Other than cropping or changing a background, it isn’t ok! Who the hell is adjusting images THAT much?


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WAHMs who photoshop their pics…

I always make a point of never photoshopping my pictures beyond adjusting lighting for pics that are blown out or cropping. Sometimes I will adjust sharpness a tad if the pic is slightly out of focus. But I’ve seen some pictures recently that suggest that the sellers have been altering color saturation. I just don’t think that’s ethical. It’s sort of like false advertising- making the colors in the item seem more vibrant than it really is in real life. What do you think? Has anyone else noticed this? How much photoshopping is okay?
  1. Stacey 2 says:

    Hmmm… I’ve changed color saturation before, but only because the color in the picture did not match the actual color of the diaper. The flash would fade them out or whatever. I didn’t know anyone could tell from looking at the pics, lol.

  2. SSB says:

    Is this person holding the product in their hand and looking at the picture? How do they know, maybe the colors on their monitor are off? How do they know the wahms camera didn’t just take the picture with the colors off?
    Wahms have to work really hard to get accurate coloring in pics of their items, its probably one of the biggest, if not the biggest complaint going around, how hard it is to get really good, accurate pictures. Most of the wahms who I know that actually get really good, accurate pictures out of their camera have very pricey cameras and some sort of formal photography training. Not all wahms have the means necessary for those things and just do the best they can.

    I think this post is a ridiculous assumption.

  3. Booga says:

    Nevermind that the same picture could look different on 10 different computer monitors…. Definitely a ridiculous assumption that sellers are doing it intentionally to mislead the customer. I adjust the picture so that what’s on the screen matches the colors of the item in hand – to make them as true to life as possible. If someone’s settings are different than mine, how is that my fault?

    Another point is that sometimes colors just don’t come out right, you can delete and reshoot as much as you like, but it just doesn’t work. Some red pants I was selling come to mind… I didn’t photoshop at that point in time, but if it happened now I would in a heartbeat – so the customer could see the true color.

  4. DramaBore says:

    Yes, different monitors will show colours differently, but plenty of WAHMs do Photoshop their pics beyond true representation. I don’t think they are doing it to deliberately ‘mislead’ buyers, but they do it to pretty up their listings.

  5. Booga says:

    I”m sure the majority do it in order to make sure the colors in the picture on the monitor look as close as possible to the one they are holding in hand. Never have I oversaturated a picture in order to “pretty up my listing” That insinuation is pretty offensive.

    I’d love to see pics of the products that are misrepresented by photoshopping…

  6. DramaMama says:

    And how is this drama? Your off your game DSDM2.

  7. DSDM2 says:

    If we knew who was changing the photos past the point of normal/true color it would be drama, no?

    So, what WAHMs do it?

  8. just_sayin says:

    I think they are talking about Ewe Need Color. Her pictures look really off.

    If you are going to sell on the internet, then you need to take good photos. End of story. Even a cheap 35 mm film camera can take great photos, and so can your typical point and shoot digital. There is no reason to misrepresent items using photoshop. You can learn free photography tips online, so you don’t need to take classes as well. The thing is, it does take time, and I think a lot of WAHM’s think they can throw their item on the carpet, take a photo, and that’s that. Customers expect more. The care you take with your photos implies that you are also detail oriented with your items and your business.

  9. naturalmamadot says:

    Exactly #8 I feel the same way about FSOT as with WAHMs. If you cant take a few minutes to take a quality picture then who’s to say you aren’t lazy with how you make/take care of your diapers/wool etc.

  10. AshleyB says:

    I edit my pics enough to crop them in maybe…but that’s about it. I’m curious who

  11. AshleyB says:

    **GAH…typing with a toddler “helping”. ANYWAY, I’m curious who does that as well!

  12. Booga says:

    Well there is a different between using photoshop to misrepresent your items or make them look better than they are, and using photoshop to make your items true to life.

    There are many very well known WAHMs who use photoshop to adjust their photos… you wouldn’t know it because they are using it the way it’s supposed to be used.

    Just because one, or a couple of WAHMs use photoshop to misrepresent their items, doesn’t mean everyone who uses photoshop is being deceitful.

  13. screenname says:

    Ewe Need Color? The one that had all the drama with the Sushi yarn? *sigh*

  14. DramaBore says:

    I don’t know – the Ewe Need Colour yarns don’t appear to be too overdone. I don’t know much about Photoshop though! I’m pretty sure Sugar and Spice Knits does her photos, and same with Ky Baby Knits…hers are always SUPER bright and saturated looking.

  15. Nicole says:

    Some people just need to learn how to use their cameras and have no business owning (or stealing) photoshop in the first place. If you cant use it properly, pls to be uninstlling it nao.

    Of course, theres also the f*ck ton of people that can’t take a good pic to save their life and upload these craptacular images and its like “try again maybe”? are their standards really that low?

  16. Shabbychic says:

    Steal PS. LMAO. All too true. Hahahaha…..

  17. newhere says:

    I have yarn from Ewe Need Color…in my hand it looks exactly like it did on my monitor.

  18. Messy says:

    Is this for real? If so I want to do something to help her… But she was selling the days after her dh died? We all deal differently though… There were other things with her that I know were strange…. So I wondered… Is there any way to find out?

  19. Messy says:

    I found a few places that list the casualties by date and nobody in her geographic/age/etc. matches up for being her dh (there were very few on November 19th). I really want to do something nice for her, but I need a little reassurance that she is real and I am not getting it on my own???

  20. theinvisible says:

    I remember her because her store name was real close to another and the owner had to bring it to her attention in a post about wahms copying patterns or something. It was pretty funny. She did become a wahm real soon after joining DS and maybe got in over her head. I hope so. Losing a husband and child in the same year is nightmarish and this is one case where the lie would be easier to live with than if it were true.

  21. not just another mama says:

    I think if you have the gull to take someones money & then feed them a story like that as to why they’re not getting their items they paid for is down right scammish. If I lost a child & my husband in the same year, you would find me in the looney bin, not trolling around on DS stealing from other mamas.

    Thats my 2 cents.

  22. Renee says:

    There is only 1 service member who died in Iraq on 11/19 and he died from non hostile injuries (her dh apparently died from gunshot wounds and an IED) and was based at Pendleton. People that lie about stuff like that disgust me.

  23. theinvisible says:

    #21 Me too. I probably wouldn’t remember a computer existed for a few years. If I lost my husband I could probably pick myself up after a period of mourning (sorry, dear)but if anything happened to one of my kids (not to mention in addition to my husband) I would not be playing on the computer and making nifty things to sell. I’d be heavily sedated and restrained from sharp objects. For a very long time.

  24. NotMeAtAll says:

    I don’t find any posts about loosing her child or her DH….can someone help?

  25. Michelle says:

    I really hope that it’s a lie, because if it’s true, I can’t imagine the hurt that she’s feeling knowing that people think she’s lying.

  26. AshleyB says:

    #18…I really hope she isn’t lying about that!

  27. theinvisible says:

    #24 All I see is the information in her sig

  28. Renee says:

    Here is the post saying where he was stationed
    and here is the thread where she says how her DH and DS died
    I feel bad for her if it is true but it all sounds so made up…she was online the day of and the day after his death bumping threads. Very strange

  29. DSDM2 says:

    Ugh. That is not cool.

    I hope she is lying in someways… but damn, that is some bad shit to lie about.

  30. NotMeAtAll says:

    DSDM2 I know what you mean! I hope something like this did NOT happen to her but if it did not and she is lying…I don’t even know what to say,

  31. piratebaby says:

    She’s lying. She claims her dh was Air Force. There have only been 48 Air Force casualties during the entire war, only 4 in ’08 and none in Nov. As a military spouse that also has a twin brother deployed over there I find the whole thing disgusting.

  32. DSDM2 says:

    Can someone please send me her name? Thanks.

  33. SomeMore says:

    What’s the deal with her kids? She mentions a daughter in the OP but nothing in her siggy. Her ISO shows that she’s looking for 18months clothing for girls. She said her son was 2 when he died. Unless her daughter is big for her (or small), that’s kind of odd. Her member bio says “Mommy to my sweet little one”, that’s kind of strange, too.

    I really hope she isn’t lying…but I dont think it’s looking to favorable at this point.

  34. SomeMore says:

    eek! Typo!! The above should say big (or small) for her age…


  35. DSDM2 says:

    And her daughter Sophia has kidneys problems or something? Goes to St. Louis for treatments?

  36. DSDM2 says:

    And she is due with a girl in 2009? far enough along to know the gender in november. http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showpost.php?p=5589597&postcount=63498

  37. NotMeAtAll says:

    I don’t know WHAT to think but her story does not add up!

  38. NotMeAtAll says:

    Sorry got the date wrong ONE death on 11/19

  39. theinvisible says:

    Yuck. I went back and read some more of her posts and I vote “total crap”. Who the hell is bumping flannel with little smiley faces in the days following your husband’s death? I wanted to believe no one would lie about such horrible things but this is DS we’re talking about. Oh, and the only soldier who died on the 19th was non-hostile and from MIAMI (not NM or NC). Someone should direct some real widows her way……

  40. Kimbella says:


    Maybe I am confused by the dates. She posted on Nov 11th saying that her DH died on the 19th. At first I thought that maybe she had edited in the dates, but a mama replied to the thread on the 17th saying she was sorry to hear about her husband. I am confused!

  41. Nosy Nelly says:

    Damn, I was trying to be nice and thinking through this whole thread that the 19th HERE would have been the 20th in the ME, but the only death on the 20th is a non-hostile as well.

    If that chick is lying, karma will get her. She will die a thousand deaths in hell for deceiving people about something sooooo devastating. I hope she doesn’t end up near me, cause I would TOTALLY back over her with my car. GRRRRR…

    Having lost a child myself AND having my husband currently serving, I can GUARANTEE you that I wouldn’t be bumping FS threads and chit-chatting on a DS thread the next day if something happens to my dh. I would be curled up in a ball in a corner somewhere, pumped full of Ativan.

    So really even if she’s telling the truth, I’m fairly disgusted that she thought so much of her dh’s death that she had to remember to bump her FSOT threads. 😦

  42. Nosy Nelly says:

    42 – I’m guessing he passed away in either KAF or Germany? Not immediately? Maybe the IED happened earlier?

    All this said in the hopes that she is being honest.

  43. Nosy Nelly says:

    ME again – sorry her dh was in Iraq, so ix-nay on the KAF part. 🙂

  44. NotMeAtAll says:

    Okay so she is getting condolences on her DH’s death 2 days before he died….ummmm

  45. Messy says:

    #22; I found very similar information everywhere I looked… Not possible for the man that died to be her dh (God bless *all the soldiers’ souls)

    #28; that is the only post I can find about her losing her her son and husband. I thought maybe I was missing something… And she was on and bumping and selling all the days after the death (that I am doubting really happened)

    #42; I jumped on that post from 11-11 too. But she edited it to add info and I thought maybe the info was that he had died… Then I couldn’t find anything anywhere about him.

    I think she is full of shit too now 😦 I HATE THAT!!! Who the hell lies about this crap??? Can you imagine a *real life like that? I couldn’t. That is why I wanted to do something nice for her… Also, in her siggy, she lists the lost baby son but not the living daughter? She has a lot of inconsistancies and the only one I can prove is that her dh did not die in Iraq on the 19th of Nov.
    Thanks ladies. I knew I could find answers here. I just don’t like the answers we came up with 😦

  46. Messy says:

    #43; Terrible to thnk that someone would lie like this. Obviously from her thread in the answering machine area, she is in the process of scamming people. They won’t leave her bad feedback for having excuses like those. Heck, for someone that really happened to, they could take all my money and diapers and I would want to give them more… Most of us are like that.
    I think she got blasted on the buggabugga name situation, got some bad vibes and went ahead and started doing the wahm thing anyhow. Now she is over her head and looking for an out. She found it in a lie.

