SC’s right around the time Sarah was supposed to have been receiving her diapers from you., so how would I know they weren’t meant to be Sarah’s, it was just an observation πŸ™‚
    And there is no excuse for the lack of communication and blaming of Meg. Meg has nothing to do with this.

  99. JustPeachy says:

    Claudia dont let that crazy bitch bug you. I didn’t even understand wtf she was trying to say.

  100. werd says:

    woah. this is better than sex!

  101. Messy says:

    Daphne, just clarify what the hell you are trying to say. There are too many mamas involved! Are you saying kmwell got the diapers and she is the one responsible for Sarah not getting hers? That this Shea person had them, and that kmwell got them for sure?

  102. DSDM2 says:


  103. JustPeachy says:

    Oh and Daphne success isnt success if its faked. You shill bidding and hyping your stupid no-different-then-any-other t&t dipe does not equal success. Maybe you should take a page from other WAHMs who are success and aren’t shady bitches. Get off your fucking high horse and buy a fucking clue.

  104. Messy says:

    #99 TY Peachy! She is frustrating… I thought maybe we should send her some crayons and paper to help her get what ever she is trying to say out…

  105. Messy says:

    I just saw that #99 was addressed TO Claudia, I answered it because I felt like I was the only one not getting what Stinky was saying. LOL, sorry Claudia!

  106. JustPeachy says:

    That last one was in response to her stupid ass blog post. Seriously sounds soooooo fucking narcissistic.

  107. JustPeachy says:

    Ok so Im not the only one that didn’t get it? Thank goodness because for a minute there I thought I had lost a few brain cells in a manner of a few minutes LOL.

  108. ~JC~ says:


  109. not just another mama says:

    I’m confused..

  110. JustPeachy says:

    Ok Im going to take Kristi’s side for a second if for no other reason then I think she is a nice person. Ya maybe she did make a judgment error in not contact Sarah but she’s owning up to it and at least trying to make amends. Isn’t that all we want?

  111. kmr says:

    I’m thinking Daphne was trying to say that Kmwell isn’t always reliable at paying her debts. But that’s just my translation.

  112. kmr says:

    #110, I think all she is offering is to refund her half the money owed and wants to call it good.

  113. JustPeachy says:

    #109 Join the club. Still waiting on Daphne to retype what she said in a language the rest of us can understand.

  114. naturalmamadot says:

    ~LOVE you peachy!!~

    and #90 oooh what the hell? I wanna know!

  115. JustPeachy says:

    I will believe something Daphne says when hell freezes over. She’s been proven to be a lying bitch so why the hell would she stop now?

  116. kmwell says:

    Thank you Peachy. I have never avoided Sarah and I do feel bad about it. I never had any intention of letting Sarah solely bite the bullet.

  117. Messy says:

    Anyone have a Stinky to English translation book? I don’t read Stinky well. It is hard to follow along when she is answering a different thread somewhere in cyberspace that nobody else reads…

  118. JustPeachy says:

    Thanks πŸ™‚ Every once in a while I have a good point eh?

  119. KAL says:

    ooooh is there a post I missed about SC being a lieing bitch?

  120. kmwell says:

    112- wrong Kelly. I offered her 3 options…
    1. pay 1/2
    2. pay all
    3. pay for 4 more diapers to and have them shipped to Sarah

  121. werd says:

    lmfao 117. all I got is spanish to english.

  122. not just another mama says:

    You know.. Regardless of the situation.. Why would a WAHM post personal communication between them & a customer? I mean.. Yeah, customers from time to time suck ass, but that just rubs me really really bad.. IDK.. Even if it doesn’t make sense.

  123. ~JC~ says:

    Ok, I have to admit. I am SO confused between names and mama #1,2,3. Can someone offer a bit of a clearer explanation? Is this what happened?

    ??? bought X amount of SC dipes. XXX piggybacked and ZZZ piggybacked XXX. Then SC mailed the dipes to ??? who mailed XXX and ZZZ portons to XXX. XXX only mailed 4 of ZZZ’s dipes. Is this what happened? I’m so confused about where Kristi is to blame in all of this *scratcheshead*

    Finally – If SC did in fact mail all the diapers – then what is Daphne doing defending herself here because it is clearly an issue between the mothers and nothing to do with SC.

    Someone please correct me if I’m way off base

  124. werd says:

    sounds like Daphne is getting a fixx – of booze. that made NO fucking sense and reminded me of a drunk dial, for sure.

  125. Messy says:

    #121 I checked and my Dumbass to English dictionary was too advanced for Stinky to English 😦 You have to know that Stinky is sitting there thinking she just trumped all us stupid mamas on here with her bits of tantalizing information @@ Ummm…
    #122 I know, yucky isn’t it? But it is as professional as she has already proven herself to be, sadly.

  126. confused says:

    Daphne, while you’re here, there are a couple other blog posts you should check out πŸ˜‰

  127. Messy says:

    WHY are the numbers on the posts all fuckered up? GAH! My #126 needs to be changed to #122 and #123. Otherwise it makes no sense. We are all posting too fast LOL!

  128. kmr says:

    120 – now why would sarah take only half if you offered her a full refund? That makes no sense. Or was this another communication that got “lost”?

  129. Messy says:

    #127, no fear, she has probably read them. She THRIVES on them…

  130. kmr says:

    #124 –

    Shea had the order from SC
    Kristi piggybacked from her
    Kristi offered to let sarah order as well
    Sarah sent Krist over $300 for said diapers
    Shea sent Kristi her diapers
    Shea supposedly sent Kristi, Sarah’s diapers in a seperate mailing?
    Kristi says the mailman must have lost them.
    Kristi hasnt’ been communicating with Sarah b/c she doesnt get along with Sarah’s friend Meg (shabbychic), b/c meg picks on her. πŸ™‚

    Make more sense?

