Anyone know?

  1. AshleyB says:

    ? I just noticed it vanished!! I dunno…

  2. liljoeysmom says:

    Didn’t thismelrocks start it? Anyone ask her?

  3. liljoeysmom says:

    And can change to something besides monsters? My monster’s thunder thighs are starting to give me a complex.

  4. We’ll change it to the snowflake looking things for now.

  5. mysterymommy says:

    I deleted it. No one ever posted there. We have the blog and the yahoo group. It was overkill. Sorry.

  6. mysterymommy says:

    Can anyone give the the link to the Cloth Addicts…Fartin’ Rainbows Forums?

  7. werd says:

    LOL! I want that link too!

    I’ve been bad about hunting for drama for the yahoo group… damn custom orders!


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