Nothing wrong with the OP, a good WWYD question in my humble opinion, not everyone is as used to the whole BST thing as we are:

Posted by Nanner99:
I feel like a meanie!

Need some opinions.

I traded my diaper for this mama’s diaper, plus I sent her $2 b/c my diaper had some discoloration of the soaker. I asked her if her dipe had any issues and she said no, nothing. I could not tell much from her pics, which is why I asked, and since my dipe had the discoloration, I offered to PP her the $2 to make up the difference.

So, dipe gets here today and, IMO it DOES have issues. Here is what I noticed- please tell me if this is too picky. Be brutally honest  I am listing them in the order of least issues, to greatest (IMO).

-The front aplix is curling inward

-One side of the leg elastic is noticeably looser than the other-still looks totally functionable though.

-The aplix tabs. They are not sticking as well as they should. Think what happens to BG’s after awhile. The laundry tabs are also fuzzy and I am not sure they will stay closed in the wash, but I did not mention that as, my concern is the tabs will not last as long as I thought they would. This is not a BG diaper, but it is a company. I have never owned this brand, so this seems like it must be normal wear. However, I still feel like it should have been disclosed when I pmed her to ask specifically if there were any issues at all. The tabs also have animal hair in them, which once I clean that they should stick a bit better. But I have BG’s and this diaper seems to have the exact same aplix tabs. I doubt I will get more than 6 good months from this diaper before the tabs start coming off while my son is wearing the diaper.
I closed the diaper up, like it would be on my son, and gave a small tug and the tabs pop off very easily. I have 2 BG’s with tabs like that and I hate them (of course they are over a year old, so I have at least gotten some good use from them). I have Nanas Bottom AIO’s that I have to work to yank the tabs free!

Sorry for the ramble, I just wanted to get all the details out

I already sent a pm saying this and I tried to be super nice. I said we could trade back, but then we are the shipping (and I sent mine Priority b/c I was a day later than I said I would be to ship). So I asked for my $2 back, plus a bit extra to cover how much this diaper is worth vs. how much the one I sent her is worth.

So, tell me what you think?

But then, check out this BULL SHIT WHAM response…

Originally Posted by BouncyBottomsInc
Um, I’d say if you are unhappy you should always voice your opinion. Not sure if I’d see these as problems, so I may not mention them though. Especially the aplix, its basically normal wear and tear on a diaper, and you did buy used so…The one thing that does stick out for me though would be the elastic. If anything that is the one I’d be upset about the most. The thing is, if she didnt have a problem with it, then they be why no mention. When you say to someone “is there any problems with the diaper?”….its a opinion based answer. BC if they dont find certain things problematic,then for them, there are no problems. More specific questions should be asked when buying used like…”how’s the elastic? Does the velcro hold up good? Are there any stains or weird smells? etc.” General questions never turn out well bc they are open to interpretation.

If said diaper is functional…then I’d figure out what its worth, versus what she thinks yours is worth and go from there. IF she is willing to split the difference with you, maybe just give back your 2 bucks would be good.

Dee,sinner saved by grace, Partner in crime to P. “Aiti-mama” to O.
Getting Ready for the holidays in my winter wonderland
Christmas Special:Buy 5,Get 1

And FTR, if you think normal wear and tear doesn’t need disclosed, you might need to rethink being a WAHM. Aplix issues and elastic issues are just that, ISSUES. Come on. I mean would you really be OK with trading a EUC diaper for a Used/GUC diaper? I wouldn’t.

Good Job *Willow* on calling her on that. I agree 100%

Oh and I checked out I am NOT impressed… And I got to thinking… What is up with her selling pockets? She isn’t a licensed manufacturer. Doesn’t that still apply? Shady Shady Shady.

I read other posts of hers in Transaction and Feedback, Shady Shady Shady. She defends the seller EVERYtime. She is not advocating sound or honest business practices.

Hmmmm… more of her drama. Interesting.

  1. Monkey says:

    I feel the same way about Bouncy Bottoms responses… she ALWAYS defends the seller and is usually pretty snarky about it as well. Fortunately there are tons of other WAHMs who give SOUND/HONEST advice based on the issue, not some knee jerk reaction to defend the seller.

    I’m really, really glad to see your opinion on this because EVERY time I see a post of hers I feel like this and I’m glad I’m not alone.

  2. Mud says:

    Ah yes, sinner saved by grace, Dee.
    With whom I had a lengthy spar about lying on customs forms. She says the ETHICAL thing to do is to lie about values on custom forms when shipping international because it may save the moms a few bucks. She goes on to say no one gets charged, that customs should only apply to what a thing is really worth, not what the buyer paid or thinks it is worth (huh?). She also said it should all be marked as gifts (I pointed out that this is illegal and leaves the seller open to fines and the buyer to packages stuck in customs for weeks on end due to the dishonest seller). I said I felt that sellers who advocate lying and devaluing items etc. leave me to question their other practices.

