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Baby Names: They think the name is unique but it’s really not
I have some good friends that are convinced that their name choices are soooo unique but I sometimes feel like emailing them a link to the social security baby names website where their child’s name appears in the top 10 or 25. I guess it is just eyerolling to me to hear the same name over and over and then a mom claim to me that her daughter is the only one she knows named….whatever it is.
For example: My dh’s name is Justin. I have known many “justin’s” during my lifetime. He always thought his name was so unique and my MIL swears that the entire community started copying her son’s name in 1980 when he was born AFTER she used it. Well finally my dh saw a list of the top boy names for that year and his name was on it. He was so disappointed….I couldn’t help snickering just a tad in the background because really…justin…it’s not unique. I love the name. It’s totally all-boy but do not delude yourself in to thinking that it is unique and all the other thousands of boys born in 1980 were copying you. My MIL still insists….her other children are Laura, Robyn, and Holly and she thinks those are super unique too. They are pretty but not unique IMO.
ALSO have a good friend that named her dd Haley….I know there are so many variations of the spelling but if you put all those spellings together I’m sure the name Haley however you chose to spell it is in the top girl names for the past 5 years. I think it is a darling name but if it is in the top 25 for the nation then it is not unique….right? So not trying to offend any Haley’s or Justin’s out there though. I like the names but you see the point I am getting at right?
Other moms claiming their kid’s names are unique……Olivia, Alexis, Aiden, Cade/Kade, Chloe, Riley, Madison, McKenzie, Neveah
Maybe I am just being a stinker. I don’t say anything to them but when they swear to the high heavens that the name is unique and we both know other kids amongst our own circle of friends with that name not to mention it being on the top name choices for the nation…how is that unique?

This quickly turned into a talk on pet peeves when it comes to naming kids. Boys getting girl names, girls getting boy names, creative spellings, naming dogs “people” names, etc. You want to know what my pet peeve is? People bitching about what other people name their kids. Know why? Because as stupid as the name may be to you, or as much as you don’t like certain names, it’s none of your damn business. And for good measure, I once had a girl cat named Charlie. Oh the horror!

  1. Monkey says:

    I’m with you… I don’t really give a crap. I may think you gave your kid a stupid name, but I would never care enough to actually DISCUSS it.

    And as for pet names… DH has a strict policy that any animal that lives in his house MUST have a “people” name. There are no “Puggles” or “Mittens” or “Mr. Burbenfartypants” allowed. Hence we have had more than one pet named Steve.

  2. Taterbug says:

    Amen, Monkey. We give our pets names, not adjectives around here too. Mostly, odd-sounding old man names. Larry, Edgar etc. So long as the name isn’t designed to demean a child, who cares?

  3. mamapixie says:

    Naming your child “Lynkin” or even “Jenyfyr” is still going to be cause for other parents to laugh at you though.

    Really, I think the creative spellings that seem to be proliferating lately are dumb, and just make the parents look illiterate. And Neveah, REALLY? C’mon now, that is probably the lamest of the latest string of popular names. Look at me, I named my baby girl Heaven spelled backwards!!

  4. AshleyB says:

    Also…while I’ll admit my LO has a crazy “creative” name (quite common though in Greece) don’t these people even take into consideration with the misspelling the dissapointment your kid will run into when they go to buy the stupid keychains with their name, only to see Jennifer instead of Jenyfyr?! And also in school, at least one teacher WILL make the mistake of spelling the name correct and probably try to correct your kid assuming it is suppose to be Jennifer and your LO can’t spell! It happened to my BIL Perry ALL the time: people go to spell it Peri (which is the water, not the boy spelling of Perry)!

  5. givepeasachance says:

    I guess my bbs name is unique. That isn’t why we chose it. And I had a cat named Jack. She was a bitch. What really confuses me is why people get so worked up about the name other people choose for their children.

  6. Durrr my name is Heaven spelled backwards, how creative! says:

    ITA about Nevaeh…How dumb. I detest the “creative” spellings of names nowadays. I mean, come on. Get a clue. You’re not doing your child any favors by spelling a regular name with 50 million consonants. Ugh. Barf.

    But I wouldn’t flat out tell that to someone’s face that named their kid something stupid. I just think about what they’re setting their kid up for and can’t help but wonder WTF they were thinking. Must have been the pain of birth that caused their brain not to function properly in the spelling department.

  7. bin. says:

    Seriously, like the woman whose sister named her kids Ehrian, Ehdryn Ehien(Ian????)

  8. sara says:

    I think making up a kids name is silly. I will never tell anyone this who has done it. I also have a thing against popular names growing up in the 80’s as a Sara. Will do that to you.

    Some things are better left to bitch about with your DH. Not on the computer when lots of people can read.

  9. mickee311 says:

    Sara, I’m right there with you as a Jennifer growing up in the 80’s…Ugh. And most of them were Jennifer Lynne or Lynn, I’m stuck with that as well. Hell, my best friend since 1st grade is Jennifer Lynn.

