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Act like a bitch, get called on it, then try to delete your account?

I’d have called her out on her comments too. I was so pissed when I read this post that I had to sit on it and calm down before I posted this entry.

02-07-2009, 10:57 PM #10
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Re: WIC questions

Man I wish I could qualify for WIC. How can people qualify for WIC, yet afford to pay for their Internet service each month?????????
Cable TV?
Car payments?
(we don’t have cable or car payments here either)

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Re: WIC questions

Originally Posted by HLCreations View Post

I bet if you stopped being snarky and called your local WIC office you would find out you qualify too.

I have called them to see if we qualify, but like I said, we make too much money. I called b/c I was jealous of my cousin for having it. Heck, I made that statement, b/c I am jealous of ALL who use WIC. I want WIC, too! I hate buying milk, eggs, bread, etc when I see the sign for WIC right under these products in the grocery store. We’re paying for you all to enjoy this. I wish we could do that, as well. To the meanies, well, you’ll always be mean, so there’s no point in my trying to change you.

Cloth Diapering, Co-sleeping, Babywearing, Breastfeeding, Family of DH, DS, and me.

Then she decided to pack up her crayons and coloring book and go home… only to find that DS won’t let you, LOL.

Yesterday, 11:04 AM #1
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close account


How do I close my diaperswappers account?


Cloth Diapering, Co-sleeping, Babywearing, Breastfeeding, Family of DH, DS, and me.

I can’t even comment on this still. I’m furious.

  1. haha says:

    HOLY HELL. She goes on to apologize saying she didn’t mean it and then in the next breath talks about how she wants free food too. What a bitch.

  2. DSDM2 says:

    Well she pays for it…

  3. sara says:

    Cause she hates buying eggs,milk and bread. Wow welcome to the real world.

  4. mksmommy says:

    Well Im guessing that most moms on WIC also have a SO or a BF who is working to help support them/the kids so why the heck not? Their tax dollars are going towards it as well so wtf is the big deal?

  5. DSDM2 says:

    What if the mom AND dad work from home? maybe they NEED the internet for work? Maybe the internet and phone is not as much as she thinks it is. Maybe they get free internet from a neighbor’s WiFi…

    I mean just because you are on WIC doesn’t mean you aren’t working. There are a lot of families who have BOTH people working who need a little extra help.

  6. mksmommy says:

    And who knows maybe they sacrifice elsewhere? I admit we arent doing great but we have cable internet. We dont go out to eat all the time or go to the movies or pretty much anything else so cable is what keeps my family sane.

  7. naturalmamadot says:

    We dont have cable but I cant keep up with all thats on tv now lol. I would gladly give up cable forever though and get to spend that money on toys, clothes, diapers etc for DS every month. I enjoy shopping more than watching tv but either way there are tons of reasons someone could have WIC AND have internet/cable/new car etc.
    That lady just sounds like she has no clue how to be nice.

  8. not just another mama says:

    I don’t think you have to be poor, in the gutter, living off of welfare to get WIC. WIC is to help SUPPLEMENT your monthly needs, not take care of them completely. Even though they give you a lot of things, its with the idea that you can still be able to buy more if you need to. And if WIC doesn’t provide, then you get food stamps, welfare, etc.. And I doubt someone that poor would be willing or able to pay for the internet/cable – therefor.. they would never be on DS to reply that womans bullshit comments.

    Maybe she should look up the number for a free food locker & ask those people there if they have cable, internet & all the finer things in life.

  9. haha says:

    and what about the lady that says
    “In my opinion, someone should really be financially stable before bringing a child into this world, because face it….kids are expensive (and not just, well I’m going to school and when I get done I will make money then–with this economy…thats not a guarantee).

    I totally understand that situations arise and all that but I’m a believer in planning and being prepared for your children. I totally know that is not a popular opinion but my two cents..”

    So because your on WIC…because you qualify suddenly you aren’t financially stable enough to bring a child into this world. Never mind that this economy bringing home 40000 isn’t a whole lot with milk, bread, eggs and every other grocery item being so expensive. And healthy food is even more expensive than junk food.

  10. amanda says:

    The income limit is always changing for the WIC program. I haven’t looked at it in awhile but there are times that it’s been pretty high.
    We had free cable/internet/phone because my DH works for the cable company. There are reasons why people would have those things and still be on WIC. It’s not like welfare (like a pp said). It’s just to supplement.
    What an ignorant thing to post. Most people who are on WIC would love not to be. I can remember dreading the days I had to go. Something would always be wrong with the way I was feeding/diapering/dressing/raising my son (I only had one child at the time). Yeah it’s nice to have the help but it can also be a big hassle.

  11. Taterbug says:

    Wow. I was willing to hope that with her first post, she sincerely didn’t understand how WIC works, and how circumstances can vary greatly.

