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you gotta be kidding me

USPS rant follows. I preprinted a bunch of packages to mail today. My scale just isn’t as accurate as it used to be (hmmm… could it be that it measures everything the kids can think of?) so even though I over estimated one package, I went to the counter to check the weight.

I’ve had packages returned to my box because of weight before (SMALL amounts) and I didn’t want this one to be delayed. So while I ran to the truck to grab .17 for the 1/2 ounce it was still over, she kindly weighed the other two (even though she knew I had no questions about those and they were paid).

I came back and she informed me that one was 0.1 oz over. Yes, that 1/10 of an ounce and the other was 2/10 of an ounce, and I would owe an extra .34

Have you got to be kidding? 1/10 of an ounce???

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Re: you gotta be kidding me

Originally Posted by siriusmama View Post
She was just doing her job which includes accurately weighing packages
I didn’t ask her to weigh the packages. If I had put them in the out of town box they wouldn’t have felt the need to “double check” the weight.

Shanna,  wife to Jason, Mommy to Tanner 7-03, Jenna 4-05, our Sweetheart in heaven 9-07, and big baby Nathan 1-08“Poo Pails” (giant hanging wetbags) instock now!


WTH. If your scale is off fix it. Don’t blame the PO, over is over. What is up with the sense of entitlement? You’re mad b/c you got caught.

  1. Madre says:

    “OMGz like the post lady totally ripped me off!”
    Shove it.

  2. DSDM2 says:

    Yeah, more like she was trying to rip off the PO.


    What a meanie, making sure the PO didn’t make less than they should have. Damn PO worker.

  3. OhReally says:

    She’s a wahm, right? This is not rocket science. My scale weighs in tenth ounces (as should hers! If not, and if she’s using First Class, it’s not accurate enough for her business needs).

    If you weigh a package at 2.8 ounces, you pay for 3 ounces. If your scale is a teensy bit off, then it doesn’t matter if it actually weighs anywhere from 2.9 to 3.4 ounces.. same price. But if your item actually weighs 3.5 ounces then YES, you need to pay the 4 ounce rate and you need a more accurate or recalibrated scale. DUH!

  4. Sarah says:

    I’m so sick of people who think the rules don’t/shouldn’t apply to them!!!

  5. tweedledee*dee says:

    Now as I understand it, and this could be the reason for her frustration, is that 3.1 oz = 4 oz to the PO. There is no 3.4 = 3.

    I was told that ANY amount over rounds up to the next oz, even 1/10th over. I didn’t see the thread, but maybe that is what she meant.

  6. DSDM2 says:

    Yes, as I understand it, you round up. 3.1 oz is NOT the same as 3. It is more. The package uses more natural resources to get to it’s location. It costs more to mail.

    There is nothing frustrating about that to me. The fees are not hidden. She is mad because SHE weighed them wrong.

  7. bored says:

    yup, you always round up now matter how much its over. As if .34 cents is going to break her bank or something. gimme a break!

  8. iheartruiner says:

    wow. I can’t believe she’s pissed about paying to ship items. get a new scale. that’s $35 could save you a fortune in frustration.

  9. Stacey says:

    I guess I don’t see that post as being angry, just frustrated. I understand being frustrated or maybe surprised by the fact that they would get the weight to a tenth of an ounce. When printing shipping labels online they use a weight range. She should have just rounded up since the label itself (which isn’t on the package when you weigh it at home) is probably what put her over the few tenths of an ounce. She obviously wasn’t trying to get away with anything, she did take them in to the PO after all.

  10. DSDM2 says:

    The label should be estimated into the weight of the package. She is a WAHM. She should know better. If she was THAT close to the next pay before affixing a label, she should have rounded up, any reputable wahm knows that. She was trying to save $.34

  11. j_bean says:

    #9 she said the PO clerk weighed packages that she had already paid and printed labels for, so it didn’t sound like to me that she was confirming the weight from her scale.

    Did she thinkthe PO clerk was going to say “oh you are right it is *just* 1/10 of an ounce, I’ll let it go” Definite entitlement. Just over estimate damn it. I am so sick of having postage due on packages that I already paid shipping for.

  12. DSDM2 says:

    I just don’t get it, my PO weighs packages EVERY TIME. It doesn’t matter whether I give them to my PO worker or the actual office.

    She seems to be offended that the PO lady actually “questioned” her by weighing her pre-paid packages. If you were off on one, don’t you think that you are probably off on all 3? And don’t you think that the PO lady realizes that too?

  13. Mama Geek says:

    I don’t think she was trying to scam the PO…just seemed clueless and wanted to rant. I can’t blame her for being frustrated.

  14. Stacey says:

    dsdm2- Ya, she should know better about the label, but maybe she doesn’t realize. I think she did intend to verify the weight with the clerk because she said that she’d had packages returned in the past and “went to the counter to check the weight”. I guess I just don’t get the same “entitlement” vibe from the OP.

  15. dixieleigh070 says:

    omg .34??? i have more than that on the floor of my car.

  16. DSDM2 says:

    why complain if you have a history of returned packages? I don’t get the need to complain about it. I mean, she miscalculated, not them.

  17. trollin4friends says:

    /agree 15 — seriously, if you have to have a fit over 35 cents, you have bigger issues than the post office.

    oh noz, they weighed my package and i have to pay 35 cents more, i am so oppressed!

  18. DSDM2 says:

    Updated with new response from OP.

    Apparently it is ok to under weigh as long as you don’t get “double checked”. Never mind it is the equivalent of theft and lying if you don’t pay the difference.

  19. DSDM2 says:

    I think the “entitlement” is showing now, lol. 😉

  20. Stacey says:

    okay, I’m seeing the update and I change my mind. This person has issues. I love the implied “No she wasn’t just doing her job, she was picking on me” tone of her reply.

  21. JustPeachy says:

    I have to admit I get a bit irate over having to round up to the next ounce. And lately the PO has been nickeling and diming everyone to death while the service gets crappier and crappier. Hell I think they even cut my mail service down to 3 days a week!

  22. tweedledee*dee says:

    Speaking just for myself and my own PO, I would be aggravated cause there is a mail-Nazi at ours that wants to double check things at random. I overestimate/ overweigh 99% of my packages and pay extra on them all the time just to make sure it is covered. They don’t ever give me my money back when it is over, but be very sure they want more on the rare occasion it is under.

    FTR, our packages are rarely ever weighed here, are never scanned in and usually go straight into the box to ship. It is just that one lady who gets a wild hair at times just trying to catch something for S&G.

  23. werd says:

    wow, my ladies never check anything. They just toss it right in… must be because they have a crush on my hot hubby LOL! They’ve actully mentioned him when I was alone, haha!!

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