    And yeah, you won’t catch me making fun of kids’ names pretty much to their parent’s faces. But you better believe when I get home I’ll mention it to my DH or mom…lol

  10. o4eduk8ed says:

    I always remember the old Saturday Night Live skit with Nicholas Cage where he and his “wife” are trying to come up with baby names. At the end, there is a delivery at the door for him. Delivery guy: “Delivery for Asswipe Johnson”. Nicholas Cage: “That’s Azweepay”.

    Well, our lo is Aislin, pronounced Ashlin, so yes, I know that we have doomed her to mispronounciations and incorrect spelling for the rest of her life – it is an Irish name, and DH is Irish and insisted on the correct Irish spelling.

  11. mamapixie says:

    “Traditional” spellings of names are fine, it’s the made up spellings like Tawnyia for Tonya or Ashhleigh for Ashley that annoy me. And the proliferation of using the letter y instead of e in names, both feminine and masculine. WTF?

    And if I can’t have a WTF moment about a kid’s “unique” name online, then where else am I going to have it? I don’t care if a bunch of other parents read it, its not like the parents offended can hunt me down and take my internets away. LOL

  12. Sarah says:

    I went to high school with a Teanna. You’d pronounce that like Tiana (Tee-ah-nah), right? Wrong, it was pronounced like Tina. Okay then parents!

    Working in the field that I did I got a chance to see lots of creative name spellings. I always blamed it on the parents inability to spell correctly though I suppose it could have been intentional.

    But, no matter what name you choose someone will have something to say about it. I chose a middle of the road name as far as popularity goes…then get asked if I named my son after Britney Spears’ son. *shakes head*

  13. pony says:

    I could give a rat’s ass about what someone names their kid
    This is MY pet peeve though.

  14. Just Peachy says:

    mickee I was lucky enough to have a mom who was addicted to Family Ties so my name is Jennifer Alyse . I hate my name with a passion as its so blah so I strive to give my daughters names that are unique but then again I make sure they are not going to get laughed at. As it is my dd with a semi popular name (Kaylen) has her name mispronounced then Mena and Saedra do.

  15. Erin says:

    Misspelled names drive me crazy. Popular names don’t bother me- I was one of 4 Erin’s in my HS. We were all unique, all different. So, really is makes me roll my eyes when people give their kids “unique” names, as if that alone will help will make them special. I also know a “Theana” pronounced “Ti-ana”. I always want to say “The-Ana” whenever I see her. My dh works with a “Mykaal”- that’s Michael to the rest of us, but I guess his poor mother couldn’t spell.

  16. DramaBore says:

    I’m a traditionalist when it comes to naming, so I don’t really like when people use creative spellings, surnames as firstnames, masculine names on girls (“Charlie”, for example), or just plain strange/made up names. But that’s just my opinion, and I wouldn’t tell someone I thought the name they gave their child was rubbish. I’m sure there are people out there who think the name I gave my daughter is old lady-like. I don’t care.

    If you are interested in naming, I can recommend this site though:

  17. mickee311 says:

    DB, don’t feel bad, I was going to name my kid Viola if he ended up being a girl. Everyone hated it except my and the hubs. I loved it, it was his great grandma’s name.

  18. mickee311 says:

    Ugh *me and the hubs

  19. twatwaffletuesday says:

    When I had kids I decided that I didnt want to give any of my kids creatively spelled names it just wasnt my thing. We chose ones that arent REALLY popular, but ones that arent unheard of either. The oldest child’s name was 75 on the top 100 in 02. That was as popular as we got. DD’s name wasnt anywhere near the top 100 and DS#2’s name wasnt either. To the previous poster about the Mykaal, I think I have seen that before as well.

  20. Kristine says:

    Anyone sent this one in yet? Of course she’s recanting and wailing about being flamed now, but her son (a 1yr old) grabbed hot dipping sauce from a waiter at Pizza Hut and got a burn. Pizza Hut took care of his ER visit but she wants to sue them and make them pay for her son’s cream and gauze too. Cause heaven forbid she WATCH her kid at the restaurant.

  21. Booyah says:

    Jesus Christ, she’s being a bigger baby than her kid. What a fucking drama queen. I’m so sick of people asking for opinions, then flipping out like it’s the end of the damn world when someone disagrees with them.

  22. barbles says:

    Kristine – she is the type who would have only been happy if EVERYONE wanted her to sue. That’s what she was expecting. OH NOEZ! MUH BEBE! SUE SUE SUE!

  23. Booyah says:

    “No Im not missing the point…Im actually quite intellegent…”


    Someone needs to tell her to get off her damn cross. Every single person who doesn’t think she should sue the pants off Pizza Hut is CLEARLY telling her she’s a HORRIBLE mother and that she deserves to burn in a hell made of too-hot marinara sauce. FFS, get over your damn self.