  131. not just another mama says:

    I love the turn this has taken.. from 350 dollars in missing diapers to a WAHM with a liquor problem.. Oh wow.. What would I do without this blog?!!

  132. confused says:

    127, oh yes, I forgot. We are all jealous.

  133. confused says:

    I meant 128, lol.

  134. JustPeachy says:

    Of course she does Messy. It feeds her grossly oversized ego. I’d like to knock her down a peg right about now.
    And you are welcome Kristi. I know things happen and I understand exactly why you stayed away as I probably would’ve done the same. I think the only thing that should matter now is you are coming forward and at least trying to make good unlike other mamas who lie and stay in hiding in hopes it will all go away.

  135. ~JC~ says:

    You Rock #131!! TY

  136. werd says:

    131 good recap and jesus what is this, fucking Sweet Valley High?!

  137. kmr says:

    You’re welcome 136 πŸ™‚

  138. kmwell says:

    131- mmmmm- no, not really Kelly. And for the record- Sarah did get 1/2 of the diapers. The diapers were sent in several separate shipments.

  139. kmr says:

    Sweet Vally High!!! I loved those books.

  140. saslewis11 says:

    I was offered some diapers by Claudia and declined, as I didn’t want her to have to be involved with this craziness. I don’t recall being offered a full refund, and I agreed to a payment for 1/2 of my loss earlier this afternoon.

    Ugh. My head is hurting.

  141. Messy says:

    I admit I am jealous of Stinky! Heck, she bilingual in a language nobody else has discovered yet! Imagine the publicity she will get for that! Oh wait, it would be *good so she would not like it… Stinky requires her daily intake of drama, hence her jumping in the middle of shit she had no business in…

  142. kmr says:

    ok then if that’s not right. Enlighten us. What I am getting from all of this is that the mailman lost the diapers, Sarah just hasn’t been getting your messages, and you are avoiding her b/c of Shabby chic.

    What am I missing?

  143. saslewis11 says:

    I did too, Kelly πŸ™‚ And Babysitter’s Club. LOL

  144. JustPeachy says:

    Im not jealous of stinky in any way. I just cant stand her holier than thou attitude.

  145. AshleyB says:

    WOW! This is good! I think we should send everyone on Jerry Springer to fight it out!

  146. werd says:

    yes I was obsessed with SVH and I loved the tv show too. I almost creamed my pants when I went to see RENT on broadway when i was like 15 and TODD from SVH the show was “Roger”. seriously. oh to be young again.

  147. JustPeachy says:

    Only if I get to come too if only to throw a chair at someone LOL.

  148. werd says:


  149. kmr says:

    Damn, I don’t think I ever saw SVH on tv.

  150. naturalmamadot says:

    Seriously, I have no comments on the blog post, Im laughing too hard to think straight. All I could think of with her first post is that either her cat is messing with the keyboard or she is drunk as a muhfuh.

  151. JustPeachy says:

    Im cracking up now too with all the jerry springer stuff.

  152. confused says:

    For the record, Claudia has already said who she was. You’re not that brillant, D.

  153. - D says:


    # 85 kmwell (Kristi) just telephoned me after being incommunicado for some time . Payment arrangements made.


    *fingers crossed* that Sarah’s diapers are located.

  154. kmr says:

    That would be interesting….a Diaperswappers Jerry Springer. The rest of the world would be so so lost.

  155. Messy says:

    kmr, I never saw SVH on tv either… I did read the books and the BSC too! Loved ’em! But I was a twisted child who liked VC Andrews books even more…

  156. confused says:


    Apparently neither am I πŸ˜›

    I need a drink…

  157. naturalmamadot says:

    #145 I think many can join you in not liking anything about her

  158. kmr says:

    woot! #154, glad to see you are finally getting paid!

  159. ~JC~ says:

    I’m confused why we’re talking about Kristi’s payment to SC when it has nothing to do with the situation

    Do you ladies think that if I start drinking tonight I’ll start to understand? Maybe drinking is the key…

  160. Messy says:

    #154 Seriously, did you just use this situation to further your own agenda (to get Kristi to pay you for some other nonrelated purchase)? Sad. Sick. Expected from you.

  161. kmr says:

    oooh Flowers in the Attic #156!! I looove those even more. I guess I’m twisted as well…hmm.

  162. kmr says:

    wait…i think that’s the right author…*sigh*

  163. Messy says:

    #160 I am sure that the only way to understand her would be to drink toilet water. I am positive that is where her Stinky comes from…

  164. kmwell says:

    Right D- Tires and Wheels damaged shell is being returned to you for your inventory purposes.

  165. JustPeachy says:

    It couldn’t hurt to try JC LOL.

  166. ~JC~ says:

    164 – ROFLMAO!!!!!

  167. Messy says:

    kmr, Oh Flowers in the Attic was her first. There are serieses of them that are awesome! Twisted freaky shit! Just what ever preteen needs to be reading about LOL!

  168. DSDM2 says:

    163 it is. i’m just as twisted.

  169. - D says:

    The Jerry Springer Show. . . would you show…as yourselves…no anonymity? That could be fun!

    Have a lovely evening ladies! Goodnight : )

  170. not just another mama says:

    kmwell just said she didn’t owe any money.. now shes paying? wow.. I’m so lost..

    I just hope this poor mama gets her money or diapers.. ]:

  171. BffMama says:

    154–Payment arrangements for what? She said she didn’t owe you anything, right Kristi? What’s the payment arrangement for?

  172. kmr says:

    *off to look for vc andrews books*

  173. werd says:

    Messy, we is peeps. I love me some VC Andrews!! I have every single book!!
    PS: Daphne is a skank.

  174. tiredmama says:

    #90 I believe it’s Dunk N Fluff. She did the same to me w /my custom order a few months ago.

