Come on my lovely little detectives, figure out this riddle:

Posted by azkittykat
Would you do something?

I paid for a diaper in November and never received it. I filed a claim with paypal and they found in my favor, but they were unable to recover the funds for me. The user had stopped using her DS account, but now I have noticed a new user on here who seems awfully familiar(same location, very similar baby photo, married to someone in the same profession and trying to trade the very diaper I paid for and never got). I’m extremely concerned that this is the same person who scammed me as well as at least 2 others. I don’t want anyone else to get scammed, but at the slim chance it’s not the person I don’t want to falsely accuse someone either. Is there anything I can do or should I just leave it alone?

Thanks for any input!

  1. AshleyB says:

    No clue who the scammer is, but hopefully the mama reported it!

  2. Deanner03 says:

    I don’t know, either, but hopefully the OP will go to CDN and spill the beans!

  3. Chris says:

    This is the seller and its either of these two listings that the dipes came from. She and the others did leave feedback, but not yet banned.

    Not sure who she is seeing though that may be the same. That will be my next hunt.

  4. DSDM2 says:

    Anyone invite the OP here yet?

  5. Chris says:

    Couldn’t find anyone new trying to trade any of those dipes in the ISO/IHA. Staying on the DL on DS so not going to attempt to PM her don’t need another strike. Anyone else?

  6. Y says:

    Wow banned already, that was fairly quick.

  7. Stacey says:

    chris beat me to it 😉

  8. Chris says:

    Sorry had not been to spots all day and then there they were the same carpet and all from the prior pics. Great feedback she has too.

  9. Stacey says:

    Ya, the GM’s caught my eye on Spots so I checked the PB account and sure enough! So it looks like she’s made some recent sales. Can those who got scammed find out the new PP address she’s using and tell Paypal? Maybe they could get their funds from that acct?

  10. bugabear says:

    Can someone please tell me why, oh why would you put your stuff up for sale looking like this? Is this normal for used interlock?

  11. Annie says:

    #13…those look dirty. No way around it. That is gross.

  12. A says:

    #13….. OMG! That deserves its own post! YUCK!!

  13. JustPeachy says:

    Im sorry but if you are trying to sell dirty nasty interlock for 30$ maybe you should at least clean it.

  14. JustPeachy says:

    Im sorry that made no sense whatsoever what I meant to say is I don’t get why people ask for so much for their dirty nasty interlock. Its like why the fuck would I pay 30 bucks for something that I am going to have to work my ass off to get it looking decent.

  15. bugabear says:

    I thought I was going crazy there for a second because in her post she said that those pics were from after she washed it and it looks amazing? And since I don’t usually look for used interlock I couldn’t tell if I was just being snobby or if it really looks as disgusting as I think it looks!

  16. itsraininghere says:

    #13 – eeeeeeeewwwwwwww

    that is freakin nasty.

    and why are ppl interested in it? i mean, can’t you put interlock in the washer? there is no excuse for it being that dirty!

  17. Nosey Neighbour says:

    That is just plain old disgusting. It doesn’t look as though she has ever washed the!!!

  18. noisybean says:

    WTH is wrong with people!? Why on earth would anyone in their right mind put something that disgusting on their child, let alone try to sell it work those pictures? Wash first, THEN sell. Duh.

    Speaking of washing, WTF!?

  19. eeek says:

    Yuck. TMI to 21, I don’t want to know. & DAMN that’s gross interlock. HTH would you expect someone to pay $30 for that? & ummm, she thinks the shirts always got dirty faster than the wool? Maybe she’s just completely blind to pant-dirt? We use woolies without washing every time- but I’ve never seen them like that….

  20. AshleyB says:

    #21, EWW! Really?! DF & I are close, but I don’t watch him wipe, nor do I EVER plan to.

  21. JustPeachy says:

    Im tempted to buy em just to wash the hell out of em. But then there are so many dark areas on em Id be afraid to actually pay for them.

  22. trollin4friends says:

    i dont have an active account on ds but, its because a lot of our solid waste is colored by broken down red blood cells, (a lot of iron) its basically the color of bilirubin – dark brownish, like dried old blood. fun huh?

  23. AshleyB says:

    #25, WOW. Some people have WAY too much time on their hands…and need to learn about the human digestive system.

  24. Booyah says:

    Now it says that she is “working on getting out the stains.” Did she see the blog or did someone call her out on the grossness of those longies? Cuz seriously, that shit is dingy as hell. Good luck getting anything but FFS for those! Hey, she’s asking for offers now, I should go offer her to pay ME to scrub those nasty things.

  25. kiki says:

    More info on the scammer – I am in a very active group with her on CafeMom. She hasn’t mentioned anything about being banned, but is trying to sell Mad Skilz. In the listing she says she is “trying to veer away from gm prints”. Here is her CafeMom page.

  26. kiki says:

    30 – Someone should send her $3 just to take that nasty ass pic down. Who the hell would sell their dirty socks??

  27. AshleyB says:

    #31…but it’s not just $3. It’s $4.25 after s/h…and I KNOW I could take $4.25 to Walmart and just buy my kid a pack of clean Hanes.

  28. Chris says:

    #29 has anyone reported her to Cafe mom?

    #30 she is always selling nasty dirty stuff…see other listing too. She had some dirty wool listed earlier today too. I guess she really does have bush babies

  29. Stacey2 says:

    momtobushbabies is one of the KHW whams…Leslie? I’m 99% sure.

  30. JustPeachy says:

    Ya that is one of the KHW ladies and I recognized the name but couldn’t remember who it was.

  31. JustPeachy says:

    Kindhearted Women.

  32. DSDM2 says:

    What is the deal there?

  33. ABCDEFG says:

    She’s scamming people she bought from on spots too. Just today.

  34. ABC123 says:

    Get your facts straight ladies. SHE was the victim on Spots. Don’t believe people who love to put other people down. The Spots issue got out of hand that she had to call the police on the momma who sold it to her. Maybe you should ask HER, her side of the story.

  35. Maui says:

    Sure, she can come and explain to all of us why she is selling the same items over and over on different sites and scamming others. So why is that, heh?
    I was also wondering what the inside of that diaper looked like too. If the outer is really that bad the inside well should be about as bad?
    Bring HER on, let HER explain herself.

  36. twatwaffles & cuntcakes says:

    #40, I find it hard ot believe SHE was the victim. She has been banned from DS and has THREE negative fb on Spots. I smell a scammer.

  37. Daddy Dave says:

    #40… let’s look at this rationally, the mamas who left her negative all have perfect feedback (except for the one neg fb from her, one of the women who left neg fb has 139 POSITIVE FEEDBACKS!). Florzak has been banned from DS, has 3 negatives on HC and and she was trying to sell the same dipes in multiple places… it’s not looking good for her.

    I’m curious. Has anyone messaged her to ask for the “police report” she claims to have filed?

  38. Monkey says:

    Oops. I posted under DH’s screen name… I’m not Dave, I’m Monkey.

  39. twatwaffles & cuntcakes says:

    Someone needs to invite HER here instead of #40 defending her.

  40. JustPeachy says:

    I think #40 is her. Shes a scammer plain and simple. I seriously doubt there is any police report over a stupid diaper.

  41. Biggirlpanties says:

    she’s a few fries short of a happy meal, legit. can’t keep her stories straight to save her life, and doesn’t like the truth. makes threats when she hears the truth. please, do call the police and say “someone sold me a cloth diaper and it’s faded now she wont give me my money back” and I PERSONALLY gave her the link to this blog last night to let her know that her gig is up… everyone knows about her BS act. I have no doubt that #40 is her.

  42. Biggirlpanties says:

    she also wasn’t thrilled when we cracked the case of her “modeling” portfolio on photobucket which consisted of her self portraits in a bikini in a mirror with a cell phone cam. big shocker it’s PW protected now.

  43. Hawk says:

    40. There is no way that crazy hooker filed a police report. You know how I know that? They don’t let you waste their time with such non sense.

    ‘Oooh, I tried to scam a really nice mama, and someone else called me a bad name on the internet. Arrest them!’

    Doesn’t work like that.

    I DO hope someone called the MP’s where her husband is station to let them know they have a bucket full of crazy somewhere on their base.

  44. Biggirlpanties says:

    i’m sure the ft carson MPs have better things to do with their time.

  45. Hawk says:

    I don’t know. If there was a crazy woman that has obvious psychological problems, it probably should be brought to their attention. Or at least her husbands.

    But then again.. I am sure the MP’s wouldn’t have anything better to do with their time. I mean, according to 40, the police don’t have anything better to file a report over ‘a big ol meanie’ on the interwebs… so you know.

  46. twatwaffles & cuntcakes says:

    is anyone on cafemom with her besides #29?

  47. scooty says:

    I think the Carson MPs should know about this. I bet hubby would be thrilled to know his wifey is a scammer. He’d sure love his commander knowing that and possibly putting his career at risk

  48. getalife says:

    I know her on CM and I think this is BS. She has a police report bc of the threats. Im sure if you asked for the file report number she would be more than happy to give it to you since it clearly states the condition of the dipe. Have fun and get a life!

  49. Hawk says:

    Aw, look. You came up with another name 40! How cute.

    Because of threats? What? Did some mommy she scammed give her a ‘stern talking too’ about giving her the money she scammed back?

    There is no police report that would exist because of a diaper that she bought. It was in the condition she bought it in. She manipulated the photo, plain and simple. She had the buyers remorse, and wanted to get her money back.. But instead of putting on her big girl panties and selling it (which she can’t, because she’s a SCAMMER and no one trusts her), she tried to con a really sweet mama.

    back to the trailer with you.