    She and her defenders told me I was mean and unethical for being law abiding and protecting my own business and the packages I send out.

    She is as shady as hell and full of it.

  3. Stacey says:

    There is nothing I hate more than the idea that a buyer is supposed to specifically ask every question in the book related to diaper condition. Does the elastic work? Is there hair all over it? Do the tabs look worn? Does it smell like poo? Have you been soaking it in bleach? Does it have stains? Oh, okay… it’s all good, great, I’ll buy it.

    Then you get said diaper and realize you forgot to ask if it is full of holes. Oops. Well, the buyer didn’t ask so it’s all the buyers fault.

  4. Monkey says:


    I totally agree. I’m an international mama (although I GENERALLY have my dipes shipped to my U.S. address and then forwarded) and I have NEVER asked a seller to lie for me on a customs form. The only thing I ever ask is that they put what the item is instead of a name brand. The country I’m in does not charge for baby goods, even if they’re new.

    I would not buy from someone who was willing to lie on a customs form even if it was going to save me a few bucks. Because if a seller is willing to lie on the form, why would I assume they are not going to lie to me?

  5. DSDM2 says:

    Her stuff doesn’t look like it holds up well either. 3 for 12$ seriously?

  6. Monkey says:

    Uggh. I need more drama now. I’m having a day where I have to be at work but we don’t actually have any work to do. Drama people! Drama! Somebody go start an anti-GM thread or something (jk).

  7. DSDM2 says:

    LOL! Come on now, this can get juicy, give it a few hours for people to see, my guess is that there are disgruntled people out there…

  8. blooskadoo says:

    DSDM@ WTH kind of diaper is THAT those tabs are about odd!

  9. blooskadoo says:

    errr DSDM2 I mean doh!

  10. DSDM2 says:

    That is a Bouncy Bottoms Inc Diaper.

    Pretty Bad isn’t it?

  11. blooskadoo says:

    Yes I just looked at her website and even new they look like crap. Looks like she tried to rip off HH pattern and had massive failure. Her sewing is crap, it would be like me trying to sell the stuff I sew LOL.

  12. Monkey says:

    Bloo… that was what I thought. I looked at the site and was like, “Really”?

    Man, I am so bored.

  13. DSDM2 says:


    I did check, and can’t remember if the “rule” changed but she does NOT have a pocket license to make them, that spells law suit for sure if things haven’t changed.

  14. Monkey says:

    You have to have a license to make pockets? I did not know this… see, you learn something new everyday.

  15. blooskadoo says:

    They are patented aren’t they?

  16. Monkey says:

    I have no idea… I figured it was one of those “yeah, this makes sense” kind of things. I wonder who holds the patent? I would be interested in knowing who made the “first” pocket dipe.

    Ok, I officially have too much time on my hands if I’m taking a journey into cloth diaper history!

  17. Monkey says:

    This one was interesting read:

    Apparently two wrongs do make a right.

  18. Monkey says:

    And I like the Obama thread that will not die:

    I’ve been following this one since it started.

  19. DSDM2 says:

    yup, you have to pay to manufacture a pocket diaper.

  20. Monkey says:

    DSDM2… crazy! Are WAHMs who make pocket dipes supposed to list that they have approval? Because I’ve bought pockets from a couple of WAHMs and never saw anything saying they were allowed to or not.

  21. blooskadoo says:

    Monkey to me it is not very different from our death penalty (I am not in favor of the death penalty) Throwing acid on someone or humanly putting them to death are both eye for eye justice. I feel awful for the woman though, it could of been worse at least her hopeful MIL and “husband” did not kidnap her until she agreed to the marriage. What ever they do I hope they do not let him go free to hurt her again.

  22. Monkey says:

    I’m anti-death penalty as well which I’m sure influences my reaction to this method of punishment.

    I agree it’s terrible what happened to the woman, I just don’t believe that the state stooping to the same cruelty helps anything.

  23. blooskadoo says:

    No however I am surprised that the courts are even helping her instead of somehow blming her for it. The acid in the face thing happens to a lot of young women in that part of the world. She even says that two of her sisters had this happen.

  24. Monkey says:

    That is pretty amazing that they’re even doing anything! Unlike the poor man and woman a few months ago who were raped by crazies because they were unmarried and out in public together. They ended up being punished for being raped because he was not her husband (they were having a business meeting) so it was “their” fault.

