Who is the WAHM? This one is giving me a bad feeling… The WAHM needs to refund not only her fees, but the cost of the product.

Small Claims court would be worth it 100%. It only costs like $70 to file a case.

Updated Post:

So we’re done for now. She refunded us the cost of embroidery. I’m not happy with the resolution because she has blamed the whole problem on us. We indeed asked for insurance…we have proof in e-mail. She also accused me of extortion because I asked for embroidery for free. All I asked for was her to embroider the rest of my stash (10 diapers) because she offered to replace 1/2 of the diapers and embroider them. I don’t know what else to say at this point. I’m glad she’s stopping her business so no one else can get burnt from a mistake as stupid as this. For the record, I think we have been very decent to this wahm since our box has been missing for almost 2 months. I know most “goodmama” mama’s would be VERY bent out of shape about this. We are considering legal action at this point.

From the WAHM: Well, I think I’ve lost hope that the package will show up. I’ve never had this happen before, so let’s try to figure out how much I owe you and Heather for this missing box.

I charged you 88.40 and Heather 54.65. There were 20 diapers in the box, but one of them (the emerald I embroidered with Deck the Halls for Heather) still belonged to me. A lot of the diapers, as I recalled were fairly well used and loved and were no longer silky, but I know that at least 4 of yours were NIP- China blue, macaw, 1 of the bikers, and giraffe. Were there any other NIP ones that I’m forgetting? I’m just trying to figure out the market value of the diapers that are missing.

I don’t know if it is expected that I reimburse you for the full price of the box that went missing. I looked up several cloth diapering businesses to see what their policies were on missing mail, and they said that if the package showed up as delivered on DC then the package was not replaceable and they wouldn’t refund. However, I do feel somewhat responsible for not adding the insurance. I do hope that you would remember that I’m not a huge business, and it’s hard when you’re a busy mom with three boys- mistakes can and do sometimes happen. Usually not to the diapers though, thank goodness ;o). Also, I’m not trying to shift blame at all, but mainly to let you know how I do things, usually if a customer wants insurance they add it when they purchase the slots on hc, which I am able to see right when I’m shipping, and since it was 20 something days between when Heather mentioned the insurance and I shipped, it would have been hard for me to remember, esp. since it was never paid for . At the time when I was shipping these diapers, I had several other large orders going through my house at the same time as people were preparing for Christmas and I was preparing to close down for December, and it’s hard to keep track of every little detail unless it’s mentioned on the note with the diapers or on the order/payment forms.

So, that’s where I am right now. Let’s try to figure out what would be a fair reimbursement, and I am more than happy to even do partial trades with my own stash, 2/3rds of which is still NIP.

From me: First of all I want to thank you for your willingness to help replace our diapers. I am sure you are as heartbroken as Heather and I are about this. I just wanted them to show up so we wouldn’t have to deal with this. I spent numerous months saving for and collecting the obvs I loved and wanted embroidered after seeing Heather’s beautiful diapers you did. Without going into details my husband and I are dealing with the housing crisis in Arizona and losing more than 1/2 the value on our home, moving to Alaska on our own dime, and living on one income. Heather’s husband has been deployed in Iraq for 6 months and she’s been taking care of her 5 kids with no help, also living on one income. We are all mom’s and understand how busy life can get with the kiddos. Basically we all have our own issues, kwim? You also mentioned the way we ordered, but as I recall this is how you wanted me to do it when I asked you. Next time I will be more than happy to through Hyena Cart.

As for what we expect….normally businesses say that they aren’t responsible for packages once they leave unless you purchase insurance. I just know that if insurance had been placed on the box that we wouldn’t be in this situation. It would have never been delivered as I would of have to pick them up at the post office. I know Heather wanted insurance because of how many diapers were in there and the value, plus coming to Alaska things tend to get lost sometimes.

I don’t how to value the diapers as most of them you can’t get through GM anymore since their sale and I have had an ISO out for them an no offers except for your Mudpie. Some of the color combos doesn’t matter to me, but I really really loved mudpie, overalls, beetle, drummer, slushie, and giraffe. I was able to snag a pure from her last stocking luckily because that was one of my favorites as well. Heather’s favorite was the orange with pink. Her’s were definently used, but still in vguc condition. Most of mine were NIP or used a couple times. We don’t mind the diapers being replaced with used diapers or diapers from your stash. I also have a few more obvs I wanted to get embroidered. We want to send you the the red obv as well since it was a trade for the emerald that you embroidered for Heather.

What do you think is fair based on the situation?

Thank you again for working with us on this situation.

From the WAHM: Why don’t I replace half the diapers missing. I will let Heather have 3 of these and Dana is welcome to have 7 of them. If they are used, we’ll count two as one. If the diapers you pick are not embroidered, I’d be more than happy to add embroidery for free.

Here’s what I have that I can offer you and Heather:

From me: Thank you for your response. I would be interested in Giraffe from your list. You also mentioned before that you had Mudpie, do you still have that? The rest of the diapers I either have or are too girly for us. I think I would rather have the paypal to try to replace my favorite’s from the missing box. I have already snagged a pure and a licorice. Also, could I send you the remainder of my obvs to have embroidered. I think there maybe be 10 total. I know at one point you said you might sell your London. Would you be interested in doing that now? Also, what would you like us to do with the red obv?

From the WAHM: We have a bit of a problem…

My husband came across the e-mail from Dana today. He gets my mail forwarded to his iPhone and reads it every now and then, which isn’t a big deal. He knew about the diapers getting lost and everything, but he didn’t know that I was going to try to reimburse you half for what was lost. He ended up giving me a long talk about this whole ordeal and how I should be running a business, not a charity. This is not the first time where I’ve tried to go above and beyond to make a customer happy and my husband thinks I’m going overboard this time. I am already running this business at a loss, and at the way I’m going, he’ll probably make me shut down if I continue to do things they way I have been. He told me that due to the fact that the purchase of insurance is available on my HC cart and it wasn’t purchased with the slots, and that most cloth diapering businesses will not tack it on after the fact because it seriously causes a nightmare to try to keep track of everything, as I now realize with this case. My own return policy, which was written back in February and which I never even thought to check until today states, “We are not responsible for items lost or damaged in transit…. Please note, we ship ALL PACKAGES with delivery confirmation or with a tracking number. If the package is scanned as “delivered”, the package is not replaceable. Please be sure to use a delivery address that has a secure location where the carrier can leave your package.” So, now here I am in a very awkward situation with a very stubborn husband and this whole situation on my hands. What it came down to was that my husband thinks that I offered way too much in way of making this up to you, however he said that I am free to do whatever I’d like with my own diapers, but I am not permitted to refund any money. Further, he feels that the total value amount that I should be reimbursing should be equal to the amount that you paid for the embroidery, however since I already promised more I will be sticking with what I originally said. So, there it is. I know this probably makes me wildly unpopular and probably will even make me deserving of some negative feedback somewhere, but I cannot go against my husband. You’re free to take any of the diapers that I offered (and I do have other embroidered diapers on my main website, along with other handmade items, if the diapers that I listed for you are not suitable), but I will not be able to go any further than that. I’m really sorry. I am already going way beyond what my husband thinks I should do and what others would have done in this situation, and I cannot do this for every single customer I have who has a problem. It just won’t work anymore.

The other thing that my husband brought up was what would happen if the diapers do show up eventually? If I’m sending brand new embroidered diapers and you use them, and then the originals show up, I end up being the only loser in the situation because the value of the diapers goes down as soon as they are worn the first time. I would appreciate if we could come up with a way to handle these diapers in case the others do eventually show up (and I’m still holding onto a glimmer of hope that they will…).

I hope this doesn’t come across as being mad or angry… I know it’s hard to judge the tone of an e-mail and we tend to make assumptions. I’m just really disappointed and frustrated, as I’m sure you both are, too. I would like to take care of this as quickly as possible, and before I send any replacements I would also like to have a plan for how we’ll handle these replacement diapers in the event that the original ever show up.

Our response: Wow that was alot to digest. I don’t even really know where to start. I guess, I should preface it by saying that Dana and I also ran a hyena cart account this Christmas, so I do understand the stresses of being a wahm. We did letters from Santa and had people sending us information EVERYWHERE. Before we could complete a letter we had to check info on PP, on HC and in our business email acct to make sure everything was completed correctly. So while I do understand mistakes happen, insurance WAS asked for and YOU said you would bill me for it. I cannot even fathom how you could print a label for that many goodmama’s and not insure it. You could have billed me again saying you forgot it in the original total. I TOTALLY would have paid it. Dana started a thread, a while back not outing you but stating what had happened and EVERY wahm that commented couldn’t believe that another wahm would ship a package with that value without insurance, REGARDLESS of payment or not.


