You have to be kidding… who is it?!

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I wanna throw up *ADDED PICS IN OP**UPDATE POST #63*

I spent over $100 to have a bunch of elastic fixed on my pockets. I could have done it myself, but splurged so I could focus on other sewing projects. I can believe how crappy they turned out.

There are untrimmed threads everywhere. She used black thread on white fleece. And the elastic is way too tight. I am going to try to use them. No wonder she was so weird about making sure I would pay her before getting the diapers. I should have known something was up when she told me she did all 3 elastics on all but one, when about ten of them had perfect back elastics and just needed legs done.

I feel totally taken.

These pics aren’t great but will give you an idea of the issues. I will add a comparison pic for a normal large fb and the large fbs with crazy tight elastics after I do the wash.

very uneven legs

black thread on white fleece (see the untrimmed threads… a bunch of them had those)

made new start and stop points for elastic (like two inches away from the old ones… looks terrible in person)

caught inner fleece in seam… makes it too narrow to stuff and looks bad… how did she not notice that?

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Today, 11:32 AM #63
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Re: I wanna throw up *ADDED PICS IN OP*

Okay she PMd me.

She says she’ll fix them if they are messed up. She also told me that her oversights do not require negative feedback or making her name mud on the board.

I don’t even know what to do here. I certainly do not feel comfortable having her do more “work” to my diapers. As far as making her name mud, her work speaks for itself… I haven’t told anyone who she is.

Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks, mamas.

  1. Nosey Neighbour says:

    My word, that is horrible. 100 Bucks too, how many did she get fixed?!?!?!?!

  2. sara says:

    ouch those look so bad. Really 100 bucks to get them fixed how many did she have her do.

    I want to know who did these for her?

  3. Sam says:

    Wow what a crappy job! I’d like to know who did them for her too.

  4. naturalmamadot says:

    WOW 😯 that’s baaad…Id definitely want a refund so I could get them fixed somewhere else….someone wanna direct the OP here to see if she will tell us her story without her DS censor on?

  5. dirtyj says:


    and why would they use black thread?? They did a lazy job. Why not take an extra minute or two to do it right? $100? yikes

  6. Nicole says:

    wow, i think my 2 year old can sew better than that…

  7. not tellin says:

    thats REALLY bad… i think I could have done a better job, honestly, and I wouldnt trust me wth a needle and a thread.

  8. siriusmama says:

    There IS another side to this story and I have let the other mama know that she can come here to defend herself since she can’t on DS, she doesn’t strike me as the confrontational type so I am not sure if she will want to though.
    (for the record I too had posted on DS that she should have to refund based on the story and pictures given by the OP before I read her side of the story)
    I am not comfortable posting her side here without her permission but if she doesn’t want to post here and would like me to I will be happy to do so πŸ™‚

  9. DramaMama says:

    What ON earth could be her excuse? I would only expect something like She told the mama she can barely sew, and only has black thread, then the mama forced her to take $100 and do it anyway.
    I mean… C’mon!

  10. sassy1 says:

    um…yeah exactly #9, thats what I was thinking.

  11. theinvisible says:

    Well, there is only one diaper pictured but a whole lot of diapers done, so who knows. Should be interesting to hear what the hell happened. Could involve uncontrollable spasms of some kind.

  12. DSDM2 says:

    Even if that was ONE out of TEN, how is it ok? It is still shoddy work!

    BUT that is at least 2 diapers, one is blue, and one is pink, the others I can’t tell.

  13. DSDM2 says:

    Oh, three, one blue, pink and white.

  14. alison says:

    *waiting to hear the other side…*

  15. theinvisible says:

    Oh, yeah, it is three diapers. Pre-coffee lack of attention to detail…..there really is no excuse for that kind of work.

  16. DSDM2 says:

    So will the wahm and buyer be coming over or what?

  17. eeek says:

    I would love to hear the other side on this one too. Those look awful. And is the new elastic bound elastic encased, or lastin? I don’t know how you could repair those either way with what she’s showing.

    If she’s willing to come talk I’ll listen though, siriusmama! DS has surprised me before. She should come over soon though ’cause just from pics, the tide is going to go quickly against her.

  18. Booga says:

    I agree with #9… if you get a project that’s over your head, then you refund the mama and apologize. I’d be interested to hear the other side.

  19. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    hmmm I’m interested in hearing the other side…

  20. NBC_Mama says:

    I know the other side of the story too and you’ll understand her “excuse” when you read it.

  21. alison says:



  22. naturalmamadot says:

    I would love to hear her reasons, not because she has to explain herself to me…but because I don’t want to be accusing an innocent mama of doing something shady or scammy.

    I think that looking at the OPs pics its hard to picture a situation where it would be okay to take $100 for that work. Even if the rest are perfect those 3 do look pretty bad, and unless they were sent to the WAHM like that, I just cant come up with the scenario in my mind, but would love to hear one!

  23. siriusmama says:

    She hasn’t come on today yet, for those who are waiting πŸ™‚

  24. diudiaole says:

    Would love to hear the other side on this…

  25. Stacey says:

    those look awful. can’t wait to hear the other side…

  26. AshleyB says:

    I want to hear the other side, too!! TELL US!

  27. DSDM2 says:

    *:drumming fingers waiting:*

  28. sara says:

    yes i’m waiting on baited breath.

  29. cdmd1023 says:

    waiting waiting

  30. DSDM2 says:

    The only thing I can think is the thread… white would show on the navy side, BUT you can change the bobbin… I just don’t know what the excuses could be.

  31. JustPeachy says:

    She couldve used polyester thread which is relatively invisible on most colors. Its almost like transluscent

  32. diudiaole says:

    Even if she thought the thread colors not matching was no big deal, what is up with sewing through the soaker area and just leaving it like that?

  33. DSDM2 says:

    adding update.

  34. naturalmamadot says:

    I would love to know how she is going to fix that, if she didnt care/wasnt able to do it correctly the first time, how is she going to fix AND do it correctly this time? Id reallllly like to know the WAHMs side of things. If she knows she did nothing wrong she shouldnt be offering a fix….

  35. flatcake says:

    Wow, her “oversights”? Fix them IF they are messed up? This lady is obviously delusional and the OP should run. Hope she gets her money back, or something.

    And who’s the WAHM?

  36. DSDM2 says:

    No one has said yet.

    I wouldn’t send them back, I would have her pay the difference to get them fixed by someone else…

  37. JustPeachy says:

    Ummmmm I think her oversights speak for themselves. Op didnt trash her or anything but just said the work done was not what she expected.

  38. lilgamoma says:

    That’s just sad. And the “wahm” should refund her fully, that’s horrible sewing and obvious to anyone looking at the stitching. I agree, she should leave appropriate feedback.

  39. cdmd1023 says:

    wow, she had 35 diapers “repaired”

    I wish I had that many.

  40. theinvisible says:

    Are all of the diapers that poorly done? I think the OP handled it very fairly so far. Also, oversight? How is bad workmanship and oversight. I certainly wouldn’t give them back to her. Enough damage done. Pay for the fix.

  41. theinvisible says:

    and be glad the majority of DS will never know who did that.

  42. mamacat says:

    Are you sure these are the diapers she sent you??

  43. naturalmamadot says:

    #42. Are you implying that the WAHM was sent different diapers than those pictured or that the OP received different diapers than those pictured?

  44. alison says:

    Eeeeeeeenteresting #42…

    Hopefully the other side will reveal her side of the tale…

  45. diudiaole says:

    lol now it’s ‘he said she said’… :popcorn: still waiting for the defense..

  46. Jay says:

    Anyone know the otherside yet?

  47. DSDM2 says:

    Nope, not yet.

  48. JustPeachy says:

    Course not because theres no excuse really.

  49. naturalmamadot says:

    Yea I think that if there was a legit reason/excuse the WAHM would of come here and told her story already.

    If she honestly is not at fault then she should be eager to get her side out. I am so curious to find out, if the OP is telling the truth, how the WAHM is not at fault here.

  50. janell says:

    How can that wahm sleep at night after taking $100 from that mama and doing such an awful job!? I would not be able to live with myself if i did that kind of work and expected to be paid for it!


  51. theinvisible says:

    No one would frequent WebMD and decide to open a medical practice from home or do garage surgery (I hope). What is it about diapers that make women who’ve never operated a sewing machine think they can buy one and instantly make money sewing? A talent for sewing (or crafting or housekeeping or childrearing) does not automatically come with every vagina but it I swear it seems like some people think so.

  52. Taterbug says:

    I cannot see a reason for the quality of work either, but perhaps the WAHM is choosing to take the high road and handle this privately rather than feed drama.

  53. DSDM2 says:

    Is that really the high road? Really? Denial and hiding?

  54. Taterbug says:

    Some previous posters have mentioned that there is another side to the story. I cannot imagine justification for the quality of work pictured. If the other side of the story is that the WAHM is not at fault (and again, I can’t see how), then maybe she is just the type of person who prefers to avoid drama. Some people would choose to walk away rather than fight, even if they are in the right. Yes, odds are *extremely* high that the WAHM is totally in the wrong (denying and hiding as you said), but previous comments here (#8 and #42) indicate there may be more to the story, so I am reluctant to judge the WAHM until the other side is told.

  55. naturalmamadot says:

    I am too, and the name of the WAHM ALWAYS comes out eventually, so if she continues the run and hide technique and we find out then her name is mud, not only would she go on my Do Not B/S/T list but I would tell every person I could to do the same so none of my friends got screwed.

    If she comes here and explains her side that can all be avoided (if she has a legitimate reason) I think that so far we have been trying to give her a chance, no one has really flipped out calling her names or anything because we weren’t sure but usually the one who goes into hiding is guilty and hoping to get away with some more scamming.

    I wish the OP would make a JA already, I think its her duty to protect other moms, if she is indeed telling the truth about all of this.

  56. DSDM2 says:

    A lot of moms won’t do JA or negative FB for fear of retaliation. DS only makes it neutral and sometimes doesn’t even do that.

    I hope she does, but does so after she gets her money back.

  57. naturalmamadot says:

    Yea I would think that if I really was screwed over already like this situation, maybe if I dropped the line to the WAHM that if I don’t get a refund Im gonna do neg fb, JA, spread the word as much as possible about how she screwed me etc that would give some motivation.
    Hell, I’m already out 35 diapers, the worst you can do is not refund me and that’s fine as long as you never get another cent being a WAHM again and no one else falls in your trap.

    I refuse to be pushed around though, by a scammer, bad wahm or a customer that is lying about my work.

  58. DSDM2 says:

    57, so would I, but there are those that cling to the “maybe” of getting a refund or the benefit of the doubt.

  59. AshleyB says:

    I’m REALLY curious what the WAHM has to say!!

  60. OY! says:

    I was just in the middle of reading through all 3 pages and it went poof on me! What was on the 3rd page?!?

  61. naturalmamadot says:

    I havent looked in a while, but maybe the OP asked for it to be deleted because she is trying to work shit out with the WAHM. Both of them are equally stupid if you ask me. *.02*

  62. InAfixx says:

    Good God! How many drinks had the WAHM been knockin’ back when she was “repairing” those diapers? I don’t even know how mistakes like that are, well, possible. I’m fairly certain I did better than that my first go on a machine. Wow.

    Um….hmmmmm…other side to the story? Ah yes, I know….the OP ripped out all the work the WAHM did, redid it herself, and is now making accusations in hopes she will get her money and possibly some pity diapers from others. Yes yes….that’s precisely it.


    DSDM2, may I have your e-mail address or can you e-mail me? I would like to share something with you.

  63. JustPeachy says:

    Wow thats some crazy theory there Lisa. Not highly impossible given the amount of dumb asses on DS.

  64. InAfixx says:

    Exactly my point. People are fucking nuts.

    I was mainly being sarcastic, however. Just driving home the point that there is sure to be a quite entertaining story behind all of this.

  65. Sarah says:

    I would be very interested in seeing the pictures of ALL of the diapers.

  66. DramaMama says:

    Evidently feedback was left.. but now gone.

  67. DSDM2 says:

    Well, someone bring the OP here.

    Even if that is only 3 out of 35 diapers, it is still bull shit. And neutral FB for the buyer, at this point until I understand, is bull shit.

  68. janell says:

    maybe the other side to the story is that the mama didn’t pay or did a CC chargeback after she sent the diapers or something. i can’t possibly imagine what other reason could be for such shoddy work

  69. DSDM2 says:

    but if she did a CB, how is that an explanation for the diaper quality?