  47. NotMeAtAll says:

    So who is willing to call her out on DS ?

  48. Messy says:

    I am not wanting jumped on by 100 people who can’t see past their feelings of sorrow for this lady, or I would. Someone needs to… Maybe not in her answering machine thread, but somewhere… I dunno???

  49. theinvisible says:

    Ummhmm. That seems like the most likely situation. She posted for the first time on Nov. 4th, was becoming a WAHM on Nov. 11th and her husband died on Nov 19th. Whatever. #49 I’m thinking someone did by the way she worded her answering machine post but I couldn’t find anything.

  50. Messy says:

    Her feedback is already jaded from people leaving positives with notes about communication but hosp and losses making it ok I guess. Grrr… She is getting what she wants and it is sick!!!

  51. Messy says:

    #51; I have not seen anyone call her out or anything like that. I think she put that in there for MORE sympathy! See the people saying how they feel bad that she has to deal with defending herself at a *time like this* :::gag::: She is lying.

  52. cdmd1023 says:

    Im at a loss for words over this one. How could anyone be so sick to mae up such a horrible lie? (if she is in fact lying)

  53. EM says:

    Oh my, I came here to post a comment about using photoshop myself only because I’m a photographer and that’s what I have on my computer so that’s what I use (only to crop and adjust color balance though-never to erase stitchmarks or up the saturation) and then I see all these comments about this woman who knew of her husband’s death days before it happened and whatnot! Is she just typing the month wrong? Have there been deaths on the 19th of previous months?

  54. eeek says:

    I went to look at that post, and WTF does it MEAN when you say on 11-11-08 that your DH died on 11-19-08? Psychic, now? Wouldn’t you have a chance to warn him? And she keeps on saying it, it can’t just be a typo.

    Why did no one call her out on that thread?

    I think she’s a monster, and a dumb one at that.

  55. NotMeAtAll says:

    It really sucks too that no one (including me) wants to risk a strike for calling her out! Surely we CAN’T be the only ones to wonder about this!

  56. Messy says:

    Last night I thought I was the only one to wonder… I felt bad for wondering, looked for info or proof, and it does not exist 😦

  57. just_sayin says:

    I do think she’s lying. I’ve been on the internet for too many years to believe any sob story I hear without backing from the news, lol.

    However, it’s possible it took a few days for the military to tell her. So, if he got killed on the 19th, it may have taken a week or more for them to tell her, depending on security stuff, and finding her etc. So, maybe when she was bumping her posts she didn’t know yet. I haven’t combed her posts, so I don’t know if she mentioned it. But then again, that blows the whole post on Nov 11. Because unfortunately it could have taken him a few days (or more) to die, so if she mentions it on the 11th, and then bumped her FS posts after that, that is weird.

    If my dh was injured seriously, I’d be calling family for childcare help and looking in to flying to Germany or the Bethesda to be with him. I wouldn’t be selling stuff. And let’s be honest, if I was in the middle of transactions and something like that happened, then I’d just refund and walk away. I wouldn’t want to even think about mailing stuff, and I’d want the transaction off my back so I could focus on my family.

    I find it odd that she is throwing details of his death around, too. I don’t think I would flippantly mention that my dh was blown up and then shot 4 times. It would be too painful for me to mention and think about my dh suffering so much before he died. Heck, he cut his hand playing basketball on the gravel over there, and it was twisting my gut. My husband is deployed now, and this post is making me a bit sick.

  58. NotMeAtAll says:

    I just feel bad for all the Mamas (and Dads) who have actually LOST their partners over there. I have a feeling this will all implode soon…

  59. Stacey says:

    that’s just awful.

  60. diudiaole says:

    Her siggy is ridiculous… who would post their husband was ‘shot 4 times and killed”… and have it repeating on every single post? Sick!

  61. Michelle says:

    Holy cow, I’m convinced she’s lying. How the heck do you know before he dies?

  62. Messy says:

    (((#59 just_sayin))) I cannot imagine the fear and pain those with deployed family members live with every day. I am so praying for you and your families!!!

  63. diudiaole says:

    to #63 — I’m thinking she had said he was in the hospital from wounds or something a few days prior, then posted that he finally died on the 19th…not sure, but it doesn’t seem logical either way.

    I really want to confront her, but would hate to get banned… hmmm

  64. Michelle says:

    That’s what I was just thinking #65. This whole things confuses me. I really hope that she’s lying though, it would be really sad to lose your DH and DS in the same year.

    What about confronting her in a not so mean way? Something like, Oh hey I think you got the dates wrong in your OP. Or something like that.

  65. diudiaole says:

    Also, what about obituaries for a two year old boy dying of leukemia in her area in January 2009?? Has anyone looked?

    And her profile “Mommy 2 My sweet Little One” when she supposedly has a daughter, a son who *just* died a month ago and pregnant with a third?

  66. crap-i-forgot-my-un says:

    I thought she was scammy from the start of the dh being killed thing. I had a whole bunch of stuff she was ISO and said i would trade for basically whatever since it was stuff i didnt need. I also mentioned i lived in the same city as her so she would save on shipping since we could meet. She never responded but did read the message and kept bumping her post.

  67. NotMeAtAll says:

    Does anyone know her real name or location?

  68. Michelle says:

    I’ve been trying to find her name, but I can’t. She does mention an initial of I assume her DH. She says, Me and J went to go see a movie or whatever. Any of those casualties begin with a J?

  69. theinvisible says:

    #70 Very interesting. Did this subject start here or there first? Apparently she checked in here and saw what we were talking about.

  70. theinvisible says:

    Sorry, by “she” I meant the OP in that thread.

  71. NotMeAtAll says:

    I looked at her profile…what does this mean?

    “Banned for coming back previously banned emmasmommy08I LOVE being a WAHM And I dearly miss my Husband who passed away in Iraq on 11-19-08 & my little Angel Alex who passed away earlier this year at the age of 2. I am back online now and trying to catch up so please be patient and I will get everything straightened out”

  72. Michelle says:

    Oh crap, she was just banned. It means that she was a previous member and came back under a different username.

  73. NotMeAtAll says:

    Wow she is a BIG liar!

  74. Michelle says:

    Yikes, I think there should be a thread started about people that might have bought or sent her something.

  75. diudiaole says:

    What a fool… if she’s that emmasmommy08 lady then she has been banned for numerous aliases hahahaha Why doesn’t she try keeping a low profile?

  76. theinvisible says:

    Gasp! DS missed a banned member coming back to scam again? I figured she was a liar but I guess it would take a professional to be ballsy enough to tell such an evil lie. What a bitch.

  77. Stacey says:

    that’s just plain evil. She needs serious help. Who lies about their child dying??

  78. NotMeAtAll says:

    And why oh why is the “wall of shame” never updated?

  79. eeek says:

    What a total freak. And dumb, too- though smart enough to know DS is the place to try to scam!

  80. AshleyB says:

    #82…I’m waiting on the “Wall of Shame” to update as well. They haven’t even added “MyCrunchyKids” and she was a pretty big scammer.

  81. diudiaole says:

    what is up with all these women scamming for diapers? Just seems so fucking stupid. LOL

  82. itsraininghere says:

    what a sick bitch. seriously, i hope she comes here.

  83. Messy says:

    I feel like a moron. I am glad she is banned. NOTE: emmasmommy was her last name… Sophia is her dd and she is pregnant with Isabella @@ So, ummm… the whole thing is a big fat lie! I sooo wanted to help that mama. I just felt like it was either horrible times for her or not real… So, I can’t ask on ds, I came here :::LOL::: TY! If not for here, I am sure she would still be scamming on ds.

  84. Messy says:

    #86 I hope she comes here too. I would love to tell her what a twatwipe she is. What kind of POS pile of dog shit reject lies about stuff like that??? I hope she has a psychiatrist.

  85. eeek says:

    I always hope the ones we talk about come here. I have no way to tell them how much they suck to their faces, & it’s so much better if they KNOW what people think of them! I believe that if they know about this blog they probably can’t help themselves from reading about themselves.

  86. MK says:

    You can invite her to come and explain herself — under her profile on DS you can still e-mail her 🙂

  87. NotMeAtAll says:

    Her answering machine thread is a sticky now…

    I will email the crazy bitch!

  88. Messy says:

    #90 So, her preivous identity had TWO daughters? Gah! Dirty nasty lying twatcheese. If you email her, I hope she comes and reads what a nasty piece of used tampon trash she is…

  89. DSDM2 says:

    Ugh. Just Ugh. SICK. TWISTED. BITCH.

  90. theinvisible says:

    94- spending her ill gotten payypal, no doubt.

  91. NotMeAtAll says:

    and now it’s locked…..lol

  92. screenname says:

    Wow. That is fucked right up.

  93. not just another mama says:

    I looked at both of the photobucket accounts.. They were both taken by the SAME EXACT CAMERA & SETTINGS.. weird huh? And I like how the mama she FFS’d those leggings to, she gave her neutral feedback because she didn’t send them item & took forever to refund her. How jacked up is that?

  94. BffMama says:

    Just found this site a week or so ago and man, you mamas are GENIUS!

  95. NotMeAtAll says:

    Could SOY cause homosexuality?

    To think of all those babies on soy formula…5 birth control pills a day

    Makes me wonder if thats one of the reasons we’re seeing all these kids, especially boys, confused about their gender?
    Kati 29, SAHM, Sonlight HSing Mom to Rhema 8 Faith 7 Coco 5 Malacai 2 and Gloria-Grace 6mo AM to Katie 15 Jesus Loving, CDing, EBFing, nonVC, BWing, Organic, raw milk drinking family http://realmilk.com/


  96. trolltastic says:

    What a sick MF’er!!!!!!!
    Sorry, but I had to laugh at the “banned for selling WAHM items that were really from walmart.”
    Seriously, anything for a goddamn buck.

  97. NotMeAtAll says:

    What the hell is WRONG with people….and it’s only Monday. LOL

  98. jenny says:

    she was one of my first customers in my early crazy months. She then got really chatty with me and bumped up all my threads about 500 times a day. She seemed nice enough and then told me she wanted to order more from me soon, but was super tight and didnt even know how she would buy school supplies for her kiddos. I pulled all of my SAHM friends together and we bought (and paid the $30 shipping) for all 3 of her kiddos that are in school’s supplies. it was well over $400 and we all live on SUPER tight budgets. I felt in my heart she was honest and that she was a good person. She sent me this really sweet message and thanked me. about a month after that she wrote me saying she was starting up an hc and wanted to make some extra $$ to get out of her financial situation. she said she was a single mama of 4 kiddos and DH wasnt in the picture. A week later she was banned from selling those bows from walmart. She wrote me to tell me it wasnt true and in the same email said she has a new job at walmart. LOL. right then i knew i was dooped. She said she had a mama on the Diaperswappers board that helped her with her sever depression and that she couldnt even get on to talk to her when she needed her the most.

