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Is it true?

Does admin/mods read our pm’s?

I was told this recently. If so I feel very violated. PM stands for PRIVATE message, not sometimes private sometimes not.

I think that we deserve to know, as we sometimes say things that are meant for only our eyes, and we do not want ANYONE else seeing it, including mods/admin. That is why they are supposed to be private.

If this kind of stuff really takes place here you might as well change the name from Diaperswappers to 1984!

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Re: Is it true?

Originally Posted by WearingTaci
No mods/admin don’t have time to read private messages. The only way we find out if something against the rules is done in PMs is when it’s reported to us

That’s the answer I was hoping for. But it seems that there was no reporting going on in the case that I know about….Of course I could be misinformed.

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Re: Is it true?

Originally Posted by Nikkis_Little_Ladies
That’s the answer I was hoping for. But it seems that there was no reporting going on in the case that I know about….Of course I could be misinformed.

In the case you are talking about there were I think 5 or 6 of us involved and not 1 of us reported anything, unless I completely missed something, which I seriously doubt.

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Re: Is it true?

We have neither the desire,or the ability to read PMs. These thread has gone on far enough and will be locked. Private Messages are private,unless they are reported to a mod/admin

Originally Posted by kecmom
But that means you have the ability… and although you may not, others may, right?

Interesting stuff ladies.  I’m surprised the thread was only locked and not deleted altogether. I’m sure it will be later.

  1. Sarah says:

    BS! They can and do read pm’s and if you believe their bull about not having the ablility or desire to do so then you are either very new to DS or very naive.

  2. bin. says:

    Why people are ever shocked by this is crazy to me, I’ve known this was happening since my first days on DS.

    But then again, I also don’t get all the whining because they don’t do something people like(not just random banning but say “booo why aren’t we allowed to talk about *insert topic here*”

    It’s not a democracy, it’s a private board. get over it, or start your own.. or come here 🙂

  3. AshleyB says:

    I’m not shocked by it, but the word DOES need to get out about it!

  4. bin. says:

    true. very true.

  5. Just Peachy says:

    Ooooooh Juans all serious n shit LMMFAO.

  6. jeruco says:

    Can they make it any more obvious that they do the read PM’s then by locking that thread?
    No one broke a rule in that thread. They just dont want people talking about the fact that they read PM’s.

    Also, when they give you a strike now they do it from an anonymous username called “Admin team” that doesnt have any posts. So you have no idea which mod gave you the strike. More hiding and lieing of admins. Seriously why would anyone want to be a mod or admin on that site?

  7. liljoeysmom says:

    I want to know what happened to prompt the original post.

  8. AshleyB says:

    If you want to know what happened to prompt the original post, go over to Cloth Diaper Nation. It’s there!!

  9. liljoeysmom says:

    linky please!

  10. Just Peachy says:
    I believe its in the vent forum.

  11. AshleyB says:

    Wow!! Juan’s super serious! haha!

  12. jeruco says:

    I meant to say they use the anonymous username “senior mod team” to give strikes now.

    sorry for the wrong info.

  13. mysterymommy says:

    They must have read mine then too because I got an invite from slockwood but I am already a member.

  14. Sarah says:

    I got banned (permanently) for pm’ing a link to another website. They called it spam. I only pm’d it to a very, very few mamas so yeah, admin/mods got into my pm’s and saw it. Plus, another DS mama that I know had all of her pm’s deleted out of her pm box…tell me how that happens w/o admin being able to access members pm’s?!

  15. Ashley says:

    I remeber that Sarah…sad really

  16. mickee311 says:

    They are sooo full of shit it’s not even funny. Seriously. People got banned for coming over to my site which they were linked ONLY via PM and only to the ones we trusted. The same place Sarah is talking about. How else would they have known and then banned her for advertising a “competing site”?? Competing site…We didn’t do anything but sit in the chat room all day. WTF were we competing with. They were just jelliz I stole their members. Whores.

  17. notmeatall says:

    I’ve had Pm’s I have not read opened and marked read.

  18. Rain Cloud says:

    This has all happened before. So sad.

  19. Shaineinok says:

    To be completely factual. I believe they have a search engine that runs constantly checking for certain info. Like names of other boards and so on. I don’t really think they read all the pm’s as that would take forever. Its a shame really DS used to be such a nice board.