    Too bad she had to post again and prove that she is just a snot with entitlement issues.

  12. sassy1 says:

    what a freaking snobby bitch. seriously!!!

    From what I understand, its not just income based, and I know alot of people who would qualify for it and choose NOT to be on it. If you need it, great, if not, great.

    “I want free eggs and milk.”

    Here’s your freebie honey….get a fucking clue.

    bye bye now, come back and play after mommy teaches you how to treat those below you respectfully *giggle-snort*

  13. sassy1 says:

    the other thing that comes to mind….

    comcast for one has a bundle where you get 3 services (phone w free long distance, i-net and cable) for right around $100 or maybe a little over….just 2 of those services alone can cost $120.00, and cable, while it can be a luxury, it pretty much how dh and I spend our *date nights* …$45-50 a month is ALOT cheaper than paying a baby sitter 1-2 times a week and spending $ on dinner and a movie, kwim?

    She just wanted to start shit…..thats all. I call bitch.

  14. werd says:

    UMMM wow. We qualify for WIC but don’t use it. We don’t have cable and we get our internet for free because we live right near the library with its free wireless signal!

    what a twat!

  15. screenname says:

    C’mon! You can tell me you aren’t jealous of people who make less money than you, right? I mean, I would love to spend half my day in a WIC clinic because my family needs supplemental food. So much better than making too much money to qualify, right?

  16. erin says:

    “since i pay taxes to the tune of $12-15k a year i deserve to get my $120 worth of food back each month!!”

    How is a person who qualifies for WIC paying $12-15k per year in taxes? Crazy. I don’t want to call out my income here, but it is a few times the WIC limit here and we pay about half that in state and federal income taxes.

    I also know two mamas on DS (not posting on that thread) who have postponed marriages to their babies’ daddies so they can stay on WIC, medicaid, etc…. sad.

  17. AshleyB says:

    To post #9 (what the woman quoted said): Really? Also, just because you are financially stable enough to have the kid to begin with doesn’t mean your financial sit. will stay that way. What about the people losing their jobs etc? Should they put the kid up for adoption and try again when they don’t need WIC?

  18. cdmd1023 says:

    we make whats considerd to be middle class, but can barely afford to live. its all about where you live.

    I would never look down on anyone receiving assistance, for the right reason, its ok to get help when you need it, its not ok to abuse it just to get free stuff.

  19. haha says:

    Right #17. I really hate when people bring up the financial card when it comes to kids. No one aside from maybe the IBM guy can ever really afford kids. Heck we make a decent amount and god forbid either of my kids wants a masters degree. With the rising cost of college we wouldn’t be able to afford it unless they get a scholarship!

  20. mksmommy says:

    Ok speaking for being prepared I do agree with that to an extent but cmon now we all know that things dont always go as planned. I got pregnant with Saedra at a time when we were least financially able to do so. I wasnt intending on getting pregnant and in fact was going to put off TTC until a year later but she just wanted to come into our lives when she did. My other two it was the same thing. Just happy accidents in a matter of speaking.

  21. mksmommy says:

    #16 that is sad. And I too have qualified for WIC and took it when we needed it. Id probably qualify now but I choose not to take it.
    #13 you hit it right on the money. Dh and I never go out and do date nite or go to the movies or do anything that costs money so our cable/internet is our form of entertainment.

  22. siriusmama says:

    Hmmmm let’s see, would I rather qualify for $120 worth of milk, eggs etc per month and have to go to appointments for it where everything I feed my children is questioned (I swear they think I am lying about how much fruit and veggies they eat) and then have the checker at Safeway look at me like I am garbage when I use my WIC checks…..or have my husband (who works his ass off) actually get paid what he is worth putting us over the income limit? Gee, that is a tough call…..

  23. just_sayin says:

    That’s crazy, who looks at the WIC sign and feels jealous? I always feel good, actually, because that means that someone who may not be able to afford milk, cheese, etc is able to afford it now. It never even occurred to me to feel angry that I have to pay for it while someone else gets it for free. Selfish much? I love the WIC program, and I feel very proud that America offers that.

    We qualified for WIC while dh was still in school, but we didn’t take it because we budgeted tight and didn’t need it. We also qualified for the EIC, but didn’t take that either because we didn’t need it. But, I’m glad those programs are out there for those who do need it.

    And about having kids when you are financially stable. That’s just dumb. I’m sorry, but women have a short window when they can have kids, and waiting until you are 40 and can afford them may ensure that you never have them. Or that you maybe have one. When we had our first we were dead broke, but I wouldn’t change that for the world. Now I’m in my lower 30’s, have 3 kids, and still have time to have a few more. I love that. Now I can have the large family I want – and yes we can afford it. So many of my friends are just getting started, and they are finding out that having a baby at 35 isn’t as easy as they thought it was going to be. And, if they are able to get pregnant, that limits their family size. It’s hard to have 6 kids if you start at 35 or 40, KWIM?