    Fast forward to recently. She ordered from my store again under her new alias (i wont release her name and info- i feel that is wrong on my part) and then wrote me to tell me how much she loved her stuff and wanted to order more asap. She said that she just got a call from the army that her DH had been injured and they were bringing him back for medical care. (keep in mind i have no idea that this is the same mama) She then pm’s me a couple of hrs later saying that her DH had been killed and didnt make it. she said she was loading the car up and they were driving to meet her MIL in New mexico. i offered to have meals delivered to her house for a week so she didnt have to worry about that on top of everything else. She said thanks but didnt take me up on the offer (thank God) but it was probably bc i knew her address and name (real one). At this time she was only claiming to have the one little girl and that she was preggers. never anything about a ds that had passed.

    i am sick to my stomach and cannot believe that i got my friends to give up their grocery money to help this woman and we got by with less as well and it was all a huge scam. how freaking sad!!

    {sorry i typed a story, but i am really really upset about this. i read this and my heart fell into my stomach 😦 }

  99. flatcake says:

    oh my gaw! she scammed you twice? that is messed up beyond belief. for the greater good of our little CD society i urge you to let her name be known. she’ll sign up for another DS account eventually and scam even more mamas.

  100. NotMeAtAll says:

    I agree, we all need to know who this is IRL. Or file a JAR if you don’t want to out her here.

  101. eeek says:

    Yes. The best reason for this place is how it helps shine a light on creepy behavior. Please consider sharing the info in some way so others can avoid being hurt.

    This woman is the exact reason my DH gets annoyed whenever I try to help someone I “know” from the internet. It’s so sad that he’s right that people like her DO exist. I’m so sorry she did that to you!

  102. Stacey says:

    Jenny, I’m so sorry! I cannot believe she had the guts to try to get something out of you TWICE. Do you really think she even has other school-aged kids? What a jerk.

  103. NotMeAtAll says:

    Legal definition of fraud:

    1. A deception deliberately practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain.
    2. A piece of trickery; a trick.
    1. One that defrauds; a cheat.
    2. One who assumes a false pose; an impostor.

    [Middle English fraude, from Old French, from Latin fraus, fraud-.]

  104. AshleyB says:

    Oh Jenny!! I’m sorry!! And, maybe let a Mod know her real name (I think personally DS should put scammers REAL names up as well on the “Wall of Shame” so everyone knows)!

  105. DSDM2 says:

    If I receive emails with names, I can re-post without saying who told me.

    Just sayin… dsdramamama2@hotmail.com

  106. jenny says:

    i broke down and told my husband last night (i too feared the dreaded “i told you so” after he warned me you can’t truly know someone on the internet…lol) and he went even farther and said she might not even have school aged kiddos. she could have asked for the school supplies and then took them back to the store for a gift card. Then she could have turned around and bought those bows from walmart with the gift card to sell and make $$ from her “handmade” bows on her hc. i cant believe it. i really thought she was being honest or else i wouldnt have taken money from our funds as well as my friends and gone out of my way to help her. i think i have a pic of the school supplies i sent her… lmg look.

  107. jenny says:

    i will digg thru my hc history and check the connection between the 2 names or addresses… give me a little bit.

  108. Mommyof4Es says:

    “eeek Says:
    February 16, 2009 at 3:37 pm
    I went to look at that post, and WTF does it MEAN when you say on 11-11-08 that your DH died on 11-19-08? Psychic, now? Wouldn’t you have a chance to warn him? And she keeps on saying it, it can’t just be a typo. ”

    I think it said it was last edited beginning of Dec. maybe she added in the dh part? I know she’s a loser, but I can’t believe no one caught the dates beforehand. I think she added it later when she edited.

    ” NotMeAtAll Says:
    February 17, 2009 at 4:49 am
    Could SOY cause homosexuality?

    To think of all those babies on soy formula…5 birth control pills a day

    Makes me wonder if thats one of the reasons we’re seeing all these kids, especially boys, confused about their gender?
    Kati 29, SAHM, Sonlight HSing Mom Jesus Loving,”

    WTF? Really, why here?

  109. JustPeachy says:

    Alot of people dont realize that soy contains phytoestrogens which are detrimental to a boys reproductive health. I think the gender confusion comment was a little tacky however.

  110. theinvisible says:

    I don’t eat soy when I’m pregnant just because but to publicly insinuate that it causes gender confusion or even homosexuality…..what kind of comments was she expecting?

  111. jenny says:

    well i’ll be dammed. it was her both times and she didnt even try to use an alias name. the same one, same address. i feel like an idiot.

  112. cdmd1023 says:

    Jenny-you might want to check her post history on ds, i could have sworn I saw a thread wit someone selling tons of school supplies, maybe back in september? I coule be wrong though.

  113. jenny says:

    please say you are lying. that would break my heart…. ugg.

  114. cdmd1023 says:

    Ill see what i can find. I am so sorry she did this to you! i would be emailing her left and right letting her how horrible she is. I would also be outing her everywhere, I try to do nice thigs for people, even when I am not finacially able to, so I would not be as nice as you in this situation.

  115. Mommyof4Es says:

    “JustPeachy Says:
    I think the gender confusion comment was a little tacky however.”
    That’s what I meant, sorry for any confusion. I’m all about finding new info but the extra “comments” were totally unnecessary.
    Just wanted to add a Sorry to Jenny – I hate when people take hard earned money from people and they feel they have to lie to get it. 😦

  116. jenny says:

    thanks for the love mamas. i feel horrible mostly bc i poured my heart out to my husband and begged him to let me take some of our grocery money to help her as well as my tight budgeted friends. i feel like it screwed a lot more people over than just me 😦

    here is a pic of her girl:

    i am looking to see if she sold the school supplies now…

  117. cdmd1023 says:

    I couldnt find anything under her first name, and nothing in her pb account.

  118. jenny says:

    yeah me neither. unless she was using one of the other names she was banned for having as well. dunno.

  119. DSDM2 says:

    We have been tipped off that the Scamming lying bitch is Brandi Harris in Sparta IL

  120. kimbella says:

    Isn’t this probably her?

  121. theinvisible says:

    Probably. It’s the same baby as #122. Wow. Do meth much?

  122. naturalmamadot says:

    Kind of looks like DS (the pink layout) behind the first window on the monitor

  123. naturalmamadot says:

    Lol are those bows the ones from walmart that she tried to sell as handmade?

  124. Messy says:

    Jenny, I am so sorry ((())) I do hope someone outs her by name and location here so that nobody else gets dragged into her next scheme. Or at least it will be harder for her to screw people…

  125. flatcake says:

    Her public MySpace is pretty easy to find.

    Jenny, if it makes a difference, it does look like she has 3 school-age children. So hopefully your supplies did go to them. She also has a DD born in ’08 named Emma. Anyone know what her DS usernames were before emmasmommy08?

  126. yikes says:

    What a sick, sick woman! What is wrong with people. Karma’s a bitch, you sick fuck.

  127. Messy says:

    Found her myspace @@ She is a sick sick bitch either way. WHO can lie like that??? Karma is a bitch and I hope it bites her in a hard way!!!

  128. theinvisible says:

    Can I get a hint for the myspace search? Not finding anything.

  129. Messy says:

    I searched for Brandi Harris… Then narrowed it to Sparta, IL. She is the only one… The pic is her and a guy…

  130. theinvisible says:

    Thanks, I found her. I wonder if her husband knows he’s dead. I would never say such a thing anyway but I would be afraid to say my son or my husband was dead KWIM? Maybe if I only had daughters and no husband (and was a scamming bitch) but I would never speak of the living like that.

  131. jenny says:

    well those pics seem right. she told me she had a boy in 1st grade a girl in 4th grade and a son in 7th grade. then she has emma the baby. my heart is broken and it makes me sad for those kiddos. and yes… looks like meth could be a cause…eeks.

  132. jenny says:

    did you notice on myspace that her first friend’s last name is “ellis” the second time she ordered from me it was under the name brandi ellis in the same sparta IL.

    *shakes head and then bangs it on keyboard*

  133. naturalmamadot says:

    Thats her mom (she calls her dear sweet daughter in comments), but still being shady

  134. naturalmamadot says:

    Ugh even if she did use those supplies, she is still one of the worst people Ive seen on DS and I hope karma catches up to her SOON. Hopefully she will help us all out and just drop off the earth.

  135. cdmd1023 says:

    I don’t see any bows, I want to see pics!

  136. cdmd1023 says:

    I just sent a message on myspace. This really bugs me.

  137. jenny says:

    lol i saw that.

  138. cdmd1023 says:

    jenny-what did you see?

  139. jenny says:

    someone from here left her a message on her myspace blog

  140. cdmd1023 says:

    oh, I just left a message, so I dont think it could be seen, but I said

    “your very clever……somethig about dead people…..your sick”

  141. theinvisible says:

    I saw a blog comment or bulletin or something. I doubt she even looks at it anymore. Scared of the truth.

  142. jenny says:

    it is very sad… i feel for those kiddos. they have to deal with this on a daily basis. i am surprised she hasnt made her way here to say anything.

  143. DSDM2 says:

    You are welcome to link the MySpace page. Just no address or phone number can be posted, links to things are fine.

  144. haha says:

    A post on her myspace (incase she makes it private ya know)


    1. Do you have a tattoo? Yes 5 of them

    2. How old are you? 26

    3. Are you single or taken? a little of both

    4. Eat with your hands or utensils? utensils

    5. Do you dream at night? yes

    6. Ever seen a corpse? yes MANY

    7. Sugarland or Metallica? Can I say NEITHER

    8. Do You Hate Bush? Hate is such a harsh word


    9. Whats your philosophy on life and death? It happens

    10. If you could do anything with me, and have no one know, what would it be? Not Sure

    11. Do you trust the police? NO and Yes

    12. Do you like Country music? Yes

    13. What is your fondest memory of me? You were slways so quite in school!! Its been a long time, but you were always so sweet

    14. If you could change anything about yourself what would it be? My nose

    15. Would you cheat ? Never tell on your self!

    16. What do you wear to sleep? a t-shirt

    17. Have you ever peed in a pool? EWWWWWW NO

    18. Would you hide evidence for me if I asked you to? Yeah

    19. If I only had one day to live, what would we do together? Gorge on junk food!

    20. Which do you prefer – hat or no hat? No hat

    21. Do you Mosh at metal shows? Don’t go to um, but I totally would!

    22. What’s your favorite color? Dark Purple

    23. If you could bring back anyone that has passed, who would it be? My great Gran ma Caroline

    24. Tell me one interesting/odd fact about you? I really am a nice person, eventhough people think I am a total BIT**

    She would hide evidence for someone if asked…but really is a nice person even though people thinks she’s a bitch. Wonder why anyone on earth would think she’s a bitch? Hmm

  145. werd says:

    wow, what a prize!

    she hasn’t logged on to myspace since August 2008… must have been too busy leading a double life and scamming. I’m so sorry for you, Jenny. I got duped by a troll back in the day (not scammed monetarily, but emotionally, I guess) and it is the worst! HUGS

  146. werd says:

    LOL we have those bows with the polka dot centers… $2 walmart special!

  147. yikes says:

    That guy looks at military as my cat.

  148. cdmd1023 says:

    Werd-would you email me? cah8200@yahoo.com

  149. werd says:

    LOL yikes!

  150. mom2kg says:

    Someone should message her mom on myspace. C&P all the dead baby, dead husband crap off DS and let mom see what a whack job she has raised.

  151. haha says:

    Not so sure mom isn’t a whack job either

  152. Messy says:

    Oh! Even easier… Her mom’s email address is: ellis_tammy@yahoo.com Time to send her TONS of condolences about the recent loss of her SIL so soon after the loss of her grandson. Poor poor grandma!