  24. sara says:

    from the looks of they finished there meal then went to the ER. um yeah ok pizza place did me wrong but i will eat my food.

  25. Just Peachy says:

    All it is is her seeing dollar signs. I constantly see her on DS looking for a hand out of some sort.

  26. DramaBore says:

    I could have sworn I saw a thread a few months ago about the exact same thing…Pizza Hut dipping sauce fiasco. Sure, servers SHOULD have the common sense to keep things out of the reach of babies, but a lot of them don’t. It’s not really their fault. Plus, some kids (like my DD) can manage to grab anything, even if I think it’s out of her reach.

  27. Booyah says:

    And she just keeps on going. I’m really not surprised that she is so sue-happy, if this is the kind of attitude she has. Don’t take down the streamers yet, the pity party is still going strong!

  28. Yup says:

    I agree with ya Peachy, I looked through the OP osts and I swear she entered every single FFS lotto. And she posts a week back about her husband loosing her job and she had “no skills” to enter the workforce. Hmm….

    And here is the Pizza Hut post from this summer. Funny how an adult gets burned and it’s her fault. A mother doesn’t watch her own kid and it’s got to be someone else’s fault. Lord knows there is no such thing as a bad mother.

  29. Just Peachy says:

    Yup shes been consistent since last year pretty much which makes me a lot less sympathetic to her posts.

  30. Olivia says:

    Heh, I never thought my name was unique when I was a kid (I’m 30 now), just not super common because I didn’t meet another Olivia until I was 25 or so. But now that Olivia has been in the top 10 names for a few years, it definitely can’t be called unique.

    I hate it when people choose a fairly common name but spell it crazy to “make it different”. Great, so the kid has a common name that will always be spelled wrong.

  31. Yasmel says:

    Well you know what I hate when parents name their kids w/ real ugly names. My brother named my 1st nephew who is a year old now Leonidas. My sil had my 2nd nephew on Friday and he named me Belisario. How ugly is that? Poor kid.

  32. Sarah says:

    I knew a girl years ago whose parents wanted to name her Charmin…until ppl told them that she’d get made fun of for having a toilet paper name. Luckily for her they decided against it.

    While we’re on this topic, did you all see this:

  33. AshleyB says:

    Yasmel, is your brother/SIL Greek by any chance? Leonidas is Greek (one I considered for DS as DF is SUPER Greek)! It’s common in Greece…and I have no problem with names common to other cultures (as long as you have a cultural tie to the culture) but spell it correctly, and DON’T pick the name JUST because it sounds cool!

  34. Yasmel says:

    AshleyB, I have no idea truly why he picked. He said 1st that it was because of a greek king or God or something. But then one day my sil w/out noticing she said that her grandfather was named Leonidas. So I think my brother lied. We have zero greek decent. We are cubans and my sil is from Honduras.

  35. mickee311 says:

    Here’s one. I went to middle school with a girl by the name of Marijuana Clark…..Tell me *that’s* not messed up. In the yearbook and everything. *sigh*

  36. werd says:

    oh god Pizza Hut Idiot is now doing the PLEASE DELETE THIS POST, what a cruel cruel world!!! move. Guess she didn’t get the reaction she was looking for. And then she uses the “Army Veteran” card. Classic.

  37. Yup says:

    That PH thread is hilarious. Well, one thing is for damn sure….I’ll definitely remember that screen name next time I post a FFS lotto. And my generator won’t be quite so random. 😉

  38. Monkey says:

    God help me PH woman is KILLING me! What a whiny bitch! “Oh no! Everyone’s saying I’m a bad mother!” No one said that, they just basically said that she should be more careful next time. Now I think she’s a bad mother… not because her kid got burned but because she’s such a rude, greedy twit who can’t spell intelligent.

  39. DSDM2 says:

    Yup, MeghanAllyson is her own kind of crazy too. Both made my Do not BST list.

    The new PH chick is making herself look INSANE, I have a hard time reading her posts b/c her grammar is so sucktastic.

  40. Booyah says:

    Did she ever shut up? I gave up on that thread long ago. I saw a lot of really nice posts trying to calm her down and reason with her, but she just responds with more of the “OMGZORS EVERYONE HATES ME YOU ALL SUCK” crap. WTF is her problem. Why are people so self-absorbed these days. God forbid you admit you’re human and learn frmo your mistakes. Nope, everyone ELSE is the wrong one and THEY should kiss YOUR ass! That makes perfect sense!

  41. Booyah says:

    And I agree Monkey…the sauce incident wouldn’t make me think she’s a bad mom, but spending every waking minute whining about being attacked about it does. Well, not necessarily a bad mom, but a crappy person in general. STFU and GTFO it already.

  42. Crazy Mama says:

    Drama Mama, my mom had a female cat named Richard. She was a tuxedo cat. Just wanted to share that!

  43. DSDM2 says:

    I had a friend (a girl) named Charlie.

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