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The kindness of strangers

I’ve always been the type to give money to the homeless, to the Salvation Army, to any charity that’s set up in front of walmart I always gets pets from rescues, I always give outgrown clothes and shoes away on craigslist or pass them down to friends. Always. I was raised to give and expect nothing in return. I was raised that even when all you have to give is a dollar, that dollar might make the difference in someone’s life – that might mean they eat that day. My friends and boyfriends along the way have always rolled their eyes or made fun of me (Save a few close friends who I cherish).

Well, a week or so ago I posted an ISO trades only. My engagement ring for summer/spring woolies. I already had mostly enough winter woolies and a few recycled on the way from a super sweet DS mama. My daughter’s dad left the day she turned a month old so there was no reason to keep it. I had spinal surgery 3 weeks ago so funds are limited. I jokingly mentioned the ring’s history in my iso with something like “I told him to take the ring and choke on it, he told me to keep it because I needed the money more than him.. Turns out he was right now that he’s over $1000 behind in support”

Well, apparently a lot of DS women were raised like I was. I was OVERWHELMED by the offers I received. One woman offered to make Shae’s’ ENTIRE spring/summer recycled woolie sets for the ring – to be fair, I’m letting her pick how many of what she makes and letting it all be a surprise She’s got great feedback and posts a lot so there is trust there (I always have more trust in someone with lots of posts) and I’m sending her the ring a week before she’s ready to send the wool so she can take it to a jeweler (my suggestion) to make sure its real (we bought it on Amazon and I know its real, but I want her to know its real lol). Then I had this other amazing woman offer to KNIT Shae a pair of capris once she finished her daughter’s longies. Yesterday she asks if its ok if they’re scrappy capris – I could have fainted. I mean really, I DREAM of scrappies but could never pay for them and here this woman is, that I’ve never talked to before, offering me free scrappies. The woman who’s finishing our winter woolies is making them free from sweaters I mailed her (I hope she’s got enough to make her son some from them cause they’re very gender neutral!). Some WAHM’s have offered me some of their wares. Some have gone through their diapers and offered to send me their unloved easy diapers (my parents are doing the diapering while I recover – I use prefolds, they like the pockets, AIOs and fitteds).

Some people would call it Karma, but I don’t. I think it just shows the kindness of this community and that many of you were raised like me – to give every chance you can.

So thank you DS mamas for taking care of me. You touch my heart in ways I can’t begin to explain and I WILL pass the kindness off once my daughter outgrows these things or once I’m able to provide something that another mama needs. Some of the emails made me cry as I read them. My son’s dad has never paid child support so I expected that, but my daughter’s dad was with me for 3 years and we were engaged – I never expected him to NOT take care of the child he begged me to have. Its so good to know that there is a place where strangers will still help each other out. It really does take a village to raise a child and you are all my village.

Single mommy to Cyrus 10-10-03 who walked as he turned 8 months old and Shaeleigh 5-29-08 who crawled as she turned 5 months old
currently recovering from major spinal surgery – be patient with me please!
would love to find a cheap (under $10) snapping M Nana Bottom to try out
  1. sheepthrills says:

    That’s a really heartwarming story. It makes me glad to know there are still so many good, generous people out there, even on DS. How wonderful!

  2. JustPeachy says:

    Thanks DSDM! I thought we could all use some warm fuzzies every once in a while with all the bad stuff that goes on on DS.

  3. werd says:

    yes, it is so nice to see something positive about DS. Usually its just crappy wahms etc

  4. Booyah says:

    Awww, I am all goopy-eyed now. Yes, there are still a few good apples out there!

  5. Booyah says:

    And on another note, if I see another thread with a n00b going, “Why do people use fitteds??” I’m gonna stab my eyes out. I swear DS is like a broken record and the same ten questions get asked every two weeks. It’s called a search function, people…use it!

  6. j_bean says:

    Nice warm fuzzy; nice to read for a change.

    #5 totally agree-which is why I stay out of Diaper Q & A. Buy a fitted and find out if *you* like them. Hell you can buy a Mutt cheap.

  7. Anonymous says:

    What is the email again for the drama mamas?

  8. DSDM2 says:

    got the email, TY.

  9. smurfmeat says:

    After reading I had to scroll up to the top of the entry because I didn’t understand where the drama was. Good to see not everyone on DS is a turd!

  10. Heatherly says:

    It happens once in a while……..<3.

  11. goodytwoshoesphotography says:

    that is so awesome! i might have a little faith in DS yet 🙂

  12. The ORIGINAL Just Me says:


  13. lilgamoma says:

    I love hearing stories like this! 🙂

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