  24. theinvisible says:

    I guarantee she has strong opinions on abortion, too. Poor people shouldn’t get pregnant, shouldn’t get assistance, shouldn’t have abortions, should just starve because they decided to have kids. This type of person doesn’t seem to know a whole lot about life outside of their own circumstances but sure has a lot of opinions concerning other people’s lives that don’t always match up or make sense. I don’t wish ill upon anyone but it sure would be a shame if she should ever find herself 1.)widowed or divorced or 2.) facing unemployment or 3.) just plain in a bad situation, standing in line at the local DCF office burning with shame like all the common people she so abhors. Jealous of people who get WIC. Because it’s so fun to open your financial and private life to a government agency.

  25. naturalmamadot says:

    I definitely believe in planning a pregnancy, its pretty obvious my first wasnt planned (17yrs old) and so if I have another I want it to be very planned, but you cant always control what happens, especially if you ARE careful (protection, bc etc) and a surprise happens.

    I understand her view of carelessness (because I could be cited as an example) but that isnt the case in point here. Qualifying for WIC doesnt mean you were careless or that you dont deserve/shouldnt be allowed to have children. I would definitely qualify but when I went in to fill out the paperwork they made me so angry I left without finishing and never went back.
    If I had chosen to accept the help (and I would if we ever really really needed it) that wouldnt automatically mean I am below that woman and am taking ‘free stuff’.
    ‘Marywrathers’ seems to have a problem. I never thought id hear someone coherently wish to be in need and be forced to go on assistance of any kind.

  26. naturalmamadot says:

    sry if I double posted, I cant see my post and its saying I posted a duplicate 😕

  27. tongue biter says:

    I qualified for WIC with DD and I used it. We don’t now but I am glad it’s there. I sure could use it now though! lol
    When I was a checker I was amazed at how rude some other checkers are to WIC moms. Between the appointments and the attitudes and heavy sighs in line at the grocery store it’s no picnic.

    Also for us DSL and a landline phone is just $30 a month. closer to $40 with all the taxes. Basic cable is $12 a month. So about $50 for all 3. You just have to shop around. Location probably has some effect I imagine.

  28. naturalmamadot says:

    #24 yep, some people cant put themselves in other peoples shoes until they are in that position themselves

  29. naturalmamadot says:

    wow if basic cable was 12 bucks here wed have it hehe, i want to move to wherever you are, ive never had cable and get overwhelmed with the choices when i go to friends houses haha

  30. eeek says:

    Frequently the cable companies don’t list it, but It’s my understanding that every cable company has to have a local “basic” tier (not “standard”), that’s in this price range (it was mandated by congress). Mine’s 12.95 & has all the local channels with some extra stuff like CNN & TBS. No comedy or Sci Fi or other fun channels, but at least it’s clear & enough for us.

    I have basic cable with cable broadband & an ooma box which I LOVE- works fine & I paid $200 for lifetime phone service. So for basic cable, broadband internet & VOIP phone I only pay $60/month.

    AND anyway, what a bitch with the welfare comments. If you don’t qualify but can’t afford food, look at your spending because everyone else thinks you get enough money.

    One more aside, just something I thought was so cool- my CSA (community sponsored agriculture) farm takes food stamps if people want to pay that way. I don’t know how you set up, but it just seems like such a good use of food stamps.

  31. DSDM2 says:

    Basic here with cable internet is $5 for the Basic and $40 for the net.

    Basic w/o the net is about $15

  32. thewhiteninja says:

    Having internet saves me more money than what I pay in the bill, also it may be necessary if the person is a student or does work at home. I couldn’t care less about a WIC recipient having internet.

  33. AshleyB says:

    SO…any clue why DS has changed up a bit to “Cloth Diapers & Parenting Community”? Because I had a PM from DS, and it showed up as that in my email under the sender…and I *thought* it was from CDN at first. So…is DiaperSwappers playing dress up as the cometeting site now?

  34. Wishful_thinking says:

    Wic Drama. Aahhhhh its been awhile. Does anybody here remember the WIC drama from way back when titled “No more Name Brand milk? WTF??” thread? That was a beauty.

    It was at least a year ago, maybe 2.

    This just reminded me. carry on.

  35. DramaBore says:

    33- I was wondering the same thing! At first I thought it was spam.

  36. newhere says:

    DS changed to that last year I think?

  37. AshleyB says:

    #36, it just recently (within the past week) switched to that in emails though! Because I went through my inbox, and DS messages from a week ago still said “DiaperSwappers”, instead of the new crap.

  38. DSDM2 says:

    Mine was changed last year… I think there is a mention of it somewhere on here.

