Seriously, this ain’t the days of Goodmamas and overpricing. You’re not taking a loss on something that you’ve USED! And isn’t this spam? Why does she get a special place to shout out that she’s got stuff FSOT?

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IS it just me???

Or is nothing Selling on DS.Maybe it’s what IHA: I don’t know but this stuff has been up for a while and nothing has moved I really need this stuff to sell. MY dh is laid off and we REALLY need the money What can I do???
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Re: IS it just me???

Originally Posted by SarahLee318 View Post
My stuff has been selling but for cheap and after shipping costs I don’t make much…I think buyers have a hard time remembering that you can’t really ship much for less than $3!

Thats the problem I am having too. I can’t reduce anymore,without taking a loss and I am trying to sell to pay bills cause my DH does construction and this is a BAD winter for them.

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Re: IS it just me???

Originally Posted by Nanner99 View Post
No offense at all mama, but your prices do seem a little high . Like someone else said, people are expecting a deal on FSOT and people really do have to lower prices to move stuff.

I just reduced them again

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Re: IS it just me???

I have $50 worth of Bare minerals that I am selling for $33 plus tons of misc.
  1. cdmd1023 says:

    very spammish.

  2. NotMeAtAll says:

    TOTAL spam! Especially since she keeps bumping it!

  3. JuneBug says:

    Sweet_Fantasy_Fox posted on the damn thing! She didn’t see anything wrong with the blatant “POOR ME! BUY MY STUFF!” thread?

  4. Booyah says:

    What, you mean you can’t get back 100% of your original purchase price on somethign you beat the crap out of for 2 years?!? WELL SCREW THAT I’M NEVER FSOTING AGAIN!

  5. DSDM2 says:

    #5, me either. If I can’t shit in my pants and re-sell them for like new prices, then I don’t want to deal with it.

  6. itsraininghere says:

    ha! maybe she doesn’t have enough e’s in her description?

    are they EEEEEEEeeeeeeeuc?

  7. alison says:

    LOL @ #6

  8. DSDM2 says:

    Total Spam.

  9. AshleyB says:


  10. DSDM2 says:

    I love this from her listing:
    “pp only please cover fees funded or NOT-2.9% + .33 cents Thanks:thumbsup”

    I will NOT buy from someone that wants fees for funded. Twat.

  11. DSDM2 says:

    “I have an EEUC med. zoo print that the upper leg section of the elastic has snapped the lower section and the other elastic are perfect!!! very minimal staining if any asking $14 w/insert or $13 wo/insert or best offer PM ME

    PP only to US. please cover pp fees I get charged either way funded or not! 2.9% + .33 cents”

    Broken and maybe stained for $14?! try less than 10 and it might sell.

  12. Rika says:

    If snapped elastic and minimal staining makes a diaper EEUC, then mine must be brand new.

  13. jeruco says:

    looks like the thread got deleted.

  14. iheartruiner says:

    wth? you can’t charge fees for funded. There ARE no fees… ::scratches head::

  15. trolltastic says:

    #15 if you have a premier or business account you do get charged fees.

    How dumb. You are so poor that you bought $$ dipes and now you need money for bills.
    I am sick of those sob stories.

  16. AshleyB says:

    I’m tired of seeing people beg for the fee’s to be paid for in the first place. If you can’t figure out how to add $1 to your price to cover all of the $0.50 extra, then I will assume your not smart enough to care for the diap in a manner that I would want to buy from you…which is true if an EEUC diap has snapped elastic AND stains! I want to know what just a used condition diap looks like to her. Does it come in flames full of poo?

  17. werd says:

    klassy and ITA #17 – irritating as hell to have to pay fees. Friggen add it to the price!!

  18. GMLovah! #1 Fan says:

    Okay why is this chick trying to sell stuff in the ISO section? That’s just bizarre. Why not try to sell your crap… IN THE FOR SALE SECTION?!? It has never once crossed my mind to put up my FS items in the ISO section and say “ISO PP”. DUMMMMMMMMMMB

  19. lollerskating says:

    Ugh, so spamalicious. Makes me REALLY not want to buy from her now, not to mention her fee demands and crappy EEUC description. It can’t be EEUC if part of the elastic is snapped. Isn’t elastic all one peice?? Where does she get upper and lower from?

  20. iheartruiner says:

    #16, I was thinking of personal accts. Not premier or business and forget about charging fees anyhow cause it against PP’s regulations. 😉

    I actually love the descriptions. It’s in EEEEUC but it’s stained, stretched out & the elastic is broken. But it’s in really super great condition.

  21. pony says:

    How long do you reckon it will take this thread to go *poof*?

    …ummm…Shot elastic does not =EUC, and yes totally spammy
    And, I am so over people asking for fees to be paid. Now is not the time to haggle over 30 cents.

  22. Booyah says:

    I have a premier account so I don’t charge fees. And I won’t buy from someone that does. It’s their choice to use the premier account, just eat the fees and STFU. I do!

    On a similar note, check this out:

    Half the damn beads are missing from this necklace! Who on earth is going to buy that??

  23. jale says:

    #16- Im sorry not all of us can be rich like you and afford dipes and bills at the same time. ;P (kidding towards you) Sometimes bills come unexpected and you have to sell what you can to make it by. I know for me Dipes would be the first to go if it meant food, electric, or etc to live. I can always buy dipes when i get ahead of bills.

  24. alison says:

    LMAO @ 21.
    Super great condition indeed.

    *wipes tears from eyes*

  25. itsraininghere says:

    but why buy diapers to turn around and sell to pay bills? i have bills to pay, but we NEED ds’s diapers. . . all of them. i wouldn’t get anything even if i tried, they’re all prefolds.

    i think that if you have to sell diapers to pay bills, you were *perhaps* not considering youur financial situation when you purchased the diapers in the first place.

