Best mice repellent—think I found something that works!!

So it is that time of year again:yuck: And I don’t want to just deal with, trap, and kill them! I don’t want them coming in at all!!!!! :headbang:
I was researching some stuff last night and here are a few things I have found—If you have used any of these please help me!!
Ultrasonic / ultramagnatic plugin things
Bobcat urine
Dryer sheets
Toilet bowl round hanging cleaner
mothballs—don’t really think they are safe :headscratch:
cats–but we have a dog that would prolly hurt it so that is a no go!

Any suggestions?? Anything home made cheapess is the best!!!
Please. Please Help me they freak me out:lostit:
Thanks mamas!!!

Ok so go to my last 2 posts and I think I have figured something out!! Please tell me what you think???

Do you really want to know what I think? REALLY?
  1. tntdynomite says:

    Lol I think that is funny…DS is good for advice on anything 🙂

  2. werd says:

    teehee DSDM!

  3. DSDM2 says:

    Well seriously. If your house is clean, the food is secured, and you fill holes, you won’t have mice.

    I’m kind of grossed out that so many have them.. and other people saying they can’t get rid of the mice b/c the kids and DH leave food around?!?! ICK.

    Do NOT b/s/t list growing, lol.

  4. DSDM2 says:

    ETA : I know that anyone can get them, but they only stay and multiply if they are getting food.

  5. Nicole says:

    um yeah, i agree. clean your house and put your food in airtight containers or something. Of course, if the idea of spreading BOBCAT URINE all over your house is more appealing than CLEANING – GO FOR IT. ugh.

  6. Trisha R. says:

    well we have a mouse, and we don’t leave food out, we’re not sure what they’re eating as everything is sealed up. But we have an old house, so those things happen even with a clean house.

  7. Trisha R. says:

    OOps I’m normally TL just forgot to change my name on there

  8. DSDM2 says:

    a mouse, not mice problems…

    (and I would guess with an older house you will have more. my old house had a hand dug basement we sealed and it got rid of the mice there.)

  9. DramaBore says:

    We had mice when we moved into our house, but they weren’t really getting into anything (I tend to keep most things airtight anyway). It took a while to figure out they were coming in through the bottom of our chimney. Once we sealed the holes, no more problems.

  10. AshleyB says:

    Eh, I’ve had a mouse…but it was a pet, NOT a filth infestation!!

  11. Funneh says:


  12. liljoeysmom says:

    We had one at our old house. He didn’t last too long once we knew he was there.

  13. Rachel says:

    Ok… I didn’t read the whole thread… but…

    Did you consider the possibility that she lives in a duplex or an apartment building? DH and I had mice in our old house because we lived in a duplex and they were coming in from the other half of the house. All of our food was in airtight containers and there was never any left out (DH is so incredibly OCD). I’m just saying, she’s not necessarily a “filthy” person or a bad housekeeper. Also, if you live out in the country they’ll sometimes come in not for food, but for water.

  14. Rachel says:

    I should add that we did get rid of them… but we had to call in an exterminator and a contractor to do so.

  15. amegrl520 says:

    Yeah some people need to think before they post stuff on a public message board!

  16. Me, MySelf and I says:

    I agree with DSDM2.

    I have had mice, that isn’t the issue, it is comments like “I HATE MICE.. They are even on top of my fridge… I have been trying to put everything in the pantry into plastic containers… but it is kind of expensive to do…. and with all the kids and my husband leaving food EVERYWHERE… ”

    It is people like that who have mice b/c they are gross, not b/c a pest gets in. Anyone could have mice get in the house, but you take care of the source, not just poisoning them as they come in.

  17. JustPeachy says:

    I have half agree with both sides. On one hand if you have a mouse problem then you really should be whipping everyone into shape and making them clean up their messes and keeping food sealed.
    OTOH I do think what Rachel says is true as my mom has field mice that come in every now and again for some reason, perhaps water. We see the mice once a year then boom GONE.
    I also want to point out not every pest problem is due to filth but sometimes due to proximity. I have heard of ppl having mice probs in apt buildings cus their neighbors are dirtbags.