  50. 123ABC says:

    First, the “modeling” photos that one of you hacked, were personal pics that she took for her husband. Shame on you! Second, ever heard of cyber-bullying? It’s against the law! So good job on harrassing a very nice person! Oh and as for the MP’s, she doesn’t live on base, they can’t do anything! She did call the police, she does have a case number and I hope whoever it is that is harassing her, gets caught. Maybe some of you “detectives” would like to hear her side of the story instead of jumping on the “let’s bash a mom because someone said so” bandwagon. If you actually knew the whole story, some of you might actually use your own brains and think for yourselves!

  51. 123ABC says:

    Oh and as for the diaper that she bought…the person that sold her the diaper photoshopped the pics, not her!

  52. Hawk says:

    How can one hack an open *account? That’s right. You can’t. Nice try though.

    I am sorry you posted a bunch of skanky pictures in your photobucket account and didn’t think to make them private. You did make them private though, as soon as someone called you out on your ‘modeling’ pictures.

    Can’t do anything? The MP’s can have a talking to with your husband. There are so many pages of proof for how you scammed people, which is something they generally look down on. Maybe he can get you the professional help you need.

    And no. You did photoshop the pictures. You know how? Because a few of us who do have PS took the two seconds to mess with it, and oh look. It came out exactly as the picture you claim you have. Big shock and surprise!

    Seriously. Get off the internet for awhile. Find a real life. After you apologize to the sweet mama you tried to scam, and the give the money back that you took.

  53. ZOMGWTFBBQ? says:

    Your info was all here before you tried to scam for a Maui. WTF? I am in your CD group on CM and even though I never log in, I did today, and I am just laughing at you. Even the people on CM don’t want you there. You are filled with drama. You scam people. You play the victim. Get over yourself . Obviously your husband doesn’t even want you around because he is stationed AWAY from you.

  54. ZOMGWTFBBQ? says:

    #57 it’s hard to photoshop WITHOUT photoshop but your friend’s pic of the diaper is titled PHOTOSHOP.jpg. Hmm, funny isn’t it?

  55. getalife&abc123 says:

    If only you knew that on our board there were 96 people who have her back. There are a few she knows IRL who can say great things about her character. Just get over yourself and stop obsessing because after 3 kids she looks hott.

  56. Biggirlpanties says:

    it’s not on the blotter, so please tell us again when she filed this report?

  57. scooty says:

    Yeah obviously you think you are hot LOL

  58. Wolf says:

    Oh my stars. This is just SAD. This woman has some serious issues.

    Since when was looking at a public photo album considered hacking??

  59. Biggirlpanties says:

    she didn’t even make the blotter in her town. so where did she supposedly file this report?

  60. ZOMGWTFBBQ? says:

    Who cares what she looks like if she is scamming people? People have been ARRESTED for the crap she has pulled. All it takes is someone on Spots filing a police report against her for not receiving the items sent.

  61. scooty says:

    The only way to get this delusional twat to stop is to report her to the military police on Fort Carson

  62. ZOMGWTFBBQ? says:

    Where is Purity4Grace? These two can be BFFs for scamming about goodmamas.

  63. Hawk says:

    Get a life? She’s is claiming to file erroneous police reports and are scamming good mamas on the internet! Obviously, she is need of something else to take up her free time. .. Like, maybe getting medication for the multiple personality disorder she seems to have.

    Jealous cause she’s ‘hot’?

    Maybe in that ‘just came outta the trailer, goin’ to her job at the strip club’.. after a few beers, kinda way. Mad props to her to lookin like that after a few kids (if they exist) anyway. For real.

    But her hotness? Come on. That’s stretching.

  64. 123ABC says:

    She does NOT live on base. And I am not her! As I said before, why don’t you all ask her side of the story! The pic that was photoshopped was not hers! It was the one that the person selling the diaper had up! Why don’t you look at the pic, since I am pretty sure you all have saved it to your computers, and compare it to the pics of the lady that she bought it from!

  65. Biggirlpanties says:

    “RenHawley on Jan. 13, 2009 at 11:02 AM
    Oh wow 84 votes! Thanks alot ladies! This is the site where they called me out on CM. Obviously the title isn’t related to me bc I have been banned for a while now. They are threatening to call the MPs where my husband is located. I think thats BS and obviously the MPs will say they can’t do anything bc we don’t live on post. If anything I can stab them in the back for deformation of character and hacking my personal photo account. YES they hacked my photobucket last night and I had to change the password back to what I had and make it private. Its just way over top for me and I’m ready for it to be done. I had to take my listings down from Spots because my photobucket account and they tried to hack into my PP account. Thankfully PP sent me a alert bc they had more than 5 failed attempts to log in. Anyways, if you are trying to friend request me please email bc I wont accept unless I don’t know who you are. My page is private now due to this. I don’t mind accepting people I know. I’m thinking about calling the police officer back bc of the new threats on that board. I sent her the case nunmber and I guess she didn’t take it seriously bc I basically said it had to stop and to just deal through PP or the cop is gong to escalate to her home towns or even the state police. Its illegal to harrass me when he clearly states in the report the dipe is not as described. Anyways check out the website that got made for someone else but obviously turned into bashing and talking about ME. Damn I’m popular! LMAO. I’m going to Nats today and were gonna track this thing down and get it handled hopefully!”

    nobody tried to hack anything, she’s a drama queen. nobody outed where she lived.. SHE did.. on DS.. and on CDN I think? She’s gotten herself in too deep trying to steal peoples’ money and now she’s trying to dig her way out. grow the fuck up. seriously.

  66. SM says:

    She definitely seems like someone who is desperate and keeps making mistakes left and right.

  67. Biggirlpanties says:

    the original picture is real, coincidence that the scammers pic is titled “photoshop.jpg” ? not really. if you believe her BS enough to support her maybe you also need a checkup from the neckup.

  68. ZOMGWTFBBQ? says:

    Not private *head scratch*

  69. Hawk says:

    Stupid english 101! There is an extra *is* in mah first sentence.

    Musta been distracted by my obvious jealousy. My apologies.

  70. ZOMGWTFBBQ? says:

    68 – she knows we are here. She knows this post is about her SCAMMING on DIAPERSWAPPERS and SPOTS CORNER and yet she doesn’t say anything. she is too busy holding a pity party for herself on CafeMom and also not sending payments and purchased items to people on Spots Corner. She is running scared because she has been called out on her drama. THIS IS SRS INTERWEBZ BIZNUZ.

  71. Hawk says:

    I am sorry. You are right. You are not her. You are her alter ego. Different personality entirely.

  72. 123ABC says:

    You know what’s really sad…is that someone from our group on CM is copying and pasting things from the group. You seriously need to get out of the group if you can’t grow up and tell Ren yourself that you are talking shit!

  73. Biggirlpanties says:

    if you have to put up a poll asking if you should stay or go, you should probably take that as a hint. what are you.. 12 and 3/4 ?

  74. ZOMGWTFBBQ? says:

    Who is talking shit? Cutting and pasting a post is not shit talking.

  75. Biggirlpanties says:

    #76 she knows who I am, I made it clear even before she told me she was “Warning” me. she has gotten herself in wayyy too deep. if she was smart she’d apologize for being a psycho and just drop it, but she continues to spread the lies so here we are.

  76. SM says:

    I think she just needs to let this go, she’s just getting herself in deeper here.

  77. Biggirlpanties says:

    #80 I agree

  78. Oh Lawdy! says:

    These mothers are going to feel ridiculous when they know how duped they have been by this scammer

  79. DSDM2 says:

    123ABC and getalife don’t share an IP so far. Just to let everyone know.

  80. DSDM2 says:

    I take that back, they do. There are more than 1 person posting under both names.

  81. ZOMGWTFBBQ? says:

    That’s hot! Thanks, DSDM2! Now if only we had the IPs and could match one to her

  82. 123ABC says:

    But why would you do that? you know we are a closeknit group in there. if you have a problem with someone, why wouldn’t you go to the group owner about it rather than copying and pasting things in here for people just to bash her?

  83. DSDM2 says:

    If you send me IPs I can confirm or deny that they match, but I can’t give you IPs.

  84. 123ABC says:

    ummm…there’s no way I can post under the same IP…I live nowhere near any of these people!

  85. twatwaffles & cuntcakes says:

    ren and another chick from the CM group were getting together today to “get to the bottom of this”. i bet it’s them.

  86. Hawk says:

    I am sure it feels like it in your head..

  87. DSDM2 says:

    The name you are using, has 2 IPs associated with it. It is the same in post #40 and in the post by getalife.

    If you look at the little picture on the side, it will show the same for same IPs.

    Don’t forget we have your email and IP.

  88. zomgwtfbbqsammich says:

    LMAO! Get down wit yo bad selves. THIS IS SEWIOUS!

    Hey Ren, what about the poor girl who didn’t get her diaper in November? Be a GOOD MAMA and send it to her.

  89. zomgwtfbbqsammich says:

    Oh and yah, I am the same at ZOMGWTFBBQ? I just decided I wanted an account

  90. SM says:

    I think she’s starting to believe her own BS.

  91. Hawk says:

    So, she makes two accounts. Let’s the other girl sign in now and again.. so it looks like it’s coming from two different places.


  92. 123ABC says:

    she lives a bunch of states a way from me. i know her from one of my CM groups, so no, we are not the same person, but i am friends with her.

  93. DSDM2 says:

    I didn’t say you were the same person. Get that through the denseness. I said you were sharing the names, that there are 2 IPS associated with your screen name.

  94. zomgwtfbbqsammich says:

    99 – better take a look at your friend. She scammed on DS and on Spots. Only a matter of time before she starts scamming the CafeMommers.