I also once, we realized they were lost asked Dana to hold off on contacting you during the holidays, one to see if after the holiday rush they would show, and 2 to try and not stress you about it. I wanted you to have as good of a holiday as possible without worrying about diapers. I feel that we have been nothing but kind and Dana went above and beyond what ANYONE normally would in looking for this particular package. How many people do you know that would HANG FLYERS at -50 in search of diapers? I can’t even tell you the amount of times she has called, went to, or talked in person to either the mail carrier or someone at the post office. I would venture to guess in dealing with all this she has spent upwards of 20 hours, on hold, on foot, hunting for this box. She also shoveled anywhere this package could possible have ended up, all while dealing with some sort of allergic reaction COVERED IN HIVES, with a husband in Afghanistan. I also can’t tell you the number of times she told me she wished they would just show up. NEITHER of us wanted to have to deal with this amount of lost diapers. I’m sure you didn’t want to either.

You have also stated that it insurance should have been purchased with the HC slot. I’m sorry but that is beyond ridiculous. You told Dana to purchase one slot and then the 2 of you would figure out the details. I don’t think in anyway by purchasing that one slot with insurance would have changed anything. The plain and simple fact of the matter is you forgot to insure it. What your husband thinks is irrelevant. It is your business and your mistake. Running at a loss is neither mine nor Dana’s responsibility.

I also cannot believe that you would even think that is would be a problem if the diapers did indeed eventually show up. I am a very honest person. I would/ will pay you full value of the diapers with embroidery. I’m just that kind of person. I also aim to please people. I to have lost diapers in trasactions, that had PROOF that I indeed mailed them, and did the exact same thing as you(which by the way I believed to be completely fair) replaced half of the $. It wasn’t a small amount but it was the right thing to do. I know you know that in your heart to otherwise you wouldn’t have originally offered what you did. Which was much appreciated. The added drama not so much.

I’m just sick about this whole thing and Dana and I aren’t the type of people to just go and tell it on the Mountain how we feel we got screwed. Up to this point I felt everything was dealt with class, hence me not stepping in. I do not by any means feel that Dana asked for to much by asking for the $ for the diapers you can’t replace.

I just am so disappointed. You were on of my favorite wahms and you really were dealing with the situation with such class. It’s unfortunate that you would let your husband ruin that. You knew the right thing to do. I do understand husbands being husbands and I get that. But I also will stand up to mine if I believe I am right and doing the right thing even if it’s hard. You were doing the right thing. Why you would send such a negative email blows me away. Wouldn’t it have been easier just to say to Dana “No I’m sorry, I cannot offer a cash refund” Instead of making us feel at fault.

I don’t even know what else to say

Last e-mail:

In this issue I have tried to be more than generous with you- I probably came across poorly in my last e-mail, but in my defense I’m dealing with people pulling on my arms from either side and I had a lot of frustrations running through my mind as I wrote that e-mail. After going over the whole situation again with my husband and several very honest friends, I have come to the solid conclusion that I cannot in fact be held at fault for what occurred . In returning to the e-mail correspondence, I found this portion of an e-mail where I gave Heather the total that she owed.

Now, I looked up the price of mailing the diapers back. I use paypal, so I think it gives a slight discount. The rate is $9.30 for the FRB, so your total is $55.85. I hope to begin the diapers early next week )

When I gave her the total, I mentioned specifically that the s/h charges were for a FRB, without mentioning anything else. The original invoice I had sent before specifically mentioned that her charge would be $46.55 before shipping, so that number came from adding the FRB to the original total. If there had been a desire to add insurance, it was not mentioned before the payment was sent, nor was there any attempt to send payment for insurance after the agreement had been made. And, as I have stated before, I have always had a policy that I’m not responsible for packages where insurance has not been paid, and in this case it was not paid.

When I was in college I took two very challenging semesters of business law, and it happened to be one of my absolute favorite classes. One of the semesters we spent just on business contracts. Basically, in a contract you have an offer and an acceptance. After the acceptance of an offer (such as I will embroidery x diapers for you and you will pay x amount and I will ship with carrier X) has been made between two parties, a contract is formed. All new details after an acceptance is made must be agreed upon by both parties, as it forms a new contract. Not once in any of the e-mail correspondence did I agree to add insurance, and I cannot be legally found in breach of a contract for something that I never agreed to do.

The last three e-mails from both of you have been less than courteous. I didn’t respond to the first two right away just in order to let myself cool off before dealing with the situation again. When I was first made aware that the box was missing I felt regret at not adding insurance because I felt bad that your box got lost. I immediately blamed myself, however by detailing all the facts again I cannot consider myself at fault for what occurred. I am more than aware of all the trouble that has gone on in attempts to recover the diapers on your end, however no one forced you do it, and I will not be lead into feeling guilty for what you chose to do in hopes of finding the package. In addition, I do not appreciate being told that I will be doing further embroidery work for free. That’s nothing but extortion. And so I have discussed this problem at length with my husband and I have made up my mind on the issue. I am going to refund both of you the full amount that I charged for my embroidery fees. I will not expect this money to be returned in the case that the diapers show up. Furthermore, I will ask that if you have any future embroidery needs, that you go to Paully at Middle Earth, Nellybeans, or any one of many other WAHM’s that offer custom embroidery jobs. I will be closing down my business on February 10th and using the next 5 months to prepare for the arrival of my 4th child. Any extra embroidery work I take on from now on will be solely at my discretion.

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Diaper related, but not DS related My 19 lost GMs!!

So my friend and I sent off 19 Goodmama diapers to be embroidered back in November. We asked for insurance for the shipment back when we initially were doing the order since this was going to be $800++ in 1 flat rate box. Well the mama sent off the box at the end of November. We still had not recieved it as of last week so I e-mailed her and asked if she had the DC#. The DC# said the box was delivered on December 1st. I then asked for the insurance info. She forgot to insure it….. Now you might be saying that since it says it was delivered the insurance would not do anything for me, but at our PO if something has insurance they hold it at the PO and make you come in and sign for it. I have already contacted my PO and they said they can’t find anything, but will look after the holiday rush. My questions: Has anyone had anything like this with a positive outcome (being found)? Whose fault is it and what should we do???

Thanks mamas!

Dana ~ Proud AirForce wife to the love of my life and Mama to Logan 2 yrs and Ashton 11 months

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Re: Diaper related, but not DS related My 19 lost GMs!!

Still hoping over here, but the wahm isn’t writing us back. I’m thinking it’s not looking good


12-22-2008, 10:08 PM

  1. sassy1 says:

    As sucky as that whole situation has been, that WAHM needs to pony up, period. I’ve thought that from the start, accident or not. Thats a HUGE HUGE mistake or oversight on her part and while it sucks….she without a doubt is 100% responsible for those diapers until they reach the mama who hired her. I’d have double insured that package if it were me LOL, I mean, I mailed $60 worth of yarn to my friend (whom I completely trust) the knitter 2 days ago and I insured it because i know how stupid the PO can be…come on, HTH are you gonna ship almost a grand worth of diapers and NOT insure them.

    Thats either your bad and you have to pay for it…..or its shaddy, period.

  2. not just another mama says:

    First off, who is this WAHM?

    Second off, is this WAHM a complete IDIOT?

  3. DSDM2 says:

    I’m not *sure* who the WAHM is yet. But her name will be ruined over this unless she pony’s up the money or the PO magically finds the package…

    Did anyone find out if the DC zipcode was the OPs?

  4. eeek says:

    Yeah. Horrible lapse in judgment, terrible learning experience for the WAHM but she needs to come up with the cash or a reasonable replacement for 19 embroidered GMs. I wouldn’t send anything through the PO that was worth $800, even insured, sometimes their claims can be hard to get paid.

    She needs to come forward if she can’t pay up. This is big enough that if she is a cool person people will try to help. She can try to negotiate a settlement. She can do something, NOW- but if she doesn’t it’s been 2 months & it’s about time to out her.

  5. spoofer says:

    But what I don’t get, is that even if the WAHM had purchased insurance, the PO is showing it delivered. They wouldn’t even consider any claim, because DC says it reached it’s destination. Even with her PO having their own policy on holding insured packages, if it did go to small claims, nothing will come of it. I don’t think the WAHM is responding to emails anymore because there is NOTHING she can do. As sad and unfortunate this is, I don’t think we should hang the WAHM for the PO’s mistake. The most she can do is refund the money for her services. This is why you just don’t send that much merchandise in the mail all in one go.

