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trouble selling Mutts???

Anyone else?
I haven’t bought or sold in about 3 months due to moving and they seem to be going a lower price and mine are just not going??
What happened? the economy?

Niki, sahm to 3 little crazies
  1. JustPeachy says:

    Seriously how do you not know why Mutts arent selling?

  2. alison says:

    Gotta love the spammy – “hey… what do you think of my prices” post she slips in there…


  3. Bailout says:

    I’m SO glad I ditched those Mutts long ago!

  4. werd says:

    uhhh lets see – she’s a sheisty beeyotch and her diapers are crap? I doubt that has anything to do with the economy… moron!

  5. Stacey 2 says:

    Ugh. I didn’t read the post other than what is copied here, but I feel her pain. I had bought several mutts back when they were popular and I figured they’d maintain good resale value. I seriously can barely give them away now. It’s pretty depressing. And, none of the newborn diapers I need seem to be cheap… not even the newborn mutts.

  6. AshleyB says:

    Heh…I’ll buy Mutts still…for $5. With the elastic issues and no CS to speak of, they are literally about a $5 diaper to me.

  7. DramaMama says:

    Are you kidding me? And how is this Sonics fault? And the kicker is the awning was marked with its height even AFTER he checked! But he felt driving into it was better then backing up! ROFLMAO

  8. Madre says:

    I’ll buy Mutts made before the elastic issues. All of my Mutts bought before then are in great condition & I love them.

  9. thewhiteninja says:

    #8- about when did they elastic issue start?

  10. Rain Cloud says:

    #8- about when did they elastic issue start?

    yes, this? Some of us don’t know what happened since we do not frequent the board due to viruses.

  11. meeooww says:

    I had to sell my one mutt that I got in a trade (new mutt for a used GM) for freaking 8 bucks. And there was nothing wrong with it.. But I was glad to see it go.. I didn’t like it too much.

  12. j_bean says:

    I don’t visit DS much anymore. All the mutts I have don’t have elastic issues and I never had an issue with CS from Michelle, so if I didn’t come here, I wouldn’t know mutts had such a crappy rep. That said, I’ll never buy another Mutt, but I still love the ones I have.

  13. JustPeachy says:

    Seems the ones bought over the summer had elastic issues. I’ve got one ancient ass t&t from her and aside from the binding holes the snaps and elastics are still good. I do love her t&ts but I refuse to buy from someone who cant have the decency to tell me if the diaper I paid for got oversold and refund me within a decent timeframe.

  14. thewhiteninja says:

    I bought several in May and June that were fine and then one in maybe Aug (?) that is also fine.

  15. Madre says:

    I don’t frequent DS either, but from what I remember the elastic started being crappy early summer. I love the dipes and would loove to have some NB ones. I just won’t buy directly from Michelle (which sucks b/c I always had great experiences w/ her) and I’ll have to risk going on DS and getting a virus to get some used. I need to find a new favorite fitted though since Mutts have gone down the drain.

  16. Rika says:

    I’ve got diapers that were made throughout the summer and none have snapped yet, but I also don’t use them that often (maybe 10 times each so far). I’m waiting for them to snap any day now tho.

  17. trolltastic says:

    i only will buy the NB fitted ones (not from her though) and the NB AIO. people still want $15 plus shipping on spots for them though! insane.

  18. teamb4me says:

    It is these types of threads that ticked me off enough to come find this group tonight 🙂
    Hi, I just joined this blog and I hate stupid ass spam threads.

  19. teamb4me says:

    Oh I guess this should have gone in the ‘spammy’ post but I think its all spam and sellers trying to find just one more way of selling their stuff.

  20. JustPeachy says:

    #19 that one actually wasn’t spammy at least no by the OPs doing. She was merely commenting on all the yumminess that is just sitting on FSOT, stuff that was so sought after just a mere month ago.

  21. haha says:

    Mutt’s had issues in August. Michelle got a batch of really craptastic elastic. Mine snapped in 2 washes I think. Then it took 6 weeks of talking to Jenna and still didn’t have my replacement diaper. Finally Michelle started emailing me and I got my replacement plus an extra on a few days later. Not sure if Michelle was stalling or Jenna wasn’t getting through or what. I was really disappointed as I LOVE mutts.

  22. teamb4me says:

    #21 I just think its interesting that threads like these are started by someone that, as luck would have it, has that very thing in FSOT. I am surprised that wouldnt be considered an attempt at drawing someone to your FS item. It would be a little different if they were not actually selling the item.

  23. Crazy Mama says:

    #23- Of course she has them on FSOT, she said so in her post. It’s rather dumb to start a “why aren’t my XX selling?” post when you don’t have XX for sale, now isn’t it?

  24. jeruco says:

    glad I sold my mutts a while ago.

  25. teamb4me says:

    #24 I wasn’t refering to the Mutts thread. But thanks fir the input 🙂

  26. Zukey says:

    I’ve apparently missed the mutt elastic issues too. I have about 16 mutts, and they’re all as tight as when I got them. I bought them all from 10-07 to 5-08. That sucks that the price has fallen so much though. DD has just gotten into undies and out of dipes. 😦

  27. mksmommy says:

    #27 no but Id like to know who.

  28. mksmommy says:

    Accidentally hit enter before I finished. I am not hiding but I opened a wordpress account so I could blog so hence the username change. Im Peachy 🙂

  29. dixieleigh070 says:

    wow i didnt know that about the mutts either… but i live under a rock (aka i’m broke and dont visit ds much anymore). very glad i bought mine b4 the issues… i love mine. sad another brand i liked has gone down the shitter

  30. annie says:

    Just fabulous. August is exactly when I bought 2 NB mutts, for a baby I later miscarried. I haven’t been able to bring myself to part with one of them…the other I just sold to a nice mama. So if all her diapers around then had shitty elastic did she plan on letting anyone who bought new ones know? or are we just SOL now?

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