What the hell is up with these wahms? Hell yes I would be pissed… anyone know who it is?

Not returning yarn, fabric, ANY leftovers is freaking STEALING and SCAMMING.

Posted by BeanyBaby:


Will you be mad/upset IF….

If you send 2 gymboree blankets brand new with tags to a WAHM and the WAHM makes you a diaper one of each blanket and when you ask for the remaining fabric for both blankets back you only get a piece of fabric -pic included back?

I didnt get any fabric back from one blanket at all and from one I got this piece…-dinos

One blanket was 31X41 W
The other one was 30 w X 30W

Or I am exagerating?


  1. alison says:

    I had an immediate thought about who the WAHM might be…

    And what do you know… Ding, ding, ding… I was right.

    Stinky Couture


  2. DSDM2 says:

    great detective work!

  3. AshleyB says:

    Well, now I know who not to send fabric to!

  4. Mud says:

    OK, who the HELL spells ‘fix’ with to x? FIxx? Seriously.

  5. Mud says:

    Apparently I should, since I can’t spell ‘two’

  6. sara says:

    Well she is a bit shady.

  7. DramaBore says:

    So she steals fabric from people who send it in for customs, and then has the gall to charge $50 + per dipe? I will never buy from her.

  8. Just Because says:

    I just don’t get it: keeping extra yarn and fabric? I’ve done plenty of YYMN over the years and WAHMs have always sent my extra yarn back w/o me even asking. To keep something without permission is stealing! Over the internet is fraud!

    I’m a WAHM and it would never occur to me to keep extra supplies from a customer. Last year I really goofed up a panel of fabric beyond repair…serger revolt… and felt bad I was going to have to use more of her fabric then I’d predicted. I even offered to purchase more fabric to make up the difference.

  9. liljoeysmom says:

    What is so great about Stinky Couture diapers anyway? It seems like people sit on her wait list forever. Are they worth the wait and price?

  10. eeek says:

    She is such an annoying spammer, and it was shown she was doing shill bidding & leaving feedback raves for herself. HTH do people still care enough about her diapers to pay that much? Many other people make nice T&T fitteds. And won’t embezzle your fabric, lol….

  11. undercover says:

    She’s also had customers (this one and others) buy fabric for her, not for their customs but b/c she’s been banned from sewingmamas and some ebayer’s auctions. She hasn’t paid these customers back for some of that fabric either! I have heard soooo many horror stories about her.

  12. Mud says:

    wasn’t her HC shut down?

  13. Funneh says:

    #12, I think I saw her on the calendar just a day or so ago?

    But it should be. Who the hell leaves elaborate fake feedback for themselves? There was one on diaperpin at some point where she was trying to talk about how awesome her new one-size diapers were and the number of months she spaced her “kids” apart was less than 9. El oh el.

  14. JustPeachy says:

    #13 you noticed that too eh? CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYY!
    I dont get stinky couture other than I think most ppl continue to buy em to be elite. They are no different then any other t&t dipe I have seen and the WAHMs ethics ALONE are enough to make me steer clear of her. I guess ppl dont care much about ethics anymore when it comes to being a part of the popular crowd on DS eh?

  15. JustPeachy says:

    Oh and FWIW her elastics look like shit. Take a gander at how Sweetiebums elastics look then look at SC elastics.

  16. OhReally says:


    There is also the distinct possibility that no one is actually buying them. She stocks, then instantly removes them from stock to appear ‘sold out’. Just a theory.

  17. OhReally says:

    #16 was supposed to be a reply quoting #14 -” I dont get stinky couture other than I think most ppl continue to buy em to be elite. “

  18. JustPeachy says:

    #16 I didnt even think about that but its not a stretch that she would do something like that.

  19. Rika says:

    I’d love to hear the rest of the story she hints to.

  20. JustPeachy says:

    #19 I think it has to do with the fact her soakers dont have the tell tale circle that Daphne puts on the underside of the soakers. Thats probably why she didnt say the other issues becus it would’ve lead back to her show off thread if that makes any sense at all.

  21. Rika says:

    #20 she mentions money issues …?

  22. icanhazacheezburgur? says:

    Well, I had heard all about her total shadyness, but I only confirmed it when I emailed her last summer and asked to be on her customs list. She told me there was no point adding me b/c her list was so long that it would be YEARS before my name would come up. Then a good friend of mine also emailed her and was put on the list with no problem. I nearly died when a third friend told me that they had paid nearly $2,600 for 18 diapers from her.

  23. jeruco says:

    She has some of her customers buy her fabric from sites she is banned from or from sellers who refuse to sell to her. Then in exchange they get customs.
    She takes forever for customs for some people and then for her constant ravers Like Valerie, she takes no time at all. That is why you see a few of her customers always raving. In exchange they get customs. Which keeps her popularity going. It all a big farse.
    I am not saying her diapers suck, although they are known for elastic issues, but I am saying her popularity is a all a lie.
    I could go on and on.

  24. JustPeachy says:

    #22 you forgot kimsansf. I like them don’t get me wrong but its really shady to accept bribery for their “endorsement”.

  25. icanhazacheezburgur? says:

    #24: What?

  26. Funneh says:

    I’ve tried to elude to the customs-for-raves cycle in a subtle way on DS on several occasions without directly mentioning SC. I don’t know why she of all shady WAHM’s pisses me off so much, but she does.

    I guess because she’s more subtle about it so it’s less known or recognized/she hits EVERY major point of SHADY SHADY SHADY (aliases for buying so she can lie about sources, false feedback left for herself, artificial inflation of her own prices, stealing, bribing, lying, favoritism dictating CS, the list goes on).

    Peachy, I’m relatively certain it’s an elitist thing too. She’s “worked” hard to garner that kind of association for her product. I bought one of her diapers on FSOT once many months ago to see what the stink was about and sold it after one use because there was absolutely nothing exceptional about it. It was nice, but no nicer than any of my other well-made T&T diapers. I’ll be sticking with them and the HONEST WAHM’s behind them.

  27. Valerie says:

    WOW! Yes……i have bought fabric for Daphne, as well as many others have too. Did i ever get my diapers quicker then others…….NOPE! Did i pay $65 for a diaper….YEP! Do i still own any Stinky Coutures, NO i do not.

  28. still pissed says:

    she is so shady it is sick. First – I am pretty sure her name is not even Daphne. She hides behind who she is and lies about everything. I have never heard of someone have so much drama with the post office loosing packages – and as of late, apparently fed Ex steals fabric remnants. She is a joke.
    Unfortunately, unsuspecting mamas get involved and give her $$ for her diapers. Has anyone noticed they increase in price every month? She is a scammer and an oppurtunist. – It took me a while to figure it out – fortunately I was wise enough in where I did not loose $$ on the deal.
    for #22 – I used to rave about her but b/c she would call crying for us to defend her – she befriends you and then screws you over – notice, most ravers do not rave for long…

  29. Valerie says:

    I also wanted to mention, i never took bribery from her. I sent her some VHTF fabric to make me a diaper from it. I was new to buying fabric, and did not want to cut it wrong. I sent her the yard…..she made me a diaper and kept the rest of the fabric, in return for the free diaper made from it. I did not get it any quicker that is for sure. It still took at least 4-6 weeks to get that diaper.

  30. undercover says:

    I will never understand why she has perfect feedback everywhere. #30- have you left feedback yet? I think if she gets 3 negs her HC will get pulled.

