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WWYD, buyers unhappy?

Ok, I am going to try to word this as unbiased as possible so you can tell me what you really think is right to do.

I sold a lot of 7 kissaluvs a while back to someone on the FSOT. They weren’t quite standard, terry instead of sherpa, and I had replaced the elastic, which was stated in the post. When the buyer got them, she was confused bc the size was smaller than she thought it would be, and the snap #s were different than the ones on the site. It didn’t seem to fit with KLs. She wanted to send them back, but since that would mean we were both out shipping and I would just relist them anyway, I suggested she list them and I would refund the difference of whatever she was out. She loses $10, I refund $5. She said that sounded great. That was about, I don’t know, three weeks ago?

I didn’t hear back from her until today, when she tells me that the new buyer is unhappy with them too and wanted to send them back to her. She said she didn’t think she should be stuck with them, and was going to tell buyer #2 to send them back to me.

I do feel bad that they are both unhappy, but I asked buyer #1 if she thought I misrepresented them in my post, and she said no. But I didn’t know that the snap #s were different, so that wasn’t in the post, although I assume it was in hers.

Anyway, WWYD? Do you think I have any responsibility in this 2nd transaction? I told her I would still refund half of what she lost, if she sent me the total of the sale she made. That seems fair to me. But, WWYD?

ETA: I just looked up the dates, and the original sale was Oct 8. She got back to me about what she didn’t like about them Nov 19. Then messaged me that the 2nd buyer didn’t like them on Dec 10.

Where does the insanity end? This is why you don’t make a deal to sell an item that you weren’t happy with. Or it should at least be a lesson that when you RESELL them you describe every little thing so the buyer isn’t shocked and appauled when they get them. Let’s see if the cycle continues.

  1. haha says:

    um why should she have to refund in the first place? And why did it take the first mama over a month to get back to her? I would tell that other mama I’m sorry but they agreed on the terms and it’s not her fault that mama #2 didn’t like them.

  2. AshleyB says:

    She should have just refunded in the first place, and dealt with it. Sucks, but whatever. Sounds like the diap’s should be FFS’d!

  3. Just Peachy says:

    I’d tell her tough noogies and be on my way. The only thing she did wrong was neglect to mention the # of snaps being off and thats very easy to miss IMO.

  4. itsraininghere says:

    i think it is silly to ask for a refund on used diapers. it sucks to be disappointed, but it sounds like she didn’t lie. if you want quality, buy from a reputable business with a satisfaction guarantee.

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