PSA: Clean Your Items

Posted: December 27, 2008 by THE Drama Mama in Just Drama
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Seriously? Does this even need to be said? Come on. Clean your crap before you sell it.

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Cleanliness protocol

Okay, is there a protocol for how clean things should be that you send out? I recently got a pair of cream colored woolies from a mamma and I know she didn’t even wash them before she sent them to me. They are totally stretched out and filthy. I just put them into a wool bath and the water is black already. I would NEVER do this would you???

  1. givepeasachance says:

    My fave is the dipe I got that had poop on it. It was supposed to be NIP. The seller actually told me that the Mama she got it FFS from must have left poop on it. Nom nom!

  2. tjsmommy says:

    some redneck hick trailer trash mama’s are just nasty. If they don’t care how their stuff looks, why should they care to wash it first?

  3. trolltastic says:

    that is the nastiest thing ever.

  4. The Original Ashley says:

    That is gross. I am so lucky to never had that problem, everything I’ve bought used, with the exception of a FFS lotto that had a lot of hair on everything, all my items have been clean.

    I don’t understand the basic common sense of sending out clean items. I hope she left appropriate feedback.

  5. JustPeachy says:

    I never understood why people don’t wash their wool before they send it out. I mean I get not using up their nice wool wash but wash it in some baby shampoo or dawn or SOMETHING before you send it on.
    I guess Im lucky in that I have never gotten nasty wool but Id be furious if I paid good money for a pair of longies and when I got them they were dingy.

  6. Booyah says:


    Hey, I see a vibrator thread in Sensitive Subjects. Wonder how long it’ll be before it’s shut down! Can’t have that naughty adult content!

  7. mickee311 says:

    Grosssssss….I got a diaper from someone off Spots once and it was literally COVERED in cat hair. It was totally sick. I hate cats. That didn’t help their case any.

  8. momofdivas says:

    Damn those redneck hick trailer trash mommas how dare they.

  9. Dazed says:

    #10~ I LOVE how the bible verse at the bottom of the OP’s sig on that thread talks about not being afraid. Hilarious! I wondered what those crazies who were SURE the US was going to be rounded up into camps & microchipped in Sep. were going to be running off at the mouth about next.

  10. givepeasachance says:

    P.S. Thanks for taking the blog back to the original layout! I was confizzled that last few changes! LOL

  11. me123 says:

    Here’s some more drama fun…. and just when we thought ShabbyChic couldn’t get any bitchier!

    She really has a way with words to make herself come off “rude” every time. I can’t stand that woman and how everyone (well, MOST everyone) on DS seems to bow down to her.

  12. bin. says:


    This is why we need comprehensive sex education in America. It seriously pains me to read the stupidity. Is she filing for divorce, is she leaving him, oh wait they’re pregnant and have a perfect relationship, oh but… jesus.

    I feel like I’m back in highschool. so if Judy makes out with Steve and steve just got done fucking Jan who slept with Stewart, can Judy get pregnant with Stewarts baby?????
    My cousins boyfriend just turned 21 and after his party they tried to dtd but he could only partially get it up and it wouldn’t stay that way well they tried twice I guess for a total of a few minutes well she is on bcp and she thinks she didn’t take it that day on accident so what are her chance of getting pg I mean I am not sure you can create preejac with out being fully aroused and I know there is no sperm in preejac unless the male ejacs prior to s*x and doesn’t urinate. So help me put her mind at ease! Thanks

  13. luvmyb says:

    Golly, 13. How did you find that thread with Shabbychic in it? Are you stalking her user name?

    Just wondering…

  14. luvmyb says:

    And I meant to add, how was that even classified as “bitchier” WTH?

  15. Bloo♥Skadoo says:

    I don’t know #16 but golly gee are you stalking the drama blog for mentions of Shabby?

  16. Booyah says:

    #14….WTF is right, that’s about all I can say to THAT one. Holy crap. Is she for real? Tell me she’s not for real. I thought the women on DS were adults, not 13-year-olds.

  17. Bloo♥Skadoo says:

    Well apparently she is correct some what about the pre ejac. The other stuff is just sort of insane LOL.

  18. luvmyb says:

    #17 yeah, sure, buddy.

  19. Bloo♥Skadoo says:

    #20 well I mean really, the thread is in extra fluffy chat it is not exactly hidden from the public view. You don’t have to stalk to find it you just have to read the KHW thread and BAM there it is. Considering their is some dramas or has been associated with KHW it is not surprising that people would open the thread.