  153. naturalmamadot says:

    It would be really convincing to include links to her posts and her photobucket under the same screen name along with links to her profiles eith the siggy info about being banned and her latest scam thread.
    If were lucky this chick didnt get the crazy from her mom and maybe she can hit home enough that she stops fucking over mamas.

  154. eeek says:

    While emailing her mom is more than I’ll do, I do wish she could get busted IRL.

    “24. Tell me one interesting/odd fact about you? I really am a nice person, eventhough people think I am a total BIT**”

    I think people see her a bit more clearly than she sees herself! She shouldn’t be able to just walk away from this crap, KWIM? She’s just gonna disappear & go to some other board & make up some other life & hurt some other people. She sucks.

  155. Messy says:

    I bet she has a hyena cart account… Who knows what else… Lots of emails for grandma might help!!! Who all is emailing?
    I am!

  156. not just another mama says:

    I would e-mail her mother.. Hell.. her mom is probably nuts, raising a psycho like that.

  157. Messy says:

    She might be a nut… But now she is a nut with lots of condolences emails 😉

  158. yikes says:

    speaking of nuts?


    that’s a really in depth wash routine for a non-existent baby’s diapers.

  159. Messy says:

    If non-existent babies have non-existent shit that I would have to non-clean, then I am all for it! The wash routine is so much easier in imagination than IRL 😉
    :::Off to send grandma another condolences card:::

  160. theinvisible says:

    I will NEVER understand women who talk about/buy cloth diapers when they have no children and aren’t even pregnant yet.

  161. cdnation says:

    I think that the woman who’s husband and kid died is now at CDN. So there may be calling out after all. Just need to see if it’s her or not.

  162. Messy says:

    linky me to cdn? I’m an admitted drama whore 😉

  163. cdnation says:


    But we haven’t outed her yet, still trying to find all relevant info

  164. flatcake says:

    I like how she’s cleverly renamed herself “Brandy”. Oh our Brandi, she’s a smart one!

  165. eeek says:

    Trying to find the Brandy…. not gonna miss a good old fashioned twat-kicking, link us up if it happens!

  166. theinvisible says:

    No! What a treat. And don’t worry messy, ain’t no shame in the drama game-you’re not the only one.

  167. DSDM2 says:

    Not too hard to find. Her first post was how to get in the wahm group.

  168. Messy says:

    OMG! She is asking how to be a wahm on there??? She is going to be selling off her whole stash of diapers??? Ummm… She just moves on to greener pastures. Sick bitch.

  169. Messy says:

    WOOT!!! I have never posted there or I would sooo be backing you up. I don’t want people to think I am chasing her around although I apparently have had that account for a while (forgot about it!!!) GO MAMA!!! Don’t let her screw someone else!!!

  170. theinvisible says:

    That bitch has balls. And she was totally setting up to scam again right from her first post. Good lord what is wrong with her? Who does that?

  171. cdnation says:

    #181 you should post, we rock.

  172. Messy says:

    A sick POS twatsnot. It is almost like she is addicted to cyber fucking people! Has anyone suggested she become an cyber sex worker? I am floored that someone would even try to pull the shit she is doing… More condolences to send grandma! I am so addicted to that now… 😉

  173. Messy says:

    You may not post new threads
    You may not post replies
    You may not post attachments
    You may not edit your posts

    Apparently my account is not “activated”. I have to find a mod to send me the info to activate it… Then I will 🙂

  174. A Mom says:

    Messy…chase away. We don’t mind. C’mon over and post!

  175. cdnation says:

    Messy, email me at owner@clothdiapernation.com and tell me your username I’ll activate your account.

  176. cdnation says:

    If you already did that, then you’re activated. Go post

  177. Messy says:

    cdnation YGM!

  178. Messy says:

    cdn, ignore my email to ya… I looked up at mine and saw that the question I sent in was already answered (WOW FAST) and said I was activated!!! WOOHOO! Now, hopefully everyone over there won’t think I am a crazy azz troll ROFL!!!

  179. tongue biter says:

    That was an awesome call out CDNation. Well done.

  180. Messy says:

    The more I read at cdn, the more awesome it is!!! I have two sick LOs, so I have tons of puter time at the moment (well after baths here in a minute again!)
    I worry about scammers on ds because money is tight and who wants scammed anyhow… But over at cdn, it seems like the scammers are LESS WELCOME and protected. Which is awesome!!!

  181. theinvisible says:

    That was better than awesome….I especially like the way the whole story was put together. I think you all handled that one quite tidily.

  182. cdnation says:

    Why thank you ladies.

  183. Messy says:

    cdnation, you are awesome!!!

  184. theinvisible says:

    She’s online at CDN, so could she possibly be reading this?
    I’d love to see how she could attempt to explain herself. People like her never do, though.

  185. Messy says:

    She is too much of a scamming coward to come here. This is where the truth comes out… Anyone that can say they lost those close to them like she did is a sick person who doesn’t give a flying f*ck as to what others think. She is out for herself… Whatever it is she is wanting is all that matters. I feel so sorry for her kids. Sooo sorry for them 😦

  186. cdnation says:

    Nah, I pm’ed her the link to the thread, figured she had the right to read it and respond or run with her tail between her legs.

  187. Mommyof4Es says:

    “DSDM2 Says:
    February 17, 2009 at 11:45 pm
    http://www.apartmentratings.com/rate/TX-Webster-Clear-Lake-Condominiums-791293.html a new address for her??”

    When I googled her email addy that she used at the apt. site I got a LOT!

  188. Mommyof4Es says:

    scratch that – she’s talking about another post she had made. Sorry all!

  189. DSDM2 says:

    Any response?

  190. cdnation says:

    Nope she read and ran.

  191. theinvisible says:

    No but she read this. Even though she didn’t post I have some satisfaction in knowing that she knows. We know who you are, what you are and you will be caught every time you try to scam real moms.

  192. cdmd1023 says:

    wow! I have never seen so many to try to sell shit.

  193. cdmd1023 says:

    oops…ads that is^

  194. jenny says:

    wow… what a sad woman. and to think so many felt bad for her. sad…. just sad…

  195. jeruco says:

    I think I have seen it all now.
    I hope that lady has no idea what its like to loose a child or a husband. Sadly I do know one of those. Its not easy.

    I do wonder what happened in her life that has lead her to doing all this. What or who hurt her to the point of doing this to others? And who scams for diapers?

    There is help out there for you. Seek some counseling or treatment.

  196. Mommyof4Es says:

    Can Jerae from CDN email me please mommyof4es@aol.com? Thanks a bunch- having trouble logging in. Apparently even when I try to reset my pw (since I could’ve sworn I had the right one? lol), it tells me I can’t log in with the CDN reset pw. LOL

  197. A Mom says:

    Mommyof4es, will email you now. Just saw this! Sorry.

    If need be, you can always use the “contact us” page to get ahold of us.


  198. ME says:

    I want to come on here and publically defend myself!
    1- I have not taken any thing from anyone
    2- I only had one user name on DS and that was emmasmommy08 and I did try to sell hairbows on there, that I bought from ebay, and the lady told me they were handmade. That until I was shown them at walmart, then I felt stupid and apologized
    3- I NEVER said my husband or son died! I have been married since 1996 to the same man, whos name does not start with J! And none of my children have passed away, all 4 of them are all still living. I did lose a baby when I was 21wks pregnant back in 2001.
    4- If anyone has proof that they sent me money please feel free to share that with me! Because I know that I have not received anything from anyone.
    5- I have TONS of cloth diapering items, that I will give for free to anyone who feels they need them. I am not out to make a “fortune” or scam anyone out of any money at all. I know that everyone works hard for their money, and is on a tight budget, especially stay at home moms!
    6- I do not know WHO has tried to pretend to be me, other than this one person I can think of, but I have not done the horrible things being said.
    7- It would be a huge slap in the face to mothers who have lost their children and families who have lost loved ones in Iraq, and I would NEVER do something like that!
    8- I want to publicaly apologize for this whole HUGE mess, but I am NOT the one doing this!!!!!!!!!!

  199. ME says:

    And yes I have closed my MySpace acct…

  200. screenname says:

    It must be the interweb ninjas stealing your IP address and breaking into your photobucket.

  201. ~JC~ says:

    Didn’t DS ban you for having multiple accounts? This would mean that the IP’s were the same for both usernames. Was someone coming into your house and borrowing your computer, pretending to be you and telling lies?
    I doubt it.

  202. ~JC~ says:

    What about the people who bought the school supplies for your kids?

  203. naturalmamadot says:

    Hey who knows maybe her husband and kids are doing it, that must be the only explanation! They must be sick twisted people who like to pretend they died and to play the part of the grieving mother..yea that makes so much more sense than you just being a skanky liar…I’m glad we cleared this whole thing up *rolls eyes*

  204. Booyah says:

    Bitch, STFU. You were busted. Now go crawl up your own ass and die. You don’t deserve to breathe the same air as me.

  205. Shhh says:

    Oh please. You lied about everything else, how do we know you’re not lying now??

  206. ME BRANDI with a I says:

    I never said anything about a photobucket acct?

    And the comments about me using Meth! I don’t think so…. My intestines ruptured when I was 25wks pregnant with my daughter and I have had problems with gaining weight ever since. Does anyone need to see paper work on that? I have the paperwork to prove that it did happen….. I have also offered to show my marriage license and childrens BC’s as well.

    And again, I am not the one stating that my husband passed away in Iraq or that my son died at the age of 2! I would never say that, there is a such thing, like many have mentioned, as Karma! If you say stuff like that as an excuse then eventually it will come back around.

    I will stand up and defend myself, not run and hide like many have said. BECAUSE I am NOT the one posting and saying these things re; a husband passing away in Iraq and/or a child dying at age 2.

    And I tried to sign into CDN to defend myself on the thread started there and it would not let me sign in. It kept sending me right back to the sign in page!

  207. ME BRANDI with a I says:

    I know I am not lying! None of you know me, so no I guess I can’t expect you to beleive me, but I know for a fact I am NOT lying.

    And yes Jenny did send my children school supplies, all of which were given to my children, and they used them. I told her she did not have to, and thanked her many times and ask if there was anyway for me to re-pay her. That was when I was on DS under the name I had there which was Emmasmommy08!

  208. Shhh says:

    Then why did it say that your account was viewing the thread (before you were banned this morning)?

  209. ~JC~ says:

    Why didn’t you respond to CDN when you were reading the thread because people could see that you were reading it (doesn’t it show in your profile?). I ask again – if not YOU then WHO because these lies came from your computer!

  210. ME BRANDI with a I says:

    I tried to post on CDN, it told me to sign in, when I did it took me right back to the sign in page again. It told me at the bottom left corner I MAY NOT post etc. etc. etc

  211. Shhh says:

    You had no problem posting an intro though.

  212. ~JC~ says:

    Hmmm…that’s funny because the mods specifically left your account to give you a chance to reply. AFTER you came, read and left without a reply, that’s when you were banned. You just don’t have much luck with computers do you?

  213. Booyah says:

    I’m with JC. If you supposedly didn’t do any of this, then who did? Who broke into your house, used your computer, stole your passwords, and made up stuff about you?

  214. ME BRANDI with a I says:

    And I talked to “Mom” on CDN and told her I couldn’t sign in on CDN to post on the thread. She said she didn’t know why I couldn’t, why would I make that up and then come here to defend myself? If I was trying to hide I wouldn’t be here trying to defend myseld against accusations that have been made against me, right?

  215. naturalmamadot says:

    But you still havent answered the question. Who is at YOUR house on YOUR computer posting these things if its not YOU.

