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Quick way to delete 900 pm’s?

My PM box is on overload and I need a quick way to delete some old ones without going page by page.. is there a way??? pwease say yes!

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Re: Quick way to delete 900 pm’s?

Sorry, they have to be gone through page by page.

This is more of a  funny, but really, shouldn’t the mods know this stuff?

When you go to your private messages, it says:

You have x messages stored, of a total x allowed. (Empty Folder)

Just click it!

  1. luvmyb says:

    That cool beans, warm cheese thing drives me f-ing crazy. It irritates me every time I read it.

  2. Crazy Mama says:

    It irritates me, too! Ugh, change it already.

  3. tiredmama says:

    it drives me flippin crazy too

  4. blooskadoo says:


  5. tntdynomite says:

    I saw this post I had to laugh! I wonder are mods picked by throwing a dart out into DS land a putting Mod on who ever it hits? As long as they can kiss ass.

  6. Rain Cloud says:

    LOL even I know how to delete PM’s correctly!

  7. Deanner03 says:

    Honestly, some if she wants to get rid of ALL of them, you can do that, but if she wants to keep some from open transactions, you do have to go page by page.

    The cool beans warm cheese thing grates on me, too!

  8. jeruco says:

    A lot of mods were picked based on post count and if they were active everyday on DS. Thats about it.
    They might pick them based on other stuff now, but it was those two things for a while.

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