  6. AshleyB says:

    #5, but still. If the WAHM had insured, they wouldn’t be in this situation though, would they? Nope. And it’s only an extra few dollars, that the mama requested/paid for. And I absolutely DO think the WAHM’s at least half responsible with no insurance. She at least needs to refund half the value.

  7. DSDM2 says:

    Insurance requires a signature. That isn’t her POs policy, it is standard.

  8. itsraininghere says:

    so, if the wah had posted first, don’t you think the poster would look pretty scammy? i mean, she as proof that itwas delivered. so it could be the other way around. . . the buyer was upset that there was no insurance, so she tells the wahm that she didn’t get the package. her friend might be in on it, or she’s scamming her as well.

    i am not accusing anyone, just presenting the wahm’s perspective. she made a massive mistake, but i don’t blame her if she feels she may be getting scammed.

  9. alison says:

    It’s a wretched situation for sure… I think Spoofer is right though – even with insurance – if it’s shown as delivered… Then the PO won’t pay out. How incredibly sucky.

  10. tongue biter says:

    This is a weird one because either one of them could be scamming. Assuming all parties are being honest than the WAHM is SOL. If the insurance had not been discussed I could see it, but she dropped the ball. Of course if the pkg is showing delivered she isn’t technically obligated to do jack. But if she doesn’t do something her rep will be hurt for sure.

  11. alison says:

    Doh – OK – I see what you’re saying – if it had been insured she would have had to sign for it – so there would have been no chance of it being marked delivered even though it hadn’t been.

    No idea who the WAHM is. No trace in her posts that I can find.

  12. DSDM2 says:

    #11, correct 😉 So $3-6 would have taken all the worry away from this.

    The WAHM can’t prove the items were even in the box, it is he said/she said. She is responsible. The OP ASKED for insurance AND paid for it.

  13. JustPeachy says:

    Way to blame the victim ladies.

  14. noisybean says:

    Am I the only one who thinks its really weird to send out a package worth such a hefty price to a wahm? 19 gms? That’s worth a lot, IMO, to trust to anyone, PO included. And now to have them gone missing? Its just an odd situation all around.

    And I think she’s thinking of certified mail, not insurance that you have to go in and sign for.

    It kind of sounds like everyone is being honest here, and its just the post office to blame, I mean if it shows as being delivered then what difference does it make if it has insurance or not.

  15. rlsadc says:

    i personally think that its the buyers issue at this point…

    the dc shoes delivered. how do we know that the mama didnt get them and now wants some crazy ridiculous refund?

    i have had insured packages arrive, without me signing for them. so i know that it isnt usps policy to hold the package until signed for. that is a separate service all together.

    its an unfortunate loss (if it was a loss at all)…but this is a wahm, not a major retail store. $800 is probably more than her whole company is worth.

  16. not just another mama says:

    So if the buyer pays for insurance & the shipper “forgets” it, and the package is lost, delivered to the wrong spot, damaged, etc, its the buyers fault?

    That makes NO sense to me. None at all.. If she had done everything she was asked/payed to do, there would be no issue. There for the SHIPPERS negligence caused the issue.

  17. j_bean says:

    I think it just a crappy situation all around. I don’t necessarily think anyone is trying to scam anyone, but who knows.

    At my PO you have to sign for insured packages if they cost more than, I think, $150.

  18. Thud says:

    If you remove the insurance from the mix, the buyer would be out of luck. However, since she asked for it and it was not purchased and now is lost with no recourse, the WAHm is on the hook.

  19. JustPeachy says:

    Exactly #16. I know wahms are small time but she should’ve thought of that before she “forgot” to include insurance.

  20. bugabear says:

    If I were the WAHM, I’d have a hard time refunding any amount of money for a package that says delivered, even if I forgot to insure it. Insured mail is not the same as signature confirmation, or certified mail. So even though the OP says her PO does that, it isn’t USPS policy:

    “For an additional fee, insured mail may be combined with Delivery Confirmation or Signature Confirmation. For items insured for more than $200, restricted delivery and return receipt service are also available. The amount of insurance coverage for loss is the actual value, less depreciation. No claim payments are made for sentimental losses or for any expenses incurred as a result of the loss.”

    So, yeah, the WAHM should have insured it, but I don’t think the PO would be paying out on a package that says delivered no matter what the OP says.

  21. j_bean says:

    It is actually policy for USPS to have insured items over 200 dollars signed for. I found this for “accountable mail”.

    The following Accountable Mail requires a signature and/or payment of fees:

    * Insured Mail (over $200)
    # Collect On Delivery (COD)
    # Registered Mail items
    # Postage Due

    Regardless, the WAHM should have sent it with insurance. If I was in the same situation, I would be pissed with the WAHM. I did everything I could, to ensure safe delivery back to me.

  22. NotMeAtAll says:

    You know I insured a pkg yesterday and the max was 500.00

  23. DSDM2 says:

    Not Me, then you mail it in 2 boxes.

  24. NotMeAtAll says:

    Ah I checked further to insure OVER 500 you have to go to the PO not print postage online.

  25. NotMeAtAll says:

    Good Point DSDM. I ALWAYS insure other peoples fluff when I send it back after WAHMing them. It is part of the shipping costs. Never had an 800$ value though!

  26. bugabear says:

    #21 – that’s interesting; they must selectively enforce that. I recently send something insured for about $400 that didn’t require a sig on the receiving end.

    I’m not arguing that the WAHM shouldn’t have insured the stuff. She definitely should have. If I were in her shoes, though, even if I forgot the insurance and the DC said delivered I would feel really leery about giving a refund (even partial).

  27. werd says:

    god, what a mess!

    bottom line, the WAHM should have insured since she was asked to and paid to.

    However, with it being marked as delivered on DC, would insurance even help?

  28. Rika says:

    still no idea who the wahm is?

  29. itsraininghere says:

    i just don’t see how the wahm can give money when the package shows as delivered. i think she is responsible because she didn’t insure it, yes. but where is her proof that it didn’t arrive? i think the wahm needs to offer some kind of compensation, but $900 on someone’s word alone? that’s hard for anyone to swallow.

  30. bugabear says:

    #29 – exactly how I would feel if I were the WAHM

  31. zomgwtfbbqsammich says:

    The WAHM is Sarah’s Baby Boutique

  32. werd says:

    ruh roh!

  33. Stacey says:

    very bad situation all around. The seller needs to refund.

  34. Messy says:

    The seller’s store says she is closing… Wonder if this has anything to do with it (as in her not caring about refunding or doing right by the customer since she did not provide the ins that was asked for)? She is probably safe due to the DC showing delivered and figures since she is closing, she doesn’t care about the bad rep. =( Sooo sad!!! Also, if I were the customer, I would be looking really pissily at those GMs on her web site for sale. For all the customer knows, they are HERS!

  35. Stephanie says:

    Hmm…I think it’s a sucky situation in general. The WAHM should have def. bought the insurance & she owes the buyer the refund for the insurance cost. Since the mama paid for it. I find it hard to believe that the WAHM would send an empty box in the mail…she did send SOMETHING why would we even suspect that it wasn’t the person’s diapers? SO I don’t think the WAHM is scamming the buyer. She screwed up, but I don’t think she stole the diapers. NOW, the buyer, she COULD be scamming…the PO says it was delivered & she has NO way of proving that she never recieved the diapers. This is one of those things where you JUST won’t know…until the diapers materialize on FSOT or Spots! Ha ha! So sorry both mamas have to go through this!

  36. Douchebag Patrol says:

    I want to know how the buyer or the seller managed to fit 19 diapers in a FRB. I can only fit about six medium fitteds in a standard FRB and *maybe* twice that in a large FRB.

  37. monkey says:

    Both sides are certainly in a quandry here… I mean the WAHM definitely should have insured it… but at the same time the PO says it WAS delivered. While I think the WAHM was wrong about the insurance and is at least partly responsible, I think it’s REALLY fishy that the package shows delivered but the mamas are saying they didn’t get it. However, my gut feeling is that if the mamas were scamming they wouldn’t post about it (but hey, scammers can be stupid).

    I also wonder what kind of person would send off ALL $800 worth of their diapers at once. It seems like the mamas and the WAHM would have been smart to split the packages up.

    Also, did the mamas insure the packages initially when they sent them to the WAHM?

  38. Surfin says:

    The web address DSDM2 posted said she is closing everything but custom embroidery. SO wouldn’t she still care about a bad rep?
    Disappearing diapers are very strange. Now if they disappeared and reappeared clean and put away, I would be much more interested

  39. zomgwtfbbqsammich says:

    I think it’s weird that another person in the same town comments that they have lots of problems with getting packages from the PO. I think the PO obviously needs to restructure. I mean, North Pole, Alaska? Population like 100? How do they loose so many packages?

