Please let me know, I would hate to have this happen…
Posted by: mjokirk
WAHM issue…WHAT DO I DO??!!

Background: I bought a YYMN slot from a WAHM in July. I didnt have the yarn yet, so she waited patiently for me to get my yarn and send it to her. So, end of Sept. I sent her the yarn. AMAZING, custom dyed/spun yarn. HUGE GIGANTIC unbelievable SPLURGE for me. At the time of purchase I did not know how to knit and I allowed myself to MAJORLY splurge on ONE knit pair of longies. The yarn itself cost nearly $80. The YYMN slot cost around $45 with shipping. So, these longies better be **** PERFECT! KWIM? Anyways, after all the waiting on her end…I sent her the yarn in Sept…LAST WEEK I got the longies in the mail. So, even though she waited on me to send the yarn…it still shouldnt have taken 2 months for me to get these, am I right??

So, I waited for a very long time…for my PERFECT longies…………..WRONG!

First, THEY **** STINK! Like, really really really REALLY strong, awful, disgusting, pukey, perfumy, nasty wool wash scent. I have washed them TWICE, once in a machine on wool setting with DAWN and once hand washed and SOAKED for two hours in a different scent wool wash (one that is gentle and I like), and they still smell just as strong. I said something about being careful in the future about what kind of wool wash she uses as the kind she used made my husband and I sick, and she said something along the lines of, “Sorry, it is _______ wool wash, just so you dont get it by accident in the future”, or something like that. Totally brushed it off as no biggie. I am pretty sure I should have gotten a way WAY bigger apology, I actually was physically ill from the smell of this wool wash, as was my husband, and I had friends over for dinner who asked me to move them to another room it was bothering them so badly. SERIOUSLY??? Why the **** would you use a strong perfumy wool wash on something you are sending to someone else???!!!

Second, We had decided on a Large-her listed measurements (which are now not listed on her website, for some reason….?) were something like 18″ rise, 20″ waist, 11″ inseam. I chose L because I needed a 10.5 inseam, and she just told me to let her know a size from her chart. Well….they are WAY not that size. They are 17″ rise, 17″ waist and 13″ !!! inseam. **** So, with the expected L measurements they were going to be a little big all over, and good to grow into and fit for a long time, but now they JUST fit her around the waist and rise (I would guess, by the measurements, I cant put them on her because they smell so bad), and are OBSCENELY tooooo long! NOT the size I asked for, at ALL! Another friend of mine had something knit by her that was COMPLETELY the wrong size as well. UGH!

Third, she has different styles of longies on her site, some with wide legs, some with narrower legs, etc. She never asked what kind I wanted, and I totally forgot I had not mentioned it because of the time period this transaction occured over. They are totally not the style I would prefer. They are very long, narrow legs. I like wide legs. I wanted WIDE legs on my beloved PERFECT longies. Granted, this one is not entirely her fault, as I didnt mention it, but she should have asked for specifics like that considering the different styles she displays on her site.

She also did not send me any leftover yarn. Granted, there probably wasnt much, but I dont care. I spent a PRETTY penny on this yarn, and I want it ALL back.

BUT…she was super sweet the whole time, and was really great to work with. This knitting itself is phenomenal. I feel absolutely TERRIBLE about my unhappiness with this product.

So, what the **** do I do now? I just want to rip them out, strip them like 16 times to get the smell out, and reknit them myself. But, I spent so much money to have them knit! I have no clue what to do, but I am really unhappy and just dont even know what to do about it.

  1. tntdynomite says:

    Wow, tht is too bad. That is a lot of money to get something that stinks, is the wrong fit, wrong style, and no scraps!

  2. Kali Ma says:

    I’d be ticked!

    I wonder what brand and scent of wool wash it is…

  3. tjsmommy says:

    she should have sent back ALL the yarn. you do not pay WAHM moms to keep the extra yarn, you pay them to knit it. i’ve never kept any yarn from YYMN slots unless the mama says i can. geez.. and why would she wash them in wool wash anyway? did the mama ask her to? what a wench! i’d frog them and knit them over myself if I was her!

  4. DramaBore says:

    Good detective work, Alison!

    I’m curious what wool wash she used; if I had a sensitive nose, I would just tell the knitter not to worry about washing/lanolizing (most that I have seen do this before they mail them).

    The measurements are totally off, though. And if there is any extra yarn, it should definitely be returned. I’m not sure how many oz. that skein is, but it’s possible there wasn’t any left if she knit the longies with a 13″ inseam!