  26. trolltastic says:

    #24, i totally, totally get that!
    my comment was more directed at the people that buy dipes just to have them (like when GM’s normally sold for over $35 EUC!)
    we actually only have enough diapers for 2 days, so if i had to get rid of something to pay bills, it wouldn’t be diapers, because then i would have to buy sposies!
    #26 hit was i was trying to say, don’t load up on a ton of diapers and ignore your other basics.

  27. JustPeachy says:

    #26 I have to agree with you there. It happens alot on DS and ya I know we all go a little over board but there are ppl on DS who are constantly saying oh I need to sell to pay this random bill. I guess like a random thing like Oh my LO had to be hospitalized I won’t fault them for but if its something that you know has to be paid every month (like say ooohhhhhhhh the electricity bill) then you have problems.

  28. Nosy Nelly says:

    But selling the cloth puts you in a worse position, kwim? Then you’re looking at adding ANOTHER bill to your already growing pile of “I can’t pay it” — when we used sposies (part time for 2 same-age kiddos, so would equal FT for one), it was close to $100 a month for diapers/wipes.

  29. NotMeAtAll says:

    What happened to The Bat Girls?

  30. DSDM2 says:

    #30, it dissolved.

  31. TL says:

    so here’s another one thats good, got a picture copied that she posted on diaperswappers and the mama put it on her website without permission and refuses to remove it. Mod’s won’t do anything. (well they say they can’t do anything, but last I checked they were pretty ban happy)

  32. NotMeAtAll says:

    I sure would like to know who that is!

  33. AshleyB says:

    #32, THAT’S interesting! I want to know the crap-tastic mom too!

  34. rainydaybaby says:

    #32 that is horrible!

  35. noisybean says:

    What on earth!? That’s an odd situation. They obviously know each other and have some sort of history, especially since she did it once before. Maturity at its best, methinks.

  36. trolltastic says:

    #37, yeah, something else is going on with that. it doesn’t make sense.

  37. Messy says:

    Well, isn’t this the place to come to for finding out the WHOLE story behind the story??? I sooo depend on you guys ;D

  38. Rika says:

    omg werd beat me to it

  39. TL says:

    anyone know her ds username?

  40. trolltastic says:

    ds user

    i still think the whole story isn’t there. it doesnt’ make sense. that isn’t a fantastic picture or anything.
    sounds like they were friends, did a trade or something for her to use the pic and now they don’t like each other and are cat fighting.

  41. werd says:

    searching hold on. I cannot believe this!

  42. werd says:


  43. werd says:


  44. Stacey says:

    yep, here’s a pic of her baby (linked in her signature):

    Compare to the pic of the baby in a prefold on that site. What an odd situation.

  45. Biggirlpanties says:

    what a friggin fruitcake.

  46. Stacey says:

    you know I read the “About Us” on Bebe Wamu and it said she’s married…isn’t there supposed to be a sex-offender boyfriend? I’m confused.

  47. sheepthrills says:

    It’s her sis-in-law apparently dating the sex offender.

    This makes me sick! And where are that woman’s brains, to think she’ll get away with it? Holy crap.

  48. werd says:

    apparently her sister is dating a sex offender

  49. Biggirlpanties says:

    nothing shocks me anymore… wtf is wrong with people?

  50. werd says:

    I can’t believe she is being like that. She said the lady would have to take her to court to get her to take down the pics, wtf?! I guess this wahm was on the syracuse,ny thread and saying bad stuff about the lady but the mods deleted it.

  51. dsmommy says:

    I have one of her wetbags, and its total junk. When i told her about it she told me that because i washed it that is was no longer under warrenty. That’s like not being able to test drive a car! She’s a shady person and i hope she gets what she has comming!

  52. DSDM2 says:


  53. Stacey says:

    58…that’s hilarious! Does she just not wash her wetbags? Ewww.

  54. werd says:

    LOL #61 – when I checked that link, the WAHM was reading a thread by the mama who complained about the picture-stealing. creepy!

    and #62- ok seriously, $2k for that bedding? It’s UGLY for godssakes!

  55. dsmommy says:

    #63 that is just creepy… about stalking this chick seems like she’s been washing to many pre-folds or something.

  56. jen says:

    why did BG’s dissolve?

  57. theboardbitch says:

    the owners of BG’s wanted out, they gave the site and all it entailed to some other, hand picked, members. The new owners changed the name and url and are still around. The new site, if you are interested, is

  58. Just Because says:

    Prepare for some snark… perhaps your dipes are not selling due to the chronic diaper rash issues you have posted about repeatedly? It in fact may be time for a doctor’s visit ya know since the rash isn’t clearing up… just saying.

    Any why on Earth would one buy multiple items of a makeup line they had never used before? Desperately seeking one day and desperately selling a few days later… waste o money.

    And I’ve never understood the selling of cloth diapers to raise money since ya know the kid is still going to need to poop in something and sposies are not cheap nor convenient when 2 AM rolls around and the last one has been used on the previous change.

    Get a budget and get a clue!

  59. Bloo~Skadoo says:

    #31 that is a huge bummer I haven’t been back in ages but it is still a bummer. I found it was really hard for me to be active on more then one board.

  60. Bloo~Skadoo says:

    #62 that woman is smoking the GOOD crack if she thinks anyone is going to buy that crib bedding set. Why would anyone pay for something so ugly that costs so much. Although she didn’t say she PAID retail only that it retails AT. Sounds scammish.

  61. notmeatall says:

    # 69 I was just coming to post that!

  62. notmeatall says:

    the link to the designer in her post does not work either

  63. not me today either says:
    This will be deleted soon I am sure!

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