  40. cdmd1023 says:

    This sounds fishy to me. 1-why would you send out all at one time 2-how the heck did they all fit in one box 3-it says delivered. My PO does not have me sign for insured, never have, they leave it at my door step and just give a knock. I would have a really hard time coming up with $900, it would take me months and months.

  41. Surfin says:

    I think the OP said it was just the diaper shells, not the snap in part. So they might fit if you really pack them in?

  42. DSDM2 says:

    You could fit them without the liners in them. It would be tight, but do-able.

    I wouldn’t have split up the box personally. I mean think about it, that is another $15-20 in shipping depending on insurance costs. This for diapers you already paid $30+ each for, and are spending more to embroider… kwim?

    I insure packages over $50 b/c I am not willing to eat that charge. And when I ship to Canada I pay (and split with the buyer) the cost of tracking and insurance there every time.

    I would honestly complain to the PO if you have insured packages that you are not having to sign for or pick up. Technically if it doesn’t fit in you mailbox you are supposed to have to go to the PO to get it (insured or not); if your postal worker is willing to come to your door, that is their choice, but that is not standard of USPS.

    My PO will mark packages delivered the day before I get them. But I do have to sign for packages. Now in my case, I have a box on the side of my house (a big tupperware box) that I have a signed note on allowing the UPS, PO, or FED Ex guys to sign for me and to leave it. But I live in po-dunk.

    I’m siding with the buyer here. She paid for insurance. The WAHM screwed up… I would think she needs to refund the cost of the work she did and $25-$30 a diaper. It would suck as a WAHM, but she didn’t do her job and insure a package. Most times that packages are marked delivered and not received, it is b/c someone delivered it to the wrong house…

  43. Thud says:

    OK, so if say, one had dealt with a customer, also from North Pole AK who was a bit of a grasping type~ asking for discounts repeatedly etc. almost formulaic-like, and the town being so small, would not one also wonder if one of the mamas involved is the same person who seems a little shady? It is not the poster of the thread, but the other mama is an unknown entity. And it makes one go hmmmmm.

  44. cdmd1023 says:

    #44 interesting! whats the population? how many cd users could there be? I live in the Hamptons, big population,and from what I know, im one of the only ones who uses cloth.

    I would hate to think anyone is scamming, that very shitty, I really hope its just a bad mistake. either way, the wahm needs to get in contact.

  45. JustPeachy says:

    Well even if the DC showed delivered they could still file a claim. Then the PO would have to figure out exactly where it got delivered rather then the piss poor excuse they give out that oh it says delivered nothing we can do when its just DC rather then DC and ins.

  46. Rika says:

    #45 I thought the same thing, too. I haven’t gotten the scam vibe from her tho yet.

    “According to 2005 Census Bureau estimates, the population of the city is 1,778,” says wikipedia.

    Here’s her CL posting:

    There’s one other CL ad for CD’s from the North Pole that has a phone number so there’s at least one other person who cd’s there (they’re diff numbers).

  47. Booyah says:

    I feel so bad for this mama. I would literally break down in tears if $800 just vanished into thin air. Of course, I can’t afford to have that many GMs in the first place let alone pay to have them custom embroidered, but that’s not the point. She wanted insurance. The WAHM failed to buy it. The diapers are missing. It’s the WAHM’s fault.

    And yes, ALL insured packages HAVE to be signed for. EVERY time I get an insured package, I get a slip in my mailbox and I have to go down to the PO and sign for it.

    I am still hoping that these diapers will magically reappear sooner or later.

  48. Crazy Mama says:

    I’m in the minority here. I do not feel that the WAHM should be blamed for this. The only thing she should have to refund is the cost of the insurance she failed to purchase. If WAHMs are now responsible for the USPS’s actions, we’re all screwed. And like someone else pointed out, if the WAHM had posted first you’d all be hunting down the customer with your pitchforks screaming “scammer!!” It’s a shame all of those diapers were lost, but sadly the USPS loses a lot of packages each year. I never see any of the other sellers of mis-routed packages being blamed, why this time?

  49. DSDM2 says:

    #49, but they are blamed.

    The seller is responsible to make sure the buyer gets the package.

  50. Crazy Mama says:

    But how? Once it’s in the hands of the USPS what can we do? Should we just start charging for airfare so that we can deliver in person?

  51. DSDM2 says:

    No, you insure it and make sure the person has to sign for it. That way, if it is lost OR mis-delivered, you are reimbursed.

  52. liljoeysmom says:

    It’s crazy how wahms can say “once it leaves my hands I’m not responsible” and still have customers. If I had an order from Walmart.com or oldnavy.com go missing they replace the order. If you are going to run a business do it properly. If the value of the item is too much for you to lose replacing it then insure your packages.

  53. Rika says:

    This may be useful to some mamas in the future:

    I just spoke to my uncle who is a USPS employee (30+ years). He said you have to pay extra for signature confirmation to guarantee ALL insured packages are signed for. Packages insured for $200+ do require a signature, however, that signature is for internal/insurance purposes. That means that if you’re using Paypal and Paypal requires signature confirmation on something, you need to purchase the additional service. Should something happen and the buyer files a claim, you are almost SOL if you’re depending on the signature confirmation provided by insurance alone. The difference is that the one you pay for (and the one Paypal requires) will give you a complete delivery record and a signature image upon request.

    However, should you need to find out who signed for it and you didn’t purchase signature confirmation, he said the postmaster may be able to find tell you who signed for it if you go down to the office with your receipts, but it can be a pita.

    As for post offices who require pick-ups or signatures on all insured packages, he said it depends on the local PO/mail carrier. The rules changed so that packages insured for under $200 can be left in boxes/at doors. If your mail carrier doesn’t want to leave an insured package in your box or at your door, he/she has the option to leave you a slip to have it picked up/signed for. This would be why there are so many diff stories from mamas about signing or not signing for insured packages (I have never signed for any insured package, but I also have a locked mailbox).

  54. iheartruiner says:

    OK, just to put forth what happened to me:

    I sent my own mother a package before christmas. I put insurance on it. It was a smaller flat rate box. It shows as delivered on Dec 31st according to the tracking. She’s never gotten it & the PO says they have no clue where it is. We’re currently waiting to get refunded for my shipping & for my packages worth.

    I haven’t EVER had to sign for insured packages. EVER. I’ve lived in 3 different apartments since I started getting fluffy mail/yarn mail & I almost always insure my own purchases. I have had locked mail boxes & my current box is outside on the front porch.

    IMO, it’s the purchaser’s responsibility to insure their purchase. You wouldn’t expect your car dealership to carry insurance on your car, correct?

  55. jeruco says:

    Funny thing is that insured packages just get “treated” better in general. So, its easy for a few of you to say that all the WAHM owes her is the cost of insurance, but that is totally wrong. If insurance was purchased the odds are that the package would have made it safe and sound. Insured packages just tend to get better treatment in general. The PO cares becauase those are the packages that actually cost them money.
    That is not to say insured packages never get lost, they do. Its just not as often.

    I think a lot of us could help out this mama. We could all send her a diaper that we dont need or use. It might or might not be a goodmama, but it might help. I dont know. Just a thought.

  56. piratebaby says:

    I live in the North Pole area. NP is located between a large Army base and a small Air Force base. I have personally met 6 cd’ers just on the Air Force base (and it is TINY). There have also been frequent cd ads on local for sale boards. I think some ppl might cd because it gets so cold up here, was near -50 for almost 3 wks in Dec/Jan, that it sucks to have to go out for diapers plus take the garbage out that much!

    The post office up here gets pretty slammed in winter because Fairbanks has extremely limited shopping options so most people do their holiday shopping online, plus all the incoming packages from friends/relatives in the lower 48. My MIL sent 3 boxes for our kids at xmas and didn’t insure them or get dc on them. The PO said it would take 6 wks to get them, we got them after 3 wks.

    Not sure what to think about the PO saying it was delivered. We’ve had tracking saying it was delivered on things we’ve bought online and then not have them show up for a day or 2. If the WAHM had insured the package then maybe that would have given the PO another way to track it down? Not sure since I don’t really ship or receive anything…

  57. sassy1 says:

    but what everyone has to remember is that she paid for and asked for insurance….the wahm forgot/neglected to do it,….and as sad and tragic of a mistake as it is, she is responsible for it. Had there BEEN insurance purchased the way it was supposed too, while this would be a huge headache, chances are the mama would get reimbursed….end of story.

    My thinking is, someone stole that package…worst case scenario. Or….the PO still has it burried and it’ll turn up.