  175. Messy says:

    #170 Hey Daphne, we would all be ourselves! We will know you! You will be the one in the audience screaming YOUR OWN NAME! Cheering for yourself… Then looking around like a deer in the grill when everyone else sees that it is you trying to make yourself look good. Eh, it’s ok, we know. It is your MO. Too late to fixx that Stinky issue isn’t it 😦

  176. Messy says:

    #174 I have them too!!! There are some true freaks in the world… We are family πŸ˜‰

  177. werd says:


  178. Shabbychic says:

    Daphne says Kristi owes her money
    Kristi says she owes Daphne nothing
    Daphne says Kristi just called her and payment arrangements have been made…

    Why would Kristi call Daphne to make payment arrangements if she didn’t owe her any money?

  179. - D says:

    #165 , no back peddling Kristi. Payment arrangements were made by you with me on the phone this evening (your call) in addition to you returning the Tires/Wheels diaper for inventory. I appreciate that you reached out. ((HUGS))

  180. Messy says:

    #178 Hmmm… Who knows. Before this is over, Daphne will be sending us all a bill to charge us for the entertainment she is providing here.

  181. JustPeachy says:

    Seriously I feel dumber for even having read Daphne’s posts.

  182. just_sayin says:

    Oh my hell, my head hurts.

    This is what I don’t understand, why was Meg butting in all of this and being nasty to the other mama?

    And why would Daphne mail out diapers that she didn’t get payment for?

    I think I finally get why SC’s diapers are over $50, they come with extra drama oy vey.

  183. BffMama says:

    And OT, doesn’t Daphne own a porn site and there was drizama about that, too?

  184. JustPeachy says:

    So what Daphne are you going to resell the tires and wheel diaper or just donate to the “womens shelter”.

  185. werd says:

    LMAO 183

    stinky bitch talks like my second grade school marm! get over yourself. quickly.

  186. Messy says:

    #184 Bff, I could have swore there was drama about it… But something about Stinky Couture, the name itself, that keeps me from finding out what *kind of porn site! Seeing her dumbass at work stirring shit here makes me think it is more a backdoor adventure for her…

  187. JustPeachy says:

    Ok i better go put my kidlets to bed so I can be prepared to sit here for a while LOL.

  188. kmr says:

    #178. Yep, agreed. And I am pretty sure that Daphne is just trying to confirm that kmwell is not reliable at paying her debts without harassment.

  189. kmwell says:

    I am not back pedaling D. I owe you the Tires and Wheels diaper- you say I owe you for some very high shipping costs and a Mr Bubbles diaper, right?

  190. BffMama says:

    What’s the 411 of this top secret payment arrangement? Did you agree to that, Kristi? I mean, just trying to check integrity/honesty/etc.

  191. confused says:

    Wow, didn’t you guys already talk on the phone? And you still don’t understand her?

  192. just_sayin says:

    #192, would you? I bet she talks like that in real life.

  193. BffMama says:

    OMG, if someone could make this into some kind of low budget windows movie using the monsters and speech bubbles, we would understand this a little more clearly.

  194. not just another mama says:

    LMFAO @ 192.

    Hahaha.. To actually have a phone conversation & still leave the convo rubbing your head..

  195. saslewis11 says:

    What’s the deal with the #’s?? I’m totally confused…

  196. DSDM2 says:

    I think it is b/c I have to approve posts, they get screwy

  197. saslewis11 says:

    Ah ok. Thanks πŸ™‚

  198. BffMama says:

    So you’re having to sit here and hit approve after each post? Oy.

  199. Messy says:

    #194 ROFL… That would be funny! But Daphne would be the monster cheering for herself… Crazy woman.

  200. naturalmamadot says:

    lmao #164

  201. DSDM2 says:

    not new posts, but new IPs and new names. (the reason for the freaking call out post)

  202. confused says:

    Haha, 195. She seems like one of those people that have a fake British accent or something. Like Madonna.

  203. DSDM2 says:

    I’m just sitting her wondering if I actually understand it all, and I am ashamed that I actually get it (SVH, VC Andrews and all).


  204. Shabbychic says:

    I am still wondering what payment arrangements were made for money that is not owed?

  205. DSDM2 says:

    Meg, I think we established that kmwell lied at least once in this thread.

  206. AshleyB says:

    #205…I think it’s what #181 said…charging for the entertainment πŸ™‚

  207. DSDM2 says:

    Don’t you think?

  208. BffMama says:

    Maybe they are both tied up on the phone with each other now (Daphne and Kristi) trying to actually make sense of the first conversation they had tonight.

  209. JustPeachy says:

    Ok why the hell would Daphne send off diapers before being paid in full? Unless she was trying to polish her tarnished image by giving someone a break.

  210. DSDM2 says:

    Repeat customer, good money… or at least WAS one.

  211. Messy says:

    So, DSDM2, since you have a better grasp on it (I keep going back and rereading to try to figure it out better), what is *your take on it? What do you think is up? I think that kmwell seems so sweet it is hard to accept she is lying and stole from Sarah, who also seems sweet. Somehow, I want to just make this all Daphne’s fault πŸ˜€

  212. BffMama says:

    Ohhh Peach is back, it’s on.

  213. not just another mama says:

    Yeah.. Sounds like kmwell wont be back for a while since shes been caught.. Oh well..

  214. kmr says:

    190 I dont think the shipping costs are that high considering they have DC and Signature confirmation. If the diapers weren’t send with DC and Sig. confirmation and they got lost, you’d be raising holy hell that D didn’t send them with Dc and sc.