  5. ItlayBound says:

    When I first read this I thought it might be Conny at Just Sheepy. I bought some yarn from her very first yarn stocking and while the yarn was very nice, it stunk to all hell! And by stunk I mean it had very strong perfumy smell that was reminiscent of cheap cologne. I still shop Hyena Cart and have been tempted by her colorways but because of that incident, I will not order from her again. It literally took about 2 months to completely get rid of that smell.

  6. tcm says:

    Here is what wool wash she used…Naturally Luxe. She just listed them on FSOT

  7. tcm says:

    And I don’t know of too many kiddos with 13″ inseams that would have 17″ rises, lol.

  8. cdc3030 says:

    Jeez, I cant believe she is trying to sell them instead of frogging and reknitting. That yarn is amazing.

  9. tjsmommy says:

    it actually looks like the right leg is shorter than the left leg…maybe its just the picture though..

  10. Just Peachy says:

    That is good to know as I almost purchased a yymn slot from her a few months back. I wondered why she needed 8oz of yarn for a medium size but now I see that the inseam is way long hence the need for extra yarn.

  11. Sarah says:

    Can someone post here who the WAHM is please? For those of us who no longer go to DS for fear of being hit by the virus again.

  12. alison says:

    Conny @ Just Sheepy.

    The lanolin scent is Sakura Hana: This is very similar to B&BW’s Japanese Cherry Blossom™. The smell of the earth, warmed by sunshine and woodsy freshness provide a foundation warmed by the comfort notes of musks, incense and sweet vanilla. Base notes include Vanilla Rice, Imperial Amber, Silk Musk, Violet, Cinnamon Incense, Himalayan Cedarwood and Creamy Sandalwood.

  13. jeruco says:

    I hate stinky smelling wool.

  14. werd says:

    oh I would be LIVID!! That is a lot to pay for YYMN and then the yarn… and the measurements aren’t even what they were supposed to be? The WAHM is getting off wayyyy too easy on that one, I’d make her at least give a partial refund because of the sizing issues!!

  15. laughingmama says:

    Strange, I’ve purchased yarn from Just Sheepy and it didn’t have any noticeable scent to it. As for the measurements being off, that totally sucks but I would think the wahm would fix that for her. The yarn is gorgeous. I don’t understand why the customer wouldn’t have it reknit if she loves it so much? I wonder if there’s just a little bit of buyer’s remorse there, especially after reading her show-off post. It kind of sounded like the striping wasn’t what she expected. And, wow, she has some really interesting friends. I’ve never had company ask me to move them to another room because they didn’t like the smell of something in my house. LOL

  16. MamaGeek says:

    If I didn’t want longies before… =P

  17. luvmyb says:

    Sandlewood is the devil. Who wants their baby to smell like he’s just left a Phish concert? I hate Sandlewood in wool wash.

  18. need a new name says:

    I guess I’m surprised by who the WAHM is. I’ve bought wool and done a YYMN with her before and had no issues. I’m quite sensitive to the more perfumy scents too, so I’d definitely notice!

  19. blooskadoo says:

    Going off her FSOT post sounds like buyer reorse. How does she know they don’t fit is she never put them on the baby?

  20. blooskadoo says:

    is = if

  21. EmmJay says:

    My kid will be the one with a 17″ rise and a 13″ inseam, lol. She’s already a 14″ rise and 10″ inseam, LMAO. She has some CRAZY long legs

    I can’t believe they were knit so incorrectly to size, unless the OP can’t measure

  22. werd says:

    this is getting juicy, i posted it on the drama group

  23. Stacey2 says:

    it sucks that the measurements are off, but I think the rest of the complaints are weird. If you are so sensitive to scents that they make you physically ill, you need to be aware of it and let people know. Maybe it took this experience to figure that out…who knows. Also, wool can stretch when washed. I bet if she blocked them so that the legs were shorter and wider they’d fit her kid. I wonder if she measured them before she washed them? Perhaps the sizing issues are her fault?

  24. What a wanker says:

    I don’t know. I did a YYMN slot with Conny once and she took my measurements and made my longies perfectly to size. She didn’t return any yarn, but she did tell me that she used almost all of it and I believe it. It also didn’t smell stinky at all when I got it. I’ve worked with Conny on lots of things and have never had a problem working with her.

    I smell a serious case of buyers remorse and it pisses me off that she is selling them and referencing the maker and making her look bad. Yes, she deleted her original post, but many people already read it and they know.

  25. What a wanker says:

    PS-DramaMama’s I don’t like the new look. It’s putting all the “info” stuff at the bottom of the main page and making it really long. Not a big deal, but I don’t like it. That’s all! 🙂

  26. undercover says:

    I think it’s buyer’s remorse too. Her post was way too dramatic and really not believable (moving complaining guests– come on!).

  27. MatildasMum says:

    She should send them back and have her take off a couple of inches or do them herself. Buyer’s remorse – totally.