  58. .bin. says:

    “IMO, it’s the purchaser’s responsibility to insure their purchase. You wouldn’t expect your car dealership to carry insurance on your car, correct?”

    Well that’s true, but how do you get insurance? You call your insurance company and tell them you want it right? They tell you it’s set up and you pay for it. If they take you money, but don’t sign you up, that is NOT your fault.

    The purchaser in this case DID take responsibility by PURCHASING and paying for insurance.

  59. tongue biter says:

    ITA Sticking with your analogy, the WAHM in this case acted as an agent. She offered to purchase insurance as part of her service. She offered protection from loss for a fee. She offered, now we have a loss, the OP deserves to be protected.

  60. my02cents says:

    Number 50 said: “ITA Sticking with your analogy, the WAHM in this case acted as an agent. She offered to purchase insurance as part of her service. She offered protection from loss for a fee. She offered, now we have a loss, the OP deserves to be protected.”

    Well said!

  61. my02cents says:

    Oops, that should have said #60, not #50.

  62. iheartruiner says:

    I wasn’t disagreeing with the fact that the buyer purchased insurance and the seller neglected to put it on. I totally think that’s crap & the seller should cough up the $$ for the lost package since in this case, the purchaser DID request and pay for ins.

    I think that’s messed up, but in any situation, it’s not the seller’s responsibility to place ins on a package if it’s not requested or paid for.

  63. DSDM2 says:

    #63, PayPal says it is though…

  64. JustPeachy says:

    Its part of paypals seller protection policy. Plus spend 2 bucks to protect yourself from being out 100? Where is the downside?

  65. jale says:

    ya know this same thing happened to me. I purchased a sling from a well known WAHM and a KK bottle and both had DC says they were delivered but yet nothing ever came. I called the PO, filed the reports, etc and nothing. I wish i would of got Insurance. I wont ever ship/buy without it.

  66. .bin. says:

    63: well I do agree with you there. If the purchaser doesn’t want insurance, it isn’t the sellers resp. to pay for it. Personally anything I couldn’t afford to pay out I would ensure though, that is just good business sense.

  67. Booyah says:

    #63, I would still buy insurance even if the buyer didn’t specify it, for something worth that much money. That just seems like common sense to me. I would rather eat $2 without being asked to than potentially have to pay a WHOLE lot more! Anything over $50, I insure!

    And in this case, the buyer DID ask AND pay for it.

  68. Taterbug says:

    #57, Doesn’t the NP PO also receive a buttload of letters to Santa during the holidays? Which would make it all the more possible that the package got lost.

  69. cncn says:

    another alaskan momma here! There are a lot of families who use cloth here, the cost alone for sposies sooo high up here.

    Maybe there is some hope for the package. I just got a package postmarked Nov 14th delivered to me 2 days ago.

  70. haha says:

    I know I sent a FRB of PUL scraps to an Alaskan mama and it took 57 days. And it wasn’t even around Christmas time!

  71. Booyah says:

    The thread has been updated, I copied the OP’s post with all the emails if anyone needs it! Basically the WAHM told her to go fuck herself. I’m just stunned.

  72. Biggirlpanties says:

    what.a.bitch. her “husband” told her what to do? come the fuck on.

  73. eeek says:

    OK, I hate that WAHM, after reading all that. Nasty bitch. Admit it when you messed up & try to fix it, don’t admit it then decide you can’t afford it so you blame the problem on someone else. If she said she’d get insurance & she didn’t, SHE IS AT FAULT. Hope she reads blogs.

  74. Bloo~Skadoo says:

    DC says’s it was delivered how does anyone know they didn’t get the diapers? I don’t think she is a bitch while I do think insurance would of been smart it is obvious the other two women had many chances to mention the insurance and failed to do so as well. Fault lies with both buyers and the seller.

  75. Bloo~Skadoo says:

    ETA: the buyers DID not pay for insurance that is the issue.

  76. DSDM2 says:

    But they DID ask for it and would have paid.

  77. Bloo~Skadoo says:

    I understand that but why did they never bring it back up even when given the total and insurance not being listed as part of the price? I know I would of been annoyingly bringing it up if I was sending out that much money in diaper form. If this happened to me yep I would be pissed at the WAHM but also at myself. The whole thing could of been handled so much easier such as sending out a few at a time to be done so that the rixk was not so great.

    Also seeing as it shows delivered many PO’s will fight to replace the cost of something that says it got there.

  78. Bloo~Skadoo says:

    ETA: risk not rixk

  79. Shhh says:

    Translation: “Oh shit I made a horrible mistake, I’m a shitty WAHM, but I can’t afford to pay for these diapers so I’m gonna blame it on my husband and then make you feel like an ass for even asking me about it.”

  80. nevrwhere says:

    This hole thing stinks. I have been watching it play out since before the DS post on another site. The OP posts here ISO for her lost box while the WAHM posts a list of stuff she has to sell and now ISO’s for her newborn to be.
    I am glad she finally posted this on DS and the resolution looked good until the WAHM about faced when her DH got involved.
    I would be so sick if I had so many of my GM’s lost, scares me to have to send them anywhere and won’t do it especially now even insured.

  81. iloveflatcake says:

    Just got the JAR about Sarah’s Baby Boutique. Juiiicccyyy.

  82. Biggirlpanties says:

    Sarah needs to suck it up and make things right. Pregnant or not she needs to pull her head out of her ass.

  83. Biggirlpanties says:

    She always seemed nice but this is just sketchy.

  84. AshleyB says:

    Blech! That’s terrible! My poor do not b/s/t list has just gotten a new mommy on it: Sarah’s Baby Boutique! I really hope the OP’s diaps show…I do. The whole thing is BS, but Sarah really needs to pony up and do something more than refund $50 worth of embroidery. And, the mama’s thought insurance was in the invoiced price, as there was no breakdown.

  85. Wondering says:

    Does anyone else catch some major gaps in the emails that were sent from the buyer though? I read through that JAR mess twice and it seems like the buyer has omitted emails/sections that would present her in a less then innocent light. The WAHM mentions the buyer wanting embroidery for free but the buyers emails don’t show that. Also, the WAHM mentions several nasty emails that aren’t in the report from the buyer. Maybe it’s just me but this definetly seems more and more like neither parties hands are 100% clean.

  86. me me me(forgot my old name) says:

    Ok, I swore I’d stay out of this and mind my own beeswax. But holey shit. This WAHM is just plain awful.

    1st of all, I am sorry but here is your “dee dee dee: award Sarah.

    What fucktard ships out more than $100, much less $800 worth of products without insurance?? Holey shit woman, who cares if she ASKED for insurance or not, you should have had enough sense to REQUIRE IT. That was just really really Stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid of you to not insure it. Did your eyes not glaze over at the sheer possibility of lose in this instance? Your so self absorbed you never even thought of how awful it would be for the buyer to have this package damaged or MIA? Wow, that rock your living under must be really nice. I mean really, it NEVER crossed your mind to OFFER insurance? REALLY!!!

    2nd, as for your “contract” speech. Well hunny, you entered into a contract when you OFFERED to replace certain diapers , more embroidery etc and the other party excepted by discussing which ones they wanted. So ummmmm man up sweetie. Your contract is calling you out.

    3rd, your DH has no say in any of this. This is your biz and your responsibility. I am sick and tired of woman putting the blame for their shitty business practices on their DH (ie: my retarded DH forgot to add DC#). How would you feel if he was going around work telling everyone he was late for work because you didn’t cook his eggs fast enough. <. Seriously you need to refund this mama 100%. Even if it’s $5 week. Something. There is no shame in having to pay her back slowly. All that matters is you refund her. Karma baby.

    4th, your policies don’t mean anything because the end result is you failed to provide the service paid. Transaction is NOT over until the customer is happy. Period. Having shitty policies does not save you from anything. You say your closing, except a custom here or there. Hunny, just sell your machine now, no one will want to work with you. Not unless you reevaluate your business practices, eat a slice of humble pie, fix your mistakes and be sure to learn from them and do better. Have you no conscious, are you sleeping at night??? Geeesh……

    5th, I hope that Dana and Heather sue you. If for no other reason than to help you understand that you just can’t behave like this and be so careless.

    Ugh. this whole issue has rubbed me wrong from the get go. I’ve been following along waiting for the WAHM to state her side. Now that I’ve read it on the JA report, I just can’t help but comment.

    Sarah, grow up.

  87. Shhh says:

    #87, I hope they sue too. They could recoup at least some of the $800 they lost, and that’s better than nothing!