  18. EmmJay says:

    We had “A” mouse when I was about 38 weeks pregnant with my second. My cat took it upstairs to play with it and I had to crawl around and catch it. We keep everything closed up, so my only thought was they were eating our cats food, which I guess I can see. We got some ultrasonic things and sealed the cat food and haven’t seen any since.

  19. alison says:

    LOL @ #11…

    Oh yeah – that’s gonna smell GREAT!

    Nothing says Holidays like a smattering of Bobcat Urine around the home.


  20. Frazzled says:

    I’m curious where all of the “mice are only in dirty houses with food sitting out” people live.

    I don’t have dirty homes and I don’t leave food accessible to rodents. We have had an occassional mouse before though. One house was a very old home that was moved to its existing location so it has extra crawl space underneath that made it a nice place for mice to hide out in the winter. THey would ocassionally make their way into the home and we have quite the good mouser cat. We also have lived in the country with nothing but fields around us in an old farm house. Guess what, there was an ocassional mouse spotting.

    It’s not like Tom and Jerry. You can’t see a nice half circle in the wall where the mouse goes in and out and sometimes posts a neon sign above his door. You often can’t find where they are coming in, especially in an old home that is not in a cookie cutter suburb with your home smack up against your neighbor.

    We haven’t seen any in our current home but the previous owners did have D-Con in different locations, including up high cabinets…..yes, they don’t always come out on the ground level. I am clean though and my food is put away so I guess I don’t have anything to worry about, right?

    Ha….a mouse conversation for my Friday morning…I love it.

  21. Junebug says:

    I don’t really get this either. Mice and bug problems don’t just happen to people with dirty houses. Mice also have an amazing ability to squeeze themselves through the cracks at the bottoms of doors.

    I don’t have a mouse problem, but we did a few years ago and our house was very clean at the time. They were coming in for warmth, not food.

  22. noisybean says:

    #16, yes, “its kind of expensive to do”, what with spending all your money on new fluff, blackberries and a nanny…..

    I’d get her some cheese to go with her whine, but the mice would probably just run away with it. Gah. she bugs.

  23. Sarah says:

    I didn’t read this entire thread, but saying that mice can only come from dirty homes pisses me off.

    First off, when it gets cold, animals start trying to find a place to come inside. Oftentimes, they will crawl in through your laundry exhaust because it is warm. That is NOT because you are a dirty person!!!

    When we lived in an apartment, we had a mouse that came in one winter. We trapped him and set him free, and that was that. I am type-A about being clean.

    Anyway ……try to do a little research before judging.

    People who KEEP mice, on the other hand …ICK!!! If they are finding their way in during the fall and the person is doing something to get rid of them though …that’s VERY normal, especially if you live in an apartment.

  24. noisybean says:

    But its these people who live in clutter. They have the mice because they have boxes all over their closet floors, perfect little mouse habitat. If you have shit all over your floors, then you can’t really clean. Therefore you are dirty.

    I’m not sure which is worse, the mice or sleeping with a lizard in your bed. Did anyone see that post???

  25. just_sayin says:

    It’s obvious that you’ve never lived in the country. When you live in the mountains surrounded by acres of forest and you can’t even see your neighbor, then, yeah, you get mice sometimes. We always had cats, and that kept the mice down, but sometimes you’d get them in the house, just like sometimes you get deer and bear in your yard. It has nothing to do with being dirty.

  26. Messy says:

    LOL #24! You can’t sleep with her in the bed! You have to take her back to her cage when you encounter her… She is attracted to the warm waterbed and human attention. I knew that would make it over here!!!
    Oh the idea of mice, yea, in some places mice are from neighbors, in others they are seasonal PITAs. They happen. They have to be gotten rid of or they, in and of their own nasty selves, cause disease and filth of their own. They are unhealthy and dangerous to children, pets, and humans in general. So kudos to anyone trying to get rid of them!