  70. Molly says:

    Hahahahaha I just looked at the Mama in questions profile to find out the identity of the WAHM.

    I dealt with the Seller the OP was referring to approximately 1 1/2 to 2 years ago. It was my very first FSOT transaction ever.

    The mama was Lizzie AG then now she is Mama’s Pocket.

    She sold me a lot of diapers for an ungodly amount of money. I was told they were in great condition, great elastic, no staining etc. I paid her well over $100.00. The pictures she sent me of the diapers were NOT the diapers I received.

    I received THE most horrible diapers you have ever seen in return. I spoke to a Mod on DS at the time and the seller. I was basically told I was SOL at the time by both. The Mod even went so far as to tell me “Wow I never would have paid that much for those diapers.”

    I was a newbie and so I let it go and ate my loss. I would never do that now but then I didn’t know any better.

    DSDM2 I still have the pics of those dipes in my photobucket account in the condition they were received. Maybe I should forward them to you?

  71. theinvisible says:

    Mama’s Pocket? That’s who left neutral feedback.

  72. Molly says:

    Yes Mama’s Pocket formerly Lizzie AG is the one who sold me the awful lot of diapers

  73. Messy says:

    OMg! So you fuck up someone’s diapers, charge them for the worst work on the face of the earth and then screw them sans lube by leaving neutral feedback because they just couldn’t be happy about the dirty ream job they got??? Are you SERIOUS??? Mama’sPocket. Ya know, after seeing that there was a second side to this, I was skeptical but open to it. Now, after seeing she left someone who PAID HER a fortune to apparently ruin their diapers, neutral feedback, I see she is just a stupid bitch. PATHETIC!!! I hope the screwed party does a JAR, and leaves shitty feedback on every site possible! Grrr…

  74. ellemnopee says:

    Will the two people who said that there was a good reason for such crappy looking diapers please tell us what it is? Since we all know who the WAHM is, why don’t you go ahead and tell her side of the story?

  75. Messy says:

    DS just removed another thread about the shitty diapers. I have it open on my computer, but it is gone on another screen I have DS in… “Thou shalt protect scamming wahming” must by ds’s new motto.

  76. Thud says:

    So where is the ‘other side’?
    I am so curious since I cannot imagine what it could be!

  77. diudiaole says:

    Mama’s Pocket is such a fool then LMAO She outed herself by leaving bullshit feedback! She might as well just cancel her account and develop a new identity.

    She’s been on here two years playing WAHM mom and can’t even sew a straight line!! LOLOLOL

    If I had extra money to piss away right now, I’d get her to “fix” something for me and then post a big “RAVE 4 MAMA’S POCKET” in extra fluffy with huge photos of her shoddy craftsmanship and then play innocent when people say ‘dat look like shit” hahahaha

  78. diudiaole says:

    If I were a scammer I’d be more careful about putting photos of myself and my kids all over the internet… like that goodmama chick with the bikini photos and that schizo meth head… wtf… lol

  79. naturalmamadot says:

    Wow didn’t know the WAHM would make it so easy for me to make my Do Not B/S/T list a little longer.
    Id still like to hear exactly what happened because the only reason the OP would deserve anything but positive feedback would be if she was lying. If shes lying the WAHM should be defending herself.
    She sure isn’t trying very hard to keep her WAHM name out of the gutter, probably because she knows that isn’t possible with that type of work.

  80. Molly says:

    Just in case anybody wanted to see the dipes I got from her. These were taken immediately after getting them out of the USPS box they arrived in. They were sold to me as a lot of pink, green, and blue BG diapers. HAHAHA

  81. NBC_Mama says:

    First of all, the WAHM is NOT a scammer. She is trying to take care of this issue in private with the mods because she does have a legitimate reason for disputing the negative feedback.

  82. NotMeAtAll says:

    If she has a good reason I’d say she would defend herself.



  83. Messy says:

    So NBC, since she outted herself, how about we hear this “legitimate reason”… Seriously, what could be legitimate about this? Keep it private. That way nobody can poke holes in a swiss story…

  84. NBC_Mama says:

    She’s trying to get the issue resolved before mud-slinging (which is what the OP should have done in the first place). Trust me when I say once the truth of the matter gets out, a lot of you will owe this WAHM a huge apology for being so rude and filling her PM box with hate mail.

  85. MamaOf3Cuties says:

    Wow… DS is still protecting scammers 😦 That makes me sad. I’m over on CDN a lot, and they actually completely out scammers over there. It’s way safer to do business over there. Sigh…. I wish DS would get off the pot and quit protecting scammers.

  86. MamaOf3Cuties says:

    I just don’t see what the reason could possibly be for such a shitty job of fixing diapers and sending them back. I really hope she has a good reason 😦

  87. ellemnopee says:

    NBC care to share this legitimate reason? Since her name is already ruined, if she really isn’t a scammer it could help.

  88. NBC_Mama says:

    It’s not my place to tell. Like I said previously the WAHM wants the issue resolved first.

  89. MamaOf3Cuties says:

    Well if she doesn’t want her side of the story told that sounds rather fishy to me like she is perfecting her story or some such nonsense.

  90. naturalmamadot says:

    Not sure about the others but I haven’t sent any mail hateful or otherwise. We all are going on what is in front of our eyes. OP shows pictures of botched diapers, WAHM runs and hides….if someone were to lie and ruin my name you bet your ass I’d be out there defending myself so when the whole mess was over I would actually have a business left.

  91. Messy says:

    Or the WAHM wants to wait it out and let it blow over and then hope everyone forgets… By then maybe she will have made up a great reason for the crappy sewing.

  92. naturalmamadot says:

    #83…fill me in on why thats important? Im sure everyone else knows but I think I missed that

    #92 *snort* probably

  93. Messy says:

    #93 She is having auctions to benefit Amanda’s family… Her dh passed away this week and she has 8 kids (it is mommyof8).

  94. NBC_Mama says:

    if someone were to lie and ruin my name you bet your ass I’d be out there defending myself so when the whole mess was over I would actually have a business left.

    Or you’d want to take the grown up approach by resolving the issue first before mudslinging and fueling the fires any further with drama.

  95. diudiaole says:

    LOL I love the feedback she left… she might as well have written, “I am unable to replace the diapers I destroyed. So Sorry”

    Maybe she’s on a new anti-seizure med(or insert drug/therapy) and we’re all big meanie assholes for calling her out on this. Just ask Brandy/Brandi — thievery, lying, deception etc are OK if you’re depressed or poor or a scamming fucktard.

  96. Messy says:

    #95 She is surely avoiding all future drama. She won’t have any customers to cause the drama!!!

  97. naturalmamadot says:

    SInce her name is already out there and ppl only know one side of the story her handling it in private isn’t doing her any favors.

  98. diudiaole says:

    NBC — how is she resolving shit when she already left bogus feedback saying it could not be resolved?? grown-up my ass! lol

  99. diudiaole says:

    NBC = Mama’sPocket?? Funny how every scammer seems to suffer from MPD.

  100. Messy says:

    #96 LOL… I guess those are now legitimate excuses. Every person that can figure out how to thread a needle, does not mean they should be a wahm. There is a little more to it… At least I now know who not to have fix the diapers I need new elastic in! I would rather flush my money down the toilet than have to pay to have someone completely ruin my diapers!!!

  101. Messy says:

    If NBC is mamaspocket, then maybe she is waiting for the next Days of Our Lives to come on and give her excuse ideas…

  102. eeek says:

    As a WAHM I understand not wanting to deal with even an obviously crazy (not saying OP was, I don’t KNOW) buyer in public, it’s better form to try to come to a private understanding.

    At this point, though, it’s too late & she needs to tell her story. She’s risking future business, and rep is so huge in this little community. People will remember for years if you mess up big. If she comes forward & explains, at least she’ll have her side out there. If she doesn’t soon, all anyone will remember is how shoddy her work was & that she seemed to duck & run.

    Please, if you’re friends with her, let her know she can still have a fair hearing here- but if she doesn’t choose to participate, all anyone will judge her on is what we’ve seen. I’d much rather know all sides!

  103. NBC_Mama says:

    Wow, it’s no wonder why this WAHM doesn’t want to deal with the drama, everyone jumps to crazy ASSumptions! Seriously, stop with the nonsense and let the matter resolve itself. When the WAHM is ready she will tell everyone the truth behind the situation.

  104. NotMeAtAll says:

    # 93 she is running a HUGE auction benefit for DS mommyof8 (Amanda) who has just lost her husband to suicide. This has been verified BTW. I thought since lots of you don’t go to DS anymore some of you would like to know.

  105. Messy says:

    #104 If she waits, her rep is GONE. She is risking all future business by hiding. IF she really wanted to deal with it in private, no way would she have outed herself by leaving neutral feedback for the poor chick out the money and her diapers… Geeze. If *I* were the wahm, which would never happen BTW, I would hide too…

  106. NBC_Mama says:


    I completely agree with you! Several other WAHM’s and I have already asked her to come forward with her side of the story but she wants to resolve the issue first. I can’t blame her one bit though. Her coming on here and mud slinging definitely will not help the situation. She’s putting her customer service over her reputation and IMO that’s an extremely noble thing to do!

  107. Messy says:

    @@ Mamaspocket already resolved the issue: she left feedback for the buyer! Hello!!! That is the end result of a transaction. She felt it was over. She got her money and wants to hide from her work. Got it!

  108. MamaOf3Cuties says:

    Shrug…her rep is already gone. I doubt very many people will buy from her or have her do repairs for them in the future.

  109. Messy says:

    104… 107…
    NBC: how many names are you here??? You are replying to YOURSELF and forgot to change names!!! ROFLMAO! Now the WAHM has twatwaffle scammers here to defend her. Or perhaps the fucktards are Mamaspocket herself. It is good that you agree with yourselves though. That is something Brandi never got the hang of!

  110. Nosey Neighbour says:

    LOL at 110, good catch.

  111. NBC_Mama says:


    Actually I was responding to 103, it’s called a typo *eyeroll*

  112. Messy says:

    Hmmm… All multiple personalities have typos. Perhaps all the personalities are not as good at typing… maybe they sew for instance? Just try using your *good one πŸ˜‰

  113. NBC_Mama says:

    Ummm okay.

    Getting back to the topic, the issue has not been resolved because the OP filed a claim with PP saying she never received the items yet she has pictures of them? Something doesn’t add up here.

  114. diudiaole says:

    LOL @ #105 — are you saying we should give her a break because she’s running a charity auction and that makes her a nice person?? Or that she is just sooo busy “running her auction” that she doesn’t have time to deal with the mess she has made?

    That is great she wants to help someone… but robbing the 7-11 and then donating half to charity doesn’t mean you’re not a thief. It strikes me as kinda sick if she is thinking putting up a charity auction somehow absolves her of taking responsibility for ripping someone off, destroying property and leaving retaliatory feedback.

  115. newhere says:

    I don’t think the WAHM in question and the one running the auction are the same person. I think the person who linked to th auction was only trying to spread the word.

  116. Messy says:

    #115: I don’t think Mamaspocketsfromhell is running the auction. It was someone explaining why someone posted the link (not as drama but to support mommyof8)

  117. diudiaole says:

    The “item not received” claim is the only option you have if it wasn’t an ebay transaction. The OP should have never had to file — the POS “wahm” should have refunded every bit of that money and not outed herself w/feedback, if she had wanted to save herself. LOL

    So, pointing fingers at the fucked-over customer saying “wahh! She received the dipes I destroyed for her, no fair filing pp!”, while amusing, is not even relevant to Mama’sPocket’s now steaming-pile-of-horseshit reputation…nor does it explain WTF is up with her seriously shitty repair job and unwillingness to refund and replace what she destroyed.

  118. diudiaole says:

    117 — ok lol I misunderstood the “she” in that post…

  119. Messy says:

    #119 Don’t worry about it! Heck some of the ppl here can’t keep track of who they are, let alone who someone else is! ROFL!!!

  120. diudiaole says:

    so, NBC/#114, how does Mama’sPocket feel about the paypal filing injustice??

    How about you send me $100 for some diapers and I send you a box with a turd in it?

  121. theinvisible says:

    121: Hahahaha!
    Oh, and reputation already ruined…….it coincided with the leaving of the feedback.