  95. 123ABC says:

    Getalife and ABC123 may be the same person…I have a different username…123ABC and by the way, my pic is black and white, theirs is teal and white

  96. zomgwtfbbqsammich says:

    DSDM2 – we are not dealing with intelligence here.

  97. DSDM2 says:

    I am also on YAHOO IM under DSDM2

  98. DSDM2 says:

    123ABC, can you read? Get lost. You are annoying me. Let people fight their own battles, you are making it worse.

  99. DSDM2 says:

    What are the scammers screen names everywhere? Store name too if they have one. I want to add to my list. TIA.

  100. 123ABC says:

    Maybe you should take your own advice and let people fight their own battles. Actually it is you, who is annoying me! You allow people to come in here that hack other’s photobucket accounts and paypal. That is against the law! Along with cyber-bullying, and scamming. I hope everyone of you who tried to hack Ren’s paypal gets caught as well as those of you who hacked her photobucket. With that being said, I will leave because noone in this room has an ounce of integrity or intelligence!

  101. DSDM2 says:

    I have no control over the actions of anyone. I posted a quote from DiaperSwappers, and that is all I have done. I don’t allow OR disallow anyone. And as far as I have seen, there has been no hacking? Where was this posted about?

  102. DSDM2 says:

    And I do fight my own battles. 😀 If your “friend” is innocent she would defend herself.

  103. SM says:

    There WAS no hacking. Not of the photobucket, at least. Those pictures were public. How is that hacking?

  104. Biggirlpanties says:

    nobody tried to hack her paypal. did we also bully her on DS.. is that why she was banned for scamming THERE? use your brain!! c’mon now! nobody hacked her photobucket either.. she had those pics public. we haven’t hacked anythink unless using GOOGLE is hacking, in which case the FBI better suit up because they’ve got a whole different kind of problem on their hands.

  105. Biggirlpanties says:

    too bad, so sad.

  106. zomgwtfbbqsammich says:

    123ABC – you are really super naive aren’t you? She has the goodmama pulled right over your eyes and you can’t seem to see through it (: RenFlorzak /Hawley is totally scamming you – not out of diapers, but out of a true friend. She is making you come here and look like a cuntmuffin because you are defending her.

  107. Tori says:

    I am the mama who sold the diaper to Lauren. I just got off the phone with the Colorado Springs Police Department and spoke to a ver lovely lady 🙂 She told me this phoney “police case #CO9015195” doesn’t exist. They never gave her a case # because she is the scammer. The # they gave her is simply a call # to document that she did in fact call them. Lauren is full of lies and crap. No one hacked into her open account! I did offer for her to send the diaper back to me in the condition I sent it in and once I received the diaper I’d gladly refund her. Instead she got all upset because I didn’t fall into her scheme. Her request was for me to refund her the money + shipping and then she’d return the diaper LOL Yeah I’d do all of that for a known scammer! She has been ISO Maui Wowie for awhile now (check out the links in post #3 for proof) so the fact she claims she didn’t even want this diaper is comical. The picture she uploaded to my email was from photoshop and was seriously doctored. It’s funny she is trying to say my picture was used in photoshop when I don’t even have photoshop on my computer. But that’s beside the point- she’s just trying to deflect off herself. As far as her accusations of me cyber bullying her all of that is fabricated from her. I called her scamming and sent her proof. She denied she is the mama on DS that she has never heard of her and that everything is lies. I also never contacted her after the last email she sent about the fake police story. She was setting a trap for me and I am not going to fall into that. Her tone went from psycho to sugary sweet. IDK what’s up with that but I am not falling into her bullcrap.

    Anyhow, here is the picture I took on January 3rd and she received on January 12th. My camera is a Nikon DSLR

    And the inside

    Here is the picture she sent to me claiming my diaper looked like when it got to her, attached to my email from photoshop

    How anyone can defend her is beyond me or my comprhension.

  108. Tori says:

    It’s funny how the orange plastic snaps magically faded LOL

  109. DSDM2 says:

    yea, orange plastic doesn’t fade, lol.

  110. DSDM2 says:

    It looks like she took the photo in bad lighting washing out the color, and then dropped the contrast/brightness feature and adjusted the hue.

  111. zomgwtfbbqsammich says:

    Exactly. And she said she didn’t even have a DS account? How does she explain her name, her location, her hubbys location and pictures of her children?

  112. Tori says:

    And I feel like I should add that I have well over 100 hundred positive feedbacks and have never had any problems whatsoever in all of my swapping/selling/buying. If you have looked at any of my other auctions i go to great lengths to post any flaws so I don’t end up in situations like this. For example…

    This cocktail diaper I sold had a very tiny rust stain and probably wouldn’t have shown in a regular ariel shot of the diaper. This picture was included in the listing. I took a picture of it so the mama who bought it knew exactly what she was getting.

  113. Tori says:

    I guess it’s all a coincidence LOL

  114. DSDM2 says:

    OK, I just figured out that she thinks *I* hacked her PB? All I did was link it.

    What a dimwhit. She doesn’t want me on her shit.

  115. Tori says:

    It’s sad when someone thinks you hacked their public photo album *smacks head*

  116. Tori says:

    But then again I knew I wasn’t dealing with the sharpest crayon when she uploaded a PHOTOSHOP picture to my email LOL

  117. DSDM2 says:

    lol. Amazing what bumping the brightness does isn’t it?

  118. DSDM2 says:

    I can do it too. 🙂

  119. Tori says:

    Magical, huh?!? LOL

  120. CDMama says:

    Tori…it’s pathetic that you’ve given away someone’s personal location, and I can’t honestly understand why it is that YOU haven’t been banned yet.

    You’ve opened up a young mother to attack and put her safety at risk, and the worst part of it is that you appear to think it’s funny.

    I sincerely hope that no one ever does something like this to you, because I would hate for you to have to live in fear, worrying about whether or not someone would put your life in danger.

    Regardless of who’s right or wrong here, you’ve done something terrible, and appear to have no remorse for it whatsoever.

    If you were really in the right, you’d have stated your case and left it at that. But you didn’t…you’ve been pushing and pushing, making snarky comments, and unfortunately–it makes you and the things you say incredibly questionable.

    BTW, your pictures on Spots appear to be a little off…the Maui had a rather dark background; the Lime Sublime had a rather light background, though the carpet tread looks the same. Wonder why that is?

  121. DSDM2 says:

    Actually her location was on DS. Tori didn’t give anything new away.

  122. OsMos says:

    You, ladies, are all pathetic!! Do you not have better things to do rather than worry about someone elses bad transaction??? As a friend to one of the mamas, I am doing my best to stay out of it, but when it becomes a pissing match…. I just feel the need to tell you all that you are the most childish group of “women” that I have ever come across!!

  123. DSDM2 says:

    Actually by keeping people updated about scammers, we are protecting ourselves and the community.

    Thanks for your insight though 🙂

  124. Tori says:

    I have never given her location so I have no clue what you are talking about. Even the board owner just chimed in to say it was not me so please don’t point fingers at me for something I did not do. Yes, all of my diaper pictures are taken in my daughter’s room with gray carpeting. I do have 3 children which keep me quite busy and did not take those at the same time of day so the light streaming in from her window was not the same.

    As far as pushing, pushing, pushing where on earth have I done that at?

  125. Stacey says:

    Who would be crazy enough to defend a person who is so obviously a scammer? Multiple accounts? Bad feedback from multiple people? Helloooo…can anybody hear me? Perhaps crazy people attract other crazy people? I dunno….

  126. DSDM2 says:

    Good question Stacey, good question.

  127. Maui says:

    Yeah that Stacey!

    I like I said last night Bring HER on! Have HER come defend herself.
    To those of you defending her this post was started 4 days ago based on a post on DS about someone who was scammed by her. The issue with Tori is just another side note on her scamming another mama and didn’t start until yesterday.

    So who is scamming whom?

  128. DSDM2 says:

    Whomever is on CafeMom, can you please SS or C&P the 2 threads about us right now and email them? Thanks ladies.

  129. DSDM2 says:

    I am weeding through details trying to get to the bottom of the scamming. This isn’t looking good though. (Not for ren)

  130. NotBuyingIt says:

    Posting a request to ask for content from a private group off of CafeMom now?

    No, I don’t think we’ll do that.

    We will however, continue to keep up on your blog, and report comments that are being made here to CM.

  131. DSDM2 says:

    Excuse me? I never asked for anything from a private group. Not sure what you are referring to.

    Report what ever you want to CM, I am not a member there, nor do I want to be. If scammers like Ren are allowed, then it isn’t worth it. At least DS banned her.

  132. NotBuyingIt says:

    You JUST asked women from CafeMom to post the threads that are currently going there regarding this entire situation.

    Those threads are in a private group, my dear. Taking content from those groups violates the guidelines set by CM. The issue and this blog have now been reported.

    Furthermore, Tori and her friends (who are CM members) have been taking content out of that group all day, and posting nasty messages to several women who are members. Once again…if Tori’s innocent here, then what’s the deal?

    Finally, another woman who’s been watching this go down and knows Tori on CM notified all of us that IP addresses from people posting on THIS blog have been compromised. Though that’s a criminal offense, and not something we’ll bother CM with.

  133. JustPeachy says:

    Wow the crazy is on this afternoon. Anybody got some popcorn?

  134. JustPeachy says:

    WTF is this about IP addies being compromised?

  135. DSDM2 says:

    What do you think reporting me to CafeMom is going to do? Are they the all knowing gods of the internet? really? oh wow!

    No IPs have been compromised. 🙂 Prove that they have, please. Show we what I have done wrong… Even if I WANTED to post IPs, that is MY choice. But, we don’t disclose IPs. But I will confirm and deny if someone asked. 🙂 MY choice.