  20. sam says:

    I’m surprised they didn’t just delete the thread…but I think it’s retarted they locked it though, they’re so controlling over there sometimes.

  21. Nicole says:

    I think it’s funny how Lee is allowed to support his site totally her on DS but no one else can say a damn word about any other site…Talk about double standards.

    The fact that the thread was locked only proves the point even more. Lies lies lies….

    They’re probably over there erd flagging everyone and getting their base ball bats out…..BWAHAHHAHAHA

  22. Jenna says:

    While I don’t trust the ethics of most any mod on that site anymore, I’m an admin of a forum that is run on not exactly the same platform but similar. As an admin and, likewise, my mods, I/we do not have the ability to read PM’s.

  23. Nicole says:


    It’s a search engine that they have DL’d to the site, it’s a hacker.

  24. mickee311 says:

    Mhmm there is a hack that will allow you to read pms. Not difficult to obtain or implement.

  25. jeruco says:

    I assumed it was a search engine that is looking for cloth diaper nation or other sites they dont want linked.

    It would be really funny if we all go PM each other with the words cloth diaper nation, but dont include any links.
    Or in threads include the words cloth diaper nation throughout the threads. The words dont have to be next to each other to come up on their search engine.
    It would be really funny.

  26. cdnation says:

    To be able to read pm’s on vB forums you have to install a modification. It’s easy to do. Just so you know, we do not and will not ever have that hack. They’re called Private Messages for a reason. 🙂

    Jeruco, you’re funny. I wonder what they would do.

  27. haha says:

    Wonder what their excuse will be for giving out strikes for casual hints like this one
    “We suggest the use of a cloth diaper in this nation”

    It’s pretty innocent right?!?

  28. eeek says:

    I just read through that thread TL, and all I can think of is how my DH tries to tell me **I’M** crazy for my little OCD things. Those women have a lot of insane rules for the world, lol….& they’re pissed when the world doesn’t follow their unwritten rules….

  29. liljoeysmom says:

    So the OP in the thread yells at the kid, decides that’s not enough so she sends her DH out after them to yell at them again, still not satisfied she has to call the church to yell some more. Unbelievable!

  30. TL says:

    I know, seriously yelling at the poor teen? Thats a special kind of stupid.

  31. DramaBore says:

    How about this for a strange transaction?

  32. bin. says:

    And then she’s confused as to why they didn’t call her back yet.

  33. liljoeysmom says:

    DramaBore that is crazy! I call BS on her and her DH. Maybe it’s because of all the WAHMs getting ill and having their relatives drop like flies but I have a hard time believing anyone’s sob story.

  34. Just Peachy says:

    Ok so that virus on DS is STILL up and its hit me now. I cant click certain buttons on various websites via my browser and Im livid now because I have no way of getting the damn thing off my computer!

  35. DSDM2 says:

    I have had to reformat 2 different times. Get all your photos off now~

  36. AshleyB says:

    EmmJay, that is a bit weird. Stranger though is is it just me, or do the pants look like chaps the way it buttons? Which I suppose is fine for EC, but not very good for longies.

  37. itsraininghere says:

    ewwww that carpet is nasty.

  38. Sarah says:

    Agreed! It killed my hard drive and cost me $160 to fix. I didn’t save anything and didn’t realize what was happening until it was too late to do anything about. I have not clicked on DS since and never will again.

  39. Sarah says:

    Duh, meant to say that I agreed w/DSDM2’s post about saving pictures.

  40. Just Peachy says:

    False alarm! Apparently I am a dumb ass (yes laugh at me 🙂 ) and dh turned off javascript.
    I regularly save my stuff because my computer is ancient (gateway 2000 model) and we still have WinME which crashes about 3-4 times a year so.

  41. EmmJay says:

    They look like crotchless “longies” which is weird

  42. Just Peachy says:

    They do look like crotchless longies which totally defeats the purpose.

  43. DSDM2 says:

    Peachy they are for EC, and are very popular in China and other countries where it is cool.

  44. DSDM2 says:

    cool, meaning colder weather where a kid can’t be naked, lol.

  45. Just Peachy says:

    That explains it. Doesnt mean they look any less weird tho 😛
    Did you guys notice they now have games on DS??????? WTF is up with this shit?

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