  88. Booyah says:

    I feel sorry for whatever poor suckers she’s going to dupe into getting embroidery from her in the future. I’ve got a better idea – take your diapers, throw them in the trash, tie it up, and put it out on the curb. You’ll get the same results and not have to spend your money!

  89. sillyputty says:

    #86 – I noticed that as well! Something is missing somewhere…

  90. downy20 says:

    The JAR is only one side of the story. So, I will take it for what it is worth (not much). I have no way of knowing what the buyers may have edited out to make themselves look better. If the buyers wanted insurance so bad, I can’t believe they didn’t notice that they never paid for it. I personally would like to see a letter from the postmaster in North Pole stating with an absolute certainty that if the package was insured it would be safely sitting there waiting. I find it hard to believe that every single insured package is held and that not one has ever left the building without being picked up by the owner. Maybe they keep most insured packages for the owner to pick up but every single one. Hmm…

    My first thought when I read about this was it sounds like they are trying to take advantage of the fact that the WAHM didn’t get insurance. Just like people that open PP disputes simply because the item arrived without DC and they know PP will side with them. I believe the post was made on DS so that the buyers could gain leverage against the WAHM. It is funny that they included it right in the email as if to say “everyone thinks you are wrong so replace our diapers or else”.

    Or maybe the package really is lost…

  91. Booyah says:

    At this point I don’t care who said what. The point is that this WAHM must have a serious screw loose to send out an $800 package with NO INSURANCE. I don’t care if they didn’t specifically ask for it, or get charged for it, or pay for it. The WAHM should have known better and taken it upon herself to pay for it. She didn’t, and now look where we are. That little foresight could haev saved an awful lot of headache.

  92. Biggirlpanties says:

    #92. I agree… I would cover my ass when dealing with that amount of merchandise.. regardless. I’d eat the $9 or whatever it was. She dropped the ball huge.

  93. spoofer says:

    I’m sorry, as a business owner for 5+ years, I have to agree with the wahm.

  94. itsraininghere says:

    i didn’t think there was anything missing, one e-mail asked specifically for mudpie and about having 10 diapers embroidered.

    i am in shock over sarah though. she didn’t even remember her own policies? said she would replace half the diapers then refused? ridiculous.

    i’m still of the opinion that she should have proof that the package is missing to pay out, but she certainly didn’t pay attention in any other business classes if she thinks that is the way to run a business.

    oh, and i’m not at all surprised she is losing money, she has no business sense!

    and sarah was the one to bring other wahms into it, before dana and heather sent the ds link. i don’t blame them for wanting to rub her face in it at least a little.

  95. noisybean says:

    Since when is 20 (note, its 20 now, not 19) used diapers worth $800? She wasn’t sending $800 in cash back to the Mom, she was mailing back only the diaper outters. I’m sorry but I don’t think Sarah owes them anything other than what they paid in embroidery. I still think that OP has to take the matter up with her PO.

  96. Rika says:

    There’s gotta be missing emails. The WAHM refers to 3 responses and we only see 1 – we may be missing at least two unless the final “our response” is all 3 mixed together.

    This entire time, I’ve been under the assumption that they PAID for insurance, when in fact, they just asked for it in an email. It also seems like the sisters assumed they’d paid for it w/ the final bill, even though they knew what the quoted cost would be and the WAHM just tacked on the FRB cost. Had the sisters taken a moment and thought about their final invoice (hell, just look at it prior to paying), it’s very obvious insurance is missing. $800+ in insurance costs $10 and change, so their final bill would have had $20 (FRB + Insurance) added to the price original invoice and that’s easy to spot.

    While the entire situation sucks and I’d hate to be in either position, the bottom line is that the WAHM performed the services the sisters paid for. It’s unfortunate the WAHM didn’t send a proper invoice that broke down the final price. It sucks that the sisters assumed she would bill them for insurance that they asked for over 2 weeks prior, and depended on her memory to do so. It sucks that the WAHM forgot (I don’t know how anyone sends 19 GMs without even thinking about insurance, either).

    From what I understand about small claim’s court, the sisters would have to file down in Washington (where the defendant lives), so they’d have to have some sort of representative in the area show up or fly down there, yea? Not sure if it’s worth if I understand what’s going on.

    Please correct me if I am missing something:
    -They placed an order where they did not ask or pay for insurance.
    -After the order is sent, they send another email asking for insurance.
    -Over two weeks later, they are sent a final bill: the amount from the original invoice + shipping. Insurance is not incluced.
    -They pay their final bill without question (it seems).
    -Item ships without insurance, but with DC.
    -USPS delivery confirmation shows delivered, but the sisters claim to not have received the package.
    -Sisters wait patiently til after the holidays to see if the package arrives.
    -No package arrives, they contact the WAHM. They wait some more and exchange more emails.
    -WAHM offers to remedy the issue with replacement diapers of her own/from her store.
    -They begin the replacement process by discussing what’s missing, what is available, etc.
    -WAHM claims husband has stepped in and says no to the replacement process, but WAHM will back what she offered and will replace the diapers once they’ve come to a solution on what to do if the original box ever shows up.
    -Buyers are upset and send at least 3 emails that the WAHM acknowledges as “less than courteous.”
    -WAHM says she never agreed to adding insurance in any email exchange (the sisters are claiming she said she’d add it). WAHM refunds embroidery costs and tells the sisters to seek out other businesses for their embroidering needs.

    So what’s their case? Regardless if there IS an email where the WAHM said she’d add it, no one actually paid for insurance or brought it up when it came time to finalize everything. DC has marked the package as delivered. WAHM provided the services that she was paid for.

    Also, I’m confused as to what happened to the whole replacement process. Like it seemed to be going ok, dh steps in but she’s still willing to replace them as long as they come up with a solution as to how things will be done if the box shows up. Then it’s not addressed again and she just refunds them the embroidery costs (which I think is the correct action for her to take).

  97. Hawk says:

    Come on now. I like Sarah. But she is at fault. Further, if she told them something that she would do for them, she should stick to her word. Something of this magnitude, should have been slept on. Not.. ‘oh my husband said no’. If he is that much apart of her business, she should have discussed it with him first. If it is her business only, then she should tell him to suck a big toe. Not his mistake, not his decision.

    Time to own up to it.

    I learned my own costly mistake at christmas. A package from a really awesome wahm went missing (it was about 100 bucks). It was a custom order, so I didn’t think to purchase insurance at the time. Sure enough, come christmas, it says it was delivered, and it wasn’t.

    I spent days calling the PO, talking to everyone who touched my mail, supervisors. No one knew a thing. Then days and days later my mailman showed up with my wet package, no explanation. Insurance would not have saved me, but Signature confirmation would have. Sometimes PO’s pre-scan packages, then forget or whatever. SC makes them have to ring your bell and deal with you.

  98. me me me(forgot my old name) says:

    $35 X 20 is $700 plus embroidery cost. What are those used snap in soakers worth without the shells? Even if you half that due to some being used (sounds like many where NIP) that’s still $350 just in diapers and $100 for embroidery. That’s a lot of money to just be SOL on.

    Been a WAHM for 6 years. After smacking myself for being a dumb ass and not insuring, I’d find a way to replace the lost diapers. If I couldn’t, I’d work out a way to make the customer at least somewhat happy. I mean, at least try. Integrity, that’s what this comes down too.

  99. Bloo~Skadoo says:

    #97 I agree

    #99 how other then the Sisters word does she know they DIDN’T get the package?

  100. noisybean says:

    “A lot of the diapers, as I recalled were fairly well used and loved and were no longer silky, but I know that at least 4 of yours were NIP…”

    So $140 worth of NIP diapers, then the rest used. What’s a used gm going for these days? I mean honestly, do you all just think that Sarah should fork over a check to her for $800?

  101. Booyah says:

    #101 maybe not, but she should still do a little more than say, “whoops, too bad so sad, here’s your embroidery payment but as for the dipes you’re S.O.L!”

  102. noisybean says:

    But what is she supposed to do? DC shows delivered. She already offered diapers out of her personal stash, etc. I guess she should just trek up to Alaska and help her root around in the snow for the package.

  103. Biggirlpanties says:

    my real problem is that she DID offer to replace said diapers, then cowers behind the “my DH said I can’t” bullshit.

  104. Booyah says:

    Yes, she did offer to replace them. THen she turned around and said, “Wait nevermind, my DH said no.” Fuck that. Is HE gonna replace the dipes? No? Then he has no say in this. ANd I doubt he really does to begin with!

  105. me me me(forgot my old name) says:

    Agreed #104. She admitted fault, offered replacements, then back tracked. Period.

  106. Booyah says:

    Did the thread get deleted?