  39. momofdivas says:

    As someone else pointed out the WIC income guidelines are not that low also people qualify on more than income.

  40. theinvisible says:

    #39-Though we wouldn’t generally qualify, we did use WIC for a few months once because my daughter has medical issues and needed a special supplement that costs around $50 per can (neocate jr.). We didn’t have to show proof of income at all. marywrathers is just a hater…..she doesn’t know what the hell she’s even talking about.

  41. mksmommy says:

    #40 in MI if you are on medicaid you automatically qualify without having to show proof of income.

  42. mksmommy says:

    Also WIC doesnt even go solely by income. Its based on your weight as well. If you are underweight or overweight you can qualify even if you exceed the income limits.

  43. Erin says:

    She’s jealous because her cousin qualifies for WIC and she doesn’t….. wow. My cousin qualifies too but I could care less.

    What an idiot!

  44. The Original Ashley says:

    No one should have to justify why they use WIC, to that dumbass or anyone else. I’m more jealous of people who have plenty of money to never need to ask for help getting groceries.

  45. flatcake says:

    Haha, she didn’t stay gone for long!

    “Last Activity: Today 04:35 PM”

  46. Sam says:

    Wow, so she’s jealous of her cousin and anyone else who gets WIC just because she hates having to buy those items herself, and is upset because taxpayers like her are “paying” for them to “enjoy” it. Waaahhh. Somebody call the wambulance. Seriously, I’m on WIC, if I didn’t need it at this time in my life I wouldn’t be on it. I’m not on WIC for my enjoyment. Sounds like she just wants free stuff.

  47. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:

    lmao! what a dumbass!

  48. naturalmamadot says:

    I used to be one of the original owners for the group and since Ive left its just gone to hell in a handbasket. I left because I couldn’t stand most of the members anymore and it turned into a follow the leader/popularity contest which is NOT what I or the other owner ever wanted for it.

    The group is cuties with cloth booties on cafemom and this is the hyena cart

  49. naturalmamadot says:

    misanthropkitty (*sp) also has posted to this blog before defending renhawley and some more drama that happened to be associated with that group (remember the owner aprile let her stay even though shes a scammer)

  50. jale says:

    I qualify for WIC and dont want it, nor need it. Id gladly give her or anyone else my WIC…

  51. Monkey says:

    I have real issues with this post… because while I think she was a bitch about it and her reasons for being annoyed are poor… I can empathize to a degree.

    I understand that things happen outside parents control (layoffs, medical emergencies etc) that cause them to need extra assistance. On the other hand, I also see families who simply CANNOT afford to support more kids keep popping them out. I’m a huge supporter of small families anyway (overpopulation, rising college costs etc) and it really bothers me when I see a family who’s already on assistance keep having kids. It’s not a selfish thing… it’s not that I don’t want to “pay” for it, because I am more than willing to chip in to help those who need a little help, especially parents, it’s because I know there’s no college fund for these kids and that they ave irresponsible parents (and I’m not talking about accidental pregnancies either).

    But I look at people like my sister-in-law, she and her husband maybe make $28,000 – $30,000 a year between them. They have 4 kids and she talks about wanting another. They are (or at least were) on WIC. I know they’re currently on foodstamps and other assistance programs.

    It’s people like that who drive me nuts… they can’t support the children they have and they’re going to have MORE?!?!?! It’s not like they had 4 kids and the husband got laid off so now they need help. They’ve always had this income, since they’re first child… they know they’re going to have this income which is inadequate for supporting 4 children yet they are planning more? WHY? I don’t begrudge them the help, I begrudge their abuse of it.

  52. Megan says:

    I didn’t have time to read all the responses, but I wanted to respond with this:
    My family and I recieve WIC, and it’s a great help. We ALSO have high-speed internet and basic cable. The reasons? My husband is a full time college student, who needs the internet for several online and computer programming courses a semester, and we need a landline phone, because we have no cell phones. When shopping the local phone companies before our move, we found out that by buying the three services (digital phone, basic cable, and high-speed internet), we’re actually SAVING money, compared to buying both services we NEED (phone and internet) seperately.
    FTR, my husband and I have both been hard-working, tax-paying citizens since we were 16 years old. I do believe the last 11 years of paying taxes makes it ok for me to accept something like WIC when my kiddos are so little.
    I think the poster of this thread is ridiculous, and needs to grow up. If she wants to save money, and is annoyed by buying milk, eggs, and bread, she needs to buy a cow, a couple chickens, and make her own bread. Or, *GASP* apply for WIC. Odds are, she’ll qualify. .:rolls eyes:.

  53. me says:

    Ya know..MILITARY people get wic!
    In general theyre ENCOURAGED to get wic. and I cant see how someone would say someone in the military isnt working, kwim? geez./. Just because someone has it does not mean they arent working!

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