Let’s welcome in the New Year, it’s 1984!

Posted: January 1, 2009 by DSDM2 in Just Drama
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So this one is indirectly from DS, it is from our sister group (I guess you call it that?) It looks like Big Brother is here to stay… no conspiracy theories this time. It really happened.


Yup, They do read PMs

posted by: cherryplum_lovelys

Ok, this is my first post here. I didn’t know this group even existed
until today.

Starting about 2 months ago, I kept getting warnings and strikes from
Mods about things that I had never aired publicly. I thought some of
my DS mama friends might be double agents (lol). I have one strike
left, and I’m waiting for that to get handed down right quick.

Anyways, today I pretty much CAUGHT Mods reading my PM’s. I set it up
(well, sortof). My husband is a DS member, too. Though he has maybe 3
posts and no iTrader feedback. I sent him a message, asking if he
wanted to know the name of the WAHM that was scamming people. I left
it EXTREMELY generic, no way to even derive a theory out of it IMO.

Within 2 minutes of sending it, I received a nasty response from
Wearing Taci, cautioning me that revealing someones identity, even in
a private message, is considered outting and violates the regulations.
She then said that I already had two strikes and encouraged me to
re-read the rules and terms of use.

Seeing as my husband isnt home, and HE cant check his PM’s…it really
only leaves one other option doesnt it.


  1. uhhuhwhut says:

    Of course they do! If you read the FAQ in the PM section it says you can get a strike for PMing another member the address of a competing website. The only way they would know that is if they read PMs. It’s ridiculous that they feel the need to control grown women that way, but whatever. I’ve moved on. I’m sick of not being able to say anything. I’m sick of mods not admitting when they’re clearly wrong. Since when did linking to another person’s livejournal blog becoming spamming (her definition of spamming was self promotion)? I’m sick of people repeatedly being screwed by the same wahms and on fsot because we can’t “out” liers, thieves and scammers.

  2. Nicole says:

    lolol I dont miss that place more every day!

  3. AshleyB says:

    Literally, I JUST got done re installing Windows AGAIN (3rd time) over the DS virus! And I’m NOT comp illiterate…I BUILD computers for FUN. If people would quit PMing me there, I would be totally done. Fu*k them all there, really. They know they read PM’s and they know about the other problems…and it’s pretty public too. You take that risk talking there.

  4. Monkey says:

    And my husband is forever telling me I’m overly paranoid.

    I knew they were reading them. What really tees me off is I got a strike for something really silly. I’ve seen other mamas do this same thing dozens and dozens of times and nothing happens. I’m convinced it’s because the mods did not like the opinion I gave on the thread where I got the strike.

  5. Reader says:

    Yeah, VBulletin has hacks that make it possible to read PMs. Of course DS reads PMs.

    I hate DS. I wish there were a forum that is just as busy where you can b/s/t. There just isn’t. There are alternative websites, of course, but they just don’t have the same b/s/t opportunities that DS does.

  6. Booyah says:

    Was there ever really any doubt that they were doing this?

    Come to Cloth Diaper Nation. We are mature enough to let adults have their own private conversations without a chaperone hovering over them wagging her finger. Our FSOT may not be as thriving, but you can always just use DS for that and come to CDN for the chatter!

  7. Monkey says:

    Woot! I am now a member of cloth diaper nation!

  8. cdnation says:

    Yep the can add a hack that allows admin etc to read pms. We do NOT have that hack, we will NEVER have that hack. Feel free to talk openly about competing sites, we’re not worried about them. You either want to be on a site or you don’t. Nothing we can do to make you stay or go.

    No reading of PRIVATE messages, no warnings, no strikes, no deleting posts, no locking posts, and best of all no edit. That counts for admin and mods alike.


  9. Taterbug says:

    This is the same mod who denied that they read PMs unless they’re reported, as quoted from DS in the “mods reading PMs” thread in this blog. So not only is WearingTaci a whiner, but a liar too. Nice.

  10. DSDM2 says:

    Her quote was here: http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showpost.php?p=5710344&postcount=13

    Re: Is it true?

    “No mods/admin don’t have time to read private messages. The only way we find out if something against the rules is done in PMs is when it’s reported to us”

    So she didn’t deny that it is possible, or that it isn’t done. Just that they don’t have time.

  11. tjsmommy says:

    WOW! I had a feeling that mods read PMs from members that had strikes or whatever, but i never thought they would read every PM that gets sent! YIKES! I guess i’m a little naive because I never really thought they sat and read every PM. I wish there were another site like DS that I could switch to!

  12. TheBoredBitch says:

    Cloth Diaper Nation is a decent site. If you havent checked it out, I would do so considering what a joke Lee has turned DS into.

  13. tjsmommy says:

    #12….I just signed up for CDN it looks like a good site…we shall see.

  14. AshleyB says:

    Also with CDN, while it may not have a thriving FSOT yet, it could if more people JOINED and listed there stuff FSOT there instead!

  15. Booyah says:

    I wonder if this is why some of my PMs never seem to reach their recipient. Do they delete PMs they find questionable too?

  16. sassy1 says:

    ITA, we need to build it and the only way to do that is to go there and list stuff 😉

    All the mamas there so far seem really cool and fun and the fsot isn’t like DS, but I guarantee it won’t take long to get better.

    And FOST minus mod-nazi’s is the best part of it lol!!

  17. Hayley says:

    Wow as if Sarah has nothing better to do 😦 I am sad to say that I was at one point friends with her.

  18. Sarah says:

    Glad they finally got caught reading pm’s. DS is so yesterday, CDN is where it’s at! 🙂

  19. barbles says:

    VIVA LA CLOTH DIAPER NATION! or something. Seriously, DS is whack!