  216. ME BRANDI with a I says:

    I have explained through email contact with “mom” from CDN who I think may have done it. The person even called my phone today and told me “told you I would get you” and hung up on me. Atleast now I have a call from her on my phone and I can try to get a restraining order against her for harassment. This all stems from her being a liar, she lied to get a guy to marry her by saying she was pregnant, then played it out for the whole 9mths. Well then she got into an arguement with him 4 days I think it was before the baby was due and left mad. She came back the next day and told him her water had broke the night before and that she went to the hospital, had the baby and that the baby was dead. But yet she was home so soon? I had a miscarriage at 21 wks and I had to stay in the hospital for 3 days. And I called her doctor and the hospital about it, the doctor said he had never seen her for being pregnant and that he hadn’t seen her in over 2 yrs at the time, and the hospital showed she was never there. So of course I told the truth about what I had found out and the guy left her! She has threatened me, my children and basically my whole family since then, even threatening to kidnap my daughter when I had her. She has used my internet before, as she lived with us for a little while, and from what I understand a person can access wireless internet through laptops, something of the sort, and from what I understand at this point that is what she is doing. After all of this has started going on I have done a bit more research into her and found out she has been staying with a friend of hers just down the street, 4 houses away! So is it her, I can 100% say YES it is, because again that is accusing someone when I don’t know all of the facts. But it could possibly be…. All I know is after my phone company looked into the call it showed it was from a pay phone from a gas station here in town.

    I understand why so many are so mad about this, I am right there along with all of you and would be saying the same things about a person who claimed their husband died fighting in Iraq, and then saying that their son died as well before that. I would be next in line to kick that persons….a** as well. Which is why I WOULD NEVER DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT. Its wrong in every sense of the word!

  217. ME BRANDI with a I says:

    4 houses away! So is it her, I can 100% say YES it is, because again that is accusing someone when I don’t know all of the facts. But it could possibly be…. All I know is after my phone company looked into the call it showed it was from a pay phone from a gas station here in town.


  218. Booyah says:

    So, if this person wanted to “get you,” why would they do something so ridiculous as to sign into one of your message boards as you and make up a story that your DH and son are dead? I mean, how does that “get you?” Unless her goal was to piss off the entire internet?

  219. Shhh says:

    #230 you are right it is not making much sence. How did she find out where you chat AND your UN and password, just by using your computer one time?

    Also you can’t steal someone’s wireless connection from four houses away. They don’t reach THAT far.

  220. cdnation says:

    Yep we’ve been in contact via email today. I banned you this morning you were on at 9:22 pm last night and you were reading the thread that was posted to you. So I have no idea why you couldn’t post.

    Yes we’ve been talking. But you’ve given me no concrete proof whatsoever to be able to say what you’re saying is the truth. The dual usernames at CDN had the exact same ip’s. That means they were done through the same router, I don’t know any router than can be used a block away.

    The second account you or her started, had the email address that you were emailing me from this morning as the primary adddress, when you register you get a confirmation email to the address you provide that you have to click an activation link in order to start posting.

    If you’ve been having all the problems you say with this someone, then why didn’t you change your email passwords to something that she could never have guessed.

    And what person would go to the trouble of driving miles to park a block away from your house to log into CDN to act as you to get you banned so that the ip addys could be the same?

    Those are just the beginning of my questions.

  221. I am the momma says:

    I hate to tell you this but that is another lie, it is your IP’s that are the same and those are specific to the computer you are using.

  222. ME BRANDI with a I says:

    I don’t know her rational thinking….. I don’t know how she thought this would get me back but as we can all see it has turned a world full of other stay at home moms against me, so in a way she succeeded (SP)

  223. cdnation says:

    Hey DSDM,

    do you capture ip’s when people make comments?

  224. ~JC~ says:

    How did she happen to know that you had a previous account with DS, and happened to be banned from there?
    I know of no Dr’s that will give out personal info about that by the way – not even as much as saying “we haven’t seen her in 2 years”. MAYBE to family, but they definately would not disclose that to a stranger.

    Just sayin…

  225. cdnation says:

    #233 the ips are specific to the router. I tested both mine and my hubbys to see if it made a difference and it doesn’t.

  226. cdnation says:

    Well she started posting on CDN the same day she was banned from DS, coincedence?? I think not.

  227. I am the momma says:

    #237 Ok, but yours and dh’s are still in the same house right? Just saying it would have to be a household thing right? 🙂

  228. cdnation says:

    Yep it’s a household thing, she told me today that the person who’s out to get her sits in a church parking lot a block away to use her wireless connection. Mind you this is after driving 15 minutes to get there.

  229. ME BRANDI with a I says:

    All I can say is that I stand behind my word that is has not been and was not me saying that my husband passed away or that my son passed away. It’s just wrong and I wouldn’t do it.

    And as I said if anyone has any proof that they sent money then please let me know and I will get it returned to you ASAP! I have not received anything, so I know that no one has, but some of you are claiming that you have so I would like to see proof. Like I said the only thing I received was what Jenny sent to my children and thats it! And that was me, under the user name emmasmommy08 on DS.

    And at this time I am signing up with a whole new internet provider so I can have a new email address and I have turned the security on my computer all the way up now. I have also purchased a virus protection/internet security plan which I didn’t have before, so hopefully this will help with some of the problem.

  230. I am the momma says:

    Wow she must have some strong wireless internet for it to work a block away, I am in the boonies and can’t even get wireless to work in my house………

  231. TL says:

    not defending brandi I don’t know her, but when I tried to sign in on CDN it did the same thing to me, I had to check the keep signed in or remember me (can’t remember exactly what it said lol) for me to stay signed in instead of just returning me to the sign in page.

  232. A Mom says:

    No, ips are based off the router. We tested it several different ways.

  233. A Mom says:

    #243 She’s claiming she can’t sign in at all, which she did just fine last night.

  234. cdnation says:

    You don’t need a new internet provider to get a new email. I can have up to 5 with mine, and then theres hotmail, yahoo, gmail.

    Oh but wait you do have multiple email accounts you may need a new provider.

  235. cdnation says:

    #243, she was logged in last night and reading the thread calling her out, her profile said so.

  236. cdnation says:

    and if that was important to her she could have emailed me about it well before midnight.

  237. A Mom says:

    So BrandI,

    Said person was sitting in a church parking lot a block away and you saw her enough that you made a note of it, yet she’s supposedly living just 4 houses down and you haven’t known it until today?

    Things that make ya go hmmmmmmmmm(bullshit)mmmmmmm

  238. Nicole says:

    1st of all, I don’t appreciate your lies! I think that you are suffering from some severe medical mental break down and that you seriously need help!

    2nd, I don’t care what dr you called or what hospital you called, haven’t you ever herd of patient confadentality? That right there is a LIE, no one would tell you weather she has been there or NOT, it’s against the LAW and I highly doubt that anyone in the medical field would risk loosing their job just for you!

    You should just give up now. Even if this whole river of lies is true, you have no way to prove it. You’re just making yourself look more and more like an ass! I feel sorry for your kids. You’ve sat here and spent all day telling lies here, wonder what your kids have been doing the whole time? Oh wait, do you even have kids?

    I am glad that CDN and DS has banned you, filthy!


  239. cdnation says:

    I have yet to see any proof that you aren’t who we think you are.

    I doubt that your internet can be gotten 4 doors down. But I’m going to find out.

    I’m going to take my laptop with me when I leave here, and I’m going to park in the church parking lot (ironic huh) that’s across the street and see if I can pick up my wireless.

  240. Nicole says:

    LMAO #251

  241. cdmd1023 says:

    just ot his email from “Brandi”
    I have tried to clear this up that it wasn’t me! My husband is not dead, we have been married since 1996 and I have 4 living children, I have not lost any of them except a baby at 21 weeks.
    I am doing my best to show that I am not the one doing this, but its my word against others.

    what a freakin mess you have made!

  242. Shhh says:

    OK, so we’ve got a person who is so hell-bent on revenge that they go buy a super-strong computer that can detect a wireless signal from a block away, learn some wicked hacking skills so they can hack into the server for a message board you go to and get your UN and password, then use your wireless signal so it will appear under your IP address and sign in using your info so they can tell a horrible lie about you. I can’t tell if this is the stupidest or best revenge plan ever since everyone obviously hates your guts now.

    But really, whatever happened to just leaving some flaming dog poo on your step or something? Or keying your car? man, revenge is jsut so complicated these days.

  243. cdmd1023 says:

    wait, married in 1996? your myspace said you were only 26 years old.

  244. I am the momma says:

    Wow momma you must have been young when you got married

  245. cdnation says:

    Actually I don’t need to do that I know it won’t work, I’m sitting in the next room from my wireless router and only have 3 out 5 bars for strength.

    You need to just stop backpeddeling.

    Ips match at CDN and DS if I can get one from here we can see if it matches too, but wait even if it does, I bet this isn’t her it’s her wacked out psycho stalker.

  246. ME BRANDI with a I says:

    Like I said I know I didn’t do any of this, and when I read the post at CDN last night I was not signed in and it would only let me read so much and then sent me to a sign in page, which even after I signed in it kept sending me to the sign in page again and again. I haven’t lied about anything else and I am sure not going to lie about something so stupid as a sign in problem! Geesh! And my 3 oldest kids were in school today and my little one was at her Grandmas for the day Thank You

  247. Nicole says:

    Yup, that’s what I seen on the my space, too. Lies, full of lies

    Lie FAIL!

  248. cdnation says:

    YOU WERE LOGGED IN!!. Your profile said you were logged in, hell if I go to your profile now it says last activity 9:22 pm, STOP WITH THE LIES.

  249. ~JC~ says:

    ROFL!!! You were 13 when you got married?

  250. Booyah says:

    Lying again. Your profile specifically said that you were viewing that thread last night. You h ave to be signed in to do that.

    I think you need a new shovel, you shovelled so much bullshit with this one that you broke it in half. I hear Lowes is having a sale.

  251. Nicole says:

    Well CDN hasn’t had any sign in issues, so, once again, I call out your lie! AND, if I was reading that thread and it was about me, and I couldn’t sign in to defend myself then I would have emailed MOM just like you have been today!

    Seesh, why is it so damn complicated for some people to be honest?

  252. Nicole says:

    Exactly, you didn’t show as a visitor, you showed as a member. Good grief, you might need to take some acting classes or something if you’re going to continue the lying route. BECAUSE YOU SUCK!

  253. cdnation says:

    Oh and tell me, if it was someone else using the second username with your email address, how come everytime I pmed that username I got an answer pretty much right away like she (you) were checking that email address, and how come yesterday when you were pmed to come see that thread, you came and knew what username to log in as? Humm tell me that.

    This wasn’t someone else, it’s been you all along.

  254. Nicole says:

    Someone needs to teach this chick a good lesson in morals. She, obviously, has none!

  255. cdmd1023 says:

    why the hell did she make 2 UN’s on cdn?

  256. I am the momma says:

    Hey momma, maybe you can use some of the school supplies the nice momma sent you and write down your lies so you remember them. You are just wrong and KARMA will bite you in the ass!

  257. Nicole says:

    You know, too bad diaper traders wasn’t still goin, you’d fit right in! Loony town hall!

  258. amanda says:

    If she is threatening you and your children, if she stealing all of your info over the internet, if she really is that crazy why haven’t you called the police? Some crazy b*tch threatens my kids I wouldn’t even have to think about calling the police.

    As I always tell my kids, if you offer up way too much info, chances are you’re lying. I think that’s exactly what you are doing.