  136. JustPeachy says:

    Oh wait I see! You assume because DSDM2 has said she has your IP addresses that she intends to use them to do malicious things to your computers? I seriously doubt that.

  137. Maui says:


    Love the accusation and the “not something we’ll bother CM with”, lol. If you actually had proof why not bother them with it?

  138. Tori says:

    Funny, I am not on this diaper board ya’ll are talking about on CM. I created an account today and did send a message to join but was denied since I had just made my account today. How can I post nasty messages to woman if I AM NOT EVEN ON THE BOARD. Good grief ya’ll are grasping for straws here.

    I still cannot believe so many are defending a known scammer

  139. JustPeachy says:

    Tori because they are idiots of course.
    And if I am not mistaken this isn’t the first time RenFlorzak has had DS issues. I remember her name came up in some drama a while back.

  140. werd says:


    wow. the dumb must be catching.

  141. JustPeachy says:

    Beware werd or it will get you too =))

  142. Tori says:


    How can someone “know” me from CM when I just created an account today and haven’t made a single post LOL

  143. DSDM2 says:

    So Ren’s name is Lauren right?

    hehehe. One of our new posters is a Lauren.

  144. Tori says:

    lemme guess- #140?

  145. DSDM2 says:

    #140 is either a man, or using her husbands student/university account to post.

  146. Hawk says:

    Wow ya’ll. We learned SO much today! Let’s recap, shall we? Goodie!

    We learned that even if you are stupid enough to post your stanky pictures on Photobucket Publicly, it’s called hacking!

    We learned that even if you photoshop a picture of a diaper and re-title the image ‘photoshop’, it’;s not photoshop cause you said so!

    We learned the cops have no better things to do then debate if a diaper has been washed or not. Take that Colorado crime! You no longer exist!

    You don’t have to own your words ever! Just say that people are ‘talking shit!’ From Copy and Pasting.

    Cafe mom is the law of the internet for mothers!

    And it’s illegal to track IP’s ya’ll! Wow. The internets are going to be in such big trouble. OOOOooooh.

  147. zomgwtfbbqsammich says:

    I am laughing so hard.

    I just got a new Hello Kitty popcorn maker, I feel like making a batch for all of us. We’re being watched! By Cuties with Cloth Booties and who else? aprileshowers? MamaJen74? Mommy123? The rest of you idiots?

  148. Biggirlpanties says:

    oh, teh stupid.. it’s overwhelming.
    really, i’d like someone to tell me how orange plastic fades…
    and FYI Tori didn’t release any of this “woman’s” personal information. I typed her screen name into google and found all the information I needed.. including her “modeling” portfolio pics that i’ve got if anyone wants to compromise a recently eaten meal.
    If she is so worried then she shouldn’t have scammed people. Since when should we feel bad and protect those who steal from others? I have no sympathy for her situation. AT ALL. she needs to grow some cojones and tell the truth.

  149. zomgwtfbbqsammich says:

    So really? ANYONE can get her information, idiots. Even my kindergartener can type in RenHawley.

  150. Biggirlpanties says:

    yes #158, this.

  151. zomgwtfbbqsammich says:

    oooh she is watching us. She changed her location.

  152. Maui says:

    the original OP, from DS has been invited to this.

  153. Maui says:


  154. Biggirlpanties says:


  155. Biggirlpanties says:

    seriously anyone who believes lauren needs to pull their heads out of their vaginas. her story doesn’t fit, at all.

  156. twatwaffles & cuntcakes says:

    this keeps getting stoooopider. ren is a scammer. her cm friends need so stop kissing her ass and get the freakin FACTS!

  157. Maui says:

    love the revival of the twatwaffles and cuntcakes

  158. azkittykat says:

    I am the op of the message from DS and it is beyond me that anyone is defending her. Oh, and I would love to hear her reasoning. In fact, I believe I tried to reach her 5 different times to get that and didn’t get a response. I gave her much more than the benefit of the doubt before I even gave her negative feedback. If she would like to send me my money back I’d be more than happy to stop writing about her on the net or trying to track her down to file an internet fraud case against her.

  159. twatwaffles & cuntcakes says:

    dsdm2 – did someone c&p those for you? i can email them if you still need it.

  160. Biggirlpanties says:

    *hugs* kitty sorry that she scammed you too. if she was gonna scam she should have kept her personal info a little tighter.

  161. twatwaffles & cuntcakes says:

    167 – i know you like how i did that! everyone prolly knows who i am now, but it’s all good. i got nothing to hide! unlike a certain scammer….

  162. Monkey says:

    Wow. It’s like an internets version of Jerry Springer.

    I feel sorry for the poor mama who sold the Maui GM… she has such a spotless FB record and is having to deal with this batshit woman…

    Sorry mama!

  163. Maui says:

    *hugs* Kitty hopefully someone can get you more info to track down her PP or something to get some more of yours back.

  164. DSDM2 says:

    twatwaffles$CC please email it to me. Thanks!

  165. Kitty says:

    I have no problems letting you all know who I am (CM: MisanthropKitty DS: MisanthropeKitty and so if anyone would like to take anything up with me then go ahead. It is definitely against CM TOS to take content from a private group and post them for the public to see. I would like to know just who it is from CWCB that is posting Ren’s information but that person(s) is too scared of everyone finding out who they are to post a real name… but that is besides the point. Have y’all even considered Ren’s side of this?? From what I understand Ren got those negatives on DS from the time when she had a week old son and moved to Colorado and was without the internet for quite some time. I don’t know the exact reasonings of why the diapers did not get sent out but I am sure that she was just overwhelmed from moving with a newborn son. And then we get on to this new diaper. Ren came to our close knit board to post about how she had gotten screwed over on Spots by a mama that said the diaper was only washed once and this diaper Ren is showing has very obviously been washed WAY more than once. You are all showing how Ren could have doctored the photo in photoshop to make it look soo much worse but it can actually go the other way around and our seller can doctor her photos to make her diapers look better… which is what I believe the case is because I saw some other diapers from our seller that had a very high contrast to their coloring in an effort, I believe, to make them look in better condition than they are. Perhaps the seller should actually have someone mediate this problem and that way it can be solved and there will not be any more need for this crap-fest y’all are having here.

  166. Biggirlpanties says:

    kitty (#175) so you’re also standing by the fact that the orange snaps also faded? pull your head out of your snatch. there must be *some good reason* those other dipes weren’t sent out right? or maybe the real reason is that ren is a douchebag liar who scams people out of money. ever think that just MAYBE that’s possibly the case? Ren has nothing for positive feedback in comparison to the seller in this case. these “other dipes” you say that you think are doctored.. clearly the buyer didn’t think so since they left positive feedback.

  167. twatwaffles & cuntcakes says:

    174 – done.

  168. twatwaffles & cuntcakes says:

    someone should also post the bikini pics just for shits and giggles.

  169. Biggirlpanties says:

    the negative feedbacks she has on DS are from 12/20 and 1/12. that’s a lot longer than a week apart. not to mention the fact that she said she moved to CO long before that in another post.

  170. Kitty says:

    I do not know the whole story behind the negatives on DS or why Ren did not send out the diapers so I can’t really say what happened there. I think the orange snaps look faded because the picture itself is a brighter photo and it looks to have the sun shining on it at an angle. Whereas the seller’s photo looks to have been altered with the darker edges and the fact that the carpet is kind of blurry and yet the diaper is super bright and vibrant…. nevertheless, just looking at the actual QUALITY of the diaper in the photos you can tell that there is a big difference in the diapers. The one the seller posted LOOKS brand new but the one Ren has has curly tabs and fringy edges like an obviously used diaper would have.

  171. Biggirlpanties says:

    this was the another recreation of the original diaper. the diaper is washed once and DSDM was able to make it look just as shitty as ren did, and very simply. she’s a scammer kitty, and i’m sorry if you believe her, but you need to open your eyes to the truth, and i’m not saying it to be a bitch, i’m being HONEST.

  172. Biggirlpanties says:


  173. Kitty says:

    Well biggirlpanties, if you are soo sure of yourself why don’t you just come on out and say who you are? I’d like to know what you have against Ren that is making you so against her. In the recreation DSDM did the diaper itself just looks faded NOT in used condition like the one Ren posted of the diaper she received.

  174. azkittykat says:

    Kitty, The stress of moving with a new baby didn’t make it too hard for her to steal my money and then never respond to my numerous attempts to contact her. It also didn’t stress her out too much to come up with a new name on DS and try to trade the diaper I paid for.

  175. twatwaffles & cuntcakes says:

    183 – me think i wub you. thanks for giving me another laugh at those skanky pics!

  176. Biggirlpanties says:

    thats the other thing. she had it for days before she started complaining. maybe she washed it on high and now regrets it? she also claims she never wanted maui yet all her ISO on DS say she was.

  177. DSDM2 says:

    As a fellow photog, I am going to stand up for the mom on Spots. The fact that the diaper is clear and the carpet isn’t is NOT editing. That is called depth of field and with a Nikon the quality of hers, that is what a photo will look like. Different light will come up different depending on the time of day. Her photos are crisp, clear, and flawless.

    Before you jump on the mama for her “doctoring” photos of items to sell, think about the equipment she was using.

    I’m sure that I could take a photo of the diaper and fade it out better and make it look older. I just took two seconds with that original photo.

    Editing a photo is easy. Either way. But her camera and lenses will take photos that other cameras can not.

    She has hundreds of positives. I have never seen a complaint about her items. I doubt she would compromise herself that way.