  31. still pissed says:

    well sadly enough she hardly ever sells off her HC – everything she does is on the side for the most part – I once bought an “in stock” diaper and actually NEVER got it – I was sent a replacement one.
    Did anyone ever see a multi-fit? hmmmmmm funny how there is feedback for a phantom diaper

  32. beanybaby says:

    The gymboree blankets I sent her were not in exchange for any diaper-I sent her the blankets to make me a diaper one of each and I had plans to send the remaining fabric to Tami (DNF) to make me a couple of diaper covers but that never happen.Again I still dont understand why she cut the fabric the way she did. I also sent most of my fabrics for my customs and I was still charged the price range she charges.Also I have to mention none of my soakers are the same. they are made with different materials that If I didnt paid that much for the diapers I will cut them open to see what they look like inside.I might though- because I want to know.

  33. jeruco says:

    If you are over SC diapers then why are you always the first to drool over them?
    Just curious?

  34. jeruco says:

    Yes, she calls her cusotmers and whines. She has them defend her in threads and post raves. Its really strange when you think about it. She calls them.

  35. JustPeachy says:

    You should’ve just sent the blankets to Tami to have made into dipes. She wouldn’t steal your fabric 😉
    That sucks that you paid full price AND she stole your fabric. The one custom I had where I sent in fabric I got $3 off per dipe made with my fabric plus the wahm sent back the extras (which was quite a bit and I only sent in 18×20 pieces AND she used the fabric for the underside of the soaker).

  36. Valerie says:

    #34……………I drooled over the prints, that my friend picked out for her Fixx. She has good fabric tastes! Who wouldn’t drool!

  37. JustPeachy says:

    Friends don’t let friends buy from shady wahms 😉

  38. Valerie says:

    And now, we all know better 😉

  39. beanybaby says:

    # 11 the answer is YES. I did bought fabric for her on ebay and SM. I asked her to pay me back and she asked me if it was ok to make me one diaper and she will pay me the rest in a couple of more days.Then the stupid of me asked her If she could make me 3 diapers for the price I paid for those fabrics -but after asking her for certain fabrics most of the fabrics I wanted were not available and I didnt feel to send more of my fabric and spend extra in shipping you know? For that kind of money I can buy 6 diapers somewhere else. Beside I just didnt feel much trust after what happen to my blankets which I paid 25 dlls for the dinos on ebay -and 24 for the alligators- Start adding the math.

  40. beanybaby says:

    So no diapers and no money but she has the fabrics… 😦 At least somebody is happy- But not fot too long-and I know you are reading this.

  41. jeruco says:

    Lets not forget Daphne’s elusive fabric gallery.
    some people get to see the VHTF prints and then bam the next day that fabric gallery is gone. But you are NEVER allowed to share her fabric gallery with anyone.
    strange, strange, strange women.

  42. jeruco says:

    that makes sense if you are drooling over the fabric.

    I thought the drool was over the diapers, but I see what you meant now.

  43. Valerie says:

    Well…………i do have a love for yummy fabrics 🙂

  44. laughing my ass off says:

    M – you are hysterical – you knoow D is sitting there with Ken at her side giving her some really shitty advice! LMAO

  45. jeruco says:

    m- I wonder who she is going to call now to defend her? LOL
    You know she is glued to the computer reading all this.
    Daphen come out and play with the big kids……..

  46. jeruco says:

    Daphne not Daphen

  47. laughing my ass off says:

    She will never come on – she takes the “high road”. With the last deboucle she claimed that she was never going to repond because it would confirm that there was something to the allegations. We USED to be “friends” but had to learn the hard way that she does not know the true meaning of friendship. She will never come on – in her mind she has done no wrong –

  48. catalabella says:

    do I get cookies?
    http://www. stinkycouture.com/pics/v/Fabrics/

  49. sara says:

    42 i think that is because a lot of the pictures are stolen from other Wahms.

  50. jeruco says:

    51. oh I know why she wants her fabric gallery hidden. I know her pics are stolen and she didnt want some people on sewing mamas finding out that she had people buying fabric for her. She thought if they saw her gallery they would find out.

  51. jeruco says:

    #50 but remember she doenst have all those fabrics. She just wants her customers to think she has all the HTF fabrics. So, she keeps all those pics up there.

    But yes you get the cookies for posting her gallery. I wonder how long it will be before she moves it?

  52. scmje says:

    #53 – she has never had EAS – its a load of cr*p – you got it right when you said she wants people to think she has those fabrics.

  53. Stinky? Oh, I just farted. says:

    I tried to look at that link, but it’s not working. Anyone else? Did she take them off?

  54. tongue biter says:

    #22 WHAT?!?!

    $2600 for 18 diapers? You said diapers right? That’s like $145 a diaper. WTF.

  55. Stinky? Oh, I just farted. says:

    nevermind, it’s working now 🙂

  56. DramaBore says:

    That fabric gallery is a joke! All you have to do is click on the pics to see that they were all taken using different cameras.

  57. JustPeachy says:

    Oh I feel like how I felt when the popular girls got laughed at at school right now 😀

  58. beanybaby says:

    # 48- I have the receipts from the allegations….

  59. scmje says:

    #59 – I don’t know how popular D is. Her friends are well, I do not think there are many…..she has done too many people wrong

  60. jeruco says:

    nice catch. She probably didnt realize that a photo ALWAYS carries a digital paper trail with it. You can always read a photo and know what kind of camera took the photo/date and other specs about it. Potentially, the real owners of those photos could be a little ticked off right now if they look at her gallery.
    Oh the SC shadyness never ends.

  61. werd says:

    what a skank. I’ve never done a custom with someone’s fabric, but how the heck can you keep it like that?! Fabric is so damned expensive, and she’s charging $50+ for A diaper that any semi-experienced diaper maker can make in 30 minutes with a beginner sewing machine ! Insane!

    As a WAHM it always boggles my mind, these idiots who pay so much for such easy to make diapers! Come see me,I’ll sell you the same damn diaper for half of that!!

  62. nomorefabricforyou says:

    How annoying that I specifically blocked her from buying my fabric and her friends bought from me for her.

  63. nutmeg says:

    I guess you should know WHY she’s banned on Sewing Mamas. Because she’s a scammer. I’m disgusted anyone used my site to buy her fabric. But I guess you got her usual treatment so I won’t try to suss that out.

    Because of HER and those buying fabric from her, and other scammers we had to change the selling and buying rules. So thanks.

    She won’t be banned on Hyena Cart, Karen has made that very clear. She doesn’t care so long as she keeps prices high and people coming to HC.


  64. sassy1 says:

    one time….she bought a soaker off my HC and sent me the snotiest email I have ever read in my life. I thought I was being emailed by royalty or something, my friend and I LOAO’s at how ridiculous it was.

    I have paid alot of money for a HTF diaper, but I would never buy one of hers, no way. I have basic sewing skills, and made my first T&T diaper a few weeks ago and I swear it wasn’t any different than one of her’s. That chicks got problems. I hoe someone leaves her some serious feedback somewhere and people stop buying from her. What a snooty bitch.

  65. DSDM2 says:

    leave FB here: http://www.diaperswappers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=379796 and on HC: http://hyenacart.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=6116&start=0 and on the pin: (I didn’t see a store account for her, which means she is afraid of the feedback IMO).

  66. yougetwhatyoupayfor says:

    #40 and all others that have bought fabric for her. You harvest what you plant. Now, you used sneaky ways to get fabric “just because I want it” and then you were stolen. I have NO sympathy for greedy scammer enablers.

  67. alison says:

    Yup #66… I noticed that when I wanted to buy some fabric on SMs the other day. I do my chatting at another board, so my post count is way too low for the new rules. Ah well. I’ll just have to come back for more sewing tips.