  107. me me me(forgot my old name) says:

    #103. She should take responsibility for her Dee Dee Dee moment and stick to the offer she made (that the OP agreed too) and give the partial replacement from her stash. Just sending the package is not enough, it needs to GET there. The DC being scanned is moot, we all know that doesn’t actually prove delivery. Insurance would have saved all this, if insured for that high dollar amount, it would have required signature.

  108. me me me(forgot my old name) says:

    Looks deleted to me. she posted the same post on JAR as on DS so we all know for sure who the WAHM is. lol

  109. Hawk says:

    On the cost of diapers. Some of those were switched NIP that are not possible to score off the website anymore. This isn’t counting if these mamas bought these in the days above retail (they were being held onto for awhile from what I understand).

    Do I think that Sarah should fork over 800? Of course not. But she should do something besides trying to blame the mama’s. She made a plan, told them the plan. She should stick with it, plan and simple.

  110. Thud says:

    I don’t know what to say.
    But the stories of hardship were getting funnier each post.
    I’m a mom.
    We’re two moms.
    I was busy.
    We had a business too.
    My husband is mean.
    My sister’s husband is deployed.
    AND she shovelled snow.
    AND had hives.
    So there.

  111. sara says:

    Sadly the whole thing is a sticky mess. I think both parties are a little to blame.

  112. bookworm says:

    I think this whole mess is insane. I am new to the whole rules & guidelines of shipping with paypal but what exactly does the DC actually prove? I had 3 packages scanned to show delivered & they were still with the mail carrier. I got them the next day. It got too dark so we couldn’t finish the route & the weather was bad was what I was told. OK then, don’t scan it delivered. .

  113. Funneh says:

    Yeah… she pretty much fucked herself when she sent that first email promising reimbursement. It’s shady to go back on your word once you’ve given it regardless of whether that much was really owed or not.

  114. not just another mama says:

    I don’t care if these ladies called this mama every name in the book… They were far more understanding and nice then I ever would have been. Even 100 bucks worth of diapers would really effect me.. But say a used GM is worth about 25 bucks.. that is 16*25 = 400 bucks! Who knows what kind they are, like another posted said.. some of these might never be available again.

    If I’m a business woman, I would stick to my word, and I wouldn’t let my husband push me around. Since when do guys care about cloth diapers? I bet 10 bucks this guy is just pissed off because she would be out 400-500 bucks & they have a new baby on the way, & her business is shutting down.. This guy doesn’t care that she shipped off hundreds of dollars of diapers without insurance.

    Whatever, this WAHM seems like she really doesn’t care & has nothing to lose. What judge is really doing to care about poop catchers? Or understand their value?

  115. monkey says:

    I’m confused by some things I read in the JAR.

    Was insurance paid for or not?

    Also, does it sound like the WAHM has a REALLY unhealthy marriage? I mean, her husband has her email forwarded to his phone and reads it?

  116. sara says:

    *116 no insurance was never paid for. The buyer never double checked to make sure it got put on the bill.

  117. not just another mama says:

    This WAHM should have paid for it herself, IMO. Even though it was asked for..

    I mean,, it covers her ass more then anything.

  118. Hawk says:

    They told her they wanted insurance. Because it was to seperate orders from my understanding, the lump sum was given. They paid that lump sum, thinking that she did add the insurance in.

    If I tell a wahm that I want insurance several times and I’ve got a custom order, I expect her to invoice me for those costs.
    Not to go back and over look to make sure she charged me those two dollars.

  119. downy20 says:

    119, my understanding is that insurance would have cost more than 2 dollars and closer to 8 or 10. I would have noticed if that were missing.

  120. JustPeachy says:

    19 gms x current value 20=380 divide that in half since she sent half the diapers and we get 190. Given that a few were NIP Id say the value was about 250 for the package.
    And some of you are not getting it. DC doesnt always mean it shows up where its supposed to be. So if insurance had been placed on the package like it was supposed to be the PO would have to get off its ass and actually figure out what happened to the package rather then telling the customer “well it says it got there” and leaving it at that.

  121. raven says:

    Not that my opinion is worth anything, but we’re all posting our opinions on it right…?

    If the DC did not show delivered and the package was “lost” – the WAHM would be responsible since she didn’t buy the insurance. “Oops, I forgot to put it on” wouldn’t fly at all.

    The DC *does* show delivered. Even if the WAHM in question had purchased the insurance, the PO wouldn’t pay it out. It’s beside the point now all because of that stupid DC saying delivered.

    But, I do believe the WAHM offered to replace them, and since she made the offer she should be sticking by it. None of this blame it on the DH bs. If she has refunded the cost of the embroidery, she does not owe the buyer embroidered GM’s though, merely the gm’s themselves.

    It is a large amount for her to swallow, but that’s why it’s called the “Stupid tax”. You do not, as a business owner, send a package worth $800 without insurance. EVER. And frankly, you don’t send a package worth $800 without signature confirmation and anything else you can stick on there to cover your ass, or another carrier entirely such as FedEx with their services.

  122. itsraininghere says:

    peach, yes, you are right. dc does not mean that the package got there. i “get” it. BUT, tell paypal, tell a court, hellm tell ths post office.

    just because someone tells me a package arrived or didn’t, doesn’t mean i should just take their word for it.

    this is exactly why her policy is that if dc says delivered, they get no refund. too bad for sarah that she’s an idiot and offered to reimburse them bfore her hubby stepped in!

  123. Booyah says:

    Exactly #122. I would be getting whatever possible protection I could get short of hand-delivering it myself! That’s a month-and-a-half of rent for me, no way I would be so careless with it!

  124. The Original Ashley says:

    Wow, too long, didn’t read. I’ve no idea who should be held responsible. I have no idea what I’d do in that situation on either side.

  125. Dana says:

    Hi everyone, I’m one of the buyer’s…the one that posted the thread. Yes it got deleted from DS. They said I outed Sarah by posting the JAR. There is nothing missing from the post except the e-mails after I posted. Sarah’s dh is horrible. He told us we were “milking” the situation. Never even commenting on Sarah admitting she was at fault. We are done communicating. Heather and I are SOL.

    I am beyond pissed! I’m pissed we had to deal with her husband, that they accused me of extortion, that we were “milking” the situation, and that we are out of luck with our diapers.

    I was also included on Sarah’s SYOF with Goodmama (Rainbow Shine) She has since sent me a refund saying that she can’t complete this transaction in “good faith.” I am in tears over this. I was going to surprise Heather (not my sister, but a very good friend) with Rainbow Shine for her dd. Not anymore.

    Also to the pp who said the excuses kept getting better….it’s true heather’s dh was deployed in Iraq for 6 months. My dh was in Afghanistan. I have been battling a HORRIBLE case of hives for the last 2 1/2 months that Drs can’t find a remedy or a cause for. I did post flyers around my neighborhood and -50. I did dig all around my mailbox to see if somehow the box was there even though my mail carrier always rings the doorbell when there is a package involved. I have been to the PO many times. I have called many times. I have filed a missing mail/parcel report. I had nothing else delivered the same day with DC to show that I “really” didn’t receive the package. I still hope for the package to show up, but I really have my doubts since it’s been over 2 months since it was “delivered.”

    To the comment about how the counts went from 19 to 20. I forgot I threw in an extra Biker that came in the mail right before I sent out the box. Sarah actually reminded me about that. All of my GMs (14 of the) were either NIP or worn a couple times. I had been saving up to get these embroidered all at the same time. I was using mostly prints because I wanted my embroideries to be on newish diapers (weird I know.) Alot you can’t even buy anymore. I have been lucky enough to get my favorite Beetle on Spots and a Pure from the store. I still would like to have my mudpie and overalls though. Heather’s fav was the orange and pink with Diva on the bum. We have since had a nice WAHM offer to embroider 2 for each of us at no cost, but shipping.

    FWIW, this week I received part of my tote from Sustainable Babyish. It was free shipping and I was VERY impressed to see she insures all her packages even when not asked. So in the PO I went to sign for the package. Never again will I complain about dragging the kiddos in for that. Hats off to Erin.

    We didn’t pay for insurance, but we did ask for it in e-mail. Sarah did read it because she responded specifically to it. I will post those e-mails if you would like. Sarah’s husband Andrew said she never “agreed” to insure the package. That puzzles me because if someone asks me to insure a FSOT purchase I don’t type “I agree to insure your package.” I think that is the only way he would agree to reimburse us for what we deserve. She should have gone through all her correspondence with us before shipping. When Heather and I ran North Pole Express this Christmas we had to check our e-mail, hyena cart, and paypal before sending out a letter from Santa. Albeit a much smaller scale, but I am just showing how we had to check a bunch of different places before actually sending something.