    Lauren/Ren has 75% FB on DS, came back under another name to sell the same diapers again, AND has 3/5 negative reviews on Spots.

  178. Tori says:

    Wow Kitty I am shocked you are so oblivious! Her email came attached to my email from photoshop. I did nothing to my pictures but click. Like I have stated previously, I don’t even have photoshop on my computer. My feedback records prove I am a woman of my word. Here you have a known scammer who is clearly trying to pull one over on me. I even offered her to return the diaper in the condition I sent it in and would GLADLY give her a full refund. My feedback record gives her no reason to hesitate on doing so. Instead of that, she got nasty. She knows she’s lying about the condition and doctored the photo and that’s the reason why she won’t send it back because she’ll be caught.

    And here you have a poor woman who says she hasn’t gotten her diaper or the decency of return emails and you are trying to insinuate that Lauren hasn’t scammed anyone?!?!? Wow. Just wow.

  179. Biggirlpanties says:

    and after checking the pictures again.. the original and laurens picture both have the same tabs, not curling. check again….
    Original Pic:

    Laurens Pic:

    If anything, the tab is more curled in the first picture, do you see what I mean?

  180. Kitty says:

    To the OP, please contact Ren at She would like to talk to you but is not coming here to discuss it.

    BGP, I would like to know where you are getting that her ISO on DS is for Maui… because I just looked at her profile and there is no ISO listed.

  181. DSDM2 says:

    Also, not liking a diaper is not reason to lie and photoshop items to make them look like that. She was offered a refund upon return of the diaper. She refused.

    I wonder why? Oh WAIT! Because it was as described.

    She is lying to all 88 or so of you.

  182. Maui says:

    Kitty sorry you are believing her crap. But the facts are that the dipes she “sold” and did not deliver she again tried to resell or trade on DS under the second ID and listed on spots, see first posts about this an the links. No excuse for that!
    Second you obviously have never owned or seen a Maui IRL but the snaps and colors are that vibrant as Tori’s pics show, great pic btw Tori. The snaps are not a washed out orange, they are bright orange and lovely.

  183. DSDM2 says:

    Kitty, I’ll grab it, I just saw it a few minutes ago.

    Ren is too much of a pussy to come handle her own mess, doesn’t that say something?

  184. Biggirlpanties says:

    While I upload the screenshot, lauren also denied she was ever on DS. that isn’t strange to you?

  185. Kitty says:

    Tori, If I were Ren I would not return a diaper without a refund. That would be an incredibly stupid thing to do especially to a woman who was soo nasty to her and gave out her email address to all of her friends so that they could call her nasty names for themselves.

  186. Biggirlpanties says:

  187. Biggirlpanties says:

    another interesting comparison. someone took a picture of their NEW maui on the SAME SHEET that lauren has.. now you see how the pic was edited?

  188. Tori says:

    Kitty I never gave out her email address and my friends can vouch for me on that. Lauren made so much mess on her own and her email is available via her DS account as well as her HC account. As far as her not sending it back to me for fear of me scamming her? LOL

    My feedback speaks for itself. Hers does not, nor do her actions.

  189. Stacey says:

    I ❤ Hawk.

  190. Tori says:

    #195- Lauren did deny to me she had no clue who that person was when I sent her the DS link of her feedback. But then again, she couldn’t log on to see it LOL

  191. Biggirlpanties says:

    kitty, makes you really think doesn’t it?

  192. woohoo says:

    I have been going back and forth watching this after learning everything I tend to believe the seller who has good feedback everywhere where the other is banned

  193. Biggirlpanties says:

    I think lauren is a little girl who got in WAYYY over her head with things, and now is trying to hide and backpedaling because she’s scared. if you can’t take the heat.. stay out of the kitchen child.

  194. getalife&abc123 says:

    If you have issues with her why not contact her straight? No need to be cruel and hurt her. She will give her side to you. Don’t hurt someone when you only know one side of the facts. I’m sure she will resolve anything you have to ask or say.

  195. DSDM2 says:

    A blurry pic is going to make the diaper look older. And if she didn’t want it, which she openly said, then this was just a way for her to get out of it. She wanted the diaper. She also wanted her money back…

    She scams.

    I got all of her information off of DS. No one is passing it around. She has offered it up.

  196. DSDM2 says:

    She is welcome to come here to tell her side so that EVERYONE can learn how wrong we are. She won’t. Scammers won’t.

  197. zomgwtfbbqsammich says:

    Misanthrokitty – I thought her son was born in September? And she couldn’t send a diaper two months later? Or email the person back? Or pay for stuff she bought on Spots Corner? OR tell the truth that the big bad policeman DIDNT come to her house to look at diapers? Your friend Ren has 2 negatives just on Spots alone, I wouldn’t even SELL to her. IF she bought something from me, I’d return her money. Her reputation speaks for itself. She is crying to all of you because she has suckered you in. But it is fun to read about.

  198. woohoo says:

    If she didn’t mail the OP her dipes because of the move and new baby why not give her money back makes no sense to me

  199. zomgwtfbbqsammich says:

    And the way it is, I would never return money without an item. Target doesn’t let me have my money and bring them the stuff back a week later, yanno?

  200. Biggirlpanties says:

    #207, I did go to her myself.. and she started throwing empty threats not to contact her. go figure

  201. woohoo says:

    I am gald I found this site now I know who to stay away from

  202. Biggirlpanties says:

    she’s telling you all one story, and everyone else another. she doesn’t know her ass from her elbow and is having a really difficult time keeping her stories straight. i’d be scared if i were her too. scamming people out of money and leaving personal info available to whomever wants it. i hope she learns her lesson and stops the games.

  203. me, myself and i says:

    I Love the “WOE ME” posts these women give: Here is her CM post (well one of them, I’ll post the OP of the other in a few min).

    Poll Results
    Question: What do you think?


    Total Votes: 88

    Question: What do you think?



    Only group members can vote in this poll.
    Total Votes: 88

    View Results

    There are a few moms on here who have talked nasty about me. I’m sorry but I am very active in this group and if you don’t want me here let me know and I will be more than happy to leave. Who wants to be in a group they are not wanted. Yes I figured it out who you are and don’t worry I’m not outing you bc Im not a b*tch like that. There are more of you to.

    Here is just a taste. I have read elsewhere some harsh comments about me. “I am in a very active group with her on CafeMom. She hasn’t mentioned anything about being banned, but is trying to sell Mad Skilz. In the listing she says she is “trying to veer away from gm prints”. Here is her CafeMom page.” “has anyone reported her to Cafe mom?”

    WTF I can’t believe I GET scammed and now you think I need to be reported to CM. Seriuosly I will leave if I’m gonna get hurt like this… So everyone PLEASE vote!

  204. Biggirlpanties says:

    i think i had polls like that when i had “boys have cooties” clubs under the bedsheet forts I built between my sofa and my coffee table.

  205. SM says:

    What I don’t get is how she’d thought she get away with it? I mean, the seller KNOWS the condition of the diaper she sent, obviously. So when she sees a picture of it obviously doctored in some way (and whos to say that the scammer didn’t run it through many hot washes and hot dryer cycles within a day or two’s time?), naturally it’s going to throw up a big red flag. Am I right?

  206. DSDM2 says:


    Here is Lauren/ren’s version of what happened… (is she dumb? LOTS of people are on CM, and it is only 6 degrees of separation).

    I didn’t even want this dipe in the first place. I have no idea how I even WON when I dont remember BIDDING! This is not a print I like.

    Anyways the listing says it was only washed and worn ONCE! Here is the photo from the spots listing…

    (insert Tori’s pic here)

    Now this is what I just received in the mail…

    (insert Ren’s pic here)


    ETA: This is from the listing… It has been worn and washed 1 time! The colors are still gorgeous and vibrant- they haven’t faded a bit! The OBV is in brand new condition.

    This was her response…

    I am sorry you are disappointed.. It has only been washed and worn one time- it’s pretty obvious from the condition of the OBV. I am honestly floored to be completely honest. What camera did you take that picture with if you don’t mind me asking?

    Umm how do I respond to that?

    Second email from her…

    OK mama. I did some digging around. The picture you attached. It’s from photoshop. Your name has been alerted to GM mamas everywhere to watch out for you on spots now. Good luck!

    How the freak did I photoshop this and now I’m alerted on spots? WTF!

  207. Hawk says:

    Dear personality 207,

    Please stop trying to come out Ren’s head. You are only going to confuse yourself.

  208. Biggirlpanties says:

    #218 I also wonder how she thought she’d get away with it.

  209. DSDM2 says:

    207 is the same as 40 😉 and Lauren is in her email 🙂

  210. Hawk says:

    I get that you want to be loyal to your friends. Really. Even when they are pathological liars. You want to believe, Mulder. I get that.

    But at some point, you have to look at the facts. Not the she said/she said side of the matter, but as things actually happened.

    Did she scam mommas out of their money? Yes. You can see her DS name and her spots feedback for yourself. You even posted that she ‘wants to talk privately’ to the mama here that she scammed. Ask yourself. This momma emailed her and PMed her multiple times *months* ago. Why now does she want to have this ‘ talk ‘, huh? Say diapers were lost in the move, fine. But she still didn’t own up to her own shit and say ‘yeah, I am douche bag. I lost your stuff. I’ll refund you’.

    Having children and moving across country does not give you an excuse to lose your honor. Sorry.

    Did she try to run Tori’s name through the garbage? Yes. Did she try to scam her, yes. Did she lie to Tori and tell her that she filed a police report? YES. She even claimed she talked to the cop in person, because she sold cloth diapers to him. Did she say we hacked into an public photobucket account? Yes.