  68. scmje says:

    well I do not think that anyone bought fabric for her to try to scam or anything else. SHe really does make you feel like your friends…and honestly as a newbie in the scene, you do not know who to believe or not – she manipulates and uses and you do not even know she is screwing you over until the rug gets pulled out from underneath you – She does it so subtle…you do not even know you are being f*&^% over. so #68 – it is not a malicious intent to get her what she wants – when you do it you just for the most part are clueless to her ways. Newbies beware – many of use have been there and she will take advantage of anyone who lets her. I have heard from a few mamas that are afriad to come on here and unleash b.c she is still holding $$ or diapers and they are afraid they will be out their $$ – The only thing that can come out of this is that its a fair warning to all in the future.

    Nutmeg – the changes on SM actually turned into a wonderful change IMO – and I am so happy they were implemented. They are wonderful and so is SM 😉

  69. DSDM2 says:

    Nutmeg, can you email me her IPs so we can make sure she isn’t already posting here?



  70. undercover says:

    here’s some info in this blogpost with her ip’s.

  71. jeruco says:

    Bye Bye skanky couture.

  72. tcm says:

    Ok. Honestly, I want to play the devil’s advocate for a moment.

    I understand that Daphne’s created the fake user names, spammed herself, etc. but aside from this recent issue regarding fabric scraps, how has she scammed?

    I’m really just curious and trying to get the whole story.


  73. DSDM2 says:

    From what I have read, she has people get things for her and promises diapers and money but then doesn’t follow through… however, I only know what I have read, I would love more details.

    The fabric thing is BS, and the fake UNs and Spamming are too.

  74. scmje says:

    Well you can plat the devils advocate – but I can tell you first hand – she is bad news! I am telling you – her name is not Daphne. A few friends that have all been wronged are tempted to pool in some money and have her investigated to see who she really is. Some think her name might be Mia

  75. Just Because says:

    #67 She does have a HC store:


  76. JustPeachy says:

    Not to mention her “pattern” closely resembles another diaper maker.

  77. tcm says:

    Ok. So her name’s not Daphne. So??

    I want to know how she’s stolen money, not provided diapers, etc.

    I know about Marybel’s situation, but what else?

  78. scmje says:

    PWP anyone?

    #67 – muttaquin is not at issue on this thread 🙂

  79. DSDM2 says:

    #77 she doesn’t have an account on the Pin any longer, not since 2005.

    I know she has a HC 😉

  80. DSDM2 says:

    SHIT. I am tired. I was thinking about Mutts from the other thread…

    Ignore me. The Drama Mamas are not at the top of their game this week.

  81. beanybaby says:

    More pics?
    This are the scraps from another Gymboree blanket I sent and what I got back.For one diaper sz large.I didnt posted that picture in the thread but it was included with the other “scraps”


  82. “Ignore me. The Drama Mamas are not at the top of their game this week.”

    I could not agree with you more.

  83. Galgani says:

    Read her blog if you want a good laugh. She has quite the opinion of herself and she writes about her diapers as if she is discussing the art of Da Vinci himself. The language is a hoot. For a good time…

  84. JustPeachy says:

    #80 Thats exactly what i was thinking of. I knew I had seen a similar pattern before but couldnt put my finger on it until I saw she stole some text from PWP.
    #84 Post a link 😀

  85. JustPeachy says:

    NM found it and she is very snooty. I thought that first time I read her blog but now even more so due to recent entries.

  86. nutmeg says:

    All the IP addresses are listed here:

    Here are the IP addresses as posted at Diaper Swappers:
    * *Daphne M.*
    * *Daphne/Ned*
    * *pixel *
    ** poppy *

    same as Sewing Mamas. She made up fake feedback, posted other people’s pictures as her own, it goes on and on. Now add ‘scams others into getting into a store for her because SHE is banned from the site.’.

    That’s back from JUNE. You can play devil’s advocate and give her the benefit of the doubt. Feel free. I’m tired of trying to convince people she helped ruin a lot of things around SM. Do what you want.

    No one knows about this because Karen won’t allow any posts about it at HC. I used to have more respect for that site. After this I have little to none.

  87. Me, MySelf and I says:

    So, I was checking out the “gallery” and on page one alone, there are at least 6 different cameras used to take the photos. Interesting.

  88. scmje says:

    She has used this email as well:
    mia@macbabee.com and the website is:


    There is nothing on there but on her ans machine she has her husband say “You have Reached Macbabee Enterprises” what a laugh – I used to think that was her last name – see what 3 kids does to you! LOL! mac babee? WTF – Fixx is two xx’s and babee has two ee’s. oooooh such rotten fish I tell you.

  89. undercover says:

    I was just reading her policies and check out this (horrible) policy about customer fabrics:

    “Customers are welcome to send in their own fabric for a custom order. Once fabric is received, the fabric becomes the property of Stinky Couture™ unless it is determined that the fabric is not appropriate or suitable for the requested custom.”

    Wonder if she recently added that in there…

  90. tcm says:

    Yup. macbabee.com is owned by them…

    Same shipping address and everything.

  91. scmje says:

    oooh #92 – how can you tell? Is there a way we can get a name? Because I am guessing Mia then is an alias as well

  92. scmje says:

    Privacy Policy
    We value your privacy and will take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information. We will not distribute your personal information (including email address) to any third party except for our trusted business partners for the sole purpose of processing or fulfilling customer orders.

    Any information that you submit to public areas of the site such as discussion boards or comments are available to our community. Any information that you disclosed in these areas becomes public information. Please exercise caution when deciding to disclose any personal information in these areas.

    ????who are the trusted business partners and why on earth would the second paragraph need to be in a policies page? clearly she is aware this is an issue!

  93. Me, MySelf and I says:



    Registrant [1464127]:
    Moniker, Privacy Services STINKYCOUTURE.COM@domainservice.com
    Moniker Privacy Services
    20 SW 27th Ave.
    Suite 201
    Pompano Beach

    Administrative Contact [1464127]:
    Moniker, Privacy Services STINKYCOUTURE.COM@domainservice.com
    Moniker Privacy Services
    20 SW 27th Ave.
    Suite 201
    Pompano Beach
    Phone: +1.9549848445
    Fax: +1.9549699155

    Billing Contact [1464127]:
    Moniker, Privacy Services STINKYCOUTURE.COM@domainservice.com
    Moniker Privacy Services
    20 SW 27th Ave.
    Suite 201
    Pompano Beach
    Phone: +1.9549848445
    Fax: +1.9549699155

    Technical Contact [1464127]:
    Moniker, Privacy Services STINKYCOUTURE.COM@domainservice.com
    Moniker Privacy Services
    20 SW 27th Ave.
    Suite 201
    Pompano Beach
    Phone: +1.9549848445
    Fax: +1.9549699155

    Domain servers in listed order:


    Record created on: 2006-12-10 00:26:17.0
    Database last updated on: 2008-07-22 22:27:46.28
    Domain Expires on: 2010-12-10 00:26:17.0


    Domain Name: MACBABEE.COM

    Registrant [679734]:
    Domain, Admin domainadmin@macbabee.com
    4800 Baseline Road, Ste E104-304

    Administrative Contact [679734]:
    Domain, Admin domainadmin@macbabee.com
    4800 Baseline Road, Ste E104-304
    Phone: +1.7202120713

    Billing Contact [679734]:
    Domain, Admin domainadmin@macbabee.com
    4800 Baseline Road, Ste E104-304
    Phone: +1.7202120713

    Technical Contact [679734]:
    Domain, Admin domainadmin@macbabee.com
    4800 Baseline Road, Ste E104-304
    Phone: +1.7202120713

    Domain servers in listed order:


    Record created on: 2006-05-06 21:03:29.0
    Database last updated on: 2007-04-12 23:57:13.983
    Domain Expires on: 2009-05-06 21:03:29.0

  94. Funneh says:

    … wow. This is a bigger pot of WTF? than I thought it was.