  122. JustPeachy says:

    NBC do you realize how absurd her reasoning is? As far as DS is concerned her rep is trashed. The only way to salvage anything would be to have a legitimate reason as to why they look like crap. And trust me no one will ever forget. Lots of us have memories like elephants πŸ˜‰

  123. Mamaspocket says:

    I am the mom that is being talked about here and yes, there is another side of the story. I had hoped that telling the other side wouldn’t become necessary I have no desire to destroy Cristina’s reputation so I will refrain from going into great detail. However, suffice it to say that the diapers pictured are not the ones that I repaired. I have offered to repair them for free just to make her happy, but that offer has been refused. I said that unclipped threads were an oversight and that I thought they did not require negative feedback.
    Cristina picked up the diapers from me and inspected them at that time. I specifically pointed out places where I was unable to perfectly hide the repairs, but I can’t just make a hole disappear. She said “looks good,” thanked me and left. If there was a problem she should have addressed it at that time. Is it possible that I made a leg of a diaper uneven? Maybe, I am human, but would be more than happy to repair it for free if I did. These diapers had many runs in the PUL, some bad snaps, hanging tags, etc. I repaired lots of defects in the diapers for free. When I gave them to her they were in good useable condition. Not cosmetically perfect, but it is hard to make stained, torn diapers perfect. I would have happily used them on my own child and felt proud to have such an extensive collection of pockets.
    There were many things that came up in the course of this deal that have appeared shady to me. Frankly this whole thing feels like a setup to me. My husband can attest to the hours of work that went into these, the difficulty in getting her to communicate with me and keep a pick up time. I have at least 4 local moms that have purchased baby carriers from me and can attest to my sewing ability, all of which are also members of DS.
    If Cristina wanted a resolution, there have been options offered. Unfortunately, the “drama” of the situation has become the focus here instead of a resolution. Please note that several of you that are commenting have purchased from me before and left excellent feedback, so I know that some of you can attest to careful care that I have placed in accurately showing items and fast shipping.
    Cristina has filed a paypal complaint claiming that she did not receive the diapers. Since she picked them up from me, I have no tracking info to provide paypal and thus no “proof.” So I am actually the one who is SOL.
    I have requested that my DS account be closed. I don’t understand how something like this can happen. I don’t understand the nasty PM’s that are being sent to me. Frankly, I thought better of this board. I am heartbroken.

  124. diudiaole says:

    There were 35 dipes, so I don’t think you can fault her for looking at a few and saying “looks good”. What about sewing over the soaker layer making the pocket too narrow to be stuffed? How could you miss that? And even if 3-5 of the diapers were crappy and the rest “ok”, that is still a 10% sewing failure rate and totally unacceptable.

    I would really like to see photos of the rest of the dipes now…

  125. diudiaole says:

    If you have e-mails or posts saved, that should be proof enough for pp… however, what do you plan to do to resolve these sewing “oversights”? So you’re pissed about your customer not noticing the bad repair jobs when she came to pick them up, you’re pissed she had to reschedule a few times, you’re pissed she posted pics of your sewing… but are you really saying that the sewing job on the three pictured dipes is acceptable? If not, how will you resolve this issue?

  126. NBC_Mama says:

    I too would like to see pictures of all the rest of the diapers. And why would the WAHM have sewn the soaker layer together? FB shotty elastic is an easy fix and only requires the elastic to be tacked down at two points, no reason to mess with the rest.

  127. TL says:

    OOHHH and it gets a little sweeter now, how I love drama!!! Lets see if Cristina Comes to defend herself now!

  128. JustPeachy says:

    I assume it happened when she was encasing the elastic but still its crap.

  129. Mamaspocket says:

    Please note that I am not running any auctions and do not have anything for sale. My delay in responding has come out of two issues.
    1- My reputation doesn’t matter that much. I am not a current WAHM and have no plans to return to that as I am busy raising children. I left neutral feedback after the orignal thread was deleted and after a paypal dispute was opened. Frankly it is the only recourse of any kind that I have. Cristina is not willing to allow me to take a look at the dipes. I had hoped that a resolution could be reached which would allow me to leave positive feedback. Please note that I left neutral feedback, not negative. I don’t want to mess up Cristina’s trader ratings.

    2- I am having preterm labor. I was released from the hospital late Thursday evening and am now on full bedrest. I did not have computer access at the hospital and was greated by this fine mess when I returned home. No hiding, no running, no sending other people to defend me. I have asked that others please not defend me as I feel no need to drag other people into this.

    Frankly, I am done. I have nothing to offer that would make her happy. I have no money. I am just here in my recliner, watching my home become more and more of a mess, while I desperately try to keep this baby from coming early.

    Thank you ladies for being so “kind” to a stranger to you!

  130. NBC_Mama says:


    She clearly stated the pictures of the diapers are NOT the ones she repaired. From what she’s described to me and other WAHM’s and here, she did a satisfactory job (above and beyond IMO replacing loose labels and replacing bad snaps).

  131. ellemnopee says:

    Why did you use black thread?

  132. beccadoo says:

    125: I believe she said those were not ones she repaired at all.

    So the OP is posting pics of completely different dipes? Can she provide a picture of all 35 diapers to even prove her story? That’s what would convince me that it actually happened, if the WAHM (whom I’ve done business with before, very happily) is denying that the pictured diapers were even the ones she fixed.
    I mean, if there are 35 effed up diapers, let’s see ’em all!
    This is why I stay away from DS–the accused is always guilty and no real feedback allowed.

  133. NBC_Mama says:


    Well once Christina posts the other pictures you’ll clearly see that it couldn’t have been her doing, since she used matching thread on the other diapers when doing the repairs.

  134. xlswx says:

    #132 those arent the diapers she repaired…so she DIDNT use black thread. Those pics are diapers she didnt touch.

  135. theinvisible says:

    So why would this lady just pick a WAHM and decide to ruin her reputation? Also, why use Paypal if the transaction was conducted in person?

  136. NBC_Mama says:


    The OP and WAHM agreed on a cash payment, but at the last minute the OP changed her to mind, but the WAHM needed the money to pay a bill so she reluctantly agreed.

  137. diudiaole says:

    So let me get this straight….the OP has fucked up her own pocket diapers, at least three of them and then posted them on DS saying “look what a wahm did to me”?? And M’sP did *not* use black thread on any of the dipes?

    Yet, no one would have known it was M’sP…until she outed herself by leaving the feedback….

    So now it wasn’t just an elastic repair either… it was ‘bad snaps’, tears, holes etc…


  138. theinvisible says:

    hmmm, indeed. What is the motive here? Free repairs? A grudge? There must be a reason?

  139. xlswx says:

    I dont know what happened here, but think about it, if you wanted to get something for free, what would be the most effective way of doing it? Maybe embarrass someone so badly, lie about them, and get tons of people on your side to bully them into refunding your money. Would probably work in lots of cases. I know lots of women told the WAHM in question here to just refund her and let it go. I’m glad she is standing up for herself, and I would do the same. Seems a little fishy that she suddenly switched to paypal to pay, maybe knowing she could file a claim and get refunded?
    Just sayin…

  140. Messy says:

    Why does M’sP keep doing things to get the threads on the transaction board regarding this situation deleted??? She left feedback (neutral mind you) for Cristina, causing that thread to be deleted. Someone asks about the thread and it starts again so she then POSTS in the thread about it is and mentions this blog @@ Way to go there… I guess if she keeps it deleted over there, and makes it look totally innocent then we are all dumb asses that will let it go…
    I can her M’sP now: I even said it was on the drama blog! What? We aren’t allowed to discuss the blog or other boards on ds? I’ve only been there 2.5+ yrs and had nooo idea! Oh, leaving feedback and outing are not allowed during the duration of the thread? Oh my! Say it aint so!!!

  141. diudiaole says:


    IME if you have e-mails or public postings where the other party in question admits to receiving the item, then the case gets dismissed… it has been a few years since I’ve had to deal w/it though so maybe something has changed.

    It seems to me if someone were out for free repairs by getting a refund through PP they would kept quiet and given no one any proof of receipt.

    Paypal is easier for me, sometimes I don’t have a lot of cash on hand, you can use your cc plus you get a receipt. It makes logical sense to me to use paypal for anything more than $30 or so even if it’s local

  142. spoofer says:

    Sounds like the only scammer here is the “buyer”. And I think the WAHM is perfectly justified in her response. Also – some people pay with paypal for the “Paypal Credit” It is possible that the buyer didn’t have cash, and was planning this from the get go.

  143. Nosey Neighbour says:

    The whole PP thing is what makes it extra fishy for me. Seems like maybe Cristina was planning to set up the WAHM.

  144. diudiaole says:

    #143 — what proof has been given so far that the buyer is the scammer?

  145. EM says:

    I don’t know what to think about this.

    I’m veeeeery leary of accepting paypal for local orders b/c they can totally just file a claim and get their money back. Easiest way to screw over a WAHM and get something for nothing.

    I hope, for the WAHMs sake, that she isn’t lying. I would like to see a pic of all the diapers together to see if the three in the OP’s pics are way off from the others (ie-were tampered with for the photo to get a refund).

    Just as some sellers are scammers, some buyers are scammers too. We can’t put blame on one party because we don’t know the whole story here.

  146. diudiaole says:

    Did someone PM the OP to get over here and finish this?

  147. Messy says:

    Everyone knows I am NOT IN ANY WAY defending the wahm… But honestly, why would she take pics of all the diapers together for repairs? It is not like she is selling them… She if fixing something Cristina already owns. If Cristina is picking them up, then I would think all would take place face to face. Odder by the minute…

  148. diudiaole says:

    I didn’t see where someone said that M’sP should post photos of all 35, rather the OP needs to show pics of all since she said most or all had uneven elastic with one dipe’s elastic supposedly snapping in her hands…

    If there were only a few really bad ones out of the whole lot of 35 maybe the wahm stuck them at the bottom of the bag/box? if I were the customer, I’d probably only look at a few before I got home also.

    The filing through pp bit doesn’t sound premeditated at all…because the OP has left proof of receipt all over the internet and PP does a full investigation… sounds like a last ditch effort to get some money back since M’sP has refused wrongdoing, has accused the OP of lying and libel and won’t refund any amount.

  149. NBC_Mama says:

    Even if the OP posts pictures at this point I wouldn’t believe it.

    She’s already lied by posted the wrong pictures and she is known for purchasing FB’s with broken elastic to repair and resell.

    What’s to stop her from gathering all the other ill-attempted diapers she tried to replace herself and passing them off as the WAHM’s work?

    Seems to me like the OP is greedy and didn’t want to pay this WAHM for all her hardwork so she could keep all the profits herself.

  150. Messy says:

    Did M’sP say that the diapers in the pics are not the diapers she repaired? that pink disaster is not her work? The black thread on white lining is not by MsP? Those are diapers that Cristina came about having how?

  151. screenname says:

    So the story is that the OP had 38 diapers. She tried to fix 3 and totally sucked at it, so she hired M’sP to do the other 35 for her for $100. Then she payed via paypal so she could file a claim after she got her pockets fixed.

    After they’re fixed she took pictures of the 3 she messed up and posted a thread NOT outing M’sP but asking what she should do about the shoddy repair. She did this so she could feel justified in filing a paypal claim that she never received the items and get her $$ back.


  152. screenname says:

    I’m pretty sure both sides are being dishonest here.

  153. beccadoo says:

    So if Cristina has a billion FBs at the house waiting for elastic repair, she could probably easily show us 35 or 36 (or whatever amount it was) that look like crap. If it’s true that she buys/”fixes/resells them a lot, that should be pretty easy to find out, and makes me a bit less likely to believe her. Esp since she certainly posted as though they were her personal stash–so the OP is at the very least misleading…off to investigate a bit…

  154. Messy says:

    #154 yup… ita… damn. I hate when a good WAHM witch hunt goes bad!!!

  155. diudiaole says:

    I wonder why the OP didn’t try to screw over this other elastic-repairing WAHM:

    I just went through all her FSOT listings for the past year and only saw a few small pockets her kid grew out of for sale.

    NBC — where do you have proof that this mom regularly purchases shot elastic dipes for repair and resale?

  156. Rika says:

    156 – Christina and Cristina are two diff people, ya?

  157. siriusmama says:

    One thing that the OP forgot to mention was that the diapers were completely trashed to begin with and that some of them were seconds, I am thinking that is why the one has the inner caught in the stitching? MP did not sew any full casings, she only tacked the elastic and tried her best to repair the holes. Maybe the OP didn’t realize how craptastic her diapers were to begin with? We know that she does in fact buy disgusting Fuzzi Bunz

  158. diudiaole says:

    to M’sP — making or repairing baby carriers is one thing… but how much experience do you have replacing elastic? Just because you know how to sew some things doesn’t mean your first attempts at replacing leg elastic aren’t going to look like shit.