  215. naturalmamadot says:

    Im still laughing…

    and yea I remember the whole porn thing but its fuzzy

  216. saslewis11 says:

    I keep trying to vote for Nick Mitchell on AI and its busy

  217. kmwell says:

    No -I have not lied.
    And Peach- she did not ship me unpaid diapers. She is claiming I owe her a VERY large amount of money for shipping. She shipped my diapers in several shipments. She promised me the diapers in 8 weeks and it took her 12 weeks (or 16 cannot remember), she told me she would ship in sets of 4-6 and shipped singles and doubles and is charging me almost $9 in some cases for shipping a single diaper….not the agreement. We are in a disagreement to say the least.

  218. JustPeachy says:

    Why would Kristi owe shipping on this order if the dipes went to Shea originally?

  219. just_sayin says:

    What did kmwell lie about? I’m so lost.

  220. kmwell says:

    Peachy- this is for a separate order. D is bringing up something TOTALLY unrelated to the situation at hand.

  221. JustPeachy says:

    Oh hell no! It does not cost 9$ to ship a diaper even doing it priority with DC and INS.

  222. not just another mama says:

    I’m even more lost now too.. Wow..

  223. me says:

    My local forum has a “Jerry Jerry!” sign smiley πŸ˜†

  224. DSDM2 says:

    Sara paid KMWell for diapers.
    KMWell ordered them from another mama, but then it sounds like she ordered them from SC (-D) herself.
    Sara never got all the diapers.
    KMWell ignored her.
    Blah Blah, it gets put here, she comes out to play.
    -D calls her bluff
    cat fight ensues

    My take? KMWell was trying to screw over -D and Sara, or is horrible with her money and screwed up.

    Oh and somehow, she tried to blame it on Meg who was the original sleuth.

  225. JustPeachy says:

    Oh well tell her to take her crazy and go home then Kristi. Shes confusing the hell out of us and it looks like she is purposely trying to make you look bad for no apparent reason.

  226. kmr says:

    Sorry for the subject change…but my ip is different eveytime i restart my internet..not my fault…so does that mean when I come back tomorrow you’ll have to approve my comments all over again? *scratches head*

  227. Shabbychic says:

    Peach, I was just about to ask the same thing.

  228. JustPeachy says:

    Idk dsdm2. Im thinking maybe there was an agreement as to Kristis payments would be in installments and Daphne would ship them as they were paid for?

  229. DSDM2 says:

    #227, it is picky and changes the rules on me, so maybe, lol.

  230. kmwell says:

    – I piggybacked a custom with Shea
    – I then ended up with my own SC custom
    – I offered Sarah the spot with Shea, for 9 of the diapers, since I now had my own custom
    – My custom has nothing to do with any of it.
    -Shea shipped me the diapers the way that she received them, in several shipments
    -I shipped Sarah the first shipment that belonged to her
    – I never received the next shipment

  231. not just another mama says:

    Called her bluff? What bluff? At least she is over here speaking up instead of hiding..

    Mmm, popcorn is ready.

  232. kmwell says:

    And I paid for all of my diapers up front.

  233. BffMama says:

    Why did she ship them a diaper at a time? Talk about even more confusing.

  234. kmwell says:

    226- right.

  235. JustPeachy says:

    Now Im even more confused as to what really happened. I have a hard time believing that Kristi would do something like this. Granted I don’t “know” her but she seems very nice plus she has perfect feedback. Why the hell would she ruin it just to screw over a friend and why oh why would she do it when she knows (and correct me if I am mistaken) that Meg lives nearby??? I apologize in advance if I am not making any sense but I get the feeling based on Kristis first posts to this blog that Meg lives not far (hence Meg’s package being delivered to Kristi’s neighbor). It just doesnt add up to me.

  236. kmwell says:

    Oh and 225. I blamed nothing on Meg, except for the demise of my communication “in general” with Sarah. Not my communication about the subject at hand. Meg and Sarah are friends, and Meg and I…well, suffice it to say, we are not.

  237. Messy says:

    #230 NO! When my IP changes I want this monster back. I am very attached to it’s long sexy tritoes!

  238. kmr says:

    Okay, shipping charges….Here is how I have it added up.

    I have never rec’d a diaper from D that was NOT sent Priority, even 1 diaper. So from D’s zip code to Kmwells, with Insurance for a $60 diaper, and Signature Confirmation, and up until recently, D shipped directly from the PO, not via Paypal, shipping charges would be $9.30.

    So that is not outrageous for the safe shipping of one of those diapers.

  239. kmwell says:

    Meg sold me some longies in early January and they were delivered to a neighbor. Meg is fully aware of this because I pm’ed her looking for them. The date she sold me the longies is the same time period that this package went missing and ANOTHER package was delivered to a neighbor.

  240. Nosy Nelly says:

    Wow, DSDM2, I totally didn’t get the same thing from all of this. I’m guessing you’ve got emails and stuff, so you get to know more than we do? LOL

    Here’s what I thought:

    Sarah pays Kristi
    Kristi pays Shea
    Shea sends the order to Queen o’Crazy
    QC ships to Shea
    Shea ships to Kristi in 2 sep. shipments
    1st gets there no problem, Kristi sends Sarah’s first 4 dipes to her
    2nd shipment from SHEA to KRISTI is awol but says delivered
    Sarah has been sitting and waiting for her diapers
    Kristi has been trying to avoid because she’s scared of Meg, cause y’know, she’s just grrr so scary!! ❀ Meg!

    Dramaz ensue, it comes to the blog.

    Queen o’Crazy comes on to bitch at Kristi about a totally unrelated order.

  241. Shabbychic says:

    I dont live near Kristi.

  242. kmwell says:

    241- yup! Except I have not been “avoiding” Sarah at all. I have never not responded to her emails and I did email Shea looking for the diapers.

  243. DSDM2 says:

    Ladies, something just came up (literally) at my house. Got to love flu season I guess. I’ll be checking in to approve posts as I am up through the night with the chickies.

  244. Messy says:

    #232 Anyone wanna help me kick just another mama’s ass??? She has popcorn and is not sharing! There is no freaking popcorn in this house! Wahhh!!!