  20. luvmyb says:

    Bloo you should check with Wanker. I think she’s signing up soon for some spelling/grammar classes. It would behoove you to maybe get in touch with her regarding those.

    And yeah, I’m sure me123 just stumbled across that post.

  21. Bloo♥Skadoo says:

    LOL it is a mesaage board not a term paper thanks for the tip though dahling! 🙂

  22. luvmyb says:

    Sure, no problem!! Just trying to spread some nosiness around…It seems to be really prevalent these days!


  23. blooskadoo says:

    Well good thing you include yourself in that whole mess 🙂 Would not want you too feel left out or anything. Toodles!

  24. b says:

    Is Blue<3Skadoo the same as the skadoo from the crusty koi pond longies?

  25. Bloo♥Skadoo says:


  26. Bloo♥Skadoo says:

    I own zero longies and I don’t make them either. I also don’t know the story of the crusty koi pond longies although it does sound interesting.

  27. Behooooooooooooooove says:

    Anyone else giggle when they see the word “behoove”? Not making fun of anyone, I just think the word in itself sounds funny. 🙂

  28. monkey'smom says:

    Anyone want a deal on GMs? YOu can get a ton here but you’ll just have to trust her since she isn’t supplying pics…

  29. Trinity says:

    Does she honestly believe she can sell those as a lot with no pics? She doesn’t even bother to list all the prints or answer pms by the sounds of it, but yet she wants someone to send her almost $900. Right.

  30. blooskadoo says:

    She wants people to drop over $800 but can’t take the time to post pictures!

  31. Stacey2 says:

    and she’s a photographer….

  32. werd says:

    god what is up with the people on this board being such assholes to each other?! I want to go back to the good old days of laughing together about somebody else’s stupidity! Good Lord!

    I’m out.

  33. Erin says:

    #13 I didn’t find Shabby to be bitchy or rude at all. The OP’s response to Shabby’s post seemed kinda rude though….

    What blows my mind is the fact that people still buy from KHW after all the negs on her HC and the drama that always surrounds her.

  34. Erin says:

    I’m sure some poor idiot will buy those GM’s sight unseen. Keep an eye on the Transactions page. I’m sure the “She never shipped my diapers, what do I do?” post will be there soon.

  35. alison says:

    LOL #32.

    Nice catch.

    The 5 month payment plan she’s offering is ballsy… Unless she splits mailing the dipes over the same period…

  36. AshleyB says:

    #32, here’s her Photobucket!
    She had no problem taking pic’s before (I was looking to see if maybe she had a “show your stash” pic somewhere)! I’m sure someone will buy it too!

  37. DramaBore says:

    Did anyone see the new JA Report on Stinky Couture?

  38. Behooooooooooooooove says:

    Holy shit, I just googled “Juicy Apple Report WAHM” and the first thing I got was a link about Daphne and her scamming the fabric and stuff. Wow!

  39. AshleyB says:

    Yup, got the JA this morning! WHY do people still order from her?

  40. Behooooooooooooooove says:

    I don’t order from her, I wait till the shit goes up on Spots and buy it up. Gotta help the mamas out who want to get her crap outta their house, right? It’s a win-win, in a way….For me, I get new (to me) diapers, they get at least something from selling them. Spank me now, I still like the diapers. They work great for us and fit the kiddo like a glove.

  41. blooskadoo says:

    ZOMG #42 your UN LOL

  42. Behooooooooooooooove says:

    Yeah, I dunno if you’ve seen the movie “Freddy Got Fingered”….But the word just reminds me of when the “Zebras in America” Freddy says, “Look at my hoooooves!”

  43. blooskadoo says:

    No I think I lasted all of ten minutes with thta one before I snuck out and snuck into a different movie LOL. It is a funny word. I think that is because it is a fuddy duddy kind of word.

    This whole shambles makes me think of the Joker “Why so serious!”

  44. Behooooooooooooooove says:

    Where does he get those wonderful toys?

  45. blooskadoo says:

    “wanna see a magic trick? I can make this pen disappear!”

  46. JustPeachy says:

    Speaking of JA report I came across this and my jaw dropped.
    Reason being I recently purchased from this mama and had no inkling of the CC debaucle.

  47. JustPeachy says:
    This proves my previous hunch that she’s a minion for Daphne.

  48. DSDM2 says:

    48, the CC thing is a big deal, I’ve read a lot about it.

  49. Laura says:

    What’s the deal with the goodmama chatter threads? What happened last week that I missed?