    It sounds to me that you were tired, pregnant and hard up for some cash(you stated you have ‘no money’) and did not realize how much work you were getting yourself into… so you got sloppy and fucked up a few dipes but were too stressed/tired/overwhelmed/pregnant to want to try to fix it.

    Repairing elastic is a PITA if you do it right… *plus* you were redoing snaps and patching holes etc..

    From looking at the OPs history, I say Christina is clean… feel free to present some proof otherwise… anyone?

  159. patoandcheese says:

    That’s not the OP…this is

  160. diudiaole says:

    #157 — ok then, off to try again… I gotta see her shot elastic business history..

  161. diudiaole says:

    Ok…my bad… I’m going through her FSOT history now and while there have been quite a few pocket dipe listings.. a lot are brand new or in decent condition. I haven’t found any *so far* where she is *selling* nasty ass diapers…. hmmm

  162. Messy says:

    #158 PooLint! I am going to die from laughing/gagging all at the same time…

  163. naturalmamadot says:

    I couldn’t read on I have the flu and wake up to poo lint *gag*

  164. eeek says:

    Mamaspocket- thank you for posting your side. The best thing this blog does is shed light on the issues.

    I think you have proof she received them, in the post right here.

    My instinct on this one- obviously possibly wrong, but gut feeling is Christina bought a bunch of craptastic FBs, & wanted them magically transformed into EUC. And if she’s filing with PP saying she didn’t get them, then she’s a scammer, because she obviously did get them. Lies are lies. If she got them & OK’d them, then found a few that sucked, she needed to work it out with MPs.

  165. siriusmama says:

    Exactly #164! I was so sad to hear that she had filed with PP saying she didn’t receive them as that is 100% a lie 😦
    And remember that she was supposed to have been paying cash and changed it to Paypal at the last minute.

  166. AshleyB says:

    GAH! Why can’t this just be simple drama? I say get both mama’s here to hash it out!

  167. diudiaole says:

    If the diapers were unsalvageable pieces of crap, why would anyone touch them with a 10 ft pole??!

    I wonder if these are the same dipes from the poo lint thread… ugh I couldn’t read past the first page…

  168. siriusmama says:

    #167 I believe MP did in fact ask if the OP was sure she wanted her to bother with some of them as they were in such poor condition (delaminated PUL I think?) but I guess the OP was planning on reselling them so she said yes. I wonder if her answer would have been the same if she had been planning on using them herself?

  169. liljoeysmom says:

    Yeah, I’m team WAHM on this one.

  170. diudiaole says:

    IMO for any salvage/repair job one should always take before/after pics, just to cover your butt, but it is a bit late for that… I wonder if Cristina will show up and post more photos…

  171. JustPeachy says:

    Theres a market in buying shot elastic dipes and paying to have them repaired?????

  172. Jale says:

    I had an issue like this before on DS.. I sent some dipes to a WAHM to repair them. She sent them back and she used opposite color thread, left tsrings hanging and claimed it was all my dipes. This WAHM is no longer in business last i knew.. but its not the above people. Sad to think some WAHMs cant sew.

  173. DSDM2 says:

    Hmm. I’m not convinced by the WAHM or the Buyer.

  174. diudiaole says:

    #171 — yeah I can’t get my head around that one either… they look like FFS dipes *if* anyone would even want to pay shipping… unless they are suggesting the OP was planning to pass them off as GUC and scam someone…

  175. InAfixx says:

    Too many holes in this story.

    1) Why would PayPal have been involved at all if the diapers were dropped off AND picked up by the customer in person? If no money exchanged “hands” (via PP) I can’t understand how she could file.

    2) Speaking of PayPal, didn’t the WAHM say she repaired these diapers FOR FREE? Uhm…, what exactly is PP going to take from you? I’m unclear.

    3). So, the diapers in the photos are NOT the ones you repaired. But, you admit that the lose threads were an oversight? What lose threads? The only lose threads mentioned were those on the diapers which she photographed. And you also state that it’s “possible” one leg could have been tighter/shorter than the other……also just like those pictured? Why would you not have noticed that? Do you carefully look over your work when finished?

    4) I know you can’t make a hole dissappear, but you dont need to overlap and sew down material to hide them either. You can patch a hole without folding over a huge flap of material from another area. Just FYI.

    5) Can you give us any brainstorm as to why Christina would elect to tarnish your reputation? I mean, if no money exchanged hands…..what purpose would it serve? Genuinely, I am curious. If you know her hidden agenda, by all means, ENLIGHTEN us.

  176. diudiaole says:

    #175 — it is my understanding that Cristina paypal’d MP $100 for the job….

  177. NBC_Mama says:

    175 – The WAHM nicely offered to repair the diapers in the pictures for free, not the ones that she was paid to repair.

  178. siriusmama says:

    #175……did you read all the comments?
    1) The OP was supposed to have paid with cash, but said she had to pay with PP at the last minute despite the fact that she was coming to pick them up in person. Oh and then complained (it is now deleted alas) that MP wanted to make sure she was getting paid before she gave her the repaired diapers back.
    2) Nope, never said that, she was paid $100 to repair the elastic on 35/36 (depending on who’s counting) diapers that she also tried to repair holes and such in.
    3) She did say that of course it was possible she missed some threads, after all that equals to more than 200 start/stop points. She also said that while she did check them all that of course it was possible that some of the legs were uneven, I personally would call bullshit if she tried to say otherwise. She was just being honest.
    4) See comment #158 by yours truly.
    5) I think this was answered by #’s 1 and 2.

  179. screenname says:

    If they were the “nastiest diapers ever” then why repair them? Why not just repair the ones that were salvageable and refund the difference on the rest?

  180. Angie says:

    Two things.
    1) WAHM says she is done and doesn’t care about her rep. Her business isn’t in jeopardy and mamas don’t have to be worried about a scammer. Why would she come back for more?
    2) Christina and Cristina are two different people.

  181. Angie says:

    I guess I have one more.

    3) If I were a WAHM, I’d steer clear of this mama!

  182. diudiaole says:

    Wow it is sad that because she doesn’t plan to do more business on DS that she can take this money and run… maybe the buyer is the scammer, but MPs behavior is very unprofessional

  183. DSDM2 says:

    Ok, so what if she used PP and lives down the street? She might not have had the cash on her, so what? I’ve done it. I sent my mom PP b/c I didn’t have it in my bank account, but did in my PP. So what? That proves nothing.

    As for those not being diapers she repaired, he says/she says. Nothing there.

    I’m siding more and more with the buyer/customer here. Too many holes in the wahm story, and too much push to make people see it. (The lady doth protest too much)

  184. monday's child says:

    I was told about this drama from someone on another board. I don’t hang out on DS. I find it kinda scary and judgmental. And with that said…

    Why are people getting up in arms over some loose threads? Have you ever inverted a Fuzzi Bunz diaper? There are loose threads all over those suckers. Maybe I should badmouth FB as a whole all over the internet and demand my money back.

    At the end of the day, anyone can post a picture of anything on the net and call it proof. Why 114 moms who don’t know either parties in real life should suddenly call for pitchforks, tar and feathers and see it as their civic diaper buyer duty to tie this poor wahm to the proverbial stake and burn her before even finding out her side of the story is beyond ridiculous. You have called her out on her sewing skills (of which how many have first-hand knowledge?), her business standards, her moral fiber. Over what? One other person’s story.

    Ridiculous. It’s all just beyond ridiculous.

    My suggestion for those of you who have so much free time and a need to feel self-righteous that your only outlet is finding stuff on DS to be outraged about – get lives. Spend this time with your children. Volunteer at an old folk’s home. Help out in your child’s classroom. Do SOMETHING else besides wasting the precious time in your life on this. When you look back on your day and the main event was verballing assaulting some stranger on the internet, well, that’s just sad.

  185. Angie says:

    #182 I partially agree. My opinion, there’s something not right about both of them. But our opinion of the WAHM is meaningless now.

  186. Rebecca says:

    So the internet has now become the modern day avenue for Lynch Mobs? Is everyone’s life so pathetic that they like to play judge and jury without proper evidence?

    Is this how you would want our legal system to be ran?

    What if something like this happened to you or your loved ones? Is this how you would like to see them treated?

    Do you go around mouthing and spreading obscenities in front of your children daily?

    Are you so bored or disillusioned at home that you need to take it out on others without truly hearing both sides of the story?

    These kind of words and comments give cloth diapering a bad name.

    How can we promote cding if all we project to the world and others is this type of example?

  187. Angie says:

    Excellent points #184 and 186. With that in mind, our opinion never really mattered then, eh?

  188. theinvisible says:

    Oh here we go with the “spend time with your children instead of commenting here” that always happens (insert eye roll here) when someone gets pinned down. I will chime in with the oft heard “don’t read here if you don’t like it”. Seriously, that might make me change my opinion……(more eye rolls).

  189. Messy says:

    186 Gosh Rebecca, your coming and posting here hs totally caused me to rethink my whole outlook on posting my open honest uncensored opinion on the internet, this board specifically. Ok. I am done rethinking it. If you are that unhappy with reading here, feel free to go back to the censored reading material provided at ds. No need for you to come and hand slap; although, I am sure your kids appreciate the time you spent repremanding us.

  190. Messy says:

    LOL @ 187 because I got bored and never even read all the way down to the bottom of 184 and had no idea she wanted us to spend more time with our kids… I am sure hers treasure every moment she spends on here!

  191. siriusmama says:

    #183, oh it wasn’t the fact that she used PP, that is fine, it is the fact that she had said she was bringing cash and then called MP on her cell phone after she (MP) had already left to go meet her and said that she would have to pay with Paypal instead.
    MP wasn’t going to protest at all actually, yes she was upset about it but knew there was no way to prove anything and is so tired from this pregnancy that she really didn’t want to try and argue her case. Those of us who knew the full story though told her that it wasn’t fair for only one side of the story to be told and to come here to explain. We told her that the drama blog wasn’t like DS where they only want one sided stories and that she would be listened to with open minds here πŸ™‚

  192. sorryfu says:

    #188…….seriously? Are you still in high school?

  193. BffMama says:

    Hmmm, so coming on here and saying ‘we’ (who read and/or comment on this blog) are bad moms sounds sort of like the pot calling the kettle black.

  194. theinvisible says:

    192: For real? I have to act like it to keep up with the conversations here. Seriously.

  195. Rebecca says:

    No reading and commenting is not being a bad parent. Didn’t say that at all.

    Acting as judge and jury without hearing both sides of the story is not being a decent human being either. Nor is it being open minded.

    But it seems everyone is drawn to drama. Aren’t we? Humans are naturally curious animals.

    Besides, my children are in bed sleeping.

  196. theinvisible says:

    Yeah, about the drama…..this is called “The Drama of Diaperswappers”.

  197. BffMama says:

    To be fair, you didn’t say we are bad moms…just implied as such (you being 184). You seem to rush to judge us, though, even as you are reprimanded us for that very thing.

  198. monday's child says:

    Get snarky with me if you like. Two are in bed, the other two are playing a game on the other computer.

    My point – getting caught up in a bunch of snark and drama isn’t good for a person’s soul. Snicker if you’d like. But I once belonged to a very snarky group that took it upon themselves to right the wrongs of the internet. And then they decided to attack one of our own group, because she had inadvertantly outed their snarkiness towards her. They went after her with such force it was awful. Anyone who defended her was attacked as well. It was really ugly.

    But once I left that group, stopped dealing with the daily bitchiness…it was a few days later that I realized that being part of that kind of drama and snark wasn’t healthy. Oh, I could have written it off as “just the internet” stuff. But it spilled in everyday life as well. It becomes part of your personality. Then again, maybe it already is.

    My other point – time IS precious. Time spent with children – and feel free to roll your eyeballs at me – is precious. Life is short, do something better with your time than this for crying out loud.

    #187 – No, in the grand scheme of things, your opinion doesn’t matter. All of this is just created drama that has nothing to do with any of us.

    BTW – Messy – do you post on DSD with the same name? Because I know you over there then. And you’d know me if I gave my screen name from there here.