  25. DSDM2 says:

    Yeah, there used to be a site that told you who was legal and who wasn’t…

  26. siriusmama says:

    “DSDM2… crazy! Are WAHMs who make pocket dipes supposed to list that they have approval? Because I’ve bought pockets from a couple of WAHMs and never saw anything saying they were allowed to or not.”
    There are some kinds of pocket diapers that you can sell legally without paying the absurd amount of money charged to be licensed to do so, it all depends on where the opening is. The patent is for the pocket opening being on a leading edge so pockets with sham openings (or even just a slit cut farther down in the back) are just fine 🙂

  27. Monkey says:

    Ah, that makes sense then.

  28. Mud says:

    So this woman makes crappy diapers and spends all her time in the Transaction forum spouting off about how to be a great business?

  29. DSDM2 says:

    Mud, isn’t it?

  30. DSDM2 says:

    I’m just amazed at her poor choices as a WAHM. I don’t think I would care too much about it if she wasn’t a “professional” kwim?

    Not to mention she is overseas and doesn’t tell you that up front on some of her online ads, nor did I see it readily available on her website. Almost like she doesn’t want people to know. To me that is lying.

  31. Lurker says:

    She thinks it’s OK to ship cheaper than you promised if you miscalculated shipping, and then to pocket the difference, I guess. Nice.

  32. Angie says:

    “Uggh. I need more drama now. I’m having a day where I have to be at work but we don’t actually have any work to do. Drama people! Drama! Somebody go start an anti-GM thread or something (jk).”

    Monkey- I can’t be the only one who can’t stand the brand specific “chatter” threads. I mean, really? It reminds me of cliques in high school. I would start an anti-brand-specific thread, but I’m not willing to get the strike for it. Thank goodness for the drama blog!

  33. Just Peachy says:

    Lurker that there pissed me off. For one she needs to take a good long look at ebay policies before she starts running her mouth and 2 she apparently needs a class in good business ethics. If I ever received a package from a wahm where I paid way more for the shipping then it cost or if I selected priority and wahm shipped FC I would be livid.

  34. DSDM2 says:

    The buyer paid over $9 I think she said for shipping, no way FC costs near that much. IMO that is stealing from the buyer and not providing a service… And as Peachy said, ebay and PP won’t be happy.

  35. sassy1 says:

    her diapers look like what my 6 yr old makes for her dollies. do they even HAVE elastic in them?

    what a hypocrit…i just love it when christians show their ass and make a bad name for themselves *rollingmyeyes*

  36. werd says:

    those are the fugliest friggen diapers I have ever seen. seriously. who in their right mind would try to sell something like that?!?! The seconds diapers that I mess up and use for my daughter look 10 times better than those!!

    Yeah I saw her saying it was okay to pocket shipping – wow. WINNER!

  37. blooskadoo says:

    Well she is a straight up peach, stealing shipping, lying to customs, & making fug dipers.

  38. Just Peachy says:

    Hey now I would never do that 😛

  39. Monkey says:

    Wow. I just found another mindboggling post from this woman. About halfway down the page.

    Booyah to the poster right after her, that’s what we call a smackdown!

  40. Willow says:

    Ok Ive gotta jump in this… This woman is a complete idiot as she is totally hanging herself out int the open everytime she posts. I cant see how she would think her responses on T&F wont hurt her. I mean its kind of insulting when u think of it.. Apparently she thinks we (DS) is too dumb to notice her pethetic standards… I mean woa.. She totally is killing herself and her sad little poor excuse for a buisness..
    I had to nail her to the wall as the shady thief she is.

  41. Just Peachy says:

    Oh yes the gay people are out to turn everyone gay because NO ONE can think for themselves. I think that post deserves to be lumped in with any post from the tinfoil hat lady.

  42. Monkey says:

    I know Peachy!

    I totally think she was spouting bullshit there. I went to a performing arts university in Manhattan… I may have been the ONLY straight person on campus and no one ever tried to turn me gay! One of my best friends is gay and he’s never tried to “turn me”. I think she’s just a hate monger.

  43. Willow says:

    I agree.. I mean one of my best friends is gay, and I have a few others and none of them have tried to pursude me haha

  44. Shhh says:

    It’s all good, I’ve had her on ignore for ages now. I can’t believe a WAHM would go around making such a bad name for herself by being such a bitch. Of course it doesn’t help that her products suck either.

  45. Mud says:

    But come on, she is open minded, she spoke to a MUSLIM *gasp* on a bus!

  46. :) says:

    BouncyBottoms took me back in the Summer, I sold her some fabric, we finished the transaction. She said she was happy 5 days later threatened me with a Paypal claim, and the police because the fabric I sent her was cut up. Um okay she had it 5 days and it wasn’t cut when I sent it. Got a mod involved told her to keep the darn fabric and gave her back her money to be done with her. Dh said I shouldn’t have given back her money but my c/s is important to me and it wasn’t worth the drama. Watch her she is a scammer and she also has you send things to a seperate address not on her pp.

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