  95. alison says:

    All right, devil’s advocate, I’ll try to answer your question. But before I bare all, I’m guessing you’re an SC customer, and thus your interest? I’m curious as to whether Daphne asked you to come here and speak up?

    Anyway. I’ve had really only two ‘transactions’ with Daphne. And they were both… Odd.

    In the first, she bought a pair of wool pants I had made… And resold them as a collaboration. Except that she never told me these were her plans when purchasing them (I heard from a mutual friend). I don’t for a minute want to give the impression that my pants were as in demand as her diapers. They weren’t. But reselling someone else’s item and characterizing it as a collaboration when there’s been no discussion, is, well, not an honest representation of the facts, now, is it? I have no idea what she got for that set. I was in the final weeks of my pregnancy, and Daphne takes her auctions/sales down rather rapidly. So I never did see.

    The second was another collaboration. This time, there was discussion/ planning between three of us involved. So that was an improvement. Again. Daphne’s product was certainly the more well-known, and desirable of the three. And she hosted the auction. But she also dictated the terms, COMPLETELY. She refused to enter into any discussions about starting price, as I recall, there was a change in the splitting of the winnings after the fact, but to be honest, the entire situation was so unpleasant I think about it as little as possible.

    But it comes down to this. It’s abundantly clear from the many experiences of others that I’ve learned of, and from my own experience that the common thread here is that Daphne, if that is her name, is a stranger to the truth.

    And it’s been my experience, that when someone is a habitual liar, there’s something to hide. But, whatever that is, she’s hidden it very well. So far.

    My husband is a self-employed, creative type. His successful business is an open book. He’s honest, accountable to his clients and talented. When he screws up, he doesn’t lie about, say, postal workers making off with his items. And he doesn’t change his contracts after the fact, so that he can keep, say, a client’s items that were sent to him, even though they’re not fully expended.

    It’s a strategy I can respect.

  96. alison says:

    This address:

    4800 Baseline Road, Ste E104-304

    is the address of a gift shop that has a contract with USPS to have mail boxes…

  97. scmje says:

    Holy crap Ali – its a f*&^ gift shop! Unbelievable. I need to go find that address in Florida – the last phone # is right so maybe she is now in CO – but I guess was in FL> hmmmmmm interesting find. Why not open a PO box at the real post office if you are a business doing business with them all the time? In order to do the signature bullshit she does, she has to go there anyways? No – I don’t know….devils advocate – about that collaboration Ali talks about – she had agreed to one thing prior to the auction as to how to split an proceeds and after the auction ended she wrote us an email telling us about the “new” contract between us as to how the $$ would be divided. I had to send her a pissy email reiterating teh original email with the terms and conditions – and even then. She wanted to take adv even more – so the mama that won that auction – got charged another $15 and change for shipping of two diapers – after she paid $300 for it – I told Daphne that she could keep whatever proceeds she had of mine and pay for the shipping as the winner had already paid more than enough! She insisted she would charge for shipping anyways. She is a greedy greedy woman! NO ETHICS>

  98. tcm says:

    Alison-Nope Daphne didn’t ask me to come on here and vouch for her, lol, I’m just honestly curious. I want to see the true scamming come out of the woodwork…

    I understand the whole user name issues and spamming is shady at best, but I see a lot of people refer to her as a “scammer” and to me, that implies theft or something similar.

    And scmje, that’s crappy about the auction…I remember it being pulled right after it ended…That is seriously shady about her trying to change her cut of it. Yuck.

  99. iloveflatcake says:

    She’s currently using a whois privacy service for stinkycouture.com. Here’s the domain whois for stinkycouture.com before she enabled privacy protection. From 05/15/2007 – 07/10/2008:

    Registrant [628624]:
    TaylorMac Group – Online Services Unit
    4800 Baseline Road, Ste E104-304

    I’m pretty sure the address listed is a USPS PO Box. Very odd that she’s so private, and so many business names. randomanalytics.com also appears to be hers.

  100. undercover says:

    #100- not paying for goods after receiving them is scamming to me. She’s manipulated people to by fabric for her and has not paid them back. Pretty classic scammer MO if you ask me.

  101. scmje says:

    yeah tell me about it – piece of work that woman – and how in your good conscious charge a penny more for a $300 set for 2 diapers and a wool set! Are you kidding me. I mean – it felt wrong – KWIM> I changed alot of how I see auctions and stuff after that auction. My next one sold for about $12 more than I had “wanted in my mind” and I felt so guilty I have not done another auction since.

  102. alison says:

    Hey, tcm. I appreciate your answer.

    Yeah. You’ll never hear me call her a scammer, because of all the stories I’ve heard, I’ve never heard of her not delivering the product (albeit sometimes later rather than sooner.)

    I do, however, think that her decision to keep the enormous blanket offcuts that are the basis of this discussion, really can’t be characterized as anything but theft. Really. And her decision to keep the fabric Val sent her is also iffy at best.

    And she certainly does lie, so, you know, one has to wonder, why?

  103. scmje says:

    Well the fabric alone constitutes scamming as per the official definanition:

    Noun 1. con artist – a swindler who exploits the confidence of his victim …….(sounds about right no)

    swin·dle (swndl)
    v. swin·dled, swin·dling, swin·dles
    1. To cheat or defraud of money or property. (blankets, fabric)
    2. To obtain by fraudulent means: swindled money from the company.
    To practice fraud as a means of obtaining money or property.

  104. scmje says:

    ps – please excuse the spelling on my posts – spell checker should be automatic for me as I am a terrible typer

  105. JustPeachy says:

    Wow who would go thru that much trouble to sell diapers secretively?

  106. Valerie says:

    UGHHHH………….the more and more i hear, and read from everyone else, i cannot believe i was so gallable 😦
    I really thought at one point she was my friend. As i am sure everyone else who talked to her too thought as well.

  107. scmje says:

    Val we did and this is what makes it so awful. I am sure she is talking us up to the “new batch” of unsuspecting mamas out there that think they have an “in” with her as we did – about how we are out to get her because we do not want to see her suceed, blah blah blah – you know the story b.c that was the BS she fed us this summer about K, M, G, all the WAHMS out there –

  108. LP says:

    #100, even before this latest fabric and diaper scamming she was scammer. Making up fake usernames to leave fake feedback for yourself is a scam (a fraudulent business scheme).

  109. tcm says:

    #110. that’s true.

  110. confused says:

    Well, I knew this was going to come to a head at some point. I figured out that people were getting fabric for her on SMs. IMO it was pretty obvious, but I didn’t say anything. I’m sorry that so many people were scammed and deceived.

  111. jeruco says:

    I have been told there are others who want to share their story but they are afraid they wont get their past due products from her if they do.

    The best thing people can do is to not post to rave threads for her or drool over the fabrics. In addition, do not go to her HC and create the numbers when she stocks.
    It just makes her more popular even if you are lurking and not buying.

    Also, which auction are people refering to? the cheese toast one?

  112. scmje says:

    #113 – yup you got the collab right

  113. xheathers says:

    She attempted to scam me. At least one of the pictures in her gallery is mine, taken by my camera, a Canon 30D.

    I did an auction for some fabric on SewingMamas. It was some hard to find dinos and ooga booga. The Dinos had a flaw, every piece of it. It came from an ebay seller and everyone I know of had a flaw. Its hard to spot, but it is there and I photographed an example and said that it did have some flaws, but was usable. I was really upfront about it. First, she took FOREVER to pay, then right after she paid me, she emailed me several times a day asking if I had mailed it. She promised to pay by Friday and it was something like Tuesday or Wednesday and she wanted it mailed within hours. I told her that I would mail the package next time I went to the PO since I had dropped off all of the other packages on Saturday and didn’t plan on going back soon.