  50. Behooooooooooooooove says:

    They died. Everyone is tired of all of the DS bullshit.

  51. JustPeachy says:

    DSDM2 I must’ve had my head stuck in the sand then. I never heard a thing about it and I’ve seen her all over the HC forums up until recently.

  52. Shannon says:

    50, this is the second time that she has pulled this. She pulled this crap oh, about a year or year and a half ago, disappeared, then slowly resurfaced again and waited for everyone to forget. Watch, she will be back within a few months.

  53. DSDM2 says:

    Bad Hyenas had some additional issues with her too.

  54. JustPeachy says:

    Well she has a wah business too so watch out for Going Bananas. Thats the name of her business and Im just glad I got my soaker from her albeit I had to remind her.

  55. kiwi says:

    Is there any more info on the deal with Rachael? I saw the JAR a bit ago but had no idea anything was going on prior to that. I also didn’t see any mention of her scamming on CC – am I going to have to worry about the scammers being protected by the admin there as well?

  56. sassy1 says:

    Ok, the Gm thread deletion is the biggest fucking bit of ridiculousness I have ever seen thus far.

    They deleted the link to livejournal…..what a bunch of idiots! So does that mean myspace is now a forbidden topic on DS? because thats pretty much the same thing,…matter of fact, people talk about livejournal on DS all the time.

    How about we have a mods edjumacation before making them mods 😉 PSA DS MODS…..livejournal is a LIVE JOURNALING SITE.

  57. twatwaffles & cuntcakes says:

    the goodmamas are having lots of fun times on DS this morning. everything keeps getting deleted before i can screen cap it.

  58. Laura says:

    did you catch the twatwaffle comment referring to Mod Sweet Fantasy Fox? Yikes.

  59. blooskadoo says:

    The good mama’s are being naughty mama’s this morning LOL

  60. b says:

    I really enjoyed the cockcakes are Sweet like a Fantasy comment lol

  61. JustPeachy says:

    Sally is one of the few mods on DS I like. You can all sit there and rag on her because she is a mod but many a times has she saved a random mama from being banned over some stupid BS. She’s one of the few mods who hasn’t had some sort of DS drama come up about her (ie reading pms, being a douchebag and going on a ban spree).

  62. Booyah says:

    Well, I figured it was only a matter of time before the GM mamas had their hands slapped like the Night Owl mamas (anyone remember that thread??) We certainly can’t have all them uppity women gangin’ around together and getting CLIQUEY. Someone’s feelings might get hurt.

  63. sweet'n'sassy says:

    Did anyone see what oliviab was posting LMAO! That took some guts.All her posts were deleted.

  64. DSDM2 says:

    I agree, I like Sweet Fantasy Fox a lot. She is fair and helps mamas out by standing up to the others. Besides, if I am not mistaken, she is like the only minority/minority related member up there too. So at least there is one non racist Mod/Admin.

  65. AshleyB says:

    I missed oliviab’s posts! Recap for me?! I’m not going back!

  66. JustPeachy says:

    #67 Exactly. Thats what I love about Sally is while she is a mod she can maintain being fair and impartial unlike alot of the mods on DS who get a bug up their butt and take it out on DS.

  67. Kellie says:

    #57 I was had by Rachael on CC …I posted my JAR. And left her shitty (but extremely appropriate) feedback in the WAHM section on CC. The admin there helped me get my refund from her.

    She was also the host for a Rainbow Waters coop not too long ago on CC, and from what I heard, kept almost $200 bucks worth of shipping fees… sheisty biotch.

  68. DSDM2 says:

    was it shipping fees or basic co-op leader fees? I heard it was the co-op fees that should have been transferred to whomever took over?

  69. Kellie says:

    Hm, I heard shipping fees. :dunno:

    Sheisty either way!

  70. JustPeachy says:

    #70 yikes! I was almost going to go in on that co-op but then turn around time was something like 2 months so I passed. Glad I did seeing the issues that were had on both parts.

  71. What a Wanker says:

    DSDM2/Kellie-it was ship to host fees. Then she disappeared and didn’t send the money to the Rainbow Waters WAHM. So they didn’t have any funds to get the items to a hostess to distribute. I think some of the people who were part of the coop re-sent their ship to host fees and it got taken care of, but Rachel kept the ship to host fees. Absolutely.

  72. Kellie says:

    What a winner she is.

  73. JustPeachy says:

    Leave her feedback on the HC forums too.

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