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What would you do if you recieved this email? UPDATE POST 58

The email was titled “Regarding my wife’s purchases on” and this is what is said…

HI,Im not sure if you recieved my other emails, I need to ask a favor of you. Please do not complete this transaction. We cannot afford for her to continue to shop online if we want to have christmas presents for our children. I do not mean to try to burden you with the facts, but I must do something to intervine. Please refund the payment and do not send the item. IF you are worried since you already might have printed the shipping label, you can cancel the label and the money will be refunded to your account within a couple days as well as any fees that were assesed by accepting the payment. Im sorry to do this to you, but I must draw a line and show her Im serious about this. We will be disconnecting our internet soon b/c of this problem.Thanks for your help.B.

Now, the email is signed “B” yet neither the first or last name of the person who sent it starts with a B.

I still have to email this person back to find out who his wife is, because the email address is came from doesn’t match anything in my paypal account or order history on hyenacart. However, what if this happens to be one of the custom orders that I’ve already started? Wouldn’t this technically violate the hyenacart TOS?

I understand that sometimes people go a little nuts on HC, but at the same time I use the money I make from my store to purchase things for our family as well, and I’d be a little irritated to have someone back out like this.

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Re: What would you do if you recieved this email?

This is the response I just got…

You are the only person that has not been cooperative with my simple request. Her paypal address is **** and it was made late last night. IF you do ship the item, I will file a complaint with PP and be returning the item to you. I need your help, please do not mail the item and refund the money.

I hate to sound so mean, but how can this even be allowed?

ETA: I just realized this wasn’t even a purchase from HC, it was one of my items on Spots Corner. It was only a $10 item so I am going to just refund. Now what type of feedback do I leave? Can I report this anywhere?

No way in hell I’d send a refund, unless she paid with a credit card. Too bad, so sad for her. Would you refund??

  1. Jess says:

    Wouldn’t refund! Id be pissed!

  2. MajKitab says:

    For a $10 item that hadn’t been shipped yet.. Um, yeah.. I’d refund in a heartbeat once I verified I was indeed talking to the Husband.

    Wouldn’t want to keep someone’s money who is no longer interested in receiving my item.
    But Wow! that feedback shows how shiesty she/he/they are. No refund after seeing that!

  3. haha says:

    I call a BS on the “husband” emailing. Seriously who would do that? I know if I somehow spent to much money my DH would ask what I was going to sell to recoup it…I dunno maybe I say that because this situation would never happen.

  4. Funneh says:

    Wow. That woman is all kinds of hot mess.

    It looks like she’s tried a bunch of different methods of scamming. Notice the bit about sending the CC payment, asking for a refund so she could send funded Paypal, and trying to get the seller to mail the purchase to the address on the CC payment BEFORE she got around to resending the money? (Not that she ever resent it, it looks like.)

    Good thing she’s God-awful at it.

  5. eeek says:

    I would refund just to get her crappy insane self out of my life. I would, however, first demand that the request to refund come from the person who paid me, not just a made up husband. What a skank. Out of 12 feedbacks, she might have 9 -, but she really only has ONE +, the other people were just kind about that judgment.

  6. Mud says:

    That’s some bad scamming.
    No, I wouldn’t refund unless requested from the purchaser.

  7. thewhiteninja says:

    what a freak

  8. sassy1 says:

    DAAAMN!! Now thats some good drama! LMAO!

    Thats just crazy fucked up, your hubby has to step in because you can’t stop spending your kids xmas money? sad!

    But if it is a scamming method, thats a new one, never seen that before. Would I refund? Um……not sure, I don’t know enough about paypal rules and how that might pan out if he complained, but if its a $10 item I think I’d tell him to get bent and send it to him anyways.

  9. Stacey2 says:

    how bizarre! Some people need to get a grip.

  10. cdc3030 says:

    Anyone see the poor cranky copier looking for sympathy, again?

  11. jeruco says:

    anyone know if she is on DS?

  12. Rain Cloud says:

    Sounds like she has other usernames elsewhere and is trying to scam with this name. Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking?

  13. PixieGrrl says:

    I would NOT refund to the husband. Who cares if he is her husband or not. The order was made by another adult. If she came to me and requested so then yes I would. He would have no right to ask me to cancel an order for another adult. She is not his child- she is his wife and if she wants to shop-so be it. I would feel like I was violating my customer to cancel an order that she did not request to cancel. I would also save the emails for pp just incase to prove that someone other than the buyer was tryign to intervine/cancel/ect.

  14. j_bean says:

    I saw a JAR this morning on this one.

  15. sam says:

    I really doubt that email was sent by the husband, it sounds like it was written by a woman. But wow she’s got some terrible feedback.

  16. werd says:

    WOW what a head case. I’d tell the husbnd to BITE ME nd not refund… I highly doubt PP would side with them if you saved the messages and submitted them. I’ve bought from the OP before, hertuff is great and she is so nice! Assholes!

  17. wassit says:

    No way would I refund. Especially after looking at that feedback. Yeesh!