    Luckily I put DC on it because she claimed next week that “it never arrived”. I posted the DC information and since it was delivered to a PO Box, the DC was very specific. Magically, she “found” it within 30 minutes of me posting the DC info. I got the definite impression that she was trouble. Then a couple of hours later I got an email saying that the Dinos were so badly flawed that she couldn’t use it. I gave some to my sister and she couldn’t even find the flaws on it, so really, its very slight and only on 10″ up from the selvage. At this point I was getting definite scammer from her, so I said that I stood by my description, but if she was unhappy, she could mail it back to me at her cost and when I received the fabric and verified it was in the same condition I mailed it, I would refund her pp and sell it to the next lower bidder for $1 less. I told her that I expected it returned within a week or my offer no longer was valid. I never heard another word from her, which told me that she was just trying to scam me into less money for the fabric.

  114. JustPeachy says:

    And that cheese toast one went for a pretty penny only due to the wool if I am not mistaken.

  115. scmje says:

    ok…its gets ever more WTF: dreamgirlsnude.com – WTF is that? She had once said she was a striper but I thought she was just trying to make herslf to be cool?

    Domain Name: dreamgirlsnude.com
    Registered at http://www.dynadot.com

    Domain Admin
    Random Analytics
    4800 Baseline Road, Ste E104-304
    Boulder, CO 80303
    United States

    Administrative Contact:
    Domain Admin
    Random Analytics
    4800 Baseline Road, Ste E104-304
    Boulder, CO 80303
    United States
    +1 7202120713

    Technical Contact:
    Domain Admin
    Random Analytics
    4800 Baseline Road, Ste E104-304
    Boulder, CO 80303
    United States
    +1 7202120713

    Record expires on 2009/04/08 UTC
    Record created on 2007/04/08 UTC

    Domain servers in listed order:

  116. scmje says:

    ughhhhh yeah – and if you go there – she offers links to teen sex and teen sex toys. seriously – what the fuck is she doing on a baby website – SICK SICK woman!

  117. whatthehell says:

    WHAT?!?!?! teen sex toys? is that even legal?

    #117, if you go where? i’m confused lol

  118. DSDM2 says:

    dreamgirlsnude.com (Her post was in moderation)

  119. whatthehell says:

    oooh maybe daphne is her old stripper name!!!

  120. scmje says:

    I am not sure – or maybe Mia was – this just gets shadier by the day – I just can not believe how f*&^% up it can be that you would register/run a porn site or even be affiliated with anything involving sex- and then try to sell baby products – IT IS SICK and too boot – to offer TEEN sex videos – what is that – I am in such disbelief this morning – it has my stomach churning and turning…so we try to protect our daughters and this is her answer for how to make a living –

  121. liljoeysmom says:

    Maybe she’s also making “adult diapers” and that’s where the rest of the blankets went!

  122. alison says:

    LOL @ 121.

    Yup. This is certainly becoming rather bizarre… Goodness.

  123. scmje says:

    Just in case you needed the …
    TaylorMac Group, Inc.
    4800 Baseline Road, Ste. E104-304
    Boulder, CO 80303
    service taylormacgroup.com

    Random Analytics
    4800 Baseline Road, Ste. E104-304
    Boulder, CO 80303
    service randomanalytics.com

  124. xheathers says:

    Not that I am approving at all, but remember that 18 and 19 are still “teens” and “legal”.

  125. scmje says:

    Well xHeather – I never said she needs to go to jail for underage sex – but its disgusting that they are promoting it –
    I know I will be dead in a grave if my daughter is making a sex tape at 18yrs old or getting said toys.

  126. grgb says:

    #126…seriously…why does that make it less sick?

  127. xheathers says:

    scmje…..I agree. I can hope that my daughters make much better choices than that industry.

    I was responding to whatthehell asking if it was legal. I asked the same question when I saw a girls gone wild commercial advertising “teens”.

  128. scmje says:

    xheather gotcha! 🙂

  129. Rika says:

    They seem to own a handful of “blahblahnude.com” web sites. Just googled the CO address. It’s the same page as the dreamgirls site.

    Nothing great and to be honest, I was disappointed. 🙂

  130. whatthehell says:

    okay, so, she makes cloth diapers for babies, owns porn sites. And we send her pictures of our babies for a photo contest..Lovely.

  131. tcm says:

    This is getting juicy. I need more dirt…lol

  132. scmje says:

    oooh I would be asking for my babies pictures back unless she is claiming that they become her property! I can not believe this!!!! It is so sick!

  133. grgb says:

    Ugh. I think I am going to throw up at the thought that I have sent her pics of my baby 😦

  134. grgb says:

    …and to anyone who thinks this is a “witch hunt” which is what Daphne would like for people to believe…and which is what she will try to convince you of…this is no witch hunt. This is real stuff…she is a compulsive liar and a nutcase and apparently much more…. bad news…bad news.

  135. grgb says:

    Why is my monster avi so angry lol…?

  136. scmje says:

    #137 – LMAO!!! I saw that and wondered the same thing! LOL LOL

  137. scmje says:

    dont be fooled ,this is her new IP from the daphne@…. email addy. those 2..matter of fact theres a lot of stuff going on here.The IP can be changed anytime unless you get a new email from her then you can track her IP

    Hostname: ip-216-17-156-19.rev.frii.com
    ISP: Front Range Internet
    Organization: Front Range Internet

    IP address
    Hostname apache2-jolly.peso.dreamhost.com
    ISP New Dream Network, LLC
    Country United States

    Sites hosted on
    blog.wiisteria.com [Wiisteria]
    featurelessfactory.com [Featurelessfactory]
    newsletter.ctbuh.org [Newsletter]
    http://www.friendsofdartmoorrailway.org [Friendsofdartmoorrailway]
    http://www.rivendellchinchillas.com [Rivendellchinchillas]
    http://www.stinkycouture.com [Stinkycouture]
    http://www.webcal.blbrady.com [Blbrady]

  138. grgb says:

    I wanna new monster 🙂 I am a happy mama….not a mean ole monster :))

  139. JustPeachy says:

    I think its time for some new avatars DSDMs!

  140. scmje says:

    and my last one for the day b.c I think the message is clear and the horse has been beaten:

    Her address and her phone number and her registered phony business Random Analytics

    Domain Name: GINGERNUDE.COM

    Registrant [681304]:
    Domain, Admin domainadminrandomanalytics.com
    Random Analytics
    4800 Baseline Road, Ste E104-304

    Administrative Contact [681304]:
    Domain, Admin domainadminrandomanalytics.com
    Random Analytics
    4800 Baseline Road, Ste E104-304
    Phone: +1.7202120713

    Billing Contact [681304]:
    Domain, Admin domainadminrandomanalytics.com
    Random Analytics
    4800 Baseline Road, Ste E104-304
    Phone: +1.7202120713

    Technical Contact [681304]:
    Domain, Admin domainadminrandomanalytics.com
    Random Analytics
    4800 Baseline Road, Ste E104-304
    Phone: +1.7202120713

    Domain servers in listed order:


    Record created on: 2007-03-25 18:02:48.0
    Database last updated on: 2008-07-09 02:29:39.733
    Domain Expires on: 2009-03-25 18:02:55.0

  141. confused says:

    Also, I’ve been wondering this. Did she tell everyone to face their diapers a certain way when doing a rave for her? It was pretty interesting that everybody photographed them a certain way.

  142. tcm says:

    woot! new monster!

    And I thought she was stocking her HC this week…Hmmm???

  143. DSDM2 says:

    #143, interesting…

  144. scmje says:

    ooooh I love the new monsters!

