Goodmamas: 2 for 1 steal

Posted: December 21, 2008 by THE Drama Mama in Just Drama
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Not sure how to handle this…
So, I sold two Goodmama diapers on here to two separate Mamas. A friend packaged them up and shipped them for me and accidentally mixed the two of them up.

Immediately after the first Mama messaged me and said she got the wrong one, I sent a message to the other gal who responded right away that she had absolutely no problem just swapping with the other Mama (I’d reimburse shipping).

So, the first mama does what she said she would and DC shows the packaged delivered to the second Mama.

The second Mama…. not so much. Not only has the first mama not received the diaper but the second Mama is now totally ignoring my PM’s. She’s a relatively new member… only has four feedback but they were positive.

I don’t know if I just have too much faith or what. I totally would not expect someone to just keep the diaper and screw another mama out of something she fairly paid for.

So, what should I do? Obviously if I haven’t heard anything in the next couple of days, Ill have to reimburse the mama her money but what about the other mama? I know that there isn’t crap I can do through paypal but what about here…. can I leave negative feedback under those circumstances?

Am I horrible for laughing about this? Yes, it’s terrible what this other mama did, but really, shouldn’t you be taking responsibility for your own packages? And technically, this person has done nothing wrong. You can’t file a claim with paypal. You can claim she “stole” it, but hey, you sent it to her. Sounds like someone is screwed.

  1. AshleyB says:

    Yeah, while it sucks…the OP should have double checked the addresses before shipping…but then again, if the 2 GM mama agreed to trade, she should send back either diap (and in the same condition it arrived I might add)!

  2. Sarah says:

    Why is it always the “DH” or the “friend” who messed up on the shipping???

  3. dippy says:

    this is why i do my own packaging and shipping then any mistakes will be mine only..
    but whose to say it isnt an excuse.. lol.

  4. downy20 says:

    I am truly amazed at how many people ship the wrong thing. Seriously if you can’t get it right, maybe you should give up selling.

  5. tweedledee*dee says:

    First off, I think it is an honest mistake and it does happen. We are all human, afterall. I’ve done it myself. It doesn’t make me a bad person or a bad seller, just a Mom with alot going on who occasionally makes an error.

    Secondly, the law that applies to unsolicited goods does not apply here. She DID buy something from this seller and she even received the item, as well as another not intended for her. She is now in possession of something that she knows is not hers as she was notified by the seller. This is a case now of unjust enrichment where she is taking advantage of an error. The second Mama is in the wrong here, morally and legally.

    I think it just sucks all the way around for the original seller since it looks like the mistake is going to cost her $. And yes, I’d be inclined to leave negative FB in this case since the onus is on the 2nd Mama to do the right thing and she has refused.

  6. barbles says:

    Why is her friend mailing stuff for her? Srsly? I think I traded with her once, glad I got the right diaper!

  7. Frazzled says:

    I think it is weird that we always see these people claiming that “someone else packaged them up for me”. Am I the only one who thinks that is weird? Why do so many moms supposedly have husbands, friends, neighbors, children, sending out their diapers for them.

  8. Jale says:

    Ive had DH mail stuff out only because we had 1 car at the time and he had the car that day. Other than that though i wouldnt do it. That is stupid of her to just “trust” the mom with 2 GMs.

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