  199. Rika says:

    What bothers me is that Cristina went to the WAHMs home and picked them up. She inspected them and said they looked good and left. She had the chance to look through every single diaper and bring up any qualms then? (I can’t be the only one who wishes I could do that prior to finalizing a diaper repair transaction.) Hell, she could’ve probably gone back to the WAHMs home and shown her the ones she’s unhappy with and get a fix/refund. But no – she had to make a show and is lying to Paypal to get her money back.

    Whether it be for attention/sympathy or whatever, I think Cristina just wanted to start drama because this entire fiasco most likely could have been avoided.

  200. BffMama says:

    Mothereffingtypos. Reprimanded should be reprimanding.

  201. monday's child says:

    Me being 184. Reprimanding? Maybe. Calling you bad moms? No. Letting you know that there are better things in life than doing the panty twist over stuff that has nothing to do with you? Yes.

    And sure, this is a blog about DS Drama. That doesn’t mean you have to stir it up and create more of it. I think it’s kind of silly that this blog is even here, but then again, I’ve heard that people aren’t allowed to defend themselves on DS’s, so I guess there might be a point to this blog.

  202. Messy says:

    #198 I am tired… DSD?

  203. BffMama says:

    MondaysChild, I totally get what you’re saying (and more reasonably spoken in your most recent comment), but I come here just as an escape and to be honest, it makes me laugh. It’s refreshing to not be censored here. It’s my soap opera online instead of on TV and my children are not being ignored when I am online. I really do get your intent and appreciate the sentiment, I just feel a line is crossed when we start questioning parenting ability because someone likes to read a drama blog. I read I likez the drama since my own life is so amazingly sane and normal!

  204. Messy says:

    Duh… I am tired LOL. DSD (I call this DSD for diaper swapper drama)… You are talking bout diaper sewing divas! No, I am not Messy on there… My bad. :::yawn::: But this is my *break time.

  205. monday's child says:

    #202 – I guess you’re not from DSD, if you don’t know DSD’s πŸ™‚

    #203 – I get the “read for a laugh” thing. But this seems just a bit more vicious. There is a real person behind the wahm getting torn apart here and moreso on DS’s.

    But the email I was waiting for has arrived, so I shall say my tah tah’s. George Clooney is on my tv, and that’s way better drama than anything on t his board!

  206. Messy says:

    #205; I am on diaper sewing divas. Like I said, I am tired and I call here DSD. I am not messy on divas though.

  207. DSDM2 says:

    I got the email that was sent to me…

    I am going to sit on it for a bit, I don’t know that I want to touch that with a 10ft pole… I’ll talk to TDM and DSDM3 about it though.

  208. Nic says:

    Changing the topic for a moment

    it only took 4 entries to get ugly – is that a DS record?

  209. eeek says:

    Oh blah, this is good clean fun. Some people watch TV, my escapist entertainment is a few minutes here & there reading DS drama. I don’t ignore my kids or my work or my home or, well, anything to do this. This is my little break time.

    Also, I actually think most regular posters on this blog are pretty thoughtful in their judgments. It’s usually the drive-bys that are out in left field, and I think they’re kind of moderated by those who can see logic. I also think the WAHM was given a forum to speak here she wouldn’t have had on DS, and I think that’s cool.

    & now I’m interested all over again, DSDM2!

  210. Messy says:

    DSDM2 is teasing us!!! Not nice!!! If you have drama, you are required to share said drama with the group… We are drama addicts who will get ugly if not fed new tidbits continually!

  211. diudiaole says:

    Sooo highschool…. MPs got her girls to come stick up for her by telling us to all get lives and grow up… *yawn*

    to siriusmama — the bit about her changing her mind from cash to paypal? Still don’t see how it is relevant, but that gets filed under ‘he said she said’…

    And to MPs “girls” — why the loose threads comment… did she botch those dipes in the pics or not? Are those her black threads? No? Then why do you keep going on about loose threads that MP supposedly didn’t leave…??

  212. Angie says:

    198. Right. And remind the WAHM of that, especially if she’s officially out of business. It would be different if she were still a WAHM.

  213. sorryfu says:

    211. This whole situation is “he said she said..” Why do you want more “he said she said” answers?

    And why wouldn’t MP’s friends take up for her when they KNOW she is in the right?

  214. diudiaole says:

    Yeah they “know” because they believe her side of it lol… it isn’t all just “he said she said” because there are some photos.. and although inone post MP denies they are hers.. she also admits to leaving loose threads and possibly uneven leg elastic…

  215. sorryfu says:

    214. Yeah your right. Photos of diapers that were not “fixed” by MP. So again, he said she said…..

  216. theinvisible says:

    That would be “you’re” not your. What was that you said about high school? You’re just jealous because you didn’t make it that far.

  217. Thud says:

    “My other point – time IS precious. Time spent with children – and feel free to roll your eyeballs at me – is precious.”

    Especially when you send them to play on the computer for some mommy time LOL
    That just struck me funny.

    The calvary has arrived.

    So~ buyer is showing dipes hat weren’t part of the transaction and filed with PP for ‘not recived’ ~ but not received is code for not happy since there is no other non-eBay option, keep in mind.
    And seller took a hopeless case for the money and it bit her in the ass.

    I think it is a draw.

  218. siriusmama says:

    #214 Since this keeps getting brought up πŸ˜‰
    It’s not that she said “oh sure, I leave my thread ends unclipped and put in uneven leg elastic all the time, so what?”. She was being honest and saying it was *possible* that she might have since she didn’t have the diapers in her possession to check. Make sense? And no, she did NOT use black thread on white inners πŸ™‚

  219. tlarson78 says:

    Ok there are a few things i have to straighten out here. Cristina is NOT the one who wanted to Pay with PP. M’sP is the one who asked for the PP. because Cristina called me to complain about it. Cristina had wanted to pay cash. i told her to NOT use PP. But Cristina didn’t want to risk not getting her diapers back so she went ahead and payed MsP with PP. MsP had kept telling Cristina she wanted to make sure she’d get payed for the job she did on the diapers. I told Cristina right then she was getting scammed. No one says that. but again Cristina didn’t want to risk not getting back her dipes, she was also concerned about MsP because she’s been having preterm labor.
    She did NOT got the MsP’s house. She did NOT change the time or location a bunch of times. they were origionally supposed to meet up at a store. Cristina called and said she was running late. MsP agreed to meet her somewhere else (even though Cristina offerened to drive to MsP’s house to retreive the dipes) . they met up, Cristina Glanced at the top few dipes and said everything looked ok, thanks, and left.
    It wasn’t until she got home that she went through ALL the dipes and found the horrible sewing job that was done on them.
    Cristina called me upset about her dipes saying that MsP’s had even tried to “fix” good elastic. I told her to file the PP dispute. and she didn’t do it until AFTER giving MsP’s a chance to make the situation right by refunding atleast some of her money back. ( IMO MsP should give her ALL of her money back) But All she offered was to redo the dipes. Would you let a WAHM take another stab at your dipes after completely messing them up? I know i wouldn’t.

  220. tlarson78 says:

    oh YES MsP DID use black thread on white inners.

  221. siriusmama says:

    “And seller took a hopeless case for the money and it bit her in the ass.”
    Unfortunately I think this is it exactly 😦 I am hoping (I like to assume the best in people) that the OP really didn’t realize how bad her diapers were since it sounds like she bought them (or got them FFS) in this condition to fix and then resell them but then decided she would rather spend the $3 per diaper to have someone else do it and make less profit.
    So then MP agrees to fix them without knowing how bad they were, did the best job she could and is now getting reamed for work she didn’t even do.
    It is a super craptastic situation all around and really reminds me that there are two sides to every story and we shouldn’t try to judge without knowing both of them 😦

  222. siriusmama says:

    “MsP had kept telling Cristina she wanted to make sure she’d get payed for the job she did on the diapers.”
    Why wouldn’t she want to get paid?

  223. tlarson78 says:

    222. my gues sis she knew what a crappy job she did on the diapers and wanted to make sure she still got her $100. by making her PP the money.

  224. tlarson78 says:

    222. my guess is she knew what a crappy job she did on the diapers and wanted to make sure she still got her $100. by making her PP the money.

  225. screenname says:

    I don’t know why people are complaining that this blog is only interested in one side of the story. Until MsP posted here, there was post after post saying “Gee. Wonder what the WAHM’s side is? Can someone send her over here?” In fact, if it weren’t for this blog the other side of the story wouldn’t be told for many situations.

  226. screenname says:

    #208 – Yeah, I give that thread another hour before it goes *poof*.

  227. dirtyj says:

    It is so hard to say who is at fault. Neither story matches up.

    The black thread was a dumb idea. I do not understand why anyone would use black thread on white. ??
    but even if mp owns up to the 3 botched diapers, she shouldn’t have to refund all the money.

    It sounds to me like some of the diapers were pretty torn up and the OP was expecting the” wahm” to make them like new. It didnt happen, so she used the black thread and uneven leg elastic on the couple pictured to gain sympathy and we all gave her what we wanted. Who knows what the remaining 33-34 look like.
    Wahm should refund all services for the botched jobs(if there are any) end of story. Buyer should demand a refund for those that were ruined and move on. let her keep the money those that she got right.

    I refuse to take sides In these kind of situations. I love this blog and all the posters but the bad transaction posts make me sad because someone always loses out.

  228. dirtyj says:

    If the customer had paid cash like she was going to it would have been a done deal for both. How does accepting pp help the WAHM? With PP she is at risk for a chargeback or claim

  229. tlarson78 says:

    228. it helps the WAHM because she got money for a crappy job. From the way it sounded she figured she wouldn’t end up getting paid when it was seen how she screwed up the diapers.

    oh and FWIW Cristina did not expect the WAHM to make the diapers like new again. All she wanted was for her to replace the old elastic with new. simple. she did NOT ask her to fix or replace anything else on the diapers. Cristina owns a Snap press and can fix her own broken snaps.

  230. dirtyj says:

    I must have missed where it was said that she would pay at completion.

    I am leaning towards the WAHM messing up on a few but a full refund seems a bit much. Too much missing info

  231. tlarson78 says:

    i’m not sure it said that anywhere. but that is the way it happened.

  232. sassy1 says:

    well,….did we ever see pics of the other diapers?

  233. Messy says:

    232 Nope. The OP Cristina has disappeared off the face of the earth…

  234. Messy says:

    Ok, I take that back! Cristina is reading this thread but being shady… She isn’t saying anything, under a name we know her to be, but she resurrected the poolint thread on ds that died on 12-1 by posting to it a response that belonged on here! On ds it was a cleaning thread… Nasty crack ab out some mamas having active imaginations; and I know she wasn’t talking about those helping her dream up a way to save those shitipers. She goes and posts this to the dead cleaning thread from nowhere:
    Registered Users

    Join Date: Apr 2006
    Posts: 6,538
    Ratings: 412
    Feedback: 100% Re: Nastiest Diapers EVER!!!


    I took these back to the resale shop where I got them and they were thrown away. Yes, I have bought used fixer upper diapers cheap. No, I am not operating a fuzzi bunz graveyard.

    Some Mamas have some very active imaginations.
    FSOT: Brand New FBs, HH, PC, & Wonderoos!

  235. BffMama says:

    tlarson…if Cristina is your pal (since she calls you and all and you know everything about this), how about you direct her over here to share her real story. And why did you tell her to file with PP since she can only file ‘item not received’ and she clearly received them? THAT is so shady. She should have looked at every diaper before walking away so IMO, that’s all on her and she can’t go cry foul later because she didn’t follow through at the time.

    I mean, what we were shown was bad. Baaaad. Both are at fault, but it looks like the WAHM doesn’t have the money anyway, so it looks like the shady filing of ‘item not received’ isn’t really going to matter at this point since no tengo dinero.

    Cristina…come out and play.

  236. me me me says:

    #208-I am dieing to post on that thread. But there is nothing I could say that wouldn’t get me banned. lol I mean really, do these douche bags not realize how numb brained they sound. Score 7984 for Darwinism.

  237. BffMama says:

    Messy, you have excellent investigative skills! It’s funny how the last post on that dead thread was in November and now, mysteriously yesterday she resurrects it, much like she has tried to do with these fuzzi bunz (allegedly of course). Nothing gets past you and I LOVE IT!!!

  238. me me me says:

    As for this matter, I think both buyer and seller messed up and contributed eqally to it going south. I call it draw.