  259. Nicole says:

    #267 she was setting herself up to cover her lies….

  260. cdnation says:

    cause she forgot her first one and then remembered all about it when she got the we miss you email, which went to the email of her first username. So why not just respond and ask what your username was, oh yeah cause it was Busymomtomybuggabug and way to close to the name that had been banned from DS that same day, and everyone there knew who you were, and would have known from that name.

    Tell me how close am I now?

  261. ME BRANDI with a I says:

    No I was not 13 when I got married, I was 16 and I got married in 1996, I will be 29 this year (2009)! Like its anyones business in the first place! Do you need to see a copy of my birth certificate???????

    I am not going to sit here on this stupid computer and argue with all of you all day. You think you are all right, so what is the point of me going on and on that I am not who did it.

    Like I said if anyone who is saying they sent me “grief” money has proof send it to me. Otherwise you need to quit lying and saying you gave “me” money! That makes you no better than what you say I am!

    If everyone else wants to be nasty about this then I can too. I have tried to be nice about this whole thing, and get it all fixed. But again all I have is my word, and no of you beleive me, you beleive what you want too. I just hope one day you are never in a situation where somone steals yours internet name etc. or whatever and no one beleives you and calls you names and so on!

  262. Booyah says:

    Are you done yet Brandi?

  263. ME BRANDI with a I says:

    Amanda, I have talked to an officer here, he said I actually need her to come on my property or cause harm before I can get a restraining order against her. I have explained to someone else that my children get a ride too and from school because I will not let them walk

  264. Booyah says:

    LOL, you posted wehn I did.

    Just give up. You are full of shit and I hope it smells really good.

    I sure hope no one ever “steals my internet name” either. Gee whiz that’d just be terrible.


  265. I am the momma says:

    #274 AGREED!

  266. cdnation says:

    I find it interesting how you won’t answer anyting I’ve said, can’t dispute the truth.

    I’m tempted to unban you for a bit just to listen to you go on and try to explain all this again.

    I’m thinking about that for a bit.

  267. ME BRANDI with a I says:

    What ever I am done with this, no one wants to listen and you all just hop on the same band wagon together……

  268. theinvisible says:

    I went to take the first nap I’ve had in 5 years and I miss this?!?! That’ll teach me. What a bad liar she is. The story about the Dr. is the best. That’s just some single white female shit right there. If I were her I’d be in fear for my life! And it took her all night to come up with that excuse…

  269. Nicole says:

    I don’t see any wagons? Shit, did I miss the pick up, I wanna hay ride. I’ll bring the keg!

  270. cdnation says:

    Ummm Hello?? I’ve been listening all day. I’m still trying to get some proof. hard core proof.

  271. Nicole says:

    CDNATION, You didn’t hear yet? There’s a mist of BULL SHIT in her air and every time she breaths in she can’t help but tell a bull shit lie!

  272. Shhh says:

    Oh please do unban her, I’d love to have a good old-fashioned troll-poking.

    Brandi you should be embarassed, you spent all night trying to come up with an excuse and this is the best you could do? Pathetic.

  273. I am the momma says:

    #281 I’ll come back and pick you up on the wagon, its the one that says TRUTH on the side, Brandi fell off………………

  274. ME BRANDI with a I says:

    CDnation…. I do not know about the we miss you email? And I am not going to go on repeating mysellf!
    It wasn’t me, I would never do something like that, its not ethical, decent or even moral do say such things that aren’t true!

  275. Nicole says:

    285, I’ll be the one wearing the bra and panties.

    Brandi, man, you should take some of your own words and use them for good living. ” I would never do something like that” Another lie!

  276. cdnation says:

    So you don’t want to come and face the ladies?

  277. Shhh says:

    Well I guess you aren’t any of those three are ya because you’ve been lying your ass off this whole time.

  278. Nicole says:

    Yea, we’re all big mean bitches with bats. We thrive on being mean to innocent, isn’t that the just of it?

  279. theinvisible says:

    It’s not moral?
    huh? decent? Where am I?

  280. danuv says:

    It all sounds ridiculously suspicious but I have to say this… get some basic freaking protection on your wireless settings. A simple password would keep out pretty much anyone who isn’t a hacker. Everyone should have at least a basic password or encryption but it’s amazing how many people leave their wireless accounts WIDE open. If I wanted to I could sit here in my bedroom and get on two or three of my neighbor’s wireless accounts, browse their open computers, download porn… really any number of things you don’t want people doing on your wireless. It’s highly unlikely that someone can get on your wireless from four houses away (though for a period we had a neighbor way down the street that had one I could see but not get on) but yes, someone can sit outside of your house and get on it. That is completely plausible. I’ve seen it done in numerous places on numerous occasions.

  281. ME BRANDI with a I says:

    CDnation, what am I supposed to face them about? I DIDN’T DO IT! SO WHAT DO I HAVE TO DEFEND!?!?!?!

    #289 no I have not been lying, I have been trying to clear things up!

    AGAIN ANYONE WHO SAID THEY SENT MONEY (WHICH THERE IS NO ONE) you can contact me! Otherwise I am done with this, I have to help kids with homework and start dinner for my family.
    I hope you all have a good evening!

  282. eeek says:


    Think she looked around, saw no one as gullible as DS-members, & decided to cling to the scam as hard as she could- too much work to find a new bunch of people to play?

    & no, your router isn’t broadcasting a block away. What kind of moron ARE you? & who doesn’t lock their network?

    & NO, you didn’t bust some OTHER liar about having a fake baby, you giant mega-liar- Nikki is right in saying they would NEVER have told you, that’s the Health Insurance Portability and
    Accountability Act (HIPAA) & it’s a HUGE deal. No Dr. is going to risk their practice to nark on some chic you hate.

    Do you have any idea how to look stuff up? Google your stupid ideas before you lie about them so they aren’t so easy to bust. Or maybe you’ll have to find your next board-of-fools to try that on, because your lies have gone way too far. Bet it took you all night to think of this idiotic story, and it’s so bad everyone can see through it instantly.

    I feel very sorry for your children, and hope to god they have a good school and other adults in their lives who can influence them in better ways than your pathological, obviously completely mentally disturbed self. Go away.

  283. Nicole says:

    Ladies, lets box her up slop and few stamps on it and ship her to someone who gives a shit.

  284. mom2kg says:

    LMAO! Craziest. person. EVER.

    So she has a stalker who would drive to her house and park at the church across the street several times a day to bump her threads. LOL!

  285. cdnation says:

    Ok I’m out. If you ever have proof of any of the things you emailed me about today, be sure to pass them on to me.

    Have a good one.

    Oh and if you come back under a different username, we will find you.

  286. Nicole says:

    Wait, I’ve got it!!!

    There is someone trying to sabotage her! It’s one of her other personalities that have become extremely impulsive.

    Damn, I’m good!

  287. trolltastic says:

    you know, if someone did that to me (ha) and i knew i was innocent i wouldn’t even waste my breath more than once or twice trying to explain the situation.
    you are full of shit.
    get your teeth fixed too you nasty bitch.

  288. amanda says:

    If she is stalking you and threatening you and your kids on phone calls, they will give you protection again harassment as long as you have proof. She would have to be on your property to hack into your internet.

  289. theinvisible says:

    And if you stop smoking meth you could buy your kids some school supplies.

  290. Nicole says:

    This chick is worse then Britney Spears on her worse day!

  291. haha says:

    Okay so Brandi explain this part for me.

    Since you have gone and deleted all your photobucket pictures (hmmm guilty a little bit?) How is it that your alter ego and split personality both had the same picture ( http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=611837) of these ugly ass baby legs? Did you sell them to the psycho chick?

    And here your alter ego says that she’s origionally from NC. Funny that you are too don’t you think?


    My next gripe is HIPPA bitch. Everyone that works in the medical field is drilled on HIPPA. The hospital can get sued and fined big time for even suggesting they may or may not have had a patient admitted by your split personality’s name they would be in deep deep shit. Not to mention the fact they told you she hadn’t been pregnant. Then again since we are talking about you been her or her being you of course that’s why they gave you the information.

    The #1 reason I LOVE this blog is because people come on here trying to defend themselves and end up looking like bigger assholes and it’s just hilarious to watch the implosion. So please keep coming up with lies because I’m bored at work today and need some entertaining.

  292. eeek says:

    Britney, hell, she’s worse than that RenFlorzak Lauren chic, who sticks in my mind as a legendary scammity bitch-

    I do like the multiple personality idea, lol! She’s stalking herself, that’s why the Dr. would tell her the info (she was calling about herself!), that’s why she could log on (she’s inside the house!). She better watch out, she’s gonna screw herself over!

  293. not just another mama says:

    Wait wait.. So this lady also borrowed your camera (the two photobuckets use the EXACT camera with the EXACT same settings) to take pictures of an item you tried to sell previously? Hmm.. You must be VERY friendly to allow someone trying to ruin your life borrow your camera.. How sweet.

  294. Messy says:

    LOL! Hey Brandi, if you are not such a LIAR, then why is your myspace profile now saying you are 70 and in Alabama? ***Angry much? You just can’t keep from being a skank can ya?

  295. Messy says:

    You are so full of lies it is SICK! Every scammer blames someone else when they get caught… Someone doing that was not out to get you! Dilduh…
    Why would she try to get sympathy for you and get people to not be mad about trades and sales you went bad on? Why did she not just scam the entire community and smear your name all over it? *SHE* does not exist except as *YOU*! Trolls out to harm someone don’t garner sympathy @@ Scammers (AKA You!) do.
    It was not hard for everyone to compare notes. Emmasmommy and WeverTF the trollhouse name was had the exact same address. Your second name that got banned yesterday did have feedback! 100% good feedback! Do we all look morbidly as stupid as you are???
    Now, seeing as how you were married at 13 and are now 70, I will use this as proof to my kids that meth does age you quickly as well as make you nuttier than squirrel shit!!!

  296. Messy says:

    #304: If one loans their camera to another of their personalities, does it count as being used by another?

  297. noisybean says:

    #307. Yes! She can probably report it as stolen.

  298. noisybean says:

    oh and the story in #228, I think I saw that movie on Lifetime.

  299. Nicole says:

    BWAHHAHAHHA Lifetime movie…HAHA That was classical!

  300. Messy says:

    #08: This is the first time that I would be all for a judge giving a restraining order to someone against themselves. Even her other selves are fucked up critters!!!

  301. AshleyB says:

    LOVE the multiple personality thing going on!! That must be it!

  302. Messy says:

    #312:> It is sad that all of her personalities are psychotic lying twatsnots… I still feel bad for her kids.

  303. AshleyB says:

    OH…ScammyBrandi with an I…personally, I want to see a police report for all this. I mean, if you didn’t do these things, you CAN file a police report about it all. The cops may not do anything, but you CAN file. That is, if your not a scamming twat-rag and someone really did all this to you.

  304. Messy says:

    SHIT! She is 72 now on myspace! She needs to slow down on the meth…

  305. AshleyB says:

    #313…I feel bad for her kids as well.

  306. cdmd1023 says:

    OT-anyone here hear of fluff factory?

  307. Sharpie says:

    Really we should just slap a 1 in front of the 4 kids she claims to have and call her the octomom, clearly she’s just as batshit crazy. Of course you really didn’t have 8 babies at once right Brandi, just usernames!