  18. tjsmommy says:

    I think for $10 item, I would refund after I verified that this was the husband and after I emailed the wife to verify. we are all adults here and if she wants to buy something its her right. BUT if he did that and it was a custom, i would say no way. i would ship it out anyway, and he could resell it if he was that worried about it. either way, I would file appropiate feedback

  19. mickee311 says:

    Man, I don’t know about you guys, but my husband wouldn’t know his left from his right trying to navigate HC, let alone figure out how to email the sellers of my purchases. I call total BS.

  20. tjsmommy says:

    mickee311—yeah now that I think about it, it does sound fishy. even i have a hard time navigating HC and I have a store there! I think it is the woman has buyers remorse and is looking for an out.

  21. Crazy Mama says:

    You don’t need to know how to navigate HC to contact the seller, her email addy is in his Paypal account under the transaction details.

    Just my two cents.

  22. mysterymommy says:

    cdc3030- did anyone get a screen shot of fake cranky girls post? Its went poof!

  23. AshleyB says:

    mysterymommy, it’s still there for me…but it’s in WAHM chit chat…so you have to be a member to read it.

  24. Yup says:

    More Crystal drama, apparently she didn’t get the right sympathy on hc so she had to post on ds.

  25. Mud says:

    The I’m going to cry post?

  26. DSDM2 says:

    she bothers me. She is 100% unoriginal and an intellectual design thief. I mean, look at her stuff:

  27. Yup says:

    I agree, her poor me post was just pathetic. Hmmm, all her new “original” ideas…
    Monster butt knit pants which are not even handknit, she uses a machine b/c she doesn’t have “time” to hand knit
    Goodmama OS pocket, which she didn’t bother to buy the correct material and used flannel for the inside while trying to tag on a $28 sale price
    Her most recent BV pants which she didn’t bother to hem and dyed with Dylon so they’ll fade like crazy.

  28. itsraininghere says:

    i can’t see the ds post and she deleted the hc one. anyone with an awesome recap for us?

  29. DSDM2 says:

    She now wants to make adult clothing and even named a company that she is going to make hers be like. Read the whole HC thread and you can get the gist. She goes into the “big bad mamas are after me” bull shit too.

  30. itsraininghere says:

    what a skank. seriously, she should take her own advice and get a “REAL” job. saying that just shows me that she doesn’t take her work seriously! i’m tired of ppl opening hc’s just because they can sew and want to stay home.

  31. eeek says:

    I’m so tired of that woman. I wish somehow we could see the I.P. address of the people who post to support her, I just have a feeling about that one! Like her loyal followers are going to stage a boycott of people who unjustly are MEAN to her. It’s like she’s managed to stretch Jr. High an extra decade.

  32. Mud says:

    Don’t get me started on her.
    She is a liar and a thief.
    And a whiner, which is almost worse.
    At least the sunshine squad on DS came around to tell her to go ahead and copy others (although, in the case of the obv pants no one said she copied).

  33. Just Peachy says:

    I hate to break it to you guys but alot of other wahms get inspiration from others ideas. Look at just how many OS fitteds are out there and turned and topstitched SS dipes. And yes alot of them look very very similar some almost exactly the same. Its bound to happen. I personally didn’t think the OBV pants post was drama as duh they are freaking pants. There are only so many ways you can make yoga pants and I think its a bit unfair to say she copied Linnea Designs.

  34. eeek says:

    The thing is SHE said she copied linnea designs in the post, and then said she believed she could undercut her, since LD’s are SO expensive…. so who wants some? It was just blatantly obvious & the same thing she’s done over & over. She’s trying to be more subtle, but she hasn’t changed her spots. When she used to copy crankypants, for a LONG time she very publicly whined about how hers were just as good as crankys only cheaper, why won’t anyone buy them? It’s just such a bad way to do business, to compare yourself to others while admitting you copy them, then say “but my knock-off is CHEAPER even though they thought of it”. Every time I read that woman’s whine I want to tell her to get a creative thought.

  35. Mud says:

    Peachy~ no one said she copied Linnea Designs~ SHE said it. Folks said it was not cool to compare her product to another so as to slam the other and boost herself. SHE made it about copying.
    Her MO with the crankys was to repeatedly say that there was a market for hers~ all those who couldn’t afford crankys. Then she said Amy from CP was cool with it and Amy called her on it publicly, which Crystal lies about repeatedly.
    The drama is what Crystal made it, like she always does.
    And having been on the receiving end of another of her theft of someone else’s idea and then butchering it, it pisses me off.
    Anyone can make pants, that was never the issue, that is just what Crystal made it abotu when she cried abotu the haters on DS.

  36. Crazy Mama says:

    I’m a little late on this, but I looked at the Naturally Baby HC and what a joke. Her video made me laugh, the text below it talks about how long she spends making a pair of pants on her knitting machine. Knit a pair by hand and see how long that takes, moron! And please, if you’re going to make a video of yourself crafting, clean up the mess behind you. It scares off customers when they see a big pile of crap on your work space.

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