  239. Messy says:

    237 I am sooo nosey ROFL!
    238 Yeah, I *would lean that way but the thing is, Cristina was sooo vocal about it all before the wahm posted her side. Now she is trying to use ds to keep her head above water and not get sucked into her own story. She is obviously reading here and then using ds to answer us here @@ So we can’t ask her anything about it but she can throw crap at us. Nice. Makes her even shadier…

  240. me me me says:

    239-But really, that’s the only way it can go. I mean there is just nothing tackier than seeing a WAHM on DS bitching about a customer. It’s just low class. A good business woman takes care of business professionally, directly with the customer and stays out of the drama. Whenever the WAHM “defends” herself, things just get out of hand faster and uglier. A smart WAHM takes the small hit, fixes any mistakes she may have made, learns from it and keeps her public mouth shut. My 2 cents of course.

  241. me me me says:

    Oh and to me, the OP posting in her old dead thread, is just umm weird. I usally lean towards “the customer is always right, even when they are wrong” but in this case, OP seems kinda wacked, so credibilty points are lost there.

  242. Messy says:

    240: It is not the wahm that I am talking about… I am talking about Cristina the OP. SHE is the one answering us on ds. She has a few threads of her own loose if you ask me…

  243. me me me says:

    242- Gothcya, I was confused for a moment. Not enough caffeine yet. I have to agree with you here.

    I see mama’s that I normally, value their povs, posting in defense of both sides. Makes me kinda irritated knowing one of them is lying so good they have nice mama’s coming here to defend them. My friends and I have a pact, if we ever find each others name on here, we will NOT post to defend each other. Big girls defend themselves.

  244. Messy says:

    I would freak out if someone defended me on here!!! There was something said once and I jumped right on it MYSELF because well… ummm… I guess this is where I have to admit I am a big girl? ROFL!!!

  245. just_sayin says:

    I think this is a case of buyer beware. She claims she didn’t look them all over when she went to pick them up, but when she got home and then inspected them they were crap. Too bad, TBH. Once you say thanks and walk out the door, the transaction is over. She didn’t check them over, so it’s basically her fault. I can’t buy something that is custom done for me, say “looks great, thanks” and then go back later and claim it’s crappy. Who knows what happened between her drive home and her decision to get her money back.

    One thing I don’t understand, though is the motivation. What’s the OP’s motivation for ruining the WAHM’s rep? If she wanted to get her money back filing with pp could all be done without outing her on DS. Id attention whoring that rewarding?

    All in all, I’m siding with the WAHM on this one. If the OP repairs FB, why didn’t she just fix them herself? Why didn’t she at least glance at all of them? If the job was bad, why post on DS at all? Something stinks, and I don’t think it’s the poo lint.

  246. diudiaole says:

    Both sides’ behavior is questionable…

    but the bit about Cristina operating a “Fuzzi Bunz graveyard”.. ROFL! That is hilarious wording, did someone post that on here or did she make that up herself? … because she’s just been knighted with that title… the ‘FB undertaker’ or someone witty help me out LOL

    Anyone swearing to god that MP did not use black thread — were you there with the dipes in hand? Did you see them?

    Also, have you ever met at a store/gas station to pick up an item from someone? It is kinda awkward and if you have 35 of the same damn thing… I would think *most* people would inspect a few and then get out of there.

    No one took higher ground here… not classy at all, neither one of these ladies…

  247. eeek says:

    I agree that this whole situation is a difficult one.

    I want someone else to do something even more stupid so we can move on to clearer waters.

  248. tlarson78 says:

    Cristina’s Family is in town she did not disappear off the face of the earth. I’m sure she will come post next week after they leave. #246 has it. when you meet someone in person its awkward. especially when you had already been forced to pay with PP, when you didn’t want to.

    I told her to file a PP claim because the momma did a btoched job on her diapers and wasn’t willing to refund her ANY part of the money.

    crap i forgot the other point i was going to reply to. i’ll be on later.

  249. BffMama says:

    I get that her family’s in town, but she sure had time to post on DS. BTW, I would be mortified if one of my friends was here defending me…I would feel like a chump actually. So she will take time from the fam for DS, but she lets others do her defending here.

    247 is right on! We need clearer waters now.

  250. just_sayin says:

    #246, so posting about the crappy diapers all over DS and then opening a false PP claim ISN’T awkward?

  251. diudiaole says:

    #250 —

    I don’t see how you addressed the issue I was referring to… it is awkward/uncomfortable picking up goods from a stranger and if I had 35 of the same item, I would inspect a few and have good faith in the rest. Unless it were diamonds or bags of gold etc lol we’re talking some old fuzzi bunz…

    And no, I wouldn’t call that “awkward”… not very classy perhaps… rather desperate and obnoxious… but just b/c she behaves that way doesn’t suddenly make MP in the clear.

  252. JustPeachy says:

    Dude whatever get over it and quit bitching about the drama. Speaking as a mama who was flamed on this blog I got over it. Was I upset? For a minute. But you know what I realized soon enough that people probably didnt get where I was coming from and it was impossible for me to explain it without looking like a dumb ass.

  253. NBC_Mama says:


    Hrmmm… I saw that last night and wondered why she was backpeddling. Perhaps she’s trying to cover her tracks? Feeling guilty, much?

  254. Bloggitybloggity says:

    *Whew* that was quite a read.

    #247: I’m laughing my ample ass off over here πŸ˜€

  255. Bloggitybloggity says:

    Dangit! I felt so accomplished… and now there are MORE replies to read.

  256. theinvisible says:

    If not for this blog I would know who the WAHM was but wouldn’t have been able to hear her side at all and come to an more informed conclusion. However, her friends coming on here to defend her and implying we are all poor role models/parents to our children for reading the blog they are replying to made me never want to do business with her anyway. The sad truth is the OP may be in the wrong but because of the way the WAHM handled this I will always remember her but I won’t be able to tell you who the OP was in a week.

  257. theinvisible says:

    And yes, clearer waters please. A nice straight forward scammer or drama whore is in order.

  258. Crystal says:

    monday’s child, I just wanted to know you made the complete disgust in my gut go away when I read your posts. that is all. πŸ™‚

  259. Rika says:

    Personally, I don’t care about the wahm’s posse – there normally are outsiders who don’t frequent the blog that say the same ol’ shit thinking we spend copious amounts of time here talking trash and poking into people’s lives. If I didn’t know and benefit from the service the blog and its users provide, I might think the same thing.

    I do not find it odd that the WAHM wanted to be paid prior to pick up. People pay for custom items and repairs before they’re started, finished and/or shipped all the time and those people don’t have the luxury of meeting the WAHM in person and inspect the item before ending the transaction – many are lucky to see a photo before final payment is made if it’s split into two.

    While I understand the point of trying to avoid an awkward in-person exchange, if Cristina cared about the diapers as much as she’s wanting us to believe (i.e. their condition caused vomiting), she would have flipped through them prior to finalizing the transaction because there’s nothing awkward about inspecting the work of a stranger that you’ve already paid or are about to pay. If anyone handed you $100 cash in exchange for an item, you would count it and/or inspect the bills to make sure they’re real and all there prior to them leaving your presence no matter what. If you were to pay $100 for anything – no matter how trivial such as diapers – you would most likely inspect it to make sure it was in appropriate condition and ask as many questions as you needed before walking away with it.

    We know that Cristina is blatantly lying to Paypal, regardless of how anyone tries to justify it. This is enough for me to think twice about going into a transaction with her. And yes, I will remember her name, especially if she continues to be a regular poster on DS.

  260. tlarson78 says:

    260, i’m sorry you think she’s being shady. but Cristina has been on DS for years, and has over 500 positive transactions, to my knowledge has never had a negative transaction. Even if I wasn’t friends with Cristina IRL i would still tend to beleive her over this WAHM being that another poster came on here and had trouble with the WAHM previously, but there haven’t been any negatives with Cristina. And this is the way i would rule it for anyone, friend or not.
    We’ve seen pictures of atleast 3 of the diapers and the workmanship was shotty on those three. (and probobly the rest too like she says) the OP has not had a negative transaction to my knowledge, however we’ve seen that atleast one other momma has had trouble with the WAHM in Questions. The WAHM is the one that insisted on being paid via PP. ( sounds shady) IT doesn’t matter who either party is that’s enough evidence for me to say the WAHM is shady. but then the WAHM came on here and spewed more lies. Flipped the story around. Posted on Certain threads at DS just to make them disappear.
    where the OP had been very careful not to OUT the WAHM, the WAHM put her own name out there, then blames OP for putting her name through the mud.
    Filing a dispute with PP is the only way she has to try and get some of her money back. since the WAHM wouldn’t offer ANY of it back.

  261. TL says:

    161- But isn’t the wahm claiming that those aren’t the diapers she repaired? I’m undecided about which side I believe, but if those weren’t the diapers she repaired and christina is just trying to get money off of them. then she shouldn’t have to pay anything.

    As for the wham coming here, people told her to come and give her side as one or two other people had been saying that there was more to the story than was revealed. So she came here to defend herself. I don’t think we can fault her for that. Its not fair to be saying repeatedly for the Wahm to come defend herself, then when she does tell her she has bad CS lol.

  262. me me me says:

    Yawn, can’t we start blogging about something interesting? This subject stoped being fun about a 100 posts ago lol. I think the OP and the WAHM are acting odd to be honest and I have a few hours before Desprate Housewives comes on. Surley there is more entertaining DS drama for us to enjoy. πŸ˜‰

  263. Messy says:

    Think this one out…
    Paypal dilema: Who does it benefit? Cristina can use pp to use credit or a charge back that cash does not afford her. What does the WAHM have to gain from Cristina using pp vs cash? Nothing. She is more at risk. Those cheering for Cristina have no real reason for the WAHM to have wanted pp. She just wanted PAID. She said it was feeling odd to her. Could it be because she got a batch of shit diaper with one wing in the fuzzy bun graveyard and the WAHM was concerned about who and why someone would want those diapers repaired? So, I call Cristina the liar on the pp issue. Then we know for a fact that she continues the pp lies with filing “nonreceipt” to get her money back. So, Cristina is not above lying to get her way.
    The diapers themselves: The WAHM says the diaper with the black thread was not one she repaired. Great! SO DOES CRISTINA! Cristina agrees that the diapers in the pics are NOT the ones the WAHM fixed because Cristina claims she never got the diapers to start with~ just ask pp!
    Gosh, sure is looking like Cristina cooked her own goose.
    Feedback is great. But I know many are leary of leaving negative feedback because of being drug through the mud. Who knows how many others have been threatened with the slinging that Cristina did to this WAHM? How many have refunded her and moved on to keep from having themselves trashed.
    Seriously, I thought there was no way that this could be NOT the WAHM’s fault. But Cristina herself is the one that changed that. If she would lie to pp for money, she would lie to anyone.
    Tell me she doesn’t have time to come here because she is in town??? Give me a break! She is on ds answering what she is reading here… Her friends are looking really stupid. And I will wait for the day that she screws you over and you have to admit, like I did, that the WAHM does seem so bad when compared to Cristina.
    Carry on as I know you will…

  264. Messy says:

    that the WAHM does *** seem so bad when compared to Cristina.
    DOES NOT !!! Typo!!!

  265. QueenofQuiteAlot says:

    Shoddy. It’s shoddy, not shotty.

    Oh, and before it comes up – wary not weary. Weary is tired, wary is watchful.

    Two little thorns in my side, I’m sorry. Please carry on.

  266. BffMama says:

    One wing in the fuzzy bunz graveyard….I snorted with that one!!!!!!

  267. Messy says:

    Yeah! Now the grammar police are here!!! You will find that my posts are perfect. If you think they are not, then feel free to write the errors on toilet paper and wipe your perfect ass… Because that is much more than I will do with your advice. πŸ˜€

  268. werd says:

    ugh they are both whacked. end of story. I HATE people who knitpick on grammar – dude, get over it. Seriously.

  269. Thud says:

    Well, actually, she didn’t knitpick your grammar, so much as your spelling. Different things.


  270. me me me says:

    i ges i shood getz out my dicionery befor the speling polis getz me.

  271. me me me says:

    Dude ready for a good old fationed tar n feathering? This chcik thinks 11 yr old should qualify for the death penalty @@ Keep reading the thread, it gets bettrr with each post she spews.

    Today, 11:29 AM #9

    Registered Users

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    Feedback: 100% Re: 11-year-old boy charged with killing father’s pregnant girlfriend


    does pa have the death penalty? god i hope so.
    Hope mama to my Harrison 9.6.08
    iso: jollybums, goodmamas, thirsties covers, paypal
    my fsot:…84#post6145784

  272. me me me says:

    *slaps own hand for typos*

  273. cdc3030 says:

    werd, it is ugh, (comma)……Capital E(nd).