    You can choose to dilude yourself by thinking that Tori sold her a diaper that was in the condition of the doctored (photoshop.jpg – her photo!) that she sent. A diaper that you’ve seen yourself that she was also ISO.

    I know it’s hard when you care about someone to accept that maybe they do not deserve the benefit of the doubt. Seriously.. How much more evidence do you honestly need?

  211. Hawk says:


    sssh! I know. But the other of her personalities get all mad when you call them out.

    I don’t want the cafe mom police called on me, or another report filed… for being a ‘cyber bully’. ;P

  212. seriously says:

    Ok, just some observations.

    1. She trusted the mama enough to pay for the Maui and wait for it to arrive. But doesn’t trust her enough to send it back and wait for payment?

    2. Tori has 100% feedback. Ren does not. And it isn’t like it was one thing, it was multiple things.

    3. Why would Tori risk her stellar rep for one diaper? She has done business with me and many others and it was a wonderful transaction

    4. Why would you bid on something and not remember, that doesn’t sound like a good plan to me.

    5. She has a Nikon and they take wonderful pictures. I have one too. It is almost impossible to take a bad picture.

    6. Snaps don’t fade. Period. I have GMs that have been in rotation for 6 months and the print is faded. The snaps are in perfect shape and the color is not faded at all.

    7. Tori is here posting her side. Ren is not. That says something.

    8. It is not hacking to get a picture from PhotoBucket if it is public. If you don’t want people to see, make it private.

    9. It is not illegal to track IPs…wow.

    10. Ren says she filed a police report and the police man came to her house. This is a lie. A confirmed lie. She only called and complained. How was he standing in her home if she only made a phone call.

    11. We have another mama posting here that WAS scammed by her.

    12. She was banned.

    what more do you need people. it is obvious. she is a scammer. she is dishonest. she needs to just let it go. this is so obviously her, not Tori.

  213. seriously says:

    oh….and Tori never told us where Ren lived, her email addres, or any personal information. and good lord, why would she be scared for her safety. that is the most rediculous thing i have ever heard. seriously.

  214. Hawk says:


    she is scared because she knows that she is caught. If anyone calls the MP’s and this gets into her ‘real life’, then the people she lives with are going to know that she scammed money off innocent mamas. That she is not a victim after all.

  215. Mauinver says:

    La de dah……

    What other proof do you all need….she scams others

  216. werd says:

    HOLY FUCKING SHIT LMFAO at 223 – I WANT TO BELIEVE!! Huuuuge XFiles fan here, you made my night!

    Man, I was worried I was going to be bored until hubby got home at 9, but here I sit with my Bailey’s laughing my ass off. I love this place, seriously.

  217. Maui-nver says:

    Keep checking back always good stuff

  218. SM says:

    I think the case is closed, is it not? I mean, you can’t fight the truth. 😉

  219. twatwaffles & cuntcakes says:

    the case seems closed to me. ren even deleted all her pathetic lies off of the CM group.

  220. DSDM2 says:

    Covering her tracks eh? Nice. No more proof needed IMO.

  221. werd says:

    ahhhh backpedaling then the mass deletion – classic scammer behavior!

  222. Maui-nver says:

    The OP from DS she scammed is looking for her address to file an internet fraud report, any one?

  223. twatwaffles & cuntcakes says:

    235 – her home address?

  224. Maui-nver says:


  225. DSDM2 says:

    Please email that to her. That is a fine line we have asked in the past not to have crossed.

  226. twatwaffles & cuntcakes says:

    i dont have it. i just wanted to clarify that it wasn’t her email address you needed. i hope the OP can track it down.

  227. Biggirlpanties says:

    maui, what email do you want it sent to? i’m gonna let tori know and give her the email address to send it to.

  228. Monkey says:

    #226… you know how vicious mamas get about their diapers… they’re waiting outside her house to… oh wait… What do you do to a scammer?

  229. Kitty says:

    Ok, here’s the thing… and yes, I have a different IP now I am on a different computer. Here is the pic that Tori linked us to in her photobucket earlier that she got from Ren…

    now can someone please tell me WHY would Tori decide to change her “proof” that the photo was photoshopped by changing the name of the photo to CIMG3647.jpg which is obviously a name that comes straight off of a camera????????? Can anyone explain that for me??

  230. DSDM2 says:

    Mine all say that, PSed or not. It is all in how you save it. Proves nothing.

  231. Kitty says:

    ah but Tori says that Ren sent it with the name photoshop.jpg so how would Tori have the name that Ren’s original photo would have had *if* she had changed it to photoshop.jpg???

  232. Ashley says:


    #244 got scammed yet she’s here protecting the scammer

  233. Kitty says:

    You don’t know what you are talking about Ashley, I have never been scammed.

  234. DSDM2 says:

    She renamed it to load it to her PB account.

    There are 100 ways to change a file name.

    I personally name mine with the computer named file then WEB for resizes, edit for edits, and they have an actual name when sent to clients.

    So if a friend Photo shopped it for her, or she did it herself, whatever, she would save it as photoshop to know which one it was. When she got called out on it, she resaved it under a new name.

  235. Ashley says:

    Mark that one to lack of sleep

  236. werd says:

    god, this is like Scammy from DT part 2 – people falling all over themselves to defend her as she scams them, too!

  237. Kitty says:

    dsdm, that makes no sense… that photo that i took from TORI’s photobucket is the same that Ren sent her…. except WITHOUT the name photoshop.jpg that Tori CLAIMS it was sent to her as… are you dense?

  238. DSDM2 says:

    No, not dense, but thanks! I missed it reading too fast.

    That name is the image name from the camera. It is the tag that follows your images and is digitally encrypted. The photo emailed to her could have been titled PhotoShop.

    I am siding with the person with 100+feedbacks, not the one with all the negatives.

    She is a scammer. It is what it is. Let her cry a river. You will all regret coming to her defense in the long run.

  239. Hawk says:


    Put down the sauce.

    Ren sent that picture to Tori by email. When you download an attachment, or there is an image, there is a name of the image. That name of that image that Ren sent was photoshop.jpg.

    It was Ren’s goof. Not Tori’s. Who cares how she saved it? It’s proof that your psychotic liar of a friend isn’t lying? Oh but what, she is.. because there is plenty of proof otherwise.

    The first of which is, snaps don’t fade.

    thanks. Please come again.

    And remember. Drink responsibly.

  240. Hawk says:

    P.s. aren;t you ‘hacking’ into Tori’s PB account now?

    Shame on you.

    Naughty monkey.

  241. DSDM2 says:

    for those who want to search Rens posts on DS, and aren’t members, here:

    google this: RenFlorzak or click

    AND her other name is here:

  242. azkittykat says:

    In case any one is interested I made the mistake of e-mailing the address Kitty told me to and here are the responses I got

    I can give you a screen shot of my PP addy that I haven’t received anything. At this point I’m torn into what to do. My name is screwed over some silly spots bs which has been resolved. I can send you dipes if you need them. I have a verified PP account so you would have gotten your money no matter what. Thats what is weird. I have 2 bank accounts and 1 CC on there. All with available funds. Anyways, what was the dipe? I have tons just boxed away I would be more than happy to send you some bc I’m obviously not goign to be able to sell them anywhere lol. I don’t mind at all. I just want all this dramam to go away. Exploiting photos I took for my husband while he was fighting for our rights is WRONG. I want out of this drama and to go back to my kids and happy life with my friends.

    and this one she sent after my response where I basically told her this was impossible because I had filed a claim where pp found in my favor, but there was no money in the account for me to get a refund.

    My PP addy id (i deleted the address) ask Tori… I’m verified sweetie and have been for quite some time. I dont even have a card in my name so I wouldn’t be able to open up a PP account myself.

    Funny thing is, I have the original e-mail that she sent me from DS that gave me another paypal address, so it should be no surprise that she is once again failing to tell the truth.

    I am beyond angry right now! If someone has her address please e-mail it to me so I can go through with my internet fraud charge against her.

  243. DSDM2 says:

    #1 you don’t need a CC or a bank account to open a PP address, so a lie right there.

    #2 she wouldn’t offer you diapers if she was innocent.

    She is a LYING THIEF AND TOO CHICKEN SHIT TO DO THE RIGHT THING AND OWN UP TO IT. She is just using you mamas to do her bidding. Watch your backs. You will be guilty by association.

  244. woohoo says:

    That is crazy she will send them if you need them what about just giving you what you paid for or your money back

  245. Tori says:

    Kitty if you can provide me an email addy or a CM profile to you I will glady forward you the original email from her in which a photoshop.jpeg was attached to my email. I saved the picture to my computer so I could upload it into my photobucket account. There’s nothing shady behind that

  246. Kitty says:

    ok *sigh* It’s almost bed time for my child so I will make this quick and I may or may not be back tonight…

    Hawk, no I am not drinking and it’s apparent that you are missing the point of what I am trying to say… and I just copied that link from where Tori linked it earlier so no, that is not hacking.

    azkittykat, why are you against Ren’s resolution? She’s offering to send you diapers, I guess I am not understanding the problem… I mean, I know, it’s like 2 months later but…. at least she is trying to come to a solution with you right?

  247. Terra says:

    Yay! I read this blog all the time, and finally am going to respond!

    I am here to vouch for Tori’s honesty. I have “known” her for over a year on another cloth diapering board. She has always been a stand-up mama, and I trust her. She has all sorts of private information about me, and has never violated my trust. I talk to her almost daily online. We have bought each other gm’s in stockings, shared custom orders together, and traded Paypal for different items. I have ALWAYS gotten my end of the bargain from Tori. I also see other pictures she takes…. as she’s got a great camera and mad skills. Pictures of her children are always gorgeous, even if they are playing in messy clothing. Tori has perfect feedback everywhere, and is the kind of classy mama that cares about her integrity, IRL and online. If her Maui wasn’t in good condition, I guarantee that she would have described the exact condition it was in.