  28. Just Peachy says:

    I love Sandalwood Vanilla wool wash so it wouldnt bug me to have my baby smelling like they just came from a Phish concert 😛
    It sucks that its look like a case of buyers remorse and honestly with the economy the way it is now Id just frog it and reknit it myself.
    I also hate the new blog format. I got so used to being able to easily access the comments and now I have to scroll down thru the entire page to read the new comments.

  29. Stacey says:

    Those are gorgeous.

  30. Monkey says:

    Pretty longies, I have to agree with the “sounds like buyers remorse” people. And I’m another one that has a baby that will end up with measurements like those! And am I the only one who thinks those longies are a little girly for a boy? I can just here my husband’s response if I tried to put those on my son.

    Hmmm… I wonder if that’s part of why they need to be sold?

  31. Monkey says:

    oops hear

  32. DSDM2 says:

    yeah, way to pink and purple for me to put on a boy.

  33. siriusmama says:

    This makes me sad 😦 I wonder if she even said anything to Conny about the sizing being off? I can’t imagine her not offering to fix/reknit them, she is always so sweet.
    I bought a pair of longies off of fsot and the wool wash used really did make me want to puke, but I never would have dreamed about complaining about it because it’s not like I asked for them not to be washed you know?
    If I had the money I would buy those in a heartbeat, they are stunning and I would have no problems putting them on my boy (after having the inseam shortened, they would fit perfectly otherwise):)

  34. shaineinok says:

    I think this looks like buyers remorse. She doesn’t say she tried to contact Connie at all to fix it. I have bought from Connie before and the yarn smelled nice and she was sweet to work with.

  35. just_sayin says:

    Most of her complaints are just silly.

    The sizing really is an issue. If she sent measurements, than she needs to contact the WAHM so she can fix it.

    Complaining about the smell is silly. Sure, it’s annoying if you don’t like the smell, but it’s not really complaint worthy unless they came smelling like filth.

    Complaining about the leg style, when you don’t specify what you want is dumb. And if she never even tried them on, how does she know they are tight legs?

    She keeps mentioning how she wanted them PERFECT because of how much they cost. She built it up in her head, and when she got them they didn’t measure up. That’s why she is selling, really. And she is justifying it by blaming the WAHM.

    Also, I seriously doubt there was any yarn left, TBH. A size large with a 13 inch inseam takes a ton of yarn!

  36. haha says:

    My DD has a 15″ waist, 17″ rise and 12″ inseam ( I even ordered custom longies the WAHM made with a 10″ inseam because she didn’t believe me!)

    I really LOVE those longies! If only I could justify spending that much! They are TDF!

  37. itsraininghere says:

    ok, so you post like a gazillion raves, then bitch, then try to sell them? her spots listing says they are rather purfumy, but says nothing about them making her physically ill. honestly, i think the buyer sounds like a bitch. she thinks she DESERVES a bigger apology because she doesn’t like how they smell? oh, and why would you have longies that you think smell so terrible out when you have guests? the sizing problem is truly the issue here, imo, but she doesn’t even remember what size they were supposed to be! it’s not right for her to drag the wahm throughthe mud just because she spent too much money. if i were a wahm selling high priced items, i would not sell to this bitch!

  38. itsraininghere says:

    forgot to add, the wahm is totally wrong to keep the leftover yarn.

  39. need a new name says:

    Didn’t the WAHM say there was no leftover yarn? I can’t imagine there was any left over with that inseam.

  40. Jale says:

    I cant knit but if i made anything, i would use an unscented wool wash- you never know who is allergic/sensitive to what. 😉

    as far as this, i think its buyer’s remorse. “I got these and they are Gosh Awful, but hey you buy em from me ok?” (rolls eyes)

  41. Buyer... says:

    I just found this blog (lol), and then I came across this post. I know it is old, but I wanted to apologize. The LAST thing I ever EVER wanted to do was to drag Conny’s name through the mud. She knit them beautifully, and I felt a little bad complaining, so I tried to not out her. I really did. Knowing that so many people know literally almost made me cry.

    You all are a little bit right. There was a bit of buyers remorse. A BIT. but, As far as “I got these and they suck, so I am selling them to you…”…they DO NOT SUCK. I never said they were bad, they just werent want I wanted/asked for. I sold them instead of reknitting them because of buyers remorse, but the fact that something had to be changed (either me reknitting or them being sold to someone) was not buyers remorse.

    I know this probably changes nothing, and in the end it doesnt matter. But, I wanted it to be out there that I feel like a big old bitch because I “dragged Conny’s name through the mud.” I clearly dont know enough about the inside diaper world. I thought having my original thread deleted was enough and no one would know who it was.

    I am sorry.

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