    I am not a conspiracy freak, so I really don’t see that anyone would (christina) go to all the effort to set up the WAHM for a measly $100. She may have had poor judgment, but jeez, there is plenty of drama here without total make-believe.

  274. cdc3030 says:

    Who’s the company here??? (new topic maybe, this thread is getting big!)

  275. SomeMore says:

    #275- a measly $100?

    I hope I’m missing underlying sarcasm…..

  276. naturalmamadot says:

    #276 i thought that was covered in a dif post but i could be wrong…just rings a bell

  277. just_sayin says:

    How about some SC drama? It’s lame, but it’s Sunday night, I’m here alone and there’s no school tomorrow so I’m trolling for something to do.

    Here’s the DS thread. A few people posted implying that Daphne is shady, so those posts were deleted, but I love how the mod put on the thread that there was WAHM bashing. that doesn’t exactly sweep it under the rug, now does it? LOL

    And then SC’s pity party blog post about it. I love how she mentions integrity. Oh, irony, how do I love thee?

    She’s a tool. I’m sorry, but who posts something like that without snickering? I couldn’t keep a straight face if I was blogging something like that.

    Is it just me who thinks that her diapers are way overpriced? I have no problem dropping $40 on a diaper that I like, but this seems nuts. Is there even a pricing structure, or is it just whatever she feels like charging that day?

  278. tlarson78 says:

    276 i went through that whole thread and didn’t see one post by Cristina? i guess i’m missing your point.

    I’ll call her tommorow and see if she can jump over here. however i don’t see the point as you already have her side of the story here.

    she got screwed over by the WAHM plain and simple. she was forced to file a pp claim when the WAhm wouldn’t refund any of her money. only offered to fix the diapers.

    the wahm has already said she doesn’t care about her reputation so, why is it surprising she did such a crappy job?

    Cristina has plenty of positive FB and has been a DS memeber in good standing for years…..

    the WAHM is requesting her account be deleted from DS sounds shady to me. most guilty people run and hide.

  279. cdc3030 says:


    I am saying that some people on here are starting to side with the WAHM, saying that the OP was setting up the WAHM. I am saying that for $100 (yep, measly when you consider the hit to her rep), I cannot see why she would do that!

    We dont know what really happened here, but I tend to believe the OP more than the WAHM, since the OP would be shooting herself in the foot for a small payback. She is not making money on this deal, just maybe getting some maybe shoddy sewing for free. Who would risk their reputation for some crappy sewing? I mean, even if the quality of the sewing was great, she has a bunch of old tired FB diapers that were hers to begin with.

    The WAHM on the other hand has $100 to lose or gain. She has said here that she doesnt really care about her rep since she is no longer a WAHM.


  280. tlarson78 says:

    ah ok.

  281. Bloggitybloggity says:

    Ooohhhh…. what DID I do for entertainment before finding this blog? Even the older threads are interesting, LMAO! πŸ˜€

  282. tlarson78 says:

    ok just one more thing to add and i’m off to bed.

    why did someone else Edit MsP’s post?
    Registered Users
    Formerly: LizzieAG

    Join Date: Aug 2006
    Posts: 461
    Ratings: 72
    Feedback: 100%
    My Mood: Re: Nice


    Feedback was left after the the thread was deleted. I too have questioned the complete deletion of the thread, instead of simply removing the portions that were in violation of DS policy.

    Last edited by beenwaitingalongtime : Today at 02:55 PM.

  283. AshleyB says:

    #283, the someone else who edited the post is a Mod. That’s why! DS censorship at it’s finest.

  284. Bloggitybloggity says:

    Yeah. My posts on that thread were deleted as well. I wasn’t saying anything bad. I mentioned she outed herself (which the mods left) Then I came back to mention that I couldn’t decide who was in the right or wrong (after reading this LOOOONG, drawn out, bloggity-bit) and that I needed to retract my statements (without actually deleting them.) I also mentioned to MP that whatever the “truth” is, it’s not worth miscarrying over and that she needed to take it easy.

    I think they just went through and cleared up ANY mention of this blog. How scandalous πŸ˜‰

    I’m not a DS basher, by any means (I’m too po’ to bite the hand that feeds my stash) … but the whole cover-up conspiracy concerning this Drama Blog is a little weird, to say the least.

  285. Messy says:

    270: Hey Thud, she wasn’t correcting my *anything. She was “grammar policing” someone else… Still annoying πŸ˜‰

  286. Messy says:

    I’m shocked that the Google heads up was left on there as long as it was. DS is usually quicker at removing mentions of this blog… For some reason, they do not want anyone talking *about ds @@ No mention of the competitor sites (except spots~ why can we talk about spots on there but not other message boards?) and no mention of this frightful blog! How dare people think they should get to post exactly what they want without censorship?

  287. Thud says:

    Can we mention *again* that with paypal and NON-ebay transactions, the only dispute option to open up is ‘non-receipt’.

    As far as I can tell, Cristina isn’t saying she didn’t get them with that dispute, but rather that she HAS a dispute and non-receipt is the only option with paypal at this point.

  288. justareader says:

    I have no idea who’s right or wrong or lying through their teeth, but the PP thing I can see two ways. 1) Buyer requests paying with PP instead of cash because buyer can file a dispute later, or 2) Seller thinks there’s a risk of buyer either not paying at all (seeing crappy work?), insisting on a lower price, etc, and wants to be sure she’s received the full amount in advance of buyer picking up diapers. For those who aren’t seeing the point of the PP, there you go–of course, depending on who actually requested PP payment instead of cash, the situation changes quite a bit. Since everyone is pointing fingers in the other direction, we don’t really know who requested it, but those two points are the “Why” from each side.

  289. JustPeachy says:

    Daphne is a moron. I’m sorry but I don’t see what makes her diapers so special that they are worth 60 bucks a diaper. For one who pays that much for a diaper from a maker who has scammed people lied and is shady as hell. Im just angry that there are still people out there who don’t know about her shitty ways and she still has a customer base.

  290. naturalmamadot says:

    Sry..just woke up extremely slow…what company does Daphne run? tia excuse my morning delayed response πŸ˜€

  291. naturalmamadot says:

    oh stinky couture??

  292. alison says:

    What’s with the Daphne reference, Peach? What did I miss?

  293. alison says:

    Oh – just read back. That’s a Stinky Couture thread? Hilarious. I thought it was when I first read it, but then wasn’t sure…

  294. alison says:

    Oh wait… I thought you meant this thread was SC

  295. yikes says:

    I refuse to spend $60 on anything with Stinky in the name.

  296. Messy says:

    289: You are building straw men… “She is simply saying she has a dispute open and the only option is nonreceipt.” She is lying no matter how you twist the world to meet her degree of perspective. That right there brings question to her integrity. When she is wanting people to side with her based on her truthfulness, lying to a company to get a refund from a wahm on false pretense is ummm… SHADY! If she is that shady to get her money back in a way that she outright lies for it, then she is also shady enough to lie to everyone else to make sure the wahm didn’t get her story out there first and that she already had a “pity base”.
    Her buddies talkinga bout her being in town and unable to answer here is another crack in her story. It is not like she had to walk a mile, hike a mountain, fight off a wild bear eating mama stalking a goodmama sale, and claw her way through a sit in of breastfeeders at Dennys! All she had to do was CLICK at the bottom of the page she was obviously reading since she popped over to resurrect her dead fuzzy bunz thread (mentioned here) to answer us. Total body usage: .052 calories. Easier than blinking. But she chose to duck and hide when the facts got thick.

  297. Messy says:

    297: I get the feeling that even those who would spend that much don’t get the opportunity often. Her dipes are pretty popular- I guess. I don’t have one. Even the used ones are snapped up pretty fast. There was something pornographic about her that makes me think I don’t want to buy from her for some reason… I just don’t remember what it is. Since we are poor, no fear, I won’t buy anyhow LOL!!!

  298. diudiaole says:

    So what is the scoop on stinky couture? Any links?

  299. eeek says:

    Stinky Couture’s integrity & karma post is just stinky. That woman is a monster. Her integrity is nonexistent. Oh, people are picking on her due to her success? How about people picking on her because of her complete suckiness to her customers? And the super-spamishness. Spamming yourself constantly is a good way to make me think you’re creepy.

    & yes, I’m a WAHM, but I haven’t sold diapers for a couple years & she’s not competition to me. She’s simply a smear on the WAHM world, people like her make WAHMs look bad. Plus she’s just annoying.

    I thank the powers that be that I really DO believe in karma, because I believe karma is going to bite her in the ass, hard, sometime soon. Just hope I (& the rest of you) get to watch (& blog!) about it!

    (sigh) She’s a pet peeve of mine, can you tell, lol?

  300. Messy says:

    300: I think there is an old post thread here about here… I am sure of it…

  301. diudiaole says:

    ok found this

    so she steals fabric then uses it to make her diapers which she charges $60 for? WTF and her blog post is retarded.

  302. diudiaole says:

    How is this bitch still in business?

  303. Messy says:

    304:Because her main base of customers read on diaper swappers. Some people would be upset if they knew ds kept information about camming wahms from them… They just don’t realize that the “no wahm bashing” includes sharing pertinent truthful information regarding the wahms that are not on the up and up. Often a wahm has a string of dirty deeds and when they come to light, people are shocked! They never knew because ds removed the threads. They want to protect the wahms at the cost of the members. Afterall, it is not money out of ds’s pocket.

  304. alison says:

    I wonder if those posts she made that got her banned from DS are still there… Wishful thinking, I guess. Pretty hilarious read…

    One day she was all (hmmm with Patchwork Pixie? I forget now) oh – our diapers may be similar, but there’s room in the WAHMworld for all of us, and the next day, she totally lost her shit and started hurling accusations at, that same WAHM.

    She’s nuts.

    N.U.T.S. I tell ya.

  305. alison says:

    Ah, no, Little Luxe was the source of her ire.

  306. Messy says:

    308: We get it. Op orders, company mails, DS shows confirmed, OP’s diapers get stolen, it is the company’s fault of course! Duh! And she goes after her cc company for the refund she did get… Either the company is totally at fault for all ills of the mailing world, or the OP is off her rocker in a major way. You decide. No drama in that thread. Just an unstable woman…

  307. Thud says:

    Messy~ I was just correcting the MANY people who are building theories on Cristina being a liar based on her filing ‘non-receipt’ when she did have them. I don’t think non-receipt was ever on the table, nor intended to be~ just tryingt o clear the murk a little πŸ™‚

  308. Messy says:

    310: Nonreceipt IS on the table when it is the only way she can file for a pp refund. She filed, nonreceipt is the only option. She lied. Clear now? Ifshe will lie to them, she would lie to anyone for anything. I only hope the wahm goes above and beyond showing them that she did get the diapers and she is lying.
    Until she filed nonreceipt to get a refund, I might have had more belief in her story. Now they only part I see is the LIE in the middle (beLIEf <—if you don’t get it).

  309. diudiaole says:

    I agree that lying to paypal to try to get some money back is pretty shitty behavior and really comes off low class, but it sounds like she had a lot of people advising her to file… doesn’t excuse it by any means, but it is easier to rationalize certain things when you’ve got your friends all saying *do it* *do it* lol

    Regardless, I don’t think this absolves the WAHM from her craptastic handiwork nor her hideous customer service nor her fishy story… if the WAHM had any class, she would have refunded the money for each botched diaper and went about business as usual. Instead she is washing her hands of it by saying that she’s done and doesn’t care about her reputation. One hundred measly bucks and she closes up shop and cancels her DS account? WTF? The OP lying to paypal doesn’t make the WAHM look any better IMO.

  310. DSDM2 says:

    #312, I am in agreement. Unless the WAHM has photos of the “perfect” FBs, then all we have to go on are the photos from the OP which are pretty sucktastic.

  311. not just another mama says:

    Wow, I wished the PP police would come check this out.. Because to file a claim when you clearly did get the services/items you paid for is ILLEGAL, its called theft. I think that makes me thing of this buyer as a downright scammer to do that.

    As for the WAHM, you should have used your head & had her send it as something other then goods so she couldn’t have done this. Or ONLY accepted cash/money order/check, etc.

    This seems like a whole big ole mess, and NEITHER of these ladies look good..

  312. JustPeachy says:

    Mannnnnnn since Im bored with the current topic I thought Id bring up something new. Ewe Need Color has copied ANOTHER colorway.