  245. Messy says:

    #233 So Stinky was paid up front and then she charges for shipping when she is ready to ship? That is crazy and well expected from her but still nutty!

  246. BffMama says:

    Oh wow, hope the thing that came up starts staying down. Feel better little ones.

  247. kmr says:

    243 you are contradicting yourself, you said in post #51
    “Me not communicating with Sarah had ZERO to do with the diapers. Me not communicating with Sarah had to do with Meg (Shabbychic) bullying me and harassing me via pm causing me to leave DS and to stay away from Sarah out of respect for her friendship with Meg.”

    so now you saay you have never not responded to her. Which is it? You’re avoiding her b/c youre scared of meg, or you’re not?

  248. Messy says:

    (((DSDM2))) Healing vibes sent your family’s way!!! I HATE this time of the year!!! HATE IT!!! Sick drives me nuts!

  249. JustPeachy says:

    Oh Ok see my bad!
    And FWIW priority with DC and signature confirmation is not 9 bucks. Its 7.80 at the most for one diaper.

  250. kmwell says:

    Not scared Kelly- just choose to avoid. Don’t really need the negativity. And I basically said the same thing in both posts.

  251. kmwell says:

    And let me clarify- by “not communicating” I mean we were not on IM and email regularly like we used to be. I have never ignored an email.

  252. kmr says:

    peachy i calculated it using the USPS site. From Daphnes Zip to kmwells zip, Priority Shipping for an 8 oz diaiper is $4.95, Insurance for a $60 diaper is $2.15, Signature confirmation is $2.20 , for a total of $9.30. You can do it if you’d like, D’s zip is 80301, kmwells is 63366.

  253. not just another mama says:

    Totally off topic.. But my gosh.. Top Chef finale! Woohoo!

    And I would share popcorn, but I will have to charge you for a priority flat rate box, insurance, DC, signature confirmation & installation of a lowjack.. [:

  254. kmr says:

    kmwell, me asking for clarification is not being negative πŸ™‚

  255. kmwell says:

    255- no, not what I said. I said…not scared (of Meg) just don’t need the negativity.

  256. Shabbychic says:

    I think Kristi was referring to my negativity Kelly. Correct me if I’m wrong Kristi.

  257. JustPeachy says:

    See you did not say insurance. You said priority dc and sig confirmation. Isnt that a bit overkill? Wouldnt either 2 of the 3 suffice?

  258. AshleyB says:

    DSDM2…I hope your family feels better soon!! ((hugs))

  259. saslewis11 says:

    I think that Kristi it just would have been SO much better if you would had kept in contact with Shea over this….WhyTH didn’t she let you know she was shipping you those diapers? Especially if they weren’t coming insured??? That’s just insane. 😦 I NEVER ship anything over $100 without insurance. It just makes me too nervous.

    And if the situation had been reversed, I would have worried and cared about your order like it was my own. Especially since I had your PP!

    And the whole Meg drama. Ugh 😦 THAT is what affected all of this. It really, truly is. Because I’m friends with Meg, and you have issues with her, you let my order slip through the cracks 😦 No TRUE, valid communication with Shea, no updates to me of any substance…And now my freaking PP is tied up in something I will probably never see.

    I think its so unfortunate it has come to this…

  260. Shabbychic says:

    Hey Kristi, my negativity sure was helpful to you and your 10,000 questions regarding wool which I so graciously answered and all of your purchases of the exact same things as me in the days following my raves. I guess it was so much negativity that it compelled you to ask WAHMs for the exact same things. I mean come on Kristi. Just come on already.

  261. saslewis11 says:

    Delivery confirmation obviously doesn’t suffice all the time. Look at this situation. If Shea had shipped with Signature Confirmation, this would be a total non-issue, and my baby C would be working his other 5 Stinky’s lol

  262. DSDM2 says:

    -D, Just b/c you might be interested KMWell has a few names on the blog:
    “KMWell” here on this post
    “intrigued” on the ‘to whom it may concern’ post
    and the name you might find interesting is “grgb” on the material blog post about you.


    ETA: link to the material blog :

  263. just_sayin says:

    255, I think she meant negativity from Meg, not you.

  264. kmwell says:

    260. Sarah- I am sorry. I truly am. The whole thing sucks. ITA that I let the order slip through the cracks and I am sorry for that.

  265. kmwell says:

    261- right Meg. I did try to be your friend. True.

  266. just_sayin says:

    Everyone is posting way faster than I can type and read. Sorry for #264. πŸ™‚

    Meg, how the hell do you know what kmwell was ordering?

  267. Messy says:

    #263 😦 Multiple names just makes me feel like she is scamming or being deceptive. Maybe it is just me…

  268. kmwell says:

    261- oh, and no, I did not order all of the same stuff as you LOL.

  269. kmwell says:

    268- please go look at my posts. There are about 10 TOTAL and none are shady.

  270. kmwell says:

    And there are MANY mamas on this very thread, who are on that very thread (and many others on here) with multiple user names.

  271. Shabbychic says:

    267- I have lots of WAHM friends that I LOL with. Yeah. Oh, ok, not ALL. Semantics.

  272. undercover says:

    #175- it’s not DnF, I confirmed with the OP. My guess is SC. MO sounds the same with the fabric since we know she’s shady when it comes to customers fabric.

  273. confused says:

    That doesn’t make you a scammer.

    So are you still friends with D or not? You said some pretty harsh things. All of which I’m sure are very true.

  274. naturalmamadot says:

    #263 I must be daft but I cant seem to find the material blog do you know the name/page or have the link? TIA

  275. BffMama says:

    Ooo that link from dsdm2 in post 263 gets into more detail about the porn/stripper past. It also links to the DS poll: Would you buy from a well known WAHM who also runs an adult site?