  27. Grogwench says:

    We’ve had the occasional mouse in the attic or garage…never in the house. I know for a fact that we DON”T have food in either place. We do now have an electronic rat/mouse trap (electrocutes the buggars so it’s quick and painless) and we don’t have that problem anymore.
    It’s not always a filth problem.

    FYI: I’d FREAK if I saw one in the house. I wouldn’t waste time on a message board asking for help… I’d be getting a mousetrap ASAP!

  28. Meeces to Pieces! says:

    I live out in the country and we get the occasional mouse in our garage. I went to open a box of clothes last year to look through them and wash to take off to Goodwill and found mouse poop. *barf* Off to the garbage can they went. At any rate, people who have mice in their house aren’t filthy. When I was a teenager, we had mice somehow or another get from the crawlspace of our house up into the closet with the water heater and furnace and it was a bitch to get rid of them.I remember that clearly, it wasn’t a huge infestation, but it was a family of mice because several got the glue trap. We weren’t filthy people. We weren’t even dirty. The mice ust found a way to get up in that closet from the crawlspace and decided to camp out since it was warm. That’s an unfair generalization to say that all people who have a rodent problem are dirty. That isn’t the case in many situations.

  29. JustPeachy says:

    #24 I have slept with a lizard in my bed but Im weird 🙂 . My ex had a pet monitor that he let wander around the apartment every now and again.

  30. amanda says:

    #25 Totally agree. We live in the country and mice are just something you have to learn to deal with. Doesn’t mean we all have dirty houses.
    We lived in the city before we moved here. The city REFUSED to put grates on the sewer pipes. Well, what happened is a lot of people got mice and rats coming up through there bathrooms and sicks on the basements. We had the exterminator AND the Health Dept out and the city was forced to put the grates on.

  31. Madre says:

    Some of you are dumbasses. I’m sorry but it needs to be said. No one said anyone w/ a mice infestation is dirty. Seriously. Re-read shit. Quit getting pissy b/c you’ve had mice, no one gives a shit.

  32. yada yada says:

    Haha, clearly all you high and mighty “ahhh, just clean the place” ladies don’t live in the country! Mice are a part of life when you live in the woods, and don’t have cats. Ok, perhaps not an all out infestation, but seriously- a mouse or two here and there is part of living out in the woods.

  33. Mud says:

    I’m in the ‘mice happen’ camp.
    Some years are worse than others, but we live in a very wooded region in a hundred year old house with stone foundation and no food in our basement and last year dh trapped 6 in one day.
    It is cold out there and they are seeking some place warm.

  34. Funneh says:

    So getting back to the topic (as it was posted) at hand: I am DYING to know which of you country folk have had great luck neutralizing your mice problems with FUCKING BOBCAT URINE.

  35. jeruco says:

    I used to live in a rental house that had mice running through the heater vent system under the house. The mice didnt get any food from us. They were never in the house other than the heater system.
    They were getting food elsewhere but living where it was warm.

  36. jeruco says:

    oh and I was living out in the woods on 5 acres.
    Mice do happen as well as bears, deer, and cougars. Yep, they all come and visit sometimes.

  37. Nicole says:

    Im with funneh here, srsly. WHY ARE WE OVERLOOKING BOBCAT URINE?!!!

  38. Monkey says:

    Number 31, perhaps you shouldn’t be a moron and should go read the initial post again.

    At the bottom of the post is says this: Do you really want to know what I think? REALLY?

    So… isn’t the implication that her house is automatically dirty because she has mice? I mean, if the only solution is cleaning the house the general idea is that the house must be dirty.

    And more than one person commented that if a house is clean it won’t have mice. Now let’s see, if a house isn’t clean it’s _________. See if you can fill in the blank, but don’t strain yourself.

  39. Anisa's Momma says:

    Where my mom lives, she has feilds on 3 sides and woods in back of her. She has a clean house with mice! She got 3 cats and they just play with the darn mice and let them go, lol.