  308. jenny says:

    brandi, this makes my heart so so sad. i really reached out to you and feel like you made me look stupid. stupid to my friends and family. my heart hurts for you and i really hope things get better and that you get things together. I do know that it is you. i have proof via pp shipping notices that it is you. both user names. i cant believe this has happened brandi and i will keep you in my prayers that your life turns around for the better. :*-(

  309. Nicole says:

    Jenny, I am sorry, for you, that you got scammed into her lies. If you have to pp proof, we would all love to see it, Brandi included, she has asked several times for anyone with pp proof to show it. So, if you could please show us. Maybe take a screen shot of the transaction?

  310. jenny says:

    i dont know how to do that without giving away her address? but i emailed the info to DSDM2. So she has it!

  311. Nicole says:

    Could you email it to me so I can relay it to the admins at CDN?

    If so you can send it to nikk25_3@yahoo.com

  312. Nicole says:

    Also once you screen print it and save it you could use paint to mark over the address. kwim?

  313. What a Wanker says:

    I just got a wireless router a month or so ago and I have no clue how to lock others out of using it. maybe someone can help me with that?

    Not saying I believe her, but it is possible that she didn’t have it locked. I know mine isn’t-I assume anyone who wants to can get on my internet connection. Although I got the cheapest one, but it works in the next room on my WII so I assume someone could use it outside my home too.

  314. jenny says:

    ok, i will figure out a way to get the screen shot and paint over her street address. i am out to eat dinner with the family and when i get back i will get those up. Not to hurt you brandi, but to set this straight so we can all move on. i honestly do wish nothing but the best for you and your kiddos. i hope things change for the better bc of this.

  315. Stacey says:

    Jenny, you are too nice.

    Brandi, you really must take us for a bunch of idiots. You don’t want to keep explaining yourself because you’re afraid you’ll get your lies wrong. We all know you did all of this. I might be inclined to feel sorry for you if you just owned up to what you did and offered an apology. It must get exhausting trying to keep your stories straight…

  316. ME BRANDI with a I says:

    I just sent Jenny a msg. and I have offered to pay her back for the school supplies and I am awaiting her reply.

    Just a note from one of her (Jenny’s) posts, I do have severe depression, and not mentioned is that I have a slight eating disorder that I struggle to control, and I have been in the hospital for help on these issues

    I am sorry all of this is happening and sorry I ever joined any of the cloth diaper forums


  317. cdmd1023 says:

    so you admit it?

  318. indysteffanie says:


    what a pack of lies, if any doctor or hospital told you that they are in violation of hippa.

  319. BffMama says:

    I mean geez, just admit what you’ve done and get some help girl.

  320. theinvisible says:

    An eating disorder….I might feel just the slightest bit sorry for you….had you not already tried to garner sympathy with the WORST POSSIBLE scenario. So really, too bad, I don’t really care what the “truth” is.

  321. Messy says:

    Here’s her MO again @@ Feel sorry for me. NEWSFLASH: Feeling sorry for you over your lies is what got you where you are!!!

  322. just_sayin says:

    What a wanker, mine’s not locked, either. If I secure it, my Tivo can’t connect to the service, and then it won’t record my shows. Oh horror of horrors, lol. Also, if she had a big ass booster, it’s possible she could be broadcasting her router all over the damn neighborhood. Anyway, to secure yours, you will need to go back in to the program you used to set it up, and there where you choose your network name is the same place you can choose to secure it with a password. Don’t use any identifying things for your network name, like your name. Naming your network Dawn.Smith is a bad idea.

    Anyhoo, back to the freak show. Carry on, and pass the Oreos. 🙂

  323. What a Wanker says:


    Thanks! I’m wondering if my Wii will connect if I put a password on. We only got the wireless router so we could use the Wii online. I didn’t know the TIVO used your Internet connection!

    So I guess there are reasons why people don’t secure their wireless connection after all.

    I feel bad for everyone here, and I don’t know what to believe. I know there have been times I have been accused of things and no amount of explaining helped. People want to believe what they want to believe. I don’t know what’s true, what isn’t or whatever in this entire mess, so, I’m staying out of it. I just hope everything comes out okay in the end.

  324. Kelolsen says:

    Listen, you crazy twat. CD Nation isn’t Diaperswappers. We don’t hear a crazy ass sob story and fall for it. We see through it, yo.

  325. Nicki says:

    Brandi, I feel sorry for you. I won’t sit here and call you names or harass you. I believe you have more than just severe depression. I’ve had some mental health nursing experience and from what I’m hearing you have a personality disorder amongst some other issues that could have spun off of PPD or severe depression. Please get some help. For your kiddos. God be with you.

  326. Rika says:

    334- Yes your Wii will connect to a router that is pw’d protected. Ours does.

  327. The Original Ashley says:

    You know, I have pretty severe depression myself. It doesn’t make me a lying, scamming twat though. You’re just some crazy bitch grasping for straws now, trying to garner sympathy for your own delusions. Get some help.

  328. Shhh says:

    Bitch please. Don’t even start with the boo fucking hoo bullshit. Nobody cares.

  329. Finch says:



    I tried the email addy from that site and found a page on myspace, but IDK if its hers b/c I missed the other myspace and photobucket before they were closed. It does have her using the same name emmasmommy2008 and the girl w/ the myspace page has a dd Emma but IDK


  330. Booyah says:

    How do you have an eating disorder when you’re trying to gain weight after rupturing your intestines??

  331. naturalmamadot says:

    Seriously, if your depression is so bad it is making you create stories about your entire family being dead or dying, you need to stop reading this, step away from the keyboard, find your cell phone and lock yourself in the bathroom away from said family while you call for help.

  332. Shhh says:

    Oh but she didn’t do any of this, remember, she is just reminding us how tewwibly tewwibly sad she is so we will feel bad for being mean to her.

  333. naturalmamadot says:

    Ohh right well in that case can you please let your “SIL” know she should probably do that then ya know and if the mood strikes you, you could always demonstrate it for her first.

  334. Jen says:

    You know, I have to wonder if she really is crazy. Like, pathological liar crazy. There are people out there who lie so much they start to believe their own lies. Maybe she’s one of them. It doesn’t excuse her behavior AT ALL, but it might explain it.

  335. Sunny says:

    Just a FYI…My internet is unsecured (we live on a farm) and I can walk halfway into the field and still have connection. So it may reach 4 houses away. (im not saying she isnt lying). And my ipod can get internet a block away from a coffee shop. I have no idea who is right or wrong here nor do I care. Lying is so not cool. I will shut the hell up now..lol

  336. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    Sanity; UR DOIN IT RONG!!!!111!

  337. naturalmamadot says:

    #345 Lol yea ive sat 2 parking lots away from starbucks before and gotten their internet but I assumed that they would have a stronger signal than if I had my own…I wouldnt know for sure. Either way though I think the rest of the story adds up to lies.

  338. DSDM2 says:

    Catching up, but yes, we catch IPs.

  339. DSDM2 says:

    Wow, ok, all caught up. CDN, email me the IPs you have. I can confirm matches.

    Brandi, you are full of shit. Yeah a wireless router can go about 4 houses, ours, a midgrade, goes about 1/2 an acre down, is weak but works in our out building. The thing is, they would have to know where you post, all about you, and be one hell of a stalker. The not knowing your stalker lives a few houses down thing? I call bull shit. I’m sorry, but unless you can get a police report or something, I just don’t believe you.

  340. A Mom says:

    DSDM2, I YIM’d you info that you requested, although I did it earlier. LMK if you need it again.

  341. itsraininghere says:

    so did you send your mommy the link to this blog so she could see you defending yourself? because i’m sure she was angry after the e-mails she got about your DS lies. just out of curiosity, was your last name ever HODGE? your story of married at 16 and some other details sound awfully familiar to me. . .

  342. AshleyB says:

    So…any input on this DS thread? OP bought diapers, PO delivered to wrong address. Now, mama comes on DS…bitches about how terrible the company’s CS is for not giving her more diaps…and is going to do a charge-back! WOW! Especially because she posted pretty much the same thing in Off Topic.

  343. JustPeachy says:

    Ashley pretty wrong of the company IMO. If they made a mistake then they should send new diapers out.

  344. jenny says:


    I dont want you to pay me back. that was something i did for you by the grace and mercy that God has given us. I felt i needed to do it and i dont think that was wrong of me to do. I will continue to pray for your family and i hope that things only get better from here.

    now, in saying that. there is no one hacking into your computer to do this. If so they sure did spend a ton of time bumping up the threads and such and really did nothing to “hurt” you with that screen name. The order placed from my store with that user name and email is the same address and brandy with a “y” and your maiden name. it seems to me that if they wanted to hurt you they wouldnt order from my hc and have the order shipped to your house with your name.

    ok that is enough. i just wanted to clear the air. I dont know why you did the things you did with that user name and i really do hope that things get better for you. depression can lead to other mental problems and i hope you find help with that. i want to believe you are a sweet mama that is just hit rock bottom and i honestly pray you can get back on top. i am sad this had to be done this way and have so many mama’s involved, but maybe it will give you the drive to change.

    nothing but the best wishes,

  345. Kelolsen says:

    Man I love DS. NO matter what anyone does, there’s always other moms reaching for any reason to excuse it all away….

  346. Grogwench says:

    Kelly!!!! Hi! How are ya?

    Oops…..Sorry for the hijack

  347. Kelolsen says:

    I’m good.. How are you??

  348. Messy says:

    Awe! Brandi is back to only being 28, lives in Illinois again, and is still No One and angry… Cute myspace changes! Keep’em coming because it is entertaining as hell!!!

  349. diudiaole says:

    I want to know why she didn’t at least take a trip to the library ti impersonate the evil SIL… talk about dumb as a box of rocks.

  350. Nosy Nelly says:

    355 – OMG!!!!!!!! Is there something that she is NOT understanding??? It’s not the company’s fault. The DC says delivered – game over, go home.

    I had actually typed something in the quick reply, but my sig has my biz info, and I figured it wouldn’t look good! Along the lines of “are you THICK??? You have how many responses telling you the same thing, and you’re not GETTING IT!!! It’s not their fault, but you’re going to take their money just like YOU feel that they took yours? Hmmm, common sense – FAIL!”


  351. noisybean says:

    #363, I know, that woman is a complete moron and I really wanted to help her figure it out too, but I’ve got business info in my siggy too! Have to keep up pretenses…

  352. DSDM2 says:

    363, they should offer DC.

    It is the same as the GM lady.

  353. Nosy Nelly says:

    Insurance won’t even help if the DC shows delivered, though. I don’t even know if her BANK will let her do a chargback if the DC shows delivered – it just wouldn’t make SENSE, kwim?

    I don’t know if the issues are close enough to compare – the mama in Alaska said that if there were insurance on her package, the PO would have carded it and held onto it. In THAT case, insurance might have made all the difference.

  354. newhere says:

    well except that the GM lady was told to get insurance by the customer and forgot…

    I don’t know, this is a tough one!

  355. diudiaole says:

    I don’t see how this is tough at all… she orders diapers, company sends diapers, PO delivers diapers… someone steals diapers before she checks her mail…. orrr… maybe she’s pissed about the quality of her seconds this time around and wants her money back… no way to tell, but the company is NOT at fault… she says she’s been e-mailing them daily and sometimes rudely since the 9th of feb — what a psycho twat wad — WTF is cs supposed to do with a myriad of rambling e-mails demanding money or more diapers? fuck her, who behaves like that?

  356. undercover says:

    And what’s with capitalizing all the random words? It’s Comical almost, Don’t you Think?!

  357. newhere says:

    the capitalizing random words irritated me too.