    Glad to know my memory didn’t fail me.

    A good read that link. :thumbsup:

  276. Shabbychic says:

    Kristi has other usernames as well. Evidenced by this auction. She goes by the UN gx4well always, except she appeared to register a new name for this auction. She is also rbwa0168. She had a reason for that, confirming that it was her, although I didnt commit the reason to memory. Her reasons and variety of UNs here, there and elsewhere dont lend too much credence to the process of trying to maintain her integrity.

  277. just_sayin says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, # 267, which WAHM’s are gossiping about their customers with you? That is just wrong. I think I’m going to be avoiding all of your “rave” WAHM’s from now on. Yikes.

    Or are you just saying that to make yourself look better? Like you’re “in” with all of the cool kids?

  278. kmwell says:

    278- Meg, no I don’t (i combined my accounts when I changed emails). But you do right?

  279. BffMama says:

    This is like a tennis match with all this serving back and forth.

  280. DSDM2 says:

    281, but she isn’t hiding behind those names.

  281. Shabbychic says:

    I do what? I am always megbitton when I bid on anything. I am always Shabbychic on all forums.

  282. kmwell says:

    283- neither am I.

  283. kmwell says:

    284 you are Shabbychic when you sell on HC right? And Megbitton when you bid. So you have 2 names. Makes no difference what they are right?

  284. Shabbychic says:

    Seriously, no hiding here. I think everyone’s got it that Shabbychic is me, lol. Kristi, you told people you thought I was bidding up that auction because it was you so you had someone else bid and then used a different UN. Just stop. It’s over. You have 3 names here, 2 there, and have back peddled over your own words numerous times here. Enough.

  285. kmwell says:

    Meg- I told you before, not playing with you. I have nothing to hide. And you are dead wrong. Period.

  286. Shabbychic says:

    I don’t believe you.

  287. behooooooooooove says:

    Have a happy period.



  288. StacEy says:

    gee whiz this is a lot of drama. I strikes me as being incredibly sad.

  289. mrstkeller says:

    Dear God. This is some crazy shiz. So if Kristi is trying to make it right. . . why do we still need to throw mud on her? Just curious. Cause. . ya know. . .doing the right thing might just be um. . I dunno. . . boring?

    News flash. No one is perfect. But to own up to your f’ups. . .that is a sign of maturity. At least in my book.

    But I could be wrong. . since it seems there are some who NEED to be right. (and I don’t)

  290. StacEy says:

    oh behooooove, you kill me.

    Also, these monsters make it really easy to skim comments and find multiple usernames for lots of mommas. Very interesting.

  291. JustPeachy says:

    Geez behooooooove what rock have you been hiding under? I havent seen you post on here in FOREVA.

  292. not just another mama says:

    I agree, she needs to prove nothing to us, just to the mama shes in dealings with… If she is making it right, then that is FAR FAR more then other scammers do..

    IDK, if she can afford to shell out all this money for diapers, and from that HC lising, willing to pay 175 for some longies.. I really don’t want to think she stole from someone.. However, lack of communication makes the mind wonder..

  293. behooooooooooove says:

    Hey Peach! I haven’t posted much because there hasn’t been much to post about. This one is getting quite interesting, though! It’s been great entertainment for my evening.

  294. werd says:

    I have a headache.

  295. MajKitab says:

    From the material thread in Dec, user grgb AKA kmwell, about Daphne..

    “Yes- I definitely would not buy knowing what I know now. All I had ever seen prior to purchasing were the raves and the positive feedback on her cart (which I did check into)…it really does tick me off that many of the mama’s that are still forking over the dough to her do know about her shady practices and they still support and even rave about her. Its really ridiculous and exactly why she continues to get away with it.”

    ..But you placed a large order of her diapes this year and encouraged another Mama to do so as well? What’s up with that?

  296. behooooooooooove says:

    Busted!!! haha. Dumbass.

  297. tiredmama says:

    #272 really? I saw this post by the OP

    She was only waiting on 4 DNF nothing else. She also had said before it was edited that the wahm was stocking diapers today. There are only 2 people that stocked diapers today.

  298. KAL says:

    #297 could be your large exposed brain?

  299. naturalmamadot says:


  300. DramaBore says:

    This is all so fucked up. Why is Meg meddling in Kristi and Sarah’s business at all? And WAHMs talking about customers with her is just plain wrong.

    I hate the whole popularity thing on DS. Like how some people always get the great customs from certain WAHMs and others do not. And yes, I have e-mailed, and get on a waitlist…but some users can just get their customs ASAP. It’s frustrating.

  301. Monkey says:

    Good God. I go away for a few days and all hell breaks loose.

    I have some reading to do.

  302. Douchebag Patrol says:

    Wait. Stop. Hold the mothereffing phone.

    Did Daphne just post here?

    DAPHNE!!! You exist? Holy shit. This just made my Wednesday night. Daphne I am sitting here right now with my husband and we want to know once and for all: are you completely deranged or just an evil genius with a penchant for chaos??

    Wow. Ok, carry on…

  303. Nicole says:

    Im too lazy to read it all, but who the f*ck spends that much on NINE diapers? I dont care if they turn poo into gold, thats ridiculous. If you guys wanna throw money away, Im gladly accepting donations… lmao

  304. erinbeth says:

    Wow. I had no idea this world even existed. I always wondered how other mamas knew things that I couldn’t find anywhere! LOL
    Hi everyone!

  305. alison says:

    Good grief…

    A thought on some of Kristi’s multiple UNs… When the “Daphne didn’t send back all my fabric” thread broke back in December, there was a lot of grumbling about why more customers don’t come forward and speak out.

    And then some did. Including Kristi. Who, unsurprisingly wanted a little anonymity since she had placed the honking great order of which this thread speaks FOUR months prior (See OP, orders were placed and paid for in August) at which point there’s no refund recourse with Paypal.

