Maybe You Don’t Need to be a WAHM…

Posted: December 24, 2008 by THE Drama Mama in Just Drama
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We have talked about her before. BouncyBottomsInc.

She is a dimwit, has horrible business ethics, and overall acts like a know-it-all snob; but this takes the cake.

In this thread the OP is harassed by an ebay seller who goes through lengths to buy things from her just to leave her a negative. Here are 2 of  BouncyBottomsInc‘s “enlightening” responses: (I really think she needs to re-think the entire WAHM business. She is just SHADY.)

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Re: Vindictive women on ebay!

Re: Vindictive women on ebay!

Wow, that is pretty far. But why did you leave the negative when she gave you a refund? I know it sucks for you bc you were depended on that item, but maybe she had it, then something happened to it…anything could explain her not having it. At least she gave you a refund. I just dont see why this warranted a neg. FB. Ive sold things before, and it either got torn, or misplaces, etc. and gave a refund to the person and never got neg. FB for it, this is uncalled for. I’d be upset too as a seller getting a neg. when I refunded quickly. I doubt ebay can do anything, they cant prove these 2 women even know each other, plus she bought from you in a fair auction, so she can leave whatever fb she wants too, so you may be stuck with those neg.
Originally Posted by Jubilee
Doesn’t make it right. Maybe the item was damaged or lost and couldn’t be sold.

I would not have left negative for that and I would probably find a PM back to me ending in “Merry Christmas” after I just received negative fb pretty facetious and rude. 😦

My thoughts exactly. As a seller, I’d be more than PO’d with a buyer that did this. She was giving you a taste of your own medicine in her opinion and you didnt like it. Thats probably how she feels too. Sucks for both of you bc you now have those neg.

I’d just put up their links with your story and let the rest take care of itself.

Talk about being vindictive!! This is a way to keep it going and cause more trouble for everyone involved. Not the mature way of handling things. This is the season to be forgiving and merry, not rude and vindictive. I’d let it go. You’ve reported to ebay, let them handle it and let it go. BC it could happen all over again!


Re: Vindictive women on ebay!

?? Using a second identity to give someone “a taste of their own medicine” (or getting a friend to do it, but I’m guessing it was a second account) is not the same thing as leaving honest feedback for pete’s sake! That is retaliatory, and clearly indicative of the character of that seller. The seller did bad, they should have fixed it. I’m guessing that a kind letter to the buyer, with an offer of a partial refund on the other garland would have resulted in mutual retraction. The poor buyer has a useless product that was paid for, and the seller is ultimately responsible for that.

Well that is probably different for other people. IF I as a seller, gives a refund w/o being asked for it(if something happened and I didnt have the item), and then I got a negative in return. Well, for me that transaction WOULD then be negative for me and if I were able to leave negative, I would. Its ebay’s new stupid policy that is causing so much mess with buyers and sellers. I agree that it is the seller’s responsibility to keep the item, but hey stuff happens!! This is the real world, things dont always go as they are planned, especially for busy ebay sellers. They make mistakes(afterall they are human) and such, but being mean isnt called for. And no, no one’s reaction to the situation was right, it was immature and hasty bc of anger and frustration that tends to build during the holidays. I would be the bigger one and write and apologize and ask for the negative to be changed. BC ebay isnt the FBI where they can just conclude that the OP’s neg. FB is retalitory. That is under 2 different names, so they can just go around making assumptions!

Oh- it’s okay to leave neg. retaliatory feedback using fraud, but it’s not okay for the victim of the fraud to tell others about it??? BTW- I was totally being sarcastic and not serious about this. Though I can see how it could be taken that way–I was just being flip. Though somewhat honest. While I wouldn’t buy from her to leave neg. feedback, I would avoid buying from that seller EVER. I’d boycott. So there’s no harm in putting info out there, IMO.

I understand this not buying from her. But for someone to make a mistake and then possibly be ruined by this, its really mean. Especially if she has hundreds of other positive transactions. Its hard enough to have a ebay business and people making it harder is uncalled for. And I do buy from sellers with neg. if they have tons of pos. bc there is bound to always be unhappy people….


  1. Just Peachy says:

    Some people just don’t get it.

  2. luvmyb says:

    Somebody explain to me what happened in that thread. I’m totally confused. lol

    Is the OP wrong, or the seller?? It seems like people are pissed b/c the OP left a negative, right? But I thought the seller was shady anyway, so why does it matter?

    Clue me in 😉

  3. Booyah says:

    She’s a Bitch with a capital B. I’d be amazed if people still go to her for business after seeing how she acts on the board.

  4. DSDM2 says:

    Neither was “wrong” in the first transaction, I would have left neut. not negative, but that is just me… but the seller was HORRID in her responses and having her friend order from the OP just to leave negative FB. My issue and TDMs, is the response from BouncyBottomsInc (who is a wahm that has horrible ethics).

    She is pretty much saying that it was ok for the seller to act that way.

  5. mommyof4es says:

    I agree – BouncyBottoms is a know-it-all twat who seems to be in the T&F forum a LOT.
    Just wanted to add DSDM (and 2 and 3) that this new layout is SO hard to read. The dark font on the dark background makes it hard for this 30something mama to read.

  6. DSDM2 says:

    I’ll try something new 😉

  7. Mommyof4Es says:

    Fantastically new. 😉
    Seriously – love it again. 🙂

  8. Mud says:

    Ah yes, Bouncybottoms, who called me unethical for fillingout customs forms accurately.
    Love her.

  9. Monkey says:

    “Ah yes, Bouncybottoms, who called me unethical for fillingout customs forms accurately.
    Love her.”

    God Mud, what were you thinking? With your fancy-schmancy obeying the law…

  10. downy20 says:

    She has been on my do not b/s/t list for a long time. She is so annoying and sides with the business or WAHM no matter if they are completely wrong.

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