  313. Messy says:

    Ewe need to give us a linky peachy ;D

  314. Anne says:

    314. Playing devil’s advocate, one could argue that she DIDN’T receive the items/service she paid for. She paid to have the elastic correctly repaired in her diapers. Based on the pictures, she did not get that.

    I think the WAHM agreed to fix the elastic, thinking it would be fairly easy and had a harder time than she anticipated. She handed over the diapers thinking they were satisfactory.
    Clearly they are not satisfactory. OP, rather than pm WAHM decides to post on DS. I really don’t understand the purpose of that. Really -she needed advice on what to do? Really? I don’t know why she didn’t ask for a refund straight away but that’s neither here nor there.
    WAHM is embarrassed and decides to post her side of the story. Which doesn’t really seem like much to me. The whole scam theory is kind of (ok, realllllly) far-fetched. And the thing about fixing the fleece, etc. for free. Ok, that’s great but all of the OPs complaints involve the elastic- which is what the WAHM WAS paid for. WAHM could have handed back the diapers as full of holes as when they arrived- as long as the elastic was good she would have done her job.
    I wonder if ANY of the diapers were usable. If so, no refund for the work done on those, but all those with uneven legs, etc.- send the OP her money back. It’s the right thing to do.
    As far as some people’s assertion that the OP should get some money towards replacing the diapers, I don’t think so. it sounds like they were some old diapers with little to no resale valus anyway.

  315. Anne says:

    *value* : )

  316. yikes says:

    Just ’cause I have no where else to be a bitch…

    How frigging creepy are these:


  317. liljoeysmom says:

    #319 Thanks for the nightmares!

  318. naturalmamadot says:

    lmao #319 I dont think DS would let me put those on him

  319. Messy says:

    319: Ummm… ACK! Those are baaad. None of her longies look very professional. Those are creepy though! The jolly roger ones are pathetic. Some of her other work looks good (like doilies) but she doesn’t *get woolies. Some poor kid is going to get stuck in those 😦

  320. haha says:

    holy sheep those are terrible. I might buy them for dd’s halloween outfit and she can go as Julia Gulia! Except 22 is to much

  321. Bloggitybloggity says:


    IF (and I do mean “if”) anybody buys those for their child, they should be held JUST as accountable for their hideousness. I can’t even imagine.

  322. diudiaole says:

    LMAO I don’t even get the ‘story’ behind them… “see mom new teeth”?? WTH?

  323. Messy says:

    325: “see mom” look at the ass “I have new teeth!” Three badly made horrible looking fangs in the hole in the face on my ass. Now, take it from there…

  324. diudiaole says:

    #326 thanks I think I understand it now….wow lol

  325. cdmd1023 says:

    Peach- are you talking about the black, grey, and white colorway? I don’t see how you can claim that combo to be yours (whoever did it first) if its anther colorway, link please πŸ™‚

  326. Thud says:

    OK, I am following you now Messy πŸ™‚

  327. Thud says:

    Oh hell no those longies are scary.

  328. Messy says:

    Thud πŸ™‚

  329. DramaBore says:

    Those longies are sad. I feel bad for the WAHM though…she is a grandma, and probably hasn’t looked at any ‘modern’ patterns/styles. At least her prices are low!

  330. yikes says:

    #332 I feel bad for the lady, too. Probably everyone else does as well and that’s why no one has told her that her longies suck some serious ass.

    Have you seen her Doilies though? That’s some seriously intricate work…

  331. eeek says:

    I’d feel sorry for her if every single one of her longies wasn’t a really bad crochet copy of crankypants designs, makes me feel a little jaded. Those suck, it’s almost like she copied that other copier, WTH was her name? Always bugs the crap out of me, whines a lot?

  332. naturalmamadot says:

    lol thats what i was thinking, that shes not out of the loop too much if shes copying crankypants so maybe she just has bad taste in colors (although I do think they look sloppy as well but maybe she means for them to look how they look)

  333. JustPeachy says:

    cdmd its not an exact copy but pretty damn close. Its her peace colorway. In fact if it werent for the name I wouldn’t have even looked twice at it. Its her peace colorway which is uncannily similar to WSK Peace Baby.

  334. naturalmamadot says:

    links to both? i cant find the peace in ewe need its colorway gallery and REALLY cant find peace baby in wsk lol

  335. naturalmamadot says:

    ewe need colors***

  336. naturalmamadot says:

    TY for the links
    I see the similarity but I like peace baby much more lol
    Other than this and another time being brought up for ‘copying’ I seem to remember some other drama associated with Ewe Need Color..maybe just those two though

  337. Thud says:

    334~ Crystal at Naturally Baby

  338. Thud says:

    I’d say that is a ripoff!
    I am not up on yarn colorways etc. but that is an unusual color combo… and to call it Peace, as well? Obviously inspired by, an homage, or whatever people are tryingt o call theft these days.

  339. Kitty says:

    OMG… the woolie boolie lady!! we saw those months ago when hse had these seriously messed up sock monkey longies that looked like someone had butt raped the monkey and it was AWFUL!! you can see them on the left with the little girl holding them.. but seriously, they were BAD!!

  340. just_sayin says:

    I don’t think those colorways look all that similar. One has blue and one has green. Think about it, how many colorways have blue and orange? Or green and brown? Are all of those ripping each other off?

  341. Bloggitybloggity says:

    *Meh* I think the two colorways do look strikingly similar. Also the name does seem lack a bit of imagination… It’s not like it was named based on its color scheme (like pink and white being “strawberries & cream” or something.) “Peace” is a pretty random title for that particular group of colors. But that’s JMHO.

    However… colors are… well: COLORS. There are only so many ways to combine them and make em look pretty. KWIM? Crayola doesn’t get in a tiff when Roseart sells crayons that are violet. Does Crayola make em better? I think so. So my money will go towards buying my violet crayons from Crayola. But some people may go for the affordability of Roseart– and good for them. Save those pennies where you can.

    Now the specific NAMES of fancier colors may be able to be copyrighted, IDK. Who really cares? This world is old and there’s not a whole lot of room for originality in certain areas of life.

    From what I can tell, it’s not super hard for these well-known yarn WAHMs to sell their delicious bundles of woolly beauty. So why is everybody getting worked up about it? There are only so many skeins for sale at any given time. I know these mamas don’t mass produce them and keep them in stock like Hanes underpants. If somebody wants to make something similar and sell it. Whoopeedoo… They’re still getting paid for the ones they make. And since there are so many mamas backing up the better-known WAHM, it isn’t likely that she’ll be losing out on any long-standing business.

    My reasoning may be flawed… but these are my deductions based on my half-assed pondering of this current heap of “drama.”

  342. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    I agree #345. It’s not like WSK is losing sales because of ENC, LOL. And also I don’t think I’ve ever seen her list “Peace”. Maybe it was a custom for Heather who wanted those colors (they do match a pair of Robeez), but WSK isn’t taking customs right now and her yarn is pretty impossible to get. Like is no one else allowed to do a colorway that matches the Peter Panda fabric (which is only white, blue and green) because only WSK can??

  343. Sam says:

    #319 Whoa those are pretty bad…

  344. ZOMGWTFBBQ? says:

    On the note about Peace Baby copying – Alligator Knits has a similar colorway too.

  345. ZOMGWTFBBQ? says:

    Oooh forgive me, I misgave a name it’s Candypants with the Peace yarn..

  346. Sarah says:

    #343 I don’t know why but reading “butt raped monkey” is making me crack up. Those are some ugly longies!

  347. naturalmamadot says:

    lmao I dont really care either way about the yarn but ewe need color always seems to have the same name and colors, which imo is just stupid and seriously lacks creativity.

  348. Bloggitybloggity says:

    #350– I’m right there with ya. It might not be so funny if the picture of those gag-worthy monkey faces didn’t fall into that description P.E.R.F.E.C.T.L.Y.

    #351– Yeah. I could care less about the yarn or the “piggybacking” drama… I mean, it is a little sad to see such obvious lack of creativity when it comes to naming. But, oh well. If it is causing any harm: its only to the newcomer. In which case she’ll learn soon enough and mend the error of her ways, or move on to something else.

  349. Laura says:

    EWC DID NOT name her colorway “peace” It’s called “Sante Fe”

  350. Bloggitybloggity says:


    In that case– good for her! Who cares what colors she used, and *Kudos* to her for having the originality to name it something random and completely unrelated to other mamas “perception” of that colorway.

    I’m guessing, though, that reason people brought it up was because one of her customers referred to it as ENC’s “Peace” colorway in their yarn haul thread.

    I could be wrong :\

  351. JustPeachy says:

    The reason I brought it up was because of the sushi drama and also because of her name. Its very obvious she lacks creativity to be able to come up with her OWN colorway and store names.

  352. Laura says:

    Yes, someone did refer to it as “peace” in their haul thread but they are wrong. It’s Sante Fe.

    Help me out with the name of her store? Is there someone else with a similar name? LOTS of stores how “EWE” in them.

  353. JustPeachy says:

    Ummmmmm duh Ewe Need It?????????

  354. JustPeachy says:

    And you are correct there are lots of stores with ewe in the title. Hence the reason you should try to either a: be creative with the items you are selling or b: choose another name. She’s just going to end up lost in the shuffle because she has done NEITHER.

  355. me me me says:

    just wanna see what my monster looks like.

  356. newhere says:

    I think I read in her blog (ewe need color) that she’s actually friends with katie (of ewe need it)

  357. ~JC~ says:

    Heeeheee…I’m just a lurker but I love the monsters…

  358. ~JC~ says:

    Geeee…why do I have to have the spider monster? I HATE spiders…

  359. ~JC~ says:

    Oh and just to chime in…I don’t care what any dyers do, however I do find it a bit confusing now that Ewe Need it is back to dying wool so with BOTH of them dying wool – ya…confusing…

  360. Laura says:

    what the hell does it matter what our username is? Is this the user name your “prefer” that I use? Hell, changing people’s username is as bad as DS.

  361. o4eduk8ed says:

    …butt raped monkey…. *choking on my coffee from laughing so hard*

  362. diudiaole says:

    Weird thing is, the lady has talent, why can’t she make a cute butt face pattern?

  363. AshleyB says:


  364. naturalmamadot says:

    *gag* @ the monsters I loved my white and blue design lol

    *sigh* I THINK laura was responding to DSDMs new post? Either that or guilty conscious for multiple user names…

    Laura: I highly doubt she cares if you choose to permanently change your name it sounds like she is addressing those who hide behind multiple names and will defend themselves etc.
    Its different if you say “hey i used to be blankityblank now im this” and stick to it.

  365. naturalmamadot says:

    I liked Identicon lol had to go look up the name

  366. Laura says:

    Yeah, I don’t have mutiple users. I’ve been addiesmommy on DS forever and I’ve been “becauseIsaidso” on here (and other boards) but drama blog changed my posts to “Laura” so I guess Laura it is.

    I guess people think I’m trying to hide behind a user name because I support Ewe Need Color. Not the case. I’ve been very open here and on DS that I don’t think she’s done anything different than other WAHM’s are doing. I don’t personally know the lady but I hate to see her name get dragged under the bus. She’s seems like a nice mama.

  367. naturalmamadot says:

    Do you have a wordpress account? It could of changed your name to that from your other sn. If not I dont know lol you should email DSDM2 @ and ask her about it

  368. JustPeachy says:

    Good for you Laura and I commend you for sticking up for her. I however dont agree with you. I could look past the copycatting or the fact her store name is very similar to katies but not both. I think thats tacky regardless of her friendship with Katie. How is going to look if she has issues with transactions? We all know how easily it is to confuse names.

  369. DSDM2 says:

    Laura, you posted as Laura, then becauseIsaidso. I was switching it to be the same. If you prefer the other, use the other, just don’t go back and forth. FWIW, your name wasn’t the only one I fixed. Don’t take it personally. If I had THAT much of an issue, or thought you were doing it to be underhanded, I would have called you out personally.

  370. DSDM2 says:

    I had 5 people in the last 48 hours use more than one name. That is why I had the new post, and fixed the names (yes plural).

  371. tlarson78 says:

    you should “out” the people using more than one name.

  372. Me, MySelf, and I says:

    375, she has in the past, or when someone causes drama…

  373. thewhiteninja says:

    I missed this post but just wanted to put out there that Cristina is an idiot and so is her dh, Cristina’sHusband. The End.

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