    That’s also in answer to #298.

    “..But you placed a large order of her diapes this year and encouraged another Mama to do so as well? What’s up with that?”

    No. August LAST year. So yeah. So she bitched about crazy-like-a-fox Daphne under another UN. I would too if I’d forked over a ton of dough months prior and had still seen no product.

    Eh – when I first posted I switched between names once or twice, because I think my WordPress UN popped up once. I forget. It wasn’t a big deal. It happens.

    This really is a whole lot of very sad shiz, and as Kristi is making financial amends, as others have pointed out… It’s a little much-ado-about-nothing.

    Exept that it did flush Daphne out.
    Gotta love her whole – “I-post-your-email-and-get-all-nasty-nasty-and-then-I-give-you-(((HUGS))) mode of communication. Bit mommy-dearest, dontcha think?

    Sucks that Sarah didn’t get her dipes and that she wasn’t the recipient of the best communication trail, but if she’s getting her money back… It ain’t much of a scam.

    Just a couple online pals gone bad. Kindof sad.

    And no – I don’t know any of the players here. Happy to be not one of the cool kids with no dog in this diaper/wool war.

  306. Finch says:


    Didn’t Kristi place 2 orders w/ daphne?

    One she placed directly w/ SC. Which Daphne claims she owes $100 on and included the cars/trucks dipe(or whatever it is she’s sending back for inventory).

    The other order was placed through Shea and included sarah’s as well.

    I’m not sure when these 2 orders where placed but obviously one was placed prior to the Material thread and it appears the other might have been placed afterwards. Could it be that Kristi didn’t want to buy as many dipes b/c she wasn’t sure if Daphne would screw her, which also would explain piggybacking off another order b/c if daphne knew she had bad mouthed her she might intentionally screw her.

    Just wondering?

    Wasn’t there another order as well b/c kristi said she let sarah order 9 through shea b/c by that time she had gotten her own custom.

  307. Finch says:

    Ignore the last part,lol.

  308. undercover says:

    #300- PM equivocal/Tiffany yourself. She told me it wasn’t DnF. Plus she updated her post saying she just received the diapers yesterday and according to DnF’s status page her diapers just shipped yesterday. Can’t be the same WAHM, sorry. SC also stocked yesterday which is why I’m thinking it’s her.

  309. JustPeachy says:

    Shit man Im bored and I came on here to see if crazy bitch posted again and sadly she did not 😦

  310. Bloggitybloggity says:

    I just ate a big-ole bowl of mama drama and totally skipped breakfast!

    This shit is too hilarious.

    *Slapping thigh like an excited Redneck*

    Sorry for all the mamas that got screwed, though. That stuff sucks the the big one. Whether you lose $20 or $200… it’s never fun 😦

  311. alison says:

    #309… Yeah – there are two orders in there. I’m not clear on the date of Kristi’s. It’s my sense from all this that it was before December, but I could be wrong. I don’t know. And it’s a lot of comments to go back through, no?

    I guess the point is – she’s making good on it. Which makes it not a scam, right?

    The thread this entry is based on was posted on the previous blog entry, right? and I have to say, I think it was a little disingenuous of Meg to say:

    “Shabbychic Says:
    February 25, 2009 at 1:43 pm

    OK, never mind what kind of diapers they are. I’m more interested in WHO took the money. Some sleuthing is in order.”

    I can’t imagine that she didn’t know the whole story at that point. Perhaps I’m wrong.

    It just all feels rather unkind.

    Perhaps that’s what drama is, and hey, I’m a regular reader here, so clearly I’m not totally opposed.

    Just a thought.

  312. liljoeysmom says:

    I think when Meg posted that it was uncertain as to who had the money/diapers between Shea and Kristi. Figuring out which of the two owed mama #3 ( I forget her name) the money/diapers is far more important than figuring out what brand of diapers costs elevenity thousand dollars.

    That’s how I read Meg’s post.

  313. alison says:

    #315 – Fair enough.

  314. cdmd1023 says:

    wow! this has gotten out of control!!!!

  315. eeek says:

    OK, I totally have the messy & peachy love over here! Thank you for bringing a minute of laughter to a craptastic morning!

    All this can be solved by completely avoiding that gigantic bitch, stinky D. There are many, many lovely diaper makers out there. Buy some HTF fabric & I bet they’ll use it, I bet you have even more options than stinky as no one will FSOT that bitch good fabrics anymore due to her ickyness. Karma, yay! I love she never comes to discuss any of the times we’ve talked about what a crappy businessperson she is, but obviously reads- she only chimes in to harass a customer. SO classy, stinky D!

    & I would NOT pay $9/diaper for shipping when other (4-6 at a time) shipping had been arranged. When I pay someone for shipping, at the rate we arranged, it’s not my problem if they choose to ship it any other way.

    (sigh) come discuss, stinky D! I’d love to hear how you justify that, or any of the other things we’ve talked about. For shame, talking about karma getting other people for being jealous of you. Either you’re pathological or you’re working a scam, no one could possibly support your viewpoint if one or both of those were not true…..

  316. dirtyj says:

    Gotta love a drama whore

    I can totally see D pouting as she is reading it. “hmph why arent they talking about meeee? ”
    So she makes it about her

    So very lame and unprofessional

  317. trolltastic says:

    wow. this shit is bananas.

  318. JustPeachy says:

    I feel special now. I have a very low tolerance for narcissistic psycho bitches who like to act like they are better then everyone else. It sad that I don’t even know D but just by seeing what she posts on her HC and on her stupid blog that that description describes her to a T.

  319. screenname says:

    I guess I fail to see why Shea was involved at all. Is there some sort of waitlist for SC? If Kristy knew she was getting a custom slot, why not just eliminate Shea altogether and offer the piggyback to the OP? At least then she would know that each shipment she received would have signature confirmation and she could pass them on.