  145. DramaBore says:

    I can’t believe there is so much dirt on this WAHM and yet people continue to rave about her.

    Did anybody else notice how many SC’s have been listed on Spots’ and DS?

  146. JustPeachy says:

    #147 I noticed that and I thought it was pretty dumb to list 45$ dipes at a time like now.

  147. JustPeachy says:

    Oooooh my monster is doing a dance.

  148. iloveflatcake says:

    Not my post, but I really hope the thread sticks around:


  149. whatthehell says:

    oooooh the site changed. it’s pretty and green now! sorry…i distract easily. back to the batshit crazy daphne conversation at hand.

  150. alison says:

    Nice, #148.

    Some interesting answers, too…

  151. scmje says:

    I am a bit taken back that some ladies would think its ok to buy – I guess I am just conservative! 😆

  152. tcm says:

    And the fabric gallery is POOF! Gone.

  153. liljoeysmom says:

    I think everyone has listed because of the drama. Over the last month I’ve seen exactly ONE SC listed on spots and FSOT (same diaper/same seller). Looks like they’re trying to jump ship and recover some of the money before it’s too late.

  154. AshleyB says:

    I noticed the fabric gallery requires a UN & password?! INTERESTING…and I’m SO glad I don’t own a SC!

  155. JustPeachy says:

    scmje so am I. I think ANYONE owning a smut site is icky and its just a lot ickier when its a wahm.

  156. Sarah says:


    Some of us are just victims of really, really bad timing. I haven’t been cd’ing anymore and have begun to sell off my cloth diapers. I listed my SC’s on Spots then a few days later the shit hits the fan here….sucks for me!

  157. grgb says:

    Yep #147…bad timing for some who are just needing to sell some
    #149…not very nice to call people “dumb” for trying to recover “part” of what they ignorantly spent 😉
    #154…I am shocked too! I think its totally gross! I am really surprised at some of the responses.

  158. alison says:

    #159 – I think you’re likely more victims of this very slowed down economy than a response to these revelations. I’m very grateful not to have any expensive dipes I’m trying to sell right now. It’s very much a buyers market, and they’re looking to stretch that dollar. Hope you’re able to get them sold.

  159. werd says:

    whoa. drama. so glad I make my own diapers and I’m too cheap to buy anything over like $15 LOL. That is mad shady yo.

  160. JustPeachy says:

    #160 I still think its dumb and not because they are trying to recover what they spent. I think its dumb to list anything that you are expecting to make almost retail back on simply due to the economy. I am guilty of this too as I put up a pair of longies I just bought that were too big but when I realized what a dumb idea that was I immediately took them down. Im saving my stuff that I’d like to break even on until tax season;)

  161. Sarah says:


    Yes, but some of us just recently got our property tax bills and are needing the $$$ now to pay those. IMO, paying your taxes isn’t “dumb”

  162. just_sayin says:

    I’m confused. I thought the Boulder address was a gift shop that also had mailboxes you could purchase. Maybe all of those porn sites also rent mailboxes there and aren’t affiliated with SC at all?

    And also about the IP hosting her site, it could be just the host’s IP address and not hers, and may other websites could be hosted through the same company.

    So I’m confused about how this is proof that she also has porn sites.

    By the way, I don’t own a single SC, have never talked to her, and have nothing to do with her or her diapers. I’m just here for the drama. 🙂

  163. grgb says:

    165…I think the addy’s are connected to her specific box at the gift shop (but I could be wrong) 🙂

    164…ITA! I see nothing “dumb” about listing them at a cost of $2.50 for 2 weeks. If they sell…they sell and if they don’t they don’t…it would be sorta “dumb” to let them sit and collect dust and not even try 😉 Good luck selling longies in May 163 🙂

  164. I forgot my screen name...woops says:

    Holy Crap! Nice new site! Hell no would I buy from or send pics to this person. Reading up on the thread and whats with Manna having a 7 line long siggy hell! Isnt there a limit?!

  165. JustPeachy says:

    Oh Im not selling them until next winter if that. They are too big right now but should fit fine and Id rather hold onto them then lose my ass on em.

  166. jeruco says:


    a little investigating and I think its cricketts

    scroll down to her username.
    if you are a member of the pin you can click on her username and read all her reviews. Her other diaper reviews dont line up with her rave story and purchasing of 2 orders.
    So, I think its cricketts.

  167. jeruco says:

    my comments are awaiting moderation because we got a new computer and new IPs I think. will this happen all the time now?

  168. jeruco says:

    oh nevermind, I figured it out. lol

  169. liljoeysmom says:

    #169 Not sure but I know SC use to do that a few months back. I view any “why is this still here” most raves as suspicious.

  170. liljoeysmom says:

    ugh, should say AND most raves

  171. babymakes3 says:

    Wow….. my girlfriend just sent me the link for this site and in reading some of the blogs posts the mom’s have written I say Wow again. You guys are really nasty especially to “SC”.

    Is this how it is here all the time? You find someone and do a major attack campaign against them? Would you really want your Kids to read this stuff – I wouldn’t! While I haven’t bought any SC diapers (a little out of my price range right now). I see nowhere in this blog any Proof of what you guys are saying.

    Knowing a few WAHMS and I am disappointed to see such a potty mouth and nasty language coming especially from scmje = Claudia of sticky peas. Are you just jealous??

  172. jeruco says:

    babymakes3- are you serious?
    you honestly dont think SC did some of this stuff? There are people who she owes money to. She lies to them. She steals their fabric.
    How can you say there is no proof. She got banned from every site for making up usernames and essentially lieing on multiple different levels. She is banned from DS & sewing mamams.

    What more proof do you need?

  173. DSDM2 says:

    babymakes3, you are just as bad, trying to out someone who may or mayNOT be who you say she is.

    People put information up here and others can CHOOSE to read and believe it or not. No one said she owns the sites for sure. All TDM and I did was present a thread that was on DiaperSwappers.

    SC isn’t that great. At best her practices are shady. She (you, whomever,) need to get over it.

  174. grgb says:

    hahahah Babymakes3!!! You don’t have to tell us that you have not done business with Daphne…we can tell that just by the simple fact that you are defending her. Well let me tell you little Miss uppity…I have seen FIRST hand her low down lying ways. She is a liar and practices her business in a very questionable manor at BEST (that is putting it nicely)…she stole from my friend…flat out STOLE and lied to me continuously too. She is not a good person.

    Um…would I let my kids read this???? Well….would you let your kids watch your television shows, or the news for that matter? DO you let your kids surf around on the computer and read stuff like this…or anything else? If so…you have issues. There are forums and situations where grown ups can be grown ups and we don’t have to act exactly as we would in front of our children ALL the time. Nobody has said or done anything that is sick or out of line (unlike our friend Daphne). So….get off your high horse! Idiot.

    And who in the heck would be JEALOUS of a lying scammer?

  175. grgb says:

    PS- I also KNOW first hand that she has bribed mamas for raves and feedback…..is that upstanding?…or honest?

    And once again- get over yourself. I am so irritated with your condescending tone….as if you are perfection and have never said a curse word or bad mouthed another being after you were taken advantage of (as many of us have been by Daphne). Too bad we cannot all be just like you…what a wonderful worl this would be…sheesh *puke*
    OK- rant over…back to our regularly scheduled programming kids 🙂

  176. scmje says:

    Knowing a few WAHMS and I am disappointed to see such a potty mouth and nasty language coming especially from scmje = Claudia of sticky peas. Are you just jealous??