    If you have any questions about this I am more than happy to answer your questions.

  126. Ephah says:

    As the owner of Sarah’s Baby Boutique, I am very sorry that the post office lost Heather and Dana’s package, as this has been a very sticky situation to deal with. The buyers have claimed that I am entirely at fault for not placing insurance on the box, however the situation behind it is not so black and white in their favor, as they suggest. When I gave them their final invoice I had mentioned very specifically that it was just for a flat rate box with no mention of insurance, and they paid it without asking for insurance. Insurance had been mentioned very briefly in one e-mail that was full of other random details that I received a week before I sent out my invoice, and was never mentioned further beyond that e-mail, despite the fact that there was a lot of e-mail correspondence between them and I that took place over the course of an entire month. As it is, the buyer didn’t even specify an amount that they wanted the package to be insured and I am also fairly certain that they never insured their original box when they sent the diapers to me. If they had insured their original package they would have realized that the cost of insurance for a box with the value they were stating would have doubled the amount that I charged them to ship their box- so instead of paying $9.30 for just a FRB, they would have had to pay over $18 to ship the box back to themselves. It has always been my policy, and the policy of many other businesses, that it is the responsibility of each buyer to make sure that insurance is purchased, and I, along with most companies I know, do not add insurance when it has not been paid for. These customers simply assumed that insurance had been added, despite the fact that they never paid for it and I never agreed or confirmed with them that the package was to be insured. As it turns out, the package did have delivery confirmation on it, and was marked as delivered. My business, along with most businesses I know, would use that as an indication of whether or not the package was received, and will not replace packages that are scanned as delivered. I tried to work with these customers in a calm and civilized fashion, however they were unwilling to accept any sort of suggestion that they might have been even remotely at fault in the matter and the situation turned ugly very quickly. With all the stress effecting my health and my pregnancy, I turned the dealings over to my husband, who is very levelheaded and does not anger easily. As the financial head of this household and my business, I felt like my husband had every right to step in. I guess you could consider him like a CFO. I am sorry that Heather and Dana disliked working with Andrew, however it was in the best interest of my sanity and pregnancy that he take over for me.

    Another crucial thing to mention in this situation is that the buyers seemed to have overestimated the value of the box. Most of the diapers were well used, and one of the 20 diapers belonged to me as it was suppose to be part of a trade that they never completed. By checking GM listings on spots, diaper swappers and talking to many GM users, I was able to value their diaper shells (as they still have the inserts) at only a half of what they are claiming the box was worth. The buyers originally requested that I reimburse them half the value of their diapers and if I had reimbursed them with 10 brand new diapers and free embroidery on a further order, as they were demanding, the value of the reimbursed items and services would have been worth as much, if not more, than the diapers that had been lost from a fair market value. As it is, we 100% refunded the cost of their embroidery plus the s/h charges, which added up to about $200 worth of refunds on a box that was valued at between $400-500 from a very generous fair market value, as some estimates I received were much less. Further, we informed them that in the event that the box was to appear, that they were to keep the money we had refunded them.

    Again, I am very sorry that this transaction had to end in this way, however short of paying these customers over $800 for the alleged value of their diapers, there was no suitable arrangement that we could agree on that would have settled the matter peacefully.

  127. Dana says:

    We never asked for a full $800….the e-mails show proof. You OFFERED to replace 1/2 our diapers because YOU felt responsible. Then your husband had to read your e-mail (who does that) and get involved. Also you know darn well our box was worth well over $400. You can’t even get those same diapers anymore without paying an arm and a leg. Also what good our the inserts without the shells? What comes around goes around. You sure are a poor example of a Christian. BTW, I don’t think you learned much in your business courses because you didn’t refund us $200…more like $160….learn how to add.

  128. Ephah says:

    Dana, the exact total of reimbursements was $189.95- which is, yes, nearly $200. Please get it right. I’m tired of you making false accusations against me and my husband.

  129. Dana says:

    Nice how you avoided everything else I said with your “false accusations” toward Heather and I. Lying to make yourself look better won’t work in the long run.

  130. ZOMGWTFBBQ? says:

    WTF does religion have to do with this?

  131. bugabear says:

    I don’t know any goodmamas, aside from rare, rare prints (maybe animal crackers or lime rickey?) that are going for over about $25 ppd these days. It was even less than that when the sale was on. Just because you can’t get them on the site anymore doesn’t mean that the FSOT market isn’t flooded with them. People are having trouble unload their NIPs for retail.

    And, if my business that I ran from my home was involved in a dispute of this nature, you’re darn right my husband would be reading all the emails and offering his input. The amount of money you’re talking about would have to come out of the household budget and since he earns that money he definitely has a say in how the transaction goes down. I might even *gasp* defer to his judgment if I was emotional and stressed and in early pregnancy when all this was going on. I better go take my shoes off and get back in the kitchen before he finds me out here learnin’ things on the interwebs!!

  132. skittles says:

    yes, I dont think goodmamas are going for an “arm and a leg” anymore unless you have london, rs, heather rainbow, lime rickey, etc. etc. etc. definitely NOT any switched diapers! or obv’s. I recently sold some GMs that were damn near NIP (still silky)- obvs- and they wouldnt MOVE at $30ppd (and yes that included beetle, drummer, etc.) and so I sold them for $22 each. GMs arent going for what they used to go for.

    And to bring her being a “christian” into this…puh-lease.

  133. ummm yea says:

    I still say that anyone that ships a package worth more than $50 without ins is a fool. Cover your own ass at the very least.

    On a side note, a very close friends sent me two packages last week. One is completly MIA as her Dh lost the DC number and the other was marked delivered yesterday. Even though I was here when mail man came and he told me I have no packages. Today he told me the same. So now I have to go to the po tomorrow and make them search for BOTH boxes.

    So DC is worthless people, it does not mean package is delivered. I’m going to put signature confirm AND ins on all packages I send from now on. The USPS is just not reliable, and as the seller it is my responsibility to ship via a responsible carrier AND insure that the product arrives to the person I am sending it too. Period.

  134. Heather says:

    Hi I’m Heather, the other mama. You know what bothers me more than anything in the whole situation is that the whole time I have been able to own up that I missed that she didn’t insure the box. I didn’t know what a flat rate box cost or what insurance would have been. So I was willing to own up to half the fault. We never once asked for more than half of our diapers back. Not once, and truly what hurts my feelings more than even the loss of the diapers is her saying we wouldn’t have been happy with anything less than $800, that is untrue. We didn’t ask for anything(we were also trying to figure out what was fair), she provided the original solution, I thought it was fair and continued to think it was fair. Sarah is correct one diaper was hers in a trade that was not completed because she told us not to complete it, it was going to be sent with Dana’s other diapers she was having embroidered. If she wants the red serged NIP gm. I will send it. I didn’t complete that transaction because I was asked not too. This whole situation is just sad all around and I hope that if nothing else everyone learns from the mistakes made on both sides. There are so many wonderful WAHM’s and I’ve had the pleasure of working with lots of them and there are so many nice mommy’s who want your cool stuff. So I guess I learned my lesson the hard way so many of you won’t have to.

    I know you don’t know me, so I can see how the delivered thing would look fishy, but I am a nice, honest and decent person and it really hurts to be painted in such a negative light. For those of you on here, who were looking at the situation from your perspective I completely understand how you would make those assumptions. I mean that darn box shows up as delivered. But no amount of money is worth the slander I have recieved from Sarah, when we were just trying to honestly let people know what happened to us. It’s untrue to say we would have been happy with nothing short of $800 and it breaks my heart that it has come to what it had. I had done business with Sarah before and have the beautiful GM’s to prove it(although it’s aweful hard to use those diaps now, lol). I think it would look so much better for her as a business person to admit her mistake in this whole fiasco by saying you know they are right they never did ask for more than half. But unfortunately I don’t think that will happen.

    On the whole Andrew thing. Level headed would not be what I would call him, but that’s a whole other story:) I could post all the correspondance there, but really it isn’t worth it. He wasn’t kind to us and we weren’t kind to him. But even in those correspondances we once again never asked for more than half.

    I know it’s not completely my fault, I did ask for insurance and didn’t recieve it. I believed it was insured. Like so many have you have stated who ships a package of that value with out it? I know the value is up in the air, but I was never asking for cash back I was just accepting Sarah’s offer to replace half of the diapers from her stash. I was getting back 2 embroidered diapers of the 5 I sent. All diapers off a list of what Sarah had to offer that she wouldn’t have to purchase.

    I don’t really know what else to say. It stings a little and I guess I learned a lesson.


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