  320. diudiaole says:


    I don’t know from experience, but from what I have read it is ridiculously hard to get SC diapers and they are extremely expensive. So when one person snipes a custom order of several dipes it is pretty common to get one or more people in on it… like a co-op…except no discount. LOL

  321. MatildasMum says:

    But doesn’t Shea still have yarn that doesn’t belong to her?

  322. ~JC~ says:

    OT – Yay – another spider monster!

  323. ~JC~ says:

    Oh…and I just wanted to add that I post from differant IP’s with the same username and email and my monster is always the same…

  324. scmej says:

    Yup. She has some of my yarn and some fabric, I was supposed to get it already but nothing has appeared. I am hopeful it’s on its way to me. I am not sure if Lisa got her yarn yet – The whole situation is unfortunate really.
    But hopefully everyone will get back what belongs to them.

  325. scmej says:

    oops #324

  326. JustPeachy says:

    Doesnt that make it seem more likely that although Kristi is guilty of non communication that she isnt guilty of lying about whether or not the diapers actually got to her? I mean shea stole from two other mamas so whats one more?

  327. eeek says:

    sorry for the outburst! I really have had an amazingly crappy morning. And I DO dislike that woman immensely. I wouldn’t normally just go ON & ON & ON about it though, at least not without more provocation.

    still love peachy & messy tho. πŸ™‚

  328. JustPeachy says:

    #330 I know exactly how you feel :). It surprises me at how angry she makes me considering I don’t personally know her.

  329. kimsansf says:


    I agree… I am most interested in what is up with the yarn sitch. and 327 – she also has hijacked your yarn too? and fabric? hmmm… what is going on?

    also – any confirmation yet on who the wahm behind equivocal’s issue is?

  330. DSDM2 says:

    TDM just made a new post about equivocal’s issue.

  331. Messy says:

    TDM? What is that?

  332. me me me says:

    202-I might be one of the ones with new IPs. I have a new wireless router and I’m trying to figure out why it keeps going out and when I reset it, sometimes it gives me a new IP too. I don’t understand this shit at all. I think I need to call the Geek Squad back out here and edgamacate me on this more.

    Going back to finish reading this odd thread.

    So far what I gather is:

    Mama #3 bought a custom slot with mama #4
    mama #3 offered to shar the slot with mama #2
    mama # 2 offerd to shar with mama #1
    Mama #4 send packages to mama #3 in seperate shipments
    Mama fwd mama #2 and #1s dipes as able
    mama #2 got all her and #1s dipes minus 5 that show deliverd on Dc but mama #2 doesn’t have
    SC got her nose into it soemhow and cause communicatn between #2 and 31 to get messed up
    #1 and #2 have it figured out now, dipes still MIA though
    Mama #4 likes drama so she post to make mama #2 lookl iek a scammer based on a totally diff transaction that has nothing to do with the issue being posted about in this thread.
    most ppl seen to agree maam #4 is a lier and odd and not big fans of SC either.

    Mama #4 seems to have a good business sence. Good bad or ugly, all the attn gets you customers. The ones that like you, will become even more loyal defending you and the ones that dont know you yet, think you must be targetd by those whom are jelous and bitter. Brilliant really. I mean $569 for 9 dipes, this sure doesn;t seem to be HURTING her biz. lol

  333. JustPeachy says:

    The Drama Mama

  334. me me me says:

    I also noticed I can’t type and should proof read before submitting comments.

  335. JustPeachy says:

    Thats ok me me me. I do it all the time and just repost what I meant to say just in case the grammar/spelling police try to come after me.

  336. Me, MySelf, and I says:

    wow! Talk about a bunch of drama! It took forever to read all of that, and all I got out of it was that Daphne is a bitch still.

  337. DSDM2 says:

    TDM = TheDramaMama aka DSDM / DSDM1. There are 3 of us floating around here. You can check who wrote the post at the top.

  338. me me me says:

    I came to read this to distract me from my real life drama. Instead, I just feel like I need another shower. Bleh…..

  339. 2dogs says:

    #337 – understandable, seeing as you’re typing with four legs and two ear worms.

  340. Monkey says:

    Am I the only one who thinks of “The Devil Wears Prada” when I read about SC?

    I just finished reading the book and I just SOOOOOO relate SC to it.

  341. JustPeachy says:

    She is eerily reminiscent of Miranda from that book.

  342. me me me says:

    342-you made me spit sweet tea on my computer. niiiiiice.

  343. InAFixx says:

    Holy sheep shit.

    I leave town for 3 days, and look at all I missed. (tsk, tsk, tsk)

    It looks like yet another draw. How painfully dissatisfying.

    That having been said, I’ve heard that Daphe is shady….I’ve also heard that Kristi isn’t fully on the up-and-up.

    The whole thing reeks like yesterdays trash.

    Sarah, I’m sorry you are out money. If it were me, I’d be going right back to Shae (who aparently mailed them out the first time) and asking for my money. If there was an agreement to apply insurance and she did not -it’s her ass.

    Oh, and to revisit a Q way up at the top there…NO, I don’t have my yarn. Nor do I have any response of any kind. She’s just ignoring me I guess.
    It will be more difficult to ignore the feedback she now has as a result.

    c’est la vie

  344. me says:


  345. I am the momma says:

    Wow. That is all

  346. naturalmamadot says:

    drink much?

  347. pregodego2 says:

    would all this be happening if the diapers were say..proraps or kushies? lol no.

  348. pregodego2 says:

    oh and to a question above… it is a brain. your cute little monster’s brain is protruding from all this craziness!

  349. nutmeg says:

    Karen is well aware that Daphene is a cheat. She chooses to not do anything. I no longer buy from Hyena Cart, I’d rather support more ethical businesses.

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