WTH is in the water?! I mean seriously?? Is bad CS and Scamming becoming the norm for WAHMS?


Posted by Markswife:

coolababy users

do you wash on hot or cold?? apparently they are supposed to be washed on cold. i’ve been washing them on hot for months now with no problems (just like i do all my other PUL diapers). unfortunately when i went to take out my diapers from the dryer yesterday, i found this:

it’s like the pul is separating from the diaper and looks like a big wad of plastic wrap. i’m so disappointed as ive only had these 2 particular diapers for a few weeks. of course the seller will not replace them as i didn’t follow the washing insturctions.

i still want to wash my diapers on hot…………but now i’m all worried about whether or not it’s safe to expose my babies to them if they have been washed on hot. is there bpa or anything toxic in PUL?? Do you think it would be harmful to my babies to continue to wash them on hot?? i realize it will cause the diapers to wear faster, but i want my diapers CLEAN. i am so upset as i love my coolababy diapers…………


Posted by: heidip2p
Re: coolababy users

The same thing happened with mine this week after 3 washes. It only happened to one out of eight so I am thinking maybe a bad batch or something. Needless to say I won’t be buying anymore. The seller won’t respond to my emails either. Very frustrating.
Posted by: formunyfrommommy:
Re: coolababy users

i have 12 and i have never had that problem…used them for 4 months now and always wash and dry on hot…….i had poor comm with them before though too…..when i was buying mine…i asked them why they have 3 separate ebay stores selling them for diff prices with different amounts of soakers ….but all of the sites claimed to be the original maker of them….they didnt have many answers lol…..but delaminating pul i dont believe has to do with the washing….because that shouldnt happen…expescially when so many ppl like me dont follow instructions and have never had a problem

  1. NataschaN says:

    Since when are clothdiapers produced in China WAHM diapers?!?!?

    Coolababy’s are not WAHM diapers…

  2. DSDM2 says:

    I figured that out quickly, but do these women know?

  3. tntdynomite says:

    I am too leary to buy dipes on ebay, it is hard enough weeding out the “naughty” WAHMs on DS.

  4. sara says:

    I have a friend who is a rep and sells them. She keeps telling me they are great Just like BG’s. I don’t care to risk the chance on them.

  5. DSDM2 says:

    Honestly, if they are that great, they wouldn’t be that cheap.

  6. werd says:

    yeah dude… you get what you pay for!!!

    the plastic that melted is probably loaded with lead and all, being from China… eek.

  7. DSDM2 says:

    scary stuff is OK over there…

    having said that all of the MF we use in the WAHM world is from China, Bamboo too for the most part.

  8. liljoeysmom says:

    Maybe I’m in the minority but when I think about ebay the first thing that does not come to mind is quality. I think counterfeits, bootlegs and garage sale items.

  9. noisybean says:

    #8 me too.

    PUL is used in hospitals. Its meant to be washed on hot and endure a lot of wear. That’s not PUL.

  10. becka says:

    ive had (real) fuzzibunz do that before

  11. Real Diaper Talk says:

    Looks like it was made with PUL film.

  12. me me me(forgot my old name) says:

    Sometimes PUL can delaminate. It sucks, but it happens sometimes. I’ve had a few dipes do that and still function fine. As a seller, if a customer came to me with that, I’d replace it or at least offer a discount on future purchase. Something.

  13. kelolsen says:

    this has happened just this week to both of my WAhmies pail liners and they are a year old. My MOE ones are 3 years old and besides shot elastic from so much use, they are fine. I’ll never buy WAHMies ones again!

  14. cayce says:

    i have these diapers and love them. the funny thing is my old BG were ruined and looked like that above poster’s pics. i finally figured out it was from the agitation on my machine. now i wash on delicate – cold wash w/detergent, hot wash w/detergent, cold wash with nothing – dry on low. i use Purex free and clear.
    and now everything is great. the agitation on my washer was to much and where it rubbed together it rubbed the pul off, like in those pics.

  15. yarrsh says:

    Aren’t they all made in China. the only diferenc is you are buying direct from coolababy, eliminating the middle man

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