    I’m not going to put down the other mama, as I don’t know her. But I can look at all the feedbacks from different boards and put two and two together. This mama has obviously not chosen to leave the respectful online footprint that Tori has. I’m sorry for that…. and I hope no other cloth lovin’ mamas get scammed.

  248. woohoo says:

    Kitty did you read Ren’s reply if you need not I am sorry that this has come to this she knew she had transactions with people but failed to follow through

  249. azkittykat says:

    Kitty, How about what she is doing is theft and fraud. How about her implying that I’m a liar. She broke the law. If anything, she should be begging for us not to file a claim.

  250. Hawk says:

    One last one, and I am going to bed. Witches gotta sleep sometime. Promise.

    I didn’t ‘miss’ your point, Kitty. You made an invalid point. In which I addressed.

    I am glad that you feel going into Tori’s photobucket account, regardless of how you got the info, is not hacking. Therefor, you’ll understand that none of us hacked into Ren’s *open* photobucket account, earlier.

    And she was lying to you when she said we did.

  251. Pickles says:

    Kitty, how dense ARE you? You don’t understand the problem? Please excuse me while I go lollerskating. Oh, you are a freaking riot.

  252. Stacey says:

    I’m finding it hard to take Kitty and the other Ren-followers seriously. Are we being punked?

    Has Lauren offered any excuse as to why she failed to follow through on transactions? How about her reason for creating a new DS account in an effort to deceive buyers? If she has no problem sending diapers, then why is she trying to sell diapers SHE ALREADY SOLD.

  253. DSDM2 says:

    I love that her IHA on both ArmyLady and RenFlorzak are the same, but hey, it wasn’t her.

    My kids have a saying… deny deny deny… but guess what, it never works out for them.

  254. ms_quoted says:

    I am also one of the mommas that got scammed by RenFlorzak on DS. I have been in contact with azkittykat and we have been trying to find Lauren’s new CO address so we can file an internet fraud case against her.

    I bought three nb fitted diapers from her on 11/24, tried contacting her over and over again about it and didn’t hear back from her until the day I filed a pp claim against her. She said that the diapers had been returned to her that day (12/17) because they were weighed incorrectly and she would have them sent out priority the next day. Never got them. Escalated my PP claim on 1/1/09 and “won” the claim but pp couldn’t recover the $ from her account. As far as trying to contact the momma directly– I have e-mailed and PM’d this momma over and over and was ignored except for the one e-mail after I filed a PP claim.

    If anyone has this momma’s CO address please PM me on diaperswappers (user name ms_quoted) so we can file this claim.

  255. DSDM2 says:

    I love how she still isn’t making things right, even when called out…

    I hope you cafemoms, who aren’t already DS members or regulars here, stay around! We will show you who else not to buy from! (or to sell to)

  256. Rika says:

    Maybe the CM mamas who truly believe Lauren is the one being scammed will loan her some money to refund these other mamas who’ve won Paypal claims. Because really, once someone’s won a Paypal claim, they don’t really want the diaper, or a replacement “boxed away” diaper, they want their money back. That’s what friends do, right? You could even hold a HC “charity” raffle! C’mon CM friends, help clear her name so she can go back to her happy life!

    (You don’t even have to come back here and tell us how it feels in 2 months when she doesn’t pay you back.)

  257. Tori says:

    Last night I got an email from Lauren finally confessing it was not the condition of the Maui she didn’t like, but the print of Maui itself. I have asked Lauren to come clean with everyone and I am putting this out in hopes that I have set the stage for her. She is really upset everything has come to the point it has and I told her the only was everything will be done with is for her to come clean and fix what has happened. My name and reputation has been dragged through the mud a bit on here and I have a board of women on CM who think *I* am the scammer which cannot be farther from the truth.

    Please Lauren, come clean to everyone else. Seriously, this crazy freaking drama needs to come to an end

  258. Biggirlpanties says:

    Just my 2cents but when I get an email with a picture, i right click it to save it to my computer and it leaves the file name blank and i have to name it to save it. ever think maybe this is the case with lauren’s picture that was originally “photoshop.jpg”. you lauren activists are really entertaining… and lauren is full of lies.. she didn’t have any cop at her house, the colorado springs police confirmed THAT. what’s next? and CM moms.. if she’s innocent why’d she delete all her posts? she truly is a new type of fucking moron.
    But to include in an email that she “sold cloth diapers to the cop” just puts the icing on the cake for me.

  259. Biggirlpanties says:

    wow… clown cluster fuck.. now it’s the PRINT she doesn’t like? then why was it in her ISO on DS? fucktard

  260. Biggirlpanties says:

    her poor husband and children. fo realz

  261. Tori says:

    I am thinking maybe the print just didn’t wow her when she saw it in person. I know I have gotten a couple before and have been “meh” over them, yk? But going about it in the way it all went down was not cool. This is my reputation on the line 😦

  262. twatwaffles & cuntcakes says:

    tori – i am so sorry this all happened. i am writing a journal on CM so all the CWCB memebers can see how big of an asshole Ren is. i’m sure they are going to feel real stupid when they realize that Ren is the scammer.

  263. Tori says:

    Thank you tawtwaffles ❤

  264. DSDM2 says:

    Tori, I”m glad she at least contacted you to make things right.

    She must still be lying elsewhere.

    Tori, if you don’t mind, can you forward me that email? I would like to see for myself (as you can understand) Lauren, SHAME ON YOU.

    Tori, also please email these other women who are looking for her address so that THEY can go to her local police department and actually file a case if she refuses to refund.


  265. just me says:

    Ok I have been kind of a lurker and just reading. I don’t know what to think. I do have to say it doesn’t look good at all for REN or Lauren whatever. Anyway, I do belong to CM and would love to know how I can read your journal post?

  266. twatwaffles & cuntcakes says:

    278 – I am writing it now, but I am at work so it might take a while. lol. And I will be including all the proof I can gather against Ren. Although this blog says it all… And for the record, you can find me on CM as CorbinsMommy225.

  267. DSDM2 says:

    Lauren, please come here and tell the truth. You backpedal and lie at every turn to these women. They deserve to know the truth.

  268. DSDM2 says:

    Tori, You are welcome to post the emails here if you want. I have no problem with that.

  269. Tori says:

    I was told this morning by Lauren that it is ok to quote her so I am doing so. Here is the email she sent me last night


    I want to thank you for being “reasonable”.

    I dont remember that email (but I trust that I DID send it ) and I might have been thinking about the DS account that everyone accused me of opened again. I was banned and assuming my IP was blocked because I can only view the first page and can not see anything else. When I would try to log in it would say something along the lines Banned Forever. Anyways, YES my sn is RenFlorzak. No denying that. I did make a few mistakes and did fix them or AM fixing them.

    The diaper: The picture of it looks AWESOME but IRL I’m not impressed with it. (the print that is, NOT the condition). I have someone close to me who is taking it off my hands and it will go to a great home and get lots of love. So it worked out well!

    Anyways, point being yes, I’m RenFlorzak.


    And an email she sent me this morning


    I think we miss understood each other. I didn’t mention anything about the condition. I personally didn’t want to touch that subject. I just said something about the print. I will say this however. I think we have different views on what EEEUC means. I would not have listed it as that I probably would have said maybe EUC. You have great feedback so alot people agree with you. Like I said no harm done we just have different opinons on those things. I will NOT go on the blog. I don’t join in the feeding frenzy with everyone and especially how they hurt me so bad there is no way. I don’t owe them anything. You can however quote me and thats fine. I don’t think you are a bad seller or anything or was trying to scam me I just think it was a misunderstanding in the terms of EEEUC. The only thing I said was true is that yes, I am RenFlozak. Anyways, sorry for the misunderstanding.


    Regardless of whether she thinks it is EEUC or EUC, she still thinks it is in EUC condition. Whatever was done to that pic or even if it was taken with the crappiest of crappy cell phone cameras, her picture clearly does not show an EUC diaper like she just stated it was. And that’s a big difference from being originally washed and worn 15 times to now being an EUC?

    I have ended my correspondence with Lauren because I am sick of all of this.

  270. Tori says:

    DSDM2, I must have read your mind LOL

  271. Biggirlpanties says:

    i bet all her CM lauren activist friends are gonna be putting their feet in their mouths now. how STUPID do you feel for supporting such a psychopathic liar? c’mon now.. she needs a checkup from the neckup in a BIG way.

  272. DSDM2 says: is her current email. So those that paypal sided with need to have PP combine the account so you have a chance to get your money back (assuming her PP email and email addie are the same)

  273. just me says:

    I am just in shock right now. Why wouldn’t she just stop the emails? Why would she continue to post on sites and act like nothing happened? Usually when people are scamming they don’t like to return emails and such. Maybe she likes the drama? I don’t know. Crazy!

  274. DSDM2 says:

    You have to like the drama if you are going to post about it on a site… if you are truly a non-drama person, you would just say, I am not talking about this and let it go.

    She is a liar, she is trying to make herself look better and get people to drop the negative feedback.

    I love the part of how she was NEVER on DS, but now had one screen name, what about the second?! lol.

  275. just me says:

    Oh I never said I didn’t like the drama. I actually think it is quite hilarious that you all have caught her but yet she is still trying to cover things up. I do feel bad for the ladies who got scammed. At least Tori wasn’t really out anything.

    I just don’t get why she keeps trying to defend what she did/is doing I guess.

  276. Tori says:

    I am not a drama fan but feel I have to be on here to clear my name :S The only thing I ever did wrong in this situation was sell to a crazy buyer.