  20. DSDM2 says:

    Here is a list of other competing (maybe?) sites. Most are smaller, some we don’t have access to and some we do. I will not vouch for any of them 😉 But nothing can be worse than DS right?

    We get linked from lots of them; here are a few in the last month or two:

    the AOL boards
    And there is the HC forum.

    There are more, that is just what a quick search pulled.

  21. werd says:

    I’m so done with DS. I’m just tired of the BS. CDN here I come!

  22. DSDM2 says:

    Hey! I went to DS today and got 2 new Trojans! WHOO HOO!

    God they suck. I have really good antivirus software too. That is bull shit.

    (BTW I scanned the comp before bed last night and then went on DS for drama first thing this AM and they came up WHILE I was on DS).

  23. sassy1 says:

    yeah there is that aspect as well, my laptop was all but ruined, and thankfully now my dad helped me salvage it and hooked me up with a way to run DS without getting that junk on my system anymore…how do they think people will come to DS if their computers are busted 😕

  24. werd says:

    yeah I got a few new trojans first thing when I logged on to DS. Think I’m done… gonna finish my transactions, and peace out real quick like

  25. DSDM2 says:

    We *might* have to run a few ads here to pay for me to reformat AGAIN. Ugh… I just can’t afford for this to keep happening.

    It is ridiculous.

  26. JustPeachy says:

    Ads dont bother me as long as they arent inappropriate for the kind of people who visit or they dont lag your comp. Do what you gotta do DSDM2 *hug*

  27. me123 says:

    I’m really not surprised… at all.

  28. AshleyB says:

    DSDM2…you have to reformat your harddrive…right? Techy question as I am SUPER computer geek (sorry for everyone else…though this might help you guys, too)! How many hard drives do you have in your computer? If 2, does it have a disk partition? If you have NO clue, that’s fine…I can walk you through discovering that as well. Point being, you may be able to reformat yourself, in 1/2 an hour AND NOT lose ANY of your files. Keyword is MIGHT though…and I don’t mind ad’s as long as I don’t get a virus from them! AND, I’m posting an “I got a virus” thread on DS, and I recommend everone else does as well, as well as filing with WOT on the site being BAD news…I already have!

  29. DSDM2 says:

    What is WOT?

    As for the rest, I hand the comp to DH and let him and his buds figure it out, lol.

  30. werd says:

    DSDM – you should set up an account so people can donate. I would, as much as people have irritated me this week (prolly hormones) I friggen cannot go a day without reading this!

  31. JustPeachy says:

    WOT is web of trust a firefox add on. It alerts you to sites that may carry viruses/ trojans before you go to them. Its really neat. I used to have it but every 6 months we reformat and with the last ff download it wasnt included.
    Thanks for the tip though. Im adding WOT to my FF as I type 🙂

  32. Monkey says:

    I love WOT. I love Firefox. Sweet, sweet Firefox. I’ve turned everyone I know onto FF.

  33. Zosiasmama says:

    I have said it before that DS reads Pm’s….they are awful. They act like hall monitors…for God’s sake these are grown women! ClothDiaperNation is the place to be…you can act like an adult, No one watching over your shoulder, you can talk about real stuff in life….yes that means S3x. You are free to be you! Come join us!

  34. mamapixie says:

    Firefox also has a “no script” and “flashblock” add-ons, it helps to block even more ads then just adblock.

    I was very, very close to not being able to save my pictures and other important files from my computer. Luckily, a last ditch effort with safe mode saved them.

  35. zosiasmama says:

    BTW….DSDM I love the 1984 reference!

  36. AshleyB says:

    #35, I had both of those as well, and STILL fell victim to the DS virus. And DSDM2, this is a VERY easy process. Go into “my computer” on your computer, and look for “hard disk drives”. It should be fairly close to the top. Then, check to see if you have 1 or 2 drives (there should be a C drive, and possibly a D drive)! If you can check that, I can tell you if I can help you fix the computer w/o spending $$ OR losing any data.

  37. InAfixx says:

    I registered at CDN this morning, but I never received my verification e-mail. I am just inactive. Dude…bummer.

  38. mamapixie says:

    CDN sends your activation email to your bulk inbox.

    #37, yeah, the virus/malware got me with FF and adblock, so I figured with the reboot, I’d triple my efforts with it. Plus, I’m not going back there after I’m done with a few things.

  39. AshleyB says:

    I *think* the specific thing it is is “CoolWebSearch”, or CWS…which is a NASTY PITA malware. It’s best to just do the reboot off of your disk partition (NOT booting from a CD, but the secondary hard drive most computers come with specifically for this!)

  40. zosiasmama says:

    #38…please check your spam folder, many times the CDN verification email gets put there. If not post here and we will check into it!

  41. alison says:

    Am I just ridiculously lucky, or is it that my Mac is saving me from the DS viruses?

  42. mamapixie says:

    It’s the Mac I bet, most viruses are written for Windows.

  43. InAfixx says:

    I’ve got a Mac, too. An oldie, but a goodie 🙂 No virus’ for me.

  44. Monkey says:

    “Am I just ridiculously lucky, or is it that my Mac is saving me from the DS viruses?”

    Nope, I haven’t (knock on wood) picked a virus/trojan up yet with my PC. But DH has this computer locked up so tight it might as well be Fort Knox.

  45. cdnation says:

    #38 if you still don’t have your email. Send me a quick note at

    owner@clothdiapernation.com and let me know your user name and I’ll fix your settings so that you can log on.

  46. Kelolsen says:

    Oh Im just seeing this. I”ve had nastily (is that a word) written PMs from Wearing Taci before. That doesn’t suprise me at all.

  47. daisy0306 says:

    Can I hijack for a sec? Can anyone fill me in on Rock Start Knits Drama? Thank you.

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