  40. The Original Ashley says:

    I live in the country and have never had a mouse in this house. And it’s not because my cat is overly interested in hunting. We never had them at the last house we lived at either and our housemates were nasty.

    Mice do happen, but if you get mice and then wonder where they came from while saying “I just can’t get my family to stop leaving trash and food everywhere” then YEAH, you need to clean your damn house! That will help a lot.

  41. Sarah says:

    I’m with “funneh” and “nicole”…let’s focus more on the bobcat urine. Where the hell does one even get bobcat urine? And who the hell would sprinkle it around their house? Not to mention that the OP says, “mothballs—don’t really think they are safe” yet thinks that puddles of animal waste around the house is a-okay. LOL

    But seriously, mice can spread hantavirus ( so you definitely don’t want them in your house.

  42. werd says:

    I’m in the WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH BOB CAT URINE camp. What, do you run around with a funnel and a jar and call “here, bob cat bob cat bob cat!” Have you SEEN a bob cat? I wouldn’t fuck with one!

  43. JustAMama says:

    I think you can get it in hunting/camping supply places – I think it wards off animals from coming to your camp because it smells like a vicious predator has been there.
    Just like in the hunting part at wally world you can get doe pee (yep, it’s called Doe-P) and doe estrous (ewwwww) to attract bucks. You sprinkle it on the ground near your hunting area and they’ll come a runnin!

  44. Kate says:

    LOL I’ve heard of buying different animals urine to scare aware outside pests like Possums. But using ti in the house. Um NO! I had a mouse in my apartment I figured out how he was getting in. Stuffed an SOS pad in the hole and no more mousy. Although I did forget to pick up the glue trap behind the sofa and my sisters Siamese came to visit and stepped on it and freaked. Poor kitty.

  45. Sarah says:


    Gotcha. I once dated a guy who told me that he put elk urine on himself while hunting to attract the elk. NASTY….needless to say, that was a short relationship! 🙂

  46. Madre says:

    #38 have you read the posters posts in the past? I have no doubts that she has an infestation b/c she’s just dirty.

  47. Monkey says:

    Number 46… no I haven’t, but no mention was made of her posting history. I was basing my thoughts/opinions/comments on the things that were ACTUALLY said/posted here.

    My point was that the PP was trying to say no one had said she was dirty… that wasn’t accurate, pretty much EVERYONE had said she was. I guess my point was don’t call others dumbasses when you’re incorrect in your statement.

    I don’t particularly care, I’m just saying don’t insult others when you’re incorrect about what has been said.

  48. Madre says:

    I wrote anyone in #31 when I meant to write everyone. That was my point. Everyone’s coming out of the woodworks like people care that they have mice. No one does.

  49. DSDM2 says:

    I have read her past posts, and I do stand by what I wrote. She needs to clean her house. It would get rid of the mice.

    #38 you should go research her past posts before you throw accusations at me 🙂

    And if you read my comments (#3 and 4) I understand that people get them. You only have issues if you give them the space and food (in this case filth) to multiply.

    And FTR, I DO live out in the country. My last house was over 110 years old.

  50. lilgamoma says:

    I had a few mice sneak in recently (I guess since it’s getting cold), but my kitties took care of them and Dh took care of where they sneaked in under the house. We’d tried to seal this rental house up as well as possible when we moved in this summer though. ITA though, keeping your house clean and taking action on the problem immediately to prevent it is a big factor. And there are little live traps you can buy to catch them and let them go somewhere else away from your house (unless a kitty gets them first-gross!) .

  51. momofdivas says:

    I agree Sarah. We had the same thing happened about 10 yrs ago when we lived in a new apartment complex,the mice coming in were as small as a ball of dryer lint.
    I keep the house clean,didn’t leave food out and kept things like flour,sugar,cereal ,etc in plastic tupperware containers.
    There was construction going on in the woods and field behind us and the mice were moving down to the apartments looking for places to live.

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