  277. JustPeachy says:

    #288 because she is an idiot pure and simple.

  278. Biggirlpanties says:

    wow.. Aprile from CM needs to stop with the silliness. To defend Ren and ban a perfectly innocent member is stupidity. I really hope that she realizes that Ren is the one who dragged that group into this, nobody else. She also needs to realize that Ren admitted she LIED and continues to play the whole group. I really hope this comes to bite lauren in the ass… HARD.

  279. DSDM2 says:

    Yeah, Aprile is falling into the trap. Lauren’s feedback speaks or its self, and she fed the trolls, not the other mama.

  280. Hawk says:

    Way to protect your 400 members by letting the scammer stay there, Jackasses.

  281. Biggirlpanties says:

    they say they have yet to see solid proof???? clearly they aren’t reading this blog. LAUREN ADMITTED SHE LIED!!! DID YOU MISS THAT?
    oh, and i’d also like to say that corbinsmommy didn’t copy and paste ANYTHING. in fact, she said she didn’t want to involve that group. she was just defending the truth, so pull your heads out of your asses CMers. Seriously.

  282. DSDM2 says:

    FTR, Corbinsmommy is not the same as the person who posted as me,myself, and i here on the blog, the IPs do not match, so you have more than one mole on your group. From the hits we got, I say you have quite a few chatting about it. I got emails from 5 different people with the c&p of the threads found here:

    and here

    Which by deleting, you are putting all the members of your group in jeopardy of not being able to make up their own minds about Ren being a scammer. Because she is, and she will scam more mamas.

  283. DSDM2 says:

    BWAHAHAHA, I just figured out that you have at least one mom posting to your group all in support of Ren, and on here, she isn’t!! HAHAHAHA!

  284. Biggirlpanties says:

    #296. isn’t it funny how that works? they need to just grow some cojones. seriously.

  285. DSDM2 says:

    FWIW, I’m fairly sure Ren is posting here too. And lying about it. IP traces are sssooooooooo nice.

  286. twatwaffles & cuntcakes says:

    It’s pure crazy in that CM group. How can I be jumped on like that for trying to protect them from Ren??? If that is how they run, then good riddance.

    Since I outed myself on here, I have had about 10 friend requests on CM from memebers of that group and they are all saying they are on my side but can’t say anything in the group in fear that they will be jumped on too.

    One of them is actually waiting on dipes she bought from Ren. Good luck with that, honey.

  287. DSDM2 says:

    i love how that “new” member is defending Ren b/c of the police report, without CALLING to find out. Ren even went back on that statement, come on!

    Ren is lying to you, you have MANY moles, and I am being copied on EVERY post by multiple members of your group.

  288. JustPeachy says:

    Oh who gives a rats ass if a bunch of stupid women with nothing better to do then defend a scammer jump on ya? Seriously sounds like those ladies need to grow a pair.

  289. twatwaffles & cuntcakes says:

    300 – I can’t see the group anymore, but I know people who can. *insert evil laugh here*

    They will all realize it soon enough and feel stoooooopid.

  290. zomgwtfbbqsammich says:

    *passes the popcorn*

  291. CDMama says:

    Corbinsmommy225, ReginaPhalangeE, and mimanchibella…it’s getting old. You’ve made your point. Move on.

  292. DSDM2 says:

    Move on from what? Talking about a scammer?

  293. DSDM2 says:

    Oh and there are more than 3, sorry to bust your bubble.

  294. twatwaffles & cuntcakes says:

    304 – I will move on when Ren apologizes to CWCB for lying to them. And maybe when Aprile opens her eyes and see thats Ren needs to be booted!

  295. twatwaffles & cuntcakes says:

    I also want to add, for all the CM members, that I am appalled that you all would stand by such a shady person and then jump all over me for trying to protect you from the scammer. It makes me sick. Pull yours heads out of your asses.

  296. Tori says:

    Yes, I would like my name and reputation restored to these mamas on the CM board. Ideally, I would love it if Lauren came clean to all of them and admit her wrongdoing, but I doubt that would ever happen. And it seems some of them are so snowballed by the sob stories to even look at the truth 😦

  297. just me says:

    309- reputation restored for me. I would buy something from you.

  298. Tori says:

    Thank you Just Me

  299. zomgwtfbbqsammich says:

    I’d buy from you too, Tori. In fact, sell me your stone sophisticate :giggle:

  300. Tori says:

    LMBO bbqsammich!

  301. DSDM2 says:

    If I liked GMs I would, lol.

  302. werd says:

    I’d buy from you in a heartbeat – whatcha’ got for sale?

  303. DSDM2 says:

    Aprile, now the new thread is gone, just because you openly admitted that you wont do anything b/c it didn’t happen to a member? Nice.

  304. Biggirlpanties says:

    she’s a fuckin hoot that one… protectin scammers. what’s next?

  305. zomgwtfbbqsammich says:

    It’s okay – their group owner says its okay for Ren to scam outside the group, she is still welcome as long as she doesn’t scam them.

  306. Rika says:

    Attempting to censor the situation won’t make it go away and it only enables her to do it again.

    Aprile, if you cared about protecting your members, why wouldn’t you let the truth be known?

  307. Hawk says:

    Oh balls, 317. Don’t ask.

    Next thing you know, they’ll be coming out with a cafe moms ‘skanks, scammers, and those that love them’ calendar, so Ren can fund her non existent E lawyer that is following up on the non existent police reports.

  308. itsraininghere says:

    i literally loled wnen i read that lauren was arguing over how many E’s the descdiption of the diaper deserved!

  309. Biggirlpanties says:

    #322. Correct. it wasn’t EEEEEEUC.. but possibly EEEEEeUC.

  310. zomgwtfbbqsammich says:

    E’s are important! ITS SRS INTERWEBZ DIAPER INFO!

  311. Biggirlpanties says:

    ROFL. yes, interwebz bizns r SEWIOUS

  312. zomgwtfbbqsammich says:

    I am too scared to put Es in my listings. Don’t want the diaper police to come get me after comparing mine to a NIP one.

  313. Biggirlpanties says:

    but then you could sell them cloth diapers. SILLY!

  314. Me too says:

    Another CM mama here who would buy from Tori:) No worries… I don’t think YOUR reputation is the one that’s been irreparably damaged here.

  315. Biggirlpanties says:

    yes, but the irreparable damage that has been done to lauren’s reputation is nobody’s fault but her own.

  316. zomgwtfbbqsammich says:

    327 – oh man, I didn’t think about it. And I forget that they can see my diapers through the phone.

  317. twatwaffles & cuntcakes says:

    329 – yes. well said.

  318. Me too says:

    329- I completely agree that Ren dug her own hole. I for one chose to ignore her existence from this point forward.

  319. Me too says:

    CHOOSE to ignore her existence. Sorry, I’m an OCD grammar/spelling geek.

  320. DSDM2 says:

    I’m glad that people are starting to see her for what she is, I hope more do before she swindles them out of much more.

  321. lollerskating says:

    This was a good read. Better than a romance novel. What ever happened to the defenders?

  322. Me, MySelf, and I says:

    They must have figured out how bad they look defending someone who is such an obvious moron.

  323. monkey says:

    Somebody please tell me the the CM lady’s name is like like April Evelyn or something. It really disturbs me to think that her first name might be April with an E.

  324. monkey says:


    I have to tell you, that almost depresses me more than this whole situation.

  325. Hawk says:

    Chris Cringle on a cracker. That’s a porn star name if I ever heard one.

  326. Maui-nver says:

    Wow I stepped out to work for the last 24 and this is till going…..

  327. DSDM2 says:

    So she scammed these mamas so that she can pay for her NEW TrailBlazer? Is that what is going on?

    FTR, I did edit out her birthday, but that was all.

  328. Maui-nver says:

    Well we will see if he thinks she deserves it when he comes back and hears what she has been up too.

  329. DSDM2 says:

    I hope he finds out…

  330. azkittykat says:

    I just wanted to update everyone and let you all know that we finally got our refunds. We gave her a 3pm deadline today and told her if we didn’t get our refunds we would file the internet fraud charge against her. I want to thank all of you who helped us and gave us the important information we needed. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without you!!

  331. haha says:

    Is Corbins mommy Angela from bbb?

  332. DSDM2 says:

    #345, I’m glad. She was lying to a lot of women and stealing.

  333. twatwaffles & cuntcakes says:

    346 – Nope. It’s me, Kaitlyn. lol.

  334. twatwaffles & cuntcakes says:

    345 – YAY! I am glad she finally owned up to her mistakes. Now all the CafeMoms can go back to their happy group.

  335. Tori says:

    I am so glad ya’ll got your money back ((HUGS)) Thank goodness she is permanently banned from DS, HC, and is blocked from making an account at the Pin. Hopefully, she’ll never have the opportunity to try and scam any of us again.

  336. Rika says:

    345 – That’s great news. wtg dramabloggers

  337. DSDM2 says:

    🙂 yey for less scamming!

  338. Biggirlpanties says:

    yay girls!! so happy to hear good things.. hopefully psychobitch learned her lesson…. well, both lessons.
    A. don’t take pics of yourself in a bikini and post them on a public photobucket account titled “modeling”
    B. don’t scam people.. it will bite you in the ass.

  339. Maui-nver says:

    *hugs* Kitty so glad this got resolved for you! Good work all!

  340. anutermama says:

    Wow.. I just can’t believe this!! I actually believed her. 😦

  341. Jesse says:

    Wow I can’t believe I got through that whole thing but it sure brought on the lulz!

  342. CDNation says:

    Anyone know is this Ren/Lauren is on CDN?

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