    I am most certainly not perfect, never have claimed that I am – but I can tell you I am not a Liar or a cheat or a scammer. Jealous of Daphne? Nope. She has nothing I envy….absolutely nothing I envy and or respect. Potty mouth….yup I have that sometimes when I have been scr*wed over. When my friends have been scr*wed over I defend them . So I apologize for my potty mouth – one of my flaws….I guess I am not perfect and if that is what you would like to peg me with….ok.

  177. grgb says:

    oh wait! Don’t click the link I just posted! grrr! Why did I do that? That’s the last thing we need to do is create foot traffic on her cart (dumb.dumb.dumb…oops).
    Its some weird “Secret Santa”…I will c&p so y’all don’t have to follow the linky….

    Secret Santa

    This year Stinky Couture™ will start a new tradition, our version of Secret Santa. Do you know someone that is kind, considerate, cares for others and is rich in all things that matter? Stinky Couture™ wants to be a Secret Santa for a special someone. With your help a deserving mama will receive a beautifully gift wrapped Stinky Couture™ gift pack for their sweet baby this holiday season. Gift pack will include a Stinky Couture™ Signature Series™ fitted cloth diaper and a pack of yummilicious Stinky Couture™ baby wipes.

    Please submit your nominee to CustomerService at StinkyCouture.com with “Secret Santa” in the subject line. Please do include your nominee’s full name, email address and a short description of why you feel that they are deserving. Submissions will be accepted through Friday of next week.

  178. Tongue Biter says:

    Holy Crap. This is definitely getting worse.


  179. Monkey says:

    I know this will get the flame if anyone is still reading replies to this post… but anyone who’s stupid enough to pay $65 has brought any crap/problems on themselves. That’s just jack-assed. If this were DS someone would respond with “Well, some people have the money to afford them and it’s a free market blah blah blah”. Look, I could afford them if I wanted to, but I don’t because I’m not an idiot who needs a big price tag attached to something to make me think it’s cute and useful.

  180. Monkey says:

    Addendum: I’m not saying I’m loaded… just that it’s not a jealousy thing, like, “Oh no I can’t afford them so I’m going to trash them”, I just feel like there are options out there that are just as cute from WAHMs who are honest and legit. Stinky Couture: the diaper for hipster dofuses.

  181. grgb says:

    ” I know this will get the flame if anyone is still reading replies to this post… but anyone who’s stupid enough to pay $65 has brought any crap/problems on themselves. ”

    What a stupid ass, ignorant thing to say. That does not even make sense. So….does anybody who owns a very expensive car or very expensive blue jeans or a very expensive star wars collection, or watch or…etc, etc…. deserve to be ripped off then too? That is just a really idiotic statement.

  182. grgb says:

    Oh. And as an “addendum” I will say…
    nobody in my world has the faintest clue what a “Stinky Couture” even is and nobody on DS knows I have them…I have never posted a “show off” thread or a “rave” (as a rave was FAR from warrented) so- if you are after the “it’s a status thing and thats why people spend the money” you are wrong. I happen to love the stupid diapers and the fabrics so I was willing to spend the dough. Now…. I wish I had not because D does not deserve the profit that was made….but I did not know that in advance. Lots of people own very expensive items (other than diapers) and spend A LOT more on that particular item than I personally would….I certainly do not think that because they spent way more on a particular item than I would….that they in turn “deserve” it if they should end up getting screwed.

  183. Monkey says:

    “That does not even make sense. So….does anybody who owns a very expensive car or very expensive blue jeans or a very expensive star wars collection, or watch or…etc, etc…. deserve to be ripped off then too? That is just a really idiotic statement.”

    Ok. I will say I should have clarified: My meaning (which was not clear) was that if you pay $65 for a diaper then you better have researched the hell out of the brand/maker. If I’m paying that kind of money for something (especially a poo catcher) then I’ve read numerous reviews about craftmanship/customer service etc. If people read reviews (or anything!) about these diapers before they shelled out a totally ridiculous amount they would know about the problems. My feeling is that most people buying these dipes KNOW about the problems but are willing to support her/deal with them because they want a “hip” diaper.

    I’m not saying they deserve to ripped off, I’m saying that they obviously consider the “cache” of having such an expensive “hip” diaper to be worth the hassle. There have been enough posts about this WAHM (veiled or not) that these people know what they’re getting into. If you’re buying this dipe and performing “favors” for the maker to get them, you’re obviously way too into having a “trendy” dipe. It’s ridiculous when their are perfectly functional and adorable dipes that you don’t have to sell a kidney to pay for or kiss the makers ass to purchase.

    Here’s the thing, you’re obviously an SC buyer who got informed and realized the kind of crap the maker is pulling… what about the other buyers who ARE STILL BUYING AND SUPPORTING HER SLEAZY PRACTICES? Obviously dealing with a legitimate WAHM and a decent person was important enough to you to quit dealing with her… but it obviously isn’t to many of her other customers.

  184. Monkey says:

    Also, to clarify further… I’m not talking about people who were buying from her a while ago before everything came out about the crap she was pulling… I’m specifically talking about people who are STILL BUYING FROM HER and are either choosing to ignore the sleaze or are not smart enough to READ about the diapers/maker before spending that kind of money on them.

  185. grgb says:

    Yes- I definitely would not buy knowing what I know now. All I had ever seen prior to purchasing were the raves and the positive feedback on her cart (which I did check into)…it really does tick me off that many of the mama’s that are still forking over the dough to her do know about her shady practices and they still support and even rave about her. Its really ridiculous and exactly why she continues to get away with it.
    I get what you were saying now and that makes more sense to me (and I even agree).

  186. Monkey says:

    Good… ’cause I totally did not mean to insult or offend. Sometimes I type faster than I think and things don’t come out right. 🙂

  187. grgb says:

    haha. I can relate. Its even worse when I “talk” LOL.

  188. DramaBore says:

    Okay, I have a question…how does SC show up everyday on the HC Calendar when nothing has been stocked?

  189. candy-apple says:

    193-Because she won’t let you forget that her store still exists…

  190. Rika says:

    JAR filed!

  191. alison says:

    And here it is for those of you who aren’t subscribers…

    Bad Apple- Stinky Couture On Hyena Cart
    Posted by: “bennsgirl35” tigeraffa@hotmail.com bennsgirl35
    Sun Dec 28, 2008 10:40 pm (PST)
    Name of business: Stinky Couture
    Name of business owner/buyer/trader(first and last name) Daphne M
    E-mail address: daphne@stinkycouture.com

    eBay user ID: posh.babyApproximate date of purchase: April,May & June

    Where did you purchase the item(s) from: Hyena Cart,Via telephone

    Product /Services Purchased: 3 Stinky Fixxes, 12 diaper set- 36 cloth
    diapers total.

    Price paid:Over 1,500 US Dlls.

    How was the Customer Service:Very Complex – I still don’t understand her
    Customer Service tactics.

    She “befriends” you to procrastinate, during the time I was waiting for
    the diapers, she printed a couple of paypal labels with DC, that never
    were scanned by the Post Office, Then she told me on 2 ocassions ( July
    and Aug ) that one of her daughter’s took packages to the USPS Post
    Office, and left them on the counter without postage, and then when they
    were trying to locate them, they were lost. So she had to start the
    customs of “whoever” all over again, and my diapers were put off from

    Then just about every month, claimed family sickness, but kept accepting
    orders from other people, AFTER I paid her. But no diapers for me. Then
    she told me she wouldn’t ever of accepted the orders if I wanted them in
    a hurry. But that was after my 45 days with paypal were gone, so I
    didn’t have any other choice, but to sit ,wait and worry…

    Review of the product: From the beginning she sent me a diaper to try.
    The first one was ok, but the other ones were not. She changed the
    number of snaps on the diapers without notice. Before where 5 and then
    there was 4. The tester diaper she sends you is the nicest one but the
    rest of the diapers I received none of the soakers are the same.
    The diaper brand has elastic issues. Sent diapers for elastic repair –
    and I know I am not the only one with this issue. And she was charging
    me $15.50 per diaper to fix it. She fixed them, after I told her, I knew
    the diaper had elastic issues -from previous DS posts, and she gave me a
    guilt trip that she’d fix them for me with savings to me of $124.00

    Any additional comments: It took 3 months to complete the first set of
    12 ,5 1/2 months for the second and 6 months for the third set , sent 3
    gymboree blankets for customs 2 blankets for my customs of my second set
    and one for my thrid one but when she mailed the second set she told me
    she couldn’t send it herself, but her mother-in-law sent them for her.