    #368 I think its tough because of the lack of CS. She said she tried emailing them multiple times and it wasn’t until she was rude that they finally responded.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the diaper company should have to replace the diapers if they showed delivered, but it just didn’t seem so cut and dry to me.

  358. JustPeachy says:

    Well im the odd person out and I think if she didnt get the diapers the company should make an effort to get her new ones. Im sorry but we all know that this was probably another one of those things where both parties are at the mercy of the PO. I mean you want to gain customers not lose them and honestly I wouldnt shop from the store based on what she said about them not responding til she got nasty with them.

  359. trolltastic says:

    ok OT from this whole thing but wasn’t there some drama w/ beckles? bc i think i just bought someone off of spots from her! shit!

  360. Biggirlpanties says:

    #372. If you bought from me, it’s all set. No drama around my selling. 🙂 I printed all shipping slips and the stuff is going in the mail now.

  361. diudiaole says:

    #370 — could be, but again, that is *her* spin. Back when I had an online business I remember taking a weekend off and coming back to like 16 e-mails from some psycho bitch… with 15 of them being “I can’t believe you’re not responding”…

  362. Kelolsen says:

    I Also thought THat the Capitalizing was Very Odd.

  363. noisybean says:

    She was Totally freaking Out about them! I Mean I thought She was About to Kill somebody over this. I wouldn’t Want to come Across her in Real life, that’s For sure.

  364. mysterymommy says:

    Did DS explode? It says address not found!!!

  365. newhere says:

    Its down for me too.

  366. Finch says:

    Me too. Same meassage

  367. Addiesmommy says:

    Where the crap is DS?!

  368. flatcake says:

    372. There was beckles drama, but not about her selling. The drama was about why someone who doesn’t have children and isn’t even TTC (at the time she joined) would be posting and buying in a cloth diapering community. Also, people claimed she was a bitch and gets her Biggirlpanties in a bunch when she doesn’t get what she wants.

    377. It exploded. 😦

  369. Peachy says:

    I just came on here because I thought something was up with my mom’s comp because I couldnt get on DS.

  370. AshleyB says:

    #377…it’s gone. Move on to Cloth Diaper Nation!!! And also, the woman with the missing diaps posted her first thread in Off Topic saying she was rude to them, and they quit responding. After someone pointed out how they probably ignored her for being rude, she posted the other in transaction feedback omitting the fact that she was rude from the beginning!!

  371. thewhiteninja says:

    down for me too at approx 545pm est

  372. tongue biter says:

    #371 I agree with you.

  373. diudiaole says:

    Could someone please explain why you think the company should take a loss on a box of diapers the PO is showing as “delivered”? If it were my company, I might give her a good discount code for another order… but after you get burned in this business a few good times, it is going to take more than a sob story or a few f-bombs to get suckered by another scamming twatwad looking for free shit.

  374. cdnation says:

    We’re still up.

  375. AshleyB says:

    #386, I totally agree! I mean…does anyone have proof she’s telling the truth? She has less than 50 posts…and most of those are about this transaction!! It would be one thing if a person who has tons of positive feedback everywhere had this story…but I dunno. She seems very…scammy for some reason.

  376. cdmd1023 says:

    DS is working.

  377. noisybean says:

    Wow. Something is in the postal water today.


  378. Zukey says:

    Maybe a virus killed DS.

    Brandi, you are an asstard. That is all.

  379. fjfjfjfjfj says:

    When there is a whole lotta drama in the comments section, couldn’t it be made into a new post? It is harder to find all of the drama, because if you don’t read the comments you miss most of it! Sometimes the first few newest posts will have barely any comments, but if you keep checking back to like the fifth post it will have a hundred new comments! Does this bug anyone other than me??

    I understand if it’s more work though…

  380. ABCDEFG says:

    anybody else clocking the GM LJ drama? The whole drama filled thread is gone.

  381. Funneh says:

    #393, DAMN. I saw that thread when it was first posted and only had the one response from CS on it; what happened? I was looking forward to coming back to that one 😦

  382. ABCDEFG says:

    A lot of people wanting answers and a smoke screen was thrown up. Then there was some outing of mamas scalping big time on spots. I think that’s why it was pulled finally.

  383. DSDM2 says:

    392, I didn’t start a new blog b/c IF the mama was innocent, and lost a child AND dh, I didn’t want a googleable thread. By the time we were sure, it was already in motion.

  384. Funneh says:

    I would kill for some screencaps of that. Man. I miss all the good stuff 😦

    I bet some of the scalpers are those bitches who used to get so uppity over it too.

  385. ABCDEFG says:

    DSDM2, are you interested in the GM LJ drama? It is mostly DS’ers. I can get you a screen shot.

  386. sassy1 says:

    I have to say, from a psychological point of view that I really think “Brandi” is schizophrenic…and I do not say that lightly. maybe multiple personality too….which would explain why this other “person” has hacked her account…its her hello. Thats also why the doctor gave her the info about the girl faking the pg, again, it’s her.

    You need help sweetie…get some asap before you hurt you hurt yourself, or someone else.

    There’s no shame in being crazy, but admitting you have a problem is a step in the right direction.

  387. sassy1 says:

    #393….no what was it?

    was it over the mint chocolate zoo stocking today by chance? lol

  388. sassy1 says:

    oooh wait, is it over the snaps issue?

    that post has suddenly vanished…hhmmmm.

  389. DSDM2 says:

    Nah, GM drama is boring, unless it is on DS instead, lol.

  390. ABCDEFG says:

    DS would have never allowed that amount of WAHM questioning/bashing.

  391. DSDM2 says:

    send it over, we will talk and decide 😉

  392. sassy1 says:

    I have heard through the grapevine that there are many po’ed mama’s at the GM diaper snap issue. I know the post I saw yesterday , the mama quoted a previous thread (which I did not click) and then asked if the snap issue was going to be resolved because the GM store (Suz and employ’s) were denying at first that the snaps were different.

    Then it was told that they were slightly off, but that they were still “within the guidelines of a handmade, handsewn diaper” and that no refunds or exchanges would be made for said diapers.

    This is a problem, for some because they say that the way the snaps are attached effect the way the diaper sits on baby, making red marks, or not, etc. (it effects the fit through the thighs I guess).

    A lot of the ones this happened too are the SYOF ones, so there is no way to fix them to begin with because that was limited fabric.

    Its not DS drama, but def diaper drama! lol

  393. AshleyB says:

    #407…I’m interested in that drama! And, unless Suz sewed them herself, there is no excuse for crap workmanship! She employees seamstresses now, so should be putting out decent work! Wow!

  394. Funneh says:

    I saw some pictures of some of the snaps and they were really off. Like curved from the center on one side all the way to the bottom of the tip on the wing by the end of the row. Ick.

  395. Messy says:

    #406 what is that? A resume for Brittany Perry? Who is that?

  396. Rika says:

    Here’s the thread that’s still there with tons of photos of the hideous snaps and leg gaps caused by the poor workmanship:


    I didn’t see the other thread, but would love to have read it 😀

  397. kimbella says:

    #406 – I’d love to see the other thread too!

    I purchased 3 GMs, my very first ones, right after Christmas. I got them buy 2 get 1 free, and 10% off, so I thought I was getting a good deal. Well, they finally got here, and ALL THREE of them had snap issues. One just had shallow snaps, another had a cracked snap and several shallow snaps, and the third had a snap fall off when I opened the diaper! WTHeck?! My “cheapo” KL workhorse diapers have NEVER, EVER had any snap issue whatsoever. I expected a lot more from a “designer” diaper. I sent them back for a refund, but was still out my return shipping. When I asked about getting it reimbursed, the CS lady acted as though she was doing a favor by letting me return them.

    So now, the GM crazy really fascinates me – I don’t get why people are willing to pay that much for such low quality (imo) diapers!

  398. naturalmamadot says:

    WOW #406 she says she only has a daughter in the resume…but comes on here and spills her little heart saying that she has her kids and dh and aw were big meanies. I guess her “SIL” was so determined to get her back she posted looking for a job for her too…..I wonder if the moms who got screwed over by her would like her cell phone number lol

  399. AshleyB says:

    WOW! NO way would I put up with such crap from GM! Has anyone contacted their CC companies about a FULL refund from GM…w/o paying the return shipping? That isn’t right.

  400. sassy1 says:

    yes, i believe people have asked if refunds could/would be given and were told no….I saw the thread on LJ the night it was posted and just from the tone of it you could tell the OP was NOT happy.

    Also, I have been told that the issue was raised by someone directly to Suzanne about how crooked the snaps were, especially on a striped diaper, that the snaps did not follow the lines in the striped diaper and this showed how off they were. Supposedly Suzanne’s reply to that was that on a striped diaper, the snaps will never and have never followed the lines straight.

    Of course…this was all hear say, but thats what I have heard.

    I know though regardless, there will not be refunds, or exchanges given. Anyone that has ever dealt with GM knows that is how that buiness is run.

    A friend of mine just purchased 25-30 of them at the sale recently before it was over, and she had to send back 6 or 7 of them for snap repairs.

  401. sassy1 says:

    oh look at the picture half way down that thread (in reply # 411) the chocolate chai diaper, WOW that is majorly slanted!

  402. sassy1 says:

    link to the picture just in case the thread goes bye bye…

  403. cdmd1023 says:

    WOW!!! Thats some shitty work!

  404. eeek says:

    Those snaps on the brown stripe diaper- it almost looks like they did it on purpose, HTH could you not see you weren’t following the STRIPE? & she can say what she wants, but I’ve seen a bunch that did follow the stripe, and they SHOULD because they should be a straight line across and stripes done correctly will also be a straight line across.

    Suzanne needs to fire that snap person & sell those as seconds (or thirds). Snaps aren’t hard. Did she get some new machine to do snaps all at once & this is how it turns out or something?

  405. sassy1 says:

    no clue, I’m not really sure what happened actually, but it seemed to be right around the SYOF time frame (Nov-Jan?), so in the last 2-3 months?

    I realized last night I have 1 that does this, its not a SYOF , and it does make the top part of the diaper (the wings) roll down and its tighter on my babies thighs (which isn’t good because he has big thighs anyway).

    hopefully the person has been corrected on how to do them at the very least, but again I guarantee you she will not be refunding or allowing returns on any of them. If she did, I’d be really surprised, because in my mind that is top level CS, but I’ve never considered her company one for top level CS…just my experience.

  406. AshleyB says:

    Wow. Seriously, if I ever buy a GM from the site, I’ll make sure to use my CC so if I get broken snaps or uneven ones…I’ll be protected! That is crappy!

  407. Rain Cloud says:

    oh bother!

    Brandi person, Your resume states you graduated from High School in 2006. Just more lies!


    She is only about 20 to 21 years old! Unless she is really old and failed grades over and over!

  408. cdmd1023 says:

    How do you know thats her?

  409. Zukey says:

    I’m confused. How did Brandi move from Sparta to Houston?

  410. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    And she changed her name from Brandi to Brittany?? Or are we just pulling up random resumes from people with the same last name…

  411. eeek says:

    OK, the Brandi/Brittany thing- I think that came up as a possible match when people searched her old DS screen name- emmasmommy08. I think it was just coincidence, though, with this person, not the same one at all. Brandi is in IL.

    Now the spots thing, are those things she has had in posts before? I’m trying so hard to avoid DS to keep my computer whole, I don’t want to look….

  412. flatcake says:

    That’s not her on Spots Corner.

  413. Stacey says:

    428- good to know! I just remembered all those girly baby legs, but it appears she deleted her photobucket account and I couldn’t check to be sure.

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