    But the mother-in-law sent them to the wrong person in another state,
    and the other mom that had them had to mail them back to Daphne so, she
    could send them to me. So I had to wait another week and a half to
    receive the package.

    Then after received them, I only got some of pieces of fabric scraps
    from the gymboree blankets with my my second set of diapers
    She claimed the fabrics were going to be sent in a different package,
    and they were left in the Fed Ex location without a postage (this is
    Nov) Then when found, after mailing the diapers-tried to locate the
    package, and then mailed them to me,in a separate package from the last
    12 diapers she owed me
    But she only sent the printed side of the gymboree blankets, and KEPT
    -“Yes” -KEPT, the solid side of the gymboree blankets. Which she didn’t
    use in any of my diapers. Solid sides of one blanket were 30×30 and
    31×41- so it was given the chance to send the fabrics twice, and both
    times, she had a problem involved and sent fabrics incomplete.

    Would you do business with them again? Yes/No- NO NO NO AND NO.

    Took a LONG time to complete the items and completed them after several
    email threats -The red flags were up at one point after I paid for my
    customs but I stupidly ignored. I am sorry I did.

    When she sent me the blankets scraps the first time- this is all she
    sent me back for one sz large diaper each
    dinos corner

    Monkey blanket

    fabrics -blankets she sent me the second time (one sz large diaper)NO
    solid ivory color fabric sent for the blankets even though she didn’t
    use any of that fabric in any of my customs.

    Dinos Printed Side

  192. Crazy Mama says:

    Someone actually spent $1,500 on SC diapers? And she kept buying packages after the first AND second were horribly delayed? Smart.

  193. DHRocks says:

    “She won’t be banned on Hyena Cart, Karen has made that very clear. She doesn’t care so long as she keeps prices high and people coming to HC.”

    Nutmeg… amen to that….

    I still have a lot to read, but Karen has made my eyebrows rise more times than not over the past year. All for a dollar.

  194. candy-apple says:

    Cdmomma-woofy1 is posting raves all over the place after the big negative. She is shoving the AIO concept down everybody’s throat. I think Daphne put her up to all these raves. She is trying to salvage her reputation.

  195. JustPeachy says:

    #199 I wonder if she realizes what a douche bag it makes her look like.

  196. confused says:

    Has anyone seen the response that she put on her blog to all of this? It’s quite funny.
    Here is the link straight to it.

  197. j_bean says:

    Her blog is so funny and weird. Ironic that she complains about “melodrama”, but creates so much drama herself.

  198. grgb says:

    #200 Amen to that- total dumbass.
    And of course Daphne put her up to it.

  199. beanybaby says:

    Talking about sneaky,she just restored one of the phony online shipping labels of one of the packages she never sent me. But I saved everything on my PC before it got restored. LOL

    9101 1501 3471 1342 4176 14

    BTW she reads this blog, She quoted my # 41 post and asked me to remove it.

  200. beanybaby says:

    So as this post, she wanted me to remove it is as well. # 11
    The pinocchio faces bothered her a lot . She asked me to remove the “slanderous post” by her own words- and sent me the link via email to revise it. LOL


    Am I correct Daphne?

  201. DSDM2 says:

    Daphne, we don’t delete comments, sorry :shrug:

    beanybaby are you going to delete it on DS?

  202. beanybaby@hotmail.com says:

    The truth is the truth. I’ll let her new lacky come up with bogus excuses to try to sweep everything under the rug.

    Curiously the same day I posted this post,some other mom PM’d and asked me when did I sent my diapers for elastic repair because she sent hers back during the summer and at that time hadn’t received anything back. I am not the only one with this issues.

  203. confused says:

    OF COURSE she reads this! LOL

    Honestly, I’m very surprised that there are people that don’t know about her. I mean this has been going on since Apr/May when she was banned from DS. Even before the wall of shame stuff, she was accusing another WAHM of copying her and that left a bad taste in my mouth.

    It’s just sad that she is continuing to take advantage of people, so please leave negative feedback so that others won’t get scammed!!

  204. DSDM2 says:

    Make sure those that have issues file Juicy Apple Reports. Let us know if you need help!

  205. grgb says:

    I cannot BELIEVE!!!!!! mamas are still leaving raves for her….people who know good and well. It really pisses me off. Way to keep a good thief rolling.

  206. alison says:

    Hilarious new wrinkle… Apparently Daphne refunded a mama her $385 Stinky Fixx that were paid for in July… Because a Stinky Fixx now costs in excess of $600… LOL

  207. Eachpeach says:

    So question… Why have some people received fixxs from Daphne. If she is such a scammer? Just curious? I don’t see Piddle Poodles being outed for being very similiar to Good Mama! Or that Mutts are some very poorly made diapers. That have the tendacy of shrinking or running very small. I mean seriously, it seems like some of you women. Have way to much time on your hands. Are a bit upset about the success of stinky fixxs. Yes, I have purchased from Daphne. And got some lovely diapers. I could go over the list of WAHM I have bought. But only a few I will buy from again.

  208. itsraininghere says:

    eachpeach – where have you been? piddle poddles were nothing but criticized (and still are) by gm lovers for being just like gm’s. . . as well as all of the other diapers in that same shape.

    and everyone bitches about mutts.

    maybe if you leave ds for a minute you will hear ppl being honest about their experiences with online businesses. . .

  209. beanybaby says:

    Being honest about experiences online doesn’t make any difference now days , just ask Daphne – she is complaining about the negative feedback I left for her in her hyena cart-which she overrided with pictures ,that’s why the negative is not highlighted in pink like other negatives I have seen in another hyena cart stores.
    Then she complaint to the HC owner and I am being asked why I left negative feedback in non hyena cart purchases when I actually purchased directly from her and from her hyena cart store.
    Like if it matters. Somebody doesn’t want their dirty laundry in the open.
    This woman bought 11 diapers and 1 AIO and she went back and post a feedback for the AIO itself but I don’t think that feedback is being questioned.
    Daphne-What else do you want me to do? Are you going to reply to the complaint I filed against you with the better business bureau?

  210. SC says:

    The Better Business Bureau recently reviewed all the documentation regarding Marybel Cato’s (AKA beanybaby . . .) orders and the following conclusion was made “Buyers Remorse. It was determined that the documentation and explanation provided was enough to see the consumer was informed about the services provided, time frame and was given proper customer service.” Consequently, the complaint has been removed from Stinky Couture’s BBB record.

    Additionally, the original feedback for the STINKY Fixx, mentioned in Marybel’s (AKA beanybaby) previous post, read as follows:
    When purchased: Apr 4, 2008
    Item: STINKY Fixx™
    Customer service: AWESOME!
    Product review:

    I recieved my Stinky Fixx :o)

    12 beautiful”stinky” drop dead G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S diapers,I could not be more pleased!

    The are very soft,extremetaly well made and ultra absorbent.The fit is awesome!

    Thank You Again!!!

    Marybel :o)

    2008-07-17 03:56:58

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